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>> No. 57785 Searchfag
4th March 2017
Saturday 2:06 pm
/iq/57785 spacer
Tell me it isn't so, lads.

Where am I going to get my steak bakes now?
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>> No. 57788 Paedofag
4th March 2017
Saturday 5:40 pm
57788 spacer
Classic Greggs trying to have their fingers in all the pies
>> No. 57789 Anonymous
5th March 2017
Sunday 4:14 am
57789 spacer


>> No. 57812 Are Moaty
18th March 2017
Saturday 6:39 pm
57812 spacer
so i went into greggs
an' i only wanted a coffee
an' a cheese an' tomato toastie
but i didn't wanna eat ma toastie hot
i was gonna make it go cold and save it for my dinner later
>> No. 57813 Ambulancelad
18th March 2017
Saturday 6:50 pm
57813 spacer

>> No. 57814 Moralfag
18th March 2017
Saturday 7:07 pm
57814 spacer
Fuck you, you stupid cunt
eat shit, why won't you just fuck off
You're a massive twat


>> No. 24546 Anonymous
17th March 2017
Friday 10:57 pm
/emo/24546 spacer
I'm graduating this year and I can't find anywhere to live

house prices are ridiculous, I can't work a minimum wage job and afford to live while paying £500-£600 a month for a flat. most landlords don't take housing benefit. I just got broken up with, so no partner to live with. all my friends are stoners and drug addicts that I don't want to shack up with. I can't go back to my parents home because I don't have one.

All I want is a shitty fucking bedsit somewhere near a shitty job, and even that looks unattainable

what should I do? kill myself?
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>> No. 24547 Anonymous
17th March 2017
Friday 11:01 pm
24547 spacer
>> No. 24548 Anonymous
18th March 2017
Saturday 12:19 am
24548 spacer
£500-600 per month for a flat? Fuck me I'd kill to get a place of my own for that cheap.

Otherlad is right, house shares are your best bet. Worth looking up facebook groups for house shares in your area too.
>> No. 24549 Anonymous
18th March 2017
Saturday 12:38 am
24549 spacer
>> No. 24550 Anonymous
18th March 2017
Saturday 12:59 am
24550 spacer
>House shares are your best bet.

I'm amazed this isn't even the first option. I earn 24k a year and I never ever considered getting a place of my own, let alone on minimum wage. I pay £450 a month all bills included in southern England (outside of London but within 10 miles of it) and think it's perfectly reasonable. To maintain a whole house on my level of responsibilty would be laughable.


bernd life.jpg
>> No. 24427 Anonymous
12th March 2017
Sunday 8:08 am
/emo/24427 spacer
How to acquire gf when 35, still live with mum, no job, no social circle, suffer anxiety but good-looking, big willy, intelligent and sexy?
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>> No. 24515 Anonymous
16th March 2017
Thursday 1:23 am
24515 spacer
Eh, i'm in the process of moving back in with my mom. I just need to get out of flat I'm currently in because its making me ill. I've said the move will be a stepping stone to elsewhere but the time frame is 6 months to a year and I'm already regretting it.
>> No. 24531 Anonymous
16th March 2017
Thursday 7:43 pm
24531 spacer

I moved back in with my parents 6 months ago, and I am having trouble finding the motivation to move back out. Its comfortable here, and really cheap, I get on with my parents and younger sister, and everything is predictable and easy.
>> No. 24535 Anonymous
16th March 2017
Thursday 11:59 pm
24535 spacer

Congratulations, you've discovered why the traditional European family structure is superior to the pervasive and insular American "every man for himself" family ideology.
>> No. 24538 Anonymous
17th March 2017
Friday 12:42 am
24538 spacer
What? Who the fuck gets on with their parents and siblings as an adult apart from this freak? We'd drive each other mad if I moved back in.
>> No. 24539 Anonymous
17th March 2017
Friday 2:16 am
24539 spacer

I remember being called a "teenlad" or something akin to that for moaning about how little I like my parents on here a few months back. I was just in a surly mood, but I still mulled over the conversation. Anyway, the conclusion I came to is that part of growing up is realising that your parents are just human beings, and that they are potentially as awful or as ace as any other human beings. One thing you do have to remember is that unless they're total scoundrels they still raised you, probably as well as they could. Shit, if you're a thirty-five year old loon who brags on his dick to strange men on the internet, they might still be raising you. What I'm getting at is, that for the last five months or so it's been my life long ambition to get rich enough to own a massive house to look after my one-day elderly parents in, and they broke up when I was seven, so it's going to have to be seriously massive.

