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>> No. 81441 Anonymous
17th January 2017
Tuesday 2:22 pm
/pol/81441 We're Going to Get Brexit Harder Than We Ever Imagined
>Brexit: UK to leave single market, says Theresa May

>Theresa May has said the UK "cannot possibly" remain within the European single market, as staying in it would mean "not leaving the EU at all". But the prime minister promised to push for the "greatest possible" access to the single market following Brexit.

>She said: "This agreement should allow for the freest possible trade in goods and services between Britain and the EU's member states."It should give British companies the maximum possible freedom to trade with and operate within European markets and let European businesses do the same in Britain. But I want to be clear: what I am proposing cannot mean membership of the single market. It would, to all intents and purposes mean not leaving the EU at all. That is why both sides in the referendum campaign made it clear that a vote to leave the EU would be a vote to leave the single market."

>She told the remaining 27 EU member states: "We will continue to be reliable partners, willing allies and close friends. We want to buy your goods, sell you ours, trade with you as freely as possible, and work with one another to make sure we are all safer, more secure and more prosperous through continued friendship." Mrs May, who backed Remain in the referendum, called for a "new and equal partnership" with the EU, "not partial membership of the European Union, associate membership of the European Union, or anything that leaves us half-in, half-out. We do not seek to adopt a model already enjoyed by other countries. We do not seek to hold on to bits of membership as we leave."

>After Mrs May's speech Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said: "Hard Brexit was never on the ballot paper. Ripping us out of the single market was not something proposed to the British people. This is a theft of democracy."

Correct me if I'm wrong lads but I seem to remember some sort of Norway/Switzerland relationship was being pushed very hard by the Brexit campaign? Could this be the beginning of the end for Theresa if her government collapses on the leave vote?
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>> No. 81826 Anonymous
23rd February 2017
Thursday 1:37 pm
81826 spacer
So yes, it does.
>> No. 81827 Anonymous
23rd February 2017
Thursday 2:21 pm
81827 spacer
To a racist, obviously. But then you have to realise that minorities aren't the ones who should be lined up against the wall and executed... It's the racists that should face that. Then we can all have a great and happy world.

Kill yourself.
>> No. 81830 Anonymous
23rd February 2017
Thursday 8:08 pm
81830 spacer
The vast majority under the axe would be the minorities themselves m8.
>> No. 81831 Anonymous
23rd February 2017
Thursday 8:37 pm
81831 spacer
If they are racists, then sure.
>> No. 81870 Anonymous
27th February 2017
Monday 6:25 pm
81870 spacer
Heli carriers are more useful than you'd think, what with Crowsnest and anti - sub capability. The real problem is that building carriers takes ages and the cost cutting SDSR that scrapped Ark Royal happened before IS existed and Russia was stirring up shit, not to mention the pressure of recession. Which has left us with a capability gap but thems the breaks and the new QE class tubs look pretty amazing, Wonder if the money could've been better spent getting Sodexo away from the slop jockeys mind.


>> No. 57773 Are Moaty
26th February 2017
Sunday 7:15 pm
6.20 onward.


>> No. 25031 Anonymous
22nd February 2017
Wednesday 2:54 am
/101/25031 spacer
Corporate bollocks. The rubbish that businesses use to blatantly lie about their practices. Often to be found in statements issued by the press office when they're caught out.

The "isolated incident" that definitely doesn't happen all the time - often as a result of a "training issue" that definitely isn't company policy.

A "gesture of goodwill" that is offered grudgingly only when a newspaper has intervened on your behalf. They're sticking to their guns and are so adamant they've done nothing wrong that they're going to pay you compensation you don't deserve for something they didn't put you through.

A firm that "rewards our loyal customers" by letting them keep a benefit that they already enjoy, or "continues to deliver value for our customers" by putting the price up and the quantity down.

Everyone who's ever written stuff like this can enjoy a glorious winter sun getaway at the Inferno resort, where they can relax in the Eighth Circle bar.
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>> No. 25068 Anonymous
26th February 2017
Sunday 12:47 am
25068 spacer
What kind of world do you live in?
>> No. 25069 Anonymous
26th February 2017
Sunday 1:17 am
25069 spacer

>What kind of world do you live in?
>> No. 25070 Anonymous
26th February 2017
Sunday 1:47 am
25070 spacer
Two out of three Berkeley students when asked didn't know which party Abraham Lincoln belonged to, THEREFORE we have full employment.
>> No. 25071 Anonymous
26th February 2017
Sunday 10:33 am
25071 spacer
Is that so strange? I don't know what sort of Government The Right Honourable Henry Pelham had, do you?
>> No. 25072 Anonymous
26th February 2017
Sunday 11:54 am
25072 spacer
Oh dear.


