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>> No. 18262 Anonymous ## Mod ##
5th March 2014
Wednesday 8:27 pm
18262 Please check the old pages for similar threads Locked Stickied
before creating a new one.
Failure to do so may result in angry shouting.

>> No. 23560 Anonymous
16th November 2016
Wednesday 6:49 pm
23560 Minor angst and existential dread, Mk. I
We tend to have a lot of repeated threads here, but I also get the feeling people don't tend to post in /emo/ unless it's a big issue.

With this in mind I suggest that we have a thread for stuff that's got you down a bit and you need to get off your chest, without it being major enough to make an entire thread devoted to it. We can also use it as a go-to for minor relationship advice, work problems, social drama, and things like that.

Everyone gets down from time to time, let's put some Sisters of Mercy on and wallow together for a while.
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>> No. 25160 Anonymous
21st July 2017
Friday 3:41 pm
25160 spacer

That analysis is pretty spot on and I dont like it.
>> No. 25161 Anonymous
21st July 2017
Friday 7:27 pm
25161 spacer
Been on OKC for many years but I'm an ugly, slightly overweight (but not obese) autist with crippling social anxiety and hence completely unable to get a conversation going with anyone. I barely ever get replies. I hoped it would take the biggest hurdle for me out of the whole dating thing, which is telling if someone is interested in you, but all it seems to have done is confirm that no-one is actually interested.

Sage for the wrong thread to be saying this in.
>> No. 25162 Anonymous
21st July 2017
Friday 7:45 pm
25162 spacer
Plenty of Fish is full of single mothers looking for a meal ticket. If you can tolerate that sort of thing then you could end up, like the bloke on Naked Attraction last night, punching well above your weight.

It's also why the place is rife with paedos.
>> No. 25163 Anonymous
21st July 2017
Friday 8:28 pm
25163 spacer

Gold diggers and carpet-baggers? Sounds like Thailand.
>> No. 25164 Anonymous
21st July 2017
Friday 11:39 pm
25164 spacer

Screenshot 2017-07-21 at 23.36.34.png

It's very much like that, except instead of jetting off to a tropical paradise, you're getting a Megabus to Grimsby.

>> No. 25137 Anonymous
13th July 2017
Thursday 7:39 pm
25137 Midlife crisis
Everyone is different so I don't expect any clear answers, but just wanted to get some experience based advice as to how to deal with my ongoing midlife crisis.

I've not done any of the cliche stuff like buying a sports car or dressing like a teen, but I have found myself acting teen laddish in relation to sexual behaviour and drugs. The latter is a total non-starter at work and could undo nearly two decades of hard work in a field which is very very small and closed. As its a physical thing I think I've knocked it on the head and feel confident about it as I've previously been a heavy drinker, due to work, and now barely touch a drop.

What I'm more worried about is the sexual stuff. None of it is illegal, but I'm finding myself more and more emotionally uneasy about what I seem to be getting into. To some extent this unease and discomfort is part of the attraction.
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>> No. 25141 Anonymous
14th July 2017
Friday 1:59 pm
25141 spacer
If you're just talking about shagging girls half your age, then I wouldn't worry about it. They're into it too.

I don't think I'm having a midlife crisis as such, more that I didn't have any money until my late twenties, and now that I do I'm making up for all the shit I couldn't do earlier on, sports cars included.
>> No. 25142 Anonymous
14th July 2017
Friday 11:03 pm
25142 spacer
You'll have to tell us a little bit more then.
>> No. 25143 Anonymous
14th July 2017
Friday 11:14 pm
25143 spacer

That's unsettling.
>> No. 25145 Anonymous
15th July 2017
Saturday 3:15 am
25145 spacer
Dead girls can't say no, right lads?
>> No. 25146 Anonymous
15th July 2017
Saturday 5:26 am
25146 spacer

Technically I don't think what Ed Kemper did to his mother's head was technically sexual assault, no.

