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>> No. 24935 Anonymous
31st May 2017
Wednesday 2:44 pm
/emo/24935 spacer
Is it strange that I cannot even imagine myself in a relationship? Not that I don't want one, or that I am asexual, it's just like that part of what to me seems is an innate part of our nature is missing. I've never had a girlfriend , or done anything close in that regard.

I mean it seems to come so naturally to others, and I'm left feeling awfully left out and lonely. It isn't like I have had ample opportunity to meet women, I'm in my fourth year at university -- I just do not know how and feel like I have missed out on a lot of life experiences that 'we' are expected to have had. There is also of course the biological drive which is present and with over a decade of me not being able to fulfill that, I am left somewhat frustrated. I know that in another life I am once of the fedora tipping 'incels' on Reddit, but I know is this is entirely the fault of my own fucked head.

I feel like university is "easy" for meeting people in this context, and I feel like if I'm completely unable to do it here, I'm never going to be able to.

I've tried talking to a counsellor about it, but he was useless and cancelled the sessions.

Where do I even begin to sort myself out?
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>> No. 24986 Anonymous
6th June 2017
Tuesday 9:43 pm
24986 spacer

At least there is someone else on my Facebook in a similar boat to me.
>> No. 24987 Anonymous
6th June 2017
Tuesday 9:48 pm
24987 spacer
Why would you post this publicly?
>> No. 24988 Anonymous
6th June 2017
Tuesday 10:31 pm
24988 spacer
A cry for help, I suppose.
>> No. 24989 Anonymous
6th June 2017
Tuesday 11:01 pm
24989 spacer
please help
>> No. 24996 Anonymous
7th June 2017
Wednesday 11:24 am
24996 spacer
You might try some self-help books like How to make friends and influence people or the seven pillars of wotsit.
I don't know. You just need to find a way to be happy in yourself without actively looking. It sounds counter-productive but I've always found the best things have happened when I've genuinely given up hope of finding anyone and have just been getting on with improving my own lot. A combination of seeming less desperate and the watched pot not boiling.

Millenials are taking much longer to find someone and settle down, don't compare yourself to your parent's generation or the outliers around you.


>> No. 11332 Anonymous
6th June 2017
Tuesday 2:32 pm
/job/11332 spacer
Ey up lads.

Anyone here in the building trade? Or more specifically, a trade that involves a CSCS card? I'm jobhunting and I see a lot of "must have cscs card" and I'm thinking getting one might make it easier to get work. Then I look up the card and there's a gazillion different types, and the website says you have to have qualifications before you can get one and it's all super fucking confusing. It reminds me of dependancy hell on an outdated Linux system.

Is there a "basic" card I can get which will allow me to work the sort of jobs the Guardian is constantly telling us English people don't want to do? This seems ridiculous.
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>> No. 11342 Anonymous
6th June 2017
Tuesday 9:42 pm
11342 spacer
Oh do fuck off Tarquin.
>> No. 11343 Anonymous
6th June 2017
Tuesday 10:19 pm
11343 spacer

>That picture is rather silly

It is however the level of debate people seem to have based on my sample of Facebook friends. The self-congratulating circle-jerking it with the choir of most people’s political opinions boils my piss. It is like they can't comprehend how anyone could have an opposing position from them without being the Anti-Christ.
>> No. 11344 Anonymous
6th June 2017
Tuesday 10:33 pm
11344 spacer
A number of years ago I got myself a CSCS card and did a bit of labouring for a week before I realised I'd make more money working in McDonalds.

From my limited experience, a building site is basically something like a slave plantation. You've got your overseer Englishman at the top, your various skilled tradesman or house negroes in the middle; working class Englishmen involved in various skilled trades, and you've got your labourers or dumb plantation negros at the bottom; Poles, Lithuanians, and various other Eastern Europeans working cash in hand for a pittance.
>> No. 11345 Anonymous
6th June 2017
Tuesday 10:56 pm
11345 spacer

Politics on facebook is mildly interesting to browse through but it's a terrible place to engage in any sort of debate. Just shows you how many of your mates are complete spastics.
>> No. 11346 Anonymous
6th June 2017
Tuesday 10:58 pm
11346 spacer
(by "it's a terrible place" I mean most of the Internet.


