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Subject   (new thread)
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>> No. 11345 Anonymous
12th November 2018
Monday 2:51 am
11345 Late 90s or early 2000s house/electronic thread
which is nostalgic if you didn't even necessarily like the track at the time.


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>> No. 11387 Anonymous
15th November 2018
Thursday 10:04 am
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>> No. 11389 Anonymous
16th November 2018
Friday 5:09 pm
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>> No. 11390 Anonymous
17th November 2018
Saturday 2:11 pm
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>> No. 11391 Anonymous
17th November 2018
Saturday 3:37 pm
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>> No. 11392 Anonymous
17th November 2018
Saturday 5:54 pm
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>> No. 10582 Anonymous
17th May 2017
Wednesday 12:20 pm
10582 What you feeling right now? - Part IV, The Revenge of the Feeling.
The last thread ate all of my ram and crashed my browser when I tried to open it, so here is a new thread.

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>> No. 11379 Anonymous
13th November 2018
Tuesday 7:11 pm
11379 spacer

It could work, this is exactly what ContentID is for.
>> No. 11380 Anonymous
13th November 2018
Tuesday 7:22 pm
11380 spacer
That didn't help Shazam, did it?
>> No. 11381 Anonymous
13th November 2018
Tuesday 7:29 pm
11381 spacer

Nothing is more powerful than YouTube's passion for demonetising videos.
>> No. 11382 Anonymous
13th November 2018
Tuesday 11:02 pm
11382 spacer

Google claim to have spent over $100m on developing ContentID and I'm inclined to believe them. It's frighteningly good at identifying copyrighted content.
>> No. 11388 Anonymous
16th November 2018
Friday 1:52 am
11388 spacer


First heard this on a Uncut some 18 years ago. Popped into my head today for some reason and had to do some discogs sleuthing to find it what it was called.

>> No. 11069 Anonymous
13th July 2018
Friday 7:22 pm
11069 Hip hop head thread

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>> No. 11332 Anonymous
3rd November 2018
Saturday 6:32 am
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>> No. 11333 Anonymous
4th November 2018
Sunday 2:05 pm
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>> No. 11334 Anonymous
4th November 2018
Sunday 2:11 pm
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>> No. 11335 Anonymous
4th November 2018
Sunday 2:20 pm
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>> No. 11344 Anonymous
12th November 2018
Monday 2:35 am
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>> No. 11138 Anonymous
4th October 2018
Thursday 2:47 am
11138 Channel U throwback thread

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>> No. 11275 Anonymous
9th October 2018
Tuesday 9:54 am
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>> No. 11278 Anonymous
9th October 2018
Tuesday 9:09 pm
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>> No. 11279 Anonymous
10th October 2018
Wednesday 8:20 am
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>> No. 11281 Anonymous
10th October 2018
Wednesday 2:30 pm
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>> No. 11342 Anonymous
9th November 2018
Friday 12:51 am
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>> No. 7546 Anonymous
12th January 2014
Sunday 1:58 am
7546 Confusing album covers
I learnt what this is a picture of tonight but wouldn't have guessed.
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>> No. 8017 Anonymous
13th April 2014
Sunday 4:47 pm
8017 spacer

I was only curious about what the cover art's supposed to represent. I thought it would be a slog to translate all the articles which might or might not address that when I can't even skim-read google's synopsis first.
>> No. 11336 Anonymous
6th November 2018
Tuesday 3:10 pm
11336 spacer


>> No. 11338 Anonymous
6th November 2018
Tuesday 6:42 pm
11338 spacer

I just want to express my surprise at finding someone else who knows who Cage is on the Britfa. Please carry on.
>> No. 11340 Anonymous
6th November 2018
Tuesday 6:46 pm
11340 spacer

Cage has popped up several times in the hip hop thread.

>> No. 11341 Anonymous
6th November 2018
Tuesday 10:55 pm
11341 spacer

At least half of those were me, so I guess the others were the otherlad (I doubt purpz is into underground east coast hip hop).

