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>> No. 24109 Anonymous
30th January 2017
Monday 12:02 am
/emo/24109 spacer
I kissed another girl last night at a club. I've been in my relationship for nearly 3 years, and I am madly in love. Yes, I am. Whilst this is no excuse, it was the first time I've ever tried cocaine, and it made me act very very sleazy and horrible. I'm ashamed of myself. My girlfriend is madly in love with me too, we talk about getting married, having kids, etc. I want a life with this girl. What do I do? She will be ruined if I tell her. I've been a fucking idiot. A serious fucking idiot. I did not think it would hurt this much , Jesus.
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>> No. 24138 Anonymous
3rd February 2017
Friday 11:56 pm
24138 spacer

It's at this point i'd stopbeating yourself up about it mate. You snogged her, it wasn't some sordid drug fuelled hotel orgy where you woke up next to a bloke in a gimp mask and two playboy bunnies.

Just move on and make a mental note (read: believe your own lie) to keep the fiction consistent and it'll be fine.

I've been on both sides of the cheating thing so I have experience in these matters. It all ends in tears if you dwell on it, the important thing is moving over it by whatever means necessary, then putting it behind you, for good.
>> No. 24139 Anonymous
4th February 2017
Saturday 1:59 am
24139 spacer
>I used to live with a Romanian girl who was very pretty around the boyfriend or a Bangladeshi guy who is since not allowed in the country due to.viea expiration. I'm die to meet up with her for drinks in w couple or weeks and I really fucking want to try it on with her but I'm so inexperienced with this shit I'll end up embarrassing myself.

All I to do is pump her, we both like each other we just have to get around to doing it.
>> No. 24140 Anonymous
4th February 2017
Saturday 2:00 am
24140 spacer
All I want to do*

Sorry for the misquoted shit.
>> No. 24141 Anonymous
4th February 2017
Saturday 11:59 am
24141 spacer
Yeah you're right. I don't even feel guilty anymore, which is bad, but there you go. Won't happen again.
>> No. 24152 Anonymous
5th February 2017
Sunday 12:22 am
24152 spacer

Passive aggressiveness probably made you what you are. But besides that, great post.


>> No. 40200 Anonymous
11th May 2016
Wednesday 5:09 am
/x/40200 Ass/Pussy Thread
Images like this.
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>> No. 40378 Anonymous
4th February 2017
Saturday 3:12 pm
40378 spacer
In the past few years I've become obsessed with women's asses, specifically the arsehole. I started dating this girl and I've gotten into the habit of dining on her behind. She's exceptionally clean and hardly a bad whiff about her - and I'd so unbelievably hard just rimming her.
Best day was when she was sitting her bed and studying for something, and I was just mucking around on my phone, she say it's time for a break, and asks meekly if she can sit on my face. I couldn't walk for a good 20 minutes after I blew my load.
>> No. 40379 Anonymous
4th February 2017
Saturday 4:55 pm
40379 spacer
Such degeneracy. Please seek forgiveness from our Lord, and come back to the correct path.
>> No. 40380 Anonymous
4th February 2017
Saturday 7:23 pm
40380 spacer

>asses, specifically the arsehole.
>unbelievably hard just rimming

You're turning towards the gay but aren't man enough to face it.
>> No. 40381 Anonymous
4th February 2017
Saturday 10:08 pm
40381 spacer
Like there's not a difference between a feminine arse and a hairy man-arse?
>> No. 40382 Anonymous
4th February 2017
Saturday 10:25 pm
40382 spacer

Have you been to Thailand, Father Ted?


>> No. 5883 Anonymous
6th April 2011
Wednesday 5:52 pm
/nom/5883 spacer
Why do a lot of people seem to rave about Nando's?

