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Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 16.40.29.png
>> No. 392126 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 4:45 pm
392126 spacer
Good bikes get stolen all the time and I'm too far from the center for Borisbikes, but I'd still like to cycle a bit to avoid getting fat.

What's my best option for a bike that I won't care too much if it gets stolen again, but won't just fall apart in a few weeks? I'm 6'2" so I prefer somewhat bigger bikes. Just some random casual city cycling, nothing crazy.

Pic related.
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>> No. 392147 Anonymous
3rd July 2015
Friday 12:39 am
392147 spacer

Also, install the rack arms closest to the frame with the mudguard stays on the outside, as it's much stronger than vice-versa. It's preferable to use washers between the mudguard stays and the bolt head. If your rack doesn't come with long bolts, you can buy suitable replacements off eBay or from your local DIY shop for about a quid - they're standard M5 socket cap screws.
>> No. 392148 Anonymous
3rd July 2015
Friday 12:46 am
392148 spacer

Awesome, thanks lads.

Here's a shite picture of the rear eyelets on my three-or-four-year-old Pinnacle Neon One. Mudguard's not fitted at the moment.
>> No. 392149 Anonymous
3rd July 2015
Friday 1:20 am
392149 spacer

Yeah, just bung both the rack and the mudguards on the same bolts. There's plenty of room around the eyelet, so you shouldn't have any trouble fitting them. You could mount the mudguards using P-clips if you really wanted to, but I think it's more hassle than it's worth.

That bike could do with a good wash.

It's been a long minute since I've seen a Megarange cassette.
>> No. 392150 Anonymous
3rd July 2015
Friday 1:46 am
392150 spacer
In my view if bike theft is an issue you're better off spending £100 on an older second-hand bike from a relatively reliable but not too flashy brand.

Also avoid quick-release wheels if you can, they make the bike a lot easier to service but also a lot easier to nick a wheel. I've seen the results of bike thieves stealing the back end of a bike (leaving the front wheel locked up) then take the front wheel from a different bike to get a whole one. Obviously you should lock the frame and wheels together for maximum security but if you cycle as often as me you won't have time for that.
>> No. 392151 Anonymous
3rd July 2015
Friday 1:52 am
392151 spacer
Nothing wrong with the Chromoplastics either, though one important thing to remember with all SKS products: chuck the instructions straight into the bin, they're dreadful. Find a howto online instead and have a hacksaw ready. If in doubt, the bolts are plain M5 screws which can be found anywhere that sells screws.

>> No. 392131 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 5:37 pm
392131 Crowdfunding
I am trying to fundraise for rebuilding a small hermitage that was destroyed in the Nepal earthquake in April, so far I have raised just over £600 in 48 hours, by sharing it on Facebook and Instagram. I am tempted to get a freelancer to help out as it's cheap and will give me more time to take the project to big donors who would potentially pay for the whole thing.

Experiences or ill formed opinions on crowdfunding please.
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>> No. 392136 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 7:26 pm
392136 spacer
This. Then maybe you can be like that Girl Scout campaign recently that set a target of $100k for a week, and raised more than double that in a single day.
>> No. 392137 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 8:54 pm
392137 spacer
"A Cat, who also lived there is now homeless. Just a small donation of £5 would see him happy and homed for life."
>> No. 392138 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 9:51 pm
392138 spacer

Quick. We need to find a picture of an appropriately sad looking cat. One that looks even more sad than that one in the picture where it's got its adorable little paw in front of its mouth as if gasping in horror.
>> No. 392139 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 10:07 pm
392139 spacer

>> No. 392140 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 10:43 pm
392140 spacer


val doonican.jpg
>> No. 392125 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 4:44 pm
392125 Val Doonican, Irish singer, dies at 88
will you miss his socks?
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>> No. 392132 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 5:48 pm
392132 spacer
Eh, 88, who cares? Family and friends aside, of course.
>> No. 392133 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 6:03 pm
392133 spacer
Nation in shock upon discovering Val Doonican was still alive this week.

