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>> No. 415369 Anonymous
7th February 2018
Wednesday 9:10 pm
415369 spacer
The IRA were the daft militant wogs of yesteryear. Were Irish people vilified in the media during the 50s-90s, in the same way eskimos are today?
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>> No. 415370 Anonymous
7th February 2018
Wednesday 9:34 pm
415370 spacer
The Yanks were chummy with the daft militant shamrocks, so there was never a chance for widespread media-vilification to get a foothold the same way.
>> No. 415371 Anonymous
7th February 2018
Wednesday 10:43 pm
415371 spacer
As there was a religious element to it, they had quasi-support from many britons. It wasn't as cut and dry as the 'us vs them' of today.

To put it another way, imagine if ISIS were Catholics?
>> No. 415372 Anonymous
7th February 2018
Wednesday 10:49 pm
415372 spacer
No not really.
>> No. 415382 Anonymous
8th February 2018
Thursday 11:26 am
415382 spacer
The IRA were extremely clear about what they wanted (a united Ireland) in a way eskimo daft militant wogs are not so many people could sympathise with the aim if not the means. They called in warnings to evacuate buildings first too, so that was better.
>> No. 415383 Anonymous
8th February 2018
Thursday 11:29 am
415383 spacer

Many Brits are of Irish extraction too and it's not like you're a different colour once you're second generation and lose the accent.

Some people thought all Irish people should be expatriated but most people thought that was silly and extreme.
>> No. 415384 Anonymous
8th February 2018
Thursday 11:35 am
415384 spacer

There were films with nice IRA people.
>> No. 415390 Anonymous
8th February 2018
Thursday 9:29 pm
415390 spacer
Growing up in the 90s I remember hearing about both my Irish granddads being spat at/ assaulted in the streets, and my nan was sent home from work one day around the time of one of the bombings because one of her colleagues complained of feeling 'uneasy in her presence'. I was too young to remember the general media perception of the Irish back then, but anti-Irish sentiment definitely seemed to be a thing, especially in smaller towns.
>> No. 415395 Anonymous
9th February 2018
Friday 2:24 pm
415395 spacer

There was definitely a mistrust of the bog trotters during the 80s. I lived in Cardiff and during international Rugby games against the paddies, there was a huge police presence. Loads of them would've been searched and stopped coming over from Holyhead and Swansea on the ferries. Just in case they had a fertiliser bomb or some AK47s stashed on them.
>> No. 415396 Anonymous
9th February 2018
Friday 2:28 pm
415396 spacer

My nan is from Hornsea in rural East Yorkshire. But she never told me anything bad about the way the Irish were seen there. Perhaps because East Yorkshire is on the other side of the British coast from Ireland, I don't know. They also never saw many Irish immigrants around where she lived.
>> No. 415397 Anonymous
9th February 2018
Friday 7:09 pm
415397 spacer
They probably wouldn't have found them anyway. Around that time Howard Marks was regularly using the ferry at Fishguard to import large quantities of the gear that the 'Ra were shipping in for him at Shannon.
>> No. 415399 Anonymous
9th February 2018
Friday 9:32 pm
415399 spacer
I don't think there were any IRA daft militant wogs attacks in Wales at the time. All you had was the Sons Of Glyndŵr burning/ blowing up holday homes owned by English people.
>> No. 415400 Anonymous
9th February 2018
Friday 11:32 pm
415400 spacer

Must be hard being a violent, ultra-nationalist organisation when you sound like a bevvied elf.
>> No. 415401 Anonymous
10th February 2018
Saturday 1:26 am
415401 spacer

Was the 'Ra much worse than the other side?

