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>> No. 10582 Anonymous
17th May 2017
Wednesday 12:20 pm
10582 What you feeling right now? - Part IV, The Revenge of the Feeling.
The last thread ate all of my ram and crashed my browser when I tried to open it, so here is a new thread.

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>> No. 10888 Anonymous
11th November 2017
Saturday 6:54 pm
10888 spacer
I've been listening to a lot of Alfa Mist lately. He's at the intersection of jazz and spoken word and it gives his albums a unique feel to them and something that is surprisingly ideal to have on as you go about your day:

>> No. 10889 Anonymous
11th November 2017
Saturday 10:58 pm
10889 spacer

>> No. 10905 Anonymous
18th November 2017
Saturday 10:45 am
10905 spacer


Any ideas where I would've heard this before?
>> No. 10906 Anonymous
18th November 2017
Saturday 11:37 am
10906 spacer
I'm sure I've posted it in the past.
>> No. 10907 Anonymous
18th November 2017
Saturday 3:54 pm
10907 spacer


Tis the season for sitting inside and listening to folk music.

bg mouth sounds.jpg
>> No. 10890 Anonymous
16th November 2017
Thursday 10:06 am
10890 spacer
What's some good music to listen to whilst running?

Something that will keep me pumped when I want to stop the torture.
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>> No. 10900 Anonymous
17th November 2017
Friday 12:19 am
10900 spacer
>The Dark Knight score is pretty great for weightlifting.
Kevin Smith fan eh?
>> No. 10901 Anonymous
17th November 2017
Friday 12:32 am
10901 spacer

I am, but I haven't listened to Smodcast since he turned into 420 Kev, so I don't get the reference.
>> No. 10902 Anonymous
17th November 2017
Friday 8:55 am
10902 spacer
Get some D&B down your lugholes.

>> No. 10903 Anonymous
17th November 2017
Friday 5:05 pm
10903 spacer
I tend to listen to soul or its cheesy 80s variant, i.e Luther Vandross, Chaka khan etc. I've been told it is massively 'gay', but there you go.
>> No. 10904 Anonymous
17th November 2017
Friday 5:10 pm
10904 spacer
No it's from one of his Q&As, he's asked about the... oh wait it's The Dark Knight Rises he is referring to. He says Bane's theme from the trailer, 'Matalo Bane' etc., really makes you want to go down to the gym and start pumping iron to it.

>> No. 9214 Anonymous
21st April 2015
Tuesday 5:37 pm
9214 Post stuff that you made
Here is a dumb cover thing that I did, unfinished but I stopped working on it and figured that this wouldn't set the bar too high for the rest of you lads.

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>> No. 10693 Anonymous
31st July 2017
Monday 10:32 am
10693 spacer
I know several of these are old now but I'm in need of a diversion this morning so I thought I'd give some feedback. Obviously this is all just my taste and the production suggestions are not meant to be taken as objective feedback, they're just what would work for me.

Most of the lead on this sounds more like a Pink Floyd, Dave Gilmour solo than Hendrix to me. I like it, anyway, tight recording. Possibly a little over-polished, hence the other lad/lass comment about it sounding like porn music. >>10442 is much better in this regard - a good combination of things in the mix and all well-levelled, and properly processed without sounding plastic. The work you've put into your production techniques between the two is evident.

Vocals are too clean; could possibly benefit from some reverb, and then compressor/EQing. The guitar is slightly out of tune and isn't particularly well-captured, which can be endearing for this kind of music, but at least needs some more treble to give it some more definition to bring it back into the mix (this has probably been lost in recording, so something to work on next time), and definitely less clipping. For this kind of thing, ideally you'd mic different parts of the guitar from a reasonable distance (neck for the higher frequencies, body for the lower, and not necessarily the sound hole, counter-intuitively - you'll get booming, like a mic without a baffle) and play around with the resulting tracks afterwards, but even if you continue using what you've got, turn it down some to get a cleaner output and adjust it back up in the mix. Bottom line, remember that you can generally make a cleanly-recorded acoustic guitar sound more "raw" with a bit of post-processing, but a bad recording is basically stuck like that. The clock chimes are also too piercing for my taste -they contrast sharply with the muffled guitar- but that at least is easily fixed.

