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>> No. 11921 Anonymous
21st January 2018
Sunday 6:49 pm
/job/11921 Earning outside main job
I've been racking my brain on how to earn more money outside of my main job. I'm in a relatively non-demanding full-time 9 to 5 but, having just started, am not currently in a position to negotiate pay. I also currently live extremely minimally; I live with family and ride a motorbike rather than own a car.

At this stage, I'm open to any suggestion. Long and short-term strategies. Here are a few I've tried already:

- Working as a hospital filing clerk at night, i.e. returning bulky patient records to storage. Result: Treated like dirt by managers. The people I worked with ranged from pleasantly quirky to having genuine mental health problems.
- Working in a clothes shop on weekends, i.e. folding clothes into plastic bags. Result: Many temporary workers were let go after a temporary period, quite disorganised and frantic work; unreliable.
- Selling artwork and trading sundries online, i.e. desperate eBaying. Result: Massive timesink. Though satisfying for other reasons, it works out to a fraction of minimum wage (even when shifting items worth £300+).
- Medical transcription, i.e. get sent dodgy .wavs of doctors talking and typing it out. Result: The pace necessary to even scrape minimum wage was unrealistic, and I'm generally about 80wpm.
- Weekend warehouse work, i.e. picking and stowing Amazon orders. Result: Pay is fine, but damaging in just about every other way.

Things I am considering trying:

- Remote/home-based programming work, especially centering around statistics packages. Obstacles: I only have quite specific knowledge, so it's hard to find job matches.
- Writing projects. Putting practical knowledge into an e-book for sale, or a monetisable blog. Obstacles: I'm not sure there isn't anyone who isn't already doing this. Potentially a dead-end.
- Online tutoring. English language and maybe one or two other subjects. Obstacles: Only as much work as you can find.
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>> No. 11927 Anonymous
22nd January 2018
Monday 12:19 am
11927 spacer
When you're a millionaire you can do that kind of shit though - once you have a bunch of money, its quite easy to make some more - the OP isn't anywhere near that position.
>> No. 11928 Anonymous
23rd January 2018
Tuesday 1:49 am
11928 spacer

Get your SIA badge and do a door on the weekend mate. It's easy money if you're able to talk to people respectfully and thrive in the somewhat macho atmosphere.

I've got a few years experience in the security industry, and I recommend it on the side. Don't do it full time though or you'll go a bit mad.
>> No. 11929 Anonymous
23rd January 2018
Tuesday 5:45 pm
11929 spacer

>What is it that you really, really want to do?

I have a pretty strong sense of direction. I'm lucky in that my day job also relates to (or at least is a path to) my 'dream career'. At the moment, I'm saving to live and study as a postgraduate in the EU for a while.

>Have you tried delivering stuff on your bike? I hear Deliveroo isn't terrible pay, considering.

This is a good shout. I was bitten by the bug a year ago, so riding the bike is a pleasure, even through rain and heavy traffic. I'd have to remove my own top box and replace it with their godawful thing on the weekends, but I could make it work.


Do you know how your mates find students? What websites should I use? Are there any particularly lucrative subjects to teach?

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>> No. 11930 Anonymous
23rd January 2018
Tuesday 7:32 pm
11930 spacer
>I was bitten by the bug a year ago
Hot as fuck.
>> No. 11931 Anonymous
23rd January 2018
Tuesday 8:19 pm
11931 spacer

Not that bug, you fucking degenerates.


Fabio Capello1.jpg
>> No. 3698 Anonymous
8th February 2012
Wednesday 10:24 pm
/spo/3698 spacer
Goodnight, sweet prince.
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>> No. 7944 Anonymous
5th September 2016
Monday 6:58 am
7944 spacer
Under Woy we couldn't beat Slovakia at the Euros. Under Big Sam we scraped a 1 - 0 victory in injury time when they were down to 10 men. Everyone knows the hallmark of champions is being able to grind out wins when you're playing shit.
>> No. 7948 Anonymous
11th September 2016
Sunday 7:52 pm
7948 spacer
>Atalanta 2 Torino 1: Joe Hart has debut to forget with mistake for equaliser and then beaten by a penalty

I really hope Hart and his Billy Big Bollocks act fucks off and he never plays for England again.
>> No. 7988 Anonymous
11th October 2016
Tuesday 11:02 pm
7988 spacer


>> No. 8094 Anonymous
22nd March 2017
Wednesday 8:25 pm
8094 spacer
What's going on with this new England kit? The red away kit's always been my favourite and now there's this dark blue nonsense?

