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>> No. 399697 Anonymous
8th February 2016
Monday 6:39 pm
399697 spacer
What do you think you'd do if you were diagnosed with terminal cancer? I haven't, my mate just asked the other day.

I don't think I'd do anything. I think I'd just give up.
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>> No. 399791 Anonymous
11th February 2016
Thursday 6:34 am
399791 spacer
I watched a friend die quite quickly from terminal cancer in 2014. According to his girlfriend he had always said he would do something outrageous like assassinate some hateful politician or other if he knew he was dying.

What he actually did was start drinking and smoking again because why not, marry his long term gf which was really helpful legally for her more than anything else, and work on music until he could literally no longer raise his hands to a synthesiser anymore. It was all terribly sad and traumatic to be around but he dealt with it quite well and his first words to me when I saw him after the diagnosis was that it felt liberating and he felt strangely euphoric.
>> No. 399792 Anonymous
11th February 2016
Thursday 9:34 am
399792 spacer

Christ, how depressing.
>> No. 399793 Anonymous
11th February 2016
Thursday 11:28 am
399793 spacer

Different lad. I find it sad, yeah, but it sounds like he made the best of it. Took care of his last affairs for loved ones, enjoyed some final small pleasures and did something creative up to the end.

That being said, this whole thread is making me hope it comes on quick for me. I do think about life in terms of how long I have left already (maybe quite odd for a relatively young man) so really being given a more concrete date might make me panic or fall into depression than anything else.
>> No. 399794 Anonymous
11th February 2016
Thursday 12:22 pm
399794 spacer
A close friend of the family was diagnosed with terminal cancer a few years ago. He was a fiercely independent and self-reliant man. He built his own house on a patch of land at the edge of town and grew most of his own food. He never worked a nine-to-five, always living off his wits.

When he got too ill to work, he sawed off the barrel of his shotgun, sat down in his favourite chair and shot himself in the head.

It might sound weird, but I don't know anyone who had a better death. It was exactly the way he wanted to go - not slowly fading away in a hospice, but at a time and place of his choosing. There were no tears at his funeral. He approached his own death in such a matter of fact way that it felt rude to mourn him.
>> No. 399795 Anonymous
11th February 2016
Thursday 12:43 pm
399795 spacer

As I said earlier in this thread, cancer doesn't just take your health or your life, it takes your dignity.

Few things are as pitiful as the way people waste away in the final stages of the disease. The way they increasingly become bedridden, the way they lose immense amounts of body weight in a short time until they are only skin and bones, thus becoming shockingly weak and frail, and the way they are just in complete misery with no hope left at all.

My brother died of a malignant brain tumor. It was horrible. But the worst thing was, he was probably one of the brightest minds you'd ever meet, and he had a Ph.D. in chemical engineering. While he was pretty much just waiting for death, you could see the cancer eating away at his mind, at the person he was intellectually. That was probably the toughest part... seeing his intellect fade away, and him increasingly regressing to the state of a helpless child, with only occasional lucid moments to remind you of the person he once was.

I honestly don't know what I would do if a doctor told me I was going to die that same way. I really don't. In the face of such impending sheer and utter misery, I guess suicide would not be the worst option.

>> No. 399768 Anonymous
10th February 2016
Wednesday 3:02 pm
399768 Goodnight sweet prince
Sushil Koirala (2 August 1939 – 9 February 2016)
Expand all images.
>> No. 399769 Anonymous
10th February 2016
Wednesday 3:13 pm
399769 spacer
Erm... who?
>> No. 399771 Anonymous
10th February 2016
Wednesday 3:54 pm
399771 spacer

If he wasn't aged 69 and British what makes you think he was important?
>> No. 399783 Anonymous
10th February 2016
Wednesday 8:34 pm
399783 spacer
Thatcher's funeral would have been much more entertaining if she were burned on a pyre on Westminster bridge.
>> No. 399784 Anonymous
10th February 2016
Wednesday 8:36 pm
399784 spacer

Particularly if it was pre-mortem.
>> No. 399787 Anonymous
10th February 2016
Wednesday 9:50 pm
399787 spacer

>> No. 398779 Anonymous
3rd January 2016
Sunday 11:08 pm
398779 New week thread
We've had weekend threads, we've had middle of the week threads. What we haven't quite had is a thread where you can post what you have planned for the new week after a weekend.

