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>> No. 13044 Anonymous
3rd June 2017
Saturday 11:04 pm
/news/13044 UAE email leak

>The emails provided so far to the The Intercept show a growing relationship between the United Arab Emirates and the pro-Israel, decepticonservative think tank called the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD).

>On the surface, the alliance should be surprising, as the UAE does not even recognize Israel. But the two countries have worked together in the past against their common adversary, Iran.

>On March 10 of this year, FDD CEO Mark Dubowitz authored an email to both the UAE’s ambassador to the United States, Yousef Al-Otaiba, and FDD Senior Counselor John Hannah — a former deputy national security adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney — with the subject line “Target list of companies investing in Iran, UAE and Saudi Arabia.”

>“Dear, Mr. Ambassador,” Dubowitz wrote. “The attached memorandum details companies listed by country which are doing business with Iran and also have business with the UAE and Saudi Arabia. This is a target list for putting these companies to a choice, as we have discussed.”

>The hacked emails demonstrate a remarkable level of backchannel cooperation between a leading decepticonservative think tank — FDD is funded by pro-Israel billionaire Sheldon Adelson, an ally of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who is one of the largest political donors in the United States — and a Gulf monarchy.

>Israel and the Gulf monarchies have grown closer in recent years, as both sides fear that Iran is moving closer to normalization with the West and will therefore increase its own influence and power in the region. But admissions of the alliance between the two are still rare in public.
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>> No. 13049 Anonymous
4th June 2017
Sunday 1:08 am
13049 spacer
If they're that conservative, you have to ask which you think they hate more, the Jews in Israel or the heretic apostates in Iran.
>> No. 13050 Anonymous
4th June 2017
Sunday 1:25 am
13050 spacer
Both. I"m not even joking. These people aren't rational. That's why their governments can't just come out as Israeli allies.
>> No. 13055 Anonymous
10th June 2017
Saturday 6:20 pm
13055 spacer

>> No. 13056 Anonymous
12th June 2017
Monday 5:29 pm
13056 spacer

Why are the Saudis getting so desperate? Something seems off here.
>> No. 13057 Anonymous
12th June 2017
Monday 6:29 pm
13057 spacer
I reckon the Sauds are mindful of the accusations flying around about ISIS funding coming from their country, and so they're trying to make Qatar into a scapegoat.

Perhaps there's some connection to OPEC and the oil production cap, but that's straying a little closer to tinfoil hat territory.


>> No. 3214 Anonymous
4th July 2016
Monday 12:42 am
/map/3214 spacer
Evening lads,

I have myself a graduate job (£24k/year) and after deductions for various things Ill have £1300ish a month to live off. The job is outside London and I'll need access to the M11, so I've been looking at Walthamstow area. Rent seems to be surprisingly cheap at about £110-120 per week, which'd give me around £800 for expenses each month.

How feasible is this? I'll have to run a crappy car to get to work and honestly I have no idea how much that'll cost. I'm not very good at big leaps like this, I just kind of make it work when I get there but given that I'll be responsible for my entire income and expenses I want to be more careful.

Note: I know I can live outside London but I have friends there and I'd kill myself if I had to live in Bishop's Stortford or Harlow.
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>> No. 3229 Anonymous
22nd July 2016
Friday 2:01 am
3229 spacer
Being more central is of no use to me since I'm working outside London, I just want to be connected so I can go for a pint with people I know from time to time without having to crash at a mate's house just because I wanted two pints. It just worries me how all rents in the area in and around London in that neck of the woods are ~£500/month.
>> No. 3230 Anonymous
22nd July 2016
Friday 2:56 am
3230 spacer
£500 per month is pretty reasonable for London, not sure what you were expecting really. (attaching link because image is too large to post here apparently).
>> No. 3271 Anonymous
12th June 2017
Monday 3:46 pm
3271 spacer
Does everybody in London live in tiny rooms in house shares?
>> No. 3272 Anonymous
12th June 2017
Monday 3:55 pm
3272 spacer
Not everyone. If you're okay with being a few zones out, you can live in a medium room in a shared house.
>> No. 3273 Anonymous
12th June 2017
Monday 5:05 pm
3273 spacer

Some people also live in shared bedrooms, sheds, sheds in people's living rooms, lock-up garages, cargo containers, derelict petrol stations, brothels, bail hostels, biffa bins, cardboard boxes and shop doorways.

