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>> No. 4464 Anonymous
14th February 2018
Wednesday 6:00 pm
/fat/4464 turbo trainers
Do any of you have any experience using turbo trainers?

What are they like?
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>> No. 4465 Anonymous
14th February 2018
Wednesday 6:12 pm
4465 spacer
They're pretty good if you're serious about cycling, though I always think it's better to just get out there on the road. The issue for me was that it was just a bit boring to pedal in front of the telly and that. I'd either rather be at a gym or out in the real world.

Don't get an air resistance one, whatever you do. Fluid or magnetic is what you want. Also keep in mind that you WILL need some sort of fan pointing at you while you're doing it, you'll get incredibly hot very quickly.
>> No. 4466 Anonymous
14th February 2018
Wednesday 6:23 pm
4466 spacer

I used them for years when I was training seriously. They work very well if they're set up properly. They don't feel like real riding, but they're close enough. It's boring as fuck, but it's not too bad if you listen to podcasts or whatever. I made a little desk that clipped onto my handlebars so I could catch up on my reading.

If you use slick tyres, a magnetic or fluid trainer and a concrete floor, they're reasonably quiet. Treaded tyres, a fan-based trainer or a hollow wooden floor will make a right old racket. I preferred the units with continually-variable resistance like the CycleOps Magneto - the ones with a resistance adjustment lever are a bit fiddly for interval training.

You'll probably want to do your turbo sessions in an unheated garage or shed, otherwise you'll boil your arse off. You don't get the cooling effect of the wind on a turbo, so you get hot quickly. You might still want to set up a fan if you tend to run hot. If you sweat heavily you'll want to drape a towel over your frame, otherwise your sweat will rot your paintwork.
>> No. 4467 Anonymous
15th February 2018
Thursday 6:04 pm
4467 spacer
Thanks for the tip. It's for when the weather is poo outside.

Wow I had no idea the sweat would be such a problem.
>> No. 4468 Anonymous
15th February 2018
Thursday 6:16 pm
4468 spacer
I can recommend using TrainerRoad. You'd either need a power meter or a cadence and speed sensor. TrainerRoad have a decent blog and podcast.
>> No. 4469 Anonymous
15th February 2018
Thursday 6:19 pm
4469 spacer


Turbo manufacturers make these thong contraptions to protect your bike, but most people just use an old towel.


>> No. 59840 R4GE
13th February 2018
Tuesday 2:09 pm
/iq/59840 spacer
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>> No. 59843 Ambulancelad
13th February 2018
Tuesday 5:33 pm
59843 spacer
I love his mum's arse.
>> No. 59844 Searchfag
13th February 2018
Tuesday 5:43 pm
59844 spacer

Ambivalent at best.
>> No. 59847 Billbob
14th February 2018
Wednesday 1:56 pm
59847 spacer
Does that mean you only rub one out to half of them?
>> No. 59849 YubYub
15th February 2018
Thursday 5:53 am
59849 spacer

Top half or bottom half?
>> No. 59850 Crabkiller
15th February 2018
Thursday 3:33 pm
59850 spacer
Depends which way up they are.


>> No. 2130 Anonymous
31st March 2010
Wednesday 11:01 am
/A/2130 Alcoholics
Are there any 'resting actors' out there?

I'm back up to about a litre of whisky a day again. :(
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>> No. 8061 Anonymous
13th February 2018
Tuesday 8:35 am
8061 spacer
Currently taking care of 3 people with ARBD at work, very similar to dementia, and it is somewhat of a wake up call. It's pretty shit lads.
>> No. 8062 Anonymous
13th February 2018
Tuesday 8:47 pm
8062 spacer
We've all done it.
>> No. 8063 Anonymous
14th February 2018
Wednesday 6:52 pm
8063 spacer
Never posted in this thread, never even looked at it, I just keep seeing Richard E Grant's grin popping up in star. What do you even do in here? 'Yeah I'm drunk tonight lads'. Is that it or is there more to it? Is it like a recovery support group?
>> No. 8064 Anonymous
14th February 2018
Wednesday 9:24 pm
8064 spacer

We've gone on holiday by mistake.
>> No. 8065 Anonymous
15th February 2018
Thursday 2:15 am
8065 spacer
All of the above.


