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>> No. 12708 Anonymous
22nd May 2017
Monday 11:46 pm
/news/12708 Manchester
This doesn't look good.
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>> No. 12709 Anonymous
23rd May 2017
Tuesday 12:01 am
12709 spacer
While not as bad as some I've seen, the "is everyone okay ps can has pix plz" is still fucking cringeworthy, and the people who do it should have some serious words with themselves.
>> No. 12710 Anonymous
23rd May 2017
Tuesday 12:01 am
12710 spacer
Would've been full of littleuns with it being an Ariana Grande concert
>> No. 12711 Anonymous
23rd May 2017
Tuesday 12:04 am
12711 spacer
Unlikely. They were all paedos in their late 20s.
>> No. 12712 Anonymous
23rd May 2017
Tuesday 12:17 am
12712 spacer
Some drama kicking off on social media about how people are being censored because the sites keep deleting their photos of carnage at the Manchester Arena taken from an army training exercise a couple of years ago involving dummies and volunteers.
>> No. 12713 Anonymous
23rd May 2017
Tuesday 12:20 am
12713 spacer
Being reported now at least 20 dead


>> No. 409690 Anonymous
18th April 2017
Tuesday 10:24 am
/b/409690 spacer
Theresa May is due to make a statement in Downing Street at 11.15am amid speculation the Prime Minister could call an early general election.

Mrs May is scheduled to make her statement immediately following a meeting of her Cabinet. The BBC's political editor Laura Kuenssberg confirmed the news and said such a statement is "only normally used for most serious moments".

Downing Street is yet to comment on what Mrs May will say. Statements outside Number 10 are highly rare and usually reserved for only the most significant announcements.

The last time Mrs May spoke to the nation in front of the famous black door was after she succeeded David Cameron as PM. Meanwhile, Mr Cameron used the setting to announce his resignation in the immediate aftermath of the EU referendum result.

It's either a general election or we're going to war with the North Koreans. Place your bets now.
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>> No. 410630 Anonymous
22nd May 2017
Monday 9:47 pm
410630 spacer
>>IFS research said that between 2010 and 2016 the value of the state pension increased by 22.2 per cent compared with growth in earnings of 7.6 per cent and growth in prices of 12.3 per cent over the same period.

The basic State Pension in 2010 was £5,077.80. If it has increased by 2.5% compound over 6 years that's 15.97% to £5,888.69, which works out at £15.59 per week.

If it was a double lock:

• Earnings was 1.8% in 2010/11
• RPI was 4.6% in 2011/12
• CPI was 5.2% in 2012/13
• CPI was 2.2% in 2013/14
• CPI was 2.4% in 2014/15
• CPI was 1.2% in 2015/16
• We've excluded 2016/17 from this, but earnings rose by 2.8%.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 410631 Anonymous
22nd May 2017
Monday 10:05 pm
410631 spacer
>It's a gimmick
Swapping the triple lock for a double lock, sure, but I'm not arguing the 'double lock' is any good.

In any case, in the double lock scenario the 2.5% bit is done away with beacuse its arbitrary nonsense, so your numbers are wrong. You're right that it makes bugger all difference, but the double lock is overexpensive too.
>> No. 410632 Anonymous
22nd May 2017
Monday 10:06 pm
410632 spacer

Hi lads.

Travelling from way up norf to London tomorrow and thought I might stay the night and get well pissed. Any way I can find meetups? Should I join a touristy pub crawl?
>> No. 410633 Anonymous
22nd May 2017
Monday 10:13 pm
410633 spacer
On the contrary, the double/triple lock is a very good thing. If I've got to work until I'm fucking 70 and some wannabe Maxwell cunt is going to raid any other pension I might have, I'd appreciate it if whatever other provision is left is actually worth something.
>> No. 410634 Anonymous
23rd May 2017
Tuesday 12:06 am
410634 spacer
You won't be retiring.


>> No. 58010 Searchfag
21st May 2017
Sunday 6:59 pm
/iq/58010 spacer
>MAJOR U.S. gay porn studio has caused anger and confusion after releasing a scene entitled ‘Didgeridoo Me’.

