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>> No. 416275 Anonymous
19th March 2018
Monday 1:59 am
/b/416275 I love you two
/iq/ is the most intelligent board again and we're ruining /x/ and /emo/ threads with off-topic but very interesting conversations.

Thank fuck the tedious politicos and trolls in /pol/ have fucked off.

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>> No. 416398 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 9:20 am
416398 spacer

>> No. 416401 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 6:43 pm
416401 spacer
> Not to make you feel even worse but there's about 70 of them now.

Good grief, and here's me thinking that there's still only about a dozen of them.
>> No. 416402 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 6:45 pm
416402 spacer

What's so bad about Wagamama's to you? Genuinely curious.
>> No. 416406 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 10:31 pm
416406 spacer
>Mushroom Brioche

That's just mushrooms on toast though innit. I always understood that brioche buns/bread had milk in it though.
>> No. 416407 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 10:36 pm
416407 spacer

Good point, and yeah, egg and butter. I do wonder what a vegan french restaurant looks like, it's probably not very french at all.


>> No. 40341 Anonymous
26th November 2016
Saturday 9:10 pm
/x/40341 British Girls
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>> No. 40625 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 3:53 am
40625 spacer

They really shouldn't let women travel in groups like that. It all goes to shit when they pool their resources.

Have you ever been accosted by a hen party? They're all monsters.
>> No. 40627 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 4:57 am
40627 spacer

>a hen party

My gym, which is fucking posh, and I only go there for a daily steam/sauna, hardly ever go near the gym machines right - its been reviewed as one of the best day spas in the UK, so they all troop in on a Saturday/Sunday in a gaggle, making far too much noise, inappropriate swimwear, taking selfies, leaving the door open in the steam room and then FUCKING TALKING LIKE STFU.

Don't get me started. MONSTERS.

Like this, but in the Deep South and posher.
>> No. 40628 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 5:22 am
40628 spacer

I feel your pain. I can imagine it now. "EEEE SANDRA THEY'VE GOT A JACUZZI!"

I don't really 'get' going to a fancy gym or indeed a sauna. Maybe I am not old enough yet to enjoy that sort of thing, I still go to the gym to lift weights and that. My gym is in a unit under a railway bridge ffs.
>> No. 40629 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 5:28 am
40629 spacer
>a unit under a railway bridge

Soft southern ponce reporting in. At least 30 minutes in the steam room every day. Cucumber over eyes optional. Don't speak, this is me time.

I am fucking ugly but at least have nice (clean) skin.
>> No. 40630 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 7:02 am
40630 spacer

>At least 30 minutes in the steam room every day. Cucumber over eyes optional. Don't speak, this is me time.

I can see the value of that, to be fair. I used to drive out to the middle of nowhere for similar purposes. Took longer than half an hour.

I've recently started meditating, or more accurately learning to meditate. It's bloody lovely. Even if it's just a way to be quiet for 20 minutes.


>> No. 26383 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 6:19 am
/g/26383 Shoreham Air Disaster - embracing failure and the AAIB
I'm a huge believer in embracing failure in technology - create a psychologically safe space where people can talk about what went wrong without fear or favour. No blame. The Air Accident Investigation Board (AAIB) is the absolute best in any business at this.

Not much will be written about this as it is now a court case and the pilot is being charged with manslaughter - but everything is in that report. Amazing work.

Every geek can learn from this.


>> No. 12431 Anonymous
20th March 2018
Tuesday 10:56 am
/nom/12431 spacer
What are the most bitter, widely available nonalcoholic drinks you can think of?

I love bitter flavours and want something I can sip throughout the day with an almost medicinal taste.

At the moment I drink black coffee and grapefruit juice quite regularly, but would like more choice.
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>> No. 12458 Anonymous
21st March 2018
Wednesday 9:46 pm
12458 spacer
How about some Marmite tea.
>> No. 12459 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 1:34 am
12459 spacer

I used to like old-school Bovril though, the few times we ever had it. My nan convinced me one day that an Oxo cube was just as good.
>> No. 12460 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 2:19 am
12460 spacer

My grandad maintains that the RAF ran on Bovril back in the war. He still gets hold of the cubes from somewhere.

I recently discovered that Bovril has been vegetarian for nearly 15 years. Can't say I ever noticed.
>> No. 12461 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 2:37 am
12461 spacer
> My grandad maintains that the RAF ran on Bovril back in the war.

Bovril was just Officer code for methamphetamine hydrochloride.
>> No. 12462 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 3:35 am
12462 spacer
>Bovril has been vegetarian for nearly 15 year

Also, Bisto. Changed our lives.


>> No. 416104 Anonymous
12th March 2018
Monday 5:00 pm
/b/416104 spacer
I have found something I disagree with on the internet! *revilement*
This is inadequate.

This is from Uni of California.

