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>> No. 418222 Anonymous
30th June 2018
Saturday 9:53 am
418222 spacer
New weekend thread.

Making the most of the sunshine, lads?
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>> No. 418284 Anonymous
1st July 2018
Sunday 3:26 pm
418284 spacer
I live next door to a house full of Polish lads. They're all builders and labourers who live and work together to save up money.

All I can say is that they are a credit to the wider immigrant community. I can honestly say I've never once cracked my window open on an evening to hear the song Rave To The Grave played on repeat at full volume over a bluetooth speaker. They've never got a barbecue and then spent then next month stubbornly flame grilling every single meal come rain or shine while blaring the football on Astra out of the french doors. I've never witnessed them drinking in the garden until 3am singing marching songs from the Old Country.

None of those things have ever happened and you're a racist bastard for suggesting it's the sort of thing they might do.
>> No. 418285 Anonymous
1st July 2018
Sunday 3:38 pm
418285 spacer

I can't tell if you're agreeing with what I already said or sarcastically telling us you didn't ever like Lucozade. Either way, good for you?
>> No. 418287 Anonymous
1st July 2018
Sunday 4:12 pm
418287 spacer

You can't fault them for simply following orders.
>> No. 418288 Anonymous
1st July 2018
Sunday 6:10 pm
418288 spacer

It's nice to see that they're integrating with British culture.
>> No. 418289 Anonymous
1st July 2018
Sunday 6:13 pm
418289 spacer

Sounds pretty sensible, to be honest.


You say that, but you wouldn't find Hitler playing jungle music at 3 o'clock in the morning.


>> No. 418290 Anonymous
1st July 2018
Sunday 8:27 pm
418290 spacer
Aaand... it's finally a reasonable temperature in my room.
>> No. 418291 Anonymous
1st July 2018
Sunday 8:40 pm
418291 spacer

Godwin's law strikes again.
>> No. 418292 Anonymous
1st July 2018
Sunday 8:46 pm
418292 spacer


>you wouldn't find Hitler playing jungle music at 3 o'clock in the morning.
>> No. 418293 Anonymous
1st July 2018
Sunday 8:48 pm
418293 spacer
I'm getting a right sweat on just sitting here watching telly.
>> No. 418294 Anonymous
1st July 2018
Sunday 9:44 pm
418294 spacer


>> No. 418304 Anonymous
2nd July 2018
Monday 2:32 am
418304 spacer


Who knows.
>> No. 418311 Anonymous
2nd July 2018
Monday 1:47 pm
418311 spacer

Whenever I see him now I think of "If you ever post that [forbiden meme] again, I'll put your head through the wall"
>> No. 418464 Anonymous
6th July 2018
Friday 5:22 pm
418464 spacer
Is there a tactful way of giving a job reference for a person who is quite clearly incompetent?

I've been asked to give a reference for someone who's leaving at work when he's not very bright and struggles with independent thought. They've asked a number of questions about their ability to do the job and the best I've been able to think of so far is lines about them doing work "to the very best of their ability" which isn't a lie, it's just that the best of their ability is mediocre.
>> No. 418467 Anonymous
6th July 2018
Friday 5:46 pm
418467 spacer

Are you daft? Give him a glowing reference. Then he's out of your hair and someone else's problem.
>> No. 418469 Anonymous
6th July 2018
Friday 5:58 pm
418469 spacer

I knew a counsellor from a homeless charity who had to write a reference for a lad getting a flat when he trashed his previous flat prior to getting sectioned. She was writing things like "Well, it was always neat and tidy whenever I saw it."
>> No. 418471 Anonymous
6th July 2018
Friday 6:04 pm
418471 spacer
According to a school governor of my former secondary that was exactly their policy on awful teachers. They must have interviewed as badly as they taught because only the good ones ever seemed to leave.
>> No. 418472 Anonymous
6th July 2018
Friday 6:30 pm
418472 spacer

Write a few things that seem like praise but aren't really.

"He showed interest in his work"
"He was able to master difficulties"
"He made an effort to complete tasks even when he struggled with them"
"He completed his tasks to the expectations of his superiors"

All these sound like positive feedback at first glance but really describe an employee who is barely above the level of a mong.
>> No. 418473 Anonymous
6th July 2018
Friday 6:34 pm
418473 spacer
"He worked here for xxxx months."
>> No. 418475 Anonymous
6th July 2018
Friday 6:48 pm
418475 spacer
Some chavs in a corsa gave me the finger when I was in the wrong lane on a roundabout.

