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>> No. 411294 Anonymous
15th June 2017
Thursday 6:16 pm
/b/411294 Grenfell Tower
Why haven't we got a thread on this yet? It's going to prove a turning point in Britsh history.
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>> No. 411566 Anonymous
19th June 2017
Monday 3:41 pm
411566 spacer

Video of firemen on the way to the incident, asking "How the fuck is that even possible?". Just sums up this whole catastrophe.
>> No. 411569 Anonymous
19th June 2017
Monday 4:51 pm
411569 spacer

Video unavailable.
>> No. 411570 Anonymous
19th June 2017
Monday 5:22 pm
411570 spacer
Someone in Cardiff appears to have started a tribute fire on some grass. Coverage so far seems to be about six posts on the twitters.
>> No. 411572 Anonymous
19th June 2017
Monday 7:37 pm
411572 spacer
>> No. 411573 Anonymous
19th June 2017
Monday 7:41 pm
411573 spacer


>> ID: 87ad8f No. 14201 Anonymous
28th May 2017
Sunday 4:24 pm

ID: 87ad8f
/shed/14201 Wordfilter request
Requesting a wordfilter for 'nonce' being used as a generic insult in thread after's like the Dianne Abbott thing, it feels like someone is trying to force a meme and it's a bit annoying. I mean fair dos if it's actually a thread about Rolf Harris or something but it seems to be a default response to unrelated posts

(A good day to you Sir!)
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>> ID: c95d26 No. 14224 Anonymous
31st May 2017
Wednesday 4:28 pm

ID: c95d26
14224 spacer

Pallet land is just off St Helens Linkway/A570.
>> ID: 326ba2 No. 14225 Anonymous
31st May 2017
Wednesday 6:19 pm

ID: 326ba2
14225 spacer


>> ID: 326ba2 No. 14226 Anonymous
31st May 2017
Wednesday 8:19 pm

ID: 326ba2
14226 spacer


>> ID: 607023 No. 14227 Anonymous
31st May 2017
Wednesday 9:17 pm

ID: 607023
14227 spacer

nae pallets here M90.jpg

>> ID: 80a4b4 No. 14228 Anonymous
19th June 2017
Monday 11:40 am

ID: 80a4b4
14228 spacer

My mam lives near the coast road


>> No. 13060 Anonymous
18th June 2017
Sunday 12:54 pm
/news/13060 Oh Ant
Get well soon fella.
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>> No. 13069 Anonymous
19th June 2017
Monday 1:17 am
13069 spacer
They'll have to find him a partner otherwise he won't know which side to stand on, the poor thing.
>> No. 13073 Anonymous
19th June 2017
Monday 7:08 am
13073 spacer
As long as it's not Stephen Mulhern.
>> No. 13074 Anonymous
19th June 2017
Monday 7:37 am
13074 spacer
Dec & Dyer.

Commission a series immediately.
>> No. 13075 Anonymous
19th June 2017
Monday 10:45 am
13075 spacer
They are the wrong way round. The normally always appear with Ant on the left, Dec on the right.
>> No. 13076 Anonymous
19th June 2017
Monday 11:25 am
13076 spacer
Cannit hack the sesh man


>> No. 411173 Anonymous
9th June 2017
Friday 11:54 am
/b/411173 spacer
Everything is brilliant. Well done Britain. Is it time to get drunk yet?
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>> No. 411346 Anonymous
16th June 2017
Friday 4:05 pm
411346 spacer
Sneaky sneaky
>> No. 411347 Anonymous
16th June 2017
Friday 4:29 pm
411347 spacer
You took your time.
>> No. 411524 Anonymous
18th June 2017
Sunday 9:45 pm
411524 spacer
Meme aside, why is the chromatic aberration on that image so bad? I would have thought that with the insane prices that are charged for broadcast lenses, that wouldn't be a problem.
>> No. 411545 Anonymous
19th June 2017
Monday 8:55 am
411545 spacer
Hastily set up? Not white balanced? Very bright sunlit background? BBC Unionist bias?
>> No. 411549 Anonymous
19th June 2017
Monday 10:08 am
411549 spacer

ENG cameras make quite a lot of compromises. You want a fast parfocal lens with a very wide zoom range, but you don't have a lot of weight to play with. There are always some optical compromises, especially at the extremes of the zoom range. Studio lenses are optically superb, but they're absolutely massive lumps of glass.