>> No. 21419 Anonymous
19th February 2016
Friday 3:30 pm
/e/21419 20 years old, cans till get scary as shit
just because you have guns, doesn't mean you'll have it easy!

I love what mods can do with a game!
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>> No. 21421 Anonymous
20th February 2016
Saturday 12:50 am
21421 spacer

Excellent. Any longer playthrough videos?
>> No. 21422 Anonymous
20th February 2016
Saturday 2:19 pm
21422 spacer
>I love what mods can do with a game!
I guess Doom is probably the game with the greatest number of mods/user-created levels made for it, they were still going hard over at Doomworld last time I checked in. I couldn't even estimate how many I played back in the 90s/early 00's, and some were really amazingly creative - I think the engine is sort of a sweet spot for user creation, where it's just complicated enough to have a reasonable barrier to entry, but simple enough that you don't need to be a dedicated programmer/modeller/etc to make something really cool.
>> No. 21423 Anonymous
20th February 2016
Saturday 3:11 pm
21423 spacer

Pretty much this. Especially now we have editors like DoomBuilder- Most other engines simply aren't around long enough for their tools to reach such a level of refinement and ease of use. Stuff like Quake and Unreal Tournament wasn't much more complex in theory, but Doom is still the only game of a reasonable complexity where you can read a tutorial, and start cracking out perfectly decent maps, in the same afternoon.

Even I have managed to make a reasonably impressive set of Doom levels in my time. I could just never figure out how you do stuff like changing the title screen and background music etc in order to make a cohesive pack out of them. If I could have figured that out I was going to put the .wad on my band's last CD release for shits and giggles, each level would have a midi version of a track from the album and then there would be a little text scroll about how a humble roadie saved the tour from hellspawn.
>> No. 22066 Anonymous
25th February 2017
Saturday 9:53 am
22066 spacer

speaking of this particular campaign:
>> No. 22067 Anonymous
25th February 2017
Saturday 9:31 pm
22067 spacer
Likely not a coincidence, but Doom started out at id as a potential Aliens-licensed game. Talks broke down with 20th Century Fox over creative freedom; probably for the best.


>> No. 57771 Crabkiller
25th February 2017
Saturday 3:27 pm
/iq/57771 spacer


>> No. 57770 Samefag
25th February 2017
Saturday 2:40 pm
/iq/57770 spacer


>> No. 25852 Anonymous
25th February 2017
Saturday 3:43 am
/g/25852 Portz
What ports are those next to the HDMI and the DVI? Cheers meights
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>> No. 25853 Anonymous
25th February 2017
Saturday 3:52 am
25853 spacer
Display Ports
>> No. 25854 Anonymous
25th February 2017
Saturday 9:10 am
25854 spacer
Yeah, DisplayPort. Graphics card & monitor manufacturers are keen on it. You can get passive adaptors to single-link DVI and to HDMI if you need to, or active adaptors (read: adaptor actually has to have electronics in it, more expensive) to even VGA.

On its own, the port has roughly the same merits as HDMI. The standards are defined by vaguely competing organizations. You shouldn't worry too much about any of this unless you're buying a 4K/5K monitor and don't want to be stuck at 30fps max - if so, you'll want to read into the various versions of HDMI & what the graphics card supports to see if it can handle that amount of data.

Same nonsense applies with DisplayPort, although DP 1.0 is way faster than HDMI 1.0. But you can have longer HDMI cables generally than DP cables, because lower bandwidth ~= you can have longer cables before things stop working. Swings and roundabouts.
>> No. 25855 Anonymous
25th February 2017
Saturday 2:39 pm
25855 spacer
For Freesync/G-sync I think you need DP, so bear that in mind.


>> No. 57768 Moralfag
25th February 2017
Saturday 7:44 am
/iq/57768 spacer

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>> No. 57769 Auntiefucker
25th February 2017
Saturday 9:43 am
57769 spacer
Bloody Frenchmen.


