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>> No. 60214 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 12:18 am
/iq/60214 spacer
>turn up for call centre job
>hear this in training
>do a 360 and walk away

Fuck me lads.
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>> No. 60242 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 10:59 am
60242 spacer
I'm a bit thick so you will have to walk me through this OP.

The company resells utility services to businesses, right?

But from the Vocaroo, they want to pretend that they either are Openreach or they have a exclusive contract with Openreach or whatever?

Why does being Openreach give them an advantage in selling a service? Will the business think the service is being provided directly from Openreach and if so why is that better than any other company? I don't get it.
>> No. 60243 YubYub
22nd March 2018
Thursday 11:09 am
60243 spacer
Openreach are the people who own the physical network. If your phone line goes down and they need to send an engineer out to do work on the line, it will be an openreach engineer. They are very well known and respected. Also same for having a line installed - openreach are who will show up.
>> No. 60244 YubYub
22nd March 2018
Thursday 11:12 am
60244 spacer
So obviously, ringing up and saying you are from openreach, and they gave us your number, and we're here to help you with your broadband speeds makes people more likely to trust you and not realise that we'll be after your bank details by the end of the visit.
>> No. 60246 Billbob
22nd March 2018
Thursday 11:16 am
60246 spacer
But even if the mug buys that the call is coming from Openreach or someone affiliated with Openreach, surely they would know Openreach don't actually sell broadband themselves?
>> No. 60247 Are Moaty
22nd March 2018
Thursday 11:25 am
60247 spacer
Like I said, they prey on thick people. Or in the manager's own words, "thick bastards".


>> No. 60165 R4GE
17th March 2018
Saturday 11:46 am
/iq/60165 Peter Kay (1973-2018)
Guess who’s supposedly dead?
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>> No. 60209 Moralfag
21st March 2018
Wednesday 12:16 am
60209 spacer
Well, I-swear-I-don't-know-about-the-injunction lad, monday has been and gone, and Peter's mortal status has still not been ascertained. Schrodinger's garlic bread.
>> No. 60212 Crabkiller
21st March 2018
Wednesday 5:25 am
60212 spacer
It means he might still be, just, alive. You lose almost all of your legal rights when you die, particularly around privacy, defamation and libel. There has been absolutely no denial from his management, lots of subtle hints on his Twatter (look out for which charities he wanted people to donate to), but the poor lad is on deaths door and it will come out soon.

Garlic bread indeed.
>> No. 60213 Anonymous
21st March 2018
Wednesday 6:31 am
60213 spacer

That's made me sad. It can't be fun hanging on at the very end, unless of course he's already vegetabled.

It'll be weird when it does come out and everyone says "yeah I knew that already". Well, apart from the plebs.
>> No. 60240 R4GE
22nd March 2018
Thursday 2:33 am
60240 spacer

A bit dark for Are Pete, his limit was a bit of blue for the dads, but I have to admit that my mirth was audible when I first read this post and it still gives me a giggle now.

Another one I just came up with just now was:

What's the name of the feeling when you don't know if Peter Kay is alive or dead? Garlic dread .

Obviously it's not even a patch on yours, though.

If you believe the twitters, news should be out after Friday. I barely know what day of the week it is most of the time and if I were sober enough I'd set up a google alert for "peter kay" but as it is I just keep typing the fat fucker's name into google on my phone whenever my brain idles out and I think "oh yeah, wait, what was I doing". Which is happening a lot lately.

C'mon boys, lad needs a new brain tour! Woooo!
>> No. 60245 R4GE
22nd March 2018
Thursday 11:14 am
60245 spacer



>> No. 411972 Anonymous
4th July 2017
Tuesday 5:14 pm
/b/411972 spacer
Alright, lads.

How's it going?
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>> No. 416382 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 1:54 am
416382 spacer
Not even marple is safe from getting rangebanned by a drunk mod.
>> No. 416389 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 2:23 am
416389 spacer

Marple is the biggest shitposter we have. Half of the wordfilters are to protect us from his onslaught.
>> No. 416390 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 2:36 am
416390 spacer

I remember someone telling me "yeah I met marple once, at an air show", like he was the queen or maybe a sort of early 90s hacker hanger on Prince Phillip. It was OK though I was on so many drugs I drank until I passed out then went to the hospital the next morning with a heart rate of 140 and blood pressure of 170/110.