Considering the historical context and the collusion between Special Branch and UVF etc. I'm not too sure.
>> No. 415402 Anonymous
10th February 2018
Saturday 1:41 am
415402 spacer
Who cares?
>> No. 415403 Anonymous
10th February 2018
Saturday 5:57 am
415403 spacer

Anyone who opts to engage in a conversation about the IRA on Britain's leading shed enthusiasts cyber collective, I'd imagine.
>> No. 415404 Anonymous
10th February 2018
Saturday 6:01 am
415404 spacer

This is an odd question. The person asking probably cares, setting aside for the moment the valid political reasons for one being worse than the other or not.
>> No. 415406 Anonymous
10th February 2018
Saturday 2:34 pm
415406 spacer
Not him but you'd have to be new to the internet to believe that anyone who asks such a question is looking for a proper answer. It's simply an excuse for people (Americans) to get on their soapbox and argue 'oh well, my lads might have tortured to death the mentally handicapped and killed children but you should see what the other guys did!'
>> No. 415407 Anonymous
10th February 2018
Saturday 3:12 pm
415407 spacer
It's definitely not just Americans that do this. Whataboutism was really pioneered by the Soviets:
>> No. 415408 Anonymous
10th February 2018
Saturday 3:40 pm
415408 spacer
Cheers for the factoid, Reddit.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 415415 Anonymous
11th February 2018
Sunday 5:36 pm
415415 spacer

No. I'm from the UK and don't really have a dog in this fight. This is mostly from seeing it was the anniversary of the shooting by the troops and looking at Wikipedia for a little while.

There was nothing on this when I was at school. I'm also conscious that there will be a lot of bias on both sides and I might get a reasonable response from an actual professor.
>> No. 415417 Anonymous
11th February 2018
Sunday 7:45 pm
415417 spacer

There's this one lad one here who has a proper hard-on for Whataboutery. I see it brought up in almost any political thread, like the Britfa equivalent of Godwin's law.

Anyway we've got a Norn Irish lass at work and wasted no time calling her a daft militant wog on her first day. Turns out she's one of the Good Ones anyway (UVF protestant) so that's fine. She tells us funny stories about the Troubles like how when bomb scares were normal and shop staff would have to go and check all the shelves for bombs rather than evacuate, shit like that. Mental actually.

To answer the OP, no, I don't think they were. The main difference between the militant potato wogs of yesteryear and the militant daft wogs we know today, is that one of them was a real, and the other is an almost entirely fictional media construct and propaganda mechanism.
>> No. 415419 Anonymous
11th February 2018
Sunday 8:08 pm
415419 spacer

Are you trying to say the IRA weren't a real threat? They were.
>> No. 415425 Anonymous
12th February 2018
Monday 6:12 pm
415425 spacer

This being the internet, I can't tell if that was intentional irony or if you're just a bit thick.

fortunately a post like this gives me the feeling of superiority either way
>> No. 415433 Anonymous
13th February 2018
Tuesday 11:31 pm
415433 spacer

Funny, I took the exact opposite meaning. The lad meant that the IRA was the threat, and the militants of today are propoganda.
>> No. 415434 Anonymous
13th February 2018
Tuesday 11:38 pm
415434 spacer

>> No. 415436 Anonymous
14th February 2018
Wednesday 1:45 am
415436 spacer
TV like this looks so fucking old now.
>> No. 415448 Anonymous
14th February 2018
Wednesday 6:36 pm
415448 spacer
I've never seen a single performance by Harry that isn't basically just him playing himself in a wig.
>> No. 415476 Anonymous
16th February 2018
Friday 11:25 pm
415476 spacer

It's odd to think what you could get away with back in the day. Live broadcasts couldn't handle proper colours, there was a massive difference between interior and exterior shots that would just ruin an HD show now, not to mention the limitations and costs of the recording mediums just meant that editing was just shoving scenes together in a line - the thing that stands out most for me in old stuff isn't even the picture quality, shite as it is, it's the fact that half the scenes someone fucks up their line or isn't standing where they're supposed to be but they just carry on anyway.
>> No. 415483 Anonymous
17th February 2018
Saturday 12:09 am
415483 spacer

>> No. 415484 Anonymous
17th February 2018
Saturday 12:11 am
415484 spacer
We only had three and a half channels in those days.
>> No. 415487 Anonymous
17th February 2018
Saturday 1:02 am
415487 spacer

>It's odd to think what you could get away with back in the day.

People are very accepting of technical limitations when they are still limitations.