I've heard rumours of people who have their own flat, but I'm starting to believe that it's just an urban myth.


>> No. 58129 R4GE
11th June 2017
Sunday 10:15 pm
/iq/58129 spacer
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>> No. 58130 Auntiefucker
12th June 2017
Monday 9:32 am
58130 spacer
Get out of my head.
>> No. 58131 YubYub
12th June 2017
Monday 11:15 am
58131 spacer
>> No. 58132 YubYub
12th June 2017
Monday 1:12 pm
58132 spacer
I see your Jekyll Hyde, and raise you library card.


>> No. 3262 Anonymous
11th June 2017
Sunday 11:01 pm
/map/3262 spacer
Have any of you lads been to Redruth in Cornwall?
I'm sort of thinking of applying for a job there. What's it and its surrounding area like?
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>> No. 3265 Anonymous
12th June 2017
Monday 3:11 am
3265 spacer
If you wanted to move to Cornwall why would you live in a town?
>> No. 3266 Anonymous
12th June 2017
Monday 3:59 am
3266 spacer
It's where the job is. They're probably getting council grants or EU money or something.
>> No. 3268 Anonymous
12th June 2017
Monday 5:24 am
3268 spacer
You could get a place on the outskirts, as it's quite the shithole or at least has a long reputation of being one.
>> No. 3269 Anonymous
12th June 2017
Monday 5:29 am
3269 spacer
I stayed there for a few days many years ago. Seemed alright. Plenty of bars iirc.

I think Aphex Twin is from there.
>> No. 3270 Anonymous
12th June 2017
Monday 1:11 pm
3270 spacer
Cornish lad here.

Redruth is kind of shitty, definitely not the nicest town in Cornwall by any stretch (Penzance, Truro and St Ives are all fine, the latter is touristy in summer) but absolutely nowhere near as bad as nearby Camborne, there is something incredibly depressing about that shithole.


first orange president.jpg
>> No. 64250 Anonymous
15th July 2015
Wednesday 6:46 pm
/pol/64250 US elections 2016
This man is going to be the next President of the US and it's going to be fucking awesome.
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>> No. 82870 Anonymous
11th June 2017
Sunday 2:24 pm
82870 spacer
>I would like to see more world leaders do this kind of thing, only way to deal with him.

As much as I'd love to see the Tony Blair version I don't know what good former politicians rehabilitating their legacy would achieve.
>> No. 82872 Anonymous
11th June 2017
Sunday 4:07 pm
82872 spacer
>> No. 82876 Anonymous
11th June 2017
Sunday 7:37 pm
82876 spacer
Of course, the best part about all of this is that we can't be shot of Trump. Just look down the order of succession and see the cunts that would replace him. Remember that for any of those people on the list to reach the presidency, everyone above them has to come and go, and their jobs have to remain vacant. If Mike Pence takes the reins, only if nobody is appointed to replace him does Paul Ryan get a go.
>> No. 82879 Anonymous
11th June 2017
Sunday 7:47 pm
82879 spacer

Fast times
>> No. 82883 Anonymous
12th June 2017
Monday 1:11 am
82883 spacer
Yep, this youtube video sure will be what takes him down.


>> No. 25940 Anonymous
11th June 2017
Sunday 12:29 pm
/g/25940 drone swarms
China has launched a swarm of 119 fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), breaking its previous record of a swarm of 67 drones, according to the China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC).

Interesting article. I've been thinking of a drone purchase for a while - the DJI ones look good, but I have been thinking of building one from scratch - anyone tried building drones/planes?
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>> No. 25941 Anonymous
11th June 2017
Sunday 12:38 pm
25941 spacer
If you do roll our own, avoid the obvious mistakes built into the off the shelf ones.
>> No. 25942 Anonymous
11th June 2017
Sunday 1:16 pm
25942 spacer
That is specifically one of the pitfalls I'd like to avoid - too many drones use shitty Wifi networks for communication. I would like to do the whole thing with a proper radio control setup - thats still quite hackable but not in as many interesting and varied ways as Wifi.

Spent a lot of time looking at Arduino based setups - for instance.
>> No. 25943 Anonymous
11th June 2017
Sunday 5:21 pm
25943 spacer
I'd recommend starting out with an Almost-Ready-To-Fly or Ready-To-Fly product from Eachine. If you're starting out you will crash a lot, so it's worth starting out on something cheap and small. The Eachine E010 looks like a toy, but it's a really good trainer quad for indoor or backyard flying. It can be easily upgraded to FPV at a later date.