Good times.
>> No. 416392 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 2:54 am
416392 spacer
It is air show year...
>> No. 416399 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 11:07 am
416399 spacer

Jimmy Carr did a stand-up bit about rusty trombones a few years ago. Can't find the clip at the moment.

This is also quite funny though:


Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 17.42.49.png
>> No. 14382 Anonymous
21st March 2018
Wednesday 5:44 pm
/news/14382 Mark Anthony Conditt
The dude who has been leaving bombs around Austin, Texas - blew himself up yesterday.

Seems like a cool guy.
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>> No. 14391 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 1:11 am
14391 spacer

I think I might agree with you.
>> No. 14392 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 5:35 am
14392 spacer
“He was a very assertive person and would … end up being kind of dominant and intimidating in conversation. A lot of people didn’t understand him and where he was coming from.”
>> No. 14393 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 9:12 am
14393 spacer
What a bore. When I heard the news I was hoping for some intricate, ingenious manifesto along the lines of Kaczynski but instead what we got is some Michael Cera lookalike teetering dangerously close to the end of the autistic spectrum.

I have to give it up to domestic terrorism post-2010 though: at least we get personal blogs and videos from the attackers. It should be a benefit to psych profilers if nothing else.
>> No. 14394 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 9:25 am
14394 spacer
>the autistic spectrum

And not even in a good way.
>> No. 14395 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 10:08 am
14395 spacer

He seems like a number one generic imageboard shitposter. He probably spent his days spewing his drivel all over 4chan.


>> No. 24088 Fairy
21st March 2018
Wednesday 7:46 pm
/zoo/24088 spacer
It's official, it's dead.
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>> No. 24098 Fairy
21st March 2018
Wednesday 9:34 pm
24098 spacer
I assume it's for the booty.
>> No. 24099 Redneck
22nd March 2018
Thursday 4:51 am
24099 spacer
krautchan has been dead since late 2009
>> No. 24100 Fairy
22nd March 2018
Thursday 5:10 am
24100 spacer
It really hasn't - it had its own personality, like us, but with fewer rules and more Russians.

I studied it closely and spoke with Der General a few times a long time ago. I could not have run this site like he did that, but I really admire him for doing so.
>> No. 24101 Fairy
22nd March 2018
Thursday 7:05 am
24101 spacer
He keeps information close to his chest (as he always has done, he never really properly responds to anyone's questions, it's not just me), but according to the mods he kind of let go about two years ago and it's been on semi-autopilot since then.
>> No. 24102 Fairy
22nd March 2018
Thursday 10:00 am
24102 spacer
You're looking at the future of .gs, boys. One day it'll just go down and we'll all sadly go on with our lives. It's not like marple has written who he is bequeathing his silly website to in his will.


>> No. 22094 Anonymous
17th March 2018
Saturday 4:28 pm
/v/22094 Secrets of the Masons
There is another Docu about masons on BBC2 Scotland about the Grand Lodge of Scotland on Monday at 9 o'clock called "Secrets of the Masons", which looks like it could be quite interesting. Many English masons complained about their docu, but from what I gather from speaking to my brethern who've seen the video already, this one is quite good.

Worth a watch, if you're interested in The IlluminatiMasonry and... I'll even answer any questions you lads have short of wilfully perjuring myself. Why not, could be a good thread.
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>> No. 22220 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 5:05 am
22220 spacer

Also it's probably common knowledge but I didn't know the GTR's display will show you your fucking G-force when you turn. What more could you possibly want?
>> No. 22221 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 5:06 am
22221 spacer
Funny you should mention the Gallardo. I don't have anything like the cash to buy one of these, or much else on there, but have spent more time than I should on this site recently.
>> No. 22222 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 5:08 am
22222 spacer
And "Launch Mode" - I want that.
>> No. 22223 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 5:18 am
22223 spacer

There's something I really love about the idea of having an ex racer as well. I've always liked Caterhams and Atoms and such - though at that point I might as well just get a bike. I think part of my retirement will involve a camper van and a track car on a trailer. When I had an RX8 I met a load of mad old bastards who were doing exactly that.

