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>> No. 151603 Anonymous
15th June 2010
Tuesday 6:20 pm
151603 Ale
Walking around my local Sainsbury's today, i noticed that the section of Ale was twice the size of the lager section, half the price and yet still almost full in comparison to the foul lager.

So chaps, whats your favorite Ale. Pic related, i've been doing it for a week now.
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>> No. 151617 Anonymous
15th June 2010
Tuesday 7:00 pm
151617 spacer
I'm a big fan of the following brewaries: branscombe, butcombe and otter. I also drink a lot of small run local stuff in one of the oldest pubs in the country, they always get some interesting stuff in and will sell you a 1/3rd as well as the more traditional halfs and pints. Its actually a good way to try and get through the entire menu in one night, you will still be absolutely sloshed by the end of it though since the abv% seems to vary from 4ish up to 13...
Incidentally it was the last public house the queen went into (early 1980's I believe!?!)
>> No. 151618 Anonymous
15th June 2010
Tuesday 7:10 pm
151618 spacer
The queen hasn't been to a pub since the 80s!? I've lost all support for monarchy.
>> No. 151624 Anonymous
15th June 2010
Tuesday 7:20 pm
151624 spacer
my top 3 are

croutch vale IPA, London Pride and Bombardier
>> No. 151637 Anonymous
15th June 2010
Tuesday 7:47 pm
151637 spacer
Adnams of Southwold beers are very good indeed.

I'll often drink Fullers beer, mostly London Pride but since they bought George Gale & Co, sometimes their HSB. A bit lethal though.

Lager often hits the spot though, I see no point in snobbery against it. Good ones like Pilsner Urquell, Budweiser Budvar and Peroni are great. I drink a lot of Stella too, particularly the Leuven variant - there is another one that was around last year that had the blue/white labelling which was good too.
>> No. 151639 Anonymous
15th June 2010
Tuesday 7:56 pm
151639 spacer

I live near Bury St Edmunds, famous for the green king brewery, so whenever I go out there I have quite a choice.

This stuff is great for summer, nice and light with an earthy after taste and pretty cheap on tap.

But as for all time favourites, I have to say IPA, it's a classic.
>> No. 151682 Anonymous
15th June 2010
Tuesday 9:47 pm
151682 spacer
It's not going to be exactly easy for Liz just to nip down to her local in Green Park without being noticed is it?
>> No. 151683 Anonymous
15th June 2010
Tuesday 9:49 pm
151683 spacer


She has as much Beefeater as she can shove down her throat at home, though.
>> No. 151687 Anonymous
15th June 2010
Tuesday 9:57 pm
151687 spacer
London Pride, Spitfire and Tanglefoot are the ones I drink on a more regular occurance as they are on tap at my local. I do however endevour to try as many as I can. There are so many wonderful ales ranging from dark and malty to bright and fruity. Lager, in comparison, is utter wank but I will drink it if that's all that is available to me at the time.
>> No. 151704 Anonymous
15th June 2010
Tuesday 10:40 pm
151704 spacer
Breweries I particularly like: Wychwood, Exmoor, Titanic, Theakston, Fuller's, Shepherd Neame and Everards.

That's a few off the top of my head.
>> No. 151763 Anonymous
16th June 2010
Wednesday 12:12 am
151763 spacer
Hobgoblin is the dogs!
>> No. 151770 Anonymous
16th June 2010
Wednesday 12:18 am
151770 spacer
...as is another ale brewed by Wychwood. It's called Dog's Bollocks.
>> No. 151900 Anonymous
16th June 2010
Wednesday 12:31 pm
151900 spacer

You reminded me of a dream I had last night. I went into a dingy but old fashioned pub and was told there was only lager. 'I don't drink lager', I said, 'it's disgusting'. Then I left.

St. Peter's organic ale is out of this world. A truly excellent beer worth every penny.
>> No. 151903 Anonymous
16th June 2010
Wednesday 12:40 pm
151903 spacer

Sussex Gold
"A rich golden beer with a hoppy, citrus finish. Very smooth, light and refreshing."
>> No. 151907 Anonymous
16th June 2010
Wednesday 12:51 pm
151907 spacer

I tend to drink pride on the regular as it's widely available on tap. Reckon it's a good standard ale as well. Butty bach is a ruddy lovely little ale that i've got into recently.
Badger brewery do some great ales as well, tanglefoot etc..
And this little beauty in the pic.
From the website ''A refreshing premium ale subtly flavoured with extract of peach. An award-winning 4.5% ABV premium ale, well balanced with distinctive bitterness and a delicate floral peach and melon aroma.'' Best summer's eve ale i've tried.
>> No. 151917 Anonymous
16th June 2010
Wednesday 2:12 pm
151917 spacer
>old fashioned pub

I think you meant "nightmare" there mate.
>> No. 151989 Anonymous
16th June 2010
Wednesday 5:15 pm
151989 spacer

Too right.jpg

Yeah, on reflection it was nightmarish. No pumps on the bar anywhere, just some big dark lager box. No sign of any pickled eggs either. I shudder to recall. Let me not think on't.

