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>> No. 4917 Anonymous
30th July 2013
Tuesday 6:01 pm
/spo/4917 spacer
Sounds like the knob-jockeys need to man up.
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>> No. 8137 Anonymous
10th July 2017
Monday 6:00 pm
8137 spacer

DEXVL3FXgAAyTQv (1).jpg
They all look the same to me.
>> No. 8138 Anonymous
10th July 2017
Monday 6:06 pm
8138 spacer

Am I missing something glaringly obvious, or are you just making a racist comment about black people all looking alike?
>> No. 8139 Anonymous
10th July 2017
Monday 6:17 pm
8139 spacer

It is indeed the fault of the Irish Herald making a glaring mistake by using a picture of some rapper instead of the footballer they are referring to. Mind you, it is sometimes difficult to tell people apart.
>> No. 8140 Anonymous
10th July 2017
Monday 6:17 pm
8140 spacer

A newspaper in Ireland has reported on Romelu Lukaku's imminent transfer from Everton to Man Utd using a picture of Stormzy.

It's largely manufactured outrage; Stormzy himself has commented on their likeness on several occasions.
>> No. 8141 Anonymous
15th July 2017
Saturday 2:13 pm
8141 spacer
>The Football Association has charged former Sutton keeper Wayne Shaw with breaching betting rules after he ate a pie in the FA Cup loss to Arsenal.

>Shaw resigned after being shown eating the pie during February's fifth-round defeat, after a bookmaker had offered 8/1 odds on him doing so.

>The 45-year-old has been charged with intentionally influencing a football betting market, and improper conduct. He has until 18:00 BST on Friday, 21 July to respond to the charges.

The poor guy just wants to earn a crust and he's been driven out of the sport he loves.


>> No. 25137 Anonymous
13th July 2017
Thursday 7:39 pm
/emo/25137 Midlife crisis
Everyone is different so I don't expect any clear answers, but just wanted to get some experience based advice as to how to deal with my ongoing midlife crisis.

I've not done any of the cliche stuff like buying a sports car or dressing like a teen, but I have found myself acting teen laddish in relation to sexual behaviour and drugs. The latter is a total non-starter at work and could undo nearly two decades of hard work in a field which is very very small and closed. As its a physical thing I think I've knocked it on the head and feel confident about it as I've previously been a heavy drinker, due to work, and now barely touch a drop.

What I'm more worried about is the sexual stuff. None of it is illegal, but I'm finding myself more and more emotionally uneasy about what I seem to be getting into. To some extent this unease and discomfort is part of the attraction.
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>> No. 25141 Anonymous
14th July 2017
Friday 1:59 pm
25141 spacer
If you're just talking about shagging girls half your age, then I wouldn't worry about it. They're into it too.

I don't think I'm having a midlife crisis as such, more that I didn't have any money until my late twenties, and now that I do I'm making up for all the shit I couldn't do earlier on, sports cars included.
>> No. 25142 Anonymous
14th July 2017
Friday 11:03 pm
25142 spacer
You'll have to tell us a little bit more then.
>> No. 25143 Anonymous
14th July 2017
Friday 11:14 pm
25143 spacer

That's unsettling.
>> No. 25145 Anonymous
15th July 2017
Saturday 3:15 am
25145 spacer
Dead girls can't say no, right lads?
>> No. 25146 Anonymous
15th July 2017
Saturday 5:26 am
25146 spacer

Technically I don't think what Ed Kemper did to his mother's head was technically sexual assault, no.


>> No. 6272 Anonymous
12th July 2017
Wednesday 9:48 pm
/uni/6272 spacer
I'm at the end of my postgraduate thesis, at least as far as my available time goes. Last month I agreed with my supervisors that this Friday that I would send over a complete draft for them to go over before a final submission on the 1st September at the latest.

