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>> No. 24313 Anonymous
17th November 2016
Thursday 7:50 pm
24313 spacer
1000 posts in the old one, time for a new one.

/101/ing cockends who park across your drive when there is clearly a car parked in there.
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>> No. 25800 Anonymous
20th September 2017
Wednesday 11:36 am
25800 spacer


Howdilly doodilly doo!
>> No. 25801 Anonymous
21st September 2017
Thursday 1:12 am
25801 spacer
If I go to sleep at nine or ten o'clock I inevitably wake up at about midnight or one-ish. It's properly annoying, and even to stay up that "late" I'll be knodding off by eight. I don't know what's going on but it's been like this whenever I try to sleep right and it's doing my head in.
>> No. 25802 Anonymous
21st September 2017
Thursday 11:17 am
25802 spacer
Do you drink caffeinated beverages? Shit like that really fucks your sleep.
>> No. 25803 Anonymous
21st September 2017
Thursday 11:26 am
25803 spacer
It could be but it just feels different.
>> No. 25804 Anonymous
21st September 2017
Thursday 10:41 pm
25804 spacer
Don't we all have a cup of tea before night-night?

fuck vegetables.jpg
>> No. 25338 Anonymous
2nd June 2017
Friday 10:09 pm
25338 Terrible product/marketing photos
Nothing can so easily send me into apoplectic rage and simultaneous fits of laughter as non-nonsensical photographs in advertising and marketing. I couldn't decide where this thread belongs best as it's both irritating and entertaining at the same time.

Lidl has some brilliant examples, for instance this picture of a woman who is clearly off her tits on some research chems and is seeing hallucinations of vegetables flying around her head.
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>> No. 25731 Anonymous
7th September 2017
Thursday 2:52 pm
25731 spacer
I fucking loathe takeaway menus that get posted through my door with shitty cropped pictures of food splashed around the page with varying degrees of actual food size, gigantic pieces of chicken next to tiny drink cans etc.
It's petty but annoys me nevertheless, if it wasn't for Justeat I'd end up deciding on places strictly on the quality of these menus.
>> No. 25733 Anonymous
7th September 2017
Thursday 3:36 pm
25733 spacer


They can be a fun read, sometimes.
>> No. 25740 Anonymous
8th September 2017
Friday 12:52 pm
25740 spacer

They've finally sussed that the real money is going to be made from "telemetry"- read, selling your personal information.

Expect Windows 11 to be freeware from word go.
>> No. 25743 Anonymous
8th September 2017
Friday 3:02 pm
25743 spacer
They've cottoned on to the 90/9/1 distribution. Individual software sales net them a small amount next to selling Windows in the enterprise, and that in turn is dwarfed by their other products in the enterprise. That's why we've seen things like free Visual Studio and SQL Server on Linux.
>> No. 25749 Anonymous
10th September 2017
Sunday 9:22 am
25749 spacer
Perhaps the just like making fun of John McCain

>> No. 25474 Anonymous
13th July 2017
Thursday 4:22 pm
25474 Sod That!
I only signed for this because there was deadline coming at me like a freight train and I panicked, now I get this crap. God damn, what a load.
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>> No. 25493 Anonymous
14th July 2017
Friday 11:32 pm
25493 spacer

How no to virus, man? How no to virus?
>> No. 25494 Anonymous
14th July 2017
Friday 11:56 pm
25494 spacer

Windows XP. It's so old nobody makes viruses for it anymore.
>> No. 25495 Anonymous
16th July 2017
Sunday 2:39 pm
25495 spacer
The NHS disagrees.

Next time, don't leave it so late and just pirate the damn thing. I only buy applications from companies that aren't twats.
>> No. 25496 Anonymous
16th July 2017
Sunday 3:23 pm
25496 spacer
>> No. 25732 Anonymous
7th September 2017
Thursday 2:54 pm
25732 spacer

Just glad our ISP's aren't this shit.

>> No. 25693 Anonymous
28th August 2017
Monday 11:31 am
Sometimes I really wonder what's going through peoples heads when they buy this stuff.
I also mourn for all the lovely old hardwood furniture that's getting "upcycled" into this.
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>> No. 25694 Anonymous
28th August 2017
Monday 12:17 pm
25694 spacer
I know what you mean - on the plus side, a lot of stuff is rescued and recycled that would have gotten chucked out. I've always been in two minds about it.