You're better off getting a slightly substandard shot with a small and light camera than missing the shot with a studio-quality boat anchor. The BBC are now using the iPhone for some audio and video news gathering - the quality is just about acceptable and the workflow is extremely fast.

A lot of weirdness can happen in the signal chain, which is ludicrously complex for a live broadcast. There are multiple codecs and standards converters in the chain between the camera in Downing Street and your TV, all of which introduce some level of artifacts.


>> No. 82964 Anonymous
17th June 2017
Saturday 6:30 pm
/pol/82964 spacer
Anarchylad, I have mocked you for years, but now I agree it's time to end this bullshit.
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>> No. 83008 Anonymous
18th June 2017
Sunday 9:24 pm
83008 spacer
>If the ballot paper didn't have the parties written on them do you think people would really have any idea of who they were voting for?
Er, yes. At least, if the evidence of how people voted in the days when party affiliation and logos were not printed prominently on the ballot paper is anything to go by.
>> No. 83009 Anonymous
18th June 2017
Sunday 9:28 pm
83009 spacer

So you haven't noticed how people talk about Corbyn constantly, or voting for Corbyn, even though they probably don't live in North Islington? And therefore he presumably had no relivance to how people voted in the general election outside of that area.
>> No. 83010 Anonymous
18th June 2017
Sunday 10:27 pm
83010 spacer
Are you an idiot? Of course he is relevant to all people voting Labour, not just those in North Islington.
>> No. 83011 Anonymous
18th June 2017
Sunday 11:42 pm
83011 spacer
Yes I have. I've also noticed how other people talk about how they hate Corbyn but vote for the Labour candidate anyway because they like their MP or hate the Tories even more.

Party leaders certainly have relevance to national voter trends. That doesn't translate to "a vote for an MP is as good as a vote for a leader", though, that's total bollocks. To get a sense of how favourable people's opinions of party leaders are you have to, you know, actually ask them a question about it.
>> No. 83012 Anonymous
19th June 2017
Monday 7:41 am
83012 spacer
He reaction to Grenfell has really seen her take a battering.
Go down and talk to the firemen but avoid the people because they might be ruffians. Jez goes right down and hugs people. He walks among the people like he has his entire life.

Theresa is essentially shamed into meeting a select few at downing street on her own terms a couple of days later.


>> No. 23560 Anonymous
16th November 2016
Wednesday 6:49 pm
/emo/23560 Minor angst and existential dread, Mk. I
We tend to have a lot of repeated threads here, but I also get the feeling people don't tend to post in /emo/ unless it's a big issue.

With this in mind I suggest that we have a thread for stuff that's got you down a bit and you need to get off your chest, without it being major enough to make an entire thread devoted to it. We can also use it as a go-to for minor relationship advice, work problems, social drama, and things like that.

Everyone gets down from time to time, let's put some Sisters of Mercy on and wallow together for a while.
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>> No. 24924 Anonymous
20th May 2017
Saturday 9:27 pm
24924 spacer
And tell him what? The whole thing is drawn out.
>> No. 24925 Anonymous
21st May 2017
Sunday 1:57 pm
24925 spacer

The doctor tried to tell me I was depressed for these reasons, so I had to remind him that not only am I already on an antidepressant for anxiety, I suffer from chronic back and joint pain and told him if he gave me better painkillers I'd shower more than was absolutely necessary to keep my wife from leaving me.

