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>> No. 401960 Anonymous
25th May 2016
Wednesday 2:10 pm
401960 Weekend Thread - A Bloke From That .gs is Getting Married Edition
I've got a busy weekend, as I'm getting married on Sunday.

It's sort of just started to sink in that it's happening and I have this knot in my stomach that reminds me of Christmas Eve as a kid, but it's been there for days. It could also be wind, mind you.

Anyway, I figured we needed a new weekend thread. What are the rest of you up to?

The picture is the one the missus gave the cake maker, so it should look similar. I'll be sure to bore you all with the details of whether or not they achieved this look in due course.
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>> No. 401995 Anonymous
27th May 2016
Friday 1:12 am
401995 spacer
You sound like the musician type.
>> No. 401998 Anonymous
27th May 2016
Friday 2:22 am
401998 spacer
How many of you lads get annoyed with the whole 'triggering' thing?

I understand the need for mental safe spaces for certain people. The example which I saw that prompted me to write this was 'porn stars without make up, trigger warning'. It just seems to me that 'triggered' is shorthand for 'people with no tolerance look away now'.

Ho hum
>> No. 401999 Anonymous
27th May 2016
Friday 3:06 am
401999 spacer
I loathe the modern idea of "safe spaces" and particularly "trigger warnings". They're just words. If you're so mentally unstable that a few choice words can trigger off your illness, you should be in hospital being treated.
>> No. 402005 Anonymous
27th May 2016
Friday 7:40 am
402005 spacer

"Safe spaces", and especially "trigger warnings" are based on the idea that we all, or at least a sizeable portion of the population, are traumatised, delicate little special snowflakes, who have the right to not even so much as hear the things that supposedly traumatised us being talked about.

So if, for instance, you label yourself as a "bullying survivor" (or much worse), then by that logic you have the moral right to ask of others that they will steer clear of that topic when they are around you.

There exists a whole vocabulary around all these theorems, for instance, when you violate a certain group's "safe space" they might decide to "non-platform you", that is, they will (usually) scream and shout at you and demand that you respect their safe space in which certain topics are off limits for you and you must not elaborate on them or express your views.

It's really one of the daftest forms of censorship that there has ever been. Adult life, if you're ready and prepared for it, means that you will constantly be around people you don't like, and these people will constantly talk about things you don't like or which may "trigger" traumatic memories in you.

If you can't deal with this without trying to shut up everybody around you, then maybe the adult world isn't the right place for you yet.
>> No. 402007 Anonymous
27th May 2016
Friday 7:55 am
402007 spacer

Eh, casually (or so I had thought to myself when I sent him my message) sent Chris Hardwick (he hosts the Talking Dead TV show - related to the Walking Dead tv series, and a bunch of other TV shows on the US TV channel Comedy Central) on reddit a message that said:

"So I saw your Funcomfortable stand-up on netflix, and you know what? Disappointed. Why? Well, you had appeared to me as a "good" boy, you know? I've seen you host the Talking dead, and a few other shows, and just in general, you gave off the vibe, of a harmless, funny, kind, polite guy, yet in Funcomfortable your every other joke had an under the belt innuendo.

I mean, I heard that comedy is a bar trick, and if you make people laugh, then you're a good comedian, but I kind of think it's a cheap shot to use sex/under the belt jokes, so many comedians do that.

I also think working with the audience is also a lazy, cheap shot, but it's not as a foul play as filling up your entire routine with under the belt jokes/stories/puns.

It's just takes more brain power to come up with intelligent/non genital related jokes, you know? Like Seinfield does. You can be funny without having to be vulgar.

So yeah, just wanted to let you know that I was disappointed in your stand-up, so I just stopped watching it after 5 minutes in."