I foolishly returned the finger, and they then stopped the car in front of mine and the passenger got out and started towards me. Before he could get to me, though, I started the car and he only managed to scrape me through the window as I drove past.

Unfortunately they immediately pulled alongside at the next junction, and at this point I heard what sounded like a gunshot, I then said "look, i'm sorry" and they gave me some lip about not knowing who they were, before we thankfully went our separate ways.

I thought they might just have chucked something at my car in such a way that it landed on it with a crack like a gunshot, but when I got home I could find no kind of mark. So I think they shot towards my car, intentionally missing so as to scare me, possibly with a BB-gun.

I don't want to drive in this city any more. I don't like the poor-driving, quick-swearing ball of testosterone it has turned me into, and I don't want to die at the hands of some drug dealing chavs.
>> No. 418477 Anonymous
6th July 2018
Friday 7:08 pm
418477 spacer

Where on earth do you live lad? Hope you're okay.

I always like to think that people get weird when they're behind pieces of metal, so I use the supermarket test.

Would I react like that if we were stood together in a supermarket and they just put their trolley in front of mine, if not, let it go.
>> No. 418478 Anonymous
6th July 2018
Friday 7:10 pm
418478 spacer

It probably won't make you feel much better, but you'd have fucking known about it if they'd shot an actual gun. They're very loud.

It was probably their dodgy corsa remap backfiring.

>> No. 418479 Anonymous
6th July 2018
Friday 7:39 pm
418479 spacer
When I've had people give me the finger, I tend to respond with a thumbs-up or cheerful wave.
>> No. 418480 Anonymous
6th July 2018
Friday 7:58 pm
418480 spacer

I had a similar experience on the motorway once with a black E class Mercedes with four quite shady looking young Arabs in it. They were tailgating me in busy traffic while I was near enough obeying the law and going 70-75, and when they got really pesky, I stepped on the brakes, which almost caused them to crash into me from behind. I then saw them gesturing wildly in my rear view mirror and they then pulled up next to me giving me really hateful looks. I happened to have my big single lens camera out in the passenger seat, so I picked it up and pretended I was taking pictures of them. The driver then slammed on the brakes but then pulled up next to me again, and I could see that it had aggravated them even more. They were making gestures like they wanted to kill me. Luckily, at that moment I saw a police car turning into the motorway just behind us, so I slowed down and kept near that police car for the next five miles and then got off the motorway together with them. The Arabs stayed on and I saw them once more making hateful gestures me before their car disappeared from view.

I'm not sure how the situation with those young Arabs could have turned out, but I was really glad that that police car showed up.
>> No. 418482 Anonymous
6th July 2018
Friday 8:05 pm
418482 spacer
His notice is handed in, there's no way he's working here after the end of the month even if his other job falls through. I doubt he'll be kept on at the end of his probation so I want to leave them something they can look back on with the benefit of hindsight to realise I was warning them he's shite.

I've only had something similar happen to me once. A couple of Asian lads in a Citroen Saxo were mad that I didn't let them pull out of a side street in front of me so I gave them the old Nescafe shake. They then repeatedly tried pulling alongside my car or they'd hang back before rapidly accelerating and braking as close as they could to my car.

Actually, thinking about it, another couple of Asian lads tried intimidating me on the M1 when they got annoyed that I pulled into the middle lane despite the fact they were some way behind me, even if they were ridiculously speeding, and the right hand lane was clear for them to switch into.
>> No. 418485 Anonymous
6th July 2018
Friday 9:57 pm
418485 spacer
I witnessed a shoplifter being escorted by police out of my local Tesco's here tonight.

Dirty dolescum.
>> No. 418489 Anonymous
6th July 2018
Friday 10:26 pm
418489 spacer

What would you do if your son was at home, crying all alone on the bedroom floor 'cause he's hungry, and the only way to feed him is to twock a telly for a little bit of money and his daddy's gone?
>> No. 418492 Anonymous
6th July 2018
Friday 10:49 pm
418492 spacer

Even for .gs, that is wild conjecture, m3t.

Also, I'll bet that the money which that lad (!) would have made flipping his stolen goods could just as easily have been saved by laying off the fags and pints.

