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>> No. 22563 Anonymous ## Mod ##
7th December 2018
Friday 11:41 am
22563 Discord Game Server Stickied
So, lets shift focus a bit. We have a Discord now, so we have a place to organise playing games with each other as well as shitpost.

https://discord.gg/QGCyRdV This is permanent invite link, so you can come and go as you please with no hassle.
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>> No. 25656 Anonymous
24th April 2022
Sunday 11:41 am
25656 spacer
Multiple people have animals as their pfps, they may not consider themselves furries but if you want to insist they are that might be interesting.
>> No. 25660 Anonymous
25th April 2022
Monday 1:14 am
25660 spacer

Who cares just join m65
>> No. 25663 Anonymous
25th April 2022
Monday 6:37 pm
25663 spacer
I did, it wasn't very active and kind of shit so I left again.
>> No. 25666 Anonymous
25th April 2022
Monday 8:13 pm
25666 spacer
Yeah .. There're one or two interesting characters but overall it felt a bit odd, like familiar strangers struggling to converse at a bus stop.
I quite liked the idea of it being a pub you'd virtually pop into every now and then, but to roleplay it would be weird.

>> No. 19768 Anonymous
6th February 2015
Friday 8:29 pm
19768 What are you playing right now?
I figured I'd make an /e/ equivalent of that great, big /beat/ thread.

Recently I have been slogging away on XCOM: Enemy Within with the Long War mod. Humanity is doomed as I'm simply incapable of holding back the torrent of battleships the aliens keep hurling at me.

It's bloody fun though.
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>> No. 25732 Anonymous
12th August 2022
Friday 7:03 pm
25732 spacer
It's difficult to explain why, but I've put nearly 20 hours into this now.
>> No. 25733 Anonymous
16th August 2022
Tuesday 2:30 pm
25733 spacer
They had a farmer on Radio 2 earlier. He said that yesterday there was a gang of teenagers in a field whilst he was collecting up the straw, which usually means they're going to start a fire but they said they'd been playing Farming Simulator and wanted to know if they could have a go at stacking it.
>> No. 25734 Anonymous
16th August 2022
Tuesday 5:02 pm
25734 spacer
Fuck's sake. Where can I advertise, next haymaking season?
Of course, we'd get a lot more heatstrokelads posting, but it's probably worth it.
>> No. 25735 Anonymous
16th August 2022
Tuesday 7:17 pm
25735 spacer


It might be a worthwhile idea to get in touch with one of those experience day companies. If there's a market for farming simulator controllers then there's bound to be people who'd pay handsomely to have a go on a tractor. The insurance would probably be a bit of a ballache, but it could be a nice little earner.
>> No. 25736 Anonymous
16th August 2022
Tuesday 8:23 pm
25736 spacer


It greatly saddens me that there are controllers this detailed for fucking tractors, but nothing on the same level for flying a futuristic space fighter or piloting a 40 foot battle mech.

There was definitely some kind of temporal schism in the early 2010s and we now live in the bad timeline.

>> No. 17227 Anonymous
6th November 2013
Wednesday 10:41 am
17227 spacer
I bought the worms bundle twice absent mindedly so here are the extra keys .gs

Superfrog HD https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=sMmGPe2yUKPMm3HC
Worms Blast https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=DRYGuGM38VdnxfuF
Worms Crazy Golf https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=eYEPWANxqsCnqkfY
Worms Ultimate Mayhem https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=xbqFPzD2SDRXmNSz
Worms Armageddon https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=U7TeH7v3r64aWT74
Worms Pinball https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=B73d2Xh85TTbdGyE

One each, that means you bikethief and stickyfingerslad.

https://www.humblebundle.com/ is Batman GOTY editions and FEAR.
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>> No. 25703 Anonymous
3rd July 2022
Sunday 11:21 pm
25703 spacer

I'm increasingly realising you can't take WAB's opinion on pretty much anything that isn't a traditional PC shooter or strategy/management sim kind of game. He's great as a canary identifying bad ports with shite options or what have you, but he's not much good at actually identifying good games beyond that.
>> No. 25704 Anonymous
4th July 2022
Monday 12:20 pm
25704 spacer
I've settled on just getting remake bundle of Crash Bandicoot and Spyro along with Psychonauts 2. I might pick up Duck Tales too.

