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>> No. 26043 Anonymous
7th August 2017
Monday 9:07 am
/g/26043 spacer
I'm in the market for some new headphones but I can't decide on which ones. I want to replace my old Audio Technica ATH-AD700s which have finally kicked the bucket after 9 years of use and numerous replacements of the headphone wire (this time the break seems to be somewhere in the middle of the headband, and I can't resolder it without breaking the headphones).

I've been looking at the AKG K702s as a replacement, but are they really worth the £130? It seems to me that the placebo effect and confirmation bias play a pretty big role in the perceived quality of a set of headphones, but I haven't come across any concrete evidence like blind listening tests that would back that idea up. Are human ears even sensitive enough to perceive a difference between something like a well-regarded pair of £30 Superlux 681s and a well-regarded pair of £130 AKG 702s? It's very difficult to tell the marketing dross apart from tangible technical differences.
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>> No. 26226 Anonymous
6th December 2017
Wednesday 10:04 pm
26226 spacer

They're large, heavy and have relatively low clamping force, so they'll probably fall off your head. I'd suggest some inexpensive in-ears from Xiaomi or Betron; if you can't stand in-ears, then I'd suggest looking for some "sport" headphones with a more secure headband design.
>> No. 26227 Anonymous
7th December 2017
Thursday 12:00 am
26227 spacer
If you want an amp/dac that powers pretty much anything with minimal setup fuss, try JDS Labs’ The Element. Buy it once and forget it forever. As for headphones, well it depends what sound you want but you can’t go wrong with HD600s. Or 650 is alright too, bit more bass but not as accurate. None of that stuff is cheap but it’s not unreasonable. Audio stuff is expensive . But get to your end game quick with that and you can forget it all. Hopefully.
>> No. 26228 Anonymous
7th December 2017
Thursday 4:47 pm
26228 spacer
I ended up buying the Philips Fidelio X2s for 130 squid back in August. They ticked all the right boxes and since they're 32 ohms, I don't really need a headphone amp to get the best out of them. Very happy with them so far.

I also bought a pair of closed-back Superlux HD-662s which are pretty decent for £25, but the level of comfort is nowhere near as good. I think Superluxes are mainly aimed at the Chinese market so maybe they design them for smaller Chinese heads. It's either that or I just have an usually big head.

t. OP
>> No. 26242 Anonymous
23rd December 2017
Saturday 9:09 am
26242 spacer
How about either of these?
>> No. 26255 Anonymous
12th January 2018
Friday 3:58 pm
26255 spacer
I use my headphones for gaming and it's important that I can hear stuff like the footsteps of other players.

The right ear of my old JVC HA-RX500s has stopped working, so by way of replacement I unboxed the Sony MDR-570LPs that I got as a Xmas gift years ago. They are awful, in no way approaching the sound quality of the JVCs. This will definitely affect my performance.


>> No. 59371 YubYub
7th January 2018
Sunday 1:51 pm
/iq/59371 spacer

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>> No. 59384 R4GE
7th January 2018
Sunday 6:16 pm
59384 spacer

The Donald would definitely grab her by the pussy.
>> No. 59411 Crabkiller
9th January 2018
Tuesday 12:08 am
59411 spacer
She looks quite attractive in that picture - almost guilty would.
>> No. 59416 Anonymous
9th January 2018
Tuesday 5:49 pm
59416 spacer

No she doesn't, you can just see her boob. Get a hold of yourself, man.

Not like that, sicko.
>> No. 59420 YubYub
9th January 2018
Tuesday 6:03 pm
59420 spacer

>> No. 59462 Billbob
11th January 2018
Thursday 8:36 pm
59462 spacer
She would be worryingly enthusiastic I think.


>> No. 11860 Anonymous
10th January 2018
Wednesday 11:38 pm
/job/11860 Moving into IT
Lads, I want to start a real career and I'd like to ask for your help.

I've been working as a private Mathematics tutor for nigh on five years now and I'm in a rut. Due to a combination of immaturity and personal issues whose details I won't bore you with I underperformed at uni and walked away from Manchester with a third in Physics. Not brilliant, but my own fault. I stumbled into the tutoring lark while looking for jobs but once I'd found I could make a comfortable living doing it little has changed in my life. I've been happy enough cruising through my twenties with my own place, girlfriends, , plenty of free time, all that good jazz, but something terrible has happened.

