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>> No. 410228 Anonymous
5th May 2017
Friday 2:01 am
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>> No. 410260 Anonymous
5th May 2017
Friday 7:15 pm
410260 spacer

Like that, but with a slightly worrying amount of choking.
>> No. 410262 Anonymous
5th May 2017
Friday 8:03 pm
410262 spacer
Aye lads, this is a totally accurate assessment of her character and nothing to do with your own wank fantasies.

She's clearly a total sub.
>> No. 410264 Anonymous
5th May 2017
Friday 8:38 pm
410264 spacer
I love the lift background music they got on. In any case, she is a human being. Don't add cola to hot coffee.
>> No. 410265 Anonymous
5th May 2017
Friday 10:27 pm
410265 spacer
>It does not just mean to have sex with ... if you're feeling complimentary you can also say that someone is a good fuck
Isn't this wrong? Or at least redundant and/or misleading? You'd never say someone was a good fuck unless you meant they were good to have sex with.
>> No. 410267 Anonymous
6th May 2017
Saturday 12:24 am
410267 spacer
The first bit you quoted refers to the verb form "to fuck"; the act of having sex.
The second is a noun phrase referring to a type of person, so although they both refer to sex, they do have different meanings.


>> No. 57949 YubYub
4th May 2017
Thursday 7:14 pm
/iq/57949 Q: Why did Georg Philipp Friedrich Freiherr von Hardenberg write so much?
A: Because he was a novelist!
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>> No. 57950 Paedofag
5th May 2017
Friday 1:27 am
57950 spacer
Pack it in mate.
>> No. 57951 YubYub
5th May 2017
Friday 4:21 pm
57951 spacer

That's what she said.
>> No. 57952 Moralfag
5th May 2017
Friday 8:00 pm
57952 spacer

Fuck off you goat fucking nonce.


>> No. 24881 Anonymous
1st May 2017
Monday 11:05 pm
/emo/24881 Values
A friend has a history of alopecia (hair loss) asotiated with work stress. It's beginning to return as she's started a new, more demanding, job. She keeps complaining about the hair loss and sending pictures of its progress.

Its clear she values her work more than her hair, yet she continues to complain and, I guess, feel bad about it.

Should I say this to her? Of course on some level she knows this, but I find it helpful to recognise the simplicity of my problems and how my actions prolong, or even cause, them.
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>> No. 24884 Anonymous
2nd May 2017
Tuesday 6:53 pm
24884 spacer
Seem to me like you are focusing on the symptom and not the cause. Why does her work stress her out that much? She might need counselling on how to put her work problems into perspective.
>> No. 24886 Anonymous
3rd May 2017
Wednesday 12:07 am
24886 spacer
>She might need counselling
>> No. 24888 Anonymous
3rd May 2017
Wednesday 2:02 am
24888 spacer
She doesn't strike me as one in need of counsel, but I've been wrong before.
I can't help but feel the only thing worth doing is dis-engaging.
I guess I just don't know her as well as I thought.

I wish I could care, but in all honesty I don't think thats true. There is a niggling pain that I'm potentially disregarding one close to me, but .. what can I actually do? No one seems all that interested in ways of thought I use to 'be happy' (probably because of the way I express them). All I can think is 'these things happen and you can be happy that they can happen'. I don't know, man. Nothing all that bad has happened to me so maybe this philosophy is worth shit. Something inside tells me, though, that even if 'something bad' were to happen the philosophy would reduce it.

So I guess the answer is, beyond counseling, to 'cheer her up' and help take her mind off things. Not to specifically target a problem, but to let it dissolve around other activities.

This should have gone in the Minor angst and existential dread thread.
And looks like it was a vehicle to talk about myself
>> No. 24889 Anonymous
3rd May 2017
Wednesday 10:19 am
24889 spacer

I think you misunderstood what I meant by counselling. I don't think she needs a shoulder to cry on. I think she needs to learn coping strategies for stress. Essentially how to deal with problems and adversity without getting stressed about them, and when she does get stressed how to defuse the stress.
>> No. 24891 Anonymous
4th May 2017
Thursday 9:33 pm
24891 spacer
>Its clear she values her work more than her hair, yet she continues to complain and, I guess, feel bad about it.