When you're ready to upgrade to a full-size 250 quad, you'll need quite a lot of stuff. It's all fairly cheap individually, but it does add up. This video covers what you'll need and how to use it:

You'll also want a big packet of spare propellers, a spare motor and speed controller and a couple of extra batteries. If you've got a lot of money to spend and you're serious about the hobby, I'd suggest going with the FRSky Taranis radio and the Aomway Commander FPV goggles.

There are some fairly strict legal restrictions on drone operation. You really need to be aware of the rules, because the Civil Aviation Authority have handed out some massive fines to people who were flying like twats.

If there's no camera at all on your quadcopter or plane, it's just a radio controlled model and can be flown anywhere that is reasonably deemed to be safe. If you stick a camera on, then your model becomes a "small unmanned surveillance aircraft" and the rules get a lot stricter. You can't fly within 50 metres of any person, vehicle or structure that is not entirely under your control, within 150 metres of any "congested area", or more than 400 metres above ground level. If you fly with FPV goggles, you must have a competent observer with you, monitoring the flying area to prevent collisions.

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>> No. 80668 Anonymous
2nd December 2016
Friday 12:09 pm
/pol/80668 spacer
What an upset, also a pleasant surprise.

Perhaps the Lib Dems can make a comeback at the next election.
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>> No. 82811 Anonymous
9th June 2017
Friday 11:07 pm
82811 spacer
Because they're not human.
>> No. 82843 Anonymous
10th June 2017
Saturday 5:47 pm
82843 spacer
>If you were getting grilled at work by somebody and getting paid 75k a year, no matter how unfairly you perceived it, you wouldn't just walk out would you?

I'd fire them for insubordination.
>> No. 82847 Anonymous
10th June 2017
Saturday 7:34 pm
82847 spacer
Corbs has done exactly the same to be honest.
>> No. 82867 Anonymous
11th June 2017
Sunday 12:45 pm
82867 spacer
>Never kissed a LibDem.

Come on lad,
There's only one way to beat them
Get round the back
>> No. 82873 Anonymous
11th June 2017
Sunday 4:32 pm
82873 spacer

Jesus wept. It's as if the lib dems don't want to be taken seriously.


>> No. 364298 Anonymous
14th November 2013
Thursday 4:47 pm
/b/364298 spacer
ITT: Weird dreams you've had lately.

I actually dreamed last night that I was in Australia, visiting the two blokes from the Foster's adverts in their beach hut. Sure enough, they gave me a Foster's, and I said "cheers, guys"... and then one of them said to me "oh no mayt, we don't say cheers heere. We say 'You little ripper!'"

Quite bizarre... has this dream got any deeper meaning, or have I just been watching too much telly lately?
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>> No. 408960 Anonymous
8th March 2017
Wednesday 12:54 pm
408960 spacer
I've got a bit of ongoing sexual tension with a lass at work.

I had a dream last night that she was sat on my lap and stroking my knob through my trousers, talking about how massive it was.

Good fucking grief I can hardly look her in the eye today.
>> No. 411209 Anonymous
10th June 2017
Saturday 1:15 am
411209 spacer
I've had quite weird dreams lately.

One dream, two nights ago, was that one of my friends had invented a tampon gun. It was some kind of air pressure operated gun which looked a bit like a toy machine gun, and with which you could shoot cellophane wrapped tampons at people. You would just simply pour a box of tampons into a reservoir on the top of the gun, and they would come out one by one with an audible "Phoomp" every time you pulled the trigger. My friend was having a big laugh just randomly shooting tampons at people, but then at some point, I said, "Mate, that's quite enough now. You need to grow up!"

The other dream was about a garage where I often have my car serviced. They've got a quite cosy customer lounge where you can have tea or coffee and watch TV while you wait for your car, leather sofas and all. So anyway, in my dream, somehow, I was sitting in that customer area, and turning the TV to a porn channel with the remote control, and started rubbing one out. Then I was asked to go into the shop to one of the mechanics and discuss what they had done with my car, and I said to the mechanic, "How are you, mate? Been a while since I was here!". And he replied, "I don't know, Anon... I haven't quite absorbed the fact yet that you just wanked yourself off in our customer lounge!".
>> No. 411226 Anonymous
10th June 2017
Saturday 5:46 pm
411226 spacer
Have you ever seen an actual Nerf gun? They fire things which look exactly like tampons. I'm not sure how this helps you interpret your dream.
>> No. 411240 Anonymous
11th June 2017
Sunday 4:10 am
411240 spacer


What I find much more bizarre is that there are actually people in real life who have built tampon guns:

I honestly had never heard of anything like that before I had my dream.