>The scene stars two white performers, one of whom is seen playing a plastic didgeridoo. This wakes the other man up, who walks into the room and appears to use the didgeridoo to penetrate the other performer.

Is inserting a didgeridoo up someone's back passage raçist cultural appropriation?
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>> No. 58038 Samefag
22nd May 2017
Monday 7:34 pm
58038 spacer

Lad. It is happening. It is becoming normalised.

Thanks to online porn many men under the age of 25 think it's normal to throat fuck a woman and to make her gag on your cock because the internet has warped their perceptions. What do you think is happening to the current generation, growing up where it's normal to take offence at everything?
>> No. 58039 Samefag
22nd May 2017
Monday 7:47 pm
58039 spacer
>Thanks to online porn many men under the age of 25 think it's normal to throat fuck a woman and to make her gag on your cock
Wait, are you saying that's not normal?
>> No. 58040 R4GE
22nd May 2017
Monday 8:33 pm
58040 spacer
I love this.

I don't know why the downfall of humanity, or even just degradation makes me so happy and hard.
>> No. 58042 Anonymous
22nd May 2017
Monday 11:05 pm
58042 spacer

but loads of women are into that too
>> No. 58043 Are Moaty
22nd May 2017
Monday 11:21 pm
58043 spacer
Yeah they must be, they are always smiling at the end of the videos.


>> No. 58041 Billbob
22nd May 2017
Monday 10:58 pm
/iq/58041 spacer
Don't we all, Nick. Don't we all.


>> No. 82525 Anonymous
20th May 2017
Saturday 6:15 am
/pol/82525 Facebook blocks Pulitzer-winning reporter over Malta government exposé
Remember when we started talking about Facebook gaining a worrying power to censor the news?

>Facebook has censored a Pulitzer prize-winning journalist for publishing a series of posts alleging corruption by the prime minister of Malta and his associates. Matthew Caruana Galizia, a member of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists’ award-winning Panama Papers team, was temporarily locked out of his Facebook account over four posts, which were deleted for violating the social network’s community standards.

>“For me, this process was enlightening because I realised how crippling and punitive this block is for a journalist,” Caruana Galizia told the Guardian by email.

>The posts, which were written in Maltese, contained allegations of wrongdoing by prime minister Joseph Muscat, his chief of staff Keith Schembri, and minister of energy Konrad Mizzi. Each post included images of documents from the Panama Papers leak. The censorship of Caruana Galizia comes amid considerable political turmoil and intrigue in the Mediterranean island nation, where a snap election is scheduled for 3 June. It also again raises concerns over Facebook’s incredible power to disseminate – or block – news and information.

>On 7 May, Matthew Caruana Galizia, who is the son of Daphne Caruana Galizia, began publishing his own reporting on offshore companies and Maltese political figures on his Facebook page, using the hashtags #FattiKorrotti and #CorruptionFacts. The posts include scans of documents from the Panama Papers, including passports, bank statements, and letters, as well as Caruana Galizia’s explanation of their meaning.

>On Tuesday 16 May, Caruana Galizia was locked out of his account for 24 hours. Several #FattiKorrotti posts were deleted.

>The deletions raise questions about how Facebook moderates journalism. In 2016, the social media site ignited a global controversy when it censored an iconic Vietnam war photograph of a naked child fleeing a Napalm attack. Facebook initially defended its decision, going so far as to delete a post by the Norwegian prime minister, because it was consistent with its policy barring nudity. Facebook subsequently amended its policy, announcing that it would allow people to publish material that would otherwise violate its standards if it was found to be “newsworthy, significant, or important to the public interest”.