It's a luxury these days to be able to quit a job in your field simply because it would be too stressful for you. Most people are lucky to be in adequate employment at all.

However, I once quit a job because the grueling workload, unforgiving deadlines and a hardass (female) boss gave me heart palpitations and sleep terrors. That, and an off the charts addiction to caffeine. About two and a half months in, I asked to have a word with my boss, and told her I just wasn't up to the job. She offered to put me in a different position, because she said she had grown to like me as an employee, but I would have made considerably less money than by simply switching jobs in my field and finding work elsewhere. So I quit, but she asked me twice if there would be "no hard feelings". Turned out she had a shred of humanity in her after all.

Anyway, what I am saying is, it's hard to strike a balance between your need for gainful employment and the toll it can take on you. People don't necessarily make a conscious decision to put their work before their own self. They are often left with no choice, however much it will wear on them.


>> No. 82247 Anonymous
4th May 2017
Thursday 1:18 am
/pol/82247 German Federal Election 2017
This man is going to be the next German Chancellor and it's going to be fucking awesome.
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>> No. 82248 Anonymous
4th May 2017
Thursday 1:43 am
82248 spacer
>it's going to be fucking awesome.

Kill yourself. He's a dumb, racist, joke, as are you by association.
>> No. 82249 Anonymous
4th May 2017
Thursday 12:43 pm
82249 spacer
>He's a dumb, racist, joke

I.e. German.
>> No. 82257 Anonymous
4th May 2017
Thursday 7:33 pm
82257 spacer
>> No. 82258 Anonymous
4th May 2017
Thursday 7:38 pm
82258 spacer


I forgot I'd posted that; you owe me royalties.

Telling people to kill themselves really isn't on.
>> No. 82264 Anonymous
4th May 2017
Thursday 8:29 pm
82264 spacer
That poor lizard is about die because of his hiccups.


>> No. 410191 Anonymous
4th May 2017
Thursday 1:03 am
/b/410191 spacer
Where is the Inupiatest place in Britain? I'm fed up of the never ending grey and rain of Cardiff.

Looking at this map, it seems a tiny bit of the south coast has more sunshine hours than half of France. That can't be right, can it?
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>> No. 410192 Anonymous
4th May 2017
Thursday 1:04 am
410192 spacer
Not sure if I'm going mad and have typed the same typo twice in a row, or if Inupiatest has a word filter on it.
>> No. 410194 Anonymous
4th May 2017
Thursday 1:15 am
410194 spacer
Did you by chance mean the place that is most sunny? It's always sunny in Riyadh, but shite in Tehran.
>> No. 410215 Anonymous
4th May 2017
Thursday 4:31 pm
410215 spacer
The north of France can be fairly British weather wise, so that doesn't surprise me at all. I think Cornwall is as close as you get to 'good weather' on this island.


>> No. 409828 Anonymous
23rd April 2017
Sunday 12:47 am
/b/409828 We're all twats to some degree, but what makes you feel like a twat?
I used to be very awkward when meeting new people, but found that making jokes was a good way to contribute to conversations without getting properly involved. Over like 10 years I became really funny, and now during the laughter I just reflect on how much of a twat I am, smiling like a smug twat/laughing at my own jokes because if I don't react then I have no idea what to do, the only options are staring at people while they laugh or looking at the floor like I'm ashamed. Which I am, because when you're good at something it feels weird to revel in it.