I shaved recently for the first time in about a year and had to use scissors on it first, because I was going to a wedding. Up until that point I couldn't be arsed because it really hurt my arm and wrist and my wife liked it... for a bit. She started offering to shave it for me, but I was too proud, but eventually conceded the moustache because she threatened to stop having sex with me so she was trimming it with a beard trimmer every time it got "scratchy".

It's all about perspective, both of those things apply to me but I'm pretty OK mentally.
>> No. 24926 Anonymous
21st May 2017
Sunday 6:31 pm
24926 spacer

Cognitive Behavoural Therapy can be really useful for chronic pain. It won't make the pain better, but it can make it easier to live with. Have you ever been referred to a pain clinic or the Expert Patients Programme?
>> No. 24927 Anonymous
21st May 2017
Sunday 10:15 pm
24927 spacer

Yeah, the Pain Clinic are fucking heroes. They gave me my first TENS machine and put me on pre-gabalin (which is cracking stuff).

The nurses have good chat and tolerance for swearing, first time I went they gave me a form with pictures of the body and told me to highlight were it hurt. I highlighted the whole thing and handed it back to him and he was just like "...fair enough. You want to sit in my desk chair, these seat are shit?" I sat in the chair.
>> No. 25026 Anonymous
19th June 2017
Monday 2:34 am
25026 spacer
I care more about the people I'm employed to look after than myself. Much more. They are fantastic, and I have no idea why I'm still here.


>> No. 25930 Anonymous
7th June 2017
Wednesday 9:27 am
/g/25930 All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace
I'm not sure if this even exists, but can someone recommend me some sort of free organiser/calendar application. That has an absurd level of customisation of repeating cycles and an ability to integrate in scripts and other applications to run automatically, potentially other 'smart objects'.

I've decided that I want to attempt to structure my life to an absurd level, where the computer will play music playlists where they left off at fixed times, turn on lights, message my phone to tell me it is time to brush my teeth, tell me every 3 days to practice coding for an hour, every 10 days tell me to cut my nails. Tell me when to order my shopping, when I need to preheat the oven based on the exact mean I’m having that night to always eat at 8 o’clock. Budget time for my exercise routine that scales up depending on how far along the routine I am and previous data I’ve fed it. And that if I need to amend the process there are various options as to how to handle that.

Does this exist, does anything even come close?
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>> No. 25936 Anonymous
8th June 2017
Thursday 11:55 am
25936 spacer

In the adult world we call those PAs and yes, what I really want is a PA that works 24-7 and I don't need to see or pay.
>> No. 25937 Anonymous
8th June 2017
Thursday 12:17 pm
25937 spacer
There are some Android apps which family your daily routine. Try 'life rpg' or similar.

This will allow you to micromanage your day, but you may need a separate app to trigger events based on alarms. I used to use one called alarm clock plus which had me perdoing sums to turn the alarm off and could probably be used for events.
>> No. 25938 Anonymous
8th June 2017
Thursday 12:34 pm
25938 spacer

Learn Python then.
>> No. 25939 Anonymous
8th June 2017
Thursday 7:58 pm
25939 spacer
An app called Timetune has helped me do this.
>> No. 25944 Anonymous
19th June 2017
Monday 12:33 am
25944 spacer
Don't forget Tasker, for your Android smartphone.

Lifehacker is basically an infinite repetition of 'use Tasker and IFTTT to automate your life'.


>> No. 23980 Cockernay
10th April 2017
Monday 7:45 pm
/zoo/23980 Immigrant chans looking for a handout thread. Stickied

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>> No. 23988 Raoul
10th April 2017
Monday 10:06 pm
23988 spacer
>> No. 23989 Fairy
10th April 2017
Monday 11:23 pm
23989 spacer
I remember this bit of Metal Gear
>> No. 24005 Clog
18th June 2017
Sunday 8:52 pm
24005 spacer
>> No. 24007 Raoul
18th June 2017
Sunday 10:18 pm
24007 spacer



>> No. 409690 Anonymous
18th April 2017
Tuesday 10:24 am
/b/409690 spacer
Theresa May is due to make a statement in Downing Street at 11.15am amid speculation the Prime Minister could call an early general election.