You heard me, I'm sick of point and click indie games.
>> No. 25705 Anonymous
4th July 2022
Monday 3:21 pm
25705 spacer

By this point steam sales serve pretty much exclusively for me to gradually pick up all the DLCs for the Total War games.

I think the problem is just that so little has come out over the last few years, that for a lot of companies, the game they were flogging four or five years ago is still the Current Product™. We've entered a wierd stasis of live services and perpetual early access games. There's never that thrill of picking up the last year's big release for a tenner any more because they realised in digital, there's no such thing as stock clearance; they can just keep selling it for 60 quid forever.
>> No. 25706 Anonymous
4th July 2022
Monday 6:00 pm
25706 spacer

>There's never that thrill of picking up the last year's big release for a tenner any more because they realised in digital, there's no such thing as stock clearance; they can just keep selling it for 60 quid forever.

To be fair, half the problem is that rather than knocking a game down to four quid in the Steam sale, you can flog it to Epic for their giveaways. I currently have 221 games in my Epic library - some of them crap, but many of them AAA or good indie titles - none of which I've paid a penny for.
>> No. 25707 Anonymous
5th July 2022
Tuesday 9:42 am
25707 spacer

True, but that's the gamer's equivalent of a well meaning German citizen unwittingly falling for Third Reich propaganda in 1937.

>> No. 24640 Anonymous
26th December 2020
Saturday 6:58 am
24640 Tabletop / Hobby Thread
Tell us about your guys / campaign / project, etc.
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>> No. 25680 Anonymous
19th May 2022
Thursday 4:39 am
25680 spacer

He lost 7 stone, he's got the YouTube money rolling in, of course he was going to trade up. It's ironic that women are always trying to fix their partners, because one way or another it's doomed to fail.
>> No. 25681 Anonymous
19th May 2022
Thursday 10:55 am
25681 spacer
Looked into it on reddit, bit juicy.


This is her apparently:

>> No. 25682 Anonymous
19th May 2022
Thursday 11:02 am
25682 spacer


>> No. 25683 Anonymous
19th May 2022
Thursday 1:32 pm
25683 spacer

Well if what she's saying in those posts is true, then regardless of anything else, that's a pretty harsh way to end things with the mother of your twins.

But in fairness we don't know either side of the story directly, we don't know why it happened. I expect we'll see a lot of stuff saying he's a monster for doing this and painting him as the villain, and frankly I wouldn't be at all surprised because he always came off like one of those a bit too nice people to me. But for all we know, she might have been a massive raging bitch non-stop for the last three years, and he's been a saint for putting up with it this long. For all we know he found out the kids weren't even his, and he's being an absolute paragon for not dragging her through the muck. We just don't know.

Two sides to every story, especially when it comes to relationships.


More interesting than fucking watches, innit.
>> No. 25684 Anonymous
19th May 2022
Thursday 1:41 pm
25684 spacer
>More interesting than fucking watches, innit.
Old ladies gossiping retracted.

>> No. 22518 Anonymous
9th November 2018
Friday 10:37 pm
22518 spacer
I guess this is the right board for it. Time for a boardgame thread?
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>> No. 23822 Anonymous
10th June 2020
Wednesday 8:21 pm
23822 spacer

Annotation 2020-06-10 202105.png
>> No. 23898 Anonymous
23rd June 2020
Tuesday 1:05 pm
23898 spacer

Been playing Kingdomino, which is quite fun if you want a quick game that lasts about 10/15 minutes.
>> No. 25384 Anonymous
29th December 2021
Wednesday 12:48 pm
25384 spacer
What's a decent board game for young teenage children?