I propose a superior list from my own mind:

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 416327 Anonymous
19th March 2018
Monday 3:18 pm
416327 spacer

>I just thought I would end up killing myself coming to a boring, grey, normal office everyday.

This was exactly my thinking. They were a bit perplexed when I said I'd rather have an office tucked away in the factory bit than the EVERYTHING IS A GLASS BOX bit.
>> No. 416339 Anonymous
20th March 2018
Tuesday 8:16 pm
416339 spacer
>>416261 OP Here, yeah it's fair enough, i'd be similarly curious. I just don't want the victim in the event of reading this to feel gossiped about - details spread over the internet; although they are somewhat spread locally already. Also please forgive the clinical tone and so forth. This is what background chatter sound like in Whatton prison, FYI! .

I am not claiming to blame the victim at all, i am merely saying that actually doing sex offences fucks up your mind somewhat and so ex-sex-offenders are victims in the sense of someone damaged by the event - this is never emphasized in the mainstream media. Fleeting thoughts or neuroses such as "urgh CP!(?) I wonder what the fuss is about" -> "I feel bad for these thoughts/images" -> I should "admit" that by physically touching a child to "le petite mort": to kill these thoughts .
>> No. 416361 Anonymous
21st March 2018
Wednesday 8:52 pm
416361 spacer
>"urgh CP!(?) I wonder what the fuss is about"

Most people don't think this though, I mean, what were you expecting to find? And the second step, you felt bad for (having) these thoughts and images, but how do you use that feeling to jump to the third, of actually doing it? Those are a series of quite startling mental/moral leaps.

A large part of me doesn't even want to hear your answers, but I appreciate your candour.
>> No. 416384 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 2:00 am
416384 spacer
This thread is starting to make me feel a bit ill. Can I open a vote of no confidence in it being of any more productive use, please?
>> No. 416385 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 2:03 am
416385 spacer
Me too. It's okay I have been watching it closely. He's served his time and I want to believe in rehabilitation, but.

Also, he'll never, ever get a job without changing his name. That's the real punishment here.


>> No. 416369 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 1:21 am
/b/416369 black hanekawa sex
I want to have sex with black hanekawa.
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>> No. 416372 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 1:32 am
416372 spacer
It's just fucking rubbish though - I don't get anime, least of all the sexual stuff. You're wanking to a cartoon.
>> No. 416373 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 1:32 am
416373 spacer
For fuck sake, post it on the porn board you berk. KC refugees are getting exactly two days to pull their shit together.
>> No. 416374 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 1:35 am
416374 spacer
Well moderated ladm8.
>> No. 416375 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 1:36 am
416375 spacer

I want to inside her
>> No. 416376 Anonymous
22nd March 2018
Thursday 1:38 am
416376 spacer
First you need to learn to post on the right board. You're welcome here but this isn't fucking krautchan. We moderate much harder than you're expecting.


>> No. 25991 Anonymous
2nd January 2018
Tuesday 12:12 am
/emo/25991 spacer
To cut a long story short, there's this girl I've been seeing for 8 months or so now. Far from my first rodeo, but my longest one to date. It's been really great so far for the most part - I always enjoy seeing her, and she always seems happy to see me.

The problem is that, whereas being with other girls always increased my confidence and general happiness, somehow being with her has just led to me becoming more insecure and filled with worries. She's by far the most attractive girl I've ever dated and I just never feel good enough for her.

Rather than getting better it seems to have gotten worse recently. I use any small thing to convince myself she's going to leave me, like most women do once they get to know me. I'm genuinely amazed she ever dated me in the first place. I want to get her out of my head so it will hurt me less, but I can't find anything to replace her.

Reading this back makes me sound a bit mad, but it's an honest account of the loops my mind goes in when not fulfilled by some distraction. Have many of you here felt similar before - is it just one of those things that sorts itself out? I'm not sure how much I should talk to her about it, in my head she'll just think I'm somewhere between overly clingy and mad if I tell the truth.
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>> No. 26351 Anonymous
20th March 2018
Tuesday 4:23 pm
26351 spacer
>he'd made it into a big fancy gesture and all that, middle of a restaurant

Absolutely even more likely to say no, if I was the bird. I think the big public proposal is an awful thing to do to someone, for just the reasons you suggest - you are putting an enormous amount of pressure on someone, in public, to agree to do something really important; I think girls hate it too. I think I would question why that person wanted to do it in public like that.

You're right, it wouldn't be easy.
>> No. 26352 Anonymous
20th March 2018
Tuesday 4:43 pm
26352 spacer

I agree. I always assume people who do this sort of thing are either 100% sure she'll say yes (let's be honest, we all talk about this shit way ahead of time with our partners? right? I know exactly how my missus thinks about marriage) or are very insecure.