All that has happened since then is I've mostly stared at a nearly blank page for weeks on end because I thought I would redo my literature review but I can't get it all to connect. Nothing is connecting and its horrible because I'm nowhere near a complete draft at this point. In fact I don't think any of my work has gone as planned since at least January apart from a now absolutely shining example of an introduction.

If you have any top-tips for getting writing down and eventually having a thesis together over the coming weeks let me know because I'm pretty spent right now. I don't know if maybe I should have just posted this in emo because it feels like I'm completely fucked but at the same time potentially years of my life are going down the drain which tells me I can't stop.
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>> No. 6278 Anonymous
13th July 2017
Thursday 10:29 pm
6278 spacer
Thanks these messages meant a lot today with how I have been feeling. I got some work done today and things where looking up until after dinner when I went to the literature review again and I broke down in tears.

Everything was going reasonably well until Easter when I moved on to the case studies, they were a complete disaster on both counts because they just don't work. I will talk with my supervisors next week but it will just be a meeting to say that I give up. If anyone knows how to cope with this kind of failure let me know because I don't know what to do and certainly I could use some life advice right now.
>> No. 6279 Anonymous
13th July 2017
Thursday 11:26 pm
6279 spacer

>If anyone knows how to cope with this kind of failure let me know because I don't know what to do and certainly I could use some life advice right now.

Don't give up unless your supervisors explicitly tell you that things are hopeless. The situation is almost certainly far better than you think, you're just overwhelmed by the scale of the task ahead of you. Postgrads almost always have a massive crisis of confidence at some point, if not several. Everyone I know in academia was at some point convinced that they were doomed to failure.

Marathon runners often hit the wall at about the 20 mile mark, but the vast majority of them find the strength to finish the last six miles, even if they stagger over the line with jelly legs and blurred vision. You're not trying to break any world records, you just need to cross the line.

Have you discussed your concerns about your case studies with your supervisors? What is their opinion? There's probably something useful to be salvaged from them, even if it isn't what you originally intended.

I think that at this stage, there are two reasonable routes to take. If you feel that you're completely stuck and your existing work simply can't be shaped into a satisfactory thesis, you need to get an outside opinion. Speak to a fellow student or a member of faculty, get them to read your existing draft, talk them through the challenges you're facing and see what their take is on the situation. The great Alan Kay once remarked that "a change in perspective is worth 80 IQ points", and rarely have truer words been spoken. A fresh pair of eyes can often give you the insight you need to get unstuck.

If you can see a route forward but you're overwhelmed by the scale of the task, then take a chainsaw to the elephant and turn it into bite-size chunks. Plan out what you need to do each day to meet your deadline, then focus only on each day's work. Forget the deadline, forget the word count, just crack on with whatever you've got planned for today.

Accept that you might miss your deadline or produce a less-than-perfect thesis, but press on anyway. You've got nothing to lose by giving it the full beans now; even if your chances of success aren't great, your chances are zero if you don't do the work.
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>> No. 6280 Anonymous
14th July 2017
Friday 12:23 am
6280 spacer
Thanks for this again. You're right at this point I have nothing to lose beyond a few months of my life, fuck it all.

Tomorrow morning I will try to dust myself off and get back at it however I can. Maybe I will sort out some rough plan for my work and go over it with my supervisors. I've been told my writing is easily good enough especially as this is just an MRes all I need is to stick to the point and connect the dots. I will give you an update on how it goes.
>> No. 6281 Anonymous
14th July 2017
Friday 5:10 am
6281 spacer
I had a similar problem writing my thesis and I removed the browser shortcuts on my computer. If I needed to look something up on the internet I spent conscious effort for it and then I closed it down. I can't tell how many times I realised my hand went for the now-empty space where the browser icon would've been pointlessly, which in turn would've been another "micro-break" to look at some shitty chan or a news site.
>> No. 6282 Anonymous
14th July 2017
Friday 11:02 pm
6282 spacer
This is good advice, I don't write for a living per se, but I do get to write a lot of documents at work and I do a very similar thing. Spend the mornings brain dumping the text out and the afternoon reading and tweaking it.


