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>> No. 405839 Anonymous
19th October 2016
Wednesday 2:31 pm
405839 Mid-week thread
Mid-week thread?

Mid-week thread.

What are you lot up to?
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>> No. 408625 Anonymous
21st February 2017
Tuesday 12:00 pm
408625 spacer

>So I guess the point is, it is possible to stay in contact with old flames and it not be a headfuck, but give it some space.

It probably depends on the kind of terms you parted on. If you're fucking glad you are finally rid of a former romantic partner, then likely your sentiment isn't going to change over time. Or if somebody broke your heart in a very bad way. But with the distance of years or perhaps even decades, who knows.
>> No. 408626 Anonymous
21st February 2017
Tuesday 12:52 pm
408626 spacer
I told her to fuck off after finding out she'd slept with someone behind my back. So not particularly amicable.

But yeah, people change as they grow into adulthood. We both had a lot of growing up to do, to be fair.
>> No. 408627 Anonymous
22nd February 2017
Wednesday 12:07 am
408627 spacer

I just found sixty quid under a lunch box.

I am happy to have sixty quid, but deeply concerned that I managed to forget that I left sixty quid just lying around.
>> No. 408628 Anonymous
22nd February 2017
Wednesday 1:06 am
408628 spacer
I love a trouser fiver. Best money in the fucking world. I treat a trouser tenner like Willy Wonkas golden ticket.
>> No. 408629 Anonymous
22nd February 2017
Wednesday 2:57 pm
408629 spacer

I found ten U.S. Dollars in the inside pocket of a coat the other week that I haven't worn since my holiday in the U.S. two years ago.

Now might not be a good time to exchange it back into GBP though.

>> No. 407828 Anonymous
7th January 2017
Saturday 1:36 pm
407828 spacer
Weekend thread? Weekend thread.

How's it going, lads?
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>> No. 408608 Anonymous
19th February 2017
Sunday 9:01 pm
408608 spacer
>I think this is one of the potential side-effects.

Fuck that shit. Are you stuck with it forever now?
>> No. 408609 Anonymous
20th February 2017
Monday 6:36 am
408609 spacer
I guess so. This is the first time it has ached in months, but the aching was dreadful yesterday evening.

Had a quick look in the weekend thread my vasectomy post was from - around this time last year we had that lad who kept updating us on the driveways he'd been laying.
>> No. 408621 Anonymous
21st February 2017
Tuesday 8:44 am
408621 spacer

Do not worry, I had the snip too and it hurt like a motherfucker for some weeks. After that, it never bothered me again. Best choice I ever made.
>> No. 408622 Anonymous
21st February 2017
Tuesday 9:03 am
408622 spacer
His was a year ago, if you read the thread.
>> No. 408623 Anonymous
21st February 2017
Tuesday 9:21 am
408623 spacer


>> No. 408538 Anonymous
17th February 2017
Friday 5:21 am
408538 spacer
What would you do if you knew you only had three days to live. Where would you go? Who would you see? And what would your last wish be?
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>> No. 408593 Anonymous
19th February 2017
Sunday 12:27 pm
408593 spacer
Interesting thought. On the other hand, why exactly would I only have three days to live? Surely, with a terminal and debilitating illness, I couldn't spend those three days just doing anything. I would probably simply be lying in bed emaciated and waiting for death to put an end to my suffering and put me out of my misery.

But even if things weren't that bleak; how would I even know I only had three days to live? If I was in good health and not on Death Row, I would probably be oblivious to there only being three days of my life left in the first place.

All that said, if I knew I only had three days to live, I would probably go and do one of the things I like most, which is to go to the coast and spend those three days fishing on the sea shore somewhere, reflecting on the pointless existence that my life has been.
>> No. 408599 Anonymous
19th February 2017
Sunday 4:40 pm
408599 spacer

Its the quote at the start of the album Intercept! The question is just a hypothetical to meditate over.
>> No. 408602 Anonymous
19th February 2017
Sunday 7:14 pm
408602 spacer
I think I'd spend the time writing messages for my son and getting my affairs in order.
>> No. 408613 Anonymous
20th February 2017
Monday 7:41 pm
408613 spacer
I would never tell anyone else if I was dying, too - that seems like the shittiest bit of the whole affair. I would write everyone concerned a nice letter, explaining my reasons, but from afar, that whole "lets say goodbye to everyone" seems like a terrible almost selfish burden on everyone else.
>> No. 408617 Anonymous
20th February 2017
Monday 8:54 pm
408617 spacer
Mine's a combination of >>408560 and >>408588 but with the caveat of >>408589. One day to settle my affairs and an outline of my burial or cremation, one day to chill with my loved ones (without their knowledge of my impending demise), one day to get off my fucking tits on every drug I have known and loved while staring at the sky. Oh, and make sure I'm out of my fucking tree on smack and mescaline when I do blink out of existence. Ideally in front of a cracking sunset. Sorted.