Are you funny? Do you feel like a twat when you are?
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>> No. 410132 Anonymous
2nd May 2017
Tuesday 12:25 pm
410132 spacer
So darkies go around shanking people, eh? Racist.
>> No. 410141 Anonymous
2nd May 2017
Tuesday 2:20 pm
410141 spacer
Yep, just walk down Brixton's Coldharbour Lane and you'll find some selling weed.
>> No. 410149 Anonymous
2nd May 2017
Tuesday 6:22 pm
410149 spacer

Having lived on that street, I can guarantee you that is bollocks.
>> No. 410158 Anonymous
2nd May 2017
Tuesday 11:44 pm
410158 spacer
Yeah, Brixton's long since gentrified to the point where that's just nonsense. My sister lived just off of Coldhabour lane for about four years at the start of this decade, and in all the times I visited I never once got offered drugs or saw anything suggesting someone was selling. More's the pity.
>> No. 410202 Anonymous
4th May 2017
Thursday 10:08 am
410202 spacer

The online option is safer than networking, getting caught up with some mate of a mate of your cousin twice removed, and inevitably getting a product either grown by amateurs and subject to god knows what, or caught in some police sting or other.

Ordering online with a virtual currency through a proxy is miles safer if you're just getting enough for personal consumption and don't look like you're intending to distribute. If caught, the cops will likely confiscate it and give you a slap on the wrist. The guys on places like Agora are pros.


>> No. 57901 Anonymous
25th April 2017
Tuesday 7:44 am
/iq/57901 spacer
Why did the Mormon cross the road?

To get to the other bride!
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>> No. 57936 Paedofag
30th April 2017
Sunday 7:32 pm
57936 spacer
Broken britfags.
>> No. 57945 Crabkiller
3rd May 2017
Wednesday 8:55 pm
57945 spacer
>'Don't you feel like you are taking Jeremy Clarson's routine out of context'.

"I've never seen such a nervous man. That is the first time I've ever seen a world leader admit that we really are in deep shit. 'We've announced a series of packages -' He genuinely looked terrified. I thought, poor man, he's actually seen the books. In England, we have this one-eyed Scottish idiot - I've said that now - the one-eyed Scottish man, he keeps telling us everything's fine and he's saved the world and we know he's lying, but he's smooth at telling us, whereas old Kevin last night, he looked frightened."

OK, there's the context. Now perhaps you can tell me what was in the context that makes Clarkson's slur on the disabled defensible?

There's nothing, is there? So you're talking out of your arse, ladm9.
>> No. 57946 Ambulancelad
3rd May 2017
Wednesday 10:54 pm
57946 spacer
I stand by my position he is no worse than Stew. It's just a question of diet which one you think is an insufferable cunt and which one you think is an edgy Messiah.
>> No. 57947 YubYub
4th May 2017
Thursday 12:43 am
57947 spacer
Surely those who think he's a messiah don't think he's edgy, and vice versa?
>> No. 57948 Crabkiller
4th May 2017
Thursday 1:47 am
57948 spacer


No even worse, they think they are edgy unironically.


>> No. 409976 Anonymous
27th April 2017
Thursday 5:35 am
/b/409976 Survival stories
Anecdotes are by far the best thing we have here. Post stories of your near death experiences in nature, or those you have heard about. Obviously getting bummed by hillbillies or kidnapped by Congolese pygmies are better stories than getting banned from a chip shop in Bognor.

I've just spent three months living in a primitive shed having to cook on a camping stove, so will do a separate thread later.

IQ tier trekking disaster in the guardian.
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>> No. 410074 Anonymous
29th April 2017
Saturday 1:20 pm
410074 spacer
Ok, I'll bite.

We were on holiday in Hvar in Croatia once, and we were in a rented outboard motor boat. Most boat rental businesses were reluctant to rent out boats that day due to strong winds, but we found a place that would let us have a boat.

Towards the afternoon, the winds really picked up, and while we were anchored off a section of quite inaccessible and jagged rocks, the boat got pushed against the rocks with its stern, causing the motor's bracket with which it was attached to the boat to break. Luckily, we were able to pull the motor into the boat so it didn't fall in the water, but we were left with an immaneuverable boat that was getting bashed against the rocks by the waves.

Not a near death experience, but we were definitely in a pickle. And it was out of sight from the harbour, around a few bends from it, and we didn't know the boat rental's phone number or the coast guard's number or whatever. Also, due to the high waves, there were very few other boats out at sea.