I also don't buy into the sob story that single mums on the dole go shoplifting to provide for their children. If you really care about your children, then you will find ways to put food on the table for them by legal means. And I'm sure there are just as many woman shoplifters who are drug addicts and care fuck all about the three children that child services have already taken away from them, and that it's all about scoring their next fix of heroin.

Which is probably conjecture in itself, but still not as wild as yours.
>> No. 418495 Anonymous
6th July 2018
Friday 10:55 pm
418495 spacer
What makes you so much better than a thieving heroin addict?
>> No. 418497 Anonymous
6th July 2018
Friday 11:00 pm
418497 spacer

>What makes you so much better than a thieving heroin addict?

How about the fact that I pay for the things I get from Tesco's... and with money that I have earned working ten hours every day of the week.
>> No. 418498 Anonymous
6th July 2018
Friday 11:18 pm
418498 spacer
So, in short, you're a mug?
>> No. 418500 Anonymous
6th July 2018
Friday 11:22 pm
418500 spacer
I nick pastries on the reg from ASDA and the like and none of you narc bastards are gonna' stop me.
>> No. 418501 Anonymous
6th July 2018
Friday 11:23 pm
418501 spacer

The vast majority of shoplifters are bored housewives, who have partners that work 10 hours every day of the week.

It's why Tesco upgraded their security surveillance about 5 years back, because so much fruit and chocolate was going missing. People shoplift for a whole host of reasons, proudly exclaiming your Tory values of hard work and gumption don't change the fact most people who nick stuff are in gainful employment, even if it's part-time.

Druggies just try and steal risky high value stuff that can turn a profit, because they are too strung out or too stupid to hold down a job. You can't honestly say you wouldn't do the same thing in their shoes.

On the subject of druggie culture, booze and fags don't even register as options for them in my experience (which is extensive). It's literally just clothes and drugs, even food is a secondary issue. They get clothes from goodwill and food from Iceland and eat one meal a day so they can do more drugs. That you have no empathy for feeling so hopeless that drugs become the preferable option is obvious, but your opinions and conjecture are massively skewed towards you confirmation bias that druggies are lazy, which is hilarious if you knew how far they'll walk and the hoops they'll jump through for a fix.
>> No. 418502 Anonymous
6th July 2018
Friday 11:27 pm
418502 spacer


>> No. 418503 Anonymous
6th July 2018
Friday 11:31 pm
418503 spacer

Yeah, you're worse than a skaghead.
>> No. 418508 Anonymous
7th July 2018
Saturday 12:16 am
418508 spacer

>That you have no empathy for feeling so hopeless that drugs become the preferable option is obvious, but your opinions and conjecture are massively skewed towards you confirmation bias that druggies are lazy, which is hilarious if you knew how far they'll walk and the hoops they'll jump through for a fix.

Right. I'm a cold hearted cynic because I point out that there is something wrong with that kind of lifestyle.

I know it's not even one percent as bad as hard drug abuse, but I used to be a chain smoker. And even if nicotine doesn't tend to have the immediate devastating effect on your ability to function as a human being in society, kicking a smoking habit and getting down from 30 fags a day for ten years to nothing ever again, now six years and counting, required very great amounts of will power and determination.

It's all too easy to be a self righteous cunt and say drugs are a weakness of character, but I would never say that. Drugs are a serious problem in society. Then again, it isn't always society's fault. Many people were well aware which road they were going down when they got their first few fixes and were still coherent enough in their heads to realise what a dark path they were going on. Yes, they may have had problems in their lives that seemed so difficult to overcome that drugs provided a few minutes or a few hours of solace. At least in the beginning before they became true addicts. But the answer isn't to say it's society's fault that people use drugs.

On a related note, does anybody remember the segments in the Daily Mail in the early 90s when I was a teenlad that read something like, "How to tell if your child uses drugs", and they gave kind of a vernacular run-down of drug related terms that the small-minded hypocrites at the Daily Mail thought were indicative of a teenager being involved in drugs. My mates and I were taking the piss out of it, by deliberately saying those words to each other when we knew our parents were listening. My one mate's parents fell for it completely, and sat their son down to have a "drug intervention". Ah, good times.
>> No. 418511 Anonymous
7th July 2018
Saturday 1:10 am
418511 spacer

>Then again, it isn't always society's fault.

I've yet to see an example to the contrary. Pretty much everyone with a drink or drug addiction has been failed by the system, usually multiple times.