I thought he'd respond jokingly, or will brush it off, or the most likely scenario: won't even read what some random stranger wrote about his show on the internet, but oh well, he responded with:
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>> No. 401950 Anonymous
23rd May 2016
Monday 2:04 am
401950 spacer
So, I uhm, how do I go about saying: "instead of using air conditioner, a [what's the term?) heat exchange of the apt's air with the outside's, through the patio's flung open door.
But it'll come with a slight responsibility of replacing the doors whenever you enter/exit (is it possible to say it with just one word? like whenever you engage with the patio...? dunno) the patio, as in, when you enter it, you'd slide sideways the uhm (what the bloody hell is it called? net door? mosquito protected door? I'm so mad right now) net door, and then when on patio, close the glass door behind yourself (so that mosquito and other insects won't fly into the apt, as well as the smoke from the cigarette), then upon leaving patio back to the apt, slide the glass door, and then when inside the apt, close the patio with a net door.

Can someone suggest better words instead of the italics?
It's ridiculous that I'm having such trouble expressing in English language what I want to say.

Yeah... think I'm gonna go ahead and call bullshit on the English language, such a stupid language, why is it not even phonetic? If you head people say:


Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 401955 Anonymous
23rd May 2016
Monday 5:57 am
401955 spacer
I'm assuming you meant I say
"instead of using air conditioner as a ventilator for the room, (?) a heat exchange between apt's air and the outside's, through the patio's flung open door is to be considered..."

still, doesn't help me at all.

also, it's as a suggestion to my roommate to use that kind of ventilation instead of built in air-conditioner (it makes noise, and I can't fall asleep due to its humming).
>> No. 401956 Anonymous
24th May 2016
Tuesday 9:02 pm
401956 spacer
I really can't make much sense of this thread. Are you just asking us to simplify your language? Because you are overthinking it quite a bit. Sometimes there isn't a concise bunch of words for what you want to say, you have to explain it in a sentence regardless.

In this case (if I've understood your post right, which was difficult not because of your language, but because of the italics and spoilers everywhere) I would say something like "Why don't we just open the door to let the place cool down, instead of using the air conditioner?"
>> No. 402001 Anonymous
27th May 2016
Friday 3:17 am
402001 spacer
>Are you just asking us to simplify your language?

Improve/correct, especially the words in italics, for instance, was the usage of "replacing the doors" correct?

As in, slide to the left the glass door, and slide to the right the net door.

So you're replacing glass door with the net door...

I think I explained what I want in the spoilers. Dunno what you're confused about.
>> No. 402002 Anonymous
27th May 2016
Friday 3:48 am
402002 spacer
You're trying to be too clever with your words. Simplify. English is about being brief and to the point. You wouldn't know this from reading classical texts, which are works of art in themselves, but in normal everyday English, we're quite spartan with our language.
>> No. 402004 Anonymous
27th May 2016
Friday 7:17 am
402004 spacer
Just do me this solid, I hear what you're saying, but maybe it gives me a tick to be able to speak in this eloquent, British manner, that's unusual for everyday speech?

>> No. 401821 Anonymous
16th May 2016
Monday 7:13 pm
401821 spacer
Do you ever wonder what Are Simon is doing with himself these days?
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>> No. 401993 Anonymous
27th May 2016
Friday 12:35 am
401993 spacer
Every thread on britchan would descend into some thoroughly fucking boring BNP political cunt-off, the first few months here (during the brief overlap of their existences) were an interesting contrast as all of that shit was banned on sight and generally the moderation here was the polar opposite of the unmoderated endless manic shitposting of britchan. It was much quieter. Originally I liked how /g/ (I think) encompassed all of science/games/tech, when the split and /lab/ came along that kind of discussion petered out. * came much later.

Britchan was fun occasionally but mostly it was shite and I was glad of the change here. gs does stand out as an unusual imageboard, I can't think of another like it. It's kind of antithetical to the anarchic nature that generally characterises imageboards, but I think it's better for it.
>> No. 401994 Anonymous
27th May 2016
Friday 12:58 am
401994 spacer
I think there must have been a few BNP types at britchan, I remember every thread vaguely having to do with politics having someone saying 'and that's why I'm voting BNP', it was just tedious whatever your views. Only evidence Are Si was involved was a weird one-liner 'hello britchan' on his blog thing at the time. Is he for real or some sort of MI5 anti extremist infiltrator as his fellow obsessives claim ever more frequently? Who cares really, he's a boring cunt whichever way.

