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>> No. 418310 Anonymous
2nd July 2018
Monday 1:01 pm
/b/418310 spacer
New week thread.

What is happening in your life?
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>> No. 419641 Anonymous
17th August 2018
Friday 9:04 pm
419641 spacer

>It's an innate hazard of being a professional irritant.

You mean like Laurie?

The only difference is she's paid to irritate people you don't agree with.
>> No. 419643 Anonymous
17th August 2018
Friday 9:24 pm
419643 spacer
I don't really like that shit either. It's a fucking ugly side to human nature dumping on people they don't know who has an opinion different to theirs.

"We have observed that most of the trouble in the world has been caused by ten to twenty percent of folks who can't mind their own business, because they have no business of their own to mind, any more than a smallpox virus."
>> No. 419644 Anonymous
17th August 2018
Friday 9:31 pm
419644 spacer

I think that Laurie Penny is also a professional irritant.
>> No. 419645 Anonymous
17th August 2018
Friday 9:42 pm
419645 spacer

So you empathise with Piers too or not?
>> No. 419648 Anonymous
17th August 2018
Friday 10:03 pm
419648 spacer

I don't really give a toss about any of them.


>> No. 419601 Anonymous
16th August 2018
Thursday 2:02 pm
/b/419601 spacer

I'm here for the interview

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>> No. 419631 Anonymous
17th August 2018
Friday 8:27 pm
419631 spacer
It never fails to amaze me how interracial relationships are still considered taboo across the pond.
>> No. 419634 Anonymous
17th August 2018
Friday 8:39 pm
419634 spacer
They can still be over here. My friend's son was dumped because her Indian parents didn't want her dating a white boy
>> No. 419639 Anonymous
17th August 2018
Friday 9:00 pm
419639 spacer
That's a completely different cultural context.
>> No. 419642 Anonymous
17th August 2018
Friday 9:09 pm
419642 spacer
That's alright, then.
>> No. 419647 Anonymous
17th August 2018
Friday 9:47 pm
419647 spacer

When white people do it is morally wrong, when others do it, it is just their culture.


>> No. 418197 Anonymous
27th June 2018
Wednesday 1:20 am
/b/418197 Things which are mildly amusing but not enough to warrant their own thread.
I was in a meeting tonight and two people walked in late during a minute's silence. I was just thinking how truly weird it must have been for them to walk in and everyone was sitting there in dead silence.
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>> No. 419619 Anonymous
16th August 2018
Thursday 10:15 pm
419619 spacer
You don't know anyone's safe, it's all a matter of probability, the only difference is you can put statistics and measurements on self driving cars, which you can't do from your sample size of your mum.
>> No. 419620 Anonymous
16th August 2018
Thursday 11:43 pm
419620 spacer
>sample size of your mum
So large she's statistically significant.
>> No. 419623 Anonymous
17th August 2018
Friday 8:13 am
419623 spacer
Your mum is so fat she has her own distribution.
>> No. 419624 Anonymous
17th August 2018
Friday 9:01 am
419624 spacer
That's so random.

It's August, why would I need a coat?
>> No. 419646 Anonymous
17th August 2018
Friday 9:46 pm
419646 spacer
You're just being mean now.


>> No. 12571 Anonymous
17th August 2018
Friday 5:57 pm
/nom/12571 spacer

Are there any decent cookery channels or videos online? I'd be surprised if there wasn't, but I don't know of any.
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>> No. 12572 Anonymous
17th August 2018
Friday 6:10 pm
12572 spacer
It depends what you're after - learning basic stuff, watching professionals make elaborate things, or just ideas for an already established home cook?

Also, are you after a bit of personality or would you prefer a more out and out how to video?

Regardless, Cooking with Dog is the best channel on YouTube full stop.
>> No. 12573 Anonymous
17th August 2018
Friday 7:42 pm
12573 spacer
>ideas for an already established home cook

This one. I'm not overly fussed about the presentation style as long as they're not an arse.
>> No. 12574 Anonymous
17th August 2018
Friday 7:54 pm
12574 spacer
I'm a fan of this dude.
>> No. 12575 Anonymous
17th August 2018
Friday 8:12 pm
12575 spacer
I really like this guy, the basics series is really useful as well as some of his more dramatic things being really impressive.


