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>> No. 407025 Anonymous
26th November 2016
Saturday 8:32 am
407025 RIP Sweet Prince

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>> No. 407177 Anonymous
4th December 2016
Sunday 6:44 am
407177 spacer
Give it time and leftie students will have him on their shirts too.
>> No. 407184 Anonymous
4th December 2016
Sunday 12:27 pm
407184 spacer

Are you implying that pensioners in track suit are all wrong uns?

That's a very nasty thing to say about my granddad, who also loves his track suits. You should be ashamed of yourself.
>> No. 407248 Anonymous
7th December 2016
Wednesday 2:05 am
407248 spacer

I mean, when did tracksuits become a thing? Surely any pensioner was well into their thirties when the fashion propagated. So they have made the choice to start wearing the fashionable yooth clothes at middle age?

The flashy Adidas ones that Castro sports aren't even comfortable. I respect any pensioner in those soft grey sweatpants as they're basically pajamas you can wear on the bus, and if I could I'd wear them to work. But the expensive ones are all rigid and starchy and at worst, polyester. It's a fashion statement, and no OAP has any business make one of those.
>> No. 407249 Anonymous
7th December 2016
Wednesday 11:14 am
407249 spacer
The theory goes that he wore the Adidas trackies because they sponsored the Cuban Olympic team when other suppliers refused. I wonder if the irony was lost on him.
>> No. 407250 Anonymous
7th December 2016
Wednesday 11:28 am
407250 spacer

I think I've learnt one thing for sure in the deluge of Castro coverage over the last week, and that he didn't really give a shit. Not in a nihilistic way, just in a devil may care manner.

>> No. 405839 Anonymous
19th October 2016
Wednesday 2:31 pm
405839 Mid-week thread
Mid-week thread?

Mid-week thread.

What are you lot up to?
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>> No. 407240 Anonymous
6th December 2016
Tuesday 2:52 pm
407240 spacer
You are not lying enough.
>> No. 407243 Anonymous
6th December 2016
Tuesday 4:42 pm
407243 spacer

> Well I got an unsuccessful email this morning. Are you happy now, you bastard?

That's actually pretty decent; in my experience most places just disappear on unsuccessful applicants like lasses well out of your league do when they wake up sober the next morning.

Personally I always try to follow up an unsuccessful interview with a short, but personalized, email giving suggestions on how the candidate might improve and/or areas to strengthen etc. Obviously I can only do this because I have a small company with a high retention rate and probably only do a handful of interviews in any given year (although one year I did an absolute ton, and every candidate was wank).


> A lot of jobs in my area want programming so I'll have to revisit the fundamentals of that. I do want to avoid jobs with programming. I see it too much as a hobby and it bores the shit out of me in a work setting.

Now I'm interested in what is is you do / want to do. I'm guessing something science or maths heavy with programming used for solving equations or modeling systems. Am I close?
>> No. 407245 Anonymous
6th December 2016
Tuesday 10:12 pm
407245 spacer
Experience has taught me lying on my application goes poorly during the interview stage as it's a little more difficult to lie on the spot. Though I do live by the creed of "if you can't dazzle them with your brilliance, baffle them with your bullshit"
Yes it's lovely getting confirmation and I respect an organisation more if they make the effort to do that. Even more so when they provide feedback but I accept that it's not possible in most cases.

I did systems security at uni and what I was taught is light on programming. It's certainly helpful in some aspects but you can get away with not knowing a single thing about it. The closest to programming that needs to be known is SQL (and other query languages), Linux commands and some html. All of which are not programming. Programming doesn't really come into it unless you want to work devops or want to show off to an employer employing protesters that you can make your own customised python software in specific situations. An example might be a way to crack a cipher quickly or an automated application that runs a set of tools.

I've had maybe half a dozen interviews in a short period of time so there's certainly interest. I just seem to tumble at the interview stage. My feedback is usually the same. I get curve balled at basic technical questions where I go blank. I can tell you the formula to solve a RSA cipher and who created it on a whim but not what the seven stages of the OSI model without having to Google it.
>> No. 407246 Anonymous
6th December 2016
Tuesday 10:33 pm
407246 spacer
Penetration testers*

Positive feedback I get usually consists of being passionate, talkative in a good way and being knowledgeable in focused area which in itself is a double edged sword as I'll neglect researching other subjects in preparation for an interview.
>> No. 407247 Anonymous
6th December 2016
Tuesday 11:09 pm
407247 spacer
>being knowledgeable in focused area
Not enough broader knowledge.
>talkative in a good way
Would not shut up.
Well at least you tried.

