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>> No. 69249 Anonymous
17th February 2016
Wednesday 12:49 pm
/pol/69249 100% Inheritance Tax
Some time ago I came up with the idea of abolishing or massively reducing most of the taxes collected by the government with the exception of one tax, inheritance tax, which I advocated being raised to 100% with no exemptions or minimum threshold. I posted the idea online (it might have been here) and was ridiculed.

Now I am back, having investigated the matter thoroughly and done a lot of number-crunching and I am here to make the case again. Although the primary motivation for my argument is a moral one, the numbers themselves actually do make sense and we would see a net gain to the tax revenue collected each year.

The plan is simple: Close all loopholes regarding inheritance tax, then raise it to 100% but allow people who jointly own a property to have first-refusal on purchasing it back from the government in the event of the other owner's death (providing they have the money or can get a mortgage). This would apply to any and all possessions including personal chattels meaning you will have to pay the government a few grand to keep your telly, furniture and the like if your wife dies.

Why is this a good idea?

1. It completely and permanently removes every single living person from the tax system forever, freeing them up to do what they please with 100% of the money they earn. Whether you think this is a good thing because you believe people should own the fruits of their own labour or you think it's a good thing because it incentivises people to earn money there is not really anywhere you can sit on the political spectrum and disagree with this.

2. It encourages wealthy individuals from all across the world to base themselves in Britain, creating employment opportunities and of course giving our treasury a shit ton of money when they die. Everybody dies and it's not the sort of thing you can really keep quiet so there's not really any way for people to evade it. If every billionaire on Earth moves significant assets here due to the fact that they don't have to pay any tax we will be drowning in money forever.

3. Morally there is no way to justify someone owning what they did not earn. As with point 1, wherever one sits on the political spectrum they at least pretend to agree with this. Even the die-hard supercapitalists who want to create a libertarian free-market utopia claim that their ideology is based upon wanting people to make their own way in the world and not "rely on others for hand-outs".

Just imagine the paradise we would live in. No income tax, no VAT, no looking over your shoulder to see if the taxman is watching you, but all without having to make even a single cut to any public service. Absolute heaven and it's achievable right now, today, here in Britain in 2016. Why isn't anyone making this happen?
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>> No. 75041 Anonymous
2nd July 2016
Saturday 5:34 am
75041 spacer

So you want to take money YOU didn't earn then decide who the beneficiaries will be? ...kind of a step up from the tenuous immorality of inheritance.
100% tax!
So thats home and all things of value?
...Leading slowly to Complete control by the government. Sure would like to be the nepotist in office handling where that money goes. Maybe Ken can slush some of it off to buy votes (again)
>> No. 75043 Anonymous
2nd July 2016
Saturday 5:50 am
75043 spacer
>So you want to take money YOU didn't earn then decide who the beneficiaries will be?

This is literally what all tax is.
>> No. 75046 Anonymous
2nd July 2016
Saturday 11:06 am
75046 spacer
On the upside, it's the only tax you'd ever have to pay, given we could afford to abolish pretty much everything else, and you wouldn't have to worry about passing on the house because the high turnover means that property would be much more affordable.
>> No. 81963 Anonymous
20th March 2017
Monday 3:33 am
81963 spacer
>abandon the country

To go where, pray tell?
>> No. 81964 Anonymous
20th March 2017
Monday 3:52 am
81964 spacer
This is the root reason first world countries need to bring back capital controls across the board.
Having a wealthy class capable of (a) strongly influencing how the world economy is run and (b) not tied to any particular country, capable of eloping with relative ease if things go all 1917 is a recipe for disaster.


>> No. 57817 Auntiefucker
20th March 2017
Monday 2:08 am
/iq/57817 spacer
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>> No. 57818 Samefag
20th March 2017
Monday 2:13 am
57818 spacer
What a cock.


>> No. 409014 Anonymous
11th March 2017
Saturday 1:15 pm
/b/409014 MONKEY DUST
Sup, britfags, do you remember a nice cartoon called "Monkey dust"? Unfortunately the author is dead.
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>> No. 409023 Anonymous
11th March 2017
Saturday 2:51 pm
409023 spacer
t. Peadofinder
>> No. 409043 Anonymous
13th March 2017
Monday 6:01 pm
409043 spacer
No, just die
>> No. 409055 Anonymous
14th March 2017
Tuesday 11:53 pm
409055 spacer
>do you remember a nice cartoon called "Monkey dust"?
Yes. Anyone who doesn't is suspect.
>> No. 409069 Anonymous
18th March 2017
Saturday 6:15 pm
409069 spacer
>> No. 409082 Anonymous
19th March 2017
Sunday 11:32 pm
409082 spacer
I absolutely adore Monkey Dust, it's my favourite cartoon. It's a real shame they only made three series. My favourite segments were Ivan Dobski, the Paedofinder General, and the The Great Whale Hunt crew.