>> No. 364298 Anonymous
14th November 2013
Thursday 4:47 pm
364298 spacer
ITT: Weird dreams you've had lately.

I actually dreamed last night that I was in Australia, visiting the two blokes from the Foster's adverts in their beach hut. Sure enough, they gave me a Foster's, and I said "cheers, guys"... and then one of them said to me "oh no mayt, we don't say cheers heere. We say 'You little ripper!'"

Quite bizarre... has this dream got any deeper meaning, or have I just been watching too much telly lately?
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>> No. 391998 Anonymous
27th June 2015
Saturday 5:42 pm
391998 spacer
Are you absolutely sure this was a dream?
>> No. 392000 Anonymous
27th June 2015
Saturday 5:46 pm
392000 spacer

Yes, why?

North London has a bit more class than that in real life, I can assure you. Just barely.
>> No. 392122 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 10:37 am
392122 spacer
I had a dream about seducing a lass I used to work with. It was bloody hard work for a dream as well. She was reluctant at first, but she gradually opened up. I ended up eating her out and then just as I was about to put my dick in her, I woke up.

The thing that actually woke me up was the sensation of my boner slipping free of my boxers and hitting the mattress.

Why is it always like this.
>> No. 392123 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 10:50 am
392123 spacer

Has anyone ever actually had sex in a dream? It always seems as though you're just about to and then it's wake up time.

In fact, it always seems as though the best part of a dream is coming just as you wake up, like eating a wonderful meal, or hitting the ground, at least in my experience.
>> No. 392124 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 11:11 am
392124 spacer

I've had sex in a dream a few times. Not the worst way to start the morning, although it can make you feel a bit sad that it was just a dream, especially if you have been single for quite some time.

And then one time, while I was in a relationship, I had a dream about sex with somebody else... and then I woke up next to my girlfriend, and I definitely felt really quite weird. As if I had actually cheated on my girlfriend.

Very similar in fact to this bit from Michael McIntyre:


>> No. 389878 Anonymous
1st May 2015
Friday 7:11 pm
389878 The Weekend Is Here!!!!!!111
Previously on britfa.gs;

-What? Steam wants to force us to pay for mods? You mean it is a money making business? Muuuummmm!
-Can you cut the time it takes to make tea by having more than one teabag? The Ministry of Tea investigates.
-A seven year old decides to become a MtF trans. /101/ loses its shit... Again. Thank you BBC reruns.
-Posters ponder on how to make the best pozitive special brew without getting caught.
-One lad almost got mugged by a gang of herons. Another almost got blinded by his mum's chair-shaped arse.
-Vote Greens.
-Can you stop spelling Stewart as Stuart?
-It's a comforting thought to know that everyone else will die if you were to die today because of a nuclear attack. Thanks Trident.
-There is a very pro-Google modlad here.
-Russians like to stab gays and minorities.
-God forbid a pretty girl becomes homeless and play the piano in an empty station.
-Suicidal people should try to smuggle heroin into Indonesia, not jump off of high buildings.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 392117 Anonymous
1st July 2015
Wednesday 10:06 pm
392117 spacer
This is surprisingly fucking good.
Full album is on Spotify etc.
>> No. 392118 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 4:29 am
392118 spacer
>> No. 392119 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 5:55 am
392119 spacer

We had rain and thunder and lightning about 4 hours ago oop norf and it's still melting. I thought storms provided a break in the heat?
>> No. 392120 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 7:56 am
392120 spacer
I swear to counting Christ I'm going to make a pipe from my car to my bedroom window, seal the open bits with tape, and leave the car running with air con on overnight. This shit is intolerable.
>> No. 392121 Anonymous
2nd July 2015
Thursday 8:24 am
392121 spacer

>I swear to counting Christ

I'm afraid your number Gods can't help you now.

>> No. 392071 Anonymous
29th June 2015
Monday 7:27 am
392071 spacer
I am looking for advice from escort lad and similar people. Have any of you ever been in a paid for relationship, sort of a sugar daddy set up?