>> No. 404983 Anonymous
3rd September 2016
Saturday 6:57 pm
404983 spacer



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>> No. 407233 Anonymous
5th December 2016
Monday 10:41 pm
407233 spacer
I've had plenty of bans in this place for petty reasons that were 'only just comedy bans and totally were for only a second' whilst they were quickly quitely removed. If I didn't know this place and I hadn't been the sort of person to call bullshit I could see a week long ban for posting the 'wrong sort of image' on an image board, or 'phrasing something in a manor acceptable everywhere on the internet but here' or using a rhetorical device that somehow offeneded a mod as being a reason not to bother comming back here.
>> No. 407236 Anonymous
6th December 2016
Tuesday 7:56 am
407236 spacer
You're clearly an idiot though.
>> No. 407239 Anonymous
6th December 2016
Tuesday 2:35 pm
407239 spacer
What I think is happening is that I'm getting mixed messages. I said comedy bans are often for periods like a whole day. Someone said that was the point, and now you're saying they are usually set to 1 second. I can't be contradicting both of you at once.
>> No. 407241 Anonymous
6th December 2016
Tuesday 4:19 pm
407241 spacer


>> No. 407244 Anonymous
6th December 2016
Tuesday 5:37 pm
407244 spacer
Reading his post made me so angry, but my keyboard was not working.

>> No. 405770 Anonymous
16th October 2016
Sunday 9:41 pm
405770 spacer
Weekend thread? Weekend thread.

What have you lads been up to? I'm watching the Crystal Maze special on Channel Four, it's a bit shit.
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>> No. 407221 Anonymous
5th December 2016
Monday 12:35 pm
407221 spacer

Good on you, lad.

Would it blow your mind that there is also an old South Wales?
>> No. 407223 Anonymous
5th December 2016
Monday 3:39 pm
407223 spacer
Is there an Old York too?
>> No. 407225 Anonymous
5th December 2016
Monday 6:14 pm
407225 spacer

Yes, the same way that there used to be a New Amsterdam.
>> No. 407226 Anonymous
5th December 2016
Monday 6:20 pm
407226 spacer
Why they changed it, I can't say; people just liked it better that way.
>> No. 407227 Anonymous
5th December 2016
Monday 6:36 pm
407227 spacer
That's nobody's business but the Yanks.

>> No. 407104 Anonymous
1st December 2016
Thursday 6:57 am
Let's talk about it in the present tense because soon you'll open your presents.


I think, for the first year ever, it's the start of December and I've already bought all the gifts I need to.
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>> No. 407195 Anonymous
4th December 2016
Sunday 2:10 pm
407195 spacer
I don't think the programme is aimed at men at all - its perhaps a way of potential brides seeing other really badly behaved brides and thinking "At least I'm not that bad".
>> No. 407196 Anonymous
4th December 2016
Sunday 2:13 pm
407196 spacer
Next you'll be telling me the contestants on The Apprentice aren't chosen for their business acumen.
>> No. 407197 Anonymous
4th December 2016
Sunday 2:14 pm
407197 spacer
I believe they're chosen for how rich/famous they'll make Lord Sugar.
>> No. 407217 Anonymous
5th December 2016
Monday 12:58 am
407217 spacer
Jesus wept.
I still bust out the CD single over Chritmas for the car.
>> No. 407218 Anonymous
5th December 2016
Monday 2:00 am
407218 spacer

Women's logic. They need to see somebody having a shit wedding in order to feel better about themselves... to feel better about having a wedding at an unremarkable venue just outside Birmingham. Hey, at least they're not the psychotic bitch on Bridezillas. Suddenly makes everything seem so much more bearable.

