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>> No. 25506 Anonymous
6th September 2017
Wednesday 10:57 am
/emo/25506 How do you be less boring?

I'm a boring cunt.

I mean, this really hit me when a drunk girl shouted it at me in a club, but it's true.

I like graphic design of the 1960s and road signs. The sort of music I listen to involves polite headbanging and absolutely no dancing.

I go to societies at university to escape the crippling loneliness I feel most of the time, and any time they hold a night out I force myself to go, but I can't dance. I just freeze up; I end up stood there leaning against a wall or a pole or whatever (with my earplugs in, I struggle to hear anything when the volume is too loud, it's just like static). People will grab my arms, etc, trying to get me to dance, but I can't. I wish I could, but I can't.

I don't even like drinking any more; I used to get quite drunk on the regular but it doesn't make me any more interesting, it just amplifies the negative thoughts inside my head, and makes me feel physically like shit too -- I used to be hangover-proof but as I'm discovering that fades very quickly with age.

I tried some of the devil's lettuce (in a jurisdiction where it is legal), and I suppose like with any mood altering substance you need to be in the right frame of mind to start with or it won't end well -- it didn't, I hated it. I felt out of control and just panicked.

Is there any way out of this? Finding friends with similar interests is difficult, and the few that I do find are like me: largely dull.
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>> No. 25642 Anonymous
15th September 2017
Friday 8:53 pm
25642 spacer
If you don't have the licensing rights to a piece of music then you cannot play it in a public place. That's the law. Otherwise artists (or rather, their labels) don't receive their due royalties for their work.

To keep things simple the vast majority of recording artists and subcontract the business of music licensing to the Performing Right Society, or PRS For Music Ltd. They collect a standard fee from you, and then you can play Radio 2 as much as you like in your pub.
>> No. 25643 Anonymous
15th September 2017
Friday 9:10 pm
25643 spacer
Shame torrenting hasn't killed the music industry.
>> No. 25644 Anonymous
15th September 2017
Friday 9:42 pm
25644 spacer

As long as people are willing to nosh another person off just so that they will maybe possibly might consider asking someone else if the maybe possibly could listen to the first 10 seconds of their song, there will always be a music industry.
>> No. 25645 Anonymous
15th September 2017
Friday 9:57 pm
25645 spacer

The industry is a shitshow, but I'll defend PRS to the death. Major, independent or unsigned, PRS fight to make sure that musicians get paid. For struggling artists at the bottom of the ladder, those quarterly cheques are often the only thing keeping the wolf from the door.
>> No. 25647 Anonymous
16th September 2017
Saturday 2:27 pm
25647 OP
Well this took an interesting turn.

I wear invisible earplugs to places like this as I have sensitive hearing anyway. They aren't the bright orange sticky-outy ones, so no-one can tell unless they stare into my ear.

If I don't wear them, I have to ask people to repeat things past the point of what they said being relevant.


kid rock senate.png
>> No. 83481 Anonymous
14th September 2017
Thursday 5:53 am
/pol/83481 spacer

This man is going to be the next Michigan state senator and it's going to be fucking awesome.
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>> No. 83482 Anonymous
14th September 2017
Thursday 10:00 am
83482 spacer
>the next Michigan state senator
You mean the next senator from Michigan. A "state senator" is roughly on par with a county councillor.
>> No. 83483 Anonymous
16th September 2017
Saturday 2:50 am
83483 spacer
He's a fucking cock. They deserve all they get.


>> No. 58674 Auntiefucker
15th September 2017
Friday 8:17 pm
/iq/58674 "Promiscuous " Millenials Are Killing McDonald's

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>> No. 58677 YubYub
15th September 2017
Friday 8:25 pm
58677 spacer
I'd love to know how we killed handshakes.
>> No. 58679 YubYub
15th September 2017
Friday 8:50 pm
58679 spacer
>> No. 58680 Auntiefucker
15th September 2017
Friday 9:51 pm
58680 spacer
You can make your own, it's not hard.
>> No. 58681 Anonymous
15th September 2017
Friday 10:33 pm
58681 spacer
>> No. 58683 Samefag
15th September 2017
Friday 10:47 pm
58683 spacer
I'm boycotting killing the word "Millenial", it's getting the same reaction as the N-word from me here on out.