>> No. 1795 Anonymous
27th May 2011
Friday 6:32 pm
/job/1795 spacer
ITT: Workplace annoyances.

I'll get the ball rolling - having to bring in pastries on your birthday. I know it's cheaper if people bring their own in on their birthday instead of chipping in every time someone in the office has a birthday, but it's still fucking annoying having to fork out on your birthday.
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>> No. 12554 Anonymous
15th August 2018
Wednesday 7:58 pm
12554 spacer

>at least you've made him aware he's being unsociable.

Like he doesn't know? That's as helpful as saying "don't be shy" and thinking someone can change their whole personality on your request. He doesn't have twelve different witty responses in his head but is choosing not to share them.
>> No. 12555 Anonymous
15th August 2018
Wednesday 8:01 pm
12555 spacer

Have you got an example of how an email was worded and what it was specifically in response to? I can't really gauge how bad they were.
>> No. 12556 Anonymous
15th August 2018
Wednesday 9:34 pm
12556 spacer
I can't remember exactly what it was but it was fairly trivial, just them missing off a minor piece of information we needed from a document.

His email was very blunt and a little bit beyond being matter of fact; it wasn't malicious but it wasn't exactly the kind of thing you'd send to people unless you were trying to rile them up a bit.
>> No. 12557 Anonymous
15th August 2018
Wednesday 10:21 pm
12557 spacer

i gru up wiv MSN n my writin skills r mint
>> No. 12560 Anonymous
17th August 2018
Friday 7:48 pm
12560 spacer
I'm finding it really hard to take a full hour for lunch at the minute. I've spent most of the past four months or so studying for an exam, where I'd spend twenty minutes eating or playing on my phone and the remaining forty reading textbooks.

Now I've got a full hour again it feels like such a long time to fill. At the minute I'm just working through and chalking it up as overtime, but it's starting to make me feel a bit knackered.


>> No. 419302 Anonymous
5th August 2018
Sunday 9:14 am
/b/419302 spacer
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>> No. 419332 Anonymous
5th August 2018
Sunday 8:58 pm
419332 spacer
Amusing to hear the Chuckle Brothers saying "shoot them, shoot them all!"
>> No. 419333 Anonymous
5th August 2018
Sunday 9:33 pm
419333 spacer
I wonder where I've seen this before ...

That said, I do like how the decorators with the trunk say "to me, to you" while moving it indoors.
>> No. 419341 Anonymous
6th August 2018
Monday 1:49 pm
419341 spacer
What the fuck did I just watch?
>> No. 419342 Anonymous
6th August 2018
Monday 6:15 pm
419342 spacer
An advert.
>> No. 419628 Anonymous
17th August 2018
Friday 6:09 pm
419628 spacer

The pictures of Paul carrying his coffin have actually got to me. I can feel that my eyes have welled up.


>> No. 27467 Anonymous
15th August 2018
Wednesday 7:05 pm
/101/27467 spacer
This abomination.

(And the direct link because I think they might have blocked embeds)

I think this ad has given me PTSD
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>> No. 27468 Anonymous
15th August 2018
Wednesday 7:45 pm
27468 spacer
Why are you going out of your way to avoid the new embeds?
>> No. 27469 Anonymous
15th August 2018
Wednesday 8:11 pm
27469 spacer
Because I've been doing youtube embeds this for the past 20 years of my life and I'll be damned if I'm going start doing it the fancy pants way you kids do things now.
>> No. 27490 Anonymous
17th August 2018
Friday 3:35 pm
27490 spacer
Jesus fucking christ
>> No. 27491 Anonymous
17th August 2018
Friday 3:56 pm
27491 spacer
The old embeds are better anyway, because they show the video title, which the new ones don’t. Also you can right click and open them in a private window, in case it’s some manner of dreck you don’t want polluting your YT feeds forever more.


>> No. 25832 Anonymous
24th September 2017
Sunday 10:16 pm
/101/25832 BRITFA.GS /101/ MARK VII
The old thread is well over 30MB, so I think we're due a new one.

