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>> No. 412395 Anonymous
15th August 2017
Tuesday 2:09 pm
412395 Digital interview
Hello chaps I've got a digital interview to do, what sort of questions can I expect, it's for Vodafone, decent job too.

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>> No. 412396 Anonymous
15th August 2017
Tuesday 2:11 pm
412396 spacer
What exactly do they call a digital interview?
>> No. 412397 Anonymous
15th August 2017
Tuesday 2:16 pm
412397 spacer
Sorry I wasn't clear, it's an app you download onto your device a question will appear and you have 30 seconds to prep, and 3 minutes to answer and it's all recorded and they then view the videos.
>> No. 412398 Anonymous
15th August 2017
Tuesday 2:23 pm
412398 spacer
That doesn't sound to me like the sort of thing any company worth working for would do.
>> No. 412399 Anonymous
15th August 2017
Tuesday 4:00 pm
412399 spacer

It is kind of odd. You would half expect a telecommunications company to try to use the latest superfluous gadgetry technologies even in their recruiting, but this is kind of taking the piss.

But companies can be weird that way. I applied for a job at a major company online once, and then after ten days or so, I decided to call and ask if they had received my application. I told them my name, but the person on the phone said that applications were only handled using a receipt ID number, which I was told I should have received via e-mail upon uploading my data. I then asked why they didn't just handle it by my name, and they said that their diversity guidelines only allowed them to handle job applications based on the ID number. This was to make sure there would be no (or less) discrimination based on gender or ethnicity.

I mean, I could half understand where they were coming from. But that was taking it a bit too far, if they didn't even let a help desk person look up my resume under my actual name.
>> No. 412400 Anonymous
15th August 2017
Tuesday 5:04 pm
412400 spacer
Yeah it is a bit weird, it'll take 10 minutes so three questions and said dress as you would for a RL interview, least I could get away with not wearing pants. I'll have a page open for vodafone info incase they pull the tell me about the company question.
>> No. 412403 Anonymous
16th August 2017
Wednesday 8:05 pm
412403 spacer
Well I did it. I think it went bad. I felt like a twat talking to myself, whilst taking a selfie. Oh well.
>> No. 412404 Anonymous
16th August 2017
Wednesday 8:27 pm
412404 spacer

there isn't a word that irritates me more than "selfie"
>> No. 412405 Anonymous
16th August 2017
Wednesday 8:49 pm
412405 spacer
>>412404 what about the word bae?
>> No. 412410 Anonymous
17th August 2017
Thursday 7:11 pm
412410 spacer

>> No. 412412 Anonymous
18th August 2017
Friday 12:28 pm
412412 spacer

I think interview techniques like this are designed to both take you out of your comfort zone and to see how you are with modern technology, as this was an interview for Vodafone. Also, of course it saves time and costs.

That said, I don't think many interviewees do well with this sort of thing. There are now entire volumes of advice on how to prepare yourself for video interviews at home, what to wear, how to prepare your backdrop, etc. But in the end, I think I would just feel incredibly weird.

There are also anecdotes about what can go wrong. From someone's dog taking a shit on the carpet during their interview to parents or partners coming into the room unannounced.
>> No. 412435 Anonymous
21st August 2017
Monday 12:16 pm
412435 spacer
Don't wanna start a new thread but since we're talking interviews, would it be over dressed to wear a suit and dress shoes to a tesco customer adviser interview?
>> No. 412436 Anonymous
21st August 2017
Monday 12:17 pm
412436 spacer
No. I don't think you can over dress to an interview. And if you can it's better to look overdressed than underdressed.
>> No. 412437 Anonymous
21st August 2017
Monday 1:20 pm
412437 spacer

Absolutely this. Always dress up as best you can.

You might get a pass if you work in a dress-down office at present - I have attended and passed interviews in jeans/trainers, but they're super clean/smart ones, and I wear a decent shirt and jacket over the top - if I came to work in a full suit (because I was going to an interview) that would just look weird.

