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>> No. 28996 Anonymous
27th November 2020
Friday 3:49 pm
/news/28996 spacer
Fewer people believe the BBC to be an impartial broadcaster than ever before, with the corporation’s news output falling below Sky, ITV/STV, Channel 5, and Channel 4 in the latest Ofcom report.

According to Ofcom’s BBC Performance Tracker, only 54% of UK adults agree that the BBC provides news that is impartial. However, separate research comparing the BBC to other UK broadcasters found that 58% of people thought the corporation was impartial. This is compared to Sky’s 69%, Channel 4’s 66%, ITV/STV’s 63%, and Channel 5’s 61%.

Perception of the trustworthiness of the BBC’s news output also varied across the socio-economic spectrum. The Ofcom report found that 60% of people in the higher AB socio-economic group thought the corporation was impartial, compared to just 49% in the lower CD group.

Younger audiences are treating BBC services such as iPlayer as an afterthought, according to a warning from Ofcom, as the media regulator revealed that people aged 16-34 spend less than an hour a day consuming BBC content.

This age group has reduced its use of the BBC by 22% in three years, according to Ofcom’s annual appraisal of the corporation’s performance. People in the age bracket are drifting away from traditional broadcast channels such as BBC One and instinctively heading towards YouTube, Netflix and Spotify, rather than the corporation’s online services. As a result younger audiences tend to only use iPlayer “when they know what they want to watch, rather than as a destination to browse for new content”.

The loyalty of older and wealthier BBC viewers is draining away as the corporation desperately tries to attract younger audiences, a report from the media regulator has revealed. Ofcom also said yesterday that the corporation was out of touch with large swathes of licence fee payers around the UK, as its audience continues to fall.
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>> No. 38511 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 5:18 pm
38511 spacer
>The BBC has announced that it plans to stop airing CBBC and BBC Four as traditional broadcast channels.

>Director-general Tim Davie announced the content of these networks will continue to be produced and made available for online platforms. This means they would only be available on BBC iPlayer, with Radio 4 Extra moving to BBC Sounds, rather than via their traditional broadcast outlets.
>> No. 38512 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 5:47 pm
38512 spacer
Don't worry, they'll probably be back in a few years.

I've probably said here before that if they had completely free rein, the BBC's broadcast channels would only contain live and topical content. The way people consume media has changed massively this century, and the BBC would rather not have linear channels when they could just put all their content online and let people have at it. As >>36671 points out, they had to fight just to get the four-week catch-up they started out with, let alone being able to retain an entire series as it aired.
>> No. 38513 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 6:30 pm
38513 spacer
I can't believe one of my favourite TV channels is being taken off air, despite being home to some of the cleverest and most intellectually stimulating content in all of broadcast media. And they're also getting rid of BBC Four.
>> No. 38514 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 11:59 pm
38514 spacer
If BBC Four isn't a proper channel anymore, staying hotels will be much more dull. You'll have to watch the typical shite like Gogglebox, instead of a documentary about the history of vaginas in classical art you'd otherwise never have bothered with.
>> No. 38516 Anonymous
27th May 2022
Friday 3:16 am
38516 spacer
I wanted BBC 3 back for years so I'm very sorry. If I knew Meet the Khans, a show in which a barely literate man hurtles towards dementia like a spacecraft on reentry as his wife accepts self-respect really does have a price tag, would cost us the entirety of BBC 4, I would have reconsidered my position.


>> No. 95927 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 11:27 pm
/pol/95927 spacer

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>> No. 95928 Anonymous
27th May 2022
Friday 1:27 am
95928 spacer
Can't decide whether I should spend me £650 on a new guitar or a gender bending prostitute.


>> No. 70947 YubYub
18th May 2022
Wednesday 2:36 pm
/iq/70947 Silly internet things
I think we've brought it up before that normal human relationships these days require a low-level flow of silly internet images. I don't know why it's like this but otherwise you might be viewed as antisocial. Can you two post some images and maybe videos so I can have an archive for when I know I need to contact someone to make them believe I'm a normal human being but don't have anything to say (because I'm a cunt)?
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>> No. 70994 Paedofag
26th May 2022
Thursday 9:52 pm
70994 spacer
I was buying some Puma trainers a couple of weeks ago and looking into the story behind their "Rudolph Kessler tribute" shoes was very interesting.
>> No. 70995 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 11:51 pm
70995 spacer
It's also seemingly vitally important to regularly announce that you have lots of unread books, but will - gasp! - buy more books anyway. Yes, that's the whole joke, every time.
>> No. 70996 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 11:56 pm
70996 spacer
I have lots of unread books and have stopped buying books. I hope you enjoyed my fresh twist on the formula.
>> No. 70997 Are Moaty
27th May 2022
Friday 12:12 am
70997 spacer
I for one, do not own a Kindle.
>> No. 70998 Paedofag
27th May 2022
Friday 12:49 am
70998 spacer
I've owned 2 or 3 kindles, but sold them every time because I never use them and can't abide all the Amazon advertising that they forcefeed you.

I treat myself to a ReMarkable tablet for taking notes at work, and find that it handles PDFs better than any Kindle, not least because it's substantially bigger. Now it has support for all the major cloud providers, so I just yank PDFs from my online storage and read from there.

