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IWF - Caught Accessing CP.jpg
>> No. 392918 Anonymous
27th July 2015
Monday 9:35 pm
392918 Internet Censorship
Old thread was deleted because some moron included the link to the offending website.

Have you ever experienced Internet censorship? Not just at the ISP level but from the moderation/administration of websites. Should governments and ISPs have the power to censor the Internet even if it's CP?

Do ISP's log attempted access to blocked sites?
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>> No. 392980 Anonymous
28th July 2015
Tuesday 2:12 pm
392980 spacer
Because people who carry guns for nefarious purposes don't tend to walk into police stations and hand them over?
>> No. 392981 Anonymous
28th July 2015
Tuesday 2:26 pm
392981 spacer
Because the earlier poster said they would rather prosecute him for one offence over another because it has a lesser sentence?

Are you incapable of following a simple conversation?
>> No. 392982 Anonymous
28th July 2015
Tuesday 2:35 pm
392982 spacer
Presumably the police don't look upon it with suspicion unless they have reason to, which suggests that in the past people have attempted to dispose of weapons by handing them in.
>> No. 392985 Anonymous
28th July 2015
Tuesday 4:13 pm
392985 spacer
If I came across a site full of naked 12-16yr olds, printed out the pics and took them to the pig station (with cum stains on them) to show them what I found on the internet would I get done?
>> No. 392986 Anonymous
28th July 2015
Tuesday 4:15 pm
392986 spacer


>> No. 392832 Anonymous
25th July 2015
Saturday 6:03 pm
392832 spacer
It's Saturday, cunts.
Weekend thread.

I'm also scared that I'm the one making this thread, do we not do these anymore?
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>> No. 392971 Anonymous
28th July 2015
Tuesday 12:25 pm
392971 spacer
Yes, if you want any helpful suggestions. If you just want to piss and moan about them then stay here or switch to /101/.
>> No. 392974 Anonymous
28th July 2015
Tuesday 1:03 pm
392974 spacer
Ah fuck sake, tried talking to her at lunch, but some other muppet decided to sit with us and it was a long, drawn out 30 minutes. Fuck.

Anyway, after we got up and left the table without our extra company, I told her that I wanted to say and that I want a chance to say it properly. But I got a dismissive sort of response, like as if it doesn't really matter. I beginning to not give a shit any more and counting the days when she leaves.
>> No. 392976 Anonymous
28th July 2015
Tuesday 1:22 pm
392976 spacer
Are you starting to hate her now? Did you really like her before this whole thing happened?
>> No. 392979 Anonymous
28th July 2015
Tuesday 2:02 pm
392979 spacer
It isn't Saturday. It is Tuesday.
>> No. 392983 Anonymous
28th July 2015
Tuesday 2:47 pm
392983 spacer
No, not at all... I am just increasingly disappointed that this trivial thing happened, it's blown out of proportion and me giving up on it, sort of validates this capricious behaviour.

>> No. 392867 Anonymous
26th July 2015
Sunday 6:21 pm
392867 .gs in daily offline life?
Do you ever encounter things away from this place which you somehow associate with this place.

When I saw the headline about a guy crashing a home made plane I immediately thought either purple or the other guy had died. I'm sure someone said they were building a plane a few years ago. It was on par with bunker lad.


Random pic from my music folder which is probably not related.
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>> No. 392926 Anonymous
27th July 2015
Monday 10:33 pm
392926 spacer
I don't know if it's the same thing you're remembering OP, but there was one bloke who was planning to build an airship and was looking for collaborators.
>> No. 392953 Anonymous
28th July 2015
Tuesday 2:26 am
392953 spacer

I think he's talking about me, I asked a while ago about if it would be possible to make a working aeroplane by taking parts from a model aeroplane and scaling them up then using a car engine, and also if it would be legal to fly to work in it.