>> No. 415437 Anonymous
14th February 2018
Wednesday 9:07 am
/b/415437 spacer
Happy Bannatynes day lads.
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>> No. 415440 Anonymous
14th February 2018
Wednesday 10:54 am
415440 spacer

What's being gay got to do with the mail?
>> No. 415441 Anonymous
14th February 2018
Wednesday 11:22 am
415441 spacer

Nothing, but that doesn't stop them complaining.
>> No. 415443 Anonymous
14th February 2018
Wednesday 3:00 pm
415443 spacer
It was December 2016, it was a different time.
>> No. 415444 Anonymous
14th February 2018
Wednesday 4:22 pm
415444 spacer
So what are you guys doing to mark the anniversary of Capone and his gang making a killing on the North Side?
>> No. 415447 Anonymous
14th February 2018
Wednesday 6:33 pm
415447 spacer


>> No. 5883 Anonymous
6th April 2011
Wednesday 5:52 pm
/nom/5883 spacer
Why do a lot of people seem to rave about Nando's?

My friends think I'm a freak because I very rarely eat Subway or Nando's; as far I can tell it's just, not especially good quality, grilled chicken that has been marinated in peri-peri sauce. Am I missing something here?
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>> No. 12425 Anonymous
13th February 2018
Tuesday 3:32 pm
12425 spacer

Bloody Brussels bureaucrats. It's my right as a god-fearing Englishman to fill my lungs with lead fumes. It's the toxic precipitate of liberty.
>> No. 12426 Anonymous
13th February 2018
Tuesday 7:09 pm
12426 spacer

I feel the same way about lead solder. Still have a stockpile of it from my grandad.

It's just so much better to work with. Worth the early death.
>> No. 12427 Anonymous
13th February 2018
Tuesday 9:55 pm
12427 spacer
Ah, good old 63/37. There's none finer.
>> No. 12428 Anonymous
14th February 2018
Wednesday 9:00 am
12428 spacer
Germanium transistors are pretty shitty, though. Nice low bandgap which would be handy for low voltage work, if they didn't leak and change so wildly with temperature.

And decent lead free solder (lots of silver, decent flux) is now good enough that I've abandoned SnPb unless I particularly need the lower temperature.
>> No. 12429 Anonymous
14th February 2018
Wednesday 3:15 pm
12429 spacer

Guitar nerds prefer germanium transistors for some distortion and fuzz effects. It's a subtle difference, but they really do sound nicer. RoHS also killed the cadmium sulphide photoresistor, which is at the heart of some of the best compressors.


