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>> No. 423594 Anonymous
15th January 2019
Tuesday 5:12 pm
423594 Mid-week thread
New mid-week thread for the new year.

What is, or isn't happening in your life, .gs?
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>> No. 424386 Anonymous
20th February 2019
Wednesday 4:45 pm
424386 spacer

You might want to get in touch with Turning Point (not that one) or Remploy. Your brother is disabled within the meaning of the Equalities Act and is entitled to support in finding and maintaining employment.


>> No. 424387 Anonymous
20th February 2019
Wednesday 4:50 pm
424387 spacer

>He's also dyspraxic, so he can struggle with co-ordination and following tasks with several steps.

Oh boy.

>The Deliveroo gig was about two years ago

Again, oh boy. It is then to be assumed that he will not handle an apprenticeship much different than he did the Deliveroo job. None of this will make it any easier for him.

There are special government-subsidised career qualification programmes for mentally challenged young people. I'm deliberately not saying disabled. You don't have to be a mong to be accepted into them. But for people who are just somewhat differently abled.

A bog standard apprenticeship in the IT field might just be too much for him and put him too far out of his depth. As I said, even as an apprentice, they will expect you to pull your own weight from day one. Within reason, but they still will.
>> No. 424388 Anonymous
20th February 2019
Wednesday 7:36 pm
424388 spacer
I realise I've made him sound like a complete and utter mong, but if you met him you'd just think he was awkward and a bit gormless rather than a full on speccy cunt.

I have the impression he wouldn't want to use something like Remploy even if it is the best thing for him. Oh, well. Then again, he's not really my problem. He's only really going to be fucked when his Mum dies.
>> No. 424389 Anonymous
20th February 2019
Wednesday 8:40 pm
424389 spacer

If he struggled to be a mediocre Deliveroo employee, then the day-to-day routine in an IT job may just not be a good environment for him.

A lot of Aspies work in IT because computers simply appear to be a field that they gravitate towards, as programming a computer means structure, repetition, and precise instructions with no implied meaning or irony. In that respect, the Aspie mind actually seems better suited for IT than that of regular people. But even as somebody who is on the spectrum, you have to be able to handle being full-time employed and not being a burden on your coworkers and a drag on your employer's quality of service.
>> No. 424390 Anonymous
20th February 2019
Wednesday 8:56 pm
424390 spacer
HMRC do a lot of apprenticeships (my local HMRC call centre put out about 100 apprenticeships for customer service roles last year that had a starting salary of £18k), and from the reports of people I know who work there, they are very accommodating towards people with special needs. I think they have people whose whole job is just dealing with web chat enquiries which seems like it'd be an ideal job for someone on the spectrum.

>> No. 423374 Anonymous
4th January 2019
Friday 10:04 pm
423374 spacer
New weekend thread. First weekend of the year edition.

How's it going, lads?
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>> No. 424358 Anonymous
19th February 2019
Tuesday 9:50 am
424358 spacer
>>424084 here again.

She had her second interview yesterday and my boss agreed that her level of knowledge wasn't up to scratch and that she clearly hadn't done any preparation to attempt to get back up to speed since getting back from maternity or even us going back to the recruiter and saying we had some concerns over her level of technical knowledge. Apparently she was quite cocky because she's been offered a job elsewhere with a far higher salary than we'd offer someone of her level; I don't know what recruitment processes other places have but there have been a few people we've interviewed who we didn't think were cut out to even be trainees who've been given advanced roles elsewhere.
>> No. 424359 Anonymous
19th February 2019
Tuesday 10:48 am
424359 spacer

>Apparently she was quite cocky because she's been offered a job elsewhere with a far higher salary than we'd offer someone of her level;

Oldest sales trick in the world - tell somebody you've got a better and higher offer. Around 90 percent of the time, it's completely made up and utter nonsense.
>> No. 424365 Anonymous
19th February 2019
Tuesday 5:47 pm
424365 spacer
Someone saw her in the carpark afterwards and said she had a face like a smacked arse, so she was probably bullshitting.
>> No. 424370 Anonymous
20th February 2019
Wednesday 12:02 am
424370 spacer

> so she was probably bullshitting.

Told you.