That said, I am still amassing physical books even though I've got absolutely loads that I haven't read, what am I like?


cheese deflation.png
>> No. 35582 Anonymous
14th October 2021
Thursday 10:10 pm
/news/35582 spacer
>Britain's chicken king says the 20-year binge on cheap food is over

>Britain's 20-year binge on cheap food is coming to an end and food price inflation could hit double digits due to a tidal wave of soaring costs that are crashing through the supply chain, Britain’s biggest chicken producer said. As it emerges from the twin crises of Brexit and COVID, the world's fifth largest economy is facing an acute shortage of truckers, butchers and warehouse workers that has exacerbated global supply chain strains.

>"The days when you could feed a family of four with a 3 pound chicken are coming to an end," Ranjit Singh Boparan, owner of the 2 Sisters Group and known as the "Chicken King" said in a statement. "In relative terms, a chicken today is cheaper to buy than it was 20 years ago. How can it be right that a whole chicken costs less than a pint of beer? You’re looking at a different world from now on where the shopper pays more."

>Boparan, who produces around a third of all poultry products consumed in the United Kingdom, said he didn't think the British government could fix all the problems or control inflation. He said the constriction of labour supply would lead to wage inflation and that he would invest in automation. "Less labour means less choice, core ranges, empty shelves and wage inflation, and this isn’t going to change," he said. "Right now I need to be honest about what this means for the consumer as inflation could reach double digits.”

>Prime Minister Boris Johnson has repeatedly said that Britain's economy must kick its addiction to cheap imported labour and that it is positive that wages will have to go up. Johnson's government has denied that Brexit is responsible for the strains on the economy, though no other European economies have faced the same scale of supply chain disruption."I feel confident that there will be good provision of goods for everybody, and we are working our way to remove blockages where we can," Johnson's finance minister, Rishi Sunak, said in Washington.

>Boparan outlined a cost tsunami: feed costs, supplements, veterinary costs and wages have risen 15-20%; an acute trucker shortage; energy and carbon dioxide costs rising more than 500% from last year; and packaging up 20% in six months. 2 Sisters, founded by Boparan in 1993, sells poultry, pizza and pies. It processes 10.4 million birds a week and owns more than 700 farms. Ronald Kers, the chief executive of 2 Sisters Food Group, advised people to shop normally for Christmas and said the company would do everything it could to ensure supplies of festive turkey. Food prices rose by 0.2% in annual terms in August, according to official consumer price data, breaking a nine-month run of declines.

I'm already noticing creeping inflation everywhere. Even my barbers have increased prices which is playing havoc with my budgets, I'm having to make minor adjustments.
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>> No. 38495 Anonymous
24th May 2022
Tuesday 10:26 pm
38495 spacer

gus fring better call saul.png
>The Chicken King
>> No. 38496 Anonymous
24th May 2022
Tuesday 11:58 pm
38496 spacer
I don't see how a windfall tax would address the deep cutting supply chain issues across the whole economy. Or that supply has recovered sufficiently from lockdown lows to make sense that there is a conspiracy at work and not instead a logistical delay exacerbated by geopolitical issues and the nature of selling to the highest bidder in a global marketplace.

It also doesn't quite explain the fertiliser and import challenges snarling the food sector. Nor does it explain how the UK government will artificially control price on a globally traded commodity. Or the inflationary pressures driven by QE and labour will decrease. In fact it doesn't say all that much at all about it, does it, greenie-beanie.
>> No. 38497 Anonymous
25th May 2022
Wednesday 12:39 am
38497 spacer

On one level I could echo your sentiments; but on another level, even though I'm doing "just fine" in relative terms to the people who are really struggling, it's hard not to be pissed off with all of this.

In absolute terms I'm earning double what I made when I was a youth starting out my first job. I've got my own home and I have a decent amount of disposable income to save up and buy expensive fancy toys, or go on holiday if I wanted to, or whatever. But if things keep up the way they are going, that won't be the case any more, and eventually I'll end up back to square one, indeed, quite possibly worse off because as least when I was 18, I was living at home and didn't have the bills to pay.

That's the part that's anxiety inducing and scary about it. I've worked my arse off the last ten years to better myself and get into a decent job with a job somewhere remotely near the median income, and it's only over the last couple of years I've actually seen my income enter the realms of "comfortable". But I'm staring at a future where all that hard work just gets wiped away by forces outside of my control.

And of course the thing is that for the people who have been stuck on the bottom rung all along, for whom things were already shite in 2008, it's only got continually worse year on year; and before long it'll be positively Dickensian. There's only so long you can handwave it away and say that it's fine, even if people are poor in Britain they're still okay in global terms, but that's just increasingly less true. There's going to be families out there subject to frankly third world conditions, the only difference is we have giant financial institutions who are happy to keep fancy gadgets in their hands for £30 a month through it all and then the upper class can just go "Well look, they have smart phones, obviously they're not that poor!"
>> No. 38499 Anonymous
25th May 2022
Wednesday 5:49 am
38499 spacer

People don't think in absolute terms, they think in relative terms. The average household is going to be at least £2,000 a year worse off, probably more. That's a total disaster if you're genuinely living hand-to-mouth, but it's still pretty unpleasant if you're basically doing OK. Think about how delighted most people would be if they won two grand on a scratchcard - it's not a life-changing sum of money, but it might pay off your credit card debt or buy a couple of holidays or a bumper Christmas for the kids. We've all won an anti-scratchcard for minus £2,000 and it's a kick in the bollocks.

I can't say I've noticed the impact and I'm sure there are others in the same boat, but at an earlier point in my life I would have been absolutely doing my nut about it; not because I would have been made destitute, but because I'd have been forced to give up a lot of ordinary comforts. £40 a week would have been the difference between feeling financially comfortable and constantly worrying about making it to payday. There's a vast psychological difference between having a little bit of spare cash and not quite having enough.

