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>> No. 374111 Anonymous
15th April 2014
Tuesday 12:03 am
374111 spacer
I witnessed something quite depressing and very surreal today.
I don't really feel like discussing it with anyone i know in real life, so I'm telling you lot.It's been a long day so I apologise in advanced if it's a bit of a mess.

I arrive at the bus stop. I'm going to work. There's a woman there, no one else. Mid Fifties, overweight, scruffy looking. Her. Not me.
I live in a rough area so this is par for the course. For fear of conversation i avoid eye contact, vacantly staring at the screen of my smartphone. She gives me the once over before turning to face the other direction.
She's got a couple of unbranded blue plastic bags, probably a carry-out from the paki shop up the road, i think to myself. She's wielding a bunch of flowers of varying colors wrapped in violet paper, the sort you'd get from a garage forecourt. Before i have a chance to think about it, my phone beeps,

>Dave Bairnshaw shared a link
>Win a free Ipad....

Fuck off Dave Bairnshaw.
Suddenly my attention is back on the woman. She's put her bags down on the ground and, flowers in hand, is standing on the edge of the pavement. Her head is tracking the approaching Bin lorry. It's going a fare rate. She steps off the pavement, onto the road, and into the path of the lorry. I'm frozen in time. Unable to move. I know instantly what she's trying to do.
Not to sound cliche but, time really did stop, and quickly started again with the horrific screeching of breaks. I was still frozen in place as the lorry came to a stop only inches from her face. She stood still, shoulders hunched, for only a moment before moving around to the cab and trying to offer the flowers to the driver. He gave her a brief earful of abuse before driving away. She hobbled back to the pavement, this time she was the one avoiding eye contact with me. Not being able to muster anything more significant, I asked her if she was alright.
"Aye, I'm fine, I just wanted to give the flowers to the driver."
I couldn't think of a response, and didn't have to, as the bus arrived, and she got on it. It was my bus too, though I decided to wait for the next one.
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>> No. 374212 Anonymous
16th April 2014
Wednesday 9:13 pm
374212 spacer
>> No. 374213 Anonymous
16th April 2014
Wednesday 9:44 pm
374213 spacer

I'm glad you posted this. What a fool I am.

Much mirth.
>> No. 374214 Anonymous
16th April 2014
Wednesday 11:46 pm
374214 spacer
Me too!
>> No. 374215 Anonymous
17th April 2014
Thursday 1:20 am
374215 spacer

This is the logic of the argument i've been trying to make:
Point 1: Human life is the most precious thing we have.
Point 2: With reasonable exceptions (such as terminally ill people choosing to be euthanised) we should all be doing whatever we can to protect and preserve human life.

If you agree to points 1 and 2, then it is no stretch to conclude that paranoia about a statistically unlikely scenario is not a good enough reason to turn away from someone that appears to be an immediate danger to themselves. Especially not someone apparently placid like the woman described in the OP.

That's it. That's all I was saying. Giving out my phone number wasn't my first or only suggestion. I wasn't saying everyone should go dishing out their personal info every time they see someone acting suspiciously, I was suggesting it as an option. For me personally, I am far more willing to run the risk of being attacked or harassed than I am willing to run the risk of living with the memory of having watched someone end their life while I did nothing.

Come to think of it, I actually used to work with a lady that helped a suicidal girl who had escaped from hospital and was on the run from the police. To cut a long and poorly-remembered story short: This girl was hanging around outside the pub we worked at, trying to conceal the huge bleeding gashes in her wrists with the sleeves of her hoody. My colleague clocked this and started following her and engaging her in conversation. Eventually she talked the runaway round into phoning the police and going back to hospital but the girl agreed only on condition that they ride in the ambulance together. Once they got to hospital the staff wanted my colleague to leave as she wasn't next of kin. The runaway girl went apeshit refusing treatment causing a scene until my colleague offered her phone number so they could stay in touch. As far as I know they're still in touch with each other. Everyone else at work thought my colleague was mad for getting involved with a "crazy person", but then most of the people at my work were self-obsessed vapid students.

Anyway, i'm sorry if I caused you any real life emotional upset, this whole topic is something that is incredibly close to my heart. I still disagree with you and probably always will so I guess our priorities and principles are just different.