>> No. 364298 Anonymous
14th November 2013
Thursday 4:47 pm
364298 spacer
ITT: Weird dreams you've had lately.

I actually dreamed last night that I was in Australia, visiting the two blokes from the Foster's adverts in their beach hut. Sure enough, they gave me a Foster's, and I said "cheers, guys"... and then one of them said to me "oh no mayt, we don't say cheers heere. We say 'You little ripper!'"

Quite bizarre... has this dream got any deeper meaning, or have I just been watching too much telly lately?
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>> No. 408337 Anonymous
6th February 2017
Monday 4:50 pm
408337 spacer

I'd check she hasn't come back and keyed your motor, m8.
>> No. 408338 Anonymous
6th February 2017
Monday 4:58 pm
408338 spacer

You mean in my dream or in real life?

Another ex of mine did key my car. At least I think it was her, never had any proof though and she always denied it. She angrily stormed out of my flat the night we broke up, and then the next morning, I had about a four-foot key scratch all the way down the side of my car. Could've been anybody, it was dark outside... but kind of a big coincidence.
>> No. 408594 Anonymous
19th February 2017
Sunday 1:43 pm
408594 spacer
I had a dream nightmare I had kids.

Fuck me. But only if I'm wearing a johnny and you're prepared to take the pill.
>> No. 408595 Anonymous
19th February 2017
Sunday 1:55 pm
408595 spacer
Somewhere sort of red brick but also countrified, long grasses and knolls. I think there was a country pub where some woman on my (90's era) mobile was directing me to pick up a package. Some sort of large plastic bag filled with things shaped like chocolate bunnies that I knew were filled with drugs. I had to take them somewhere, I left them by a college where apparently it was my last day/ first day of being a real EMT.There was a great interlude of doing stuff on the ambulance, sticking my head out the top as we went home for the day feeling fulfilled. Then there were police with dogs at the college and I had to pick up the bag again to move it out of there. I left with it slung over my shoulder, entertaining thoughts of asking if I could keep one of the rabbits full of drugs as part of my payment.
>> No. 408601 Anonymous
19th February 2017
Sunday 6:50 pm
408601 spacer
Odd dreams for me this week. I don't tend to get any dreams beyond abstract nothingness that I forget almost immediately after waking up.

Most of them were sex dreams. One involved Maisie Williams (felt right noncey about that even if she is 19. I had to look it up to see how much of a degenerate I was) and another was of a flatmate I had last year. Then on Friday morning I had a dream about having two adopted sisters who were watching TV. I decided to go for a swim in a swimming pool made of blue, not water but blue liquid. Didn't help the adopted sisters looked fairly similar to the last lass I shagged.

I think adjusting my sleep cycle to reasonable hours may have triggered having proper dreams. As I said I usually only get abstract nothingness and even then it's once in a blue moon.

my willy.png
>> No. 408511 Anonymous
16th February 2017
Thursday 3:45 am
408511 spacer
Fuck. Am I a monster or is this site bollocks?

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>> No. 408523 Anonymous
16th February 2017
Thursday 1:36 pm
408523 spacer
We've got a teenlad here lads.

You must have a real rocket in your pocket to think these measurements are small. We crown you King Cock, for you are the biggest cock in this thread.
>> No. 408524 Anonymous
16th February 2017
Thursday 2:10 pm
408524 spacer
He sounds like someone who doesn't know the difference between having a massive cock and being one.
>> No. 408532 Anonymous
16th February 2017
Thursday 9:58 pm
408532 spacer
It's not the size of the wand but the wizard that counts, etc.
>> No. 408533 Anonymous
16th February 2017
Thursday 9:59 pm
408533 spacer
It's not the size of the ship, but the motion of the ocean.
>> No. 408568 Anonymous
18th February 2017
Saturday 12:36 pm
408568 spacer


>> No. 408373 Anonymous
9th February 2017
Thursday 12:41 pm
408373 Weird Girls.
Lads, yesterday I had a strange encounter with a strange woman. The most notable thing about her is that she is bewilderingly eager to talk about shagging. Who she's shagged, who she wants to shag, how she's going to shag them and why. It's just relentless. A mate on the same course as me walked to the bus with her a while ago, and came in the following day gob smacked about how she'd been talking about threesomes with him and another lad more or less relentlessly. I just laughed it off and called him a fanny, but he was right, she's incessant.