My friends think I'm a freak because I very rarely eat Subway or Nando's; as far I can tell it's just, not especially good quality, grilled chicken that has been marinated in peri-peri sauce. Am I missing something here?
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>> No. 12212 Anonymous
3rd February 2017
Friday 7:22 pm
12212 spacer
I went to KFC twice today to get some of their Zinger fries. It's quite rare to see the improvement of something so mainstay. I mean spicy chips, wow.
>> No. 12216 Anonymous
3rd February 2017
Friday 9:18 pm
12216 spacer
Chip spice has been a mainstay of Asian run fast food places in Bradford for a while, it's an absolute revelation. Chips spice is the fucking future.
>> No. 12217 Anonymous
3rd February 2017
Friday 9:38 pm
12217 spacer

Chip spice first came to Britain in Hull in the late 70s, copied from American fast food outlets.
>> No. 12218 Anonymous
3rd February 2017
Friday 10:22 pm
12218 spacer

The chips in the Black Country are fucking orange.
>> No. 12220 Anonymous
4th February 2017
Saturday 1:57 am
12220 spacer
And a bit soggy bab.


Chocolate Truffles_f.jpg
>> No. 12146 Anonymous
19th November 2016
Saturday 3:33 pm
/nom/12146 spacer
Afternoon, lads.

I could do with some chocolate recommendations. My Dad is one of the most difficult people to buy presents for, because he doesn't really do much beyond sitting on his arse watching TV all day, so at Christmas I'll usually end up spending around £40 on my Mum whereas all he'll get is a couple of cheap DVDs and either a Toblerone, Thorntons toffee or a large bar of Cadbury's whole nut.

This year I thought I might push the boat out on the chocolate front but I'm a bit clueless, really. I've tried Hotel Chocolat and didn't think much of it. Any tips would be appreciated.

Thanks, lads.
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>> No. 12159 Anonymous
22nd November 2016
Tuesday 3:33 am
12159 spacer


I find myself reguarly eatting samples of soap nowdays. It just looks so tasty. :(

I honestly think there is a market for a sweet shop that sells food tha looks andt tastes like how these soaps should taste.
>> No. 12160 Anonymous
22nd November 2016
Tuesday 6:57 am
12160 spacer
I'd buy fudge, but I wouldn't trust someone selling chocolate at a market. They'd probably melt down chocolate from Aldi, set it in their own moulds and add a 400% mark-up.
>> No. 12213 Anonymous
3rd February 2017
Friday 7:24 pm
12213 spacer
But Aldi chocolate is some of the best around and it'd be worth the extra to avoid the shame of shopping in Aldi.
>> No. 12214 Anonymous
3rd February 2017
Friday 7:46 pm
12214 spacer
That's exactly Lush's plan though - to convince you that their products are good enough to eat. They are plugging the market you suggest, directly.
>> No. 12219 Anonymous
4th February 2017
Saturday 12:31 am
12219 spacer
There is palmer's coco butter moisturiser that smells obscenely like high-grade lindt chocolate. It's ridiculously pungent after you've sweat a bit and you feel uncomfortably craving chocolate.


>> No. 24866 Anonymous
29th January 2017
Sunday 11:43 am
/101/24866 spacer
Putting Satanists into 101.

Garbage mainstream music (rock is crap, metal is worse).
Black clothes and pentagrams look very silly.
They only think about themselves, 'god complex'.
Neurotic routines and victim mentality.
They fiddle kids and than throw them into the sea.
Very little self control or ambition, destroy culture without replacing it with something of value or substance.
Control most global politics with blackmail and violence.
Pump this shit ideology into our children's heads via schools and multimedia.
Think they are the rebels when they are pretty much the 1%.
Probably controlled by the Pope.
They think they are so clever, they are just ignorant and void of logic or thoughts outside of there feelings, which are pre-programmed by the next satanist up.
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>> No. 24943 Anonymous
2nd February 2017
Thursday 2:04 pm
24943 spacer
I'm gay. But I'm not the person you quoted. Hail Eris.
>> No. 24944 Anonymous
2nd February 2017
Thursday 2:17 pm
24944 spacer
Is it contagious? I'd hate to catch the gay in this political climate.
>> No. 24945 Anonymous
2nd February 2017
Thursday 2:19 pm
24945 spacer
By very common law, it's sexually-transmitted.
>> No. 24948 Anonymous
3rd February 2017
Friday 1:29 pm
24948 spacer

Many studies have been conducted but most researchers believe it is hereditary from an Iron age Irish Tribe.

It spread to Caledonia and Wales during the migration period, followed by a thorough colonising of Brighton, New York, San Francisco and Sydney.
>> No. 24949 Anonymous
3rd February 2017
Friday 2:14 pm
24949 spacer

>Many studies have been conducted but most researchers believe it is hereditary from an Iron age Irish Tribe.