>> No. 11113 Anonymous
21st February 2017
Tuesday 9:13 pm
/job/11113 Life Choices
Bit of background: I work in software. I'm still very junior, but have been in the job long enough to know that I enjoy it, and I'm not completely terrible at writing high- or low-level code. Pay is OK, location is pleasant enough but unexciting for a single man in his 20s. Work is mostly good but I don't feel I've got into anything very meaty yet. Main plus side are the flexible hours, and the social side within my year of new starters.

Since I've started I've been getting a few messages from recruiters on LinkedIn. A lot of these I just reply "No thanks" to straight away because the location is bad, it's an area that does not interest me (read: web dev) or a company I've heard bad things about (e.g. Amazon), as well as the fact that I've only just started at my current place relatively recently. Recently though I've been getting a bunch of messages advertising jobs in central London-based financial firms. Mostly small-ish automated trading startups looking for devs to work alongside the quants, and paying 2-3 times what I'm on now.

I've been thinking of moving somewhere central-ish for a little while now, be close to more interesting places and not have to take the night bus home for hours after. But with what I'm on at the minute combined with work location I'm unlikely to break through zone 3, maybe 2 at a push. 10 mins walk from the arse end of a tube line if I'm lucky. So this has got me thinking, whether living and working somewhere central would be a possibility. On the other hand, I know I can kiss goodbye to good working hours and the social side I've integrated into so far if I did that. I definitely wouldn't rush into anything, I'll want to stay at my current place for at least until my next review, but it's given me things to think about regarding the future. I'm really not sure if I can see myself staying round here forever.

I guess the main point of all this, is are there any people on here with similar experiences? Is the City worth the extra stress and hassle, or should I thank my lucky stars for a quiet if unexceptional life?
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>> No. 11124 Anonymous
23rd February 2017
Thursday 9:35 pm
11124 spacer
>I may have been quick to judge Amazon based mostly on fake news online articles about their shady business practices and employee maltreatment.
The stuff I've read about Amazon employees being treated like shit was in regards to the warehouse workers. Somehow I doubt >>11116 was sweating half to death packing boxes for minimum wage.
>> No. 11125 Anonymous
23rd February 2017
Thursday 10:03 pm
11125 spacer
>The stuff I've read about Amazon employees being treated like shit was in regards to the warehouse workers.
They're not alone. Plenty of reports of poor treatment of people on the tech side.
>> No. 11126 Anonymous
23rd February 2017
Thursday 11:23 pm
11126 spacer

Amazon's workplace culture is notorious, even on the tech and management side.
>> No. 11127 Anonymous
23rd February 2017
Thursday 11:43 pm
11127 spacer
On the one hand, even it was just warehouse staff it's still a damning comment on their attitude towards their people. But it was the NY Times article that gave me a bad impression of the technical side of the business.
>> No. 11128 Anonymous
23rd February 2017
Thursday 11:58 pm
11128 spacer
I stand corrected.

>even it was just warehouse staff it's still a damning comment on their attitude towards their people.
Agreed. Scant consolation, if any: those people won't have those horrific warehouse jobs in another five or so years, as it'll all be automated.


>> No. 57676 Are Moaty
12th February 2017
Sunday 12:30 pm
/iq/57676 spacer
Evil Karen Matthews has scalding peas thrown at her in chip shop attack

Hated Matthews was attacked days after telling how she feared for her life after a new drama about her vile crimes began on TV.

The 41-year-old gorges on £4.50 fish suppers from her local takeaway three times a week. An angry woman followed her outside and dumped the peas over her head. As they dripped on to her duffel coat the woman ranted: “You evil bitch. I’m a mother too.”

Matthews was freed from jail after serving half of an eight-year sentence. She now lives in a flat in the Home Counties, 200 miles from Dewsbury, West Yorks, where she kidnapped nine-year-old Shannon. She claims £20,000 a year in benefits and has been allowed to change her name as it appears on the Electoral Roll to keep vigilantes at bay.

Too fucking right. £20,000 of taxpayer's money so she can gorge on fish suppers three times a week. If I owned that chippy I'd forego the £13.50 of weekly sales revenue and ban her.
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>> No. 57710 R4GE
15th February 2017
Wednesday 5:03 pm
57710 spacer
>A private rent in that area would be, at most, £400 per month and council house rent is far lower than that

Jesus Christ.
>> No. 57711 Paedofag
15th February 2017
Wednesday 5:41 pm
57711 spacer
Those chips are giving me pure cravings. Peas look a bit crap, mind.
>> No. 57712 YubYub
15th February 2017
Wednesday 6:03 pm
57712 spacer


I don't think she's scared of fighting.