Do you get me, man?


>> No. 23109 Anonymous
12th August 2016
Friday 2:16 pm
/emo/23109 Fear of vulnerability.
Everything I do, whether it be thought, speech or action can be read to determine my personality, nd when something is known intimately it can be manipulated intimately. (I'm sure I don't need to say how this is especially so on the internet. Consider how we have comparatively few attacks in the UK, combined with the attempted snoopers charter (remember, rulers don't play by the rules - an attempt to legalise something is really an attempt to legitimise action already being taken)).

Everything I say, feeds 'them' more information to fill my profile.
I want to go to the doctor but, again, it gives 'them' more information on how to manipulate me. Consider mental health appointments to be the churchly confessions of old - all that gossip and knowledge of crime concentrated into the hands of those with power.
If they're so omnipotent, wouldn't they know me already?

They are(is?) fear personified.

There are things I need desperately to talk about which our society violently suppresses. We create our own problems; if we could talk openly I could learn, were as now (I hesitate to say) I'm struggling, or at least very confused. I see ignorance (telling word) in people and its seriously affecting my life. For once in my life I genuinely feel its not be but everyone else.

I feel like reason has no place left in our society at large and it scares me.

And once again it comes down to the greatest sin, sexuality.

This is the point, get people to be afraid of reason and they control themselves! This wasn't done to us, rather we did this to oursleves.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 24451 Anonymous
12th March 2017
Sunday 9:31 pm
24451 spacer

Emily? Is that you? Give my regards to ARMSTRONG.
>> No. 24454 Anonymous
12th March 2017
Sunday 10:09 pm
24454 spacer
>> No. 24468 Anonymous
13th March 2017
Monday 8:21 am
24468 spacer
I kind of understood that and it wasn't Are Em level although it sounded a bit melodramatic.

OP, a thing to bear in mind is that everyone has secrets, everyone has shame. The scapegoats society chooses tend to be those who willingly put their head in a noose, don't let that be you. 'Reason' and human societies are mutually exclusive and we just have to learn to accept the old atavisms which keep returning. Take it easy and try not to worry so much.
>> No. 24514 Anonymous
15th March 2017
Wednesday 11:39 pm
24514 spacer
OP here.

Like I said, this is a phase I go though. I'm feeling much better than I did back in august(!), though I still often stop myself from posting and talking of things that interest me (though not in the below paragraph, evidently).

Its really interesting to consider our desire for validation through communication. Then to consider why I, or anybody, would resist that. What does it ultimately mean to deny human nature? There is some notion of transcendence, which deep down I don't really believe in.
This, to me, gets really interesting when you consider recorded psychological phenomena. We act as if knowing about the placebo effect (as a concept) stops it from happening; that knowing of cognitive bias prevents it. I realised recently that science doesn't 'exist'; it is only a measure (like how inches don't exist). It only seeks to measure phenomena, not explain or give meaning to it. Essentially its the kid who keeps asking why.

I'm really grateful for the influences in my life that continue to help me overcome these problems.
To paraphrase Alan Watts; "Whoever thinks they need a psychiatrist needs their head examined". These days when I'm struggling I remind myself "only if I insist".

Thanks for the support.
Forgive the smiley.

Fuck me, now I'm worrying about the image I thought to attach. A derailed train to indicate the paragraph above where I go a bit 'off track'. Considering my first post this could be mis-construed. Or am I being unreasonable?
>> No. 24532 Anonymous
16th March 2017
Thursday 7:47 pm
24532 spacer



>> No. 24469 Anonymous
13th March 2017
Monday 6:25 pm
/emo/24469 This country is grey and depressing
I'll preface this by saying I adore the UK for many reasons. The countryside is pleasant. The people are friendly. You do alcohol right.