>> No. 3902 Anonymous
13th July 2017
Thursday 8:57 pm
/mph/3902 Car rental hire insurance/CDW/etc in the USA
Can someone PLEASE explain this?

I've booked a car hire through enterprise USA for a week in August in California.

Here's what I want to know (and no-one in either enterprise USA or UK can explain to me):

What are the differences in coverage if I book through Enterprise UK as opposed to Enterprise USA?

It seems that with my current US booking I'm covered for literally jack shit, but the policies and emails are worded so vaguely I'm sitting here with a throbbing headache trying to understand what the fuck is going on.

With my USA booking, what exactly am I covered for, and what do I need to purchase?

Can anyone please clarify? I feel like this isn't as complicated as I'm making it out to be; I'm just a spack.
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>> No. 3903 Anonymous
13th July 2017
Thursday 9:24 pm
3903 spacer
Just buy third-party hire insurance. It's usually cheaper and normally has higher limits than whatever the first-party plan offers. They'll generally also prompt you for extra cover if you tell them you're going to the USA. This does come with the downside that the hire firm will insist on a massive deposit as a foreigner using a foreign card, and you'll have to pay them before the insurers will reimburse you.
>> No. 3904 Anonymous
13th July 2017
Thursday 10:39 pm
3904 spacer
This is what I'm worried about. How much will I have to pay them? The full value of the damage? An excess? Having phoned up both the UK and the US they seem reluctant to tell me.
>> No. 3905 Anonymous
14th July 2017
Friday 11:01 pm
3905 spacer
You'll be covered for almost nothing in the US, unless you tick the collision damage waiver box, its usually a few extra dollars a day. I think you just have to suck it up.


>> No. 25958 Anonymous
14th July 2017
Friday 10:20 pm
/g/25958 Abode's creative suite
I bought the old CS6 a few years back, I'm getting good value from it, but is it worth upgrading to CC2017? I don't really wanna pay monthly, and I'm hearing more and more about the cool new updated versions. So basically is it worth me shelling out?

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>> No. 25959 Anonymous
14th July 2017
Friday 10:57 pm
25959 spacer
The monthly deal is quite good - it is worth getting the subscription I think just so that the security holes are updated regularly.


my last boss.jpg
>> No. 11542 Anonymous
14th July 2017
Friday 5:41 am
/job/11542 spacer
Arseholes at the last job I worked at have underpaid me to the tune of 150 quid and are not answering emails.

Who do I talk to?

Thanks in advance.
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>> No. 11543 Anonymous
14th July 2017
Friday 8:20 am
11543 spacer

Call them? Go and visit them to see what the bloody hell's going on, or failing that go and see your local CAB.
>> No. 11544 Anonymous
14th July 2017
Friday 4:21 pm
11544 spacer
Try for free legal advice from a chat bot bruv.


>> No. 412048 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 1:08 pm
/b/412048 £1.95 gangster
Someone linked me to this video on Facebook. The guy was apparently going mad at having to actually pay for a product from a shop...
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>> No. 412057 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 7:35 pm
412057 spacer

On that note you can also have mental health issues and not be an obnoxious twat.
>> No. 412058 Anonymous
12th July 2017
Wednesday 9:27 pm
412058 spacer

The two usually go hand in hand though, more often than not.

I am allowed to say that. I've got officially diagnosed mental health issues myself.
>> No. 412059 Anonymous
13th July 2017
Thursday 1:40 am
412059 spacer

So have I, yet I am still less obnoxious.
>> No. 412060 Anonymous
13th July 2017
Thursday 1:56 am
412060 spacer
Equally, you don't have to have mental health issues to be a surly bastard.
>> No. 412072 Anonymous
14th July 2017
Friday 1:42 am
412072 spacer
imagine getting five quid an hour to sit behind some shithole game rip off while some absolute twat, who cannot understand that they do not stock the lead he wants threatens to kill you and do time for not having it in stock.

he is seriously willing to go down or at least get arrested in return for a £1 chinese lead to play mario kart 64 multiplayer with his mates, what an idiot.


