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>> No. 3840 Anonymous
19th September 2013
Thursday 10:03 pm
/£$€¥/3840 Pensions
The OFT have come out and said that many old (i.e. set up before 2001) pension schemes have high charges and offer savers poor value for money. They've also suggested a cap for auto-enrolment schemes, but it's going to be an almost meaningless gesture as you'd be very hard pressed to find a provider offering auto-enrolment terms with annual management charges greater than 1% anyway.

The pension scheme I'm in at work (contribution: 5% employer, 5% employee gross) has management charges of 0.6%, which I'm alright with as it's less than I'd get if I was investing in collectives through an ISA.

However, I've put the charges and contribution details into Invidion's pension calculator for an idea of what I'd get when I'm 65, 40 years from now, and if my salary increases in line with National Average Earnings and I took the 25% tax-free lump sum I'd be looking at a pension in today's terms of 27.5% of my current salary. If I wanted a pension that would be about two-thirds of what I'm earning now then I'll need to contribute, assuming the employer contribution stays at 5%, 15% gross (12% net) of my salary every year for the next four decades. This does depend on what annuity rates will be like then and I'd also be getting the State Pension, as long as they haven't upped the age you receive it to 80 by then.

If it wasn't for the tax relief and my employer matching my contributions then I doubt I'd bother and I'd look into other ways to support myself while I'm in retirement. What about you lads? What are your thoughts on pensions? In my opinion to have any form of decent retirement income you're at the mercy of your employer offering a good pension scheme.
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>> No. 7223 Anonymous
18th December 2017
Monday 7:52 pm
7223 spacer

Going into administration is effectively a compulsory takeover of the management. The appointed administrators will have the task of representing the creditors of Toys R Us to achieve a maximum return on their liabilities. That might mean restructuring the company, it might mean selling it as a going concern or it might mean closing up shop and stripping the assets.

If the PPF think that the current management of Toys R Us are unable to turn the business around, then it's probably in everyone's best interests to force them into administration. The CVA might protect some jobs in the short term, but it might also just drag out the inevitable. If Toys R Us keep trading and incur further losses, then it's harder for the PPF to recover funds to close the pension deficit.

Defaults on corporate debt can cause secondary job losses. A large proportion of the debts of Toys R Us are credit lines from suppliers - everything from toy manufacturers and distributors to the people who tarmac their car parks. Poorly managed insolvency can have a domino effect on other companies. If I sell to Toys R Us and they aren't paying my invoices, I might be unable to pay my suppliers and so on. Trading while insolvent is a criminal offence for good reason.
>> No. 7224 Anonymous
18th December 2017
Monday 8:15 pm
7224 spacer
>The fundamentals are very poor for this business, I don't see how they survive.

They're one of those companies you're surprised have lasted as long as they have.

The stores are depressing and look no different inside than they did twenty years ago, which were already quite dated at the time. I was in one a few years back and was amazed they were still trying to sell VHS tapes, which were priced at around a tenner each.
>> No. 7225 Anonymous
19th December 2017
Tuesday 1:19 pm
7225 spacer
Yeah agreed - I visited one about ten years ago when I first became a dad, they had a surprisingly good range of baby gear (which is quite obvious when you think about it) but the shops were depressing and dated, even back then.
>> No. 7226 Anonymous
19th December 2017
Tuesday 8:17 pm
7226 spacer
>The British arm of Toys R Us faces being plunged into administration within the next 48 hours, risking the loss of up to 3,200 jobs, after the UK’s pension lifeboat fund indicated that it would block a restructuring proposal for the ailing business.

>The retailer has offered to pay about £1.6m, related to contributions due to the PPF by March, but has said it does not have the resources to pay the remaining £7.3m that has been demanded, according to people briefed on the talks.

>The PPF has suggested a solution whereby the US parent waives an annual royalty fee to use the Toys R Us name, worth about £9m a year. But the US parent has argued that it is unable to do so under the terms of its court-led bankruptcy process. Toys R Us filed for bankruptcy protection in the US and Canada in September after struggling to compete with online competitors. It has been forced to put in place a plan to restructure almost $5bn in long-term debts.