>Documents related to alleged wrongdoing by public officials in the weeks before an election are in the public interest, and they have certainly been deemed newsworthy by the Maltese press, which has followed Caruana Galizia’s lead in reporting on them. “It’s important that journalists can publish information that is in the public interest,” a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement. “We are investigating these posts and have spoken with Mr Caruana Galizia today so that he can publish what he needs to, without including unnecessary private details that could present safety risks. If we find that we have made errors, we will correct them.”
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 82532 Anonymous
21st May 2017
Sunday 11:32 pm
82532 spacer

As an amateur philologist could you give me an example? If you'd asked me prior what Maltese was I'd have assumed it was some mildly bastardised version of Spanish or Italian that dons the cloak of 'separate' language by virtue of borders. You sound like an interesting fellow.
>> No. 82533 Anonymous
22nd May 2017
Monday 6:28 pm
82533 spacer
>> No. 82534 Anonymous
22nd May 2017
Monday 8:37 pm
82534 spacer
How old is this?
>> No. 82535 Anonymous
22nd May 2017
Monday 8:44 pm
82535 spacer

The Youtube video, oct 8 2005.

The jokes, old as time it self.
>> No. 82536 Anonymous
22nd May 2017
Monday 9:17 pm
82536 spacer
You've managed to trigger my PTSD.


>> No. 57990 Anonymous
15th May 2017
Monday 10:14 pm
/iq/57990 1938-2017
Goodnight sweet pri(no)nce.

RIP in peace.
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>> No. 58008 Auntiefucker
21st May 2017
Sunday 1:58 pm
58008 spacer
I've always thought he looked like a trannie.
>> No. 58033 Billbob
22nd May 2017
Monday 4:46 pm
58033 spacer

Takes one to know one.
>> No. 58034 Searchfag
22nd May 2017
Monday 5:54 pm
58034 spacer
>The BBC has apologised after one of its local radio stations ran an entertainment game feature based on the Moors murderer Ian Brady to the disbelief of listeners.

>On Sunday BBC Radio Leeds’s Nathan Turvey asked listeners to try to guess the identity of a “well-known person who has been in the news this week” from a series of musical clues.

>They included All the Young Dudes by Mott The Hoople, the theme tune to the Brady Bunch, Suffer Little Children by the Smiths and Psycho Killer by Talking Heads.
>> No. 58036 Paedofag
22nd May 2017
Monday 5:57 pm
58036 spacer

That's fucking funny!
>> No. 58037 Auntiefucker
22nd May 2017
Monday 5:59 pm
58037 spacer


>> No. 20473 Anonymous
8th March 2016
Tuesday 8:00 pm
/v/20473 Star Trek
If anyone's interested, Voyager and TNG are continually playing at .

Also general Star Trek thread, what do you think of the new movies? What setting would you want a new series to be in?
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>> No. 21551 Anonymous
22nd May 2017
Monday 2:14 am
21551 spacer
South Park just takes the piss. I don't think it's politically motivated, nor do I think it's right wing, just that unlike most it's not left wing.
>> No. 21552 Anonymous
22nd May 2017
Monday 9:01 am
21552 spacer

That's one of the things I don't like about South Park, it just sneers at everything and if you have a problem with that you're just a lame-o. And the last two episodes I've caught on TV had the central jokes that in one all the characters had learning disabilities, and in the other Cartman had a group of super heroes that he called the "Coon Squad". I was like, yeah, haha, and then... ?
>> No. 21553 Anonymous
22nd May 2017
Monday 10:36 am
21553 spacer

>> No. 21554 Anonymous
22nd May 2017
Monday 5:14 pm
21554 spacer
Satire transcends finding a political solution and just helps us laugh at the absurdities of life. When South Park does get political however it's libertarian in outlook which doesn't need to justify itself so much as point out the solutions are all awful and poke fun at the kinds of people who want to impose their vision on others.
>> No. 21555 Anonymous
22nd May 2017
Monday 5:32 pm
21555 spacer

Yeah, I know. I just find it rather vapid and pointless, and the satire's only going to make me laugh if it's actually funny.


