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>> No. 409690 Anonymous
18th April 2017
Tuesday 10:24 am
409690 spacer
Theresa May is due to make a statement in Downing Street at 11.15am amid speculation the Prime Minister could call an early general election.

Mrs May is scheduled to make her statement immediately following a meeting of her Cabinet. The BBC's political editor Laura Kuenssberg confirmed the news and said such a statement is "only normally used for most serious moments".

Downing Street is yet to comment on what Mrs May will say. Statements outside Number 10 are highly rare and usually reserved for only the most significant announcements.

The last time Mrs May spoke to the nation in front of the famous black door was after she succeeded David Cameron as PM. Meanwhile, Mr Cameron used the setting to announce his resignation in the immediate aftermath of the EU referendum result.


It's either a general election or we're going to war with the North Koreans. Place your bets now.
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>> No. 410630 Anonymous
22nd May 2017
Monday 9:47 pm
410630 spacer
>>IFS research said that between 2010 and 2016 the value of the state pension increased by 22.2 per cent compared with growth in earnings of 7.6 per cent and growth in prices of 12.3 per cent over the same period.

The basic State Pension in 2010 was £5,077.80. If it has increased by 2.5% compound over 6 years that's 15.97% to £5,888.69, which works out at £15.59 per week.

If it was a double lock:

• Earnings was 1.8% in 2010/11
• RPI was 4.6% in 2011/12
• CPI was 5.2% in 2012/13
• CPI was 2.2% in 2013/14
• CPI was 2.4% in 2014/15
• CPI was 1.2% in 2015/16
• We've excluded 2016/17 from this, but earnings rose by 2.8%.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 410631 Anonymous
22nd May 2017
Monday 10:05 pm
410631 spacer
>It's a gimmick
Swapping the triple lock for a double lock, sure, but I'm not arguing the 'double lock' is any good.

In any case, in the double lock scenario the 2.5% bit is done away with beacuse its arbitrary nonsense, so your numbers are wrong. You're right that it makes bugger all difference, but the double lock is overexpensive too.
>> No. 410632 Anonymous
22nd May 2017
Monday 10:06 pm
410632 spacer

Hi lads.

Travelling from way up norf to London tomorrow and thought I might stay the night and get well pissed. Any way I can find meetups? Should I join a touristy pub crawl?
>> No. 410633 Anonymous
22nd May 2017
Monday 10:13 pm
410633 spacer
On the contrary, the double/triple lock is a very good thing. If I've got to work until I'm fucking 70 and some wannabe Maxwell cunt is going to raid any other pension I might have, I'd appreciate it if whatever other provision is left is actually worth something.
>> No. 410634 Anonymous
23rd May 2017
Tuesday 12:06 am
410634 spacer
You won't be retiring.

>> No. 405839 Anonymous
19th October 2016
Wednesday 2:31 pm
405839 Mid-week thread
Mid-week thread?

Mid-week thread.

What are you lot up to?
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>> No. 410581 Anonymous
21st May 2017
Sunday 2:49 pm
410581 spacer

If I had the money, billions upon billions of pounds and earning similar, I'd personally fund the NHS to keep it out of private sector hands, by mitigating cuts by donating to the affected NHS Trust.

I hate that NHS funding is a political issue.
>> No. 410582 Anonymous
21st May 2017
Sunday 2:56 pm
410582 spacer
You can always do your little bit. Go on, just a few thousand.

The NHS is a cancer on this nation psychologically.
>> No. 410583 Anonymous
21st May 2017
Sunday 3:51 pm
410583 spacer

Lung cancer has a very poor long term survival rate as it is, because it almost universally tends to be very aggressive and spreads profusely to other parts of the body.

It's a fucking disgrace that people are kept waiting to receive chemo, but it probably had a very limited effect on her eventual prognosis.

What's disgusting though is the thought that maybe somebody was kept waiting because it was known that they quite probably wouldn't have long either way, and that that would make it alright to save a few quid by not admitting them to chemo. Yes, depending on the details, a cycle of chemotherapy can cost £100K and more. But in the greater scheme of things, there are much more serious ways in which NHS money, and loads more than that, is wasted.
>> No. 410586 Anonymous
21st May 2017
Sunday 9:26 pm
410586 spacer
Did she smoke? Not jumping on a high horse, I'm just getting a bit paranoid since I've been smoking nigh on a decade myself.
>> No. 410588 Anonymous
21st May 2017
Sunday 9:59 pm
410588 spacer

90 percent of lung cancer patients are or were smokers. So theoretically, that still leaves room for a benefit of doubt.