They only released series 1 on DVD which I own, I also own pirated copies of series 2 and 3 which I made special covers for.


2001 A Space Odyssey Pic 011_700.jpg
>> No. 2229 Anonymous
17th March 2017
Friday 3:47 pm
/uhu/2229 New build phone line
This probably is the wrong board for this, but...

I've just completed buying a new build house and have been told that I need to get a phone line installed by BT. BT will charge me over £100 for this unless I get one of their broadband/phone packages which are awful value for money and BT are pretty shit anyway.

I contacted Sky who said they could do it for £20 if I got a package with them and they're a lot cheaper than BT. However, this being a call centre in god knows where, I'm not sure how much I trust them to understand this property has no landline and never has.

So, in short - does anyone here know much about getting phone line installed in a new build and does it have to be through BT?
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>> No. 2232 Anonymous
17th March 2017
Friday 5:15 pm
2232 spacer

Unless you're in Hull or a handful of other areas, there are only two sets of telephone wires in the ground - Openreach and Virgin Media. Every company apart from Virgin uses Openreach to connect to your house. Sky or BT or Plusnet provide the service, but Openreach provide all the wiring. If you can't get fibre via Openreach, then you'd better hope that Virgin have cabled your street.
>> No. 2233 Anonymous
17th March 2017
Friday 10:52 pm
2233 spacer
>>2232 Thank you kindly, a huge help! .gs at it's best.
>> No. 2234 Anonymous
18th March 2017
Saturday 9:20 pm
2234 spacer
Are there any major suppliers that have call centres in this country?
>> No. 2235 Anonymous
18th March 2017
Saturday 11:22 pm
2235 spacer
>>2234 When I used to be with Virgin they usually tended to be Glaswegian
>> No. 2237 Anonymous
19th March 2017
Sunday 7:53 am
2237 spacer
Doesn't Plusnet like to advertise that they only have UK call centres?


>> No. 23560 Anonymous
16th November 2016
Wednesday 6:49 pm
/emo/23560 Minor angst and existential dread, Mk. I
We tend to have a lot of repeated threads here, but I also get the feeling people don't tend to post in /emo/ unless it's a big issue.

With this in mind I suggest that we have a thread for stuff that's got you down a bit and you need to get off your chest, without it being major enough to make an entire thread devoted to it. We can also use it as a go-to for minor relationship advice, work problems, social drama, and things like that.

Everyone gets down from time to time, let's put some Sisters of Mercy on and wallow together for a while.
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>> No. 24399 Anonymous
9th March 2017
Thursday 10:16 pm
24399 spacer
You know that thing where you're just completely blagging it through life, and somehow you're just getting away with it all? You know, you bullshit all day at work, you lie your way through awkward situations, you make things up as you go along and hope it works out.

Does it ever get on top of you just simply how much you're completely, absolutely fucking phoning it in at times, but somehow totally getting away with it? I have this crushing paranoia sometimes that I'll turn up to work or sit down for a pint and they'll just collectively go "Look. We know you're a fraud. We're on to you."

I've always supposed it's because everyone else is going through life in the exact same manner, but I don't know lads. Sometimes I just have one of those days where I get away completely clean with something that I really should have been called out on, and I can't help but sit there questioning it all.
>> No. 24400 Anonymous
9th March 2017
Thursday 10:25 pm
24400 spacer
I dunno. Give us an example?
>> No. 24402 Anonymous
9th March 2017
Thursday 10:52 pm
24402 spacer

Might want to reseach this lad. Might put you at ease to understand it better.
>> No. 24404 Anonymous
10th March 2017
Friday 6:40 am
24404 spacer
'Good old neon' by David Foster Wallace is a great short story on this theme.
>> No. 24555 Anonymous
19th March 2017
Sunday 5:46 am
24555 spacer
Just going to bump this thread. For the first time in almost a year I've had actual isolated time to myself. It hasn't gone well. I had a lot of alcohol and it resulted in lots of shouting, bruised knuckles and lots of tears. For the past almostyear I've been socialising a lot, traveling through different countries and all that, I think it distracted me. Turns out that if I'm left by myself I'm exactly the same as before I set out to do all that, If that makes sense. Left to my own devices I think I'm just done and it's a matter of time.

You can't change the things that have happened to you, and past a certain point you can't change how they affect you. More importantly, you just don't care and whatever happens, happens. I'm fucking off elsewhere soon and I'm probably going to die in the middle of nowhere, somewhere in the world. I am ok with this, I think.


