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>> No. 60517 Searchfag
10th April 2018
Tuesday 12:00 pm
/iq/60517 spacer
Why are Papua New Guineans the poorest people?

Because they haven't got a tok to pisin


>> No. 60165 R4GE
17th March 2018
Saturday 11:46 am
/iq/60165 Peter Kay (1973-2018)
Guess who’s supposedly dead?
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>> No. 60494 Billbob
8th April 2018
Sunday 10:53 am
60494 spacer
A sophisticated android double has appeared on stage at the Car Share finale screening in order to keep the pretense going and endure the secret injunction isn't broken.
>> No. 60498 Billbob
8th April 2018
Sunday 11:13 pm
60498 spacer

Is this one secretly dead too?
>> No. 60499 Anonymous
9th April 2018
Monday 12:47 am
60499 spacer
Nah, she's got a thing on Netflix that came out recently.
>> No. 60502 Samefag
10th April 2018
Tuesday 2:11 am
60502 spacer

At least Jason manfords career doesn't consist of a poor sitcom about car sharing and endless 'Look at how funny I was briefly ten years ago' clip shows
>> No. 60503 Billbob
10th April 2018
Tuesday 3:14 am
60503 spacer
Tom Scott's planning to send some garlic bread into space on YouTube.

What a touching tribute


>> No. 12159 Anonymous
8th April 2018
Sunday 9:19 pm
/job/12159 Big Softie
Hi guys. I'm pretty unhappy at work. I've been a software developer for 6 months. My team contribution is negligible. I doubt the value of the work, and particularly the value of my work. I'm quite isolated. I stay late most days and take work home for the weekend. It's a big open-plan but I say maybe 3 sentences in a day. I want to ask my manager if I can move onto a different project where I'm able to contribute but it feels inappropriate. I'm not sure if I'm learning anything, and if I am, whether what I'm learning is valuable. I don't want to leave because if I can't hack a job sitting on my ass for 9 hours, what job can I hack. It seems as though people would kill to get into software, so shouldn't I be counting my blessings?

After my whinge, can you tell me about crises and direction changes in your careers?
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>> No. 12166 Anonymous
9th April 2018
Monday 6:50 pm
12166 spacer
Is it a dick move to take a full time permanent job, with the intention to leave after four months? I suspended uni for the year, managed to get a full time job offer this month, but I'm planning on returning to uni in September.
>> No. 12167 Anonymous
9th April 2018
Monday 7:07 pm
12167 spacer
Depends on the job, how easy to replace are you? If the answer is very, don't sweat it.
>> No. 12168 Anonymous
9th April 2018
Monday 7:59 pm
12168 spacer
I recently interviewed for a community health organisation who said they were desperate to staff their temporary role because as soon as they train someone up they leave for a permanent position elsewhere. So I'd say yeah try not to fuck people around if they are doing good work.
>> No. 12169 Anonymous
9th April 2018
Monday 9:30 pm
12169 spacer
I am a software developer of ~10 years.

> It's a big open-plan but I say maybe 3 sentences in a day.

Open plan offices are less sociable than small ones, in my experience: its more difficult to have a conversation with the people in your team when you can hear five other people talking and you have people constantly walking around you.

It can also be hard to get to know people in a big office where everyone seems to be working on something different. You have to make an effort to talk to people, ask them what they are doing, how long they have worked there, how their weekend was, etc.

> I want to ask my manager if I can move onto a different project where I'm able to contribute but it feels inappropriate. I'm not sure if I'm learning anything, and if I am, whether what I'm learning is valuable

Ask your manager to move, and tell them what you feel about not learning anything. Dealing with requests like that is part of their job as your manager. Its not inappropriate.

You could try a different company, too. Work environment and the friendliness of your colleagues vary *alot*.
>> No. 12170 Anonymous
9th April 2018
Monday 9:52 pm
12170 spacer
How big is the company you work for, and the dev team within that?

I've never worked for a big company, but I can imagine hating it. Both jobs I've had in software have been for small companies (10 or so people), and I've found it generally decent. I get on well with everyone, support guys, sales guys etc. It's a whole different culture: basically just get shit done, without too much management bollocks in the way.


>> No. 23560 Anonymous
16th November 2016
Wednesday 6:49 pm
/emo/23560 Minor angst and existential dread, Mk. I
We tend to have a lot of repeated threads here, but I also get the feeling people don't tend to post in /emo/ unless it's a big issue.

With this in mind I suggest that we have a thread for stuff that's got you down a bit and you need to get off your chest, without it being major enough to make an entire thread devoted to it. We can also use it as a go-to for minor relationship advice, work problems, social drama, and things like that.

Everyone gets down from time to time, let's put some Sisters of Mercy on and wallow together for a while.
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>> No. 26414 Anonymous
28th March 2018
Wednesday 9:37 pm
26414 spacer

What is this, 1988. Who says bonk nowadays.

