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>> No. 3137 Anonymous
1st February 2012
Wednesday 12:42 am
3137 psychedelic art and such
We post brightly coloured and psychedelic art
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>> No. 5208 Anonymous
25th June 2015
Thursday 10:44 pm
5208 spacer


>> No. 5209 Anonymous
13th July 2015
Monday 3:46 am
5209 spacer

Ah, my deep dream submission finally processed.
>> No. 5210 Anonymous
13th July 2015
Monday 3:48 am
5210 spacer

But admittedly there's much better stuff.
>> No. 5292 Anonymous
23rd October 2015
Friday 2:01 pm
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>> No. 5466 Anonymous
13th February 2017
Monday 3:12 am
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>> No. 5463 Anonymous
3rd February 2017
Friday 3:07 am
5463 spacer
Try not to laugh

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>> No. 5464 Anonymous
3rd February 2017
Friday 12:44 pm
5464 spacer
Well, that was easy.
>> No. 5465 Anonymous
3rd February 2017
Friday 1:44 pm
5465 spacer
Good morning, how are you, I'm Doctor Worm
I'm interested in things
I'm not a real doctor but

>> No. 5148 Anonymous
27th January 2015
Tuesday 10:24 pm
5148 spacer
Do you own any artwork?

There's an original Rolf Harris painting on eBay for £2.20, which I'm considering bidding on while everyone else is put off BT him being a filthy noncecase.

Look at this on eBay:

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>> No. 5458 Anonymous
27th January 2017
Friday 9:51 pm
5458 spacer
This isn't even a food product and you're scaremongering about plastic? OH NO CHEMICALS DID YOU KNOW COCA-COLA CAN DISSOLVE RUST
>> No. 5459 Anonymous
27th January 2017
Friday 9:57 pm
5459 spacer
You're putting your willy in there.
>> No. 5460 Anonymous
27th January 2017
Friday 9:58 pm
5460 spacer

The smell alone should be enough to give you a hint that it's not a good idea to stick your dick in it.
>> No. 5461 Anonymous
27th January 2017
Friday 10:04 pm
5461 spacer


ban me god please

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 5462 Anonymous
28th January 2017
Saturday 11:39 pm
5462 spacer

annies pic.jpg
i don't understand art i dated a artist for 3 years and i have one of her collages on my shithouse wall. i like things i can tell what they are but some of her stuff was mental but she sells plenty.

(A good day to you Sir!)

>> No. 5203 Anonymous
16th April 2015
Thursday 12:08 pm
5203 Graphics Design
Anyone involved in GD?

I don't care whether it's professional, amateur, or just for fun.

I do it for fun/amateur - primarily helping friends with small things here and there. I've won a competition, and got fucked over by another - but overall it's a pretty fulfilling creative outlet.

For the professionals, any tips in getting a decent foothold? Meaning, getting better and having an eye for things?

You don't have to showcase anything, but any example work would be appreciated.
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>> No. 5437 Anonymous
9th October 2016
Sunday 1:05 am
5437 spacer
>Eric Gill actually had sex with his sister, daughters, AND his dog

It's quite a story and particularly for such a brilliant set of fonts he made. I adore Gill Sans but blimey.
>> No. 5438 Anonymous
9th October 2016
Sunday 1:07 am
5438 spacer
“‘Bath and slept with Gladys,’ runs one entry in the diary. Such Gill family intimacies seem routine, a habit. A few weeks later there are more surprising entries; ‘Expt. [experiment] with dog in eve’ [the rest has been obliterated]. Then, five days later, ‘Bath. Continued experiment with dog after and discovered that a dog will join with a man’”
>> No. 5439 Anonymous
9th October 2016
Sunday 12:57 pm
5439 spacer
This thread really is .gs in a nutshell. Eighteen months without a response, a tangentially related question, an alarmingly detailed and informative reply, followed by a neat segue into incest and beastiality.
>> No. 5440 Anonymous
9th October 2016
Sunday 1:10 pm
5440 spacer
OP's image looks like it could be the album art for the next Radiohead album.
>> No. 5441 Anonymous
9th October 2016
Sunday 2:39 pm
5441 spacer
I wouldn't change it for the world.

>> No. 4961 Anonymous
17th July 2014
Thursday 6:38 pm
4961 spacer
>An elusive street artist known only as Listen04 has amended a Hedon Road billboard with an obscene word – but is it art?

>The East Riding-based artist, who has been compared to famed guerrilla mural painter Banksy, daubed over a billboard advertising the new Toyota Aygo, subverting its advertising slogan Go Fun Yourself with something slightly less wholesome.

