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>> No. 412775 Anonymous
14th September 2017
Thursday 12:26 pm
412775 spacer
Everythings shit. I want to run away and live in canada for a years or so. See the world and all that jazz. How do I start the process? I'm going to save up a couple of thousand and then go.
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>> No. 412778 Anonymous
14th September 2017
Thursday 1:44 pm
412778 spacer

Canadian border officials are very... 'thorough' if they start asking about your plans to live Canada for a couple of years, just because things have gone to pot here; they could interpret it as you running away from the law if you can't come up with a genuine reason for your stay.

Do your research first, mate.

>> No. 412780 Anonymous
14th September 2017
Thursday 2:25 pm
412780 spacer
Canada's border officials have gotten more thorough in the past couple years, but I've never had an issue with them as long as you're prepared, have evidence of funds, where you're staying, etc. If you're doing nothing wrong and have everything they want, there's no issue. They're miles better than America's border officials because of that, since they don't make you feel guilty from the out, they actually listen to you and do their job.
>> No. 412785 Anonymous
14th September 2017
Thursday 5:18 pm
412785 Op
Thanks for your responces, I have zero convictions or anythingike that. It's more the case of I'm bored here and want to see new things. If I find a job and a place to live will it all be pretty much plain sailing?
>> No. 412802 Anonymous
14th September 2017
Thursday 7:56 pm
412802 spacer

No. Unless you've got a work permit, you'll be an illegal immigrant. They can kick you out of the country at any time and ban you from coming back.

Your best option is probably an IEC visa. You might also want to consider New Zealand and Australia.

>> No. 412803 Anonymous
14th September 2017
Thursday 8:15 pm
412803 spacer
Trek through Europe until you reach the south (maybe Italy?) Then jump on a life raft and paddle all the way to Libya. Tell them your a refugee escaping from your teen angst and capitalism.
>> No. 412804 Anonymous
14th September 2017
Thursday 8:15 pm
412804 spacer
>3 hours
>> No. 412805 Anonymous
14th September 2017
Thursday 8:26 pm
412805 spacer
It would appear to be five full 40-minute episodes strung together.
>> No. 412806 Anonymous
14th September 2017
Thursday 9:19 pm
412806 spacer
Shame. I don't watch anything longer than 12.37 minutes.
>> No. 412807 Anonymous
14th September 2017
Thursday 9:27 pm
412807 spacer
I don't understand your motivation for doing this, are you aware that you're not going to escape yourself?
>> No. 412808 Anonymous
14th September 2017
Thursday 9:48 pm
412808 spacer
Perhaps the best advice so far.
>> No. 412811 Anonymous
15th September 2017
Friday 11:03 am
412811 spacer
I had a mate who literally went there on a trip for two weeks and had his whole life torn apart by them.

He is a white male, too.
>> No. 412813 Anonymous
15th September 2017
Friday 4:45 pm
412813 spacer

If Canadian border officials are the stick that breaks the camel's back, the camel was likely knackered to begin with.

t. Confucius
>> No. 412919 Anonymous
21st September 2017
Thursday 1:38 am
412919 spacer
come to Phoenix, we can drink beer and go to the range
>> No. 413180 Anonymous
8th October 2017
Sunday 2:48 am
413180 spacer

>He is a white male, too.

LOL at your brainwashing http://www.latimes.com/world/africa/la-fg-malawi-albinos-hunted-2017-story.html

(A good day to you Sir!)

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