One last thought: In my experience there is a big difference for a vulnerable person between a point of contact which is a medical organisation/practitioner, and a point of contact which is a "real world" person with no requirement or incentive to help. You expect professionals to keep you at arms length, but after a while being kept at arms length by pretty much everyone you meet is tiring and depressing and you long for someone to actually care enough and trust you enough to let the barrier down and be genuinely friendly and caring in an emotional sense rather than a medical one. I can only speak for myself but having support from someone who isn't being paid to give it is a lot more powerful and emotionally uplifting than having it from someone who does it for a living, and that's not intended to do-down the work that medical staff do, I very probably would not be alive now if it weren't for them. As I said before, the kindness of strangers can be immensely powerful, and I'd urge everyone to never pass up the opportunity to be kind to others whether you know them or not.
>> No. 374216 Anonymous
17th April 2014
Thursday 1:31 am
374216 spacer
Yes, it's statistically unlikely, because clearly throwing themselves in front of lorries or off railway bridges is a perfectly normal thing that perfectly normal people do, which doesn't tell you anything about whether they're likely to be part of the crazy minority.

>> No. 374152 Anonymous
15th April 2014
Tuesday 9:27 pm
374152 Red Moon 2014
The moon is red tonight lads. It's a rare event. Go out and see it.

I think in some areas there's a lunar eclipse too.
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>> No. 374177 Anonymous
16th April 2014
Wednesday 1:30 pm
374177 spacer

There is a difference between a blood moon and a Lunar Eclipse. We got a partial eclipse, so it changed the colour of the moon.

GOOD NEWS! We get a full lunar eclipse September 2015. Mark your calendars!
>> No. 374194 Anonymous
16th April 2014
Wednesday 5:43 pm
374194 spacer
I looked at the moon last night, roughly 2230, and it seemed its usual self, no discolouration, full and bright.
>> No. 374203 Anonymous
16th April 2014
Wednesday 7:08 pm
374203 spacer

Clear proof that it's a hollow sphere used to transmit mind control waves.
>> No. 374206 Anonymous
16th April 2014
Wednesday 7:25 pm
374206 spacer
Calm down, that one got debunked ages ago.

>> No. 374208 Anonymous
16th April 2014
Wednesday 8:12 pm
374208 spacer

The moon doesn't even exist, man.


>> No. 373689 Anonymous
4th April 2014
Friday 7:50 pm
373689 Dick sizes.
Alright lads/lasses.

What do you prefer?

I'm a virgin so I have no idea to be honest, but my dick is 6.75 inches long and veiny like popeye.

What's the ideal size for you? What is classed as small?
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>> No. 373878 Anonymous
9th April 2014
Wednesday 12:18 pm
373878 spacer

Do you reckon when he was in WCW, he had a blonde horsehoe pubic stache around his wang surrounded by black stubble?
>> No. 373879 Anonymous
9th April 2014
Wednesday 12:28 pm
373879 spacer

We need a Ring Rat to write a book.

This is important information!
>> No. 373880 Anonymous
9th April 2014
Wednesday 4:50 pm
373880 spacer

Goodnight sweet warrior.
>> No. 374197 Anonymous
16th April 2014
Wednesday 6:12 pm
374197 spacer
Don't want to make a new thread so here will do.

What do you reckon is the cut-off age for being a weirdo? (as in, never had so much as a first kiss)
>> No. 374198 Anonymous
16th April 2014
Wednesday 6:16 pm
374198 spacer
I don't know about that, but for having an interest in wrestling, it's 16.

>> No. 373664 Anonymous
4th April 2014
Friday 8:48 am
373664 Weekend Biz
No weekend thread? For shame ladm8s.

For me, uni work and shooting delicious wildlife.
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>> No. 374091 Anonymous
14th April 2014
Monday 2:13 pm
374091 spacer


Does anyone else lament how GW's artwork has changed over the years? The one this Anon posted might be unofficial but the clearly digital "WoW with more spikes" style is grating to me, when I remember them for stuff like this, which had some real grit for SF/F art.
>> No. 374092 Anonymous
14th April 2014
Monday 4:56 pm
374092 spacer
I remember that cover image pretty well. It's official.

Just took a look over the site. You're right that the art has changed a bit, but not that much, really. Honestly I'd say for a company that's 15-20 years down the line from that point, who make a living selling to a fickle young audience, it is astonishing just how similar all of it is to how it was when I was into it. The models in particular look more or less identical in style to how I remember them looking.

Which is odd now that I think about it, because the models of the 90s seemed quite different to the models of the 80s, back when I cared about such things.
>> No. 374094 Anonymous
14th April 2014
Monday 5:27 pm
374094 spacer


They've started getting people to do digital art these days, which is something they seemed to hold off from for a long time. I'd guess that a lot of the new artists are from a different background to some of the illustrators they used to have, the recent releases are very tame compared to the old stuff. And also a lot less varied, which is a shame.