And especially as somebody who is looking for a job, it's all too easy to overplay your hand. I once tried to push the price up a little in a job interview by telling them that another company had offered me 500 quid more a month. The HR woman then said to me calmly (this was in the second round of interviews): "Well I am afraid if that is your main concern, then you must go and work for them. Take our offer, or don't take it".

She was right. Only real way to counter that kind of nonsense is to call people on it.

Didn't get the job in the end. They called me the next day and the HR lady told me that I no longer needed to consider their offer and was free to go work at the other company. Which of course left me high and dry because there was no other company. And she had probably seen right through me.
>> No. 424372 Anonymous
20th February 2019
Wednesday 3:05 am
424372 spacer
Lying or bullshitting in interviews is a bad idea, unless you're an actual fully trained and practiced psychopath - particularly if you try and game it with fake offers like this. HR are trained in looking for things like this and if you're prepared to bullshit and lie during an interview, then you would probably do it at work.

Everybody "sells" the best version of yourself during the process, we all know that, and it might not be the whole truth, but don't flat out lie.

Screenshot 2019-02-16 at 14.46.04.png
>> No. 424260 Anonymous
16th February 2019
Saturday 2:46 pm
424260 spacer

Lads, this might be actual science at work.
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>> No. 424305 Anonymous
17th February 2019
Sunday 9:35 am
424305 spacer
>fishcake/fish patty/fish turnover
Are you talking about shorebread?
>> No. 424306 Anonymous
17th February 2019
Sunday 9:44 am
424306 spacer
The most nutritious part of the traditional fisherman's breakfast.
>> No. 424307 Anonymous
17th February 2019
Sunday 9:45 am
424307 spacer
This. You can't have a fisherman's breakfast without a good old slice of shorebread.
>> No. 424308 Anonymous
17th February 2019
Sunday 11:14 am
424308 spacer


>> No. 424314 Anonymous
17th February 2019
Sunday 1:35 pm
424314 spacer
The caramelised barnacles and moon-dried jellyfish tentacles embedded in the shorebread at my favourite upmarket fisherman's breakfast caff on a Hebridean island are some of the best cuisine I've tasted outside of Paris.

>> No. 364298 Anonymous
14th November 2013
Thursday 4:47 pm
364298 spacer
ITT: Weird dreams you've had lately.

I actually dreamed last night that I was in Australia, visiting the two blokes from the Foster's adverts in their beach hut. Sure enough, they gave me a Foster's, and I said "cheers, guys"... and then one of them said to me "oh no mayt, we don't say cheers heere. We say 'You little ripper!'"

Quite bizarre... has this dream got any deeper meaning, or have I just been watching too much telly lately?
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>> No. 424296 Anonymous
16th February 2019
Saturday 9:53 pm
424296 spacer

That makes me feel incredibly old.
>> No. 424298 Anonymous
17th February 2019
Sunday 12:55 am
424298 spacer
Perhaps a little depressing but I keep waking up in the middle of the night having dreamt that my dad, who has been paralysed from the chest down for quite a while now, can still walk for whatever reason. It was funny the first couple of times but now I just want it to STOP.
>> No. 424299 Anonymous
17th February 2019
Sunday 7:58 am
424299 spacer
I was laid down next to my old boss, I can't remember on what surface. I left over two years ago and we had a close working relationship so we were having a laugh reminiscing and catching up. There was never an attraction between us in real life but at one point in the dream I had to tell her to stop leaning over me and looking at me in the eyes like that because it was very seductive; the dream version of her was better looking than she actually is.

Fucking hell, I'm now considering bashing one out over her and I've never done that before.
>> No. 424301 Anonymous
17th February 2019
Sunday 8:37 am
424301 spacer
Some teenagers or young adults from 420chan somehow managed to murder some FBI agents who were trying to stop them graffiting some old carpark and posted photos of themselves posing by the bodies. Somehow they'd managed to get them not only up trees but skewered on the trunk, past branches without breaking. There was also a Kermit doll skewered in a similar fashion. I remember thinking about what sort of "hi FBI" message to leave in the thread because they were definitely going to see it.
>> No. 424327 Anonymous
17th February 2019
Sunday 10:10 pm
424327 spacer
Do you see a giant number 3 shouting at kids people from a drugs-based imageboard murdering government operatives?

Perhaps you've been smoking too much ganja, mate.