So how about it. What have you lot got planned for this, the first full week of 2016?

I've still got time off till Wednesday morning, so I am just going to spend the coming two days enjoying a little bit of additional free time before things get serious again at work. And I might give my flat a good clean.
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>> No. 399766 Anonymous
10th February 2016
Wednesday 2:58 pm
399766 spacer
Just received a call from my bank, asking me why I transferred the couple of thousand quid I had in my bank account (which were my cut after helping a friend sell his house for quite a nice premium) to another account at another bank. The person who called me said, "I'm sorry you moved your money away from us, couldn't there have been something we could have done to invest this money wisely for you?"

Fucking idiots. When I was unemployed and my current account was deep in the red for months, they told me repeatedly that they would consider terminating our relationship if I wasn't at some point going to balance the account. And now all of a sudden, they're trying to suck up to me like that.
>> No. 399770 Anonymous
10th February 2016
Wednesday 3:19 pm
399770 spacer



Just started this.
>> No. 399776 Anonymous
10th February 2016
Wednesday 6:03 pm
399776 spacer
What's the name of that big bastard tool next to the middle guy? I've used one before, it was a corker but I never found its name apart from 'that big bastard'.
>> No. 399777 Anonymous
10th February 2016
Wednesday 6:29 pm
399777 spacer

Post hole digger bar?
>> No. 399779 Anonymous
10th February 2016
Wednesday 6:34 pm
399779 spacer

It's called an auger. Believe me it's a God send as digging fence post holes by hand is fucking hard work using a double shovel.

>> No. 399746 Anonymous
9th February 2016
Tuesday 3:39 pm
399746 spacer
When a waiter comes over in the middle of your meal and asks you if everything is alright with it, has anyone ever said no?

And why does every restaurant do this? Is it a statutory requirement or something?
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>> No. 399752 Anonymous
9th February 2016
Tuesday 6:16 pm
399752 spacer
>as people we either

were either

Long and slow day.
>> No. 399753 Anonymous
9th February 2016
Tuesday 6:26 pm
399753 spacer
I've said no when what was put on my plate was clearly unsatisfactory (e.g. overcooked steak that looked several minutes past the medium-rare that I'd ordered). I do find it annoying when they come back in under a minute, which leaves me wanting to tell them "could you come back when I've actually had a chance to figure it out". Though on the rare occasion when I've asked for more time, they don't bother coming back at all.
>> No. 399754 Anonymous
9th February 2016
Tuesday 10:26 pm
399754 spacer

I went to a steakhouse a while ago and ordered a medium rare steak, but then when I cut into it, it was practically raw, like it still had enough life in it to jump off my plate.

Medium rare shouldn't be that difficult to get right, at least not when you are asking over 20 quid for a steak, with sides. So I complained to the waiter. It was no problem, and he replied in a very polite and attentive manner, "I'm very sorry, I'll get it sorted for you right away".

Being British and therefore having an almost innate kind of shyness with these things is one thing. But spending 20 quid on a steak which was practically still living and breathing would simply have been stupid.
>> No. 399761 Anonymous
10th February 2016
Wednesday 6:09 am
399761 spacer
Because it's a lot cheaper for us to recook your meal than it is to take it off your bill entirely after you've already eaten it.