>> No. 5463 Anonymous
3rd February 2017
Friday 3:07 am
/art/5463 spacer
Try not to laugh
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>> No. 5464 Anonymous
3rd February 2017
Friday 12:44 pm
5464 spacer
Well, that was easy.
>> No. 5465 Anonymous
3rd February 2017
Friday 1:44 pm
5465 spacer
Good morning, how are you, I'm Doctor Worm
I'm interested in things
I'm not a real doctor but


>> No. 11044 Anonymous
2nd February 2017
Thursday 3:35 pm
/job/11044 spacer
What's this bollocks about then?

You're telling me you can tell someone is suitable or not for the role of working in fucking Aldi based on 21 of these questions?
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>> No. 11045 Anonymous
2nd February 2017
Thursday 3:37 pm
11045 spacer
And yes, after 21 I was told they won't be going further with my application.

Fair enough if some answers were "I like to come in late and abuse customers", but they all seemed like good traits for any employee to hold.
>> No. 11046 Anonymous
2nd February 2017
Thursday 5:14 pm
11046 spacer
Most large employers use psychometric personality tests. In Aldi's case, they're looking for some fairly unusual traits in an employee. Until fairly recently, they didn't bother with barcodes - they just had the staff memorise the SKU code of every single item in store. Today, they use a skeleton staff who rotate between various roles, with the aim of keeping every employee busy for every minute of the day.

They time how long each checkout transaction takes, with strict performance targets. If they need someone to rotate from the loading bay to the checkout, they expect them to run rather than walk. It takes a fairly unusual person to keep pace with their demands.

Don't take it personally. It doesn't mean you're a bad employee, it just means you're not the kind of person they're looking for.
>> No. 11047 Anonymous
2nd February 2017
Thursday 6:35 pm
11047 spacer
While the field of psychometrics has some validity, in general the sort of things used by employers are pretty much pseudoscience. Expect any analysis of the actual tests used to involve some form of p-hacking or selective analysis.


>> No. 24917 Anonymous
1st February 2017
Wednesday 12:39 pm
/101/24917 spacer
Some cunt's parked their mini, all decked out with Shaun the sheep stickers, in my driveway. I need that driveway. What the fuck can I do beyond leaving a passive aggressive note on their wind-shield?
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>> No. 24928 Anonymous
1st February 2017
Wednesday 7:10 pm
24928 spacer
Not entirely unexpected, but at least you asked. Passive aggressive note on the windscreen it is, then. At least make it somewhat funny.
>> No. 24929 Anonymous
1st February 2017
Wednesday 7:25 pm
24929 spacer


Replace dickbrain with dickhead.
>> No. 24930 Anonymous
1st February 2017
Wednesday 9:30 pm
24930 spacer
I left a firm note and they've been boxed in overnight by the person who the space is intended for.
>> No. 24931 Anonymous
1st February 2017
Wednesday 10:30 pm
24931 spacer
Careful with that. They might not care about someone parked in a drive, but a vehicle blocked in is a very different thing.
>> No. 24932 Anonymous
2nd February 2017
Thursday 12:44 am
24932 spacer
It'll be gone by 7.


>> No. 10984 Anonymous
25th January 2017
Wednesday 7:14 pm
/job/10984 spacer
Right lads,

I have managed somehow to blag an interview with a big multinational for a technician's job.

In my shit life thus far, I have only ever had more informal interviews, the kind where jeans and a tucked-in shirt are appropriate. (My work history consists of labouring, door stewarding and manufacturing work)

I have the suit and shoes, any secret handshakes or lingo I'm should know about?
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>> No. 11030 Anonymous
30th January 2017
Monday 2:05 am
11030 spacer
At this point it's a backup in case the results of the job interview are not favourable for me. I am getting desperate though. My plans for location are pretty open. Anywhere in the UK except London. I'm often thinking "if I don't get this one, I'll look at London jobs" now. I spoke to my dad at Christmas and he's certain maybe my interview skills are shite but I actually gave it my all in this job interview. How many job interviews do I need to have until I need to step back and conclude that I am shit at interviews?