>> No. 58002 YubYub
20th May 2017
Saturday 8:20 am
/iq/58002 spacer
>Family of Soundgarden's Chris Cornell say he did not intend to kill himself

Sounds like another victim of the stranglewank endemic.
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>> No. 58009 Moralfag
21st May 2017
Sunday 2:09 pm
58009 spacer

I don't think endemic works in that context. Epidemic.

regardless, on a serious not, this hurt. Chris wrote songs that helped me through parts of my life and it breaks my heart that he didn't have that or felt he didn't from anything in his own life. I feel like a part of me died with him, so I understand why his family might be in denial over it. People mock sentiment like that, but inspirational people do provide emotional support in a lot of ways.

on a less serious note, I bet it was that fucking Timbaland album. He woke up one morning and remembered it and was like "Aw, fuck. I'm going to have to kill myself."
>> No. 58022 Paedofag
21st May 2017
Sunday 9:38 pm
58022 spacer


>> No. 58023 Anonymous
21st May 2017
Sunday 10:08 pm
58023 spacer

Why do people do this? I honestly don't understand the urge.
>> No. 58026 Moralfag
21st May 2017
Sunday 11:52 pm
58026 spacer

It's already been part-way explained in >>58009.

People form emotional attatchments to inpirational people and their work through their work or their actions, for various reasons.


>> No. 12610 Anonymous
12th May 2017
Friday 6:34 pm
/news/12610 Shittypants
The NHS appears to have been the victim of a ransomware attack, which has hit many organisations worldwide.

Apart from the immediate effects, I suppose that this is also going to jumped on by May to push certain mandates in her election campaign.
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>> No. 12700 Anonymous
21st May 2017
Sunday 9:22 pm
12700 spacer
The curve will be a little crazy, because in general the quality has improved over time. In general, the older the disc, the poorer the quality probably was, which means the sooner it will have failed. I have discs from around 10 years ago that have fared noticeably better than those from around 15 years ago did when they were the same age.

There are apparently "archival grade" discs around, which claim a life on the order of centuries, though given the technology hasn't been around that long it's difficult to tell whether or not they've lived up to it.
>> No. 12703 Anonymous
21st May 2017
Sunday 10:18 pm
12703 spacer

The problem is that any electronic data storage technology is eventually bound to fail. Books can be well over 1200 years old and still in remarkable condition, because a book is just about the most low-tech data carrying device you can think of. Even modern thumb or SSD drives, which have the benefit of no mechanical parts like conventional hard disks, contain a greater number of microelectronic parts such as capacitors and the like. All these have a technically possible lifespan, and they will begin to fail at the end of that, if not much sooner. It's too early to tell yet how USB thumb drives and SSDs will fare long-term (USB drives have really only been around for just over 15 years), but again, they are bound to run into technical lifespan limitations at some point.

On an unrelated side note, this is also one aspect of why some people believe that interstellar travel will never happen by means of conventional propulsion. Because even if we successfully assemble and launch a generation spaceship, there are simply no manufacturing processes known today that can guarantee a lifespan of daily-use electronics on the scale of hundreds of thousands of years that it would probably take just to get to the nearest couple of other stars in the Milky Way. You would have to have production facilities on board to continuously produce new spare parts. And the machines that would produce them would also deteriorate over time and need new parts themselves. And so on.
>> No. 12704 Anonymous
21st May 2017
Sunday 11:17 pm
12704 spacer
Long-term storage in general is something we still haven't cracked after 100,000 years of existence. The best-preserved artefacts from ancient history are not those that have been consciously preserved but those that got buried.

The other great parallel in technarchaeology is that, just as we have ancient writing that we are no longer able to decode, we also have ancient formats that we are no longer able to read. The BBC's Domesday Project was issued on a proprietary laserdisc format which nobody else took up (it was almost a decade before LD-ROM emerged). There are thought to be only around a dozen of the players left in serviceable condition.
>> No. 12705 Anonymous
21st May 2017
Sunday 11:25 pm
12705 spacer

>Books can be well over 1200 years old and still in remarkable condition, because a book is just about the most low-tech data carrying device you can think of


>Tell Ea-nasir: Nanni sends the following message:

>When you came, you said to me as follows : “I will give Gimil-Sin (when he comes) fine quality copper ingots.” You left then but you did not do what you promised me. You put ingots which were not good before my messenger (Sit-Sin) and said: “If you want to take them, take them; if you do not want to take them, go away!”

