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>> No. 11742 Anonymous
3rd May 2019
Friday 6:12 pm
11742 What you feeling right now? Part V: Bach it up
Time for a new thread.

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>> No. 12715 Anonymous
5th March 2021
Friday 11:08 am
12715 spacer
It's stupid, really stupid, but I can't get it out of my head.

>> No. 12716 Anonymous
5th March 2021
Friday 11:51 am
12716 spacer
Not being funny but did anyone else feel it's a bit freshwater crustacean that the video pushes some stereotype of upbeat African party vibes despite Riton and Nightcrawler having nothing to do with Africa? Compare it with the original Nightcrawlers video:

But if you wanted to ruin your Friday, Rebecca Black did a remix of her song and it's a bad time:

>> No. 12717 Anonymous
5th March 2021
Friday 11:58 am
12717 spacer
It's because of this video.

>> No. 12718 Anonymous
5th March 2021
Friday 11:59 am
12718 spacer
Childhood fame really did a number on her. But judging from all the bollocks and troll faces in the video, she's 'in on the joke'. But it's still quite sad.
>> No. 12719 Anonymous
5th March 2021
Friday 3:00 pm
12719 spacer

She seems remarkably well-balanced, all things considered. She became an international hate figure for no good reason, but she has been savvy enough to parlay that 15 minutes of infamy into a legitimate music career. Fair play to her, I couldn't have managed it.

>> No. 8980 Anonymous
22nd January 2015
Thursday 10:10 pm
8980 ITT: Songs in a foreign language
Ásgeir Trausti - Heimförin (Icelandic folk music)


Kaizers Orchestra - Knekker Deg Til Sist (Norwegian alt-rock)


Chetes - Camino a Casa (apparently this counts as pop rock in Mexico)


I guess songs in English by non-native speaking artists are fine too.
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>> No. 12672 Anonymous
8th February 2021
Monday 2:05 am
12672 spacer
I've been really into Yat-Kha, a Russian band who do Tuvan traditional folk/rock

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= GpQkYxING4I
>> No. 12686 Anonymous
17th February 2021
Wednesday 7:06 pm
12686 spacer

It has been a week since I found this. I am unable to listen to anything but.

City Pop seems to be really fucking sound. Cheesy, funky, 80's. It's vapid but self aware. I'll stop before I go full Bateman. I will happily write a few paragraphs about exactly why you should enjoy this, if anyone will read.

My particular favourites are:

00:00: Plastic Love - reminds me of the girl who lives in the clubs, has endless energy, and would love you back if you could just keep up with her. But you can't, and she'll always want to stay out and do coke instead of enjoying a mug of horlicks in the bath.
32:41: 告白本人 - Not sure what song she ripped off, but it's got a great chorus.
37:40:​ 真夜中のドア - Sounds like it was made yesterday by a futurefunk band.
42:58​ Oh No, Oh Yes - Think she's channelling Mariah Carey here, but less mental.

Those are a few of the hits. I hope someone finds as much joy in this as I have. I've never danced more.
>> No. 12687 Anonymous
17th February 2021
Wednesday 8:25 pm
12687 spacer

Plastic Love is phenomenal.
>> No. 12688 Anonymous
17th February 2021
Wednesday 9:26 pm
12688 spacer
City pop is the shit.

>> No. 12689 Anonymous
20th February 2021
Saturday 2:56 pm
12689 spacer

I've been enjoying this, it very much opens as a beep-boop kind of song but you will end up listening to it on repeat. The lyrics are just:
>You and I in solitude. Same here. Trying to change, trying to forget.

It give me a sad regret though over all the things I didn't do in my 20s before I got a career and that. Travelling as an end in itself seems wasteful but I feel like I missed out on living abroad at some point. Maybe it's just that I haven't been out of the country in nearly 10 years.

>> No. 12608 Anonymous
4th December 2020
Friday 8:40 pm
12608 spacer
Zappadan takes places every year from December 4th (the day in 1993, on which Frank Zappa passed away), until December 21st (his day of birth in 1940).

How are you two celebrating Zappadan this year?