But there is one thing about this country that is quite literally dragging me back into depression, and that is the weather. I moved from California to be with my partner, and whilst I was certainly not expecting the weather to be comparable, I did not expect it to be so bleak, so hopeless. Every single day is either grey, or grey and rainy. I actually prefer the days it rains, because the drip drop, the active weather, reminds me I'm still alive. I would prefer a storm a day to the blanket of grey nothingness. Is there even sky above these isles? No one does anything here. The weather simply does not permit it to be enjoyable. And it's an incredible shame, because if you DID have a bit of sunshine, then there'd be few places on earth I can imagine being more enjoyable to live.

How do you cope with this?
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>> No. 24524 Anonymous
16th March 2017
Thursday 3:19 pm
24524 spacer

British weather is exceptionally benign. The temperature rarely exceeds 35c or falls below -5c. We don't experience hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis or blizzards. I can't think of anywhere on earth where the whether is less likely to kill you.
>> No. 24525 Anonymous
16th March 2017
Thursday 3:27 pm
24525 spacer
I really don't understand why people take the weather so personally. I don't really care if it's grey. I'd rather it were grey than hot and sunny all the time (but then I hate the heat and burn easily). That's just as boring, just different.
>> No. 24526 Anonymous
16th March 2017
Thursday 3:29 pm
24526 spacer
One thing I will say is that I don't like January/Februrary much (unless it snows). I think it's because the expectation of Christmas has been lost, as the greyness and bleakness of November/December is somewhat sparkly and cheery because of the upcoming Christmas.
>> No. 24527 Anonymous
16th March 2017
Thursday 3:40 pm
24527 spacer

>We don't experience... tornadoes

It obviously wans't your point but-

"The UK experiences on average 34 tornadoes a year, the most per area of land mass in the world."
>> No. 24529 Anonymous
16th March 2017
Thursday 5:58 pm
24529 spacer
Just as in many other respects, British tornadoes are usually pathetically shit. If you're lucky, one might grab a few tiles off your roof, but they're rarely dangerous enough to cause any real damage.


>> No. 409012 Anonymous
11th March 2017
Saturday 12:09 am
/b/409012 spacer
I know you're thinking this is bullshit, but, trust me, I also think like you until I do gym at work.

My sense of humor, focus and production were so bad, but after the GW, I was feeling someone else, it seems like I have a massage of nymphs in the sky.

It's incredible, trust me. So since my new job does not have work-related gymnastics, I ask you, my friends, if you know of any website or video that brings me the same comfort I had in my older work. What do you do to make the whole day better?
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>> No. 409024 Anonymous
11th March 2017
Saturday 4:12 pm
409024 spacer

Go to the gym before or after work?
>> No. 409025 Anonymous
11th March 2017
Saturday 6:49 pm
409025 spacer
There is a gym at my work, but I have never used it. Maybe I should - thanks l8 m8.
>> No. 409026 Anonymous
11th March 2017
Saturday 8:48 pm
409026 spacer
Mine has one too, but I never used it.

Maybe I should, now that I weigh 15 stones while being a midget.
>> No. 409027 Anonymous
11th March 2017
Saturday 9:08 pm
409027 spacer
Any good employer should recognise the value of giving employees the opportunity to do something active at lunchtime. Many of the better ones will provide a gym for this purpose, mine doesn't but gives us discounted memberships at one right next to the office. We also play sport in the town park quite a few lunchtimes. Good for morale, good for concentration and alertness in the afternoons - it's a win-win.
>> No. 409060 Anonymous
16th March 2017
Thursday 5:52 pm
409060 spacer

We had a rudimentary gym at my last job, right on the same floor.

Never understood the sense of it. I wasn't going to work out on my lunch break and then go meet a client all sweaty (there were no showers, you had to use the sink in the adjacent restoom to freshen up again). And for a proper after-work workout, it was simply too poorly equipped, and I preferred going to my regular gym where I was already a member.

When I was a younglad, I worked for an advertising firm for about a year. They had an upstairs loft that they had converted into a pool billiard den, with dartboards and all. Even a foosball table. It was really fun. And we did team building exercises in that room before that word even existed. Playing pool or darts with your coworkers is a great way to get to know them. And we would often also talk business in that room together. My boss in particular was a big fan of inviting every employee upstairs for a game of pool now and then to talk to them about how they are doing.