How do you bring it up in conversation and keep sensible boundaries?
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>> No. 392073 Anonymous
29th June 2015
Monday 8:23 am
392073 spacer
Don't bother becoming a sugar daddy, it is genuinely not worth it. Just stick to escorts. Seriously, these girls and their wishlists are fucking ridiculous, don't attach yourself to a hooker, understand what function they perform and move on.

If you're a girl and are trying to entice a sugar daddy, explain this in your profile and try to come across as such an interesting human being that you are actually worth paying for in terms of company. Niche interests in certain games and other such hobbies that well paid men have would be a start.

But seriously fuck off you fucking whore, I hate you.
>> No. 392086 Anonymous
30th June 2015
Tuesday 12:51 am
392086 spacer
Escortlad here. Nothing to add, this sums it up. >>392073
>> No. 392095 Anonymous
30th June 2015
Tuesday 4:05 pm
392095 spacer

Have you levelled up to Thailand resident yet?

>> No. 392078 Anonymous
29th June 2015
Monday 4:42 pm
392078 spacer
greetings travelers!

(A good day to you Sir!)
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>> No. 392079 Anonymous
29th June 2015
Monday 4:43 pm
392079 spacer
>> No. 392080 Anonymous
29th June 2015
Monday 4:43 pm
392080 spacer

>> No. 392081 Anonymous
29th June 2015
Monday 4:44 pm
392081 spacer

>> No. 392082 Anonymous
29th June 2015
Monday 4:54 pm
392082 spacer

e/b/in :DDDD

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 392083 Anonymous
29th June 2015
Monday 6:08 pm
392083 spacer
"I am special because I'm foreign" threads go in /zoo/.
Reaction faces go on other imageboards, not here. Thanks.

>> No. 391225 Anonymous
10th June 2015
Wednesday 4:38 pm
391225 spacer

"A Nobel laureate has apologised for any offence after he made comments about the "trouble with girls" in science - but said he had "meant to be honest".
Sir Tim Hunt, who is a Royal Society fellow, reportedly told a conference in South Korea women in labs "cry" when you criticise them and "fall in love" with their male counterparts."

He does have a point though.
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>> No. 392002 Anonymous
27th June 2015
Saturday 6:08 pm
392002 spacer

Ugh, the persecution complex of the right. Social media is far from an armed mob. The modern equivalent of an armed mob is still an armed mob. People were bitching and belly-aching just as much a hundred years ago in print media.
>> No. 392060 Anonymous
28th June 2015
Sunday 10:15 pm
392060 spacer

The bloke this thread is about, maybe, you numpty.


The thing about an actual armed mob, though, is it takes actually getting up and going out to do stuff, for a slim chance of having an influence. The mass twitter hysteria over that satellite bloke and his shirt nearly lost the poor fellow his job over fat fuck all of importance.

And you can bollocks if you think I'm anywhere close to right wing. It takes a certain type of person to interpret criticism of the left as automatically coming from someone who supports the right, but I'm not presumptuous enough to assume that's the sort of person you are.

(Even though I would be right)
>> No. 392061 Anonymous
28th June 2015
Sunday 10:22 pm
392061 spacer
Clearly the comet satellite bloke just misjudged the whole situation. He went on telly in a teary when the correct response was clearly "Fuck you all, I just had a probe land on a fucking comet. Have you ever got a probe to land on a comet? Didn't fucking think so."
>> No. 392062 Anonymous
29th June 2015
Monday 12:00 am
392062 spacer

The difference is that people in power have started listening to the peanut gallery.

Talk to anyone in broadcasting about audience complaints, and they'll tell you that ten or fifteen years ago they were just something for the interns to chuckle at. Today, the execs are tracking social media comments in real time, as the programme is being broadcast. After Brandgate, every word of every script is vetted by lawyers and live broadcasts are carefully supervised. A climate of fear has developed, in which every remark must be pre-emptively censored in accordance with the prevailing biases of print media.