A few days ago I woke up and realised I'm hurtling towards 30 without any kind of solid career and little idea on how to retrain and at what level. As much as I enjoy being a tutor there isn't much in the way of progression and it's something I now feel I'd be happier doing to stay active when I'm retired. My friends have developed this alarming habit of getting married, one git actually has children as well, and I'm getting more left behind every day. I'm at the stage where people I know are always getting promoted or discussing mortgage and when I'm asked what I'm doing I start to wince at hearing myself repeat the same story.

Despite my third I'm not a complete thicko. I'm very good at Maths, as is expected of me, and I can write basic programs in quite a few languages, mostly C++, Java and Python. But my CV is all but empty spare for my tutoring and a clutch of very good A-levels which I'm sure count for fuck all. I have no references, no internships, essentially no indication that I can do much at all. I've been forbidden from entering teaching proper, not that I'd fancy doing it anyway, so for any other line of work I look like a blank slate.

Beggars can't be choosers and I'm not fussy about what area of IT I'd train for but would prefer something neither crushingly dull or likely to be automated within a few years. If I had the freedom to choose it would be something like data analysis, since I actually enjoy identifying statistical trends and building models based on them. What areas would you recommend and what qualifications are worth pursuing/ignoring?

Apologies if this is all a bit vague. Any guidance you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
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>> No. 11864 Anonymous
11th January 2018
Thursday 3:13 pm
11864 spacer

I'm not sure what's more worrying; this being true, or people accepting it as the new normal.
>> No. 11865 Anonymous
11th January 2018
Thursday 4:08 pm
11865 spacer

My grandfather spent most of his late twenties picking through the rubble of Berlin looking for plump rats. We're doing alright.
>> No. 11866 Anonymous
11th January 2018
Thursday 4:22 pm
11866 spacer

My parents spent their late twenties shopping for a three bedroom semi in which to raise their two kids, while my father worked a secure job and my mother started working a secure job. You can shove your rats up your arse.
>> No. 11867 Anonymous
11th January 2018
Thursday 4:45 pm
11867 spacer

>You can shove your rats up your arse.

Those devious bloody Germans.
>> No. 11870 Anonymous
11th January 2018
Thursday 5:37 pm
11870 spacer

My dad is 59 now and nevet had a proper full time job until he was 27, he just coasted until then. He's doing alright now.


>> No. 59425 Crabkiller
9th January 2018
Tuesday 8:01 pm
/iq/59425 spacer
Help me out, lads.

I can't work out if I fancy Millie Bobby Brown or not.

Sometimes she looks pretty hot, sometimes she looks like a boy.
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>> No. 59428 Are Moaty
9th January 2018
Tuesday 8:11 pm
59428 spacer


>> No. 59429 Anonymous
9th January 2018
Tuesday 8:12 pm
59429 spacer


>> No. 59430 YubYub
9th January 2018
Tuesday 8:12 pm
59430 spacer


(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 59434 Samefag
11th January 2018
Thursday 11:35 am
59434 spacer
I was watching MTV and they were pushing some singer called Grace VanderWaal, I thought she was quite bonny but had teeth like a child. I looked her up, and strangely enough she was but 13. Am I a carpet-bagger for thinking a 13 year old lass is pretty?
>> No. 59435 Moralfag
11th January 2018
Thursday 11:45 am
59435 spacer
No, unless she gave you a raging hard-on. Semis are inconclusive.


>> No. 4917 Anonymous
30th July 2013
Tuesday 6:01 pm
/spo/4917 spacer
Sounds like the knob-jockeys need to man up.
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>> No. 8277 Anonymous
9th January 2018
Tuesday 5:06 pm
8277 spacer
>Peter Beardsley has been suspended from his role as Newcastle United Under-23s boss while the investigation into allegations of bullying and dolphin rape continues.

>Sportsmail revealed on Tuesday morning that Beardsley had arrived to take training at the club’s academy but was immediately called to St James’ Park. And it has now been confirmed that Beardsley will not be working with the players who have brought the complaints against him until the matter is resolved.

>Sportsmail reported on Monday that Newcastle’s hierarchy had heard how Beardsley allegedly made a racist comment to one of his players during a trip to the Go Ape adventure course. It is claimed Beardsley said to an African player struggling to climb on some bars, 'Why are you taking so long? Your lot should be good at this'. He is also alleged to have questioned the age of African players.