Suprised no-one's mentioned the best beer in the country, which of course is Timothy Taylor's.
>> No. 151992 Anonymous
16th June 2010
Wednesday 5:26 pm
151992 spacer

Scotland represent.
>> No. 151997 Anonymous
16th June 2010
Wednesday 5:41 pm
151997 spacer
My local brewery is Caines. They do a delightful range of ales, milds, stouts and even some tolerable lager.

But a personal favourite of mine has to be 1698 or Bombardier.
>> No. 151998 Anonymous
16th June 2010
Wednesday 5:43 pm
151998 spacer

"A generously malty ale whose leisurely toffee ,butter and sultana flavours are kept clean and balanced by the lavish use of fragrant Kentish hops - Andrew Jefford"

500ml bottle - 6.5%

Thats right. 6.5
>> No. 152014 Anonymous
16th June 2010
Wednesday 6:59 pm
152014 spacer


Beserker pale ale.

500ml bottle 7.5%

thats right 7.5
>> No. 152111 Anonymous
17th June 2010
Thursday 12:02 am
152111 spacer
About the strongest ale I've drinkeded was 12%. Was rather good.
>> No. 153058 Anonymous
21st June 2010
Monday 12:57 pm
153058 spacer
>> No. 153079 Anonymous
21st June 2010
Monday 2:18 pm
153079 spacer

Anything by Bristol beer factory is good! Or Bath Ales.

Pic certainly related.
>> No. 153094 Anonymous
21st June 2010
Monday 3:52 pm
153094 spacer
If you're a beer drinker in the Bristol area, you may want to drop in on this lot: http://www.greatwesternbrewingcompany.co.uk/
They're not as trendy as your lot, but it's a family concern making good beer in small batches.
>> No. 153242 Anonymous
22nd June 2010
Tuesday 9:59 am
153242 spacer
Anything Sam Smith's or Theakston's.

In South Australia (where I live) they all drink Cooper's Pale Ale which is a poor excuse for an Ale.
>> No. 153260 Anonymous
22nd June 2010
Tuesday 12:28 pm
153260 spacer

Sounds like everything Australians make to be honest.
>> No. 153417 Anonymous
22nd June 2010
Tuesday 8:49 pm
153417 spacer

6x or anything from this brewery.
also Bob is nice
I love em all
>> No. 153419 Anonymous
22nd June 2010
Tuesday 8:52 pm
153419 spacer
I like drinking in Bristol and Somerset, lots of good beverages on offer. I generally start off in Severn stars then up to the apple and then out on the town or if we are having a subdued evening we do a half or two in the apple then play chess and pool in the Severn stars. Loves it bauy.
>> No. 153420 Anonymous
22nd June 2010
Tuesday 8:56 pm
153420 spacer


Yes lad! My thoughts exactly.

Luckily I have plenty of Sam Smith pubs near me, being a Yorkshire lad. There's nothing more I enjoy on a Sunday afternoon than a good pint or four of Sam Smith's Extra Stout.

Their Alpine Lager is bloody good too; besides having possibly the best pump image ever conceived.
>> No. 153421 Anonymous
22nd June 2010
Tuesday 9:03 pm
153421 spacer
BruceLad, being an Australian ex-convict are you familiar with the work of Billy Birmingham the 12th man? If so what do you think of him? I think he's bloody hilarious and horrifically underappreciated by us Brits filthy poms.
>> No. 153422 Anonymous
22nd June 2010
Tuesday 9:04 pm
153422 spacer
What?!?!1 im from Bristol
>>153420 you know the apples a cider boat right?
White lion is my favorite pub, get a Bob or IKB, never go there tho, i dont leave the house anymore.
Noticed all the art fags drinking outside the arnolfini? better than going to syndicate i guess.
P.S. Don't tell anyone abut the white lion its never been trendy and i hope it never is. only old men drinking, never any pussy.
>> No. 153423 Anonymous
22nd June 2010
Tuesday 9:08 pm
153423 spacer


I'm surprised there is no love for the Cornish ale in this thread. There are three or four really decent breweries down in the land of Kernow. A couple of smallish local ones, such as Skinner's which produces this amazing concoction - Cornish Knocker. Quite a few pubs around Truro and Helston have it on tap.

St Austell is also available all over the area, leaking out of the North Cornwall Brewery like our Lord's semen itself and then you have 'Sharp's ' brewery which has probably the best ale I've ever tasted under the name 'Doom Bar' it has won so many awards, it is perfectly fruity.

