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>> No. 6272 Anonymous
12th July 2017
Wednesday 9:48 pm
/uni/6272 spacer
I'm at the end of my postgraduate thesis, at least as far as my available time goes. Last month I agreed with my supervisors that this Friday that I would send over a complete draft for them to go over before a final submission on the 1st September at the latest.

All that has happened since then is I've mostly stared at a nearly blank page for weeks on end because I thought I would redo my literature review but I can't get it all to connect. Nothing is connecting and its horrible because I'm nowhere near a complete draft at this point. In fact I don't think any of my work has gone as planned since at least January apart from a now absolutely shining example of an introduction.

If you have any top-tips for getting writing down and eventually having a thesis together over the coming weeks let me know because I'm pretty spent right now. I don't know if maybe I should have just posted this in emo because it feels like I'm completely fucked but at the same time potentially years of my life are going down the drain which tells me I can't stop.
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>> No. 6284 Anonymous
1st September 2017
Friday 12:50 am
6284 spacer
Make Du'a brother, and thank Allah for his mercy.
>> No. 6285 Anonymous
1st September 2017
Friday 1:15 am
6285 spacer
Realise that the act of prayer can be beneficial, as a way of focusing one's mind on your problems, irrespective of whether a god exists to receive it.
>> No. 6286 Anonymous
1st September 2017
Friday 1:43 am
6286 spacer
Oh, a coincidence occurred, cast-iron proof that God exists!

Just recognise you acted irrationally out of panic and desperation and pay it no mind.
>> No. 6287 Anonymous
1st September 2017
Friday 1:55 am
6287 spacer
>I'm in rather awkward situation

Yes. You have to god at every opportunity at this cast iron evidence of a miracle.
>> No. 6288 Anonymous
1st September 2017
Friday 4:32 pm
6288 spacer
Don't listen to this cunt. There is a higher power and every now and again, He will give you a break. Appease Him.


>> No. 3926 Anonymous
30th August 2017
Wednesday 10:46 pm
/mph/3926 L2Drive
Lads, I'm 24 years old, fresh out of uni working two jobs, how much is it gonna cost me to learn to drive realistically?
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>> No. 3939 Anonymous
1st September 2017
Friday 1:52 am
3939 spacer
This. If you're unsupervised on a provisional, you're driving otherwise. You will also be dead easy for the rozzers to spot unless you're also committing insurance fraud.
>> No. 3940 Anonymous
1st September 2017
Friday 2:15 am
3940 spacer
I did it loads as a kid but there were fewer automated cameras.
>> No. 3941 Anonymous
1st September 2017
Friday 2:16 am
3941 spacer

>A bike is simple, lad.

Motorbikes are far more difficult than cars. There's no traction control, no ABS, two separate brakes and a hand-operated clutch. If you lock the front wheel, you're pretty much guaranteed to crash hard. You have to constantly scan for road hazards that could put you on your arse - a diesel spill, a pothole, a wet road marking or manhole cover, bits of debris. In addition to the standard on-road test bikers have to take an additional bike handling test on a closed course.

If you do cock it up, you don't have a seat belt or air bags to help you. Your only crumple zone is a polystyrene hat. When things go wrong on a bike, they go very wrong very quickly.
>> No. 3943 Anonymous
1st September 2017
Friday 2:37 am
3943 spacer

Thanks lad(s). I was interested in serious responses but also half taking the mick out of OPs idiosyncratic posting style.

I will admit that leaving driving until this late is a pain because getting large blocks of time / days off to commit to intensive courses (I could do an hour or two a day for however long but that's about the limit) is difficult. Also theoretically I could get my wife to sit in the passenger seat while I potter around at 30mph and get road raged at in the Fiat I bought her. That's a good idea thanks for bringing that up.
>> No. 3944 Anonymous
1st September 2017
Friday 4:27 pm
3944 spacer
Mate... It's a bike...


questioning northerner.jpg
>> No. 7024 Anonymous
14th June 2017
Wednesday 2:18 am
/£$€¥/7024 Should people with less than perfect language skills be trusted?
I can't quite come up with a satisfying answer to this. On the one hand, you'd expect someone you're potentially employing to carry out skilled work to at least be able to throw together a grammatically correct and properly spelled sentence in an email. On the other hand, a lot of skilled tradesmen and craftsmen, especially in niche fields, seem to be terrible at email but personable in real life, and their trade skills can make up for their poor communication skills. On yet another hand, can you really trust someone to carry out a job requiring attention to detail if they don't have the attention to detail to ensure their grammar and spelling are correct in their emails and letters to you?
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>> No. 7139 Anonymous
30th August 2017
Wednesday 11:19 pm
7139 spacer
>>7136 This is now getting off topic. Yes I want a nurse or whatever to document correctly, but as for whether they talk proper or can construct beautiful written pros is entirely redundant as to whether they are trust worthy or good at their job. I know shit doctors who can write a great letter and I know great doctors who write shit letters and I know which ones I prefer to work with.
>> No. 7140 Anonymous
31st August 2017
Thursday 12:52 am
7140 spacer
The one that writes great letters?
>> No. 7141 Anonymous
31st August 2017
Thursday 9:05 pm
7141 spacer

I think we've simply answered the question by now frankly. Depends on the job.