Also, it isn't the chabby chic per se, in my view, its the chabby-chic-with-new-pricetag attached that is the problem.
>> No. 25695 Anonymous
29th August 2017
Tuesday 10:54 am
25695 spacer
Maybe it's an attempt to harken back to the childhoods that used hand me down bedroom furniture, falling apart and adorned with past generations stickers.
>> No. 25696 Anonymous
29th August 2017
Tuesday 2:21 pm
25696 spacer
Looks more gyppo chic than shabby chic.
>> No. 25699 Anonymous
29th August 2017
Tuesday 6:29 pm
25699 spacer

It also bothers me when people call these things "funky" on eBay, e.g., calling a bashed up old coffee table a "funky coffee table".
>> No. 25702 Anonymous
29th August 2017
Tuesday 9:49 pm
25702 spacer

It's the same as estate agents saying that crumbling old shitheaps are "full of character". Yeah, that and fucking woodworm mate.

>> No. 5103 Anonymous
22nd September 2011
Thursday 9:56 pm
5103 spacer
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>> No. 25303 Anonymous
11th May 2017
Thursday 7:21 pm
25303 spacer
I was doing ~45mph on an A road because I was looking for a turn off which I wasn't 100% sure where it was. Knobhead in a BMW starts tailgating me. I finally spotted it and put my indicators on early and when I'd started turning the knobhead overtakes me on the right-hand side. A few seconds later and he'd have ploughed straight into my car.
>> No. 25336 Anonymous
2nd June 2017
Friday 9:43 pm
25336 spacer
The drive outside my flat is wide enough for one car. There are a few parking bays on each side at slight angles to the drive.

Most people who park here drive all the way up to the end of the bay until one or both of their front wheels is touching the kerb. However there are some dickheads who stop a good foot or two away from the kerb, which means there's a lot less space behind them for people driving past or trying to reverse out of the other spaces.

And guess what, whenever someone parks like that, it's always a Mercedes or BMW. (It's not just one or two people, I've been here years and seen a succession of many dickheads in German cars who do this.)
>> No. 25337 Anonymous
2nd June 2017
Friday 9:58 pm
25337 spacer
One day last week my bus got stuck for around 10-15 minutes and had to give up because a BMW driver thought it was a good idea to just break down in the middle of the road and stay there. The street is just about wide enough for two vehicles, and the driver made no attempt to move the vehicle. Didn't push it, didn't ask for help to push it, didn't accept any offer of help to push it. Just fucking left it there. Two minibuses had to mount the kerb to get around it.

Last time I broke down in the middle of the road, I waited until it was safe to get out, signalled to people for help, and between three of us (a small woman sat inside to steer and brake) we got the car out of the way. That was from the middle lane of three on a busy dual carriageway during rush hour.
>> No. 25621 Anonymous
11th August 2017
Friday 9:03 pm
25621 spacer
Being stuck behind twats who drive along a sliproad at 30mph instead of anticipating having to match the speed of the traffic they're merging into.

Doubly annoying: Being stuck behind twats in sports cars driving along slip roads at 30mph who can match the speed of the traffic in a second, while the poor sod in the hatchback following them needed most of the length of the sliproad to get up to 70.
>> No. 25641 Anonymous
13th August 2017
Sunday 2:34 am
25641 spacer
Had the opportunity to drive a very flash car today. Once you get over how fast it feels you start to notice how every single other cunt on the road is staring at you, or even trying to take pictures. It's a bizarre experience and think less of my friend, the owner of the car, for enjoying that sort of attention.

But my point is I saw so many fucking drivers whip out their phone WHILE DRIVING to take a picture. If they weren't doing that they were trying to race us. What the fuck. Imagine crashing and explaining that one.

>> No. 5003 Anonymous
6th September 2011
Tuesday 6:40 pm
5003 spacer
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>> No. 25274 Anonymous
19th April 2017
Wednesday 8:37 pm
25274 spacer
I'm sure he was very much mistaken, but he's one of those chaps who hears some kind of new idiom and doesn't bother to understand its meaning and just imitates it poorly. Dime a dozen becoming diamond dozen and all that.
>> No. 25301 Anonymous
9th May 2017
Tuesday 1:22 pm
25301 spacer
"Anyone no of a good bridle shop?"

Bridle for bridal, she later asked about dressmakers, so I can assume she meant bridal. Add this to the pile of thickness in the thread.
>> No. 25302 Anonymous
9th May 2017
Tuesday 2:44 pm
25302 spacer
Maybe she wants something kinky for the honeymoon.
>> No. 25368 Anonymous
7th June 2017
Wednesday 6:13 pm
25368 spacer
"What's that sapost to mean?"

It's amazing what people come up with on the internet.
>> No. 25540 Anonymous
28th July 2017
Friday 9:54 pm
25540 spacer

I've always pronounced it "Smorg" in my head. Pronouncing it "Smaowg" just seems wrong to me.