>> No. 13115 Anonymous
13th July 2017
Thursday 7:28 pm
/news/13115 Balearic Islands plead for alcohol ban on flights

Authorities in the Balearic Islands, home to the party resorts of Ibiza and Mallorca, have asked Spain and the European Union to ban alcohol on flights and in airports as they battle “anti-social tourism”.

The plea comes after recent, much-publicised reports of drunken brawls or alcohol-fuelled sexual antics on flights to an archipelago that attracts millions of visitors every year – with many flocking to resorts notorious for their sex and booze excess.
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>> No. 13120 Anonymous
13th July 2017
Thursday 8:39 pm
13120 spacer

>even fucked a group of slags from Cardiff
>a group

>> No. 13121 Anonymous
13th July 2017
Thursday 9:56 pm
13121 spacer
Magaluf isn't Mallorca anymore than Slaganas is the whole of the Greek Islands. There are some really lovely and quiet areas of Mallorca. But if you get a plane to the island you'll almost certainly share it with some horrorbags en route to Magaluf - the relief when they go west at the airport and you go east is delicious.
>> No. 13122 Anonymous
13th July 2017
Thursday 10:49 pm
13122 spacer

That is certainly true (I'm >>13119 lad). If you go to places like Cala Rajada or Alcudia, things are much more laid back there. The whole east of the island is frequented more by young couples with or without children. We went there in a hire car for a day. It did make me breathe a sigh of relief that the island of Mallorca wasn't invariably a complete shithole. Also, you've got some of the most stunning beaches of the entire Mediterranean there.



Mine was still the most visually pleasing of the lot. Also, she was a proper wrongun in bed. But when I suggested we keep in touch, she said she never did with one night stands, as a rule.

She could have been a bigger germ farm than that monkey in Outbreak. But I had myself tested for various things about a year later, and it came back all clean.

(as a damning indictment of all that is wrong with the NHS, when I got tested for HIV, the nurse at the doctor's office said to me, in front of half a dozen other patients, "Mr Anon, your HIV antibody test kit is ready for you now in room three")
>> No. 13123 Anonymous
13th July 2017
Thursday 11:39 pm
13123 spacer

Fucking nail on the head lad.

I was a wee teenlad when I went to the Balearics and Canaries, both of those times I was too young to drink and I was with my parents most of the time. But fuck me, anywhere the Brits and the Irish go, they are turned into the most torrid of shitholes one can imagine. All those "apart-hotel" complexes are simply containment camps to separate them from the rest of the Europeans.

My parent's logic to stay at these places was that the accommodation can be cheap so we can spend more money driving around and seeing interesting shit outside of these internment camps, and I must say it makes perfect sense now.

I can't wait for Brexit to happen, Spain should shake those expats and tourists off like fleas off a dogs back.
>> No. 13124 Anonymous
14th July 2017
Friday 12:21 am
13124 spacer

They need our money though. Tourism is one of the few sectors of the Spanish economy that are still doing well. They've still got record unemployment there, with a whole generation of 20somethings who have never held a suitable permanent job after their vocational training or higher education and still live with their parents.

If they actually send British expats, and chav tourists packing, they will really only be cutting their own flesh. Beggars can only be choosers to a certain extent.


>> No. 58228 Searchfag
10th July 2017
Monday 8:58 pm
/iq/58228 spacer

They don't make 'em like they used to.
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>> No. 58244 Billbob
13th July 2017
Thursday 2:15 pm
58244 spacer

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 58245 YubYub
13th July 2017
Thursday 2:39 pm
58245 spacer
You failed, sorry m7.
>> No. 58246 Paedofag
13th July 2017
Thursday 6:18 pm
58246 spacer
>> No. 58247 Samefag
13th July 2017
Thursday 7:41 pm
58247 spacer

>> No. 58248 Anonymous
13th July 2017
Thursday 8:03 pm
58248 spacer
Look m6, just wait for the resits in November, ok?