>> No. 6548 Anonymous
9th February 2017
Thursday 9:44 am
/lit/6548 Alternative history
About 15 years ago a mate mentioned a series of books in which the Vikings and the Native Americans had the first industrial revolution.

Anyone got an idea what the fuck they are called or who the author was? I don't think it is Alan Smale from what I have read.

I am desperate to read them, because it is really pissing me off that I cannot find them.
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>> No. 6570 Anonymous
11th March 2017
Saturday 7:25 pm
6570 spacer
Gina? Vaginas did not discover America. I meant to say China, fucking autocorrect.
>> No. 6571 Anonymous
12th March 2017
Sunday 11:05 am
6571 spacer

Except it is utter bollocks. But thank you for trying to help, I do appreciate it.
>> No. 6573 Anonymous
13th March 2017
Monday 11:15 pm
6573 spacer
Which part of the book did you find to be falsifiable or far fetched?
>> No. 6576 Anonymous
15th March 2017
Wednesday 5:39 pm
6576 spacer

Well, if I am thinking about the same book, the fact that the thing is utter Chinese propaganda bullshit?
>> No. 6577 Anonymous
15th March 2017
Wednesday 7:19 pm
6577 spacer
<Insert obligatory joke about Columbus being a massive fanny here.>


>> No. 4428 Anonymous
14th March 2017
Tuesday 9:19 pm
/boo/4428 Tarot
I've vaguely interested in learning to interpret tarot but I haven't a clue where to start. Various sources advise developing your own understanding of the different cards and suits, essentially "how do they make you feel?", but I can't help but feel you could assign any meaning to any card and essentially have your own deck of personal divination tools. You might as well use pokemon trading cards and say Hypno is representative of this or that and interacts with Beedrill because Psychic is strong against Poison (although i guess there is some significance in the pokemon I chose to example, in fact I'm finding meaning in it quite easily). But you get what I mean. Or maybe I don't.

I suppose what I'm really asking is; is there a classic text on tarot, where would I go to learn the intended meaning behind the elements within the cards, etc.
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>> No. 4432 Anonymous
14th March 2017
Tuesday 11:14 pm
4432 spacer
Welcome to /boo/.
>> No. 4433 Anonymous
15th March 2017
Wednesday 12:18 am
4433 spacer
The cynic in me dismiss it all without a second thought. But my misses bought a book on tarot based on the art, and it fascinates me how many little bits of symbolism and quirks there are when i started reading what the cards 'meant'. You hit the nail on the head about it being vague and vapid, that is by design, like all of those 'not meant to be taken literally' passages in the bible. The whole thing is cold reading really, it paints in broad brush strokes and you assign what you want to it all. As far as I'm aware it was never originally meant to have mystical powers but that was added later to add spice to it. Much like wigia boards were original a paker bros board game and all of the negative association is purely a result of 'the exorcist'. Funny how these things start off more mundane but society makes them supernatural.
>> No. 4434 Anonymous
15th March 2017
Wednesday 3:25 pm
4434 spacer

I laughed. I clicked the link. I got a reading that arguably contradicted itself.

Shrugged my shoulders, started taking some crockery downstairs. I fell over and smashed a cup.

What have I done?
>> No. 4435 Anonymous
15th March 2017
Wednesday 4:05 pm
4435 spacer

You're not cursed, you're just a clumsy fucker.
>> No. 4436 Anonymous
15th March 2017
Wednesday 4:50 pm
4436 spacer

Rachael or Lynn?


>> No. 408980 Anonymous
9th March 2017
Thursday 3:49 am
/b/408980 Late night .gs
How's it going, lads?
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>> No. 409053 Anonymous
14th March 2017
Tuesday 11:08 pm
409053 spacer
Noteworthy people who stay out of the public eye are smart, really.

