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>> No. 5148 Anonymous
27th January 2015
Tuesday 10:24 pm
/art/5148 spacer
Do you own any artwork?

There's an original Rolf Harris painting on eBay for £2.20, which I'm considering bidding on while everyone else is put off BT him being a filthy noncecase.

Look at this on eBay:
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>> No. 5480 Anonymous
10th July 2017
Monday 10:30 pm
5480 spacer
>>5472 this piece is by david hanjani
>> No. 5481 Anonymous
10th July 2017
Monday 10:32 pm
5481 spacer
Yeah thanks David we'd have figured that out if we'd cared to reverse search it.
>> No. 5482 Anonymous
10th July 2017
Monday 10:37 pm
5482 spacer

untitledII 2017 bydavidhanjani.jpg
>>5481 janks fren here is a new one too!! just made it, enjOIII
>> No. 5483 Anonymous
10th July 2017
Monday 10:39 pm
5483 spacer
You really don't understand how the Internet works. Who writes themselves an article on Urban Dictionary? That's not that what's for. That's not what this website is for.
>> No. 5484 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 6:42 am
5484 spacer

It seems that pornolad is now experimenting with colour.

This one appears to be David and Samantha Cameron in their younger days.


>> No. 20156 Anonymous
19th December 2013
Thursday 11:57 pm
/g/20156 Vaporisers
So, who here's tagging along with this latest drugs craze?

I know there was at least one of you with good knowledge on this subject in a smoking thread we had on /b/ a while ago, but I thought we could do with a general dedicated thread now it seems more and more of us are getting them.

I've personally just invested about £50 for two Kanger e-Smart batteries with clearomisers, liquid and addendums and I'm quite enjoying this whole vaping business. It seems to be even more moreish than cigarettes, and I'm looking forward to going through some of the tastier flavours. What setups have you got? Any comment on my kit (510 battery, T3 clearomisers) if you're familiar with it? I seem to already be getting that sucking/gargling noise which is apparently to do with the liquid being in parts of the apparatus it shouldn't be, but have followed YouTube guides to try and clear it out to no avail.

Anyway, yes. Vaporising general.
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>> No. 25950 Anonymous
7th July 2017
Friday 4:32 pm
25950 spacer
>Nuts how the technology has come on since this post
It is, although tbh I'm more amazed that mechanical mods (i.e. no control circuitry whatsoever on the lithium battery, just a button to fire) are still being made. And people are still buying them, because they're pretty, or something?

Actually, vapelad, why do people still buy mechanical mods?
>> No. 25951 Anonymous
7th July 2017
Friday 4:36 pm
25951 spacer
Oh and I definitely wouldn't describe the smell of unflavoured liquid as "neutral", but more musty than chippie. I'd guess your mum's just trying to put you off using the thing at all so I doubt she'll be happy either way.
>> No. 25952 Anonymous
7th July 2017
Friday 7:53 pm
25952 spacer

>Actually, vapelad, why do people still buy mechanical mods?

Fuck knows. I don't see many of them these days, but it seems unbelievably daft that anyone is still risking an explosion for the sake of a worse vape. The responsible retailers have stopped selling unprotected devices and most others seem to just be getting shot of their old stock. A lot of "mech mods" still on the market have a sneaky hidden protection circuit, which seems particularly odd - for an extra £2 in components they could have made it VW/TC.

I suspect there are still some remnants of the daft macho vapebro subculture; some subset of that group think that a DNA250 or an RX300 isn't quite manly enough. I still can't quite believe that a 300 watt box mod is a thing you can buy.
>> No. 25954 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 2:59 am
25954 spacer
>I don't see many of them these days
I was in a vape shop earlier today and they had a few fancy-looking brass ones (no prices, but no way they were less than £100). That's a canny point about them having "stealth" protection circuitry, I can well believe that's true. Still fucking stupid.

>I still can't quite believe that a 300 watt box mod is a thing you can buy.
I think my gaming PC hits just a little over that when running Furmark. Who on earth can even inhale this, and what kind of coil/wick arrangement do they use? A year back I dicked around with an RDA on ~0.2 Ohm dual claptons, got up to ~60W before the vape became simply obnoxiously thick, not to mention it was a massive hassle to run (and of course it ripped through juice like nobody's business). I've ended up with RDTAs, dialing everything right down to about 20W max between 0.5 and 1 Ohm single-coil clapton.

That "cloud chasing" is anything other than a temporary novelty is just confusing to me, but everyone needs a hobby I suppose. I can't imagine what a 300W vape would even feel like, but personal preferences aside... there's no way that's healthy, surely?
>> No. 25955 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 4:00 am
25955 spacer

I've had a go on a 300w Sigelei at full power. Even with 1mg liquid I nearly fainted after the first puff. The vapour was boiling hot and so dense I could practically chew it. I had a sudden pang of empathy for Thomas the Tank Engine.

The really extraordinary thing was the atty - a Smok TFV12, the most insane piece of vaping hardware I've ever seen. It's a standard tank with disposable coils, but they offer a 14-coil head rated for 350w. I tried it at 70w and it produced literally no vapour. The box describes the tank as "explosion proof", which I assumed was a daft bit of poorly-translated engrish until I had a go on it. It's basically a thermonuclear reactor with a drip tip.