>> No. 407150 Anonymous
3rd December 2016
Saturday 7:58 pm
407150 Goodbye EU, you have failed and your time is over. Locked
Nice knowing 'EU', but you've been rumbled.
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>> No. 407164 Anonymous
4th December 2016
Sunday 12:21 am
407164 spacer
Wake up everybody, the EU is about to get totally kicked up the arse and told to do one. Party time.
>> No. 407171 Anonymous
4th December 2016
Sunday 2:46 am
407171 spacer
Is this about Italy?
>> No. 407172 Anonymous
4th December 2016
Sunday 2:53 am
407172 spacer

No it's about the killing of the EU

you nob
>> No. 407174 Anonymous
4th December 2016
Sunday 3:32 am
407174 spacer
I reckon the EU will be in the shitbin where it belongs by about Monday morning.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 407176 Anonymous
4th December 2016
Sunday 6:41 am
407176 spacer
Horrific samefagging in this thread.

>> No. 407038 Anonymous
26th November 2016
Saturday 5:07 pm
407038 spacer
About the new pornage ban.

I've got some porn tutorial videos that show how to make a woman squirt and some others that show BDSM.

Will it be illegal to possess these or will it just be illegal to host or view them on the UK internet?
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>> No. 407163 Anonymous
3rd December 2016
Saturday 11:55 pm
407163 spacer

Black lives matter.

Unless you're black in a black country where kidnap, slavery and rape matters most. Amongst blacks.
>> No. 407165 Anonymous
4th December 2016
Sunday 12:36 am
407165 spacer

>a black man doing something silly

You ever see that goal missed by the centre forward in the Mandela football team?

Neither did I but we burned him with tyres because he was Inkatha

Black lives matter
>> No. 407166 Anonymous
4th December 2016
Sunday 12:53 am
407166 spacer
Didn't take much to bring out the actual racists.
>> No. 407167 Anonymous
4th December 2016
Sunday 1:10 am
407167 spacer


Kill whitey

Black lives matter

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 407178 Anonymous
4th December 2016
Sunday 6:47 am
407178 spacer
Just fuck off.

>> No. 406287 Anonymous
1st November 2016
Tuesday 10:21 pm
406287 spacer
Remember your poppy lads. If you don't you are worse than a lovechild of Stalin and Hitler.

But seriously, I hate this poppy thing. You are vilified for mot wearing one, but surely that goes against this vague notion that ARE LADS died to protect free speech?
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>> No. 406469 Anonymous
5th November 2016
Saturday 6:38 pm
406469 spacer
When that happens you have to pin a soldier to your jacket in remembrance of the fallen poppy. It's a vicious cycle.
>> No. 406641 Anonymous
12th November 2016
Saturday 10:23 pm
406641 spacer

Snapper with his magic floaty strangling hands
>> No. 406654 Anonymous
13th November 2016
Sunday 12:52 pm
406654 spacer

>> No. 406665 Anonymous
13th November 2016
Sunday 3:43 pm
406665 spacer
Looks a bit like that guy who used to dress up as Doctor Who.
>> No. 407091 Anonymous
29th November 2016
Tuesday 10:22 pm
407091 spacer

poland invasion.jpg
Poland remember my english chap :3

>> No. 406998 Anonymous
25th November 2016
Friday 12:30 am
406998 Jeremy Corbyn's secret internet
As seen on GMG

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>> No. 407016 Anonymous
25th November 2016
Friday 9:12 am
407016 spacer
This is just bait to encourage people to post more about her, surely.
>> No. 407017 Anonymous
25th November 2016
Friday 9:22 am
407017 spacer

>> No. 407021 Anonymous
25th November 2016
Friday 2:44 pm
407021 spacer
I think thats the point it is the old 'don't think of elephants'. She doesn't post here, and even if she did. No one should give a shit about it or her. She's just a painfully insecure posh girl with no life experiance who farms her own nose and once self declared herself Grand Poobah on the subject of mens needs. If no one ever speaks of her again I will be blissfully happy.
>> No. 407023 Anonymous
25th November 2016
Friday 3:13 pm
407023 spacer
I really want to have sex with Liz Kendall.
>> No. 407024 Anonymous
25th November 2016
Friday 6:11 pm
407024 spacer

Pffft, Stella Creasy is genuinely beautiful. I can't believe she's 40.