Fucking hell, I hate journos.


>> No. 7144 Anonymous
15th September 2017
Friday 5:31 pm
/£$€¥/7144 spacer
If I have a decent amounts of USD sitting in a paypal account (roughly 2000), with the pound going back up, would it be the best for me to convert it all now?
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>> No. 7145 Anonymous
15th September 2017
Friday 5:42 pm
7145 spacer
Would you mind reposting without the NSFW?
>> No. 7146 Anonymous
15th September 2017
Friday 5:46 pm
7146 spacer
Sorry chap.
>> No. 7147 Anonymous
15th September 2017
Friday 7:23 pm
7147 spacer


>> No. 412653 Anonymous
8th September 2017
Friday 7:43 pm
/b/412653 spacer
Weekend thread? Weekend thread.

It's Heritage Open weekend, so I'll probably make the most of my nearest National Trust stately home offering free entry.
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>> No. 412794 Anonymous
14th September 2017
Thursday 7:10 pm
412794 spacer
I'm not the one subconsciously using words to build a hidden homoerotic story.
>> No. 412795 Anonymous
14th September 2017
Thursday 7:21 pm
412795 spacer

I think you arse.
>> No. 412797 Anonymous
14th September 2017
Thursday 7:35 pm
412797 spacer
We've gone from dolphin rape, culture to anal stimulation.

Perfect thread, all boxes ticked.
>> No. 412801 Anonymous
14th September 2017
Thursday 7:55 pm
412801 spacer

>but I suppose to a man with an anal obsession everything looks like a sex toy.
When you have that sort of obsession, what it looks like becomes less and less important every day.
>> No. 412809 Anonymous
15th September 2017
Friday 9:16 am
412809 spacer
Oh! Yeah I thought you meant the ring was made of wood. Fair enough.


>> No. 6624 Anonymous
9th September 2017
Saturday 9:35 pm
/lit/6624 GURPS
anyone know where I can get the PDF's? books are quite expensive...
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>> No. 6662 Anonymous
13th September 2017
Wednesday 9:47 pm
6662 spacer
Just FYI, all the Anne Fine stuff I could find on undernet and bibliotik is in that mega, except for an audiobook of some sort that I skipped for the sake of my ratio.
>> No. 6663 Anonymous
13th September 2017
Wednesday 10:09 pm
6663 spacer
>>6662 thanks
>> No. 6664 Anonymous
14th September 2017
Thursday 12:05 am
6664 spacer
Is GURPS really any good though? I played a bit of Discworld GURPS back in the day and it didn't wow me. I feel like it'd be easier to design my own system than bother learning a new one, tbh...
>> No. 6665 Anonymous
14th September 2017
Thursday 3:49 pm
6665 spacer
Gurps does my nut in for the sheer blandness of it. If you want a system that does nothing to reinforce the individual thematic tone of a setting but gives you a clearly defined set of rules then this is the system for you.

In glorious Soviet regime all other RPG systems are banned as decadent bourgeois opiates of the masses. Praise the Generic Universal Role Playing System of the Soviet People!
>> No. 6666 Anonymous
14th September 2017
Thursday 9:15 pm
6666 spacer
>>6664 For what I want I believe so.

>>6665 if you or anyone else can recommend a role playing system then I'm all ears.

I'll tell you lot what it is and then a recommendation?

its a ww2 style game set in the 80's where Hitler won the war by dropping it on Washington first. it starts as a basic rescue mission and will have a bit of lore that I'm writing for padding out. then it turns into Hitler's mission to Mars and the summoning of Cthulhu by Hitler in exchange for a longer life as he's 85 by '84 but Hitler misunderstood the wrath of the elder gods and the heros end up stopping all of this.
That's the wide arc of this and the problem I had was finding something that fitted with "conventional" weapons pistols, rifles and what not, along with some basic DnD stuff like for example; Arcane strike = experimental rifle that's found.
a lot of this would be home brewed but the struggle is with finding something that works. the Grit mechanic in DnD wasn't appealing so I thought something basic would.