>> No. 58201 YubYub
3rd July 2017
Monday 9:20 pm
/iq/58201 spacer

In which Russell Brand wanks off some guy in a toilet, to see whether if he's gay or not.
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>> No. 58224 Ambulancelad
8th July 2017
Saturday 3:58 am
58224 spacer


If you wanted to change the world, why wouldn't you take work doing film and TV? You get paid a load of money for not very much work, so you can make a decent living and still have eleven months of the year free to plan the revolution.
>> No. 58225 Are Moaty
9th July 2017
Sunday 12:17 pm
58225 spacer
>still have eleven months of the year free to plan the revolution.
Given that involves telling young people not to vote, I'm not sympathetic.
>> No. 58226 Searchfag
10th July 2017
Monday 6:57 pm
58226 spacer
Speaking of what former comedians are up to has anyone else observed the transformation of Lee Hurst from an otherwise inoffensive observational comic into an alt-right mentalist? Did he have a nervous breakdown or something?
>> No. 58227 Crabkiller
10th July 2017
Monday 7:20 pm
58227 spacer


Yeah. He stopped getting telly work after They Think It's All Over. He tried going back to standup, but everyone stopped booking him because his fame didn't outweigh the fact that he was shit. A string of health problems and the death of his dad pushed him over the edge. Nobody gave a shit for about ten years, but then Twitter came along and he had a platform for his mentalism. "Some bloke you half-remember off the telly said something mental on Twitter" is apparently what passes for news these days.
>> No. 58229 Samefag
10th July 2017
Monday 9:52 pm
58229 spacer
>"Some bloke you half-remember off the telly said something mental on Twitter" is apparently what passes for news these days.
Hang on now, I only brought him up because I saw his mental tweets very recently during the terror attacks and he's not been in the news for me at all.


>> No. 24845 Anonymous
27th April 2017
Thursday 5:32 pm
/emo/24845 spacer
My life has gone downhill ever since I met a Brazilian Ju Jitsu fighter at Westfield and saw him selling copies of big tissue. It's strange but the way I remember it was that I was set for everything but at December in 2011, things became worse. Nothing mattered and I couldn't eat much as well as wondering whether the nootropics I was taking would actually end up in me being hospitalised. It becomes extraordinarily strange when I realise a lot of it was recorded on this here website, on the IRC itself. I want to understand exactly what was happening in 2012. There's some more things that happened which include kidnapping, torture and brainwashing (as well as strong secret service intimidation) but I wanted to find out exactly why my life became strange.

I remember absolutely everything as well as absolutley nothing. If you get my gist.
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>> No. 25113 Anonymous
9th July 2017
Sunday 11:27 pm
25113 spacer
Why isn't it too wise? I shared my story and I get that? Is your entitled sense of victimhood somehow more piquant in its sheer horror?

>I literally think there are people on here that made millions of pounds out of this
I had a friend who died in his early sixties a few years ago - an artist and musician who received press obituaries still to be found online. He'd lived through all sorts of scenes in his life, mods and rockers, psychedelic revolution, punk, acid house, the birth of the internet. In the early seventies he spent a stint in a madhouse and while there he had a kind of vision that the mainstream people who are successful in life - he used the examples of Cliff Richard and the cast and makers of Coronation Street - were somehow psychically vampirising the people who feel ill and left out at the bottom, like he was in the mental ward back then. He was one of the sanest men I've ever met but kept coming back to that realisation/revelation. So, while your posts may not make 100% sense, that part struck a chord. And it feels like there is some almost unpeakable truth there, something about prisons and gulags being the engine-rooms of civilisation.

I am trying to be reasonable and helpful here and if you start off with the 'how twisted you people are' in return this approach will stop.
>> No. 25114 Anonymous
9th July 2017
Sunday 11:29 pm
25114 spacer

>one of the sanest men I've ever met

>spent a stint in a madhouse
>> No. 25115 Anonymous
9th July 2017
Sunday 11:51 pm
25115 spacer
To be fair, >>25113 sounds mental too.
>> No. 25116 Anonymous
10th July 2017
Monday 12:05 am
25116 spacer
I am, what's it to you? I am trying to help OP.

More life experience needed.
>> No. 25118 Anonymous
10th July 2017
Monday 1:11 pm
25118 spacer
Don't go mental on me now mate. We are all friends here.


>> No. 5456 Anonymous
4th April 2014
Friday 3:02 am
/lit/5456 Vurt
This was really good.
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>> No. 6604 Anonymous
22nd June 2017
Thursday 9:19 pm
6604 spacer
Of the two, eerie. Sinister was my adjective of choice.
>> No. 6609 Anonymous
27th June 2017
Tuesday 11:07 am
6609 Saul Bellow - Seize the Day
Themes of drowning and eventual rebirth ... great characterisation especially when it comes to Dr. Tamkin, I suspect we've all met one or two people who behave very much like that.