It's a good way to show proactive customer service, while at the same time protecting against the utter wonks who eat a full meal and THEN complain about it.
>> No. 399764 Anonymous
10th February 2016
Wednesday 6:48 am
399764 spacer

>>399761 is on it. Checkbacks a few minutes after the meal is served. Can't ask at the table because no-one will have eaten it, and if you come back 15 minutes later to a fullish plate then someone's probably pissed, unless they've already called over to complain.

>> No. 364298 Anonymous
14th November 2013
Thursday 4:47 pm
364298 spacer
ITT: Weird dreams you've had lately.

I actually dreamed last night that I was in Australia, visiting the two blokes from the Foster's adverts in their beach hut. Sure enough, they gave me a Foster's, and I said "cheers, guys"... and then one of them said to me "oh no mayt, we don't say cheers heere. We say 'You little ripper!'"

Quite bizarre... has this dream got any deeper meaning, or have I just been watching too much telly lately?
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>> No. 399255 Anonymous
22nd January 2016
Friday 7:54 pm
399255 spacer
One of the mods (who was covered in neon paint) and I were at this weir; there was a bit of concrete beside the deeper part with just a few centimetres of water and I swam across it. When I stood up, I was covered in loads of tiny fish which had bitten me and were still hanging on, encrusted to my body with rapidly drying scabs. It didn't hurt a lot but was really satisfying to scrape the fish and scabs off.

Next thing I know, I'm being airdropped into a hyper realistic VR game, inside a blue tent. The tent lands and I get out, where I'm joined by a team of other players, emerging from their tents; one of which was the shape of a plane. We went inside this building - judging from the décor inside it was some sort of mansion with attached catering facilities - and started looking for weapons. We found a few, one pistol and a selection of combat knives with detachable extra parts on the handles like an extra pointy bit that faced forward, or a fork-like thing. I distributed the weapons among my team (one of whom was an East Asian young man) as fairly as possible, then woke up.

I just read the whole of this thread, before posting this I found myself genuinely laughing out loud at some of it.
>> No. 399470 Anonymous
31st January 2016
Sunday 5:26 pm
399470 spacer
It's hard to care about each dream when there's just too many replies.
>> No. 399473 Anonymous
31st January 2016
Sunday 5:53 pm
399473 spacer
I had a dream where I was naked and everyone I know (family, friends, relatives, etc) were all laughing at me for having a disgusting looking body. I then started breaking everything in my room, only to wake up and realise that everything was a dream.
>> No. 399479 Anonymous
31st January 2016
Sunday 8:16 pm
399479 spacer
I had a dream where I felt someone else was controlling my dreams, except I knew it was a dream.
>> No. 399755 Anonymous
9th February 2016
Tuesday 10:30 pm
399755 spacer
At the moment, I am in the process of wanting to watch all the Alien movies, one by one, every other night. Tonight, I will probably watch Alien 3.

Anyway, so last night, I had a dream that I was on board the Nostromo spaceship from the first Alien movie, and I was interacting with Ellen Ripley herself. And then I said to her at some point, "Kind of lucky for you that this shit keeps happening to you, isn't it? Your career wouldn't have been the same without these films!"

>> No. 399685 Anonymous
7th February 2016
Sunday 7:31 pm
399685 Lunar New Year
Happy Chinese New Year, Vietnamese Tet, Tibetan Losar etc.

May the year of the Male Fire Monkey bring you happiness and its causes in abundance. May you have good health, wealth and an absence of shitposting.

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>> No. 399744 Anonymous
9th February 2016
Tuesday 1:05 pm
399744 spacer
But they're real! Just because you don't accept that they were born the wrong species that doesn't mean that they're crazy.
>> No. 399745 Anonymous
9th February 2016
Tuesday 2:52 pm
399745 spacer

It still makes you a twat for stretching a childish fantasy into a lifestyle choice whilst hijacking the genuine anguish of amputees and transsexuals.