They don't have to be William Shakespeare, but I think the capability of at least a certain level of attention to detail and clarity is absolutely neccesarry in certain jobs.

I wouldn't expect grammatical competence from a bricklayer, unless he somehow misplaces his decimal place and accidently orders half a brick instead of 500.

Neither of these have much bearing specifically on how far I'd trust them or rate their competency; that's boiling it down far too much.
>> No. 7142 Anonymous
31st August 2017
Thursday 11:48 pm
7142 spacer
I used to collaborate in several past jobs with teams in Bangalore, the top tier investment bank was fine, they had clear diction. But the other company was just awful, I understood maybe 50% of what was said and had to piece it together. I had to find ways to get everything in emails because otherwise the ambiguity made my job undoable.
>> No. 7143 Anonymous
1st September 2017
Friday 2:40 am
7143 spacer

The number of international video/conference calls I'll been on where I've basically just zoned out and asked everyone to confirm all the action points via circular email is probably very close to 100%.


>> No. 25953 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 1:52 am
/g/25953 Cyber security and Python
Any recommendations for books/resources on cyber security? The recent hackings got me curious, and I have been reading around it since. Something more under the hood type of book for a noive.

Also I picked up Python again. I learn best by doing small projects. Any resources for something like that would be appreciated too.
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>> No. 26097 Anonymous
30th August 2017
Wednesday 8:23 pm
26097 spacer

I'll take both of youse cunts at the same time.
>> No. 26098 Anonymous
30th August 2017
Wednesday 8:49 pm
26098 spacer

Yeah well I'm bringing me brother, and he used to be in the cadets.
>> No. 26099 Anonymous
31st August 2017
Thursday 6:46 pm
26099 spacer
I've had your bro and he's a pussy.
>> No. 26100 Anonymous
31st August 2017
Thursday 9:18 pm
26100 spacer

Yeah well your brother is a female to male tranny and he has a pussy.
>> No. 26101 Anonymous
31st August 2017
Thursday 9:29 pm
26101 spacer
Isn't that a bussy?


>> No. 13259 Anonymous
14th August 2017
Monday 3:20 pm
/news/13259 Big Ben's bongs to fall silent until 2021 for repairs

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>> No. 13454 Anonymous
29th August 2017
Tuesday 12:09 pm
13454 spacer
Because you haven't made reference to any specific 'colonial law' that was repealed in 1948 that governed Britain's relationship with America or any other country.

I mean
>Britain gave up its status as a colonial power in 1948
doesn't mean anything. How did it do this? Did it officially notify the United Nations of its intention to stop pillaging the world? Was there a treaty between Britain and the Commonwealth nations? What, specifically, happened?
>> No. 13455 Anonymous
29th August 2017
Tuesday 1:57 pm
13455 spacer
>That's not a good example, as the Sexual Offences Act mainly consisted of a noticeable tightening of certain laws, and actually made illegal for the first time things that used to be legal.
That doesn't matter. Acts committed before the date it came into effect continued to be prosecuted under the old Act, because that's what was in force at the time. The authorities couldn't retroactively apply the new law because Parliament hadn't made it retroactive (which is possible but rare). Serial offenders whose acts crossed the boundaries were charged under both Acts, depending on when the individual offences were alleged to have occurred.

The reason we don't prosecute gay pensioners isn't because we repealed the law concerned, it's because such a thing is no longer considered acceptable in isolation. Turing isn't a particularly good example because the police had good reason to go after him and his prosecution for gross indecency was an example of that fine police tradition of "ways and means" - it was vindictive rather than discriminatory.
>> No. 13456 Anonymous
29th August 2017
Tuesday 3:57 pm
13456 spacer
>The American revolution was an illegal act under colonial law. But with the legal framework having been repealed, after 1948, it didn't matter anymore.

The lack of recognition for Rhodesia's Unilateral Declaration of Independence (which heavily borrowed from the US) says otherwise. Indeed, the British government had an explicit policy of 'no independence before majority rule' which throws a spanner in the idea that states can just up and leave.

The reason the US is now recognised as a sovereign state by the British government is down to Article 1 of the Treaty of Paris 1783.
>> No. 13457 Anonymous
30th August 2017
Wednesday 3:34 pm
13457 spacer
I'm kind of forced to conclude that >>13447 / >>13453 doesn't know what he's talking about and nothing, in fact, happened of significance in 1948.
>> No. 13458 Anonymous
30th August 2017
Wednesday 11:11 pm
13458 spacer

My grandad was born


>> No. 2476 Anonymous
16th April 2013
Tuesday 11:29 am
/mph/2476 What battery is this?
Dear Autotrader,

Could you identify this battery for me so I can order a replacement? I've tried googling for delphi 2040A but no luck.
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>> No. 2501 Anonymous
18th April 2013
Thursday 7:47 am
2501 spacer
Try a charger first.
>> No. 2502 Anonymous
18th April 2013
Thursday 11:33 am
2502 spacer

Connect up some jump leads or a starter pack and see if you get red lights on the dash board. Then if you do get dash lights, turn the key to the start position and listen for a click. If there are no clicks coming from the starter motor then this means that the starter motor may be at fault. If you do get a click or similar, then as the poster above says, the engine may be slightly siezed. If this is the case, here is what to try: put the car into FIRST GEAR and then get out of the car and go to the front and ROCK the car back and forth. The fact it is in gear will stop it from moving but the action of doing this will free up the engine. It is an old trick for sorting this problem out.