My friends call this the Clarkson look, which I'm not sure is a compliment, but am fine with - I am much thinner than him for a start.
>> No. 412438 Anonymous
22nd August 2017
Tuesday 1:01 pm
412438 spacer
Tescos went well.
>> No. 412439 Anonymous
22nd August 2017
Tuesday 1:21 pm
412439 spacer

Nice one, mate. Fingers crossed.
>> No. 412440 Anonymous
23rd August 2017
Wednesday 4:58 pm
412440 spacer
>tesco customer adviser

What exactly does a customer adviser in Tesco's do? Will you be manning the info desk, or will you be running around the supermarket floor in a Tesco vest, telling people which aisle washing powder is in?
>> No. 412443 Anonymous
23rd August 2017
Wednesday 6:18 pm
412443 spacer
Who cares, a job is a job.
>> No. 412444 Anonymous
23rd August 2017
Wednesday 6:24 pm
412444 spacer
Something only ever said by people with boring jobs.
>> No. 412447 Anonymous
23rd August 2017
Wednesday 6:45 pm
412447 spacer

I assume that's the newest euphemism for "shelf stacker".
>> No. 412455 Anonymous
23rd August 2017
Wednesday 10:32 pm
412455 spacer

It's taking the piss a bit though.

It's along the same lines as things like a caretaker/janitor all of a sudden becoming a "facility manager" ten years ago. Or to call somebody a "health and safety engineer" whose main job it is to make sure the band aids in the first aid kit haven't expired.

Basically, it is the attempt to assign faux meaning to jobs that are becoming ever more insignificant and replaceable.
>> No. 412456 Anonymous
24th August 2017
Thursday 2:20 am
412456 spacer
>>412444 What's your brilliantly interesting job? I'm self employed working in a creative media industry, but because I'm self employed can't get a mortgage. So I need this shitty part time job to get one.

Got the job btw, and yeah it's shelf stacking.
>> No. 412457 Anonymous
24th August 2017
Thursday 5:02 am
412457 spacer

>band aids

Tut tut.
>> No. 412459 Anonymous
24th August 2017
Thursday 10:51 am
412459 spacer

I can't lie to you about your chances... but you have my sympathies.
>> No. 412460 Anonymous
24th August 2017
Thursday 11:26 am
412460 spacer

You're a YouTuber?
>> No. 412461 Anonymous
24th August 2017
Thursday 11:31 am
412461 spacer
>> No. 412462 Anonymous
24th August 2017
Thursday 12:54 pm
412462 spacer

This was my guess also.

> self employed working in a creative media industry

near enough sounds like a circumlocutory admission of de facto unemployment by usual standards.
>> No. 412463 Anonymous
24th August 2017
Thursday 1:07 pm
412463 spacer
No I do animation and graphics, it's a good wage (I can get £1000+ for a week's work), but because I can go 2 weeks without finding work I've been declined a mortgage.
>> No. 412464 Anonymous
24th August 2017
Thursday 1:31 pm
412464 spacer

Ok, never mind then.

I actually know people like you. One of them is a professionally trained video graphic artist who is self employed but gets hired by high-profile documentary production companies for certain jobs. He will then do the titles and the artwork and what-have-you. It pays handsomely, a single documentary series with several episodes and a lot of animated content can put over £10,000 in his bank account. But then there are also times where he will not be working for a month at a time.

He inherited a fully paid off house from his parents, so a mortgage isn't something he needs to bother with.
>> No. 412473 Anonymous
24th August 2017
Thursday 11:12 pm
412473 spacer
>>412464 Yeah sounds like your B1064s in a better place than I am, 'High profile' production companies will pay me the big bucks, But I take work where I can get it, ironically you guys thought youtube, which makes me laugh as I make intros for 'gaming' channels as well. £200 for half an hours work and some nerds happy with a shiney dubsteppy lens-flared filled intro. I got the advice of instead of using my own name as my 'business name', but making a production company then I wouldn't be seen as self employed, and thus eligible for a loan, is this all legally sound? I don't wanna piss off the tax man.
>> No. 412474 Anonymous
24th August 2017
Thursday 11:45 pm
412474 spacer
Why not start your own company and give yourself a reasonable salary? The monthly paycheck will look stable and, if the gap between contracts isn't too great, it should last long enough to find more work.
>> No. 412475 Anonymous
25th August 2017
Friday 12:04 am
412475 spacer

Registering a limited company is piss-easy and has a lot of tax advantages. Your company can pay you as an employee through PAYE, enrol you in a company pension scheme, the works. If you're earning over about £30k, the accountancy fees pay for themselves in tax savings. Depending on your client base and your expenses, it might also be advantageous to register for the flat rate VAT scheme.
>> No. 412477 Anonymous
25th August 2017
Friday 4:25 pm
412477 spacer
All true, but it will take a while (2-3 years) before animation-lad will have enough years accounts and proof of earnings to get a mortgage. They're very strict nowadays on the affordability test and they inspect the inside of your arsehole if you tell them you're self employed.

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