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>> No. 408833 Anonymous
3rd March 2017
Friday 7:10 pm
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I've been wondering about the age demographics on .gs as we seem to be older and more cantankerous fellows than the average imageboard circle.

I can't remember if there has been a poll done before but I'm sure we have all aged since any previous one. Would you mind answering this so we can all learn something?
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>> No. 408929 Anonymous
6th March 2017
Monday 7:40 pm
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I've got the solution, but nobody wants to hear it.

Make booze and fags free on the NHS. Arrest anyone who drives while under the drink drive limit. Abolish the free television license for pensioners and replace it with free bungee jumping. Make handguns mandatory. Release Charles Bronson and appoint him as Home Secretary.

We'll solve the pensions crisis and have an absolute hoot in the process.
>> No. 408930 Anonymous
6th March 2017
Monday 8:11 pm
408930 spacer
Has anyone ever done a study into how many people our island could actually handle before it really is, in definite terms, "full"?

Like, what's the actual limit on things like space for houses, how many reasonably sized houses can we fit on the 315,159 km² of British Isles? How many humans would they inhabit and what's the amount of agricultural space we'd need to sustain them? Obviously if we cover the entire island with houses we'd have no room to farm and have to import 100%, so what's the balancing point of maximum humans without having to rely on the rest of the world?

What I'm saying is that there has to theoretically hard limit in how many people our country can support and I find it weird that we have so many arguments these days that revolve around this very issue and nobody seems interested in the practical truth. It's almost as if people are interested more in pushing their particular agenda than solving any real or perceived problems.
>> No. 408931 Anonymous
6th March 2017
Monday 8:33 pm
408931 spacer
There's a reason it's a theoretical limit. It's likely to be far above any population level we're realistically going to reach even in our great-grandchildren's lifetimes. Global population growth is slowing. Projections have us stabilising around the 11 billion mark. Assuming proportions remain the same, we're unlikely to hit nine digits, and if we do we're not going far over. Saying our public services are struggling therefore we should curb immigration is like saying the gutter and downpipe are struggling therefore it should rain less. Public services are struggling because the generation running the country are a bunch of ladder-pulling cunts who won't let necessary changes happen because it'll interfere with their four holidays a year or threaten the value of the house they bought on the cheap.
>> No. 408932 Anonymous
6th March 2017
Monday 8:34 pm
408932 spacer
W-what? You're questioning common sense with some uppity fucking scientific enquiry or some shit?

Ooooh, I can't wait until Article 50 goes through and we can cleanse this land of smart arses like you.
>> No. 408933 Anonymous
6th March 2017
Monday 8:51 pm
408933 spacer
How many of these 11 billion are going to be ugga bugga spear chuckers living in some godforsaken famine-ridden wasteland?
>> No. 408934 Anonymous
6th March 2017
Monday 9:14 pm
408934 spacer
There'll be around four billion in Africa, if that's what you mean. Exclude Russia (practicalities of dividing the population there and all), and Europe is unlikely to break a billion.
>> No. 408935 Anonymous
6th March 2017
Monday 9:19 pm
408935 spacer


The population density of the UK is 268 per square km². In South Korea it's 507, in Jersey it's 844, in Singapore it's 7,797, in Macao it's 21,238.

We're not currently self-sufficient for food, but we could just about manage it with the imposition of rationing. Meat is immensely land-intensive and we eat an awful lot of it. To maintain our current diet and be self-sufficient, we'd need to reduce the population by tens of millions. Realistically, it makes more sense to import food from vast and mostly empty landmasses like Australasia and The Americas.

The UK is moderately densely populated by global standards (51st of 246), but it's still remarkably empty outside of the major urban centres. With intelligent urban planning, we could easily fit in dozens of Manchester-sized cities without significantly affecting the quality of life in existing settlements.

We have experienced major internal migration over the last few decades, with a huge shift from north to south; many former industrial communities in Scotland, Wales and Northern England have a glut of housing due to depopulation. A long list of political and social problems could be solved at a stroke if we figured out how to create good jobs in places like Bolton and Grimsby.
>> No. 408936 Anonymous
6th March 2017
Monday 9:51 pm
408936 spacer
If you were to take the entire population of the world (7.5 billion) and spread them evenly across the UK (243610 sq km), the people who used to live in Manila would be thankful for the space.
>> No. 408937 Anonymous
6th March 2017
Monday 10:11 pm
408937 spacer

We need a new global catastrophe. Like the Black Death in mediaeval times. Or the 30 Years War, which decimated the population of central Europe by as many as 40 percent.

Realistically, that is the only way that humans will have a future. Our natural resources are being overexploited, markets around the world are oversaturated, economic growth no longer provides prosperity for the majority of people. Say, about a third to half of the global population gets wiped out by a war, a global pandemic or a natural disaster. That would leave the survivors with a fresh start.

