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>> No. 10582 Anonymous
17th May 2017
Wednesday 12:20 pm
10582 What you feeling right now? - Part IV, The Revenge of the Feeling.
The last thread ate all of my ram and crashed my browser when I tried to open it, so here is a new thread.

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>> No. 10677 Anonymous
21st July 2017
Friday 2:32 am
10677 spacer

>> No. 10678 Anonymous
21st July 2017
Friday 8:11 pm
10678 spacer


Perfect music for a relaxing summer night.
>> No. 10679 Anonymous
22nd July 2017
Saturday 1:26 am
10679 spacer
This is really nice. What's this kind of music called? Where can I find more?
>> No. 10680 Anonymous
23rd July 2017
Sunday 5:22 pm
10680 spacer
This tune has me hooked

>> No. 10681 Anonymous
23rd July 2017
Sunday 7:06 pm
10681 spacer
I'd call it chilled out lo-fi hip hop.

>> No. 10646 Anonymous
5th July 2017
Wednesday 3:27 am
10646 spacer
I was watching Ed Sheeran's Castle on the Hill music video and I started crying. It reminded me of how everything was new and fun and how friendships meant everything when I was 14-20 or so, now it's just drudgery and boredom and an inevitable march toward death wheeas then it was optimism, first experiences, all that crap. It made me feel quite suicidal watching it, knowing that that was gone forever.
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>> No. 10647 Anonymous
5th July 2017
Wednesday 7:28 am
10647 spacer

Join the club. I made the same realisation when I heard Unfinished Sympathy for the first time.


Whinge for /emo/
>> No. 10648 Anonymous
5th July 2017
Wednesday 6:31 pm
10648 spacer
That is a perfect piece of music.
>> No. 10652 Anonymous
7th July 2017
Friday 6:25 pm
10652 spacer

>> No. 10654 Anonymous
8th July 2017
Saturday 9:43 pm
10654 spacer
I think I get similar feelings when I go on a nostalgia binge and watch pop-punk videos by the likes of Blink 182.


Good song and video, but what about it made you feel that way?

>> No. 10564 Anonymous
11th May 2017
Thursday 12:08 am
10564 spacer


RIP Sweet Prince
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>> No. 10572 Anonymous
11th May 2017
Thursday 7:55 pm
10572 spacer
The Children video has me thinking that someone should set up a stream of a camera looking out of the passenger window of a moving vehicle. Make it a train like the Trans-Siberian Railway so the popo don't ruin it. There is something about being the passenger in a moving vehicle that zones me right the fuck out.

There are a few streams that do a loop for a few hours in Japan with chill playing in the background but they all face forwards which doesn't really do it for me. That and chill-hop gets pretty fucking boring after awhile.
>> No. 10573 Anonymous
11th May 2017
Thursday 7:59 pm
10573 spacer
It's not exactly what you're after but https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pVWfzsgLoQ
>> No. 10574 Anonymous
11th May 2017
Thursday 9:05 pm
10574 spacer
Back in 2015 there were some lorry drivers on www.Vaughnlive.tv who streamed their journey. If they were still around you could ask them to point the camera at the side window. It's a shame they're gone now.
>> No. 10579 Anonymous
14th May 2017
Sunday 1:55 am
10579 spacer

>> No. 10580 Anonymous
14th May 2017
Sunday 9:32 am
10580 spacer

Those landscape features are absolutely synced to the sounds though. It's clever and not just random scenery going by.

>> No. 10180 Anonymous
6th September 2016
Tuesday 11:43 pm
10180 What You Feeling Right Now III: The Search for Donk Locked
New thread, old concept. Post what songs you are enjoying at the moment.


I thought I would go with something that has nice visuals seeing as how we're going to be looking at this for a year.
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>> No. 10563 Anonymous
7th May 2017
Sunday 12:31 am
10563 spacer
What's this genre called? Where can I get more like this? The chopped words, chipmunked cartoonish child voices, and melody are all nice.
>> No. 10576 Anonymous
13th May 2017
Saturday 1:05 am
10576 spacer


Before it drives you crazy like it did for me, you probably heard it on a Mac advert nearly 10 years ago.
>> No. 10577 Anonymous
13th May 2017
Saturday 1:20 am
10577 spacer
Weird thing about this advert. A Polish sequel was released on the 9th that is...it's 2:36 minutes long and without vocals. It looks like they used the same model as well but altered her appearance to match the Polish market and the Pineapples are now normal coloured.

>> No. 10578 Anonymous
13th May 2017
Saturday 1:58 pm
10578 spacer
I'm pretty sure that this is PsyOps.
>> No. 10581 Anonymous
17th May 2017
Wednesday 3:25 am
10581 spacer


Pretty sure I posted this before perhaps but still funky.

>> No. 9214 Anonymous
21st April 2015
Tuesday 5:37 pm
9214 Post stuff that you made
Here is a dumb cover thing that I did, unfinished but I stopped working on it and figured that this wouldn't set the bar too high for the rest of you lads.

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>> No. 10214 Anonymous
18th September 2016
Sunday 8:08 pm
10214 spacer
I felt like resurrecting this thread, so I made a nice psychedelic little jam for you all.


