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>> No. 381698 Anonymous
31st August 2014
Sunday 2:37 am
381698 Trumpet polishing
Anyone ever had a sexual encounter with someone from on the telly.

Pic related.
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>> No. 381822 Anonymous
2nd September 2014
Tuesday 1:51 am
381822 spacer

Cheers mate. I have a feeling I'd have remembered thumbing my knob into a girl like that in a nightclub bathroom, but who knows.
>> No. 381823 Anonymous
2nd September 2014
Tuesday 1:53 am
381823 spacer

That sounds like garden envy talking.

As an aside, the decking they installed ended up warping pretty badly within the year.
>> No. 381825 Anonymous
2nd September 2014
Tuesday 1:56 am
381825 spacer
This thread just makes me think of this song.

>> No. 381826 Anonymous
2nd September 2014
Tuesday 2:01 am
381826 spacer
>As an aside, the decking they installed ended up warping pretty badly within the year.

I find that far more salacious than any details of people's pseudo-celebrity sexual exploits. And there was I thinking Tommy knew what he was doing with a bit of decking. Scandalous.
>> No. 381836 Anonymous
2nd September 2014
Tuesday 12:07 pm
381836 spacer
Laurie Penny anyone?

>> No. 380796 Anonymous
16th August 2014
Saturday 8:33 pm
380796 Random tidbits of information thread.
It doesn't have to be everyday useful but if you find something interesting to you. Post it. Include a picture if possible.

I'll start with; in ToeJam and Earl, if you open the 'Promotion' present when you're fully ranked up, it will reset your score. (at least on the PS3 version)
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>> No. 381827 Anonymous
2nd September 2014
Tuesday 4:05 am
381827 spacer

Surely every building in Britain is a building not found anywhere else in Britain?
>> No. 381828 Anonymous
2nd September 2014
Tuesday 7:45 am
381828 spacer


London's Savoy theatre was the first public building in the world to be lit entirely by electricity.
>> No. 381830 Anonymous
2nd September 2014
Tuesday 9:14 am
381830 spacer
Nope. The Romans were very consistent when building forts. Even now new housing developments consist mainly of "pattern-book housing".
>> No. 381832 Anonymous
2nd September 2014
Tuesday 10:03 am
381832 spacer

You can highlight blocks of text by simply left clicking where you want to start, then holding down shift and left clicking at the point where you want it to end.

I'm sure most people probably know this by now but you can auto complete web URLs for .com addresses by hitting Ctrl+Enter. So type hotmail into your browser and then Ctrl+Enter and it will automatically become www.hotmail.com

Shift + Enter will auto-complete *.net address
Ctrl + Shift + Enter will auto-complete *.org address

Adding Alt to any of the above at any point before you hit Enter, will complete the address and open it in a new tab.

pic unrelated
>> No. 381835 Anonymous
2nd September 2014
Tuesday 11:49 am
381835 spacer
Most of this has become redundant with predictive URL typing. For instance, I ctrl-t for new tab (or ctrl-L to get to the address bar), press e, press enter, to get to ebay.co.uk. For regularly visited addresses this is a godsend.

>> No. 381116 Anonymous
22nd August 2014
Friday 10:20 am
381116 Weekend Thread [4.0]
Time for a new weekend thread lads and ladettes.

So, what are we all up to?
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>> No. 381799 Anonymous
1st September 2014
Monday 10:59 pm
381799 spacer
Two possibilities:
a) good actors
b) secret divorce
>> No. 381801 Anonymous
1st September 2014
Monday 11:02 pm
381801 spacer
I don't know mate, maybe this is a lunatic opinion on .gs but maybe most people actually quite like being married.
>> No. 381806 Anonymous
1st September 2014
Monday 11:39 pm
381806 spacer

Yeah for the first .... year? Basically a marriage is like any other relationship; it gets old - fast. The problem with marriage is there's this huge expectation to keep it going, even when everything has just become a continuous daily drudge. Never mind the fact of ploughing the same damn fallow field every day for the rest of your life. Love, like grief, fades away lad. You can definitely love someone after ten years, but still be in love with them?

Well, maybe it's possible, but it didn't work out that way for me and I've never seen a case of it happening.