>What do you take me for, that you treat somebody like me with such contempt? I have sent as messengers gentlemen like ourselves to collect the bag with my money (deposited with you) but you have treated me with contempt by sending them back to me empty-handed several times, and that through enemy territory. Is there anyone among the merchants who trade with Telmun who has treated me in this way? You alone treat my messenger with contempt! On account of that one (trifling) mina of silver which I owe(?) you, you feel free to speak in such a way, while I have given to the palace on your behalf 1,080 pounds of copper, and umi-abum has likewise given 1,080 pounds of copper, apart from what we both have had written on a sealed tablet to be kept in the temple of Samas.

>How have you treated me for that copper? You have withheld my money bag from me in enemy territory; it is now up to you to restore (my money) to me in full.

>Take cognizance that (from now on) I will not accept here any copper from you that is not of fine quality. I shall (from now on) select and take the ingots individually in my own yard, and I shall exercise against you my right of rejection because you have treated me with contempt.
>> No. 12707 Anonymous
21st May 2017
Sunday 11:37 pm
12707 spacer

Not a book.


>> No. 23560 Anonymous
16th November 2016
Wednesday 6:49 pm
/emo/23560 Minor angst and existential dread, Mk. I
We tend to have a lot of repeated threads here, but I also get the feeling people don't tend to post in /emo/ unless it's a big issue.

With this in mind I suggest that we have a thread for stuff that's got you down a bit and you need to get off your chest, without it being major enough to make an entire thread devoted to it. We can also use it as a go-to for minor relationship advice, work problems, social drama, and things like that.

Everyone gets down from time to time, let's put some Sisters of Mercy on and wallow together for a while.
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>> No. 24923 Anonymous
20th May 2017
Saturday 1:04 am
24923 spacer

Self-neglect and low motivation are big warning signs for depression. Get yourself to the GP.
>> No. 24924 Anonymous
20th May 2017
Saturday 9:27 pm
24924 spacer
And tell him what? The whole thing is drawn out.
>> No. 24925 Anonymous
21st May 2017
Sunday 1:57 pm
24925 spacer

The doctor tried to tell me I was depressed for these reasons, so I had to remind him that not only am I already on an antidepressant for anxiety, I suffer from chronic back and joint pain and told him if he gave me better painkillers I'd shower more than was absolutely necessary to keep my wife from leaving me.

I shaved recently for the first time in about a year and had to use scissors on it first, because I was going to a wedding. Up until that point I couldn't be arsed because it really hurt my arm and wrist and my wife liked it... for a bit. She started offering to shave it for me, but I was too proud, but eventually conceded the moustache because she threatened to stop having sex with me so she was trimming it with a beard trimmer every time it got "scratchy".

It's all about perspective, both of those things apply to me but I'm pretty OK mentally.
>> No. 24926 Anonymous
21st May 2017
Sunday 6:31 pm
24926 spacer

Cognitive Behavoural Therapy can be really useful for chronic pain. It won't make the pain better, but it can make it easier to live with. Have you ever been referred to a pain clinic or the Expert Patients Programme?
>> No. 24927 Anonymous
21st May 2017
Sunday 10:15 pm
24927 spacer

Yeah, the Pain Clinic are fucking heroes. They gave me my first TENS machine and put me on pre-gabalin (which is cracking stuff).

The nurses have good chat and tolerance for swearing, first time I went they gave me a form with pictures of the body and told me to highlight were it hurt. I highlighted the whole thing and handed it back to him and he was just like "...fair enough. You want to sit in my desk chair, these seat are shit?" I sat in the chair.


>> No. 405839 Anonymous
19th October 2016
Wednesday 2:31 pm
/b/405839 Mid-week thread
Mid-week thread?

Mid-week thread.

