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>> No. 414764 Anonymous
1st January 2018
Monday 12:00 am
414764 spacer
First post of the year, lads.

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>> No. 414765 Anonymous
1st January 2018
Monday 12:18 am
414765 spacer
Happy New Year, lads. And so begins the final chapter.
>> No. 414766 Anonymous
1st January 2018
Monday 12:20 am
414766 spacer
Aye, Happy New Year, you bunch of cunts
>> No. 414768 Anonymous
1st January 2018
Monday 12:21 am
414768 spacer
Crappy new beer, or something.
>> No. 414770 Anonymous
1st January 2018
Monday 12:33 am
414770 spacer
Happy birthday 2017. One year old today. You bunch of filthy carpet-baggers.
>> No. 414774 Anonymous
1st January 2018
Monday 2:58 am
414774 spacer
I just got home. I just saw outside that somebody barfed across the bonnet of my car while I was gone. I mean, somebody actually made a point of leaning over the front of my car and covering a considerable section of the bonnet and the grille in sick.

I just poured two buckets of tap water over it. I hope the vomit didn't do any damage to the paint. It's kind of difficult to tell with a black car which was somewhat dirty in the first place, and in the middle of the night thirty feet from the nearest street lamp.
>> No. 414775 Anonymous
1st January 2018
Monday 3:43 am
414775 spacer
Nice looking post - happy new year lads.
>> No. 414779 Anonymous
1st January 2018
Monday 8:30 am
414779 spacer

Happy new year you wonderful cuntlords.
>> No. 414787 Anonymous
1st January 2018
Monday 2:05 pm
414787 spacer

Sorry to say but the acidity probably knackered the top coat at least. Even bird shit is caustic enough to wreck car paint. I'd suggest using some soap to try and neutralise it, but it's likely too late now.
>> No. 414812 Anonymous
1st January 2018
Monday 6:05 pm
414812 spacer

I had another look in broad daylight today. It kind of looks like there's no permanent damage. Maybe I caught it in time with my two buckets of water. There is no telling exactly when the vomiting incident may have occurred, I was gone from 8pm to 2:45. I asked one of my neighbours today, his car was parked in front of mine when I got home. He told me he came home around 1:30 am and that he didn't remember seeing anything on my bonnet. But he also said that doesn't mean anything, because he was looking at his smartphone screen the whole time on his way from his car to the front door.

My car is an older VW Golf with Diamond Black pearl effect paint. Not sure if that makes it more resilient or less resilient to human vomit.
>> No. 414816 Anonymous
1st January 2018
Monday 10:30 pm
414816 spacer
I remember throwing up on my manager's car once when she was giving me a lift home from the office christmas party. I asked her to pull over but she refused so I just leaned out the window and it went all over her car door and melted the paint.
>> No. 414817 Anonymous
1st January 2018
Monday 10:44 pm
414817 spacer

I once drove a pretty shitfaced friend home after a weekend afternoon barbecue. At some point, he suddenly became very quiet (always a warning sign), and then he rolled down the passenger side window and threw up out of the moving car. We were going at around 50 to 60 mph, so all his vomit got distributed by the wind along the whole side of my car from the front to the back. It was really nasty.

He was so off his tits that he didn't even notice that I then picked up his wallet from the centre console in broad daylight and took a fiver out of it to pay for the car wash. I was doing it right in front of his eyes but he was so pissed that it just didn't register with him.

He got quite upset the next day when I told him I had taken money from him. But he then grudgingly accepted when I showed him a photo of what the side of my car looked like before I took it to the car wash. It was a real mess. Thankfully, I was able to wash it right after I dropped him off. So there was no damage to the paint.
>> No. 414818 Anonymous
2nd January 2018
Tuesday 4:52 am
414818 spacer

I did that in my mate's car once when I was a lad. I let him live with me rent free for a few months since so I think I've made up for it.
>> No. 414819 Anonymous
2nd January 2018
Tuesday 3:14 pm
414819 spacer

Seems like a fair deal.
>> No. 414824 Anonymous
3rd January 2018
Wednesday 1:20 am
414824 spacer
>VW Golf with Diamond Black pearl
You're lucky, diamonds and pearls are the two most vomit resistant elements known to man, the colour might never be the same.
>> No. 414829 Anonymous
3rd January 2018
Wednesday 4:37 pm
414829 spacer

Pearls are essentially calcium carbonate. And stomach acid that is expelled with your vomit is hydrochloric acid.

Few things dissolve as well in hydrochloric acid as calcium carbonate, mate. Just a few drops of the stuff applied to a limestone surface (also mainly calcium carbonate), and you will see it fizz like an alka seltzer.

Not sure about diamonds though. You might be right about those.
>> No. 414830 Anonymous
3rd January 2018
Wednesday 5:42 pm
414830 spacer
The only thing that really puts a dent in diamond is liquid oxygen, and boy does it go.
>> No. 414874 Anonymous
4th January 2018
Thursday 4:26 pm
414874 spacer


You do have to light it on fire though it seems. It won't do much if you simply immerse a diamond in liquid oxygen.

Although my guess is that the sudden steep drop in temperature when you put it in liquid oxygen should produce cracks within the diamond as it contracts. Not dissimilar to the way ice cubes crack as they expand when you put them in warmer liquid.

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