The government are going to have to reckon with the fact that most people's lives are getting noticeably worse because of the cost of living. Most people are going to experience the stress of having to cut back, having to pinch pennies, having to choose what to give up.


What the fuck are you on about mate? Of course a windfall tax on oil and gas companies won't fix a bunch of unrelated issues, but it could fund a sufficient subsidy to ensure that people don't freeze to death this winter.
>> No. 38515 Anonymous
27th May 2022
Friday 12:11 am
38515 spacer
>The end of fish and chips? Rising prices threaten a British tradition

>Fish and chips in hand, Prime Minister Boris Johnson once promised to "build back batter" from the pandemic. Now though, rising prices are veering Britain's economy further off course. A third of fish and chip shops are at risk of going bust this year due to a "perfect storm" of price pressures, according to insolvency firm Company Debt. In just a year, prices for Britain's favourite fish - cod and haddock - are up 75%, sunflower oil is up 60%, and flour is up 40%, Company Debt said. Inflation reached a 40-year peak of 9% in April, the highest in the G7, and is projected to rise further. British consumers are more pessimistic than peers in Europe, leading to criticism of both government and Bank of England efforts to keep a lid on the cost of living. Cod and chips in Singh's shop now costs 9.50 pounds, compared to 7.95 pounds a year ago. And Singh said if he passed on all the higher costs, the price would be closer to 11 pounds.

>Battered fish and fried chips, have fuelled Britons since the combination was invented 160 years ago. The meal is such a staple that unlike other food in Britain, it was not rationed during the world wars. Chippies, with their distinctive smell of oil and vinegar, remain a presence in most towns. Some of the recent difficulties for fish and chip shops began after Brexit, distant-waters trawler company UK Fisheries said, estimating that the amount of Arctic cod Britain is allowed to catch in 2022 reduced to around 40% of what it was before leaving the European Union. Russia's invasion of Ukraine has driven up fuel and electricity prices, further increasing the cost of catching, and frying, fish. The war has sent cooking oil, fertiliser and flour prices higher too.

>Cod and haddock are sourced in the Barents Sea, north of Norway and Russia, and the war has heightened uncertainty over those supplies. In March, the British government listed Russian white fish as among goods to be hit with a 35% tariff as part of sanctions in response to the invasion of Ukraine. It has paused the move, for now, while the impact is investigated. Sunflower oil is the principle agricultural commodity the UK imports from Ukraine and the government says it is working to substitute it with other vegetable oils: for instance, receiving extra rapeseed shipments from Australia after a strong harvest there.

It's strange that for an island nation I don't think we really eat fish anymore. All you'd really need to do is take tuna away and we'd be living off sushi and squid rings.


>> No. 42587 Anonymous
5th February 2022
Saturday 12:33 am
/x/42587 chubby / bbw / ssbbw
The hide button is that way ->
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>> No. 43034 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 12:53 am
43034 spacer

Sauce please?
>> No. 43035 Anonymous
22nd May 2022
Sunday 12:37 pm
43035 spacer

Found under the unapealing title of "TianasTummy".
>> No. 43036 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 1:15 pm
43036 spacer


>> No. 43037 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 4:55 pm
43037 spacer
lads im gutted, my fat girlfriend has been diagnosed with something called pcos, she has to take some anti-diabetes pill, apparently the weight should fall off her.
>> No. 43038 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 8:22 pm
43038 spacer

You know what to do...


>> No. 450389 Anonymous
4th April 2022
Monday 8:11 am
/b/450389 spacer
New weekday thread: Zool edition.
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>> No. 451718 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 11:07 am
451718 spacer

No - Trick question, she only has one leg.
>> No. 451719 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 11:13 am
451719 spacer
It only appears that way because of her mass.
>> No. 451720 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 11:48 am
451720 spacer

I think I am in love with this woman, and the kit she has on.
>> No. 451721 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 3:04 pm
451721 spacer
Day 2 of Sertraline. Christ I'm fucking shattered.
>> No. 451722 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 3:51 pm
451722 spacer
You've reminded me that I've been off my meds for almost three weeks, and I really need to get back on them. The next few days are going to be ... interesting.


>> No. 1795 Anonymous
27th May 2011
Friday 6:32 pm
/job/1795 spacer
ITT: Workplace annoyances.

I'll get the ball rolling - having to bring in pastries on your birthday. I know it's cheaper if people bring their own in on their birthday instead of chipping in every time someone in the office has a birthday, but it's still fucking annoying having to fork out on your birthday.
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>> No. 14417 Anonymous
24th May 2022
Tuesday 11:25 pm
14417 spacer
Does anyone else have a co-worker that seemingly everyone agrees is good at their job, or perhaps an expert at some particular niche within the job, but you have only ever experienced them being a completely thick cunt, and suspect they have their reputation as "the expert on x" simply because nobody else can be fucked to learn about x?

I feel like I'm losing my mind.
>> No. 14418 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 3:06 pm
14418 spacer
>>13558>>13560 here again.