I mean, not you, personally. Otherkin.
>> No. 399749 Anonymous
9th February 2016
Tuesday 4:12 pm
399749 spacer

>genuine anguish of amputees and transsexuals

The struggle of transsexuals is as real as that for otherkin, both are about a refusal to reconcile their self image with reality. Never fall in to the trap of assuming that just because society humors one and not the other that their position is somehow more valid.
>> No. 399750 Anonymous
9th February 2016
Tuesday 4:14 pm
399750 spacer
For my next trick, I will shoehorn my weird socially-exclusionary opinions into yet another thread!!
>> No. 399751 Anonymous
9th February 2016
Tuesday 4:37 pm
399751 spacer
I self identify as not having socially-exclusionary opinions, stop oppressing me and respect my life choice.

>> No. 399643 Anonymous
6th February 2016
Saturday 10:31 am
399643 spacer
Weekend thread? Weekend thread.

Are you lads still here? You've been awful quiet of late.
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>> No. 399715 Anonymous
8th February 2016
Monday 10:59 pm
399715 spacer
10/10 reply. Bonus for use of 'egregious'.
>> No. 399717 Anonymous
8th February 2016
Monday 11:24 pm
399717 spacer

Personally I don't think you can really call it a proper, loving relationship until you've dutch-ovened your other half.
>> No. 399720 Anonymous
8th February 2016
Monday 11:58 pm
399720 spacer
I've been woken up due to my mrs letting rip a very bassy rumbling fart in her sleep. This was during a time where there was roadworks going on down the far end of my road and I thought it was vibrations from the pneumatic drill at first. Only to realise it was my other half trumping onto the small of my back.
>> No. 399742 Anonymous
9th February 2016
Tuesday 11:55 am
399742 spacer
Then we're practically married...

To take a more nsfw turn, I have never heard her fart, even as so much as a light toot, ever, nor does she have any bum odours. I say this even after I've dined on her balloon knot with great enthusiasm and vigour. It's almost been 6 months, and it's kind of a weird phenomenon...

Mirth as audible as your missus.
>> No. 399775 Anonymous
10th February 2016
Wednesday 5:58 pm
399775 spacer
Painful mirth.

>> No. 399475 Anonymous
31st January 2016
Sunday 7:26 pm
399475 spacer
You' know when you have to pick out something from the bottom of the sink but its full of hot water, anyone else noticed if you rinse your hand under the cold tap first it kind-of creates a barrier so you can quickly dip your hand in and out with it hurting you.

Whats the deal with that? Does the cold water create a temporary barrier like a liquid rubber glove or is it something to do with tricking your senses?

Google isn't being helpful and for some reason I'm the only one who knows about it. Like how if butter is being uncooperative you can heat the knife on the stove despite that being fairly logical if you ask me.
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>> No. 399611 Anonymous
3rd February 2016
Wednesday 8:15 pm
399611 spacer
What do you think studies are made of? Research and evidence.
>> No. 399612 Anonymous
3rd February 2016
Wednesday 8:30 pm
399612 spacer

Wet hands conduct heat faster than dry. The water will provide some amount of evaporative cooling.

Cooling your hands with water before dipping them into a washing up bowl makes sense, because the difference in temperature isn't too great, you're only in contact with the hot liquid briefly and your hands will get wet anyway.

Licking your fingers before snuffing out a candle makes sense, because the contact is so brief that the evaporative cooling outweighs the increased thermal conductivity.

What >>399572 suggests is a recipe for severe burns.
>> No. 399613 Anonymous
3rd February 2016
Wednesday 8:49 pm
399613 spacer
And a house is made of bricks, but one brick is not a house.
>> No. 399614 Anonymous
3rd February 2016
Wednesday 8:55 pm
399614 spacer

On yer' bike Confucius, this is a Britain only imageboard!
>> No. 399741 Anonymous
9th February 2016
Tuesday 11:37 am
399741 spacer

I live nearby a chinese family and you can practically smell the wisdom.

>> No. 399424 Anonymous
31st January 2016
Sunday 7:54 am
399424 spacer
I'm from Northern Ireland but have an English surname.