Some cunt threw a firecracker in front of my bike today. If I hadn't seen the little scrote and his little scrote mates running I wouldn't have noticed until it was too late.
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>> No. 27485 Anonymous
17th August 2018
Friday 9:35 am
27485 spacer
Crisis over, I did my best Dumb Brit impression.

It wasn't difficult.

They did get the wrong hotel, but it's the same distance from the airport and on the same shuttle anyway. Not fussed.
>> No. 27486 Anonymous
17th August 2018
Friday 11:15 am
27486 spacer

What do you do for ID?

Also I can't think of a better way of increasing the likelihood of a lost wallet being recovered than having a card with my address printed on it in there.
>> No. 27487 Anonymous
17th August 2018
Friday 2:17 pm
27487 spacer

I also can't think of a better way of getting my house burgled. The cunts will even know what I look like.
>> No. 27488 Anonymous
17th August 2018
Friday 3:07 pm
27488 spacer
I ordered a spare laptop, a refurbed x230 from ebay. It was listed as Grade A, but there's a massive clump of dead pixels (like, 6mm) and they've sent me a model with a german keyboard that they'd just stuck english stickers on the top of. The screen thing is what it is, it's a shame but not too odd - but the keyboard thing - I can't fathom a company thinking that's a good idea. There's obviously no mention in the listing that this is what they'd done, were they hoping I wouldn't notice? Would someone who isn't a huge keyboard nerd even notice? I'd assume so as the keys feel awful with stickers on them.

Anyway the company seems alright and they've already agreed to replace it but still, what a weird thing to do, especially on a laptop that has a fully replaceable keyboard.
>> No. 27489 Anonymous
17th August 2018
Friday 3:07 pm
27489 spacer
>The cunts will even know what I look like.

The perfect crime. Burglars should start dressing up as the person whose they're burgling. That way if anyone gets suspicious they can just say they managed to lock themselves out.


>> No. 15734 Anonymous
11th August 2018
Saturday 5:34 pm
/news/15734 spacer

Plane stolen by ‘suicidal’ airline worker crashed as fighter jets pursued it outside Seattle

A Horizon Air employee described as “suicidal” commandeered an empty turboprop passenger plane at Seattle’s main airport Friday night and roared low over Puget Sound with a pair of Air Force F-15s in pursuit before crashing it into a small island, authorities said.

Pierce County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Ed Troyer ruled out terrorism, describing the suspect as an unnamed suicidal 29-year-old man from the county “doing stunts in the air” before the crash.

The man, referred to as “Rich” and “Richard” by air traffic controllers in tense recordings, said he was “just a broken guy” as authorities tried to divert the 76-seat Bombardier Q400 away from populated areas.
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>> No. 15780 Anonymous
15th August 2018
Wednesday 2:50 pm
15780 spacer
He made suicide cool again.
>> No. 15781 Anonymous
16th August 2018
Thursday 2:17 am
15781 spacer
Been thinking about this for a while, even before I got chance to hear the audio - he brings up a similar point.

If your life is in such a shit state that you're doing this, landing it is going to make it so, SO much worse. You're in for a long stretch in American jail (or worse, their positively medieval mental health care system).
>> No. 15782 Anonymous
16th August 2018
Thursday 2:35 am
15782 spacer

>If your life is in such a shit state that you're doing this, landing it is going to make it so, SO much worse. You're in for a long stretch in American jail (or worse, their positively medieval mental health care system).

While you're not wrong, nobody snaps the way he did with no prior warning. If he had listened to the signs and talked to someone about it, perhaps he could have got the help he needed, certainly enough to avoid the urge to dive bomb in a turboprop.

Then again, if this is just yet another case of a poor American bastard who couldn't afford even the most rudimentary counseling, then I can't say anything other than what a shit place America is right now. Britain might not be perfect but at least I'll never be in hundred grands worth of debt because I got ran over.
>> No. 15783 Anonymous
16th August 2018
Thursday 2:39 am
15783 spacer
> Then again, if this is just yet another case of a poor American bastard who couldn't afford even the most rudimentary counseling, then I can't say anything other than what a shit place America is right now.