That's that, then. Toys R Us will collapse on Thursday. £584.5m in loans to the parent company written off, most likely extracted by private equity firms.
>> No. 7227 Anonymous
19th December 2017
Tuesday 9:14 pm
7227 spacer



>> No. 6711 Anonymous
17th December 2017
Sunday 2:09 pm
/lit/6711 Non-fiction adventure, exploration, science biography
After being impressed by the biographies of astronauts Scott Parazynski, Chris Hadfield and Scott Kelly, I'm searching for more biographies of adventurous and high-achieving people.

To narrow that down a bit, I'm especially interested in those who travel to unique or unusual places, and are driven more by science and desire for knowledge rather than military or diplomatic careers (though I can accept those line blurs depending on context).

Historical and contemporary examples welcome.
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>> No. 6717 Anonymous
17th December 2017
Sunday 7:39 pm
6717 spacer
He is in the air tonight?
>> No. 6718 Anonymous
18th December 2017
Monday 10:25 am
6718 spacer
Well, this thread went a bit Phil Collinsy so I'll just mention I decided to pick up 'Endurance', the book about Shackleton's Antarctic expedition and the namesake of Scott Kelly's book. It's very well written.
>> No. 6719 Anonymous
18th December 2017
Monday 11:50 am
6719 spacer
He can hardly suck more for being a vacuum.
>> No. 6720 Anonymous
19th December 2017
Tuesday 8:39 pm
6720 spacer

How about the life of a Victorian adventurer, Mr. Darcy lookalike, shirt lifter (possibly a eunuch) and all round smashing chap who failed terribly at legitimate business, so instead took up that classic 19th century calling of knocking the savages into shape and creating his own jungle kingdom while fighting armies of pirates from a steam ship?
>> No. 6721 Anonymous
19th December 2017
Tuesday 8:54 pm
6721 spacer

I am enjoying this very much. Marshall was the US Army's chief
of staff during World War 2 and went on to create the European Recovery Act also known as the Marshall Plan. He is highlighted as one of these very successful people who eschewed promotions and never sought the limelight.


>> No. 25808 Anonymous
2nd December 2017
Saturday 10:04 pm
/emo/25808 spacer
Bit of a strange situation I've got myself in here lads.

I was on a night out recently with friends and got to chatting to these two lasses. We were all a bit pissed and rather suddenly, one of the girls was slurring a bit and then fell straight backwards onto the floor and hit her head. Me and the other girl she was with then picked her up and we walked her out of the club holding one arm each to steady her. We got her out onto the street and walked a short distance to a taxi place which put her into a taxi on her own fairly quickly. From there, I walked back to near the club with her friend, asked for the first girls name and sent her a message over facebook. The second girl went home in a different direction from there - walked maybe.

Been chatting to her a bit since then and turns out she ended up with a concussion, bless her. Now, she's just sent me a message asking for more details about the taxi place, what car she got in etc. and might want me to repeat some of this to the police - over the phone or in writing I'm not sure.

Now, I've no experience of dealing with the police other than just to keep your mouth shut if you are accused of anything and ask for legal counsel to not give them any rope to hang you with. However, in this situation I'm fairly confident that there are multiple independent witnesses such as her friend, the woman on the taxi desk or the bouncers who let me back in the club 5 minutes later, not to mention possible CCTV footage that removes me from the equation completely.

Any advice?
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>> No. 25837 Anonymous
4th December 2017
Monday 8:41 am
25837 spacer
It's still going to come across badly if he just refuses without an excuse like "I've heard some horror stories about this sort or situation from some mates so I don't think I can help unless I know what's going on" which is true. It's a lot more reasonable than just shutting down.
>> No. 25838 Anonymous
4th December 2017
Monday 10:33 am
25838 spacer
No-one is saying he should 'shut down'! Look, the police can always fuck off because as I've said there is no reason for him to talk to them apropos of nothing unless they come to him first.

As for the lass, she is concerned about something, so he should give her the facts she wants like what taxi firm was used and what car she got in or what happened to her friends and so on. But if she starts asking personal questions about his behaviour or what he was wearing or who he was with and stuff like that, then I think he has a right to demand why she is asking, both because he should know what position he is in, and because it's simple etiquette to be told these things.
>> No. 25975 Anonymous
18th December 2017
Monday 11:14 pm
25975 Quick update
I told her the next day that I'd help if needed.

After a week or so I asked how she was doing and she seemed ok for the most part. The police 'would have liked' to speak to me, but were unable to as she didn't have a number for me (and didn't ask). Not too sure what to make of that.