I'm buying someone one of the Quacks of Quedlinburg expansions as a present, which will be about £15 when most gaming sites have a minimum of £20 for free delivery, so I might as well look to buy an extra game now for my daughter's birthday in June rather than paying about a fiver for postage but I'm not sure what to go for.
>> No. 25661 Anonymous
25th April 2022
Monday 1:17 am
25661 spacer
I've been playing Twilight Imperium with a bunch of mates from work and it's fucking brilliant. Although it takes about 9 hours to finish at present, but I'm not bored for a single second of those 9 hours.


Catan's a timeless classic and personally I think it's could be easily understood by 12 year olds.
>> No. 25662 Anonymous
25th April 2022
Monday 1:20 am
25662 spacer
I remember reading about it in middle school in the US

Elton Ringo.png
>> No. 25502 Anonymous
1st March 2022
Tuesday 12:25 am
25502 Elden Ring
It's the first time in a while, but all three of us seem to be playing this one. Let's have a thread where we talk about it while it's still fresh and new, before everyone knows all of it and it's all old hat.

Did any of you notice that your fireplace waifu will give you some new story tidbits each new bonfi grace-place you visit?
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>> No. 25607 Anonymous
1st April 2022
Friday 4:43 pm
25607 spacer

I can't remember how it's actually spelled, but whenever my brain can't be arsed figuring a word out it goes to the next nearest thing, so I was calling him Dragune Placideaux and pronouncing it in an over the top French voice.
>> No. 25608 Anonymous
2nd April 2022
Saturday 2:20 pm
25608 spacer
Procrastionation complete. I checked the wiki to see if I missed any graces, managed to fuck up the Jar Bairn questline, fed the final deathroot, got all remembrances. I'm sure I missed an area here or there and once again the boss soul weapons are a bit meh (for melee characters) so I skipped the mausoleums but after 160hrs I thought it might be time to NG+. I'm one of those people that moaned about STR being a bit shit in this game and I stand by that, but since Mrs Death Stranding letes you respec so easily (it's honestly a good system, I expected to get a pile of runes but instead it shows your original build and then lets you ratched up the stats until it matches your current level) so I respecced into a RoB/Uchigatana dex/arc bleed build, did it the meme way and beat the Elden Beast.

The ending honestly felt like a damp squib. It's not like previous games had grand fireworks for the endings, but in this instance the endings weren't about what the player but what we did for characters in the game which which clashes quite harshly with From's quest system and story telling: I'm not really invested enough in any of them to care who takes the throne. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but "this guy you accidentally helped now is special!" wasn't it.
>> No. 25609 Anonymous
2nd April 2022
Saturday 3:25 pm
25609 spacer

This is part of why I think the criticism of the questlines in this game is totally fair.

Fromsoft simps defend it as being obscure and therefore rewarding, but the fact is there's just really no meat on the bones here. Even the most involved of the questlines has maybe a dozen or so lines of dialogue. You're never making "decisions" on who to help and who to ignore, you don't have any attachment or investment in any of them, hell I wouldn't even know their names if I hadn't looked them all up on the wiki later. It was just "that guy with the hat", "that chick from the castle".

There may as well have been an ending for prawn guy or turtle pope.
>> No. 25610 Anonymous
4th April 2022
Monday 5:00 am
25610 spacer
Prawn guy as an anti poop knight ending would've been neat. Not a nice person, but one you might meet down the pub.
>> No. 25623 Anonymous
7th April 2022
Thursday 10:52 pm
25623 spacer
I dipped my hand into online play after learning that you can't get invaded unless you use that item or play co-op with another player. I can see blood stains, read messages, yet still play in peace that no Giant Dad equivalent is going to invade, hile the window to invade before boss fights is tiny. Two steps forward, one step back. I can play online and request help, but I don't have to play hollow while playing just to avoid unwanted PvP.