-11 is right, workplace relationships are generally a living nightmare - when they happen you have almost no choice or free will in the matter. If it was going to happen by now, it would have.
>> No. 26423 Anonymous
29th March 2018
Thursday 12:20 am
26423 spacer
>> No. 26426 Anonymous
29th March 2018
Thursday 12:43 am
26426 spacer

Cyclists and some other, lesser sportspeople use 'bonk' to mean when you run out of energy so badly you hit 'the wall'.

I really wish they wouldn't.
>> No. 26427 Anonymous
29th March 2018
Thursday 2:50 am
26427 spacer

>> No. 26484 Anonymous
8th April 2018
Sunday 11:43 am
26484 spacer
Increasingly I am thinking this will only end one way.


>> No. 16646 Anonymous
12th May 2014
Monday 9:01 am
/v/16646 Rick and Morty
I can't be the only one here to have stumbled upon this utter gem.

Without a doubt, this has become my favourite adult cartoon and I can't wait for the next season.

Dark, clever, brilliantly amusing. Really fucking dark in places.

There are episodes on YT but some of these have had the voices altered to avoid automatic take downs I guess?

Here's a link to the first where a TV box has been used instead;

And one of my favourite clips:

3+3 = 6
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>> No. 22283 Anonymous
6th April 2018
Friday 9:04 pm
22283 spacer
Anyone who likes Rick and Morty, this vid is worth a watch:

It's basically if Rick and Morty was set in the real world, and they were Australian.
>> No. 22284 Anonymous
7th April 2018
Saturday 9:59 am
22284 spacer

This strikes me as the shameless milking of a brand.
>> No. 22285 Anonymous
7th April 2018
Saturday 10:18 am
22285 spacer
I wonder if the repeated threats to kill Rick and Morty were aimed at Dan and Justin amid the stalled recommissioning negotiations.
>> No. 22286 Anonymous
7th April 2018
Saturday 4:04 pm
22286 spacer

Brian messing up the YT embeds can often be amusing.
>> No. 22287 Anonymous
7th April 2018
Saturday 10:58 pm
22287 spacer

Personally I enjoyed it and moreso enjoyed the reactions of the general R&M fanbase to it (a lot of very angry people frothing about it being shit and szechuan sauce etc.). It's just an actual April fools episode.

I'm also familiar with the flash artist's old YT stuff, so that helps. And it reminds me of Doc and Mharti.


>> No. 12145 Anonymous
7th April 2018
Saturday 3:39 pm
/job/12145 spacer

In Jan I had a weird incident when driving, it was like a blackout for <1 seconds but it was enough to be noticable. I may have just fallen asleep.

Anyway I've been referred to the neurological unit about it. I just learnt an 'unexplained' blackout can be liable to having your driving license revoked for 12 months.

This is utterly devastating. I cannot operate without my car, I live 45 miles from work for fucks sake and public transport would take me 3h one way at best and cost a shittonne to boot.

How do I dig myself out of this
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>> No. 12153 Anonymous
7th April 2018
Saturday 5:33 pm
12153 spacer
>Fuck all that 'putting other people at risk' shit, if it happens I'll be sorry then
Well, yeah, if that happens being unable to drive for a year will be the least of your problems.
>> No. 12154 Anonymous
7th April 2018
Saturday 5:59 pm
12154 spacer
Yes, it will, but until then I am able to support myself. After that I will not.
>> No. 12155 Anonymous
7th April 2018
Saturday 6:18 pm
12155 spacer

It's all making sense now.

The rumours on /iq/ about Peter Kay. A thread here about potential brain defects and talk of joining a car pool. There's news articles today about the finale of Peter Kay's Car Share. It's all adding up. Keep your eyes open, lads.

We've been invaded by subliminal advertisers, lads.
>> No. 12156 Anonymous
7th April 2018
Saturday 6:24 pm
12156 spacer
In that case, I hope you like it up the bum.
>> No. 12158 Anonymous
7th April 2018
Saturday 8:47 pm
12158 spacer

My advice blackoutlad is to take a look at yourself and not be another Harry Clarke. He was the fatty binwagon driver that also experienced blackouts due to a medical condition and held it back from his employer to keep his job. You just don't know what's going to happen. I've just been through a central nervous system issue and I know how these changes can affect the quality of life you led before your body or head decided to shit on you, picking up the pieces and adapting afterwards can be right fuckabout. I know it's a depressing mindfuck but I'd never be able to live with the thought that I'd blacked out on the road and wiped out a family or some kids on the way to school. I wish you the best otherlad but sometimes you have to accept the inevitable and live with it amongst support and love. All the best mate and hope you don't go proper mental.