>"Launch Mode" - I want that.

Oh fuck yes. I had forgotten about that. I'd definitely get into trouble in one of those things.

That site is dangerous, mind, what are you doing to me?! I can't think of a worse financial investment than a race car but that Lotus...
>> No. 22225 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 9:52 am
22225 spacer
If only hairdressing paid better.


>> No. 416275 Anonymous
19th March 2018
Monday 1:59 am
/b/416275 I love you two
/iq/ is the most intelligent board again and we're ruining /x/ and /emo/ threads with off-topic but very interesting conversations.

Thank fuck the tedious politicos and trolls in /pol/ have fucked off.

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>> No. 416394 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 3:20 am
416394 spacer

That's very common. Once the food slips, everything does. As soon as complaints start to feel consistent, it will stick, and even the part-time student servers notice it. Waiters are a whole other world to me, but they often get paid more than management (tips really do add up) so it's very much their market. They're very much like rats, they can sense a sinking ship. And thus you end up only left with the shite ones.

>How have I never been to/seen one of these Cote places you're all talking about.

Not to make you feel even worse but there's about 70 of them now. I'm not sure how you've not noticed one.
>> No. 416395 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 3:23 am
416395 spacer


Mind you, they're pretty uninspiring.
>> No. 416396 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 3:32 am
416396 spacer
I just know they're not going to have anything for me. Fucking French are the worst, spent two seasons there.

>non compagnon, végétalien
>> No. 416397 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 4:00 am
416397 spacer

I like a bit of french myself but you're not wrong. Mushroom Brioche is the only authentic thing I can think of off the top of my head. Or a tarte flambee I suppose. Even the onion soup has beef in it.

I managed to squeeze a tagine on a menu on the basis that Morocco was 'basically France'. Pretty good if I do say so myself, though I don't suppose anyone was happy I spent 10 grand on those little pots.
>> No. 416398 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 9:20 am
416398 spacer



>> No. 40341 Anonymous
26th November 2016
Saturday 9:10 pm
/x/40341 British Girls
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>> No. 40625 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 3:53 am
40625 spacer

They really shouldn't let women travel in groups like that. It all goes to shit when they pool their resources.

Have you ever been accosted by a hen party? They're all monsters.
>> No. 40627 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 4:57 am
40627 spacer

>a hen party

My gym, which is fucking posh, and I only go there for a daily steam/sauna, hardly ever go near the gym machines right - its been reviewed as one of the best day spas in the UK, so they all troop in on a Saturday/Sunday in a gaggle, making far too much noise, inappropriate swimwear, taking selfies, leaving the door open in the steam room and then FUCKING TALKING LIKE STFU.

Don't get me started. MONSTERS.

Like this, but in the Deep South and posher.
>> No. 40628 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 5:22 am
40628 spacer

I feel your pain. I can imagine it now. "EEEE SANDRA THEY'VE GOT A JACUZZI!"

I don't really 'get' going to a fancy gym or indeed a sauna. Maybe I am not old enough yet to enjoy that sort of thing, I still go to the gym to lift weights and that. My gym is in a unit under a railway bridge ffs.
>> No. 40629 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 5:28 am
40629 spacer
>a unit under a railway bridge

Soft southern ponce reporting in. At least 30 minutes in the steam room every day. Cucumber over eyes optional. Don't speak, this is me time.

I am fucking ugly but at least have nice (clean) skin.
>> No. 40630 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 7:02 am
40630 spacer

>At least 30 minutes in the steam room every day. Cucumber over eyes optional. Don't speak, this is me time.

I can see the value of that, to be fair. I used to drive out to the middle of nowhere for similar purposes. Took longer than half an hour.

I've recently started meditating, or more accurately learning to meditate. It's bloody lovely. Even if it's just a way to be quiet for 20 minutes.


>> No. 26383 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 6:19 am
/g/26383 Shoreham Air Disaster - embracing failure and the AAIB
I'm a huge believer in embracing failure in technology - create a psychologically safe space where people can talk about what went wrong without fear or favour. No blame. The Air Accident Investigation Board (AAIB) is the absolute best in any business at this.