>> No. 1609 Anonymous
3rd January 2011
Monday 12:18 pm
/map/1609 spacer
Bristol anyone?
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>> No. 3137 Anonymous
5th November 2015
Thursday 9:11 am
3137 spacer
>> No. 3235 Anonymous
28th December 2016
Wednesday 7:58 pm
3235 spacer
Southmead reporting
>> No. 3253 Anonymous
19th March 2017
Sunday 1:53 am
3253 spacer
South glos fag - reporting in - meet up ?
>> No. 3254 Anonymous
19th March 2017
Sunday 2:19 am
3254 spacer
Black and White cafe? You got a pair of ripped trousers for the fedman to compensate?
>> No. 3255 Anonymous
19th March 2017
Sunday 2:26 am
3255 spacer

You all speak shite


>> No. 409059 Anonymous
15th March 2017
Wednesday 11:25 pm
/b/409059 spacer

After seeing the Lascaux cave paintings Picasso declared, "We have invented nothing."
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>> No. 409066 Anonymous
17th March 2017
Friday 7:45 pm
409066 spacer
The same one?
>> No. 409067 Anonymous
17th March 2017
Friday 8:15 pm
409067 spacer

Jerry Lee Lewis married his 13-year-old cousin.

Purebred Louisiana white trash.
>> No. 409071 Anonymous
18th March 2017
Saturday 11:35 pm
409071 Noncefinder General

Hopefully in religious terms he'll be reincarnated as a goat
>> No. 409073 Anonymous
19th March 2017
Sunday 12:21 am
409073 spacer

>This lead to Berry being accused of violating The Mann Act, since the singer allegedly had sexual relations with the girl in four different states.

It's spelled "LED", you yank illiterates.
>> No. 409075 Anonymous
19th March 2017
Sunday 1:59 am
409075 spacer

Led Zeppelin are shit.


>> No. 409074 Anonymous
19th March 2017
Sunday 1:49 am
/b/409074 spacer
I see Gary Lineker hasn't let them in to his home for dinner yet.


>> No. 57815 Auntiefucker
18th March 2017
Saturday 9:57 pm
/iq/57815 spacer

LMAO. Most talented 5yo one-trick pony used car dealer ever.


>> No. 24533 Anonymous
16th March 2017
Thursday 10:39 pm
/emo/24533 spacer
What do you live for?

I'm going back to uni to study as an adult but I fear I might get hit by the same problems I had the first time I tried this; I'm bad at socialising and doing anything feels a bit empty when you don't have anyone to really share it with. I'm quiet, conversation is difficult for me, my anxiety issues keep cropping up unexpectedly and I'm conspicuously different to most people in the area I live, which won't change when I move as they're also in different bits of the UK.

Even thinking about the most basic potential goal in life - having children - gives me a feeling of otherness, like I'm missing a fundamental understanding of social interaction. I just haven't made the sort of connections with people where I could imagine something like that happening and I'm nearly 30 now.

I don't know. The only thing I've learnt in the past few years is how to work when I'm deeply unhappy, I can't see much of a reward at the end of it all though. All I really know I want for my old age is someone to be with, working on my career to get money is just a necessity to make the other bits less stressful. At least I have that motivation right now.
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>> No. 24536 Anonymous
17th March 2017
Friday 12:04 am
24536 spacer

I already do pot, but I get very quiet on it. So much better than alcohol for de-stressing though.
>> No. 24537 Anonymous
17th March 2017
Friday 12:09 am
24537 spacer
Eh, you'll do fine. Just blaze with your housemates if you can and remember that once a month you have to write a 2000 word essay.
>> No. 24544 Anonymous
17th March 2017
Friday 1:09 pm
24544 spacer

>I already do pot

Well we've found your problem I think. You get quiet and shy on the stuff, and if you smoke regularly it will be affecting you sober too. Weed does not mix well with an anxious, artist personality type.

Weed is a nice drug I know, but if you're that kind of person you have to be careful with it. I had this realisation myself a couple of years back and honestly, since I stopped getting stoned every night I've been much, much more sociable.

And for heaven's sake don't call it "pot", you're not on Saved By The Bell.
>> No. 24545 Anonymous
17th March 2017
Friday 3:41 pm
24545 spacer

I went to university at 30 after a protracted period of mental illness, alcoholism and homelessness. I was absolutely terrified for the first week or so, but things very quickly clicked into place.

I went in feeling really intimidated by these vaunted halls of learning, but quickly developed the confidence of being one of the few adults in the room. I felt out of place, but in an entirely healthy way. Half of these kids didn't know how to use a washing machine. Some of them had never bought a drink in a pub. They were all infinitely more scared than I was and they weren't good at hiding it. I figured that if these spotty gobshites could do it, it'd be an absolute piece of piss. I was right.

On the social side of things, I think you'll find it surprisingly easy, even if you're quite anxious and awkward. Everyone there feels out of their element to some extent; you have the advantage of a decade of life experience. The mature students on your course will chum up with you quite readily, because you're almost guaranteed to be less annoying than the kids with floppy hair, self-invented nicknames and tedious gap yah stories.

Turn up at the freshers fair, pick out half a dozen societies that seem vaguely interesting and you'll have a packed social schedule by the end of your first week. Pick at least one thing that's totally unfamiliar and out of character - salsa dancing or paragliding can be a remarkably effective treatment for social anxiety. You've learned to play the role of a shy person, but you can unlearn that role by doing things that are out of character.