I don't judge people who smoke, after all, I smoked for well over a decade myself, and at the end before I quit, I was up to over a pack a day.

I just keep suggesting nicely to people around me who still smoke to think about quitting. Even if some of them think I am a cunt. I like to think that I am still not as bad as some of the more preachy former smokers that you can meet.

>> No. 410393 Anonymous
13th May 2017
Saturday 5:10 pm
410393 spacer
Eurovision/weekend thread? Eurovision/weekend thread.

How's it going, lads?
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>> No. 410450 Anonymous
16th May 2017
Tuesday 11:06 am
410450 spacer
Am I the only one who liked Austria?

It was galling when they received nil pois from the public.
>> No. 410466 Anonymous
16th May 2017
Tuesday 7:52 pm
410466 spacer

You would think that the Austrians would have worked off their bad karma by now.
>> No. 410467 Anonymous
16th May 2017
Tuesday 9:46 pm
410467 spacer
As if. We should neither forget nor forgive The Sound of Music.
>> No. 410468 Anonymous
16th May 2017
Tuesday 10:06 pm
410468 spacer


There have been far worse Austrians than coked out, suicide-by-bus Falco.

(was it a bus he hit head-on at his moment of death? A lorry? I can't remember.)
>> No. 410470 Anonymous
16th May 2017
Tuesday 11:04 pm
410470 spacer

>> No. 409151 Anonymous
23rd March 2017
Thursday 1:02 am
409151 Internet Legends

This coffee pot was the first ever live stream on the World Wide Web. What other Internet legends do you lads know of?
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>> No. 410437 Anonymous
14th May 2017
Sunday 11:07 pm
410437 spacer
>I've never really been massively into ... obscure chans
.gs is significantly more obscure than 420chan.
>> No. 410438 Anonymous
14th May 2017
Sunday 11:10 pm
410438 spacer
Aye, but it's British and sufficiently non-chanesque to keep me coming here. I can't think of an equivalent place that will rightfully ban you for improper grammar or spelling.

Also it's slow which I like. I'm still to get round to posting my Thai-Mexican fusion recipes, it's been years now but I'm still refining them.
>> No. 410440 Anonymous
15th May 2017
Monday 12:47 am
410440 spacer
420 is pretty dissimilar to other imageboards in its vibe and content but this place is further from it.
>Thai-Mexican fusion recipes
Fuck me that's been a long time.
>> No. 410448 Anonymous
15th May 2017
Monday 9:33 pm
410448 spacer

And I'm still waiting!
>> No. 410449 Anonymous
15th May 2017
Monday 11:15 pm
410449 spacer

It'll be worth it, I swear guv!

>> No. 410239 Anonymous
5th May 2017
Friday 1:22 pm
410239 spacer
I found this on eBay.

Is this clever marketing or some sort of exhibitionist thing? There seems to be a large amount of women displaying the garments they're selling in this manner.
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>> No. 410315 Anonymous
8th May 2017
Monday 8:12 pm
410315 spacer
Sure, just like how one day half of the population decided they'd had enough of Syria and moved to Germany.
>> No. 410320 Anonymous
8th May 2017
Monday 8:48 pm
410320 spacer

uBlock Origin works very well, as far as I can tell.


Yeah... wait, what? Shut the fuck up, you bibbling nonce.
>> No. 410416 Anonymous
14th May 2017
Sunday 12:15 am
410416 spacer

You're doing something wrong. uBlock Origin blocks all YouTube ad units using the default filter lists.
>> No. 410418 Anonymous
14th May 2017
Sunday 1:52 am
410418 spacer

How could he be doing something wrong? When he's the only person to experience this problem and uses the word "JewTube"? Are you calling him a shit-for-brains subnormal? I am anyway.
>> No. 410423 Anonymous
14th May 2017
Sunday 8:21 am
410423 spacer

I think someone linked to us on the otherplace's /pol/ or something.

>> No. 410348 Anonymous
10th May 2017
Wednesday 5:17 pm
410348 spacer
Right, 'tis been a long while since we have had a joke thread. So, I heard a corker tonight:

Two men walk into a bar, one younger than the other. They start drinking, and the older guy is knocking them back at twice the rate of the other, while also talking four times as much.

Eventually he leans over the table and says "I fucked you mother last night, she was a right wrong'un, I fucked her everywhere, armpit, arse, came in her ear, fucked the folds in her flesh."

The other man interrupts and says I think it is is to go home dad.
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>> No. 410377 Anonymous
11th May 2017
Thursday 12:09 pm
410377 spacer
What is black, white and eats like a Horse?

