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>> No. 10582 Anonymous
17th May 2017
Wednesday 12:20 pm
/beat/10582 What you feeling right now? - Part IV, The Revenge of the Feeling.
The last thread ate all of my ram and crashed my browser when I tried to open it, so here is a new thread.
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>> No. 10982 Anonymous
6th April 2018
Friday 8:21 pm
10982 spacer
Such a tune.
>> No. 10985 Anonymous
10th April 2018
Tuesday 8:17 pm
10985 spacer
>> No. 10991 Anonymous
21st April 2018
Saturday 5:56 am
10991 spacer


YouTube's number one recommendation is telling but I was just going through Channel U's playlists on, in case it would jog my memory about anything, and found this.
>> No. 10992 Anonymous
21st April 2018
Saturday 6:17 am
10992 spacer

The 2006/2007 ones all seem to be buggered up though. Boo.
>> No. 10993 Anonymous
21st April 2018
Saturday 8:13 am
10993 spacer

I've gone down a rabbit hole here but Put A Donk On It is a million times better with a little gesticulating deaf person.


>> No. 14800 Anonymous
21st April 2018
Saturday 12:41 am
/news/14800 spacer

Millions of police mugshots of innocent people cannot be deleted because it would be too expensive, a government minister has claimed – despite a High Court ruling that the practice is unlawful.

The work would have to be “done manually” by local forces, making the costs “difficult to justify”, a committee of MPs investigating the controversy has been told.

The Home Office has also admitted it has no idea how many people have successfully asked for their mugshots to be deleted – amid suspicions that the figure is very low.

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>> No. 14801 Anonymous
21st April 2018
Saturday 1:08 am
14801 spacer
rm -rf /data/mugshots

What a load of bllocks from the government.
>> No. 14802 Anonymous
21st April 2018
Saturday 7:03 am
14802 spacer
At least we don't have a police force that publicises random mugshots on the internet purely for amusement. [spoiler]Do we?]/spoiler]


>> No. 60453 Crabkiller
5th April 2018
Thursday 6:24 pm
/iq/60453 spacer

Holy fuck. It's a female comedian who's actually funny.
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>> No. 60603 Searchfag
18th April 2018
Wednesday 7:18 pm
60603 spacer
You can fuck off with that fallacious bullshit right this fucking second. I really despise people like you.
>> No. 60605 Ambulancelad
19th April 2018
Thursday 1:35 pm
60605 spacer

Why are we pretending she is anything more then the gender swap of Charlie Brooker's Barry Shitpeas Character?
>> No. 60606 Moralfag
19th April 2018
Thursday 1:51 pm
60606 spacer
If Shitpeas is so fucking fantastic why hasn't he had a show since Sick on a Widow?
>> No. 60610 Auntiefucker
19th April 2018
Thursday 5:10 pm
60610 spacer
Diversity quotas, innit.

The novelty factor for Cunk on Britain had definitely worn off by the third episode; I expect the final two will feel like a bit of a slog.
>> No. 60623 R4GE
21st April 2018
Saturday 2:09 am
60623 spacer

>not a fan of Schumer but she's probably funnier than you

Schumer isn't funnier than anyone. Certainly not the other comedians she steals jokes from. The fact that she raped a guy, admits to it and jokes about it in her act isn't particularly funny either. Thankfully I think more and more people are getting sick of her shit


>> No. 4139 Anonymous
19th April 2018
Thursday 12:28 am
/mph/4139 spacer

I bought a bargain barge about this time last year and just managed to bluff it through an mot again. Trouble is I think the automatic gearbox wants to pack up. Symptoms started last year.

When you pedal to the metal from speed or a standstill the box will kickdown into a lower gear and the engine revs up but none of that power is transfered to the wheels, even seeming to be actively braking momentum when trying to accelerate from speed.

All forward gears work fine without problem as long as I'm just wafting around but I'm no granddad and not having the ability to power through an overtake is a bit of a pisstake seeing as I'm paying over the odds to run a 3 odd litre straight 6.