>Other works on his website include a childlike picture of pop star Britney Spears being pierced by a javelin, entitled Britney Speared, and a painting of former heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson on a three-wheeled bike, entitled Trike Tyson.


Is it art, lads?
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>> No. 5018 Anonymous
23rd July 2014
Wednesday 5:57 pm
5018 spacer
What does page count have to do with it? Maybe they're just printed on really heavy stock.
>> No. 5019 Anonymous
23rd July 2014
Wednesday 5:58 pm
5019 spacer

>> No. 5424 Anonymous
22nd September 2016
Thursday 4:08 pm
5424 spacer
a lot of his stuff seems a bit derivative of what these lads are up to on the continent
>> No. 5425 Anonymous
22nd September 2016
Thursday 4:25 pm
5425 spacer


In the age of viral marketing I wouldn't put it passed Toyota to have done it for the free press.

>schoolboy drawing cocks and swastikas on his textbooks.

Only it is more stupid and pointless because it what the author originally intended. It would be like drawing swastikas arm band on a picture of Adolf Hitler arm band when he had forgot to wear it during the photoshoot.
>> No. 5426 Anonymous
22nd September 2016
Thursday 9:27 pm
5426 spacer
Good to know there's still some people racking shitty car paint and desperately trying get coverage bare concrete out there. Makes me feel all nostalgic.

>> No. 5414 Anonymous
8th September 2016
Thursday 1:30 am
5414 spacer
hello /art/ would it be frowned upon to post some clips of city I've filmed and editing together in to 2-3 minute videos? Or would that be a bit self indulgent?

Picture not related.
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>> No. 5419 Anonymous
8th September 2016
Thursday 12:57 pm
5419 spacer
>>5418 Thanks mate, What I was going for was the busy city center then going around the out skirts and finishing in those lovely peaceful docks. Crosby Beach is a good shout though, Will have to film there next time I'm up that way.
>> No. 5420 Anonymous
8th September 2016
Thursday 12:58 pm
5420 spacer
It's all very nice footage but lacks the narrative and explanation you'd expect from a travel video.

Both, particularly the Berlin one, reminded me of BBC footage where Rosie and Jim or someone have just gone to a new place and it's showing you around before they go to the factory where they show you how something is made. I think the music didn't help.
>> No. 5421 Anonymous
8th September 2016
Thursday 7:10 pm
5421 spacer
Very nice, almost therapeutic. Made me want to be there. Also, the music choice is a really good fit for the videos. Keep them coming.

Please don't do anything this lad says >>5420
>> No. 5422 Anonymous
8th September 2016
Thursday 9:08 pm
5422 spacer
Shame you obscured the punning shop name in the Liverpool video. Otherwise a nice enough clip. Watching the bit in the Albert Dock I found myself imagining ARE FRED and his floating map.
>> No. 5423 Anonymous
8th September 2016
Thursday 11:07 pm
5423 spacer

I think they gave the weather map a viking funeral after Fred got convicted of noncery.

>> No. 5407 Anonymous
29th June 2016
Wednesday 4:58 pm
5407 WTF?
The guy from Ukraine makes video art, like garbage, but there was something in it.
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>> No. 5408 Anonymous
29th June 2016
Wednesday 5:22 pm
5408 spacer
Don't pretend like it's not you.

>> No. 5298 Anonymous
17th March 2016
Thursday 11:00 am
5298 llll

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>> No. 5398 Anonymous
18th March 2016
Friday 7:10 pm
5398 spacer
I like how such an innocuous thread inspired such a vociferous cunt off. Well played lads.
>> No. 5399 Anonymous
18th March 2016
Friday 7:55 pm
5399 spacer
It's only just dawned on me this thread isn't on /iq/.
>> No. 5400 Anonymous
18th March 2016
Friday 9:58 pm
5400 spacer
Everything leads to /iq/ eventually.
>> No. 5401 Anonymous
19th March 2016
Saturday 4:55 am
5401 spacer


Smashing idea.
>> No. 5402 Anonymous
19th March 2016
Saturday 11:24 am
5402 spacer

The most interesting thing about that picture to me is how all the Europeans still have a Chinese facial quality because that is what the artist is used to drawing.