He called me on Teams today and I got his thoughts on the invasion of Ukraine. I didn't entirely pay attention to what he was saying, but he started off on about how Ukraine shouldn't have got rid of their nukes when the Cold War ended and then tried to join NATO; they should be like Turkey and play both sides against each other so they always come out on top. Something about the Monroe Doctorine and the Minsk agreement. It's not actually Russians they're fighting in Dnipro but other Ukrainians, imagine if Scotland voted to leave the United Kingdom and we sent the army in on them, but Ukraine never made any real effort to integrate the East of the country with the West because they weren't pushed to learn Ukrainian in schools they they're largely Russians anyway. Putin's always set out what his red lines were. We've only sanctioned ourselves and made us poorer. Something about the US are playing a blinder because they're taking over oil and will be pumping it out like the 50s again.

Anyway, he's going to send me some YouTube videos of someone who outlined exactly what was going to happen. Apparently he's almost as good as Are Nige.
>> No. 14419 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 3:08 pm
14419 spacer
Oh, and don't listen to any teachers moaning about the cost of living because their job is recession-proof. There's not suddenly going to be a shortage of kids.
>> No. 14420 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 3:10 pm
14420 spacer

>play both sides against each other so they always come out on top

Isn't that an Always Sunny reference?
>> No. 14421 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 3:17 pm
14421 spacer
Yeah, that was me summarising what he'd said about it. His explanation was more long-winded and had more emphasis on Ukraine being fools.


>> No. 8117 Anonymous
6th January 2021
Wednesday 8:22 am
/£$€¥/8117 spacer
Several lads here seem to have a grasp of investments and so on. Do any of you have a regular income outside "earner income"? What kind of category does it fall into, and how did you come into it?

I had a nice image, but brian isn't playing ball today. It's a list of different (very broad) types of income:
1 Earner income : work a job
2 Profit income : buy and sell
3 Interest income: lending money
4 Dividend income: owning stock
5 Rental income: renting out property
6 Capital gains : assets increase in value
7 Royalties: others use your work
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>> No. 9435 Anonymous
25th May 2022
Wednesday 10:21 am
9435 spacer
>Subject to family bickering.

Instruct a solictor. Do not discuss the inheritance with any other potential claimant AT ALL except through written letters that have been sent by your solicitor.
>> No. 9436 Anonymous
25th May 2022
Wednesday 10:44 am
9436 spacer

It's in a trust, not subject to normal inheritance laws.
>> No. 9437 Anonymous
25th May 2022
Wednesday 11:12 am
9437 spacer
Do you know what the trust is holding it in? Investment bonds are most commonly used for trusts because they're non-income producing assets while held, but there's potential income tax charges on the gains.
>> No. 9438 Anonymous
25th May 2022
Wednesday 3:51 pm
9438 spacer

Forgive me, I'm not clear whether the "bickering family" are trustees or beneficiaries.

In either case the advice to get a solicitor stands.

Whoever you are, whatever you are, never discuss inheritance with family, especially before it's all been definitively settled. Trust or no trust there will still be an automatic right for certain claimants to sue and then a further right for them to appeal and suddenly bankrupt you even if you win at first. I have seen people far wealthier than anyone likely to post here gleefully destroy their relationships with their nearest and dearest for a lot less than 200 grand.
>> No. 9439 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 2:31 pm
9439 spacer

How do I get a solicitor if I don't have any capital to speak of at the moment? Where do I look for one?


>> No. 4741 Anonymous
25th May 2022
Wednesday 2:34 pm
/mph/4741 spacer
It seems that "luxury" cars are now quite common. Lots of young guys own Mercs and BMWs, anyone with a pulse seems able to buy a Chelsea tractor for the school run. So what actually stands out as a sign of wealth or quality in terms of cars nowadays? Is it all just about the age of the model? Something more unusual like Teslas or other electric vehicles? Carbon fibre road bicycles?
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>> No. 4758 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 8:34 am
4758 spacer
Bugger me, that playlist is giving me whiplash. Also I might die if it lands on a Travis, Blur and Blink 182 in a row.
>> No. 4759 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 8:39 am
4759 spacer

Reading the "Fairytale" it sounds like the owners are a bit soft in the head but that makes sense to me as why someone would run such a place, in Hull, for decades.
>> No. 4760 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 11:07 am
4760 spacer
I think that page was written in the mid-noughties, when everything was a bit more lolrandum.
>> No. 4761 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 12:29 pm
4761 spacer

A date on the music.html page suggests it was last updated in 2001.
>> No. 4762 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 2:26 pm
4762 spacer

The site supports HTTPS, so someone is actively maintaining it.


gary larson predicts wuhan.png
>> No. 33825 Anonymous
30th May 2021
Sunday 1:47 pm
/news/33825 Coronavirus #4
Thread #2 was over 1,700 posts long; thread #3 (>>27266) is now close to 2,800 replies and no longer loads on my phone at work. Let's have a new, hopefully final thread.

The current situation:
Everything is expected to reopen on the 21st of June 2021.
It might not, because cases are rising from the lesser reopenings and the dreaded Indian variant.
Vaccination is going well in rich countries. UK deaths are ~10/day.
Speculation is starting again that the virus might have escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, because it's such an intriguing coincidence, but reasonable people do not currently believe it was a deliberate Chinese conspiracy.
India is currently the country with the worst COVID-19 horror stories.

Will Dominic Cummings give any more evidence about the ineptitude of government handling, or has he said everything he wanted to say now?
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>> No. 38506 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 1:55 pm
38506 spacer

Quite frankly I think you're seeing a bit of what you want to see. I'm fairly sure most people are angry about both of those things, but the hypocrisy just adds insult to injury.