So one of us decided to take a dive and swim back about 300 feet to the nearest place we could see where you could somewhat safely get out of the water onto dry land. And then he walked dripping wet about a mile into town and to the boat rental place. A while later, they then came with another boat to tow us into the harbour. We were asked to pay around £100 in cash to have the damage to the boat fixed, and we were told we were lucky that the motor didn't fall in the water, because it probably would have cost upwards of £600 to fix.
>> No. 410075 Anonymous
29th April 2017
Saturday 2:16 pm
410075 spacer

That read like an episode of 999.
>> No. 410160 Anonymous
3rd May 2017
Wednesday 12:06 am
410160 spacer
It's not really near death, but you might enjoy it anyway I suppose.

I went to Thailand as a kid with my family, back in the 90s before the entire place became the big tourist destination for 18-year-olds to get shitfaced. As a family we went on a trek through the jungle in the north, ending with white water rafting. The rafts were made on the spot out of bamboo and looked about ready to fall apart before we even got on. My folks were told there would be life jackets, and that we could walk rather than do the white water rafting bit. Neither of these were true - there were no jackets and it was impossible to walk down, so onto the raft we got. I don't remember much, honestly, but I do recall clinging for dear life to the makeshift bag-totem as I was submerged in water over my head, with my parents furiously paddling with bamboo poles to try and make sure we didn't hit anything.

We arrived safely, if a little battered and scared, and got chatting to a few of the other westerners who were at the destination. Their raft had fallen apart halfway, they'd lost all their bags, and when they tried to swim to shore, their guide freaked out because there were deadly poisonous snakes soaking up the sun on the beach. They had to swim down the rapids with no life jacket and no raft.

They weren't a big fan of it.
>> No. 410163 Anonymous
3rd May 2017
Wednesday 10:40 am
410163 spacer
I once 'rescued' a person from on top of Snowdon. Their legs had seized up and me and a friend ended up carrying him down turns out they were just dehydrated.
I'm sure they remember the story more dramatically and are thankful. But the walk up Snowdon had felt really anti-climactic, and carrying them down made it feel like a 'proper' mountaineering experience, rather than a walk up a hill on a miserable day.

The other week I had a diarrhoea attack whilst walking the South Downs. It's been a long time since I've had to squat, and first time by the side of a road, most uncivilized.
>> No. 410187 Anonymous
3rd May 2017
Wednesday 10:37 pm
410187 spacer
When I was ten, we went camping in Brittany one summer. The camping ground was at an inlet behind a beach peninsula, and the inlet always fell near completely dry at low tide, but would fill up again very quickly everytime the tide came back in. We're talking several feet of water in just five minutes. You've got strong tides in that part of France.

So anyway, I was a good swimmer even at ten years old, and I wanted to swim the 100 feet across from the beach peninsula back to the camp ground while it was still at low tide, but with the water already returning. But the current kept getting stronger and it was pulling me inland and away from the camp ground. So I panicked. I almost felt like I was about to drown. Luckily, I was able to grab the anchor rope of a boat that was anchored in the inlet, and managed to hold on to it while desperately calling my older brother for help, who then jumped in and swam towards me and pulled me back to safety onto dry land.

Not saying it was a close call, but as a ten year old having to swim against strong currents, many things could have gone wrong. My brother really saved me that day.


>> No. 57944 R4GE
3rd May 2017
Wednesday 2:38 pm
/iq/57944 spacer


Copy of 124394703452.jpg
>> No. 9544 Anonymous
26th June 2013
Wednesday 10:29 pm
/nom/9544 Recipes only, no comments. Stickied

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>> No. 12145 Anonymous
1st November 2016
Tuesday 5:55 pm
12145 spacer
That's a really good idea.
>> No. 12211 Anonymous
23rd January 2017
Monday 5:18 pm
12211 spacer

Other than now having to dispose of a pan full of hot oil and gunk, making mozzarella sticks is pretty easy.