Can I just adopt an RP accent and leave this shithole behind me, or am I supposed to have gone to a boarding school to have the right to use that accent?

(A good day to you Sir!)
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>> No. 399731 Anonymous ## Mod ##
9th February 2016
Tuesday 5:08 am
399731 spacer

You were banned because your idea is very silly.
>> No. 399740 Anonymous
9th February 2016
Tuesday 11:33 am
399740 spacer

Maybe not the actual laying itself, but the considerations that go into building a wall is actually substantial.
>> No. 399743 Anonymous
9th February 2016
Tuesday 12:29 pm
399743 spacer
Yeah, Architecture is a pretty well respected profession.
>> No. 399756 Anonymous
9th February 2016
Tuesday 10:49 pm
399756 spacer
You try and get some fucking brickwork signed off by a Crossrail quality inspector and tell me bricklaying isn't detailed.

You fucking office mongering twunts.
>> No. 399757 Anonymous
10th February 2016
Wednesday 12:17 am
399757 spacer
You type like Wiley.

>> No. 399721 Anonymous
9th February 2016
Tuesday 2:01 am
399721 Late night thread
There haven't been many posts at all lately. It makes it quite lonely when this is the only site you browse regularly. I once made a late night thread here with a picture of same naked woman that go hundreds of replies within an hour.

What are you all doing?
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>> No. 399732 Anonymous
9th February 2016
Tuesday 5:38 am
399732 spacer
I'm organising a file collection that's over 4TB. It has been carried on since 1999 now I think? My grandchildren will have the data that is being carried on here.
>> No. 399734 Anonymous
9th February 2016
Tuesday 6:50 am
399734 spacer

She seems decent enough.
>> No. 399735 Anonymous
9th February 2016
Tuesday 8:59 am
399735 spacer
what are the files?
>> No. 399737 Anonymous
9th February 2016
Tuesday 9:51 am
399737 spacer
I was going to stay up and watch Monday night Raw for Daniel Bryan's retirement. I fell asleep during the opening segment, so the latest I've stayed awake recently is 1:30.
>> No. 399739 Anonymous
9th February 2016
Tuesday 11:28 am
399739 spacer

Skipping lectures on Kant to have a bash and write fiction.

Ever considered making it open? Large collections of personally sifted data are always interesting.

>> No. 398951 Anonymous
11th January 2016
Monday 7:06 am
398951 Goodnight Sweet Duke

Music legend David Bowie dies - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-35278872
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>> No. 399471 Anonymous
31st January 2016
Sunday 5:27 pm
399471 spacer

Marital rape didn't exist in traditional Christian societies.
>> No. 399474 Anonymous
31st January 2016
Sunday 6:12 pm
399474 spacer

Umm, okay. Am I supposed to care or something?

This guy liked to feel people up and spout bibble about how good at being a Christian he was.
>> No. 399480 Anonymous
31st January 2016
Sunday 8:36 pm
399480 spacer

Religion is fucked up, isn't it...

said in a compassionate Stewie Griffin end-of-episode voice
>> No. 399641 Anonymous
5th February 2016
Friday 2:53 pm
399641 spacer
I'm not totally sure I understand what my news feed is saying but I think they just announced Captain Planet has also died.
>> No. 399642 Anonymous
5th February 2016
Friday 3:25 pm
399642 spacer
Global warming, innit?

>> No. 399525 Anonymous
2nd February 2016
Tuesday 3:25 am
399525 spacer
I got an interesting job offer today.

I'm skint as fuck so I was looking for part-time work as you do and I came across a handy man type position at this place not far from me. A private house, older building needing a spare hand.

Sorted I thought, so I fired my CV across and asked what sort of work they needed doing.

I received the reply "Odd jobs, really -- painting, furniture construction, moving things, a bit
of outdoor work when the weather is good."

Just my sort of thing.