I had a look briefly at some SparkNotes or whatever essays else Google served up on the book and found it curious that a lot of them make a thing about the references made in this book, both ones made explicitly (the writers Tamkin talks about and the listed contents of his bookshelf) and implicitly (connections made to most of the character's names). It's not that they talk about them which is strange, it's that all of them are mentioned only once in the narrative. Except Korzybski, who's referred to by name then later by reference to his book Science and Sanity. You'd think there might be something noteworthy in the man who wrote a book on non-Aristotelian logic being mentioned in passing conjunction with Aristotle himself, but no. The only Google result for 'Korzybski seize the day' simply notes that he's referenced in the book.
I know Korzybski and his Institute of General Semantics aren't terribly popular but I suspect there's more going on in this context at least.
>> No. 6610 Anonymous
9th July 2017
Sunday 3:04 pm
6610 Will Self - The Book of Dave
The Book of Dave is a good book haha
>> No. 6611 Anonymous
9th July 2017
Sunday 3:39 pm
6611 spacer

I kind of enjoyed it but I did find it pretty depressing, not sure why, like a lot of Self's work to be honest. Thought Umbrella was really good.
>> No. 6612 Anonymous
9th July 2017
Sunday 8:17 pm
6612 Anne Cumming - The Love Quest
Absurd title aside, this memoir strikes me as an English, heterosexual equivalent to the Wojnarowicz and Rechy books earlier in the thread. While AIDS did for all three of them in the end, her more matter-of-fact, uncluttered obvious enjoyment of sex and lack of guilt regarding it in a post-war, pre-free-love way is quite admirable.
Her attitude, coming from an obviously very privileged upper class English late colonial background yet still being entirely unconcerned with it also reminds me of Amanda Feilding, although just ... less mental.


trump intelligence.png
>> No. 82497 Anonymous
16th May 2017
Tuesday 2:19 pm
/pol/82497 Trump impeachement... pending
What exactly is it that the man needs to do to get impeached? There seems to be a scandal that would damn any other leader every week.
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>> No. 82544 Anonymous
24th May 2017
Wednesday 9:14 pm
82544 spacer
You haven't quite grasped how this works. Let me translate some of those terms for you:

>impeachable offence
Anything that will pass the House by simple majority.

>can stand up in court
Senators can bring themselves to vote for it.

While the Supreme Court haven't entirely ruled it out, they have declined to hear every appeal against impeachment that has been put to them, and if one takes the Constitution at its face then there is no right of appeal against conviction. However, to convict requires a two-thirds majority in the Senate and, unlike the filibuster, it's not a procedural rule but mandated by the Constitution.
>> No. 83092 Anonymous
8th July 2017
Saturday 3:14 am
83092 Trump accepts Putin's claims that Russia did not meddle in US election
Well I'm glad they settled that for us.
>> No. 83093 Anonymous
8th July 2017
Saturday 12:42 pm
83093 spacer
Yeah, but even after 6 months of harping on about Trump/Russia they'll carry on doing it and people will carry on believing it's true.
>> No. 83095 Anonymous
8th July 2017
Saturday 2:52 pm
83095 spacer
This. It's just like Jimmy Savile. Years after his death people keep harping on about him supposedly being a kiddy fiddler even though he said he couldn't have done it because he didn't like kids.
>> No. 83096 Anonymous
9th July 2017
Sunday 11:26 am
83096 spacer

To clarify, by people, you mean multiple intelligence services right?


>> No. 407828 Anonymous
7th January 2017
Saturday 1:36 pm
/b/407828 spacer
Weekend thread? Weekend thread.

How's it going, lads?
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>> No. 411952 Anonymous
2nd July 2017
Sunday 1:36 pm
411952 spacer

Just because you didn't get the joke?
>> No. 412018 Anonymous
6th July 2017
Thursday 11:44 pm
412018 spacer
I am going to Brighton this weekend to visit a friend who moved there with his family last year.

Google says the weather will be mediocre the next few days there, partly to mostly cloudy and 22 degrees, but at least it's not going to rain.
>> No. 412022 Anonymous
7th July 2017
Friday 9:28 am
412022 spacer

Ha, bloody southerners. It's been roasting up here with no sign of relenting. I stepped out of my flat yesterday into a wall of heat, as though I'd opened the door to an oven.
>> No. 412024 Anonymous
7th July 2017
Friday 1:19 pm
412024 spacer

Well it's about 28 degrees here in London at the moment. But the weather forecast says that London, too, will be cooler this weekend. In fact, on balance, the weather looks better in Brighton, going into Saturday and Sunday, than in London. London is going to be overcast, 23 to 24 degrees and rain showers.
>> No. 412041 Anonymous
8th July 2017
Saturday 11:15 pm
412041 spacer

Those are some impressive mutton chops, even for the 60s.


>> No. 10646 Anonymous
5th July 2017
Wednesday 3:27 am
/beat/10646 spacer
I was watching Ed Sheeran's Castle on the Hill music video and I started crying. It reminded me of how everything was new and fun and how friendships meant everything when I was 14-20 or so, now it's just drudgery and boredom and an inevitable march toward death wheeas then it was optimism, first experiences, all that crap. It made me feel quite suicidal watching it, knowing that that was gone forever.
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>> No. 10647 Anonymous
5th July 2017
Wednesday 7:28 am
10647 spacer

Join the club. I made the same realisation when I heard Unfinished Sympathy for the first time.

Whinge for /emo/
>> No. 10648 Anonymous
5th July 2017
Wednesday 6:31 pm
10648 spacer
That is a perfect piece of music.
>> No. 10652 Anonymous
7th July 2017
Friday 6:25 pm
10652 spacer
>> No. 10654 Anonymous
8th July 2017
Saturday 9:43 pm
10654 spacer
I think I get similar feelings when I go on a nostalgia binge and watch pop-punk videos by the likes of Blink 182.


Good song and video, but what about it made you feel that way?


>> No. 21563 Anonymous
7th July 2017
Friday 6:51 pm
/v/21563 Short Films
It looks like the old thread fell off the catalogue but Neill Blomkamp have been releasing a series of experimental short films that are insanely good. He's doing youtube installments of concepts to try and bypass controlling studios.