>> No. 82553 Anonymous
28th May 2017
Sunday 1:29 pm
/pol/82553 spacer
This man is going to be the next Prime Minister of Canada and it's going to be fucking awesome.

Canada's opposition Conservative Party has just elected a new leader. He is primarily known as a backbencher, and beat out senior party figures, including former ministers, to the job. Despite being somewhat popular with the party members, he is considerably to the right of centre, and people are already suggesting that his positions are reminiscent of something out of the 1980s. So far the response from several MPs from the governing Liberal Party has been along the lines of "well this is going to make the next election much easier".

Remind you of anyone?
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>> No. 82554 Anonymous
28th May 2017
Sunday 2:59 pm
82554 spacer
I could not give less of a shit about the Canadian opposition if I tried.
>> No. 82555 Anonymous
28th May 2017
Sunday 7:35 pm
82555 spacer

Canadian politicians are a fucking train wreck across the spectrum.
>> No. 82565 Anonymous
6th June 2017
Tuesday 8:57 am
82565 spacer

Well he's not ugly as a brick wall so he's in with some facet of a chance.

The problem is that Trudeau is also ULTRA open to immigration so I assume the Chinese and Indians will still vote for lolWeedman while calling this guy an ultra right wing nationalist for asking something like 'where do we get the money for these programs now our oil sales are ruined?'.

But given the world standard, Trudeau will win and whoever is opposed to him will just fade into nothing unless he manages something akin to a 49/51 parliamentary split.
>> No. 82566 Anonymous
6th June 2017
Tuesday 9:38 pm
82566 spacer
I was reading up on Canadian politics the other day and while we might complain about our MPs, those cunts get ~£100k + expenses.
>> No. 82567 Anonymous
6th June 2017
Tuesday 10:04 pm
82567 spacer
Only thanks to Brexit. Before sterling fell off a cliff it was only around £80k, and the consensus among people who aren't reactionary cunts is that our own MPs were substantially underpaid until recently.


>> No. 7009 Anonymous
4th June 2017
Sunday 11:13 pm
/£$€¥/7009 Online or High Street Estate Agents?
I'm looking to move house soon. I've got a mortgage on a little two up two down, looking to move to a three bedroom somewhere nearby.

My question is; how should I go about selling it? The options seem to be to sell it yourself (which I'm not going to be doing), to go with an online only estate agent, or to go with a high street estate agent.

On the face of it, it seems like the best option, money-wise, to go online-only (say, with or something). You can arrange a fixed fee to be payed after the house is sold, generally it does work out cheaper. You do pay something like a grand and a half more with a high street estate agent (variable).

I can't escape the nagging suspicion, though, that you get more for your money with high street estate agents. I'd like to know that there's somewhere I could go to kick up a fuss if something goes wrong; I'd like someone to give people tours of the house when we're not in; I'd like someone who I can ring up and ask daft questions after because I don't know anything about selling a house and they know everything.

Has anyone else sold a house before? Did you do it with an online only or a high street estate agent? Have you done it the other way as well, before? Which is better? Do you wish you'd done it differently?

It seems like a small decision, but I can't really seem to pick one over the other. I need more input from real people to make a decision. Help is much appreciated.
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>> No. 7010 Anonymous
4th June 2017
Sunday 11:25 pm
7010 spacer
Most people look on Right Move so it doesn't really matter who you go with.
>> No. 7011 Anonymous
4th June 2017
Sunday 11:59 pm
7011 spacer

So right move aggregates listings from all major estate agents? Is the fit traffic from high street estate agents not worthy of consideration? How do you know most people search on right move?
>> No. 7012 Anonymous
5th June 2017
Monday 12:06 am
7012 spacer
>So right move aggregates listings from all major estate agents?
No, a lot of estate agents list their properties on Rightmove.