That's such a marked changed that I now (on my second play through) enable online play by default, I don't worry about invasions but for areas or bosses I need help (trying a caster magic build) I can take advantage of the feature.

>> No. 24177 Anonymous
25th August 2020
Tuesday 9:58 am
24177 new graphics card
I'm in the market for a new graphics card - I believe that the RTX 2060 family is the one to go for, but would appreciate any advice/experience - there seem to be millions of versions, all with pretty small variations. Pictured is the ASUS one I am thinking of.

Don't want to spend much more than 500 quid.

What would you buy in this price range?
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>> No. 25484 Anonymous
24th February 2022
Thursday 3:26 pm
25484 spacer

Yeah you probably won't see too much benefit from SLI with today's games, but older ones when it was still "a thing" do. That said a 970 is about on par with a 1060, which is still the most popular graphics card by a long margin, so there's basically nothing on the current market it won't run.
>> No. 25485 Anonymous
24th February 2022
Thursday 4:02 pm
25485 spacer
Cheers. Gaming laptop here I come! I've got an
ASUS ROG XG Station 2 also off eBay for under a hundred quid for this.
>> No. 25495 Anonymous
28th February 2022
Monday 7:37 pm
25495 spacer
On that note card model numbers are so misleading. I want to play a game with a minimum requirement of a 1050, and I think oof my 970 is just under, so maybe it won't run very well. When of course a 970 is in reality miles better than a 1050.
>> No. 25496 Anonymous
28th February 2022
Monday 7:57 pm
25496 spacer

As a rule of thumb, everything moves up a tier in each generation - a 970, 1060 and 1650 are roughly equivalent in performance.
>> No. 25497 Anonymous
28th February 2022
Monday 8:02 pm
25497 spacer
I don't think I've even heard of the 16 series before!

>> No. 22298 Anonymous
24th March 2018
Saturday 9:07 pm
22298 spacer
I know I'm a bit late to the party but I'm considering getting either a PS4 or an Xbox One. I'm assuming these days there's little difference between the two other than having the odd exclusive title. I've seen a few Xbox One bundles in the region of £150 - £200 so I'll probably go for one of them as they're cheaper than what I've seen for the PS4.

Have I left it too late, as in are the next generation of consoles expected any day now? Also, which games do you lads recommend? I'm a bit out of the loop with gaming.
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>> No. 25436 Anonymous
1st February 2022
Tuesday 8:41 am
25436 spacer
>Japanese technology giant Sony says it will buy video game developer Bungie in a deal worth $3.6bn (£2.7bn). The US-based company is best known for the Destiny and Halo gaming franchises.

>Sony says the deal will give it control of Bungie's franchises and access to its live gaming services, as it aims to "reach billions of players".

>> No. 25437 Anonymous
1st February 2022
Tuesday 3:20 pm
25437 spacer
Franchises, plural?
>> No. 25438 Anonymous
1st February 2022
Tuesday 4:32 pm
25438 spacer
Marathon's back, baby!
>> No. 25441 Anonymous
1st February 2022
Tuesday 7:45 pm
25441 spacer
Destiny is maybe the most boring shooter on the market. There are nuggets of brilliance in the enemy backgrounds, but the gameplay is tedious. I beat 2's campaign at launch, and I can't remember any set pieces, any story beats, anything of note. It's the gaming equivalent of muzak. It exists, nothing more. Does not begin to touch the greatness of Halo. I doubt Microsoft are quaking in their boots knowing Sony have Bungie.
>> No. 25442 Anonymous
1st February 2022
Tuesday 9:19 pm
25442 spacer

Destiny 2 got even worse once they made it free to play, I jumped in and played for a while because it was free but without going into an engaging campaign it just turned into a mildly distracting shoot-n-loot with no stakes or interesting story to hook you.
Clearly there was a plot to begin with but you sort of had to dig around the main hub to find the missions, and then they were disjointed and not that interesting anyway. I much prefer indie FPS games lately, and Doom, but Doom is a whole beast unto itself now.