>> No. 3945 Anonymous
13th September 2017
Wednesday 8:48 pm
/mph/3945 spacer
Evening lads.

Is it a bad idea to buy a diesel car? I'm looking to get a big boring family car, most likely a Citroen Picasso, and the overwhelming majority of them are diesels. I know the government announced plans to ban the sale of diesel and electric cars from 2040, with the aim that there are no petrol or diesel cars on the road by 2050, and that diesel cars have been having a lot of bad press recently but I'm wary of getting carried away and it still seems a long way away so I'm on the fence.

Thanks, lads.
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>> No. 3947 Anonymous
13th September 2017
Wednesday 10:22 pm
3947 spacer
I bought a petrol thinking the same thing, but I do regret it now, at least in terms of fuel costs. My mates diesel Golf does about 60 mpg and it's not depressing to drive. I wouldn't worry about what might happen in the future.
>> No. 3948 Anonymous
13th September 2017
Wednesday 10:57 pm
3948 spacer
Recently bought a diesel van, as it's what I want/need now, and may be useful if there's a scrappage scheme at some point.

I think that the 'no ICE from 2040' is merely 'everything new must be at least hybrid', rather than 'everything must be electric'. I'd be surprised if that date isn't comfortably beaten, as a feeble hybrid system is pretty cheap and pretty useful in gaming MPG numbers (and sometimes may even be useful)
>> No. 3949 Anonymous
13th September 2017
Wednesday 11:43 pm
3949 spacer
Agreed, I think that most people will have "feeble" hybrids. There is too much vested infrastructure around to phase it all out too quickly.
>> No. 3950 Anonymous
14th September 2017
Thursday 1:15 am
3950 spacer
I have a twelve year old diesel Renault. Does 66mpg. Can't complain.
>> No. 3951 Anonymous
14th September 2017
Thursday 2:14 pm
3951 spacer
Over the lifespan of a second-hand Picasso, the only thing you've really got to worry about is road tax and fuel duty. There's a possibility that tax hikes could be used to push diesel drivers towards petrol cars. It's unlikely to be totally punitive, but you might find that your cost of ownership goes up, with a commensurate increase in depreciation. I certainly wouldn't buy a brand new diesel, but a five-year-old one would probably be a reasonably sensible purchase.


Zero-emissions zones will make plug-in hybrids a much more attractive option. Dozens of European cities plan on either banning internal combustion completely in the city centre, or introducing a punitive congestion charge. Manufacturers are planning for this with a selective hybrid system, allowing drivers to enter and leave the ZEZ in pure electric mode. Once you've fitted the essential gubbins of a hybrid system, it isn't that much more expensive to add a charging socket and bump the range up to 30 or 40 miles. That kind of range will allow a majority of drivers to make the majority of their journeys on electric power alone.


>> No. 412372 Anonymous
12th August 2017
Saturday 7:47 pm
/b/412372 Hostels
Hi ladB1064s

Just wondering if anyone has stayed in a hostel and what you think. I reckon they are brilliant ways to meet people and if you're lucky you will get to see a girl diddling herself in your dorm when she thinks everyone is asleep.
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>> No. 412713 Anonymous
12th September 2017
Tuesday 12:08 pm
412713 spacer
I once stayed in a hostel in Thailand which had mixed dorms, and in a typical piece of Thai logic had mixed bathrooms and showers in the middle of bedroom block with glass doors on the showers and toilets.
>> No. 412760 Anonymous
13th September 2017
Wednesday 8:03 pm
412760 spacer

Apropos of nothing much at all, there's a muay thai gym in Amsterdam that has unisex showers. And by that I mean that men and women all shower together in this big open room with no dividers or anything like that shower scene in starship troopers. Dutch men have big willies and their women need to shave their muffs.
>> No. 412761 Anonymous
13th September 2017
Wednesday 8:10 pm
412761 spacer
>shave their muffs.

I dunno. I think bushes are going to come back into fashion.
>> No. 412762 Anonymous
13th September 2017
Wednesday 8:12 pm
412762 spacer
Not when paedophilia is normalised in the next decade.
>> No. 412765 Anonymous
13th September 2017
Wednesday 8:57 pm
412765 spacer



>> No. 25548 Anonymous
8th September 2017
Friday 10:56 am
/emo/25548 Clearing up shit.
Sorry to bother you lads about this, but I was wondering if anybody who has recovered from long term depression has two cents to throw into my hat.

