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>> No. 4720 Anonymous
20th December 2018
Thursday 1:18 am
4720 Private Members Clubs
Did my first bit of floor work at the Illuminati front I'm a member of tonight and it went better than I could have predicted. I nailed it, no mistakes, didn't need prompting on any of my spoken parts during the lecture either.

You lads subscribe to any private members clubs? Seems like a lost niche these days, outside of the Golfing community.
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>> No. 4721 Anonymous
20th December 2018
Thursday 1:21 am
4721 spacer
There's a masonlad here, he was very informative when we were trying to understand the whole thing.

Closest thing I've ever been to a secret club was eating ortolan illegally.

>> No. 2890 Anonymous
6th July 2014
Sunday 5:12 pm
2890 Please explain what the fuck is going on here boo-lads
Mr Danczuk described the warning that came after a vote in the House of Commons on Monday night when a senior Conservative MP “stepped out of the shadows” to confront him.

He said: “I’d never spoken to him before my life but he blocked my way and ushered me to one side.

“He warned me to think very carefully about what I was going to say the next day before the Home Affairs Select Committee when I’d be answering questions on child abuse.

“’I hear you’re about to challenge Lord Brittan about when he knew about child sex abuse,’ he said. ‘It wouldn’t be a wise move', he advised me. 'It was all put to bed a long time ago.’ He warned me I could even be responsible for his death.

“We looked at each other in silence for a second. I knew straight away he wasn’t telling me this out of concern or the man’s welfare. There was no compassion in his voice.

Writing in the Mail on Sunday, he added: “As politicians made their way out of Westminster, I had no doubt that other conversations like this were taking place.

“Indeed this was confirmed when I spoke to other members of the Select Committee the next day. They’d been paid similar visits. Phone calls had been made.”

- http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/10949366/Simon-Danczuk-I-was-warned-not-to-challenge-Leon-Brittan-over-paedophile-dossier.html
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>> No. 4715 Anonymous
2nd December 2018
Sunday 10:20 am
4715 spacer
> Diddl tack
It sounds like some kind of coefficient of diddling. Perhaps measuring how good she is at being diddled, or how much she was diddled as a child, or predilection to diddling herself.
>> No. 4716 Anonymous
3rd December 2018
Monday 7:20 am
4716 spacer

>> No. 4717 Anonymous
3rd December 2018
Monday 8:20 am
4717 spacer


I see viscous white liquid spurting out of a bellend.
>> No. 4718 Anonymous
3rd December 2018
Monday 7:17 pm
4718 spacer

It was Peter Griffin all along.

>> No. 4719 Anonymous
3rd December 2018
Monday 7:58 pm
4719 spacer
hahaha - I thought the exact same thing when I saw the picture.

they said i was crazy.jpg
>> No. 4521 Anonymous
10th July 2018
Tuesday 12:27 pm


I believe him.

I expect the reputation management crew to be here any minute.
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>> No. 4706 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 1:02 pm
4706 spacer

Or he's finally got the help that he so clearly needs.
>> No. 4707 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 3:59 pm
4707 spacer

He's on twitter. He's disabled it repeatedly, so google doesn't find it very easily.

>> No. 4708 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 4:02 pm
4708 spacer

He first went very quiet in the run up to his court case, which got thrown out. I seem to remember him saying his solicitor told him to shut up and thought maybe Brian continued seeing that as good advice thereafter.
>> No. 4709 Anonymous
7th November 2018
Wednesday 5:55 pm
4709 spacer
> In my experience they just handcuff you to a wheely bin and kick the fuck out of you.

Paddington Green mob?
>> No. 4722 Anonymous
11th January 2019
Friday 9:20 am
4722 spacer


>> No. 4695 Anonymous
30th August 2018
Thursday 1:19 pm
4695 spacer


Somebody's doorbell rang at 3.20am and the person was gone before they answered. They reviewed the surveillance footage and it was a woman apparently only wearing a T-shirt and what looked like broken wrist restraints.
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>> No. 4696 Anonymous
30th August 2018
Thursday 1:29 pm
4696 spacer
Oh, they found her:

>> No. 4697 Anonymous
30th August 2018
Thursday 1:34 pm
4697 spacer
Suicide, eh? An obvious diversion after the viral attention risked exposing something far more sinister. Probably a powerful sex trafficking ring.
>> No. 4698 Anonymous
30th August 2018
Thursday 1:37 pm
4698 spacer

Her boyfriend shot himself while she was tied up? There's no mention of the wrist restraints in that article. How very /boo/.
>> No. 4699 Anonymous
30th August 2018
Thursday 1:44 pm
4699 spacer

It mentions it in passing.