Mrs May is scheduled to make her statement immediately following a meeting of her Cabinet. The BBC's political editor Laura Kuenssberg confirmed the news and said such a statement is "only normally used for most serious moments".

Downing Street is yet to comment on what Mrs May will say. Statements outside Number 10 are highly rare and usually reserved for only the most significant announcements.

The last time Mrs May spoke to the nation in front of the famous black door was after she succeeded David Cameron as PM. Meanwhile, Mr Cameron used the setting to announce his resignation in the immediate aftermath of the EU referendum result.

It's either a general election or we're going to war with the North Koreans. Place your bets now.
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>> No. 411149 Anonymous
8th June 2017
Thursday 2:46 am
411149 spacer

If you haven't already, look up the data on your constituency. Tactical voting really matters in an election like this.
>> No. 411152 Anonymous
8th June 2017
Thursday 3:59 am
411152 spacer

Whatever happens, this election has brought a new man into my life, and I'll be forever grateful for that.
>> No. 411159 Anonymous
8th June 2017
Thursday 3:06 pm
411159 spacer
My area is basically Lib dems or Labour and while I'd like to vote for neither of them I went with the Lib dems.
The tory candidate was from Manchester and this vote was for an area in Birmingham.
>> No. 411160 Anonymous
8th June 2017
Thursday 3:38 pm
411160 spacer
In my constituency in south Wales, the Tory candidate stood out as having a registered address in Banbury. Talk about a parachute candidate.
>> No. 411492 Anonymous
18th June 2017
Sunday 7:39 pm
411492 spacer
> I also remember the IMF crisis of '76.
So you'll remember that actually, we never needed to take out a loan at all - right?
>The reality is more complicated. The situation at the end of 1976 was not uniquely dire. The government had already made two applications to the IMF at the end of 1975, with far less publicity, and the balance of payments had been in much greater arrears then. Healey later claimed that the Treasury had grossly overestimated the public sector borrowing requirement, the key figure used during the IMF crisis, and that if he had been given accurate figures, he would not have had to ask for the loan.

Also more interestingly our balance of payments has been even worse (I think we've had a surplus once in the early 2000s or late 90s.) since then. Funny to think it used to be a major political concern, to the point of it sometimes being the explanation for Wilson losing '70.

Yes, I am enough of a wanker to take a detour from smirking at pre-election predictions of wipeout to dig up trivia. So fight me.


>> No. 3892 Anonymous
17th June 2017
Saturday 9:19 pm
/mph/3892 spacer
My dad's van got hit by an EU worker today.

Could it be a right off?
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>> No. 3896 Anonymous
17th June 2017
Saturday 9:29 pm
3896 spacer
>> No. 3897 Anonymous
17th June 2017
Saturday 9:47 pm
3897 spacer
Doesn't look like it. Seems like the bumper has taken the brunt of it (as it's supposed to) and there's just a bit of a dent, unless there's been some structural damage underneath that we can't see, which the assessors will figure out. Assuming it is just what we see, that would only be a write-off if the van has depreciated to the point where it was practically worthless before the event.
>> No. 3899 Anonymous
18th June 2017
Sunday 3:22 am
3899 spacer
A new bumper end cap costs £7. I can't really tell from the photos whether the wheel arch trim needs replacing. If it's still in one piece it should go back on with some new retaining clips, which are about £2 for 10. If it's broken, you can get a replacement from a breaker for £35, possibly less locally. The bodywork damage isn't worth fixing, as it'll all be covered by trim.