Set in the Vietnam War. What the locals have called a river God goes on the warpath while having some sort of control over the fabric of reality.

In 2020 Alien lizards take over the Earth and push mankind to the brink of extinction as they use people for human experiments and start changing our planet to suit them. Staring Sigourney Weaver.
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>> No. 21564 Anonymous
7th July 2017
Friday 7:22 pm
21564 spacer
All respect to Ms. Weaver but watching Rakka feels like an episode-length Previously on...
>> No. 21565 Anonymous
7th July 2017
Friday 8:24 pm
21565 spacer

The conversation between Ripley and the Mad Bomber is awful, sound like it was written by an amateur.
>> No. 21566 Anonymous
8th July 2017
Saturday 9:13 am
21566 spacer
The fire base thing has great effects but also feels adolescent in terms of plot/back story.


>> No. 18038 Anonymous
2nd November 2010
Tuesday 9:44 am
/x/18038 spacer
I miss the old girls-in-jacks thread. Can we have a new one please.
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>> No. 40103 Anonymous
3rd February 2016
Wednesday 10:10 pm
40103 spacer
That mings.
>> No. 40172 Anonymous
24th April 2016
Sunday 4:44 pm
40172 spacer
The OP looks just like a good friend of mine whose tits I want to spaff all over. I come back to this thread a lot.
>> No. 40173 Anonymous
24th April 2016
Sunday 5:00 pm
40173 spacer
>I come back to this thread a lot.
>> No. 40174 Anonymous
24th April 2016
Sunday 6:05 pm
40174 spacer

Kitten von Mew if you're wondering.

What is going on in the background here. Has Jessica Ennis been sent from a dark future to change history and kill John Connor?

I can guarantee she is the kind of girl that will fuck up your life. I can also guarantee that we all still would.
>> No. 40418 Anonymous
7th July 2017
Friday 11:50 am
40418 spacer



>> No. 21559 Anonymous
6th July 2017
Thursday 10:26 pm
/v/21559 Hidden Soundtracks
How am I supposed to find the track lists for documentaries when they aren't on IMDB? I've heard a few pieces of music on BBC4 programmes but they aren't on the beeb's site or IMDB and it's making me ever so slightly frustrated.
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>> No. 21560 Anonymous
6th July 2017
Thursday 11:02 pm
21560 spacer
This seems to come up every couple of months or so.

The tl;dr version is that half the time it's generic production music because it's dirt cheap and suits programmes with no budget.
>> No. 21561 Anonymous
6th July 2017
Thursday 11:10 pm
21561 spacer
Email them.
>> No. 21562 Anonymous
7th July 2017
Friday 4:33 am
21562 spacer
If it's a commercial release, then Shazam is remarkably accurate. As >>21560 says, a lot of incidental music in TV is licensed from music libraries rather than commercial releases, because the licensing is much cheaper and easier. It's also fairly common for a soundtrack to be specifically recorded - a composer on a modern digital workstation can knock out half an hour of original music in two days. If a composer was involved, they should be mentioned in the end credits.


>> No. 1795 Anonymous
27th May 2011
Friday 6:32 pm
/job/1795 spacer
ITT: Workplace annoyances.

I'll get the ball rolling - having to bring in pastries on your birthday. I know it's cheaper if people bring their own in on their birthday instead of chipping in every time someone in the office has a birthday, but it's still fucking annoying having to fork out on your birthday.
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>> No. 11537 Anonymous
6th July 2017
Thursday 2:49 am
11537 spacer
Ey up.
>> No. 11538 Anonymous
6th July 2017
Thursday 3:09 am
11538 spacer
If it's an excel document you can get around it quite easily.
>> No. 11539 Anonymous
6th July 2017
Thursday 5:11 pm
11539 spacer
It's a pdf.

Today must have been the stuffiest day in existence. At least that's how it feels without air con.
>> No. 11540 Anonymous
6th July 2017
Thursday 5:23 pm
11540 spacer
>Today must have been the stuffiest day in existence.

Fucking hell this. I've struggled to get anything done in these conditions today. Not to sound a tart but my hair isn't having a fun time of things either.

I'm sick of summer.
>> No. 11541 Anonymous
6th July 2017
Thursday 9:48 pm
11541 spacer
I'm glad I went out at the weekend to Marks and Sparks and bought some more short sleeved linen shirts. They are even allowing smart shorts n the office, so I bought some chino shorts as well.


>> No. 58181 Crabkiller
2nd July 2017
Sunday 2:14 pm
/iq/58181 spacer
Lads, I've been doing some of that thinking.

Were geniuses from the olden days actually that clever?

People still know of Archimedes over 2,000 years later when he's famous for knowing that the water in a bath rises when you place objects in it. It's the type of thing that these days even a toddler could point out to you. Was being a genius in them days basically being the first one to point something out to people, meaning they've got a massive head start over people today because lots of things hadn't been pointed out yet? It's only about 500 years since Isaac Newton pointed out apples fall of trees. If Archimedes was around these days would be working in a call centre in Nuneaton?