I've visited my Dad for the first time in 6 years, and in a nutshell, he's in a fucking state.

Drinking 20 to 25 pints a day every day, chain smoking, and his flat is fucking crammed. He's hoarded a ton of shit. He was always big on recycling and looking after the environment, but this is ridiculous. There are over 37 empty washed jars of coffee above one cupboard alone.

He's hit a spiral of depression ever since he split with my mother. And I'm starting to pity the man, he's got a heart of gold but he's terrible with addiction.

I'm staying at his place for a week, and I intend to clear his place up best I can before I leave. Any recommendations on how I can encourage him to help himself a bit more, or how I can shift all of this gear in a safe way. Any strategies that help hoarders or alcoholics would be very useful.

I appreciate any help gents.
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>> No. 25551 Anonymous
8th September 2017
Friday 11:50 am
25551 spacer
>He's hit a spiral of depression ever since he split with my mother.

That can really throw a man out of his orbit. After decades of marriage, it can really mess you up if your partner suddenly or not so suddenly leaves you. One of my dad's friends had the same thing happen to him, and it turned him into a fucking mess. He also lost the house and his kids moved in with their mum, and he had to start life from zero again, aged 47.

He also had a bout of alcoholism, but he eventually came around again when his boss threatened to fire him if he was going to come to work inebriated one more time. He sobered up and even met a new partner.

Your dad probably needs a wakeup call. Something that will show him quite clearly on what kind of a self-destructive path he is. Unfortunately, alcoholism clouds your judgement quite intensely, so it might really take a bit of a shock to make your dad see what he is doing to himself.

But he really needs you being there for him now, first and foremost. He needs to know that somebody still cares about him. You're doing a good thing by staying with him. That alone can make a huge difference and make him realise that his life isn't as pointless as he may feel it is.
>> No. 25586 Anonymous
9th September 2017
Saturday 9:12 pm
25586 spacer
Apologies for being blunt, but there's fuck all point setting him up on a dating website right now if he really is currently drinking 25 pints a day; worst case, he finds someone with similar intake, they enable each others' addiction, and he moves from a toxic situation into a toxic relationship, which is even worse. As it is, you need to understand that it's going to take quite a bit of time and incredible effort on his part to taper down from that amount to being able to sleep regularly without any alcohol at all. Reducing consumption rapidly (over the course of a few days) would be dangerous, stopping outright would be life-threatening, especially if he's already physically unfit, as older blokes tend to be.

You're doing the right thing by staying with him, but at some point as >>25551 mentions he is going to need some catalyst, some wake-up call, to get him to change his ways. Even if we knew more of the particulars of your situation it'd still be difficult to advise what shape that should take, mainly because the drive to recover has got to come from him.
>> No. 25590 Anonymous
9th September 2017
Saturday 11:08 pm
25590 spacer
Christ. I don't necessarily have any advice to give but yeah, you'll want to do something soon because with that level of daily drug intake he'll kill himself before long.
>> No. 25608 Anonymous
13th September 2017
Wednesday 2:30 pm
25608 spacer
Although I hadn't responded earlier, I've kept a close eye to the advice you gentlemen have given. Thank you, it's greatly appreciated.

I mentioned having grand kids over a few pints on the first day, told him he better not be dead by the time they come. His face lit up as I mentioned grand kids. That and the mention of my intent of playing the violin, he used to play all the time, busking, at home, after and before shifts. He has a shit telly that cuts out audio frequently, having read your comment, I made him a deal that I'll buy him a new telly if he teaches me some Bach on the violin. Caught him tuning it back up a few times. Thanks for the suggestion, I hope he's rediscovered the rabbit hole.

Thank you for the information mate, insightful.

While cleaning up stuff in my Dad's flat he told me that I've been a bit of a wake up call. He's been neglectent to have me around for some time dodging calls and ignoring people. after mentioning that I'm coming regardless of his permission, he started moving a bit.