Despite having a secret identity the tabloids keep following her, here's a Daily Star exclusive of her "splashing the cash" in poundland, and they've uncovered she works in a charity shop so she can't be agoraphobic.

Maybe £450pcm tops. Incidentally I Bought my bedframe from a delightful shop not too far away from the moorside estate called cheap'r'us. I'm pretty sure all the staff in the back assembling the furniture were either illegal immigrants or modern day slaves.
>> No. 57713 Moralfag
15th February 2017
Wednesday 6:10 pm
57713 spacer
I'm looking for somewhere in essex/hertfordshire (near work) and it's £400/month absolute minimum, for a room living with some polish lads.

I don't earn enough for this shit. Well, I do, but not to live and save.
>> No. 57767 Crabkiller
23rd February 2017
Thursday 7:08 am
57767 spacer


>> No. 57669 Anonymous
12th February 2017
Sunday 10:34 am
/iq/57669 spacer
Lads, I've been doing some serious thinking.

Why do we wee? Because your body has taken in more water than it needs. Ergo, it stands to reason that if you can limit your water intake you'll never need to wee ever again.
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>> No. 57754 Anonymous
21st February 2017
Tuesday 6:27 pm
57754 spacer

You don't come to wakey for a posh lunch, you get on a bus up to leeds for that. You come to wakey to get hammered and throw your kebab at a taxi on argos corner.

smokehouse is pretty good if you don't mind paying a few bob
>> No. 57757 Crabkiller
21st February 2017
Tuesday 10:54 pm
57757 spacer
How many 20p coins can fit in a fanny?
>> No. 57758 Moralfag
21st February 2017
Tuesday 11:20 pm
57758 spacer

3 billion.png

About 3 billion.
>> No. 57765 R4GE
22nd February 2017
Wednesday 9:19 pm
57765 spacer
Serious thinking? About what?
>> No. 57766 R4GE
22nd February 2017
Wednesday 11:53 pm
57766 spacer
Serious stuff, innit.


>> No. 57763 Are Moaty
22nd February 2017
Wednesday 6:40 pm
/iq/57763 spacer
Primark has stopped selling a T-shirt featuring words from a nursery rhyme after a shopper complained that it was "fantastically offensive".

The T-shirt in question is licensed merchandise from The Walking Dead. It features the rhyme "eeny meeny miny moe", which has a racist origin.

Customer Ian Lucraft, who complained about the top to Primark, and his wife Gwen had been in a Sheffield branch of the store when they spotted the item of clothing.

"We were shocked when we came face to face with a new T-shirt with a racially explicit graphic and text," he told The Sheffield Star. It was fantastically offensive and I can only assume that no-one in the process of ordering it knew what they were doing, or were aware of its subliminal messages.

The graphic has a large American baseball bat, wrapped round with barbed wire, and covered with blood. This image relates directly to the practice of assaulting black people in America. It is directly threatening of a racist assault, and if I were black and were faced by a wearer I would know just where I stood."

PC gone mad. Nursery rhymes are offensive. Can't even say baa baa black sheep anymore, either.
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>> No. 57764 Paedofag
22nd February 2017
Wednesday 6:54 pm
57764 spacer
To be fair, who in their right mind would think that t-shirt is a good idea? Other than the unemployed obviously.


>> No. 6229 Anonymous
21st February 2017
Tuesday 8:19 pm
/uni/6229 spacer
how do I learn to do accents as well as this guy?
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>> No. 6230 Anonymous
21st February 2017
Tuesday 10:29 pm
6230 spacer
Become an impressionist.
>> No. 6231 Anonymous
22nd February 2017
Wednesday 3:11 am
6231 spacer
It's mostly about learning to listen to yourself. Have you ever noticed that your voice sounds weird on a recording? People are often shocked or embarrassed by what their voice actually sounds like. We tend not to pay much attention to the sounds coming out of our mouth, because we're busy concentrating on what we're about to say next. You can't use your voice effectively if you're not really listening to it, so that's what you need to practice first and foremost.

