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>> No. 364298 Anonymous
14th November 2013
Thursday 4:47 pm
364298 spacer
ITT: Weird dreams you've had lately.

I actually dreamed last night that I was in Australia, visiting the two blokes from the Foster's adverts in their beach hut. Sure enough, they gave me a Foster's, and I said "cheers, guys"... and then one of them said to me "oh no mayt, we don't say cheers heere. We say 'You little ripper!'"

Quite bizarre... has this dream got any deeper meaning, or have I just been watching too much telly lately?
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>> No. 421642 Anonymous
3rd November 2018
Saturday 1:28 pm
421642 spacer

> were Buddhist monks

This looks conspicuously like a word filter.
>> No. 421658 Anonymous
3rd November 2018
Saturday 5:30 pm
421658 spacer

I'm apparently quite good at making my own legit text appear to be a word filter.
>> No. 421665 Anonymous
3rd November 2018
Saturday 6:51 pm
421665 spacer

I hereby suggest to the mods to do a word filter that converts whatever word they think is best suited into "Buddhist monk".

How about "Atheist"? That would certainly add a little fun to the trite debates about religion on here.
>> No. 421673 Anonymous
3rd November 2018
Saturday 7:29 pm
421673 spacer
I honestly don't remember the last time anyone mentioned Atheists until you just brought it up. Stop trying to meme force.
>> No. 421682 Anonymous
3rd November 2018
Saturday 9:05 pm
421682 spacer

Same, It seems really weird to me that they even suggested we have "trite debates about religion" I don't recall one, ever.
>> No. 421683 Anonymous
3rd November 2018
Saturday 10:16 pm
421683 spacer

"Buddhist monks" would still make a good word filter for something.

And I don't want to be meme forcing here.
>> No. 421689 Anonymous
4th November 2018
Sunday 1:36 am
421689 spacer

>And I don't want to be meme forcing here.

>> No. 421692 Anonymous
4th November 2018
Sunday 9:42 am
421692 spacer
That's because we are all amazing atheists and collectively agree that religion is stupid and for stupid people.
>> No. 421695 Anonymous
4th November 2018
Sunday 10:49 am
421695 spacer
This is counter-philosophical cunt-off bait, anyone falling for it is going on my daft bugger list for the rest of eternity.
>> No. 421697 Anonymous
4th November 2018
Sunday 11:10 am
421697 spacer

No!! Not the daft bugger list!!
>> No. 421708 Anonymous
4th November 2018
Sunday 9:22 pm
421708 spacer
I had a sex dream about ContraPoints. As a straight man it wasn't particularly confusing as I was not into it at all even in the dream's context, couldn't get it up and just felt guilty for letting myself be obliged I to the situation.
>> No. 421709 Anonymous
4th November 2018
Sunday 10:00 pm
421709 spacer

That sounds a bit gay TBH. You couldn't get it up for a fit woman.
>> No. 421718 Anonymous
5th November 2018
Monday 12:10 am
421718 spacer
Had a bit of an early evening nap today, and had quite a vivid dream, something about a stupid non-issue misunderstanding that had become big news, and someone I was mildly involved, and I was chatting to a barrister about it. God knows what. They I was at someone kind of barista demonstration place where you could learn about the whole process of coffee from bean to cup. It was in this big marquee thing, and there was loads of espresso machines with steam puffing off everywhere.
>> No. 421772 Anonymous
6th November 2018
Tuesday 2:00 pm
421772 spacer
A friend of mine lost his dad in a traffic accident last year. I went to the funeral and all.

So last night I had a dream that I was going to the funeral again. I then asked my friend's family "Didn't we already bury him just last year?". And they told me that they decided to exhume the body to bury him again, "and this time properly".

The funeral last year didn't seem improper to me at the time, but oh well.
>> No. 421803 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 10:03 am
421803 spacer
At first I was at work, in the kitchen on the ground floor cooking meals. Then in a blink I'm at the top of the building, about six storeys high. The top floor's roof and one of the corners were destroyed. I slipped somehow, almost falling off the floor before managing to grab the edge with my fingers.