If you are still stuck after this, please post back. One of the most important things we are looking for here is noises from the starter motor IF you get red lights on the dash board.

Also, when jump starting, it's not really a good idea to rev the bollocks off of the donor cars engine, as it can cause over-voltage to occur and damage to wiring looms may ensue, which is very expensive indeed.

PROTIP: When jump starting MODERN CARS (manufactured in the last 10-15 years) after attaching the jump leads to the faulty car, SWITCH ON THE HEAD LIGHTS OF THE FAULTY CAR, this will stop any damage occurring to the cars ECU (electronic control unit). This is a technique I was taught when working as a trade plate driver delivering lorries and tractor units. The act of switching on the lights helps to prevent an overvoltage occurring.
>> No. 2503 Anonymous
18th April 2013
Thursday 1:19 pm
2503 spacer
Do you reckon you could make a wee youtube vid of what you are trying and post it up in here?

It will make the diagnosis a lot easier.
>> No. 3924 Anonymous
30th August 2017
Wednesday 4:53 pm
3924 spacer

Can I use a trickle charger with the hood down? Conscious about the rain and vandals.
>> No. 3925 Anonymous
30th August 2017
Wednesday 7:03 pm
3925 spacer


>> No. 25693 Anonymous
28th August 2017
Monday 11:31 am
/101/25693 SHABBY CHIC
Sometimes I really wonder what's going through peoples heads when they buy this stuff.
I also mourn for all the lovely old hardwood furniture that's getting "upcycled" into this.
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>> No. 25694 Anonymous
28th August 2017
Monday 12:17 pm
25694 spacer
I know what you mean - on the plus side, a lot of stuff is rescued and recycled that would have gotten chucked out. I've always been in two minds about it.

Also, it isn't the chabby chic per se, in my view, its the chabby-chic-with-new-pricetag attached that is the problem.
>> No. 25695 Anonymous
29th August 2017
Tuesday 10:54 am
25695 spacer
Maybe it's an attempt to harken back to the childhoods that used hand me down bedroom furniture, falling apart and adorned with past generations stickers.
>> No. 25696 Anonymous
29th August 2017
Tuesday 2:21 pm
25696 spacer
Looks more gyppo chic than shabby chic.
>> No. 25699 Anonymous
29th August 2017
Tuesday 6:29 pm
25699 spacer

It also bothers me when people call these things "funky" on eBay, e.g., calling a bashed up old coffee table a "funky coffee table".
>> No. 25702 Anonymous
29th August 2017
Tuesday 9:49 pm
25702 spacer

It's the same as estate agents saying that crumbling old shitheaps are "full of character". Yeah, that and fucking woodworm mate.


>> No. 58628 Crabkiller
24th August 2017
Thursday 3:23 pm
/iq/58628 spacer
I had one of my wisdom teeth pulled today and in the post-op instructions it says to try to eat and drink on one side of the mouth. How do you drink on one side of the mouth?
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>> No. 58634 Moralfag
24th August 2017
Thursday 6:26 pm
58634 spacer
Is it normal to have a prehensile tongue, or am I a freak?
>> No. 58635 Anonymous
24th August 2017
Thursday 8:34 pm
58635 spacer
Do you really find that hard?
>> No. 58637 Crabkiller
25th August 2017
Friday 10:29 am
58637 spacer
Laughing gas.


>> No. 58638 Auntiefucker
29th August 2017
Tuesday 7:59 pm
58638 spacer
bet you think your so smart
>> No. 58640 Ambulancelad
29th August 2017
Tuesday 9:00 pm
58640 spacer

Oh lad.


>> No. 4012 Anonymous
14th December 2012
Friday 9:36 am
/job/4012 spacer
Applying for JSA links
Both are a little out of date.
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>> No. 11585 Anonymous
24th August 2017
Thursday 9:52 pm
11585 spacer
Had a PIP payment out of the blue of £1600.
Turns out the reassessment I had months ago has put me in the Standard Daily and Enchanced Mobility, instead of just Standard Daily and no Mobility.

The system works sometimes.
>> No. 11586 Anonymous
29th August 2017
Tuesday 11:46 am
11586 spacer
How will you be using the money?
>> No. 11587 Anonymous
29th August 2017
Tuesday 11:53 am
11587 spacer

I need to pay off my plasma screen from Brighthouse and I'm buying us all a takeaway as a treat.
>> No. 11589 Anonymous
29th August 2017
Tuesday 6:43 pm
11589 spacer
Don't make fun of the lad. He's not necessarily retarded just because he receives PIP.


>> No. 16455 Anonymous
14th April 2014
Monday 11:11 am
/v/16455 Game of Thrones
Are you all just going to pretend this isn't happening?