I've heard it said that America doesn't have so much a gun crisis as it does a mental health crisis. If you think mental health treatment is rudimentary and hard to access under the NHS then sit and think how grim things are for people in the states with no health insurance.
>> No. 15788 Anonymous
17th August 2018
Friday 12:19 am
15788 spacer

One slightly more wild theory is that America polluted its water systems for decades with lead, and that the incidence of mental illness in the U.S. is higher because of it than in many other developed countries. Apparently, as a broad acting neurotoxin, lead can have a devastating effect on your mental and emotional wellbeing. Exposure in your young years is particularly hazardous. There are even statistics that claim that the rates of release of lead into the environment mainly from leaded petrol from the 1950s to 1970s caused a surge in juvenile crime up to 20 years later, when youngsters who were exposed to lead as infants became teenagers and young adults.

More than that though, as somebody who spent two years living and working in the U.S., and being invited into coworkers' homes and spending countless weekends with them, my impression was that society there just tends to be f*cked up. Basically, young people and teenagers are made to suffer at the hands of scared middle aged and elderly people who have nothing but raw hatred for youths. And this system just perpetuates itself, and teenagers who grow up to become parents themselves treat their kids the same way. Parental violence against kids is on the one hand extremely illegal and can cause you to lose custody before you know it, but on the other hand, a "tough on teens" approach is almost par for the course and the path of virtue in U.S.-style parenting.

I think this is the source of about 70 percent of mental health issues that adults then find themselves in. The scars that were caused by sometimes shockingly authoritative parenting.

British parents get a lot of criticism for being too lenient with their offspring. And rightly so, at times. But living under one roof with American parents can be nothing short of gulag.


>> No. 61343 Billbob
16th August 2018
Thursday 3:04 am
/iq/61343 spacer

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>> No. 61344 Paedofag
16th August 2018
Thursday 11:58 pm
61344 spacer


>> No. 84402 Anonymous
15th August 2018
Wednesday 2:37 am
Orwellian hells life IRL.
Talking of gaslighting techs performed on exussr grounds.
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>> No. 84420 Anonymous
16th August 2018
Thursday 12:56 am
84420 spacer
Claiming your missus is mental for being suspicious that you "work late" every second Thursday and that she is just paranoid is, in fact, gaslighting if she isn't just being paranoid and you are sowing your oats.

It's a fairly common thing that people on the FB tier level of vocabulary have discovered the term for and as a result it's getting hammered into the ground. When they figure out hyperbole isn't a substitute for an exclamation mark, I'll have to figure out somewhere else to troll when I'm bored.
>> No. 84421 Anonymous
16th August 2018
Thursday 1:57 am
84421 spacer
My grandma watched the film Gaslight when it came out in the Forties, and she lived with her aunt, and after the film was inspired to do things like put her aunt's purse on top of a high cupboard. Her aunt would be looking for it and my grandma would tell her she saw her put it up there. Her aunt would ask "why the heck would I put it up there?" and my grandma would say "I don't know but there it is." She didn't call it gaslighting though.

I feel a bit awkward repeatedly saying "her aunt" but I don't know her name.
>> No. 84422 Anonymous
16th August 2018
Thursday 4:21 am
84422 spacer
I phoned my mother the other week to check how my dad was doing after he started pissing blood and had to be kept in at the hospital with prostate problems and a potentially fatal bladder infection. The first thing she did was complain that he gave her false hope that they were going on holiday and that that he definately has a nacisistic disorder for canceling at the last minute and 'this isn't the first time he's messed her around'.

She then began telling me how nacisists gaslight to make other people seem like they are the crazy one and turn others against them. So in the event that they try 'take her away' I am to stand up in her corner and say no he's the real crazy one.

She'd be a monster if she wasn't so painfully inept.
>> No. 84425 Anonymous
16th August 2018
Thursday 6:00 pm
84425 spacer
A name transplant.
>> No. 84426 Anonymous
16th August 2018
Thursday 9:32 pm
84426 spacer

By all results of such existence, too much of disappointments and of troubles that i have earnt already, no name transplant in help for such, i know no ways without wonders tbh.