The ATF was burnt and dark, that's all now fresh as well as a new filter, problem persists. Is a rebuild in order?
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>> No. 4146 Anonymous
20th April 2018
Friday 6:17 am
4146 spacer

It's a BMW 6 series isn't it. E24?
>> No. 4147 Anonymous
20th April 2018
Friday 8:11 am
4147 spacer
BMW cunts thread?
>> No. 4148 Anonymous
20th April 2018
Friday 8:52 am
4148 spacer
Keep an eye out for a swapper? They're not rare, especially if the one used in landys is the same.
>> No. 4149 Anonymous
20th April 2018
Friday 2:30 pm
4149 spacer

It's used in a shitload of motors from that period of time, Audi, Landy, Alfa, Some VWs and even Lancias IIRC.
>> No. 4150 Anonymous
21st April 2018
Saturday 2:04 am
4150 spacer
No, sadly.


>> No. 417117 Anonymous
18th April 2018
Wednesday 9:44 pm
/b/417117 spacer

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>> No. 417132 Anonymous
20th April 2018
Friday 6:26 pm
417132 spacer

Stock, Aitken and Waterman completely changed the landscape in the late 80s. Their studio was called The Hit Factory and they meant it in the most literal sense. They used the latest technology to produce pop records with breathtaking efficiency. Mike Stock and Matt Aitken could write a song, sequence a backing track, record a vocal and have a mixdown on its way to the pressing plant in under three hours. In total, they sold over 500,000,000 records. I can't recommend Pete Waterman's autobiography I Wish I Was Me highly enough.

By 1993, everyone else had caught on to the process, the technology had fallen in price and SAW lost their competitive advantage. Hundreds of cheap little studios popped up in lock-ups and loft conversions, knocking out Hi-NRG dance tracks and dire novelty records. The market was absolutely flooded, but singles were selling in such quantities that it was reasonably profitable.


Everyone was at it. The vocal hook in Saturday Night was blatantly nicked.

To veer wildly back on topic, this interview popped up in my YouTube autoplay and absolutely broke my heart.

>> No. 417133 Anonymous
20th April 2018
Friday 7:57 pm
417133 spacer
>To veer wildly back on topic, this interview popped up in my YouTube autoplay and absolutely broke my heart.

Pretty much everything I've read in the press is strongly hinting that it was a suicide mission.
>> No. 417134 Anonymous
20th April 2018
Friday 10:43 pm
417134 spacer

>I feel better for him now, I don’t think he’d been in a good place for a long long time.

Bloody hell, this has hit me right in the guts.
>> No. 417139 Anonymous
20th April 2018
Friday 11:54 pm
417139 spacer

Electronic instruments in the 80s made it a doddle like never before.

All you needed was a Fairlight CMI or a Synclavier (both of which admittedly outlandlishly expensive at the time), or an assortment of lower-grade keyboards like the DX7 or EMU, and you could throw together a track in no time. In the old days, you had to pay studio musicians and be patient for them to play their section correctly enough times so you had something on tape to work with, but with the Fairlight, you could just program it and off you went.

Entire bands consisted of members who were just for show besides their lead singer who was doing all the actual work (or wasn't... think Milli Vanilli). For example, Frankie Goes To Hollywood had a decent singer with Holly Johnson, but all his other band mates were shit singers or instrument players on a good day. When they were signed to ZTT, everything you heard from that moment on FGTH records came out of Trevor Horn's gear (mainly Fairlight and Synclavier and a Linn drum machine), and pretty much everybody besides Holly Johnson was just paid to dance and make vaguely homoerotic hand and body gestures on stage. It was really just Trevor Horn and Holly Johnson, and they should have just called themselves "Horn & Johnson" (even would have kept some of the homoeroticism with a name like that).

I think we saw a similar disruptive innovation with tapeless digital home recording in the late 90s and early 2000s. While the first recording suites for off the shelf PCs or Macs could be pricey, nowadays, you have freeware software that pretty much comes with an abundance of functionality that enables you to click together songs that sound like they were made by a big-label producer. And crucially, even if you've never played a guitar or piano at all. And then you have ways of distributing your music via sites like soundcloud or even youtube that yet again cut the traditional music studios entirely out of the loop.
>> No. 417140 Anonymous
21st April 2018
Saturday 2:03 am
417140 spacer



>> No. 416056 Anonymous
10th March 2018
Saturday 10:05 am
/b/416056 spacer
New weekend thread? New weekend thread.