I assume everyone's already illegally downloaded last nights episode? If so you'll definitely understand my next question...


I'm reckoning Cersei at a daring 50/1.
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>> No. 21788 Anonymous
28th August 2017
Monday 11:11 pm
21788 spacer
inb4 Gendry spends the next 4 series digging himself out from under The Wall.
>> No. 21789 Anonymous
29th August 2017
Tuesday 5:15 am
21789 spacer

lidl finger.jpg
RIP the only good character in the show apart from that cheeky mercenary guy
>> No. 21790 Anonymous
29th August 2017
Tuesday 5:50 am
21790 spacer
Arya was Littlefinger all along. It's why his accent changed every five seconds. Also, are we meant overlook the fact the Knights of the Vale witnessed Sansa give him an alibi for her aunt's death?
>> No. 21793 Anonymous
29th August 2017
Tuesday 5:06 pm
21793 spacer
Haven't we had a cunt-off before about the relative sophistication of Medieval medicine?

Presumably he has gone AWOL because Brienne told him too. She probably owes him a handjob so fair play.

Better yet it transitions into a Dwarf Fortress tv series.
>> No. 21794 Anonymous
29th August 2017
Tuesday 5:07 pm
21794 spacer



12 malpiszonow.jpg
>> No. 7910 Anonymous
13th September 2016
Tuesday 1:54 pm
/A/7910 spacer
I need some strong sleeping tablets without receipt what i can buy?
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>> No. 7923 Anonymous
5th February 2017
Sunday 12:52 am
7923 spacer
It's a shame you can't get melatonin on Amazon any more.
>> No. 7924 Anonymous
1st March 2017
Wednesday 1:08 pm
7924 spacer
>Doxylamine makes chlorphenamine look like an aspirin when it comes to sedative effects
Bloody hell, you weren't joking. I took one 25mg tablet at 9pm last night, hit bed like a rock at 10 and slept right through an alarm at 7, finally waking up at 11:30. ~13 hours of sleep.

I think I might take half next time.
>> No. 7933 Anonymous
7th May 2017
Sunday 3:46 pm
7933 spacer
I have a bit more experience of this stuff (doxylamine succinate) now.

Even if I've only been awake for, say eight hours, I take 25 or 50mg of this and I'm out like a light. I'll sleep for 12 hour if uninterrupted. Unfortunately that has an obvious physiological toll (anything above nine hours confuses the body's rhythm, you feel achy and disoriented) and there's a sort of hangover feeling even if you manage to drag yourself out of bed after nine hours. If you absolutely have to get to sleep at e.g. 7PM in order to get up for a 5AM red-eye this stuff is amazing, pop one at 6PM and then you'll be off to noddyland an hour later... remember to set at least two alarms, though. By the time you get to where you're going the next day you'll have had a coffee or three to cut through the fog and you'll be fresh and ready to perform your meaningless task as a soulless automata. Everyone's a winner.
>> No. 7960 Anonymous
25th August 2017
Friday 8:08 am
7960 spacer

On your recommendation, I ordered some off the American Amazon site. I've been taking half a tablet a night for several months and it has improved my quality of life no end. I've had problems falling asleep and staying asleep since about my 20's, tried all sorts of sleep aids and techniques for trying to get to sleep with limited success. Now I can fall asleep easily, get up for a piss I'm the middle of the night and them fall asleep again. Usually I'd be awake from about 4am every night. Whoever started this thread and contributed to it, thank you. It's made such a difference to my life.
>> No. 7961 Anonymous
29th August 2017
Tuesday 4:51 pm
7961 spacer

Nice one lads. To be honest I'm just glad that my internet PhD in psychopharmacology has been useful to someone other than myself.


>> No. 21760 Anonymous
23rd August 2017
Wednesday 12:35 am
/v/21760 spacer
How do we escape this sort of shit?
This chan itself is a manifestation of something propaganda. How do we think around it?
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>> No. 21773 Anonymous
24th August 2017
Thursday 8:32 pm
21773 spacer
It has always annoyed me too. Calling 4chan "the other place" has never been a rule. It is perhaps an allusion to the Commons referring to the Lords, perhaps. Or its just someone being a bit of a cock.
>> No. 21774 Anonymous
27th August 2017
Sunday 9:06 pm
21774 spacer
>an allusion to the Commons referring to the Lords
That's what I thought it was, nothing pissy about it.
>> No. 21784 Anonymous
28th August 2017
Monday 7:15 pm
21784 spacer

I recall a thread in the shed years ago, complaining how britfa had lost its way from the lovely olden days because people were using the word "memes" ("We've always called them in-jokes!", except for all that time before they were being called that when we didn't) and freely discussing 4chan ("I've always thought of us as being a step above that, certainly not a chan.")
>> No. 21791 Anonymous
29th August 2017
Tuesday 11:15 am
21791 spacer
It's advisable to switch off from the mass media if you can. Dispassionately researching facts and drawing your own conclusions is the best you can do. You won't have an accurate perception of the world, but at least you won't be believing someone else's lie.