80s models were generally just a bit bad. The sculptors really got into stride in the 90s though, which is probably why things look the same. Plus there's the whole 28mm heroic scale limit keeping things looking a particular way.
>> No. 374145 Anonymous
15th April 2014
Tuesday 5:48 pm
374145 spacer
They seem to have completely taken the fun and humour out of the Orks and turned them into typical greenskin hordes, instead of the the attitude of "If the dice are with you then you'll destroy your opponent, otherwise have a laugh when everything goes wrong".

The 2E Chaos and Eldar codices are beautiful though, and some of the few books when I kept when I got rid of all that stuff.
>> No. 374149 Anonymous
15th April 2014
Tuesday 5:57 pm
374149 spacer

Definitely agree that 2E was the good stuff.

>> No. 372286 Anonymous
3rd March 2014
Monday 2:55 pm
372286 describes your experiences with the filth

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>> No. 373942 Anonymous
10th April 2014
Thursday 8:26 pm
373942 spacer

I'll refine that advice slightly.

The PACE caution reads:

"You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence."

The middle bit is important. The courts can perfectly legally draw adverse inference from your refusal to answer questions. A straightforward "no comment" interview can badly undermine your defence and a jury or magistrate can perfectly legitimately treat your silence as inference of guilt. Statements you make in court will be presumed to be far less credible if they were previously withheld.

The best approach is to respond "I do not wish to comment without a solicitor present" and then "on the advice of my solicitor, I do not wish to comment". This gives you very good protection against adverse inference, because a defendant cannot be held liable for the errors of their legal advisor. It is easier to rely on facts that you were advised not to disclose in a police interview than on facts that you chose not to disclose.
>> No. 373947 Anonymous
10th April 2014
Thursday 8:45 pm
373947 spacer

Bollocks, you choose to take the advice, so your scenario doesn't quite work.

And let's face it, what I am talking about is dealing with interviews in a situation where you guilty. I'll be fair to the police, there has not been too many times I have been in their custody being questioned for no reason, so it is all about damage limitation when making a no comment interview.

Obviously if you are accused of a burglary or similar where there is clear evidence that it was not you, and you know that it wasn't you, you are going to provide it.
>> No. 374126 Anonymous
15th April 2014
Tuesday 2:21 am
374126 spacer
> follow the Bruce Lee school of thinking. The art of fighting, without fighting.
I thought the Bruce Lee school of fighting was more about roundhouse kicking people in the face?
>> No. 374130 Anonymous
15th April 2014
Tuesday 2:48 am
374130 spacer

>> No. 374132 Anonymous
15th April 2014
Tuesday 9:01 am
374132 spacer
The only reason you're going to provide that evidence is because if you wait until court the prosecution will consider it an ambush and seek to exclude it. Even then you only really need to provide it if the police somehow have evidence that you did do it.

>> No. 374080 Anonymous
14th April 2014
Monday 1:17 am
374080 spacer
What do you think about honour? It is weird how it means different things to different people/cultures.
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>> No. 374098 Anonymous
14th April 2014
Monday 8:09 pm
374098 spacer
A bourgeois fiction.
>> No. 374099 Anonymous
14th April 2014
Monday 8:39 pm
374099 spacer
Seems like the term is usurped by street urchins to appear tough to their peers.

Honour for the most part is dead, nearly everyone I work with and live with is a back-stabbing, two-faced arse. Gossip is rife, and false friendship prevalent. Honour is redundant today.
>> No. 374104 Anonymous
14th April 2014
Monday 11:02 pm
374104 spacer
I'd like to propose a toast to honour. Here's to getting honour, staying honour...and if you can't come in her...come on her.>
>> No. 374105 Anonymous
14th April 2014
Monday 11:07 pm
374105 spacer
Sit down, Dad, you've had far too much bubbly.
>> No. 374140 Anonymous
15th April 2014
Tuesday 3:18 pm
374140 spacer
I'd never heard that before, it made me do a little Beavis and Butthead hurr-hurr.

>> No. 374013 Anonymous
12th April 2014
Saturday 3:47 pm
374013 spacer
How long do you have left?


I live in London, so I guessed New York is similar. I guess you'd choose a state in New England for other parts of England and Wales, and maybe Alaska for Scotland.