I won't ever get married but I definitely think there's a lack of sentimentality to a public proposal. Maybe that's just an introvert's way of seeing it, though.
>> No. 26354 Anonymous
20th March 2018
Tuesday 9:33 pm
26354 spacer

If youtube is to be believed, public marriage proposals tend to have a piss poor outcome.

My theory is that they fail because the reasoning behind them is flawed. What is your point in making such a public affair out of it? For some blokes, I am guessing it might be the idea that the lass isn't going to say no in front of a crowd of dozens or even hundreds of random spectators. In which case the question must be, why do you need her in a spot where she isn't going to say no because of public pressure? Would her answer be more iffy under different circumstances? And if yes, then that is kind of a strong indication that she will never say yes to begin with. Not in private with you, not in front of a hundred people.

I have to hand it to my dad, he was subtle and understated. One day, he was sitting in the livingroom of my parents' flat, hidden behind a newspaper, and on page one of his newspaper there was something about some random aristocratic couple that was getting married that week. So my dad just flipped down the upper corner of his newspaper with his finger and looked at my mum and said, "Hm. What do you think, should we get married as well?". My mum had been dying for him to propose, and then just out of nowhere one day came that deadpan and understated move from my dad. Now, THAT is how you propose with a good sense of humour.
>> No. 26357 Anonymous
21st March 2018
Wednesday 5:28 am
26357 spacer
>I won't ever get married

Getting married is one of the best things I ever did. It's a good thing.
>> No. 26358 Anonymous
21st March 2018
Wednesday 6:12 am
26358 spacer

I'd probably enjoy doing it, but functionally it's not necessary. Neither me or the missus likes a fuss, and we're pretty certain we're going to grow old together anyway. It seems like a very unnecessary step at this stage. And personally I've always felt it a bit odd to have to declare/promise your commitment? I was planning on that anyways.

Maybe that's a cynical way of looking at it. Did anything change between you and your bird after she became the wife? Or is it more about enjoying the festivities?


>> No. 26342 Anonymous
20th March 2018
Tuesday 10:33 am
/emo/26342 I know the answer already, but...
Flatmate not-on-contract, promised to pay a last month's rent or get someone for the room, didn't, left, blocked me on FB.

I've got no recourse right? There's messages on facebook confirming various aspects of the deal, but no contract.

He's in a band, do I just stalk all their tour dates and past photos of our facebook conversations like an asshole creep?
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>> No. 26345 Anonymous
20th March 2018
Tuesday 11:59 am
26345 spacer
Honestly? Move on and presume he will do nothing.

Revenge is a dish best eaten cold. Karma always gets them.
>> No. 26347 Anonymous
20th March 2018
Tuesday 12:07 pm
26347 spacer
This. Get the sheriffs on him/her/pop-up toaster.
>> No. 26353 Anonymous
20th March 2018
Tuesday 9:19 pm
26353 spacer

200, it was meant to be 200 plus bills but we never agreed bill amount so I can't do much about that.


I'd like to but I'm livid and I'm happy to dedicate a bit of time towards getting it. Not gonna kill myself for it but I can't just not pursue it.


I'm happy to hear this, do you have any source behind it though?
>> No. 26355 Anonymous
21st March 2018
Wednesday 1:17 am
26355 spacer
>I'm happy to hear this, do you have any source behind it though?

My source is having a degree in law. You are more than welcome to read the wiki article on UK contract law which will tell the same thing.
>> No. 26356 Anonymous
21st March 2018
Wednesday 5:19 am
26356 spacer
These things are upsetting, and I am sure it is a lot of money to you, but honestly? For 200 quid? Let it go.

A contract is offer and acceptance and that can take place in many forms, verbally, by email, by fucking Facebook message if you really want and legal-lad is right in >>26344 but there is also a point where the amount of time and effort it would take to recover the debt far outweighs the benefit. Most lawyers won't tell you this because they're on the clock and are super cautious and precise. But let it fucking go.


>> No. 416341 Anonymous
20th March 2018
Tuesday 9:50 pm
/b/416341 spacer

(A good day to you Sir!)
(A good day to you Sir!)
(A good day to you Sir!)
(A good day to you Sir!)
(A good day to you Sir!)
(A good day to you Sir!)
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>> No. 416342 Anonymous
20th March 2018
Tuesday 10:12 pm
416342 spacer
I mean honestly.
>> No. 416343 Anonymous
20th March 2018
Tuesday 10:17 pm
416343 spacer
Very audible mirth indeed!
>> No. 416344 Anonymous
20th March 2018
Tuesday 10:18 pm
416344 spacer



>> No. 4443 Anonymous
3rd January 2018
Wednesday 9:32 pm
/fat/4443 spacer
>squat twice a week
>3x20 with 1 min rest between sets
>about 50% 1RM
>massive pump and breathlessness

Will this make my legs grow + get fit?
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>> No. 4446 Anonymous
4th January 2018
Thursday 12:26 am
4446 spacer
>squat-heavy exercise regimens are promoted by bumders

You can tell by the mirror gazers at your average gym weights section that most of it is taken up by bumders. It is one of their conspiracies to try and make you join I think.
>> No. 4473 Anonymous
19th March 2018
Monday 8:31 pm
4473 spacer
>> No. 4474 Anonymous
19th March 2018
Monday 9:48 pm
4474 spacer
A lot of threads on /fat/ seem to start with "I'm doing x, will it help y?" and I'm left wondering where x came from in the first place.