The way things are now, the human race is headed for squalor either way. Even if we could freeze global population numbers at the current level, seven and a half billion people are still not a long-term sustainable global population.
>> No. 408939 Anonymous
6th March 2017
Monday 10:40 pm
408939 spacer

>In contrast to the migration streams needed to offset total or working-age population decline, the levels of migration that would be needed to prevent the countries from ageing are of substantially larger magnitudes. By 2050, these larger migration flows would result in populations where the proportion of post-1995 migrants and their descendants would range between 59 per cent and 99 per cent.* Such high levels of migration have not been observed in the past for any of these countries or regions. Moreover, it seems extremely unlikely that such flows could happen in these countries in the foreseeable future. Therefore, it appears inevitable that the populations of the low-fertility countries will age rapidly in the twenty-first century.

Neither is ideal but the idea of large migrant inflows to the level we need isn't going to happen and it is a pretty questionable solution anyway. The report above provides a likely result that the retirement age will be raised to 75 which doesn't sound very fun.

The lack of any hard numbers is down to variables especially in the environmental questions. Are we just going to stuff the British isles with people and to hell with the newts? How many people can our supplies of water support and how will climate change pressure this? Is it humane to make people live in a Milton Keynes clone like >>408935 suggests?
>> No. 408941 Anonymous
6th March 2017
Monday 11:07 pm
408941 spacer
[not in citation given]
>> No. 408942 Anonymous
6th March 2017
Monday 11:15 pm
408942 spacer

>> No. 408943 Anonymous
7th March 2017
Tuesday 12:09 am
408943 spacer

>> No. 408944 Anonymous
7th March 2017
Tuesday 12:18 am
408944 spacer
Yes, lad, we can read.
>> No. 408946 Anonymous
7th March 2017
Tuesday 12:28 am
408946 spacer
How about you ask for sections and maybe I could have a look tomorrow instead of repeating an XKCD joke like a complete twat?
>> No. 408947 Anonymous
7th March 2017
Tuesday 12:31 am
408947 spacer
I'm curious what reality you inhabit where pointing out that the source you've provided doesn't support the claim you've made is somehow "an XKCD joke".
>> No. 408949 Anonymous
7th March 2017
Tuesday 11:43 am
408949 spacer

Is that Samuel L. Jackson? Or Lawrence Fishburne?
>> No. 408950 Anonymous
7th March 2017
Tuesday 12:07 pm
408950 spacer
Denzel Washington?
>> No. 408954 Anonymous
7th March 2017
Tuesday 2:52 pm
408954 spacer
Abraham Lincoln.
>> No. 408955 Anonymous
7th March 2017
Tuesday 3:20 pm
408955 spacer
Change at Leslie Grantham.
>> No. 408956 Anonymous
7th March 2017
Tuesday 4:00 pm
408956 spacer

>> No. 408957 Anonymous
7th March 2017
Tuesday 4:49 pm
408957 spacer
You want us to take a piss? Donald?
>> No. 408958 Anonymous
8th March 2017
Wednesday 11:11 am
408958 spacer

Thankfully I lucked out on this one.
>> No. 408959 Anonymous
8th March 2017
Wednesday 12:08 pm
408959 spacer

You probably don't get paid the most here. We have citylads and ex citylads and business owners and that one bloke who did all them patios.
>> No. 408961 Anonymous
8th March 2017
Wednesday 2:47 pm
408961 spacer

Patiolad is probably pocketing more than any of us. You can't beat a bit of cash in hand.
>> No. 408962 Anonymous
8th March 2017
Wednesday 2:49 pm
408962 spacer
Are all of those piss or is it more of a lucky-dip type situation?
>> No. 408982 Anonymous
9th March 2017
Thursday 9:50 am
408982 spacer

Indeed. And I stand by my statement.

Sage checked for nothing to add, and agreeing not to comment further on this subject.
>> No. 408986 Anonymous
9th March 2017
Thursday 12:28 pm
408986 spacer

Give me some money/a job please, sir.
>> No. 408988 Anonymous
9th March 2017
Thursday 4:37 pm
408988 spacer

Give a rough figure per year lad, don't hide behind vagueness. Otherwise this post is less than nothing. You might as well be saying "un-huh" like a small child caught out on their bullshit claim that they live in a theme park.
>> No. 408991 Anonymous
9th March 2017
Thursday 6:29 pm
408991 spacer

He has a job. Unless he runs a hedge fund or plays midfield for Man City, he is a long way from the wealthiest person on .gs.
>> No. 408992 Anonymous
9th March 2017
Thursday 7:07 pm
408992 spacer

Y'know, I think Yaya Toure would quite like it here.
>> No. 408999 Anonymous
9th March 2017
Thursday 10:44 pm
408999 spacer

>Unless he runs a hedge fund

You think we have such depraved human beings among us? Somebody who is devoid enough of any moral compass?