Dash of water and a couple of eggs beaten in a bowl. Some of those pre-crumbed breadcrumbs. That cheap mozzarella that doesn't fall apart, Sainsburies sell bricks of it. Chop the cheese into whatever shapes, dunk it in the egg, then the crumbs then do that again (just doing it once isn't enough and it flakes off in the oil). Chuck them two at a time in some oil that's hot enough to sizzle when you drip a little of the egg stuff into it, for 15-30 seconds until golden brown. Fish them out somehow and put them on some kitchen roll to absorb the extra oil.

They're okay, nothing special. I think some seasoning mixed into the crumbs would improve it a lot, salt especially.
>> No. 12302 Anonymous
1st May 2017
Monday 6:26 pm
12302 spacer
Fuck, this was me being desperate, and injured in my right arm. Fuck it was beautiful.

1) Take saucepan. Put on hob.

2) Chop an onion, garlic, Chinese broccoli (or any leafy green one wishes), half a head of garlic, half a pepper, a chilli, bacon.

3) Fry.

4) Make some Me Goerong instant noodles (or whatever.) Add spice mix, chili powder, pepper and salt to saucepan. Oxo/stock to taste.

5) After 15 min tops, add contents of pan to 2 bowls of noddles.

6) Enjoy.

This, I have finally realised, is how you eat instant noodles. Fuck was that lovely.
>> No. 12303 Anonymous
3rd May 2017
Wednesday 2:52 am
12303 spacer

>Fish them out somehow
Bit late to this, but you want one of these (attached). They're called a wire skimmer.

>This, I have finally realised, is how you eat instant noodles.
Sounds good. I've never gone that far but I do occasionally do egg drop noodles (toss in an egg to cook in the water when you're boiling the noodles, takes a bit of learning but it won't take more than a go or two to figure it out). Works best with a duck egg, their yolk is really rich and complements the otherwise rather artificial "umami" (MSG) of flat-pack instant noodles.


>> No. 25899 Anonymous
2nd May 2017
Tuesday 9:35 pm
/g/25899 spacer
I need a cheap printer, which will live in my bedroom, to kick out invoices and reports. I know from working with printers for a decade or so that early LaserJets are built like tanks and are absolutely reliable, as well as reasonably compact, and they're cheap on ebay... but unfortunately the toners/fusers are now quite pricey, equalling the cost of the printer or more.

Any advice on the cheapest way to print, per page? Just knocking out some draft-quality documents, colour not really needed but would be a mild bonus.
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>> No. 25907 Anonymous
2nd May 2017
Tuesday 10:59 pm
25907 spacer
Amazon sell a Pantum laser printer for 31 quid. It's wireless and black and white and I swear by mine.
>> No. 25909 Anonymous
2nd May 2017
Tuesday 11:05 pm
25909 spacer
Most of them. Epson are a bit odd - some of their inks are somewhat odd, with pigments held in a solvent that smells funny. (My R2400, for instance - pigment inks, and 8 colours. Tesco value ink isn't going to do the job for that. I buy the inks by the 0.5l and pipe them in to fake cartridges, CISS-style. )

So - maybe. Check t'internet.
>> No. 25910 Anonymous
2nd May 2017
Tuesday 11:48 pm
25910 spacer
Use knock-off toner cartridges. The print quality is very slightly worse than using original toner, but it's perfectly acceptable for office use. Knock-off drums are more of a mixed bag, so if you're buying a second-hand printer you might want to inquire about the condition of the drum.

You can get a perfectly good WiFi laser printer for £60.
>> No. 25911 Anonymous
2nd May 2017
Tuesday 11:52 pm
25911 spacer

Inkjets don't really make economic sense unless you print an awful lot of photos. Online photo printing services are much better value for the occasional set of prints.
>> No. 25912 Anonymous
3rd May 2017
Wednesday 1:05 am
25912 spacer
Seems like the toners are quite cheap, and can be refilled at home anyway. Might go for that one.

Shame it's not cheaper on ebay. Was hoping for something in the £40 region, with a toner that's good for 10,000 pages or something, like the HP ones.