Now, I'd been a hermit for about two and half years until recently, but her bizarre habit of blabbing endlessly about bonking reminded me of a girl I knew before who I'd have lunch with, who'd talk about sex with me and this other girl like it was, again, just the most normal thing in the world. It is, but it's definitively weird to bring it up with people you barely know while they're trying to eat a banana and a bagel, right? I know that's the most erotic lunchtime combination there is, but I certainly wasn't asking for it.

I understand that's only two women, but given how far removed from human society I've been that's roughly 87% of all the adult women I've met. What I'm wondering is, is this a "thing"? Do some women just realise they're fit and embrace it wholeheartedly? That seemed to be the case with the first girl I met, and both these women were late-teens, early-twenties. I'm not criticising, just taking note.

This is a daft rambly post, and I'm apologetic and thankful to anyone who read it.
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>> No. 408545 Anonymous
17th February 2017
Friday 1:07 pm
408545 spacer

AWALT mate
>> No. 408550 Anonymous
17th February 2017
Friday 7:20 pm
408550 spacer

>"Search DuckDuckGo for "AWALT"
>AWALT • /r/TheRedPill - reddit
>AWALT. Full Stop. Your mother is like that. Your sister is like that. Your aunt is like that. Your niece is like that. Your girlfriend is like that.

Oh, good heavens.
>> No. 408561 Anonymous
18th February 2017
Saturday 2:31 am
408561 spacer

They are though. Like it or not, when it comes to the realm of sex, we are very much bound to certain instincts. The male and female directives are different, but I think it's fair to say that all women follow theirs, and all men theirs.

Your mum wanted your dad to give her children and bring meat back to the cave. Your dad wanted your mum to give him children and keep them alive.

We can't really escape that, no matter how cringy a word 'manosphere' is.
>> No. 408563 Anonymous
18th February 2017
Saturday 3:05 am
408563 spacer

I don't even want to know what "that" is Don't tell me, because I don't care to.. Any cunt talking about a "red pill", with the exception of Morpheus himself, is about as worthy of my time as a pro-smallpox, anti-laughter political candidate.
>> No. 408567 Anonymous
18th February 2017
Saturday 12:16 pm
408567 spacer
Agreed in spades.

>> No. 408438 Anonymous
13th February 2017
Monday 12:11 am
408438 spacer
It's Valentine's day tomorrow. What are your plans?

My new tradition is to drink Bloody Mary's until I pass out.
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>> No. 408498 Anonymous
15th February 2017
Wednesday 11:04 am
408498 spacer

Explain yourself, Pagan.
>> No. 408499 Anonymous
15th February 2017
Wednesday 12:36 pm
408499 spacer

>Boogie down Kak Canyon

I don't understand the modern world anymore.
>> No. 408500 Anonymous
15th February 2017
Wednesday 5:49 pm
408500 spacer

It makes me want to understand a bit less and condemn a little more.
>> No. 408501 Anonymous
15th February 2017
Wednesday 7:48 pm
408501 spacer
Definitely going to sacrifice a goat.
>> No. 408549 Anonymous
17th February 2017
Friday 5:03 pm
408549 spacer
Just ask if you can squat at the Square, they ain't using it.

I made myself sad.

Sofaru Impetunia.jpg
>> No. 408254 Anonymous
2nd February 2017
Thursday 2:53 am
408254 Littering
If I drop a sweet wrapper it's littering. If I drop a tenner it's not.

If I drop thousands of tenners in Buckingham palace, would I get done for littering?

If I leave a perfectly fine yet suspicious looking sofa on the council owned path, it's littering, but if I leave a car there, it's not.

If my car is worth less than my sofa, then what's actually happening?