Think I hanged there for about a minute before I woke up. Why do I have this kind of dream often?
>> No. 421804 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 11:02 am
421804 spacer
Tip yourself into the big cup of tea, lad.
>> No. 421805 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 11:05 am
421805 spacer
I had to parachute over the queen to get the most flattering photo of her possible.
>> No. 421807 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 11:51 am
421807 spacer
I took part in an 'escape room'/secret cinema/Larp event, and the creator was fascinated by how quickly I solved the puzzle. I met them, they programing genius who had collected a vast amount of data for mapping human reactions through peer submission, and used it for a neural net to engineer entertainment.

They were interested with seeing people’s reactions to unexpected circumstances, they keep performing 'pranks' on me which were really more experiments to study my reaction then anything, they didn't seem to intend them as malicious but a lot of them were quite cruel and torturous.

They ended up temporarily suffocating me by shoving toilet paper in my mouth when I was asleep.

I forced myself to wake up (as in real world wake up) at that point, turned out my mouth was so dry I couldn't open it and it was causing me breathing problems.
>> No. 421809 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 12:56 pm
421809 spacer
Bugger you. I spilt some tea on me half an hour ago.
>> No. 421812 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 10:00 pm
421812 spacer
I keep having dreams about swimming in the sea, but when I do, the water is always a deep dark colour, even when I've only got a few feet of water under me. It doesn't seem dirty or cloudy or anything, but it's always that eerie dark blue to dark green kind of hue, almost black.
>> No. 421813 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 10:06 pm
421813 spacer
Would you characterise it as being as dark as wine?
>> No. 421814 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 10:11 pm
421814 spacer

No, it's more as if I am swimming in a slightly murky lake. But again, in the sea, in otherwise clear water.
>> No. 421862 Anonymous
8th November 2018
Thursday 11:54 pm
421862 spacer
Tonight I dreamed that I had put a small cat in a hot oven, then watched through the glass how he was slowly cooked alive. I saw all details of the burns, his skin full with blisters oozing liquid and pus. Until the end he was trying to get out and looking at me with pleading eyes. I was thinking about eating him afterwards, then I remembered that you have to skin and gut an animal before roasting him. I thought: "too bad, I will just watch him die, even if I took him out of the oven he's dead anyway", then the alarm woke me up.

I know that there are many things wrong in my head, but those kinds of dreams are an unwelcome reminder. I think that I do not deserve to live.
>> No. 421867 Anonymous
9th November 2018
Friday 7:36 am
421867 spacer

> I think that I do not deserve to live.

How big is your oven then?
>> No. 421868 Anonymous
9th November 2018
Friday 8:57 am
421868 spacer

Counterintuitively, I think the fact you're dreaming about this sort of thing actually means you're especially sensitive to the thought of violence and cruelty. If the thought weren't so disturbing to you, it probably wouldn't have occupied your thoughts.

I can't speak for you, but when I'm anxious or otherwise in a bad frame of mind, I often get intrusive thoughts and ugly nightmares like this. It doesn't make you a bad person, it probably just means you're under some sort of serious emotional stress.
>> No. 421869 Anonymous
9th November 2018
Friday 9:45 am
421869 spacer
You felt horrible when you woke up so I wouldn't be too worried. If you'd woken up hungry or with a massive stonk on, then we might need to have a talk.
>> No. 421870 Anonymous
9th November 2018
Friday 11:35 am
421870 spacer
I seemed to dream a lot last night, including Twp or three false awakenings in which I altered or discussed plans I have with a friend this evening, before going back to sleep. I woke up to find messages from them discussing those plans and was deeply confused for a while.
>> No. 421873 Anonymous
9th November 2018
Friday 1:10 pm
421873 spacer

Me and my colleagues had a good half an hour discussion about what would happen if you put a human in an autoclave, and upon googling it we were disappointed to find it has never happened.

I wouldn't worry about yourself mate.
>> No. 421874 Anonymous
9th November 2018
Friday 1:24 pm
421874 spacer

Interestingly the myth of cooking people alive has been around since antiquity.