A Zebra
>> No. 410383 Anonymous
11th May 2017
Thursday 1:28 pm
410383 spacer

Where did Saddam keep his CDs?

In Iraq.
>> No. 410384 Anonymous
11th May 2017
Thursday 1:36 pm
410384 spacer
I remember all those sorts of jokes following 9/11. What a crummy time that was.
>> No. 410386 Anonymous
11th May 2017
Thursday 2:33 pm
410386 spacer

>> No. 410389 Anonymous
12th May 2017
Friday 12:18 am
410389 spacer


Just think what a crazy time these two lads must have had back then.

>> No. 407828 Anonymous
7th January 2017
Saturday 1:36 pm
407828 spacer
Weekend thread? Weekend thread.

How's it going, lads?
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>> No. 410186 Anonymous
3rd May 2017
Wednesday 10:27 pm
410186 spacer
I say we raise the age of consent to at least 100. That should settle the debate for once and for all. By the time anyone's able to do it legally they're neither inclined nor equipped to do it.
>> No. 410296 Anonymous
7th May 2017
Sunday 2:41 pm
410296 spacer
I am sitting in the livingroom of my flat with the balcony door open, and there's an immense waft of somebody smoking weed coming in right now. I have tried to locate the source, but whoever is getting stoned isn't doing it on any of the other balconies.
>> No. 410324 Anonymous
8th May 2017
Monday 9:01 pm
410324 spacer
I ate two apples and suddenly am feeling quite depressed.

Apparently six apples from ASDA are 7 recommended servings, I'm not quite sure how this is supposed to work.
>> No. 410330 Anonymous
8th May 2017
Monday 10:41 pm
410330 spacer

An apple is 1.1666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 servings of apple. Nothing odd about that.
>> No. 410331 Anonymous
8th May 2017
Monday 10:53 pm
410331 spacer
Protractors are not cutlery.

>> No. 410304 Anonymous
8th May 2017
Monday 6:35 pm
410304 Happy Dead, Kraut, Bastards Day

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>> No. 410321 Anonymous
8th May 2017
Monday 8:51 pm
410321 spacer


Projecting what? I never even made any claims. You're the one chatting pure shite.
>> No. 410323 Anonymous
8th May 2017
Monday 9:00 pm
410323 spacer
You seem to be taking things awfully seriously, given the thread title.
>> No. 410327 Anonymous
8th May 2017
Monday 9:42 pm
410327 spacer

More tanks please lads.
>> No. 410328 Anonymous
8th May 2017
Monday 9:44 pm
410328 spacer


I've got more planes than tanks, to be honest.
>> No. 410329 Anonymous
8th May 2017
Monday 9:51 pm
410329 spacer

Not to mention the Stug III was an assault gun! Tututut, some people.

P1030060 - Copy.jpg
>> No. 409850 Anonymous
23rd April 2017
Sunday 11:32 am
409850 Help please.
Name my fish, lads.
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>> No. 409997 Anonymous
27th April 2017
Thursday 7:32 pm
409997 spacer

That's a daft name for a fish, lad.
>> No. 409999 Anonymous
27th April 2017
Thursday 7:52 pm
409999 spacer

>> No. 410028 Anonymous
28th April 2017
Friday 8:06 pm
410028 spacer

Poty sounds like a good name for a fish.
>> No. 410153 Anonymous
2nd May 2017
Tuesday 10:17 pm
410153 spacer
>> No. 410302 Anonymous
8th May 2017
Monday 4:20 pm
410302 spacer
love and cherishy

>> No. 410228 Anonymous
5th May 2017
Friday 2:01 am
410228 spacer


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>> No. 410260 Anonymous
5th May 2017
Friday 7:15 pm
410260 spacer

Like that, but with a slightly worrying amount of choking.
>> No. 410262 Anonymous
5th May 2017
Friday 8:03 pm
410262 spacer
Aye lads, this is a totally accurate assessment of her character and nothing to do with your own wank fantasies.

She's clearly a total sub.
>> No. 410264 Anonymous
5th May 2017
Friday 8:38 pm
410264 spacer
I love the lift background music they got on. In any case, she is a human being. Don't add cola to hot coffee.
>> No. 410265 Anonymous
5th May 2017
Friday 10:27 pm
410265 spacer
>It does not just mean to have sex with ... if you're feeling complimentary you can also say that someone is a good fuck
Isn't this wrong? Or at least redundant and/or misleading? You'd never say someone was a good fuck unless you meant they were good to have sex with.
>> No. 410267 Anonymous
6th May 2017
Saturday 12:24 am
410267 spacer
The first bit you quoted refers to the verb form "to fuck"; the act of having sex.
The second is a noun phrase referring to a type of person, so although they both refer to sex, they do have different meanings.