Apparently I can expect to reach 86. Not bad. It says I can eke out an extra few months by never driving again, though.
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>> No. 374070 Anonymous
13th April 2014
Sunday 8:42 pm
374070 spacer

What state did you pick and are you black? It makes a big difference in the US.
>> No. 374074 Anonymous
13th April 2014
Sunday 10:03 pm
374074 spacer
You can be pretty sound physically and mentally at 87.
>> No. 374079 Anonymous
14th April 2014
Monday 1:15 am
374079 spacer

Agreed. We'd need one of these tests properly adjusted for the UK rather than relying on choosing a state based on a supposed resemblance to our own place of residence.
>> No. 374100 Anonymous
14th April 2014
Monday 9:57 pm
374100 spacer
This is of course all ignoring the leaps and bounds we'll make in medicine over the next 40 years, feel free to add on about ten years lads.
>> No. 374102 Anonymous
14th April 2014
Monday 10:14 pm
374102 spacer

I plan to wipe out any advantages wrought by advances in medical science by developing a furious crack habit during my forties.

>> No. 374078 Anonymous
14th April 2014
Monday 12:40 am
374078 spacer
This is an /a/ thread but I can't access /a/. I've bought some kratom leaf and I can't find much of use online, chemistry wise. No one seems to know how the alkaloids react to heater or their polarity or anything else. It's like they're not even druggies at all!

By chance does anyone here know actually know anything about extractions of kratom? Anything with less effort and noxious chemicals involved than an acid/base would be ideal.
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>> No. 374081 Anonymous
14th April 2014
Monday 2:31 am
374081 spacer
>This is an /a/ thread but I can't access /a/.
It would appear that you didn't take the hint.
>> No. 374083 Anonymous
14th April 2014
Monday 3:18 am
374083 spacer

The only hint is towards purps not wanting to deal with any legal issues involving foreign IPs and drugs/porn. There's no legal issue with this.
>> No. 374087 Anonymous
14th April 2014
Monday 8:01 am
374087 spacer
I don't know about extraction but powdered kratom leaf by itself should be able to get you suitably fucked up.
The buzz is very dependent on strain though, some being quite energising and some being more tranquilising and opiate like.
I think the red veins tend to be more sedating and the white/green veins should be more buzzy and energetic.

Like I say though no idea about extraction, the powdered leaf does me alright although it can be a bitch to get down your throat.

Sage for /a/ in /b/.

>> No. 371025 Anonymous
1st February 2014
Saturday 6:21 pm
371025 spacer
>You have the right to remain silent
>Anything you say or do will be used against you

Pretty much like arguing with any woman.

Amirite ladies of .gs?
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>> No. 371941 Anonymous
24th February 2014
Monday 9:13 pm
371941 spacer

This is my dream woman. I wonder how she would feel about dating someone with 6 felonies.
>> No. 371944 Anonymous
25th February 2014
Tuesday 6:48 am
371944 spacer


yes I am the autistic quebecois you are talking about (ps. I'm not an actual frog, dog save the queen)


lol and what are those felonies

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 372830 Anonymous
14th March 2014
Friday 11:54 pm
372830 spacer
Who is she?
>> No. 372833 Anonymous
15th March 2014
Saturday 6:51 am
372833 spacer

Interesting bumper stickers they have out there.
>> No. 374073 Anonymous
13th April 2014
Sunday 9:45 pm
374073 spacer
got a name for her?

>> No. 372599 Anonymous
10th March 2014
Monday 11:25 pm
372599 spacer
How does one go about finding athletic/amazonian/somewhat muscular prozzies? Are there any escort sites that cater to this sort of thing? I'm sure there are at least a few experts on this field here.
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>> No. 374053 Anonymous
13th April 2014
Sunday 1:55 am
374053 spacer


>> No. 374054 Anonymous
13th April 2014
Sunday 1:58 am
374054 spacer
Those can't be her arms...
>> No. 374055 Anonymous
13th April 2014
Sunday 2:01 am
374055 spacer

They aren't, you can see the outline of her actual arms amongst her hair.
>> No. 374056 Anonymous
13th April 2014
Sunday 2:24 am
374056 spacer
Thanks. Or maybe fuck you. I have having fantasies of a hot women with arms like that making love to me while strangling me.
>> No. 374061 Anonymous
13th April 2014
Sunday 5:15 pm
374061 spacer
Tits and the like go in /x/.