Use the voice recorder app on your phone. Start off by recording whatever comes to mind in your normal speaking voice, then listening back. Describe your day, tell an anecdote, list the contents of your fridge. Do this for a while until you're used to the sound of your own voice. Pay attention to your own speech. How would you describe your accent to a foreigner? Which sounds are most characteristic of your accent? What aspects of your voice are unique?

Listen to a recording of the accent you'd like to learn and practise imitating one short sentence at a time. Record and play back your attempt, listening carefully to each consonant and vowel sound. Hone in on any syllables that sound wrong, comparing the recording you're imitating with the recording of your own attempt. Pay attention to the movements of your mouth and tongue as you speak. Write out sentences phonetically and take notes on the patterns you identify in the accent. If you're particularly dedicated, learn the International Phonetic Alphabet.
>> No. 6232 Anonymous
22nd February 2017
Wednesday 8:09 am
6232 spacer

Study linguistics. In particular phonology. and practice the different associated sounds. Essentially there are huge differences in how different accents make sounds to say the same words that we take for granted. British English is actually amazingly varied for this in a way American accents aren't. Once you understand how the sound is differently made depending on who says it for the exact same word, you can analyses and imitate it better.
>> No. 6233 Anonymous
22nd February 2017
Wednesday 9:04 am
6233 spacer
Good stuff, thanks lads.
>> No. 6234 Anonymous
22nd February 2017
Wednesday 6:35 pm
6234 spacer
I've said this before, but my favourite impressionist moment was Jon Culshaw on the One Show. He was surprising a woman in a call centre by pretending to be Alan Carr. He snuck up behind her for the big reveal and the disappointment on her face when she saw it was him instead of Carr will stick with me for the rest of my life.


>> No. 56437 Samefag
4th September 2016
Sunday 8:28 am
/iq/56437 spacer
Jim's the name.

Filling my washing machine with a hot beefy load's the game.
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>> No. 56467 Moralfag
5th September 2016
Monday 5:40 pm
56467 spacer

Since every phone on the planet got a QWERTY keyboard typing like that has been unacceptable.
>> No. 56488 Anonymous
10th September 2016
Saturday 8:32 pm
56488 spacer


>> No. 57666 R4GE
11th February 2017
Saturday 8:32 pm
57666 spacer
>John Bercow stopped the Commons being warned about police inquiries into Keith Vaz after accepting tens of thousands of pounds from the MP’s associates.

>When the Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen privately alerted the Speaker in September 2015 about allegations being made to police, Mr Bercow declined to ask Mr Vaz to quit as chairman of the influential home affairs select committee. The Speaker also stopped Mr Bridgen from telling the Commons details about the police looking into an alleged abuse of public office by Mr Vaz.

>The Speaker is traditionally returned unopposed at general elections but Jimmy Saville and some independents stood against Mr Bercow in his Buckingham seat in 2010. Ukip did so again in 2015. The Times has now discovered that most of the gifts accepted by Mr Bercow to fund his re-election campaigns came from associates of Mr Vaz.

>Of £58,000 raised for Mr Bercow’s campaigns, £41,000 came from donors who would have been familiar with Mr Vaz.

>Mr Bercow’s friendship with Mr Vaz has been looking increasingly unwise. On the day after a Sunday newspaper revealed details of Mr Vaz’s sex party, Mr Bercow called on him in the Commons to speak. The Speaker squeezed Mr Vaz’s wrist and gave him a pat on the back. Police cleared Mr Vaz of criminality over the orgy.

The plot thickens.
>> No. 57761 Crabkiller
22nd February 2017
Wednesday 12:01 am
57761 spacer

>> No. 57762 R4GE
22nd February 2017
Wednesday 12:32 am
57762 spacer
>Of £58,000 raised for Mr Bercow’s campaigns, £41,000 came from donors who would have been familiar with Mr Vaz.
Well fuck me. Someone who wasn't familiar with Keith Vaz somehow ended up donating 17 grand to re-elect the Speaker. Like, how does that even happen?


>> No. 22053 Anonymous
3rd February 2017
Friday 6:23 am
/e/22053 spacer
Anyone else taken a crack at it?

My take is that, predictable gore aside, this is actually a pretty fucking weird game underneath. It's like they took the main elements of Amnesia etc and then added a bunch of Resident Evil details around the edges. Which sounds shit, but somehow they sort of made it work? Fuck knows how, but I'm up at 6AM playing it so there's definitely something there.

It couldn't be less like RE6 if it tried; it is different in every way. I'll give them credit for taking the risk on rebooting a franchise so hard.