On the other hand, tampons are almost the perfect non-harmful projectile, when you think about it. They are bullet shaped as it is, they will very probably not do any damage whatsoever to the target that you are firing them at, and the cellophane wrapping should ensure that they will remain rigid enough inside the barrel of an air pressure gun to not disintegrate before exiting it.

In my dream, the tampon gun was much more advanced though than in the two links above. I think it was powered by a CO2 cartridge, similar to a paintball gun. And like I said, it had a reservoir on top where you would just put in a box worth of tampons, and the gun would fire them one by one automatically when you pulled the trigger.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 411251 Anonymous
11th June 2017
Sunday 11:32 am
411251 spacer
Well I know what I'm doing this afternoon.


>> No. 411222 Anonymous
10th June 2017
Saturday 4:46 pm
/b/411222 spacer
Goodnight sweet prince.
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>> No. 411224 Anonymous
10th June 2017
Saturday 5:39 pm
411224 spacer
Best Batman ever.

The original shows are the only series that I am happy to say I have completely torrented the shit out of.
>> No. 411239 Anonymous
11th June 2017
Sunday 3:59 am
411239 spacer
James Bond dead. Batman dead.

What next? Who is going to save us from evil now?
>> No. 411242 Anonymous
11th June 2017
Sunday 5:06 am
411242 spacer


I know of one man working to secure Are future.
>> No. 411249 Anonymous
11th June 2017
Sunday 11:29 am
411249 spacer
> Original shows ?
>> No. 411250 Anonymous
11th June 2017
Sunday 11:31 am
411250 spacer
I had no idea. I meant the shows that were on telly in the seventies, obviously some johnny come lately to those. But still!


>> No. 82568 Anonymous
7th June 2017
Wednesday 6:49 pm
/pol/82568 1984 Internet

Justify this, Tory voters.
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>> No. 82572 Anonymous
8th June 2017
Thursday 2:58 am
82572 spacer
I don't think it's a party political issue. A Labour government instituted the first Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act. Blair was mad keen on identity cards and instituted vast swathes of dodgy counter-terrorism legislation. The majority of Labour MPs voted aye on the final reading of the 2016 RIPA; Corbyn and Abbott both abstained.

I think that the general public are just very ignorant about technology, so the cry that "something must be done" is far louder than any voices of caution. Encryption is too boring and technical for the mainstream media to talk about in any meaningful way.
>> No. 82814 Anonymous
9th June 2017
Friday 11:46 pm
82814 spacer
N-Now now lad, don't you go pointing out the commies crimes and injustices! W-why everyone knows everything bad right now is because of the last 2 Governments!
>> No. 82817 Anonymous
10th June 2017
Saturday 1:38 am
82817 spacer
I don't think you can really blame the other lot when you've had two parliaments in which to fix things. In most jobs, if you just slacked off and blamed everything on the guy that was there before you, your prospects wouldn't look too good.
>> No. 82818 Anonymous
10th June 2017
Saturday 1:54 am
82818 spacer

Thatcher New Labour.jpg
>> No. 82819 Anonymous
10th June 2017
Saturday 2:55 am
82819 spacer

I'm not blaming either party, that's my entire point. Neither side can be trusted with the internet, because neither they nor the general public understand it. The media has comprehensively failed to communicate the issues and the tech industry hasn't lobbied effectively to defend internet freedoms. There's also a peculiar acceptance of surveillance in this country, as shown by our extraordinarily high per-capita number of CCTV cameras.

Blaming surveillance on the Tories won't help, because a Labour government would do pretty much exactly the same. Parliament is stuffed to the rafters with PPE graduates and old codgers who just don't understand the value of encryption and an open internet. It's up to savvy, privacy-conscious people to push the issue.


>> No. 405839 Anonymous
19th October 2016
Wednesday 2:31 pm
/b/405839 Mid-week thread
Mid-week thread?

Mid-week thread.