>> No. 421876 Anonymous
9th November 2018
Friday 1:55 pm
421876 spacer

Just make sure the meat is still slightly pink inside and slides off the bone.
>> No. 421891 Anonymous
9th November 2018
Friday 9:12 pm
421891 spacer

Problem is, I did a lot of bad things in my life to cats, dogs, humans and any animal I could put my hands over. Not specifically that, but a lot of crazy and horrible things. I thought that I could go back to normal life afterwards, but I was mistaken.
>> No. 421892 Anonymous
9th November 2018
Friday 9:30 pm
421892 spacer


Also I've just noticed the old crone looks a bit like El Donaldo.
>> No. 421895 Anonymous
9th November 2018
Friday 10:04 pm
421895 spacer

Still me.

I used to dabble into lucid dreaming. Some time ago I dreamed that I was in a room with darkened windows, I was talking with a girl but little by little her appearance became more unnerving. In the end she was blonde, with blue eyes, Down syndrome face, about two meters tall. She opened her dress, smiling, she had a wonderful body like a gymnast or an athlete. She also had a massive, erect cock. I though that it was too absurd to be true and I tried some techniques to take control of the dream. They worked, I willed the tranny to disappear and he/she disappeared. I looked around the room, there were tables with lots of different items upon them, like a flea market. I spent some time playing with the environment, moving or kicking the objects or observing them. I tried to use mirrors and light switches, for some reason mirrors and switches never work in a dream.

A former girlfriend of mine appeared behind me, she told me that it was not a dream and that she had important things to tell me, and that we had very little time. She also told me that I grew up a lot in all those years, and that I became a monster. I thought that it was a good chance for some fun, so I grabbed her by the throat, I intended to strangle and rape her, you cannot be persecuted for things done in a lucid dream. The alarm sounded before I could do anything.

By the way, I checked for her on the 'net. She died in a car accident some years ago.
>> No. 421916 Anonymous
11th November 2018
Sunday 2:54 am
421916 spacer



>> No. 421938 Anonymous
11th November 2018
Sunday 2:13 pm
421938 spacer

You need to sort your life out.
>> No. 421950 Anonymous
11th November 2018
Sunday 5:03 pm
421950 spacer


I agree, but I have no idea where to start. I have no money for a private shrink and we all know how NHS mental health service is absolute shite.

Another lucid dream:

I was in a building, likely a government office. It was a square building, with a corridor going around and all the rooms on the external perimeter. In the center of the building there was a small inner courtyard, with an enormous red crystal shimmering in the light. I spent some seconds facing the window and admiring the crystal, I asked myself how a fucked up mind like mine could summon such a beautiful thing. That was the required trigger, and I started going lucid. I explored the building, it was furnished up like an office, but there was nobody inside. I went around looking for something to do, when I saw two naggers dressed up in full swag clothing approaching me and smiling. I tried to visualise a weapon, and I managed to create a Chainfist from 40K in my right hand. The naggers stopped in their tracks and said "fuck, this one is awake" before turning around and running away.

I will never forget how beautiful that crystal was. I spent months researching crystals and stones on the 'net, I was never able to find anything similar. I still wonder how my mind could build something like that. I even tried to learn Blender to make a copy and 3D print it, but I am too low IQ to do that.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 421953 Anonymous
11th November 2018
Sunday 6:12 pm
421953 spacer
>I even tried to learn Blender to make a copy and 3D print it
Your mind doesn't really "build" these things, it's just the idea of it. Not a beautiful object but the sense of something overwhelmingly beautiful. There's no reason to think it's possible to reconstruct such a thing in physical reality any more than you could build a real Escher type structure.
>> No. 421955 Anonymous
11th November 2018
Sunday 8:00 pm
421955 spacer