>> No. 10215 Anonymous
18th September 2016
Sunday 8:43 pm
10215 spacer
This sounds like it could be the intro music to one of those "for women" vids on PornHub with the soft lighting and a 5 minute cunnilingus closeup.
>> No. 10219 Anonymous
19th September 2016
Monday 1:23 am
10219 spacer
This is great.
>> No. 10221 Anonymous
19th September 2016
Monday 8:45 am
10221 spacer
I like it. Quite Hendrix-esque.
>> No. 10442 Anonymous
19th February 2017
Sunday 12:01 am
10442 spacer
A couple of chaps here liked it the last time I did this sort of thing, so here you are.


I've been working on my production techniques, with the goal of finding effective ways to capture polished guitar tone for lazy artists who can't really be bothered.

>> No. 8707 Anonymous
27th October 2014
Monday 6:03 pm
8707 Cover songs
The Pet Shop Boys' Always On My Mind has been voted the top cover version of all time in a BBC Music vote.

The song, written by John Christopher, Mark James and Wayne Carson, was first made famous by Brenda Lee and Elvis Presley in 1972.

Johnny Cash's cover of Nine Inch Nails' Hurt came in second place, followed by The Stranglers' version of Dionne Warwick's Walk On By. Jimi Hendrix's take on Bob Dylan's All Along The Watchtower came fourth. Jeff Buckley's cover of Leonard Cohen's classic Hallelujah completed the top five.


Not keen on that version of Walk On By but I like the rest. I reckon I'd have to have a good think about my favourite covers and I'm sure I'd still forget some.
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>> No. 10419 Anonymous
24th January 2017
Tuesday 8:22 pm
10419 spacer

>> No. 10420 Anonymous
24th January 2017
Tuesday 8:26 pm
10420 spacer

They let me use wifi in jail.
>> No. 10423 Anonymous
25th January 2017
Wednesday 9:14 am
10423 spacer

Nice to see Jack Off Jill get a mention. Still my favourite band. It was ace getting to see them on the mini reunion run; I never thought it wod happen.
>> No. 10438 Anonymous
13th February 2017
Monday 8:11 pm
10438 spacer

>> No. 10440 Anonymous
15th February 2017
Wednesday 12:07 pm
10440 spacer
>>8819 i'd never heard the Sophie EB cover before. You've really spoiled my day now. She sounds like a right karaoke queen.

>> No. 8980 Anonymous
22nd January 2015
Thursday 10:10 pm
8980 ITT: Songs in a foreign language
Ásgeir Trausti - Heimförin (Icelandic folk music)


Kaizers Orchestra - Knekker Deg Til Sist (Norwegian alt-rock)


Chetes - Camino a Casa (apparently this counts as pop rock in Mexico)


I guess songs in English by non-native speaking artists are fine too.
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>> No. 9624 Anonymous
4th November 2015
Wednesday 12:07 am
9624 spacer


>> No. 9670 Anonymous
18th November 2015
Wednesday 8:20 pm
9670 spacer


I'd say this counts.
>> No. 10408 Anonymous
14th January 2017
Saturday 11:57 am
10408 spacer

>> No. 10409 Anonymous
18th January 2017
Wednesday 9:58 am
10409 spacer
Korean Bossa Nova (friendz.net is a great channel)

>> No. 10410 Anonymous
22nd January 2017
Sunday 12:30 am
10410 spacer


As translated by Eric Bentley:

Oh little box I carried in my flight
So as not to break the radio tubes inside me
From house to boat, from boat to train held tight
So that my enemies can still address me

Right where I slept and much to my dismay
Last thing at night and first thing every day
About their victories, defeats for me
Oh please do not fall silent suddenly

>> No. 10397 Anonymous
28th December 2016
Wednesday 3:16 pm
10397 Painting With - Animal Collective
What do you guys think about Painting With? My Animal Collective exposure has been only MPP and i'm really getting into this album.

On a specific album I love the technique in which one vocalist sings the lyrics and another 'echoes' it; it's really great in "Summing the Wretch" where the echo is placed just a bit later than expected creating an awesome offbeat funky-ness.

>> No. 10364 Anonymous
28th November 2016
Monday 8:45 pm
10364 The Avalanches - Wildflower
Somehow this slipped by me, but today on listening to Since I Left You for the thousandth time, I searched 'The Avalanches' in Google and it turns out they've released a new album.





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>> No. 10390 Anonymous
22nd December 2016
Thursday 7:19 pm
10390 spacer
That boy needs therapy.
>> No. 10391 Anonymous
22nd December 2016
Thursday 7:22 pm
10391 spacer
Purely psychosomatic.

>> No. 10358 Anonymous
27th November 2016
Sunday 7:53 pm
10358 Dance


>> No. 7280 Anonymous
2nd October 2013
Wednesday 2:43 pm
7280 uk hip hop
if you're into hip-hop I would highly recommend that you watch this video and hear these MCs. the highlight being 7:30 to about 9:00 minutes in, Sparkz's verse and the mix to the track that starts at 8:30.