I'm genuinely looking for some clarity on this subject, why is litter litter? Is it just *completely subjective*? Or is there some reason?
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>> No. 408491 Anonymous
14th February 2017
Tuesday 9:14 pm
408491 spacer

Bulldozers have families too! I think...
>> No. 408502 Anonymous
15th February 2017
Wednesday 8:34 pm
408502 spacer

Or indeed, to fight them...
>> No. 408503 Anonymous
15th February 2017
Wednesday 8:37 pm
408503 spacer


Sorry to double post, but what the fuck? Endorse, yeah. Mastermind? Bullshit.
>> No. 408504 Anonymous
15th February 2017
Wednesday 8:37 pm
408504 spacer


Sorry to double post, but what the fuck? Endorse, yeah. Mastermind? Bullshit.
>> No. 408505 Anonymous
15th February 2017
Wednesday 8:46 pm
408505 spacer
No, going there to fight them is okay.

>> No. 408396 Anonymous
11th February 2017
Saturday 1:39 pm
408396 Dance.
What's a good dance to learn? I only know the one Techno Viking does.
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>> No. 408413 Anonymous
11th February 2017
Saturday 8:52 pm
408413 spacer

How appropriate. You fight like a cow.
>> No. 408414 Anonymous
11th February 2017
Saturday 9:42 pm
408414 spacer


Dance around in my 9 houses. I've got $50 million to party with bro.

>> No. 408415 Anonymous
11th February 2017
Saturday 10:12 pm
408415 spacer

Can you teach me? Or lease me property in Manchester?
>> No. 408416 Anonymous
11th February 2017
Saturday 10:20 pm
408416 spacer


>> No. 408417 Anonymous
11th February 2017
Saturday 10:42 pm
408417 spacer


I've only got 5 miwlion but I wrote a song

Rich people give us your money
Student politics aint so funny
Put a poster on the wawl
Some miners on the dowl

>> No. 408274 Anonymous
2nd February 2017
Thursday 11:10 pm
408274 Not technically a /pol/ thread Locked
I'm just wondering if any of you lot know anything about the "organisation" of the blac block or antifa organisations that seem to be the media's... opposite of a scapegoat. Largely ignored, in order to place the blame for violence on the legitimate protesters, if there's a word for that.

Quoting a friend who's studying at Berkeley and was out being a voyeur as you do:
>berkeley's fine, all the vandalism was done by antifa shitheads. they live in """artist""" """collectives""" in oakland and come up here to stir trouble whenever protests happen
>there weren't any students who made their own riot shields or shot fireworks or some shit, college students were just used as meatshields by these people
>the original protest idea was pretty good in my opinion, not that i was planning on joining -- a dance party outside the building that would play loud music to drown him [Milo] out
>and then older looking people showed up en masse wearing masks and leather jackets and tacticool gear

The same thing happened with the women's protest and the other anti-Trump things, there have been similar people at many protests the past few decades as you've undoubtedly noticed. In this and many other countries.
I'm just wondering where they're coming from. Who's recruiting them? Where's their propaganda? Where do they hang out, how do they know where and when to be? Who are these people?
They're not on any part of the Internet that I know of.
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>> No. 408316 Anonymous
4th February 2017
Saturday 7:27 pm
408316 spacer

He stood up against 10 guys beating up 1 guy who was unconscious covered in blood on the ground. When he tried to protect the guy he took about 20 punches. He smacked one of them and they all shit themselves and ran away.
>> No. 408317 Anonymous
4th February 2017
Saturday 7:32 pm
408317 spacer

John Fashanu.jpg

Shit, I never realised the resemblance.

Is it because I am black?
>> No. 408318 Anonymous
4th February 2017
Saturday 7:45 pm
408318 spacer
Chris Morris called it years ago.

>> No. 408319 Anonymous
4th February 2017
Saturday 8:20 pm
408319 spacer

ennio flaiano.jpg
"There are two types of fascists.... fascists and anti-fascists."

Ennio Flaiano
>> No. 408322 Anonymous
5th February 2017
Sunday 12:41 am
408322 spacer

Hey op that would be a great picture if it was a Saudi woman smashing her way through the front door of a segregated Starbucks.

Instead it's a cunt that really should get his head chopped off on a road and end up on YNC.

>> No. 408136 Anonymous
25th January 2017
Wednesday 2:09 am
408136 spacer
hello from america

i'm in some deep shit right now

i had to take an additional social sciences course this year for my diploma and we're working on an advertising project

all the forms that had been filled out were binned by a couple of retards

if you can go and fill out this form: https://goo.gl/forms/tVDsouN0MFY2W6HE3

please do so i need some help

(A good day to you Sir!)
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>> No. 408137 Anonymous
25th January 2017
Wednesday 2:17 am
408137 spacer
Done. Are you really going to mention in your study that you had no idea who filled out your form because you posted the link to it on an anonymous imageboard?