The answers I got were perhaps for the former, no for the latter and a great deal of sadness at the state of things because a hundred years ago I would have been applauded for building a plane in my shed and now i would get locked up.
>> No. 392960 Anonymous
28th July 2015
Tuesday 5:41 am
392960 spacer

You sound like you've got a bag of spuds m8.
>> No. 392970 Anonymous
28th July 2015
Tuesday 12:02 pm
392970 spacer
And taking a beefy poz load
>> No. 392984 Anonymous
28th July 2015
Tuesday 4:06 pm
392984 spacer
Yeah, all the time, whenever someone starts a tedious meta-conversation I think of here. <3

>> No. 392829 Anonymous
25th July 2015
Saturday 7:29 am
392829 spacer
It's three months since the big Nepal earthquake which put an end to piemaster shitty meme forcing. Rejoice!

(A good day to you Sir!)
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>> No. 392834 Anonymous
25th July 2015
Saturday 6:30 pm
392834 spacer

It's not a meme though is it?
>> No. 392854 Anonymous
25th July 2015
Saturday 11:44 pm
392854 spacer

Well that depends on your view point, if you adopt the definintion given by Richard Dawkins in 'the selfish gene' where the term was coined, and has fallen into common usage from then yes it is.

If you adopt the contradictory definition you have made up for the word then no.
>> No. 392864 Anonymous
26th July 2015
Sunday 8:30 am
392864 spacer


It is a meme if I post this though bruv.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 392865 Anonymous
26th July 2015
Sunday 12:31 pm
392865 spacer




Attention seeking samefag cunt.
>> No. 392866 Anonymous
26th July 2015
Sunday 12:49 pm
392866 spacer



>> No. 392538 Anonymous
15th July 2015
Wednesday 7:57 am
392538 spacer
I've come to warn you, /b/ritfags, that the mod has lifted the iron curtain (you know what I'm talking about) and people from nearly every country can freely post here from now on. You would notice it soon anyway, but I decided to give you the heads up, just in case.
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>> No. 392725 Anonymous
17th July 2015
Friday 12:16 pm
392725 spacer
I am a high functioning paranoid autist yes, but I don't think I am who you think I am.

I'm telling on you.

Good to know.
>> No. 392726 Anonymous
17th July 2015
Friday 12:51 pm
392726 spacer
>Good to know.
There's one born every minute.
>> No. 392856 Anonymous
26th July 2015
Sunday 12:02 am
392856 spacer
Mexico FTW
>> No. 392858 Anonymous
26th July 2015
Sunday 12:15 am
392858 spacer
Can high functioning autists pick up on sly, little digs?
>> No. 392862 Anonymous
26th July 2015
Sunday 2:15 am
392862 spacer

Apparently, as he thought the mods had an agenda where by they picked on him specifically for no reason when in reality it was mostly just me.

>> No. 392781 Anonymous
19th July 2015
Sunday 7:52 am
392781 spacer
July the 19th. Why does that strike me as important?
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>> No. 392820 Anonymous
21st July 2015
Tuesday 7:08 pm
392820 spacer

I'd imagine he just did it into a sock or something instead.
>> No. 392821 Anonymous
21st July 2015
Tuesday 8:31 pm
392821 spacer
Sperm that you don't ejaculate get broken down anyway, so by that logic the only moral thing to do is to constantly have as much unprotected sex as possible to give every sperm the best possible chance.

Wait a minute...
>> No. 392823 Anonymous
21st July 2015
Tuesday 10:09 pm
392823 spacer
That must mean your mum's the most moral person in this country lad, she's giving every little sperm its chance.
>> No. 392827 Anonymous
23rd July 2015
Thursday 8:24 pm
392827 spacer

A vicar is on the run after being found guilty of stealing £24,000 of church funds today.

Simon Reynolds, 50, of Upper Church Lane, Farnham, Surrey, took money meant for weddings and funerals while he worked at All Saints Church in Darton, near Barnsley.

Reynolds took money given to him by engaged couples and bereaved families that was meant for Darton All Saints Parochial Parish Council and Wakefield Diocesan Board of Finance.

>> No. 392828 Anonymous
23rd July 2015
Thursday 8:55 pm
392828 spacer

It was resting for a long time... a good long rest.