Luckily I know the process is telephone interview first for the potentially shit job. Spent way too much on going to interviews across the country that won't reimburse me for travel costs. I'm pretty much going to decline any interview that refuses to pay for travel when it's outside my hometown. The most I've spent is £80 on a train ticket. The ones that do reimburse are coincidentally the ones where I can get a bus ticket for less than a fiver to travel to or within walking distance.
>> No. 11031 Anonymous
30th January 2017
Monday 2:36 am
11031 spacer
>Spent way too much on going to interviews across the country that won't reimburse me for travel costs.
Yeah, this is a showstopper for me. I don't care if the interview is in the swanky office building across the street from my flat, on point of principle no expenses means no interview. I may not need them (such as because I can get there on the season ticket I've already paid for), but if they're not even prepared to offer them, what else aren't they prepared to pay for? At some point I'm going to want my employers to fund training or a conference, and if they're not willing to bung a candidate £20 for their troubles then it doesn't bode well for three nights in a hotel in Telford. Also, why the fuck are those things always in fucking Telford?
>> No. 11032 Anonymous
30th January 2017
Monday 12:46 pm
11032 spacer
Sorry to hear that, mate. I'd never be bothered about paying travel costs for interviews, but that's because I expect to succeed & be very happy within about three or four. (Badadvicesoftwaredeveloperlad here.)

If it is going very poorly, a couple of ideas:
1. Do a mock interview with one of your friends who hires people. If there's no-one who fits the bill, maybe even see if someone on the internet would be willing. It sounds like any change in your technique may be a good change.
2. If you got a particularly nice rejection e-mail from anywhere, reply and ask nicely if they could give you any pointers on your technique. I'm pretty sure for legal reasons they're really not supposed to, but someone might do it anyway.

Chin up. You only need to succeed once.
>> No. 11038 Anonymous
1st February 2017
Wednesday 11:25 am
11038 spacer
Not OP but I got the job. Well a written job offer incoming. Got a call this morning saying I got it.

Now comes the inevitable anxiety given I've never worked in an office environment.
>> No. 11043 Anonymous
2nd February 2017
Thursday 12:37 am
11043 spacer
Lads, I think I wowed the interview panel way too much for the procurement position. They offered me the post today, just 48 hours later. I'm impressed.

Hopefully I can go somewhere in this industry and make some money.


>> No. 57147 Moralfag
15th November 2016
Tuesday 6:02 pm
/iq/57147 spacer
>Comedian Rory McGrath appeared in court today accused of stalking a married woman for 14 months.

>The 60-year-old star is alleged to have harassed the victim despite complaints from the woman, her husband and the police, a court heard.

>His alleged stalking is said to include sending the woman electronic messages and approaching her in the street. He is also said to have approached the woman and her husband in public and sent letters to the victim's husband, it was said.

>Prosecutor Anthea Harris said: 'It is a stalking offence which continued over a 14-month period, there are a number of aggravating features, these are features which are deliberate and show evidence of pre-planning.' She added: 'The tenure (of the allegations) is striking and distasteful.'

It's been a while since we've had a celebrity nutter. Think jlc was the last.
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>> No. 57608 YubYub
29th January 2017
Sunday 8:10 am
57608 spacer
Asian babes? Last time I saw chubby in something he was moaning about muzzas.
>> No. 57609 Paedofag
29th January 2017
Sunday 2:06 pm
57609 spacer
That's the joke.
>> No. 57610 R4GE
29th January 2017
Sunday 11:14 pm
57610 spacer
>> a Xmas gift for his (then) wife. He said just choose a stocking filler, so I got her a wooden leg.
>> No. 57616 Billbob
1st February 2017
Wednesday 8:17 pm
57616 spacer
If we're still on about tenuous links to famous people then my dad has been glared at by both Eric Pollard from emmerdale and peter Levy off look north.
>> No. 57617 Anonymous
1st February 2017
Wednesday 10:50 pm
57617 spacer
>>57616Well done, I have no idea who you're on about.