It's enough to make me want to stab several dozen Londoners.
>> No. 8282 Anonymous
23rd January 2018
Tuesday 8:02 pm
8282 spacer
>Phil Neville has been confirmed as the new coach of the England women’s football team.

>The former Manchester United, Everton and England player has signed a three-year deal and replaces Mark Sampson, who was sacked from the post last September for “inappropriate behaviour” with a player in a previous job.

>Neville’s appointment is a controversial one. While the 40-year-old holds a pro licence qualification and has previously served as a coach under David Moyes at Manchester United, his brother, Gary Neville, at Valencia and with the men’s England Under-21 team, he has never been a manager in his own right and has a total lack of experience in the women’s game.

>It is understood the 40-year-old’s name was initially suggested to the Football Association in a lighthearted manner by a well-known broadcaster at a drinks reception last month.

Giving the job to someone who didn't apply for it and whose name was put forward as a joke. Nice to see the FA take women's football seriously.


>> No. 57901 Anonymous
25th April 2017
Tuesday 7:44 am
/iq/57901 spacer
Why did the Mormon cross the road?

To get to the other bride!
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>> No. 57948 Crabkiller
4th May 2017
Thursday 1:47 am
57948 spacer


No even worse, they think they are edgy unironically.
>> No. 59625 YubYub
20th January 2018
Saturday 8:43 pm
59625 spacer

When I was younger I went downstairs and found my dad with his knob in the biscuit tin.

he was fucking crackers.
>> No. 59635 Samefag
22nd January 2018
Monday 12:10 am
59635 spacer

The dual curses of /*/ and new idiots users.
>> No. 59636 YubYub
22nd January 2018
Monday 1:00 am
59636 spacer
Exactly. I saw this one idiot replying to a message from 9 months ago.
>> No. 59637 Paedofag
22nd January 2018
Monday 9:48 pm
59637 spacer

Hello, sailor.


>> No. 26036 Anonymous
4th August 2017
Friday 3:15 am
/g/26036 PAYG Sim
Looking for a PAYG micro-sim card with the most amount of data for your money.
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>> No. 26293 Anonymous
22nd January 2018
Monday 2:01 pm
26293 spacer

EE have the biggest and fastest 4G network, because they have the combined network assets of T-mobile and Orange. It's always worth checking the coverage in your local area, which can be pot luck.

You can see the best SIM-only deals at the link below. Neither Plusnet nor Giffgaff are offering the best deals at the moment.
>> No. 26294 Anonymous
22nd January 2018
Monday 2:01 pm
26294 spacer

EE have the biggest and fastest 4G network, because they have the combined network assets of T-mobile and Orange. It's always worth checking the coverage in your local area, which can be pot luck.

You can see the best SIM-only deals at the link below. Neither Plusnet nor Giffgaff are offering the best deals at the moment.
>> No. 26295 Anonymous
22nd January 2018
Monday 5:04 pm
26295 spacer
Heard you the first time, m7.
>> No. 26296 Anonymous
22nd January 2018
Monday 5:31 pm
26296 spacer

It's not my fault that Brian has senile dementia.
>> No. 26297 Anonymous
22nd January 2018
Monday 7:24 pm
26297 spacer
He's old. Like me.


>> No. 26070 Anonymous
19th January 2018
Friday 5:40 pm
/emo/26070 I need some help
Bit of a long one here, but feeling rather anxious at the moment.

I'm currently renting a flat with my girlfriend at the moment, we like the place and we've finally got it how we want it. Got word today from the Estate Agent that the landlord is happy for another 12 month contract with a minor rent increase. We were fine with this, but when I called to confirm this I was told that it would have to be two years. Whilst we like the place, we don't really want to be in this city forever (we like our jobs and our home but the city is a dive). I'm going to discuss it with her when she finishes work and call them tomorrow, along with the landlord as I find this a bit dubious and a way of rinsing us for money.