>> No. 25420 Anonymous
29th January 2022
Saturday 3:05 pm
25420 Star Trek computer games
I know we have a few Trekkies on .gs, and I'm wondering whether any of the Star Trek affiliated games are worth a play? It seems there's been quite a few: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Star_Trek_games#Computer

A bit of escapism pretending to be a crew member or commander on the Enterprise D sounds nice, about now.
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>> No. 25422 Anonymous
29th January 2022
Saturday 3:57 pm
25422 spacer
Star Trek: 25th Anniversary is the best of the bunch if you like the original series or at least don't mind point and click, it does an excellent job of being a game set over a series of Star Trek episodes with all the crew chemistry at work. It's sequel Judgement Rights is equally good if not better. I'm not sure if it's worth buying a legitimate copy but remember to have the manual as it's unique DRM involves star charts.

Armada I and II are good if you like RTS and would prefer a combat game. There's still an active modding community using total conversion mods (Fleet Operations if you like being curbed stomped) - Star Trek Armada III which is a total conversion of Sins of a Solar Empire is also well worth playing.

Elite Force I and II are okay if you want a FPS but pew-pew isn't really Trek.

To be honest only 25th Anniversary is worth classifying as a good Star Trek game. I'm not sure if there's anything that really captures the comfort of being a crewman on the Enterprise D.
>> No. 25423 Anonymous
29th January 2022
Saturday 4:18 pm
25423 spacer
I had a lot of fun playing Bridge Commander back in the day, but then again, I was eleven, so I don't know how well it actually played, if you could even run it today.

As already said, the Armadas are actually really nice RTS games.

I think the giant long list of Trek games says all it needs to say though - just a load of shite pumped out to make money.
>> No. 25426 Anonymous
30th January 2022
Sunday 12:49 am
25426 spacer
My dream game is basically being a Federation captain and helping people around the galaxy, managing my crew. Mass Effect but everything's a bit nicer, basically.
>> No. 25439 Anonymous
1st February 2022
Tuesday 5:39 pm
25439 spacer

>I'm not sure if there's anything that really captures the comfort of being a crewman on the Enterprise D.

What a missed trick. I think this is the core appeal of the show, at least of TNG and onward. As >>25426 says, Mass Effect came somewhat close to capturing a nice crew dynamic and a bit of adventure/exploration, but was far from utopian and enlightened. I sure as fuck wouldn't want to live in the Mass Effect universe.

>> No. 22746 Anonymous
13th March 2019
Wednesday 12:39 pm
22746 ALL of the Halos are coming to PC

I'm genuinely chuffed about this. Playing Reach WITHOUT the awful frame drops and ugly motion blur is going to be heaven.

Unless they pack the release with micro transactions and I have to go on the kind of spree they don't give people medals for.
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>> No. 25319 Anonymous
21st November 2021
Sunday 6:18 pm
25319 spacer
Halo 4 is a weird beast. They got to work on the least important parts of making a good game by embellishing extra detail on models while also making it run at 60 fps. This wasn't just because Bungie were stuck on 360 while 343 got to play with the One. Halo 4 was a technical showpiece on the 360 and having it run up-ressed on a One was a sight to behold.

Where they faltered however was in level design, new enemies and weapons that didn't improve anything and a story which assumed that you'd read all the extended universe books. Halo 5 did improve things but it has been baby steps.