7 of 7 never forget.jpg
>> No. 410953 Anonymous
4th June 2017
Sunday 3:19 am
/b/410953 its all kicking off
your move may
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>> No. 410976 Anonymous
4th June 2017
Sunday 1:35 pm
410976 spacer

brian may delete.jpg
accepts the chalenge and raises a mercury.
>> No. 410977 Anonymous
4th June 2017
Sunday 1:45 pm
410977 spacer
The only good Mercury is a dead Mercury. You can't argue with facts like that.
>> No. 410978 Anonymous
4th June 2017
Sunday 1:52 pm
410978 spacer

I highly recommend hopping onto facebooks safety check-in thing to have a gander at all the people of the world offering useful help to Londoners in their time of need.
>> No. 410979 Anonymous
4th June 2017
Sunday 2:02 pm
410979 spacer

right freds dead.jpg
>>410977 Together we rise and form a new band, right freds dead.
>> No. 411016 Anonymous
4th June 2017
Sunday 10:26 pm
411016 spacer


I am not sure what you base that on.


>> No. 402358 Anonymous
6th June 2016
Monday 1:34 am
/b/402358 spacer
It's that time of the year again lads. I wish you all a lovely Ramadan. Share your Ramadan stories here, if you have any. Remember to give to the poor, refrain from the evils and temptations of modern society, and above all, remember to forgive.
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>> No. 410981 Anonymous
4th June 2017
Sunday 4:07 pm
410981 spacer
Precisely. >>410962 If anything BRILLIANT comments just don't help at all, they just stoke the fire. It's fine to be afraid, angry, etc. A lot of people are and I think the reason is because these attacks are so unpredictable and that the people committing them don't have a clear goal, they just want chaos. All you can do is carry on, support people effected and try to redirect those emotions into something positive.
>> No. 410997 Anonymous
4th June 2017
Sunday 8:20 pm
410997 spacer
Ramadan? Ramavan more like.
>> No. 411005 Anonymous
4th June 2017
Sunday 9:04 pm
411005 spacer
Too soon, m7. Try again next week.
>> No. 411007 Anonymous
4th June 2017
Sunday 9:12 pm
411007 spacer

.gs is a good place to avoid Twitter blowback. Also not having a Twitter like me, but not everyone wants to stay in 2006; but I like being alone so whatever!
>> No. 411009 Anonymous
4th June 2017
Sunday 9:19 pm
411009 spacer
Ah, the good old days, back when you could download shit off IRC without ending up on a watchlist.


>> No. 24971 Anonymous
4th June 2017
Sunday 2:06 am
/emo/24971 spacer
I don't want to go to sleep because I know that when I wake up, I'll just be depressed all day tomorrow.

Going for a walk doesn't help, taking a shower doesn't help, cleaning my room doesn't help.
All I do is lay around pleading with the void for death to arrive.

I don't know why I'm posting, someone will probably tell me to go to a doctor and I acknowledge that it's probably the most reasonable choice but it makes me sick with anxiety to even think about it. I'll probably just delete this thread in the morning.
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>> No. 24972 Anonymous
4th June 2017
Sunday 4:36 am
24972 spacer

Don't delete it, you don't really need to do anything with the advice that you're given- you've nothing to lose.

>someone will probably tell me to go to a doctor and I acknowledge that it's probably the most reasonable choice but it makes me sick with anxiety to even think about it

I think the first thing you should do is just work out a rough plan of what exactly is wrong, what you have tried, and how you're going to continue working your way through this. I found just running to the doctor to be unhelpful, but going with a little more experience was better.

Obviously, people will push doctors on you- I would say that you should look for some form of support, ideally from a doctor but it could also be a charity. I went through my universities short term counselling, and was recommended for longer term counselling, for which I had to find myself- I found a charitable option quite literally at the YMCA, and I used that twice for a year each time. I'm assuming you're not in university; you might have to hunt for this level of support, whether you go through the GP or otherwise.

If you have a close friend or family member that is open, you can go with them- I didn't have that though.

What is your support network like?
>> No. 24974 Anonymous
4th June 2017
Sunday 5:12 am
24974 spacer
>I think the first thing you should do is just work out a rough plan of what exactly is wrong, what you have tried, and how you're going to continue working your way through this.

Seconding this. I know it sounds silly but after you read this go grab a pen and paper and write out your problem in detail along with possible solutions. You don't need to show anyone this but it will engage a more detached frame of mind for approaching the problem that isn't crippled by anxiety.

If you're stuck, like the other lad said numerous organizations and people can help even if it is just someone to talk it out with. If you're not comfortable with doing that then we're happy to lend an ear and a few of us who have battled these demons before can talk over what worked for us with the understanding that your experience may be different.