How's it going, ladmates?
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>> No. 417116 Anonymous
18th April 2018
Wednesday 1:06 am
417116 spacer

Any girls from eastern europe, or at least in the general soviet bloc area, are a lot of fun. They're very open about what they want from a man, which is to say someone with a little bit of money and that knows how to use their dick. When I went to Hungary with my friend who was from there, he basically said they're after english blokes as they see them as exotic, rich, and powerful. He also said that all you really need to do is wear a Superdry jacket, as there were no Superdry shops there at the time, and they will immediately identify you as an international man of mystery - he wasn't fucking wrong.

Similar experiences abound in Romania and Czechland. They just don't seem to take themselves as seriously as the women further west, they have a great sense of humour and adventure and are a little bit old fashioned too, I don't think you'd see many Romanian Paul Joseph Watsons.
>> No. 417135 Anonymous
20th April 2018
Friday 11:01 pm
417135 spacer
wew lads, happy weekend. what's going on for you? I've no plans. what does a no-m8s like me do in London this Saturday for fun?
>> No. 417136 Anonymous
20th April 2018
Friday 11:03 pm
417136 spacer
Go out in the sun, sun, sun.
>> No. 417137 Anonymous
20th April 2018
Friday 11:20 pm
417137 spacer
Yeah, it's going to be lovely. It will be hard to have a bad day tomorrow when I can just lie in the grass and drink cider in the sun.
>> No. 417138 Anonymous
20th April 2018
Friday 11:30 pm
417138 spacer

You mentioned old fashioned. One of the personal trainers where I go to the gym is from some Slavic country (I never really asked, but his name is Jaroslav, Jaro to his friends). And his girlfriend is from western Ukraine. I overheard him talking to a friend in the gym one day while lifting my weights, and he said that he'd just come back from Ukraine where he was on his first ever visit to his girlfriend's parents. He's 25ish and from seeing his girlfriend one time, I'd say she's about in that same kind of age bracket.

Anyway, I overheard him saying to his friend that his girlfriend's parents were kind of disappointed that they made no mention on their visit as to when they were going to get married and have kids. 25 appears to be kind of a ripe old age in Ukraine to still be single and/or dating. I believe he even said that his girlfriend's younger sister, who lives in Ukraine, had her firstborn at age 23.

But I guess exposure to our Western ways here in Britain means that people will also tend to marry later than they would in their native country.


>> No. 26461 Anonymous
8th April 2018
Sunday 4:45 pm
/g/26461 spacer
I just shit myself. AI could be about to change the world in a very big way and it might go wrong.
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>> No. 26516 Anonymous
19th April 2018
Thursday 9:41 am
26516 spacer
So you're suggesting an intelligent and educated man is lying about the probability of a human extinction event because it might slightly negatively affect his career prospects?
>> No. 26517 Anonymous
19th April 2018
Thursday 9:54 am
26517 spacer

"Slightly" is an understatement. If the possibility is real, it might well outlaw his chosen field. It'd be naive to think it ridiculous he might want to downplay it.

That you seem to be basing your opinion on one talk by one man in the field is not ideal, either, though it sounds like a compelling talk nonetheless - did he address how you might restrict an artificial intelligence from making a logical leap that may endanger humans regardless of it's intentions - the problem, as discussed, of your smart car having to decide which human to kill in an accident?
>> No. 26518 Anonymous
19th April 2018
Thursday 11:47 am
26518 spacer

Petroleum geologists are remarkably optimistic about climate change.
>> No. 26519 Anonymous
20th April 2018
Friday 6:34 pm
26519 spacer

Whore King.gif

Oil companies are the ones spreading the climate change apocalypse hoax so that they can have even more control over the energy supply.
>> No. 26520 Anonymous
20th April 2018
Friday 10:30 pm
26520 spacer



>> No. 22300 Anonymous
20th April 2018
Friday 10:01 pm
/v/22300 Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes
I just smashed out the whole thing from start to finish in a week. I remember watching them both when they were on TV originally and quite liking them.

A decent character driven period police procedural, but the sci-fi aspect just fell on its face.

Every time they explain anything in the plot it creates so many other questions. I know it's just a TV show, but the job of a good story writer is to build a coherent world.

What do you think, lads? I really liked the premise, but don't know if it holds up to a re-watch.