>> No. 11284 Anonymous
10th October 2018
Wednesday 9:06 pm
11284 spacer
Lads, I've been listening to a fair bit of Father John Misty and it's got me thinking. Is it possible to use algorithms to create music?

It's probably reflective of the slightly bland middle of the road music I seem to have settled into but literally every single song of his sounds like I've heard it before; even on the first listen to a track it's got that warm familiarity and pangs of nostalgia. Now I'm not saying the man has been created using artificial intelligence and manufactured music or imitating other artists is nothing new, but if someone turned around and said that all of his output had been cultivated in a lab with the aim of creating music with widespread appeal then I wouldn't blink an eye. I know the likes of Spotify use algorithms to recommend music they think people will like, but I'm not aware of algorithms being used to create music they think people will like.
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>> No. 11315 Anonymous
12th October 2018
Friday 11:32 am
11315 spacer

There is youth subculture now it is just obsessed with gender politics instead of music.
>> No. 11316 Anonymous
12th October 2018
Friday 12:14 pm
11316 spacer
Whilst I think younger generations are more guarded about what they say for fear of being shouted down, I don't think that's it.

There seems to be far more pressure on kids about how they look. You see parents moulding young kids into being mini models and the like; boys about the age of 10 with faded hair, skinny jeans and tops from somewhere like Hollister or Abercrombie & Fitch. When I was that age I thought I looked the shit in my grey Adidas top with grey Adidas trackies with red trim on the stripes and a zip so I could turn them into flares. Then there's also growing up in the world of social media and the way everyone presents an artificially perfect version of themselves.

The pressure on kids today to conform is enormous. We're not letting kids be kids and grow up making their own mistakes. You don't see teenage girls caked in foundation and with wonky bright blue eye shadow anymore because they've all watched tutorials on YouTube on how to apply make-up like a professional.
>> No. 11317 Anonymous
12th October 2018
Friday 1:09 pm
11317 spacer

>boys about the age of 10 with faded hair, skinny jeans and tops from somewhere like Hollister or Abercrombie & Fitch. When I was that age I thought I looked the shit in my grey Adidas top with grey Adidas trackies with red trim on the stripes and a zip so I could turn them into flares.

Those are the exact same things though, aren't they? Kids wearing what's fashionable.

It's easy for us old cunts to believe that we were the last generation to do it right, but fifteen years ago I was wearing clothes as dictated by my peers, media, and the bands I listened to. I was very much part of a music scene and there were plenty of them about, and more than enough teenage subcultures. I can't imagine any of that has disappeared in such a short amount of time.

The idea that teenagers don't for groups, cliques, or subcultures now is laughable, honestly. They may not be ones you recognise (though they still exist, I see goths all the time) but they're there.
>> No. 11320 Anonymous
12th October 2018
Friday 5:51 pm
11320 spacer
That's a lie. The last goth in the wild died in 2007.
>> No. 11321 Anonymous
12th October 2018
Friday 6:05 pm
11321 spacer

They still exist, but they're mostly middle-aged. The average age at Whitby Goth Weekend must be north of 50 these days.

>> No. 8707 Anonymous
27th October 2014
Monday 6:03 pm
8707 Cover songs
The Pet Shop Boys' Always On My Mind has been voted the top cover version of all time in a BBC Music vote.

The song, written by John Christopher, Mark James and Wayne Carson, was first made famous by Brenda Lee and Elvis Presley in 1972.

Johnny Cash's cover of Nine Inch Nails' Hurt came in second place, followed by The Stranglers' version of Dionne Warwick's Walk On By. Jimi Hendrix's take on Bob Dylan's All Along The Watchtower came fourth. Jeff Buckley's cover of Leonard Cohen's classic Hallelujah completed the top five.