Sage for talking about serious shit on the internets.
>> No. 381829 Anonymous
2nd September 2014
Tuesday 8:19 am
381829 spacer

I've heard that distinction before, between loving someone and being in love. I don't understand that. Perhaps it's just my experiences have never allowed that to happen, my only relationships have been between two and four years long, and I was still crazy about all of them when we broke it off. Only after separating to my feelings seem to fade.
>> No. 381834 Anonymous
2nd September 2014
Tuesday 11:37 am
381834 spacer
Yeah, it's an issue of time. Both of you will change as people after 10 years of career options, the loss of friends and family due to death or life, and the possible arrival of children. So many things can change the dynamic of a relationship; sometimes people just grow apart. This is why after a decade still sleeping in the same bed as this one person is actually something of an achievement. People might've stayed married 50 years ago because divorce wasn't acceptable, but that doesn't mean they actually tolerated or enjoyed the situation by the time they were approaching 40 after having married in their early 20s.

>> No. 381776 Anonymous
1st September 2014
Monday 8:57 pm
381776 Traveling tales
In the spirit of Adam and Joe's podcast, tell us stories about when you've been on the train an automobile or aeroplane.

Once an African lady told me to look after her baby whilst she went to the loo. I assumed she'd locked the door so I didn't warn the man who was about the open the door to the lavvie. Cue high pitched scream from African lady and an embarrassed grimace from the man.

Another time some chav was arguing with the conductor who going apeshit. Mid argument, the chav looked at me in appeal but I just averted my eyes and pretended to not know what was going on, obliviously listening to my music.

Pic related, photo of a toilet seat lid on a moving train (hence the bad quality).
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>> No. 381804 Anonymous
1st September 2014
Monday 11:26 pm
381804 spacer
I'd love to think I'd have the strength of character to, in that situation, take out my mobile and talk as loudly as possible to an imaginary friend that "YEAH CAN YOU HEAR ME? IT'S REALLY LOUD IN THIS CARRIAGE. SORRY, CAN YOU REPEAT PLEASE? YEAH I KNOW IT'S REALLY ANNOYING" or summat.
>> No. 381805 Anonymous
1st September 2014
Monday 11:33 pm
381805 spacer
You were witness to a violent assault on a train platform? Anyone call the police?
>> No. 381812 Anonymous
1st September 2014
Monday 11:58 pm
381812 spacer
When about 12 I was sat next to some poor lad who was getting mugged.
Two older men hunting for weak prey came across him and started pressuring him into buying a bunch of useless crap I assume they got from a charity shop, like a PC chess game and a really shitty watch. The lad kept saying no but they were really intimidating and easily changed his mind rinsing his wallet dry. £40ish for a fivers worth of junk.
Before they left one of the men looked at me, smiled then gave me his newspaper.
>> No. 381815 Anonymous
2nd September 2014
Tuesday 12:48 am
381815 spacer
It wasn't assault. He didn't attack her, she just "pushed" him around a bit. He needs to man up.
>> No. 381833 Anonymous
2nd September 2014
Tuesday 11:26 am
381833 spacer
I once flew to Australia, and on the second leg between Singapore and Sydney, I was sat about two metres away from a woman with an infant. Said infant was screaming and crying practically the WHOLE. FUCKING. TIME. during the flight. She had him in one of those airplane cots that cabin staff can put up for you. Oh, and that little bundle of joy also shat one out every few hours, and the woman would change his nappies right in front of everybody, which meant that now and then there was a whiff of baby excrement wafting my way. Just the kind of thing you need when you've already endured a 13 hour flight just to get to bloody Singapore, and five hours bumming about aimlessly with nothing to do at Singapore's Changi Airport.

All my life I've never been in any hurry whatsoever to have kids of my own anyway; but that experience certainly didn't make me reconsider.

>> No. 381049 Anonymous
20th August 2014
Wednesday 11:51 pm
381049 Ice bucket challenge

what's your take on the whole ice bucket challenge phenomenon?
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>> No. 381713 Anonymous
31st August 2014
Sunday 4:06 pm
381713 spacer

I'd forgotten about purple aki. Good times. His wikipedia page makes for a sobering reading though. The guy clearly has mental health issues, which the criminal justice system seems to think can be cured by prison and/or restraining orders. Are we still living in the dark ages?