After 6 month period of alcohol induced insomnia, he ended up losing his job of 8 years. I've been with him to create a new CV, and hes looking to work in a new field. Things appear to be on the up, let's hope he sees it through. Thanks again.

No need to apologies, I like straight talkers. Thanks for the advice, we're taking it into effect. He's currently on 7 cans a day, we're going to get it down to 5 a day. We started at 15 and it has been less than a week. Once at 5 a day, we're going to shut down one day a week, then two and so on. The effect on his body has been brutal turmoil, hope it gets easier. Thank you for the response.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 25623 Anonymous
13th September 2017
Wednesday 7:05 pm
25623 spacer
It is a learning experience - you get to a certain point in your life when your eyes are opened up about who your parents actually are. Good luck lad.


>> No. 412731 Anonymous
12th September 2017
Tuesday 9:22 pm
/b/412731 LADS
I think we are about to receive some weather, of the large kind.

Report in with your tales of flooding, fallen trees and fantastic precipitation.

Also, is my new favourite weather site.
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>> No. 412739 Anonymous
12th September 2017
Tuesday 10:36 pm
412739 spacer
>> No. 412740 Anonymous
12th September 2017
Tuesday 10:41 pm
412740 spacer
Slightly concerned about my chimney stacks, they're leaning a bit as it is.
>> No. 412741 Anonymous
12th September 2017
Tuesday 11:02 pm
412741 spacer
I've been enjoying walking into the wind and rain on the way to the shop to buy wine, otherwise I haven't noticed much out of the ordinary.
>> No. 412746 Anonymous
13th September 2017
Wednesday 12:09 am
412746 spacer
It is blowing a right gale here.
>> No. 412752 Anonymous
13th September 2017
Wednesday 7:33 am
412752 spacer

A tree has fallen on the track between Wrexham General and Ruabon. The line towards Shrewsbury is currently blocked.

The M6 is closed northbound between J41 and J42 due to an incident.

Johnathan Samuels just asked @SkyNewsNaz how worrying #StormAileen is. This is her qualified reaction. "Hmmm so so”.

Be careful out there, chaps.


>> No. 21795 Anonymous
6th September 2017
Wednesday 8:45 pm
/v/21795 Absolutely beautiful
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>> No. 21812 Anonymous
11th September 2017
Monday 10:13 pm
21812 spacer
Must have been her first day.
>> No. 21814 Anonymous
12th September 2017
Tuesday 12:10 am
21814 spacer
I want to ask him if I can go and camp out with him. I never tried camping.
>> No. 21815 Anonymous
12th September 2017
Tuesday 9:13 pm
21815 spacer
He looks like the sort of person who sleeps in bivvie bags under a bush. It won't be glamping.
>> No. 21816 Anonymous
12th September 2017
Tuesday 9:33 pm
21816 spacer
Such a thing exists? I'm too poor for that sort of thing.
>> No. 21817 Anonymous
12th September 2017
Tuesday 10:27 pm
21817 spacer
Oh it really does. In a big way - it started out as a festival thing, but has spread and there are now many companies offering similar. Avoid. Lad in the OP has the right idea.


>> No. 25359 Anonymous
26th August 2017
Saturday 5:38 pm
/emo/25359 love
here's the quick rundown:

>girl i like
>like a whole lot
>childhood friend
>known her since forever
>asked her out
>she said no

that was about 2 months ago.
i told my friend about it and he said i need to confess my feelings to her properly, anime style.
she's going to uni next year, meanwhile, i'm a permavirgin NEET of 2 years with no job, no A levels (college dropout), and no car.
i've been trying to escape the NEET life and better myself. job hunting, going to the gym, and i want to get into college this year too.
i feel like if i rushed into a confession now i would sperg it up and end up committing the 'cide.
should i just go for it or should i try to get more comfortable around women first? how can i do that?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 25584 Anonymous
9th September 2017
Saturday 8:48 pm
25584 spacer

I'll send her your constructive feedback, I didn't realise she was a lesbian but apparently she likes cunts.
>> No. 25585 Anonymous
9th September 2017
Saturday 9:04 pm
25585 spacer
Well, if you're going to chat with her, could you tell her to get the Marmite ready? I'll be coming around shortly.
>> No. 25593 Anonymous
10th September 2017
Sunday 1:21 am
25593 spacer

>I will add that anime is a gateway to carpet-baggerry. 