I have a whole shelf devoted to ale bottles, it is quite a specticle, but somehow a bottle of Stella has made it's way into the bunch, which I'm not happy about.
>> No. 153425 Anonymous
22nd June 2010
Tuesday 9:11 pm
153425 spacer
Eh? Yeah of course I know the apples a cider bar/boat. I was just saying I frequent it quite often. There are quite a few permenently empty bars in briz, I sometimes go drinking up the top of Gloucester Road past the Mem if I can't face dealing with people in the city. Severn Stars is my favourite place though because they have a chess set, 4 or 5 real ale and it's close in to the city.
>> No. 153427 Anonymous
22nd June 2010
Tuesday 9:15 pm
153427 spacer
I was out on the lash in Truro this weekend, drank a lot of betty stoggs and a couple of tributes and some doom bar. I like betty stoggs best. We get doom and stoggs up in Exeter as well. Never fails to disappoint.
>> No. 153463 Anonymous
22nd June 2010
Tuesday 10:02 pm
153463 spacer
There are a few nice pubs dotted around Westbury Park and Redland - The Shakespeare, Cambridge Arms, Clyde Arms - that make up for the shitty 'pubs' in town.

Minus the Old Duke. Thats the best drinking hole ever.
>> No. 153467 Anonymous
22nd June 2010
Tuesday 10:06 pm
153467 spacer
yeah thats my sort of pub. but ill drink cider if i am somewhere that specializes in it. but like i said i dont leave the house anymore
>> No. 153468 Anonymous
22nd June 2010
Tuesday 10:08 pm
153468 spacer

>> No. 153470 Anonymous
22nd June 2010
Tuesday 10:14 pm
153470 spacer
Viz always cuts through the fat.. with dick and fanny jokes.
>> No. 153496 Anonymous
22nd June 2010
Tuesday 11:24 pm
153496 spacer

The King William (a Sam Smiths pub), by the Old Duke, is pretty good too.

I'd forgotten about Sam Smith's stuff for a second there... Add that to the list including BBF and Badger. I'll have to try some Great Western stuff.
>> No. 153519 Anonymous
23rd June 2010
Wednesday 2:54 am
153519 spacer

Doom Bar fuck yeah! Best bevvy I've ever had.
>> No. 153534 Anonymous
23rd June 2010
Wednesday 8:58 am
153534 spacer
If I'm working today I'll take a picture of a massive room filled with firkins, kils, and 22gallon barrels for you alefags to look at.
>> No. 153535 Anonymous
23rd June 2010
Wednesday 9:12 am
153535 spacer
Sweet jesus, please do so lad, even if you're not working
>> No. 153539 Anonymous
23rd June 2010
Wednesday 10:45 am
153539 spacer

Heard of him, I'm pretty new here and I'm English so..

There is a player for my Football team called Billy Birmingham though.
>> No. 153540 Anonymous
23rd June 2010
Wednesday 10:46 am
153540 spacer

Is that The Shoulder in Bradford?

I'm from Bradford, now S.A. as mentioned before.
>> No. 153548 Anonymous
23rd June 2010
Wednesday 11:35 am
153548 spacer

2010-06-23 11.24.14.jpg
I just been asda and I came back with a pizza and these bottles
>> No. 153549 Anonymous
23rd June 2010
Wednesday 11:44 am
153549 spacer
Not sure why, but that exact model of can opener seems to exist in every household, even if it sits at the back of a drawer, unloved and replaced by a newer, shinier opener.
>> No. 153550 Anonymous
23rd June 2010
Wednesday 11:47 am
153550 spacer
that ones used for everything.
it's probably older than me.
see, it works perfectly fine. It does the job it's meant to do, no fuss. I don't understand why it would need to be replaced with a plastic electric one.
>> No. 153552 Anonymous
23rd June 2010
Wednesday 12:42 pm
153552 spacer
I use mine for everything as well. What I was getting at is that even in households which do have a shinier one (for whatever posho reason), one just like it exists.
>> No. 153593 Anonymous
23rd June 2010
Wednesday 6:24 pm
153593 spacer
Just got back from two Glorious beer festivals: One had just 25 types of beer & Cider. But the other - the 'Longest Day Beer Festival' had 127!! It was crazy: in 3 days i sampled about 50 of them. The best ones were 'Proper Job' 'Novo Pruis' (A perry) & 'Honeypot'. They're all fairly local. My favourite one from most supermarkets is Speckled Hen or Good old London Pride.
>> No. 157275 Anonymous
8th July 2010
Thursday 3:25 pm
157275 spacer

Had a pint of Everards Tiger last night, was quite nice.

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