What are you lot up to?
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>> No. 411190 Anonymous
9th June 2017
Friday 6:52 pm
411190 spacer

>I'm aware of this. I spoke with a schizoid who entered the military. He said that despite the intensity of fear he was experiencing, ultimately, his sergeant praised him for maintaining steel nerves in the face of adversity even though he was just as scared as everyone else.

If my friends and/or coworkers are to be believed, that is also one of my traits. Apart from a few occasions where I have indeed lost it, I tend to be quite calm on the outside in the face of trouble. Inside, I will shit my pants the same way as everybody when there are still mountains of work to do before impossible deadlines can be met, or when my boss has another choleric outburst and says he "will fire the lot of us" (in his otherwise endearing Glasgow accent). Which he never really means, but oh well. But I tend to appear cool as a cucumber on the outside. Which prompted my coworkers to actually give me an original "keep calm and carry on" coffee mug for my birthday one year.

>Exactly. You desire independence from your environment however the reality is that the more dependent you are on something, the more power it wields over you. If you maximise your independence from it, you also maximise your power over it.

I'm still not sold on the way you put this idea about power. For me, it's not a consideration of power. It's simply the feeling that I am most comfortable when I am left alone and not bothered. I've got friends, and I have had romantic relationships, and I enjoy both friendships and relationships as much as the next person. But I always have this feeling that I need much more breathing space than most other people I know. I will for example sometimes disappear off the face of the earth for a week or two, for all that some of my best friends will know, but then reappear out of the blue and pick up again where we left the last time we saw each other. In the past, this has alienated both some of my friends and sometimes also women that I was with, but it is the only way to be for me. Of course, you can't just do a disappearing act on a romantic partner like that, so it was more a kind of tendency to sometimes not call for two or three days but with no bad intentions whatsoever. But even that can be a tough act to follow, especially when you're with somebody who's a bit on the needy side, and who will interpret a stunt like that as a questioning of your entire relationship.

In the end, I'm past the point where being schizoid was an abnormality to me, a hindrance or an obstacle that would have kept me from living a normal life. Nowadays, I try to see the blessings of it, which are that I am both a person who tends not to crack under fear, and somebody who is independent and self sufficient enough that he doesn't necessarily need other people to enjoy himself. Oh, and of course there's my dream world imagination. To tell you the truth, I would sorely miss my imagination if somehow one day it would disappear from my psyche.
>> No. 411198 Anonymous
9th June 2017
Friday 8:25 pm
411198 spacer
>I'm still not sold on the way you put this idea about power
I believe this is because you see me as stating your "true" intentions but that's not the case. Fat people don't have the "true" intention of getting fat, they just enjoy ignorantly consuming tasty food. A lust for the pleasure of food is their intention. Their weight gain is merely a byproduct of their action. I'm only looking at the flow of cause and effect and what effect your actions have.

>For me, it's not a consideration of power
I see this clearly. You don't lust for power. You only wish for peace. I'm just saying: as you create distance, you are simultaneously empowering yourself in much the same way that as you walk in rain, you simultaneously get wet in the rain. The intention is on distance but the effect of the action is empowerment. This calm aloofness is what outwardly and shallowly likens the schizoid to the psychopath.

>and somebody who is independent and self sufficient enough that he doesn't necessarily need other people to enjoy himself
That's good to know. I'm happy you've found happiness however the dynamic is still shifted towards you. You need others less than they need you and so you, despite the focus of your intention being on peace, have in fact empowered yourself. You are the one that can walk away from the bond most easily. Just as you said regarding the romantic-partner hypothetical scenario, she could misconstrue your detachment as a true absence of attachment and gauge you to be sociopathic. She'll suspect that you'll leave her the moment she's no longer useful.

You're a good person. It's just that you'd look evil in my opinion. Personally, I do envy the schizoid. I see it as very useful while Mars and Earth align. I think, in a world-ending SHTF scenario, the schizoids will be the ones to either thrive solo or become leaders of militias.
>> No. 411199 Anonymous
9th June 2017
Friday 8:54 pm
411199 spacer

About the whole pyschopathy thing - I wouldn't be surprised if some people said about me that they could imagine me being a psycho. That I might come off in a certain way to them. But to my understanding, actual psychopaths don't just momentarily switch off and detach any kind of compassion, for it to later be reactivated in some way. They don't feel it, ever, to begin with. That's not the way it is with me. I can detach compassion for a short time, but then it only comes back to haunt me, and often gravely, when I think of what I have done to somebody during one of those moments of emotional detachment and pure self interest.