Oh, they're also nudists and want me to work stark fucking naked all the time with husband, wife and three adult sons jamming about the place bare arses and all.

It's for £900/week, I'm fucking tempted. I don't fucking know what the fuck is going on anymore.
20 posts omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 399606 Anonymous
3rd February 2016
Wednesday 6:43 pm
399606 spacer

That's bollocks.
>> No. 399607 Anonymous
3rd February 2016
Wednesday 6:57 pm
399607 spacer
>> No. 399620 Anonymous
4th February 2016
Thursday 5:18 am
399620 spacer
Op here. I'm going for it. We've had a further chat and I've asked to speak with the chap, he only wants email correspondence for now but he seems to like me.

I'll keep this thread updated. I'll try and get pics, which may prove a little difficult because no pockets to keep a phone in and all.
>> No. 399621 Anonymous
4th February 2016
Thursday 6:57 am
399621 spacer
Put a camera spy in your Japs eye.
>> No. 399622 Anonymous
4th February 2016
Thursday 7:22 am
399622 spacer
>>he only wants email correspondence

Normally this is where actual danger alarm bells would ring, nut considering we have on previous occasions collectively encouraged incest, prostitution and DIY aviation, I see no need to be a party popper this time.

>> No. 399484 Anonymous
1st February 2016
Monday 6:20 am
399484 Tying up loose ends.
Over the years we have had all manner of insights into people's personal lives. Sharing our dreams, fears and unrealistic building ideas have been a cornerstone of .gs since forever.

Some of us, including myself, genuinely care if Ambulancelad actually got his ambulance. So this is w they'd where we can ask our unanswered .gs questions from threads past and give answers if we are qualified to do so.

In a music thread there was once heavy hinting that Kunt and the gang have posted here due to some references in their lyrics. I have to know more, so please post the lyrics, scree grabs or whatever you maybe have.

Revengelad seems to have developed a myth around himself to the point that he gets confused with one of the screengrabbers as well as the teen who posted threats about taking the site down a few years ago. Clarification needed.

Did the guy who was going to hitchhike ad infinitum do so? Around Christmas someone also posted about having some money and a ticket to Thailand or similar. Are you there now?
26 posts and 4 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 399538 Anonymous
2nd February 2016
Tuesday 3:44 pm
399538 spacer

No. My thread was in /b/. I remember that thread though.
>> No. 399571 Anonymous
3rd February 2016
Wednesday 1:08 am
399571 spacer

You can consider us both your friends m8. We're here for you.
>> No. 399597 Anonymous
3rd February 2016
Wednesday 4:17 pm
399597 spacer
Is that OS X?
>> No. 399598 Anonymous
3rd February 2016
Wednesday 4:27 pm
399598 spacer
No it's not X
>> No. 399615 Anonymous
3rd February 2016
Wednesday 9:04 pm
399615 spacer
No, they were in Tiger (10.4) until 1:01 at which point they switch to Leopard. You can see the menu bar change, for starters (the translucent menu bar was a 'feature' of 10.5 up until 10.5.2, when you could make it opaque again).

The dock has been in OS X since the beginning. Get your facts straight.

>> No. 399555 Anonymous
2nd February 2016
Tuesday 9:13 pm
399555 spacer
What is this and are non brits welcome?
6 posts omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 399565 Anonymous
2nd February 2016
Tuesday 10:54 pm
399565 spacer
about britfags?
>> No. 399566 Anonymous
2nd February 2016
Tuesday 10:55 pm
399566 spacer
Hm, not sure if someone else has a shit sense of humour or I double posted...
>> No. 399567 Anonymous
2nd February 2016
Tuesday 10:58 pm
399567 spacer
About britfa.gs?
>> No. 399568 Anonymous
2nd February 2016
Tuesday 11:02 pm
399568 spacer
>> No. 399569 Anonymous
2nd February 2016
Tuesday 11:08 pm
399569 spacer

Stop that.

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