>> No. 26086 Anonymous
29th January 2018
Monday 6:43 pm
/emo/26086 ex-offender mega whinge
Before anyone accuses me of self-pity - I don't feel sorry for myself I feel sad and frustrated
It might be interesting to read
I've been released from prison having served three years. I'm now unemployable and without any friends, living in a hostel full of criminals in a city in England. There are drugs here, im a former heavy user, and there is alcohol everywhere. I'm on a drug which stops alcohol working as im trying to quit, having wasted money.
I'm so sorry for what I did but i cannot fix it and I think it's done a lot of damage. I have no friends, none, all deleted me. Little chance of ever getting a job, and struggling to find a tenancy. There were other offences, burglaries that I did and wasnt caught for; I feel like fucking this life off and grassing myself up for everything I ever did. I've got nothing else to do and it might make some victims feel better but WOULD it? They'd prefer to CATCH the bad guy not have him give himself up because h's got nothing left to live for.. although it would be unusual, heartwarming even.. I'd get another three years, would prob run concurrent with my current license period (1/2 in, 1/2 out for the sentenced offence) Long history of mental illness, got alot better in prison.. I was never able to love myself and had constant paranoia due to conspiracies I was constantly contemplating.. Now i feel like I cannot ever have what i always wanted - warmth and love - because of what i've done..
It matters less to me now, I just want probation and the police to leave me alone. Im not going into details about the offences although I worked out why they happened and it is damn complicated, psychologically.
Anyone been in the same position?
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>> No. 26161 Anonymous
10th February 2018
Saturday 12:45 am
26161 spacer
Not him, but there's something torture/killing thingy I had heard of involving an upturned bucket on the chest with a rat or weasle or something in, and perhaps it's heated until it just burrows into down.
>> No. 26162 Anonymous
10th February 2018
Saturday 2:18 pm
26162 spacer
Think there's a model of this at York Dungeons. Caged rat on a man's chest, with a hot coal on top of the cage.
>> No. 26163 Anonymous
10th February 2018
Saturday 8:00 pm
26163 spacer
I remember seeing this when I was there nearly 20 years ago. I bet it's still the same model.
>> No. 26164 Anonymous
11th February 2018
Sunday 4:09 pm
26164 spacer
>>26160 Horrible Histories! The Viking book I guess
>> No. 26180 Anonymous
14th February 2018
Wednesday 11:17 am
26180 spacer
>>26086 No, I have not been in that position and I do believe that if you offer yourself up for these things then it will probably make them feel better about it but you have to be wary that they might not believe you.
Nice picture. Bluebell woods are lovely.


>> ID: cfed17 No. 14403 Anonymous
8th January 2018
Monday 9:31 pm

ID: cfed17
/shed/14403 spacer
Hope you're not going to be taking my credit card details when the ides of May comes around for are titties and vags, lads.
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>> ID: 3a8b5e No. 14462 Anonymous
13th February 2018
Tuesday 4:51 pm

ID: 3a8b5e
14462 spacer
>> ID: 4260c9 No. 14463 Anonymous
13th February 2018
Tuesday 8:45 pm

ID: 4260c9
14463 spacer
So true.
>> ID: 75e9ec No. 14464 Anonymous
13th February 2018
Tuesday 10:27 pm

ID: 75e9ec
14464 spacer
At least there's a playable alpha.
>> ID: 3a8b5e No. 14465 Anonymous
14th February 2018
Wednesday 1:19 am

ID: 3a8b5e
14465 spacer
This is, by definition, the remit of Project Kurksmerk. the "Shitty submarine game" we deserve.
>> ID: 4260c9 No. 14466 Anonymous
14th February 2018
Wednesday 1:44 am

ID: 4260c9
14466 spacer
Brings back fond memories.


>> No. 10582 Anonymous
17th May 2017
Wednesday 12:20 pm
/beat/10582 What you feeling right now? - Part IV, The Revenge of the Feeling.
The last thread ate all of my ram and crashed my browser when I tried to open it, so here is a new thread.
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>> No. 10941 Anonymous
22nd January 2018
Monday 11:13 pm
10941 spacer
>> No. 10942 Anonymous
23rd January 2018
Tuesday 10:34 am
10942 spacer
I've always written off Sufjan Stevens as a fad for American hipsters but I'm listening to the album Illinois now and it is an absolute work of art.
>> No. 10943 Anonymous
25th January 2018
Thursday 10:39 pm
10943 spacer

I unironically enjoy Bill Wurtz's (Wurtz'?) music. Behind the silly lyrics and confusing videos, a lot of it is so complex. "I wanna be a movie star", for example, is constructed as 3 bars of 9/4, followed by one bar of 13/4 in the verses.
>> No. 10944 Anonymous
31st January 2018
Wednesday 7:30 pm
10944 spacer
>> No. 10952 Anonymous
14th February 2018
Wednesday 12:07 am
10952 spacer
Why, yes, this was remixed by the same producer who mixed Sandstorm. How could you tell?


>> No. 26169 Anonymous
13th February 2018
Tuesday 7:47 pm
/emo/26169 spacer
Im having a really strange problem that i have never encountered before, and didnt even realise actually ever really happened.