And I can only tell you what my therapist told me about me. He said that I am more on the benign end of the schizoid gamut. Somebody who ticks the relevant boxes of SPD, but who is also deep down a compassionate human being who is aware of, and cares about the needs and desires of other people. He advised me to spend more time nourishing that side of myself, and to explore ways in which maybe just a few simple words like "I'm happy for you", or "I was worried for you", or "I know how you feel" could sometimes help offset the air of detachment that some people might get from me.

This was coming from somebody who, in a former capacity, actually used to be a court appointed forensic psychiatrist. Somebody who would help courts convict murderers, serial killers, rapists, the lot. He told me he gave up that position because it was "too depressing" for him. His sense of accomplishment in getting justice for victims could not make up for having to delve deep into the abyss of what some people are capable of doing unto their fellow human beings.
>> No. 411202 Anonymous
9th June 2017
Friday 10:31 pm
411202 spacer

Sorry but your image inevitably reminded me of this.
>> No. 411203 Anonymous
9th June 2017
Friday 10:56 pm
411203 spacer

There was nothing inevitable about this, not yet anyway.


>> No. 79922 Anonymous
10th November 2016
Thursday 2:41 pm
/pol/79922 UK election 2020
This man is going to be the next UK Prime Minister and it's going to be fucking awesome.
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>> No. 82177 Anonymous
21st April 2017
Friday 7:53 pm
82177 Question Time 2018
This man is going to replace David Dimbleby, and it's going to be fucking awesome.
>> No. 82178 Anonymous
21st April 2017
Friday 8:34 pm
82178 spacer
Huw Edwards was lined up to do the election in 2020, and is still the preferred successor for election night. I could see Marr taking on QT. He has the tenor to chair the debate and the hands to point at the audience members. John Humphrys has filled in before but he's only a few years younger than Dimbleby. Based on his performances on Newsnight, I'd keep an eye on James O'Brien.

My personal theory based on observations in 2010 and 2015 is that Dimbleby is actually dead and has been replaced by a robot. There's no way a 77 year old could have kept going from 10pm to 6pm with only a couple of hours sleep in the middle.
>> No. 82180 Anonymous
21st April 2017
Friday 10:22 pm
82180 spacer
Oh Christ here we go again. Brace yourselves, lads.
>> No. 82746 Anonymous
9th June 2017
Friday 10:03 am
82746 spacer
>> No. 82794 Anonymous
9th June 2017
Friday 7:23 pm
82794 spacer
Thank god he stayed silent this election.


>> No. 82634 Anonymous
8th June 2017
Thursday 10:54 pm
/pol/82634 spacer
After this election, this man is going to be the next Prime Minister and it's going to be fucking awesome.
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>> No. 82774 Anonymous
9th June 2017
Friday 3:08 pm
82774 spacer
>That's how you calculate swing from the Conservatives to Labour, specifically .
Erm, yes. That being what swing is. A change in relative vote share between two parties.

>that would be a fucking stupid thing to talk about in an election where the collapse of support for third parties was a major factor.
You appear to have misspelled "important" as "stupid" there.
>> No. 82775 Anonymous
9th June 2017
Friday 3:17 pm
82775 spacer
No, sunshine, that's what two party swing is. The clue that I wasn't talking about two party swing was that I didn't mention two parties.
>> No. 82777 Anonymous
9th June 2017
Friday 3:25 pm
82777 spacer
>No, sunshine, that's what two party swing is.
Well, yes, what with there being literally no other meaningful measure of swing. Otherwise you end up saying stupid things like how Corbyn isn't so bad because he gained 10 points. Then you have to accept other stupid things like how May brilliantly delivered the Tories their best total since 1992 and their best share since 1983. All of which would be monumentally stupid things to say.
>> No. 82778 Anonymous
9th June 2017
Friday 3:31 pm
82778 spacer
Yes, there are in fact other meaningful measures of swing, and two party swing is particularly unhelpful when, I repeat, collapsing support for third parties is a major factor influencing the outcome. Never mind, though. We all make mistakes sometimes.
>> No. 82780 Anonymous
9th June 2017
Friday 3:40 pm
82780 spacer
>and two party swing is particularly unhelpful when, I repeat, collapsing support for third parties is a major factor influencing the outcome
Yes, if by unhelpful you mean helpful. Otherwise, no.