Not much will be written about this as it is now a court case and the pilot is being charged with manslaughter - but everything is in that report. Amazing work.

Every geek can learn from this.


>> No. 12431 Anonymous
20th March 2018
Tuesday 10:56 am
/nom/12431 spacer
What are the most bitter, widely available nonalcoholic drinks you can think of?

I love bitter flavours and want something I can sip throughout the day with an almost medicinal taste.

At the moment I drink black coffee and grapefruit juice quite regularly, but would like more choice.
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>> No. 12458 Anonymous
21st March 2018
Wednesday 9:46 pm
12458 spacer
How about some Marmite tea.
>> No. 12459 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 1:34 am
12459 spacer

I used to like old-school Bovril though, the few times we ever had it. My nan convinced me one day that an Oxo cube was just as good.
>> No. 12460 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 2:19 am
12460 spacer

My grandad maintains that the RAF ran on Bovril back in the war. He still gets hold of the cubes from somewhere.

I recently discovered that Bovril has been vegetarian for nearly 15 years. Can't say I ever noticed.
>> No. 12461 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 2:37 am
12461 spacer
> My grandad maintains that the RAF ran on Bovril back in the war.

Bovril was just Officer code for methamphetamine hydrochloride.
>> No. 12462 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 3:35 am
12462 spacer
>Bovril has been vegetarian for nearly 15 year

Also, Bisto. Changed our lives.


>> No. 416104 Anonymous
12th March 2018
Monday 5:00 pm
/b/416104 spacer
I have found something I disagree with on the internet! *revilement*
This is inadequate.

This is from Uni of California.

I propose a superior list from my own mind:

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 416327 Anonymous
19th March 2018
Monday 3:18 pm
416327 spacer

>I just thought I would end up killing myself coming to a boring, grey, normal office everyday.

This was exactly my thinking. They were a bit perplexed when I said I'd rather have an office tucked away in the factory bit than the EVERYTHING IS A GLASS BOX bit.
>> No. 416339 Anonymous
20th March 2018
Tuesday 8:16 pm
416339 spacer
>>416261 OP Here, yeah it's fair enough, i'd be similarly curious. I just don't want the victim in the event of reading this to feel gossiped about - details spread over the internet; although they are somewhat spread locally already. Also please forgive the clinical tone and so forth. This is what background chatter sound like in Whatton prison, FYI! .

I am not claiming to blame the victim at all, i am merely saying that actually doing sex offences fucks up your mind somewhat and so ex-sex-offenders are victims in the sense of someone damaged by the event - this is never emphasized in the mainstream media. Fleeting thoughts or neuroses such as "urgh CP!(?) I wonder what the fuss is about" -> "I feel bad for these thoughts/images" -> I should "admit" that by physically touching a child to "le petite mort": to kill these thoughts .
>> No. 416361 Anonymous
21st March 2018
Wednesday 8:52 pm
416361 spacer
>"urgh CP!(?) I wonder what the fuss is about"

Most people don't think this though, I mean, what were you expecting to find? And the second step, you felt bad for (having) these thoughts and images, but how do you use that feeling to jump to the third, of actually doing it? Those are a series of quite startling mental/moral leaps.

A large part of me doesn't even want to hear your answers, but I appreciate your candour.
>> No. 416384 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 2:00 am
416384 spacer
This thread is starting to make me feel a bit ill. Can I open a vote of no confidence in it being of any more productive use, please?
>> No. 416385 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 2:03 am
416385 spacer
Me too. It's okay I have been watching it closely. He's served his time and I want to believe in rehabilitation, but.

Also, he'll never, ever get a job without changing his name. That's the real punishment here.


>> No. 34999 Anonymous
4th February 2015
Wednesday 2:04 am
/x/34999 spacer
Nostalgia thread.
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>> No. 40588 Anonymous
14th March 2018
Wednesday 7:23 am
40588 Michaela
The reason my weekends were longer than most...
>> No. 40589 Anonymous
14th March 2018
Wednesday 9:02 pm
40589 spacer


>> No. 40621 Anonymous
20th March 2018
Tuesday 11:47 pm
40621 spacer

worst witch.jpg

>> No. 40622 Anonymous
21st March 2018
Wednesday 5:15 am
40622 spacer
Never fancied her.
>> No. 40623 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 1:53 am
40623 spacer


Shut up.