>> No. 60485 YubYub
7th April 2018
Saturday 9:27 am
/iq/60485 spacer
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>> No. 60486 YubYub
7th April 2018
Saturday 9:29 am
60486 spacer
It's OK, it's obviously one of these cakes baked to look like something else. That beef is bread and that sauce is just food colouring.
>> No. 60487 Anonymous
7th April 2018
Saturday 9:35 am
60487 spacer


You're in denial.
>> No. 60488 Paedofag
7th April 2018
Saturday 10:18 am
60488 spacer
That is absolutely disgusting.


>> No. 5103 Anonymous
22nd September 2011
Thursday 9:56 pm
/101/5103 spacer
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>> No. 25940 Anonymous
19th October 2017
Thursday 8:57 pm
25940 spacer
One was a white van down Bank Street who couldn't be bothered to wait whilst I was in the middle of a three point turn so he decided to mount the kerb as I was reversing and I only narrowly avoided hitting him.

The other two occasions, an old woman trying to cut behind me during a three point turn and tonight someone ignoring my indicators and reverse lights by trying to squeeze between my car and the driveway, happened on my street.

It's never happened anywhere else I've lived. Then again people around here are a bit cuntish about letting out indicating buses and things like that.
>> No. 25946 Anonymous
20th October 2017
Friday 12:31 am
25946 spacer
Christ, they should just rename this place

1. Van drivers are van drivers, they are cunts everywhere.

2/3. Same old woman?

And again, I've not seen the bus driver thing. I let buses out when they indicate.

I don't know why I'm defending Ossett, mind. It's a shithole and the second I never have to see it again cannot come quickly enough.
>> No. 25947 Anonymous
20th October 2017
Friday 12:41 am
25947 spacer
I never let buses out. They are cunts. I also never give a chance to old people (especially old women), rich people with fancy cars (although I do like to give people with banged up cars a chance), Asians, black women, van drivers, anyone with an English or Welsh flag, French car drivers, BMW drivers, people with loud music on, buses (unless it is a bus I take), anyone with a hardhat, people who shop at Lidl or Waitrose, people with their headlights dipped up, people taking too long to do a fucking 3-point turn in an empty street (fucking cunts should not be allowed to drive), mopeds, men below the age of 30, people wearing suits, people who vape, cars with foreign license plates (especially French plates) and many more I can't be asked to list.
>> No. 25957 Anonymous
20th October 2017
Friday 7:34 pm
25957 spacer
What an absolute madman you are.
>> No. 26662 Anonymous
6th April 2018
Friday 8:42 pm
26662 spacer
Two lanes have started merging into one? Even though there's a car clearly in front of me in the other lane and I don't have the time to get past I'm going to suddenly accelerate to try and undertake them anyway, before looking completely mystified why the other driver has beeped their horn at me when I've very nearly driven into the side of them.


>> No. 60214 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 12:18 am
/iq/60214 spacer
>turn up for call centre job
>hear this in training
>do a 360 and walk away

Fuck me lads.
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>> No. 60255 Samefag
22nd March 2018
Thursday 7:57 pm
60255 spacer
Wow! That sounds like the same fucking thing.
>> No. 60262 Samefag
22nd March 2018
Thursday 11:20 pm
60262 spacer
Shady, but not the same scam.
>> No. 60434 Samefag
5th April 2018
Thursday 3:47 am
60434 spacer
Well they paid me, which I am very fucking surprised about.
>> No. 60451 Are Moaty
5th April 2018
Thursday 2:43 pm
60451 spacer
They probably figure that if they didn't pay you'd be more likely to dob on them.
>> No. 60471 Moralfag
6th April 2018
Friday 10:24 am
60471 spacer
Jokes on them, I'm still going to report them.


>> No. 13875 Anonymous
1st November 2009
Sunday 6:55 pm
/x/13875 Hairy/Natural girl thread
A thread for all the natural or hairy girl porn out there, be it just pussy or armpits or legs or arse, etc. Whatever floats your boat in that category. Upload your favourites or random related ones, please.

I fancied uploading some pics for a different fetish this time.

(I shouldn't have to say this, but keep it to topic related porn only, pretty please. No drama or bitching or insults about it or the thread. It only ends up tedious and ruins the fun for those wanting to view the images and never ends well.)
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>> No. 33481 Anonymous
25th March 2014
Tuesday 1:49 pm
33481 spacer

The best porn scene I've seen in a hot minute:
>> No. 33699 Anonymous
29th April 2014
Tuesday 8:25 am
33699 spacer

666684382_hairy_imagefap_Milena D_small tits_4[1].jpg

>> No. 40636 Anonymous
31st March 2018
Saturday 5:04 pm
40636 spacer


>> No. 40637 Anonymous
31st March 2018
Saturday 9:23 pm
40637 spacer

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
>> No. 40638 Anonymous
5th April 2018
Thursday 11:05 pm
40638 spacer