As >>24544 says, knock the weed on the head. It's not good for your mental health in the long run. See your GP about your anxiety and sign up for counselling when you get to university. Most of all, don't get hung up on the idea of being different. Try to embrace the fact that you're a unique human being with a unique set of life experiences. You don't have to be like everyone else to be happy; judging by the state of society, the opposite might be true.
>> No. 24551 Anonymous
18th March 2017
Saturday 9:13 pm
24551 spacer
Maybe you are really just a bit underdeveloped regarding your mastery of social interaction, OP. Some people are, and although they would like for themselves to be more like everybody else, they can't see how to accomplish it.

There are (group therapy) classes for/against social anxiety. Where you basically develop skills of casually interacting with other people in everyday situations while learning to dial down your anxieties. That might be worth looking into. Some of those classes even teach you how to pull birds successfully approach members of the opposite sex.

I was going to start my post with a suspicion that you may be on the autism spectrum and might have Asperger's in particular, but I didn't want to piss you off scare you off right out the gate. That's another thing you could consider. Because there are also many ways to overcome a lot of the limitations that Asperger's poses on your ability for social interaction.


>> No. 81926 Anonymous
17th March 2017
Friday 8:02 pm
/pol/81926 the donald
has finally made me think of defending GCHQ. Of course we're the ones who have wiretapped all his phones and the spies and bad people his people are speaking to. The US outsourced all that to us ages ago.

I can't believe he's made me feel proud of the whole idea.

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>> No. 81940 Anonymous
18th March 2017
Saturday 5:26 pm
81940 spacer
If the only responses to your point "miss" it, you might want to reconsider how you express yourself. Just a thought!
>> No. 81941 Anonymous
18th March 2017
Saturday 5:46 pm
81941 spacer
Fair enough. I can see how "we spy on the Russians" might be difficult for some people to understand.
>> No. 81942 Anonymous
18th March 2017
Saturday 6:01 pm
81942 spacer

We spy on the Russians. We spy on the Americans. We spy on everyone. There is clear evidence (via the Snowden leaks) that we spy on Americans on behalf of the NSA, to evade their laws on domestic surveillance.

Trump is undoubtedly correct that he was wiretapped; his only error is in believing that he is somehow special in this respect, that Obama ordered it or that it was targeted surveillance. He was caught in the same Five Eyes dragnet as everyone else on earth.
>> No. 81943 Anonymous
18th March 2017
Saturday 7:52 pm
81943 spacer
Thats exactly it - I doubt GCHQ were targeting Donald himself, more likely they have long-running wiretaps (for the want of a better description, I know it isn't that simplistic technically) on the people he/his people were talking to.
>> No. 81944 Anonymous
18th March 2017
Saturday 8:52 pm
81944 spacer
This. We know that NSA and GCHQ collected records on Merkel's personal and work phones. There's no way they're not doing the same for Russian officials in the US, who would not be protected by the limitations on surveillance of US citizens. In the case of Trump's team, they may not be allowed to blanket collect the data, but there are definitely no rules against them finding out who is behind a phone number that turns up as the other party in their foreign surveillance.

Of course, may be possible that he actually was tapped, and has been advised to drop it because the NSA can just lie in legal hearings with impunity as they've done before.


>> No. 57785 Searchfag
4th March 2017
Saturday 2:06 pm
/iq/57785 spacer
Tell me it isn't so, lads.

Where am I going to get my steak bakes now?
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>> No. 57788 Paedofag
4th March 2017
Saturday 5:40 pm
57788 spacer
Classic Greggs trying to have their fingers in all the pies
>> No. 57789 Anonymous
5th March 2017
Sunday 4:14 am
57789 spacer


>> No. 57812 Are Moaty
18th March 2017
Saturday 6:39 pm
57812 spacer
so i went into greggs
an' i only wanted a coffee
an' a cheese an' tomato toastie
but i didn't wanna eat ma toastie hot
i was gonna make it go cold and save it for my dinner later
>> No. 57813 Ambulancelad
18th March 2017
Saturday 6:50 pm
57813 spacer

>> No. 57814 Moralfag
18th March 2017
Saturday 7:07 pm
57814 spacer
Fuck you, you stupid cunt
eat shit, why won't you just fuck off
You're a massive twat


>> No. 81888 Anonymous
5th March 2017
Sunday 2:27 am
/pol/81888 Nationalism Rising
Ireland said no to the foreigners
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>> No. 81889 Anonymous
5th March 2017
Sunday 2:37 am
81889 spacer
Not all foreigners. Just them across the water.
>> No. 81891 Anonymous
5th March 2017
Sunday 3:07 am
81891 spacer

Bastards broke ARE BEEB's ticker.
>> No. 81892 Anonymous
5th March 2017
Sunday 4:05 am
81892 spacer


>> No. 81938 Anonymous
18th March 2017
Saturday 5:13 pm
81938 spacer
Facin Brits.