>> No. 392733 Anonymous
18th July 2015
Saturday 5:15 am
392733 the collapsing of your continent
Do any of you guys feel like the eu is being held together by a thin thread? with cyprus collapsing, greece soon to follow, economic growth slowing everywhere and even in germany which is supposed to be helping prop up Greece. Do you feel like things are coming undone?
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>> No. 392767 Anonymous
18th July 2015
Saturday 10:11 pm
392767 spacer

Britain is Gryffindor because everyone wants to be in that house - all the others are shit.
>> No. 392772 Anonymous
18th July 2015
Saturday 11:47 pm
392772 spacer
Alright Nige?
>> No. 392779 Anonymous
19th July 2015
Sunday 1:30 am
392779 spacer
Jews innit

>> No. 392780 Anonymous
19th July 2015
Sunday 5:06 am
392780 spacer

Bravery can fuck off. I'll take brains any day.
>> No. 392822 Anonymous
21st July 2015
Tuesday 9:28 pm
392822 spacer
Huh. I'm listening to Harry Potter music right now.

>> No. 392688 Anonymous
16th July 2015
Thursday 9:55 pm
392688 Eid Mubarak lads!
Tomorrow's Eid, make sure you do eskimoc things like: giving money to charities and kids, having a family gathering with extended family members, wearing fresh, new clothes, going to a fun fair, eating a lot of food, halal bantering with mates, etc.

Happy Eid .gs.
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>> No. 392776 Anonymous
19th July 2015
Sunday 12:32 am
392776 spacer
You could just not click on the link.
>> No. 392777 Anonymous
19th July 2015
Sunday 12:33 am
392777 spacer
You could stop gargling so many cocks simultaneously but that's life, Jeremy.
>> No. 392786 Anonymous
19th July 2015
Sunday 12:54 pm
392786 spacer
>It's so the men aren't distracted by all the arses bobbing up and down.

Can you even make out an arse in a cloak? It'd be like wanking over a tent.
>> No. 392787 Anonymous
19th July 2015
Sunday 1:02 pm
392787 spacer
Fucking hell, mate, you had to go and mention tents, didn't you. Be back in ten minutes, lads, got something I need to do.
>> No. 392807 Anonymous
20th July 2015
Monday 12:49 am
392807 spacer
hahaha, made my day

>> No. 392609 Anonymous
15th July 2015
Wednesday 9:43 pm
392609 spacer
Have any of you lads been to SEA?
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>> No. 392730 Anonymous
18th July 2015
Saturday 2:07 am
392730 spacer
I've been to Lithuania and Mexico which is at least slightly odd, and yeah I know exactly what you mean. An absolute pox on anyone who 'found themselves' on a fucking beach in Thailand or Goa.

It's all just tourism isn't it - a cheap holiday in someone else's misery - and wherever you go you can't escape your own brain.
>> No. 392731 Anonymous
18th July 2015
Saturday 2:33 am
392731 spacer

There's a well-trodden tourist trail in those places. You get some exotic stamps in your passport, while staying in places that aren't all that different from Benidorm. There are hostels full of English-speaking backpackers, restaurants serving recognisable food and places to buy tacky souvenirs. You can take a day trip to some rustic village and take photos with shoeless children in front of a mud hut, but you're unlikely to get too far out of your depth.

I don't blame anyone for doing it. Years of working in places off the beaten track have given me a gastrointestinal system that could process nuclear waste and a thousand-yard stare. Bumming around the world's youth hostels playing table football with dreadlocked wankers is a jolly jape; proper travel is always a bit of an ordeal.
>> No. 392735 Anonymous
18th July 2015
Saturday 7:09 am
392735 spacer
Who in their right mind would go to India? You will get raped.
>> No. 392736 Anonymous
18th July 2015
Saturday 7:50 am
392736 spacer

When I took my "gap yah" I said bollocks to that, and went to the Middle East. 'Twas 2003...I still have my passport witha visa for Saddam's Iraq with the words "human shield" given as reason for entry.


Yup, but worth it.
>> No. 392783 Anonymous
19th July 2015
Sunday 9:24 am
392783 spacer

At risk of sounding like someone with dreadlocks who hasn't washed for a week, the difference in culture is incredible in those places, plus they're generally quite welcoming to foreigners & strangers.