>> No. 25093 Anonymous
8th July 2017
Saturday 10:47 pm
25093 010 something nice thread
We have the whinging thread in 101 and the minor angst thread here, how about a thread for small things that have happened we're happy about?
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>> No. 25129 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 5:56 pm
25129 spacer
Thanks mate, I was actually thinking of doing something of the sort. There a running club for begginers in my area, sounds like the social aspect has helped your mate quite a bit. Will give it a bash for sure.

What a blessing lad, always nice when things like that take you by suprise, like finding a tenner in an old pair of jeans.

Darknet mate, I used to deal a little and buy from chavvy blokes. Getting mugged for the second time in my life led me to quit the whole thing. Lost all my "friends" in the process, for the most part drug addicts that I tolerated because I knew nobody else. Still got some savings in Bitcoin, I slowly spend it month by month on weed and the occasional ten strip of acid. Although it's been a while since I've taken any.
>> No. 25130 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 9:07 pm
25130 spacer
What's the logic behind that?
>> No. 25134 Anonymous
12th July 2017
Wednesday 6:37 pm
25134 spacer
After years of effort my internet business is finally taking off, enough to net me £700 last month, Don't have much else going for me, that there that!
>> No. 25135 Anonymous
12th July 2017
Wednesday 8:15 pm
25135 spacer
How are you doing it? Well done lad.
>> No. 25136 Anonymous
12th July 2017
Wednesday 8:27 pm
25136 spacer

If you haven't read Patrick McKenzie's blog, drop everything and read through his archives. The man is a genius when it comes to growing small online businesses.

>> No. 25127 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 3:52 pm
25127 spacer
Someone just posted in /emo/ about struggling to help their friends, but deleted the post before I had a chance to reply. I'm posting this reply anyway.

The first rule of crisis management is that you have to look after yourself before you can look after anyone else. In an aircraft safety briefing, they always tell you to put on your own oxygen mask before helping others. Soldiers are trained to establish a secure perimeter before assisting a wounded colleague. Firefighters are trained to plan their exit before entering a burning building. Divers are trained to never share their gas bottle with a stricken buddy unless they're sure that there's enough gas for two.

I think that the last example is particularly pertinent. Your natural instinct is to get stuck in and help someone in distress, but this instinct kills divers on a regular basis. Divers in distress do absolutely crazy things. They flail about and hyperventilate, wasting their precious gas supply. They kick, fight and struggle with their rescuers, often pulling off their mask or regulator. They lose control of their buoyancy, dragging a rescuer down to the depths. Even in calm and shallow water, a panicked diver can easily kill an unwary rescuer.

If you don't keep some amount of distance and prioritise your own wellbeing, there's a good chance that they'll drag you down with them. Nobody wants to feel like they're letting someone down, but you can't allow a distressed person to control the situation. If you become completely entangled in the situation, then you're in no position to provide assistance, you're just a secondary victim. You have to be prepared to take a step back, you have to be willing to say "this is beyond my abilities, you need professional help". If it comes to it, you need to phone an ambulance and let them deal with it.
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>> No. 25131 Anonymous
12th July 2017
Wednesday 10:23 am
25131 spacer
Thanks, lad. It was me that posted the thread. I appreciated the response I got but a little part of me felt like I was burdening others by posting about it here so I deleted it. Daft, I know.

Your follow-up is poignant and definitely something I'll try to put into action in future.
>> No. 25132 Anonymous
12th July 2017
Wednesday 11:11 am
25132 spacer

I feel like the moment people feel like they are burdening people by posting in emo about their problems it ceases to serve its point.
>> No. 25133 Anonymous
12th July 2017
Wednesday 6:15 pm
25133 spacer

>> No. 24845 Anonymous
27th April 2017
Thursday 5:32 pm
24845 spacer
My life has gone downhill ever since I met a Brazilian Ju Jitsu fighter at Westfield and saw him selling copies of big tissue. It's strange but the way I remember it was that I was set for everything but at December in 2011, things became worse. Nothing mattered and I couldn't eat much as well as wondering whether the nootropics I was taking would actually end up in me being hospitalised. It becomes extraordinarily strange when I realise a lot of it was recorded on this here website, on the IRC itself. I want to understand exactly what was happening in 2012. There's some more things that happened which include kidnapping, torture and brainwashing (as well as strong secret service intimidation) but I wanted to find out exactly why my life became strange.