>> No. 56678 Samefag
20th October 2016
Thursday 5:32 pm
/iq/56678 spacer
How do you do, fellow kids?
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>> No. 58063 Searchfag
2nd June 2017
Friday 11:55 am
58063 spacer
Maybe they were offered monetary incentive or threatened with deportation if they refused. Maybe the x-rays were taken as a matter of course to determine their health as they entered the country but their copies weren't analysed for age at the time.
>> No. 58064 Auntiefucker
2nd June 2017
Friday 5:47 pm
58064 spacer
As far as I can tell any mention of X-rays of the knee is just due to newspapers getting confused.
Dental X-rays were the existing method, but they're moving towards using MRI scans of the knees because it's both safer and more accurate.
>> No. 58076 YubYub
3rd June 2017
Saturday 2:27 pm
58076 spacer
I spent a lot of time as a teenlad skateboarding, I now have the knees of a 50 year old.
>> No. 58078 Auntiefucker
3rd June 2017
Saturday 8:37 pm
58078 spacer
Being 50 might have something to do with that too.
>> No. 58079 Searchfag
3rd June 2017
Saturday 9:19 pm
58079 spacer
I still have a dozen years before that happens. Then i might have a midlife crisis and start dressing like i did when i was a teenlad.


>> No. 3856 Anonymous
29th May 2017
Monday 8:23 pm
/mph/3856 spacer
I was riding my motorbike home and a pedestrian shouted "wanker" from the other side of the road.

I can't work out why they might have done this. I considered pulling over at the nearest opportunity, walking back down the road, and throttling the stupid cunt asking why.

This is bothering me more than it should.

I'm fairly certain everyone has had this happen to them at some point in their lives, but I honestly do not know why it's done.
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>> No. 3887 Anonymous
3rd June 2017
Saturday 12:09 pm
3887 spacer
He shouldn't have posted so provocatively, should he?
>> No. 3888 Anonymous
3rd June 2017
Saturday 3:30 pm
3888 spacer
So you are saying that I deserve to get raped? Really lad? Fucking hell.
>> No. 3889 Anonymous
3rd June 2017
Saturday 5:33 pm
3889 spacer
>we don't have reflections
You're a vampire?
>> No. 3890 Anonymous
3rd June 2017
Saturday 7:05 pm
3890 spacer
What? Of course not! Don't be silly, Vampires are not real.
>> No. 3891 Anonymous
3rd June 2017
Saturday 7:11 pm
3891 spacer
That sounds like exactly the sort of thing a vampire would say to throw us off the scent.


>> No. 410637 Anonymous
23rd May 2017
Tuesday 2:33 pm
/b/410637 Sir Roger Moore (1927-2017)
Bloody hell, chaps.
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>> No. 410671 Anonymous
24th May 2017
Wednesday 8:30 pm
410671 spacer


Cheeky fucker.
>> No. 410672 Anonymous
24th May 2017
Wednesday 9:11 pm
410672 spacer
His family are said to be shaken but not stirred.
>> No. 410673 Anonymous
24th May 2017
Wednesday 9:28 pm
410673 spacer

>> No. 410674 Anonymous
24th May 2017
Wednesday 9:46 pm
410674 spacer
He's Roger No Moore.
>> No. 410931 Anonymous
3rd June 2017
Saturday 2:07 pm
410931 spacer


I always liked Roger Moore best in The Persuaders.

Sad thing really that that show was axed after just one series. It had plenty of 70s swagger, and just a certain kind of cavalier playboyishness about it that would somewhat likely not get past today's TV censorship bodies. I believe one reason it was cancelled was that Roger Moore was not up for a second series because he was already being eyed as a replacement for Sean Connery for the Bond movies.

(this episode also features a youthful Joan Collins)


fuck vegetables.jpg
>> No. 25338 Anonymous
2nd June 2017
Friday 10:09 pm
/101/25338 Terrible product/marketing photos
Nothing can so easily send me into apoplectic rage and simultaneous fits of laughter as non-nonsensical photographs in advertising and marketing. I couldn't decide where this thread belongs best as it's both irritating and entertaining at the same time.