>> No. 82607 Anonymous
8th June 2017
Thursday 9:16 pm
/pol/82607 US impeachment thread 2017
This man is going to fuck the President of the US and it's going to be fucking awesome.
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>> No. 82627 Anonymous
8th June 2017
Thursday 10:29 pm
82627 spacer
And entirely fueled by the inter webs. I have loved it too. I thought it would end in tears, of course, but not so soon. To fuck up so badly so early on; bewildering.
>> No. 82664 Anonymous
9th June 2017
Friday 12:19 am
82664 spacer


>To fuck up so badly so early on; bewildering.

>> No. 82738 Anonymous
9th June 2017
Friday 8:27 am
82738 spacer
One rare upside to Trump getting elected is watching the grey, cringing invertebrates who pass for his supporters contort and twist themselves into ever more agonising knots of desperation and irrationality as they rush to defend his latest gaffe.

If you ever question your worth as a human being, take a quick trip over to /r/The_Donald just after Trump fucks up and have a read of the justifications they offer for it. I confidently guarantee you hours of amusement.
>> No. 82745 Anonymous
9th June 2017
Friday 10:01 am
82745 spacer
I have a nasty feeling he'll get away scot free. If impeached, ex post pardoning.
>> No. 82761 Anonymous
9th June 2017
Friday 1:18 pm
82761 spacer
No point pardoning him since he hasn't done all that much to support criminal charges. As Comey said to the committee yesterday, it was everyone around him that was doing all that. Manafort, Flynn, Kushner, et al.


>> No. 58065 R4GE
2nd June 2017
Friday 9:44 pm
/iq/58065 spacer
What do you reckon nick is up to these days?
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>> No. 58118 R4GE
8th June 2017
Thursday 10:54 pm
58118 spacer

Things were much simpler.
>> No. 58119 Samefag
8th June 2017
Thursday 11:04 pm
58119 spacer
We should have a pub crawl in honour of Nick
>> No. 58120 Billbob
8th June 2017
Thursday 11:41 pm
58120 spacer
>> No. 58121 Samefag
8th June 2017
Thursday 11:44 pm
58121 spacer

He is mainstream man. Moist even.
>> No. 58122 Anonymous
8th June 2017
Thursday 11:44 pm
58122 spacer
Tough call. Bulgaria is cheap and has nice-ish beaches, but on the other hand it's full of Bulgmanians.


>> No. 58052 Billbob
27th May 2017
Saturday 10:09 pm
/iq/58052 spacer
Split up with my missus, need to go on a one night stands sex binge.

Someone told me Manchester was the best place to nail young girls, can anyone confirm?
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>> No. 58054 Searchfag
27th May 2017
Saturday 10:46 pm
58054 spacer

If she can do it without breaking them then that's a skill. If she's just packing damp crumbs up there them I could do that, and I don't even have a fanny.
>> No. 58055 Billbob
27th May 2017
Saturday 11:52 pm
58055 spacer
Yeah but M8s am talking about Nailing Young girls in Manchester :shoots self again:
>> No. 58056 Searchfag
27th May 2017
Saturday 11:56 pm
58056 spacer
Nah m7 in rotherham the girls blow you
>> No. 58057 Ambulancelad
28th May 2017
Sunday 8:50 pm
58057 spacer
Manchester, Leeds, and Sheffield are all decent areas for this sort of thing. They don't call it the Flaps Triangle for nothing. They don't actually call it that.

I might be biased since it's where I grew up, but Newcastle is the easiest city in England for casual anonymous sex.

My advice would be get tinder, pay the premium and start swiping in different locations. You'll find someone tonight, assuming you're at least a 4/10.
>> No. 58117 YubYub
8th June 2017
Thursday 10:49 pm
58117 spacer
Stoke m8 easy women southern accents make them drop their panties


>> No. 58102 Auntiefucker
6th June 2017
Tuesday 4:38 pm
/iq/58102 spacer
Hull woman Gemma Gibbon asked shop for Karpackie lager and ended up in court for 'racist abuse'

A woman too drunk to buy alcohol at a shop has been cleared of racially abusing the manager because she was misheard asking for her favourite Karpackie lager.

Gemma Gibbon, 33, who described herself as an alcoholic, had already drunk "six or seven" cans of the 9 per cent strong Polish beer when she staggered into Sainsbury's in Spring Bank, west Hull, at about 5.30pm on March 28.