Where's lots of love there's lots of fails, where is no love there's fail in all.

>> No. 15761 Anonymous
13th August 2018
Monday 9:21 pm
/news/15761 spacer
A GRANDMOTHER has hit out at a holiday company for recommending her an unsuitable Benidorm hotel that had ‘too many Spaniards in it’.

Freda Jackson, of Intack, said she endured a two-week ‘disaster’ trip with her friend, from Shadsworth, at the Spanish holiday resort in May.

Ms Jackson, 81, and her 61-year-old friend paid £1,133 for the holiday and have demanded a full refund or a free holiday from Thomas Cook. Instead bosses offered them a £75 holiday voucher as compensation for the ‘disappointing’ trip abroad.

The 81-year-old from Blackburn, who has been on holiday to Greece, Turkey, Portugal and Tenerife, said: “I have never complained about a holiday before but it was a disaster from start to finish.

I have never been to Benidorm and was really looking forward to it. My friend and I paid for it from our pensions. It was a struggle trying to fund it over 12 months and the holiday was totally ruined. I cried after."

Ms Jackson, who had never booked with the British holiday company before going to Benidorm three months ago, said Thomas Cook ‘mis-sold’ and ‘ruined’ her dream holiday. She claims that one of her biggest disappointments with the holiday was the ‘rudeness’ of other Spanish holidaymakers and the lack of entertainment catered towards British tourists, such as English tribute acts.

The former care assistant, who was born in Whalley, said: “The hotel was full of Spanish holidaymakers and they really got on our nerves because they were just so rude.

One evening a Spanish guy nearly knocked me flying and he just walked off without even apologising. The entertainment in the hotel was all focused and catered for the Spanish. Why can’t the Spanish go somewhere else for their holidays?”
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 15776 Anonymous
14th August 2018
Tuesday 9:07 pm
15776 spacer
> Think about it, lad. If you were a massive racist why would you go to Turkey? It's full of Turkish people.

It worked out well enough for Rudyard Kipling in India.
>> No. 15777 Anonymous
14th August 2018
Tuesday 9:40 pm
15777 spacer

Enoch Powell spoke fluent Urdu.
>> No. 15778 Anonymous
15th August 2018
Wednesday 12:42 am
15778 spacer
This made it to the front page of the Daily Star, Britain's most well-respected newspaper.
>> No. 15784 Anonymous
16th August 2018
Thursday 5:54 am
15784 spacer
She went to Spain and complained about the Spanish, presumably her hotel in Turkey wasn't full of Turks.
>> No. 15786 Anonymous
16th August 2018
Thursday 9:17 pm
15786 spacer

Correct. Strangely enough, holiday resorts marketed to the British don't tend to attract local people looking to learn more about their own culture.


>> No. 26694 Anonymous
16th August 2018
Thursday 4:46 pm
/g/26694 Read all of this in a techmoan accent
Lads, are any of you au fait with cassette tapes?

Me and a few mates have been making music for a couple of years, and due to life it's probably coming to an end pretty soon. As an interesting keepsake (for practical terms, we have everything online), I'd like to make us all a cassette of all the music we've made.

I don't have any blank cassettes in the house so I am hunting around eBay.

What should I look out for when buying new old stock cassettes? Are Type II Chrome tapes worth the extra cash?
I've seen a small smattering of Type IV metal tapes - do they require any special equipment or will the Type II setting on my deck suffice?

Which is better for noise reduction? My deck has B and C but if a deck doesn't have it, will it interfere?

Cheers, lads.
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>> No. 26701 Anonymous
16th August 2018
Thursday 6:37 pm
26701 spacer
FE90 was their crappy budget brand which was kind of sligtly subpar and had a horrible design but will still be better than most other old brands. TDK were the indisputable kings of the cassette. The SA-X line of theirs were so good you could actually master an album on them for later vinyl release, and many did. Bet they are impossible to find now.
>> No. 26702 Anonymous
16th August 2018
Thursday 6:40 pm
26702 spacer
I see. Well, for 33p a tape, I can use the cases as spares.