The short answer is yes, OP, doing frequent challenging leg exercises will probably make your lower body muscles grow. Is it the ideal way to do it? I don't know, but if you do it consistently over a long period of time you're likely to get bigger legs.

Interestingly Stan Efferding talks about doing 20 rep sets for other reasons. Something about the hormone response, or cellular response, or oxygen debt from the extreme demands of getting to that 20th rep... I'll have to look it up.
>> No. 4475 Anonymous
19th March 2018
Monday 9:51 pm
4475 spacer

Hilarious, but I'm sure his are would look normal again if he cut some weight and started doing some variation.
>> No. 4476 Anonymous
20th March 2018
Tuesday 2:25 am
4476 spacer
They are the weirdest legs I have ever seen.


stock image.jpg
>> No. 26313 Anonymous
9th February 2018
Friday 12:45 am
/g/26313 Value Tablets in 2018
Alright lads.

Bad news, my £100 Tesco Hudl 2 shit the bed a while ago.

Unfortunately they've stopped making them, so I've been scraping the lower end of the market for a replacement. There's nothing really catching my eye as good value, even the wanky half-sales websites like Which? and CNET are saying as much.

My budget is probably £250 absolute max, preferably around the £200 mark.

>preferably 10" screen, as long as it's not distinctly noted as being shit quality I don't mind
>proper Android OS, nothing Amazon or Chinese proprietary
>expandable memory (32Gb+)
>smooth general operation and HD playback
>not fussed about camera quality at all

Any tips?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 26350 Anonymous
19th March 2018
Monday 3:34 pm
26350 spacer


I can heartily recommend torque. It's nicely configurable and as technical as you want it to be.

>want to change out the car radio into one of these little double-DIN Android/PC boxes that do all the things

I can recommend that too. The Pumpkin ones they sell on amazon are great, fairly powerful for what they are. The one I bought was about 200 quid but it came with a fuckload of accesories - two cameras, 4G dongle, DAB unit, and some other stuff. They've got surprisingly decent DAC on board too.

It's really fucking fun to run Torque live on it, especially since it logs quarter mile speeds and live graphs of pressures and speeds basically everything you want.

I'm about to start the painful process of hacking one into the Disco so I can have live terrain views for off-roading.
>> No. 26351 Anonymous
19th March 2018
Monday 4:09 pm
26351 spacer
>Pumpkin ones they sell on amazon are great

Thanks lad, that was going to be my next thread - wondered if someone round here had done it. How well did it integrate with existing peripherals in the car? Mine is a VW with parking sensors (which I love), I would like to add the Pumpkin but don't really want to have to remove or rewire the existing microphone, speakers and sensors. Kind of hoping I just yank the existing radio out and plug everything back in, but I know how optimistic that idea is.

Yeah the OBD2 thing while live is fucking amazing. I have been trying out the various apps while having the Kindle mounted on the dashboard, getting the real-time graphs and that as you're moving is like something straight off the F1 pit-wall; only on an a VW MPV and using a fifty quid Kindle.
>> No. 26352 Anonymous
19th March 2018
Monday 4:30 pm
26352 spacer
Of the three cars I have owned, my first two had OBD2 and I couldn't get any more info than your basic error codes at best on my first, and the second (a Volvo V40) would not talk to anything over OBD2, ever. I checked the wiring and fuses as best I could but it never did.

My car these days has OBD1, so God help me if it ever spits out a code.
>> No. 26353 Anonymous
19th March 2018
Monday 5:08 pm
26353 spacer

>Kind of hoping I just yank the existing radio out and plug everything back in, but I know how optimistic that idea is.

Actually, that's often exactly how it works. I can only speak for the cars of about five to ten years ago because it's what I tend to buy, but typically if you have a thing that controls your radio, or puts sound through your audio system, it's all done through the ISO plug on the back. It's often plug and play, or at the very worst 'buy an adaptor from Halfords and play'.

The fact my 1994 Landy can do the volume on a 2017 Sony head unit should say a lot. Car electronics are pretty fucking primitive.
>> No. 26354 Anonymous
19th March 2018
Monday 5:20 pm
26354 spacer

I also just realised that when I had one in the Skoda it worked fine with the sensors, and that's essentially VW. I really think they just output analog audio to the head unit.