Not keen on that version of Walk On By but I like the rest. I reckon I'd have to have a good think about my favourite covers and I'm sure I'd still forget some.
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>> No. 10950 Anonymous
3rd February 2018
Saturday 8:33 pm
10950 spacer
Did you post >>8709 back in 2014?
>> No. 10951 Anonymous
3rd February 2018
Saturday 9:42 pm
10951 spacer
I must have done. >>10947's posting of Goldfinger reminded me of ska-punk in general, something I haven't really listened to since Streetlight's The Hand(s) that Thieve(s), about the same time.
>> No. 10953 Anonymous
23rd February 2018
Friday 9:16 pm
10953 spacer

>> No. 10984 Anonymous
10th April 2018
Tuesday 7:54 pm
10984 spacer

>> No. 11283 Anonymous
10th October 2018
Wednesday 8:21 pm
11283 spacer


I don't think I'll ever tire of this. Haven't so far after almost six years.

>> No. 11215 Anonymous
5th October 2018
Friday 11:36 am
11215 spacer
Has a song ever made you cry?



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>> No. 11231 Anonymous
5th October 2018
Friday 11:46 pm
11231 spacer

>> No. 11232 Anonymous
6th October 2018
Saturday 12:02 am
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>> No. 11233 Anonymous
6th October 2018
Saturday 12:07 am
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>> No. 11234 Anonymous
6th October 2018
Saturday 12:14 am
11234 spacer

>> No. 11239 Anonymous
6th October 2018
Saturday 3:39 am
11239 spacer

It is odd, isn't it?

My first choice is a track that I doubt has ever made anyone else cry in the entire history of earth since it was released, but as someone who eats what they're prescribed just to be ostracised for their little boy who keeps them in the world to beat this, it hurts just right:

And now for something completely different:

Just before our love got lost you said
I am as constant as a northern star and I said,
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

>> No. 10694 Anonymous
1st August 2017
Tuesday 5:48 pm
10694 spacer
What radio stations do you listen to?

I hop between Virgin, Radio X and Magic.
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>> No. 11089 Anonymous
14th July 2018
Saturday 10:43 am
11089 spacer
>Dr Temple Grandin

Thanks for that lad. A very interesting person.
>> No. 11091 Anonymous
15th July 2018
Sunday 9:56 am
11091 spacer

RW Temple headshot best.jpg
> Dr Temple Grandin
I'd work in her slaughterhouse IYKWIM
>> No. 11092 Anonymous
15th July 2018
Sunday 12:01 pm
11092 spacer


There's a very big difference in the life led by the animal in a factory farm and one free range, even if the method of slaughter is similar.


Totally right. Even as a meat eater that firmly believes it is an important part of the human diet, sometimes seeing aisles and aisles of frozen meat at a supermarket makes me feel uncomfortable.

I really want lab-grown meat to succeed as a commercial product, and hope it's not just a fad.


This looks like fucking Rupture Farms.
>> No. 11093 Anonymous
15th July 2018
Sunday 3:14 pm
11093 spacer
Union Jack is also good, only plays British artists and you can vote on the playlist. They also let you submit your own composed music.

Trying to get Radio Caroline on the old AM too.
>> No. 11094 Anonymous
15th July 2018
Sunday 3:53 pm
11094 spacer

I love this post. Brought back memories of a particularly shitty stint working in an Amazon warehouse. Ours fostered quite a toxic environment, and I spent most of my time moving around junk I can't imagine anyone seriously wants to buy. I don't blame you for a second for knocking back a few to get through your shift, but I really hope you're in a better position now.

>> No. 11039 Anonymous
16th June 2018
Saturday 10:47 pm
11039 spacer

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>> No. 11040 Anonymous
17th June 2018
Sunday 12:33 am
11040 spacer

>> No. 11016 Anonymous
4th May 2018
Friday 2:34 am
11016 Jon Hopkins - Singularity
This album came out today. I highly, highly recommend you download it, take an hour to sit down with good headphones and enjoy it.

Quite the journey indeed.
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>> No. 11017 Anonymous
4th May 2018
Friday 9:16 am
11017 spacer


>> No. 11018 Anonymous
4th May 2018
Friday 8:07 pm
11018 spacer
Everything Connected.
>> No. 11029 Anonymous
20th May 2018
Sunday 4:05 am
11029 spacer

I wasn't sure at first but this album...

Christ, it's a real journey of the mind. I nearly cried at Feel First Life.