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>> No. 12609 Anonymous
4th December 2020
Friday 9:20 pm
12609 spacer
I'm hoping for a chance to make some yellow snow.
>> No. 12610 Anonymous
5th December 2020
Saturday 5:56 pm
12610 spacer

I used to listen to "Have I Offended Someone?" as a young kid - somewhere between 5-8 i reckon. Goblin Girl, Catholic Girls and Jewish Princess still turn me on.
>How are you two celebrating Zappadan this year?
By /beat/ing my meat.

>> No. 12592 Anonymous
26th November 2020
Thursday 10:41 pm
12592 spacer
Is vinyl worth getting into? I feel like instant streaming/downloading of whatever music you like has cheapened music in a sense, and relegates it to a kind of background noise you listen to while you do something else. I miss the days when I'd sit in front of the stereo and do nothing but listen to a cassette tape or a CD, so on a psychological level I can already see the benefit of vinyl.

On an audiophile level, I once listened to an interview with Steve Vai where he said that vinyl genuinely sounds better for older music that was recorded with analogue tech and has analogue masters, but that it's a totally pointless medium for digital masters. Is this really the case?
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>> No. 12600 Anonymous
27th November 2020
Friday 10:34 am
12600 spacer
You would let Ronald McDonald rape your family and your only intervention would be to Instagram it.
>> No. 12601 Anonymous
27th November 2020
Friday 10:40 am
12601 spacer

I think people just need to stop lying to themselves about perceived levels of privacy.
>> No. 12602 Anonymous
27th November 2020
Friday 12:12 pm
12602 spacer
It might help if companies stopped lying to everyone else about the supposed need for, or even the very fact of, data harvesting.
>> No. 12603 Anonymous
27th November 2020
Friday 12:15 pm
12603 spacer
Hush now and let me install this smart meter.
>> No. 12604 Anonymous
27th November 2020
Friday 1:56 pm
12604 spacer

I'm not saying there's anything inherently wrong with using algorithms to discover stuff, but I want to highlight how important it is to be aware that algorithms aren't perfect, or even necessarily better than browsing a curated selection like a music shop, or even discovering stuff through local scenes.

No library of music is perfect, and algorithms are designed with specific purposes in mind. I think people should use it with awareness of it's limitations.

>> No. 12542 Anonymous
20th October 2020
Tuesday 10:21 pm
12542 Don't Worry Be Happy
I thought it would be nice to have a collection of our music for anyone needing cheering up. What do you lads suggest? Any reason why?

Across the Universe is my helpful reminder that whatever is bothering me doesn't really matter and I shouldn't let it. The song has actually helped me deliver projects before just by putting me into the right frame of mind for it and was a companion during a time when nothing was going right for me. The film is also a favourite with a similar message about life.
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>> No. 12548 Anonymous
22nd October 2020
Thursday 3:10 pm
12548 spacer

Incredbily upbeat post-rock.
>> No. 12549 Anonymous
22nd October 2020
Thursday 7:08 pm
12549 spacer

>> No. 12577 Anonymous
12th November 2020
Thursday 11:08 pm
12577 spacer

The older you get the more you seem to appreciate Prince.
>> No. 12578 Anonymous
12th November 2020
Thursday 11:50 pm
12578 spacer


On February 12, 1983 the ship Marine Electric was carrying a load of coal from Norfolk, Virginia to a power station in Somerset, Massachusetts. The worst storm in forty years blew up that night and the ship sank at about four o'clock in the morning on February 13. The ship's chief mate, 59-year-old Robert M. "Bob" Cusick, was trapped under the deckhouse as the ship went down. His snorkeling experience helped him avoid panic and swim to the surface, but he had to spend the night alone, up to his neck in water, clinging to a partially deflated lifeboat, and in water barely above freezing and air much colder. Huge waves washed over him, and each time he was not sure that he would ever reach the surface again to breathe. Battling hypothermia, he was tempted to allow himself to fall unconscious and let go of the lifeboat. Just then he remembered the concluding stanzas of "The Mary Ellen Carter".