PC gone mad. You can't even compliment black players on their ability at Going Ape.
>> No. 8278 Anonymous
10th January 2018
Wednesday 10:19 pm
8278 spacer
JFC it is sometimes hard to believe that some of those old-timers from the 80's and 90's are going to come back to football.
>> No. 8279 Anonymous
10th January 2018
Wednesday 11:02 pm
8279 spacer
>He is also alleged to have questioned the age of African players.
Eh? So what? The Mail must have realised this was odd too as I can't find it in the article.

I've done that Go Ape. It looks a piece of piss, but is actually quite terrifying once you're actually up there on a wooden platform six storeys high and there's no safety net or guardrail.
>> No. 8280 Anonymous
11th January 2018
Thursday 2:32 am
8280 spacer

These things are different for everyone I suppose. I've climbed sheer rock faces placing lumps of metal in the cracks, looping rope though a ring attached to that with one end tied to me and having a mate 40 meters below I can't see holding the rope at the other end who swears he'll catch me and having to have faith none of that system breaks as I grip on half upside-down with my fingers.

Where as when I went to go ape last with my immediate family they all shat themselves had to be 'rescued' by the instructors, and we left early to go down the pub.
>> No. 8281 Anonymous
11th January 2018
Thursday 6:58 am
8281 spacer

>Eh? So what?

There's long been question marks over the ages of African players. For example, Kanu was allegedly just shy of his 17th birthday when he signed for Ajax and was just shy of his 20th birthday when he left them for Inter.

Black boys generally physically develop faster than white boys, but the lack of proper birth certificates in parts of Africa means there's a suspicion that older players have been gaming the system to try and get recruited by youth academies.

No doubt there's some who find this suspicion to be racist.


>> No. 414831 Anonymous
3rd January 2018
Wednesday 5:50 pm
/b/414831 spacer
>Oi, u funny, lad! We got much in common just like me m8s at the council estate
>This here's me friend Bertha. U goin' anywhere tonight? We got us an extra spot at the pub for Skrewdriver
>Maybe later we could go back to me place? Got me some Bushmills, and later let's spin me Skullhead LPs and talk about Enoch Powell.

How do you respond?

(A good day to you Sir!)
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>> No. 414983 Anonymous
9th January 2018
Tuesday 9:57 pm
414983 spacer
Not really no and I don't even know what point you're trying to make about Japan whose population is collapsing.

At any rate, this anti-natalist argument seems to ignore how important having a family is to people and how we in Britain already have a below replacement (and falling) birthrate with the associated long-term collapse of the British welfare state. Is it somehow immoral for me to have a family because the third world demographic slowdown hasn't matched the predictions? Do these species wide discussions impact how I don't want to spend the rest of my life doing anal and sucking a cock?

I'll save you the bother and answer that no it bloody doesn't. Most people, even if they never intend to have kids, are still attracted to the opposite sex.
>> No. 414984 Anonymous
10th January 2018
Wednesday 12:57 am
414984 spacer

> I don't want to spend the rest of my life doing anal and sucking a cock?

Don't knock it 'til you've tried it.
>> No. 414990 Anonymous
10th January 2018
Wednesday 10:56 pm
414990 spacer
>we are far, far beyond JUST existing to procreate
This was the right line of argument to go down.
>Do you not think the earth is overpopulated?
This was not.
>> No. 414991 Anonymous
10th January 2018
Wednesday 11:05 pm
414991 spacer

We all know people on benefits shouldn't be allowed kids mate.
>> No. 414992 Anonymous
10th January 2018
Wednesday 11:07 pm
414992 spacer
You're really boring. Can't you confine this sort of post to /iq/?


feynman van.jpg
>> No. 4459 Anonymous
9th January 2018
Tuesday 12:10 am
/fat/4459 spacer
Anyone know a good uk website to buy dianabol from?
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>> No. 4460 Anonymous
9th January 2018
Tuesday 9:28 am
4460 spacer
It's a controlled substance, so no.


>> No. 59394 YubYub
8th January 2018
Monday 4:12 pm
/iq/59394 spacer
Fucking Norman, I hate this little cunt.

Every time his gormless worm-lipped semi-downs face pops up on screen I want to kick the screen in.