>> No. 424073 Anonymous
7th February 2019
Thursday 12:55 pm
424073 spacer
Poland strong we going to steal your job and you going to live on benefit chack mate john pauhl 2 win again

(A good day to you Sir!)
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>> No. 424079 Anonymous
7th February 2019
Thursday 3:43 pm
424079 spacer
Looks like a win-win to me as long as they aren't buggered hard by the DWP.
>> No. 424080 Anonymous
7th February 2019
Thursday 3:45 pm
424080 spacer
I was a Citizens Advice today and about two thirds of the people there were Poles, so I'm doubtful of this claim.
>> No. 424081 Anonymous
7th February 2019
Thursday 4:01 pm
424081 spacer

OP lubi dawać zardzewiałe puzony.
>> No. 424082 Anonymous
8th February 2019
Friday 4:35 am
424082 spacer
Бля, польша на хуй. Вы позор славян.
>> No. 424083 Anonymous
8th February 2019
Friday 12:29 pm
424083 spacer

Chwalebna Polska będzie rządzić światem.

>> No. 423717 Anonymous
21st January 2019
Monday 9:10 pm
423717 spacer
How'd you lot find Blue Monday then? Apparently today was the most depressing day of the year and Maccies is giving out free cheeseburgers to stop us all offing ourselves.

I thought it was a bit shit. Not gonna lie.
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>> No. 424066 Anonymous
7th February 2019
Thursday 2:30 am
424066 spacer
Sounds like they have found him at least.
>> No. 424067 Anonymous
7th February 2019
Thursday 3:27 am
424067 spacer

Chartering a private jet at short notice is very much a thing. There is an entire industry set up to get wealthy people from anywhere to anywhere as quickly as possible in the lap of luxury. Sticking a £15m asset on a knackered plane being flown by someone without a commercial license is, to say the least, a questionable decision.
>> No. 424245 Anonymous
16th February 2019
Saturday 11:42 am
424245 spacer
There is a whole "underground" market for taking plane trips in small planes that skirt around the usual compliance requirements for operating aircraft commercially. It is based around whether or not the plane owners, or the pilot, are receiving commercial reward for the flight, or whether it is just done for reasonable expenses. It's a slightly grey area of legislation that has been exploited to the maximum. Additionally in this case there are big questions around the ownership of the plane, its US registration and the US-flagged license that the pilot was flying on - he almost certainly wasn't correctly license for flying a plane of that type, at night, in bed weather. I'm sure this will all come out, in detail in the AIIB report - they are very thorough.

See: Wingly for an example

I expect this crash will result in the CAA changing the regulations around what private pilots can and can't do - its going to get even murkier post-Brexit as our laws (and pilot licensing) will be out of line with Europe. It's quite possible post-Brexit without any changes, that private pilots (and UK-registered General Aviation aircraft) will have a difficult time flying across the channel.
>> No. 424289 Anonymous
16th February 2019
Saturday 8:42 pm
424289 spacer

I hope you've been stockpiling!
>> No. 424290 Anonymous
16th February 2019
Saturday 8:59 pm
424290 spacer

>> No. 423941 Anonymous
31st January 2019
Thursday 6:55 pm
423941 spacer
I really didn't want to make a new thread for this but I wanted to tell


that Youglish is good, and the thread's locked.

Expand all images.
>> No. 423942 Anonymous
31st January 2019
Thursday 6:57 pm
423942 spacer
Could have probably posted it in the Vimpto thread, to be fair.
>> No. 423983 Anonymous
3rd February 2019
Sunday 6:09 pm
423983 spacer
I clicked British English, and only about two thirds were actually British. There's a few Australians, several Americans, and one Chinese lady.
>> No. 423984 Anonymous
3rd February 2019
Sunday 7:33 pm
423984 spacer
There's a thing to flag that if you want to complain to someone who can actually do anything about it.

>> No. 423911 Anonymous
29th January 2019
Tuesday 3:46 pm
423911 Name of the song?