>> No. 392562 Anonymous
15th July 2015
Wednesday 11:40 am
392562 spacer
How do you use Ebay Argos click and collect? How do you prove who you are when you go and pick up your purchase?
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>> No. 392746 Anonymous
18th July 2015
Saturday 5:48 pm
392746 spacer
She's about to divorce her husband, pictured middle.
>> No. 392747 Anonymous
18th July 2015
Saturday 5:49 pm
392747 spacer
Poor Miriam. I wonder if Nick knows yet.
>> No. 392748 Anonymous
18th July 2015
Saturday 5:49 pm
392748 spacer

Resting bitch face most likely.
>> No. 392750 Anonymous
18th July 2015
Saturday 5:53 pm
392750 spacer
Well at first I read the sign behind her as "enjoy great value from your rectum", which would be an excellent explanation.
>> No. 392758 Anonymous
18th July 2015
Saturday 7:40 pm
392758 spacer
Thanks, good to know.

>> No. 392540 Anonymous
15th July 2015
Wednesday 8:07 am
392540 spacer
Did we let our last flag thread die or is someone going to look for it on my behalf?
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>> No. 392690 Anonymous
16th July 2015
Thursday 10:00 pm
392690 spacer

Fuck 'em, fly a bigger one.
>> No. 392692 Anonymous
16th July 2015
Thursday 10:01 pm
392692 spacer
Mencken sounds more nihilist in that quote, don't you think?
>> No. 392693 Anonymous
16th July 2015
Thursday 10:04 pm
392693 spacer
Better still, decorate it with buttplugs. Dem CystISISlads won no wot it em.
>> No. 392694 Anonymous
16th July 2015
Thursday 10:15 pm
392694 spacer

Quality flag.
>> No. 392710 Anonymous
17th July 2015
Friday 1:10 am
392710 spacer
Bring back the birch.

>> No. 391225 Anonymous
10th June 2015
Wednesday 4:38 pm
391225 spacer

"A Nobel laureate has apologised for any offence after he made comments about the "trouble with girls" in science - but said he had "meant to be honest".
Sir Tim Hunt, who is a Royal Society fellow, reportedly told a conference in South Korea women in labs "cry" when you criticise them and "fall in love" with their male counterparts."

He does have a point though.
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>> No. 392060 Anonymous
28th June 2015
Sunday 10:15 pm
392060 spacer

The bloke this thread is about, maybe, you numpty.


The thing about an actual armed mob, though, is it takes actually getting up and going out to do stuff, for a slim chance of having an influence. The mass twitter hysteria over that satellite bloke and his shirt nearly lost the poor fellow his job over fat fuck all of importance.

And you can bollocks if you think I'm anywhere close to right wing. It takes a certain type of person to interpret criticism of the left as automatically coming from someone who supports the right, but I'm not presumptuous enough to assume that's the sort of person you are.

(Even though I would be right)
>> No. 392061 Anonymous
28th June 2015
Sunday 10:22 pm
392061 spacer
Clearly the comet satellite bloke just misjudged the whole situation. He went on telly in a teary when the correct response was clearly "Fuck you all, I just had a probe land on a fucking comet. Have you ever got a probe to land on a comet? Didn't fucking think so."
>> No. 392062 Anonymous
29th June 2015
Monday 12:00 am
392062 spacer

The difference is that people in power have started listening to the peanut gallery.

Talk to anyone in broadcasting about audience complaints, and they'll tell you that ten or fifteen years ago they were just something for the interns to chuckle at. Today, the execs are tracking social media comments in real time, as the programme is being broadcast. After Brandgate, every word of every script is vetted by lawyers and live broadcasts are carefully supervised. A climate of fear has developed, in which every remark must be pre-emptively censored in accordance with the prevailing biases of print media.

The same applies in politics. Daily opinion polls have taken the place of policy and ideology. Public debates are subtitled by the wiggling worm of audience approval. Our leaders have become reactive rather than proactive, and operate on ever shorter timeframes. The first order of business in a cabinet minister's day is no longer asking his assistant "What is happening in the world?" but "What are people saying about me?".

The problem with all of this is that a) the squeaky wheel gets the oil and b) nobody has time to think. The loudest and most outraged views dominate the discussion, polarising every debate. Nuanced opinions and ambivalence get totally overlooked, because they don't turn into social media shitstorms. The nervousness of authority and the relentless pace of social media means that action is often demanded before the full facts are known. Society is taking on an increasingly skittish and impulsive character.