While I'd like to be in a position to gain wealth and praise, I also know that people are scum towards celebrities, which has stopped me from being tempted into vlogging and the like.
>> No. 409054 Anonymous
14th March 2017
Tuesday 11:13 pm
409054 spacer

I think youtube famous is a good level. I have spent time with people who have a few million subscribers, diamond play button and all that shite, but outside of an internet convention they maybe get recognised once or twice a week.
>> No. 409056 Anonymous
15th March 2017
Wednesday 12:14 am
409056 spacer
If you're an extrovert I imagine being famous is absolutely no problem. If you're an introvert it would be a nightmare.

I'm very much the latter and even the minor local renown of being in an underground heavy metal band became too much. If I was making loads of dosh it would be fine, but I wasn't, I just kept getting asked "You're him from (band) aren't you?" by teenagers with poor hygiene.

Fortunately, all the venues in town have closed down and taken the last vestiges of a music scene with them. It was shit anyway.
>> No. 409057 Anonymous
15th March 2017
Wednesday 12:17 am
409057 spacer
I would like an excuse to pepper spray some paparazzi if I'm being honest.
>> No. 409058 Anonymous
15th March 2017
Wednesday 3:12 am
409058 spacer
I am jonesing for junk food and fast food. I'm having visions of house curries and marshmallows, fried chicken and that Polish chocolate with the big, crunchy nuts in. Is being marginally more physically attractive worth not stuffing my face with Cornish pasties and three different kinds of biscuit? It bleeding better be, because I'm feeling almost vampiric for the bad stuff.


Have a Plan.jpg
>> No. 4083 Anonymous
2nd December 2016
Friday 4:44 pm
/fat/4083 spacer
R8 my workout.

Squat 1x100 Deadlift 1x100 Bench 1x100 Pulldown 1x100 Press 1x100 Curl 1x100 Calves 1x100 Leg raise 1x100

Do 2-3 workouts a week. When 100 reps are reached add 20lb and build reps back up.
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>> No. 4229 Anonymous
13th March 2017
Monday 6:28 pm
4229 spacer

I did this yesterday evening and woke up this morning with flu-like symptoms. Am I gonna die?
>> No. 4230 Anonymous
14th March 2017
Tuesday 10:21 am
4230 spacer

I feel better now. I think I pushed myself a bit to hard. The last 10 reps or so my muscles started going numb.
>> No. 4231 Anonymous
14th March 2017
Tuesday 4:35 pm
4231 spacer


>> No. 4232 Anonymous
14th March 2017
Tuesday 6:21 pm
4232 spacer
Found this to be hit and miss. Mostly miss.
>> No. 4233 Anonymous
14th March 2017
Tuesday 9:00 pm
4233 spacer
I've found its a good way to get into exercise. Once you've developed a base level of fitness and/or enthusiasm for exercise you can move on to bigger and better things.


>> No. 57797 YubYub
13th March 2017
Monday 10:47 pm
/iq/57797 spacer

Is this child porn? As in porn for children.
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>> No. 57798 Billbob
13th March 2017
Monday 10:51 pm
57798 spacer
There are a couple of h3h3 videos about them.


>> No. 6889 Anonymous
12th March 2017
Sunday 10:29 pm
/£$€¥/6889 spacer
Is it true the Co-op bank is falling to pieces?

I ask because I'm looking for a decent ethical place to start a savings account (online saver or something similar).
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>> No. 6890 Anonymous
12th March 2017
Sunday 10:35 pm
6890 spacer
What's wrong with Nationwide? They're the best you're going to get that has branches all over the country.
>> No. 6891 Anonymous
12th March 2017
Sunday 10:35 pm
6891 spacer
Anyway you can use Move Your Money to rank banks by ethics.
>> No. 6892 Anonymous
13th March 2017
Monday 4:02 pm
6892 spacer
I know one off their senior finance guys. He was involved in pushing the lack of ethical investing for better returns shit. What could possibly go wrong.

The cunt.
>> No. 6893 Anonymous
13th March 2017
Monday 4:07 pm
6893 spacer
>What could possibly go wrong.
Bugger all to be honest.
>> No. 6894 Anonymous
13th March 2017
Monday 4:57 pm
6894 spacer
Co-op went to shit the moment they bought Britannia Building Society. Just stick with Nationwide.