>> No. 416369 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 1:21 am
/b/416369 black hanekawa sex
I want to have sex with black hanekawa.
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>> No. 416372 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 1:32 am
416372 spacer
It's just fucking rubbish though - I don't get anime, least of all the sexual stuff. You're wanking to a cartoon.
>> No. 416373 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 1:32 am
416373 spacer
For fuck sake, post it on the porn board you berk. KC refugees are getting exactly two days to pull their shit together.
>> No. 416374 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 1:35 am
416374 spacer
Well moderated ladm8.
>> No. 416375 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 1:36 am
416375 spacer

I want to inside her
>> No. 416376 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 1:38 am
416376 spacer
First you need to learn to post on the right board. You're welcome here but this isn't fucking krautchan. We moderate much harder than you're expecting.


>> No. 26357 Anonymous
20th March 2018
Tuesday 9:09 pm
/g/26357 Dodgy batteries
Hello brain trust.

What are our thoughts on third party laptop batteries?

I very much love my X220 and don't want to let it go, but both of the official batteries I have are about a third of the capacity they're supposed to be now.

There are still official Lenovo batteries on the market (for 80 quid) but I would assume these things have been sitting on shelves for long enough that they're probably half dead anyway.

Are Chinese knock-offs really that bad? I'd have thought we were at a stage in battery technology where they're probably as good as the ones made in the 'official' Taiwanese factory anyway. But at the same time I'm very aware that the potential for disaster is fairly high in a Li-ion pack.

Another possible move is that these battery packs are just a big plastic case full of 18650 cells. It's within my capabilities to spudge one open and replace the old cells with new 'trusted' ones, but it's a lot of hassle if the chinese ones aren't going to set fire to my cock.

Any thoughts? Do you trust the Chinese?
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>> No. 26376 Anonymous
21st March 2018
Wednesday 6:06 pm
26376 spacer
Found this today, it may be relevant to your interests.
>> No. 26377 Anonymous
21st March 2018
Wednesday 8:19 pm
26377 spacer

That's fucking fantastic. I wonder if that'd be feasible in not-so-sunny england. I've seen the council put solar on their roofs now, but I can't imagine there's much throughput.

My grandparents house has a fairly feisty river flowing past it, I've always wondered if we could hydroelectric it. My granddad would love this too, I'll have to show him.
>> No. 26378 Anonymous
21st March 2018
Wednesday 8:23 pm
26378 spacer
>fairly feisty river flowing past it, I've always wondered if we could hydroelectric it

Oh man, I have always always wanted to do that. I don't know why we aren't doing a load more tidal and hydro in the UK, we're surrounded by water. Seems obvious, though I understand the engineering challenges.

A modern day watermill, oh god the fantasies I have about that.
>> No. 26379 Anonymous
21st March 2018
Wednesday 8:34 pm
26379 spacer

>A modern day watermill

That's exactly what I was thinking. I think it's plausible with that sort of power storage, too.

I worked for a restaurant once that was talking about piping steam and heat from the kitchen to partially power the place somehow. I do hope they did it, though it sounded a bit like a pipe dream (no pun intended) at the time.
>> No. 26380 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 1:33 am
26380 spacer

> Perhaps the charge lost on a stored battery is still better than the charge that will be rapidly lost in the first few months of a shite chinese clone, but I can't find anything other than opinion on this.

My personal experience is that my own rebuilt pack with good Panasonic 18650s performed and lasted better than an old-stock original pack, which in turn performed better than all of the several cheap ones I bought in the Huaqiangbei market. In fact the only thing the latter were good for were stripping down to reuse with better cells.


>> No. 83991 Anonymous
21st March 2018
Wednesday 4:03 am
/pol/83991 Fall Guy
Clearly a slippery character and the whole thing doesn't seem good for him personally. Lying to parliament/congress is never a good look.

What happens next with Cambridge Analytica? Will this have any impact at all on the 2020 election? What happens when it all comes out about them and Brexit?

