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they said i was crazy.jpg
>> No. 4521 Anonymous
10th July 2018
Tuesday 12:27 pm


I believe him.

I expect the reputation management crew to be here any minute.
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>> No. 4524 Anonymous
10th July 2018
Tuesday 1:17 pm
4524 spacer
He is incoherent and is assuming we know or care about whatever the backstory is behind his complaints already. I know who Bill Maloney is, a child abuse obsessed filmmaker who seems to have backed the wrong horse a few times now. I don't know what Mr Harvey is trying to say here but it seems clear he has spent too much time trawling weird online shit and doesn't like the coppers much. Please OP, a summary.
>> No. 4525 Anonymous
10th July 2018
Tuesday 4:45 pm
4525 spacer
I assume it is related to this which is a bit more coherant


It seems to be he feels he was phone hacked, has proof of it, and no one seems to care.

There also seems to be some element about setting him up in ways to discredit him.
>> No. 4526 Anonymous
10th July 2018
Tuesday 6:53 pm
4526 spacer

Thanks Brian.
>> No. 4527 Anonymous
10th July 2018
Tuesday 7:12 pm
4527 spacer
>It seems to be he feels he was phone hacked, has proof of it, and no one seems to care.

>There also seems to be some element about setting him up in ways to discredit him.

Also he goes on about child abuse by music industry figures in a lot of his videos and mentions Tom Watkins quite a lot...
>> No. 4528 Anonymous
13th July 2018
Friday 9:37 pm
4528 spacer
skip to 11 minutes 40 in.


>> No. 4484 Anonymous
30th October 2017
Monday 3:12 pm
4484 spacer
I shred any letters which I don't need, that carry my name and address on them. Is this good practice or paranoia?
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>> No. 4514 Anonymous
1st November 2017
Wednesday 12:16 am
4514 spacer
Speaking of the electoral register, my housing movements over the last six years have been so erratic and my memory so poor its fucking with my credit checks, etc. Is there any way if seeing my own data on the electoral roll?
>> No. 4515 Anonymous
1st November 2017
Wednesday 1:33 am
4515 spacer

You only ever have one set of details on the electoral roll (two if you're a student). It's the credit reference agencies that keep track of your previous addresses. You can request a copy of your credit file and they're obliged to correct any inaccurate data, but there's no way to "clean" your credit file if everything on it is correct.

Moving about a lot simply makes you a higher credit risk. There's no way to get around it other than to stay put and wait.

>> No. 4516 Anonymous
1st November 2017
Wednesday 1:37 am
4516 spacer
I'm no expert, but I think after you move it will be the responsibility of the next residents to ensure your name is removed from the register there. If you want to check if you are registered at your current address, your local council should have an elections department who you can ring up and ask. They will probably appreciate the call, I don't know what they occupy themselves with when there isn't an election on.
>> No. 4517 Anonymous
1st November 2017
Wednesday 6:35 pm
4517 spacer
My council's "elections department" are usually staffed by volunteers and temps.
>> No. 4518 Anonymous
1st November 2017
Wednesday 7:02 pm
4518 spacer
Only at election time.

>> No. 4475 Anonymous
24th October 2017
Tuesday 10:50 pm
4475 Eskimo 180 - Or Taqiya backflip
>I will return Saudi Arabia to moderate Islam, says crown prince


U WOT M7? Not sure if I should ask Hebrewlad or YMCAlad wtf is going on here? Anyone?
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>> No. 4479 Anonymous
25th October 2017
Wednesday 8:37 am
4479 spacer
Did you put the wrong name in somewhere there?
>> No. 4480 Anonymous
25th October 2017
Wednesday 10:17 am
4480 spacer

"bin" is Arabic for "son of", so the names are all confusing as fuck. Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is the son of Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. The former is the crown prince and the de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia; the latter is nominally the king, but is a doolally old bastard.

Mohammad bin Nayef was the crown prince until June of this year, when he was ousted by Salman bin Abdulaziz. According to some US sources, Nayef's decision to quietly stand aside may have involved Mohammed bin Salman's heavies, the boot of a Land Cruiser and some gentle persuasion with a rifle butt.

Al-Qaeda have repeatedly tried to assasinate Bin Nayef, most famously in 2009 when a bum-bomber turned himself into a human firework.
>> No. 4481 Anonymous
25th October 2017
Wednesday 10:27 am
4481 spacer
I suspected as much as soon as I hit submit. Cheers.
>> No. 4482 Anonymous
25th October 2017
Wednesday 12:50 pm
4482 spacer

A bin is summat you put rubbish in, m9. Bin 'em dodgy Arabistanis and enforce real democracy NOW!
>> No. 4483 Anonymous
25th October 2017
Wednesday 1:24 pm
4483 spacer
Can we get real democracy here first? The Yanks already have bases here, so the bombing part should be easy enough.