>> No. 21504 Anonymous
12th March 2017
Sunday 10:36 pm
/v/21504 The 90s
Has anyone else noticed that over the past few months there's been a lot of 90s nostalgia "documentaries"? I swear I've seen 3 in the last few weeks.

Is there any reason for this? Has everyone decided that one of the most bland, unexciting decades has suddenly become amazing halcyon days?
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>> No. 21505 Anonymous
12th March 2017
Sunday 10:51 pm
21505 spacer
People who were teenagers in the 90s are now old enough to commission TV programmes. Give it another 10 years and you'll be seeing nostalgia programmes about the 00s.
>> No. 21506 Anonymous
13th March 2017
Monday 12:01 am
21506 spacer
Huh. I'd forgotten how sexy the Spice Girls were. Surprised I didn't polish more out during my internet-less teenlad years.

I guess I'd commission a TV program about them. You know, to document their important place in our cultural history.
>> No. 21507 Anonymous
13th March 2017
Monday 12:08 am
21507 spacer
I think the Noughties were blander because I can see virtually no difference in culture between it and the decade we are in.
>> No. 21508 Anonymous
13th March 2017
Monday 12:15 am
21508 spacer

There's a lot of difference, especially in the realm of the internet.
For me the noughties were the decade that marked the decline of the internet as a weird scary other-place.

You must also be forgetting how awful the early noughties were for fashion and music.


lesya 1.jpg
>> No. 24353 Anonymous
5th March 2017
Sunday 3:26 pm
/emo/24353 spacer
Is incest between mother and son illegal in the UK? I want my mum to suck my dick and she'd probably do it if I asked her. I'm in my 30s and she's in her 50s and still fit. Would this be wrong and illegal?
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>> No. 24374 Anonymous
6th March 2017
Monday 5:57 am
24374 spacer

Ay lad, 'tis been that way since the Romans left. NFF.
>> No. 24429 Anonymous
12th March 2017
Sunday 9:42 am
24429 spacer

Sandwich lovers...they're all interbred!
>> No. 24430 Anonymous
12th March 2017
Sunday 9:50 am
24430 spacer
>she'd probably do it if I asked her

What are you basing this on?
>> No. 24431 Anonymous
12th March 2017
Sunday 10:01 am
24431 spacer
Go on.
>> No. 24436 Anonymous
12th March 2017
Sunday 1:41 pm
24436 spacer
Please no, I don't think I want to hear this.


>> No. 409033 Anonymous
12th March 2017
Sunday 3:37 am
/b/409033 New Day Rising
Hey Student


>> No. 57790 YubYub
10th March 2017
Friday 10:30 am
/iq/57790 spacer
I need an image to put inside the red circle.
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>> No. 57791 Crabkiller
10th March 2017
Friday 12:55 pm
57791 spacer
Find pics of Lady Gaga's place. If she's got dresses made of bacon then she's certainly got curtains made from beef.
>> No. 57792 Crabkiller
10th March 2017
Friday 4:21 pm
57792 spacer
what about something classy like a nice donor kerbab.
>> No. 57793 YubYub
10th March 2017
Friday 5:01 pm
57793 spacer
You might as well make a sign saying 'I watch a dangerous amount of porn'
>> No. 57794 YubYub
10th March 2017
Friday 5:12 pm
57794 spacer
This isn't /SP/ on 4chan. Nobody is going to post the roast.
>> No. 57796 Crabkiller
12th March 2017
Sunday 1:34 am
57796 spacer



birds eye beef curtains

mind the flaps


drive graham.jpg
>> No. 3811 Anonymous
9th March 2017
Thursday 5:01 pm
/mph/3811 spacer
So I failed my driving test today. I was too busy checking my mirrors and my lane positioning at a roundabout to notice the solid amber light which turned red as I drove past it, and I got a few minor faults for waiting behind buses when I should have come around them. It didn't help that my examiner was fairly friendly and chatty, which lulled me into complacency.

Failing is a learning experience so I'm not too bothered about it, but what really annoys me is that the next available slot for a test in my area is in the middle of June. There are cancellation checker services out there that can often find an earlier slot, but I'd probably get a cancellation for mid to late April, and in the meanwhile the skills I've built up will start to get rusty.