He started to sing it and soon was alternately shouting out "Rise again, rise again" and holding his breath as the waves washed over him. At seven o'clock that morning a Coast Guard helicopter spotted him and pulled him to safety. Only three men of the thirty-three who had been aboard survived the wreck. After his ordeal, Cusick wrote a letter to Stan Rogers telling him what had happened and how the song helped save his life. In response, Cusick was invited to attend what turned out to be the second-to-last concert Rogers ever performed. Cusick told his story in the documentary about Rogers, One Warm Line.
>> No. 12580 Anonymous
13th November 2020
Friday 12:21 am
12580 spacer


>> No. 8707 Anonymous
27th October 2014
Monday 6:03 pm
8707 Cover songs
The Pet Shop Boys' Always On My Mind has been voted the top cover version of all time in a BBC Music vote.

The song, written by John Christopher, Mark James and Wayne Carson, was first made famous by Brenda Lee and Elvis Presley in 1972.

Johnny Cash's cover of Nine Inch Nails' Hurt came in second place, followed by The Stranglers' version of Dionne Warwick's Walk On By. Jimi Hendrix's take on Bob Dylan's All Along The Watchtower came fourth. Jeff Buckley's cover of Leonard Cohen's classic Hallelujah completed the top five.


Not keen on that version of Walk On By but I like the rest. I reckon I'd have to have a good think about my favourite covers and I'm sure I'd still forget some.
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>> No. 12362 Anonymous
28th April 2020
Tuesday 2:48 am
12362 spacer

>Papa Roach has a cult following in Latin America or something

They're still massive in Germany.

>> No. 12388 Anonymous
24th May 2020
Sunday 1:25 pm
12388 spacer
Probably the highlight of the last series of Black Mirror, which I realise is damning it with faint praise.

>> No. 12389 Anonymous
30th May 2020
Saturday 10:21 pm
12389 spacer
They've now uploaded a non-live version.

>> No. 12465 Anonymous
10th August 2020
Monday 5:24 pm
12465 spacer

>> No. 12558 Anonymous
27th October 2020
Tuesday 10:13 am
12558 spacer

Sounds a little too airy and the bridge is a little weird, but i'm glad to hear it covered.
I'm waiting for a dark EDM mix with some tasteful bass drops.

>> No. 12398 Anonymous
6th June 2020
Saturday 1:31 am
12398 spacer
What's your opinion of Spotify and its premium version?

I used to run the free version with adblock years ago but then forgot about it because everything is on youtube or otherwise downloadable. Now it seems like everyone has an account so I'm wondering if I'm missing something.
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>> No. 12515 Anonymous
29th September 2020
Tuesday 2:55 pm
12515 spacer
You obviously don't have many books. Wait until you have hundreds/thousands and have to move house. I have/had hundreds of the buggers, and have completely moved over to Kindle - just makes sense.
>> No. 12516 Anonymous
29th September 2020
Tuesday 7:09 pm
12516 spacer

This lad gets it.

I have a bunch of old/rare/signed/first edition/out of print etc books at my mum's place, and a shoe box full of books I just can't be without that I lug around with me whenever I move house/city/country/continent. Other than that if I can't get it for my Kindle I either don't bother or I buy it with the express idea that I'll read it, take a bunch of notes on it, and probably give it away.
>> No. 12517 Anonymous
29th September 2020
Tuesday 7:23 pm
12517 spacer
>take a bunch of notes on it, and probably give it away

You monster!
>> No. 12518 Anonymous
29th September 2020
Tuesday 7:30 pm
12518 spacer

If you don't like other people's marginalia, you don't really like books.
>> No. 12520 Anonymous
29th September 2020
Tuesday 11:11 pm
12520 spacer

I actually meant on as in about not on as in in but also somewhat agree re marginalia. Scribblings and finding old train tickets and shop receipts and that used as book marks are part of the charm of charity shop books imo.