Is this level of ineptitude par for the course with the plod, or a bit fishy on her part?

I was feeling rough when I posted, so maybe the fever brought out a bit of paranoia.

Anyhow, thanks for the advice lads.
>> No. 25976 Anonymous
19th December 2017
Tuesday 1:03 am
25976 spacer
Plod can generally find you if they know who you are, so clearly they weren't that interested.
>> No. 25977 Anonymous
19th December 2017
Tuesday 6:52 am
25977 spacer
>The police 'would have liked' to speak to me, but were unable to as she didn't have a number for me

She's fishing for your number. She's clearly down to fuck.


>> No. 24845 Anonymous
27th April 2017
Thursday 5:32 pm
/emo/24845 spacer
My life has gone downhill ever since I met a Brazilian Ju Jitsu fighter at Westfield and saw him selling copies of big tissue. It's strange but the way I remember it was that I was set for everything but at December in 2011, things became worse. Nothing mattered and I couldn't eat much as well as wondering whether the nootropics I was taking would actually end up in me being hospitalised. It becomes extraordinarily strange when I realise a lot of it was recorded on this here website, on the IRC itself. I want to understand exactly what was happening in 2012. There's some more things that happened which include kidnapping, torture and brainwashing (as well as strong secret service intimidation) but I wanted to find out exactly why my life became strange.

I remember absolutely everything as well as absolutley nothing. If you get my gist.
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>> No. 25970 Anonymous
18th December 2017
Monday 12:53 pm
25970 spacer
Oh right. A filter. Pardon me.
>> No. 25971 Anonymous
18th December 2017
Monday 1:25 pm
25971 spacer
Oh and you helped get Donald Trump elected too?

You acknowledge in that post you need help - a random image board is not the place to find it.
>> No. 25972 Anonymous
18th December 2017
Monday 1:28 pm
25972 spacer
>A lot of users on here have made their fortunes from me though.

I missed out on this - are all you lads getting rich off this shit?
>> No. 25973 Anonymous
18th December 2017
Monday 1:35 pm
25973 spacer
The parallels to Emily Gyde are uncanny - remember she thinks she wrote the Harry Potter novels.
>> No. 25974 Anonymous
18th December 2017
Monday 8:45 pm
25974 spacer

That would actually explain a lot.


>> No. 7208 Anonymous
17th December 2017
Sunday 1:00 am
/£$€¥/7208 Loved this diagram
I think it puts into perspective some of the furore around bitcoin.
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>> No. 7216 Anonymous
17th December 2017
Sunday 7:05 pm
7216 spacer
Lean away from the screen.
>> No. 7217 Anonymous
17th December 2017
Sunday 7:08 pm
7217 spacer
marple is getting old and his eyes aren't what they were.
>> No. 7218 Anonymous
17th December 2017
Sunday 7:40 pm
7218 spacer
It is an optical illusion, they look fine to me.
>> No. 7219 Anonymous
17th December 2017
Sunday 8:03 pm
7219 spacer
They used to be about 400x400 but now they're up to twice that.
>> No. 7220 Anonymous
17th December 2017
Sunday 8:09 pm
7220 spacer
They're getting smaller. I think we'll be okay.


>> No. 4341 Anonymous
12th December 2017
Tuesday 3:11 pm
/lab/4341 Huge object passing Earth 'could be alien spacecraft'
>A huge object passing by Earth could be an alien spacecraft, scientists have said.

>The bizarre cigar-shaped entity was previously thought to be an interstellar asteroid which had come from another part of the galaxy.

>But evidence has been mounting which has led experts to suggest it could actually be a sign of intelligent life.

>The object is hundreds of metres in length but only one tenth as wide which is highly unusual for a typical space rock, scientists have said.
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>> No. 4356 Anonymous
14th December 2017
Thursday 10:06 pm
4356 spacer
Kind-of annoys me that we're not in a position to catch it considering we might never, ever see one again. Imagine if it goes off and destroys someone's greenhouse and they trace it back to us.

At the very least we could stick some sort of monument on there considering it will reliably leave the solar system. Just in case.