Is heading to somewhere a bit more depopulated or rural a good bet? I can get a test in somewhere like Cumbria or the Scottish highlands for next week. I've always wanted to see those places and the test centres there have pass rates ranging from around 60%-80% compared to 45%, so a practical exam/holiday wouldn't be as far-fetched as it initially seems.
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>> No. 3817 Anonymous
9th March 2017
Thursday 8:50 pm
3817 spacer
Sounds like a good idea. Don't listen tot he cunts above me. Your main aim should be to pass the test, nothing else.
>> No. 3818 Anonymous
9th March 2017
Thursday 11:43 pm
3818 spacer
I'm learning to drive in north London, and fuck me do people drive/cross the road like nutters around here. I did think about whether it's worth trying to get a practical test booked in Hertfordshire or something. I'll probably be limited by how far my instructor wants to go though, as I'll want to use the same car I've been learning in. Probably something to bear in mind if you decide to go on a holiday/test - worth giving yourself a solid day or two with whatever car you will use.
>> No. 3819 Anonymous
10th March 2017
Friday 1:09 am
3819 spacer
Go up to Borehamwood. Quiet roads, a couple of roundabouts, and a good pass rate they got.
>> No. 3820 Anonymous
11th March 2017
Saturday 9:11 pm
3820 spacer
But then I might have to interact with woodites *shudders*.
>> No. 3821 Anonymous
12th March 2017
Sunday 1:00 am
3821 spacer
The amount of females that offer suckjobs for a pass.
Is equal to the amount of females that don't know what an indicator is for.


my willy.png
>> No. 408511 Anonymous
16th February 2017
Thursday 3:45 am
/b/408511 spacer
Fuck. Am I a monster or is this site bollocks?
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>> No. 408524 Anonymous
16th February 2017
Thursday 2:10 pm
408524 spacer
He sounds like someone who doesn't know the difference between having a massive cock and being one.
>> No. 408532 Anonymous
16th February 2017
Thursday 9:58 pm
408532 spacer
It's not the size of the wand but the wizard that counts, etc.
>> No. 408533 Anonymous
16th February 2017
Thursday 9:59 pm
408533 spacer
It's not the size of the ship, but the motion of the ocean.
>> No. 408568 Anonymous
18th February 2017
Saturday 12:36 pm
408568 spacer
>> No. 409013 Anonymous
11th March 2017
Saturday 9:56 am
409013 spacer
Gay badminton dick's over at 99chan.


>> No. 10619 Anonymous
6th May 2014
Tuesday 2:34 pm
/nom/10619 spacer
My fridge freezer has just broke down. I'm moving in a month to a new place which has a fridge so I don't see much point in getting a new one or paying to have this fixed.

The only problem is I barely eat anything that isn't in a fridge or freezer so I'm not sure how to survive for the next month. All I can think of is tinned beans and soup.

I don't even like beans.

Can anyone suggest stuff I can get that I can actually make a variety of full meals out of?

A side note is I always make my own sandwiches for work, these are usually with cold meat or spreads that I keep in the fridge. I work 13 hour shifts so I generally take a lot. What can I now use as a substitute?
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>> No. 10621 Anonymous
6th May 2014
Tuesday 3:02 pm
10621 spacer
Get some of the soya mince from the recipe thread or some beanfeast. All you need to do is add a bit of water and (for the soya mince) some seasoning and you'll be reet.
>> No. 12232 Anonymous
7th March 2017
Tuesday 6:21 pm
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>> No. 12240 Anonymous
8th March 2017
Wednesday 5:34 am
12240 spacer
I lived in Brazil without a fridge, freezer, or any kind of cooker for six months and lived to tell the tail.

I was also on about a quid a day, although that probably doesn't count for much given the different economies (at least back in 2005).

I basically lived off bananas, yoghurt, and cashew nuts. For the first month I still had a sort of "luncheon voucher" type deal worth about 2 quid a day which I used to trade in for a hot lunch (or rather 70% of a hot lunch) most days.

Anyway, enough of my pitiful past.