Then again, you pronounce it Sow-ron instead of Saw-ron so evidently I'm getting all Middle Earth pronunciations wrong.

>> No. 25031 Anonymous
22nd February 2017
Wednesday 2:54 am
25031 spacer
Corporate bollocks. The rubbish that businesses use to blatantly lie about their practices. Often to be found in statements issued by the press office when they're caught out.

The "isolated incident" that definitely doesn't happen all the time - often as a result of a "training issue" that definitely isn't company policy.

A "gesture of goodwill" that is offered grudgingly only when a newspaper has intervened on your behalf. They're sticking to their guns and are so adamant they've done nothing wrong that they're going to pay you compensation you don't deserve for something they didn't put you through.

A firm that "rewards our loyal customers" by letting them keep a benefit that they already enjoy, or "continues to deliver value for our customers" by putting the price up and the quantity down.

Everyone who's ever written stuff like this can enjoy a glorious winter sun getaway at the Inferno resort, where they can relax in the Eighth Circle bar.
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>> No. 25068 Anonymous
26th February 2017
Sunday 12:47 am
25068 spacer
What kind of world do you live in?
>> No. 25069 Anonymous
26th February 2017
Sunday 1:17 am
25069 spacer

>What kind of world do you live in?

>> No. 25070 Anonymous
26th February 2017
Sunday 1:47 am
25070 spacer
Two out of three Berkeley students when asked didn't know which party Abraham Lincoln belonged to, THEREFORE we have full employment.
>> No. 25071 Anonymous
26th February 2017
Sunday 10:33 am
25071 spacer
Is that so strange? I don't know what sort of Government The Right Honourable Henry Pelham had, do you?
>> No. 25072 Anonymous
26th February 2017
Sunday 11:54 am
25072 spacer
Oh dear.

>> No. 24866 Anonymous
29th January 2017
Sunday 11:43 am
24866 spacer
Putting Satanists into 101.

Garbage mainstream music (rock is crap, metal is worse).
Black clothes and pentagrams look very silly.
They only think about themselves, 'god complex'.
Neurotic routines and victim mentality.
They fiddle kids and than throw them into the sea.
Very little self control or ambition, destroy culture without replacing it with something of value or substance.
Control most global politics with blackmail and violence.
Pump this shit ideology into our children's heads via schools and multimedia.
Think they are the rebels when they are pretty much the 1%.
Probably controlled by the Pope.
They think they are so clever, they are just ignorant and void of logic or thoughts outside of there feelings, which are pre-programmed by the next satanist up.
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>> No. 24943 Anonymous
2nd February 2017
Thursday 2:04 pm
24943 spacer
I'm gay. But I'm not the person you quoted. Hail Eris.
>> No. 24944 Anonymous
2nd February 2017
Thursday 2:17 pm
24944 spacer
Is it contagious? I'd hate to catch the gay in this political climate.
>> No. 24945 Anonymous
2nd February 2017
Thursday 2:19 pm
24945 spacer
By very common law, it's sexually-transmitted.
>> No. 24948 Anonymous
3rd February 2017
Friday 1:29 pm
24948 spacer

Many studies have been conducted but most researchers believe it is hereditary from an Iron age Irish Tribe.

It spread to Caledonia and Wales during the migration period, followed by a thorough colonising of Brighton, New York, San Francisco and Sydney.
>> No. 24949 Anonymous
3rd February 2017
Friday 2:14 pm
24949 spacer

>Many studies have been conducted but most researchers believe it is hereditary from an Iron age Irish Tribe.


>> No. 24917 Anonymous
1st February 2017
Wednesday 12:39 pm
24917 spacer
Some cunt's parked their mini, all decked out with Shaun the sheep stickers, in my driveway. I need that driveway. What the fuck can I do beyond leaving a passive aggressive note on their wind-shield?
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>> No. 24928 Anonymous
1st February 2017
Wednesday 7:10 pm
24928 spacer
Not entirely unexpected, but at least you asked. Passive aggressive note on the windscreen it is, then. At least make it somewhat funny.
>> No. 24929 Anonymous
1st February 2017
Wednesday 7:25 pm
24929 spacer


Replace dickbrain with dickhead.
>> No. 24930 Anonymous
1st February 2017
Wednesday 9:30 pm
24930 spacer
I left a firm note and they've been boxed in overnight by the person who the space is intended for.
>> No. 24931 Anonymous
1st February 2017
Wednesday 10:30 pm
24931 spacer
Careful with that. They might not care about someone parked in a drive, but a vehicle blocked in is a very different thing.
>> No. 24932 Anonymous
2nd February 2017
Thursday 12:44 am
24932 spacer
It'll be gone by 7.

