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>> No. 364298 Anonymous
14th November 2013
Thursday 4:47 pm
364298 spacer
ITT: Weird dreams you've had lately.

I actually dreamed last night that I was in Australia, visiting the two blokes from the Foster's adverts in their beach hut. Sure enough, they gave me a Foster's, and I said "cheers, guys"... and then one of them said to me "oh no mayt, we don't say cheers heere. We say 'You little ripper!'"

Quite bizarre... has this dream got any deeper meaning, or have I just been watching too much telly lately?
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>> No. 412683 Anonymous
10th September 2017
Sunday 10:38 pm
412683 spacer
Weird dream. I was walking around Havana and then I saw a pub. I walked in and asked for a drink, but the guy there said "drink? No drinks only cigars." It was weird, so I turned around to see what people were drinking, but everyone was just smoking cigars. They all stood up to applaud.

I don't know what to make of this dream.
>> No. 412685 Anonymous
10th September 2017
Sunday 11:46 pm
412685 spacer
I was out and about somewhere, with some random people. I was bursting for a piss and was planning to go in a hedge, when someone pointed out there was a public toilet. I walked round the corner of this parade of shops and there was the public toilet door. I opened it and there this supringsly large room, clean and tidy, not great decor. I had a massive piss.
>> No. 412686 Anonymous
11th September 2017
Monday 3:00 am
412686 spacer
Sounds more like a nightmare to me; whenever I dream that I'm doing a piss I wake up to find I'm doing it for real.
>> No. 412707 Anonymous
11th September 2017
Monday 9:55 pm
412707 spacer

I always just dream I'm having a really frustrating never-ending piss, which is better than soaking the bed I suppose. But it always seems to take me about ten minutes of dream pissing and wondering why the fuck I can't stop to wake up and realise I need a piss in real life.
>> No. 412823 Anonymous
16th September 2017
Saturday 6:16 pm
412823 spacer
Are you an alcoholic?
>> No. 412824 Anonymous
16th September 2017
Saturday 7:33 pm
412824 spacer
No... But how are you making that connection?
>> No. 412825 Anonymous
16th September 2017
Saturday 10:53 pm
412825 spacer
Things nobody is ever interested in listening to: your """weird""" dreams. Bear in mind.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 412826 Anonymous
17th September 2017
Sunday 12:35 pm
412826 spacer

This thread has been alive for four years you fuckwit
>> No. 412827 Anonymous
17th September 2017
Sunday 1:16 pm
412827 spacer
It's remarkable really. Against all odds the dodgy dreams persist as the place dies around it.
>> No. 412829 Anonymous
17th September 2017
Sunday 6:01 pm
412829 spacer
You sound bitter lad.
>> No. 412830 Anonymous
17th September 2017
Sunday 8:29 pm
412830 spacer
There has been a lot of posters here lately having a piss and a moan about threads not being what they like lately. They could of course make their own threads about things they do like and ignore those threads they don't like but that would mean being constructive instead of behaving like insufferable entitled cunts.
>> No. 412831 Anonymous
17th September 2017
Sunday 8:44 pm
412831 spacer

That was the thirteen-hundred-and-forty-eighth reply to this thread.
>> No. 412832 Anonymous
17th September 2017
Sunday 10:20 pm
412832 spacer

I actually had a dream a while ago that .gs had been shut down, and I was frantically trying to find it at another URL. And in my dream, I then shouted "Nooo, you cunts!! You can't just do that!!"

I wouldn't say I had the same satisfaction upon waking up to realise it was just a dream as I had a while ago when I dreamed that my girlfriend had left me and then I opened my eyes and she was lying right next to me, smiling at me as lovingly as ever. But realising that .gs being shut down was just a dream as well was definitely up there.

Seriously though... nothing beats the relief of waking up next to your girlfriend, who is still your girlfriend as if nothing happened (because nothing actually did happen), after a very bad dream about the two of you splitting up. She later told me she thought it was incredibly sweet that I seemed genuinely distraught while telling her about my dream. Women, eh...
>> No. 412833 Anonymous
17th September 2017
Sunday 10:40 pm
412833 spacer
But what about. gs? I don't give a toss about your girlfriend.
>> No. 412834 Anonymous
18th September 2017
Monday 12:12 am
412834 spacer
I wonder what we'd all do in the event .gs 404'd overnight. It makes me retch that we might actually seek refuge at some godforsaken /int/ board.
>> No. 412835 Anonymous
18th September 2017
Monday 10:45 am
412835 spacer
I don't think I'd bother with any /int/ board, I'd just spend more time on the chans that cater to my 'niche' interests instead of anything specifically British.
>> No. 412836 Anonymous
18th September 2017
Monday 1:28 pm
412836 spacer
>>412834 how many of us do you think there are?
>> No. 412838 Anonymous
18th September 2017
Monday 8:15 pm
412838 spacer
>> No. 412840 Anonymous
19th September 2017
Tuesday 1:08 am
412840 spacer

>I wonder what we'd all do in the event .gs 404'd overnight.