Also at britchan I recall many lame attempted 'raids' on furrys and cosplaying misfits, also as mentioned horrific images inked without warning. It was rubbish really and .gs is unique and much better.
>> No. 401996 Anonymous
27th May 2016
Friday 1:27 am
401996 spacer

>> No. 401997 Anonymous
27th May 2016
Friday 1:55 am
401997 spacer
That is horrific in all sorts of ways.
>> No. 402000 Anonymous
27th May 2016
Friday 3:16 am
402000 spacer
Thanks ladm8s.

>> No. 401879 Anonymous
18th May 2016
Wednesday 12:58 pm
401879 week off
It's my first week off work in ages, and I'm already bored. I cleverly arranged the time off to not coincide with those of my family. How on earth do unemployed people fill the time?

Please post suggestions and I promise to do all of them, with pictures if need be.
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>> No. 401946 Anonymous
22nd May 2016
Sunday 8:09 am
401946 spacer
Well, OP? Did you run, go to Basildon, or create an obscene tribute?
>> No. 401947 Anonymous
22nd May 2016
Sunday 1:17 pm
401947 spacer
I ran a lot last week. I have another week to go. Might visit Basildon. No obscene tributes.
>> No. 401949 Anonymous
22nd May 2016
Sunday 7:31 pm
401949 spacer
Be honest, how much more are you wanking now that you're at home all day?
>> No. 401954 Anonymous
23rd May 2016
Monday 2:57 am
401954 spacer
No more than usual.
>> No. 402003 Anonymous
27th May 2016
Friday 4:25 am
402003 spacer
Today is my last official day off. I didn't visit Basildon nor did I masturbate over photos and post them here. Other than that, its not been a bad week all round.

>> No. 400492 Anonymous
19th March 2016
Saturday 12:13 pm
400492 spacer
Weekend thread? Weekend thread.

Just popped to Iceland and I think I was the only one there not buying Frosty Jacks.
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>> No. 401937 Anonymous
22nd May 2016
Sunday 2:08 am
401937 spacer

At least I can spell, neckbeard.
>> No. 401939 Anonymous
22nd May 2016
Sunday 2:21 am
401939 spacer

I reckon my wank ratio to Rachel Riley is about 8 / 10 a month.

Whether she is proud or not I tend to edge on proud.

The kinky minx.

Flop flop urrrgggh etc lads.
>> No. 401940 Anonymous
22nd May 2016
Sunday 2:27 am
401940 spacer


I'm sure she would appreciate the sentiment.
>> No. 401942 Anonymous
22nd May 2016
Sunday 2:42 am
401942 spacer

She probably knows lots of blokes pull their giggle stick on a midday afternoon, no harm no foul.
>> No. 401948 Anonymous
22nd May 2016
Sunday 1:20 pm
401948 spacer

>blokes pull their giggle stick on a midday afternoon

I don't know if it's pathetic to wank one out in the afternoon in front of the TV, on a weekday, or if it's living the dream.

anon walczacy po stronie kurdow.jpg
>> No. 401897 Anonymous
19th May 2016
Thursday 6:58 pm
401897 spacer
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>> No. 401898 Anonymous
19th May 2016
Thursday 8:15 pm
401898 spacer
Impressive video. I thought it was a trailer to a new FPS game.

In any event, most of what was on the video is true, but a good chunk of those actions were necessary to protect our interests. Now, if only we can start treating refugees like the Aussies do, all will be well.
>> No. 401941 Anonymous
22nd May 2016
Sunday 2:36 am
401941 spacer


Regressive mindspazzers


>> No. 400948 Anonymous
5th April 2016
Tuesday 10:26 pm
400948 Any other kinky types here?