>> ID: 7389f1 No. 13515 Anonymous
10th December 2015
Thursday 8:44 pm

ID: 7389f1
/shed/13515 Silly Sausage Thread
Ban appeals, supplication and fry-ups.
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>> ID: ec74d0 No. 14171 Anonymous
30th April 2017
Sunday 8:52 pm

ID: ec74d0
14171 spacer
Perhaps you should have reported the posts drifting towards mobile phones and rape instead of joining in. Regardless, ban lifted.
>> ID: d80efc No. 14172 Anonymous
2nd May 2017
Tuesday 5:04 pm

ID: d80efc
14172 spacer

Same deal, I was a silly shitposting sausage may I have my Emo priviliages back? post >>/emo/24859
>> ID: ec74d0 No. 14173 Anonymous
2nd May 2017
Tuesday 5:26 pm

ID: ec74d0
14173 spacer
Yes but only if you promise to learn to spell privileges.
>> ID: db1008 No. 14174 Anonymous
2nd May 2017
Tuesday 5:32 pm

ID: db1008
14174 spacer
Privily Argh-Jess.
>> ID: 80b2bd No. 14175 Anonymous
3rd May 2017
Wednesday 12:14 am

ID: 80b2bd
14175 spacer
Since everyone's begging, can I have access to /emo/ too? I really need to help the stupid balding woman.


>> No. 22053 Anonymous
3rd February 2017
Friday 6:23 am
/e/22053 spacer
Anyone else taken a crack at it?

My take is that, predictable gore aside, this is actually a pretty fucking weird game underneath. It's like they took the main elements of Amnesia etc and then added a bunch of Resident Evil details around the edges. Which sounds shit, but somehow they sort of made it work? Fuck knows how, but I'm up at 6AM playing it so there's definitely something there.

It couldn't be less like RE6 if it tried; it is different in every way. I'll give them credit for taking the risk on rebooting a franchise so hard.

I'm still not sure if I actually like it, though.
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>> No. 22064 Anonymous
21st February 2017
Tuesday 12:44 pm
22064 spacer
>Would love to try it but I'm poor.
Same. It's going to be a few years before decent kit becomes affordable, unfortunately.
>> No. 22065 Anonymous
21st February 2017
Tuesday 2:14 pm
22065 spacer
You play as him in RE : Revelations 2.
>> No. 22121 Anonymous
28th April 2017
Friday 5:29 am
22121 spacer

The game is shit as a Resident Evil title, and that's when compared to both halves of the series (action and horror). Too many scripted sequences killing new playthroughs of the game, the acid fucks can stun lock you on madhouse and there's no real reason to play the game more than once unless you're a trophy fag
>> No. 22122 Anonymous
28th April 2017
Friday 5:51 am
22122 spacer

>unless you're a trophy fag

Could you manage a thimble of self-respect and not type like a brainless yank?
>> No. 22123 Anonymous
2nd May 2017
Tuesday 9:52 pm
22123 spacer

It's good enough that you completed it and then started again on Madhouse, though, eh?

Generally I like achievements if they actually add something to the experience. "Rack up 10,000 kills" or whatever is pretty dull. RE7 has a few interesting ones - "Just Get Me Outta Here" (completing the game in under four hours) in particular was great fun. Guess that makes me a "trophy fag".

The DLC so far was pretty enjoyable, anyone else pick it up? I quite liked the card game, though it's got a lot of shit online. The "Misery"-like mini game where you're stuck in a bedroom with Maguerite checking on you is fantastic. I didn't get on so well with Jack's Birthday eating competition, but hey ho, got my money's worth with the rest.

Unfortunately the substantial free DLC that was supposed to arrive this spring (attached) has been delayed. I'm fine with that as long as it's good when it finally drops. Can't argue with the price, either.


>> No. 57943 Billbob
2nd May 2017
Tuesday 1:18 pm
/iq/57943 Shirley's Poem
One night last week while fast asleep,

A thieving kind of geezer,

Crept about and helped himself to the contents of my freezer.

He took the best, cakes meat etc but thought to leave some bread,

If I could meet him I would like to knock him on the head.

To him it might have been a joke,

I hope each mouthful makes him choke.

And so to him, or her or them,
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.