Maybe somebody would set up a crowdfunding campaign. If people can get money for a boob job or arse reduction liposuction off gofumdme.com, then surely you would be able to obtain a few quid a month for a web hosting package to bring back .gs.

The alternative of just letting .gs die gracefully seems much too grim.

You may say that that point has passed already anyway. But just for once, don't be a cynical cunt. Thank you.
>> No. 412842 Anonymous
19th September 2017
Tuesday 2:00 am
412842 spacer
It's seemingly tapering off but we're not at the point of giving up on it quite yet.
>> No. 412843 Anonymous
19th September 2017
Tuesday 2:06 am
412843 spacer
Whoa who said anything about it dying a death?
>> No. 412845 Anonymous
19th September 2017
Tuesday 5:29 am
412845 spacer

"Are Millennials killing .gs?"
>> No. 412846 Anonymous
19th September 2017
Tuesday 6:43 am
412846 spacer
I'd definitely contribute 65p
>> No. 412847 Anonymous
19th September 2017
Tuesday 12:42 pm
412847 spacer

I suspect purps would keep the hosting up until he kicks the bucket at this point. It's his legacy. He loves it more than his children. I may be exaggerating.

I'd pay for it if he stopped wanting to, if I'm honest.
>> No. 412848 Anonymous
19th September 2017
Tuesday 1:20 pm
412848 spacer

You could easily run .gs on a $5 VPS. If Purps decides to pack it in, we'll both need to chip in £1.85 a month.
>> No. 412849 Anonymous
19th September 2017
Tuesday 1:35 pm
412849 spacer
It seems unlikely to me that there'd be a channel of communication most people would quickly gravitate towards. Some, sure, but what of the people who couldn't tell you the address of an image board besides this and 4chan?

I think any transition would need to be orderly or the fracturing of an already small userbase would be fatal.
>> No. 412850 Anonymous
19th September 2017
Tuesday 1:53 pm
412850 spacer
I can't quite remember how I transitioned from my extremely brief period on Britchan to .gs. Was the latter advertised on the former?
>> No. 412851 Anonymous
19th September 2017
Tuesday 1:57 pm
412851 spacer
Yes. The two co-existed for a while.
>> No. 412863 Anonymous
19th September 2017
Tuesday 6:58 pm
412863 spacer
Not sure you're exaggerating. Please don't tell them.

Sageru for poor parenting.
>> No. 412878 Anonymous
19th September 2017
Tuesday 10:52 pm
412878 spacer

I'd still go the crowdfunding route. If just to prove a point that people are ready to spend money even on the most pointless things under the sun.
>> No. 412894 Anonymous
20th September 2017
Wednesday 12:34 am
412894 spacer
Case in point:
>> No. 412896 Anonymous
20th September 2017
Wednesday 12:47 am
412896 spacer
>Funding Unsuccessful

Point revoked, case dismissed.
>> No. 412897 Anonymous
20th September 2017
Wednesday 1:51 am
412897 spacer
>> No. 412898 Anonymous
20th September 2017
Wednesday 2:49 am
412898 spacer

I've reviewed your case and it appears to be a youtuber with a 100k views per video and every one of his update videos is just him saying he's not getting the hair cut.


if you are already 100k youtube viewers worth of famous and you still only get $4,000 for a kickstarter campaign then it hardly sets the bar very high for how much money you can fleece out of idiots via crowdfunding does it.
>> No. 412902 Anonymous
20th September 2017
Wednesday 10:08 am
412902 spacer
He did actually drink wine and get a haircut in the end though.


I quite like him.
>> No. 412903 Anonymous
20th September 2017
Wednesday 11:20 am
412903 spacer
>Point revoked, case dismissed.
I've got A$1439 that says otherwise.
>> No. 412953 Anonymous
24th September 2017
Sunday 7:46 pm
412953 spacer
I'm an avid angler, and I keep having dreams about some lake with crystal clear water which, in my dreams, is about a mile's walk from here deep in the woods, tucked away near an almost inaccessible clearing.

The lake abounds with large and easy to catch fish, and when I am there, I just feel like I am in heaven because it's so peaceful there. Just me and my fishing rods.

Sadly, that lake definitely does not exist. Sometimes when I have that dream, I try to get myself to remember which roads and footpaths I took while walking through the forest, but there is really no possibility that that lake exists. Shame, really.
>> No. 412955 Anonymous
24th September 2017
Sunday 8:07 pm
412955 spacer
Here comes the part of the movie where you look up some old map of your area and find that lake did once exist nearby.
>> No. 412956 Anonymous
24th September 2017
Sunday 8:26 pm
412956 spacer

Maybe I was murdered in that lake 200 years ago.

Or maybe I was a sorcerer who was drowned there during the Dark Ages, with the unwashed townspeople looking on and cheering.

I feel suddenly reminded of The Reincarnation of Peter Proud.