Ive been in a relationship with this girl for about 5 or 6 months and everything was going great. We both had the same feelings for each other etc.

We lived together in temporary accommodation for 4 months and then she got moved to a different place round the corner to a place that has keyworkers as she is bipolar. At first i wasnt allowed access to the building as i didnt have any photo id. I eventually got this and we resumed relations for 3 days a week. Then i got banned from the building for going to her place whilst having been signed in by another resident. Stupid way to be treated as adults.

Now the problem is that we are lucky to meet 2 or 3 times a month and its all on her terms or so it seems. She calls me up to meet me when she wants sex and sneaks into my place. Now, it may sound like every blokes dream being used in this way but what i miss is the companionship and i feel robbed of an opportunity at happiness as we really did get on so well.

Things are that ridiculous i have to write her handwritten letters as she smashed her phone up at Christmas during one of her episodes.

She says the only way around this is to find permanent accommodation as we cant be meeting on the street at our age or in this weather and even when we have done its not like we can do much...

In essence, im heartbroken as in all my years ive never been this much in love. If i could just get over it and forget her that would make me happy as a second option but i cant get her out of my mind, i just think about her 24/7. Also, security at my place are also bastards and wont let her contact me even though they know we have been together for some time so when she comes looking for me ill be in my room none the wiser.

Can anyone tell me what course of action they would take in this situation?
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>> No. 26173 Anonymous
13th February 2018
Tuesday 9:19 pm
26173 spacer
At a glance (sorry to be that guy BUT) it sounds all like BS to me mate, she sounds like a manipulator too scared to break up. I know from experience... If she really wanted to be with you more often, not when she just wanted to have sex, she would manage it. Sorry mate.
>> No. 26174 Anonymous
13th February 2018
Tuesday 9:28 pm
26174 spacer

I know this is a dank new meme, but let's not Beverley Allit the fuck out of it.
>> No. 26175 Anonymous
13th February 2018
Tuesday 9:45 pm
26175 spacer
This isn't a new meme, it's common sense advice since the dawn of time.
>> No. 26176 Anonymous
13th February 2018
Tuesday 10:31 pm
26176 spacer
AKA don't put your dick in crazy.
>> No. 26177 Anonymous
13th February 2018
Tuesday 11:40 pm
26177 spacer

Well we just had a conversation about this on the phone after what ive read here. I applied pressure and said it cant continue cause its doing my head in and she got all upset and said no way does she want to break up and finds the situation as impossible as i do but same as me cant think of a solution that will allow us to be together again.

Im just hoping to get rehoused and then this problem would be solved. If as you mention she did want to end the relationship she is the type of person that would say so. And to be honest it would be a whole lot easier to deal with than this situation :(


>> No. 413694 Anonymous
17th November 2017
Friday 5:40 pm
/b/413694 spacer
Weekend thread? Weekend thread.
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>> No. 415428 Anonymous
13th February 2018
Tuesday 12:01 am
415428 spacer
A fine post lad.
>> No. 415429 Anonymous
13th February 2018
Tuesday 3:32 am
415429 spacer
>let's not pretend Dalton wasn't top Bond
No need to pretend, lad.
>> No. 415430 Anonymous
13th February 2018
Tuesday 10:25 am
415430 spacer
You lot honestly think Timothy Dalton was a good Bond actor? Are you putting me on?
>> No. 415431 Anonymous
13th February 2018
Tuesday 12:49 pm
415431 spacer
I'm of the Connery/Brosnan school of thought myself, Daniel Craig was also really good in Casino Royale.

I like Roger Moore, but I barely remember Dalton was Bond at times.
>> No. 415432 Anonymous
13th February 2018
Tuesday 4:19 pm
415432 spacer

The Daniel Craig Bond movies were a welcome change from the Brosnan era because the latter got a little too outlandish with all the pretend spy tech. The low point was the air drop scene in Die Another Day which featured piss poor CGI effects even for 2002. Also, the whole car sponsoring thing became a little too much. Not to mention that they switched to BMW.