>He confirmed that a restraint was looped around both wrists when she was shown on video
>> No. 4700 Anonymous
30th August 2018
Thursday 1:49 pm
4700 spacer

Maybe he shot himself because she'd escaped and he'd literally been keeping her prisoner.

>> No. 4671 Anonymous
25th August 2018
Saturday 7:26 pm
4671 spacer
I can't quite find where it is now, but not too long ago we had a thread about YouTube videos aimed at small children.

What I've recently noticed is that a lot of the popular channels have episodes about Happy Meals.


Is it plausible that many of these channels are actually covertly owned by McDonald's as a way of getting around the traditional bans on marketing junk food to children and to get them seeing Happy Meals as desirable from an early age?
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>> No. 4690 Anonymous
27th August 2018
Monday 8:17 pm
4690 spacer

Straight on.

My father was always lecturing me about the dangers of smoke and drugs, while chain smoking and popping benzo like candies. I kept myself drugs and cigarette free, but only because I was so disgusted with him that I did everything to not follow his example.
>> No. 4691 Anonymous
27th August 2018
Monday 8:55 pm
4691 spacer
Alright, bruv’!
>> No. 4692 Anonymous
28th August 2018
Tuesday 9:13 am
4692 spacer
In short, you've agreed with the point made in >>4675 about parenting, but you've decided to do it in a roundabout way where you get to go off on one about it.
>> No. 4693 Anonymous
28th August 2018
Tuesday 8:20 pm
4693 spacer

Look lad, we've all got to get our jollies somehow, OK? Don't be so quick to judge.
>> No. 4694 Anonymous
28th August 2018
Tuesday 11:15 pm
4694 spacer

>For the sake of humanity never fucking breed.

Honestly though let's talk about how this advice is applicable to at least 95% of all people.

>> No. 4628 Anonymous
14th August 2018
Tuesday 11:04 pm
4628 spacer

I don't get into conspiracies. Obviously I believe the bridge collapsed and it wasn't planned but this video strikes me as odd. Why would you film yourself randomly driving across a bridge and your kid asks the time and you answer extremely specifically? If someone falsified evidence in this manner you'd think "C'mooon, could you lay it on any thicker?" or it would seem extremely contrived if a script-writer came up with it.

I guess the fact he said "11.40" (if the translation's correct) implies he read it off something digital and I don't know if you would do that and round it (from 11:42 or something) in the way you would say "twenty to twelve" after reading an analogue clock saying 18 minutes to.
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>> No. 4656 Anonymous
18th August 2018
Saturday 9:03 am
4656 spacer

Not on your life, my Hindu friend.
>> No. 4657 Anonymous
18th August 2018
Saturday 10:06 am
4657 spacer
It's a road bridge.
>> No. 4658 Anonymous
18th August 2018
Saturday 7:53 pm
4658 spacer
>> No. 4659 Anonymous
18th August 2018
Saturday 8:11 pm
4659 spacer


>I don't get into conspiracies.
>> No. 4660 Anonymous
18th August 2018
Saturday 9:32 pm
4660 spacer
I just mean I probably shouldn't have posted it on the conspiracy board but saw the video and was trying to figure out why it smelt of bullshit when the event had obviously occurred and without planning. I wondered if anyone else would agree about the video, or convince me otherwise, because a highly suspect looking (to me) video, which was nonetheless legitimate, would have been interesting in itself.

Coloured Eye.png
>> No. 4425 Anonymous
9th February 2017
Thursday 2:04 pm
4425 spacer
The eye in the triangle is the hint I left at the beginning.
It is the evil I refuse to recognise and the good I neglect in my heart.
It is the will for which I deny responsibility; No, not I, never me.

If this is all a game, why does it scare me so?
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>> No. 4577 Anonymous
1st August 2018
Wednesday 4:56 pm
4577 spacer
That might have been someone else, I don't remember that.
>> No. 4578 Anonymous
1st August 2018
Wednesday 5:31 pm
4578 spacer
You can claim the meme arrows were inherited from kusaba, sure, but he obviously made a conscious choice in developing the colour scheme of which green text is a part by which I mean he kept the 4chan shade.
>> No. 4579 Anonymous
1st August 2018
Wednesday 6:12 pm
4579 spacer

The quote colour in Kusaba's default setup was green. If Are Purpz decision to leave that colour in place was indeed a conscious one then I propose that it was because it contrasts so nicely with our gray background as opposed to conforming to any 4chan colour-canon.

I still think it was because maroon couldn't be fucked to change it, personally.
>> No. 4580 Anonymous
1st August 2018
Wednesday 6:28 pm
4580 spacer
>I still think it was because maroon couldn't be fucked to change it, personally.