I was also going to say you might want to mention that because of the nature of britfa.gs you will probably be self-selecting for intelligent and educated people.

That would be an interesting post actually, polling how many people on .gs have a degree.
>> No. 408138 Anonymous
25th January 2017
Wednesday 2:18 am
408138 spacer
Zoo or IQ are what you need.
>> No. 408139 Anonymous
25th January 2017
Wednesday 2:25 am
408139 spacer

my professor doesn't really give a shit about who fills out it, as long as it doesn't seem too obviously done by a group of mentally retarded baboons. also, we aren't allowed to disclose who filled out the forms for some legal reason i don't really care to investigate, so i'm covered on that front.
>> No. 408142 Anonymous
25th January 2017
Wednesday 4:45 pm
408142 spacer

> I was also going to say you might want to mention that because of the nature of britfa.gs you will probably be self-selecting for intelligent and educated people.

> That would be an interesting post actually, polling how many people on .gs have a degree.

I can't tell if this is satire or not, and this upsets me.
>> No. 408147 Anonymous
25th January 2017
Wednesday 9:53 pm
408147 spacer
I guess we can count you out of the intelligent and educated group then.

>> No. 408132 Anonymous
24th January 2017
Tuesday 3:42 pm
408132 spacer
Anyone up for raiding twitch? We have a discord with 190 members and we do daily raids and also just hang out and chat when no raids are going on. We are attacking some Asian cuck now. Join discord for planning. https://discord.gg/Fk9TQR3
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>> No. 408133 Anonymous
24th January 2017
Tuesday 3:50 pm
408133 spacer


>> No. 408026 Anonymous
13th January 2017
Friday 12:39 am
408026 spacer
It's entirely likely that Boston and Skegness will be washed away at around 6 o'clock this morning. How will you be celebrating?
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>> No. 408028 Anonymous
13th January 2017
Friday 10:46 am
408028 spacer
It's got another go at it this with this evening's high tide.
>> No. 408029 Anonymous
13th January 2017
Friday 12:13 pm
408029 spacer
These are two of the most important cultural centres of the UK, and I am shocked and insulted that you would be celebrating their demise.
>> No. 408030 Anonymous
13th January 2017
Friday 5:41 pm
408030 spacer
Im shocked you wouldnt celebrate gods wrath for voting brexit.
>> No. 408034 Anonymous
13th January 2017
Friday 7:18 pm
408034 spacer
As long as London still stands there will be no celebrations.

- Northerner
>> No. 408043 Anonymous
14th January 2017
Saturday 8:13 pm
408043 spacer



>> No. 407782 Anonymous
5th January 2017
Thursday 8:51 pm
407782 Good or bad choice?
Long story short, i'm dating a girl my best mate used to like, he found out because he saw I was sexting her and she was the wall paper on my ipad. He's no longer my friend and neither are my other friends as they liked him more than me anyway. Did I make a good choice sacrificing friends for comfort from a female? Or am I a complete cunt?
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>> No. 407999 Anonymous
11th January 2017
Wednesday 3:05 am
407999 spacer

I've heard it as "milk brothers" the milk presumably referring to spunk, though I never researched the origins.

My first girlfriend provided me a pretty respectable amount of minge brothers, as it stands. Six if I knew about them all. I was the first in line though so I feel good about that.
>> No. 408014 Anonymous
12th January 2017
Thursday 1:25 am
408014 spacer
I had a situation at uni where I was the lad who didn't have a chance with said girl but pined over her and a "mate" started trying it on with her.

I say "mate" in quotation marks because he was a friend of a friend and honestly I didn't like him. He was with a girlfriend in first year and seemed ok. He broke up that girl at the beginning of second year and was trying it on with every girl that showed him the slightest bit of interest. He turned to drugs. Weed, ket, MD and acid were the ones I knew about, perhaps more. I didn't particularly like this attitude. I'm ok with uni students experimenting with weed and MD but he was introducing some of my friends to the whole cocktail. Roughly a few months before second year I was stupidly biding my time with this girl which as we all know is a waste of time. It was just at the end of freshers week in second year this lad was trying it on with the girl.