This isn't the only problem however, it's raised anxieties elsewhere. I can't help but feel that I'm wasting both money and time. I'm 27 in just over a week and I don't want to rent forever. I currently have about £3600 in a Help to Buy ISA and £11,000 in other savings that I add to which fuels the Help to Buy at £200 a month. Whilst £14,600 is not a huge amount of money these days, I like to think it is a decent chunk of a housing deposit (at least in the East Midlands). However, my salary would stop me from getting a mortgage as it is essentially non-existent. I have a very comfortable Zero Hours Contract which allows me a lot of flexibility but pays me enough to cover my outgoings, a little fun, some savings and a little deposit into a pension. Despite me knowing I'm comfortable with it, a bank still sees it as £0 a month which is understandable. This is something that I can work on however, I just need to figure out how to get out of this comfortable rut and push myself to get a proper job again.

This might not seem like a problem so far, I could simply rent for another two years and in the meantime continue to build a deposit, get a proper salary and then buy somewhere at the end of the two years. I have considered this.

However, I really have a massive urge to live abroad (especially after seeing on FB that an old friend of mine is applying for residency in Canada and is the same age) and to be honest, I'm not entirely sure about my partner (been together three years for reference. I do love her, she's great to me and I can't imagine leaving her, but at the same time I get a gut feeling that being married and spending the rest of my life with her wouldn't be the best idea. I sometimes see other women and wonder what my life would be like with them (not even a sexual thing, in fact my sex drive has plumetted) and my girlfriends flaws seem to shine in these moments.

Is there a strict age limit to moving to places like Canada or New Zealand? I know that being under 30 is beneficial. Would it be silly to buy a property, pay a bit of it off and then move and rent it in the UK so that worst case I would have somewhere to live if I came back? I'm assuming it is more complicated than that. How do you know is someone is really right for you long term?

My sister is 21 and lives in the house that her boyfriend has bought with a car each. There jobs aren't anything special but it's the North East so cost of living is cheap. At the same time, I can't help but feel I'm starting to look the loser sibling, poncing about in the arts for low wages and renting still at 27.

My parents are great but I don't feel I can talk to them about these things and I really don't know who else to speak to.
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>> No. 26073 Anonymous
19th January 2018
Friday 8:46 pm
26073 spacer

I've never heard of tenancy agreements that lock you in until the end of the lease. Usually there's like 3 months notice if you want to leave. I can't imagine it's legal to basically force someone to live in a house for two years.

Having said that I'm talking out of my arse and don't actually know, based on the fact every tenancy I've ever had has been like that.
>> No. 26075 Anonymous
19th January 2018
Friday 9:34 pm
26075 spacer
You're tied into whatever the tenancy agreement says:

But either way, a 24 month fixed term is shitty, (even 12 months isn't great, there are plenty of good landlords offering 6 months as standard), I would kick up a fuss and insist on a break clause.
>> No. 26076 Anonymous
19th January 2018
Friday 10:23 pm
26076 spacer

The estate agent mentioned a break clause at 12 months. Going to speak to the landlord on Sunday about it. Can't help but think the agency are trying to rush it a bit.
>> No. 26077 Anonymous
20th January 2018
Saturday 11:06 am
26077 spacer
A break clause at 12 months without any other kind of notice period is a bit strange. If I was signing up to those sorts of rental terms, the only scenario was if I was being granted a discount on the rent, in exchange for signing up for a long time; even then I'm not sure I would sign.

A break clause of six months, with after that one or three months notice would be more normal.

Others will provide advice on the other bits.
>> No. 26078 Anonymous
21st January 2018
Sunday 10:42 pm
26078 spacer
I can relate a bit lad.

See I entered into work around 2007 when everything started going to shit and was made redundant and was forced to move back home after my savings dried up and was plunged into debt keeping a roof over my head and the lights on. I got depressed as shit and sort of fell into a state of miserable complacency (playing dreamcast games and wanking 5 times a day) for about 7 years as my siblings and peers passed me by. (yes, i know, dont bust my chops, it was fucked never even getting so far as the job interview for months at a time even though I was applying for more than 60 places a week and if I ever made it to an interview stage I'd be shot down trying to explain the gap in my employment.)