I suppose there is a lot in life that can be explained by the fact that we're live in the galactic equivalent of Little Chef.
>> No. 4357 Anonymous
14th December 2017
Thursday 10:54 pm
4357 spacer
Reminds me of this:
>> No. 4358 Anonymous
17th December 2017
Sunday 1:08 am
4358 spacer
Exactly this - if they can fly for light years in tiny craft and deal with our atmosphere, it is all over all ready. They'll have worked out that we have the IQ of cows.
>> No. 4359 Anonymous
17th December 2017
Sunday 7:52 am
4359 spacer
I look forward to being fed and milked.
>> No. 4360 Anonymous
17th December 2017
Sunday 8:06 am
4360 spacer



>> No. 414319 Anonymous
17th December 2017
Sunday 12:34 am
/b/414319 I heard this is rac/ist now
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>> No. 414325 Anonymous
17th December 2017
Sunday 1:34 am
414325 spacer

It gives the IRA something to do when they're bored
>> No. 414326 Anonymous
17th December 2017
Sunday 2:27 am
414326 spacer
Jesus fucking christ I am going to watch all of these. Thanks. You cunt.
>> No. 414329 Anonymous
17th December 2017
Sunday 2:42 am
414329 spacer
I mean it in the nicest possible way though.
>> No. 414330 Anonymous
17th December 2017
Sunday 2:44 am
414330 spacer

Of course lad, deleted my post in realisation.
>> No. 414337 Anonymous
17th December 2017
Sunday 4:39 am
414337 spacer


Jeremy Corbyn.jpg
>> No. 414327 Anonymous
17th December 2017
Sunday 2:35 am
/b/414327 otherlad
otherlad here

I'm nongenderqueerbinary

Any posts referring to otherlad rather than otherxe will be reported to the police as a hate crime.
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>> No. 414332 Anonymous
17th December 2017
Sunday 2:51 am
414332 spacer

This tree has tits but it's not a woman
>> No. 414333 Anonymous
17th December 2017
Sunday 2:57 am
414333 spacer
How do they make it do that? Is this a Ray Mears thing?
>> No. 414334 Anonymous
17th December 2017
Sunday 3:00 am
414334 spacer

Is that an arse or tits?
>> No. 414335 Anonymous
17th December 2017
Sunday 3:38 am
414335 spacer
You filthy sex-obsessed pervert. It's obviously a scrotum.
>> No. 414336 Anonymous
17th December 2017
Sunday 4:02 am
414336 spacer


>> No. 59114 YubYub
7th December 2017
Thursday 3:51 am
/iq/59114 spacer
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>> No. 59177 Billbob
16th December 2017
Saturday 3:49 pm
59177 spacer
I was assuming multitools had more hex key and screwdriver heads and such, after having a look it appears they have mainly the same things as a SAK but more robust. I'll stop talking about them now.
>> No. 59178 Ambulancelad
16th December 2017
Saturday 11:37 pm
59178 spacer

Depends on the tool, really, the Leatherman Wave is perennially popular and it has an optional set of bits to compliment the Phillips/flathead it comes with.
>> No. 59180 Samefag
17th December 2017
Sunday 1:04 am
59180 spacer

>> No. 59181 Searchfag
17th December 2017
Sunday 1:18 am
Can we have more gore pls plpz

ooh I banged me thumb on a hammer

>> No. 59182 Ambulancelad
17th December 2017
Sunday 3:02 am
59182 spacer

Did it not occur to you that you could post some yourself? Be the change you want to see in the world.


>> No. 3322 Anonymous
6th December 2010
Monday 5:11 am
/A/3322 spacer
So this is gonna be the thread we post in when we are stoned.

Fuck those /b/ Nazis.
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>> No. 8006 Anonymous
15th December 2017
Friday 1:09 pm
8006 spacer
Are you here from the fifties?
>> No. 8009 Anonymous
15th December 2017
Friday 1:17 pm
8009 spacer
I fucking wish.
>> No. 8010 Anonymous
15th December 2017
Friday 1:27 pm
8010 spacer
You are Peter Hitchens (fresh off the Mail on Sunday's Xmas piss up) and I claim my five pounds.
>> No. 8011 Anonymous
15th December 2017
Friday 1:44 pm
8011 spacer
Then what causes you to have such reactionary views toward people who use drugs?
>> No. 8016 Anonymous
15th December 2017
Friday 10:37 pm
8016 spacer
Exposure to them I guess.