Also, how come the majority of the intellectual heavyweights from the past after the ancient civilization times are British or from the rest of the Anglosphere? Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Paul Nuttall, Stephen Hawking, Michael Faraday, etc. You've basically got that French bloke who invented pasteurised milk and that's about it. Fair play you've got your fancy Dan artists and musicians like Mozart, Beethoven, Michaelangelo and all that but no actual scientist discovering things. Is it because they were too busy flouncing around looking and painting and listening to music and having those sex parties where they wear the little masks to actually do any serious thinking? Who's the Dutch intellectual heavyweight? The Spanish? Exactly.
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>> No. 58198 Billbob
2nd July 2017
Sunday 10:13 pm
58198 spacer

A1T lZ6iUZL._SY445_.jpg
>> No. 58199 Anonymous
2nd July 2017
Sunday 11:01 pm
58199 spacer

cant even make i more smarter
>> No. 58200 YubYub
2nd July 2017
Sunday 11:58 pm
58200 spacer
Everyone in the past was as thick as pigshit.
>> No. 58216 Crabkiller
5th July 2017
Wednesday 3:52 am
58216 spacer
There is generally regarded to be a big 4 nations from about 1000-1950 the English, the Italians the French and the Germans who did nearly everything worth mentioning in that period. The rest of the world is considered to have just sat around picking their collective noses during this time period. What changed in 1950 is that lots of European scientists (first the Jews then the Nazis) fled to the US and they suddenly became major player. and the Russian repeatedly took over places and annexed the great minds so that they became more relevant. This put the US in front of the big 4 and the Russian just behind the British in terms of doing anything relevant enough for someone to remember the name of someone a hundred years later (not that it has been a hundred years, but you can predict these things.
>> No. 58217 Are Moaty
5th July 2017
Wednesday 8:31 pm
58217 spacer

The shitty terms of the loans and the lend-lease the Americans gave to us during and after the war played a big part in this too. On the verge of bankruptcy we had to give up on a lot of our cutting research and handed it over to the US to pick up where we left off.


>> No. 5172 Anonymous
19th November 2013
Tuesday 9:59 pm
/spo/5172 spacer
Euro 2016 qualification is in the bag.
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>> No. 5413 Anonymous
23rd February 2014
Sunday 5:38 pm
5413 spacer
On what chan can you initiate greentext in the middle of a line? I only ask because someone said it works a little differently here.
>> No. 5414 Anonymous
23rd February 2014
Sunday 6:56 pm
5414 spacer
> >>5413 it may work like this.
>>>5413 or this.
>> No. 6288 Anonymous
7th September 2014
Sunday 9:51 pm
6288 spacer

Welp. Although not as humiliating as Portugal losing to the mighty Albania.
>> No. 7847 Anonymous
13th July 2016
Wednesday 7:53 am
7847 spacer

>> No. 8136 Anonymous
4th July 2017
Tuesday 9:16 pm
8136 spacer
Why is Scottish football so bad?

It's almost beyond a joke now. Rangers getting knocked out of the Europa League by the team who finished fourth in the Luxembourg league.


>> No. 411965 Anonymous
4th July 2017
Tuesday 8:45 am
/b/411965 I'm very lost. Locked
Holy shit, how did I get here. I'm not British, I'm Canadian. I didn't even know there was a British chan. I'm so confused.
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>> No. 411966 Anonymous
4th July 2017
Tuesday 11:10 am
411966 spacer
>>/zoo/ is where you post if you want sympathy for not being British.


>> No. 411843 Anonymous
27th June 2017
Tuesday 5:55 pm
/b/411843 Edingburgh festival
I've never been to the Edingburgh festival before. What's it like? Anything to look out for/avoid? Any tourist spots besides the castle? I'm mainly going for the comedy but I'm open to other stuff.
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>> No. 411844 Anonymous
27th June 2017
Tuesday 7:01 pm
411844 spacer

Yiff moose family guy_0229e2_5646425.jpg
>but I'm open to other stuff.

What other stuff?
>> No. 411846 Anonymous
28th June 2017
Wednesday 1:38 am
411846 spacer
Scottish people. Watch out.
>> No. 411859 Anonymous
28th June 2017
Wednesday 8:27 pm
411859 spacer
Avoid going to random shows during the day just to kill time - you might end up in a near-empty lecture theatre with a second-rate comedian.
>> No. 411959 Anonymous
3rd July 2017
Monday 11:17 pm
411959 spacer

>Scottish people
you'll have a hard time finding any in edinburgh during the festival

>What's it like?
great. there really is something for everyone, and i'm not being hyperbolic. it can be a bit overwhelming. 90% of the acts/shows are utter shite. the 10% of quality content is more than a enough.
if it's free, it's probably shite.

>Any tourist spots besides the castle?
Climb arthur's seat and watch the sunset/sunrise, go to the medical museum at surgeons hall, go to sandy bell's or the royal oak on infirmary street and listen to impromptu folk music, wander in the old towns cemeteries and closes' in the wee hours with a drink in you, marvel at the history.
Eat breakfast at Snax. There's an all night bakery in newington (edinburgh bakehouse), and another in the west end, on morrisons street (morrisons bakery). Better than a kebab. There used to be one along gorgie too but i'm sure that's closed now.
>> No. 411964 Anonymous
4th July 2017
Tuesday 12:31 am
411964 spacer
Personally I tend to avoid the big name shows, they're usually too long and expensive and often material you've already seen on Mock the Week or whatever.

I like to go for the 'showcase' bills where its five or six acts on in the space of a couple of hours. You usually end up seeing good up-and-coming people at these ones, and they're usually cheap enough. The multiple Stand clubs tend to have great late night sets.

