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>> No. 413566 Anonymous
12th November 2017
Sunday 6:19 pm
413566 I've either been robbed or judged
Forgot to lock my door when popping to the shops.

I just got back, and now both my grinder and weed have disappeared from my table. I'd left some money next to it, which is still where it was, can't see anything else gone - literally just my grinder and the bag of weed. I'm really confused and quite creeped out.

I've checked the flat for intruders, and now I'm just fucking confused. I live alone, there's 3 other flats on my floor and I don't really talk to my neighbours past an introduction, I was gone about 10 minutes, and then as far as I can see it's just those specific items that have disappeared. And the cash next to it is still there.

I've considered that I'm going mental and maybe misplaced them, but I've looked around the house and nowt.

It feels like someone's trying to teach me a lesson or something, I mean they would have taken the money if they were just stealing. I think I'm going to try leaving my door unlocked again next time I pick up, and set a camera up. I mean the bag was right next to my expensive PC and multiple external HDDs, they're not missing. It's got to have something to do with the weed specifically.

On reflection, it must be one of the neighbours, right? Perhaps they can smell it through the wall and disapprove? But then why would they guess the one time I forget to lock my door, and do a quick in and out? No note or anything? If the smell's bothering them, I guess maybe I can see some logic?

Can you guys help me figure this out because I'm quite upset. Should I leave a note on the stairway door telling people to watch out for thieves or something?
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>> No. 413567 Anonymous
12th November 2017
Sunday 6:25 pm
413567 spacer
Why would you automatically assume disapproval? Maybe they took it for themselves. Maybe you secretly disapprove and hid it from yourself in self sabotage.

Seriously though, it was probably a flatmate or someone who doesn't want you to know they've stolen from you.
>> No. 413568 Anonymous
12th November 2017
Sunday 6:29 pm
413568 spacer
Are you sure you didn't absent-mindedly put them in your coat pocket in your way out?
>> No. 413569 Anonymous
12th November 2017
Sunday 6:38 pm
413569 spacer

I thought maybe they wanted it, but it just seems so targeted. I mean they'd have to know what a grinder is to identify it and take it, and I think the guy opposite me smokes too, but he's really lovely and 99% sure he wouldn't do this. The neighbours with whom I share a wall might be culprits, but like...the only reason you'd know I smoke is because the smell of it, which doesn't really enter the joint hallway. So maybe it's going through the walls?

>Maybe you secretly disapprove and hid it from yourself in self sabotage

This is most likely the case.


Checked everywhere I can think of, but there's no reason for me to take it off my desk. Still in shock a little bit like.
>> No. 413570 Anonymous
12th November 2017
Sunday 6:47 pm
413570 spacer
No way is the smell more likely to permeate the walls than travel under doorways.
>> No. 413572 Anonymous
12th November 2017
Sunday 7:56 pm
413572 spacer

You're probably right, but if it gets in the hall then you can't really tell which flat it's coming from. It's just there's a long corridor between my room and the front door, and 2 doors, so I thought it might be a factor.
>> No. 413573 Anonymous
12th November 2017
Sunday 8:17 pm
413573 spacer
Maybe the thief's logic is that if they nick your money or computer or something, you can call the rozzers. Not much you can do to report your stolen drugs.
>> No. 413574 Anonymous
12th November 2017
Sunday 8:52 pm
413574 spacer

If I was a chav, I'd certainly steal weed rather than money. Because let's be honest, I'd only spend the money on weed. It's just cutting out the middle man, and they probably had that stoner logic going on where they didn't take any of your money or anything so it's like, peaceful crime, man, nobody got hurt.

Maybe someone in your block is just a fiend. You don't normally consider weed that sort of drug but my mate once told me about a lad he lived with who gradually sold all their furniture for weed, like a smack addict only with gange.
>> No. 413575 Anonymous
12th November 2017
Sunday 8:52 pm
413575 spacer
You're just paranoid from the weed, you stoner.
>> No. 413577 Anonymous
12th November 2017
Sunday 9:35 pm
413577 spacer


I've spent many a day as a raging alcoholic cursing whatever Good Samaritan decided to confiscate my spirits, 99% of the it turns up down the back of the furniture. Only 1% of the time it is those blasted meddling kids.
>> No. 413578 Anonymous
12th November 2017
Sunday 11:14 pm
413578 spacer
I assume then that there is no locked second door between your flats and the street. Do you live in a shit area?

Why don't you confide in said really lovely guy? He'd want to know if there are thieves about and he might be able to provide clues about your missing stash.
>> No. 413579 Anonymous
12th November 2017
Sunday 11:25 pm
413579 spacer

I read that in Chris Morris' voice. Thanks.


I'm very particular about these things. I have a box and everything, it all stays in the box, I just left the box on my desk this time :/


There's a lobby door that locks, but then it's just stairs up to my door. Top floor. It's a well off studenty area, and mostly couples or families in the block. My room-mate is in America for the month - fortunately I gave him a spare grinder a while back and he'd left it in his room.


Honestly I'd rather just remember to lock my door than have a conversation, we might end up becoming friends and I'm trying to avoid social obligations for now. He might have just been smoking a roached rollie when I saw him, so could potentially be a sober gent anyway.

All in all, I'm out about £25 and a bit confused.
>> No. 413580 Anonymous
13th November 2017
Monday 12:18 am
413580 spacer

At least you hadn't just got a fresh ounce in lad.

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