>> No. 12499 Anonymous
12th September 2020
Saturday 4:23 pm

>> No. 12494 Anonymous
1st September 2020
Tuesday 9:39 pm
12494 Erick Morillo

Goodnight sweet prince.

kh jsm.jpg
>> No. 12488 Anonymous
31st August 2020
Monday 2:48 am
12488 spacer
Why is it so difficut to find people to casually jam with? I checked all my local musician listings on facebook and gumtree, and they're full of people with established bands or pretentious types who think they'll make it big. In a city of 8 million people, it seems that there is literally no one else who just wants to get drunk or drugged up and jam out like I want to do.
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>> No. 12490 Anonymous
31st August 2020
Monday 6:25 am
12490 spacer
Guitar and bass.
>> No. 12491 Anonymous
31st August 2020
Monday 7:27 am
12491 spacer
I'd offer to but London is a bit far to go.

Well, I suppose it depends what kind and quantity of drugs you're offering.
>> No. 12492 Anonymous
31st August 2020
Monday 7:29 am
12492 spacer

Ninjam used to be great for this, not sure what it's like now.
>> No. 12493 Anonymous
31st August 2020
Monday 10:36 am
12493 spacer
Have you tried asking rather than waiting to be asked? If you post a message on a local Facebook group I'm sure you'll get some interest - there are loads of half-arsed bedroom rockers who are a bit too shy to join or start a band.
>> No. 12500 Anonymous
17th September 2020
Thursday 10:38 pm
12500 spacer
Turns out this advice was spot on. Had a couple of jam sessions. One good, one not so good (ended up getting too drunk with the keyboard player and banned from the rehearsal space). In any case it's good to break out of being a bedroom guitarist.

Who knew that things can happen if you actually try make them happen?

image (1).jpg
>> No. 12477 Anonymous
23rd August 2020
Sunday 1:45 am
12477 Jon Hopkins appreciation station
I'm surprised I've not come across are Jon on here. Surely he's the perfect mix of "safe ravers" and mindful introspection for you lot?



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>> No. 12480 Anonymous
23rd August 2020
Sunday 2:09 pm
12480 spacer
Christ why does this keep coming up. It fucking destroyed me.
>> No. 12481 Anonymous
23rd August 2020
Sunday 2:28 pm
12481 spacer

Would you settle for a 52 minute psychotic episode?

>> No. 12482 Anonymous
23rd August 2020
Sunday 2:49 pm
12482 spacer

Throw in a couple of panic attacks and we have a deal.
>> No. 12483 Anonymous
23rd August 2020
Sunday 5:54 pm
12483 spacer
'Everything Connected' has been on my music list for ages, thanks for reminding me.

>Surely he's the perfect mix of "safe ravers" and mindful introspection for you lot?
What is it exactly is it about his music that it can be defined so?

>> No. 12484 Anonymous
23rd August 2020
Sunday 9:34 pm
12484 spacer
That sounds like someone having a nervous breakdown, whilst trying out every setting on their new synthesizer. Remarkable.

>> No. 12394 Anonymous
1st June 2020
Monday 11:18 pm
12394 spacer
Let's have a thread about artists and bands you thought would make it big but it never happened for them.


Protocol were dropped by Polydor in 2006 and split up not too long afterwards, with their debut album never released.

>> No. 12369 Anonymous
6th May 2020
Wednesday 5:27 pm
12369 Florian Schneider
Goodnight sweet prince. Founder of Kraftwerk, composer and influencer of nearly all the electronic music.

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>> No. 12370 Anonymous
6th May 2020
Wednesday 5:29 pm
12370 Autobahn
The long version is the best. 1974.

>> No. 12371 Anonymous
6th May 2020
Wednesday 5:29 pm
12371 spacer
Just outstanding.

>> No. 12291 Anonymous
28th February 2020
Friday 8:52 pm
12291 Mr. Wise

This thread is for remixes of English TV or whatever so Swedemason and Cassetteboy or what-have-you please post those.
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>> No. 12299 Anonymous
2nd March 2020
Monday 1:10 pm
12299 spacer
>> No. 12300 Anonymous
4th March 2020
Wednesday 1:25 pm
12300 spacer
Oh, well fuck you then.
>> No. 12301 Anonymous
4th March 2020
Wednesday 1:41 pm
12301 spacer

>> No. 12303 Anonymous
4th March 2020
Wednesday 5:55 pm
12303 spacer

>> No. 12333 Anonymous
3rd April 2020
Friday 11:23 pm
12333 spacer


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