And then when he starts talking, it makes you want to suicide your child.
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>> No. 59397 Anonymous
8th January 2018
Monday 6:16 pm
59397 spacer

His VA needs to be shot:
>> No. 59398 YubYub
8th January 2018
Monday 6:22 pm
59398 spacer
Is this government propaganda to make me hate Wales? It's fucking working.
>> No. 59405 Searchfag
8th January 2018
Monday 8:19 pm
59405 spacer

ginger welsh twonk.jpg
When I was used to watch it as a kid, I was always expecting him to get sent to Borstal for his own safety.

Fun fact, the fictional town of Pontypandy is a portmanteau of the valleys shitholes towns Pontypridd and Tonypandy
>> No. 59410 Moralfag
9th January 2018
Tuesday 12:07 am
59410 spacer
It is very very odd.
>> No. 59412 Paedofag
9th January 2018
Tuesday 6:41 am
59412 spacer


Yet again black men are living up to their negative stereotypes.


typical internet explorer configuration.png
>> No. 26229 Anonymous
22nd December 2017
Friday 11:14 am
/g/26229 spacer
I've been using the Opera browser for almost 20 years now. I 've continued using version 12.15 ever since they sold out to China, and it's finally beginning to show its age because it doesn't always load sites with HTTPS security.

Any suggestions for configurable, non-bloated browser and email clients that run on Linux?
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>> No. 26250 Anonymous
23rd December 2017
Saturday 8:44 pm
26250 spacer

1) Fuck Moxie "white bloke with dreadlocks and a single ssl trick" Marlinspike. I sort of admire his love of working on boats but I mainly want to reshape his head with a ball pein hammer. He's also not that bright, you might as well cite being friends with Jacob Applebaum or Morgan Marquis-Boire.

2) Not being on the same network as your (home) email server is a common occurrence and can sometimes be something as simple as a case of you being the consultant and being onsite at a company that has highly regulated Internet access. Ok I'll just use my smartphone oh wait there's no signal here because the entire building works as a sort of Faraday cage but nevermind I'll just log into GMail using the powers of my imagination.

3) > t.

Please. Just. Fuck. Right. Off.
>> No. 26251 Anonymous
23rd December 2017
Saturday 11:31 pm
26251 spacer
>(home) email server
>you being the consultant and being onsite at a company
You still haven't quite grasped the "personal" qualification here, have you?
>> No. 26252 Anonymous
25th December 2017
Monday 4:17 pm
26252 spacer
Merry Christmas everyone. Thanks to whoever suggested trying Vivaldi again; it is great.

If you guys are in your 40s some day and thinking about all the stuff you argued about on .gs, don't be embarrassed. Everyone does it, and it's harmless. Only boring people never did anything cringey in their life.
>> No. 26253 Anonymous
8th January 2018
Monday 2:59 pm
26253 spacer
The filtering and search functions in Claws are pretty bad, as is the documentation. This page explains it better:

It doesn't really affect me, because I have very simple filters and use grep for any complex searches.
>> No. 26254 Anonymous
9th January 2018
Tuesday 1:39 am
26254 spacer
I miss Presto so much, I've tried countless browser hoping something could fill the void but nothing comes close. I don't want twenty extensions just to get the functionality I had ten years ago


>> No. 25980 Anonymous
1st January 2018
Monday 4:15 am
/emo/25980 Miserable
I'm so messed up I'm beyond depressed. There's something fundamentally non-functional within me. Nothing works and no one cares, least of all me, and that goes for both counts. I'm worked up to the point of having chest pains. I'm not even crying or angry, just bewilderingly hopeless.
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>> No. 26046 Anonymous
8th January 2018
Monday 7:46 pm
26046 spacer
Good one, Elliot.
>> No. 26047 Anonymous
8th January 2018
Monday 8:16 pm
26047 spacer
Is snark the only purpose in your life now, lad?
>> No. 26048 Anonymous
8th January 2018
Monday 8:20 pm
26048 spacer
I'd hang myself, if anyone's bothered.


Not me, SpreeKillerLad. Soz I don't feel like being the Dylan to your Eric.
>> No. 26049 Anonymous
8th January 2018
Monday 8:30 pm
26049 spacer
That's a bad way to go, mate. I'd advise against it. One of my classmates done it.