All that aside the concensus is that they knocked it out of the park for Infinite so I'll be checking that out when the story mode is released.
>> No. 25320 Anonymous
24th November 2021
Wednesday 6:10 pm
25320 spacer
>a story which assumed that you'd read all the extended universe books
Just finished 4, and this point resonated with me. Felt very sloppy narratively, though the action was good. Some of the new weapons like the light rifle and suppressor were satisfying to use, but the boltshot was perhaps the worst weapon in all of Halo. New enemies looked neat, at this stage I'm sick of fighting Covenant so it was a very welcome addition. Not as good as ODST or Reach, but better than the rest (but is that unfair, to judge to the same standard games from many years before Halo 4?). I can finally uninstall MCC off my Xbox and free up 140 GB.
>> No. 25321 Anonymous
25th November 2021
Thursday 1:10 pm
25321 spacer

I have to say, I'm loving Halo Infinite. I can't play it for too long because these days I get a bit frustrated at how poor I am at FPS, but it has this stripped back simplicity that is really appealing in an age of bloated, cluttered game environments. My only gripe is performance is not exactly where I'd expect given my PC, but it's not awful.
>> No. 25324 Anonymous
28th November 2021
Sunday 9:58 am
25324 spacer
5 was a mixed bag. Great gameplay, not so great story. Actually that's unfair, the story was interesting, but the ending felt rushed and unsatisfying. Like there should have been an extra 30% length to see it through to a good conclusion. We'll see if Infinite finishes this fight.
>> No. 25354 Anonymous
10th December 2021
Friday 10:35 pm
25354 spacer
Played a couple of hours of Infinite's campaign. Actual fighting is good, the hookshot thing lets you zip around and it's very fun. The open world I'm unsure about. Very much the Ubisoft radio towers sort of thing, clear out an outpost to reveal side missions and collectibles in that area. It's not terrible, but it's not interesting to explore. I'd rather have an extra 5 or so, tightly designed, linear levels; rather than hunting down audiologs in a generic grassy landscape with the odd enemy ambush.

download (19).jpg
>> No. 25060 Anonymous
7th August 2021
Saturday 2:35 pm
25060 spacer
I'm thinking of playing a bit of Morrowind but own only a fairly low-end laptop (Lenovo Ideapad 320). There seems to be an endless combinations of mods and launchers available. How would I get the absolute bare bones of the game installed and running as fast as possible on limited hardware?

I don't care if it ends up looking like shite, I just want to design characters and a bit of open world escapism.
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>> No. 25075 Anonymous
8th August 2021
Sunday 3:05 pm
25075 spacer
I recently started playing with an HP Stream 11 which is probably about the closest thing on the market to an eeePC. It has the worst screen of any computer I've ever used but the performance is better than I'd expected. It's not blazing fast or anything, but it's perfectly adequate for writing things up, browsing with a small number of tabs open, that sort of thing. More interestingly I've had no trouble emulating everything up to the PS1, and even PPSSPP has been playable (Albeit with frameskipping on and at the PSP's native 480 × 272 resolution.) Having expected it to choke just running Windows 10 alone, I have to say I'm impressed. (Perhaps it's because they've finally started putting 4GB of RAM in low end machines. It's wild that until recently they had the cheek to sell them with 2.)

Funnily enough I've also been playing Morrowind on it. It heats up a bit even with a lowish draw distance and the nice water effects turned off, but it seems to be perfectly playable.
>> No. 25076 Anonymous
8th August 2021
Sunday 5:46 pm
25076 spacer
I'm happy my pointless thread was diverted into a more productive conversation. Just chiming in to say that >>25061 was right and Morrowind runs absolutely fine. Also it's still a brilliant game.
>> No. 25077 Anonymous
8th August 2021
Sunday 10:52 pm
25077 spacer

Well, I just accidentally won a GPD pocket 2 on eBay. They seemed to be going for about £400-500 on there, so I put a cheeky £280 bid on one with a couple of hours left to go, (with 44 bids!) and turns out that was enough somehow. So either I've bought a fucked one without reading the description properly, or I'm a keen bargain hunter. I'll let you know if it turns out to be anything more than a novelty.
>> No. 25078 Anonymous
8th August 2021
Sunday 11:25 pm
25078 spacer
Please do share - whatever the outcome - thats about the kind of money I would pay for one, cute though they are.
>> No. 25079 Anonymous
8th August 2021
Sunday 11:37 pm
25079 spacer

We use a couple of ancient (or at least they feel ancient) web apps at work that really don't play well with tablets and phones, it might, in fairly specific situations, make my life slightly easier.