I got a job back in 2015. I suppose one of the great things about not having any kind of life for so long is that you forget how to spend money and cling to every penny as if you were still on the dole. Now I have about 30k in savings but I've been living with mummy and daddy. I want to buy a place soon but I'm shit scared of loosing my job and thanks to what happened a decade ago I know full well just how fast everything can fall apart.

To add to the fears, the market data over the last 3-4 years is looking a lot like charts that sparked the last recession. But I'm almost 30 and still living at home.


>> No. 4461 Anonymous
20th January 2018
Saturday 2:49 am
/fat/4461 spacer
Hello. I've made my own fitness arms buildening regime. Thing.

Everynight I do:

40 x dumbbells curls,
40 x hammer lifts with dumbbells,
40 x dumbbell shoulder press,

I then do 30 of the above, the 20 then 10.

How is this regime? I've noticed my arms and shoulders have got a lot better. I've been doing 30 of each then descending in 10s for about 2 months now and I've just knocked it up to 40 then descending in 10s. I do a lot of cardio, running pretty much every free night.
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>> No. 4462 Anonymous
20th January 2018
Saturday 4:26 pm
4462 spacer
do you find it enlarges your clitoris?


>> No. 26277 Anonymous
19th January 2018
Friday 8:27 pm
/g/26277 spacer
I'm almost certain this thread already exists, but I can't find it, so sorry.

What're the .gs recommended "teach yerself coding" websites? Free would be nice but I'll pay if I need to.

I don't have any specific goals in mind other than seeing if I can get to grips with a language.

Cheers in advance.
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>> No. 26285 Anonymous
20th January 2018
Saturday 12:24 am
26285 spacer
I suppose it depends on your needs, but my programming background stems from embedded systems and I found, though it takes a lot longer, learning it from the ground up (i.e. assembly) allowed me a much greater understanding of how a computer works, and what, exactly, my code does.
>> No. 26286 Anonymous
20th January 2018
Saturday 1:13 am
26286 spacer
NO LAD - no language wars in this thread. It is too early for the OP.
>> No. 26287 Anonymous
20th January 2018
Saturday 2:01 am
26287 spacer

Nothing in that post even came close to "language wars" you utter pillock.
>> No. 26288 Anonymous
20th January 2018
Saturday 8:28 am
26288 spacer
All I'm really doing is testing the waters to see how well (or how poorly) I can understand the whole process. I'll probably try a few approaches in the coming months to see if I can make it work. Essentially I have a few options for an attempt at a career change and I want to see for myself how thick I am before I go any further down this particular path.

I've been using Max and Pure Data for about a decade so I'm hoping I'm going to surprise myself.
>> No. 26289 Anonymous
20th January 2018
Saturday 2:19 pm
26289 spacer
The first programming language I learnt was C++, but I didn't start to enjoy programming until after I learnt Python. I'd highly recommend starting with Python - unlike C-style languages it's quite far abstracted from the hardware-specific aspects like memory management, letting you concentrate more on application logic and get more done in less time. Despite being relatively easy for beginners to learn it still has complexity to master that makes it worth sticking with for a while, it's still my go-to for anything smallish I write myself.

I used as my primary resource to begin with, and found it pretty useful. It's designed with complete beginners in mind and covers most of what you need to get started without assuming too much. It's presented online as a "free sample" of the paid-for book, but personally I found the free sample more than enough to get started with.


>> No. 59616 Anonymous
19th January 2018
Friday 9:51 pm
/iq/59616 spacer


>> No. 21874 Anonymous
30th October 2017
Monday 5:18 pm
/v/21874 Youtube Recommendations
The other thread got me wondering about what youtube channels you lads can recommend. Topic can be anything, just what you find to be good and interesting to watch.

>Issac Arthur
I posted one of his videos awhile ago but it's well worth repeating. Every Thursday he does a really interesting and in-depth look at science and futurism concepts and does a really good job of explaining them simply but also covering the unnoticed drawbacks and benefits.

He has kind of gone to shit over the past few months but this is still a good channel for basic electrical engineering fun.