I'm still not sure if I actually like it, though.
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>> No. 22061 Anonymous
20th February 2017
Monday 12:17 am
22061 spacer

I've continued watching the play through, very cinematic. Extremely gory at points, but easy to forget that was always a part of the RE games. The chainsaw duel is hilarious.
>> No. 22062 Anonymous
21st February 2017
Tuesday 11:38 am
22062 spacer
The gore is particularly visceral, especially since it's in first-person.

The game was kind of designed for VR but I think it'd be too much for me.
>> No. 22063 Anonymous
21st February 2017
Tuesday 12:27 pm
22063 spacer
A lot of people have had to quit playing it in VR, I've heard. Would love to try it but I'm poor.
>> No. 22064 Anonymous
21st February 2017
Tuesday 12:44 pm
22064 spacer
>Would love to try it but I'm poor.
Same. It's going to be a few years before decent kit becomes affordable, unfortunately.
>> No. 22065 Anonymous
21st February 2017
Tuesday 2:14 pm
22065 spacer
You play as him in RE : Revelations 2.


>> No. 21143 Anonymous
21st February 2017
Tuesday 12:35 pm
/com/21143 Vikings
I come from the land of the ice and snow


>> No. 24250 Anonymous
20th February 2017
Monday 8:11 pm
/emo/24250 spacer
I know /emo/ has been quite active over the past few months, and a bit controversial recently as well, but I just need somewhere to vent.

I consider myself to be someone who has tried very hard to improve their lot. Right now, though, I feel pretty defeated. I had big plans for the last five years, and even though I gave my all toward them none of them have quite panned out.

It's pretty self-indulgent to run through the list, but I feel shitty and I want to, so aside from my current job... I don't have an exact number of applications, to be honest, but it's the opportunities that don't quite come together that have been driving me insane.

I've been through:
- A European competition where I got through to an assessment centre, got over 90% in the tests, then got rejected on the basis that I needed more experience to qualify.
- A national graduate scheme in another city related to my current field where I gave what I feel was my best ever interview, then got rejected. Still waiting for feedback.
- A PhD studentship where I got through the interview, but then had my proposal rejected by the funding panel.
- Three separate jobs for two local level charities I volunteered with ended up saying no to me after interview, with two saying I was the next best candidate.

There's more, but my point is I am trying. I believe I have been creative in looking for options, very dogged in finding and pursuing them, even trying to creatively make my own options (my current job is one that didn't exist before), and yet I'm still not advancing to the next stage. I have a postgraduate degree and a good few relevant qualifications, a few years worth of experience, but can't seem to break beyond anything past low level clerical work. All I want is a bit of independence, I want a place of my own to live, I want to see and experience more than my hometown.

'Tired' is the word I'd use. I'm really tired. I know all of the cliches, of course be grateful for what you have now, fall seven, rise eight, focus on the outcomes and not the frustrations, about how important it is to keep trying, but how long can I sustain that? I've been 'getting up' from regular setbacks for five years, continually finding it in myself to brush it off; just try another route, try another organisation, practice more, think creatively, try a little harder. Even looking at it philosophically, as though struggling to make something of myself will develop my character.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 24251 Anonymous
20th February 2017
Monday 9:55 pm
24251 spacer
>no one gives a shit
>big plans

My first response is that you seem to have very high expectations of others, yourself and the world, which is no bad thing - but is rare. I wonder if thats the root of your angst.
>> No. 24252 Anonymous
20th February 2017
Monday 11:06 pm
24252 spacer

You're right there, yes. Other poeple have said the same.
>> No. 24253 Anonymous
21st February 2017
Tuesday 4:46 am
24253 spacer
I'm impressed you put in so much effort, I certainly haven't. You can hardly be stagnating if you've tried all those things.
All I can say is keep trying; nothing to lose by doing that. The feeling of being tired I find is one of those things that dog you incessantly but never actually stop you from doing anything until you let it, and even if you do it doesn't go away. You just live with it.
>> No. 24260 Anonymous
21st February 2017
Tuesday 8:24 am
24260 spacer


>> No. 24261 Anonymous
21st February 2017
Tuesday 10:22 am
24261 spacer
>The feeling of being tired I find is one of those things that dog you incessantly but never actually stop you from doing anything until you let it, and even if you do it doesn't go away. You just live with it.

This is helpful, thanks.