What are you lot up to?
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>> No. 410581 Anonymous
21st May 2017
Sunday 2:49 pm
410581 spacer

If I had the money, billions upon billions of pounds and earning similar, I'd personally fund the NHS to keep it out of private sector hands, by mitigating cuts by donating to the affected NHS Trust.

I hate that NHS funding is a political issue.
>> No. 410582 Anonymous
21st May 2017
Sunday 2:56 pm
410582 spacer
You can always do your little bit. Go on, just a few thousand.

The NHS is a cancer on this nation psychologically.
>> No. 410583 Anonymous
21st May 2017
Sunday 3:51 pm
410583 spacer

Lung cancer has a very poor long term survival rate as it is, because it almost universally tends to be very aggressive and spreads profusely to other parts of the body.

It's a fucking disgrace that people are kept waiting to receive chemo, but it probably had a very limited effect on her eventual prognosis.

What's disgusting though is the thought that maybe somebody was kept waiting because it was known that they quite probably wouldn't have long either way, and that that would make it alright to save a few quid by not admitting them to chemo. Yes, depending on the details, a cycle of chemotherapy can cost £100K and more. But in the greater scheme of things, there are much more serious ways in which NHS money, and loads more than that, is wasted.
>> No. 410586 Anonymous
21st May 2017
Sunday 9:26 pm
410586 spacer
Did she smoke? Not jumping on a high horse, I'm just getting a bit paranoid since I've been smoking nigh on a decade myself.
>> No. 410588 Anonymous
21st May 2017
Sunday 9:59 pm
410588 spacer

90 percent of lung cancer patients are or were smokers. So theoretically, that still leaves room for a benefit of doubt.

I don't judge people who smoke, after all, I smoked for well over a decade myself, and at the end before I quit, I was up to over a pack a day.

I just keep suggesting nicely to people around me who still smoke to think about quitting. Even if some of them think I am a cunt. I like to think that I am still not as bad as some of the more preachy former smokers that you can meet.


>> No. 1795 Anonymous
27th May 2011
Friday 6:32 pm
/job/1795 spacer
ITT: Workplace annoyances.

I'll get the ball rolling - having to bring in pastries on your birthday. I know it's cheaper if people bring their own in on their birthday instead of chipping in every time someone in the office has a birthday, but it's still fucking annoying having to fork out on your birthday.
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>> No. 11322 Anonymous
21st May 2017
Sunday 10:41 am
11322 spacer
I'm sure they can figure out how to change "aren't you" to "isn't he" as applicable.
>> No. 11323 Anonymous
21st May 2017
Sunday 11:22 am
11323 spacer
I think the issue is the blatant lying/arse-covering, not the lack of evidence.
>> No. 11324 Anonymous
21st May 2017
Sunday 6:18 pm
11324 spacer
No. The issue is OP is inept and just took it like a bitch instead of mass-emailing everyone the replies he got as a "reminder - FYI - here are your replies, I hope these jog your memories :)"

But no, he took 9 inches, and came running here to complain.

Fucking scum. He fully deserves it. Now, I hope they make jokes and tease him about how he keeps saying "but really mate, you did send me a reply, I just can't find it."
>> No. 11325 Anonymous
21st May 2017
Sunday 6:18 pm
11325 spacer
Yes, people still keeping up their attitude with me, even though I showed them proof of receipt.
>> No. 11326 Anonymous
21st May 2017
Sunday 8:23 pm
11326 spacer
I think the problem is that you're feeling cowed by them instead of smug and self-satisfied that they're being idiots denying the reality in front of them. >>11324 is being a twat but he's not totally wrong. Those people are obviously morons, you don't have to feel hurt by their stupid behaviour.


>> No. 12648 Anonymous
19th May 2017
Friday 7:13 pm
/news/12648 spacer

>Whilst Mr Assange was wanted on a European Arrest Warrant (EAW) for an extremely serious offence, the MPS response reflected the serious nature of that crime. Now that the situation has changed and the Swedish authorities have discontinued their investigation into that matter, Mr Assange remains wanted for a much less serious offence. The MPS will provide a level of resourcing which is proportionate to that offence.