The real question is; what sort of information should I seek, ultimately, and what sort of information should I seek next in furtherance of that? How much detail do I need to know? How much time should I devote to learning one thing over another? It's a really puzzling question.

What we can say for certain is that of the information available, it's in our best interests to omit the set of information presented to us which is intended to control our behavior and so limit our pursuit of personally relevant information in our interests. Thus; cut out the mass media. The mass media is and always has been there to serve a political function; it was never meant to give people an accurate and relevant perception of the world and its goings on.
>> No. 21792 Anonymous
29th August 2017
Tuesday 3:29 pm
21792 spacer
I think one of the most important things to remember is that these type of medias focus on issues happening in the Americas, not the UK (so much at least). It's easy to overlook this and make significantly paranoid and panic stricken changes to your lifes because you're worried about floride, food additives (or whatever). This isn't to say conspiracies don't happen here, but consider this; While you're investigating the corrupt goings on in a country on the other side of the globe, you're missing what's happening here, possibly on your doorstep. Distraction, you know?

>If people try to enter the system who don't have [the manufactured] point of view, they're likely to be excluded somewhere along the way. After all no institution is going to happily design a mechanism to self destruct. So they all work to exclude, marginalise or eliminate dissenting voices or alternative perspectives because they're disfuntional to the institution itself.

What I find interesting about this is there seems to be a split going on in America at the moment regarding 'alternate facts', race groups, etc. Who's behind this destabilisation of the status quo; could multiple parties be battling it out or is it all a ploy by those in power?

It's an interesting time to be alive.


>> No. 412476 Anonymous
25th August 2017
Friday 3:07 pm
Last one of the year. It'll be Christmas soon.

Tell me how you're both staying in with the curtains drawn spending it.
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>> No. 412518 Anonymous
28th August 2017
Monday 4:39 pm
412518 spacer
It's summer's kiss good-bye.
>> No. 412519 Anonymous
28th August 2017
Monday 4:52 pm
412519 spacer

Feel's like summer's wet shart in the face; a final insult before autumn.
>> No. 412520 Anonymous
28th August 2017
Monday 5:29 pm
412520 spacer
Is he protesting about anything else now? I generally avoid Dewsbury like the plague so haven't been that way in about a year.
>> No. 412521 Anonymous
28th August 2017
Monday 7:12 pm
412521 spacer

You should go and support local business. Novo Coffee, Taste of India, Big Discount Store, Guns and Roses, that weird shop with the mannequin heads and yellow windows that I don't know what it sells.
>> No. 412522 Anonymous
28th August 2017
Monday 7:26 pm
412522 spacer
It's like a FUCK YOU I CAN MAKE IT HOT on the last couple of days of summer, just for a laugh. The cunt.


>> No. 83303 Anonymous
24th August 2017
Thursday 6:46 pm
/pol/83303 spacer
I have met a couple of Tories who were genuinely really anxious for me to see that they weren’t horrible people and really believed putting everything into private enterprise will achieve better results.

Whatever type they are, I have absolutely no intention of being friends with any of them. I have friends I choose to spend time with. I go to parliament to be a mouthpiece for my constituents and class – I’m not interested in chatting on.

I feel disgusted at the way they’re running this country, it’s visceral – I’m not interested in being cosy. I hate those Tory questions that start with ‘Does the PM agree with me..?’ – when one Tory MP stood up and asked one I told him I think those questions are disgraceful. His response was ‘you mustn’t be a very good MP‘!

The idea that they’re not the enemy is simply delusional when you see the effect they have on people – a nation where lots of people live in a constant state of fear whether they even have enough to eat.

I know politics is getting increasingly childish and divisive, but when we have an actual MP branding Tories as the enemy and saying she could never be friends with one I think we've reached a new low. Then again, I suppose all that virtue isn't going to signal itself.
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>> No. 83362 Anonymous
25th August 2017
Friday 6:46 pm
83362 spacer
Whatever way you look it it, packs of supermarket bacon have absolutely nothing to do with a bunch of rich toffs getting drunk on champagne, letting an army of dogs loose, and galloping after them on horses trampling everything in their way.
Fox hunting is just as big a steaming pile of crap whether a fox gets killed or not.

Calling fox hunting inefficient at killing foxes is like calling boxing an inefficient cure for toothache.
The cost of keeping the horses and looking after the dogs, feeding them, stabling and kennelling them, paying the people to look after them etc. is so huge that it would be far more efficient for farmers to leave a few chickens out every night and hope that a fox gets hit by a car on the way there.
>> No. 83366 Anonymous
25th August 2017
Friday 8:16 pm
83366 spacer
I think it's safe to say that the "left" has well and truly disappeared up its own arse now.
>> No. 83369 Anonymous
25th August 2017
Friday 9:22 pm
83369 spacer

Oooh, degenerate art am I right, lad? Oooooh.
>> No. 83371 Anonymous
25th August 2017
Friday 9:47 pm
83371 spacer
Did you even read the article otherlad posted?