There are loads of tapes advertised on ebay as "blank" but they are just used. Annoying.
>> No. 26703 Anonymous
16th August 2018
Thursday 6:42 pm
26703 spacer

These have only been used to record "once". That said, I don't know how they have been treated since. Worth a punt?
>> No. 26704 Anonymous
16th August 2018
Thursday 7:44 pm
26704 spacer
Yes, very much so. A wonderful line, TDK at their greatest. Warm nostalgia chills at the sight of em. Taped over things so many times back then and you only ever got notable bleedthrough or added hiss on really cheapo brands.
>> No. 26705 Anonymous
16th August 2018
Thursday 8:50 pm
26705 spacer
Done. That'll give me enough to make a few spare copies to give out.


>> No. 12500 Anonymous
8th August 2018
Wednesday 12:21 am
/job/12500 Probation
My contract states that during the 6 month probation period my employer can give me a week's notice. Under a different clause, it's stated that I must give a month's notice - regardless of whether I'm on probation or not.

At my previous place, during probation, it was a week each. Is this imbalance (my month's notice to my employer's week) unusual?
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>> No. 12517 Anonymous
9th August 2018
Thursday 2:30 am
12517 spacer

Nah, just book your holiday. You don't owe them anything and you're playing by the rules. I doubt anyone will even notice what you've done, particularly if they don't know the timeline of this other offer.

Mind you if all you're doing is essentially transferring to another department, why do you think your manager wouldn't find out about it? And why would you need a notice period to get a different job with the same company?
>> No. 12518 Anonymous
9th August 2018
Thursday 6:55 pm
12518 spacer

And any of that stops you from just not turning up how, exactly?

Or, if you think they're going to sue you over contract law and you were mug enough to sign a contract specifying a three month notice period, turning up and putting your feet on the desk and farting like a complete cunt every minute or so while playing angry birds on your phone, taking half hour fag breaks every 15 minutes and a three hour lunch every day, from which you come back smelling of cheap whores' perfume and stale Stella? They'll soon ask you to just stop coming in.
>> No. 12522 Anonymous
11th August 2018
Saturday 1:57 pm
12522 spacer
You still need to work notice periods even transferring between departments. I know this, as that's how I transferred into this job. I also know exactly who will be interviewing me, and how sodding lazy they are about actually pursuing references. Typing it all out made me realise that if I did try to leave them in the lurch it would just be an attempt at cheap revenge, which might not stand me in the best stead for ever going back at a later date. I think I will still book the holiday, but make up some shit about my parents taking me to Italy for a long-overdue summer break (which, actually, they have offered to do) and act like I'm sorry I'm leaving. Y'know, if I get the job. I really need to get the job. I haven't spoken to anyone else about it in an effort to keep it hush so you two are getting all my pent-up mulling over on the situation, sorry. Thanks.
>> No. 12558 Anonymous
16th August 2018
Thursday 6:22 pm
12558 spacer
An update, for anyone who cares: my current role have just offered me a potential change of contract, offering more hours and more responsibility. Someone has fucking snitched on me, I know it.

Bugger and blast it all.
>> No. 12559 Anonymous
16th August 2018
Thursday 6:24 pm
12559 spacer
Could be worse.
My last employer let me work my full months notice with barely a word to me, then offered me a raise on my very last day.


>> No. 419597 Anonymous
16th August 2018
Thursday 6:35 am
/b/419597 spacer
A level results day, lads.

You know what that means? Lots of top teenage totty leaping in the air (except for in the grauniad which will go out of its way to almost exclusively use pictures of girls in pair of whale skin breechess). PHWOAR!


>> No. 4628 Anonymous
14th August 2018
Tuesday 11:04 pm
/boo/4628 spacer

I don't get into conspiracies. Obviously I believe the bridge collapsed and it wasn't planned but this video strikes me as odd. Why would you film yourself randomly driving across a bridge and your kid asks the time and you answer extremely specifically? If someone falsified evidence in this manner you'd think "C'mooon, could you lay it on any thicker?" or it would seem extremely contrived if a script-writer came up with it.