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>> No. 401883 Anonymous
18th May 2016
Wednesday 1:51 pm
401883 spacer

They call it a cunt off for a reason, lad.
>> No. 401890 Anonymous
19th May 2016
Thursday 1:20 am
401890 spacer
I don't think it's an admin because of the failed samechap detection here >>401858
>> No. 401891 Anonymous
19th May 2016
Thursday 2:11 am
401891 spacer
Maybe it's a lie to throw you off or maybe you really didn't fool him.
>> No. 401893 Anonymous
19th May 2016
Thursday 10:52 am
401893 spacer

Best to err on the side of caution though. You never know.

Here's a completely unrelated clip which just made me laugh:

>> No. 401894 Anonymous
19th May 2016
Thursday 1:12 pm
401894 spacer
Or perhaps by erring on the side of caution, your zealotry led to the exact opposite of what you had intended.

12 malpow.jpg
>> No. 401873 Anonymous
18th May 2016
Wednesday 6:57 am
401873 spacer
hi britifag im from poland i have question becouse i want join to british army and i need by a citizen anyway i see that one can having Commonwealth And here is another question where the easiest to do in these countries

Are there any other ways I got faster in because I do not want to wait much
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>> No. 401877 Anonymous ## Mod ##
18th May 2016
Wednesday 11:54 am
401877 spacer

OK Lad, I'm sorry but we have an entire board for questions from foreigners, it's called /zoo/ its >>/zoo/ and I would have let you away with your broken English and lack of capitalisation and punctuation there. I sincerely wish I had a move thread function, because you're obviously harmless and are looking for advice, but rules are rules.

Since you seem nice though, I'll repost this for you in /zoo/ in proper English with the proper capitalisation and punctuation so you can get advice and not get banned for it when you reply in broken English.

>> No. 401739 Anonymous
14th May 2016
Saturday 7:50 pm
401739 spacer
Eurovision/weekend thread.
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>> No. 401861 Anonymous
17th May 2016
Tuesday 6:30 pm
401861 spacer
I don't think anything tops Daz.

>> No. 401862 Anonymous
17th May 2016
Tuesday 6:46 pm
401862 spacer

Ah, the good old days... wonder if a risqué schoolgirl choreography like that would fly nowadays.
>> No. 401863 Anonymous
17th May 2016
Tuesday 6:53 pm
401863 spacer

There's quite something about someone in their thirties acting like a teenager. Must be the same thing that made Simon Brodkin think this was a good idea.
>> No. 401864 Anonymous
17th May 2016
Tuesday 6:55 pm
401864 spacer

The only reasonable explanation is that we were trying to lose.

>> No. 401865 Anonymous
17th May 2016
Tuesday 7:19 pm
401865 spacer

You see enough irresponsible chavs lads in real life who are well past their 30th birthday and are still acting like the last 10 to 15 years of their life never happened. Eventually they'll knock up some naive 17-year-old

>> No. 401708 Anonymous
11th May 2016
Wednesday 1:25 pm
401708 The bitter pill
There is no greater misfortune for a man than parental love - genuine, blind, maniacal. 'Call home or I'll-'. The majority of misfortunes hit the individual from the outside but only this particular one corrodes him from the inside, in the most tender age. Even the prison, army and poverty deform a person less than the everyday nagging to put on a scarf. Eat this carrot. Eat an apple. Tea? We shall dine in an hour. We shall dine in half an hour. We shall dine in fifteen minutes. Where have you been? Wash your hands. Don't be late. Have you seen Mike? When did he leave? Did he wear his hat? She got married? You did that just because of that? She's not worth your grief. Why are you always yelling at me? I'll see you off. I'll meet you. Time to sleep. It's cold outside. Close your door. Don't drink unboiled water, don't drink unboiled water, don't drink unboiled water.

Your mam scampers around the 'hood looking for you? I thought as much, gimme a fag. 'Just agree with everything', my companion in misfortune said. A friend calls him from the railway station at evening: 'Meet me there'. Dress up. Hear, 'It's too late, you won't go anywhere'. Undress. Wait. Dress up again quickly, leave. No attention given to the yellings behind. He's neurotic, this companion of mine. A boxer and a neurotic. Bloody wild combination.