Besides that there's the fact that what he did with the parties is bang to rights breaking the law; whereas while it's absolutely criminal that our government cocked up the response how they did, I don't think there's much realistic prospect we'll see them held to account for it.
>> No. 38507 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 2:03 pm
38507 spacer

I know what you mean and I think you're right, but I reckon a lot of people (still, somehow) find it more difficult to parse how Covid works and why a lacklustre, or complete lack of response in the early months did so much damage. Even people who understand this still would have difficulty quantifying how many lives a competent response would have saved. And on top of that, every country suffered pretty badly in this crisis, there's only a few standouts that did everything mostly right, and they weren't particularly highlighted in the press because a load of local dead people sell a lot more papers than New Zealand having quite an alright time all the way across the other side of the planet.

But it's very, very easy to get your head around "this person did something while I wasn't allowed to" because it's something we experience daily. I can't picture or even really fathom a hundred thousand dead bodies, despite intellectually knowing the weight of that, but I can absolutely feel a personal injustice done to me by an individual, because that's the sort of thing that protects us daily.

I don't know if I've particularly articulated my point here very well, I think it's more than personal entitlement, it's a lack of seeing the bigger picture.
>> No. 38508 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 2:09 pm
38508 spacer

Plus, even though yes, it's almost certainly the governments poor response that lead to Sharon's mum dying alone in hospital, there's no way to be completely sure the virus wouldn't have got her anyway. There's no way to prove or disprove it on an individual level. What is very much provable though, is that Sharon's mum died alone in hospital because of a rule made by a man who refused to follow it himself. I get it. I don't particularly blame anyone for feeling this way.

Plus, as >>38506 says, I'm not sure I believe that people are only angry about the latter issue. It's just easier to get angry about.
>> No. 38509 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 2:25 pm
38509 spacer

Anyone attacking Johnson needs to tailor their attacks to the beliefs of people who still support Johnson. These people are complete fuckwits. Everyone has already made up their minds about how he handled the pandemic, but some people might be open to persuasion that the arrogant Etonian who doesn't care about anyone is in fact an arrogant Etonian who doesn't care about anyone.
>> No. 38510 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 2:26 pm
38510 spacer
I was very pro-lockdowns and very anti-hypocrisy. Also, coronavirus didn't kill any of my family, although it did almost entirely wipe out the family of one of my dearest friends. So the argument of watching your relatives die doesn't really apply to me, and nor does the argument that this bastard in Downing Street cruelly inflicted public safety measures on us like a vicious psychopath while he himself ignored the rules. He shouldn't have ignored the rules because nobody should have. But already it feel like anger about the hypocrisy is the only thing everyone agrees with me on.


>> No. 90725 Anonymous
6th October 2020
Tuesday 5:49 pm
/pol/90725 spacer
>Mr Johnson also channeled the spirit of Thatcher's 1980s revolution by pledging to save the dream of home ownership for a new generation, with the government underwriting 95 per cent mortgages for around two million first-time buyers.

>The government has yet to give details, but it seems some of the 'stress test' rules imposed on banks after the 2008 financial crisis could be relaxed to facilitate long-term fixed rate mortgages at 95 per cent of a property's value. The government could instead accept some of the risk through a guarantee scheme - although this would leave the taxpayer on the hook for potentially huge sums.

https://www.If I post a link to this website again I will be

Let's overheat the housing market further by softening the measures brought in as a result of the financial crisis. What could possibly go wrong?
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>> No. 95922 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 12:56 pm
95922 spacer
I think the threads could do with sorting out. Is there really any need for a weekend _and_ a weekday thread? It's all too messy, especially considering there's only 3 of us.
>> No. 95923 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 1:10 pm
95923 spacer
>You sound like a fucking columnist
You withdraw that. I may be a turbo virgin in need of a head examination, but let's not say things we can't take back.
But since you asked: It's an intentionally pretentious way of saying "I am bitter my preferred political changes will never happen, so I've decided to find the fun in contrarian pessimism about Labour's prospects instead.", or something along those lines. You're not supposed to do the same - you're supposed to think that's tedious and stupid. Then come the next election, we'll see if it was a good way of predicting the result or not.
>> No. 95924 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 1:31 pm
95924 spacer
I rescind my accusation and am sorry for any offence taken. Your "poltics of bitterness" triggered the same reflex I have when I read the "politics of envy" and I thought you were trying a similar bit of tickery. I'm not sure completely giving into nihlistism is called for just yet, but I will immediately, the very instant it happens, be of the same mindset if Wes Streeting winds up Labour leader.
>> No. 95925 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 2:06 pm
95925 spacer
Ruddy youngsters, with their Korn, Limp Bizkit and Deftones.
>> No. 95926 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 2:18 pm
95926 spacer
This has been suggested in the past, and it allows two concurrent trains of conversation and is therefore a good thing. As for having just one politics thread, well, we might as well abolish all other threads in that case.

There is nothing contrarian about pessimism for Labour's chances.


>> No. 5422 Anonymous
25th May 2022
Wednesday 10:08 pm
/boo/5422 Operation Surprise
Leaked emails expose secret intelligence coup to install Boris Johnson

>Intelligence cabal infiltrated UK civil service thanks to “centrally placed mole”
>Ex-MI6 chief Richard Dearlove pitched espionage operations targeting civil service and campaign groups
>Fake Democratic Party fronts run by CIA veterans were proposed to infiltrate pro-Remain groups
>Cabal sought to spy on and disrupt Prime Minister’s top Brexit negotiator
>Shadowy billionaires funded effort in total secret
>Dearlove claimed credit for influencing government policy on Huawei
>Cabal now seeking to remove Boris Johnson
Expand all images.
>> No. 5423 Anonymous
25th May 2022
Wednesday 10:40 pm
5423 spacer

I dunno, feels like they're scraping the bottom of the barrel a bit.
>> No. 5424 Anonymous
25th May 2022
Wednesday 11:06 pm
5424 spacer
>a wide-ranging conspiracy managed by a shadowy cabal of hardcore Leavers to sabotage former Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal, remove her from office, replace her with Boris Johnson, and secure a ‘hard’ withdrawal from the EU.