>> No. 4473 Anonymous
6th September 2017
Wednesday 3:28 pm
4473 Partial decoding of Voynich manuscript


Quite interesting systematic approach.
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>> No. 4474 Anonymous
6th September 2017
Wednesday 6:18 pm
4474 spacer

But can he decode how to use a fucking mic properly?

>> No. 4469 Anonymous
20th August 2017
Sunday 10:15 pm
4469 Liz MacKean dead
>Worked for Newsnight for 14 years, leaving the BBC over its decision to drop her investigation into the Jimmy Savile sex scandal
>Liz MacKean, who has died aged 52 after a stroke, was that rarest of creatures in the world of broadcast news


Stroke my arse. Explain yourself GCHQlad!
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>> No. 4470 Anonymous
20th August 2017
Sunday 10:22 pm
4470 spacer
Hmmm. Stroke though, gets people early. My Dad had one a few years back. Survived, but isn't the same.
>> No. 4471 Anonymous
21st August 2017
Monday 8:18 am
4471 spacer

>Survived, but isn't the same.

Better or worse?
>> No. 4472 Anonymous
21st August 2017
Monday 10:45 am
4472 spacer
His voice went from being very articulate to a bit doddery and sometimes sounding drunk (despite not going near the stuff). A very strange process to observe.

>> No. 1030 Anonymous
9th June 2010
Wednesday 11:59 pm
1030 spacer

I love reading and watching shows about the crazy shit they do. Things like shrines in forests and mysterious meeting places.

Post anything related.
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>> No. 2874 Anonymous
24th February 2014
Monday 8:38 pm
2874 spacer

Aaauuugghhh, me and my speedy read-y ways. "Biggest loss of American life", quite clearly not necessarily meaning it took place on US soil.

I am a mallard.
>> No. 2875 Anonymous
24th February 2014
Monday 10:23 pm
2875 spacer
You silly bollard.
>> No. 4460 Anonymous
19th July 2017
Wednesday 3:04 am
4460 spacer


>> No. 4461 Anonymous
19th July 2017
Wednesday 3:54 am
4461 spacer

Are these auditing questions from the Church of Nonsenseology?
>> No. 4462 Anonymous
19th July 2017
Wednesday 2:05 pm
4462 spacer
Yes, and they half made me laugh and half gave me the fear.

full force.jpg
>> No. 4442 Anonymous
24th May 2017
Wednesday 5:10 pm
4442 Government funded arts
This is fairly old news now, how the CIA essentially funded postmodernism in order to compete with Soviet art and make the US seem more sophisticated in Europe and all that tripe.

It just makes me wonder, have you noticed how some of the chans over the years have had no banner ads and no donation drives?
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>> No. 4451 Anonymous
25th May 2017
Thursday 12:50 pm
4451 spacer


For many are called, yet few are chosen, eh?
>> No. 4452 Anonymous
25th May 2017
Thursday 2:07 pm
4452 spacer
Are you making fun of people with Down's syndrome?
>> No. 4453 Anonymous
25th May 2017
Thursday 2:18 pm
4453 spacer

He probably is unaware of down brother who likes his ale.
>> No. 4454 Anonymous
25th May 2017
Thursday 8:01 pm
4454 spacer
I too have a highers in English.
>> No. 4456 Anonymous
25th May 2017
Thursday 8:21 pm
4456 spacer

rodney trotter.png

Yeah, well I've got GCEs in Maths and Art.

>> No. 4437 Anonymous
24th May 2017
Wednesday 8:42 am
4437 spacer
This is at least 60% shitpost, but I just need to put the thought down somewhere.

A big terrorist attack. On home soil. At the height of campaigning, during a snap general election.

It's also the only election in however many decades with a party leader that looks less-than-willing to bomb other countries on command.

Obviously attacks are targeted to cause the most disruption. I just feel very, very /boo/.
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>> No. 4438 Anonymous
24th May 2017
Wednesday 11:02 am
4438 spacer
My personal /BOO/ theories of late are that the Russians rigged the US election and Brexit, for optimal destruction of their enemies. And will therefore rig this election too. I therefore expect a Labour-SNP coalition as that is the best strategy to tear the country apart.
>> No. 4439 Anonymous
24th May 2017
Wednesday 11:11 am
4439 spacer
It's difficult to understand why a eskimo would be willing to give their life to do something which could only possibly make life worse for eskimos and strengthen and further militarise a government which will only be more likely to attack eskimo countries.
>> No. 4440 Anonymous
24th May 2017
Wednesday 11:29 am
4440 spacer

Ahahaha, you poor, poor man-sheep. Obviously the bomber believed in the need to kill kaffir. However, the MI6 operatives that posed as ISIS vets and used Mr Abedi as a proxy knew the REAL aim behind the attack. I hope all that fluoride was worth the lovely teeth, you handsome fool.