I had realised I had to up my game. Now I have many moments in my life where I'll remember past experiences that make me cringe. I'll get onto why this is significant in a moment.

It was in a club where an animal themed fancy dress party was going on. Me and a friend had ordered horse head masks as you do. We went and the girl was there and we got chatting. The lad also turned up, was no surprise though as he was part of our horseman of the apocalypse group even though if I recall correctly our fourth horseman didn't turn up. The lad had his friends making him look good in front of her. Also not unexpected to have wingmen. I was fighting a losing battle with this girl. My friend on the other hand is known for getting drunk quickly but not enough to earn the title of lightweight. He was feeling ill, anxious and on top of that needed a piss in a more familiar area. I feel like a bastard about it but I tried to fight longer in a scenario where it was not to be while my friend really wanted to go home. To put in a greater context I am well known for making sure my friends get home safely and am willing to leave a club early. I know I don't pull in clubs so it makes me feel like I've done something vaguely productive. After I felt the nail was hammered in I left for home with my friend. This resulting in me almost in tears wearing a horse head mask at 1am letting out my inner soul to my pissed up friend who was dying to go home.

This continued further some time later when I sent a fake drunk text to the girl which was designed with the help of another friend. I got a simple reply a day later with a stern "sorry I'm busy then". I realised I lost but for whatever reason the lad I had attempted to battle which was equivalent to prodding a tank with a tampon to damage it had not progressed. Over the course of a few months nothing really happened and I promptly moved on. She went out with him at one point and broke up after two days. I don't know exactly what had happened but the lad moved on. He had a FWB relationship with another girl and they started going out exclusively for about 5 ish months. They broke up because he was apparently clingy which was why the first girlfriend broke up with him. As of last month he's going out with another girl. Throughout this year we've had friction and while I don't hate him, I prefer not to be associated with him.

Now about that cringe moment thing...I cringe over a shite attempt of asking a girl out over 10 years ago, I cringe at my poor attempt at arguing with a homeless man and I cringe over another failed attempt at arguing with a security guard over a fire alarm. But I don't cringe over being a grown ass man almost blubbering in the streets while wearing a horse head mask or sending a fake drunk text. The reason is due to the fact I had heard from different sources that said girl only really associates with me because she likes having a man pine over her but not reciprocating. I can't even categorise it as leading me on but I felt like an utter fool for falling into this trap.

I moved on. Met this asian lass, fucked her and while it didn't progress further all thoughts of this girl disappeared. I only remember it all now due to this thread and noticing the girl is currently online on facebook (she rarely uses it).

I only really wanted to mention that the above lad was a prick and he knew I had feelings for this girl. But these are two statements unrelated to each other. He was genuinely a prick. I remember my female friends feeling uncomfortable around him. I mean I remember he snorted ket on my fucking coffee table without even asking. That's just plain rude. Glad I haven't seen him for months.
>> No. 408015 Anonymous
12th January 2017
Thursday 4:33 am
408015 spacer

>said girl only really associates with me because she likes having a man pine over her but not reciprocating

This seems pretty common to me. I have a fairly flirty nature and I'm not subtle when it comes to displaying interest in someone, and this has led to many a woman who will push (or try to push) ridiculously far just to feel desired. It's often women who have been in relationships or marriage for a few years, presumably when the shine starts to wear off and they miss being in the honored guest of the sausage party.

Once I learned to identify it and stopped responding to it, I just enticed more and more of their attention, until they tried too hard and then I ended up in a rabbit hole of fucking married women. Girls are weird
>> No. 408017 Anonymous
12th January 2017
Thursday 7:09 am
408017 spacer
One of my friends has always had lads fancying her, she's not unattractive but with her I'd say it was more to do with her personality than anything. Anyway, during our teen years I lost count of the number of lads she led on; she doesn't like letting people down or hurting their feelings, so instead of facing up to the awkward situation of having to let them know she wasn't interested she'd bury her head in the sand even though this was worse in the long run. Cowardice, really.
>> No. 408018 Anonymous
12th January 2017
Thursday 12:04 pm
408018 spacer

> because she likes having a man pine over her but not reciprocating.

This is the worst fucking thing that can ever happen to you. Especially when you're really lovestruck about somebody. And then when somebody knows it and just plays with you or likes to keep you around as an ego boost.

It would be nice to think that that only happens when you're a teenlad, but I've seen it go down that way many a time in adulthood as well.

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