Personally I am not sure much will change, but it has been a political soap opera of a day...
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>> No. 84009 Anonymous
21st March 2018
Wednesday 10:36 pm
84009 spacer
Mark Zuckerberg announced in September 2017 his plan to sell 35 to 75 million Facebook shares over the course of 18 months to his venture philanthropy foundation, which certainly isn't a tax dodge in more than one way, and these are being sold under SEC Rule 10b5-1 which means that a predetermined number of shares are sold at a predetermined time, often regular intervals, to try to avoid insider trading.

Zuckerberg has actually been selling large quantities of shares on a regular basis since at least August 2016 - - so what's happened is that someone has taken a snapshot out of context to try and shit stir, safe in the knowledge that most people either won't understand what they're looking at so will jump to conclusions or they won't try to look at it objectively because it fits in with their pre-existing biases.
>> No. 84010 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 1:12 am
84010 spacer
>pre-existing biases

Harsh but fair.
>> No. 84011 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 1:19 am
84011 spacer
I don't know if I'm just misreading it, but I can't get those numbers to add up. How does someone with 9,342,383 shares sell 465,400 shares and end up with 9,131,983 shares? I know Trump's still in the White House but I don't think his reality distortion powers extend to making maths work differently so I suspect I'm missing something here.
>> No. 84012 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 1:28 am
84012 spacer
Some of them are option exercises.
>> No. 84013 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 1:29 am
84013 spacer


This is fascinating. Shit's going down.


>> No. 25832 Anonymous
24th September 2017
Sunday 10:16 pm
/101/25832 BRITFA.GS /101/ MARK VII
The old thread is well over 30MB, so I think we're due a new one.

Some cunt threw a firecracker in front of my bike today. If I hadn't seen the little scrote and his little scrote mates running I wouldn't have noticed until it was too late.
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>> No. 26551 Anonymous
21st March 2018
Wednesday 8:16 pm
26551 spacer
I feel like there should be a name for the disappointment you feel at finding an over-stewed cup of tea that you began to make an hour ago but got distracted by something on the internet half-way through.

Always feel a bit gutted and disgusted about having to pour it away.
>> No. 26552 Anonymous
21st March 2018
Wednesday 8:30 pm
26552 spacer

Is "teagret" too on the nose?
>> No. 26554 Anonymous
21st March 2018
Wednesday 9:02 pm
26554 spacer
May I suggest Teadade.

A deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic remorse for an undrunk cup of tea.
>> No. 26555 Anonymous
21st March 2018
Wednesday 11:22 pm
26555 spacer
How are you pronouncing that?
>> No. 26556 Anonymous
21st March 2018
Wednesday 11:46 pm
26556 spacer
Tea-da-day, I think.


>> No. 9430 Anonymous
26th January 2016
Tuesday 10:09 pm
/news/9430 spacer
Huddersfield charity shop finally says goodbye to a shutter which lasted 26 years

That's it. That's literally it. A charity shop has replaced one of its roller shutters after having the same one for 26 years. It's all go in Huddersfield.

I challenge you lads to find a more pointless news story than this.
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>> No. 14351 Anonymous
7th March 2018
Wednesday 8:43 pm
14351 spacer
Prosecutors have dropped their case against a suspected drug dealer who refused to use the toilet after allegedly swallowing substances.

Lamarr Chambers, 24, of Villa Road in Brixton, had been arrested during a police chase in Essex, on 17 January.

Essex Police said it had released him following 47 days in custody after getting medical and legal advice. The Crown Prosecution Service said it discontinued drug charges against him because of "insufficient evidence".

It is understood it is the longest anyone has gone without going to the toilet while in custody.

At least 47 days without having a shit. I don't think I could last 47 hours.
>> No. 14380 Anonymous
21st March 2018
Wednesday 6:57 am
14380 spacer
>Man dies after trapping head in cinema seat

>A man whose head became wedged under the electrically powered footrest of a cinema seat has died.

>Vue International said in a statement that the man had died on March 16, a week after the incident at the cinema in the Star City leisure complex in northeast Birmingham. An investigation is continuing.