Lidl has some brilliant examples, for instance this picture of a woman who is clearly off her tits on some research chems and is seeing hallucinations of vegetables flying around her head.
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>> No. 25340 Anonymous
2nd June 2017
Friday 10:26 pm
25340 spacer

Apparently weird stock photos are a thing. Some of these campaigns have probably earned the publisher the only royalty they'll ever receive for them.
>> No. 25341 Anonymous
3rd June 2017
Saturday 1:10 am
25341 spacer
I am a huge fan of such stock images.

This one is frightening in all sorts of ways.
>> No. 25343 Anonymous
3rd June 2017
Saturday 12:34 pm
25343 spacer


Don't forget "men laughing alone with salad".
>> No. 25344 Anonymous
3rd June 2017
Saturday 12:44 pm
25344 spacer

This poor cunt.
>> No. 25345 Anonymous
3rd June 2017
Saturday 1:11 pm
25345 spacer



>> No. 5103 Anonymous
22nd September 2011
Thursday 9:56 pm
/101/5103 spacer
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>> No. 25164 Anonymous
13th March 2017
Monday 5:33 pm
25164 spacer
Why did you not ask him if he's finished? It takes like 10 minutes to change two tyres, if that.

I recommend
>> No. 25256 Anonymous
12th April 2017
Wednesday 4:42 pm
25256 spacer
I've been to visit relatives in Hull today. I'd forgotten people there do not drive in bus lanes when they're not in operation and glare at you like you're a mad undertaking maniac.
>> No. 25303 Anonymous
11th May 2017
Thursday 7:21 pm
25303 spacer
I was doing ~45mph on an A road because I was looking for a turn off which I wasn't 100% sure where it was. Knobhead in a BMW starts tailgating me. I finally spotted it and put my indicators on early and when I'd started turning the knobhead overtakes me on the right-hand side. A few seconds later and he'd have ploughed straight into my car.
>> No. 25336 Anonymous
2nd June 2017
Friday 9:43 pm
25336 spacer
The drive outside my flat is wide enough for one car. There are a few parking bays on each side at slight angles to the drive.

Most people who park here drive all the way up to the end of the bay until one or both of their front wheels is touching the kerb. However there are some dickheads who stop a good foot or two away from the kerb, which means there's a lot less space behind them for people driving past or trying to reverse out of the other spaces.

And guess what, whenever someone parks like that, it's always a Mercedes or BMW. (It's not just one or two people, I've been here years and seen a succession of many dickheads in German cars who do this.)
>> No. 25337 Anonymous
2nd June 2017
Friday 9:58 pm
25337 spacer
One day last week my bus got stuck for around 10-15 minutes and had to give up because a BMW driver thought it was a good idea to just break down in the middle of the road and stay there. The street is just about wide enough for two vehicles, and the driver made no attempt to move the vehicle. Didn't push it, didn't ask for help to push it, didn't accept any offer of help to push it. Just fucking left it there. Two minibuses had to mount the kerb to get around it.

Last time I broke down in the middle of the road, I waited until it was safe to get out, signalled to people for help, and between three of us (a small woman sat inside to steer and brake) we got the car out of the way. That was from the middle lane of three on a busy dual carriageway during rush hour.


>> No. 82562 Anonymous
1st June 2017
Thursday 4:29 pm
/pol/82562 Nige 007
I suspect nothing major will come from this, but it gave me a chuckle all the same.
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>> No. 82563 Anonymous
1st June 2017
Thursday 8:23 pm
82563 spacer
Dead link friend.
>> No. 82564 Anonymous
1st June 2017
Thursday 8:31 pm
82564 spacer
No, just the wordfilter. I'll let you figure it out.


>> No. 410808 Anonymous
30th May 2017
Tuesday 8:22 am
/b/410808 Working Men's Clubs
Lads, redpilled me on WMCs please. I have managed to blag my way in to one (usually required two people to vouch for you). What am I in for?
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>> No. 410835 Anonymous
30th May 2017
Tuesday 11:50 pm
410835 spacer
Brutal sissify for beta cucks and all the while chad is slaying so you better get lifting. Your dinner's on the table son, what on earth are you doing on the internet.

I know I really should have put this in /test/. I actually do hate all that talk and how it affects the minds of lonely young men, and then impacts with great unpleasantness on the lives of young women too.
>> No. 410848 Anonymous
31st May 2017
Wednesday 5:11 pm
410848 spacer
> I don't understand what you are all objecting to. What is unreasonable about this thread?
Absolutely nothing at all, it's just 90% of the posters here are utter fucking cunts. They wait until someone breaks some made up rule they have decided means they don't have to respond civilly, then mock you for it. The number rises to 100% when you look at the mods.