>Tom Scott
Mostly for his 'Things You Might Not Know' series. He goes over some pretty interesting things that you might never notice but are all around us.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 22040 Anonymous
19th January 2018
Friday 4:47 pm
22040 spacer

Prostitutes don't make you buy them shoes and that though.
>> No. 22041 Anonymous
19th January 2018
Friday 5:25 pm
22041 spacer
>> No. 22042 Anonymous
19th January 2018
Friday 5:26 pm
22042 spacer
>> No. 22043 Anonymous
19th January 2018
Friday 5:48 pm
22043 spacer

Smart bloke.
>> No. 22044 Anonymous
19th January 2018
Friday 6:14 pm
22044 spacer



>> No. 415052 Anonymous
17th January 2018
Wednesday 11:01 pm
/b/415052 "Micro-cheating"

This term came up on my okcupid. As a permavirgin, can someone explain this shit to me?

Where is the fucking trust? Isn't that what a relationship is supposed to be about?

I don't want to sound like a Luddite, here, but I don't get this at all. Why are people basing their relationships solely around social media? If you're that distrustful of your partner that you count having an ex followed on Facebook to be a form of cheating, perhaps you shouldn't be in the relationship in the first place?

I feel completely disconnected from the sort of people described in the article, and don't see why it's even a thing.
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>> No. 415084 Anonymous
18th January 2018
Thursday 11:14 pm
415084 spacer

I don't get why you want to absolve this woman for her poor choices. She made the choice to get into 25k of debt and now needs to face the consequences.

Maybe she would be better off if she pulled her finger out of her arse and get a job, she would then be able to afford all the excursions she chooses to attend. She sounds entitled and whiny.
>> No. 415085 Anonymous
18th January 2018
Thursday 11:31 pm
415085 spacer

>She sounds entitled and whiny.
>> No. 415086 Anonymous
19th January 2018
Friday 5:10 am
415086 spacer

Another thing I think in these situations, is that if they think you talking to your ex (no matter how far away you are) might end up in you being unfaithful, it would follow that they are tempted to stray by their exes. Or already do stray.
>> No. 415087 Anonymous
19th January 2018
Friday 12:23 pm
415087 spacer
It was a dead meme before it even hit the homepage, homeboy.
>> No. 415088 Anonymous
19th January 2018
Friday 12:43 pm
415088 spacer
>Sexy swimwear selfies are great; everyone needs a January ego boost


>> No. 59551 Billbob
17th January 2018
Wednesday 1:14 pm
/iq/59551 spacer
The plural of Tesco is Tesceaux.
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>> No. 59552 Anonymous
17th January 2018
Wednesday 5:57 pm
59552 spacer
Common error. Tesco is actually of Hebrew origin, so the correct plural form is "Tescoyim".
>> No. 59553 Samefag
17th January 2018
Wednesday 6:13 pm
59553 spacer
I thought it was Tescopi.
>> No. 59555 Auntiefucker
17th January 2018
Wednesday 7:31 pm
59555 spacer
>> No. 59598 Moralfag
19th January 2018
Friday 11:12 am
59598 spacer
There was actually a giant called Argos in Greek mythology, a monstrous entity with a hundred eyes. Almost fitting.


>> No. 59302 Ambulancelad
5th January 2018
Friday 5:53 pm
/iq/59302 spacer

JOHN'S THA name.

Raping hundreds of women and getting released early from prison's tha game.
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>> No. 59571 Are Moaty
17th January 2018
Wednesday 11:26 pm
59571 spacer


How many times did CK do this?
>> No. 59572 YubYub
17th January 2018
Wednesday 11:53 pm
59572 spacer
A very good post lad.
>> No. 59573 Moralfag
17th January 2018
Wednesday 11:59 pm
59573 spacer

There are five public allegations, spanning from the late 90s to 2005, all of which CK has admitted to. Industry insiders suggest that there have been many similar incidents, perhaps as recently as 2015.
>> No. 59574 Billbob
18th January 2018
Thursday 12:23 am
59574 spacer

>but "young women need to be given the confidence to clearly express their boundaries"

There are plenty of who would happily twist that view into victim blaming or trout farming. The expectation for women to exercise agency and be accountable for it seems shookingly absent in modern politics.
>> No. 59576 Anonymous
18th January 2018
Thursday 12:50 pm
59576 spacer
Fuck 'em. Or, actually, don't.