I don't believe that really, but that's what I would assume if I thought this was a set up.
>> No. 4441 Anonymous
24th May 2017
Wednesday 1:11 pm
4441 spacer
That's kind of the main aim of ISIS. To draw lines, divide society and let the war they want begin.
>> No. 4443 Anonymous
24th May 2017
Wednesday 5:23 pm
4443 spacer

She also wrote a safe sex poem.jpg
Keep in mind the woman who would organize such a vast conspiracy is Amber Rudd, pictured here in her now trademark safety glasses.

I would hazard to guess that the people who launch suicide attacks on children are probably not all that inclined towards thinking about the long-term consequences. To me ISIS terrorists seem to have more in common with school shooters only it is society at large that has made them feel so impotent that they have to lash out with obscene brutality.

>> No. 4428 Anonymous
14th March 2017
Tuesday 9:19 pm
4428 Tarot
I've vaguely interested in learning to interpret tarot but I haven't a clue where to start. Various sources advise developing your own understanding of the different cards and suits, essentially "how do they make you feel?", but I can't help but feel you could assign any meaning to any card and essentially have your own deck of personal divination tools. You might as well use pokemon trading cards and say Hypno is representative of this or that and interacts with Beedrill because Psychic is strong against Poison (although i guess there is some significance in the pokemon I chose to example, in fact I'm finding meaning in it quite easily). But you get what I mean. Or maybe I don't.

I suppose what I'm really asking is; is there a classic text on tarot, where would I go to learn the intended meaning behind the elements within the cards, etc.
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>> No. 4432 Anonymous
14th March 2017
Tuesday 11:14 pm
4432 spacer
Welcome to /boo/.
>> No. 4433 Anonymous
15th March 2017
Wednesday 12:18 am
4433 spacer
The cynic in me dismiss it all without a second thought. But my misses bought a book on tarot based on the art, and it fascinates me how many little bits of symbolism and quirks there are when i started reading what the cards 'meant'. You hit the nail on the head about it being vague and vapid, that is by design, like all of those 'not meant to be taken literally' passages in the bible. The whole thing is cold reading really, it paints in broad brush strokes and you assign what you want to it all. As far as I'm aware it was never originally meant to have mystical powers but that was added later to add spice to it. Much like wigia boards were original a paker bros board game and all of the negative association is purely a result of 'the exorcist'. Funny how these things start off more mundane but society makes them supernatural.
>> No. 4434 Anonymous
15th March 2017
Wednesday 3:25 pm
4434 spacer

I laughed. I clicked the link. I got a reading that arguably contradicted itself.

Shrugged my shoulders, started taking some crockery downstairs. I fell over and smashed a cup.

What have I done?
>> No. 4435 Anonymous
15th March 2017
Wednesday 4:05 pm
4435 spacer

You're not cursed, you're just a clumsy fucker.
>> No. 4436 Anonymous
15th March 2017
Wednesday 4:50 pm
4436 spacer

Rachael or Lynn?

Coloured Eye.png
>> No. 4425 Anonymous
9th February 2017
Thursday 2:04 pm
4425 spacer
The eye in the triangle is the hint I left at the beginning.
It is the evil I refuse to recognise and the good I neglect in my heart.
It is the will for which I deny responsibility; No, not I, never me.

If this is all a game, why does it scare me so?
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>> No. 4426 Anonymous
9th February 2017
Thursday 2:14 pm
4426 spacer

feminism illuminati.jpg
You have an electra complex
>> No. 4427 Anonymous
9th February 2017
Thursday 4:44 pm
4427 spacer

The game terrifies us because we are the pieces, not the players.

>> No. 4409 Anonymous
5th January 2017
Thursday 2:00 pm
4409 Occult influence in politics?
Any book/website/film recommendations for occult stuff I politics that isn't NWP/Illuminati stuff?