Brian Logan is offended by comedians taking the piss out of their audience and (heaven forbid) going a little hyperbolic with it. He is reporting on a comedy festival and doesn't understand comedy.
>> No. 83373 Anonymous
25th August 2017
Friday 10:08 pm
83373 spacer
>Brian Logan
Don't you mean 'the left'?


>> No. 412395 Anonymous
15th August 2017
Tuesday 2:09 pm
/b/412395 Digital interview
Hello chaps I've got a digital interview to do, what sort of questions can I expect, it's for Vodafone, decent job too.

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>> No. 412464 Anonymous
24th August 2017
Thursday 1:31 pm
412464 spacer

Ok, never mind then.

I actually know people like you. One of them is a professionally trained video graphic artist who is self employed but gets hired by high-profile documentary production companies for certain jobs. He will then do the titles and the artwork and what-have-you. It pays handsomely, a single documentary series with several episodes and a lot of animated content can put over £10,000 in his bank account. But then there are also times where he will not be working for a month at a time.

He inherited a fully paid off house from his parents, so a mortgage isn't something he needs to bother with.
>> No. 412473 Anonymous
24th August 2017
Thursday 11:12 pm
412473 spacer
>>412464 Yeah sounds like your B1064s in a better place than I am, 'High profile' production companies will pay me the big bucks, But I take work where I can get it, ironically you guys thought youtube, which makes me laugh as I make intros for 'gaming' channels as well. £200 for half an hours work and some nerds happy with a shiney dubsteppy lens-flared filled intro. I got the advice of instead of using my own name as my 'business name', but making a production company then I wouldn't be seen as self employed, and thus eligible for a loan, is this all legally sound? I don't wanna piss off the tax man.
>> No. 412474 Anonymous
24th August 2017
Thursday 11:45 pm
412474 spacer
Why not start your own company and give yourself a reasonable salary? The monthly paycheck will look stable and, if the gap between contracts isn't too great, it should last long enough to find more work.
>> No. 412475 Anonymous
25th August 2017
Friday 12:04 am
412475 spacer

Registering a limited company is piss-easy and has a lot of tax advantages. Your company can pay you as an employee through PAYE, enrol you in a company pension scheme, the works. If you're earning over about £30k, the accountancy fees pay for themselves in tax savings. Depending on your client base and your expenses, it might also be advantageous to register for the flat rate VAT scheme.
>> No. 412477 Anonymous
25th August 2017
Friday 4:25 pm
412477 spacer
All true, but it will take a while (2-3 years) before animation-lad will have enough years accounts and proof of earnings to get a mortgage. They're very strict nowadays on the affordability test and they inspect the inside of your arsehole if you tell them you're self employed.


>> No. 412465 Anonymous
24th August 2017
Thursday 3:29 pm
/b/412465 What makes something interesting?
I've been thinking about this, is this idea quantifiable? Are there rules that someone has used to define this that are agreed upon?

Does anyone know any good books on the subject? And if what makes something interesting is unmeasurable, what about the opposite? What makes something boring?

I was initially thinking in the sense of delivery of information, but I suppose it could be applied to all aspects of life.
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>> No. 412468 Anonymous
24th August 2017
Thursday 5:35 pm
412468 spacer
Maybe the subject matter, but what about the delivery? There are Authors that are more popular than others, and authors that most people identify as being shit and ones people Identify as good, and it goes beyond just spelling the words correctly.
>> No. 412469 Anonymous
24th August 2017
Thursday 5:44 pm
412469 spacer

Dr Janina Ramirez.png
I don't think you can find a hard and fast definition for this. So much depends not only on hierarchical rules like the relative position of the speaker (cute historians talking about medieval peasant women for instance) but generally how well it is delivered and its relevance to the listener.

So if you want to be interesting at dinner parties you should have tits, a doctorate and probably just let the other person natter on while you pretend to be interested in whatever is relevant to them. I've found I can come across as quite charming (when in reality I'm a tedious cunt) if I ask questions about someones banal interests with the odd silly observation to appear engaged so there you go.
>> No. 412470 Anonymous
24th August 2017
Thursday 6:06 pm
412470 spacer

Now that I think about it, what you seem to be approaching is Pirsig's metaphysics of quality from a different angle. I recommend checking out his book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance which despite the farty title is regarded as a classic of modern philosophy and had a big impact on my own life.

It won't give you an objective definition either but what it will do is illuminate the topic on a deeper level of understanding. We can sit here all day outlining 'interesting' by all the examples of interesting things we can remember and not interesting in the same fashion - then an objectively interesting thing will appear that is boring and a supposedly not interesting thing will captivate us like that article on poo fungus (
>> No. 412471 Anonymous
24th August 2017
Thursday 8:06 pm
412471 spacer
>I ask questions about someones banal interests with the odd silly observation

That's almost Active Listening and is the key to being perceived as a good listener. People like you more when you actively listen to them.
>> No. 412472 Anonymous
24th August 2017
Thursday 8:06 pm
412472 spacer
Interesting topic, this.

But seriously, I think one way of looking at it is that our minds are basically pattern matching algorithms. We look for patterns in our daily lives that "interest" us, either because it is our job to be interested in them (e.g. a policeman who spots what he thinks is suspicious behaviour), or because they have to do with our hobbies or our political views or whatever. We sift through the barrage of stimuli that inundates us every second of our lives, searching for the bits that are somehow relevant to us. And when we somehow notice patterns that correspond to what is interesting to us, then it attracts our attention.