>> No. 416122 Anonymous
14th March 2018
Wednesday 12:33 am
/b/416122 spacer
This isn't funny he could have fallen dead
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>> No. 416312 Anonymous
19th March 2018
Monday 1:36 pm
416312 spacer

Same. People have been seriously injured in incidents like this.
>> No. 416317 Anonymous
19th March 2018
Monday 2:51 pm
416317 spacer
Yeah, I've seen some cunts on bikes, but nobody deserves that.
>> No. 416318 Anonymous
19th March 2018
Monday 2:52 pm
416318 spacer

On a road like that he was probably doing at least 20mph, potentially more. I'd hate to meet a rock or pointy stick to the chest like that.

I feel safer cycling in the city a lot of the time, as I'm usually faster and more manoeuvrable than the cars. But out there on them country roads I just about shit myself every time a defender comes barrelling past. There's a reason I have a gopro on my bike and it's not because I like to watch my rides back.
>> No. 416320 Anonymous
19th March 2018
Monday 2:57 pm
416320 spacer
>I'd hate to meet a rock or pointy stick to the chest like that.

It would be a fence, maybe some (barbed) wire that would be lethal.

I am a motorcyclist too and I have never quite gotten the point of carrying the GoPro around to record bad things - I get why but I am not sure its the best solution to the problem.

These in-car dashboard cameras have become very popular. Dunno - seems more like a way to get footage for your YouTube channel than risk mitigation.
>> No. 416325 Anonymous
19th March 2018
Monday 3:08 pm
416325 spacer

>Dunno - seems more like a way to get footage for your YouTube channel than risk mitigation.

Probably, I certainly would't be telling my insurance company I had one installed either. But there's a lot of crash for cash wankers in my neck of the woods, so I do have one in my car, too.

A while ago my mum went into the back of someone because he slammed his brakes on half way out into a empty roundabout, if she'd had a dashcam she might not have had to cop full liability for it. Certainly she'd have had a better chance than without.

The radar detector is the thing that's worth it's weight in gold to me. I thought they'd be bollocks but they're great. I'm a Very Naughty Boy so it's nice to have that advanced rozzer warning. I've noticed it sometimes pings when there's a squad car behind me (presumably they use the same speed measuring thingies as the handheld plod?), I'd love to know if that's the case for unmarked ones too.


>> No. 415984 Anonymous
3rd March 2018
Saturday 3:28 am
/b/415984 .gs choose your own adventure
I will have the next two weeks free and I need something to do. Currently my only plan is to eat and fuck, but I suspect there is more to life. I have about £1000 to burn along with free flights almost anywhere in Asia and Europe.

Give me direction .gs!
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>> No. 415987 Anonymous
3rd March 2018
Saturday 5:02 am
415987 spacer
Well you could go abroad, but you don't need to when there's plenty of fun to be had right here. May I recommend the Salt Museum in Northwich.

> The Salt Museum in Northwich is the first and still the only museum about salt mining in Great Britain.
>> No. 415988 Anonymous
3rd March 2018
Saturday 5:02 am
415988 spacer
Come to Crewe and let me mug your grand.
>> No. 415989 Anonymous
3rd March 2018
Saturday 7:29 am
415989 spacer

Oh Alan!
>> No. 416004 Anonymous
3rd March 2018
Saturday 5:27 pm
416004 spacer
Trans Siberian railway and then fly back, if you have access to free flights.
>> No. 416311 Anonymous
19th March 2018
Monday 1:31 pm
416311 spacer
Well, you should have got back yesterday.

Where did you go?


>> No. 26284 Anonymous
17th March 2018
Saturday 9:49 pm
/emo/26284 spacer
So, older but not old lads,

do you sometimes look at pictures of your younger self and think what a fucking waste of time you allowed the prime of your life to be?

I just looked at pictures of myself tonight from about 16 years ago when I was in the middle of uni, and I can't help wishing I'd really done something about my emotional issues that I had back then (most of them family related, but also due to me having schizoid personality tendencies and a family predisposition to clinical depression). I was a sad, lonely younglad who only very rarely had sex at all during uni. Actual relationships were few and far between. Women back then always told me that I was really very handsome looking, and looking at my pictures now, they were probably right. I was never the male supermodel type, but I was thin and athletic and with just that healthy dose of upper body muscle, and with an attractive looking, blokey bloke face if I may say so myself. Although even in the best pictures, I can't help noticing that underlying sadness in my eyes. That's in nearly every picture.

I keep thinking, if only I had been a happier person inside, emotionally. If only I had sought professional help much sooner in my life (I didn't until my very late 20s/early 30s). I was a complete mess, so many unresolved issues and daemons that were really eating away at my happiness as such. I ruined many opportunities of starting relationships with quite attractive young women early on because of all that. I was in a quite bad and dark place inside.