>> No. 17227 Anonymous
6th November 2013
Wednesday 10:41 am
/e/17227 spacer
I bought the worms bundle twice absent mindedly so here are the extra keys .gs

Superfrog HD
Worms Blast
Worms Crazy Golf
Worms Ultimate Mayhem
Worms Armageddon
Worms Pinball

One each, that means you bikethief and stickyfingerslad. is Batman GOTY editions and FEAR.
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>> No. 22330 Anonymous
26th March 2018
Monday 8:24 pm
22330 spacer
The Darkness II is free via Humble Bundle until Wednesday evening.
>> No. 22331 Anonymous
30th March 2018
Friday 9:31 pm
22331 spacer
Spec Ops : The Line, is free on Humble Bundle for another 20 hours or so.
>> No. 22332 Anonymous
30th March 2018
Friday 9:53 pm
22332 spacer
Oh no, there is a price. That game fucked my head for 2 weeks after I finished it. Still, would recommend.
>> No. 22333 Anonymous
30th March 2018
Friday 10:39 pm
22333 spacer

Sweet. Thanks for the heads up.
>> No. 22341 Anonymous
5th April 2018
Thursday 9:36 pm
22341 spacer
Crusader Kings II is free on Steam.


>> No. 26277 Anonymous
19th January 2018
Friday 8:27 pm
/g/26277 spacer
I'm almost certain this thread already exists, but I can't find it, so sorry.

What're the .gs recommended "teach yerself coding" websites? Free would be nice but I'll pay if I need to.

I don't have any specific goals in mind other than seeing if I can get to grips with a language.

Cheers in advance.
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>> No. 26450 Anonymous
5th April 2018
Thursday 12:16 pm
26450 spacer
>that moment as a kid

I have a distinct memory of being about Year 2 aged and clocking that I could actually read in my head rather than out loud, and then bounding over to my parents' bed on a Saturday morning with a Roald Dahl book in hand to proudly display to them my latest development in reading ability. In my head.
>> No. 26454 Anonymous
5th April 2018
Thursday 5:35 pm
26454 spacer

I remember the LOGO robot they dusted off every so often in ICT. It was enough to get the idea of stringing simple commands together to make a more complex action, but sadly in my day that's about as far as it went, that and a bit of Lego mindstorms.

I'd have been well into the python minecraft thing or scratch if it'd been available then. Being able to take home a raspberry pi might well be the thing that makes programming more of a basic skill than a specialist one.
>> No. 26455 Anonymous
5th April 2018
Thursday 6:17 pm
26455 spacer
That's adorable.

I was gifted a Raspberry Pi two Christmases ago, but it's still in the box. As an adult who has the time?
>> No. 26456 Anonymous
5th April 2018
Thursday 7:04 pm
26456 spacer
Plenty of people; that's why FOSS exists -- most people do it in their spare time, very few of them are paid.
>> No. 26457 Anonymous
5th April 2018
Thursday 7:15 pm
26457 spacer

In my experience they're either students, people who get paid by their company to work on a FOSS project that said company uses, or professional bellends and wankers. Which is why most of FOSS is utter toss.

After working for 10+ hours staring at WinDbg, gdb, or IDA Pro the one thing I really really don't want to do when I clock off is think about fucking computers.


>> No. 60202 Ambulancelad
20th March 2018
Tuesday 2:57 pm
/iq/60202 GUILTY

Sentencing this afternoon. What happens to the dog now?
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>> No. 60375 Moralfag
29th March 2018
Thursday 7:13 pm
60375 spacer

or if I stuck a "please be patient im dyslexic" shirt on him and had him do a nazi salute every time I say "drink your juice".
>> No. 60433 Are Moaty
4th April 2018
Wednesday 10:30 pm
60433 spacer
So apparently you now have to keep your golliwogs away from windows in your own home else you get carted off in a bully van.
>> No. 60441 Are Moaty
5th April 2018
Thursday 8:49 am
60441 spacer
>> No. 60450 Auntiefucker
5th April 2018
Thursday 12:50 pm
60450 spacer

FWIW the lad seems to love the attention. Probably thinks a few weeks in jail is worth it.
>> No. 60452 Ambulancelad
5th April 2018
Thursday 5:29 pm
60452 spacer

I think he's realised he'll never get a proper job again (I think he was a callcentre bod before all this?), or at least for a few years, until everyone's forgotten he's the dank nazi bloke, so he'll need to get a following going for his free speech patreon or whatever.


>> No. 26431 Anonymous
1st April 2018
Sunday 6:32 pm
/g/26431 spacer
I was using an old Moto G2 until recently. As the charging port became warped, a few times I've decided to have a fiddle around with a pin or toothpick to get it back into position and connect properly with the charger.