If you get a chance to see a Simon Munnery set then you should. His Fringe gigs are always excellent.


>> No. 25038 Anonymous
2nd July 2017
Sunday 4:41 pm
/emo/25038 Love in middle age.
Is it possible to fall in love after 40? Obviously it is, but I mean the insane obsessive type of love we experience as teenlads.

I will post my backstory/reason for the above question later.
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>> No. 25049 Anonymous
2nd July 2017
Sunday 11:55 pm
25049 spacer
That obsessive teenage love was horrible and I'm glad to have put it behind me. It's just really fucking stressful to be infatuated with someone. I like the cosiness of a middle-aged relationship. I like the lack of pretensions. I like a woman who is too busy to be coy. I like dinner in a gastropub followed by a Scandinavian crime drama and half an hour of medium-effort sex. I don't get that giddy feeling that this person is the most perfect person in the world, but I don't get the all-consuming despair when it's over.

Being a grown-up is massively underrated. Embracing the fact that you're older and wiser is really liberating. I have a confidence and an honesty that I didn't have in my twenties, which makes life so much simpler.
>> No. 25060 Anonymous
3rd July 2017
Monday 6:21 am
25060 spacer
Not unless you've somehow reached your 40s being exactly as hideously insecure, uncertain and inexperienced as you were as a teenager. Which is a pretty sad state to be in past 40, if you think about it.

What you can have, and I have seen firsthand, is people who have lost their first loves to cancer after an 18 year marriage find that they can, after time, grow into another heart. Another more recent, but by no means lesser, heart than the one they had for their late spouses. It doesn't diminish their old heart, or even remove it - but the two can exist, and a widower can find that they can experience all the richness and joy that comes out of sharing life with another human being even after the person that they thought would be there forever is unfortunately now gone. There's always room for more love in a life.
>> No. 25065 Anonymous
3rd July 2017
Monday 1:50 pm
25065 spacer
>>I like dinner in a gastropub followed by a Scandinavian crime drama and half an hour of medium-effort sex.

This is basically why I visit this site more than anything else online.
>> No. 25066 Anonymous
3rd July 2017
Monday 2:38 pm
25066 spacer

>past your prime

I'm running out of time to have a "prime".
>> No. 25072 Anonymous
3rd July 2017
Monday 7:44 pm
25072 spacer
I don't see why not, I got that burst of intensity in my 30s. The older Ive gotten the shorter the burst of intensity I've found.

I think that love is born out of anxiety and unfulfilled desires, when you are older you are able to actualize your ambitions better so there is less unfulfilled desires fueling these things, obstacles are easily overcome. And you will be desensitized to all of the 'first time' driving factors of that anxiety. when you can just invite them round to your place and bang whenever you want.

I personally adore that new love felling it's the best drug I've ever found whilst it lasts.


>> No. 25039 Anonymous
2nd July 2017
Sunday 7:35 pm
/emo/25039 spacer
I won't lie - I am a recluse, a loner, and anti-social. I am okay with that. I like my own company, I have my own hobbies like carving, making music, gaming, and consuming media. I am very okay with it all.

The minor issue is small talk with everyone in the fucking office every Monday about what I have been doing on the weekend, or after every leave I take. I normally answer honestly, such as "nothing" or "just relaxed." That isn't enough for cunts everywhere. The probing cunts always make me feel bad about being myself. Do I have to have friends and always get up to something every week? Is that how you lads spend your weekends? I'm very close to telling these work-bastards to leave me alone, but obviously you can't be a cunt. I'm in my twenties so all the older bastards assume that I must be like some sort of socialite like Paris Hilton.

"Oh, is that it?"

That just makes me angry and sad.
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>> No. 25055 Anonymous
3rd July 2017
Monday 12:43 am
25055 spacer
Hmm. I agree. But what if one does not want to share? How can an invitation to share the happenings in one's life be turned down politely so as not to change the professional relationship?
>> No. 25056 Anonymous
3rd July 2017
Monday 1:47 am
25056 spacer
The first two are pretty interesting hobbies if I'm honest, same with >>25046 and his hipster lifestyle. Let me assure you that the pond-life don't get up to anything more interesting than maybe a bungee jump which is pretty much just falling from a height and maybe getting your hair wet.

Change the subject "Oh nothing much really, you' know me I'm a bit of a couch potato. Did you get up to anything?" Then you feign interest by asking all sorts of questions about their tedious life so they feel special.
>> No. 25058 Anonymous
3rd July 2017
Monday 4:35 am
25058 spacer
I think it depends. Between midnight to 5am seems to be a sweet spot. The world is quiet and no one expects anything from me. I could stare at the wall for 4 hours and there would be no consequences. It's silent and calm. Who are you to judge how I find my peace?
>> No. 25063 Anonymous
3rd July 2017
Monday 11:21 am
25063 spacer

What are you trying to pull?
>> No. 25070 Anonymous
3rd July 2017
Monday 6:22 pm
25070 spacer
Better a recluse than the wankers in your office. Don't let it bother you.


>> No. 25048 Anonymous
2nd July 2017
Sunday 11:40 pm
/emo/25048 Fuck Alcohol
This came out a lot longer than expected.

I finished Secondary school a few weeks ago and I gained phone numbers from some "friends" (people I talk to at lunch). In general I have never really had any solid friends so every year or two I drift between groups- also I have very little experience socialising with girls. In /r9k/ terms, I’m a cyborg, I suppose. We celebrated leavers and this was my first time ever socialising properly outside of school, including drinking with other people. It went ok besides me making a fool of myself by drunkenly proposing to random girls but overall it was good.