>> No. 15432 Anonymous
8th June 2014
Sunday 2:13 am
15432 spacer
This boiled my piss like nothing else.


Basically, you have this lad, walking around and filming people - up close and in total silence. What is really unnerving and awkward about this all, is that you get the understandable response coming from those that he films, angry, enraged and upset. What is he trying to prove?

Well from bits and pieces, he and his fans (notably reddit twats), believe he is making some teenlad statement of us all being surrounded by surveillance and that he is no different to that aspect, and in some sense RAIZIN AWARENESS of this...


There is a huge difference between invading someone's space and having a camera stuck meters away from you. I don't know if this shitstain would survive in England, but telling from his predictable appearance - he wouldn't. I probably would tell him to piss off, but bloody hell, watch the videos and tell me you wouldn't want to cave his face in with a claw hammer.
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>> No. 15535 Anonymous
12th June 2014
Thursday 12:15 am
15535 spacer

>Not true. Using a UAV for commercial purposes requires CAA clearance and a certificate of competence, but using them for private purposes is perfectly legal so long as you remain within visual range and avoid controlled airspace.

Nope. There are a tone of guidelines that you must meet, even as a private individual, to constitute legal operation of a UAV. These are pretty standard things like being a certain distance away from "public space" and the suchlike, but it's the sort of thing that renders them almost completely useless if you intend to use them legally, because I can't think of very many places in the UK (unless you are a very wealthy landowner) that satisfy the requirements.

Source: I work there, they sent a copy of the CAA regulations out via mass e-mail. I can't remember the details brilliantly because it wasa few weeks ago, but it wasn't just because of commercial use, it was because they were in violation of pretty much every other rule regardless of having clearance.
>> No. 15720 Anonymous
8th July 2014
Tuesday 12:10 am
15720 spacer
You don't have crystal clear memory of everything that ever happens, but more importantly filming allows anyone to share that exact same moment and analyse it. It really isn't the same
>> No. 24843 Anonymous
21st January 2017
Saturday 2:53 pm
24843 spacer

>> No. 24844 Anonymous
21st January 2017
Saturday 11:48 pm
24844 spacer
That was good. It was quite obvious how he kept having to cut away when they started turning the questioning on him, or something happened that necessitated he stop filming, though.

The reference to an Internet cafe really dates it.
>> No. 24845 Anonymous
22nd January 2017
Sunday 1:09 am
24845 spacer

The start of all student arguments

I watched the link, the guy walking round with the camera needs multiple shoeing in the cock whilst being filmed.

>> No. 24447 Anonymous
28th November 2016
Monday 7:34 pm
24447 spacer
Yay another Tony Blair. Hopefully she justifies war on Russia because God told her to.
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>> No. 24766 Anonymous
7th January 2017
Saturday 11:37 pm
24766 spacer

>Are you saying that gay marriage is a 'regressive left' issue
No and you're stupid >I don't get it.

>its hypocrisy to come to a different viewpoint after 12 years?
Yes as politician with a political agenda, no as a everyday person

> Perhaps by sharing a video of an American Presidential candidate this is some act of satire
Clinton isn't a candidate, she lost

>the real issue is American cultural imperialism that has turned Anglican sensibilities on religion and politics into a snide shouting match?
Try harder, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadilad.
>> No. 24767 Anonymous
7th January 2017
Saturday 11:57 pm
24767 spacer

Gay marriage and Clinton? No chance. Maybe this is why Ellen received the Medal of Honor for wait a minute

Oh I see now, THAT'S why Ellen got the badge https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3huRVrckY8

Hillary Clinton doesn't support gay marriage you leftards.
>> No. 24768 Anonymous
8th January 2017
Sunday 12:03 am
24768 spacer

Well it/ze/zir/mong fucked off quick.
>> No. 24769 Anonymous
8th January 2017
Sunday 12:49 am
24769 spacer
>> No. 24770 Anonymous
8th January 2017
Sunday 12:56 am
24770 spacer



>> No. 23246 Anonymous
18th July 2016
Monday 3:15 pm
23246 Minor rants and piss-offs, Mk V
I think we're due a new thread, and this picture idea, especially considering the mark, I couldn't not make.

Auto electric windows. My shitty Rover from 2005 has them, and unlike better cars, it doesn't have the 'double click' in the window switch, so unless you want the window all the way down, you have to press the window switch down, then pull it back up when it gets to where you want it to be. It'd be much less hassle to just either have a winder or non-'auto'.
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>> No. 24309 Anonymous
17th November 2016
Thursday 2:21 am
24309 spacer
I fell asleep at eight, woke up at eleven and can't understand why my body has decided to do me like this.