Looking at the state of the other vehicle, I'm genuinely impressed at how well the Transit Connect has held up.
>> No. 3900 Anonymous
18th June 2017
Sunday 8:36 am
3900 spacer
4-pack of Stella or Tyskie in a works van?
>> No. 3901 Anonymous
18th June 2017
Sunday 11:44 am
3901 spacer
It's clearly some nice, hot Stella he's got there.


>> No. 40005 Anonymous
5th December 2015
Saturday 3:15 pm
/x/40005 Music Videos to Put a Smile on your Face
It does what it says on the tin. Post music videos that you enjoy in a sexual way.
(0:40 is when it starts)

/beat/ felt like the wrong place for this
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>> No. 40337 Anonymous
27th September 2016
Tuesday 9:05 pm
40337 spacer
>>40336 She has a nice bum.
>> No. 40338 Anonymous
27th September 2016
Tuesday 10:29 pm
40338 spacer
That second video is mesmerising.
>> No. 40411 Anonymous
5th June 2017
Monday 4:43 pm
40411 spacer
>> No. 40412 Anonymous
8th June 2017
Thursday 9:05 pm
40412 spacer
I actually watched the second video on the way in to work on the train, because I was so miserable; it cheered me up no end. This video is the new Narkiss.
>> No. 40417 Anonymous
18th June 2017
Sunday 10:26 am
40417 spacer
Is Vimeo classed as cheating?


>> No. 58135 Anonymous
12th June 2017
Monday 6:15 pm
/iq/58135 spacer
Brave sex abuse victim waives anonymity to reveal how BBC pervs Julie and Tony Wadsworth groomed him as a schoolboy and lured him into woods for sex

Recalling the first time he saw her, he said: “One Saturday morning while we were out playing on our bikes me and my mates were ­confronted with a woman old enough to be our mother running through the woods with no knickers on asking us if we wanted to play and have sex with her.

“People must think it’s every schoolboy’s dream but it wasn’t right. We were gobsmacked, and to make it even more weird her husband was egging her on. We tried to treat it all as banter and a big joke. But looking back they knew we were schoolboys and what they did was wrong.”

He and a friend had spotted the couple in a park in September 1992. Darren said: “A lad on his bike rode past and said we should have a look at the ‘streaker with her tits out’ in the next clearing.

“We thought it was a joke but there she was with a scruffy-looking bloke. We were staring at her but trying to seem not to look. I’d seen some dirty books and she looked like something out of one of them.

They asked us if there was anywhere we could ‘have a play’ and we walked about a mile with them to the Outwoods near the golf course.

“Me and my mate were trembling with excitement and didn’t know what to expect. Then she told us we could do it one at a time. My mate went behind the bush with her first but was back within minutes saying he was scared because the husband had a camera and he thought he was taking photos. Then I heard her shout it was my turn. I was nervous but she called me over next and she was sitting down naked with the mac open.”

Before the sex session started Darren said Mrs Wadsworth — who never gave her name — insisted her husband go for a walk because his camera was “making the boys jittery”.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 58157 R4GE
17th June 2017
Saturday 10:34 pm
58157 spacer


did someone mention god
>> No. 58158 Searchfag
17th June 2017
Saturday 11:25 pm
58158 spacer

Those ambitions are diametrically opposed. You can't get pissing your pants shited and still expect to shag someone who doesn't look like the underside of a farmer's Range Rover.
>> No. 58159 R4GE
17th June 2017
Saturday 11:27 pm
58159 spacer

U wot m42?
>> No. 58160 YubYub
18th June 2017
Sunday 12:04 am
58160 spacer
As the Great Buddha teaches us; she may well be the undercarriage of a farmer's range rover by morning but did you not still make love to a beautiful woman the night before?

>> No. 58161 YubYub
18th June 2017
Sunday 12:19 am
58161 spacer
As the great Winston Churchill teaches us, you'll sober up but she'll still be the undercarriage of a farmer's Range Rover.