Well they weren't exactly covert about it.
>> No. 5425 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 12:23 am
5425 spacer
Trust the cunts at "The Gray Zone" as much as I trust the current government. Max Blumenthal was making cheeky illusions to the great replacement conspiracy, and the arrogant cunt's dad worked for Slick Willy.
>> No. 5426 Anonymous
26th May 2022
Thursday 7:04 am
5426 spacer
>Cabal now seeking to remove Boris Johnson
Can they get a bloomin' move on already?


>> No. 451705 Anonymous
25th May 2022
Wednesday 4:49 pm
/b/451705 Family secrets
Have you ever discovered or been told anything shocking about family members or relatives? We all remember Phil’s mum, but dogging is normal these days.

I found out recently that my great great grandfather was imprisoned for piracy in North Africa, but the king of Sweden bailed him out for some reason. He was then later accused of being a pirate in Argentina and his ship came under fire. Mostly due to having a very international crew.

I also found out that my cousin worked as a very overpriced escort when she was at uni.
Expand all images.
>> No. 451706 Anonymous
25th May 2022
Wednesday 5:26 pm
451706 spacer
One of my great-grandads was a habitual felon in the early 1900s and went to prison several times for offences like fraud, extortion, forgery, grievous bodily harm and lewd conduct. My grandad somehow came by some of his old prison medical records, and in one of them, it said something like, commitment to a mental institution should be considered due to the unregenerate nature of the inmate.

Nobody really ever talked much about my great-grandad in my family, also because my great-grandmother eventually divorced him. She then married somebody else, who was from much better social circles and allowed my grandad to enjoy a solid upper middle class upbringing.

My grandad only really started sharing stories about his dad in his old age because he felt they needed to be passed on before he went. I guess at some point when my grandad was an adult, he got back in touch with his biological dad because he felt sorry for him.
>> No. 451707 Anonymous
25th May 2022
Wednesday 9:01 pm
451707 spacer

Lewd conduct means noncing?
>> No. 451710 Anonymous
25th May 2022
Wednesday 11:51 pm
451710 spacer

Could be. What is known is that he married my great gran when she was 17 and he was approaching his late 30s. But if I remember the stories correctly, there were also rumours that he was a bit of a closet bumder and had occasional relations with young men, which surely would have counted as lewd conduct back then.


>> No. 5907 Anonymous
15th December 2018
Saturday 6:50 pm
/poof/5907 Watches
I was sure we had a wristwatch thread, but maybe the topic just came up elsewhere. A relative of mine has just offered to get me a watch for Chrimbo, with a budget of up to 120 quid-ish. I'm in over my head so I thought I'd ask for some advice. I've narrowed down my options but only slightly.

First option is a fitness watch. I bought a £20 quid Fitbit knockoff a year ago that inevitably broke and whose heart monitor was a bit shit, but is the extra Fitbit functionality worth paying four times the price? I actually quite liked the look of it, but I wouldn't feel great wearing it on a date.

Next option is just a classic Casio digital watch, but will I look like a complete tryhard arse wearing one? I have no idea what the fashion protocol is here. And I suspect that women would be rather put off by it. Which is a vain concern admittedly, but vanity has to be at least a small factor in this decision somewhere.

Lastly, and probably my preferred option, is just a classic analogue. Absolutely nothing that has gold on it, and nothing that's the size of a dinner plate and adorned with lots of pointless doodads that clutter the face. I like silver, white and black minimalist styles that don't look too feminine if that helps - pic related is my sort of style, although the face is a bit large for my liking. Does anyone know of any decent brands in the £100 range? I'm getting good at identfying the Chinese knockoffs with vaguely-European sounding names, but it's a lot to sift through. If there's a British manufacturer in this range than all the better.

Apologies for having an unhelpfully large scope, I'm under a bit of time pressure since they want to order it this weekend. Any help is greatly apppreciated.
284 posts and 72 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 6672 Anonymous
19th May 2022
Thursday 9:42 pm
6672 spacer

Christopher Ward are starting to stock older models with the newer logo.
>> No. 6673 Anonymous
19th May 2022
Thursday 10:02 pm
6673 spacer

200 metres water resistance sounds like a bold claim for a watch that was less than five quid. Then again, for that kind of money, who cares.
>> No. 6674 Anonymous
19th May 2022
Thursday 10:25 pm
6674 spacer
As is 'Japan Movement'.
>> No. 6675 Anonymous
19th May 2022
Thursday 10:45 pm
6675 spacer

It's like a hipster Garmin. Bonkers.
>> No. 6680 Anonymous
25th May 2022
Wednesday 9:50 pm
6680 spacer
TK Maxx have a Mondaine smart watch for £150, although it's not my cup of tea.


>> No. 19768 Anonymous
6th February 2015
Friday 8:29 pm
/e/19768 What are you playing right now?
I figured I'd make an /e/ equivalent of that great, big /beat/ thread.