Not all of it. But there is some anime that is. Especially certain facets of hentai anime.

("Hentai" interestingly actually means "pervert")
>> No. 25595 Anonymous
10th September 2017
Sunday 1:53 am
25595 spacer
Not all, sure, but a good majority. It isn't just "hentai" either. There are a good amount of popular shows starting every season which include very suggestive stuff like eight year olds being "lewd," to put it lightly. Cute is a synonym for "I want to stick my dick in that" in the neckbeard world.
>> No. 25601 Anonymous
11th September 2017
Monday 12:48 pm
25601 spacer

> Cute is a synonym for "I want to stick my dick in that" in the neckbeard world.

Now you're being unfair to neckbeards.


fuck vegetables.jpg
>> No. 25338 Anonymous
2nd June 2017
Friday 10:09 pm
/101/25338 Terrible product/marketing photos
Nothing can so easily send me into apoplectic rage and simultaneous fits of laughter as non-nonsensical photographs in advertising and marketing. I couldn't decide where this thread belongs best as it's both irritating and entertaining at the same time.

Lidl has some brilliant examples, for instance this picture of a woman who is clearly off her tits on some research chems and is seeing hallucinations of vegetables flying around her head.
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>> No. 25731 Anonymous
7th September 2017
Thursday 2:52 pm
25731 spacer
I fucking loathe takeaway menus that get posted through my door with shitty cropped pictures of food splashed around the page with varying degrees of actual food size, gigantic pieces of chicken next to tiny drink cans etc.
It's petty but annoys me nevertheless, if it wasn't for Justeat I'd end up deciding on places strictly on the quality of these menus.
>> No. 25733 Anonymous
7th September 2017
Thursday 3:36 pm
25733 spacer


They can be a fun read, sometimes.
>> No. 25740 Anonymous
8th September 2017
Friday 12:52 pm
25740 spacer

They've finally sussed that the real money is going to be made from "telemetry"- read, selling your personal information.

Expect Windows 11 to be freeware from word go.
>> No. 25743 Anonymous
8th September 2017
Friday 3:02 pm
25743 spacer
They've cottoned on to the 90/9/1 distribution. Individual software sales net them a small amount next to selling Windows in the enterprise, and that in turn is dwarfed by their other products in the enterprise. That's why we've seen things like free Visual Studio and SQL Server on Linux.
>> No. 25749 Anonymous
10th September 2017
Sunday 9:22 am
25749 spacer
Perhaps the just like making fun of John McCain


>> No. 58663 Auntiefucker
7th September 2017
Thursday 7:15 pm
/iq/58663 spacer
Revengelad strikes again


>> No. 25474 Anonymous
13th July 2017
Thursday 4:22 pm
/101/25474 Sod That!
I only signed for this because there was deadline coming at me like a freight train and I panicked, now I get this crap. God damn, what a load.
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>> No. 25493 Anonymous
14th July 2017
Friday 11:32 pm
25493 spacer

How no to virus, man? How no to virus?
>> No. 25494 Anonymous
14th July 2017
Friday 11:56 pm
25494 spacer

Windows XP. It's so old nobody makes viruses for it anymore.
>> No. 25495 Anonymous
16th July 2017
Sunday 2:39 pm
25495 spacer
The NHS disagrees.

Next time, don't leave it so late and just pirate the damn thing. I only buy applications from companies that aren't twats.
>> No. 25496 Anonymous
16th July 2017
Sunday 3:23 pm
25496 spacer
>> No. 25732 Anonymous
7th September 2017
Thursday 2:54 pm
25732 spacer
Just glad our ISP's aren't this shit.


>> No. 412641 Anonymous
6th September 2017
Wednesday 7:34 pm
/b/412641 Hurricane Irma
So, this is a long way from home, but nevertheless it's quite terrifying, currently it's joint 2nd (out of 4) for the fastest ever recorded windspeed in a hurricane at 185mph. There has been some speculation that given its current progress it could break the current record and reach 195mph.
It looks set to make landfall on the US as a category 5 hurricane. Two major hurricanes hitting the US in the same year is rare, especially so close to each other (and another storm on track to be declared a hurricane any time now.)