>> No. 21211 Anonymous
15th June 2011
Wednesday 4:15 pm
/x/21211 The Yellow Fever- ITT AZNS
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>> No. 35252 Anonymous
22nd May 2015
Friday 12:49 am
35252 spacer


>> No. 35253 Anonymous
22nd May 2015
Friday 12:50 am
35253 spacer


>> No. 35254 Anonymous
22nd May 2015
Friday 12:54 am
35254 spacer


>> No. 35256 Anonymous
22nd May 2015
Friday 1:03 am
35256 spacer


>> No. 40416 Anonymous
16th June 2017
Friday 9:58 am
40416 spacer



>> No. 411335 Anonymous
16th June 2017
Friday 5:19 am
/b/411335 spacer
what's the app in this screenshot i'm fucking retarded
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>> No. 411336 Anonymous
16th June 2017
Friday 5:31 am
411336 spacer
Could be Kik?
>> No. 411338 Anonymous
16th June 2017
Friday 8:55 am
411338 spacer
>(with chatting person)
Judging by the built-in grammar, some sort of shitty foreign knock-off.


>> No. 411227 Anonymous
10th June 2017
Saturday 10:38 pm
/b/411227 spacer
A friend is getting married soon, so need ideas for gifts. They've been living together for a couple of years so have the basic stuff. Doesn't have to be expensive as he said I don't have to get them anything.
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>> No. 411317 Anonymous
15th June 2017
Thursday 9:04 pm
411317 spacer
Why are western weddings so shite?
>> No. 411321 Anonymous
15th June 2017
Thursday 10:30 pm
411321 spacer


I will take a guess and say because they are centered around women. Women are the ones who plan, arrange and carry out Western wedding ceremonies. In eskimo cultures, from what I witnessed, a wedding is more about parents giving their daughter away to their future husband. That in itself is not without problems if we judge it by our modern Western standards, because it isn't about women choosing their future husband, but about parents, as I said, giving away their daughter. Anyway, the parents of the bridal couple are generally in charge of the festivities and all the planning. And they seem to get on with it very pragmatically. Or maybe their cultures and traditions just leave very little room for variation, that's also a possibility.

But put white middle class Western brides in charge of a wedding, as they are when "Western" people marry, and what you end up with is a whole weekend's worth of drama, daftness, silly wedding reception games, atrocious speeches, and guests quietly contemplating shooting themselves in the head. And that isn't counting the months of drama beforehand which everybody around the bride will have to endure. Who sits next to who becomes an unsolvable puzzle, colour combinations of table cloths and carnations suggested by the groom nearly end in the couple's separation, and disagreements about the font on the wedding invitations will continue far into the wedding night itself. I actually witnessed all of this myself with various friends and their weddings.

It's in our culture. 50 years of women's emancipation, and women still grow up with the vision in their head of what their wedding day will be like. By the time the day comes, they will have had anywhere from 20 to 30 years to contemplate it. While guys really only start thinking about their wedding day when they have met somebody who is hell bent on tying the knot, when you think about it.

So women will have had all this time, all these decades to prepare for that one big day of their lives. And yet, it turns out completely shit.
>> No. 411324 Anonymous
15th June 2017
Thursday 10:48 pm
411324 spacer
>> No. 411326 Anonymous
15th June 2017
Thursday 11:02 pm
411326 spacer
I agree with you on some parts but your whole analysis comes from a hateful place. There's a bit of trout farming in all of that.

I think the main issue is the lack of input from family, friends, and most importantly, the groom himself. Western weddings are selfish. I have been to an Arab wedding and a Somali one too. The whole festivities felt like it was celebrating something greater than just a single woman marrying a single man. Even I felt like it was special and I'm not part of their community.

So, in short, western weddings are shite because it is design to be very selfish and it is devoid of anything meaningful. That's why you see all the silly mess. It is meant to fill a cultural void.