Excellent bit of punk. Appropriately grungy, short, and offensive with a bit of self-aware wit; not much to add. (You're doing the opposite of refuting post-modernism, though, incidentally. Maybe I'm missing the joke.)
>> No. 10746 Anonymous
8th August 2017
Tuesday 8:39 pm
10746 spacer

Thanks for the feedback lad, even if it has been so long that I forgot about posting either track. I'm glad you picked up the Gilmour vibe too, that's pretty much exactly what I was going for.

>The work you've put into your production techniques between the two is evident.

What you're hearing there is actually a stark demonstration of the difference between digital amp modelling, and a real valve amp properly mic'd up. I've been at this for years, but I live in a first floor flat, so sometimes "silent recording" is my only option.


I got a decent chuckle out of this one. Very nice gritty vocals I must say. Do I detect perhaps a touch of Half Man Half Biscuit?
>> No. 10765 Anonymous
14th August 2017
Monday 11:32 am
10765 spacer
Something I made years ago.

>> No. 10857 Anonymous
22nd October 2017
Sunday 6:50 pm
10857 spacer
I know it's been a couple of months, but the thing was recorded on, then hastily mastered on, a cheap Aldi headset in an echoey loft.

The guitar is tuned to the chimes, hence why it's out of tune.

I've finally got time to sit down with my monitors and have another go.

Here's a (more, I'm not an audio expert) properly mastered version:
>> No. 10898 Anonymous
16th November 2017
Thursday 11:23 pm
10898 spacer
I sometimes get carried away with really daft ideas.


>> No. 8744 Anonymous
5th November 2014
Wednesday 11:55 pm
8744 spacer

> all I ever wanted was to pick apart the day, put the pieces back together my way

I cry every time.

I really enjoy listening to Aesop Rock, even though I barely understand most of the lyrics. He has a pretty soothing flow, and trying to decipher his convoluted lyrics makes the music more interesting, especially when you're going through the drudgery of a daily commute. What I love most is the production quality: if you got rid of the rapping you'd still end up with awesome tracks that would stand up on their own as instrumentals. None Shall Pass is one of those rare albums where I love almost every single track; on most rap albums there's usually only a handful of tracks that stand out amongst a load of shite.

What are some good rapsters and hippity hoopers that released albums in the noughties/2010s? Apart from Aesop Rock, I pretty much stopped keeping myself up to date with the scene sometime around 2001. What are the essential albums from 2000-2014? I'm particularly curious if there are any British rappers worth listening to; preferably ones who don't rap in a repulsive Jafaican patois where they talk about theirs beefs with da mandems in da ends.
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>> No. 9154 Anonymous
23rd March 2015
Monday 2:47 am
9154 spacer

binary star.jpg
Surprised no one has mentioned this gem.
>> No. 9155 Anonymous
23rd March 2015
Monday 3:55 pm
9155 spacer
>> No. 10040 Anonymous
19th May 2016
Thursday 11:17 pm
10040 spacer
What do you think of the new album lads?

I really like it. Been listening to Beastiary by HMM a lot as well.
>> No. 10877 Anonymous
4th November 2017
Saturday 11:21 am
10877 spacer


In case either of you two missed it.
>> No. 10880 Anonymous
4th November 2017
Saturday 9:12 pm
10880 spacer
>Run the Jewels
Top tag team for two three summers.

>> No. 9915 Anonymous
13th March 2016
Sunday 1:29 am
9915 Bedtime Beats
I like to listen to some relaxing music as I lay in bed to help me drift off into a comfortable and happy sleep. I was wondering what you lads would have to recommend in this area?

At the moment I'm wrapped up in my duvet with a nice mug of hot chocolate listening to La Notte. I know that lyrically its more of a song for longing but I find her voice incredibly peaceful.


Yes I sleep with my laptop next to me. Its a constant companion and I feel uneasy when I walk to the shops without that reassuring feeling of the weight of my laptop strap on my shoulder.
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>> No. 10014 Anonymous
24th April 2016
Sunday 1:49 am
10014 spacer


Goodnight lads.