I know there is a Tantric (Buddhist) element in the Japanese Emperors coronation, but I'm interested in more weird secret rather than just symbolic.
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>> No. 4420 Anonymous
8th January 2017
Sunday 1:59 pm
4420 spacer
Or maybe, just maybe, a significant proportion of people who take DMT have done their research and heard the stories of the "machine elves", planting the idea deep in their subconscious to be unearthed by a large dose of a mind-altering drug. Occam's razor and all that.
>> No. 4421 Anonymous
9th January 2017
Monday 9:40 pm
4421 spacer

alex gray dmt 2.jpg

I saw this chap. When I was trying to describe it later to some friends, one of them told me about Alex Gray''s artwork. I looked him up and found this picture. The background was different, and it had a body, but that's what I saw, same colours as well. The only way I could describe the colours would be if you look directly at a light, and then look away - you get that imprint on your eye, which you can see clearer when you close your eyes. It's a colour that doesn't really exist in reality. The colours were like that, but with the contrast turned up, that's the closest way I can think of describing it. It was like nothing else I have ever seen.
>> No. 4422 Anonymous
14th January 2017
Saturday 12:28 am
4422 spacer

I call it the colour of darkness. I found that AMT was especially good at bringing it out, because we always sat in darkness to ease the transition into the dream realm. I would start seeing shades of that uniquely hallucinogenic pink/purple/green tone spreading from the edges of objects and the usually pitch black night sky was always burning bright with that colour.
>> No. 4423 Anonymous
14th January 2017
Saturday 8:57 pm
4423 spacer
There's a game about the occult called 'The Black Watchmen'. You might like it.
>> No. 4424 Anonymous
14th January 2017
Saturday 8:58 pm
4424 spacer
Hah. Are you a player?

>> No. 4394 Anonymous
12th December 2016
Monday 7:08 pm
4394 spacer
https://pepethefrogfaith.wordpress.com/ - at least half an hour's serious timewasting and mirth, especially recommended for anyone already acquainted with sigils and chaos magic. Shadilay!
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>> No. 4404 Anonymous
15th December 2016
Thursday 6:12 pm
4404 spacer
Some would say there is no such thing as coincidence and some would talk of synchronicity fields, and some might allude to sensory gating and how a healthy mind apparently ignores a great deal of what it is capable of perceiving there as it is simply too much strangeness to remain sane and process.

There is an Aleister Crowley 'interpretation' of a nursery rhyme posted above which manages to be simulataneously ridiculous ans serious. There is a book by Robert Anton Wilson 'The Cosmic Trigger' which addresses this whole area of high strangeness via personal anecdotes and memoirs.

I don't really know what to make of it all myself and think these kek/pepe theory websites are best taken as entertainment. They are certainly a bit more amusing than the paranoiac likes of the aangirfan blog or David Icke.
>> No. 4405 Anonymous
15th December 2016
Thursday 6:27 pm
4405 spacer
>paranoiac likes of the aangirfan blog
That's a funny way to spell "truth telling".
>> No. 4406 Anonymous
15th December 2016
Thursday 6:42 pm
4406 spacer
It's madness that blog. They draw together unassociated things in the hope that the reader will 'piece it together' in some sort of doomy and defeatist way. They use very dubious source material. They have a heavy and ugly anti-semitic streak. I wouldn't deny that it can be interesting to browse sometimes, but ultimately it feels disempowering, and a paranoid trap like the worst conspiracy theory. It's as predictable as the Daily Mail after you get used to the style too. Lazy journalism. If you really do regard it as truth-telling then I would be interested in hearing your counter-argument in favour of it.
>> No. 4407 Anonymous
15th December 2016
Thursday 6:57 pm
4407 spacer

jung bane.png
Do you feel in charge?
>> No. 4408 Anonymous
15th December 2016
Thursday 8:32 pm
4408 spacer

This can't be happening!

>> No. 2890 Anonymous
6th July 2014
Sunday 5:12 pm
2890 Please explain what the fuck is going on here boo-lads
Mr Danczuk described the warning that came after a vote in the House of Commons on Monday night when a senior Conservative MP “stepped out of the shadows” to confront him.

He said: “I’d never spoken to him before my life but he blocked my way and ushered me to one side.

“He warned me to think very carefully about what I was going to say the next day before the Home Affairs Select Committee when I’d be answering questions on child abuse.

“’I hear you’re about to challenge Lord Brittan about when he knew about child sex abuse,’ he said. ‘It wouldn’t be a wise move', he advised me. 'It was all put to bed a long time ago.’ He warned me I could even be responsible for his death.

“We looked at each other in silence for a second. I knew straight away he wasn’t telling me this out of concern or the man’s welfare. There was no compassion in his voice.

Writing in the Mail on Sunday, he added: “As politicians made their way out of Westminster, I had no doubt that other conversations like this were taking place.