As for the question in the OP, depends how much life is left in the old dog. My local WMC is a lot quieter these days (according to my dad, who still pops in every now and then) compared with in the 90's. They only have acts on a Saturday now, and it's generally one bloke/girl singing with a backing track, and they are shit. Back in the day you would get a decent band on quite a few days of the week.

Just make sure not to talk during the bingo, they'll bury you under the bowling green.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 410855 Anonymous
31st May 2017
Wednesday 7:18 pm
410855 spacer

I bet you're fun down the pub!
>> No. 410856 Anonymous
31st May 2017
Wednesday 9:56 pm
410856 spacer
Or working men's club, as the case may be.
>> No. 410867 Anonymous
1st June 2017
Thursday 9:03 am
410867 spacer
I am universally loved in all pubs. Mainly because they can see the nights takings double when I walk in.


>> No. 23869 Gasthief
24th August 2016
Wednesday 4:19 pm
/zoo/23869 spacer
GLORY to Ukraine!
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>> No. 23942 Stalin
18th January 2017
Wednesday 9:25 am
23942 spacer
>> No. 23943 Britfag
18th January 2017
Wednesday 9:58 am
23943 spacer
Thanks posting this on /sfw/, dickheads (pun not intended, but mildly humorous).
>> No. 23975 Rasputin
31st March 2017
Friday 10:18 pm
23975 spacer
Article 280. son. Remember.
>> No. 23976 Stalin
2nd April 2017
Sunday 12:58 pm
23976 spacer
Слава Украине! Пошёл нахуй, Тарас.
>> No. 23997 Clog
1st June 2017
Thursday 3:24 am
23997 spacer



>> No. 24929 Anonymous
30th May 2017
Tuesday 12:50 pm
/emo/24929 Maddening Dickhead Waster
Is there a sort of peaceful French Foreign Legion I can join where I won't be subject to brutal initiation rites at the hands of former Spetsnaz operatives? I've really fucked things in the most elementary of ways and I'd sincerely appreciate a purpose in life.

I've cocked up my most recent stumble into getting qualifications higher than mediocre at best GCSEs, and last Thursday I was very close indeed to going into some woods, taking a long a load of Paracetamol and slashing open my wrists. Instead I just walked about for 5 hours calling myself various derogatory names under my breath. I'm 22 and can't stand being such a sack of shit much longer.

I've already self-referred to the local mental health services, and if anything I've said sounds glib I assure you I'm deadly serious in all respects.
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>> No. 24931 Anonymous
30th May 2017
Tuesday 1:22 pm
24931 spacer
There are several Buddhist monasteries that provide retreats free of charge. Spending time with Buddhist monks can be a very powerful experience. You're expected to follow the precepts of the monastery and participate in the daily routine, but they don't care what you believe or what you've done in life. The links below are for monasteries in the Thai Forest Tradition - this is a very pragmatic and grounded form of Buddhist practice, with an absolute minimum of airy-fairy nonsense. There are loads of others in the UK, but I can personally vouch for these two.

There are a number of "intentional communities" (communes without the mad cultish aspect) that welcome visitors. Accommodation is usually free, with a suggested donation of a few quid a day if you can afford it. I can personally recommend Talamh in Scotland, but there's a full list at Diggers and Dreamers.

There's an international network called Willing Workers on Organic Farms. Organic farmers provide free board and lodging in exchange for a few hours of work every day. You don't need to know anything about farming, as long as you're willing to put in some graft.
>> No. 24932 Anonymous
30th May 2017
Tuesday 4:11 pm
24932 spacer

Seconding the monastery thing.
>> No. 24934 Anonymous
31st May 2017
Wednesday 9:56 am
24934 spacer
This thread makes me regret getting a mortgage at 21. Godspeed, OP. May you achieve what some of us can only dream of.
>> No. 24937 Anonymous
31st May 2017
Wednesday 5:05 pm
24937 spacer

I want to kill myself.

We can swap if you like.