It's not a left/right issue; It is sometimes perceived as such, because of the divisions in how older and younger (and by proxy more or less conservative) people use technology. Right-wing shitstorms rage on Facebook and the Daily Mail comments section, while left-wingers prefer to vent their spleens on Twitter and Tumblr. For every fisherperson getting outraged on Tumblr about trout farming, there's a reactionary on Facebook raging about eskimos or the council or people who don't respect ARE BRAVE BOYS.
>> No. 392074 Anonymous
29th June 2015
Monday 3:09 pm
392074 spacer
Tim Hunt said that he hates somebody and hopes their career fails on Twitter?
>> No. 392663 Anonymous
16th July 2015
Thursday 1:00 pm
392663 spacer
I thought this was relevant to the thread.


>> No. 392351 Anonymous
11th July 2015
Saturday 10:44 am
392351 spacer
Weekend thread? Weekend thread.
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>> No. 392597 Anonymous
15th July 2015
Wednesday 5:27 pm
392597 spacer
Maybe you are just an idiot. The latter answer is what I want, not the bullshit former one.

Maybe I should move to the continent.
>> No. 392598 Anonymous
15th July 2015
Wednesday 5:30 pm
392598 spacer
Maybe you should.
>> No. 392599 Anonymous
15th July 2015
Wednesday 5:45 pm
392599 spacer
Don't tell me what to do, you neurotic cunt.
>> No. 392631 Anonymous
16th July 2015
Thursday 8:35 am
392631 spacer

>> No. 392632 Anonymous
16th July 2015
Thursday 8:45 am
392632 spacer
My advice would be to master communicating with the same sex before trying to learn the opposite sex. Asking a basic question like that on an image board suggests to me he hasn't done either yet. We do have good advice, but nonetheless it's a bit silly for him to admit struggling with eye contact when simultaneously staring into the idiot box.

>> No. 364298 Anonymous
14th November 2013
Thursday 4:47 pm
364298 spacer
ITT: Weird dreams you've had lately.

I actually dreamed last night that I was in Australia, visiting the two blokes from the Foster's adverts in their beach hut. Sure enough, they gave me a Foster's, and I said "cheers, guys"... and then one of them said to me "oh no mayt, we don't say cheers heere. We say 'You little ripper!'"

Quite bizarre... has this dream got any deeper meaning, or have I just been watching too much telly lately?
894 posts and 71 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 392512 Anonymous
14th July 2015
Tuesday 11:36 pm
392512 spacer
>My main recurring dream is losing my flat and moving back in with my parents.

I have a recurring nightmare about being back working in the job I was in at the arse-end of 2012. In these dreams I always receive a 5am phonecall telling me to be at the airport in three hours because I'm booked into another month long tour of depression, alcoholism, misery, and loneliness which will find me downing bottles of red wine at 6am in various countries while attempting to iron a shirt and find some cufflinks, dear Jesus lord please let me have packed some cufflinks.... and then I wake up and almost sob with relief that that's no longer my life.
>> No. 392516 Anonymous
15th July 2015
Wednesday 12:04 am
392516 spacer

That sounds brilliant, what did you do? I think you might have mentioned it on here before.

Go on, tell us all a good bedtime story lad.
>> No. 392523 Anonymous
15th July 2015
Wednesday 12:31 am
392523 spacer

I have a vague recollection of a lad in the diplomatic service, I'm hoping it's that. He probably just sells fish processing equipment or something equally tedious.
>> No. 392537 Anonymous
15th July 2015
Wednesday 7:31 am
392537 spacer
I had a dream that a girl I am seeing did a shit on me at a party, and I had to run through the house into the bathroom to shower. In the dream I was really disgusted at first, but didn't mind a little later on.

The only 'meaning' I could find was shit = money. Should I text her and ask if she won the lottery?
>> No. 392557 Anonymous
15th July 2015
Wednesday 10:50 am
392557 spacer
I had a dream where I put my brother in a choke hold till he died. Then I woke up. It was a bit weird.

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