>> No. 6094 Anonymous
6th August 2015
Thursday 1:10 am
/lit/6094 spacer
Here's a cute, English girl talking about Philosophy.
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>> No. 6174 Anonymous
30th September 2015
Wednesday 4:56 pm
6174 spacer
I'd love to get Dionysian with her.
>> No. 6175 Anonymous
30th September 2015
Wednesday 5:31 pm
6175 spacer
Is this satyre?
>> No. 6176 Anonymous
30th September 2015
Wednesday 6:15 pm
6176 spacer
Phwoar I'd Noam her Chomsky IYKWIM
>> No. 6177 Anonymous
1st October 2015
Thursday 12:42 pm
6177 spacer
I want to fuck her
>> No. 6620 Anonymous
13th July 2017
Thursday 2:42 pm
6620 spacer
Here's a fit asian talking about books


>> No. 25093 Anonymous
8th July 2017
Saturday 10:47 pm
/emo/25093 010 something nice thread
We have the whinging thread in 101 and the minor angst thread here, how about a thread for small things that have happened we're happy about?
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>> No. 25129 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 5:56 pm
25129 spacer
Thanks mate, I was actually thinking of doing something of the sort. There a running club for begginers in my area, sounds like the social aspect has helped your mate quite a bit. Will give it a bash for sure.

What a blessing lad, always nice when things like that take you by suprise, like finding a tenner in an old pair of jeans.

Darknet mate, I used to deal a little and buy from chavvy blokes. Getting mugged for the second time in my life led me to quit the whole thing. Lost all my "friends" in the process, for the most part drug addicts that I tolerated because I knew nobody else. Still got some savings in Bitcoin, I slowly spend it month by month on weed and the occasional ten strip of acid. Although it's been a while since I've taken any.
>> No. 25130 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 9:07 pm
25130 spacer
What's the logic behind that?
>> No. 25134 Anonymous
12th July 2017
Wednesday 6:37 pm
25134 spacer
After years of effort my internet business is finally taking off, enough to net me £700 last month, Don't have much else going for me, that there that!
>> No. 25135 Anonymous
12th July 2017
Wednesday 8:15 pm
25135 spacer
How are you doing it? Well done lad.
>> No. 25136 Anonymous
12th July 2017
Wednesday 8:27 pm
25136 spacer

If you haven't read Patrick McKenzie's blog, drop everything and read through his archives. The man is a genius when it comes to growing small online businesses.


>> No. 4303 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 6:57 pm
/fat/4303 Cupping
I've had excellent experiences with aryuvedic and similar alternative drugss, but cupping is just bullshit. That's all.
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>> No. 4304 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 7:53 pm
4304 spacer
>> No. 4305 Anonymous
12th July 2017
Wednesday 8:17 pm
4305 spacer
What do they actually do when cupping? I've never quite understood the procedure.
>> No. 4306 Anonymous
12th July 2017
Wednesday 8:25 pm
4306 spacer

They heat up the air inside the cup, then stick it on your back. When the air cools, it creates suction inside the cup. It's supposed to draw out toxins or bad qi or some such bullshit.


>> No. 9430 Anonymous
26th January 2016
Tuesday 10:09 pm
/news/9430 spacer
Huddersfield charity shop finally says goodbye to a shutter which lasted 26 years

That's it. That's literally it. A charity shop has replaced one of its roller shutters after having the same one for 26 years. It's all go in Huddersfield.

I challenge you lads to find a more pointless news story than this.
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>> No. 12486 Anonymous
6th April 2017
Thursday 2:55 pm
12486 spacer
>A Devon football fan scored a massive own goal after he ate a nugget of horse poo in an Exeter street for a £40 bet after being egged on by his pals – leaving his girlfriend refusing to kiss him for a month after.