The same applies in politics. Daily opinion polls have taken the place of policy and ideology. Public debates are subtitled by the wiggling worm of audience approval. Our leaders have become reactive rather than proactive, and operate on ever shorter timeframes. The first order of business in a cabinet minister's day is no longer asking his assistant "What is happening in the world?" but "What are people saying about me?".

The problem with all of this is that a) the squeaky wheel gets the oil and b) nobody has time to think. The loudest and most outraged views dominate the discussion, polarising every debate. Nuanced opinions and ambivalence get totally overlooked, because they don't turn into social media shitstorms. The nervousness of authority and the relentless pace of social media means that action is often demanded before the full facts are known. Society is taking on an increasingly skittish and impulsive character.

It's not a left/right issue; It is sometimes perceived as such, because of the divisions in how older and younger (and by proxy more or less conservative) people use technology. Right-wing shitstorms rage on Facebook and the Daily Mail comments section, while left-wingers prefer to vent their spleens on Twitter and Tumblr. For every fisherperson getting outraged on Tumblr about trout farming, there's a reactionary on Facebook raging about eskimos or the council or people who don't respect ARE BRAVE BOYS.
>> No. 392074 Anonymous
29th June 2015
Monday 3:09 pm
392074 spacer
Tim Hunt said that he hates somebody and hopes their career fails on Twitter?

>> No. 391644 Anonymous
18th June 2015
Thursday 11:31 pm
391644 Digital Legacy
This is a letter I wrote over a decade ago. I found it stored in an old backup. Looking through those ancient files again was like looking through a window in to the past.

What rare gems have you dug up /b/? All those old memory cards, hard-disks, and online accounts, who owns our digital legacy once we die? Do you ever wonder what will your family think once they look through all your files?
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>> No. 392025 Anonymous
27th June 2015
Saturday 9:23 pm
392025 spacer
Good lord that was a painful read. How old were you? Also, you have a girl's handwriting.

As for the encryption, you are right, I am deleting everything now, except for my music and films.
>> No. 392028 Anonymous
27th June 2015
Saturday 9:46 pm
392028 spacer
I was 19, no need to delete everything, just use stronger encryption as technology advances.

PS: I'm male, not sure why you think I have feminine handwriting.
>> No. 392053 Anonymous
28th June 2015
Sunday 8:32 pm
392053 spacer

Charlies Angles 2.jpg
OP here, another artefact from my collection, at least my younger self had a sense of humour.

Just been wondering, in 50-100 years time antique computers and hard drives will have unique value because of the information stored on them, a value that can't be compared to say a vase or a piece of furniture. Just think what your files could mean to some collector in the future.
>> No. 392054 Anonymous
28th June 2015
Sunday 8:42 pm
392054 spacer
On the contrary, antique items are already valued according to who owned them and the stories attached to them. Or so years of watching antiques shows on television has led me to believe.
>> No. 392055 Anonymous
28th June 2015
Sunday 8:49 pm
392055 spacer

If the population increases by say, 10x, and specialisation continues to increase both in terms of work and culture, doesn't that mean that each of us is 10x more likely to be famous? Or the number of famous historical people will have increased tenfold.

>> No. 392005 Anonymous
27th June 2015
Saturday 8:05 pm
392005 spacer
My bedroom door is very boring to look at when I'm coming in, so I want to put something on it. Everything I found on Google is kiddy stuff. What could a grown man stick on the outside of his bedroom door that wouldn't look moronic?
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>> No. 392036 Anonymous
28th June 2015
Sunday 9:40 am
392036 spacer


>> No. 392042 Anonymous
28th June 2015
Sunday 3:27 pm
392042 spacer

Avril Lavigne photo.singersceleb.blogspot-0288.jpg
Why not a tasteful poster of Avril Lavigne?
>> No. 392046 Anonymous
28th June 2015
Sunday 4:14 pm
392046 spacer

You could get a massive gargoyle or dragon sort of thing, truly embrace your inner ponytail-neckbeard.
>> No. 392047 Anonymous
28th June 2015
Sunday 5:03 pm
392047 spacer


>> No. 392049 Anonymous
28th June 2015
Sunday 5:09 pm
392049 spacer


I'm strongly of the opinion that if you're going to hang prints, you should choose something meaningful over something pretty. Bacon, Freud, Munch, Beckmann, Bomberg, Gilbert & George.