>The MPS will not comment further on the operational plan.

>The priority for the MPS must continue to be arresting those who are currently wanted in the Capital in connection with serious violent or sexual offences for the protection of Londoners.
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>> No. 12687 Anonymous
21st May 2017
Sunday 2:20 pm
12687 spacer
>All but one of his alleged victims recanted
No, the offences timed out. That's not the same thing at all.

>if the British authorities had gotten a hold of him he would have been put on a plane to the US, not Sweden.
Nonsense. The EAW was pretty much the only thing guaranteeing that wouldn't happen. The UK was bound by international law to turn him over to Sweden. They couldn't let him walk, and they couldn't send him anywhere else. Sweden unequivocably had first dibs. Anything else would have caused an international incident.

>If he can make it back to Sweden
... he will be arrested and questioned for the one allegation that remains. They've dropped it for now, but they're entirely entitled to pick it up again at any time until that too times out in 2020.
>> No. 12689 Anonymous
21st May 2017
Sunday 2:24 pm
12689 spacer
But all but one did recant, didn't they? Simply because the offense timed out doesn't have much (read: any) bearing on that.
>> No. 12691 Anonymous
21st May 2017
Sunday 2:32 pm
12691 spacer
>But all but one did recant, didn't they?
What is it with people just repeating themselves lately?
>> No. 12693 Anonymous
21st May 2017
Sunday 2:42 pm
12693 spacer
Different person. This is the nature of an anonymous imageboard, etc., etc.

Turns out then, that at least two people have noticed your "mistake".
>> No. 12695 Anonymous
21st May 2017
Sunday 2:57 pm
12695 spacer
>Turns out then, that at least two people have noticed your "mistake".
I think you mean "at least two people have made the same mistake".


>> No. 10582 Anonymous
17th May 2017
Wednesday 12:20 pm
/beat/10582 What you feeling right now? - Part IV, The Revenge of the Feeling.
The last thread ate all of my ram and crashed my browser when I tried to open it, so here is a new thread.
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>> No. 10586 Anonymous
20th May 2017
Saturday 5:46 am
10586 spacer
>> No. 10587 Anonymous
20th May 2017
Saturday 10:43 am
10587 spacer
>> No. 10588 Anonymous
20th May 2017
Saturday 1:55 pm
10588 spacer
>> No. 10589 Anonymous
20th May 2017
Saturday 3:05 pm
10589 spacer
>> No. 10590 Anonymous
21st May 2017
Sunday 1:30 pm
10590 spacer


>> No. 25920 Anonymous
18th May 2017
Thursday 8:49 pm
/g/25920 spacer
I was given a dated Archos tablet. After some messing about I can see the utility in them, but it can no longer run the latest versions of my Android apps.

I'm completely new to tablets, but I'm hoping to find something cheap and cheerful for reading (eBooks and my own notes), and some light internet browsing.

I'm thinking about one of the ASUS ZenPads, probably the bigger 10.1" one. Could this feasibly be used for comfortably study?
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>> No. 25922 Anonymous
19th May 2017
Friday 3:38 am
25922 spacer

For a tiny bit more money, you could get a convertible Windows tablet/laptop. The keyboard clips on and off with magnets, so you can use it as either a pure tablet or a dinky laptop. The tablet side of things is less slick than Android, but it'll probably be more useful for study.
>> No. 25923 Anonymous
19th May 2017
Friday 6:15 pm
25923 spacer
I'll never understand why companies persist in thinking putting magnets in electronics is a good idea.
>> No. 25924 Anonymous
19th May 2017
Friday 6:17 pm
25924 spacer
So you have to buy another one.
>> No. 25925 Anonymous
19th May 2017
Friday 11:56 pm
25925 spacer
Holy shit tablets have come a long way since I got mine. Looks like it's time for me to upgrade. Is any particular manufacturer considered to be leading the field at the moment?
>> No. 25926 Anonymous
21st May 2017
Sunday 11:26 am
25926 spacer
I can't compare it to Android tablets but the Kindle Fire tablets are pretty good value for money. Only problem is that they are by default hooked into Amazon's app store not Google Play, so quite a few apps available on Android are either not maintained as frequently or completely absent. I'd say it's great for reading ebooks and light internet browsing but if you have want to use a lot of specific non-Amazon apps you may be out of luck.