The point isn't that nowadays I have a receding, greying hairline and have put on over a stone and a half since uni. That's just life, nobody escapes the aging process. I feel myself in a bearable place about all that. But still, I feel like I squandered all the good things I had going for myself at that age. If things hadn't looked so grim inside my tortured soul, who knows what I could have experienced.

Sorry for starting yet another pointless rambling thread.
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>> No. 26320 Anonymous
18th March 2018
Sunday 12:18 pm
26320 spacer

The therapist that I was seeing for some time used to work as part of a government-mandated serious offenders prison release and rehabilitiation programme. Basically, if you've committed serious crimes like murder, rape, child molestation or any number of heinous violent crimes that got you something like ten years or more, you are required to stay in counselling after you get out to help you get back on your feet again in the real world. He told me he often had patients who had spent their early 20s to late 30s in prison and then got out in middle age, and when they got out, they had to face the fact that their most productive years were behind them, when regular people their age had built careers for themselves, bought houses, had children, the works. They start with nothing when they get out, a lot of times not even your closest family members will want anything to do with you if you've spent ten years and more in the clink for (child) rape.

It kind of puts things in perspective. Us early middle aged lads who didn't spend ten or fifteen years in prison may not be happy with the way our lives turned out, but the difference is, we were free to live whatever kind of life we ended up living. We didn't just watch time go by, locked inside a cell day in, day out. And yet, despite that great big void spanning all those many years of their personal history, they are encouraged to rebuild their lives bit by bit and move forward and not look back.

My therapist told me that the real problem that normal people our age face isn't necessarily really the thought that they have wasted their best years. But that they chose to go down one particular path and thus never seized the opportunities that all the other paths they could have gone down offered. But then again, realistically, you were never going to be able to have your cake and eat it anyway, i.e. you were always going to have to choose ONE of those paths for yourself and not all the others. Also, you don't know if those other paths really would have turned out better for you and made you a happier and more fulfilled person. You only tell yourself that. So a lot of times, the key to overcoming middle age depression and midlife crisis is confirmation therapy, in that people are taught how to be in a good place about the life they've led, for better or worse.

Also, listen to this song, recorded by Pink Floyd when they were all roughly in their early 40s themselves... I was only a teenlad when it came out and never quite understood why my dad loved this song so much... but the older I'm getting, the more I understand it on a much more profound level.

In fact, I think this is the song that I want played at my funeral someday. It's just got the right mixture of solemnity, reflection, and mourning of the past.
>> No. 26324 Anonymous
18th March 2018
Sunday 5:23 pm
26324 spacer
> He told me he often had patients who had spent their early 20s to late 30s in prison and then got out in middle age, and when they got out, they had to face the fact that their most productive years were behind them, when regular people their age had built careers for themselves, bought houses, had children, the works

I know this is going to sound utterly hormonally teen-lad dramatic but I told my therapist the same thing: I feel like I might feel worse than someone who lost his legs in a freak judo accident or went blind when a sasha grey gape tape blew his expermental 4k monitor into a cloud of billowing glass dust;

Nothing was taken from me, I suffered no real ill fortune, I just pissed the prime of my life up the wall wasting it all away one day of addiction at a time with a person who was I was never supposed to end up with culminating in the mousetrap of having a sprog with her and and being trapped her here until I either find enough pills to top myself or the kid leaves home and fucks off to uni at 18.

At which point I'll probably fuck myself off westminster bridge because I've ruined my body through drink and drugs to the point where I'll never pull again unless I move into full time whoring. Christ.
>> No. 26325 Anonymous
18th March 2018
Sunday 5:25 pm
26325 spacer

Just to be clear I mean that I feel worse because honestly there's no single fucker I can blame in the world, even my ratty parents, for the situation I'm in other than myself.
>> No. 26327 Anonymous
18th March 2018
Sunday 5:59 pm
26327 spacer
I like that sense of responsibility though - most mornings I am able to look myself in the eye in the bathroom mirror and say, It's Your Fault.

Now you can either be crushed by that idea or use it to empower you (much as I loathe the word). It's Your Fault - if you take responsibility for something, then you can take responsibility for fixing it. If you had someone else to blame, or some other external reasons for the angst you find yourself in, that is more difficult.

Small changes, every day, are easy. It's a bit like the theory of marginal gains that some sports teams use. You can't possibly hope to improve your lot with some 50% improvement, if you could you would already be doing it, but perhaps you can make a 1% improvement per week. You won't get there every week, but it all adds up. Small changes, every day. Start with that mirror.
>> No. 26328 Anonymous
18th March 2018
Sunday 6:04 pm
26328 spacer

Whether it's your own fault or not, here you are. It doesn't matter how you got here, just that you make the best of where you are in your life.