Recently I have been slogging away on XCOM: Enemy Within with the Long War mod. Humanity is doomed as I'm simply incapable of holding back the torrent of battleships the aliens keep hurling at me.

It's bloody fun though.
2344 posts and 291 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 25676 Anonymous
11th May 2022
Wednesday 10:10 pm
25676 spacer
Sure has. Saw Broussard and Miller piss and moan about it, and a video of someone playing it walking through the almost empty strip club from the end of the trailer. Just lamentable really.
>> No. 25685 Anonymous
19th May 2022
Thursday 1:51 pm
25685 spacer

Finally getting around to trying Disco Elysium to find they've changed a small but subtle wording in the opening scenes .. "You must value privacy as the door is locked from the inside" instead of the more vauge "whoever locked this door.." that I believe it to have originally been (or something to the tune of).

In anticipating similar changes I feel disapointed that I may have lost the full message of the game, as concieved, which is now like an adequate but nescient translation of an old book.

It might be the sound design and apparently deep physcological system of the game that put me off playing the first time around. Listening to the title theme music now, reluctant to actually play, I think the game might prompt me to confront something within myself that I've avoided for a long time. I have been thinking lately of diving into that primordial blackness.

Am I being a fag? It just makes me think about self-obsessed failier, the concepts of god, heaven and the beauty of all things let go.
>> No. 25693 Anonymous
25th May 2022
Wednesday 12:12 am
25693 spacer

Fifa 22 is eight quid so I thought "I liked Fifa games a few years ago, let's check it out". It's mostly fine, but the career stuff has gone from sign players and play matches to "do you have a sports science degree and a passion for brand management?" I don't give a monkey's about Begovic's mental wellbeing, just send me an email if he kills himself and we'll get a lad from the academy on the bench for next Saturday. These manager saves were already kind of a time sink, I don't think I have it in me to personally tutor every 17 year old that rolls in or manage my one club legend's decline. Just make line go up or down when football good or football bad.
>> No. 25694 Anonymous
25th May 2022
Wednesday 2:03 pm
25694 spacer
it's a bit like the WWE games now, used it's be pretty simple affair and now it's press 8 buttons to throw a punch while micro managing your stamina and crowd pleasing.
>> No. 25695 Anonymous
25th May 2022
Wednesday 8:32 pm
25695 spacer

EA haven't given a toss about improving Career Mode on FIFA for years, it's basically been abandoned in favour of the cynical cash cow that is Ultimate Team and finding ever more ways to get ten-year-olds maxing out their parents' credit cards in the faint hope of getting a virtual Ronaldo with slightly higher numbers than the one they've already got. I used to prefer Master League mode on PES but now that they've also shit the bed with the utter embarrassment of eFootball (which doesn't even have such a mode), I think I might just stick to the old versions of PES as you can occasionally find modded squad updates for them online.


>> No. 28571 Anonymous
17th May 2019
Friday 1:05 am
/101/28571 Minor Rants and Piss-Offs, Mark VIII
It appears largethreadmodlad has also locked the previous iteration of this thread; Mark VIII it is, then.

I take perfect care of my nails. I don't bite them, I cut in the standard flat formation every 3-5 days, and scrub under them in the shower. So why the actual fuck are my cuticles bleeding? Putting the plaster over to catch the blood means I can't play my bass properly, and that pisses me off.
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>> No. 33222 Anonymous
24th May 2022
Tuesday 6:50 pm
33222 spacer
That sounds horrible. Have you tried hitting him?
>> No. 33223 Anonymous
24th May 2022
Tuesday 7:13 pm
33223 spacer
I'm trying to make a change to let a child have fun without some 'orrible adult shouting at him at every turn. If he wants to make noises after a hard day at school then fair enough, at least he's not one of those prats revving a motorcycle.

But the rage will eventually boil over and I'll throttle the life out of the little cunt.
>> No. 33224 Anonymous
24th May 2022
Tuesday 7:32 pm
33224 spacer
The kid across the street from me is properly feral. At the weekend he was lifting up the manhole cover on his neighbour's driveway and throwing things down there. He was also throwing footballs repeatedly at his house while his mum was out, he'd just been dumped on the street, and they kept hitting cars when they bounced back. I'm surprised he didn't get a bollocking, but you can always hear his mum screaming at him.
>> No. 33225 Anonymous
24th May 2022
Tuesday 11:02 pm
33225 spacer
That sounds horrible. Have you tried moving from Povvo Street?
>> No. 33227 Anonymous
25th May 2022
Wednesday 7:05 pm
33227 spacer
I don't have Adblock on my work computer. I am listening to a song that's around ten minutes long (Finished Symphony by Hybrid) on YouTube, and it just cut out after six minutes for an advert.


>> No. 62741 R4GE
19th March 2019
Tuesday 3:21 pm
/iq/62741 spacer
Vorderman from the front.
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>> No. 70966 Searchfag
22nd May 2022
Sunday 4:49 am
70966 spacer
How else would you do it? Magic seams at the back are only a thing in 3D porn comics found on t'internet.
>> No. 70967 Searchfag
22nd May 2022
Sunday 8:53 am
70967 spacer

Nah it was definitely one big bad bug, but he did have shitlods of roaches inside his sleeves for some reason. Maybe he was bug jesus and they were his flock.
>> No. 70968 Billbob
22nd May 2022
Sunday 11:00 am
70968 spacer
Wouldn't it make more sense for it to be a female bug? A queen?
>> No. 70990 YubYub
25th May 2022
Wednesday 3:48 pm
70990 spacer
You're right. I'd just assumed the bug in mib was a man because it took over a human male body, but who's to say what male and female alien bugs sound like? They could have the same voices.
>> No. 70991 Crabkiller
25th May 2022
Wednesday 4:03 pm
70991 spacer

unused design.png
I've just done a deep dive into MIB lore and the bug alien is definitely male, cockroaches just like hanging out around and on him because they do.