(this is the full movie; one of my all-time favourite B movie suspense thrillers).
>> No. 413157 Anonymous
7th October 2017
Saturday 11:31 am
413157 spacer
I remember bits of my dream. I was on what seemed to be a wooden pleasure-boat, a big one like those American river paddle-steamers. I lost my wallet and was worried because it had drugs in, turned out two girls who were nearby had taken it and handed it in to the bar staff who just thought it was funny because I had 21 different fake IDs in it. The bag of white powder was still there when I got it back. Their soft drink selection was uninspiring but there was a jukebox playing Tom Waits which I enjoyed very much.
>> No. 413158 Anonymous
7th October 2017
Saturday 11:35 am
413158 spacer

That's beautiful. I have similar dreams where I'm composing music.
>> No. 413160 Anonymous
7th October 2017
Saturday 2:24 pm
413160 spacer
I developed an irritated lymph node in my right armpit over night the other night, which resulted in a mild stinging sensation throughout the night and the next day.

Somehow, I was able to fit that into my dream that I was having, where I was a Robin Hood-type character in mediaeval England, living in the woods with my people. And the irritated lymph node morphed into an injury from an arrow that somebody shot at me which hit me in that spot. And throughout the dream, I was wondering if I should remove the broken-off arrow tip from the wound or leave it in. And then I actually said to myself, "oh well what's the point... people didn't have disinfectants back then, so I'm screwed either way."
>> No. 413411 Anonymous
26th October 2017
Thursday 12:32 am
413411 spacer
Through some weird event, I woke up in a tent 500 years in the future.

The people there seemed to have been expecting me.

They had keyboards connected to real-looking holograms.

People seemed to live in these commune type arrangements, but the weirdest bit was there were these 'light storms', similar to thunder and lightning but instead it was insanely bright flashes of coloured lights from the sky, and everyone outside had to duck and cover their eyes to shield themselves.

I didn't get this and someone dived at me so I wasn't blinded. I looked up for the second flash and as I did so I woke up.

The weirdest thing though is that it put me in a weird mood all morning, being angry that I won't be able to see more than a tiny snippet in all of humanity's progress, and that we are the primitives to whoever will be living in 2500 -- that's if we aren't all blown up by then.
>> No. 413412 Anonymous
26th October 2017
Thursday 12:36 am
413412 spacer
I was thinking about buying a book last night, then in the morning I had a dream my mum was shouting at me to stop wasting money, then I started coughing up mouthfuls of water.
>> No. 413458 Anonymous
3rd November 2017
Friday 2:15 pm
413458 spacer
I had a dream last night where I got black out drunk at a music festival and when I came too I had escaped from police custody, after being charged with murdering one of the performers in their hotel room.
Since I had no memory of this I wasn't sure if I had, over time I was able to find clues as to what had happened (like when I went to use my mobile I had accidently swapped phones with the victim so I was definitely there), and fragments of my memory from the night before returned as I talked to other people who were there. Eventually I was able to work out that one of the people who was helping me avoid the police and was telling me parts of what had happened was the real killer and they were just helping me to make me look guiltier. I co-operated with the police after that was able to demonstrate my innocence to the police since the killer had hand written note and I am left handed with a hook grip so the writing style was wrong, It was sort of like a combination of gone home, memento and poirot only the protagonist was a hungover pisshead.
>> No. 413459 Anonymous
3rd November 2017
Friday 4:07 pm
413459 spacer
I couldn't work out whether to slightly overload the lift and take the rhino down in that, or to try the stairs, which I figured would be tricky. Spent ages trying to decide.

Previous night, had a 250mL plastic bottle of CSF (cerebro-spinal fluid), which had been collected at great cost, and there was something I was supposed to do with it. I couldn't remember what, and was getting very frustrated.

Fucked if I know.
>> No. 413461 Anonymous
3rd November 2017
Friday 6:34 pm
413461 spacer

Well you did the cell count at least didn't you lad?
>> No. 413462 Anonymous
3rd November 2017
Friday 7:54 pm
413462 spacer
Nope. I'm no medic. I have no idea why I had CSF in a plastic bottle, or am more than faintly aware of its existence. The bottle contained CSF from lots of people all mixed together, a cell count would have been futile (if I'd even known that was what people do with the stuff.)
I never said it made sense, even to me.
>> No. 413480 Anonymous
7th November 2017
Tuesday 9:59 pm
413480 spacer
Last night / this morning I dreamt that I found a top secret never released second series of TV Offal on a sort of darknet youtube. I watched the whole series and although sadly I don't remember it all (damn you, dreams!) I do remember that all the prank phone calls were to people tied up in operation yewtree and kamakazi karioke was always a mashup of TOTP/Are Jimm'll with the Antiques Roadshow
>> No. 413496 Anonymous
8th November 2017
Wednesday 1:56 pm
413496 spacer
I had a dream the other night that I was back on holiday in Gran Canaria, and somehow I was on a boat that had some kind of Club 18/30 party going on. At some point, they started a kind of singles matchmaking game, and I ended up being paired up with a lass who just somehow wasn't my type. She asked for my mobile phone number, and then I just took off, got off the boat and walked back all the way from Puerto de Mogán to Playa del Inglés, which is a good 15 to 20 miles, keeping looking back the whole time fearing that she would follow me.

Kind of an extreme reaction on my part, even for a dream. Besides, I always get a hire car on holiday, so there would be no need for me to walk back 15 miles on foot just to dodge unwanted affection.

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