Social workers have absolutely ridiculous caseloads. They might be responsible for dozens of utterly dysfunctional families, with barely enough time in the week to check that everyone is still alive. They're trapped in an awful double-bind - if they do take kids into care then they're a heartless child-snatcher, but if they don't then they're a bleeding-heart moron who cares more about junkie parents than poor innocent kids.

Mental health care is in a dismal state. Friends of mine have been sent home from A&E after a suicide attempt with nothing more than the phone number for The Samaritans written on a post-it note. Waits of over six months for psychological therapies are par for the course, in which time someone could deteriorate from "a bit miserable" to "unable to look after themselves". Many children with severe mental health problems have been waiting more than two years for a referral to CAMHS. The managers of every psychiatric inpatient unit in the country are constantly weighing up the risks of discharging someone against the risks of not admitting someone, because the number of people who need a bed permanently outweighs the number of beds available by a very large margin.

The sanctions regime means that it's incredibly easy to become destitute for making a simple mistake. A lot of very vulnerable people are living with the constant threat of having no money at all if they forget an appointment, miss a bus or fill out a form incorrectly.

We're just ruining people's lives for no good reason. It's not even saving us money - prevention is nearly always cheaper than cure. Every pound spent on mental health and social work pays for itself several times over in increased productivity and a reduced burden on other services.
>> No. 418514 Anonymous
7th July 2018
Saturday 1:49 am
418514 spacer

I would never say that society has no responsibility to look after its weak, sick and feeble.

But even with all the help and social assistance such a society can muster, nothing will come of it if you don't want to better yourself.

This may again sound cold hearted, but you can't just keep blaming society for all the shoplifting meth heads out there who haven't held down a job in ten years.
>> No. 418516 Anonymous
7th July 2018
Saturday 2:35 am
418516 spacer
Not even who you're replying to, but I absolutely can, and I absolutely will blame this government and Tory voting fucks like you for every kid in care who predictably ends up on H to try and cope with a childhood filled with the kind of misery you are so disgustingly fortunate to never be able to understand, and I'll enjoy the candle I shoplifted from Sainsbury's to give me a little bit of joy while I try to scrape rent together this week on a job that still doesn't pay the fucking living wage and you can't do a single little thing about it.
>> No. 418518 Anonymous
7th July 2018
Saturday 4:01 am
418518 spacer
I don't know if any of the rest of you are musiclads but I've just been round to my mate's studio for the first time in a long while - I haven't really kept up with the market and FUCK ME am I impressed with Behringer bringing out a Model D clone and their own semi modular thing - both for three hundred quid a piece? Absolutely mental, and they sound great. Teenage Engineering's OP-1 thing is fucking brilliant too, it's so much fun and so powerful.

If they'd had this shit back in the day when I was still making money in the game, I'd probably not have spent so much time with my head in a laptop. VSTs are great but come on.
>> No. 418525 Anonymous
7th July 2018
Saturday 7:29 am
418525 spacer
Again, not who you replied to.

Sorry ladm8, but acknowledging that there is a personal motivational factor when it comes to an addict getting clean does not make you a Tory. If you had firsthand experience of an alcoholic or addicted friend or family member, then you would know that with all the help and support in the world, it is meaningless unless they want to be clean or sober themself. You can bring a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.

In case it needs mentioning, I'm not condoning this government in any way or denying that the right external support is crucial.
>> No. 418526 Anonymous
7th July 2018
Saturday 9:45 am
418526 spacer
Pipe down, evil lackey of the tory ruling elite.
>> No. 418529 Anonymous
7th July 2018
Saturday 9:53 am
418529 spacer
Lads, the sun is out. Go outside and enjoy yourselves rather than being yeasty.
>> No. 418532 Anonymous
7th July 2018
Saturday 12:20 pm
418532 spacer


>If you had firsthand experience of an alcoholic or addicted friend or family member, then you would know that with all the help and support in the world, it is meaningless unless they want to be clean or sober themself.

This exactly. The toughest nut to crack isn't always maintaining government programmes aimed at getting people out of their squalor. By and large, there are enough programmes, and by and large, there is always enough money for them. No, it's keeping people from reverting to their old ways and falling by the wayside again.