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>> No. 423937 Anonymous
31st January 2019
Thursday 12:11 pm
423937 spacer
wow, it's actually true.

the UK are deciding next Friday.
>> No. 423938 Anonymous
31st January 2019
Thursday 12:21 pm
423938 spacer
so the fuck what?
>> No. 423939 Anonymous
31st January 2019
Thursday 6:48 pm
423939 spacer

I guess that he got memed into that position so we're going to have to get Rick Astley to compete with him. I really don't care about memes though.
>> No. 423949 Anonymous
1st February 2019
Friday 5:51 pm
423949 spacer
Not even joking, I'm going to puy a tenner on Darude to win it.
>> No. 423950 Anonymous
1st February 2019
Friday 8:54 pm
423950 spacer

>According to the Metro, the DJ - real name Ville Virtanen

Not really related to the subject at hand, but I saw fellow Finn Ville Vallo once. My mate and I were on the way to a dance club, and unbeknownst to us, that club was booked for the after show party of the H.I.M. concert that had just finished nearby that night. The only way in was with one of those plastic wrist bands, which had been passed out to all the people with backstage passes at the concert. A fact that we only realised when we got to the front of the queue and were asked why we weren't wearing our wrist bands. We did get a close look at Ville Vallo though, because right when the bouncers were telling us to get lost, a black van pulled up right in front of the venue and out came Ville Vallo, wearing a frilled blouse, a billowing black and marple leather trenchcoat, and jackboots. A sight to behold. He really looked like the devil himself. He said "Good evening, gentlemen" to the bouncers, in a noticeable but not too heavy Finnish accent, and then disappeared into the club together with his two bodyguards.

>> No. 421445 Anonymous
30th October 2018
Tuesday 8:25 pm
421445 spacer
Hello I got redirected from Russian board to here.
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>> No. 422825 Anonymous
11th December 2018
Tuesday 2:03 pm
422825 spacer
In Russian, the country is called Германия, but its citizens are called немцы. Германцы, on the other hand, refers to Germanic tribes.
>> No. 422827 Anonymous
12th December 2018
Wednesday 1:02 am
422827 spacer
Жуст ми? Хау дысаппойнтинг...

майт аз велл вен - cпурдо спадре ЕбИН хД
>> No. 423644 Anonymous
17th January 2019
Thursday 1:44 pm
423644 spacer
оу. этот тред еще жив.
Привет Вам из Киева.

omg. This thread is still alive.
Greetings from Kiev.
>> No. 423654 Anonymous
17th January 2019
Thursday 9:10 pm
423654 spacer

Київa, конечно? КАТЦАП ОБНАРУЖИЛ))))))))))))
>> No. 423659 Anonymous
17th January 2019
Thursday 10:41 pm
423659 spacer
Ah damnit, I forgot to use the accusative case. I really am terrible at languages.

>> No. 423282 Anonymous
31st December 2018
Monday 8:52 pm
423282 New Year New Thread
Happy New Year lads. You got anything going on? Any resolutions you want to share?

This year I'm doing my annual tradition of foregoing the parties to stay in being a complete manchild. Made dinner with the Aquabats blaring and later on I'm going to watch some anime. All while getting pissed and seeing if the phone I ordered is actually going to be delivered today like the UPS website suggests.

My resolution this year is to budget responsibly which I've already been making cracking progress on these past couple of months. I've set up a little tally with budgeted amounts a little in excess so each category builds a nest egg for months I overspend. Things are looking good so long as I keep it up.
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>> No. 423611 Anonymous
16th January 2019
Wednesday 12:20 pm
423611 spacer
Did they teach you how to catch them though? You can hardly expect to skin them if you can't catch them.
>> No. 423612 Anonymous
16th January 2019
Wednesday 12:47 pm
423612 spacer

Not him but they never taught me anything remotely useful in cubs. I got hit by a firework the leader bloke set up wrong and got a cool scar on my arm, though.

Never bothered with scouts but I think they taught how to trap.

It's not hard to catch a rabbit, mind. You can basically shout at one until it dies of shock.
>> No. 423613 Anonymous
16th January 2019
Wednesday 12:52 pm
423613 spacer
It depends entirely on the group; there's a lot of pot luck. My son went to Scouts last night and he did ironing, cooking and washing up. Then again, they have done things like potholing, rock climbing and steering a narrow boat so it's swings and roundabouts.
>> No. 423632 Anonymous
17th January 2019
Thursday 11:15 am
423632 spacer
No, original poster here.
One of the leaders turned up with a dead rabbit. Don't know how he got it. The only thing that I actually learned from the shouting movement was how to masturbate and put up a tent.
>> No. 423637 Anonymous
17th January 2019
Thursday 12:21 pm
423637 spacer
I don't really have problems with reconciling my or whoever else's place in the world. More so if it's war, of which my granddad told never to glorify one unless there's profit to be made.
I just feel inadequate, incompetent and infantile, and probably am.
Possibly lack of self-love and low levels of self-respect and that I was never taught about these things.