I watched Casablanca today the opening is a special effect shot of a view of The World. "The World" is a ball covered in plasticine with names written on it surrounded by dry ice.
>> No. 415488 Anonymous
17th February 2018
Saturday 3:30 am
415488 spacer

In audio, we've gone backwards over the last 20 years. The vast majority of people are perfectly happy to listen to low-bitrate music streams on shitty earbuds or Bluetooth speakers, because it's more convenient than listening to a CD on a HiFi system.

The speakers on flatscreen TVs are abominable, because they're wafer-thin, pointed directly away from the viewer and usually two inches away from the wall. They're far worse than the speakers on old CRT TVs and don't compare particularly favourably to a £20 portable radio. Only a small minority of people bother to buy a soundbar or a proper surround sound system.

When widescreen TV took over, lots of viewers chose to stretch the picture out sideways or cropped the edges off to fill the screen, because they'd rather watch a terrible picture than a slightly smaller one. The industry tried and failed to explain the concept of aspect ratios. Most viewers either don't notice or don't care about the difference between HD and SD.

The BBC have always adhered to the highest possible technical standards, but it's becoming increasingly clear that most viewers couldn't give a shit.
>> No. 415492 Anonymous
17th February 2018
Saturday 12:40 pm
415492 spacer

I think it's just a case of ignorance is bliss. It's not like an mp3 sounds 'bad' inherently, it just sounds bad compared to the proper high quality version, and even then there's a limit to what most people can here. My masters was based in audio engineering and acoustics and even I'm not quite sure why people pay ten grand for a hi-fi system.

I suppose it's actually pretty good to know that people prioritise the content over the broadcast quality. Yes, it's nice to watch the footy in UHD, but it's not like they won't watch it on a 800x600 chinese tablet if that's what's available.

Another thing I've noticed is that nobody gives a shit about video framerate as long as it's at least 25.
>> No. 415494 Anonymous
17th February 2018
Saturday 1:30 pm
415494 spacer

>nobody gives a shit about video framerate as long as it's at least 25.

I find higher frame rates combined with higher definition uncomfortable to watch. It seems to violate a subconscious rule in my brain where I separate fiction from reality. It starts to feel like I'm in the room with the people on TV, it gives me an uncanny valley effect.
>> No. 415496 Anonymous
17th February 2018
Saturday 3:33 pm
415496 spacer

I know just what you mean. I don't know enough about technical specs, but a friend's 1080p television simply looked too fluid, still with all the post processing, more like a well animated video game than reality.
>> No. 415497 Anonymous
17th February 2018
Saturday 3:34 pm
415497 spacer
That's the so-called Soap Opera Effect. I had it when I first got my current telly, and it had the frame interpolation on by default.
>> No. 415498 Anonymous
17th February 2018
Saturday 3:34 pm
415498 spacer
The human eye can't see more than 24 FPS anyway.
>> No. 415499 Anonymous
17th February 2018
Saturday 3:40 pm
415499 spacer

The average people just don't care and never cared- They only bought expensive hi-fis in the 80s and 90s because that was the equivalent of a iPad or whatever back then. The trendy gadget you need to have to consider yourself up to date.

The thing that winds me up about bluetooth speakers and shit headphones, though, is that if you're an average cunt who listens to average cunt top-40 music, all you can hear is vocals accompanied by some mosquito-hiss for the backing track. The majority of popular music now is derivative of dance music, so it's composed around massive sub-bass and big kicks, which you can never hear the majority of the time.
>> No. 415500 Anonymous
17th February 2018
Saturday 3:48 pm
415500 spacer

That's not even remotely true. Not least because we don't process movement by frames.

>> No. 415502 Anonymous
17th February 2018
Saturday 7:31 pm
415502 spacer

>That's the so-called Soap Opera Effect

Thanks for giving me the name, I've had this grievance for years but the lacked the knowledge that I wasn't alone and quite why it was happening until now.
>> No. 415503 Anonymous
17th February 2018
Saturday 7:54 pm
415503 spacer


1987 motion lads.

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