He's been living in Germany for three years without his parents and he's still neurotic. Likes Natural Born Killers. I understand; people unacquainted with the situation will never understand, condescending and easy-going. When you tell them that your grandpa is a morbid psychopath who, after a call from the forty years old daughter that's coming home, stands still near the peephole for fifty minutes, they shrug it off. They tell you in a hortative way that you will understand when you'll have your own kids. Happy idiots. They, having visited a neighbour to have a fag or a cuppa, have never had their own sixty-six years old father come in and take them home because it's late.

They laugh naively and offer, as a last resort, to move out. They have no idea that he who has seen the ills of the parental love does not know how to move out; thank God if he knows how to pay the bills. He doesn't know how to do anything. How to make decisions. Accept praise. Live together. Adapt. Yield. Keep distance. Hit someone in the face. Buy. Fix. Reply. Stricken with terror of this world he hates people way more than they deserve.

Love is a drug to him that he's used to receive freely and is now dependent on it. The dependance progresses, his mam's hysterical love is not enough. He needs some strong hallucinogens now that just aren't available for free. Besides, he's also unable to love because love requires distance and he, pampered with it [love], is not used to give back. Add the knowledge how onerous is love for its object he instinctively tries not to bother people he likes. Enter self-doubt, from 'I am god' to 'I am nothing'. Obsessive thoughts. Reflection. Looking at himself from aside. Everything that only worsens the situation.

A grown-up beloved kid is a crown prince who's been allowed to go freely after his father was beheaded. He had better be killed too. The combination of an infant and a tyrant surely cuts a human off the humanity. No need to help: his solitude corrodes and corrupts him by itself; his tragedy is well-tuned and he is able to replicate it himself. And then, if his momma's still alive, she will always find a minute to call him and ask if he's eaten today and where he was yesterday.

Thus the world is divided by one more criterion. On one side dwell the lone nervous suicidal try-hard slovens. On the other side, the easy-going, vain, well-liked tricksters. The latter are all right. During their puberty their parents were busy with anything but love to their kids.

In a classless society a prince is always more miserable than a beggar, infante than a waif, Sid Sawyer than Huckleberry Finn. Some spend their lives in dreams and whining, some in adventures and fabulousness. Some whine to their friends about existence, some go and shag another mistress, happy and grateful. Some spend months thinking how nice it would be to wash the floor; others can make their new dwelling comfortable in half a day. Some are dead bound to their flats; others change them at a whim, renting, couch-surfing, staying with friends.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 401714 Anonymous
11th May 2016
Wednesday 7:25 pm
401714 spacer

I can't for the life of me finish this post. Is it about overbearing parents failing to set their children up for adulthood? I suppose it's no surprise that neurotic, fearful people impart their failings onto their children, to some degree. A large part of becoming an adult is recognising the humanity of your parents.

That being said, the idea that 'too much' love in childhood prevents you from leading a normal life is virtually the exact opposite of the conclusion drawn by psychological inquiry, especially in attachment theory.
>> No. 401715 Anonymous
11th May 2016
Wednesday 7:58 pm
401715 spacer

I think it's trying to say that cloying, overbearing parents can stunt their children from developing as healthy independent adults, which seems about right really.
>> No. 401780 Anonymous
15th May 2016
Sunday 9:00 pm
401780 spacer
Carmen starts to bawl, bangs her head to the wall
Too much love is worse than none at all
>> No. 401781 Anonymous
15th May 2016
Sunday 9:32 pm
401781 spacer
I think H. Harlow may have some evidence that contradicts your statement made.
>> No. 401850 Anonymous
17th May 2016
Tuesday 12:21 pm
401850 spacer
I've never read any of his works. I admit, the titles sound quite tempting.
Bad choice of words on my part. The original text said—

All right, sod it. Full disclosure: this is an old copypasta from Russian imageboards. I translated it — awfully — and posted here, being curious how you'd react to it. It made a fair amount of Russian /b/tards angry back then. Forgive me my little bit of insolence.