>> No. 59525 YubYub
16th January 2018
Tuesday 7:18 pm
/iq/59525 spacer
stormzy has gone wack lads
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>> No. 59540 YubYub
16th January 2018
Tuesday 11:58 pm
59540 spacer

The bailiffs. You've been warned before, you're four months behind on your repayments. We don't want to do this, but if you're not going to pay, then we'll have to sort it out this way. Either you can open the door, or we'll tow your car, your choice.
>> No. 59541 Are Moaty
16th January 2018
Tuesday 11:59 pm
59541 spacer

Fuck off you cunts. i don't owe you nothing, i told that cunt on the phone that i don't owe you nothing. my fucking kids are upset now, i hope you're happy you evil cunt.
>> No. 59542 Auntiefucker
17th January 2018
Wednesday 12:00 am
59542 spacer

The car it is then. Have a nice day, madam.
>> No. 59543 Paedofag
17th January 2018
Wednesday 12:11 am
59543 spacer
Look boi, I've told you before, I ain't that Romelu fucking Lukaku.
>> No. 59549 Moralfag
17th January 2018
Wednesday 1:19 am
59549 spacer



fuck vegetables.jpg
>> No. 25338 Anonymous
2nd June 2017
Friday 10:09 pm
/101/25338 Terrible product/marketing photos
Nothing can so easily send me into apoplectic rage and simultaneous fits of laughter as non-nonsensical photographs in advertising and marketing. I couldn't decide where this thread belongs best as it's both irritating and entertaining at the same time.

Lidl has some brilliant examples, for instance this picture of a woman who is clearly off her tits on some research chems and is seeing hallucinations of vegetables flying around her head.
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>> No. 26134 Anonymous
5th December 2017
Tuesday 2:30 am
26134 spacer
Or is it Christopher Lee?
>> No. 26143 Anonymous
5th December 2017
Tuesday 8:58 pm
26143 spacer

If you've passed out, how do you know they're laughing at you?
>> No. 26146 Anonymous
6th December 2017
Wednesday 9:03 pm
26146 spacer

>> No. 26147 Anonymous
8th December 2017
Friday 6:51 am
26147 spacer
I thought "I fainted" also encompassed the lying down coming round part of the experience, especially if it's one of those very brief faints where you feel obligated to pop up and say "I'm fine", before you've recovered, and faint again. They might be quite justified in laughing in that case.
>> No. 26329 Anonymous
16th January 2018
Tuesday 8:56 am
26329 spacer
I haven't saved any pictures of this, because I didn't find it that striking, but I've been noticing lately how advertising people often seem to think that mixed race people only marry and produce kids with people the exact same mix/shade as themselves.

For example, there was a video advert, under a captcha, of a white boy and mixed race boy playing with Thomas the Tank Engine, then they grow up and at a wedding or something one gives the other a nostalgic/throwback gift of a Thomas the Tank Engine model (weird) then their sons, who looked like younger versions of themselves, were playing with Thomas the Tank Engine. I understand why the advertisers do it, to make it visually obvious who is the son of whom, but it gets me wondering about the statistics of how many mixed race people marry someone the exact same mix. I have been unable to find this advert on YouTube.


>> No. 26256 Anonymous
13th January 2018
Saturday 12:25 am
/g/26256 spacer
I would like a nice chair to comfortably waste my life in front of computer screens on. Where's a good place to try out a few? What lesser known options should I know of? Are Aerons entirely a meme at this point? Budget doesn't matter.
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>> No. 26271 Anonymous
14th January 2018
Sunday 9:43 pm
26271 spacer
>>26262 You can get replacement arm rests for the Aeron.
>> No. 26272 Anonymous
14th January 2018
Sunday 9:51 pm
26272 spacer

I'll look into that thanks.
>> No. 26273 Anonymous
15th January 2018
Monday 7:39 pm
26273 spacer
Still regularly do curl up and sleep in mine.
>> No. 26275 Anonymous
15th January 2018
Monday 11:24 pm
26275 spacer
Are you a cat m8?
>> No. 26276 Anonymous
16th January 2018
Tuesday 12:08 am
26276 spacer
You can pick up used, sometimes reupholstered examples of expensive £800+ chairs on ebay for a couple hundred squid.