>> No. 6744 Anonymous
8th December 2016
Thursday 11:54 pm
/£$€¥/6744 spacer
Lads who started their own businesses, could you give me a walk-through of some the things you did to make it? From the idea, to the settled daily grind and money making part?
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>> No. 6870 Anonymous
31st January 2017
Tuesday 12:39 pm
6870 spacer
I'm starting up a business now, some bit of tech that could be useful in the North Sea oil platforms. Already pulled the trigger but still not sure if I did the right thing this way instead of getting a nice job.

Waiting for my visa to be processed now, on the account of being a foreignlad. We'll see how it goes.
>> No. 6871 Anonymous
31st January 2017
Tuesday 9:29 pm
6871 spacer
How are you handling it from the regulatory side? Self-certified or through a test house?
>> No. 6872 Anonymous
1st February 2017
Wednesday 9:15 am
6872 spacer
Currently trying to partner with an oil & gas company through accelerator programmes so I wouldn't have to worry about that among couple other things. Every bloody thing is regulated in this industry.
>> No. 6873 Anonymous
1st February 2017
Wednesday 10:15 am
6873 spacer
If only they would let you make money with no restrictions. It's not like anything disastrous has ever happened on an oil rig.
>> No. 6874 Anonymous
1st February 2017
Wednesday 8:01 pm
6874 spacer
If its going to be in open air or in a hazardous area on the rig then it will probably fall under the DSEAR regs and a significant source of ballache later down the line.

Completely off topic, but I can offer some pointers if you'd like.


images (6).jpg
>> No. 4291 Anonymous
6th April 2013
Saturday 1:57 pm
/uni/4291 Itt we give our view of each others unis
Mine is York, so what do you think?

Rate others according to your view of them.
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>> No. 6213 Anonymous
16th November 2016
Wednesday 7:38 am
6213 spacer
Roehampton and SOAS.
>> No. 6225 Anonymous
28th January 2017
Saturday 6:40 pm
6225 spacer
I'm doing postgrad at Cumbria. There's a lad on my course who did undergrad at Roehampton and they said "Roehampton is one of the shittest unis in the country but it's still loads better than this shithole".
>> No. 6226 Anonymous
31st January 2017
Tuesday 12:25 pm
6226 spacer
Finished my masters degree in Oxford couple of months ago. To be honest, in terms of education it really fell short of what I was expecting, same with the quality of the student body (should've realised something was off when they let me in). The city is nice though, and a nice place to be in as a student.

Can't provide a good view of other unis as I'm a foreignlad and don't know much. Except that I'm supposed to talk shit about Cambridge from now on.
>> No. 6227 Anonymous
31st January 2017
Tuesday 9:39 pm
6227 spacer
Manchester massive represent

I have a m8 at Oxfam currently doing a master's and from what I gather it's a really strange place.
>> No. 6228 Anonymous
31st January 2017
Tuesday 9:46 pm
6228 spacer
I always find it odd when the world's top professors in various areas congregate in Cambridge, Oxford, wherever and people expect them to do quality teaching.


>> No. 12096 Anonymous
28th January 2017
Saturday 11:54 am
/news/12096 Mikhail Gorbachev: 'It All Looks as if the World Is Preparing for War'
Nice knowing you, otherlads.

>More troops, tanks and armored personnel carriers are being brought to Europe. NATO and Russian forces and weapons that used to be deployed at a distance are now placed closer to each other, as if to shoot point-blank.

>While state budgets are struggling to fund people’s essential social needs, military spending is growing. Money is easily found for sophisticated weapons whose destructive power is comparable to that of the weapons of mass destruction; for submarines whose single salvo is capable of devastating half a continent; for missile defense systems that undermine strategic stability.

>Politicians and military leaders sound increasingly belligerent and defense doctrines more dangerous. Commentators and TV personalities are joining the bellicose chorus. It all looks as if the world is preparing for war.
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>> No. 12154 Anonymous
29th January 2017
Sunday 11:46 am
12154 spacer


Happy new yea, Glorious People's Ministry of Propagandalad.
>> No. 12155 Anonymous
29th January 2017
Sunday 4:07 pm
12155 spacer
My argument is that you're unable to write a coherent post, which you have just demonstrated for a second time. How that reflects on your ability to think in general I'll not extrapolate on.
>> No. 12157 Anonymous
29th January 2017
Sunday 4:50 pm
12157 spacer

Thanks. Please enjoy this medley of patriotic songs.
>> No. 12161 Anonymous
29th January 2017
Sunday 9:21 pm
12161 spacer
>> No. 12162 Anonymous
30th January 2017
Monday 12:40 pm
12162 spacer

What. the fuck. is this.