Not sure if this is of any help, but maybe it's a place to start.


>> No. 25346 Anonymous
23rd August 2017
Wednesday 8:35 am
/emo/25346 Getting on
Alright britla.ds. The state of my life has recently stagnated and fallen into a downward spiral (some of you may recall my post from earlier this year about breaking up with my girlfriend of two years) and on introspection I've realised that I've been indulging more and more in self-destructive behaviours. I can only assume this is a subconscious counter to the humdrum everyday life has become, but this is not the least of my issues.

Problem the First: Loneliness
I don't particularly get on with my high school friends, nor do I talk to my family save for my old man who is conveniently a hour's travel minimum away at any given moment. As aforementioned, I broke up with my live-in girlfriend earlier this year for issues I'm now thinking were more my own than hers. My best friend killed himself 4 years ago and I've never really been able to move past it and find somebody I can confide in quite so honestly despite therapy.

Problem the Second: Career Prospects
I'm good at what I do (front-end design and development, though not so savvy in actual programming languages) but I don't have any university qualifications and I feel I'm a little too old — twenty-four to be exact — to be getting a bachelor's or the like.

Problem the Third: Responsibility
My dad had a bit of a nest egg for us he'd raised off some old children's savings plan from the '90s and nurtured it until it matured into a nice £10k payout. I decided to put it down as a deposit on an apartment in my city through a Help to Buy scheme. At the time I was caught up in the hubris of flying the nest (especially due to my stilted relations with my mum) but in retrospect it's a big price to pay to be worse off mentally.

I'm sure some of the older members here will have been through a similar issue and come out relatively unscathed or even better off. I'd love to hear how you made it. I'm at my wit's end here.
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>> No. 25350 Anonymous
23rd August 2017
Wednesday 1:52 pm
25350 spacer
>I don't have any university qualifications and I feel I'm a little too old — twenty-four to be exact — to be getting a bachelor's or the like.

I visited my Man-child 32 year old friend who has just finished his degree on the weekend, with my friend who is currently doing his Open University degree part time at 33. You are fine if you want to take that route, if that is what you want to do.
>> No. 25351 Anonymous
23rd August 2017
Wednesday 2:49 pm
25351 spacer
>Problem the First
>Problem the Second
>Problem the Third

Sorry for the tangent but I've seen people structuring sentences like that in lots of places, and wondered where it originated, but had no luck googling it.
>> No. 25352 Anonymous
23rd August 2017
Wednesday 4:26 pm
25352 spacer
I started my degree at the age of 31. If you don't have any better ideas, then you could do a lot worse than applying for university. It'll improve your career prospects and give you the opportunity to meet lots of new people. The Access to HE course is a good option if you bollocksed up your A levels.
>> No. 25353 Anonymous
23rd August 2017
Wednesday 10:12 pm
25353 spacer
1. I also lost contact with my "school friends" quite early in my twenties. I think its normal. People who go to public school(s) do a very good job of maintaining some of their friendships in later life, I have noticed, but not state schools. I'm not sure what thats about. In my case, its because my school friends were just that, school friends, they weren't mates for life. Very very few people are.

2. You don't need a degree to work in programming or technology. I am living proof of that. I earn more than anyone else I know (>£100k) and dropped out of a degree in the first year.

3. Welcome to being a grown up.

You're normal and the anxiety you feel is normal for a 24 year old. You're just becoming an adult. Making (and keeping) good friends is hard, you tend to find and meet them in the strangest places, and they're adults too, just like you, dealing with their own shit.

Try and relax. Exercise helps. Find good hobbies, that might help you to meet new people.

I repeat, you sound entirely normal to me.
>> No. 25355 Anonymous
24th August 2017
Thursday 1:20 pm
25355 spacer
> You don't need a degree to work in programming or technology.

No; but it helps because it gives you an underlying understanding of what you're doing, beyond being able to throw together a few hundred lines of code that compile correctly.

I'm happy for you that you seem to be able to make a handsome living with your work. But I've seen people like you manage large tech projects, and their inability to listen to valid concerns raised by programmers with an actual degree in computer science was largely owed to a quite cursory understanding of the art of programming itself. The worst offenders, though, are people with a degree in business who "once did a computer programming project at uni". When they are put in charge of a project, their hubris usually stifles even the most reasonable ideas put forward by your programmers to improve a project's code base.


>> No. 412441 Anonymous
23rd August 2017
Wednesday 5:44 pm
/b/412441 spacer
Yesterday at work someone brought in a chocolate cake for their birthday, amongst other treats.

I was one of the first in work this morning. Around half of the cake was still there. It had been put in the box but the side has been left open. Upon closer inspection I saw that there were at least half a dozen tiny fruit flies bouncing around the box and jumping on the cake. I decided to take the cake out of the box and leave it on the side. I watched as one by one my work colleagues sliced and ate the cake that the flies has been enjoying for hours.