Something like that. It is still disputed though — some people say the text glorifies the 'tricksters' way too much.

>> No. 401817 Anonymous
16th May 2016
Monday 6:56 pm
401817 spacer
At what age do you become too old to blow 5 grand and go backpacking for a few months/ years and live off a peanut budget?

Don't give me that 'you're never too old!' shit either.
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>> No. 401844 Anonymous
17th May 2016
Tuesday 7:29 am
401844 spacer

I'm 31 and have never stopped. I meet many, many thirty to fifty somethings who are worth talking to all the time, the Gap Yah kids really do keep themselves to themselves.

Work is easy to find as mentioned above.

If you want to make a real go of it qualify in TESOL or CELTA - you are then guaranteed well paid work.

Should you make it out to Asia let me know via here and we'll meet up for a few m7.
>> No. 401846 Anonymous
17th May 2016
Tuesday 8:22 am
401846 spacer
Cool but I meant there are lots of websites offering TEFL certification and similar things, which are legit?
>> No. 401847 Anonymous
17th May 2016
Tuesday 8:32 am
401847 spacer

This is likely wrong, but I believe walls were often used to regulate trade and somewhat keep invaders out, also I think most of the people were able to bribe the gatekeepers to leave the gates open, rather than scale the walls.


>are there options open to me to do essentially the same thing if I don't have a degree?

Look here for some ideas; https://www.helpx.net/ No matter where you want to go, this should be able to get you a free place for a while. I will say knowing where you want to go is really handy, but nothing at all is stopping you.


I'm doing one on the TEFL.org.uk site and it's fine. 120 hour online course, 20 hours taught in a class room, the rest online work. It's not ideal (I think just by being an online course), but it was relatively cheap and helped me find my option. It can be really frustrating actually, because you're suddenly have to start thinking about the words that you use. Let me know if you have questions, I should be able to answer a few.
>> No. 401848 Anonymous
17th May 2016
Tuesday 9:36 am
401848 spacer
My GF is aching to leave the midlands - and she isn't willing to find work in the UK. She finished a bit of a waffle degree and unsurprisingly she can't find anything in her area.

She's currently doing the 120 hour TEFL course, and it is tough, especially if you haven't done any formal coursework in a while.

I really really want her to stop feeling trapped and depressed and move away and grow. But at the same time, I don't want her to pick some despotic shithole country (she got offered a volunteering position in Moldova, I strongly recommended against it - felt like a cunt, but seemed it was good sense). I really don't mind if she leaves for 6 months or so, she needs to do it because it breaks my heart seeing her waste away here.
>> No. 401869 Anonymous
17th May 2016
Tuesday 11:15 pm
401869 spacer
Print one on a good quality paper.

>> No. 364298 Anonymous
14th November 2013
Thursday 4:47 pm
364298 spacer
ITT: Weird dreams you've had lately.

I actually dreamed last night that I was in Australia, visiting the two blokes from the Foster's adverts in their beach hut. Sure enough, they gave me a Foster's, and I said "cheers, guys"... and then one of them said to me "oh no mayt, we don't say cheers heere. We say 'You little ripper!'"

Quite bizarre... has this dream got any deeper meaning, or have I just been watching too much telly lately?
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>> No. 401674 Anonymous
9th May 2016
Monday 4:27 am
401674 spacer

I actually did a triple take when I realised that that thread has been around since then and that I posted in it when it was still a relatively young thread. Sigh. My, my how time doth fly.
>> No. 401676 Anonymous
9th May 2016
Monday 6:23 am
401676 spacer
As long as the hairy girls thread is still there I'm happy. The picture of the girl in the OP gives me a right stonk on.

The workplace annoyances thread on /job/ is five years old this month. I may read all c. 1,900 posts to celebrate. Well, maybe not the parts where you're being cunts but I don't think there were any cunt-offs in the thread until last year.
>> No. 401678 Anonymous
9th May 2016
Monday 2:52 pm
401678 spacer
Christ, I remember it being posted.