During exam week one friend ("John") invited me to a get together for his birthday in which we would go to a club after. I agreed and met some familiar faces and new ones including girls (all friends of John). One of the girls is quite attractive and ginger which is a huge turn on for me. In the club, I ask John’s GF what her name is and she says it’s “Mary” and asks if I would like for her to pair me up with her. I dance with “Mary” on the dancefloor but she is quite shy. I also get the impression that she is a social “outsider” so to speak as John’s GF says that she has only made a normal personbook account in the past few months and she is very introverted. The night ends very well and two weeks later we celebrate exams ending be essentially repeating what we did on John’s birthday (Meet at John’s House --> Go to club).

One thing is different this time though, I have to full intention to get very drunk as the stress of exams was paramount and I've never been fully drunk before. I drink a lot at John's house and am already quite drunk at this point... we get into the club. In the club we see a lot of people in our year at school and when I see an old "friend" I jump into his arms (note: that we are both quite drunk) and we both fall over. A bouncer comes over and tells us to leave (he may have presumed we were fighting) so we immediately got up and sat down and pretended like nothing happened. The night goes on and I get progressively drunk with all the drunken symptoms – spilling drink everywhere etc. Also during the night I am talking to Mary and John’s GF about Mary and I begin to really like her. Anyway, I and John are up on the dancefloor dancing and then a very attractive (8-9/10) ginger girl starts to dance with me and then we immediately start kissing. This is the second ever girl I have kissed and the first time I have kissed in 4-5 years. I see John give a humorous look at me and walks away – then the passion between me and the ginger girl increases with me literally holding her my her thighs in the air, kissing and fingering her through her shorts (this was very discrete and I don’t believe anyone saw the fingering) – this is the first time I have ever felt a girl like that. Then John’s GF comes up to me and says “You’re fuarrrked.” I didn’t know how to interpret this, so I said “Why?” Then she said, “You’re drunk as fuarrrk” and left. I carry on dancing in panic, regret and confusion. I’m still not sure if she meant ‘You’re fuarrrked’ as in “Your wasted and making a dick out of yourself” or “You’re fuarrrked for kissing her and saying you like Mary”. Anyway I walk off the dancefloor and find everyone sitting down and join them. I plan to exaggerate my drunkenness (to use as a defence later if questioned about kissing a randomer) by holding my head in my hand and rocking back and forth. We all get up and sit on the sofa with John and Mary sleeping and the rest of us all drunk as fuarrrk. At this point Brandon and Mary wake up and some of us go back and forth to the bathroom and the outside area for varying amounts of time. We all decide that we should all head out to McDonald’s and get picked up.

As we are all walking out of the club John and his GF tell us to walk on while they talk in private. At the time we all presumed this was so that they could kiss alone or something. We walk on for a bit and I bond with Mary and the others but after a while I and a friend walk back up to see if John and his GF are okay. We see them sitting cross-legged on the pavement talking and they see us and tell us to go away. Upon reflection it may be possible that John’s GF was discussing what had happened with me at the club, although this I am not sure of. Later, John and his GF join us again in the group and as we begin to walk to McDonald’s again they walk far ahead in front of us. Eventually I get picked up by a relative mid-journey and quickly say good-bye to who I was walking with.

Once I wake up the next morning, I am soykafting myself thinking that I have fuarrrked my chances in pulling Mary. I txt John and I talk to him about “maybe kissing some randomer yesterday”. He jokes about it and I express my regret about doing it because I like Mary and he is really cool about it saying that it was just in the heat of the moment. I txt for a bit more then he said he’ll txt me again if there are plans to go out again which he said would probably be soon since it is summer and there is no school. Throughout the week I briefly txt John and Mary about random funny stuff but the weekend passes and I got no word from John about going out.

Essentially I am worried that I made too much of a dick of myself that the only social group that I have made outside of school want nothing to do with me anymore. Only paranoia and worrying is left until the next weekend in which I will probably txt John to see what’s up.
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>> No. 25061 Anonymous
3rd July 2017
Monday 6:57 am
25061 spacer
This. Don't overanalyze it.
>> No. 25064 Anonymous
3rd July 2017
Monday 11:33 am
25064 spacer
It seems like everything worked out. You got a bit of slap and tickle on the dance-floor while at the same time knocking a potential case of oneitis on the head before it becomes an /emo/ issue.

As for the friendship problem you need to realise you are still a periphery friend (I believe the youth still call it a 'randomer') so lower your expectations. You are coming across as needy with all your texting and moping which isn't a good look. A thing by the way not helped by you doing blatantly insecure shit like pretending to be drunk and jumping into peoples arms like a massive wanker.

For next weekend drop a text on Friday asking if John fancies going for a pint. Be cool (but not too cool to stay in school) and if he doesn't reply or is busy then just accept that he has a girlfriend.

People who complain about ladder theory are worse than those who earnestly try to use it.
>> No. 25067 Anonymous
3rd July 2017
Monday 4:06 pm
25067 spacer
I doubt the lad knows what ladder theory is, he's just giving a girl a rating out of ten.
>> No. 25068 Anonymous
3rd July 2017
Monday 4:47 pm
25068 spacer

0/10 would not bang.
>> No. 25069 Anonymous
3rd July 2017
Monday 5:05 pm
25069 spacer
There is something I find wonderfully endearing about OPs post to me. I think it makes me nostalgic.