Those are helpful and I'll look into them (wish I'd known about the communal living in Manchester a while back actually), but is there nothing more like >>24930 , but with MSF's requirement that you be quantifiably good at something?
>> No. 24938 Anonymous
31st May 2017
Wednesday 6:18 pm
24938 spacer

You could do 10-12 weeks abroad with VSO. You don't need any particular qualifications.


>> No. 12610 Anonymous
12th May 2017
Friday 6:34 pm
/news/12610 Shittypants
The NHS appears to have been the victim of a ransomware attack, which has hit many organisations worldwide.

Apart from the immediate effects, I suppose that this is also going to jumped on by May to push certain mandates in her election campaign.
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>> No. 12832 Anonymous
23rd May 2017
Tuesday 11:40 pm
12832 spacer
You sound insufferable to be honest. I hope the Filipina nurse that wipes your arse when you're old and demented abuses you and sticks a nine inch dildo up your prolapsed arsehole. Fucking cunt.
>> No. 12834 Anonymous
23rd May 2017
Tuesday 11:40 pm
12834 spacer
Looks like I'm not the only one.
>> No. 13034 Anonymous
29th May 2017
Monday 10:36 pm
13034 spacer
I have a guy from The Telegraph here trying to make a documentary on the attack and how it relates to North Korea, does anyone have any believable nonsense I should feed him? I'd feel a little bad about it as he's a nice bloke but it is his job.
>> No. 13035 Anonymous
29th May 2017
Monday 11:04 pm
13035 spacer
>I have a guy from The Telegraph here trying to make a documentary on the attack and how it relates to North Korea
No you don't. But thanks for trying.
>> No. 13038 Anonymous
31st May 2017
Wednesday 10:22 am
13038 spacer
ARE KIM has his prisoner gremlins coding 24/7 on ancient PC's. Like monkeys on Typewriters, trying to get the best hacks.


>> No. 3223 Anonymous
18th February 2013
Monday 7:58 pm
/£$€¥/3223 Bitcoins
Have any of you bought Bitcoins or spoken to anybody that has?

The underlying principle of removing the role of the banking industry from transactions (or at least limiting its influence) seems noble but it stinks of a giant scam IMO.
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>> No. 7004 Anonymous
30th May 2017
Tuesday 6:04 pm
7004 spacer

What virtual coin should I buy to make loadsamoney?
>> No. 7005 Anonymous
30th May 2017
Tuesday 6:31 pm
7005 spacer
>but show me an international money transfer company that will send ten grand's worth of wages to the other side of the world in that time and for that fee
Somali money transfer shops. You can send a grand right this second, and somehow it ends up in someone's phone in Somalia. I don't even understand how this all works, but I was reading about it and found it fascinating. They don't even carry cash around. They have money in their phones and shite.

Also other things like their use of solar panels and how it is cheaper in Somalia than it is here, is all very impressive.
>> No. 7006 Anonymous
30th May 2017
Tuesday 6:34 pm
7006 spacer
They all seem to be tanking right now. I don't follow it too much, so I'll let someone else spoon-feed you. Don't be a victim to a pump and dump.
>> No. 7007 Anonymous
30th May 2017
Tuesday 6:59 pm
7007 spacer
Whatever you can buy on a time travel trade at a lower price than it is now. BTC is on a high and so the halfway serious alts are all overvalued as a consequence. Anything else is probably either useless or a scam of some sort.
>> No. 7008 Anonymous
30th May 2017
Tuesday 7:36 pm
7008 spacer

A lot of traditional banking methods are haram, so the eskimo world has a completely parallel banking system. The money transfer system used by many eskimos, especially Somalis, is called Hawala. It works on pure trust. I give a broker a wad of cash and he gives me a password. I give the password to my foreign friend, who then gives that password to his local broker and is paid out an equal sum of cash. The two brokers make a note of the debt between them, which will either be cancelled out eventually through the course of trade or settled through payment in kind.

TransferWise are a British FinTech startup offering what is essentially a modernised version of Hawala. They have recently been valued at over a billion quid, even though most British people have never heard of them. They're miles cheaper than using Bitcoin.


>> No. 24860 Anonymous
30th April 2017
Sunday 5:21 pm
/emo/24860 Uncle dilemma
I am fully aware that what I am about to ask advice on is going to be labelled as a non-problem by many, but please remember than this is /emo/ rather than /iq/.