That said, I used to work for a business consultant firm. We got paid, and handsomely, for telling our clients who of their employees was redundant. What moral right did we have to say that a person was useless, who wanted only to work to earn their living, just like all of us.

So I quit, and now I spend much of my time tending to my high horse.
>> No. 409000 Anonymous
10th March 2017
Friday 4:11 am
409000 spacer
You are too stupid to be paid much money.
>> No. 409001 Anonymous
10th March 2017
Friday 10:31 am
409001 spacer
Dear God you're a moron.
>> No. 409002 Anonymous
10th March 2017
Friday 10:59 am
409002 spacer

These pricks are resentful that they've never been handed the opportunity to be as evil as you used to be.
>> No. 409003 Anonymous
10th March 2017
Friday 12:54 pm
409003 spacer

Yeah, and I think the irony of the high horse bit was lost on them.
>> No. 409070 Anonymous
18th March 2017
Saturday 6:23 pm
409070 spacer
I was a regular here back when I was at uni as a 'mature' student, i still check in every now and then. Even used to go on the IRC sometimes. Now 31 and too busy trying to make enough money to not die to spend hours in imageboards. This makes be sad. [[x]Whinge] for moaning about not being as young as i was...
>> No. 409072 Anonymous
18th March 2017
Saturday 11:56 pm
409072 spacer
What used to go on in the IRC? I vaguely remember something from 2010 that was quite interesting.
>> No. 409077 Anonymous
19th March 2017
Sunday 2:34 am
409077 spacer


You've got a lot to say m1

Why not sit down, have a cup of tea...........
>> No. 409078 Anonymous
19th March 2017
Sunday 3:08 am
409078 Ya mams fanny smells of cod

.before .gs became a student Guardian bellend echo chamber

I was pissing arse in Tesco checkout girl, avoiding a poz loading and doing squats for a mental nignog from Liverpool.

Otherpurpz has killed .gs, nobody comes here anymore.
>> No. 409080 Anonymous
19th March 2017
Sunday 12:01 pm
409080 spacer

Here's a list of other imageboards from 2012
You want to go and see how active they are relative to this one?
>> No. 409092 Anonymous
20th March 2017
Monday 7:41 pm
409092 spacer


Move on, nothing to see here.
>> No. 409095 Anonymous
20th March 2017
Monday 10:51 pm
409095 spacer
I came here before Britchan died. I dread to think quite how long it has been.
>> No. 409096 Anonymous
21st March 2017
Tuesday 12:50 am
409096 spacer
Do you remember when purple shared the link on britchan and it was ignored by everyone? It only had like 9 boards and was completely dead. Then yubyub fucked the server and we all went to krautchan but then there was another exodus as soon as britfa.gs became the board to be. Do you remember how everyone bitched about the name being difficult to type and how it'd be useful to sort out the chaff from the wheat?
>> No. 409601 Anonymous
11th April 2017
Tuesday 6:23 pm
409601 spacer
Well, I'm 29 and was honestly smarter, nicer and more grounded than I am now.

Sod all this talk about teenagers roonin are cunry, I think our generation is more jaded. They may (apparently) be more conservative than previous generations but honestly I hate my Millennial generation more, maybe it was the combination of coming of age in the 9/11 era and being the first to really rely on the internet.
>> No. 409602 Anonymous
11th April 2017
Tuesday 7:00 pm
409602 spacer
Ugh, I managed 4 hours sleep last night so apologies for an incomprehensible first sentence. I was comparing myself to the 19 year-old me, who likely would've proofread his post before making such an egregious error. I'll shuffle off now.
>> No. 409609 Anonymous
12th April 2017
Wednesday 2:15 pm
409609 spacer
I am exactly 25, and I've been coming here since at least 2010. In fact some of my old posts still linger, and I cringe reading ny teenlad writings.
>> No. 409610 Anonymous
12th April 2017
Wednesday 2:29 pm
409610 spacer
I often cringe shortly after pressing submit.
>> No. 409613 Anonymous
12th April 2017
Wednesday 7:20 pm
409613 spacer
I often start cringing halfway through the middle of a sentence. Britfa is full of the ghosts of the hundreds of posts I could never bring myself to submit.
>> No. 409616 Anonymous
12th April 2017
Wednesday 7:48 pm
409616 spacer
I sometimes find myself cringing before I submit a post. But then I press submit anyway because sharing is caring. Case-in-point ...

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