I don't think actually having somebody else to blame for your own misfortune would make life easier for you. Because a grudge against another person is just as bad in terms of finding your inner peace as it is to hate your own self for your bad decisions. Both are dark places to be.

Only when you learn to leave all that behind, regardless of who you have chosen to blame, will you find true happiness.


>> No. 60157 Searchfag
16th March 2018
Friday 7:56 pm
/iq/60157 spacer

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>> No. 60183 YubYub
18th March 2018
Sunday 2:49 am
60183 spacer
It took me a couple of days to realise this thread was about coronation street and not a former professional footballer. I think that means there might now be four of us, which is even more concerning.
>> No. 60184 Crabkiller
18th March 2018
Sunday 2:51 am
60184 spacer

I only did because someone said 'corrie'.

If there truly is four of us, what's going to happen if we deadlock at the next board meeting?
>> No. 60188 YubYub
18th March 2018
Sunday 4:08 am
60188 spacer

There's only three of us and purpz gets the deciding vote except on full moons on Friday the 13th in which case oaken green literature lad is laid beneath the teats of a milk-laden goat and the teats are treated like sides on a die. Thus the lords of the shed place bets upon the online lives of mere mortals and green sucks the teat of his random infantile choosing and then, and only then, is the situation resolved.

Which is why purpz lies about renewing the domain every four years, he's really just waiting for green to stop doing ket off black's oversized clitoris and suck the fucking goats teet for fucks sake.
>> No. 60189 YubYub
18th March 2018
Sunday 4:23 am
60189 spacer

Judging by the pictures I saw of that one party they had, this seems accurate.
>> No. 60190 Samefag
18th March 2018
Sunday 4:49 am
60190 spacer
I was just going to say that everyone argues and then I decide, but I like your version more.


What a tosser.jpg
>> No. 60173 YubYub
18th March 2018
Sunday 12:07 am
/iq/60173 Man looks like fool on Twitter Shocker

Don't mess wit' Yorkshire! Or something... I'm not actually a bin dipper.
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>> No. 60174 Anonymous
18th March 2018
Sunday 12:13 am
60174 spacer
There are loads of ridiculous stories like this - the DM had one today about a twat that sent some WhatsApps to 53 women. I mean FFS. Almost tempted to say FAKE NEWS.
>> No. 60177 Moralfag
18th March 2018
Sunday 1:15 am
60177 spacer

To be fair, even though the article reads like buzzfeed clickbait, the story did give me a chuckle.

"He wrote: "Hia girls you alright, it’s Dom I just couldn’t be a***** texting you all individually, what you all doing tonight?"

I bet you a tenner one of them took him up, too.
>> No. 60178 Anonymous
18th March 2018
Sunday 1:35 am
60178 spacer

It's okay lad, thought exactly the same when I read it.


>> No. 413694 Anonymous
17th November 2017
Friday 5:40 pm
/b/413694 spacer
Weekend thread? Weekend thread.
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>> No. 416242 Anonymous
17th March 2018
Saturday 9:56 pm
416242 spacer

>They just won't understand how much they've ruined your day, and likely will have forgotten all about it long before they ever do realise.

Succinctly put, at a certain age, you're closer to the grave than they are (except for that one kid who always wears a cap). Youth is a time when you are allowed all the obliviousness in the world. What you do from one day to the next doesn't matter much in your young life. But the days and the way people treat you become more meaningful to you the older you get. You feel sad when somebody so carelessly ruins your day with that one inconsiderate thing they do at a moment's notice.

Those were pretty much exactly my late granddad's words.

Except for the bit with the kid with the cap.
>> No. 416245 Anonymous
17th March 2018
Saturday 11:10 pm
416245 spacer

It's just vicious or virtuous circles of perception. If you see a bunch of kids playing outside your house and begrudge them their youth and vigour, you'll be infuriated whenever their ball goes over your hedge or bangs against your garage door. If you see those kids at play and take a vicarious joy in it, you won't mind the odd inconvenience or annoyance.

If a group of children having fun can ruin your day, then your day was probably ruined from the moment you woke up - you were just looking for a reason to call it ruined.
>> No. 416246 Anonymous
17th March 2018
Saturday 11:13 pm
416246 spacer

Maybe, or, a kid dents your bonnet and costs you fifty quid you didn't have.
>> No. 416249 Anonymous
18th March 2018
Sunday 12:12 am
416249 spacer
Do you not own a plunger?
>> No. 416250 Anonymous
18th March 2018
Sunday 1:18 am
416250 spacer

I did but I chucked it at some kids who were having fun too loudly near my house.


>> No. 26259 Anonymous
17th March 2018
Saturday 1:08 am
/emo/26259 spacer
Who do I talk to about loneliness and suicide
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>> No. 26260 Anonymous
17th March 2018
Saturday 1:22 am
26260 spacer
Depends what you want.