The manager declined to serve her, because she "looked intoxicated" and "couldn't stand on her feet", Hull Magistrates' Court heard. Gibbon refused to leave, and was accused of subjecting him to an expletive-laden tirade of racial and sexual abuse.

Opening the case against her, prosecutor Michael Masson said: "She was aggressive, shouting and swearing, and was asked to leave by the store manager. She asked him if he slept with children, asked if he was a P***, and when she continued to be aggressive was again asked to leave. She made declarations that he was a foreigner that slept with children."

Gibbon said: "I was being a bit of a pain, I was a bit loud.I just remember asking for more beer, and because I drink them Karpackies I'd asked for Karpackies, 'cos I drink them every day."
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 58105 Anonymous
6th June 2017
Tuesday 7:06 pm
58105 spacer

That's actually the number one potato based snack in all of Estonia.
>> No. 58111 Ambulancelad
8th June 2017
Thursday 2:24 pm
58111 spacer

>Hull is in dire need of it's own Poirot

I suppose you are wondering why I 'ave gathered you all 'ere in zis sheet'ole of a town
>> No. 58112 Searchfag
8th June 2017
Thursday 2:27 pm
58112 spacer

'Ull's alright. There's far worse places.
>> No. 58113 R4GE
8th June 2017
Thursday 3:42 pm
58113 spacer

>> No. 58114 Are Moaty
8th June 2017
Thursday 6:50 pm
58114 spacer

I was thinking Wigan, and I'm a Latics fan.


>> No. 58106 Billbob
7th June 2017
Wednesday 1:37 pm
/iq/58106 spacer
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>> No. 58107 Auntiefucker
7th June 2017
Wednesday 2:28 pm
58107 spacer
Wait, Badger has died? Fucks sake its like 2016 all over again
>> No. 58108 Anonymous
7th June 2017
Wednesday 2:55 pm
58108 spacer
>> No. 58109 YubYub
7th June 2017
Wednesday 6:19 pm
58109 spacer
Don't tell me what to do M6.
>> No. 58110 Paedofag
7th June 2017
Wednesday 9:36 pm
58110 spacer
dicks out for badger.


P1030060 - Copy.jpg
>> No. 409850 Anonymous
23rd April 2017
Sunday 11:32 am
/b/409850 Help please.
Name my fish, lads.
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>> No. 411073 Anonymous
6th June 2017
Tuesday 9:19 pm
411073 spacer
Mickey Finn
>> No. 411074 Anonymous
6th June 2017
Tuesday 9:19 pm
411074 spacer
Mickey Finn
>> No. 411082 Anonymous
6th June 2017
Tuesday 11:44 pm
411082 spacer
Piscis, Dei Gratia Magnae Britanniae, Hiberniae et terrarum transmarinarum quae in ditione sunt Britannica Rex, Fidei Defensor
>> No. 411090 Anonymous
7th June 2017
Wednesday 8:17 am
411090 spacer
Swiman Abedi.
>> No. 411121 Anonymous
7th June 2017
Wednesday 8:20 pm
411121 spacer

What about Neville?


>> No. 5003 Anonymous
6th September 2011
Tuesday 6:40 pm
/101/5003 spacer
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>> No. 25272 Anonymous
19th April 2017
Wednesday 7:00 pm
25272 spacer

Did he make that up, or was he just mistaken? An "antidote" in that context sounds like something Larry David in Curb would use to put the end to an awful conversation. Hilarity ensues.
>> No. 25274 Anonymous
19th April 2017
Wednesday 8:37 pm
25274 spacer
I'm sure he was very much mistaken, but he's one of those chaps who hears some kind of new idiom and doesn't bother to understand its meaning and just imitates it poorly. Dime a dozen becoming diamond dozen and all that.
>> No. 25301 Anonymous
9th May 2017
Tuesday 1:22 pm
25301 spacer
"Anyone no of a good bridle shop?"

Bridle for bridal, she later asked about dressmakers, so I can assume she meant bridal. Add this to the pile of thickness in the thread.
>> No. 25302 Anonymous
9th May 2017
Tuesday 2:44 pm
25302 spacer
Maybe she wants something kinky for the honeymoon.
>> No. 25368 Anonymous
7th June 2017
Wednesday 6:13 pm
25368 spacer
"What's that sapost to mean?"

It's amazing what people come up with on the internet.


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