>Footage shows Exeter City fan Charlie Bamber chomp on the manure while children look on in horror outside a pub in the city. The 23-year-old can be seen retching violently after swallowing a lump of dirt - and later uses an entire tube of toothpaste in an attempt to clean out his mouth.
>> No. 12585 Anonymous
9th May 2017
Tuesday 12:21 pm
12585 spacer

I went to a barn party at a farm estate once. It was a big party with probably close to 2,000 people, music and loads of booze. Anyway, there was a manure pit on the estate, which had been carefully cordoned off with a construction fence and a tarp cover over the fence. But somehow, some shitfaced git managed to climb over the fence late at night, and then plunged into the manure pit. They found him at 4 am, fast asleep on the edge of the manure pit, covered in shit.

Also reminds me of that time I was at a friend's little garden party; we were sat in his parents' summerhouse, and at some point I excused myself to go around the corner to have a wee. It was pitch dark outside, and I mistook a goldfish pond for a flower bed, and was going to walk straight across it to wee against a tree. Next thing I knew, I was standing in water up to my waist. Having suffered abounding laughter from my mates, I then took off my wet jeans and decided to pedal home on my bicycle half a mile to get some dry clothes. All the while thinking that I probably looked like a nonce, wearing nothing but a T-shirt and my white undies on a bicycle late at night, and my biggest fear was that I would be stopped by police. Luckily, nothing happened.
>> No. 12609 Anonymous
10th May 2017
Wednesday 5:42 pm
12609 spacer

To be fair lad, that happened to me last week. Although in my case I stepped off a dodgy clapboard bridge. Into a swamp. Thank fuck it had been raining.
>> No. 13039 Anonymous
31st May 2017
Wednesday 6:00 pm
13039 spacer
>A man has been convicted by a jury of encouraging his girlfriend to have sex with a dog and warned to expect a prison sentence.

>Michael Smith filmed what happened between Gwen Kerr and the bull mastiff Tank, but weeks later showed it to a social worker claiming he was concerned for the grandmother’s welfare.

>He told a jury at Leeds Crown Court in evidence yesterday(thurs) he thought Kerr must be on drugs and only wanted to prove her strange behaviour and was not acting for any sexual gratification when he pressed record on his camcorder.

>Mark McKone prosecuting told the jury in opening that it was the crown’s case Smith had encouraged Kerr to have sex with the dog, filmed it and that was supported by Smith saying at one point “let him take it” and tapping Kerr on the buttocks during the sexual activity.

>Mr McKone said matters came to light when Smith went to Huddersfield social services on May 27 last year and showed a team leader the footage on a camcorder.
>> No. 13114 Anonymous
12th July 2017
Wednesday 7:55 pm
13114 spacer



>> No. 83097 Anonymous
10th July 2017
Monday 10:59 pm
/pol/83097 spacer

I challenge anyone to read this and still oppose the need for radical social change.
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>> No. 83108 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 3:25 pm
83108 spacer

It appears that the people in control of the remaining 'Anonymous' news channels have sunk to the level of Godlike Productions, that's not particularly interesting, seems inevitable in retrospect. That is what you meant, right? I tried to skip through the chemtrails rubbish at the start but it seemed to go on for the entire video, so I can only conclude ...
>> No. 83109 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 5:51 pm
83109 spacer
>None of what I said is wrong.
You're right there, albeit not in the way you were thinking.
>> No. 83110 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 6:49 pm
83110 spacer

Were you always a smug cunt or did they send you to a public school for socially abrasive children?
>> No. 83111 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 9:09 pm
83111 spacer
The especially scariest part of that article for me, is the ancient plagues being released.
>> No. 83124 Anonymous
12th July 2017
Wednesday 7:32 pm
83124 spacer

I thought Anonymous specifically didn't believe in Xenu?