It all started at a family Christmas gathering. Last Chirstmas. My sisters daughter, also known as my niece, was asking me a lot of questions about her upcoming semester abroad as she was hoping to do it in a city where I spend a lot of time. I also have relevant contacts that would help her project. Anyway, I digress, we had obviously been drinking and there was a moment where her hand ended up on my thigh, quite near my glands. An awkward, intense and hot silence followed but was quickly interrupted by her father coming in looking for something.

Four months on I had almost forgotten about it until last night when I received a wechat message from her saying that she has been approved for the semester abroad plans approved. The first message was just a belated happy birthday, some stuff about her course and asking if she could stay with me as we had discussed. I replied saying that was fine. She then messaged asking if I remembered Christmas, I replied yes. She then sends me three nude pics saying she wants to have fun when she is visits.

She is 20 and a 9/10 blonde. I'm mid 40's, divorced, in great shape for my age.

She is the sort of woman I wank to with porn, but Im not sure what to do next. What is the legal situation here?
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>> No. 24877 Anonymous
1st May 2017
Monday 9:50 am
24877 spacer
I think as others have said, you're going to have to reluctantly refuse, especially as if you can hook this one you're capable of hooking others who aren't blood relations in order to get your end away.
>> No. 24878 Anonymous
1st May 2017
Monday 9:54 am
24878 spacer
For England and Wales its under the Sexual Offenses Act 2003:
>The ways that A may be related to B are as parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, brother, sister, half-brother, half-sister, uncle, aunt, nephew or niece.

You can legally fuck your cousins and even marry them in Britain. Don't let any foreigners know about this or we will never hear the end of it.
>> No. 24879 Anonymous
1st May 2017
Monday 10:12 am
24879 spacer

I tell you, I won't live in a town that robs men of the right to marry their cousins!
>> No. 24880 Anonymous
1st May 2017
Monday 6:25 pm
24880 spacer
You know who else shagged their niece, OP? Adolf Hitler, so think about that.


>Fucking hell, aren't you a Tiny Tim?

I mean on the soft, obviously, lad!
>> No. 24933 Anonymous
30th May 2017
Tuesday 6:29 pm
24933 spacer
So, how did it go?


>> No. 23774 Anonymous
11th February 2015
Wednesday 11:49 am
/g/23774 spacer
I have a USB hub that I sleep in the same room and its ultrabright boy racer blue LEDs are a nuisance. I can unplug it every night, but that's a nuisance. I've tried taping over the lights but the LEDs are so bright that they kick light out of the USB sockets etc and still manage to make the room glow blue at night.

I don't care about these LEDs and want them gone altogether. Can I open it up and pincer the LEDs, or would that damage the hub? I've had a quick look around on google but don't particularly trust the results.
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>> No. 25915 Anonymous
3rd May 2017
Wednesday 2:54 am
25915 spacer
So where do they get used en masse? I know they're in quad copters and that kind of thing, anything else justifies mass production and brings the price down?
>> No. 25916 Anonymous
3rd May 2017
Wednesday 9:16 am
25916 spacer
Almost anything you see that's USB charged and not obviously 18650-shaped, will have pouch cells. They're available in hundreds of shapes and capacities, and generally work well, within their limits.
Shipping is a bitch, though.
>> No. 25917 Anonymous
3rd May 2017
Wednesday 12:04 pm
25917 spacer

Quadcopters and other RC thingumabobs use pouch cells, because you can achieve a higher discharge rate at the same weight. Cylindrical cells are mainly used in bulk applications - electric cars and bikes, power tools, that sort of thing. A cordless drill might use eight 18650s, an electric car might use a couple of thousand. The market for cylindrical cells is gradually moving towards the 21700 size, which is slightly more energy dense.

Pouch cells can be economically produced in fairly small quantities, so you can often design the battery to fit the product rather than vice-versa. This is a big advantage for mobile devices where every millimetre matters.
>> No. 25918 Anonymous
3rd May 2017
Wednesday 12:33 pm
25918 spacer
This thread continues to deliver. Good job lads.
>> No. 25928 Anonymous
29th May 2017
Monday 11:06 pm
25928 spacer

>>23774 Blue Tac lad, come on... easy option.


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