Daniel Craig is (or was, if he's really not going to come back) really the no-nonsense Bond for the 21st century who does well in action-driven movies. His Bond films have been the most enjoyable ones in a long time.


>> ID: 02bce9 No. 11260 Anonymous
19th December 2013
Thursday 10:21 pm

ID: 02bce9
/shed/11260 spacer
May we have the maximum image size on /spo/ increased so we can have a .gif thread, please?
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>> ID: b1a1bd No. 13687 Anonymous
14th March 2016
Monday 9:04 pm

ID: b1a1bd
13687 spacer


>> ID: 6eeb51 No. 13697 Anonymous
19th March 2016
Saturday 5:21 pm

ID: 6eeb51
13697 spacer


>> ID: 2082fa No. 14406 Anonymous
14th January 2018
Sunday 10:21 pm

ID: 2082fa
14406 spacer


>> ID: 607023 No. 14407 Anonymous
14th January 2018
Sunday 10:24 pm

ID: 607023
14407 spacer

>> ID: 2082fa No. 14459 Anonymous
12th February 2018
Monday 10:56 pm

ID: 2082fa
14459 spacer



>> No. 19768 Anonymous
6th February 2015
Friday 8:29 pm
/e/19768 What are you playing right now?
I figured I'd make an /e/ equivalent of that great, big /beat/ thread.

Recently I have been slogging away on XCOM: Enemy Within with the Long War mod. Humanity is doomed as I'm simply incapable of holding back the torrent of battleships the aliens keep hurling at me.

It's bloody fun though.
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>> No. 22281 Anonymous
9th February 2018
Friday 5:43 pm
22281 spacer

I've just spent a whole week levelling up my mining. Thanks for reminding me that Runescape exists you massive bellend.
>> No. 22288 Anonymous
12th February 2018
Monday 8:39 pm
22288 spacer

There are pros and cons to having one, universal Microsoft account. However, being called "loser" by a lad who beat me on Fifa an hour and a half after I've turned the Xbox off is definitely a con.
>> No. 22289 Anonymous
12th February 2018
Monday 8:50 pm
22289 spacer
It's best when you do it with an unfashionable club, that really seems to irritate them. I haven't had a FIFA game in ages, but my favourite team to play online with was Flamengo when they had Adriano and Vagner Love up front.
>> No. 22290 Anonymous
12th February 2018
Monday 9:23 pm
22290 spacer

What in god's name have you done to your browser, lad?

Did you accidentally tie-dye your computer?
>> No. 22291 Anonymous
12th February 2018
Monday 10:23 pm
22291 spacer
I think he's gone all a bit Aztec in that late eighties style.


>> No. 58863 Ambulancelad
26th October 2017
Thursday 7:42 am
/iq/58863 spacer
How come it's always minor actresses who claim Weinstein raped them? Like "the actress who appeared in Big Momma's House 2" claiming he forced himself on her after the baftas.

What about all the a Listers? Is the actual reason they're a Listers because they willingly let him shag them?
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>> No. 59835 YubYub
12th February 2018
Monday 7:40 pm
59835 spacer

I saw them discussing this on The Wright Show (not by choice) and I noticed they were heavily leaning on "some Haitian sex workers are underage". Not even that the ones involved in the Oxfam thing were, just that underage sex workers exist so therefore dot dot dot. It's fucking irresponsible and I have no idea how they manage to stay on the right side of the law with this stuff.

If I made a tweet right now that said "some females are underage and Matthew Wright has sex with females. Paedophile?" I'd full expect to be answering for it in court.
>> No. 59836 Anonymous
12th February 2018
Monday 8:33 pm
59836 spacer
As if 0.1% of instances of libel online are ever actioned.
>> No. 59837 R4GE
12th February 2018
Monday 9:02 pm
59837 spacer
"Sexual assault" means something illegal, whereas "misconduct" can just mean something that HR should have dealt with. That's the fun part about libel - when defending yourself you get to decide what meaning to ascribe to the words, and the other side has to prove you meant something else.
>> No. 59838 Billbob
12th February 2018
Monday 9:21 pm
59838 spacer

Well if I said it about a brown bloke it'd be hate speech, that's a guaranteed arrest.
>> No. 59839 Anonymous
12th February 2018
Monday 10:15 pm
59839 spacer
To be fair, it was Oxfam's own report into the matter which stated “It cannot be ruled out that any of the prostitutes were under-aged.”