I remember absolutely everything as well as absolutley nothing. If you get my gist.
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>> No. 25113 Anonymous
9th July 2017
Sunday 11:27 pm
25113 spacer
Why isn't it too wise? I shared my story and I get that? Is your entitled sense of victimhood somehow more piquant in its sheer horror?

>I literally think there are people on here that made millions of pounds out of this
I had a friend who died in his early sixties a few years ago - an artist and musician who received press obituaries still to be found online. He'd lived through all sorts of scenes in his life, mods and rockers, psychedelic revolution, punk, acid house, the birth of the internet. In the early seventies he spent a stint in a madhouse and while there he had a kind of vision that the mainstream people who are successful in life - he used the examples of Cliff Richard and the cast and makers of Coronation Street - were somehow psychically vampirising the people who feel ill and left out at the bottom, like he was in the mental ward back then. He was one of the sanest men I've ever met but kept coming back to that realisation/revelation. So, while your posts may not make 100% sense, that part struck a chord. And it feels like there is some almost unpeakable truth there, something about prisons and gulags being the engine-rooms of civilisation.

I am trying to be reasonable and helpful here and if you start off with the 'how twisted you people are' in return this approach will stop.
>> No. 25114 Anonymous
9th July 2017
Sunday 11:29 pm
25114 spacer

>one of the sanest men I've ever met

>spent a stint in a madhouse
>> No. 25115 Anonymous
9th July 2017
Sunday 11:51 pm
25115 spacer
To be fair, >>25113 sounds mental too.
>> No. 25116 Anonymous
10th July 2017
Monday 12:05 am
25116 spacer
I am, what's it to you? I am trying to help OP.

More life experience needed.
>> No. 25118 Anonymous
10th July 2017
Monday 1:11 pm
25118 spacer
Don't go mental on me now mate. We are all friends here.

>> No. 25038 Anonymous
2nd July 2017
Sunday 4:41 pm
25038 Love in middle age.
Is it possible to fall in love after 40? Obviously it is, but I mean the insane obsessive type of love we experience as teenlads.

I will post my backstory/reason for the above question later.
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>> No. 25049 Anonymous
2nd July 2017
Sunday 11:55 pm
25049 spacer
That obsessive teenage love was horrible and I'm glad to have put it behind me. It's just really fucking stressful to be infatuated with someone. I like the cosiness of a middle-aged relationship. I like the lack of pretensions. I like a woman who is too busy to be coy. I like dinner in a gastropub followed by a Scandinavian crime drama and half an hour of medium-effort sex. I don't get that giddy feeling that this person is the most perfect person in the world, but I don't get the all-consuming despair when it's over.

Being a grown-up is massively underrated. Embracing the fact that you're older and wiser is really liberating. I have a confidence and an honesty that I didn't have in my twenties, which makes life so much simpler.
>> No. 25060 Anonymous
3rd July 2017
Monday 6:21 am
25060 spacer
Not unless you've somehow reached your 40s being exactly as hideously insecure, uncertain and inexperienced as you were as a teenager. Which is a pretty sad state to be in past 40, if you think about it.

What you can have, and I have seen firsthand, is people who have lost their first loves to cancer after an 18 year marriage find that they can, after time, grow into another heart. Another more recent, but by no means lesser, heart than the one they had for their late spouses. It doesn't diminish their old heart, or even remove it - but the two can exist, and a widower can find that they can experience all the richness and joy that comes out of sharing life with another human being even after the person that they thought would be there forever is unfortunately now gone. There's always room for more love in a life.
>> No. 25065 Anonymous
3rd July 2017
Monday 1:50 pm
25065 spacer
>>I like dinner in a gastropub followed by a Scandinavian crime drama and half an hour of medium-effort sex.