>> No. 58003 Samefag
20th May 2017
Saturday 12:30 pm
/iq/58003 spacer
Serious question, lads.

Arsene Wenger
Jeremy Corbyn
Donald Trump

Who's gonna be out first?
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>> No. 58004 YubYub
20th May 2017
Saturday 1:02 pm
58004 spacer
Yeah, er, I know who Wenger is. He was responsible for that ludicrous display last night. What was Wenger finkin', sendin' Walcott on that early?
>> No. 58005 Searchfag
20th May 2017
Saturday 1:30 pm
58005 spacer

Thing about arsenal, they always try walk it in.


>> No. 82515 Anonymous
19th May 2017
Friday 9:33 am
/pol/82515 How much for a vote?
Since parties are rattling the tins for campaign contributions - anyone got any idea of the incremental pound:vote ratio that they assume or hope for?
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>> No. 82522 Anonymous
20th May 2017
Saturday 1:00 am
82522 spacer
>and the Lib Dems £1.46.
Crikey, they really didn't spend very much money at all. Given the collapse in their vote I would have expected this figure to be much higher, almost to the point where it would have been cheaper to just bribe people.
>> No. 82523 Anonymous
20th May 2017
Saturday 1:13 am
82523 spacer

The Lib Dems usually run a very lean and cost-effective campaign based on local grass-roots activism. They spent 72p per vote in 2005 and 70p per vote in 2010, so their cost-per-vote doubled after the coalition.
>> No. 82524 Anonymous
20th May 2017
Saturday 1:47 am
82524 spacer
You misread the article. The Greens spent 98p. UKIP spent 73p.
>> No. 82528 Anonymous
20th May 2017
Saturday 11:00 am
82528 spacer

My apologies, I was rather drunk.

I am a very boring drunkard.
>> No. 82529 Anonymous
20th May 2017
Saturday 1:04 pm
82529 spacer


trump intelligence.png
>> No. 82497 Anonymous
16th May 2017
Tuesday 2:19 pm
/pol/82497 Trump impeachement... pending
What exactly is it that the man needs to do to get impeached? There seems to be a scandal that would damn any other leader every week.
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>> No. 82498 Anonymous
16th May 2017
Tuesday 3:14 pm
82498 spacer
In this age of pure partisanship? Lose the House. Which won't happen because the Republicans have rigged it that way. Their democracy is long dead. The representatives get to choose their voters rather than the other way round.
>> No. 82520 Anonymous
20th May 2017
Saturday 12:24 am
82520 spacer
Disclosing information is so small-time. The President The Donald doesn't do small-time. If he's going to disclose anything, he's going to go big. He wouldn't tell anyone anything without telling them where he heard it, like "I heard on Fox News", "I read on Breitbart" or "Israel gave us this intelligence in confidence but I can trust you, right Sergei?"


>> ID: cb1677 No. 14194 Anonymous
19th May 2017
Friday 6:37 pm

ID: cb1677
/shed/14194 spacer
When are we celebrating the 10 year anniversary of .gs? Don't tell me I missed it.
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>> ID: 607023 No. 14195 Anonymous
19th May 2017
Friday 6:48 pm

ID: 607023
14195 spacer


.gs is eternal with no beginning and no end you daft nonce.


>> No. 4153 Anonymous
19th May 2017
Friday 4:11 pm
/lab/4153 spacer
Does anyone know where's still good to get nootropics? I have a site that'll export pira+citocholine from India but it's pretty steep, besides ani+cito was always more effective for me.

May be the wrong board, sorry.
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>> No. 4154 Anonymous
19th May 2017
Friday 4:41 pm
4154 spacer
I've had a look around and intellimeds and thoughtfoods seem to be the best options but I can find very little in terms of recent reviews.


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