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>> No. 413376 Anonymous
25th October 2017
Wednesday 12:03 am
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If I bought an old shed and a few acres of say Grade 4.1 agricultural land in Scotland, would I within reasonable limits be able to do whatever I liked with it? Or would I be obliged to use it for agricultural purposes? (miffed locals not taken into account)

I want to be able to plant a static caravan relitively out of sight, have a decently sized workshop for my collection of old bangers and generally live a cosy woodmans/post apocalyptic scrapyard trailer park life.
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>> No. 413377 Anonymous
25th October 2017
Wednesday 12:46 am
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The short answer is yes, but you may still need some sort of planning permission even for a caravan. I'm not sure how different Scottish law is on the matter, but you should find this link useful : https://www.permaculture.co.uk/articles/how-get-planning-permission-non-development-land
>> No. 413378 Anonymous
25th October 2017
Wednesday 12:47 am
413378 spacer
You would need to address that with the relevant planning authority. You would certainly need permission for the static caravan. If the land comes with existing outbuildings, you'll want to check what the permitted uses and restrictions are. In general, if it says it's not to be used commercially you could convert the barn to a garage workshop, but sometimes there'll be a specific restriction like "only to be used for storing hay". If you're found to be in breach of a planning restriction, at the extreme end the authority can order the structure demolished.

In short, not entirely impossible but fraught with potential pitfalls. Like Gillian McKeith, you'll need to know your shit.
>> No. 413400 Anonymous
25th October 2017
Wednesday 8:04 pm
413400 spacer
Never knew how shit Britain is. I can't even buy a plot of land and live on it in my fucking caravan? Fuck me.
>> No. 413403 Anonymous
25th October 2017
Wednesday 8:53 pm
413403 spacer
>>413400 Neither you, nor our friends in the travelling community. I'm ok with this.
>> No. 413404 Anonymous
25th October 2017
Wednesday 9:43 pm
413404 spacer
So... We have these "laws" to target gypsies?
>> No. 413406 Anonymous
25th October 2017
Wednesday 10:23 pm
413406 spacer
Having spent a few years near the cunts at Smithy Fen, I'd be OK if we did. However, we don't, we mostly have sort-of-sane planning laws that don't allow random people to do whatever the fuck they like, to the (possible) detriment of the people living nearby. Not everyone relishes the idea of a scrapyard next door.
(Buy a few more acres, and get agricultural exemption on planning for your new outbuildings - but it still won't let you turn a non-dwelling into a dwelling, I'm afraid)
>> No. 413408 Anonymous
25th October 2017
Wednesday 11:25 pm
413408 spacer
Jesus. What are they going to do if I buy a plot of land and just park my caravan there to live in? Throw the book at me? Look me up in jail?
>> No. 413409 Anonymous
25th October 2017
Wednesday 11:39 pm
413409 spacer

They can tow your caravan, or just destroy it. People have bought land and built houses on them only to be told to demolish them.

If the outbuilding is there and it's OK for storing farm equipment I don't foresee a problem, but you need permission to store your shit outside the barn (you wont get it, so don't) and to park a pikeyvan which shouldn't be an issue, if it's just the one, as I see them about my end all the time.
>> No. 413410 Anonymous
26th October 2017
Thursday 12:10 am
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Thanks for the replies fellas
>> No. 413414 Anonymous
26th October 2017
Thursday 9:40 am
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Bear in mind that the only time the West has ever successfully brought North Korea to heel was that time Ealing Council took exception to them extending their London embassy.

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