>> No. 5296 Anonymous
15th March 2016
Tuesday 9:13 pm
5296 Weird Music Locked
Hello.This is a music album. Genre: weird.
Lyrics about murder, rape, serial killing, pedophilia, necrophilia.
Including the big hit "I'm a Proud Pedophile".
Free download. Enjoy:
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>> No. 5297 Anonymous
15th March 2016
Tuesday 9:46 pm
5297 spacer
This should be in /beat/. Or ideally, just... not.

>> No. 5293 Anonymous
9th February 2016
Tuesday 6:18 pm
5293 Calligraphy thread
Anyone else into calligraphy? Share your work and tips.

This is a close up of something I did today. I do Tibetan Uchen (big head) script using bamboo pens and ink or special calligraphy felt tip type pens. The latter make it more feasible to do different font sizes without faffing about with tip changing.

I plan to experiment with doing the same type of work but using paintbrushes and a less rigid semi Japanese approach.
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>> No. 5294 Anonymous
9th February 2016
Tuesday 6:29 pm
5294 spacer
I used to do illustrations using calligraphy pens but I can't think of what advice I can give really. Getting a smooth line, not blotting and all that sort of things are a knack that you learn intuitively and by eye.

>> No. 5235 Anonymous
12th August 2015
Wednesday 12:12 pm
5235 spacer
I went on holiday over the weekend and did a massive tour of the Scottish Highlands, 628 miles in total, and I took loads of photos of hills and stuff I thought some of you might like.

If you're interested in the route I took I can post that too if you like.

To say I'm an amateur photographer would be to overestimate my skills, but I think they turned out OK considering. All taken on a Sony Alpha Nex-3, which I read was a good bridge.
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>> No. 5287 Anonymous
12th August 2015
Wednesday 6:01 pm
5287 spacer
Do you mind if I use this for my porn website?
>> No. 5288 Anonymous
12th August 2015
Wednesday 6:36 pm
5288 spacer

Is it geological porn?
>> No. 5289 Anonymous
12th August 2015
Wednesday 6:48 pm
5289 spacer
No. I don't want to out myself and post it, but it is a niche porn to do with the anus.
>> No. 5290 Anonymous
12th August 2015
Wednesday 6:51 pm
5290 spacer

I'm guessing Goatse, but hopefully not.

I'll want to see what use you put it too though. Fire in, you're an adventurer and I like my porn weird.
>> No. 5291 Anonymous
12th August 2015
Wednesday 6:53 pm
5291 spacer

Welcome to britfa.gs.

>> No. 5214 Anonymous
31st July 2015
Friday 11:03 pm
5214 spacer
Is there a word for this?

Juxtapositional art? I don't know, but I like. If you have anything like, do share.
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>> No. 5227 Anonymous
1st August 2015
Saturday 3:45 pm
5227 spacer

It's heartwarming to see people buying art. You should show us the picture next to your gran when it arrives for size comparison's sake.
>> No. 5228 Anonymous
1st August 2015
Saturday 3:47 pm
5228 spacer

pioneer plaque.png
I like when size comparison charts use that particular human shape.
>> No. 5229 Anonymous
1st August 2015
Saturday 10:15 pm
5229 spacer
Where is her fanny?
>> No. 5230 Anonymous
1st August 2015
Saturday 10:22 pm
5230 spacer

There was a controversy and Mrs Sagan had to remove it.
>> No. 5232 Anonymous
4th August 2015
Tuesday 6:43 pm
5232 spacer
What do you mean art genre like that? It's animation done with watercolour.

>> No. 5213 Anonymous
30th July 2015
Thursday 12:13 am
5213 spacer
Has anyone got any experience of Aquatint?

Brief reminder so I don't reply to myself in five years time when this thread is inevitably still on page one:
Alpacas are biological waste.

april o neil tmnt bennewman small bn10.jpg
>> No. 5101 Anonymous
11th December 2014
Thursday 10:30 pm
5101 spacer
ITT: Art you found on imageboards.
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>> No. 5146 Anonymous
14th January 2015
Wednesday 6:49 am
5146 spacer

Does it count if I first saw it on an imageboard, despite it being quite popular outside of the internet?
>> No. 5147 Anonymous
25th January 2015
Sunday 4:33 pm
5147 spacer

Pawel Kuczynski slide_364858_4138896_free.jpg

>> No. 5196 Anonymous
21st March 2015
Saturday 9:42 pm
5196 spacer


>> No. 5205 Anonymous
15th May 2015
Friday 1:24 pm
5205 spacer

Pawel Kuczynski slide_364858_4138902_free.jpg

>> No. 5206 Anonymous
15th May 2015
Friday 2:46 pm
5206 spacer
I want someone to sit on my face like that.

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