The bananas thing is good for you. Two bananas a day is very good for you and they don't need much storage especially in the UK. Beyond that if you want Real Meals I think you're going to have to go the old eggs n rice and beans/lentils route. Try to at least incorporate a 1kg bag of frozen broccoli or spinach into each of your cooking cycles. If that's not feasible try 500g bags. You can probably turn that into lunch and dinner. Trust me when I say that if you eat nothing but chicken and rice your ringpiece will hate you.

I realise that storing a lunch made the night before until you go to work the next day can be hard, but try the "suspend it off the window ledge in a tesco carrier bag" method. That shit never worked in Brazil, obviously, but it worked fine in amsterdam for almost six months while I was too autistic to get my fridge/freezer fixed by the landlord.

Eggs don't go off even at room temperature. Nor does most cheese. If you hit tesco / sainsbury's / whatever at the right time you can get decent meat to cook each night for an ok price without having to buy in bulk and freeze or refrigerate.

I suppose what I'm saying is; don't fall for the "eat pasta, rice, noodles, bread, whatever" diet; there are plenty of things out there that can make your diet feasible that don't need a fridge or freezer.
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>> No. 12242 Anonymous
9th March 2017
Thursday 8:53 pm
12242 spacer
> eating cashew nuts on a quid a day

Different economies indeed.
>> No. 12243 Anonymous
10th March 2017
Friday 5:20 pm
12243 spacer
Indian cooking is great for this sort of thing. Pretty much every (vegetarian) Indian meal tends to be based around ingredients that aren't too fussy about being kept in a fridge.

>Try to at least incorporate a 1kg bag of frozen broccoli or spinach into each of your cooking cycles.

Why frozen? Fresh broccoli will keep perfectly fine in a cupboard for a few day, it might even last a whole week with luck.


>> No. 4218 Anonymous
8th March 2017
Wednesday 7:20 pm
/fat/4218 Snory bastard
I'm a snory bastard, says the Mrs.
This is true, always have been. Thin, fat, fit, flabby, drunk, dry, calm, stressed - always snored.

Just snoring. Purring turned up to max. No gurgling, no gasping, no changes, just relentless.
Clearly, this is pissing her off, and there's fuck all I can do to stop it while I'm sleeping, since I'm asleep. My nose is always pretty bunged up, has been since I was a wee kid. I'm allergic to many things - rampant seasonal hayfever, and some foods, which I avoid no problem, but always pretty bunged. Not with snot, just not much airflow.
So - is there anything I can do while awake? I already don't sleep on my back (easy enough, I wake up as I went to sleep, thumb in book).
Tempted by beconase (or a knockoff) or antihistamines, but open to suggestions.

(She also snores, but IDGAF. 30 seconds of irritation and I'm back asleep).
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>> No. 4221 Anonymous
9th March 2017
Thursday 8:12 pm
4221 spacer
You probe have an allergy to dust mites, which live in your bed. I have that, and the same with alcohol, and the SMELL of ground coffee. All of the above causes my sinuses to swell. Treatment may not make a diff' to your snoring though. Get your lass some earplugs
>> No. 4222 Anonymous
9th March 2017
Thursday 9:24 pm
4222 spacer
Everyone snores. If your missus doesn't like it then that's her problem.
>> No. 4223 Anonymous
9th March 2017
Thursday 9:45 pm
4223 spacer
As >>4219 says, see your GP, expect a referral to an ENT, you may have some sort of sleep apnoea.
>> No. 4224 Anonymous
10th March 2017
Friday 9:00 am
4224 spacer
Hard to see how it's apnea, since that's when you stop breathing for a while. I just continuously snore. Therefore - no health risk (except from stabbing), as I understand it.

Not dust mites, happens wherever we are. Home, spare room if I'm banished, hotels, ferries.

Yeah, I understand it's her that's got the problem, she shouldn't be such a light sleeper. She already wears earplugs. If it's a choice between an easy fix to stop me snoring, and drugging her into oblivion every night, I'll probably choose the former.
>> No. 4225 Anonymous
10th March 2017
Friday 2:32 pm
4225 spacer

Snoring is the warning sign of sleep apnoea. Most snoring is benign, but for a significant proportion of patients it indicates the early stages of sleep apnoea. Suffocating in your sleep is one of those things you want to catch early.

Go and see your GP.


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