>> No. 59154 YubYub
13th December 2017
Wednesday 8:10 pm
/iq/59154 spacer
>After the team at Botnik fed the seven Harry Potter novels through their predictive text keyboard, it came up with a chapter from a new Harry Potter story: Harry Potter and the Portrait of What Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash. It is worth reading.
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>> No. 59166 Crabkiller
13th December 2017
Wednesday 11:17 pm
59166 spacer
>Ron was going to be spiders. He just was.

I tried not to enjoy it but I burst out laughing there.
>> No. 59167 Moralfag
13th December 2017
Wednesday 11:46 pm
59167 spacer
They had a team of people working on it, picked the funniest versions then wrote in stuff after.
>> No. 59168 Anonymous
13th December 2017
Wednesday 11:47 pm
59168 spacer
I knew it!
>> No. 59169 Ambulancelad
14th December 2017
Thursday 3:45 pm
59169 spacer
I quite like it.
>> No. 59170 Are Moaty
15th December 2017
Friday 12:08 pm
59170 spacer
I hate people who like AIs.


>> No. 22053 Anonymous
3rd February 2017
Friday 6:23 am
/e/22053 spacer
Anyone else taken a crack at it?

My take is that, predictable gore aside, this is actually a pretty fucking weird game underneath. It's like they took the main elements of Amnesia etc and then added a bunch of Resident Evil details around the edges. Which sounds shit, but somehow they sort of made it work? Fuck knows how, but I'm up at 6AM playing it so there's definitely something there.

It couldn't be less like RE6 if it tried; it is different in every way. I'll give them credit for taking the risk on rebooting a franchise so hard.

I'm still not sure if I actually like it, though.
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>> No. 22065 Anonymous
21st February 2017
Tuesday 2:14 pm
22065 spacer
You play as him in RE : Revelations 2.
>> No. 22121 Anonymous
28th April 2017
Friday 5:29 am
22121 spacer

The game is shit as a Resident Evil title, and that's when compared to both halves of the series (action and horror). Too many scripted sequences killing new playthroughs of the game, the acid fucks can stun lock you on madhouse and there's no real reason to play the game more than once unless you're a trophy fag
>> No. 22122 Anonymous
28th April 2017
Friday 5:51 am
22122 spacer

>unless you're a trophy fag

Could you manage a thimble of self-respect and not type like a brainless yank?
>> No. 22123 Anonymous
2nd May 2017
Tuesday 9:52 pm
22123 spacer

It's good enough that you completed it and then started again on Madhouse, though, eh?

Generally I like achievements if they actually add something to the experience. "Rack up 10,000 kills" or whatever is pretty dull. RE7 has a few interesting ones - "Just Get Me Outta Here" (completing the game in under four hours) in particular was great fun. Guess that makes me a "trophy fag".

The DLC so far was pretty enjoyable, anyone else pick it up? I quite liked the card game, though it's got a lot of shit online. The "Misery"-like mini game where you're stuck in a bedroom with Maguerite checking on you is fantastic. I didn't get on so well with Jack's Birthday eating competition, but hey ho, got my money's worth with the rest.

Unfortunately the substantial free DLC that was supposed to arrive this spring (attached) has been delayed. I'm fine with that as long as it's good when it finally drops. Can't argue with the price, either.
>> No. 22253 Anonymous
14th December 2017
Thursday 11:17 pm
22253 spacer
The "Not a Hero" DLC was actually released a couple of days ago. iI's good but a bit short.


>> No. 25951 Anonymous
14th December 2017
Thursday 6:29 am
/emo/25951 Homelessness
Any and all resources and information regarding being homeless in the U.K would be appreciated. A lot of advice online is very US-centric and a lot of the laws are different here, not to mention I'll be in London and not the wilds of Colorado or wherever so I don't envision needing water purification tablets or whatever. But I'm terrified I'll think of something obvious the moment I fuck off out of this house for the last time and sling my keys down the nearest drain, for example I forgot to put a sleeping bag on my list of supplies until just now.

Please bear in mind, I'm not looking for advice on how to avoid homelessness. I just want to fuck off forever but can't kill myself (except maybe slowly, drinking myself to death under a bridge) so this is it.
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>> No. 25961 Anonymous
14th December 2017
Thursday 3:44 pm
25961 spacer
What are you a doctor of, out of curiosity?
>> No. 25962 Anonymous
14th December 2017
Thursday 4:59 pm
25962 spacer

Applied maths, but my area of expertise straddles the line between maths and computer science.