>> No. 381715 Anonymous
31st August 2014
Sunday 4:12 pm
381715 spacer
To think this is what we do to people who want nothing more than a bit of a feel of your muscles.
>> No. 381718 Anonymous
31st August 2014
Sunday 4:35 pm
381718 spacer

Has he ever actually bummed one of these lads? The whole story sounds like it has more to do with scouse institutional racism than feeling muscles.
>> No. 381744 Anonymous
1st September 2014
Monday 12:00 pm
381744 spacer

>How about smearing myself in kebab, and taking on the full might of Friday night Quest armed with nothing but a trafic cone?

Average night out in Watford. Won't even raise eyebrows anymore.
>> No. 381752 Anonymous
1st September 2014
Monday 4:42 pm
381752 spacer

Watford's not *that* good.

>> No. 379735 Anonymous
29th July 2014
Tuesday 1:01 pm
379735 spacer
How is Games Workshop so popular?

They seem to be in pretty much every town/city I go to in the UK.

I'm not into all that, (though it seems quite fun), but to me its relatively niche hobby, no?
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>> No. 381536 Anonymous
26th August 2014
Tuesday 6:38 pm
381536 spacer


Where do you live

I would kill to be playing Necromunda like that
>> No. 381724 Anonymous
31st August 2014
Sunday 11:10 pm
381724 spacer

>it's a good place for middle class parents to stick their faintly autistic teenage son while they go out and do normal people stuff, and wonder how they raised such a strange child.

Exactly. Every single time my mum took me on her shopping trips to M&S I'd just stand in Games Workshop looking at stuff. Sometimes I'd skip classes and sit in the science labs trying to paint Space Marines, and the lab tech wouldn't question it because if I wasn't skipping there, I'd sit under a table in a disused office room reading books and start crying and screaming if someone tried to make me move.

No wonder I got fired.

God, I was such a fucking wreck of a kid, never even got diagnosed with anything apart from ADHD...I just want autism privileges, dammit.
>> No. 381728 Anonymous
1st September 2014
Monday 12:08 am
381728 spacer

At least you (presumably) got some Ritalin out of it. All I ever got diagnosed with was Asthma.
>> No. 381731 Anonymous
1st September 2014
Monday 12:51 am
381731 spacer
>I just want autism privileges, dammit.
Then go to your GP and ask about being referred to an Autism specialist for an assessment.

I know you were being flippant, and that this isn't /emo/, but on the off-chance you're on the spectrum and would still benefit from some kind of support only accessible after a formal diagnosis, it's worth pointing out that you still have a legal right to an autism assessment as an adult.
>> No. 381735 Anonymous
1st September 2014
Monday 1:41 am
381735 spacer
I once walked into GW thinking I could buy a PS2/3 game. It was weird.

>> No. 381647 Anonymous
30th August 2014
Saturday 12:46 am
381647 VOTE FOR ACE! Locked

Ace is up against Captain Jack Harkness.....reckon we can sway this one-sided contest and cause a bit of fangirl rage?
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>> No. 381680 Anonymous
30th August 2014
Saturday 1:43 pm
381680 spacer
"How cod rot" sounds like a perfect analogy for this reeking, unwashed vagina of a franchise.
>> No. 381681 Anonymous
30th August 2014
Saturday 1:46 pm
381681 spacer

I should really stop giving people the benefit of the doubt.

I didn't even look.
>> No. 381684 Anonymous
30th August 2014
Saturday 2:32 pm
381684 spacer
The vagina is self-cleaning, teenlad.
>> No. 381696 Anonymous
31st August 2014
Sunday 12:18 am
381696 spacer
That's what they said about the M16.
>> No. 381704 Anonymous
31st August 2014
Sunday 9:21 am
381704 spacer
This belongs in /v/ or /CBeebies/.

>> No. 346596 Anonymous
19th April 2013
Friday 7:15 am
346596 spacer
Another breakout of the paedogeddon has struck home!

Rolph Harris being named as the next* chap what done a noncing

All just rumours at present, but he has a weird moustache, and worked with kids, therefore, nonce.
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>> No. 381537 Anonymous
26th August 2014
Tuesday 6:38 pm
381537 spacer

Think of those that spent nights alone with ARE JIM'LL.
>> No. 381544 Anonymous
26th August 2014
Tuesday 7:04 pm
381544 spacer
It's more of this I worry about >>381531 than myself. I don't give much of a shit what happens to my body after I die. The only worry is if I die before my parents and they find my porn collection. Nothing illegal or anything but I don't think they'll understand my massive collection of JAVs which feature some sort of bizarre situation in each of them which can vary from watersports, to hermaphrodites (due to the censoring it's like it's a fake cock or I masturbated to gay porn) to gameshows which involve whipped cream and broken marriages.