>> No. 1795 Anonymous
27th May 2011
Friday 6:32 pm
/job/1795 spacer
ITT: Workplace annoyances.

I'll get the ball rolling - having to bring in pastries on your birthday. I know it's cheaper if people bring their own in on their birthday instead of chipping in every time someone in the office has a birthday, but it's still fucking annoying having to fork out on your birthday.
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>> No. 12192 Anonymous
20th April 2018
Friday 2:28 pm
12192 spacer

It makes you alert but more prominently it

>can make 7.5 hours feel like 30 minutes.
>> No. 12193 Anonymous
20th April 2018
Friday 6:31 pm
12193 spacer

It makes you incredibly focused. You just plough through whatever it is you're supposed to be doing and the time flies by. You're too focused on the task in front of you to daydream about where you'd rather be and what you'd rather be doing.

It's a terrible long-term solution to a shit job, but it'll get you through the day while you're sorting out something better.
>> No. 12195 Anonymous
20th April 2018
Friday 8:50 pm
12195 spacer
Does anyone else feel like a bit of a fraud at work?

I've ended up in a managerial position almost by default and I'm entirely winging it. I have no real idea what I do all day; it seems to be going from one bullshit meeting to the next, being dragged into trivial tasks or having to deal with trivial queries. Yesterday was the first day in over a fortnight where I had an uninterrupted day to get on with what I'd actually class as proper work.

It's more money and the days seem to be going quicker, but it's a drudge and I don't feel like I'm really accomplishing anything.
>> No. 12196 Anonymous
20th April 2018
Friday 8:51 pm
12196 spacer
can confirm, been using this for 2 weeks now in work. i find that only 100mg is needed in the morning. it's subtle, but you notice that you get engrossed in a task that would appear mundane and time flies. enjoyable cognitively demanding tasks like my development work becomes an almost perfect 'flow' state for me.

i've also noticed that it has the following effectss:

1) i feel sharper in my memory - i.e. retrieving difficult words/syntax/concepts in conversation / programming
2) i feel i've become more witty(!) this may be associated with better memory retrieval as seen in 1) or may be one-sided BS
3) i am more sociable when the chance arises to chat - even small talk

Now the negs: sex drive can be reduced, it can be difficult to sleep at the usual time, and 'switch off' from work, and it makes me occassionally tearful for no reason (an odd side-effect). It also once (one day on a higher dose) caused me to feel like i could not take a full breath.
>> No. 12197 Anonymous
20th April 2018
Friday 9:01 pm
12197 spacer

>Does anyone else feel like a bit of a fraud at work?

I think everyone feels this way sometimes, but particularly those who have been promoted from a real job up into management. I can relate for sure. The most important thing you need to realise is that your physical work is no longer important. Your job is to make other people do their jobs. It's entirely intangible and if you happen to have a good effective team under you, you are successful by default and will take most of the credit for their hard work mostly by accident.

Your 'proper work' as you put it has been inverted - you exist to go to bullshit meetings and answer inane questions to enable your team to do their real work. You no longer have a proper job, you could quite easily be replaced with a search engine and a loud alarm that is triggered whenever productivity is down, if we were a less polite society. You need to embrace that, and probably read "who moved my cheese?"

Good luck.


>> No. 9430 Anonymous
26th January 2016
Tuesday 10:09 pm
/news/9430 spacer
Huddersfield charity shop finally says goodbye to a shutter which lasted 26 years

That's it. That's literally it. A charity shop has replaced one of its roller shutters after having the same one for 26 years. It's all go in Huddersfield.

I challenge you lads to find a more pointless news story than this.
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>> No. 14794 Anonymous
19th April 2018
Thursday 6:21 pm
14794 spacer
Tenant with broken pipe complains to landlord shocker; landlord brands tenant a "moaner".
>> No. 14795 Anonymous
19th April 2018
Thursday 7:08 pm
14795 spacer
We're really not having a cunt-off over this, but it sounds more like a case of "posho law graduate gets irate when a member of the servile underclass attempts to do his job by asking her to move from a first class seat she didn't have a ticket for, to which she refuses and a heated disagreement ensues." If you've ever had a job which involves dealing with the public on a regular basis, especially on a train where many of them will be disgruntled and antagonistic, then you'll know a not insignificant number of them are cunts.
>> No. 14796 Anonymous
19th April 2018
Thursday 7:19 pm
14796 spacer
I was talking about >>14793, not her.
>> No. 14798 Anonymous
20th April 2018
Friday 8:22 pm
14798 spacer
Listen up, snowflakes...