I also blame alcohol. We just can't seem to be ourselves, a normal human being, without being smashed.
>> No. 411329 Anonymous
15th June 2017
Thursday 11:44 pm
411329 spacer
You sound very bitter lad.


>> No. 58123 YubYub
9th June 2017
Friday 12:43 am
/iq/58123 spacer
Lads. I can't stop thinking about jizzing on Laura Kuenssberg's face.
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>> No. 58144 Samefag
13th June 2017
Tuesday 12:44 pm
58144 spacer
I have an admittedly high threshold but that's just disgusting.
>> No. 58145 Auntiefucker
13th June 2017
Tuesday 7:20 pm
58145 spacer
Most of the people in that video look hideous
>> No. 58146 Are Moaty
13th June 2017
Tuesday 8:07 pm
58146 spacer


British porn innit. We're never going to compete with the glamorous fantasy of two perfectly toned Americans shagging each other senseless by the swimming pool of a Beverly Hills mansion. We go in exactly the opposite direction - normal people having normal sex in normal places. We're the nation that invented Reader's Wives and dogging, after all. Even when we do some absurd parody, it's made to seem attainable. Our porn is like a Ken Loach film with cumshots.

The kind of slags who'd suck you off behind the bins at Wetherspoons. Women who look like your aunty Pauline going on a shagging spree after a messy divorce. Blokes that really are plumbers and cabbies. UKIP candidates for county council. Travelodges. Terraced houses with brown corduroy sofas. A Vauxhall Astra with beaded seat covers parked in a lay-by. A pale thigh with a Tweety Pie tattoo. Bad puns.

Our most iconic porn star has his own line of car floor mats. He was the drummer for a one-hit wonder in the 80s. He did a nine month stretch for obscenity in the 90s. His son was the annoying lad in Outnumbered.

If it doesn't all make you proud to be British, I despair.
>> No. 58147 Paedofag
13th June 2017
Tuesday 9:19 pm
58147 spacer
Are you trying to get me to top myself?
>> No. 58150 YubYub
15th June 2017
Thursday 8:29 pm
58150 spacer


>> No. 5476 Anonymous
15th June 2017
Thursday 7:06 pm
/art/5476 Calligraphy thread
Anyone else into this or is it the /art/equivalent to dogging?
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>> No. 5477 Anonymous
15th June 2017
Thursday 7:42 pm
5477 spacer
If you mean graffiti then yes, love it.


>> No. 2239 Anonymous
2nd June 2017
Friday 8:54 pm
/uhu/2239 Cabinets/Drawers
There's this thin sheet of wood or cardboard on the back of cabinets or drawers usually. The bit that separates from the back of your closet when you stuff too much stuff into it. The bit you might have to hammer to make it stick to the furniture again.

What is it called? The one on the back of my drawer got wet and I rip it off and chucked it out, but obviously I would need a replacement. I have been googling different combination of words and I have not been lucky. What is that piece called so that I can buy it off eBay and do it myself. Please lads.
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>> No. 2261 Anonymous
13th June 2017
Tuesday 9:31 am
2261 spacer
The MDF backboard is to stop the actual solid wood panels cracking under natural expansion and contraction in the case of changing temperatures in the room in which it's placed. It's not a penny-pinching tactic — it's an evolution of the design.

(I am not a Big Cabinet shill.)
>> No. 2262 Anonymous
13th June 2017
Tuesday 1:06 pm
2262 spacer

Yes, but people had these problems back then as well, didnt they? And yet, they chose solid wood for the backs of cupboards.

Your theory appears flawed.
>> No. 2263 Anonymous
13th June 2017
Tuesday 2:37 pm
2263 spacer

The backs of good quality cabinets (and the bases of drawers) would be fitted into a slightly loose groove, with a few millimetres of space at either end for expansion.
>> No. 2264 Anonymous
14th June 2017
Wednesday 9:35 pm
2264 spacer
So the stud finder tells you what kind of wall it is, right?
>> No. 2265 Anonymous
14th June 2017
Wednesday 10:10 pm
2265 spacer

Telling the difference between a plasterboard and brick wall is perfectly straightforward - you just knock on the wall to see if it's hollow.