>> No. 409155 Anonymous
23rd March 2017
Thursday 2:08 am
/b/409155 spacer
So my friend and I went into a KFC tonight to get out of the rain until it hit 12 and our money went in.

No sooner than I'd got my mobile out to use the WiFi some black kid comes over and pretends to want to know the time. My spidey senses were tingling so I put my phone in my inside pocket, zipped up my jacket and told him it was half eleven.

He then proceeds to ask us our names and asks if we are the police and what we are doing there if we aren't eating. My knob of a mate tells him we are waiting to get paid. Kid then starts trying to push drugs on us, which I declined saying I don't use, which was a lie but anyway.

Then he fucking says that he doesn't like white people chilling near him and says "look what I've got" lifting up the flap of his jacket pocket revealing a fucking razor sharp filleting knife.

I instantly got up to leave and my idiot mate hadn't even noticed so I had to drag him away.

I'm fucking livid. Imagine if a white person had done the same to him or another black person? There'd be cries of dolphin rape.


This really has lessened my opinions of blacks even further.
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>> No. 410097 Anonymous
1st May 2017
Monday 11:02 am
410097 spacer
You're an entitled bastard.
>> No. 410098 Anonymous
1st May 2017
Monday 1:50 pm
410098 spacer
Not as entitled as the old bastards.
>> No. 410099 Anonymous
1st May 2017
Monday 3:34 pm
410099 spacer
Deflect, deflect!
>> No. 410105 Anonymous
1st May 2017
Monday 5:42 pm
410105 spacer
It's all relative.
>> No. 410109 Anonymous
1st May 2017
Monday 6:57 pm
410109 spacer
Just ask Auntiefucker.


>> No. 21501 Anonymous
26th February 2017
Sunday 7:23 pm
/v/21501 65+ Being old in rural Japan
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>> No. 21517 Anonymous
1st May 2017
Monday 1:12 am
21517 spacer
Spike Japan is great. I read every blog post there. Shame it hasn't been updated for so long.

Do you know of any other blogs (or books) that are similar to Spike Japan in tone and and/or subject?
>> No. 21518 Anonymous
1st May 2017
Monday 7:26 am
21518 spacer

My place looks nicer. I really must post pics some day.

Sage checked.
>> No. 21519 Anonymous
1st May 2017
Monday 10:25 am
21519 spacer


I believe you, lad.
>> No. 21520 Anonymous
1st May 2017
Monday 3:18 pm
21520 spacer
Fucking hell. How was this allowed?
>> No. 21521 Anonymous
1st May 2017
Monday 6:10 pm
21521 spacer

That...really isn't anything like where I live.

I will take some shots with a .gs on them or something. You really are a bellend, aren't you, Bellendlad.


>> No. 57927 Moralfag
30th April 2017
Sunday 3:13 pm
/iq/57927 spacer
Is it unusual for a teenage girl to drink champagne?
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>> No. 57938 YubYub
1st May 2017
Monday 1:20 am
57938 spacer
Isn't this just speculation?
>> No. 57939 Crabkiller
1st May 2017
Monday 2:37 am
57939 spacer
Is this another illegal outing thread?
>> No. 57940 Are Moaty
1st May 2017
Monday 4:39 am
57940 spacer
>> No. 57941 Searchfag
1st May 2017
Monday 8:00 am
57941 spacer

I don't believe Tom Jones is gay.
>> No. 57942 Ambulancelad
1st May 2017
Monday 9:42 am
57942 spacer

And some don't believe Jesus is real. We all know how that works out.


>> No. 24806 Anonymous
24th April 2017
Monday 1:37 pm
/emo/24806 spacer
To start, I am male.

So, I met someone on Tinder last night and lost my Virginity. I thought I would feel good about it, because I've been too nervous to do anything ... But I feel kind of used. And kind of shitty about it.