Yet in the middle of all this, there are people standing on their balconies, in the middle of 100mph winds and livestreaming this on their mobile phones. In a way it's incredibly surreal.
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>> No. 412648 Anonymous
6th September 2017
Wednesday 9:35 pm
412648 spacer
That's great, thanks.

I wouldn't usually link to a tweet, but this footage is similarly amazing.
>> No. 412649 Anonymous
6th September 2017
Wednesday 9:52 pm
412649 spacer


>Sir Richard Branson is riding out Hurricane Irma in the wine cellar on his private island

You couldn't make it up.

It's not his fault that he's stuck on his private island for the duration of the storm. But he could have been a bit more careful about his choice of words. Some trailer trash folk over there who are bound to lose everything in the hurricane might take it the wrong way.

He could have just said "We'll board up the windows and hide out in the basement". Technically about the same thing, but without that air of a British upper class toff.
>> No. 412650 Anonymous
6th September 2017
Wednesday 9:55 pm
412650 spacer
To be honest though, if I owned Necker Island, I would probably fly out there and hide in the wine cellar to experience a real hurricane. Properly sheltered, it would be quite a laugh.
>> No. 412651 Anonymous
6th September 2017
Wednesday 10:00 pm
412651 spacer

> it would be quite a laugh

Everybody hates a tourist.
Especially one who thinks it's all such a laugh.
>> No. 412652 Anonymous
7th September 2017
Thursday 1:21 pm
412652 spacer
Is this song in bad taste at the moment?

I think the BBC has guidelines about songs that must not be played on its radio stations if current events make it seem like a bad idea.


>> No. 4473 Anonymous
6th September 2017
Wednesday 3:28 pm
/boo/4473 Partial decoding of Voynich manuscript

Quite interesting systematic approach.
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>> No. 4474 Anonymous
6th September 2017
Wednesday 6:18 pm
4474 spacer

But can he decode how to use a fucking mic properly?


>> No. 58655 Samefag
4th September 2017
Monday 5:06 pm
/iq/58655 spacer
Honeywell has since revealed the scandal cost her her friendship with Justin Fletcher, one of CBeebies' highest-paid stars best known for playing Mr. Tumble.

She wrote: 'I regret losing my wonderful friendship with Justin. The day my picture went in the paper with the headline, 'Cboobies' I never heard from my lovely friend again.'

Fletcher, 46, has long been the channel's hottest property and is said to earn six figure sums from the lucrative live shows that he puts on.

I always suspected that Mr tumble was a bit of a cunt.
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>> No. 58658 Anonymous
4th September 2017
Monday 5:55 pm
58658 spacer
Never spoken to her since.
>> No. 58659 Auntiefucker
4th September 2017
Monday 7:08 pm
58659 spacer
I'm a huge fan of Mr Tumble but an even bigger fan of her. Tricky.

I've long suspected that there is another side to him though - the dirty bastard.
>> No. 58660 Anonymous
4th September 2017
Monday 7:22 pm
58660 spacer
Art attacks gone down the gutter.
>> No. 58661 Ambulancelad
4th September 2017
Monday 7:33 pm
58661 spacer
PETA need to stop using naked women for their protests.
>> No. 58662 Crabkiller
4th September 2017
Monday 8:16 pm
58662 spacer
>two-year-old son Phoenix

It seems a bit cruel to name your son around the fact that your first try ended in a miscarriage. Might as well call him 'Number 2'.

You wouldn't want people taking them seriously would you?