The stud finder detects differences in density. If you wave it along a plasterboard wall, it'll beep when there's a wooden beam behind the plasterboard. You want to screw into the wooden beam rather than the plasterboard, because the wood is far stronger. Most stud finders will also detect cables and pipes, which you obviously don't want to drill into.


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>> No. 75779 Anonymous
20th July 2016
Wednesday 1:55 pm
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The Liberal Democrats have started a consultation process on what the parties next manifesto should look like. Its open to non-members and I thought everyone could benefit from you lads giving views.

It asks an interesting question: What would you spend £2 billion on?

I thought about putting the money towards adult education programs. Things like the Open University are fundamentally good ideas that gives people who otherwise can't study because of career and family commitments the chance to learn new skills and achieve lifelong learning. It sounds non-controversial but I'm sure there is ample chance to start a cunt-off on that idea.

Another interesting question is that it asks whether the Lib Dems should focus on staying in the European Union or on what Brexit should now be. An interesting option given the party is fervently pro-EU and I wonder what will fill the vacuum if its abandoned.
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>> No. 82932 Anonymous
14th June 2017
Wednesday 8:13 pm
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I'm glad he has stuck to his views. The fact the liberal party is crushing him for it is shameful on them.
>> No. 82933 Anonymous
14th June 2017
Wednesday 8:18 pm
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If he'd simply given a straight answer then the spectre of homosexuality wouldn't have lingered around him like a bad fart. His failure to deal with this made it an issue.
>> No. 82934 Anonymous
14th June 2017
Wednesday 8:33 pm
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Funny how the leader whose father was a vicar and presumably has similarly backward views didn't get pulled up on it.
>> No. 82935 Anonymous
14th June 2017
Wednesday 8:53 pm
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Similar backwards views as in she was the first prominent Tory to support Out4Marriage?

Similar backwards views that she, together with Gideon and Hague, wrote a letter in The Telegraph in 2013 telling other Tories to back same sex marriage?

Similar backwards views that it was Theresa May herself who wrote a foreword to the 2010 Tory manifesto pledging to look into expanding civil partnerships into gay marriage?

Please don't tell me you're basing your opinion on Theresa May on social media memes.
>> No. 82936 Anonymous
14th June 2017
Wednesday 9:54 pm
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Sorry, you're right. When Tim Farron publicly supports same-sex marriage, he's betraying his religion, whereas when Theresa May publicly supports same-sex marriage, she really means it.

I've got a bridge you might be interested in.


>> No. 5718 Anonymous
13th June 2017
Tuesday 1:59 pm
/poof/5718 spacer
I'm looking for some decent but not too expensive aftershaves.

Wilko are selling Brut for £2.50 but is it old fashioned?
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>> No. 5727 Anonymous
14th June 2017
Wednesday 5:24 pm
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They're selling Hai Karate in the local quid shop. Definitely getting some.
>> No. 5728 Anonymous
14th June 2017
Wednesday 5:52 pm
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Have they got any Mandate?
>> No. 5729 Anonymous
14th June 2017
Wednesday 5:57 pm
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I'll look tomorrow.
>> No. 5730 Anonymous
14th June 2017
Wednesday 6:46 pm
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Personally I always go with Joop! Homme but I'd trust anything under the brand. The ladies certainly seem to like it without it being the aftershave equivalent of Lynx Africa.

Sage ticked because OP has already gone out and bought some but I still want to add my voice to the choir for any lads looking in future.
>> No. 5731 Anonymous
14th June 2017
Wednesday 8:13 pm
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While you're there, see if they've got any Denim.


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