It was all a bit of an accident, if I'm being honest. I stumbled into maths mostly out of a lack of self-confidence. I had a shit time at school, my parents were a bit cunty and my later experiences just reinforced my distrust of other people. There's not much room for subjectivity in maths, which is weirdly comforting if you're lacking in confidence and a bit paranoid.

If you've written an English or history essay and get bad marks, there's the possibility that your tutor just doesn't like you. In my mind, that possibility could easily snowball into a cycle of paranoia and self-loathing. This is shit, I'm shit, these cunts are out to get me, I don't belong here, they're going to make sure I fail, I deserve to fail, I'm worthless, I'm wasting my time trying. A mathematics tutor could hate your fucking guts, but they can't really argue with your work - either it's right or it isn't.

By some fluke, I turned out to be a fairly competent mathematician.
>> No. 25963 Anonymous
14th December 2017
Thursday 9:14 pm
25963 spacer
> I went to rehab, then moved into a hostel. I got a flat from the council. I went back to college, did some voluntary work and eventually got a job. I did an OU degree course while working in a shop, then I went to university and did a Masters, then a PhD. It took the best part of fifteen years, but I went from living in a bin to lecturing at a university.

That is pretty amazing.

OP, right now I feel similarly. Like the whole world is conspiring against me and that anything I do to improve my lot will be nullified when people discover the "real" me. I want to escape too, so much - but the wilds of Colorado sound more appealing than London!

There are certainly mental conditions that people have that society is apparently not interested in dealing with - and for which the response of people in aggregate is to condemn or ignore.

There is hope, however, because many individuals within society do in-fact care about you, and will be able to relate to you and help you. Yeah, its just really hard to find these people, because on the surface they look just like all the others, but they are out there.
>> No. 25964 Anonymous
14th December 2017
Thursday 11:06 pm
25964 spacer

>That is pretty amazing.

It sort of wasn't though, which is what amazes me. Each individual step was quite scary, but not massively difficult. The hardest step by far was the first - listening to a support worker who offered to send me to a rehab unit. Everything else just sort of happened. The rehab unit referred me to a hostel, the support worker at the hostel got me into a flat, the JobCentre sent me to a college open day and then to a job interview, my supervisor suggested that I try the OU, my OU tutor suggested that I do a masters, my masters tutor encouraged me to apply for a PhD.

I don't want to downplay the amount of hard work involved, but all of the critical moments in that journey were just a matter of asking for help and taking whatever was offered. It's a cliche, but when you've hit rock bottom then the only way is up. I reached a point in my life where I was willing to give anything a go, because I was more afraid of the status quo than the unknown.
>> No. 25965 Anonymous
14th December 2017
Thursday 11:14 pm
25965 spacer

>my parents were genuinely malicious actors

Mine too, they are completely and utterly insane. Destroying themselves and their own family has been the single most important thing in their lives for some odd reason, they're true scum.
The frog and scorpion fable really is accurate, evil people will destroy themselves in order to destroy others. You would think that having kids that turn out better than them might be some source of pride and will at least get them some reflected glory, but they are sub sentient and can't entertain something as abstract as that. It isn't even abstract to a real person, it's instinct.

>I'm sure I'm not the only person here with experience of being fobbed off by our overstretched mental health services.

I've come to the conclusion that aside from prison, loony bins, or some kind of emergency, there actually isn't any unless you pay. I think the NHS puts out propaganda to oversell itself to justify the funds it wastes, and physically offers little in that regard. It's also become extremely fashionable to be into solving mental health issues right now so there's a hightened pretense that something is being done. People can get prescribed some anti depressants fairly easy, and I've heard it works for a fair amount of people but it's important to find a type of pill that suits you.

As for people not believing in depression, the problem is the title. It has become associated with basic gloom or sadness and is hijacked at times by attention seeking pretenders who keep that going. In my experience it's more like powerful bodily and psychological emptiness, and is for the most part aside from any emotional dynamic. It feels like being a piece of metal so rusty that it's got holes in. The word depression is too vague and low intensity for my liking, it needs a more accurate word.


>> No. 11774 Anonymous
11th December 2017
Monday 1:59 pm
/job/11774 spacer
I have an important interview tomorrow that requires I wear a proper suit. Unfortunately it's been over a year since I've had to wear a suit and mine appear to have mysteriously shrunk in my wardrobe to the degree where I struggle to get the trousers on and the jacket cant be buttoned.