>> No. 32916 Anonymous
22nd March 2022
Tuesday 1:08 am
/101/32916 Dating Moans
I thought we should just make a thread to moan and talk about the dating scene. There seems like 2 of us who are now on the arse-end of it in our 30s so I thought we could at least serve as a warning for others.

My moan is that a lass has just set a date for next Tuesday. I understand people are busy but I'm cynical enough that I'll let you know when she inevitably backs out for putting it too far into the future.
95 posts and 4 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 33181 Anonymous
16th May 2022
Monday 9:49 pm
33181 spacer
You're thinking about it from the perspective of an absence and not instead a world of choice. Even in Mexico there's vast differences between states.
>> No. 33182 Anonymous
16th May 2022
Monday 10:09 pm
33182 spacer

It's all a bit of a swings and roundabouts thing when it comes to the difference between nice countries and shitholes, though. You might sit here thinking "why the fuck would somebody move to Britain and not New Zealand or Canada or Switzerland Germany, they must have really loved Doctor Who as a kid", but there are as many downsides to those countries as to our own. The reasons people chose to move to a place are often entirely pragmatic, not desire based.
>> No. 33183 Anonymous
17th May 2022
Tuesday 1:14 am
33183 spacer

>The perception of infinite choice has made us less tolerant of the flaws that make us human.

Exactly. And I'm not sure people are ready to accept them the way they did in our grandparents' generation, where people stayed together for many decades and just lived with the fact that whoever they were with may have been an absolute git in certain areas, but was in the greater scheme of things a good and decent person to be with.

My nan grew up in a Yorkshire village and married somebody from three towns over. It was more or less what everybody did. Back in them days, you had very limited choice, more often than not as a young person there were realistically two or three potential partners for you where you lived, and that was it. You then almost inevitably ended up marrying one of them. And I can't say my grandparents ever seemed greatly unhappy with each other. My nan even forgave my grandad after he had a few affairs.
>> No. 33184 Anonymous
18th May 2022
Wednesday 12:21 am
33184 spacer
If you put away the rose-tinted glasses though you soon see that such a world is fucking horrible. The problem isn't with the selection but that people are bad at knowing what they want in a partner and what really matters in general.

Start with the man in the mirror and embrace that fat lass who liked you on Hinge. Give her a shot. It's what otherlad did and look at how happy he is. If she's horrible then you leave her and try someone else, maybe having grown a little from the journey or at least having had some fun.
>> No. 33226 Anonymous
25th May 2022
Wednesday 3:44 pm
33226 spacer
>what do your parents do?
Every time. I didn't notice before. Class lad is always right.


Screenshot 2020-12-16 225804.jpg
>> No. 23449 Anonymous
16th December 2020
Wednesday 11:00 pm
/v/23449 What are you watching right now?
I suppose we need a /v/ equivalent of the /e/ and /beat/ threads.

I've started watching Life on Mars again, but this time in HD on Netflix, and have only just realised it was filmed on... film. That or transferred to film and re-digitised for Netflix. The version Netflix has is absolutely covered in dust marks.
402 posts and 61 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 24442 Anonymous
23rd April 2022
Saturday 11:20 pm
24442 spacer
I know it's old hack but I'm sick of reddit and I'm drunk and I just finished watching The Hidden Fortress which is pretty fucking brilliant and has a lot of special moments. Although I would recommend against watching it on Prime because the translation's shit and it ruins a few moments.
>> No. 24448 Anonymous
29th April 2022
Friday 2:41 pm
24448 spacer
I've just watched the first episode of the new series of Derry Girls. It's the funniest sitcom I've watched in a while, but I don't know if that's partially because there's a dearth of alternatives these days.
>> No. 24449 Anonymous
29th April 2022
Friday 3:21 pm
24449 spacer
I feel like I should watch Better Call Saul but I don't remember what episode I was up to and I cancelled my Netflix last month.
>> No. 24450 Anonymous
15th May 2022
Sunday 10:38 pm
24450 spacer
Inside No.9 increasingly has a written-for-theatre feel to it.
>> No. 24452 Anonymous
25th May 2022
Wednesday 12:43 am
24452 spacer

I enjoyed this and it made me tear up a little. It's quite genre bending but I'd call it an absurdist take on Jet Li's the One where kung-fu crosses with comedy and trying to find meaning in your life. It even subtly crosses the fourth wall at points.

Watch it with your Asian bird.


>> No. 6676 Anonymous
24th May 2022
Tuesday 9:58 am
/poof/6676 spacer
Has anyone invented an all-purpose goop that makes a serviceable skin moisturiser, hair gel, leave-in conditioner, and deodorant?

If we can combine hair and body washes, why not other things?
Expand all images.
>> No. 6677 Anonymous
24th May 2022
Tuesday 10:15 am
6677 spacer
Hail to thee, blithe wompom!
>> No. 6678 Anonymous
24th May 2022
Tuesday 11:32 am
6678 spacer
Hippies believe that coconut oil is exactly such a product, but it just makes them greasy.
>> No. 6679 Anonymous
24th May 2022
Tuesday 11:02 pm
6679 spacer
3-in-one oil, what's that all about?


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