Not to mention I've got a porno of conjoined twins from the early 90s kicking about on my external hard drive somewhere.

Oh and the 500GBs of hentai games and VNs but that's less of a priority as I doubt my parents wouldn't know how to turn a PC onto Japanese locale, mount a virtual CD/DVD and then install it entirely in Japanese.

I'm totally not worried about dying before my parents.
>> No. 381663 Anonymous
30th August 2014
Saturday 4:35 am
381663 spacer

I want to see the conjoined twin porn. Nay- have to see it.
>> No. 381664 Anonymous
30th August 2014
Saturday 5:15 am
381664 spacer
I'm glad someone asked. My id said yes, but the rest of me said no.
>> No. 381666 Anonymous
30th August 2014
Saturday 6:01 am
381666 spacer
Sounds like you need a porn buddy, like Jeff and Steve.

>> No. 372024 Anonymous
27th February 2014
Thursday 11:12 am
372024 Fuckery in the Ukraine
So this is how its done;

I always thought those games where fire damage units do fuck all to tanks was kinda accurate
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>> No. 381638 Anonymous
29th August 2014
Friday 8:42 pm
381638 spacer

>> No. 381641 Anonymous
29th August 2014
Friday 9:04 pm
381641 spacer
I like him. I can't explain why, and I feel a bit ashamed.
>> No. 381642 Anonymous
29th August 2014
Friday 9:04 pm
381642 spacer

I scrolled past very quickly and thought that Vladmir Putin was Odo from DS9. I might just have poor eyesight.
>> No. 381645 Anonymous
29th August 2014
Friday 11:10 pm
381645 spacer
Me too. I think it's because he seems to get shit done. And goes hunting for tigers, jumps out of planes, etc. can you imagine ARE DAVE doing that?
>> No. 381646 Anonymous
30th August 2014
Saturday 12:24 am
381646 spacer
Are Dave would want to, but he's not even playing in the same league. Pooptin is a billionaire (pick a currency, he is one), poor Dave has to make do with his multi-millionaire status.

>> No. 381444 Anonymous
24th August 2014
Sunday 10:36 pm
381444 spacer
Goodnight sweet prince.

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>> No. 381469 Anonymous
25th August 2014
Monday 1:35 am
381469 spacer
Well fuck, I didn't know Iain Banks was dead. That's a fucking tragedy.
>> No. 381472 Anonymous
25th August 2014
Monday 9:54 am
381472 spacer

He's where the mean police and public can no longer hurt him. If a decent man wants to forcefully put his longjohn inside a few kids, it's entirely his prerogative to do so.
>> No. 381483 Anonymous
25th August 2014
Monday 2:34 pm
381483 spacer

At least we've still got Charles Stross though.
>> No. 381495 Anonymous
25th August 2014
Monday 4:38 pm
381495 spacer
Best scene is when he cracks up in Flight of the Phoenix.

(Don't watch if you've not seen the film, it contains spoilers.)

>> No. 381542 Anonymous
26th August 2014
Tuesday 6:57 pm
381542 spacer


>> No. 380782 Anonymous
16th August 2014
Saturday 5:04 pm
380782 Radio
What radio stations do you listen to, if any? DAB, FM, longwave, share your habits lads. Especially welcome are suggestions for obscure stations on the fringe sections of the spectrums.

I only listen regularly to Radio 4 and BBC Radio London when Robert Elms is on, I do dabble with Heart but only for short intervals because I don't like adverts.
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>> No. 380977 Anonymous
19th August 2014
Tuesday 7:35 pm
380977 spacer
The instances of voices over UVB76 increased as russia prepared to annexe Crimea.

sage for /boo/
>> No. 381356 Anonymous
23rd August 2014
Saturday 11:59 pm
381356 spacer

I really like radio - I especially enjoy revisiting Bleak Expectations, which I've got on my saved files. It's fucking hilarious, fits in with my grossly immature sense of humour completely.