When you master the lucid dreaming techniques you become able to create detailed objects in your dreams and to keep memory of them afterwards. I suggest the Monroe Institute binaural sounds (not the Youtube version, the conversion butchers the .flac). Do not expect any result until several weeks of continuous practice.
>> No. 421956 Anonymous
11th November 2018
Sunday 8:29 pm
421956 spacer
That doesn't mean they're physically possible to build in waking life. This should be obvious if you consider that the thing that makes crystals particularly beautiful is their refractive/reflective/diffusive properties and those are not settings you can select for with 3D printing. Doesn't matter how many facets it has if the material itself doesn't handle light like you want it to and it's entirely possible to imagine a material with properties that are simply impossible.
>> No. 421960 Anonymous
11th November 2018
Sunday 10:29 pm
421960 spacer
I had a dream that I was at an airport and somehow missed my plane, and then suddenly I was getting on board kind of a Lear Jet looking plane, much smaller but nonetheless jet engine powered. The pilot then switched on the engines and for some reason drove the plane off the runway and onto a nearby motorway, to which I said, "Isn't that really kind of dangerous?". But the pilot said, "Oh no, this plane is so agile, all it needs to take off is a few hundred feet of motorway". We then weaved past some cars in mid-traffic, and then the pilot suddenly went full throttle and the plane took off. And really at kind of a 50 to 60 degree angle, and at an amazing speed. And I exclaimed something like, "Wow, this is fucking awesome!". The pilot and copilot then let me look out the front windows and I watched as we went up through the cloud cover and straight into the direction of the sun.

The second dream I had was that I was on a tube train apparently on the way to a job interview, and then I was switching trains at a tube station, and for some reason turned a corner and walked right into a police operation taking place where they were in the process of arresting some criminals. One of the policemen then for some reason pulled the ring on a smoke grenade and there was smoke all around us. I then said to the police, "I'm sorry, I'm not part of this, I'll just go back the other way". But they said, "No, you stay. We need to get your details!".

I was already running late for my job interview, so I texted them that I got caught up in a police operation and that I was going to be there at 2:30 pm. And then while I was on the other train, I was nervously looking on my watch and saw 2:30 tick by and the train still hadn't arrived at my stop, so I was beginning to suspect that I was on the wrong train altogether. I also didn't feel like texting them again that I was going to be even more late than 2:30, because what would they think of me. So at some point I just thought, "Oh well, I'll just go home now and apply for a job somewhere else".
>> No. 422006 Anonymous
13th November 2018
Tuesday 6:09 pm
422006 spacer


I had a dream last night that nuclear war had broken out and we were all scrambling to get to a fallout shelter of some description.

But then as we watched the bombs go off, they looked pretty unspectacular, and the sound they made was a barely audible, subdued "pew", almost comedic like in a Monty Python film. So somebody in my dream said, "What, that is the best they can do? I've missed Eastenders for this!"
>> No. 422015 Anonymous
14th November 2018
Wednesday 7:32 pm
422015 spacer


>> No. 422016 Anonymous
14th November 2018
Wednesday 8:52 pm
422016 spacer
Where does the time go...
>> No. 422021 Anonymous
14th November 2018
Wednesday 11:21 pm
422021 spacer

Kind of odd when you think that the oldest still-active thread on .gs is about things that people dream at night. But I guess because it's something every human being can relate to.

I think somebody said in some sci fi B movie once that the easiest way to find out for yourself if you are a robot or not is whether or not you have dreams. Apparently, robots don't dream.
>> No. 422022 Anonymous
15th November 2018
Thursday 12:24 am
422022 spacer

>oldest still active thread

I think not. The anonymous alcoholics thread has bern going for 8 years that's been enough for me to go from t-total to a recovered alcoholic with several relapses inbetween and aquire various alcohol related health problems along the way.
>> No. 422025 Anonymous
15th November 2018
Thursday 6:37 am
422025 spacer

Do androids dream of electric sheep though?
>> No. 422026 Anonymous
15th November 2018
Thursday 1:12 pm
422026 spacer

I do dream but I'm starting to worry about how much I struggle with captchas.
>> No. 422027 Anonymous
15th November 2018
Thursday 1:24 pm
422027 spacer

You have to solve captchas in your dreams?
>> No. 422028 Anonymous
15th November 2018
Thursday 1:25 pm
422028 spacer
I know paranoid androids dream of electric sheeple.
>> No. 422029 Anonymous
15th November 2018
Thursday 3:55 pm
422029 spacer

When I am king, you will be first against the wall.

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