>> No. 11007 Anonymous
28th April 2018
Saturday 12:18 pm
11007 TV Themes
An otherlad suggested a TV themes thread, so let's have 'em.

Soul Limbo as used for the Test Match Cricket is a personal favourite.

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>> No. 11013 Anonymous
3rd May 2018
Thursday 12:52 am
11013 spacer

>> No. 11014 Anonymous
3rd May 2018
Thursday 1:34 am
11014 spacer

>> No. 11015 Anonymous
3rd May 2018
Thursday 8:36 am
11015 spacer

Now you’re talking!


>> No. 9214 Anonymous
21st April 2015
Tuesday 5:37 pm
9214 Post stuff that you made
Here is a dumb cover thing that I did, unfinished but I stopped working on it and figured that this wouldn't set the bar too high for the rest of you lads.

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>> No. 10746 Anonymous
8th August 2017
Tuesday 8:39 pm
10746 spacer

Thanks for the feedback lad, even if it has been so long that I forgot about posting either track. I'm glad you picked up the Gilmour vibe too, that's pretty much exactly what I was going for.

>The work you've put into your production techniques between the two is evident.

What you're hearing there is actually a stark demonstration of the difference between digital amp modelling, and a real valve amp properly mic'd up. I've been at this for years, but I live in a first floor flat, so sometimes "silent recording" is my only option.


I got a decent chuckle out of this one. Very nice gritty vocals I must say. Do I detect perhaps a touch of Half Man Half Biscuit?
>> No. 10765 Anonymous
14th August 2017
Monday 11:32 am
10765 spacer
Something I made years ago.

>> No. 10857 Anonymous
22nd October 2017
Sunday 6:50 pm
10857 spacer
I know it's been a couple of months, but the thing was recorded on, then hastily mastered on, a cheap Aldi headset in an echoey loft.

The guitar is tuned to the chimes, hence why it's out of tune.

I've finally got time to sit down with my monitors and have another go.

Here's a (more, I'm not an audio expert) properly mastered version:
>> No. 10898 Anonymous
16th November 2017
Thursday 11:23 pm
10898 spacer
I sometimes get carried away with really daft ideas.

>> No. 11006 Anonymous
27th April 2018
Friday 2:14 am
11006 sorry for being a yank
album art.png
Just finished this track today. I'm not very good at mixing and still trying to find my original sound/niche. Really appreciate any listens or feedback though.

>trap rap with death metal/black metal screams, super edgy lyrics, and a few samples of dialog from The Sopranos

north korea guitar.jpg
>> No. 10986 Anonymous
12th April 2018
Thursday 6:06 pm
10986 spacer
Musicianlads, what's the best way to go about learning this music theory malarkey, particularly how to apply it to the guitar? Are there any books/videos/instructional software that you could recommend?
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>> No. 10987 Anonymous
12th April 2018
Thursday 6:32 pm
10987 spacer

If you want to do things the hard way:


That image has really given me pause for thought. The guitar he's holding is shockingly awful, even for a battered old student guitar. The bloody norks can't even get rosewood or a properly quartered bit of spruce. There's no saddle on that bridge, probably because it's plastic. You'd think that they could at least scavenge a bit of bone from the mass graves in their death camps.
>> No. 10988 Anonymous
17th April 2018
Tuesday 9:16 am
10988 spacer
Adam Neely on YouTube is quite interesting. He's a bassist, but his theory is solid and he seems like a nice chap.
>> No. 10989 Anonymous
17th April 2018
Tuesday 5:26 pm
10989 spacer

Thanks, I didn't manage to 'obtain' Guitar Theory for Dummies but I got a hold of Desi Sarna's "Fretboard Theory" books and videos where he covers the same concepts. He's a pretty good teacher and breaks things down quite well.


I've been a fan of his channel for a while but he's more about entertainment than education. Rick Beato is another good music youtuber to check out, but a lot of his stuff flies way over my head.
>> No. 10990 Anonymous
19th April 2018
Thursday 9:33 am
10990 spacer
Oh, and 12tone


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