>> No. 24546 Anonymous
17th March 2017
Friday 10:57 pm
/emo/24546 spacer
I'm graduating this year and I can't find anywhere to live

house prices are ridiculous, I can't work a minimum wage job and afford to live while paying £500-£600 a month for a flat. most landlords don't take housing benefit. I just got broken up with, so no partner to live with. all my friends are stoners and drug addicts that I don't want to shack up with. I can't go back to my parents home because I don't have one.

All I want is a shitty fucking bedsit somewhere near a shitty job, and even that looks unattainable

what should I do? kill myself?
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>> No. 24547 Anonymous
17th March 2017
Friday 11:01 pm
24547 spacer
>> No. 24548 Anonymous
18th March 2017
Saturday 12:19 am
24548 spacer
£500-600 per month for a flat? Fuck me I'd kill to get a place of my own for that cheap.

Otherlad is right, house shares are your best bet. Worth looking up facebook groups for house shares in your area too.
>> No. 24549 Anonymous
18th March 2017
Saturday 12:38 am
24549 spacer
>> No. 24550 Anonymous
18th March 2017
Saturday 12:59 am
24550 spacer
>House shares are your best bet.

I'm amazed this isn't even the first option. I earn 24k a year and I never ever considered getting a place of my own, let alone on minimum wage. I pay £450 a month all bills included in southern England (outside of London but within 10 miles of it) and think it's perfectly reasonable. To maintain a whole house on my level of responsibilty would be laughable.


>> No. 22070 Anonymous
12th March 2017
Sunday 2:08 am
/e/22070 PS3 emulation

It's a work in progress and you'd need a few grand's worth of kit just to get it vaguely playable right now, but it's bloody impressive work. I didn't think we'd see PS3 emulation for a long time, if at all.
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>> No. 22086 Anonymous
13th March 2017
Monday 9:51 pm
22086 spacer
I know we're only a little bit into the year, but its definitely in the shortlist for 'Most tedious and pedantic exchange - 2017' award.
>> No. 22087 Anonymous
13th March 2017
Monday 10:29 pm
22087 spacer
I think it's the sign of a good thread tbh.
>> No. 22088 Anonymous
14th March 2017
Tuesday 12:22 am
22088 spacer
It was indeed, I feel like it might be more draining to run technically challenging games that were presumably well-optimised for the Cell, versus many games designed to run portably on PS3/Xbox360/PC with minimal optimisations.

It's not hard to type out 3 extra characters though is it mate? It's not like we're going around calling it xEightySix-SixtyFour-InTheYearOfOurLord2017.

I mostly just use x86_64 because that's what I need to search for most RPMs that work on my PC.
>> No. 22089 Anonymous
17th March 2017
Friday 2:54 am
22089 spacer
> so about five minutes, then?

Explains everything. You're probably the sort of cunt who demands people call everything by the correct name but couldn't explain why inc and dec are so wildly disparate in overall average cost despite near-identical theoretical cycle counts. Just go throw yourself off a bridge you fucking mong.

> 'ia64' refers to the Intel Itanic, not amd64...

Good catch, but are you aware how many people much more familiar than you with CPU architecture routinely refer to x86 as ia32 and "x86_64" as 'ia64' or preferably x64? It's doubtful, honestly. While we're being cunts, it's Itanium; Itanic was a bad in-joke.

> I mostly just use x86_64 because that's what I need to search for most RPMs that work on my PC.

Look lads, we've found King Pleb right here. If you even bothered to use Debian or even cunting Ubuntu then all the rpms you'd need would have amd64 right there in the fucking name.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 22090 Anonymous
17th March 2017
Friday 1:28 pm
22090 spacer

As the poster of 22082, I would like you to know that actually Itanic was a good in-joke. Well, not sure about in-joke, to be honest.

Additionally as someone who has spent more than 5 mins reading assembly (very very amateur OSdev) but avoids it like the plague, why are inc and dec disparate in overall average cost? Is it just an implementation choice? Even if inc was encoded in a short number of bytes and dec in a long number, surely that doesn't matter that much these days. (Which is faster, even? I remember something about some C runtime on Linux changing memcpy to start counting backwards instead, and broke Flash Player...)


bernd life.jpg
>> No. 24427 Anonymous
12th March 2017
Sunday 8:08 am
/emo/24427 spacer
How to acquire gf when 35, still live with mum, no job, no social circle, suffer anxiety but good-looking, big willy, intelligent and sexy?
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>> No. 24515 Anonymous
16th March 2017
Thursday 1:23 am
24515 spacer
Eh, i'm in the process of moving back in with my mom. I just need to get out of flat I'm currently in because its making me ill. I've said the move will be a stepping stone to elsewhere but the time frame is 6 months to a year and I'm already regretting it.
>> No. 24531 Anonymous
16th March 2017
Thursday 7:43 pm
24531 spacer