Aye its a shame there are always more applicants than places for Antarctic expeditions and the like. I guess the Orkneys are the best you can get for some peace and quiet.

Maybe city life is getting to me. The cars going by a few metres away is driving me mad.
>> No. 10015 Anonymous
24th April 2016
Sunday 10:10 am
10015 spacer
I've stopped caffeine after 12pm. Definitely made the difference for me.
>> No. 10034 Anonymous
9th May 2016
Monday 1:15 am
10034 spacer

>> No. 10855 Anonymous
21st October 2017
Saturday 8:43 pm
10855 spacer
I guess I'm having an early night tonight but I thought I would bump this thread again with what I'm listening to as I've found it perfect for relaxing me before bedtime.


It might seem a little energetic at first but the album image and the way the tracks blend together gives an atmosphere of sitting by a riverbank on a summers day watching the ships sail on by as you start to sail off to sleep yourself under a tree. Maybe I will throw out a fishing line and reel in some supper if it bites or just conveniently forget.

Goodnight, lads.
>> No. 10856 Anonymous
21st October 2017
Saturday 9:35 pm
10856 spacer
Goodnight, la.


>> No. 10837 Anonymous
16th October 2017
Monday 10:13 pm
10837 spacer
Evening, lads.

What's the best way to learn to play guitar? I'm guessing these days it's YouTube tutorials or something like that.
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>> No. 10838 Anonymous
16th October 2017
Monday 11:17 pm
10838 spacer
>> No. 10839 Anonymous
16th October 2017
Monday 11:35 pm
10839 spacer
When starting out, it's extremely easy to pick up bad habits, and much harder to break them. The most obvious would be to only strum downwards with the plectrum. I imagine most youtube beginner tutorials will advise against something as obvious as that, and there are plenty of self-taught guitarists out there who are exceptional musicians and highly competent, but getting lessons is a good idea if you can afford it and can find one you click with reasonably well. Most importantly, any half-decent teacher will pick up on what you're doing wrong, and correct you on the spot, which a youtube video can't do. They'll also set you "homework" of some kind, which forces you to pick it up and actually play it, playing things you probably wouldn't have otherwise bothered with but which nevertheless teach important concepts/techniques, and you might find you like some of that music.

Also, lessons aren't cheap, and if you're paying with your own cash there's a significant incentive to make the most of them. Most lads I've known have picked up a guitar at some point, learned a few tunes from tabs, and then given up. Learning an instrument like guitar involves climbing a learning curve like a rock face, and you need some serious motivation to scale it. Having a teacher can be a powerful motivating factor, and you will very likely learn more, and more quickly, than left to your own devices.

Failing that, if you've got a mate who's a decent guitarist, bribe them with some beer every once in a while and get them to show you the ropes. Again, they should notice if you're venturing down a bad path with your technique.

Play with others if you can.
>> No. 10840 Anonymous
17th October 2017
Tuesday 12:59 am
10840 spacer
I've been playing guitar for almost 15 years and I've lately had the same question running through my mind. I was never particularly dedicated to practicing or learning, so my technical ability is decent but nothing special, and I have very minimal theory knowledge.

I figure the best way to get back on the path is to start out as if I'm a beginner and work up from there. I've heard good things about Justin Guitar (linked to above) and the Learn and Master Guitar series (easily 'obtainable').

As a complete beginner, a teacher is definitely going to accelerate your progress quicker than self-teaching will, but make sure you try out a few and find someone who will set you goals and teach you the fundamentals in a logical and progressive manner. A lot of teachers will just teach you songs and jam with you, which is fun, but it won't take you very far.

>> No. 10794 Anonymous
23rd September 2017
Saturday 9:14 pm
10794 spacer
I like listening to podcasts in the car. Trouble is they get drowned out when I do 70 mph. So I crank up the volume to compensate which is that unfortunate side effect of amplifying some low frequency reverberation as people talk which I think is the bass.

In the manual the radio does have have settings, which may be able to be tweaked so that this noise goes away. I have already selected the 'vocal' equalizer preset which has helped a little bit.