>> No. 11095 Anonymous
19th February 2017
Sunday 11:44 pm
/job/11095 spacer
I'm mostly set on going to university this year come September, but I'm not sure if it's the sensible choice.
My initial decision came from sticking out minimum wage work for a bit and deciding "this is bullshit", so I'm looking to go study Engineering. I've been spending the year getting the required maths qualifications (and finding out I'm actually not bad at maths when I apply myself (I even enjoy it)) so I'm all set for it and have offers.

Is it a sensible choice? I'm 27 now, I want to have something for myself when I'm 30 and I figure a useful degree would be a good start. I've considered trying to get promoted up the chain in something (or even my current part time fast food job) but thinking about it I'd probably take as long to manage that as I would take in getting myself a degree - but with none of the international recognition a useful degree could give me. Or job satisfaction. Or anything really, aside from an income.

Ultimately I'm interested in getting a degree because education makes me fulfilled, and because it could offer more of an escape route if the UK continues descending into a Tory hellscape. Even just seeing the uni fees compared to when I had finished my A-Levels is unnerving.

Realistically though are there other options I could explore before I start finalising plans?
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>> No. 11107 Anonymous
20th February 2017
Monday 8:35 pm
11107 spacer
Mobile, sure, completely incapable of working in the West too.
>> No. 11108 Anonymous
20th February 2017
Monday 8:36 pm
11108 spacer
What a shame there are no engineering projects outside the UK.
>> No. 11109 Anonymous
20th February 2017
Monday 8:44 pm
11109 spacer
We need another great war!
>> No. 11110 Anonymous
21st February 2017
Tuesday 7:43 am
11110 spacer

Who cares?
>> No. 11111 Anonymous
21st February 2017
Tuesday 9:30 am
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>> No. 57736 Crabkiller
19th February 2017
Sunday 11:03 pm
/iq/57736 spacer
When you hear it ...
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>> No. 57740 Crabkiller
20th February 2017
Monday 1:38 pm
57740 spacer
It's from 2008 lad.
>> No. 57743 Anonymous
20th February 2017
Monday 9:22 pm
57743 spacer
britfags is from 2008.
>> No. 57745 Billbob
20th February 2017
Monday 9:29 pm
57745 spacer
so's your mum m8


>> No. 408538 Anonymous
17th February 2017
Friday 5:21 am
/b/408538 spacer
What would you do if you knew you only had three days to live. Where would you go? Who would you see? And what would your last wish be?
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>> No. 408593 Anonymous
19th February 2017
Sunday 12:27 pm
408593 spacer
Interesting thought. On the other hand, why exactly would I only have three days to live? Surely, with a terminal and debilitating illness, I couldn't spend those three days just doing anything. I would probably simply be lying in bed emaciated and waiting for death to put an end to my suffering and put me out of my misery.

But even if things weren't that bleak; how would I even know I only had three days to live? If I was in good health and not on Death Row, I would probably be oblivious to there only being three days of my life left in the first place.

All that said, if I knew I only had three days to live, I would probably go and do one of the things I like most, which is to go to the coast and spend those three days fishing on the sea shore somewhere, reflecting on the pointless existence that my life has been.
>> No. 408599 Anonymous
19th February 2017
Sunday 4:40 pm
408599 spacer

Its the quote at the start of the album Intercept! The question is just a hypothetical to meditate over.
>> No. 408602 Anonymous
19th February 2017
Sunday 7:14 pm
408602 spacer
I think I'd spend the time writing messages for my son and getting my affairs in order.
>> No. 408613 Anonymous
20th February 2017
Monday 7:41 pm
408613 spacer
I would never tell anyone else if I was dying, too - that seems like the shittiest bit of the whole affair. I would write everyone concerned a nice letter, explaining my reasons, but from afar, that whole "lets say goodbye to everyone" seems like a terrible almost selfish burden on everyone else.
>> No. 408617 Anonymous
20th February 2017
Monday 8:54 pm
408617 spacer
Mine's a combination of >>408560 and >>408588 but with the caveat of >>408589. One day to settle my affairs and an outline of my burial or cremation, one day to chill with my loved ones (without their knowledge of my impending demise), one day to get off my fucking tits on every drug I have known and loved while staring at the sky. Oh, and make sure I'm out of my fucking tree on smack and mescaline when I do blink out of existence. Ideally in front of a cracking sunset. Sorted.


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