>> No. 423571 Anonymous
14th January 2019
Monday 9:18 pm
423571 spacer
What's the best ~40" TV I can buy with a budget of up to £400? I was thinking of something like this, although I have a Samsung at the moment and there's been the odd niggle.



Are TVs similar to smartphones these days, as in it's much of a muchness between them all?
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>> No. 423579 Anonymous
14th January 2019
Monday 10:34 pm
423579 spacer

> They all have pretty poor speakers because they're so thin, so I'd strongly recommend budgeting for a soundbar, preferably with a subwoofer.

This is almost never a bad idea, even with TVs from the big and trusted brand names. But to get the most out of your TV, especially in the livingroom, your best bet still is probably connecting it to your home hi-fi system. It will save you the expense of a sound bar in any case. Then again, if you live in a block of flats or even a terrace, watching an action film via a set of full size hi-fi speakers late at night could annoy your neighbours.

You could indeed get better sound out of even the most basic CRT television sets back in the day, usually because the TV's whole case was your resonance chamber. This meant that even a set of very budget 4'' drivers could deliver full and rich sound.
>> No. 423589 Anonymous
15th January 2019
Tuesday 6:14 am
423589 spacer

Proper hi-fi speakers are a better choice in terms of fidelity, but they're more expensive unless you go second-hand and they're a bit messy and fiddly compared to a soundbar. They can also be a bit phlegmatic to fit in smaller rooms, especially if you're planning on wall-mounting the TV. I have an ageing set of PMC speakers and a Yamaha receiver that I'm very happy with, but most people aren't willing to have a load of boxes and wires cluttering up their lounge.
>> No. 423606 Anonymous
15th January 2019
Tuesday 8:40 pm
423606 spacer

>Proper hi-fi speakers are a better choice in terms of fidelity, but they're more expensive unless you go second-hand and they're a bit messy and fiddly compared to a soundbar.

You can get very decent quality these days from a set of used hi-fi speakers for quite little money. On the mechanical side of speaker design, the technological advances the last 10 to 15 years really weren't that fundamental anymore, and a decent pair from the mid-2000s will not sound considerably worse than what you can buy today.

A lot depends nowadays on good DSP inside your amplifier. But even a noteworthy brand name ampflifier from 10-15 years ago, with DSP, can be had for a song today. If you can do without wi-fi access on your amp, a mid-2000s Yamaha, Harman Kardon or even an Onkyo amp will be cheap as chips.

Personally I'd always go that route. Sound bars are convenient and all, but they simply won't give you the richness of an all out hi-fi sound system.
>> No. 423779 Anonymous
23rd January 2019
Wednesday 1:32 pm
423779 spacer
Which one would you choose out of these two:-



I'm tempted towards the cheaper one as it has 'motion processing' and greater energy efficiency. The slightly more expensive one has more 'brightness' and will apparently have voice activation by a later update, which I'd take as not happening if it's not there already.

Polite sage because I meant to make this thread on /g/ and I've only just realised I didn't when trying to look for it again.
>> No. 423785 Anonymous
23rd January 2019
Wednesday 5:55 pm
423785 spacer

The lower energy efficiency of the a6200 is a direct result of the higher maximum brightness. The difference in brightness is only 50 nits, but that could be significant if your living room has a lot of daylight. If you've noticed that your current TV sometimes looks dim and washed-out during the day, go for the a6200. If not, it's a question of whether you're willing to pay 10% extra for very slightly better picture quality and 5GHz WiFi. Otherwise, the two TVs are basically identical - same chassis, same ports, same electronics.

>> No. 423510 Anonymous
11th January 2019
Friday 9:26 pm
423510 spacer
Can you lads tell me if I'm being a cunt?

My housemate is a complete nightmare. I actively dislike very, very few people in my life but I dislike this man.

I live in a flatshare with him and one other person, we didn't know each other before moving in and I missed the warning signs in a need to quickly find somewhere to live when I moved to London.