I'll put the stuff I think might be more relevant in bold.
Network mode - 2-way + SW MULTI-AMP reproduction of bands (high/middle/low)
Standard mode:4 or 6 speaker system
Cut-off frequency/Slope (this may be useful...)
Equalizer band:50Hz to 12.5KHz
EQ level -6 to +6
EQ Setting - super bass, powerful, natural, vocal, custom, flat
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 10813 Anonymous
1st October 2017
Sunday 7:01 pm
10813 spacer
His Revolutions one is better I think.
>> No. 10814 Anonymous
1st October 2017
Sunday 8:40 pm
10814 spacer

Athletico Mince.

If you like Bob Mortimer talking nonsense with another bloke.
>> No. 10815 Anonymous
1st October 2017
Sunday 8:41 pm
10815 spacer
Wasn't that one of the teams named by the sports desk on Chanel 9 Neus?
>> No. 10816 Anonymous
1st October 2017
Sunday 8:49 pm
10816 spacer

No idea, possibly? The podcast is seriously good though if it clicks. It might not. I have to be in the right mood for it but when I am it's just pure joy pouring forth from headphones into my brain.

I love Bob Mortimer more than is healthy though.
>> No. 10817 Anonymous
2nd October 2017
Monday 3:56 pm
10817 spacer

I'll probably move on to it once I've finished the Rome one.

>> No. 10778 Anonymous
23rd August 2017
Wednesday 12:25 pm
10778 The KLF are back

this time in an ice-cream truck; no Fnord Timelord.
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>> No. 10779 Anonymous
23rd August 2017
Wednesday 5:35 pm
10779 spacer
I like them and appreciate their brand of lunacy but I fear they're going to just get lost in the informational maelstrom that is contemporary culture.

The book they're releasing sounds sort of interesting but I don't think there's anyway they'll be able to impact upon popular culture the way they did a couple of decades ago (although maybe that's not their aim anyway). Feel like they'll just get mulched by the internet, some people will read their book and go the events up in Liverpool but I don't think counter culture really exists in the way it did before the wide world of web took over everything.

Who knows though, maybe they'll manage to evoke something interesting. Maybe.
>> No. 10780 Anonymous
23rd August 2017
Wednesday 5:42 pm
10780 spacer
A friend of a friend on facebook revealed a funny K Foundation secret the other day to the annoyance of one of their team.

They really did burn a million quid. But they were notes about to be removed from circulation and destroyed by the Bank of England, and the cost was just their solicitor's fee for managing to arrange this.
>> No. 10781 Anonymous
23rd August 2017
Wednesday 6:18 pm
10781 spacer
>But they were notes about to be removed from circulation and destroyed by the Bank of England, and the cost was just their solicitor's fee for managing to arrange this.

I would love this to be true. EVIDENCE.
>> No. 10782 Anonymous
23rd August 2017
Wednesday 6:26 pm
10782 spacer
They were burning £50 Series D months after the Series E were issued.

>> No. 10694 Anonymous
1st August 2017
Tuesday 5:48 pm
10694 spacer
What radio stations do you listen to?

I hop between Virgin, Radio X and Magic.
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>> No. 10757 Anonymous
9th August 2017
Wednesday 5:18 pm
10757 spacer
>Maajid Nawaz is really good and normally very sensible.
Really? He's an obnoxious child.

>> No. 10758 Anonymous
9th August 2017
Wednesday 5:59 pm
10758 spacer
You're the exact opposite of me. I think O'Brien is brilliant, and enjoy Nick Abbot (the soundboard guy). Can't stand Ferarri (Establishment-worshipping blowhard) or Dale (sinisterballs).

Nawaz reminds me of Sam Harris: a stupid person's idea of what a smart person is like. That whole Tommy Robinson affair shows how he is little more than publicity-seeking showman. That said Hasan is fucking awful, too.
>> No. 10759 Anonymous
10th August 2017
Thursday 10:04 pm
10759 spacer

Here's part of the reason I can't stand him.