While tired last night, I tried to use the edge of a pair of tweezers. This went badly and I've totally mashed the inside of the port.

I've already ordered a replacement handset so I'm not exactly heartbroken, but it would be nice to have a go at fixing it and keeping it as a spare handset.

Have any of you lads ever replaced something this fiddly before? Aside from using smaller tools (I'm thinking of a watchmakers screwdriver etc.) how do I avoid hamfisting it?
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>> No. 26446 Anonymous
5th April 2018
Thursday 3:55 am
26446 spacer
They are meant to be waterproof.

There's a video of an older model (G3) going an hour in a fishtank but I can't find that right now.

Did yours break?
>> No. 26449 Anonymous
5th April 2018
Thursday 7:56 am
26449 spacer
Fortunately, I'm not in the phone repair game - but I suspect I could do that. Combination of BGA / CSP putting on / taking-off machine and vapour phase reflow oven, and it'd be not much worse than usual.
It's actually quite a nice piece of design. I'm a little surprised they didn't flood the volume inside with something heat conductive and water repelling, just to piss repairers off more.
>> No. 26451 Anonymous
5th April 2018
Thursday 2:14 pm
26451 spacer

It broke, as in it was fucked, it didn't break as in the screen cracked or anything. Basically it sat in clean (as in clean as bog water can be) toilet water for less than a second before I pulled it out. There was no physical damage to the phone, but the touch screen instantly stopped working. The fact that the fucking useless piece of shite doesn't have a removable battery meant that I couldn't turn it off and the bag of rice trick didn't really pan out. Did a charge-back on my credit card for the fuck of it.
>> No. 26452 Anonymous
5th April 2018
Thursday 5:25 pm
26452 spacer

Interesting. Mine is definitely splash proof, and drop-in-sink-with-tap-running proof, I have the earlier model with removable battery (same one as the bucket video).

Maybe the newer ones aren't for whatever daft reason.
>> No. 26453 Anonymous
5th April 2018
Thursday 5:27 pm
26453 spacer

I'm honestly surprised they don't cover everything in epoxy at this point. I've seen some chinese phones do it.


>> No. 26383 Anonymous
27th March 2018
Tuesday 8:54 am
/emo/26383 spacer
I am completely lost. I don't want to exist. Sitting in work toilet crying my eyes out.

Finished uni, fine. Got one job offer afterwards, had no idea what the role was but go it anyway and it was my only offer so what the fuck else was I supposed to do. Cue two years of living as a lodger with some cunt twice my age I hate, in a shithole concrete town where I know nobody or have any desire to know anyone, I spoke to nobody at work, I did nothing when I got home, i just existed and waited for the next day. Never had a gf. Two mates in London, one who has plenty of other friends and wouldn't notice if I set fire to myself in front of him and another who just doesn't care, they're both miles away.

Anyway I recently got a new job, same thing but different company. I don't want to do this thing but its the only thing I can do by the looks at it, the only basis of that being that its what I did before. Still living in the same place and commuting one hour thirty. I'm bored out of my mind, I have no reason to be here, I'm just a dead vessel going to work then coming back to my hotel room I call a home, is there nothing more than this forever, i do nothing, i have nothing, im just an ugly friendless lifeless cunt in debt and with no point to any of it
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>> No. 26477 Anonymous
4th April 2018
Wednesday 1:34 am
26477 spacer
>but more that we see so much of the world on TV and the Internet, we see the possibility life as a well off person constantly. We see the material wealth and experience to be had for someone with money. And we think that's something meant for us. Nobody ever tells you the hard truth that you are, more likely than not, a peasant and an observer.

I find the fact that this doesn't radicalise more people into wanting to line all capitalists up against a wall and shoot them point blank in the head quite baffling, but then that's probably because I'm only getting into my leftwing politics swing a bit later than everyone else because of similar issues to you.
>> No. 26480 Anonymous
4th April 2018
Wednesday 6:43 pm
26480 spacer


Not to derail otherlad's thread, I do hope he's found a better state of mind, but is that a good book?

I have recommended Angela Duckworth's Grit around these boards before. It is a great read.>>26475>>26475
>> No. 26481 Anonymous
5th April 2018
Thursday 2:47 am
26481 spacer

Yes, it's a good book apart from that italics thing he keeps doing. I had a feeling it would be important for me to read because I don't want to turn out like my brother who has jumped through every hoop society asked him to and has this middle-class existence where everything looks impressive from the outside but he's on antidepressants with a wife that hates him.
>> No. 26482 Anonymous
5th April 2018
Thursday 2:47 am
26482 spacer
I didn't find anything for "hotel suicide" on google news but if there are 84 a week, we won't know which one OP is.
>> No. 26483 Anonymous
5th April 2018
Thursday 2:56 am
26483 spacer

I'd say neo-advaita has been the single most important thing for me overcoming the anxiety and depersonalisation etc., that I used to have.