Choose something anarchic, choose something angry, choose something bleak, just don't settle for "nice". Life's too short for shit art.

>> No. 391563 Anonymous
16th June 2015
Tuesday 1:07 pm
391563 Modern life
Explain this as a popular search. Their own mothers are tingling.
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>> No. 392031 Anonymous
27th June 2015
Saturday 11:37 pm
392031 spacer
Fetlife not facebook you fool. Are Laurie in disguise wanting to be tied up and gobraped by an Women's Institute skinhead from Burnley or whatever it was. Did I actually imagine a reference to this here?
>> No. 392032 Anonymous
27th June 2015
Saturday 11:59 pm
392032 spacer
Well, anything that can help explain what the hell >>392026 is on about is welcome.
>> No. 392033 Anonymous
28th June 2015
Sunday 12:01 am
392033 spacer

I thought you might have made a typo. Yes, I remember someone mentioning that. I think she's probably smart enough to have removed it by now though.
>> No. 392034 Anonymous
28th June 2015
Sunday 12:19 am
392034 spacer
Laurie "Captain Ahab" Penny and Simon Bennett starring in "Just a Little Switch".

The first full-length experimental fetishistic and genuinely gender-bending poltical porn full-length feature made since the 1970s.

Watch as vicious political tongue-lashing becomes harsh lashes on the ASS, TITS and COCK of these firebrands. Who will win in this kinky battle of political wills? Simon hate-fucks filthy leftist Laurie and she wallows in torrents of cum, but then straps on a beast of a dildo and the nationalist willingly rolls over and thinks of Camelford.
>> No. 392035 Anonymous
28th June 2015
Sunday 2:21 am
392035 spacer


>> No. 391933 Anonymous
25th June 2015
Thursday 10:00 am
391933 Familiar sound

Is someone able to identify the sound of the toy heard at the start of this video? It sounds very familiar. Was there a specific toy that made this sound? Was it a specific sound?
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>> No. 391937 Anonymous
25th June 2015
Thursday 12:50 pm
391937 spacer
One of these, you mean?
>> No. 391939 Anonymous
25th June 2015
Thursday 1:42 pm
391939 spacer

Mine was on a little key ring and had no lights but the sounds were definitely identical.
>> No. 391946 Anonymous
25th June 2015
Thursday 3:50 pm
391946 spacer
I just want to thank everyone for their contribution to my pointless question. I knew it seemed familiar. I just wish there was some kind of article I could read on it regarding where and how and when it was created and whatnot. You know, that kind of geek trivia but nonetheless, thanks everyone.
>> No. 392003 Anonymous
27th June 2015
Saturday 7:03 pm
392003 spacer
Made in Taiwan. The HK628 chip.


As you say you'd think such overused sounds would be discussed in more detail in a pop culture context but Google is turning up surprisingly little that isn't just technical specifications by electronics suppliers.
>> No. 392004 Anonymous
27th June 2015
Saturday 7:31 pm
392004 spacer

Sterling detective work. I'm surprised to see a DIP package though, cheap tat like this usually uses chip-on-board packaging. I wonder if the photomasks are being used by other companies, or if Honistak are selling dies from their own fab runs.

>> No. 390549 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 10:30 pm
390549 Elliot Rodger
Prove to me that Elliot was mentally ill.
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>> No. 390773 Anonymous
28th May 2015
Thursday 12:02 pm
390773 spacer

Not every narcissist has it in him though to commit such acts of gratuitous violence.

Most will simply turn into utterly fucked up adults leading relatively quiet lives, who will spend eternity going to countless therapists because they feel victimised by this cruel world which never recognised their potential.
>> No. 391149 Anonymous
9th June 2015
Tuesday 4:04 pm
391149 spacer

>Most will simply turn into utterly fucked up adults leading relatively quiet lives, who will spend eternity going to countless therapists because they feel victimised by this cruel world which never recognised their potential.