I guess the fact he said "11.40" (if the translation's correct) implies he read it off something digital and I don't know if you would do that and round it (from 11:42 or something) in the way you would say "twenty to twelve" after reading an analogue clock saying 18 minutes to.
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>> No. 4646 Anonymous
15th August 2018
Wednesday 7:55 pm
4646 spacer

I was wondering what distinction they were making too, something being built badly in the first place versus something being built adequately then being coated in a flammable substance people thought was somehow safe?
>> No. 4647 Anonymous
15th August 2018
Wednesday 8:10 pm
4647 spacer
Lots of substances are 'flammable' for a given value of flammable.
>> No. 4648 Anonymous
15th August 2018
Wednesday 8:23 pm
4648 spacer
There are parallels.

Both Grenfell and the Morandi bridge have had years of documented complaints about the safety of the structures, which were repeatedly ignored by the authorities, before finally being proved right by tragedy.
>> No. 4649 Anonymous
16th August 2018
Thursday 5:49 am
4649 spacer
Did you really need to qualify that with "if he were still alive"?
>> No. 4650 Anonymous
16th August 2018
Thursday 6:06 am
4650 spacer

Yes. Perhaps I have a death-wish and think being the dead version of him sounds kind of fun.


they said i was crazy.jpg
>> No. 4521 Anonymous
10th July 2018
Tuesday 12:27 pm
/boo/4521 PIZZAGATE

I believe him.

I expect the reputation management crew to be here any minute.
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>> No. 4622 Anonymous
4th August 2018
Saturday 2:15 pm
4622 spacer

That's actually a really good track. It's a shame it's about this conspiracy shite.
>> No. 4623 Anonymous
5th August 2018
Sunday 1:11 am
4623 spacer
I think he has spent too many late nights smoking dope and reading conspiracy sites.
>> No. 4624 Anonymous
5th August 2018
Sunday 3:07 am
4624 spacer
> I think he has spent too many late nights smoking dope and reading conspiracy sites.
>> No. 4627 Anonymous
6th August 2018
Monday 4:02 pm
4627 spacer
>> No. 4642 Anonymous
15th August 2018
Wednesday 5:20 pm
4642 spacer


>> No. 26461 Anonymous
8th April 2018
Sunday 4:45 pm
/g/26461 spacer
I just shit myself. AI could be about to change the world in a very big way and it might go wrong.
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>> No. 26518 Anonymous
19th April 2018
Thursday 11:47 am
26518 spacer

Petroleum geologists are remarkably optimistic about climate change.
>> No. 26519 Anonymous
20th April 2018
Friday 6:34 pm
26519 spacer

Whore King.gif

Oil companies are the ones spreading the climate change apocalypse hoax so that they can have even more control over the energy supply.
>> No. 26520 Anonymous
20th April 2018
Friday 10:30 pm
26520 spacer

>> No. 26526 Anonymous
22nd April 2018
Sunday 5:38 pm
26526 spacer
That's not me. The talk was 2 months ago, from what I remember he may have mentioned kill switches and robots just following code, though I'm not sure. You might be better off emailing him yourself: nickh[at]
>> No. 26692 Anonymous
15th August 2018
Wednesday 2:55 pm
26692 spacer
ai mixed with invisible to digital eye human violence has already ruined my health, wealth, happiness and another lively hopes and opportunities

(A good day to you Sir!)


>> No. 24055 Redneck
4th March 2018
Sunday 10:48 pm
/zoo/24055 spacer
Why is your imageboard so dull and boring? What is the matter with you, Bri’ain? You’re really making me depressed.
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>> No. 24161 Britfag
13th August 2018
Monday 6:26 pm
24161 spacer

You have my condolences.
>> No. 24162 Cowboy
13th August 2018
Monday 6:47 pm
24162 spacer

To be fair America is one great big fuck off country and some places are infinitely better than others. There are places where a week seems like a year and even a day feels like too long and there are places where you think "you know, I could settle down here and bring up a kid", and most everything in between.