People are habit creatures, and it takes immense will power to dissociate yourself from your drug using junkie friends and build a new life for yourself where you are a functioning member of society with friends, a job, and a family. No government programme can take those steps for you, all anybody can ever do is be there for you along the way with emotional support and positive reinforcement.

I always remember one of my brother's friends from school, who got involved in drugs when he was 17, maybe 18. He was from a decent, intact middle class home, but at some point he started using heroin and later things like cocaine and LSD. He used to go to Amsterdam with friends over weekends to score some weed and other substances, and one time, he got caught trafficking a few pounds of cannabis into the UK. He spent some time in prison because it wasn't his first drug related offence. Why am I telling you this, well, his parents tried and tried with him, they sent him to counselling, they got him into a rehab programme that cost them a substantial amount of their own money. Nothing had any kind of effect. He drifted ever further into a life of drug abuse. All the help that was available to him, all the pleading and good intentions had no effect. I'm not even sure if he is still alive today or what became of him.

I had expected more of you, .gs. Stop blaming the government for your own, or somebody else's misery. It is not the way forward. You lot wouldn't even be happy with your lives if we had the most left-wing Labour government imaginable who would wipe your arses every time you went to the toilet. You would still be complaining that the toilet paper isn't soft enough or that they're wiping too hard.
>> No. 418534 Anonymous
7th July 2018
Saturday 12:54 pm
418534 spacer
Seems relevant.

>> No. 418535 Anonymous
7th July 2018
Saturday 1:08 pm
418535 spacer

This should be mandatory viewing for everybody on .gs before you are allowed to make any kind of government-blaming shitposts.
>> No. 418536 Anonymous
7th July 2018
Saturday 1:08 pm
418536 spacer

The whole analog market has gone bonkers. There are loads of brilliant, implausibly cheap synths. Arturia, Korg and Behringer all have capable monosynths for less than £300. Behringer have the Deepmind 12 - a 12 voice true analog polysynth for £750. Everyone got sick of working inside the box, so synth manufacturers have really raised their game.

I can't believe that a Korg Monologue only costs £220. It sounds absolutely fucking evil.

>> No. 418537 Anonymous
7th July 2018
Saturday 1:49 pm
418537 spacer

It's the hardware. It gets mass produced for a few quid per circuit board somewhere in China, and the software is likewise programmed by people in India, Bangladesh or Malaysia where labour costs are minimal.

I think it's a good thing, because getting young people into making music by making affordable synths available to them is still the better approach than letting them throw together some samples in LMMS on their computer with only a tentative grasp on what they are actually doing.
>> No. 418538 Anonymous
7th July 2018
Saturday 2:07 pm
418538 spacer
It's too hot to eat properly. I'm pretty much living off a diet of toasted pitta bread and hummus.
>> No. 418541 Anonymous
7th July 2018
Saturday 2:40 pm
418541 spacer
> This may again sound cold hearted, but you can't just keep blaming society for all the shoplifting meth heads out there who haven't held down a job in ten years.

You're getting your drugs mixed up lad, this isn't America. A gram of decent meth is 200 snaps in the UK and the vast majority of users are Thai sex workers or people in the party & play scene. It just never got a foothold as a real drug of abuse in the UK because it's a valuable commodity with only a single supplier and thus a fixed and manipulated market price; it's a luxury item and a symbol of status.

An actual meth addict (if such a thing existed) would, if he wanted to keep his habit going and had run out of money, start buying £10/g base by the ounce and doing basic acetone washes and learning how to use a needle. Chances are, however, that he'd probably just eat two boxes of coco pops and sleep for a week.

The people you find shoplifting are the people who can't just sleep off a habit; the people on brown and vallies, DT levels of white cider, or even a mix of all three.

Regards, Drugsmaster General.
>> No. 418549 Anonymous
7th July 2018
Saturday 7:03 pm
418549 spacer

It's incredible. I learned the craft right at the peak of 'computers do everything' type developments, and basically went to uni just to play with their proper hardware. I'd probably have done a far more useful degree if I could have bought something this nice for a couple of hundred quid.

Back then Behringer just made very cheap and very bad mixers. I was floored when I saw they have all this stuff coming out.

I'm seriously thinking about digging out my reel to reel, buying a few of these fuckers and setting up a fully analog workflow for a bit, just to see how it feels. Maybe I'll cheat and throw an MPC in there too, we'll see. I don't think I could ever turn my back on Ableton but it's limiting in its own way.

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