Anyone with even an inkling of how this site works behind the scenes can confirm that this is the most likely explanation for anything involving her
>> No. 4587 Anonymous
2nd August 2018
Thursday 12:06 pm
4587 spacer
Are we still doing the "maroon is a burd" routine in current year?

>> No. 4484 Anonymous
30th October 2017
Monday 3:12 pm
4484 spacer
I shred any letters which I don't need, that carry my name and address on them. Is this good practice or paranoia?
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>> No. 4514 Anonymous
1st November 2017
Wednesday 12:16 am
4514 spacer
Speaking of the electoral register, my housing movements over the last six years have been so erratic and my memory so poor its fucking with my credit checks, etc. Is there any way if seeing my own data on the electoral roll?
>> No. 4515 Anonymous
1st November 2017
Wednesday 1:33 am
4515 spacer

You only ever have one set of details on the electoral roll (two if you're a student). It's the credit reference agencies that keep track of your previous addresses. You can request a copy of your credit file and they're obliged to correct any inaccurate data, but there's no way to "clean" your credit file if everything on it is correct.

Moving about a lot simply makes you a higher credit risk. There's no way to get around it other than to stay put and wait.

>> No. 4516 Anonymous
1st November 2017
Wednesday 1:37 am
4516 spacer
I'm no expert, but I think after you move it will be the responsibility of the next residents to ensure your name is removed from the register there. If you want to check if you are registered at your current address, your local council should have an elections department who you can ring up and ask. They will probably appreciate the call, I don't know what they occupy themselves with when there isn't an election on.
>> No. 4517 Anonymous
1st November 2017
Wednesday 6:35 pm
4517 spacer
My council's "elections department" are usually staffed by volunteers and temps.
>> No. 4518 Anonymous
1st November 2017
Wednesday 7:02 pm
4518 spacer
Only at election time.

>> No. 4475 Anonymous
24th October 2017
Tuesday 10:50 pm
4475 Eskimo 180 - Or Taqiya backflip
>I will return Saudi Arabia to moderate Islam, says crown prince


U WOT M7? Not sure if I should ask Hebrewlad or YMCAlad wtf is going on here? Anyone?
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>> No. 4479 Anonymous
25th October 2017
Wednesday 8:37 am
4479 spacer
Did you put the wrong name in somewhere there?
>> No. 4480 Anonymous
25th October 2017
Wednesday 10:17 am
4480 spacer

"bin" is Arabic for "son of", so the names are all confusing as fuck. Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud is the son of Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. The former is the crown prince and the de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia; the latter is nominally the king, but is a doolally old bastard.

Mohammad bin Nayef was the crown prince until June of this year, when he was ousted by Salman bin Abdulaziz. According to some US sources, Nayef's decision to quietly stand aside may have involved Mohammed bin Salman's heavies, the boot of a Land Cruiser and some gentle persuasion with a rifle butt.

Al-Qaeda have repeatedly tried to assasinate Bin Nayef, most famously in 2009 when a bum-bomber turned himself into a human firework.
>> No. 4481 Anonymous
25th October 2017
Wednesday 10:27 am
4481 spacer
I suspected as much as soon as I hit submit. Cheers.
>> No. 4482 Anonymous
25th October 2017
Wednesday 12:50 pm
4482 spacer

A bin is summat you put rubbish in, m9. Bin 'em dodgy Arabistanis and enforce real democracy NOW!
>> No. 4483 Anonymous
25th October 2017
Wednesday 1:24 pm
4483 spacer
Can we get real democracy here first? The Yanks already have bases here, so the bombing part should be easy enough.

>> No. 4473 Anonymous
6th September 2017
Wednesday 3:28 pm
4473 Partial decoding of Voynich manuscript


Quite interesting systematic approach.
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>> No. 4474 Anonymous
6th September 2017
Wednesday 6:18 pm
4474 spacer

But can he decode how to use a fucking mic properly?

>> No. 4469 Anonymous
20th August 2017
Sunday 10:15 pm
4469 Liz MacKean dead
>Worked for Newsnight for 14 years, leaving the BBC over its decision to drop her investigation into the Jimmy Savile sex scandal
>Liz MacKean, who has died aged 52 after a stroke, was that rarest of creatures in the world of broadcast news


Stroke my arse. Explain yourself GCHQlad!
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>> No. 4470 Anonymous
20th August 2017
Sunday 10:22 pm
4470 spacer
Hmmm. Stroke though, gets people early. My Dad had one a few years back. Survived, but isn't the same.
>> No. 4471 Anonymous
21st August 2017
Monday 8:18 am
4471 spacer

>Survived, but isn't the same.