My other half does a fair bit of charity work and there's been at least three instances of people misappropriating funds and one instance of someone being caught on CCTV going through the coat pockets and bags of the service users. Every single time it was hushed up and no further action was taken because the charity didn't want the negative publicity that would have gone with it.


>> ID: 7389f1 No. 13515 Anonymous
10th December 2015
Thursday 8:44 pm

ID: 7389f1
/shed/13515 Silly Sausage Thread
Ban appeals, supplication and fry-ups.
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>> ID: b73876 No. 14453 Anonymous
12th February 2018
Monday 7:05 pm

ID: b73876
14453 spacer

But at de en ov da dae this sites interface iz starting to look a bit shite. It needs some serious overhaul to make it mobile friendly.
>> ID: 76955d No. 14454 Anonymous
12th February 2018
Monday 7:23 pm

ID: 76955d
14454 spacer

I get the sense you're making a very direct metaphor but I'm still confused. Is this what I get for not lurking the IRC anymore?

also why do I keep seeing really shitty posts from yank IPs? Is it Piers Morgan again?
>> ID: 3a8b5e No. 14455 Anonymous
12th February 2018
Monday 7:36 pm

ID: 3a8b5e
14455 spacer
>Piers is the biggest shitposter on .gs
This explains everything, but no it's probably paedo/lab/. I'm sure he is a yank.
>> ID: 76955d No. 14457 Anonymous
12th February 2018
Monday 7:45 pm

ID: 76955d
14457 spacer

That'd account for the sizeable chip on his shoulder.

At least Piers would have more variety.
>> ID: 4acf97 No. 14458 Anonymous
12th February 2018
Monday 9:41 pm

ID: 4acf97
14458 spacer

The IRC has somehow actually died by now. It's almost a shame.


stock image.jpg
>> No. 26313 Anonymous
9th February 2018
Friday 12:45 am
/g/26313 Value Tablets in 2018
Alright lads.

Bad news, my £100 Tesco Hudl 2 shit the bed a while ago.

Unfortunately they've stopped making them, so I've been scraping the lower end of the market for a replacement. There's nothing really catching my eye as good value, even the wanky half-sales websites like Which? and CNET are saying as much.

My budget is probably £250 absolute max, preferably around the £200 mark.

>preferably 10" screen, as long as it's not distinctly noted as being shit quality I don't mind
>proper Android OS, nothing Amazon or Chinese proprietary
>expandable memory (32Gb+)
>smooth general operation and HD playback
>not fussed about camera quality at all

Any tips?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 26319 Anonymous
11th February 2018
Sunday 10:29 pm
26319 spacer

Not in my experience. I don't really shop around for tablets, but in the stuff I do look for - audio, photography, and music equipment - they seem to be competitive.
>> No. 26320 Anonymous
12th February 2018
Monday 11:41 am
26320 spacer
Not these days. Plus, you get the item in your hands without having to pay for and then wait for postage. Also, and a 12-month guarantee, which is probably worth the actual 10% or so markup over eBay.

In my experience, too, Cash Converters/Generator are open to haggling. My mate wanted a camera and managed to haggle a Canon 100D with 18-55, 70-300, a flash, and a bag, and spare battery all in to £300 because it'd been sat there a month or so.
>> No. 26321 Anonymous
12th February 2018
Monday 4:23 pm
26321 spacer
They upped the guarantee to 24 months a while back.
>> No. 26322 Anonymous
12th February 2018
Monday 5:13 pm
26322 spacer
>>26319 >>26320
I had a very quick look. The second product I looked at (Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 T230) is 50% cheaper on eBay. You can even buy it brand new for cheaper than they sell it used.
>> No. 26323 Anonymous
12th February 2018
Monday 6:21 pm
26323 spacer
That happens often, but their prices usually reflect demand rather than market value and you can get most things cheaper. They charge more for things that sell well, which is why you can still find Gamecube games going for £40 in CeX that you can get cheaper on Ebay.