>> No. 6255 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 6:42 pm
/uni/6255 spacer
Hey, I just flee abroad after doing my studies, I never have to pay any of those maintenance or tuition loans back, do I?
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>> No. 6267 Anonymous
12th July 2017
Wednesday 6:06 am
6267 spacer

You need to talk to your GP mate.
>> No. 6268 Anonymous
12th July 2017
Wednesday 6:16 am
6268 spacer
You're too thick to go to university, and thats saying something.
>> No. 6269 Anonymous
12th July 2017
Wednesday 8:02 am
6269 spacer

"Do some exercise, and here's a prescription for some tenner a pop pills, but only if you beg and repeatedly state how suicidal you are. We don't want to be helping you before you're absolutely, positively, irreversibly at rock bottom."


No, I'm plainly too angry to apply for university. It's a totally different set of circumstances, idiot.
>> No. 6270 Anonymous
12th July 2017
Wednesday 8:47 am
6270 spacer

Go back and keep going back until you get the treatment you need. GPs aren't psychic - if they prescribe something and don't see from you again, they assume that the prescription worked.
>> No. 6271 Anonymous
12th July 2017
Wednesday 7:29 pm
6271 spacer
May have gotten a bit wound up last night, my mistake.


>> No. 25127 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 3:52 pm
/emo/25127 spacer
Someone just posted in /emo/ about struggling to help their friends, but deleted the post before I had a chance to reply. I'm posting this reply anyway.

The first rule of crisis management is that you have to look after yourself before you can look after anyone else. In an aircraft safety briefing, they always tell you to put on your own oxygen mask before helping others. Soldiers are trained to establish a secure perimeter before assisting a wounded colleague. Firefighters are trained to plan their exit before entering a burning building. Divers are trained to never share their gas bottle with a stricken buddy unless they're sure that there's enough gas for two.

I think that the last example is particularly pertinent. Your natural instinct is to get stuck in and help someone in distress, but this instinct kills divers on a regular basis. Divers in distress do absolutely crazy things. They flail about and hyperventilate, wasting their precious gas supply. They kick, fight and struggle with their rescuers, often pulling off their mask or regulator. They lose control of their buoyancy, dragging a rescuer down to the depths. Even in calm and shallow water, a panicked diver can easily kill an unwary rescuer.

If you don't keep some amount of distance and prioritise your own wellbeing, there's a good chance that they'll drag you down with them. Nobody wants to feel like they're letting someone down, but you can't allow a distressed person to control the situation. If you become completely entangled in the situation, then you're in no position to provide assistance, you're just a secondary victim. You have to be prepared to take a step back, you have to be willing to say "this is beyond my abilities, you need professional help". If it comes to it, you need to phone an ambulance and let them deal with it.
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>> No. 25131 Anonymous
12th July 2017
Wednesday 10:23 am
25131 spacer
Thanks, lad. It was me that posted the thread. I appreciated the response I got but a little part of me felt like I was burdening others by posting about it here so I deleted it. Daft, I know.

Your follow-up is poignant and definitely something I'll try to put into action in future.
>> No. 25132 Anonymous
12th July 2017
Wednesday 11:11 am
25132 spacer

I feel like the moment people feel like they are burdening people by posting in emo about their problems it ceases to serve its point.
>> No. 25133 Anonymous
12th July 2017
Wednesday 6:15 pm
25133 spacer


>> No. 5761 Anonymous
8th October 2014
Wednesday 9:35 pm
/lit/5761 spacer
Evening, Mumsnet lads.

I'm running low on ideas of what to read to my son [7]. We're working our way through the Mr Gum books and if I can't think of something when we're finished my other half will probably subject him to Enid Blyton. We've read The Hobbit and all of Ronald Dahl's books for children but I don't know where to go next, possibly Harry Potter (although I've never read them so I don't know what they're like) or maybe something by Terry Deary as he's obsessed with ancient Egypt. Goosebumps?