Do they even use those chaps in the ads now?
>> No. 401772 Anonymous
15th May 2016
Sunday 11:11 am
401772 spacer
Ran out of money in the long month, so had to give up weed for a fortnight. Dear me, but the dreams come back with a vengeance. I legitimately dreamed that Jean-Claude Van Damme rescued me from four sinister flamethrower-toting individuals who had come to 'cleanse' me of the radioactive disease I had contracted. They found me in my home; underneath an American schoolbus. There were some other more mundane but equally incomprehensible dreams, but this has stuck with me.
>> No. 401773 Anonymous
15th May 2016
Sunday 11:54 am
401773 spacer

It's a very informative thread, in hindsight. It started around the time I began working around offices, and it brought me some solace that it wasn't just me bickering with Gemma from HR, choking on Cuppa Soup fumes, and questioning the value of everything I was doing there.

POOzBpt4cRYXeOLQGNNk8xunsAOVHpelWMZ1_5mIL5M copy.jpg
>> No. 401721 Anonymous
12th May 2016
Thursday 3:16 am
401721 spacer
What's this area under the chin called?
Front side of the neck? Is there a better word?
I know people would usually call it "double chin" or "triple chin"

but calling it "chin" is simply scientifically inaccurate.

So what's that flappy amount of skin to the middle of his neck would be called?

I just wanted to spit out my roast by saying: "your [whatever's the correct terminology is] has probably seen more shagging back and forth than your [d-word] (not sure if it's allowed to use colloquial words here, might get banned by the overly zealous mod)

6 posts and 2 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 401732 Anonymous
12th May 2016
Thursday 12:15 pm
401732 spacer
" In a more general manner, the term refers to any pendulous mass of skin, such as a fold of loose skin on an elderly person's neck, or the wattle of a bird."
>> No. 401733 Anonymous
12th May 2016
Thursday 8:05 pm
401733 spacer
I've always called it a Cumberflap.
>> No. 401734 Anonymous
12th May 2016
Thursday 8:11 pm
401734 spacer
I wonder if a cock could fit in there.
>> No. 401736 Anonymous
13th May 2016
Friday 8:21 am
401736 spacer

This is what google images returned, seems "turkey neck" fits better into the definition, however, in my understanding of "neck" was more about the bone, you know...
>chin pouch
This seems to be the most appropriate term so far.

also, would totally recommend the sub, sometimes you stumble upon germs like this:
>> No. 401738 Anonymous
13th May 2016
Friday 8:24 am
401738 spacer

gems *


>> No. 401172 Anonymous
10th April 2016
Sunday 8:46 pm
401172 spacer
Would it be cheating if I came on an escorts face?

No touching whatsoever, I just wank it over her face.
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>> No. 401437 Anonymous
20th April 2016
Wednesday 2:13 am
401437 spacer
Have some self-discipline, lad.
>> No. 401438 Anonymous
20th April 2016
Wednesday 2:16 am
401438 spacer

I'm not sure I'll ever be in a Japanese brothel again. The question is whether my self discipline is worth enforcing.
>> No. 401440 Anonymous
20th April 2016
Wednesday 6:54 am
401440 spacer

Men are genuinely pathetic creatures.
>> No. 401441 Anonymous
20th April 2016
Wednesday 9:30 am
401441 spacer
It is.
>> No. 401735 Anonymous
13th May 2016
Friday 12:10 am
401735 spacer
Honestly ladm8bruv that is the toughest decision you may ever have to make.

Some tiny Japanese girl making them cooing sounds like they do.

To be honest I'd wait and see the quality of the minge on offer, if its a cellulite fest you may not even want to, however if its some tiny 5' slim as fuck tightest pussy you will ever be near AND that she'll let you do terrible terrible things too (I'm thinking octopus) then what can you do!?! Your best bet is to simply get blind drunk and be content in the knowledge that it may have happened.

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