So I'm talking to a guy who is older than me, he's 32 years old. We had been talking for a week and I really liked him, he is a total top and I'm a total bot, and he seemed like a nice , non-sleazy guy to go to.. He invited me around for a drink and so I went. I was quite nervous beforehand so I had a drink myself ... Which might have been a mistake. Anyway I got there and he was exactly as I hoped , he was charming and cute and things were going well, until a few drinks later , maybe an hour, he started to get so forceful. I kissed him, and that was nice, but he kept forcing my hand onto his cock. Like not gently but quite violently. I didn't really mind, it was quite hot ... And things escalated and reached a point where I was blowing him on his sofa. Anyway he eventually gets very forceful, literally PICKS ME UP, which I fucking hated, and puts me on his bed. I say I don't want to have sex but I'm happy to keep going, and he calls me a tease , starts shouting at me, saying I've wasted his time. I felt quite bad then so I said I'd carry on and see what happens ... So I did, and eventually we start having sex, reluctantly. During sex he is slapping me and not being gentle. I actually cried a little. It hurt like hell, it stung, and I didn't enjoy it at all. I felt like I was guilt tripped into having sex. I feel like I can't trust people any more, if even the nice ones turn out bad. The worst thing is he didn't even use a condom, and came inside me. When he was done I was told to leave. That was the worst experience of my life . And just writing it out makes me feel worse.
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>> No. 24848 Anonymous
28th April 2017
Friday 5:37 pm
24848 spacer
Did you say no? Did he continue? If yes to both of those, then its rape.
>> No. 24849 Anonymous
28th April 2017
Friday 5:41 pm
24849 spacer
OP doesn't have to say no for it to be rape. If OP felt pressured or intimidated into having sex - which he quite clearly was - then that is also rape.
>> No. 24853 Anonymous
29th April 2017
Saturday 5:49 am
24853 spacer
If it's any consolation, I am bi and had some dubious experiences when experimenting. Things do get complicated when it comes to submissive desires and the real world, there are some strange folk out there.

Check out your local gum clinic, get that sorted. You need to know the score with your body, make that your number one priority. All gums i've been to have drop ins, research where your local one is and visit. Let us know how you get on with it.
>> No. 24873 Anonymous
30th April 2017
Sunday 11:57 pm
24873 spacer
I'd just like to apologise for a very glib and stupid post I made earlier ITT. It's been removed since then and I won't bother repeating it, but I'd like to say I'm sorry, as I hadn't read any of the thread and have a compulsion to crack wise that frequently leads me to acting like a cock.
>> No. 24874 Anonymous
1st May 2017
Monday 12:05 am
24874 spacer


>> No. 57852 Auntiefucker
16th April 2017
Sunday 9:01 pm
/iq/57852 spacer
I saw the best m8s of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked,
dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix,
angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of night
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>> No. 57920 Ambulancelad
30th April 2017
Sunday 11:29 am
57920 spacer


>> No. 57923 Samefag
30th April 2017
Sunday 1:40 pm
57923 spacer
I don't know what these gang signs mean.
>> No. 57924 Are Moaty
30th April 2017
Sunday 1:46 pm
57924 spacer

The guy on the left is signing a "U", the next guy along is "K", the one at the back is signing "I", and the guy crouched on the floor is doing "P". The one on the right is an apostrophe.
>> No. 57925 Moralfag
30th April 2017
Sunday 2:22 pm
57925 spacer
What do the strategically placed bottles of Corona represent?
>> No. 57926 Samefag
30th April 2017
Sunday 3:10 pm
57926 spacer
How the interests of our expats in portugal are being pushed to the side


>> No. 57868 Searchfag
20th April 2017
Thursday 10:16 pm
/iq/57868 spacer
does this look like alan partridge to you
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>> No. 57897 YubYub
22nd April 2017
Saturday 9:04 pm
57897 spacer
Op pic is how most posters here feel spiritually.
>> No. 57906 YubYub
28th April 2017
Friday 12:28 am
57906 spacer
>> No. 57910 Anonymous
28th April 2017
Friday 6:46 am
57910 spacer
There's a film that's aged well, along with sleepaway camp
>> No. 57918 Anonymous
30th April 2017
Sunday 3:32 am
57918 spacer
>> No. 57919 R4GE
30th April 2017
Sunday 8:09 am
57919 spacer
I keep mine in my hallway closet, next to my hammer drill.


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