Better or worse?
>> No. 4472 Anonymous
21st August 2017
Monday 10:45 am
4472 spacer
His voice went from being very articulate to a bit doddery and sometimes sounding drunk (despite not going near the stuff). A very strange process to observe.

>> No. 1030 Anonymous
9th June 2010
Wednesday 11:59 pm
1030 spacer

I love reading and watching shows about the crazy shit they do. Things like shrines in forests and mysterious meeting places.

Post anything related.
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>> No. 2874 Anonymous
24th February 2014
Monday 8:38 pm
2874 spacer

Aaauuugghhh, me and my speedy read-y ways. "Biggest loss of American life", quite clearly not necessarily meaning it took place on US soil.

I am a mallard.
>> No. 2875 Anonymous
24th February 2014
Monday 10:23 pm
2875 spacer
You silly bollard.
>> No. 4460 Anonymous
19th July 2017
Wednesday 3:04 am
4460 spacer


>> No. 4461 Anonymous
19th July 2017
Wednesday 3:54 am
4461 spacer

Are these auditing questions from the Church of Nonsenseology?
>> No. 4462 Anonymous
19th July 2017
Wednesday 2:05 pm
4462 spacer
Yes, and they half made me laugh and half gave me the fear.

full force.jpg
>> No. 4442 Anonymous
24th May 2017
Wednesday 5:10 pm
4442 Government funded arts
This is fairly old news now, how the CIA essentially funded postmodernism in order to compete with Soviet art and make the US seem more sophisticated in Europe and all that tripe.

It just makes me wonder, have you noticed how some of the chans over the years have had no banner ads and no donation drives?
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>> No. 4451 Anonymous
25th May 2017
Thursday 12:50 pm
4451 spacer


For many are called, yet few are chosen, eh?
>> No. 4452 Anonymous
25th May 2017
Thursday 2:07 pm
4452 spacer
Are you making fun of people with Down's syndrome?
>> No. 4453 Anonymous
25th May 2017
Thursday 2:18 pm
4453 spacer

He probably is unaware of down brother who likes his ale.
>> No. 4454 Anonymous
25th May 2017
Thursday 8:01 pm
4454 spacer
I too have a highers in English.
>> No. 4456 Anonymous
25th May 2017
Thursday 8:21 pm
4456 spacer

rodney trotter.png

Yeah, well I've got GCEs in Maths and Art.

>> No. 4437 Anonymous
24th May 2017
Wednesday 8:42 am
4437 spacer
This is at least 60% shitpost, but I just need to put the thought down somewhere.

A big terrorist attack. On home soil. At the height of campaigning, during a snap general election.

It's also the only election in however many decades with a party leader that looks less-than-willing to bomb other countries on command.

Obviously attacks are targeted to cause the most disruption. I just feel very, very /boo/.
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>> No. 4438 Anonymous
24th May 2017
Wednesday 11:02 am
4438 spacer
My personal /BOO/ theories of late are that the Russians rigged the US election and Brexit, for optimal destruction of their enemies. And will therefore rig this election too. I therefore expect a Labour-SNP coalition as that is the best strategy to tear the country apart.
>> No. 4439 Anonymous
24th May 2017
Wednesday 11:11 am
4439 spacer
It's difficult to understand why a eskimo would be willing to give their life to do something which could only possibly make life worse for eskimos and strengthen and further militarise a government which will only be more likely to attack eskimo countries.
>> No. 4440 Anonymous
24th May 2017
Wednesday 11:29 am
4440 spacer

Ahahaha, you poor, poor man-sheep. Obviously the bomber believed in the need to kill kaffir. However, the MI6 operatives that posed as ISIS vets and used Mr Abedi as a proxy knew the REAL aim behind the attack. I hope all that fluoride was worth the lovely teeth, you handsome fool.

I don't believe that really, but that's what I would assume if I thought this was a set up.
>> No. 4441 Anonymous
24th May 2017
Wednesday 1:11 pm
4441 spacer
That's kind of the main aim of ISIS. To draw lines, divide society and let the war they want begin.
>> No. 4443 Anonymous
24th May 2017
Wednesday 5:23 pm
4443 spacer

She also wrote a safe sex poem.jpg
Keep in mind the woman who would organize such a vast conspiracy is Amber Rudd, pictured here in her now trademark safety glasses.

I would hazard to guess that the people who launch suicide attacks on children are probably not all that inclined towards thinking about the long-term consequences. To me ISIS terrorists seem to have more in common with school shooters only it is society at large that has made them feel so impotent that they have to lash out with obscene brutality.

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