>> No. 6856 Anonymous
28th January 2017
Saturday 6:49 pm
/£$€¥/6856 What to do with a lump sum
In July I will have £20,000. It's a long-story that I won't bore anyone with the details of, all you need to know is I will have a current account with about £20,000 in it.

What should I do with it? Or perhaps even more useful advice would be what should I read so that I can come to my own conclusions about what to do with it?
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>> No. 6864 Anonymous
29th January 2017
Sunday 1:03 pm
6864 spacer
>What do you mean brick makers are struggling? House prices have never been higher!
>> No. 6865 Anonymous
29th January 2017
Sunday 1:33 pm
6865 spacer
You're going to have to explain this one to me, lad.
>> No. 6867 Anonymous
29th January 2017
Sunday 9:34 pm
6867 spacer

Not OP, but he probably means that high stock prices have made dividend yields lower.

If the government stop printing money then the FTSE might nosedive.
>> No. 6868 Anonymous
29th January 2017
Sunday 10:02 pm
6868 spacer
As far as I'm aware there hasn't been any QE for a few years. It hasn't been retracted yet but there's nothing new as far as I'm aware.
>> No. 6869 Anonymous
29th January 2017
Sunday 10:05 pm
6869 spacer
I think they did a round not long after the EU Referendum vote.


>> No. 12036 Anonymous
26th January 2017
Thursday 11:54 am
/news/12036 Explosion in Central Russian City
No concrete information yet, but from what I glean from google translating tweets about it Saratov Hydroelectric Power Station may have exploded.
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>> No. 12080 Anonymous
27th January 2017
Friday 1:29 am
12080 spacer
The Tianjin videos are quite amazing. One of the weirdest, scariest things I've ever seen.
>> No. 12081 Anonymous
27th January 2017
Friday 8:04 am
12081 spacer
One thing I learned from Tianjin and that Russian meteor - if there's a bloody great flash, don't look out the window...
>> No. 12084 Anonymous
27th January 2017
Friday 9:58 am
12084 spacer
I remember Buncefield making the windows shake and waking me up at 5am. I live 40 miles away.
>> No. 12132 Anonymous
29th January 2017
Sunday 1:09 am
12132 spacer
This video of the meteor gives me a hearty chuckle every time:
>> No. 12140 Anonymous
29th January 2017
Sunday 2:22 am
12140 spacer


>> No. 57596 Crabkiller
28th January 2017
Saturday 9:03 pm
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>> No. 57598 Ambulancelad
28th January 2017
Saturday 9:27 pm
57598 spacer
I could never get into the third series of League of Gentlemen, even though the first two are one of my favourite comedies and I used to watch them (plus the Live at Drury Lane show) all the time on VHS.

For me it's like Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull or any Shrek film after the second one, i.e. I pretend it doesn't exist.
>> No. 57599 R4GE
28th January 2017
Saturday 9:48 pm
57599 spacer


not even the bit where ross shags pauline?
>> No. 57602 Auntiefucker
28th January 2017
Saturday 10:51 pm
57602 spacer
I find them easier to watch because they dropped the laugh track.
>> No. 57606 Anonymous
29th January 2017
Sunday 12:24 am
57606 spacer

"Easier" is a very subjective term when it comes to watching The League of Gentlemen.
>> No. 57607 Moralfag
29th January 2017
Sunday 1:36 am
57607 spacer

i tried wanking to the vid but i had to keep pressing rewind after every 2 shaft pumps

gave up


>> No. 5148 Anonymous
27th January 2015
Tuesday 10:24 pm
/art/5148 spacer
Do you own any artwork?

There's an original Rolf Harris painting on eBay for £2.20, which I'm considering bidding on while everyone else is put off BT him being a filthy noncecase.