I will have to have some awkward conversations with IT but I might even be able to use it as a go-anywhere terminal for our Proper Systems.

>> No. 24832 Anonymous
15th March 2021
Monday 4:09 pm
24832 Games set in the UK
I've been playing Forza Horizon 4, set in the Lake District and Scotland; and Assassin's Creed Valhalla, set in medieval England. I think it's the only time I've played a game where I can go to Leicester (albeit 9th century Leicester), and I liked the novelty of it. Any other games set in the UK? Obviously there's been a fair few in London (Watchdogs Legion, The Getaway, GTA London, Assassin's Creed Syndicate), but any that rep the rest of the British isles?
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>> No. 24959 Anonymous
17th June 2021
Thursday 5:29 pm
24959 spacer
I was enjoying the first few seconds of this until APPLES AN' PEARS opened his fucking mouth. You can pinpoint the exact moment you can tell the design wasn't lead by British people. I know the games in the series do play up regional stereotypes somewhat, but come on.

>> No. 24960 Anonymous
17th June 2021
Thursday 5:47 pm
24960 spacer

Just look at the comments excited that they might get to hear some old stereotypes repeated again. Fucking septics.
>> No. 24961 Anonymous
17th June 2021
Thursday 5:51 pm
24961 spacer
Christ, that is literally the voice I do to take the piss out how every English bloke talks in video games. It's like we're all from a small village called Jason-upon-Statham to these people. I'll give them this, I'm as interested in their mod as I was in Fallout 4. Can't be any worse than the last DLC sized Fallout mod I heard about, well, I hope not anyway.
>> No. 24962 Anonymous
17th June 2021
Thursday 5:59 pm
24962 spacer

It's not even that it's a stereotype, just that they're still repeating jokes from ten year old greentexts.
>> No. 24963 Anonymous
17th June 2021
Thursday 6:50 pm
24963 spacer
I was almost entertained by the concept of the underground as a central point to gameplay. Remove fast travel and have the creaking transportation infrastructure be what the local gangs fight over. Shame.

>> No. 24777 Anonymous
29th January 2021
Friday 7:22 pm
24777 Overdosing on nostalgia
I recently found out that archive.com, besides being generally amazing, has exhaustive collections of content. This includes files for pretty much every videogame ever released, up to Wii/PS3 era and some beyond.

https://archive.org/details/no-intro_romsets - This contains complete romsets for every cartridge or floppy based console out there, from Atari 2600 to N64.

https://archive.org/details/@atrac17 - Here's everything CD based from Sega, and some Sony.

Obviously these things are being updated, but the missing content is limited to stuff like 'Flemish Beta release'. If that sounds appealing to you, then we share an illness. There are also curated collections out there (eg Champions collection) if you don't want to sift through all that toss.

I found out that emulation has evolved a bit since my day, and now you have the option of consolidating emulators within a frontend, like Retroarch - https://www.retroarch.com/index.php

There are a bevy of handheld or plugin consoles that can emulate some fairly modern systems. There's also Retropie and stuff like that, so you can basically create your own emulation platforms. It's mental what's gone on since I last looked in.

On the obsessive side, there are numerous groups (ReDump, No Intro, 1G1R, TOSEC) who create their own 'dat' files, which contain all expected files and can be used to verify a checksum to validate the rom file. There's rom management software, like the picture attached - I've recently found that it's easy to create your own dat files using clrmamepro (rom management focused on MAME, the arcade emulator), so I'm now sorting my collections into a few groups so I can host the core ones on an ftp for when my HDD inevitably dies.