How a young couple on just £30,000 between them bought their first home for £220,000 before turning 21 WITHOUT help from the ‘bank of Mum and Dad’ (by giving up nights out and living on beans and noodles for a year)

Nathan Doe and Tyla Stanworth have managed to defy the odds and buy their first property before the age of just 21 - without any help from their parents.

The couple were handed the keys to their £220,000 detached three-bedroom home in Newport, south Wales last June. They claim the secret to home ownership is giving up partying and takeaways, living on baked beans and noodles instead.

Mr Doe, 21, said: 'We were living with my dad for a year, that was our base, but obviously had to pay him rent. We really don't drink and don't go out partying.'

Ms Stanworth, 20, added: 'Deciding to buy the house did mean that we had to make sacrifices as the majority of our combined wages went straight into the savings. We never went out, our shopping lists consisted of noodles and beans, but in the long run it was so worth it.'
>> No. 14799 Anonymous
20th April 2018
Friday 8:53 pm
14799 spacer

>'We put in £200 each every month and got £50 back from the government so we were getting a free £100 a month.'

Well yeah, I could do that and all.

They've neglected to say how much his dad was charging him for rent and bills. I have a suspicion it might not have been the £450+ most people have to pay. No help from their parents my arse.


>> No. 60615 YubYub
19th April 2018
Thursday 11:07 pm
/iq/60615 spacer
Lads, I've been thinking. Is whoever even a word? Even when I type it on my phone it tries to correct it to whomever.

I've always been taught that you use whom instead of who if the question can be answered with him/her instead of he/she. To whom should I write his letter to? Him. Who did that to whom? He did that to her.

If that's right then it should always be whomever because the answer would always be him/her.

Am I just talking out my arse or am I on to something?
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>> No. 60617 Samefag
20th April 2018
Friday 2:11 pm
60617 spacer
Whoever told you it should always be 'whomever' is wrong.
>> No. 60618 Anonymous
20th April 2018
Friday 2:58 pm
60618 spacer


>> No. 60619 Searchfag
20th April 2018
Friday 3:21 pm
60619 spacer
>expanding brain meme
>> No. 60620 YubYub
20th April 2018
Friday 4:34 pm
60620 spacer
I think you use whomever when it is the dative case.
>> No. 60622 Auntiefucker
20th April 2018
Friday 7:58 pm
60622 spacer
When should I use whoever?


>> No. 60621 Are Moaty
20th April 2018
Friday 6:34 pm
/iq/60621 It's a wrap
M8s check out this sick carbon fibre wrap, it makes my knob look five times bigger.


>> No. 26501 Anonymous
20th April 2018
Friday 12:12 pm
/emo/26501 spacer
Been with a girl for the past 4 years. My first girlfriend, her first boyfriend. We were each others first. When I look in her eyes I see the most heart wrenching unfiltered love. It makes me cry.

I've cheated on her when intoxicated three times.

The first time I wrote off as a stupid mistake, it was "just a kiss", I thought, I'll learn from it. I told her and we moved on, somehow.

The second time I had sex with a fucking Chinese student at a house party.
The third was last night with some stupid fucking duck lipped airhead 6former.

She deserves better than me, but I don't want to lose her. I love her, I want to spend my life with her. Whenever I'm drunk or on something I get ridiculously heated, this sexual energy just overcomes me. I was a nerd in comp, I didn't get any female attention, post-uni I've come out of my shell, realised my strengths, grown in confidence. No doubt in part due to her. But I think it's made me search for something I missed, to try and make up for lost time. She was the first person to who I made that promise and I broke it. On my first go. I'm flawed beyond belief, an objectively 'bad' person, but does that mean I shouldn't pursue what is objectively good for me, for the sake of morality? IDK, what the fuck am I on about... I don't imagine love like that is easy to find. I almost hope it isn't. I should probably just top myself, I enjoy sleeping, it might be alright.
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>> No. 26502 Anonymous
20th April 2018
Friday 5:31 pm
26502 spacer

Well, you're experiencing remorse. Plenty of people get into the habit of cheating and just continue.