>> No. 14548 Anonymous
3rd April 2018
Tuesday 9:09 pm
/news/14548 spacer

>Swastika removed from controversial Nazi bell in Germany

>A controversial church bell in Schweringen, northern Germany, has had a swastika inscription removed as part of an unauthorised "spring cleaning".

>The unknown perpetrators left a note on the door confessing to defacing it, saying they wanted to clean the bell of "the filth of the National Socialists".
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>> No. 14549 Anonymous
3rd April 2018
Tuesday 9:52 pm
14549 spacer
Erasing a group of people from history feels like quite a nazi thing to be doing.
>> No. 14550 Anonymous
3rd April 2018
Tuesday 10:05 pm
14550 spacer
>> No. 14551 Anonymous
3rd April 2018
Tuesday 10:12 pm
14551 spacer
That man looks like a Germanic version of my Dad. All he needs is a bit of facial hair and to be wearing those jumpers you get from Marks & Spencer with the mock shirt collar sewn in.
>> No. 14552 Anonymous
3rd April 2018
Tuesday 10:55 pm
14552 spacer

I often think that your idea of what nationality somebody is is largely formed in your head by a picture's caption. If for some reason this picture had a caption saying "Visiting John Wilkinson from Birmingham is skeptical about the swastika on the bell", you would see what you would think of as typical British traits in his physical appearance.

Really, try it for yourself. Think of the chap as John Wilkinson from Birmingham, and suddenly he will not appear very Germanic to you at all.

Just another example of your mind seeing what it wants to see.
>> No. 14553 Anonymous
4th April 2018
Wednesday 4:45 pm
14553 spacer
He looks like a Germanic version of my Dad because he's in Schweringen, not because he's walking around carrying bratwurst whilst an oom-pah band follow him in the background.


>> No. 60378 Auntiefucker
30th March 2018
Friday 9:34 am
/iq/60378 spacer
The Novichok was found on the front door of the skripal's house.

There are photos of countless police officers guarding the house and standing right by their front door yet not a single one of them has fallen ill.

When litvinenko was poisoned there were countless images of him in his hospital bed, yet there are none of the skripals.

They supposedly fed ducks and birds after being contaminated but there have been no poisoned ducks. Not a single quacker.

There has been no visit from Theresa May or Amber Rudd to thank the staff at the hospital.

There has been no police appeal for people who know the skripals to come forward.

The police searched the skripals house an hour after they had collapsed and no officers have been contaminated in this way.

Neither has their post man.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 60428 Moralfag
3rd April 2018
Tuesday 8:28 pm
60428 spacer

Makes the perfect conditions for a false flag attack.
>> No. 60429 YubYub
3rd April 2018
Tuesday 9:53 pm
60429 spacer

I want you as my lawyer when my murder trial comes up.
>> No. 60430 Auntiefucker
4th April 2018
Wednesday 12:32 am
60430 spacer
They don't want to deny it too fervently because then the defectors wouldn't be scared.
>> No. 60431 Crabkiller
4th April 2018
Wednesday 6:29 am
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This. It's like America and 9/11 all over again. They didn't do it, but they're going to let the suspicion linger that they're sinister enough to have done it if they wanted to.
>> No. 60432 Paedofag
4th April 2018
Wednesday 9:57 am
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>> No. 12463 Anonymous
1st April 2018
Sunday 10:32 pm
/nom/12463 Cook books
Evening, lads.

What cook books do you recommend? I know you can get recipes online these days but it doesn't seem the same to me as having a proper cook book. I'm toying with getting Persiana by Sabrina Ghayour as I've heard Iranian cuisine isn't too dissimilar to Indian food, but with much less heat.
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>> No. 12464 Anonymous
1st April 2018
Sunday 11:01 pm
12464 spacer
I say get it, experimentation is the spice of life. If you're looking for something to give you a grounding in a lot of different home grown dishes, then The Hairy Bikers do a cookbook I like.

All their recipes were on the BBC at one point, but no longer.
>> No. 12465 Anonymous
2nd April 2018
Monday 1:21 am
12465 spacer

Most cookbooks end up taking space on a shelf with only a handful of recipies attempted and don't really teach the techniques and thinking behind creating tasty meals.

< This (maybe out of print) is the only book I've referred to more than a couple of times.
>> No. 12466 Anonymous
2nd April 2018
Monday 8:18 am
12466 spacer
Go to the works and have a hunt around.
You'll probably find something along the lines of >>12465 this one that might be good.

You get far more use out of something like that, than some flashy celebrity cookbook, or one of the many books that are quite specific (i.e. desserts, or Italian, etc.)
>> No. 12467 Anonymous
4th April 2018
Wednesday 2:06 am
12467 spacer
If you want Persian food then try Ottolenghi's books.