One of my growing list of regrets is never being able to tick "properly explore new york / manhatten" off my bucket list. Sigh.
>> No. 24163 Britfag
13th August 2018
Monday 6:52 pm
24163 spacer

What's stopping you? Last I checked it was still there.
>> No. 24164 Raoul
13th August 2018
Monday 8:58 pm
24164 spacer

He probably keeps searching for tickets to 'manhatten' and when nothing comes up he just assumes it's disappeared entirely.
>> No. 24165 Redneck
14th August 2018
Tuesday 7:26 pm
24165 spacer

Until my kid's old enough for me to pack him off to the army or at least some kind of boarding school for a few months I'm kind of snookered, sadly.

> He probably keeps searching for tickets to 'manhatten' and when nothing comes up he just assumes it's disappeared entirely.



>> No. 3840 Anonymous
19th September 2013
Thursday 10:03 pm
/£$€¥/3840 Pensions
The OFT have come out and said that many old (i.e. set up before 2001) pension schemes have high charges and offer savers poor value for money. They've also suggested a cap for auto-enrolment schemes, but it's going to be an almost meaningless gesture as you'd be very hard pressed to find a provider offering auto-enrolment terms with annual management charges greater than 1% anyway.

The pension scheme I'm in at work (contribution: 5% employer, 5% employee gross) has management charges of 0.6%, which I'm alright with as it's less than I'd get if I was investing in collectives through an ISA.

However, I've put the charges and contribution details into Invidion's pension calculator for an idea of what I'd get when I'm 65, 40 years from now, and if my salary increases in line with National Average Earnings and I took the 25% tax-free lump sum I'd be looking at a pension in today's terms of 27.5% of my current salary. If I wanted a pension that would be about two-thirds of what I'm earning now then I'll need to contribute, assuming the employer contribution stays at 5%, 15% gross (12% net) of my salary every year for the next four decades. This does depend on what annuity rates will be like then and I'd also be getting the State Pension, as long as they haven't upped the age you receive it to 80 by then.

If it wasn't for the tax relief and my employer matching my contributions then I doubt I'd bother and I'd look into other ways to support myself while I'm in retirement. What about you lads? What are your thoughts on pensions? In my opinion to have any form of decent retirement income you're at the mercy of your employer offering a good pension scheme.
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>> No. 7337 Anonymous
28th May 2018
Monday 10:09 am
7337 spacer
>They're maintaining the same level of profit off declining sales, through ripping people off, particularly from their monopoly at places like train stations.

WH Smith has been voted the worst retailer on the UK High Street in a survey of more than 10,000 consumers.

Customers complained the shops were out-of-date, products were expensive and staff were rude in the survey by consumer group Which?
>> No. 7375 Anonymous
14th August 2018
Tuesday 7:09 am
7375 spacer
>A TV advertising campaign to warn the public about pension scams is being launched by UK regulators as new figures show that victims are losing an average of £91,000 each.

>The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Pensions Regulator have joined forces on the campaign to raise awareness of the most common tactics used by fraudsters. They said victims of such scams – which typically begin with an unsolicited phone call or email – can end up losing their life savings and people are being urged to be on their guard.

>Pension scams often involve people being persuaded to transfer or cash in their pension pots and put the money into often exotic-sounding investments. They have been around for many years but there has been a surge in activity since April 2015 when the government introduced reforms giving over-55s more freedom in terms of what they can do with their retirement cash.

I might be missing something here, but why doesn't the FCA simply ban you from being able to hold unregulated investments in a pension? If the majority of scams are people being convinced to invest in unregulated investments like storage units or car parking spaces then the blindly obvious answers seems to stop them from being permitted investments.
>> No. 7376 Anonymous
14th August 2018
Tuesday 6:34 pm
7376 spacer
It's almost as if the "pension freedom" was an obviously risky idea from the start.
>> No. 7377 Anonymous
14th August 2018
Tuesday 6:57 pm
7377 spacer
WH Smith's most profitable arm is the expensive one that fucks around in trains stations and airports. They'll leave the high street altogether soon enough.
>> No. 7378 Anonymous
14th August 2018
Tuesday 7:19 pm
7378 spacer
Pension scams were already an issue before the freedoms happened. The FCA's investigation into the freedoms has found that people are actually more likely to be overly cautious and do things such as taking their tax-free cash account for no real reason and stick it in their bank account because they feel compelled that they should be doing something.


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