If you just want someone to listen, the Samaritans.

If you want action but may be waiting for months, your GP.

If you want action and have the cash, a private therapist.

You can always post your issues on this board in more detail to get the opinion of purps and me.
>> No. 26262 Anonymous
17th March 2018
Saturday 1:39 am
26262 spacer

Please ignore my deleted post if it still shows up, I misread "Who do I talk to" for "Who do you talk to" and bollocksed up your thread. Apologies, lad.
>> No. 26265 Anonymous
17th March 2018
Saturday 2:14 am
26265 spacer
Well, there are many people but you've started talking to us, so carry on lad.
>> No. 26269 Anonymous
17th March 2018
Saturday 3:07 am
26269 spacer
You can call the Samaritans at any time on 116 123. Calls are free from any network. You don't have to be suicidal to call. They'll listen to whatever you need to get off your chest. You can also contact them by email at .
>> No. 26282 Anonymous
17th March 2018
Saturday 3:41 pm
26282 spacer
Dunno but I went to that exhibition too. That pin is a lot less impressive in person.


>> No. 83976 Anonymous
16th March 2018
Friday 6:17 pm
/pol/83976 spacer
This is the BBC Home Service. Here is the news, read by Alvar Lidell. In the House of Commons today, the Prime Minister, Mr Corbyn, refused to join the chorus of condemnation which has followed repeated German bombing attacks on British towns and cities.

He said there was no conclusive evidence that Herr Hitler was responsible for the Blitz, which he speculated may well have been carried out by rogue elements in the Luftwaffe with the specific intention of damaging the international reputation of the Nazi regime.

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>> No. 83986 Anonymous
16th March 2018
Friday 11:25 pm
83986 spacer
They use a lot of data science on their website - it pulls many dark tricks.

They do all this stuff because their readers like it.
>> No. 83987 Anonymous
17th March 2018
Saturday 9:50 am
83987 spacer

They do this because we like it.

If you're reading it, it's for you.
>> No. 83988 Anonymous
17th March 2018
Saturday 10:05 am
83988 spacer
The threat the Nazis posed in the early 20th C and the threat Russia poses in the modern world isn't remotely comparable. There may be superficial similarities in ideology that people want to pick out, but Germany was one of the most advanced industrial countries in the world. In terms of power, the situation is entirely different.
>> No. 83989 Anonymous
17th March 2018
Saturday 10:06 am
83989 spacer
Also, why is Churchill making a little :3 face?
>> No. 83990 Anonymous
17th March 2018
Saturday 10:25 am
83990 spacer
Same reason he's got a cigar sticking out the middle of his chin.


max power.jpg
>> No. 26250 Anonymous
16th March 2018
Friday 10:20 pm
/emo/26250 spacer
I've been thinking of changing my surname. I have a five syllable African surname that's an alphabet soup and completely unpronounceable by most Anglos. I can count the amount of people who've attempted to pronounce it and gotten a halfway decent approximation on one hand. It gets pretty tedious to have to constantly spell it out to people and to hear comments like "can I call you Mr. Firstname instead" or "I'm not even going to attempt to pronounce that!"

I used to think that changing your name was a pretty greasy thing to do, but the older I get, the more I think that if it makes life easier then I should just
go for it. But then I'm faced with the problem of coming up with a new surname to stick with for the rest of my life. Do I go for an English translation of my surname? Shorten it? Or just pick something at random that sounds good with my first name?
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>> No. 26273 Anonymous
17th March 2018
Saturday 6:56 am
26273 spacer
>I thought Christianity confused all the Nigerians into calling their kids Champion Profit-Margins and such-like?

I know of an African couple who called their daughter Chlamydia because they thought it was such a beautiful word. They changed her name before she started school.
>> No. 26274 Anonymous
17th March 2018
Saturday 7:37 am
26274 spacer

I met a guy who did surveys for a living and he had to ask an old lady if she'd heard of Chlamydia and she said "Yes, but I don't think she should have married Charles."
>> No. 26275 Anonymous
17th March 2018
Saturday 7:38 am
26275 spacer


>> No. 26276 Anonymous
17th March 2018
Saturday 8:00 am
26276 spacer

The Sci-Fi channel changed their name to Syfy and it means syphilis in Polish.
>> No. 26279 Anonymous
17th March 2018
Saturday 10:22 am
26279 spacer

I've worked with a lot of Romanian lads and it's amazing how far it goes just to know how to pronounce some of their words, and like you say, ask them how to get it right.

As for OP, I don't think there's any problem changing your name if that's what you really want to do, maybe keep your surname as your middle name or something? But honestly it should be on other people to be able to say it, not on you to change it to Smith.

Pula mea.


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