>> No. 406951 Anonymous
23rd November 2016
Wednesday 12:38 am
406951 fire up the outrage bus lads


A Heinz TV advert teaching viewers how to use cans of its baked beans to drum out a song has been banned for being dangerous for children to copy.

The commercial, which used the strapline “Learn the #CanSong, featured children, teenagers and adults using Heinz Beanz tins to drum out the rhythm of song.

Nine viewers lodged complaints with the Advertising Standards Authority that the advert encouraged “unsafe practice”, with six believing that it could be dangerous for children to emulate.

Broken Britain.

How can nine small minded idiots get an advert banned?
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>> No. 406988 Anonymous
24th November 2016
Thursday 12:43 pm
406988 spacer
>Adverts where they have a ukulele tune

This shit is fucking nauseating, to the point I need to open a window and take a deep breath of fresh air.
>> No. 406989 Anonymous
24th November 2016
Thursday 6:09 pm
406989 spacer

Are you telling me you don't have your ladm8s for a few tins of beans and a couple of games of FIFA in the evenings? I think you're lying.
>> No. 406990 Anonymous
24th November 2016
Thursday 6:38 pm
406990 spacer
What if they ran a campaign where they tried to get people to "join in" with suicide bombing their head office? I could get on board with that, assuming I could find a suitable surrogate to actually carry the bomb.
>> No. 406993 Anonymous
24th November 2016
Thursday 9:02 pm
406993 spacer

>Alright, mate. Wanna' play the new FIFA round mine? I've got a few tins in too.
>Yeah, of course I meant beans, what were you thinking of?
>> No. 407010 Anonymous
25th November 2016
Friday 4:13 am
407010 spacer
I am 9 and I said fucking beans cunt bastard fuckers in my playground when I saw it was on telly.

>> No. 405969 Anonymous
23rd October 2016
Sunday 12:19 am
405969 Beggars
No money from me. Offer to give them / buy food and they'll look at you like piss.
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>> No. 406995 Anonymous
24th November 2016
Thursday 10:08 pm
406995 spacer

I thought a filter got put on that when I overused it on a particular shitposting binge a while back.
>> No. 406996 Anonymous
24th November 2016
Thursday 10:21 pm
406996 spacer

>That is the vicious circle of life

I and the public know
What all schoolchildren learn,
Those to whom evil is done
Do evil in return.
>> No. 406997 Anonymous
24th November 2016
Thursday 10:54 pm
406997 spacer
All perpetrators of crime have to be killed, and all the victims should also be killed.
>> No. 407009 Anonymous
25th November 2016
Friday 4:00 am
407009 spacer

Bring back the stocks.

There's some old stocks up the road from where I live. past the farmer with the Llama. A few close miles from t'gibbett.

Don't mess with Yorkshire
>> No. 407011 Anonymous
25th November 2016
Friday 4:14 am
407011 spacer
>farmer with the Llama
near the snake chamer named osama?

>> No. 406768 Anonymous
19th November 2016
Saturday 12:47 am
406768 spacer
One of the girls I've been seeing is working on an art project for some supposed Colombian child genius. He apparently wrote a book at 13, but the Vatican bought every single copy. The art project is to fund a children's hospital at first, but leftover money will go to building a town strictly for child geniuses. Basically he's a fucking quackpot. He's also a dwarf and speaks only in Spanish, if that helps paint a mental picture.

He's also supposedly clairvoyant. He knew that she has issues with her period without her having told him beforehand, and on her first day at work he asked her about her night with me that week, without being told that she was seeing anyone. He's always asking people if they want to know the day they die and that sort of thing and claims he can tell someone's fortune just by looking at their photo.

For shits and giggles she said she was gonna show him a photo of me, since he keeps asking for one. Today she offered, and apparently he "can already see me" and "doesn't want her to see me again" because I'm "untrustworthy" and refused to even look at my picture out of anger.