It's been a long time since I've been for a 'night out' in the overly loud pub, and the club after hoping for a snog.

Never again, the social politics of youth jar me now, and far too many terrible mornings after. But reading about it makes me reministic.


>> No. 23965 Bulba
26th March 2017
Sunday 11:31 pm
/zoo/23965 spacer
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>> No. 24017 Rasputin
2nd July 2017
Sunday 11:46 am
24017 spacer
> Spoken Mandarin Chinese is fairly easy. The grammar is very straightforward
Well, you appear to be learning Mandarin Chinese at the moment, and I'm not stusying Chinese, so I shall not debate this statement.
> the pronunciation is easy once you've got past the issue of tonality.
> Hanzi characters are a pain in the arse, because you need to memorise thousands of them just to achieve basic literacy.
These statements are proving my point, not yours, aren't they?
> Computers have made life easier, because of the input system used to type Hanzi. You just type the word phonetically in the Latin alphabet, then the computer shows you a menu of characters matching that pronunciation, a bit like predictive texting. As long as you can recognise the character, you don't need to remember exactly how it's drawn.
That's a nice invention that does make life easier, no doubt about that. But one is probably not going to bring a laptop with themselves everywher, because it is normally heavy and doesn't fit in conventional bags. Is this character input method available for smartphones? If not, it is useful only if one is indoors.
Also, what if you have to, shall we say, leave a short hand-written note to your Chinese-speaking colleague? Then one still has to draw the characters themselves, don't they? And that brings back the notorious pain in the arse, my point being that handwriting is still not completeley obsolete and ousted from our lives despite of the great advancement in IT.
> Back in the bad old days, you needed to memorise both the character and the exact order in which the strokes were drawn, because that's how alphabetisation works with Hanzi. If you couldn't remember the stroke order, you couldn't look up a word in the dictionary or a name in the phone book.
And this proves my statement once again.

So all in all, I am not convinced that Chinese is easier than Russian for a person whose mother tongue is an alphabetic language and hasn't got tonality. However, it might be easier for you to study Chinese than Russian if your mother tongue uses characters instead of an alphabet.
>> No. 24018 Lenin
2nd July 2017
Sunday 12:39 pm
24018 spacer
Actually, I meant to refer to the phenomenon of tonality in Chinese by my comment, the "4 ways" of pronunciation being the 4 tones that are used in Chinese. I just didn't happen to know the appropriate English term for that, because I used to read about Chinese and Japanese in Russian and it was comparatively long ago. Sorry for misleading wording.
By the way, I appreciate your contribution regarding the Japanese system of reading the characters. I used to think there were only 2 readings of each Kanji character in Japanese, now I see there are actually 4 of them. Still, there is no tonality in Japanese as opposed to Chinese, and then there are Katakana and Hiragana, and even Romaji, so you can find your way around writing and saying things even at early stages of learning.
>> No. 24019 Raoul
2nd July 2017
Sunday 1:14 pm
24019 spacer


If you're taught well, tones really aren't all that difficult. Mandarin only has four tones and they're easy to recognise. It's a hurdle in the early stages, but it's more than made up for by the immense simplicity of spoken Chinese. There are only a few hundred syllables and the texts for learners are written entirely phonetically, so pronunciation is piss-easy. The grammar is simple and regular with no tenses, cases or genders. It's very easy to build up a large and useful vocabulary.

The written language is a pain in the arse, but it's a lot less of a pain in the arse thanks to technology. Pinyin input (the phonetic system based on the Latin alphabet) is available on smartphones, so you're not tied to a computer. My preferred dictionary app has optical character recognition, so I can point my phone at a newspaper or a road sign and instantly see both a transliteration and a translation. If I'm faced with an unfamiliar character, it takes me literally three seconds to find its meaning and pronunciation.

Handwriting is very close to being obsolete, especially in China. English people occasionally complain that young people are so dependent on computers that they're forgetting how to write, but in China that is literally true. A lot of younger Chinese people can't write fluently with a pen, because they do it so rarely. It's perfectly normal for native speakers to completely forget how to write common characters. If you're required to hand-write a brief note to a colleague, writing it in Pinyin would be slightly gauche but perfectly legible.

Chinese is still a difficult language, but technology has taken a lot of the sting out of the more difficult aspects. I'd estimate that technology has saved me several hundred hours of study compared to older methods. I learned handwriting to pass my HSK exams, but I probably wouldn't have bothered otherwise, which would have saved me another couple of hundred hours.
>> No. 24020 Boyo
2nd July 2017
Sunday 3:59 pm
24020 spacer
>The grammar is simple and regular with no tenses, cases or genders.
Sort of but not quite. In much the same way that we no longer decline nouns for case but rely on pronouns and prepositions, Mandarin does the same thing for tense. There's no conjugation, but instead you add a particle to describe the "aspect", which includes tense but also negation, completion and subjectivity. It's tense, but not as we know it.
>> No. 24021 Raoul
3rd July 2017
Monday 12:22 am
24021 spacer

Aspects are vastly simpler than tenses. You need to know a handful of characters and a few simple rules, rather than the complicated and inconsistent structures of most European languages. Conjugation is a nightmare and can massively impede vocab acquisition. Compare the twenty-odd forms of "manger" in French with the pleasingly simple "吃".


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