The most practical advice I can think to give is to remove the trigger, which is very obviously alcohol.

About the emotional side, you know your relationship (and your girlfriend) better than any of us. If it helps in your reasoning, I'd say you're not an objectively bad person, but have made bad choices.


>> No. 60604 Ambulancelad
19th April 2018
Thursday 3:31 am
/iq/60604 spacer
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>> No. 60611 YubYub
19th April 2018
Thursday 5:15 pm
60611 spacer

He sounds like Timmy Mallett to me. If it turned out Timmy Mallett was autistic it would explain a lot in retrospect.
>> No. 60612 YubYub
19th April 2018
Thursday 8:36 pm
60612 spacer
I had hoped to add another urbex YouTuber to my collection - buggering about with other people's lifts is an enticing gimmick - but this high-pitched wailing is simply unbearable, especially given the context.
>> No. 60613 Moralfag
19th April 2018
Thursday 8:54 pm
60613 spacer

You can either imagine him as a Young Ones era Rik Mayall, or play his videos at 0.75 speed so he sounds like a slightly slow but less annoying man.
>> No. 60614 YubYub
19th April 2018
Thursday 9:02 pm
60614 spacer
I like that video where a paparazzi headbutts Jamiroquai.
>> No. 60616 Billbob
20th April 2018
Friday 12:51 am
60616 spacer

beno td.png
Made it to level 100 on his td game but it got boring after that.


>> No. 4367 Anonymous
17th April 2018
Tuesday 1:17 am
/lab/4367 spacer
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>> No. 4390 Anonymous
19th April 2018
Thursday 6:37 pm
4390 spacer
Though of course you will find they won't work if you've disabled JavaScript. This use case is unsupported and more of the site will come to rely on JS over time.
>> No. 4391 Anonymous
19th April 2018
Thursday 6:59 pm
4391 spacer
Not him, but that player just disappears when I click on it. I've now got sound playing but no visible controls to stop it other than silencing the tab or reloading the page.
>> No. 4392 Anonymous
19th April 2018
Thursday 7:06 pm
4392 spacer
Actually, disregard that. It was my adblocking rule dating back to when we had that autoplay wazzockery a few years ago.
>> No. 4396 Anonymous
19th April 2018
Thursday 8:21 pm
4396 spacer

Gone but not forgotten.

>> No. 4397 Anonymous
19th April 2018
Thursday 9:23 pm
4397 spacer



>> ID: 7266cd No. 14632 Anonymous
15th April 2018
Sunday 6:43 am

ID: 7266cd
/shed/14632 Problem posting.
Hi Uncle marple,

I can't post from my iPad for some reason and having to post from my phone makes me feel like a Blackpool Grime artists. Something which nobody should have to endure.

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>> ID: 1c3d9b No. 14638 Anonymous
18th April 2018
Wednesday 4:06 pm

ID: 1c3d9b
14638 spacer
Uncle Purpz GS INC hasn't been able to afford a new geoip DB since 2013 which is why we keep getting random IPs in non-walled countries inexplicably blocked. Maybe it's time for a gofundme.
>> ID: d51454 No. 14639 Anonymous
18th April 2018
Wednesday 4:45 pm

ID: d51454
14639 spacer

Isn't purpo the richest one of the three of us? It'd be like Richard Branson asking me for a tenner.
>> ID: 2d469d No. 14640 Anonymous
18th April 2018
Wednesday 6:11 pm

ID: 2d469d
14640 spacer
nah m8 its a few months old but isn’t that far out of date.
>> ID: 8b3693 No. 14641 Anonymous
19th April 2018
Thursday 12:35 am

ID: 8b3693
14641 spacer
I moaned about not that long ago, along with a few others, and he updated it. It's no where near 5 years out of date.
>> ID: 1c3d9b No. 14642 Anonymous
19th April 2018
Thursday 4:23 pm

ID: 1c3d9b
14642 spacer

I apologise for being out of the loop. Sorry lads.