>> No. 17227 Anonymous
6th November 2013
Wednesday 10:41 am
/e/17227 spacer
I bought the worms bundle twice absent mindedly so here are the extra keys .gs

Superfrog HD
Worms Blast
Worms Crazy Golf
Worms Ultimate Mayhem
Worms Armageddon
Worms Pinball

One each, that means you bikethief and stickyfingerslad. is Batman GOTY editions and FEAR.
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>> No. 22283 Anonymous
11th February 2018
Sunday 9:12 am
22283 spacer
Thanks, lad. San Andreas was the only thing I was interested in from the bundle but I wasn't prepared to pay £7 just for that.
>> No. 22284 Anonymous
11th February 2018
Sunday 11:16 am
22284 spacer
Nice, have fun and thanks for saying that you snagged it, saves others the bother of trying.
>> No. 22285 Anonymous
11th February 2018
Sunday 11:19 am
22285 spacer

I got really excited before realising I own all these already I just never play them. I have some thinking to do.
>> No. 22286 Anonymous
11th February 2018
Sunday 11:27 am
22286 spacer
It's OK if you've played them at least once though, have you?
>> No. 22287 Anonymous
12th February 2018
Monday 12:46 pm
22287 spacer
Tried to grab L.A Noire, but it's already gone.
Cheers anyway ladchap.


>> No. 59830 Moralfag
9th February 2018
Friday 1:16 am
/iq/59830 spacer
c'mon then boys whose firsty???
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>> No. 59832 Billbob
9th February 2018
Friday 4:33 pm
59832 spacer
>> No. 59833 R4GE
11th February 2018
Sunday 2:56 am
59833 spacer

Just cheap vodka, shitty speed, and the tears of remain voters. In a can. I'd drink it.


>> No. 4043 Anonymous
9th February 2018
Friday 10:18 pm
/mph/4043 spacer
Is it a good idea to buy a fixer-upper if you know fuck all about cars?

I've seen a Porsche 944 for sale that's a category N write-off that I'm considering going for. On the one hand, I'd have no real idea what I'm doing and I'm not a very handy person. I have, however, watched Wheeler Dealers and that's the extent my knowledge goes.

Would a course in car maintenance at night college be a good idea first?
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>> No. 4067 Anonymous
10th February 2018
Saturday 2:20 pm
4067 spacer
That's a black top Beemer or Audi.
>> No. 4068 Anonymous
10th February 2018
Saturday 3:42 pm
4068 spacer

Serves you right for plasti-dipping your car, you walloper.
>> No. 4069 Anonymous
10th February 2018
Saturday 6:03 pm
4069 spacer

I bought it like that, I swear. And I wish it was plastidip - the black is literally the paint you use to coat stoves with. I know this because there was still a can of it rattling around in the boot when I took it home.

Apparently some bloke had bought it to try and turn it into a 'mad drift nugget' as the kids say, but he got bored and traded it into a combined MX5/Porsche specialist dealer. I was there buying something or other for the Boxster I had at the time, and saw that in the corner, I remarked on the brutally awful paint job and the dealer told me the story and said I could have it for 500 quid.

It was still down as red on the logbook when I got it too, it was a conviction on wheels that thing.
>> No. 4070 Anonymous
10th February 2018
Saturday 7:54 pm
4070 spacer
You're trying to convince people the MX-5 isn't a womens car, and you pick the video of the car with the marple dash and the dildo-esque gearknob.
Just kidding, it's my dream car and I'm getting one as soon as I have the money and the space. I'm also bisexual and have a large collection of silicone sculptures so maybe I'm biased though.
>> No. 4071 Anonymous
10th February 2018
Saturday 8:21 pm
4071 spacer
>silicone sculptures

Any dragon shaped?