Look at this on eBay:
62 posts and 19 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 5458 Anonymous
27th January 2017
Friday 9:51 pm
5458 spacer
This isn't even a food product and you're scaremongering about plastic? OH NO CHEMICALS DID YOU KNOW COCA-COLA CAN DISSOLVE RUST
>> No. 5459 Anonymous
27th January 2017
Friday 9:57 pm
5459 spacer
You're putting your willy in there.
>> No. 5460 Anonymous
27th January 2017
Friday 9:58 pm
5460 spacer

The smell alone should be enough to give you a hint that it's not a good idea to stick your dick in it.
>> No. 5461 Anonymous
27th January 2017
Friday 10:04 pm
5461 spacer


ban me god please

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 5462 Anonymous
28th January 2017
Saturday 11:39 pm
5462 spacer

annies pic.jpg
i don't understand art i dated a artist for 3 years and i have one of her collages on my shithouse wall. i like things i can tell what they are but some of her stuff was mental but she sells plenty.

(A good day to you Sir!)


>> No. 57583 Auntiefucker
27th January 2017
Friday 10:21 pm
/iq/57583 spacer
>Two member of a girl gang who performed a bizarre sex ritual on an amateur footballer after plying him with vodka have been jailed.

>Brogan Gillard, 26, Paige Cunningham, 22, and Shannon Jones, 20, danced provocatively around their naked victim, as they filmed themselves cutting their victim's hair, slicing vegetables over him and parting his bottom cheeks.

>Gillard, the gang ringleader, parted the man's bottom cheeks holding a pair of scissors, while another woman was heard off camera squealing 'stick a knife up his bum, stick it up his bum!'

>The women from Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, targeted the amateur footballer and took him back to their home on November 29, 2015. They then tormented and humiliated the naked 20-year-old footballer, who was in the foetal position on the kitchen floor, as Gillard sliced onions over his naked body and parted his bottom cheeks.

>Their victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was found on his doorstep by his mother, at 5.30am, wearing a pair of shredded trousers and with clumps of his hair missing. Dazed and confused, he shouted: 'Get them off me, there's something up my bum, I want to go home.'

Parting his arse cheeks with a pair of scissors and slicing onions over his naked body. This story has everything.
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>> No. 57587 Samefag
27th January 2017
Friday 11:28 pm
57587 spacer

Would you trust this woman near your ring piece?
>> No. 57589 Paedofag
27th January 2017
Friday 11:33 pm
57589 spacer

From my experience she looks exactly like the sort of bird who gets off on spitting on blokes and making them cry.

she wouldn't break me though
>> No. 57590 Moralfag
28th January 2017
Saturday 12:04 am
57590 spacer

No, but that's the thrill of it.

If you haven't been hospitalised with a sex-related injury, you aren't trying hard enough.

I don't mind the occasional snapped banjo string or scrotal tear, but electrical burns to the urethra are no fun.
>> No. 57591 Anonymous
28th January 2017
Saturday 4:49 am
57591 spacer


>> No. 57594 Are Moaty
28th January 2017
Saturday 8:36 am
57594 spacer


I think that's why Vicky McClure gives me a right Stonk on. She's got that roughness you only get from common women. I mean, even the name Vicky screeches working class.


Windows Photo Viewer Wallpaper.jpg
>> No. 25798 Anonymous
26th January 2017
Thursday 11:04 pm
/g/25798 spacer
Anyone know of a free ithumb to jpg converter for windows?
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>> No. 25799 Anonymous
26th January 2017
Thursday 11:12 pm
25799 spacer

I'm no expert, but after a rudimentary Googling, try xnview?
>> No. 25800 Anonymous
27th January 2017
Friday 11:20 pm
25800 spacer

Nah, it don't work.
>> No. 25801 Anonymous
28th January 2017
Saturday 12:01 am
25801 spacer
Did you try this?


>> No. 57571 Moralfag
27th January 2017
Friday 12:02 pm
/iq/57571 spacer
Is it true the girls get pissed if you keep using the word "moist" in conversation with them?
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>> No. 57572 Anonymous
27th January 2017
Friday 12:22 pm
57572 spacer
>> No. 57573 Searchfag
27th January 2017
Friday 12:42 pm
57573 spacer
>> No. 57585 Samefag
27th January 2017
Friday 11:22 pm
57585 spacer

haha he reminds me of that really funny guy at work that's actualy an annoying cock


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