>Sources quoted in the Birmingham Mail said that the “freak” accident had happened when the man bent down at the end of a film to retrieve a mobile phone that had dropped between two reclining seats in its premium seating area. “As he stuck his head underneath to have a look, the footrest clamped down on to his head. He was stuck and panicking,” the source said.
>> No. 14381 Anonymous
21st March 2018
Wednesday 4:11 pm
14381 spacer
Well, if you read the full article on a site without a paywall,you'd see it wasn't the seat that killed him, it was a heart attack.
>> No. 14383 Anonymous
21st March 2018
Wednesday 5:57 pm
14383 spacer
A heart attack brought on from panicking about getting his head caught in a cinema chair.
>> No. 14386 Anonymous
21st March 2018
Wednesday 6:52 pm
14386 spacer

“We suffer more often in imagination than in reality”
― Seneca


>> No. 4072 Anonymous
17th February 2018
Saturday 4:07 pm
/mph/4072 spacer
I'm a learner motorcyclist with a displayed L plate and sticker. I just went for a short spin to post a letter, and even on a round trip lasting less than 10 minutes I got a bit of negative attention.

I admit that I'm generally touching only around 20mph around residential roads and I'm slow to change gear/a bit jerky with the clutch, as I'm still getting a feel for how to ride, but the hostility still surprised me.

An example, a young guy in a BMW was pulling out of a driveway and his car was hanging out halfway in the road. I'm about a hundred yards away, so I pull in the clutch, change down and slow down to let him out. He pulls out all the way but is shaking his head at me as he does so.

Though moments later I did get a thank you wave for letting a car pass the opposite way down a narrow street.

I don't get it. Is this sort of hostility standard on the roads? Maybe towards learners or bikes? Did I miss something, or is it always just chance whether you encounter bad attitudes?
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>> No. 4099 Anonymous
17th March 2018
Saturday 11:38 pm
4099 spacer
Have laughed at this post more than I should.
>> No. 4100 Anonymous
18th March 2018
Sunday 1:17 am
4100 spacer
>>4099 is my only audience at the moment so I'm happy to hear that. I'm also ashamed for you.
>> No. 4101 Anonymous
19th March 2018
Monday 5:41 pm
4101 spacer
>> No. 4102 Anonymous
19th March 2018
Monday 8:03 pm
4102 spacer

I'm ashamed to say this guy actually handled it a lot more calmly than I did. Then again, he managed to catch up with the person who did it and have a talk, while I was sort of just yelling like a mad cunt as they ran off.
>> No. 4103 Anonymous
21st March 2018
Wednesday 9:36 am
4103 spacer
Should have chased them down, tied a rope around their necks and dragged them through the town at 40 miles an hour.
It's tough but the only way they'll learn.


>> No. 25991 Anonymous
2nd January 2018
Tuesday 12:12 am
/emo/25991 spacer
To cut a long story short, there's this girl I've been seeing for 8 months or so now. Far from my first rodeo, but my longest one to date. It's been really great so far for the most part - I always enjoy seeing her, and she always seems happy to see me.

The problem is that, whereas being with other girls always increased my confidence and general happiness, somehow being with her has just led to me becoming more insecure and filled with worries. She's by far the most attractive girl I've ever dated and I just never feel good enough for her.

Rather than getting better it seems to have gotten worse recently. I use any small thing to convince myself she's going to leave me, like most women do once they get to know me. I'm genuinely amazed she ever dated me in the first place. I want to get her out of my head so it will hurt me less, but I can't find anything to replace her.

Reading this back makes me sound a bit mad, but it's an honest account of the loops my mind goes in when not fulfilled by some distraction. Have many of you here felt similar before - is it just one of those things that sorts itself out? I'm not sure how much I should talk to her about it, in my head she'll just think I'm somewhere between overly clingy and mad if I tell the truth.
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>> No. 26351 Anonymous
20th March 2018
Tuesday 4:23 pm
26351 spacer
>he'd made it into a big fancy gesture and all that, middle of a restaurant

Absolutely even more likely to say no, if I was the bird. I think the big public proposal is an awful thing to do to someone, for just the reasons you suggest - you are putting an enormous amount of pressure on someone, in public, to agree to do something really important; I think girls hate it too. I think I would question why that person wanted to do it in public like that.