Honestly, you're best placed to take a few cunts out. No school bullies, cunt bosses, bastard landlords? Nothing? Good time to start a list I'd say. Write down all the cunts. Even cunts who cut you off while driving, if you can remember their license plate numbers.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 26050 Anonymous
8th January 2018
Monday 8:51 pm
26050 spacer

Alright, GCHQlad, anyone in particular you want me to ice? Five grand a pop mind you and that scales up for public figures.


wot if.jpg
>> No. 59373 Searchfag
7th January 2018
Sunday 3:11 pm
/iq/59373 spacer

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>> No. 59393 Billbob
8th January 2018
Monday 1:50 pm
59393 spacer


>you might have money, but you're still just the inbred heir

So you don't think that exist in european upper classes?
>> No. 59399 Samefag
8th January 2018
Monday 6:27 pm
59399 spacer
The inbred heir of a plantation owner was the first US president who retains a reputation as the father of their nation, and foremost national hero.

You're blowing US regional prejudices way out of proportion. They're as nuanced as Britain's, you're just not as familiar with them.
>> No. 59400 Moralfag
8th January 2018
Monday 7:10 pm
59400 spacer

All you're doing is showing that you don't understand the intricacies of the American class system, just as you claim Americans cannot fathom ours.

The US and UK class systems are almost identical, with the exception that the American one has always had an inbuilt belief that anyone can transcend their class.
>> No. 59402 Anonymous
8th January 2018
Monday 7:45 pm
59402 spacer

As evidenced by the great gatsby- despite appearances the elites are still there; I suppose you might say we are a little more accepting of it (in some ways).
>> No. 59404 Anonymous
8th January 2018
Monday 8:17 pm
59404 spacer
Class is a dirty word in America.


Pure Evil.jpg
>> No. 83826 Anonymous
5th January 2018
Friday 7:23 pm
/pol/83826 Nazi Dog Video: The Saga Continues
>Man who taught dog Nazi salutes ‘should be convicted of hate crime’

>A man who recorded his girlfriend’s dog giving Nazi salutes ‘should be convicted of committing a hate crime’, a court heard. Mark Meechan, 30, filmed pug Buddha responding to statements such as ‘gas the Jews’ and ‘Sieg Heil’ in video footage posted on Youtube.

>The original video, uploaded in April 2016, had been viewed more than three million times on YouTube. Meechan, of Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, is on trial at Airdrie Sheriff Court and denies any wrong doing. He insists he made the video to annoy his girlfriend Suzanne Kelly, 29. Prosecutors allege he communicated material that would cause fear and alarm and stir up hatred on religious grounds by posting a clip which was ‘anti-semitic in nature’ to YouTube.

>He also faces an alternative charge of posting a video on social media and YouTube which was grossly offensive because it was ‘anti-semitic and racist in nature’ and the prosecution claimed it was aggravated by religious prejudice. Prosecutors asked Sheriff Derek O’Carroll to convict Meechan after branding his actions an ‘odious criminal act’.

>The depute fiscal said: ‘The video contains footage of the accused stating 23 times in total the words ‘gas the Jews’ in a comparatively short period of time. ‘He accepts he was involved in editing and producing the footage and managed to distill it down to a short period of time. ‘This is not some two and a half hour production with many shards every half hour, this is a toxic distillation of what he may call the best bits of his video.

>‘He has made very, very, sure the phrase ‘gas the Jews’ is repeated over and over and over again. ‘The phrase contains a clear threat of incitement to carry out a seriously violent act. ‘He might just as well have said ‘murder the Jews’ that is the effect of the toxic phrase ‘gas the Jews’. ‘The historical fact of what happened to millions of Jews in a way that frankly is difficult for a civilised society or people to comprehend. ‘Any reasonable person would suffer fear or alarm having heard that awful phrase uttered over and over and over again.

>He added: ‘Mr Meechan said on oath he thought the phrase “gas the Jews” was one of the most horrible phrases he could think of. ‘This was an odious criminal act that was dressed up to look like a joke.

>‘He is a highly intelligent and articulate individual, we are not dealing with some callow youth who is inexperienced with what is going on in the world. ‘The Crown contention is that the inclusion of the dog is an attempt to muddy the waters around him making, producing and posting the video. Meechan had earlier told the court he only ever intended the video to be seen by a small group of friends on his YouTube account and insisted he still found it funny. The trial continues.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 83874 Anonymous
7th January 2018
Sunday 8:00 am
83874 spacer
What's going to happen to the dog? Will it be deprogrammed or just put down?
>> No. 83875 Anonymous
7th January 2018
Sunday 1:54 pm
83875 spacer

It's currently serving 18 months for inciting racial hatred.
>> No. 83876 Anonymous
7th January 2018
Sunday 2:51 pm
83876 spacer
Worse. It'll be adopted by a crazy woman who will call it her child and send herself a Mother's Day card from the dog.
>> No. 83877 Anonymous
7th January 2018
Sunday 3:00 pm
83877 spacer
Our about 8 weeks in human time.
>> No. 83878 Anonymous
7th January 2018
Sunday 4:57 pm
83878 spacer

I hear he's already out on parole.