Do not attempt before really understanding the principles of cooking as outlined in >>12465.

Disclaimer: I am by all the metrics mentioned above probably a shit cook, and only mention Ottolenghi because he got me to buy pomegranate molasses and put it on vanilla ice cream and for this I feel indebted to him.
>> No. 12468 Anonymous
4th April 2018
Wednesday 6:24 am
12468 spacer

Why do something in 5 steps when you can do it in 45 instead?


>> No. 26448 Anonymous
1st April 2018
Sunday 6:05 pm
/emo/26448 Parents don't like my partner
I've been with my partner for about 2.5 years, she met my parents for the first time last October, met them again over Christmas. I got the impression they didn't like her, wasn't sure why because she tried really hard to be personable and made an effort to come up (which was daunting for her, meeting like 7 members of my family at once). I feel they don't like her because she's overweight, or because she's from a lower social class.

This weekend I was visiting home, and my dad and stepmum outright stated they think my girlfriend and I aren't good for each other. They know she has had mental health issues, and I also suffer from mental health issues, and they think two mentally ill people are bad for each other. But without her in my life, I wouldn't still be here. She's the one who's been there for me every day, while my parents didn't contact me for months. She's the one who's called my mental health nurse to get me extra support when I've been on the edge, she's the one who's always been there to listen to my worries.

I told her what they said and she's understandably hurt. Wants nothing to do with my family, which again is understandable. But it's put me in a difficult position. It means my love life and my family life can't come together. I don't know how things would work if we got married - would she even want my parents there? I don't want to put her through being around people who don't like her, but equally I don't want to cut my parents from my life as it means I won't be able to see my siblings. My relationship with my parents isn't great anyway, I know my dad has told people he's embarrassed about what a failure I am in life, and every therapist/counsellor I've spoken to about my life has told me they think my problems stem from my dad, but I'd still feel bad cutting him out of my life.

I just don't know what to do.
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>> No. 26465 Anonymous
2nd April 2018
Monday 10:17 pm
26465 spacer

> But that's just one of those things in life- Someone older and wiser will always give advice like that as though they know exactly what they are talking about and that they've seen it all before.

The funny thing is, from a certain age, it really is likely that you have seen most things. You probably didn't experience all those things first-hand, but maybe you've learned from seeing other people around you and what they went through.

It's not always easy to pinpoint, but I would say from about early middle age, you have just seen enough things enough times to be clued in on a few of life's inner truths that simply elude somebody as a younglad or younglass.

One thing my mum said to me once when I was in the beginning stages of a relationship with a lass who was simply worlds apart and that I had nothing in common with was "I'm glad you've found somebody who's good for you right now". What she meant by "right now", I really didn't understand at that point, and it took me three years and the end of that relationship to realise that my mum had always known that that lass wasn't "the one" for me, but that on the other hand, my mum also saw that I was happy for the time being. My mum understood better than anybody that my gilfriend was right for me at that point in time in my life, but that our relationship just had no long-term future whatsoever and that the failure of that relationship was inevitable.

OP, your parents only want what's best for you. Few parents will speak badly about your partner just to spite you. About 95 percent of the time, it's genuine concern. And maybe just simply call it life experience, but there seems to be something about your girlfriend that has them thinking that a life with her isn't in the cards for you or should at least not be attempted.

So what happens now? Well, it's your life, and you decide if your girlfriend means enough to you that you could imagine settling down with her at some point. There is such a thing as beating the odds. On the other hand, you have been warned. By your parents who just maybe know you better than any other person ever will.
>> No. 26466 Anonymous
2nd April 2018
Monday 10:57 pm
26466 spacer

>The funny thing is, from a certain age, it really is likely that you have seen most things.

>your parents only want what's best for you

That doesn't mean that they've learned much, or are in any position to give good advice. A lot of people have the false impression that they've got the world sussed, simply because they've become narrow-minded and set in their ways. Unless you're talking to someone who really has their life sorted out, you're probably getting some mixture of good advice, self-protective rationalisations and inherited prejudices.

If you've been stuck in a loveless marriage for 20 years, it's easier to believe that all marriages are secretly loveless than to get a divorce and have a shot at something better. If you're stuck in a job that you hate because you've got bills to pay, it's easier to believe that all jobs are awful than to confront the fact that you should have made better decisions in your youth. A lot of older people imagine themselves to be sage and worldly-wise, when really they're just bitter and cynical. They think they've seen everything, but their horizons have narrowed without them having noticed.