You're right, it wouldn't be easy.
>> No. 26352 Anonymous
20th March 2018
Tuesday 4:43 pm
26352 spacer

I agree. I always assume people who do this sort of thing are either 100% sure she'll say yes (let's be honest, we all talk about this shit way ahead of time with our partners? right? I know exactly how my missus thinks about marriage) or are very insecure.

I won't ever get married but I definitely think there's a lack of sentimentality to a public proposal. Maybe that's just an introvert's way of seeing it, though.
>> No. 26354 Anonymous
20th March 2018
Tuesday 9:33 pm
26354 spacer

If youtube is to be believed, public marriage proposals tend to have a piss poor outcome.

My theory is that they fail because the reasoning behind them is flawed. What is your point in making such a public affair out of it? For some blokes, I am guessing it might be the idea that the lass isn't going to say no in front of a crowd of dozens or even hundreds of random spectators. In which case the question must be, why do you need her in a spot where she isn't going to say no because of public pressure? Would her answer be more iffy under different circumstances? And if yes, then that is kind of a strong indication that she will never say yes to begin with. Not in private with you, not in front of a hundred people.

I have to hand it to my dad, he was subtle and understated. One day, he was sitting in the livingroom of my parents' flat, hidden behind a newspaper, and on page one of his newspaper there was something about some random aristocratic couple that was getting married that week. So my dad just flipped down the upper corner of his newspaper with his finger and looked at my mum and said, "Hm. What do you think, should we get married as well?". My mum had been dying for him to propose, and then just out of nowhere one day came that deadpan and understated move from my dad. Now, THAT is how you propose with a good sense of humour.
>> No. 26357 Anonymous
21st March 2018
Wednesday 5:28 am
26357 spacer
>I won't ever get married

Getting married is one of the best things I ever did. It's a good thing.
>> No. 26358 Anonymous
21st March 2018
Wednesday 6:12 am
26358 spacer

I'd probably enjoy doing it, but functionally it's not necessary. Neither me or the missus likes a fuss, and we're pretty certain we're going to grow old together anyway. It seems like a very unnecessary step at this stage. And personally I've always felt it a bit odd to have to declare/promise your commitment? I was planning on that anyways.

Maybe that's a cynical way of looking at it. Did anything change between you and your bird after she became the wife? Or is it more about enjoying the festivities?


>> No. 26342 Anonymous
20th March 2018
Tuesday 10:33 am
/emo/26342 I know the answer already, but...
Flatmate not-on-contract, promised to pay a last month's rent or get someone for the room, didn't, left, blocked me on FB.

I've got no recourse right? There's messages on facebook confirming various aspects of the deal, but no contract.

He's in a band, do I just stalk all their tour dates and past photos of our facebook conversations like an asshole creep?
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>> No. 26345 Anonymous
20th March 2018
Tuesday 11:59 am
26345 spacer
Honestly? Move on and presume he will do nothing.

Revenge is a dish best eaten cold. Karma always gets them.
>> No. 26347 Anonymous
20th March 2018
Tuesday 12:07 pm
26347 spacer
This. Get the sheriffs on him/her/pop-up toaster.
>> No. 26353 Anonymous
20th March 2018
Tuesday 9:19 pm
26353 spacer

200, it was meant to be 200 plus bills but we never agreed bill amount so I can't do much about that.


I'd like to but I'm livid and I'm happy to dedicate a bit of time towards getting it. Not gonna kill myself for it but I can't just not pursue it.


I'm happy to hear this, do you have any source behind it though?
>> No. 26355 Anonymous
21st March 2018
Wednesday 1:17 am
26355 spacer
>I'm happy to hear this, do you have any source behind it though?

My source is having a degree in law. You are more than welcome to read the wiki article on UK contract law which will tell the same thing.
>> No. 26356 Anonymous
21st March 2018
Wednesday 5:19 am
26356 spacer
These things are upsetting, and I am sure it is a lot of money to you, but honestly? For 200 quid? Let it go.

A contract is offer and acceptance and that can take place in many forms, verbally, by email, by fucking Facebook message if you really want and legal-lad is right in >>26344 but there is also a point where the amount of time and effort it would take to recover the debt far outweighs the benefit. Most lawyers won't tell you this because they're on the clock and are super cautious and precise. But let it fucking go.


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