“Indeed this was confirmed when I spoke to other members of the Select Committee the next day. They’d been paid similar visits. Phone calls had been made.”

- http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/10949366/Simon-Danczuk-I-was-warned-not-to-challenge-Leon-Brittan-over-paedophile-dossier.html
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>> No. 4351 Anonymous
27th July 2016
Wednesday 1:43 am
4351 spacer
Itz been a while lads, /BOO!

>In a courageous and explosive audio interview with UK Column "Despatches from the Front", a Metropolitan Police Detective Constable child protection specialist, takes the lid off the scale of child abuse, trafficking and prostitution in London and UK.

>He exposes the lies, threats and intimidation used by the police, Local Authorities, Social Services, Politicians, Charities and others to protect Establishment figures and Westminster.

>This criminal conspiracy seeks to deceive the public and stop the truth emerging in every possible way.

>> No. 4365 Anonymous
14th October 2016
Friday 9:30 pm
4365 spacer
>The former head of the child sexual abuse inquiry has strenuously denied a newspaper report of allegations of misconduct and racism made against her.

>Dame Lowell Goddard is alleged to have said Britain had so many paedophiles "because it has so many Asian men", according to a report in the Times.


Apparently simply stating a fact is racist now.
>> No. 4366 Anonymous
14th October 2016
Friday 9:59 pm
4366 spacer

> Danczuk
>> No. 4367 Anonymous
14th October 2016
Friday 10:10 pm
4367 spacer
>Apparently simply stating a fact is racist now.
You massive racist.
>> No. 4393 Anonymous
10th November 2016
Thursday 3:09 pm
4393 spacer

Sorry for necrobumping but I just found this and don't think it warrants its own thread.

>> No. 4382 Anonymous
27th October 2016
Thursday 7:22 pm
4382 Slide initiated 3.2.1
>Vladimir Putin has denied that Russia has interfered in the US election, claiming that those who believed Moscow could influence the vote were implying the US was a “banana republic”.

>At the same time, he claimed there was little difference between Trump and Clinton: “If you look at the programmes of the different candidates, you get the feeling that they are all tailored in the same way, and that the differences between them are insignificant, and in reality there are no differences.”


From the Trump /pol thread:

>25 September 2016 - Donald Trump met Netanyahu at Trump Tower in New York.

>Netanyahu is strongly opposed to Clinton's support of the Iran-Deal.

>Breitbart News CEO Larry Solov announced that Breitbart was "founded by Jews, is largely staffed by Jews, and has an entire section dedicated to reporting on and defending the Jewish state of Israel".

>Donald Trump hired Breitbart News's executive chairman Steve Bannon as his new campaign manager.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 4388 Anonymous
27th October 2016
Thursday 10:58 pm
4388 spacer
I think we can forgive you that even if your wife doesn't.
>> No. 4389 Anonymous
28th October 2016
Friday 12:08 am
4389 spacer

>> No. 4390 Anonymous
30th October 2016
Sunday 12:53 am
4390 spacer
So the Mrs forgave me for polishing off her precious whisky. I was too hungover to do what >>4387 suggested. On the upside, I didn't pass out and piss myself. I cooked an awesome roast chicken diner and provided extended marital foreplay so all woz forgiven.

Despite giving up the ciggies a few weeks ago (again), I've just bought a 10 pack to help sooth the ingestion of 2 bottles of co-op 14% vino. And I've just had a vision:

>Compromised Trump woz brought in to split the republican vote and secure Hillary a free run.
>Hillary fucked up by indiscreetly taking money from everyone, no questions asked (unless it woz politically prudent not to - i.e best Korea etc).
>Somehow she pissed off atheist Hebrews (No offence Hebrewlad).
>Trump the salesman has somehow winged his way to almost first place despite being a bankrupt pervert with the worst combover EVER.
>We now have HyperNormalisation.
>IT WOZ Adam Curtis, the BBC and MI5 the whole fucking time. Something Something.
>Putin's handlers may or may not have had a hand in this.
>Obama will secure a 3rd term.
>Robots will replace 50% of the workforce.
>Never trust Ching-Chongs.
>World war 3 etc.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 4391 Anonymous
6th November 2016
Sunday 12:59 am
4391 spacer
Bad goy!

>> No. 4392 Anonymous
6th November 2016
Sunday 1:33 am
4392 spacer

Oh my Lord! She was scheming to make the USA an Israeli ally all along!

Yeah, alright, try harder, dipstick. That's like the least egregious thing to be leaked. In fact give me your address so I can show you the bad shit in person, then stomp on your head until I'm using your brains for boot polish, you fucking, Jew hating, subnormal, fuck.

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