I moved back in with my parents 6 months ago, and I am having trouble finding the motivation to move back out. Its comfortable here, and really cheap, I get on with my parents and younger sister, and everything is predictable and easy.
>> No. 24535 Anonymous
16th March 2017
Thursday 11:59 pm
24535 spacer

Congratulations, you've discovered why the traditional European family structure is superior to the pervasive and insular American "every man for himself" family ideology.
>> No. 24538 Anonymous
17th March 2017
Friday 12:42 am
24538 spacer
What? Who the fuck gets on with their parents and siblings as an adult apart from this freak? We'd drive each other mad if I moved back in.
>> No. 24539 Anonymous
17th March 2017
Friday 2:16 am
24539 spacer

I remember being called a "teenlad" or something akin to that for moaning about how little I like my parents on here a few months back. I was just in a surly mood, but I still mulled over the conversation. Anyway, the conclusion I came to is that part of growing up is realising that your parents are just human beings, and that they are potentially as awful or as ace as any other human beings. One thing you do have to remember is that unless they're total scoundrels they still raised you, probably as well as they could. Shit, if you're a thirty-five year old loon who brags on his dick to strange men on the internet, they might still be raising you. What I'm getting at is, that for the last five months or so it's been my life long ambition to get rich enough to own a massive house to look after my one-day elderly parents in, and they broke up when I was seven, so it's going to have to be seriously massive.

Do you get me, man?


>> No. 23109 Anonymous
12th August 2016
Friday 2:16 pm
/emo/23109 Fear of vulnerability.
Everything I do, whether it be thought, speech or action can be read to determine my personality, nd when something is known intimately it can be manipulated intimately. (I'm sure I don't need to say how this is especially so on the internet. Consider how we have comparatively few attacks in the UK, combined with the attempted snoopers charter (remember, rulers don't play by the rules - an attempt to legalise something is really an attempt to legitimise action already being taken)).

Everything I say, feeds 'them' more information to fill my profile.
I want to go to the doctor but, again, it gives 'them' more information on how to manipulate me. Consider mental health appointments to be the churchly confessions of old - all that gossip and knowledge of crime concentrated into the hands of those with power.
If they're so omnipotent, wouldn't they know me already?

They are(is?) fear personified.

There are things I need desperately to talk about which our society violently suppresses. We create our own problems; if we could talk openly I could learn, were as now (I hesitate to say) I'm struggling, or at least very confused. I see ignorance (telling word) in people and its seriously affecting my life. For once in my life I genuinely feel its not be but everyone else.

I feel like reason has no place left in our society at large and it scares me.

And once again it comes down to the greatest sin, sexuality.

This is the point, get people to be afraid of reason and they control themselves! This wasn't done to us, rather we did this to oursleves.
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>> No. 24451 Anonymous
12th March 2017
Sunday 9:31 pm
24451 spacer

Emily? Is that you? Give my regards to ARMSTRONG.
>> No. 24454 Anonymous
12th March 2017
Sunday 10:09 pm
24454 spacer
>> No. 24468 Anonymous
13th March 2017
Monday 8:21 am
24468 spacer
I kind of understood that and it wasn't Are Em level although it sounded a bit melodramatic.

OP, a thing to bear in mind is that everyone has secrets, everyone has shame. The scapegoats society chooses tend to be those who willingly put their head in a noose, don't let that be you. 'Reason' and human societies are mutually exclusive and we just have to learn to accept the old atavisms which keep returning. Take it easy and try not to worry so much.
>> No. 24514 Anonymous
15th March 2017
Wednesday 11:39 pm
24514 spacer
OP here.

Like I said, this is a phase I go though. I'm feeling much better than I did back in august(!), though I still often stop myself from posting and talking of things that interest me (though not in the below paragraph, evidently).

Its really interesting to consider our desire for validation through communication. Then to consider why I, or anybody, would resist that. What does it ultimately mean to deny human nature? There is some notion of transcendence, which deep down I don't really believe in.
This, to me, gets really interesting when you consider recorded psychological phenomena. We act as if knowing about the placebo effect (as a concept) stops it from happening; that knowing of cognitive bias prevents it. I realised recently that science doesn't 'exist'; it is only a measure (like how inches don't exist). It only seeks to measure phenomena, not explain or give meaning to it. Essentially its the kid who keeps asking why.

I'm really grateful for the influences in my life that continue to help me overcome these problems.
To paraphrase Alan Watts; "Whoever thinks they need a psychiatrist needs their head examined". These days when I'm struggling I remind myself "only if I insist".

Thanks for the support.
Forgive the smiley.