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>> No. 10321 Anonymous
6th November 2016
Sunday 9:07 pm
10321 spacer

what the fuck am i reading.jpg
>>10316 >>10320

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 10322 Anonymous
6th November 2016
Sunday 9:41 pm
10322 spacer

It might be strange but it's all deadly serious. Magic plays a huge role in some cultures. 75,000 people starved in the Cape Colony because some cow bitch saw a prophecy and told them to kill all the cattle.


Don't sneer at it, these things can lead to death on a large scale sometimes.
>> No. 10323 Anonymous
6th November 2016
Sunday 10:03 pm
10323 spacer
Fatal stupidity is still stupidity.
>> No. 10324 Anonymous
7th November 2016
Monday 6:41 pm
10324 spacer
The Ruqyhah you are on about is the South Asian one, which isn't Ruqyah, it is just white magic. They even use good/bad Jinns to aide them. Normal, real Ruqyah (practised by Middle Easterners, East Africans, and North Africans) is not white magic and is used to destroyed both good and evil. It destroys even good Jinns. It uses religious texts to destroy everything. It is like an Atomic bomb.

As for the increase in crime, it is widely known that a greater tragedy will befall any practitioner of black magic, if that were not the case, then Africa would have been the richest continent in the world. All these warlock morons and magic will destroy themselves.

What's funny is that I think a new form of juju is being born. Juju is know for absorbing new magic and increasing its power. All these warlocks from different parts of the world, all with their different styles of magic being locked up in prison will probably create something new soon.

In Any event, it is unlikely that a silly Ghanaian can utilise magic on such a wide scale as to hoodwink everyone into liking his music. Maybe he just done it to Konan and Krept.
>> No. 10325 Anonymous
7th November 2016
Monday 6:58 pm
10325 spacer
>In Any event, it is unlikely that a silly Ghanaian can utilise magic on such a wide scale as to hoodwink everyone into liking his music. Maybe he just done it to Konan and Krept.

Lost my composure. Best post of 2016.

>> No. 10309 Anonymous
4th November 2016
Friday 11:26 pm
10309 spacer
What's the best website to find people to make music with thesedays?
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>> No. 10310 Anonymous
4th November 2016
Friday 11:28 pm
10310 spacer
Youtube comments.

>> No. 9863 Anonymous
29th February 2016
Monday 3:03 pm
9863 spacer
Anyone up for a thread like the what are you listening to now thread but instead of youtube videos we post snippets of lyrics from whatever we are listening to?

>So burn all your bridges
>Leave the old life behind
>You can do what you want to do
>'Cause you're strong in your mind
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>> No. 9927 Anonymous
15th March 2016
Tuesday 6:12 am
9927 spacer
>Sick city, yeah, restless people
>From the sick city burnt their houses down
>To make the sky look pretty
>What can I do, I'm just a person
>This is the line we always seem to hear
>You just sit, things get worse
>And watch TV and drink your beer
>> No. 9932 Anonymous
16th March 2016
Wednesday 10:14 pm
9932 spacer
>"Are you going to play football this year, John?"
>"Oh, well you must be going to play cricket this year then,
are you Johnny?"
>"Nah! nah! nah!"
>"Boy, you sure are a funny kid, Johnny, but I like you! So tell me,
>what kind of a boy are you, John?"

>I only like dreaming
>All the day long
>Where no one is screaming
>> No. 10297 Anonymous
29th October 2016
Saturday 9:15 am
10297 spacer
>And you were slipping away
>What do I say to you?
>What do I say to you?
>And if I want you to stay
>What do I say to you?
>What do I say to you?
>> No. 10300 Anonymous
29th October 2016
Saturday 4:25 pm
10300 spacer
> Lazy Summer Days
> Like Some Decrepit Land Shark Dumb Luck Squad Dog Lurks Sicker Deluded
> Last Sturdy Domino Lean's Secluded
> Don't Let Stupid Delusions Lesson Super-Duty Labor Students
> Dragnet Lifer Solutions
> Daddy Loved Sloppy Dimensions Like Son-Daughter Links
> Such Determinated Lepers, Successfully Disheveled
> Little Soldiers Developed Like Serpents Despite Life Sentence Ducking
> Lemmings
> Some Don't Like Sobriety's Dirty Lenses
> Some Do
> Let Sleeping Dogs Lie Still
> Don't Look So Damn Lackluster
> Suck Defeat
> Lump Summed Damage
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 10308 Anonymous
3rd November 2016
Thursday 4:09 am
10308 spacer
You are the sunshine of my life.
That's why I'll always be around.

>> No. 10286 Anonymous
23rd October 2016
Sunday 10:45 am
10286 Britfavision
In this thread: Share any music or music videos that you feel sums up .gs in a nutshell.

(No Kunt please. As much as I like him and his music, I'm sure everyone here already knows of him well enough that we don't need a whole thread of him.)

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>> No. 10287 Anonymous
23rd October 2016
Sunday 12:52 pm
10287 spacer

>> No. 10288 Anonymous
23rd October 2016
Sunday 2:26 pm
10288 spacer

>> No. 10289 Anonymous
23rd October 2016
Sunday 3:18 pm
10289 spacer


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