>> No. 2321 Anonymous
3rd September 2017
Sunday 12:35 pm
/uhu/2321 Shower circuit replacement.
So, I'm currently thinking about moving house and going up north. I've had the estate agents around and the long and short of it is that if I can put my washing machine in the bathroom then that would be good.
I currently have a disconnected power for the shower in there, it's 6mm flat twin and earth, I thought about just putting a socket in there but from what I can find building regs say no unless its directly wired into a switch fused spur and has a 30mA RCD fitted. I've had a look at my consumer unit and found that the shower only has a 40A MCB on it. I'm thinking that I could smash a hole on the other side of the wall and mount a small shower consumer unit to with the appropriate RCD's to it and feed a smaller cable through to a switch fused spur, I know I'm doubling up on it where I probably don't need to but I can't see 6mm cables going into a Screwfix RCD fused spur, maybe they will, I dunno, maybe mount the shower consumer unit in the bathroom.. Any help would be appreciated.
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>> No. 2322 Anonymous
3rd September 2017
Sunday 3:05 pm
2322 spacer
Get an electrician in. If you breach Part P of the building regs, you'll invalidate your home insurance. The regulations on installations in a bathroom are extremely complicated. It's just not worth the risk IMO.
>> No. 2323 Anonymous
3rd September 2017
Sunday 3:07 pm
2323 spacer
Honestly lad, the first thing I'll say is that when it comes to anything involving bathroom circuitry or wiring to consumer units, if you need to ask for help then you shouldn't be doing it in the first place.

Secondly, I'm not a qualified electrician so take my advice with a pinch of salt whatever you do.

If you're committed to doing this, the first rule you need to know is that any electrical socket in the bathroom has to be at least 3m away from any bath, shower or sink.
Also bear in mind... If you sell the house, at some point there will be surveyors along to inspect it before the mortgage goes through, and if your work isn't 100% perfect it could bite you in the arse.

Get an electrician to take a look, at the very least just get a quote before you start anything yourself.


>> No. 25406 Anonymous
31st August 2017
Thursday 1:11 pm
/emo/25406 shit tests women play on you
So I've just come out of a ten-month relationship with a lass who was becoming ever more unbearable. She had pretty serious self esteem issues, and always both needed endless support with even the simplest decisions and continuously tried to test the quality of our relationship. Yes, you may rightly say that women do that, but with her, it was just a constant fucking struggle. Pointless hypothetical questions were standard, such as, "Would you still love me if I was as ugly as that girl over there?" (pro tip: don't say "yes", say "But you'll never be that ugly", in the hope that calling a random girl undesirable based on her looks wasn't the wrong answer at that moment), or "Do you want this pendant back if we break up?" I carelessly got her a pendant for our 6 month anniversary. Right answer probably would have been "Oh, but don't you now, my sweet darling, we'll never break up for all eternity!". But I just shrugged and said "I don't care", with an ironic smile that appeared to go unnoticed.

Or telling me about the latest drivel she had read in some women's magazine about "markers" of healthy romantic relationships, and asking me where I thought our relationship fit into that picture. The kind of subject matter a regular bloke would neither ever think about, nor be equipped to ponder with anywhere near the same amount of dedication as seems to be common with many women.

We reached a mutual understanding that our relationship was best not continued, after we had a massive fight last weekend when I wanted to go work on my car with my best mate instead of spending the day with her. She said "You never make me feel special". I then made the mistake of telling her that she needs to sort out her self esteem and shit test issues on her own time and not drag me or whatever partner will come after me down with her. She told me I was a cold-hearted arsehole for putting it that way. And the words "or any bloke that will come after me" really sent her into meltdown. It was then that we agreed that we should no longer see each other.

She brought this onto herself. She doesn't need a boyfriend, she needs a shrink. Or a boyfriend who is a shrink. For the nearest future, I think I am kind of done with women. I had too many WTF moments with her. It all just needs to settle before I feel I will have the enthusiasm again for a new relationship.
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>> No. 25433 Anonymous
1st September 2017
Friday 6:17 pm
25433 spacer
Some are, so are some men. Humans in general can be shit cunts.

Try to find the ones that are not.
>> No. 25434 Anonymous
1st September 2017
Friday 6:25 pm
25434 spacer

Aye, you're definitely not the problem.
>> No. 25435 Anonymous
1st September 2017
Friday 8:15 pm
25435 spacer

>who isn't bigoted towards half the huamn race


>> No. 25436 Anonymous
1st September 2017
Friday 10:20 pm
25436 spacer
Explain what? Use words.
>> No. 25438 Anonymous
2nd September 2017
Saturday 9:17 pm
25438 spacer

Explain who you think is being bigoted against whom.


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