For context, we live in a pricey flat (over 3k between us per month), we have good jobs, I'm in my twenties, both of the others are in their thirties, the one I don't like being 34.

He seems to have zero, and I mean zero, awareness of those around him. When I moved in, he would start cooking in the kitchen at 1am and just play music really loudly or hoover his room. I've gone out and asked him what he thought he was doing and he's since stopped.

It doesn't end there though he simply never washes up, hoards dirty plates and glasses in his room and then when he does bring it out after weeks just dumps it in the sink and leaves it.

I once confronted him about it and he, again, acted nice and apologetic although pretended he didn't remember if it was his stuff (it was, me and the other housemate always wash up), but then when the other housemate was there claimed 'he was being forced to be the maid and wash up' despite the fact he's a literal health risk.

He steals shit from the bathroom, he shuts his door like he's slamming shut a nuclear bunker door, has nearly burnt down the flat twice by going to bed and leaving the stove on to burn things and need the fire brigade to be called, and is generally just a giant man-child pain in the arse.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 423533 Anonymous
12th January 2019
Saturday 9:58 pm
423533 spacer

And he'll either straight up tell the flatmate it was OP wot dobbed him in, or he'll figure it out anyway, and resume his midnight hoovering to spite him.
>> No. 423534 Anonymous
12th January 2019
Saturday 10:30 pm
423534 spacer
It'll be a 50/50 chance, so if he isn't told he can assume it's one of the other two.

Also, it's worth checking the exact wording of the tenancy agreement for this. Mine prohibits running a business, which would not prevent me forming a company to work as a contactor, but would prevent me from selling cheese on the internet, through a company or not.
>> No. 423535 Anonymous
12th January 2019
Saturday 10:39 pm
423535 spacer
> but would prevent me from selling cheese on the internet
I bet you could get away with it, if you did it caerphilly!
>> No. 423538 Anonymous
13th January 2019
Sunday 11:26 am
423538 spacer

>> No. 423593 Anonymous
15th January 2019
Tuesday 11:41 am
423593 spacer
Just chiming in to say, your flatmate is a cunt. Have you considered cutting your losses and moving into a studio flat? Otherwise, maybe you could do an intervention with the other flatmates and explain to this manchild, why his idiosyncratic bad habits are not wanted. You'd think he'd change his ways, but I wouldn't hold your breath. What do your other flatmates think about him? Or are they just used to it by now?

Get your coat.

>> No. 423500 Anonymous
11th January 2019
Friday 3:27 pm
423500 spacer
Follow your family traditions, anon.
It's comfy and good for your health.
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>> No. 423508 Anonymous
11th January 2019
Friday 5:51 pm
423508 spacer
We don't have any, my genuinely autistic father and just plain anti-social mother have very negative outlooks when it comes to other people in general and for various reasons have very distant relationships with even their close relatives, leaving little chance for me to form any of my own. They are also seperated from one another, in case you had any idyllic images in your mind of their sneering being overcome with a love for one another.
>> No. 423529 Anonymous
12th January 2019
Saturday 5:33 pm
423529 spacer

Granpa died with a rap sheet as big, bloody and varied as a copy of the Old Testament.

Pa was a closet homo, he married just to avoid social stigma. His HD was full of gay and pedo porn. I have some suspect that he was involved in some saville-style activities in his young age (both as giver and taker). May he burn slowly in Hell.

So, where do I start from?
>> No. 423540 Anonymous
13th January 2019
Sunday 2:15 pm
423540 spacer
What did you granddad do?
>> No. 423542 Anonymous
13th January 2019
Sunday 2:43 pm
423542 spacer
He was in the Wu Tang Clan
>> No. 423635 Anonymous
17th January 2019
Thursday 11:34 am
423635 spacer
You poor thing.

ET Contact Tool app.png
>> No. 423480 Anonymous
8th January 2019
Tuesday 8:47 pm
423480 spacer
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>> No. 423485 Anonymous
8th January 2019
Tuesday 11:53 pm
423485 spacer
>> No. 423486 Anonymous
9th January 2019
Wednesday 12:02 am
423486 spacer
>> No. 423493 Anonymous
9th January 2019
Wednesday 1:46 pm
423493 spacer


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