To give a somewhat extreme example of how we inherit beliefs about the world, consider how domestic violence perpetuates through the generations. The overwhelming majority of victims and perpetrators of domestic violence grew up in violent households. The hardest part of rehabilitation is getting the victim or the perpetrator to genuinely acknowledge that domestic violence isn't normal. Once they've made that realisation, the rest is relatively straightforward. Victims stay with a violent partner or (just as commonly) go through a succession of violent partners, because they think that's what love is. Serial perpetrators come to believe that they're the victim of an elaborate conspiracy by the police and social services, because they honestly don't see what's so bad about the odd slap, or punch, or mugful of boiling water. Their idea of normality is based on a completely abnormal environment, but they haven't had the opportunity to learn a different way of living.

On a more mundane level, every family has some kind of artificially narrow idea of what kind of lives are possible or worthwhile. Maybe your parents think that university is only for posh kids, not the likes of us. Maybe they think that if you don't go to Oxbridge, you're a total failure. Maybe your parents believe in the one and think that you can only find happiness through true love. Maybe they think that love is a fallacy and you should marry whoever your uncle Abdul chooses for you. Without meaning to, every parent raises their child in an invisible cage, even the laissez-faire parents, especially the laissez-faire parents.

Your parents do probably want what's best for you, but they probably don't know what's best for you and wouldn't know how to help you get it. They're only human. They've only lived one life. They can't know how things might have turned out for them if they'd done things differently. There are all kinds of possibilities that they've subconsciously discounted to assuage their own fears and regrets, all sorts of beliefs that they've inherited from their parents without ever questioning them. Like all of us, they don't know what they don't know. Think very carefully about who you take advice from and what their biases might be.
>> No. 26467 Anonymous
2nd April 2018
Monday 11:50 pm
26467 spacer

I'm not sure what to really make of your post. On the one hand, you are saying that what older people think is genuine well-meaning advice is just narrow-minded bitterness that stems from having lived just one life and from being stuck in your ways and looking back in anger.

You, on the other hand, strike me as a prime example of somebody who falls perfectly into that kind of category himself. All you've been on about here is a cynical run-down of why you think people don't know diddly squat about somebody else's life.
>> No. 26473 Anonymous
3rd April 2018
Tuesday 9:08 pm
26473 spacer
>That doesn't mean that they've learned much, or are in any position to give good advice.
This. Your mother making a correct judgement says nothing about anything. Your parents might be giving you good advice, they might also be giving you shit advice. Unless you have a reason to think otherwise, I don't think there's any reason to presume they have deep insight into your inner workings.
>> No. 26479 Anonymous
4th April 2018
Wednesday 1:56 am
26479 spacer

I'm personally taking it as "yes, people can care about you enough to want to give you good advice (and this is very nice of them), but their concept of 'good' is relative to their experiences and their experiences won't be exactly the same as yours, so why should your definition of 'good' be too?"

You can be more than two things, which is usually a good idea for anyone hoping not to turn out exactly like their parents.


>> No. 26471 Anonymous
3rd April 2018
Tuesday 6:46 pm
/emo/26471 Armchair me, lads
So, my relationship with my partner is pretty solid. We're going on a few years together now, and have supported each other through sticky shit like job loss and things. For the most part our relationship is very loving, and we have a lot of mutual friends who are great people who I also enjoy hanging out with - even the 'girlfriends' whose main interests seems to be awful pop music and talking too much tend to be alright at the end of the day. However, I maintain that we should maintain SOME friends who are separate and don't know both of us massively well, specifically in the situation that IF we ever break up, we'll both need friendship circles there to support us who don't know the other party. That and it's just healthy to have people who know you outside of your relationship, imo. Makes you more interesting to be around and lessens the likelihood of you becoming one of those sad sacks with a shared FB account. I don't intend on breaking up with her, but I've been open with my reasons for not wanting to hang out with ALL of her fucking friends. Essentially, I think I love her too much to leave her without any support if a meteor does ever hit one of us or something, and having been through the loss of friendship circles due to a long-term relationship breaking down before I know how awkward it can get.

How can I best phrase this so that she doesn't pout at me when I encourage her to hang out with her mates but decline the invite for me to come too?
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>> No. 26472 Anonymous
3rd April 2018
Tuesday 6:54 pm
26472 spacer
Don't ever mention the "in case we break up" bit ever again. It's sensible and pragmatic, but it's fuel for any underlying insecurities. It's much easier to frame these sorts of things in a semi-romantic light, focusing on the aspects that will make your relationship stronger.

I'd make the case that you should both have your own friends and your own hobbies, because you'll be more interesting to each other. If you do everything together, you've got nothing to talk about. You don't want to become one of those miserable couples you see in restaurants who are just sick of the sight of each other. Keeping some parts of your life separate makes the time you spend together more special. Absence makes the heart grow fonder etc.
>> No. 26478 Anonymous
4th April 2018
Wednesday 1:35 am
26478 spacer
This is solid advice, but all I'm seeing is more tropes and that bit from Gone Girl.

Aw, hell.


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