>> No. 10760 Anonymous
10th August 2017
Thursday 10:09 pm
10760 spacer
There isn't much wrong with what he said. These kids need help. They aren't a crutch for your racist worldview. Have a word with yourself.
>> No. 10761 Anonymous
10th August 2017
Thursday 10:23 pm
10761 spacer
What's wrong with that? Is it because he didn't set himself up as a defender of capital C Civilisation like Ferrari would, and go on to opine about the eskimo Problem?

glen campbell.jpg
>> No. 10750 Anonymous
9th August 2017
Wednesday 3:41 am
10750 spacer


> Glen Campbell, the upbeat guitarist from Delight, Arkansas, whose smooth vocals and down-home manner made him a mainstay of music and television for decades, has died, his family announced on Facebook on Tuesday. He was 81.

> "It is with the heaviest of hearts that we announce the passing of our beloved husband, father, grandfather, and legendary singer and guitarist, Glen Travis Campbell ... following his long and courageous battle with Alzheimer's disease," a Facebook statement said.

RIP Glen Campbell

>> No. 10706 Anonymous
3rd August 2017
Thursday 8:11 am
10706 Labels
Whats everyones favourite labels atm?
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>> No. 10721 Anonymous
3rd August 2017
Thursday 2:12 pm
10721 spacer


>> No. 10723 Anonymous
3rd August 2017
Thursday 2:47 pm
10723 spacer


>> No. 10724 Anonymous
3rd August 2017
Thursday 3:49 pm
10724 spacer


>> No. 10725 Anonymous
3rd August 2017
Thursday 6:31 pm
10725 spacer


>> No. 10727 Anonymous
3rd August 2017
Thursday 6:39 pm
10727 spacer
That's a pathetic discount for something six months out of date.

>> No. 10708 Anonymous
3rd August 2017
Thursday 8:15 am
10708 SHUT UP
Post grime
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>> No. 10713 Anonymous
3rd August 2017
Thursday 10:14 am
10713 spacer

No you shut up.
>> No. 10714 Anonymous
3rd August 2017
Thursday 11:26 am
10714 spacer
You're getting too big for your boots.
>> No. 10715 Anonymous
3rd August 2017
Thursday 12:22 pm
10715 spacer

>>10708 started it, telling us to shut up: in capitals, might I add.
>> No. 10716 Anonymous
3rd August 2017
Thursday 1:31 pm
10716 spacer
Whos posted about britfa.gs in /mu/ then
>> No. 10720 Anonymous
3rd August 2017
Thursday 2:00 pm
10720 spacer
State your name, cuz

>> No. 7681 Anonymous
23rd February 2014
Sunday 6:27 pm
Do you all like UK Garage?
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>> No. 7951 Anonymous
5th April 2014
Saturday 11:43 pm
7951 Asparagus


>> No. 7956 Anonymous
6th April 2014
Sunday 2:12 pm
7956 spacer
m9 who u callin a nonce, manna bust out dead garms for them soundsystem skets

>> No. 7980 Anonymous
10th April 2014
Thursday 4:03 am
7980 spacer
shite choon m8
>> No. 7981 Anonymous
10th April 2014
Thursday 4:46 am
7981 spacer


I could picture him playing full back for QPR.
>> No. 10712 Anonymous
3rd August 2017
Thursday 8:26 am
10712 spacer

>> No. 8133 Anonymous
2nd May 2014
Friday 2:14 am
8133 spacer
This is undeniably the greatest song of all time.
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>> No. 8161 Anonymous
6th May 2014
Tuesday 9:44 pm
8161 spacer
>> No. 8163 Anonymous
7th May 2014
Wednesday 11:41 am
8163 spacer
The whole album is bloody brilliant. Well worth having a listen.
>> No. 8164 Anonymous
7th May 2014
Wednesday 10:26 pm
8164 spacer
I trust we all recognise this one:
>> No. 8213 Anonymous
12th May 2014
Monday 1:06 am
8213 spacer
Fuck me, there's a sequel. So far I've only found one of the tracks on the 'Tube, and two videos of live performances. I think I might have to give in and buy it.
>> No. 10711 Anonymous
3rd August 2017
Thursday 8:25 am
10711 spacer
>not FSoL

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