Fuck me, now I'm worrying about the image I thought to attach. A derailed train to indicate the paragraph above where I go a bit 'off track'. Considering my first post this could be mis-construed. Or am I being unreasonable?
>> No. 24532 Anonymous
16th March 2017
Thursday 7:47 pm
24532 spacer



>> No. 24469 Anonymous
13th March 2017
Monday 6:25 pm
/emo/24469 This country is grey and depressing
I'll preface this by saying I adore the UK for many reasons. The countryside is pleasant. The people are friendly. You do alcohol right.

But there is one thing about this country that is quite literally dragging me back into depression, and that is the weather. I moved from California to be with my partner, and whilst I was certainly not expecting the weather to be comparable, I did not expect it to be so bleak, so hopeless. Every single day is either grey, or grey and rainy. I actually prefer the days it rains, because the drip drop, the active weather, reminds me I'm still alive. I would prefer a storm a day to the blanket of grey nothingness. Is there even sky above these isles? No one does anything here. The weather simply does not permit it to be enjoyable. And it's an incredible shame, because if you DID have a bit of sunshine, then there'd be few places on earth I can imagine being more enjoyable to live.

How do you cope with this?
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>> No. 24524 Anonymous
16th March 2017
Thursday 3:19 pm
24524 spacer

British weather is exceptionally benign. The temperature rarely exceeds 35c or falls below -5c. We don't experience hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis or blizzards. I can't think of anywhere on earth where the whether is less likely to kill you.
>> No. 24525 Anonymous
16th March 2017
Thursday 3:27 pm
24525 spacer
I really don't understand why people take the weather so personally. I don't really care if it's grey. I'd rather it were grey than hot and sunny all the time (but then I hate the heat and burn easily). That's just as boring, just different.
>> No. 24526 Anonymous
16th March 2017
Thursday 3:29 pm
24526 spacer
One thing I will say is that I don't like January/Februrary much (unless it snows). I think it's because the expectation of Christmas has been lost, as the greyness and bleakness of November/December is somewhat sparkly and cheery because of the upcoming Christmas.
>> No. 24527 Anonymous
16th March 2017
Thursday 3:40 pm
24527 spacer

>We don't experience... tornadoes

It obviously wans't your point but-

"The UK experiences on average 34 tornadoes a year, the most per area of land mass in the world."
>> No. 24529 Anonymous
16th March 2017
Thursday 5:58 pm
24529 spacer
Just as in many other respects, British tornadoes are usually pathetically shit. If you're lucky, one might grab a few tiles off your roof, but they're rarely dangerous enough to cause any real damage.


>> No. 409012 Anonymous
11th March 2017
Saturday 12:09 am
/b/409012 spacer
I know you're thinking this is bullshit, but, trust me, I also think like you until I do gym at work.

My sense of humor, focus and production were so bad, but after the GW, I was feeling someone else, it seems like I have a massage of nymphs in the sky.

It's incredible, trust me. So since my new job does not have work-related gymnastics, I ask you, my friends, if you know of any website or video that brings me the same comfort I had in my older work. What do you do to make the whole day better?
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>> No. 409024 Anonymous
11th March 2017
Saturday 4:12 pm
409024 spacer

Go to the gym before or after work?
>> No. 409025 Anonymous
11th March 2017
Saturday 6:49 pm
409025 spacer
There is a gym at my work, but I have never used it. Maybe I should - thanks l8 m8.
>> No. 409026 Anonymous
11th March 2017
Saturday 8:48 pm
409026 spacer
Mine has one too, but I never used it.

Maybe I should, now that I weigh 15 stones while being a midget.
>> No. 409027 Anonymous
11th March 2017
Saturday 9:08 pm
409027 spacer
Any good employer should recognise the value of giving employees the opportunity to do something active at lunchtime. Many of the better ones will provide a gym for this purpose, mine doesn't but gives us discounted memberships at one right next to the office. We also play sport in the town park quite a few lunchtimes. Good for morale, good for concentration and alertness in the afternoons - it's a win-win.
>> No. 409060 Anonymous
16th March 2017
Thursday 5:52 pm
409060 spacer

We had a rudimentary gym at my last job, right on the same floor.

Never understood the sense of it. I wasn't going to work out on my lunch break and then go meet a client all sweaty (there were no showers, you had to use the sink in the adjacent restoom to freshen up again). And for a proper after-work workout, it was simply too poorly equipped, and I preferred going to my regular gym where I was already a member.

When I was a younglad, I worked for an advertising firm for about a year. They had an upstairs loft that they had converted into a pool billiard den, with dartboards and all. Even a foosball table. It was really fun. And we did team building exercises in that room before that word even existed. Playing pool or darts with your coworkers is a great way to get to know them. And we would often also talk business in that room together. My boss in particular was a big fan of inviting every employee upstairs for a game of pool now and then to talk to them about how they are doing.


basically this.png
>> No. 11112 Anonymous
21st February 2017
Tuesday 8:42 pm
/job/11112 Will I ever find a job which won't make me want to kill myself?
I guess this is more venting than anything else as I suspect the answer will be 'no'.