>> No. 59438 Samefag
11th January 2018
Thursday 5:40 pm
/iq/59438 spacer
How come women's mags are so obsessed with rape?
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>> No. 59506 YubYub
14th January 2018
Sunday 7:22 pm
59506 spacer

I though that based on the second half, but the cryptic clues didn't make sense to me.
>> No. 59507 Searchfag
14th January 2018
Sunday 7:28 pm
59507 spacer
They should do a cryptic crossword where all the clues are made by people who are just bad at making clues. That would be much harder than the ones where they know what they're doing.
>> No. 59508 YubYub
14th January 2018
Sunday 10:09 pm
59508 spacer

I quite like them and yours isn't any better than there's is.
>> No. 59510 Anonymous
14th January 2018
Sunday 10:28 pm
59510 spacer

Heard in the middle of a mixup of fault and thaw (4,6,5) - Like an amature recital.
>> No. 59511 Anonymous
15th January 2018
Monday 5:52 pm
59511 spacer
Is it called "pick me up" because they're inviting you to pick up their magazine or is it called "pick me up" because they think people will find reading about rape and torture to be uplifting?


>> No. 59414 Billbob
9th January 2018
Tuesday 5:00 pm
/iq/59414 spacer
Isn't it racist to see this and immediately cry dolphin rape? The anti-racists are essentially saying they think black people look like monkeys. If they were real anti-racists they would simply see a human child rather than a black human child.
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>> No. 59498 YubYub
14th January 2018
Sunday 12:46 am
59498 spacer
I don't fucking believe this, could everyone stop being racist?
>> No. 59499 Ambulancelad
14th January 2018
Sunday 3:42 pm
59499 spacer

>'IT CAUSES MORE HURT' Madeleine McCann’s parents slam social media trolls’ ‘tasteless and offensive’ mock-up picture of their daughter appearing to wear race row H&M jumper

>> No. 59500 Paedofag
14th January 2018
Sunday 5:06 pm
59500 spacer
>> No. 59503 Crabkiller
14th January 2018
Sunday 5:31 pm
59503 spacer
>> No. 59509 Ambulancelad
14th January 2018
Sunday 10:27 pm
59509 spacer
Every time I read "coolest monkey in the jungle" I hear it in my head to the tune of Death Grip's Bubbles Buried in This Jungle.


>> No. 59481 Anonymous
12th January 2018
Friday 6:37 pm
/iq/59481 spacer
Browned on the brain.
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>> No. 59484 Moralfag
12th January 2018
Friday 7:32 pm
59484 spacer
Excuse me, shithead?
>> No. 59486 Ambulancelad
12th January 2018
Friday 9:12 pm
59486 spacer
Flour on his face, shit in his brain.


>> No. 59457 YubYub
11th January 2018
Thursday 8:11 pm
/iq/59457 Meanwhile, in Armenia...
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>> No. 59475 Ambulancelad
12th January 2018
Friday 11:49 am
59475 spacer

Captain Dillusion would be on it like a flash. You don't want that kind of heat.
>> No. 59477 Anonymous
12th January 2018
Friday 12:13 pm
59477 spacer

>> No. 59478 R4GE
12th January 2018
Friday 1:37 pm
59478 spacer

This accords well with my experience.
>> No. 59480 R4GE
12th January 2018
Friday 3:13 pm
59480 spacer
>> No. 59482 Samefag
12th January 2018
Friday 7:30 pm
59482 spacer
Can confirm this theory.


>> No. 7144 Anonymous
15th September 2017
Friday 5:31 pm
/£$€¥/7144 spacer
If I have a decent amounts of USD sitting in a paypal account (roughly 2000), with the pound going back up, would it be the best for me to convert it all now?
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>> No. 7147 Anonymous
15th September 2017
Friday 7:23 pm
7147 spacer
>> No. 7245 Anonymous
12th January 2018
Friday 5:03 pm
7245 spacer Looks like I was right to convert when I did.
>> No. 7246 Anonymous
12th January 2018
Friday 7:18 pm
7246 spacer
Well you didn't convert it because you knew that was going to happen - did you?

Timing conversions like this is pretty much just gambling. Unless you are George Soros then you likely have no idea where exchange rates will go next (past performance is not a guide to future performance).
>> No. 7247 Anonymous
12th January 2018
Friday 7:20 pm
7247 spacer
Would've made fuck all difference.
>> No. 7248 Anonymous
12th January 2018
Friday 7:21 pm
7248 spacer
Would've made fuck all difference.


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