I'd be grateful for any tips. Any books you were particularly fond of from your childhood?
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>> No. 6615 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 9:06 pm
6615 spacer
For Greek stuff, Robert Graves is pretty great. If he's still into it in 8 years, you can move him onto Roberto Calasso. For want of anything else to add, the Gaiman book of Norse mythology is pretty decent.

Further moving away from the Greeks, maybe the Alex Rider series by Horowitz or Bloodtide and Bloodsong by Burgess.
>> No. 6616 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 10:39 pm
6616 spacer
10 eh? You gonna start him on Animal Farm and all that stuff mentioned above?

If not, at least give him Boris the Tomato. I love reading it even as an adult, both because it's actually quite hilarious and a great satire of totalitarian fascism.
>> No. 6617 Anonymous
12th July 2017
Wednesday 1:45 pm
6617 spacer
You might try "Wolf Brother" and the series Chronicles of Ancient Darkness by Michelle Paver.
>> No. 6618 Anonymous
12th July 2017
Wednesday 5:41 pm
6618 spacer
Thanks, lads.

>You gonna start him on Animal Farm and all that stuff mentioned above?

I tried him with Animal Farm a year or so ago but he wasn't interested. It's been a long time since I've read it, but I think the first couple of chapters are a little on the dry side.

We've read a few of the books suggested in this thread, with Artemis Fowl being the clear favourite.
>> No. 6619 Anonymous
12th July 2017
Wednesday 6:15 pm
6619 spacer
Fair enough, that's Orwell for you. Boris the Tomato may have similar themes - talking vegetables in a Kent greenhouse with plans of world domination - but it's a lot more accessible. I love it.


>> No. 58234 Billbob
11th July 2017
Tuesday 4:33 pm
/iq/58234 spacer
Watch as Jeremy Corbyn attempts the YMCA at the Durham Miners' Gala - and struggles

Say what you like about Theresa May, I bet she knows how to throw some moves on the dancefloor.
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>> No. 58235 R4GE
11th July 2017
Tuesday 4:57 pm
58235 spacer

She can run through wheat, and that's about it Toryla.
>> No. 58238 Samefag
11th July 2017
Tuesday 7:35 pm
58238 spacer
>A favourite of every school disco and wedding party since 1978, the inelegant arm movements are practically part of the national school curriculum.
Are you kidding? It takes a bit of practice. I didn't master the YMCA until I came of age. I think I still get the C the wrong way round.

I think Corbz hasn't done it a lot if at all and was looking to avoid an embarrassing headline from being seen to muck it up by just emphatically gesturing instead. Fat lot of good it did.
>> No. 58239 Searchfag
11th July 2017
Tuesday 7:43 pm
58239 spacer
I don't think I can trust a man who has let the YMCA just pass him by. It's been almost 40 years. Then again, he isn't aware of what an Ant & Dec is either.

Do you think Corbyn actually listens to any music at all?
>> No. 58240 R4GE
11th July 2017
Tuesday 9:05 pm
58240 spacer

He jams to the pained howls of the bourgeois.


>> No. 58230 YubYub
10th July 2017
Monday 9:58 pm
/iq/58230 spacer
butt reconstituted pork product in gravys
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>> No. 58237 Billbob
11th July 2017
Tuesday 6:08 pm
58237 spacer

reconstituted lamb product (with oats).jpg
Fuck off you southern poofter.


>> No. 58231 Paedofag
10th July 2017
Monday 10:56 pm
/iq/58231 spacer
Evening, lads.

How do I make a craze happen? I've decided it's high time for those woodpecker pencil things to make a come back and I want to cash in on it when it inevitably happens.
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>> No. 58232 YubYub
11th July 2017
Tuesday 1:58 am
58232 spacer
You are basically talking about offline meme forcing. Sadly no Menes have ever been forced in IQ.
>> No. 58236 Ambulancelad
11th July 2017
Tuesday 6:06 pm
58236 spacer
You need to convince a Chinese manufacturer to accidentally make 600,000 of them, which will result in ebay being flooded with them, and that will in turn lead to a craze starting.


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