I've had two 'proper' jobs in my life - both office based. The first was a graduate scheme which was fairly competitive. I never really wanted the job but I didn't want to disappoint my parents by not getting a decent job straight out of uni. When I got the job I felt like I shouldn't be there - everyone else on the graduate scheme was really enthusiastic and motivated and competent, whereas all I could do was stay slumped in my resentment, daydreaming about anything other than work. It was alright for the first few months but it didn't take long for me to become immensely demoralised and demotivated, trying to get through the day doing as little as possible while fantasising about jumping out of a window in between applying for other jobs (with no luck).

I managed to stick it out there for 2 years, and I have since got a job in something I find more interesting. For the first 3 months or I didn't actually mind getting out of bed in the morning, I perhaps even enjoyed the job. But now, 4-5 months in, I just want to get out by any means necessary.

I wonder if I feel this way because of the nature of office work, or if I'd be any less miserable doing other types of work. I suspect a lot of the resentment I feel has to do with the corporate and yuppy cultures which I detest, but find myself forced to play along with. Or perhaps it's a broader resentment towards the drudgery of wage slavery and work in general.

I suppose what I want is the freedom to work as much or as little as I want to support myself, without having my surplus labour extracted, rather than being forced to work 9-6 Mon-Fri in return for a wage. But I've obviously been dispossessed of the means to do that because capitalism etc.

Is there any way out?
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>> No. 11114 Anonymous
21st February 2017
Tuesday 9:27 pm
11114 spacer
Hello me. I just started branching out into other work just to see if I got on better with it or not. These days I just go from job to job inbetween travelling for cheap. My advice would be to explore as many avenues as you can if you haven't got a specific idea of which kind of job you'd thrive in. I will say though that the chances are it could just be the people you work around. I've had some ok jobs that have been made horrible by the people working there, and shit minimum wage jobs that have been great fun thanks to the people I was around.
>> No. 11115 Anonymous
21st February 2017
Tuesday 9:27 pm
11115 spacer
>Is there any way out?
Statistically speaking, probably not. It depends on your abilities. You could start your own business, but most business fail in the first couple of years.

I spoke to a cleaner once at my old school, who said he loved his job and wouldn't ever trade up for something better paying if it meant more responsibility. At the time I couldn't comprehend his reasoning at all, because as high-achieving sixth formers it was our presumed destiny to get careers and become respected professionals.

Now, feeling much like you, I think the gist of it was this: by taking a job which requires no mental exertion, no stressful social or political games, and which has total predictability, he could much more comfortably get through the day (with a pair of headphones in while he worked) and felt much better for it as a result. Whereas office workers may get home at 9pm and feel too drained to do anything except rest and go back to work the next day, my cleaning acquaintance still had plenty of energy to spend his free time doing things that brought him joy.

This may well be some 'grass is greener' nonsense, so feel free to disregard it (since you naturally know yourself better than I know you).
>> No. 11119 Anonymous
22nd February 2017
Wednesday 4:48 pm
11119 spacer
>Whereas office workers may get home at 9pm and feel too drained to do anything except rest and go back to work the next day,

I simply outright refuse to do this. I don't care if it's 'expected'. Put longer hours in my contract and pay me more, then I'll do it. I don't mind putting in a few hours if I know I've been lazy or if there's a deadline or something but I don't accept any more work than I can reasonably manage in the time allowed.
>> No. 11120 Anonymous
22nd February 2017
Wednesday 6:05 pm
11120 spacer
You would make a great Civil Servant.
>> No. 11193 Anonymous
16th March 2017
Thursday 12:24 am
11193 spacer
OP here again. I've been meaning to reply to this thread, but I find it hard to bring myself to read and write things, let alone think about my future, after a day at work. Naturally this doesn't help with applying for new jobs.

Each day I feel closer and closer to quitting without a backup. It's only a matter of time until some jobsworth on my team patronises me about the correct way to suck a clients dick one too many times and I snap and just walk out. I guess I'll just try and live off what little money I have saved up and supplement that through Deliveroo work, if that's even a viable path.

>My advice would be to explore as many avenues as you can if you haven't got a specific idea of which kind of job you'd thrive in.

This seems like an attractive option in theory as I can't understand how anyone can bear doing the same job for longer than 3 consecutive months. But wouldn't people just eventually stop hiring me when they see that I can't commit to a job for a substantial period of time?

>Put longer hours in my contract and pay me more, then I'll do it.

This is one of my main grievances. No one at my work seems to do just their contracted hours, despite not getting any overtime pay. Yet they just sit down and take it. If the company wants to take on more work they can either pay us more or hire some more fucking staff (though even if they did offer me more money for more hours, I'd like to be able to refuse it because the main thing I want is more of my life back). Instead they take on new business and expect us to take on additional workloads, and they get away with it because everyone working there is a spineless bastard.


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