What do I do when a mental Colombian millionaire midget is trying to cock-block me?
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>> No. 406927 Anonymous
22nd November 2016
Tuesday 12:45 am
406927 spacer
She's alright. I'm probably never gonna meet this chap.
>> No. 406928 Anonymous
22nd November 2016
Tuesday 12:47 am
406928 spacer
This is the most bizarre and probably most amusing thread I've seen here for quite a while. Please keep us updated. I want to believe.
>> No. 406929 Anonymous
22nd November 2016
Tuesday 12:52 am
406929 spacer
I think its going to end in either a murder or a marriage.
>> No. 406930 Anonymous
22nd November 2016
Tuesday 12:54 am
406930 spacer
I may pick her up from work some time just so I can meet him and watch his reaction, seeing as how he seems to believe I'm some sort of pantomime villain. I could probably borrow a leather jacket and motorcycle and slap her on the arse right in front of him.
>> No. 406948 Anonymous
22nd November 2016
Tuesday 5:45 pm
406948 spacer
How long have we been able to get YouTube embeds to start at a specific time? Also,how do I do it? I've checked the features and it hasn't been updated to reflect this.

>> No. 406812 Anonymous
20th November 2016
Sunday 7:52 pm
406812 2016
Okay this has been a corking year all round and there is still a month to go.

Personally I still feel like we have room for a major weather or environmental catastrophe to complete the year - picture related.

Make outlandish predictions for things that will happen before the end of the year, unrelated to Brexit/Trump.
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>> No. 406937 Anonymous
22nd November 2016
Tuesday 11:11 am
406937 spacer

>We simply wouldn't have the sinkhole in the first place.


>> No. 406938 Anonymous
22nd November 2016
Tuesday 11:22 am
406938 spacer
Here's another couple you missed.
>> No. 406943 Anonymous
22nd November 2016
Tuesday 12:10 pm
406943 spacer

Only two of those in London, and both of those in in South London, quite some distance away from the crossrail route. Most sinkholes in this country are caused by the collapse of mines hundreds of years old.

I partially concede my point though, crossrail does have some challening sections to bore through.
>> No. 406944 Anonymous
22nd November 2016
Tuesday 2:17 pm
406944 spacer

Who said anything about Crossrail?
>> No. 406946 Anonymous
22nd November 2016
Tuesday 4:34 pm
406946 spacer
The very post that started all this.
>They've been expanding the system in London

>> No. 406648 Anonymous
13th November 2016
Sunday 12:02 pm
406648 Pins
Wear your pin
37 posts and 3 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 406723 Anonymous
14th November 2016
Monday 11:30 pm
406723 spacer

maxresdefault (2).jpg
The mainstream media has lost it's credibility entirely lad, less than a third of the population actually trusts it according to a Gallup poll, and rightly so given how they've been shown to collude with political entities as the recent mail leaks shown.
>> No. 406724 Anonymous
15th November 2016
Tuesday 12:24 am
406724 spacer
>less than a third of the population actually trusts it

Instead they turned to news on social media which had a ton of bullshit that wasn't true in the slightest and greatly influenced the result of the election. People are idiots. Like the other lad said, read it all, compare stories and sources, analyse. If you really care then it won't be that much work.
>> No. 406725 Anonymous
15th November 2016
Tuesday 12:31 am
406725 spacer
Old media is dead. There isn't one part of it that isn't saturated with special interests. Couldn't have happened to a nicer industry.
>> No. 406726 Anonymous
15th November 2016
Tuesday 12:47 am
406726 spacer
Being able to read all the media on a daily basis is one of the wonders of the modern world. When I were a lad in my formative years, you had to fucking BUY the papers. Every morning now I read BBC, Daily Mail, Guardian, Telegraph, Washington Post, NY Times, FT and many more - in the old days you had to pay good money to get a breadth of views - it's much easier now.

I wouldn't want to be a journalist (sanctimonious fucks are dead career wise anyway) but as a consumer of news, the internet is truly ace and anyone who moans about the distorted or biased media just isn't looking.
>> No. 406727 Anonymous
15th November 2016
Tuesday 1:19 pm
406727 spacer

>in the old days you had to pay good money to get a breadth of views - it's much easier now.

Kind of a shame though that that's not what most people do online. They don't spend their time getting a "breadth" of views on an issue, but tend to just want to see their own views and prejudices confirmed. Which is indeed easier as well than in the old days with just printed newspapers.

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