>> No. 410196 Anonymous
4th May 2017
Thursday 5:24 am
410196 spacer
Goodnight sweet princess.
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>> No. 410249 Anonymous
5th May 2017
Friday 3:50 pm
410249 spacer
Here's a mildly amusing anti-Drunken Racists shirt:
https://www.8ball.co.uk/products/i-think-therefore-i-am-not-a-Drunken Racists-voter-men-s-t-shirt

Here's a Red Molotov anti-Drunken Racists shirt:
>> No. 410250 Anonymous
5th May 2017
Friday 3:56 pm
410250 spacer
Why you'd wear any sort of graphic t-shirt is beyond me.
>> No. 410251 Anonymous
5th May 2017
Friday 3:57 pm
410251 spacer
Oh great, the wordfilters have messed up my links. Fuck it I'm not posting them again.
>> No. 410252 Anonymous
5th May 2017
Friday 4:15 pm
410252 spacer

If that was the best other t-shirt you could find and the worst Red Molotov one then I'm afraid you have failed to prove your point.

If anything the other companies t-shirt might be more obnoxious , unfunny and unsubtle.
>> No. 410273 Anonymous
6th May 2017
Saturday 12:39 pm
410273 spacer
I knew this would be the response no matter what I posted. I don't care.

>> No. 410191 Anonymous
4th May 2017
Thursday 1:03 am
410191 spacer
Where is the Inupiatest place in Britain? I'm fed up of the never ending grey and rain of Cardiff.

Looking at this map, it seems a tiny bit of the south coast has more sunshine hours than half of France. That can't be right, can it?
Expand all images.
>> No. 410192 Anonymous
4th May 2017
Thursday 1:04 am
410192 spacer
Not sure if I'm going mad and have typed the same typo twice in a row, or if Inupiatest has a word filter on it.
>> No. 410194 Anonymous
4th May 2017
Thursday 1:15 am
410194 spacer
Did you by chance mean the place that is most sunny? It's always sunny in Riyadh, but shite in Tehran.
>> No. 410215 Anonymous
4th May 2017
Thursday 4:31 pm
410215 spacer
The north of France can be fairly British weather wise, so that doesn't surprise me at all. I think Cornwall is as close as you get to 'good weather' on this island.

>> No. 409828 Anonymous
23rd April 2017
Sunday 12:47 am
409828 We're all twats to some degree, but what makes you feel like a twat?
I used to be very awkward when meeting new people, but found that making jokes was a good way to contribute to conversations without getting properly involved. Over like 10 years I became really funny, and now during the laughter I just reflect on how much of a twat I am, smiling like a smug twat/laughing at my own jokes because if I don't react then I have no idea what to do, the only options are staring at people while they laugh or looking at the floor like I'm ashamed. Which I am, because when you're good at something it feels weird to revel in it.

Are you funny? Do you feel like a twat when you are?
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>> No. 410132 Anonymous
2nd May 2017
Tuesday 12:25 pm
410132 spacer
So darkies go around shanking people, eh? Racist.
>> No. 410141 Anonymous
2nd May 2017
Tuesday 2:20 pm
410141 spacer
Yep, just walk down Brixton's Coldharbour Lane and you'll find some selling weed.
>> No. 410149 Anonymous
2nd May 2017
Tuesday 6:22 pm
410149 spacer

Having lived on that street, I can guarantee you that is bollocks.
>> No. 410158 Anonymous
2nd May 2017
Tuesday 11:44 pm
410158 spacer
Yeah, Brixton's long since gentrified to the point where that's just nonsense. My sister lived just off of Coldhabour lane for about four years at the start of this decade, and in all the times I visited I never once got offered drugs or saw anything suggesting someone was selling. More's the pity.
>> No. 410202 Anonymous
4th May 2017
Thursday 10:08 am
410202 spacer

The online option is safer than networking, getting caught up with some mate of a mate of your cousin twice removed, and inevitably getting a product either grown by amateurs and subject to god knows what, or caught in some police sting or other.

Ordering online with a virtual currency through a proxy is miles safer if you're just getting enough for personal consumption and don't look like you're intending to distribute. If caught, the cops will likely confiscate it and give you a slap on the wrist. The guys on places like Agora are pros.