Fucking depression.jpg
>> No. 21977 Anonymous
17th December 2017
Sunday 2:37 am
/v/21977 Star Wars: The Last Jedi
I don't know what I was expecting, but I wasn't expecting lore breaking dues ex machina fuckery and overt character assassination.

It's fucking shite.
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>> No. 22088 Anonymous
9th February 2018
Friday 8:54 pm
22088 spacer

Ya' foolin' no one, la'!
>> No. 22089 Anonymous
10th February 2018
Saturday 12:09 am
22089 spacer

Your paranoia aside as to who I am. Am I wrong?
>> No. 22090 Anonymous
10th February 2018
Saturday 6:06 am
22090 spacer

I think you're just prolonging the argument by making points like this, no matter how valid. Not that there was ever a mod in this thread defending or lambasting Star Wars, just for the record. It'd be different if the lad got banned for being right (or wrong) about Star Wars, but what actually happened was he made an infuriatingly silly point and was comedy banned for it, at which point he asked for everyone's badge numbers and made it a whole thing, after which he was banned twice more for fun/autism.

Believe it or not, mods do not last long here if they make frequent over-judicious bannings.

>(it really doesn't look good from the outside)

Neither do heads on spikes at the castle walls, but it bloody works!
>> No. 22091 Anonymous
10th February 2018
Saturday 9:57 am
22091 spacer
>Believe it or not, mods do not last long here if they make frequent over-judicious bannings.

Name one.
>> No. 22092 Anonymous
10th February 2018
Saturday 1:41 pm
22092 spacer

You're literally just asking me to name a colour, daftlad.


(A good day to you Sir!)


>> No. 83894 Anonymous
9th February 2018
Friday 2:30 pm
/pol/83894 Good Friday Agreement
Does our resident Norn Irelend lad know what the deal is surrounding the land border with The Republic? As far as I know, troops on the streets is a direct contravention of the GFA, as historically they had a habit of shooting teenagers, as is doing anything which inhibit Co-op between the two nations. That was ratified by the EU and UN(?), so it's not really up for debate (as far as I know) so I have a couple of questions.
1) Why do the DUP want to stir tensions with a hard border?
2) Are my assumptions correct and is there anything else you're aware of people need to know here? It wasn't discussed at all outside warnings from Blair and Major which were dismissed as "Project Fear" despite being, apparently, perfectly valid.
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>> No. 83900 Anonymous
9th February 2018
Friday 4:54 pm
83900 spacer

The agreement guarantees incorporation of the ECHR in NI law, with direct access to the courts. Either we need to remain under the jurisdiction of the ECJ, we need a special deal for NI, or we need to amend the GFA.

The GFA doesn't directly mention the border, but it does pledge the removal of "security installations", which could be reasonably interpreted as including border checkpoints. It's very difficult to conceive of a border that is soft on both sides but satisfies WTO and EU rules. If we retain tariff-free trade with the RoI, then we'd be obliged under the most favoured nation rule to abolish tariffs on all our imports.
>> No. 83901 Anonymous
9th February 2018
Friday 5:13 pm
83901 spacer
>The agreement guarantees incorporation of the ECHR in NI law, with direct access to the courts. Either we need to remain under the jurisdiction of the ECJ

Not the same thing.
>> No. 83902 Anonymous
9th February 2018
Friday 5:14 pm
83902 spacer
> You're mind is skewed by Europe basically being one giant country. Poland has troops on it's border with Ukraine

My mind is certainly not skewed by this. There is no need for it to be the case.
>> No. 83903 Anonymous
9th February 2018
Friday 5:20 pm
83903 spacer
Countries that don't protect their borders are seen as failed states for a reason. There are rules about this kind of thing.
>> No. 83904 Anonymous
9th February 2018
Friday 5:30 pm
83904 spacer
You're just making shit up now.


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