Finally, if you duckduckgo (no wonder they aren't taking off, how the fuck do you shorthand that?) 'games over girls' you'll find a slightly disturbing set of photos of women dressed up as game characters and feigning unconsciousness in awkward poses.
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>> No. 24779 Anonymous
29th January 2021
Friday 10:19 pm
24779 spacer


I feel like I have to.
>> No. 24780 Anonymous
29th January 2021
Friday 10:33 pm
24780 spacer
I've got a folder that I have transferred off an old USB stick onto any fresh computer build/installation I've made over the last fifteen years or so. It contains portable copies of Doom and Quake with a shitload of wads, and emulators with a full set of roms for every 8 and 16 bit console. Can't have a computer without the basics.
>> No. 24782 Anonymous
30th January 2021
Saturday 12:24 am
24782 spacer
WinAmp was a Matryoshka doll of constrained creativity. You highlighted skins, but there were several visualisation plugins which had their own plugin or configuration language (I didn't learn about cartesian v.s. polar coordinates this way, but I first understood how the latter work way back).

I wonder some times if its rose tinted memories (the demo scene is obviously alive and well), but even the ways you get started with modern technology feel like a hand-holding exercise. The step towards "learn to code" is so much easier, but the step towards "actually learn to code" is harder.
>> No. 24864 Anonymous
1st April 2021
Thursday 10:18 pm
24864 spacer
The second link doesn't work.
>> No. 24865 Anonymous
2nd April 2021
Friday 12:10 am
24865 spacer
Think they must have changed their account name. Weird that it works like that.

>> No. 24812 Anonymous
20th February 2021
Saturday 5:58 pm
24812 Headphones
Just a little question - are there any reasonably priced adapters that can add bluetooth/wireless functionality to headphones? I.e. a setup that would be something like a USB dongle in my PC and a rechargeable receiver you plug the headphone jack from the headphones into. Had a look on ebay, and most of the items are rather vaguely described or don't do as I want.

I could just get a set of wireless headphones or an m-f extender cable, but I quite like the headphones I have, so don't see a need for pointless waste, and would generally benefit from being able to use my headphones while hoovering etc.

Do any of you have experience with the sort of adapter I'm after? If so, any recommendations?
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>> No. 24813 Anonymous
20th February 2021
Saturday 6:05 pm
24813 spacer
I have a AUKEY Bluetooth 5 Receiver


for the car. That allows me to stream bluetooth content from my phone to my car stereo. It has a battery although I just leave it powered from a USB slot in the car.

I don't think it's particularly heavy but slighty bulky. If your headphones have a headband, then you could perhaps attach it somehow although it would be a bit janky and look mental. Else that could go in the pocket and cable up to the headphones.
>> No. 24814 Anonymous
20th February 2021
Saturday 6:23 pm
24814 spacer
Yeah you could probably just get a cheap car stereo bluetooth dongle off eBay, then use a female/female coupler to hook your headphones up to it.
>> No. 24815 Anonymous
20th February 2021
Saturday 6:25 pm
24815 spacer
Cheers fella. Reviews seem to be fairly good, and the unit looks to be of better quality than most of the shite I saw on ebay. Will definitely be factoring this into purchases in the near future.

Listings for the unit you linked on ebay are all just above the £15 mark, which seems to imply that some cheeky bastards are effectively letting you piggyback off their Prime accounts to get delivery. Last two things I ordered off ebay came in Amazon packaging with a gift note and no invoice. Cheeky cunts.
>> No. 24816 Anonymous
20th February 2021
Saturday 10:13 pm
24816 spacer

>Last two things I ordered off ebay came in Amazon packaging with a gift note and no invoice. Cheeky cunts.

I had that happen recently, I really felt like I'd been had, even though I was only paying about £1 more than if I'd bothered to check amazon first and order it there myself. I'm obviously turning into a grumpy old man though, because I reported them to eBay, as it's against their rules. I can't imagine anything will come of it but it still felt like mild revenge.
>> No. 24817 Anonymous
21st February 2021
Sunday 12:03 am
24817 spacer
Disgusting. You, I mean.

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