Any ideas on how to cover this up? I'd rather not buy a new suit just to have it tailored down over the Christmas season once I've put the mince pies down. Yes I probably should have tried it on earlier but you know how it is.
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>> No. 11779 Anonymous
14th December 2017
Thursday 8:33 pm
11779 spacer
Have you started letting out a slight sigh or wince when you get up/sit down?
>> No. 11780 Anonymous
14th December 2017
Thursday 9:05 pm
11780 spacer

Chairs are definitely lower than they used to be. The text in books is smaller. TV remote controls are more confusing. Everyone speaks too quietly on telly. Drivers shout "get off the road you daft old cunt" a lot more.
>> No. 11781 Anonymous
14th December 2017
Thursday 9:21 pm
11781 spacer
I've noticed that police persons are really fucking young.
>> No. 11782 Anonymous
14th December 2017
Thursday 9:34 pm
11782 spacer
Police officers, lad.
>> No. 11783 Anonymous
14th December 2017
Thursday 11:08 pm
11783 spacer

It's political correctness gone mad.


>> No. 14038 Anonymous
19th November 2017
Sunday 3:33 pm
/news/14038 zimbabwe
Don't worry lads, the next guy is going to be great.
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>> No. 14175 Anonymous
6th December 2017
Wednesday 12:21 am
14175 spacer

>> No. 14176 Anonymous
6th December 2017
Wednesday 12:21 am
14176 spacer

>> No. 14177 Anonymous
6th December 2017
Wednesday 3:08 pm
14177 spacer

I'm going to miss his occasional bouts of hilarity.
>> No. 14178 Anonymous
7th December 2017
Thursday 7:13 pm
14178 spacer

>Wearing a suit adorned with your own face

Teach me Robert.
>> No. 14212 Anonymous
13th December 2017
Wednesday 8:19 pm
14212 spacer

Say what you want, that's how you fuckin' represent as the ruler of a nation. With a brightly coloured suit with your own face on it.


>> No. 414201 Anonymous
11th December 2017
Monday 3:05 pm
/b/414201 spacer
Goodnight sweet prince of pop.

Funnily I was thinking about him having a go at Phil Jupitus on Buzzcocks in the shower this morning.
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>> No. 414226 Anonymous
11th December 2017
Monday 11:43 pm
414226 spacer
That was excellent, but his earlier work was also very good.
>> No. 414227 Anonymous
12th December 2017
Tuesday 7:56 am
414227 spacer

He was in Open All Hours too.
>> No. 414242 Anonymous
13th December 2017
Wednesday 3:03 pm
414242 spacer

>> No. 414244 Anonymous
13th December 2017
Wednesday 3:27 pm
414244 spacer

>The incurable lung disease with no cure

So... it can't be cured then?
>> No. 414248 Anonymous
13th December 2017
Wednesday 4:45 pm
414248 spacer

He should've smoked more so that lung disease would be cured.


>> No. 59100 Paedofag
5th December 2017
Tuesday 5:39 pm
/iq/59100 reggie yates comes out as nazi

From henceforth, he will be known as Reggie "fourteen eighty" Yates
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>> No. 59140 Billbob
10th December 2017
Sunday 8:33 pm
59140 spacer

Nah m7, the ovens got shut down before he was born.
>> No. 59149 Samefag
11th December 2017
Monday 2:00 am
59149 spacer
A fat Jewish bloke is by definition a fat Jewish bloke, yes. But which fat Jewish bloke?
>> No. 59150 Ambulancelad
11th December 2017
Monday 2:28 am
59150 spacer

are reg.jpg
"The Jew is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a Jew and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.”

-Reggie "Terror of Treblinka" Yates
>> No. 59151 Ambulancelad
11th December 2017
Monday 9:22 am
59151 spacer
It's hardly fair to photoshop him up as Hitler even if he is saying things you'd expect of a Nazi minister of propaganda.
>> No. 59153 R4GE
11th December 2017
Monday 10:03 am
59153 spacer

Quite right, you should photoshop him up as Joseph Goebbels therefore.


