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>> No. 412465 Anonymous
24th August 2017
Thursday 3:29 pm
412465 What makes something interesting?
I've been thinking about this, is this idea quantifiable? Are there rules that someone has used to define this that are agreed upon?

Does anyone know any good books on the subject? And if what makes something interesting is unmeasurable, what about the opposite? What makes something boring?

I was initially thinking in the sense of delivery of information, but I suppose it could be applied to all aspects of life.
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>> No. 412467 Anonymous
24th August 2017
Thursday 4:33 pm
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Isn't it entirely and wholly subjective? The things I find interesting might be completely fucking boring to you.
>> No. 412468 Anonymous
24th August 2017
Thursday 5:35 pm
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Maybe the subject matter, but what about the delivery? There are Authors that are more popular than others, and authors that most people identify as being shit and ones people Identify as good, and it goes beyond just spelling the words correctly.
>> No. 412469 Anonymous
24th August 2017
Thursday 5:44 pm
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Dr Janina Ramirez.png
I don't think you can find a hard and fast definition for this. So much depends not only on hierarchical rules like the relative position of the speaker (cute historians talking about medieval peasant women for instance) but generally how well it is delivered and its relevance to the listener.

So if you want to be interesting at dinner parties you should have tits, a doctorate and probably just let the other person natter on while you pretend to be interested in whatever is relevant to them. I've found I can come across as quite charming (when in reality I'm a tedious cunt) if I ask questions about someones banal interests with the odd silly observation to appear engaged so there you go.
>> No. 412470 Anonymous
24th August 2017
Thursday 6:06 pm
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Now that I think about it, what you seem to be approaching is Pirsig's metaphysics of quality from a different angle. I recommend checking out his book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance which despite the farty title is regarded as a classic of modern philosophy and had a big impact on my own life.

It won't give you an objective definition either but what it will do is illuminate the topic on a deeper level of understanding. We can sit here all day outlining 'interesting' by all the examples of interesting things we can remember and not interesting in the same fashion - then an objectively interesting thing will appear that is boring and a supposedly not interesting thing will captivate us like that article on poo fungus (https://www.1843magazine.com/content/places/richard-fortey/pile-wonder).
>> No. 412471 Anonymous
24th August 2017
Thursday 8:06 pm
412471 spacer
>I ask questions about someones banal interests with the odd silly observation

That's almost Active Listening and is the key to being perceived as a good listener. People like you more when you actively listen to them.
>> No. 412472 Anonymous
24th August 2017
Thursday 8:06 pm
412472 spacer
Interesting topic, this.

But seriously, I think one way of looking at it is that our minds are basically pattern matching algorithms. We look for patterns in our daily lives that "interest" us, either because it is our job to be interested in them (e.g. a policeman who spots what he thinks is suspicious behaviour), or because they have to do with our hobbies or our political views or whatever. We sift through the barrage of stimuli that inundates us every second of our lives, searching for the bits that are somehow relevant to us. And when we somehow notice patterns that correspond to what is interesting to us, then it attracts our attention.

Not sure if this is of any help, but maybe it's a place to start.

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