It's been a while since we've done it. Tales of when you were a terrible human being.
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>> No. 412450 Anonymous
23rd August 2017
Wednesday 7:05 pm
412450 spacer
Time to hide this thread.

>> No. 412451 Anonymous
23rd August 2017
Wednesday 8:06 pm
412451 spacer

I actually got the idea to do it because I had recently read that person's post.
>> No. 412452 Anonymous
23rd August 2017
Wednesday 8:19 pm
412452 spacer

I pity your aunt(s) and local beach crustaceans.
>> No. 412453 Anonymous
23rd August 2017
Wednesday 8:24 pm
412453 spacer
Is bike theft cyclical?
>> No. 412458 Anonymous
24th August 2017
Thursday 6:11 am
412458 spacer



>> No. 411843 Anonymous
27th June 2017
Tuesday 5:55 pm
/b/411843 Edingburgh festival
I've never been to the Edingburgh festival before. What's it like? Anything to look out for/avoid? Any tourist spots besides the castle? I'm mainly going for the comedy but I'm open to other stuff.
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>> No. 411846 Anonymous
28th June 2017
Wednesday 1:38 am
411846 spacer
Scottish people. Watch out.
>> No. 411859 Anonymous
28th June 2017
Wednesday 8:27 pm
411859 spacer
Avoid going to random shows during the day just to kill time - you might end up in a near-empty lecture theatre with a second-rate comedian.
>> No. 411959 Anonymous
3rd July 2017
Monday 11:17 pm
411959 spacer

>Scottish people
you'll have a hard time finding any in edinburgh during the festival

>What's it like?
great. there really is something for everyone, and i'm not being hyperbolic. it can be a bit overwhelming. 90% of the acts/shows are utter shite. the 10% of quality content is more than a enough.
if it's free, it's probably shite.

>Any tourist spots besides the castle?
Climb arthur's seat and watch the sunset/sunrise, go to the medical museum at surgeons hall, go to sandy bell's or the royal oak on infirmary street and listen to impromptu folk music, wander in the old towns cemeteries and closes' in the wee hours with a drink in you, marvel at the history.
Eat breakfast at Snax. There's an all night bakery in newington (edinburgh bakehouse), and another in the west end, on morrisons street (morrisons bakery). Better than a kebab. There used to be one along gorgie too but i'm sure that's closed now.
>> No. 411964 Anonymous
4th July 2017
Tuesday 12:31 am
411964 spacer
Personally I tend to avoid the big name shows, they're usually too long and expensive and often material you've already seen on Mock the Week or whatever.

I like to go for the 'showcase' bills where its five or six acts on in the space of a couple of hours. You usually end up seeing good up-and-coming people at these ones, and they're usually cheap enough. The multiple Stand clubs tend to have great late night sets.

If you get a chance to see a Simon Munnery set then you should. His Fringe gigs are always excellent.
>> No. 412454 Anonymous
23rd August 2017
Wednesday 8:46 pm
412454 spacer
OP here, back from the fringe.

Climbed Arthur's seat, which was probably my favorite thing. Went to surgeon's hall which was ok. Listened to music at the royal oak.

My favorite show was probably the "Midnight Show" some left-field antics which were a nice change to the usual stuff. Also went to a showcase, which had the unfortunate coincidence to have Gary Delaney as the final act, as did "Midnight Show". I also met Richard Herring after his gig, I rue not picking a more unique put down from RHLSTP. In hindsight, I would have gone to more niche stuff besides comedy. It's hard though given that there's finite time and ~3500 gigs.


>> No. 10778 Anonymous
23rd August 2017
Wednesday 12:25 pm
/beat/10778 The KLF are back
this time in an ice-cream truck; no Fnord Timelord.
Expand all images.
>> No. 10779 Anonymous
23rd August 2017
Wednesday 5:35 pm
10779 spacer
I like them and appreciate their brand of lunacy but I fear they're going to just get lost in the informational maelstrom that is contemporary culture.

The book they're releasing sounds sort of interesting but I don't think there's anyway they'll be able to impact upon popular culture the way they did a couple of decades ago (although maybe that's not their aim anyway). Feel like they'll just get mulched by the internet, some people will read their book and go the events up in Liverpool but I don't think counter culture really exists in the way it did before the wide world of web took over everything.

Who knows though, maybe they'll manage to evoke something interesting. Maybe.
>> No. 10780 Anonymous
23rd August 2017
Wednesday 5:42 pm
10780 spacer
A friend of a friend on facebook revealed a funny K Foundation secret the other day to the annoyance of one of their team.

They really did burn a million quid. But they were notes about to be removed from circulation and destroyed by the Bank of England, and the cost was just their solicitor's fee for managing to arrange this.
>> No. 10781 Anonymous
23rd August 2017
Wednesday 6:18 pm
10781 spacer
>But they were notes about to be removed from circulation and destroyed by the Bank of England, and the cost was just their solicitor's fee for managing to arrange this.

I would love this to be true. EVIDENCE.
>> No. 10782 Anonymous
23rd August 2017
Wednesday 6:26 pm
10782 spacer
They were burning £50 Series D months after the Series E were issued.


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