>> No. 59117 Paedofag
8th December 2017
Friday 8:50 pm
/iq/59117 spacer

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>> No. 59134 Ambulancelad
9th December 2017
Saturday 7:00 pm
59134 spacer



Party city sounds lovely though.
>> No. 59135 Moralfag
9th December 2017
Saturday 7:06 pm
59135 spacer
They're lyrics to something, not sure what. Her twitter page is pretty sad, all sorts of references to septic celebrity party lifestyles that she presumably aspires to but are completely unlike the life she actually lives.
>> No. 59136 YubYub
9th December 2017
Saturday 7:10 pm
59136 spacer
What do you mean "at the time"?
>> No. 59148 Paedofag
10th December 2017
Sunday 11:52 pm
59148 spacer
>> No. 59152 Auntiefucker
11th December 2017
Monday 9:37 am
59152 spacer


>> No. 25908 Anonymous
7th December 2017
Thursday 11:19 pm
/emo/25908 spacer
Absolutely everyone I know is doing better than me, they earn more money, they have more responsibility, they have relationships, they have some degree of satisfaction, they have social lives

and I'm fucking stuck out here having spent time and money on my shit SHIT fucking postgrad CRAP to earn a shit wage with no life with no nothing, i fucking hate my fuckign life, its a fuckign waste, what the fuck am i fucking livign for but the next fucking day#'? its fucking crazy, what teh fuck is the fucking poiitt I dont work toward anything, I have nothing to work toward byut some ethereal 'future', WHAT fucking future, what fucking present
Expand all images.
>> No. 25910 Anonymous
7th December 2017
Thursday 11:22 pm
25910 spacer
Sleep it off and rewrite in the morning when you can type properly.
>> No. 25928 Anonymous
8th December 2017
Friday 8:21 pm
25928 spacer
Do whatever you like. Maybe that will make you happy.
>> No. 25933 Anonymous
8th December 2017
Friday 10:51 pm
25933 spacer
If you're doing a postgrad but still somehow think you're a failure, I think you're a prime candidate for counselling. Seek support from your university.
>> No. 25944 Anonymous
11th December 2017
Monday 12:05 am
25944 spacer
>>25933 What this guy said, it helps a LOT more than you'd think. Avoid drugs/drink too.


>> No. 58983 Ambulancelad
12th November 2017
Sunday 6:00 pm
/iq/58983 spacer
Lads, I've just had an unnerving thought.

Whenever I find myself on the likes of Pornhub I have noticed that there is an increasing trend for "incest" videos. These are usually labelled as mother fucking son or step-brother fucking step-sister.

Now we all know that porn corrupts minds by making people think extreme behaviour has been normalised; it is well known that many "millennials" see throat-fucking as standardised sexual activity and that an increasing number of lasses are being pressured into it.

Therefore, it stands to reason that the porn industry normalising incest will lead to a rise in it, and also people molesting younger siblings, happening.
40 posts and 2 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 59143 Anonymous
10th December 2017
Sunday 8:56 pm
59143 spacer
Considering there's only about 10 videos per page that makes incest videos almost a third of them.

The description of the Bratty Sis page states:

>It’s never boring with a BrattySis in the house. Instead of fighting over the remote, step brother and sister fuck instead. Sometimes sis even brings a friend along for a naughty threesome. Don’t worry about getting caught, stepmom likes to watch. These naughty teens think they run the house, but that’s where they’re wrong. Stepdad loves to punish naughty step daughters who misbehave. Daddy’s hard cock adjusts their attitudes right away!

They have videos uploaded a month ago with c. 11 million views.
>> No. 59144 Ambulancelad
10th December 2017
Sunday 9:03 pm
59144 spacer
I'll call my incest banker and have him add them to my portfolio.
>> No. 59145 Are Moaty
10th December 2017
Sunday 9:09 pm
59145 spacer
I largely posted >>59143 to see if "investment" was a predictive text error or if the moss had created another craaaaaazy wordfilter.

That said, if you could trade in porn on the financial markets you would be looking to invest in an incest etf as that's where the growth seems to be.
>> No. 59146 Anonymous
10th December 2017
Sunday 9:09 pm
59146 spacer

Oh, for fuck's sake...
>> No. 59147 Searchfag
10th December 2017
Sunday 9:11 pm
59147 spacer
Why didn't you just look to see whether it came up on your predictive text first?
You can probably incest in porn studios that specialise in investment porn if you were being serious. It's a bit late now though.


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