>> No. 409976 Anonymous
27th April 2017
Thursday 5:35 am
409976 Survival stories
Anecdotes are by far the best thing we have here. Post stories of your near death experiences in nature, or those you have heard about. Obviously getting bummed by hillbillies or kidnapped by Congolese pygmies are better stories than getting banned from a chip shop in Bognor.

I've just spent three months living in a primitive shed having to cook on a camping stove, so will do a separate thread later.

IQ tier trekking disaster in the guardian.
2 posts omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 410074 Anonymous
29th April 2017
Saturday 1:20 pm
410074 spacer
Ok, I'll bite.

We were on holiday in Hvar in Croatia once, and we were in a rented outboard motor boat. Most boat rental businesses were reluctant to rent out boats that day due to strong winds, but we found a place that would let us have a boat.

Towards the afternoon, the winds really picked up, and while we were anchored off a section of quite inaccessible and jagged rocks, the boat got pushed against the rocks with its stern, causing the motor's bracket with which it was attached to the boat to break. Luckily, we were able to pull the motor into the boat so it didn't fall in the water, but we were left with an immaneuverable boat that was getting bashed against the rocks by the waves.

Not a near death experience, but we were definitely in a pickle. And it was out of sight from the harbour, around a few bends from it, and we didn't know the boat rental's phone number or the coast guard's number or whatever. Also, due to the high waves, there were very few other boats out at sea.

So one of us decided to take a dive and swim back about 300 feet to the nearest place we could see where you could somewhat safely get out of the water onto dry land. And then he walked dripping wet about a mile into town and to the boat rental place. A while later, they then came with another boat to tow us into the harbour. We were asked to pay around £100 in cash to have the damage to the boat fixed, and we were told we were lucky that the motor didn't fall in the water, because it probably would have cost upwards of £600 to fix.
>> No. 410075 Anonymous
29th April 2017
Saturday 2:16 pm
410075 spacer

That read like an episode of 999.

>> No. 410160 Anonymous
3rd May 2017
Wednesday 12:06 am
410160 spacer
It's not really near death, but you might enjoy it anyway I suppose.

I went to Thailand as a kid with my family, back in the 90s before the entire place became the big tourist destination for 18-year-olds to get shitfaced. As a family we went on a trek through the jungle in the north, ending with white water rafting. The rafts were made on the spot out of bamboo and looked about ready to fall apart before we even got on. My folks were told there would be life jackets, and that we could walk rather than do the white water rafting bit. Neither of these were true - there were no jackets and it was impossible to walk down, so onto the raft we got. I don't remember much, honestly, but I do recall clinging for dear life to the makeshift bag-totem as I was submerged in water over my head, with my parents furiously paddling with bamboo poles to try and make sure we didn't hit anything.

We arrived safely, if a little battered and scared, and got chatting to a few of the other westerners who were at the destination. Their raft had fallen apart halfway, they'd lost all their bags, and when they tried to swim to shore, their guide freaked out because there were deadly poisonous snakes soaking up the sun on the beach. They had to swim down the rapids with no life jacket and no raft.

They weren't a big fan of it.
>> No. 410163 Anonymous
3rd May 2017
Wednesday 10:40 am
410163 spacer
I once 'rescued' a person from on top of Snowdon. Their legs had seized up and me and a friend ended up carrying him down turns out they were just dehydrated.
I'm sure they remember the story more dramatically and are thankful. But the walk up Snowdon had felt really anti-climactic, and carrying them down made it feel like a 'proper' mountaineering experience, rather than a walk up a hill on a miserable day.

The other week I had a diarrhoea attack whilst walking the South Downs. It's been a long time since I've had to squat, and first time by the side of a road, most uncivilized.
>> No. 410187 Anonymous
3rd May 2017
Wednesday 10:37 pm
410187 spacer
When I was ten, we went camping in Brittany one summer. The camping ground was at an inlet behind a beach peninsula, and the inlet always fell near completely dry at low tide, but would fill up again very quickly everytime the tide came back in. We're talking several feet of water in just five minutes. You've got strong tides in that part of France.

So anyway, I was a good swimmer even at ten years old, and I wanted to swim the 100 feet across from the beach peninsula back to the camp ground while it was still at low tide, but with the water already returning. But the current kept getting stronger and it was pulling me inland and away from the camp ground. So I panicked. I almost felt like I was about to drown. Luckily, I was able to grab the anchor rope of a boat that was anchored in the inlet, and managed to hold on to it while desperately calling my older brother for help, who then jumped in and swam towards me and pulled me back to safety onto dry land.

Not saying it was a close call, but as a ten year old having to swim against strong currents, many things could have gone wrong. My brother really saved me that day.

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