>> No. 374031 Anonymous
12th April 2014
Saturday 7:07 pm
374031 spacer
This is a weekend thread. May be a little late. Or, possibly, I missed the other one. Related: Any good local bands?
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>> No. 374036 Anonymous
12th April 2014
Saturday 7:40 pm
374036 spacer
Fuck's sake, lad. It's right there next to this one.
>> No. 374038 Anonymous
12th April 2014
Saturday 7:59 pm
374038 spacer
I was up on stage with an archetypal loser local band who are my mates last night improvising some vocals on their last jam-like song. Local bands are funny when they pull the star trip and enter wretched battle of the bands competitions and think it will make them famous. Very occasionally indeed a local band will have a hint of greatness to them and spawn a little exciting scene and never get noticed through simple bad luck or lack of successful marketing. But the vast majority of the time there is a reason why no-one has heard of these terrible bands outside of their home towns.
>> No. 374039 Anonymous
12th April 2014
Saturday 8:02 pm
374039 spacer


As if you had not guessed, I'm already pretty half cut.

>> No. 373888 Anonymous
9th April 2014
Wednesday 11:15 pm
373888 Charities
Do you donate to any charities, ladm8s?
I feel as though I should, although I'm not aware of many I'm interested in giving to.
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>> No. 373985 Anonymous
11th April 2014
Friday 9:08 pm
373985 spacer

Chugger today aggressively approached a younglass twith 'Likee me coat is it boyfriend material .'
>> No. 373989 Anonymous
12th April 2014
Saturday 12:48 am
373989 spacer
I was going to subscribe £5 a month (is that the right word?) to The Red Cross but a friend told me if I do I'd be put on a list for all the 'begging letters' and I'll be bombarded by charity 'junk' mail. I decided it'd be better to donate £5 monthly via collection boxes (which I haven't started doing yet, obviously).
>> No. 373991 Anonymous
12th April 2014
Saturday 1:00 am
373991 spacer
Donating a penny to the Red Cross is the cheapest way to receive coasters, bookmarks, cards, pens, address labels, seeds and whatever else I'm forgetting for years to come. It might take a few of these mailings, but you'll earn back that penny and value on top in no time.
>> No. 373998 Anonymous
12th April 2014
Saturday 5:52 am
373998 spacer
This one time I stopped off in my hometown after work in the city because I decided I really wanted a pack of sweets, and a charity worker made fun of me for dressing professionally as his attempt to get me to stop and talk to him.

I've grown in my skills of avoidance nowadays. The last 10 charity workers I've passed haven't actually tried to stop me.
>> No. 373999 Anonymous
12th April 2014
Saturday 7:25 am
373999 spacer


Another response.

>> No. 373993 Anonymous
12th April 2014
Saturday 1:39 am
373993 spacer
Went to pub with two mates, when one left early I divulged to the other how I'd made out with the guy's aunt. He's told him for some reason.

How the fuck do I explain it away? It's not like I've pounded her clamhole.
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>> No. 373994 Anonymous
12th April 2014
Saturday 1:48 am
373994 spacer
Well you sound like a cunt but its okay, we can move past that. Confess to him (the mate) and generally make it sound like you are consumed with guilt which is why you told the other lad. If drink was involved that helps.

Give him time and never ever bring it up again if you want to remain his pal.
>> No. 373995 Anonymous
12th April 2014
Saturday 1:49 am
373995 spacer

I don't know why anyone would ever care about such a thing. Perhaps it's just because my family are a displaced mass of pricks, but what's even the issue?
>> No. 373996 Anonymous
12th April 2014
Saturday 2:02 am
373996 spacer
What the fuck did they do to Pegg's face in that poster?
>> No. 373997 Anonymous
12th April 2014
Saturday 2:04 am
373997 spacer
This kind of thing belongs in /emo/.

>> No. 373594 Anonymous
2nd April 2014
Wednesday 7:28 am
373594 spacer
If you were convinced, immediately after you woke up, that you had exactly 48 hours to live, would you sleep again?
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>> No. 373952 Anonymous
10th April 2014
Thursday 9:22 pm
373952 spacer
>One of the driving instructors told me that he would take £3000 and let me pass, or else he would fail me. He told me all his friends were in on it.
Do go on.
>> No. 373953 Anonymous
10th April 2014
Thursday 9:53 pm
373953 spacer
>Be more like me. DON'T BE DIFFERENT.

Does this happen often? I don't believe there are any checks in place.
>> No. 373954 Anonymous
10th April 2014
Thursday 9:59 pm
373954 spacer

Who said anything about telling them you were dying?

You need a lot of expensive therapy.
>> No. 373957 Anonymous
11th April 2014
Friday 8:55 am
373957 spacer

>I will walk into an Atos centre and murder everyone for fucking with my disabled uncle.

Atos have given up their contract early, but they'll keep the same staff for whoever gets the contract next so yes, as you were.
>> No. 373961 Anonymous
11th April 2014
Friday 1:01 pm
373961 spacer
I've got an important meeting with a client tomorrow morning, so I'd better have some rest.

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