>> No. 59346 Ambulancelad
6th January 2018
Saturday 5:09 pm
/iq/59346 spacer
>A Sinn Féin MP has been forced to apologise after posting a video tweet showing him with a Kingsmill loaf on his head on the 42nd anniversary of the Kingsmill massacre in Northern Ireland.

You can always rely on the Irish.
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>> No. 59367 Billbob
6th January 2018
Saturday 9:53 pm
59367 spacer
Half-cast too by the looks of it.
>> No. 59368 Anonymous
6th January 2018
Saturday 10:44 pm
59368 spacer
Jeremy Corbyn.
>> No. 59369 Paedofag
7th January 2018
Sunday 1:51 am
59369 spacer
I mean who that's actually relevant
>> No. 59370 Auntiefucker
7th January 2018
Sunday 8:31 am
59370 spacer
These puns have scone too far.
>> No. 59377 Samefag
7th January 2018
Sunday 4:33 pm
59377 spacer
Jammy Cor-bun


>> No. 14309 Anonymous
5th January 2018
Friday 9:02 pm
/news/14309 Essex woman, 81, dies in her home four hours after calling an ambulance
>An 81-year-old woman died in her home after waiting almost four hours for an ambulance.

>She had called 999 complaining of chest pains, according to a union.

>When paramedics arrived hours later, they had to break into her property in Clacton, Essex.

>East of England Ambulance Service (EEAST) said crews arrived three hours and 45 minutes after the initial call.

>Dave Powell, regional officer for GMB, said the paramedics were "devastated" after the incident on Tuesday.

>He added: "They're devastated because they're not in the job to find people dead, they're in the job to help people and keep them alive."

>EEAST previously said it has had to rely on taxis to take patients to hospital after struggling to cope with a surge in demand over the holiday period.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 14314 Anonymous
6th January 2018
Saturday 6:39 pm
14314 spacer
They're both shite.
>> No. 14318 Anonymous
6th January 2018
Saturday 9:49 pm
14318 spacer
>> No. 14319 Anonymous
7th January 2018
Sunday 1:16 am
14319 spacer
>I bet she voted for the Tories.
He knows fuck-all about her, so this is obviously bait.
>> No. 14320 Anonymous
7th January 2018
Sunday 2:39 am
14320 spacer
Well, she is old, so it's highly likely she voted for the Tories.
>> No. 14321 Anonymous
7th January 2018
Sunday 3:57 pm
14321 spacer

I'll confess I didn't click the 'read more' bit so didn't see the obvious bait.

As you were.


>> No. 40005 Anonymous
5th December 2015
Saturday 3:15 pm
/x/40005 Music Videos to Put a Smile on your Face
It does what it says on the tin. Post music videos that you enjoy in a sexual way.
(0:40 is when it starts)

/beat/ felt like the wrong place for this
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>> No. 40573 Anonymous
6th January 2018
Saturday 4:12 pm
40573 spacer
Sounds more like you're the one with the problem, mate. Most young women would, I imagine, jump at the chance to dance around in a bikini for a music video but of course in your paternalist mindset you can only see victims of human trafficking.
>> No. 40574 Anonymous
6th January 2018
Saturday 6:14 pm
40574 spacer

I didn't say any of that at all, you make it up as you go along.
>> No. 40575 Anonymous
6th January 2018
Saturday 10:49 pm
40575 spacer
>>40574 You're a very stable genius.
>> No. 40576 Anonymous
7th January 2018
Sunday 1:01 am
40576 spacer
At least I can win a presidential election. What have you ever done?
>> No. 40577 Anonymous
7th January 2018
Sunday 1:02 am
40577 spacer



>> No. 21563 Anonymous
7th July 2017
Friday 6:51 pm
/v/21563 Short Films
It looks like the old thread fell off the catalogue but Neill Blomkamp have been releasing a series of experimental short films that are insanely good. He's doing youtube installments of concepts to try and bypass controlling studios.

Set in the Vietnam War. What the locals have called a river God goes on the warpath while having some sort of control over the fabric of reality.