I went from 'forever alone' to that stage in my late teens, but now I'm pushing 30 and it seems that with the growing confidence comes sociopathic tendencies when you realise that you're actually just another person, and so many people are terribly insecure.

My point is, you're right that gratuitous physical violence is for the few, but the rest of us get our kicks out of emotional violence and manipulation to try and fill the void. I do it by seducing people in relationships, it sucks.
>> No. 391991 Anonymous
27th June 2015
Saturday 2:01 pm
391991 spacer


>> No. 391993 Anonymous
27th June 2015
Saturday 2:29 pm
391993 spacer
That's very honest and the sort of thing I can only read on an anonymous board. I emotionally manipulated someone once with a degree of knowing cruelty - they committed suicide - the guilt was almost unbearable and has left me afraid to hurt anyone ever, afraid to be good to myself, afraid to express myself openly. Karma.

As for Eliot and PUAs and all this male bitterness nonsense, the only chap I knew who got into that mindset was in trouble already and the validation from a crowd of fellow sufferers made his situation and psyche even worse. It is toxic.
>> No. 391996 Anonymous
27th June 2015
Saturday 5:31 pm
391996 spacer

>My point is, you're right that gratuitous physical violence is for the few, but the rest of us get our kicks out of emotional violence and manipulation to try and fill the void. I do it by seducing people in relationships, it sucks.

Maybe that's where Lorne Malvo was coming from as well.

Although he was really a stone cold psychopath who didn't simply enjoy messing with people's shit for his personal entertainment and left it at that, but he had a penchant for physical violence as well. That elevator shooting scene just redefined evil.


>> No. 391913 Anonymous
24th June 2015
Wednesday 7:47 pm
391913 Nobhead landlords
Hello lads, I need some advice. My missus and her mates are moving in to a new student house. They are on a 12 month assured shorthold tenancy that runs from 1st July 2015 - 30th June 2016. In the agreement, they make four payments of £1,040 - 24/6, 24/10, 24/1, and 24/4. The landlord is now asking for an extra £320 to occupy the property over the summer (July/August), paid in cash, which is not mentioned in the tenancy agreement, but does mention about "a retainer rent".

They are moving in on the 1st July. Seeing as the agreement starts on the 1st July, then am I correct in saying that they do not need to pay this retainer rent? (which she is demanding be paid or nobody moves in). I do not want them to end up paying for something and getting shafted, and I know some of you lot are good with this sort of thing.
14 posts omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 391953 Anonymous
26th June 2015
Friday 12:29 am
391953 spacer
Off to the Dentists myself tomorrow actually. Filling fell out a couple of days ago. Not really looking forward to it, but it needs sorting so ah well.
>> No. 391954 Anonymous
26th June 2015
Friday 3:00 am
391954 spacer

There's no pain in modern dentistry. I had an extensive root canal and a crown put on last year to deal with a premolar that actually crumbled to dust one morning. Heard some right horrible stories before going in. Literally didn't feel a thing.
>> No. 391956 Anonymous
26th June 2015
Friday 9:42 am
391956 spacer
I think it's not so much the actual dental work, but the fear of being anesthetized.
>> No. 391957 Anonymous
26th June 2015
Friday 9:45 am
391957 spacer
This isn't entirely true. The pain associated with a root filling is due to how difficult the procedure is e.g. if it's one on your rear molars next to the wisdom teeth, they can't really see what they're doing and it's going to hurt.
>> No. 392020 Anonymous
27th June 2015
Saturday 8:54 pm
392020 spacer
Update just because but I am getting kicked out. We spoke today and he said I'll be getting a letter, no police involved over the door, and he's also denying any responsibility over the scrap saying it was all on me, even had the cheek to say I was wired.
Thankfully every other family member he's been a cunt with will take his story if they hear it with a pinch of salt, and that's me being the latest person out of his life.
Bit personal but fuck it can't say it anywhere else.

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