>> No. 381525 Anonymous
26th August 2014
Tuesday 1:14 am
381525 spacer
Radio 6 and Rinse FM occasionally
>> No. 381539 Anonymous
26th August 2014
Tuesday 6:43 pm
381539 spacer

Brixton Broadcasting Corporation.

The sound is crucial, you get me.
>> No. 381565 Anonymous
27th August 2014
Wednesday 1:45 am
381565 spacer

This reminds me, Chris Morris did a radio show in the 90s if you didn't know. Some very funny clips of it on YT.


>> No. 379911 Anonymous
1st August 2014
Friday 12:59 pm
379911 3.0
Weekend thread?

Weekend thread.
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>> No. 381489 Anonymous
25th August 2014
Monday 4:14 pm
381489 spacer

I think I see a way out of this predicament for the two of you...
>> No. 381490 Anonymous
25th August 2014
Monday 4:24 pm
381490 spacer

Back in your box, Rosie.
>> No. 381491 Anonymous
25th August 2014
Monday 4:27 pm
381491 spacer
We keep Rosie in a box now?
>> No. 381492 Anonymous
25th August 2014
Monday 4:30 pm
381492 spacer

Better than keeping ourselves in her box, am I right lads? Wait, shit, I'm actually wrong.
>> No. 381494 Anonymous
25th August 2014
Monday 4:34 pm
381494 spacer

Oh, no. I was suggesting quite the opposite.

>> No. 380918 Anonymous
18th August 2014
Monday 10:12 pm
380918 Toxic substance in a soft drink - what do?
On Sunday morning I bought 4 bottles of isotonic drink from a national supermarket chain. I was drinking them throughout the day during a bike ride I went on.

On my way back, very close to my house, I opened the last, 4th bottle, and took a sip. It tasted odd, but I thought I might just be tired after cycling for almost the whole day and maybe it's affecting my taste buds. I took another sip but it still tastes strange. I got suspicious, and smell the drink properly, and it smelt of some kind of solvent, like maybe diluted nail polish remover.

There was some kind of strange substance sort of crystallising, looking a bit like jelly fish forming the the centre of the bottle.

I only had about 50ml of that drink, so I'm not worried about my well-being, although I did take today off work as I wasn't feeling very well in the morning. I'm not sure if these two events are related, or just overlap.

Clearly this isn't supposed to be there - what are the next reasonable steps I could take? I was thinking of possibly getting the substance tested.

Someone told me that it looks like some toxic substance from the plastic could have gotten into the bottle during the manufacturing process, and I could sue the company for negligence.

I've asked for a copy of the complaints procedure from the supermarket, but I didn't mention what it is regarding. I did not hear from them yet (I have emailed).
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>> No. 381726 Anonymous
31st August 2014
Sunday 11:39 pm
381726 spacer
You know how Stalin had this idea of the oft-repeated lie becoming truth?
>> No. 381727 Anonymous
1st September 2014
Monday 12:03 am
381727 spacer

“A lie can run round the world before the truth has got its boots on.”
>> No. 381732 Anonymous
1st September 2014
Monday 12:56 am
381732 spacer
But surely once the truth has got it's boots on it's in a much better position to kick that lie somewhere painful once it's caught up with it, or at least to kick misinformed people who believed the lie until they tell the truth? I mean, to get that much of a head start the lie is presumably wearing some kind of slip-on running shoe, while the truth is presumably wearing 24-hole boots (or possibly New Rocks) that take forever to get on.

It's a nice phrase, but a problematic metaphor, is what I'm saying. Also, I have too many thoughts.
>> No. 381733 Anonymous
1st September 2014
Monday 1:09 am
381733 spacer

That's all well and good but have you tried running any real distance in head-kicker Doc Martins or the like?
>> No. 381734 Anonymous
1st September 2014
Monday 1:10 am
381734 spacer

>> No. 380812 Anonymous
17th August 2014
Sunday 5:05 am
Is anyone awake?

I'm coming down and want someone to chat to. Early morning britfa, show yourselves.
Expand all images.
>> No. 380814 Anonymous
17th August 2014
Sunday 6:09 am
380814 spacer

Still up, but about to go to sleep.
>> No. 380815 Anonymous
17th August 2014
Sunday 8:01 am
380815 spacer
Still too jittery to sleep, just finished watching Casualty, feeling a bit lonely, thinking about moving back to Berlin. I love those Teutonic ice maidens, they don't seem to mind that I'm mostly dead inside.

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