>> No. 14762 Anonymous
18th April 2018
Wednesday 9:05 pm
/news/14762 Something POSitive
I saw this article and thought of .GS:

A man who said he was "riddled" with HIV and convicted of trying to infect 10 men has been jailed for life with a minimum term of 12 years.
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>> No. 14768 Anonymous
19th April 2018
Thursday 12:30 am
14768 spacer
They've only gone and locked him up with a load of men, they've played right into his hands!
>> No. 14780 Anonymous
19th April 2018
Thursday 9:44 am
14780 spacer
God, reading about him makes me feel unwell. What an utter, utter psycho. Can't even joke about him. Hope he rots in his cell.


north korea guitar.jpg
>> No. 10986 Anonymous
12th April 2018
Thursday 6:06 pm
/beat/10986 spacer
Musicianlads, what's the best way to go about learning this music theory malarkey, particularly how to apply it to the guitar? Are there any books/videos/instructional software that you could recommend?
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>> No. 10987 Anonymous
12th April 2018
Thursday 6:32 pm
10987 spacer

If you want to do things the hard way:

That image has really given me pause for thought. The guitar he's holding is shockingly awful, even for a battered old student guitar. The bloody norks can't even get rosewood or a properly quartered bit of spruce. There's no saddle on that bridge, probably because it's plastic. You'd think that they could at least scavenge a bit of bone from the mass graves in their death camps.
>> No. 10988 Anonymous
17th April 2018
Tuesday 9:16 am
10988 spacer
Adam Neely on YouTube is quite interesting. He's a bassist, but his theory is solid and he seems like a nice chap.
>> No. 10989 Anonymous
17th April 2018
Tuesday 5:26 pm
10989 spacer

Thanks, I didn't manage to 'obtain' Guitar Theory for Dummies but I got a hold of Desi Sarna's "Fretboard Theory" books and videos where he covers the same concepts. He's a pretty good teacher and breaks things down quite well.


I've been a fan of his channel for a while but he's more about entertainment than education. Rick Beato is another good music youtuber to check out, but a lot of his stuff flies way over my head.
>> No. 10990 Anonymous
19th April 2018
Thursday 9:33 am
10990 spacer
Oh, and 12tone


>> No. 14560 Anonymous
4th April 2018
Wednesday 8:35 pm
/news/14560 spacer

Russia called the meeting to challenge the UK, which has blamed Moscow for the March 4 poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury, southern England.

Russia has strongly denied any involvement and in a press conference after the vote said it had reason to believe what happened in Salisbury was a "daft militant wog attack". It strongly criticised the US and EU countries for siding with the UK.

At the Hague meeting, UK acting representative John Foggo had said the victim of a chemical weapons' attack was not required to work with the "likely perpetrator". Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson later accused Russia of trying to undermine the watchdog's work and said the international community had "seen through these tactics".
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>> No. 14766 Anonymous
18th April 2018
Wednesday 11:06 pm
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I can't read the all that shite, i'm too busy getting angry at seeing 'Waldo'.
Wally, it's fucking Wally, you Wally.
>> No. 14767 Anonymous
18th April 2018
Wednesday 11:20 pm
14767 spacer

It's called "Where's Waldo?" in America.
>> No. 14771 Anonymous
19th April 2018
Thursday 1:03 am
14771 spacer
That was an insight well worth waiting for. Thanks, cunt. Thunt.


>> No. 25832 Anonymous
24th September 2017
Sunday 10:16 pm
/101/25832 BRITFA.GS /101/ MARK VII
The old thread is well over 30MB, so I think we're due a new one.

Some cunt threw a firecracker in front of my bike today. If I hadn't seen the little scrote and his little scrote mates running I wouldn't have noticed until it was too late.
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>> No. 26732 Anonymous
18th April 2018
Wednesday 7:12 pm
26732 spacer
To be fair though, it is a rich seam of fuckery.
>> No. 26733 Anonymous
18th April 2018
Wednesday 7:51 pm
26733 spacer
Are you actually from the Bebo friends list I had when I was 13?
>> No. 26734 Anonymous
18th April 2018
Wednesday 8:31 pm
26734 spacer

Twee fucking swearing can get straight into 101.
>> No. 26735 Anonymous
18th April 2018
Wednesday 10:17 pm
26735 spacer
Looking at that "plate" it'd be impossible to fully clean out those cracks.
>> No. 26736 Anonymous
18th April 2018
Wednesday 10:53 pm
26736 spacer

At least they had the decency to put a napkin in the flat cap.


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