In 2020 Alien lizards take over the Earth and push mankind to the brink of extinction as they use people for human experiments and start changing our planet to suit them. Staring Sigourney Weaver.
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>> No. 22026 Anonymous
29th December 2017
Friday 4:26 pm
22026 spacer
I've been on an Alan Clarke binge, so I figure that you two might as well be made to suffer as well.
>> No. 22027 Anonymous
30th December 2017
Saturday 11:55 am
22027 spacer wtf did i just watch?
>> No. 22030 Anonymous
4th January 2018
Thursday 1:33 pm
22030 spacer
I'm sure our resident gymlads will relate.
>> No. 22031 Anonymous
6th January 2018
Saturday 6:31 am
22031 spacer

This is fantastic.
>> No. 22032 Anonymous
6th January 2018
Saturday 2:22 pm
22032 spacer
That is really good actually. Relate to that cycle very much indeed.


>> No. 4414 Anonymous
24th December 2017
Sunday 1:50 pm
/fat/4414 spacer
I've been doing nowt but moderate weights for the past six months and tried a bit of cardio again today and Jesus Christ lads don't ever stop doing cardio
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>> No. 4454 Anonymous
4th January 2018
Thursday 6:50 pm
4454 spacer

Why would running pretty quickly make it cold?
>> No. 4455 Anonymous
4th January 2018
Thursday 6:57 pm
4455 spacer
I had a hat but I turned it into a makeshift balaclava, which I suppose could be a way of getting another hat.
>> No. 4456 Anonymous
5th January 2018
Friday 8:47 pm
4456 spacer

If you come into possession of any money, I highly recommend exchanging it for a couple of Buffs® (or the dirt cheap unbranded ones you can get off Ebay or shops like trespass.)
You can squash them down to nothing in a back pocket, and you've got a hat or scarf whenever you need one.
>> No. 4457 Anonymous
6th January 2018
Saturday 11:56 am
4457 spacer
>Would earplugs work do you think?

Not him but I find headphones help so yeah. Earmuffs also work and that is one of the reasons they exist.

What is happening is cold air is getting into your ear canal which is covered with sensitive nerve endings and lacks anything in the way of protection from the cold. Combined this leads to a brain-freeze in the ear.
>> No. 4458 Anonymous
6th January 2018
Saturday 2:14 pm
4458 spacer
My problem with running outside is the first twenty minutes. I can do it on a machine, I can establish a nice rhythm, get over that first wheezing bit, and then I'm good for a long time - outside in the cold, it seems to take a lot longer and there is more chance I would give up early on a run.


>> ID: 361a2c No. 14390 Anonymous
5th January 2018
Friday 2:25 am

ID: 361a2c
/shed/14390 spacer
I have repeatedly been getting popups on britfa.

I have never seen this before. Scanned for malware, nothing.
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>> ID: 5c556b No. 14398 Anonymous
6th January 2018
Saturday 12:40 am

ID: 5c556b
14398 spacer
Why doesn't my Firefox dictionary work on this website? All my misspelled words are never underlined.
>> ID: ec74d0 No. 14399 Anonymous
6th January 2018
Saturday 1:30 am

ID: ec74d0
14399 spacer
It doesn't work for gays.
>> ID: 18c824 No. 14400 Anonymous
6th January 2018
Saturday 1:07 pm

ID: 18c824
14400 spacer
That's because you spelled it correctly.
>> ID: 7e3b19 No. 14401 Anonymous
6th January 2018
Saturday 2:12 pm

ID: 7e3b19
14401 spacer

We disable any spellcheck to weed out the undesirables.
>> ID: 4260c9 No. 14402 Anonymous
6th January 2018
Saturday 2:12 pm

ID: 4260c9
14402 spacer
I wish that were true.


>> No. 59325 Ambulancelad
5th January 2018
Friday 8:49 pm
/iq/59325 spacer
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>> No. 59327 Crabkiller
5th January 2018
Friday 9:09 pm
59327 spacer
>> No. 59328 YubYub
5th January 2018
Friday 9:11 pm
59328 spacer


>> No. 4361 Anonymous
5th January 2018
Friday 11:25 am
/lab/4361 spacer
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>> No. 4362 Anonymous
5th January 2018
Friday 9:04 pm
4362 spacer
Seems a bit arbitrary to have that loopy bit dangling at the beginning there.


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