Might go for a weirdy night walk.
>> No. 24310 Anonymous
17th November 2016
Thursday 2:27 am
24310 spacer
When you step out of the door, I will know and eventually find you.
>> No. 24311 Anonymous
17th November 2016
Thursday 4:00 am
24311 spacer
I gave some of my whisky to a homeless lady and she thankrd e then introducede to her son who was out walking his dog talking to her and her partner. I apologised to him saying I'm sorry, if I was in your position of hate me for doing that but in her position I'd be thankful. I don't know how to feel.
>> No. 24312 Anonymous
17th November 2016
Thursday 4:48 am
24312 spacer

I'll be sure to wipe you off my boots when I get back in.
>> No. 24336 Anonymous
19th November 2016
Saturday 12:19 am
24336 spacer
OK let me get this straight, the son is 'out' therefore has a home, yet the mother is homeless? Why doesn't she live with him?

Screenshot 2016-07-20 at 00.35.17.png
>> No. 23313 Anonymous
20th July 2016
Wednesday 12:36 am
23313 Breaking News - AIBU
I think there should be strict time limits on how often news channels are allowed to display the claim 'breaking news'.

Breaking news should be the start of a new likely-to-be headline story, not a recent update on a pre-existing story, unless it is such a significant development that it is a new likely-to-be a headline in and of itself. Obviously there's a philosophical problem as to what would count as a 'significant development', but with a daily time limit, the news channels would soon figure it out.

I don't even want to be that strict on it, but just to throw a suggestion on the table, a maximum of 4 hours of displaying the words between 8am and 8pm, and a 4 hours overnight would be satisfying for me. Planned national events, like Remembrance Day should be forbidden from claiming 'breaking news' as the Queen lays down her wreath. However, planned national events like a general election could use the 'breaking news' display when announcing the overall winning result, but this would have to come out of the 4 hour allowance and should be planned for in advance.
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>> No. 23410 Anonymous
22nd July 2016
Friday 6:54 pm
23410 spacer
Id rather ask a human being.
>> No. 23411 Anonymous
22nd July 2016
Friday 6:59 pm
23411 spacer

Send someone an e-mail asking for them to look it up for you then.
>> No. 23429 Anonymous
23rd July 2016
Saturday 4:02 am
23429 spacer
What's your email?
>> No. 23685 Anonymous
18th August 2016
Thursday 10:49 am
23685 spacer
>> No. 24209 Anonymous
2nd November 2016
Wednesday 1:48 am
24209 spacer
!!!!!!!!!!BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!

here's some shit about football

>> No. 20571 Anonymous
14th August 2015
Friday 3:44 pm
20571 Minor rants and piss-offs MK IV Locked
Taking into account the sentiment in the OP of >>17297, time for a new thread.

My Mother is up to visit my sister and hasn't even offered to make me soup even though I'm ill. A pox on her first born ch-...wait.
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>> No. 23239 Anonymous
18th July 2016
Monday 5:49 am
23239 spacer
You don't get to choose your own security question?
>> No. 23240 Anonymous
18th July 2016
Monday 6:03 am
23240 spacer
You do and I did exactly that in 2005 or so.
>> No. 23242 Anonymous
18th July 2016
Monday 11:28 am
23242 spacer
I hate that bollocks. I've never had to use the security question for years on any of my accounts, but I recently discovered that Microsoft in particular love locking you out if you sign in from a different country. Did I remember any answers to questions I made 5+ years ago that I never had to use? No. It took me a month to be able to change my security info and get back into my accounts.
>> No. 23243 Anonymous
18th July 2016
Monday 11:45 am
23243 spacer
I once had to tell someone my 'mother's maiden name' over the phone.
I no longer use quite such rude words when filling in stuff, neither of us needed that level of awkwardness - I was only ever expecting to need to type it.
>> No. 23244 Anonymous
18th July 2016
Monday 2:53 pm
23244 spacer
Those dogs sound like they are badly socialised and trained; they shouldn't be picking on other dogs or jumping up once told firmly to stop it. Medium to large dogs, or even small yappy ones, should not be allowed to go mad with jumping on people as dogs are stupid and don't always tell the difference between jumping on a grown adult and a 4 foot child. The fact that they didn't respond to being called back also indicates they're poorly trained. Also, when you have that many dogs being walked how do you even cope without at least a few of them on leads? The fact that you remained fairly polite and calm in the face of being threatened indicates that they were being more cunty than you were.

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