This is basically why I visit this site more than anything else online.
>> No. 25066 Anonymous
3rd July 2017
Monday 2:38 pm
25066 spacer

>past your prime

I'm running out of time to have a "prime".
>> No. 25072 Anonymous
3rd July 2017
Monday 7:44 pm
25072 spacer
I don't see why not, I got that burst of intensity in my 30s. The older Ive gotten the shorter the burst of intensity I've found.

I think that love is born out of anxiety and unfulfilled desires, when you are older you are able to actualize your ambitions better so there is less unfulfilled desires fueling these things, obstacles are easily overcome. And you will be desensitized to all of the 'first time' driving factors of that anxiety. when you can just invite them round to your place and bang whenever you want.

I personally adore that new love felling it's the best drug I've ever found whilst it lasts.

>> No. 25048 Anonymous
2nd July 2017
Sunday 11:40 pm
25048 Fuck Alcohol
This came out a lot longer than expected.

I finished Secondary school a few weeks ago and I gained phone numbers from some "friends" (people I talk to at lunch). In general I have never really had any solid friends so every year or two I drift between groups- also I have very little experience socialising with girls. In /r9k/ terms, I’m a cyborg, I suppose. We celebrated leavers and this was my first time ever socialising properly outside of school, including drinking with other people. It went ok besides me making a fool of myself by drunkenly proposing to random girls but overall it was good.

During exam week one friend ("John") invited me to a get together for his birthday in which we would go to a club after. I agreed and met some familiar faces and new ones including girls (all friends of John). One of the girls is quite attractive and ginger which is a huge turn on for me. In the club, I ask John’s GF what her name is and she says it’s “Mary” and asks if I would like for her to pair me up with her. I dance with “Mary” on the dancefloor but she is quite shy. I also get the impression that she is a social “outsider” so to speak as John’s GF says that she has only made a normal personbook account in the past few months and she is very introverted. The night ends very well and two weeks later we celebrate exams ending be essentially repeating what we did on John’s birthday (Meet at John’s House --> Go to club).

One thing is different this time though, I have to full intention to get very drunk as the stress of exams was paramount and I've never been fully drunk before. I drink a lot at John's house and am already quite drunk at this point... we get into the club. In the club we see a lot of people in our year at school and when I see an old "friend" I jump into his arms (note: that we are both quite drunk) and we both fall over. A bouncer comes over and tells us to leave (he may have presumed we were fighting) so we immediately got up and sat down and pretended like nothing happened. The night goes on and I get progressively drunk with all the drunken symptoms – spilling drink everywhere etc. Also during the night I am talking to Mary and John’s GF about Mary and I begin to really like her. Anyway, I and John are up on the dancefloor dancing and then a very attractive (8-9/10) ginger girl starts to dance with me and then we immediately start kissing. This is the second ever girl I have kissed and the first time I have kissed in 4-5 years. I see John give a humorous look at me and walks away – then the passion between me and the ginger girl increases with me literally holding her my her thighs in the air, kissing and fingering her through her shorts (this was very discrete and I don’t believe anyone saw the fingering) – this is the first time I have ever felt a girl like that. Then John’s GF comes up to me and says “You’re fuarrrked.” I didn’t know how to interpret this, so I said “Why?” Then she said, “You’re drunk as fuarrrk” and left. I carry on dancing in panic, regret and confusion. I’m still not sure if she meant ‘You’re fuarrrked’ as in “Your wasted and making a dick out of yourself” or “You’re fuarrrked for kissing her and saying you like Mary”. Anyway I walk off the dancefloor and find everyone sitting down and join them. I plan to exaggerate my drunkenness (to use as a defence later if questioned about kissing a randomer) by holding my head in my hand and rocking back and forth. We all get up and sit on the sofa with John and Mary sleeping and the rest of us all drunk as fuarrrk. At this point Brandon and Mary wake up and some of us go back and forth to the bathroom and the outside area for varying amounts of time. We all decide that we should all head out to McDonald’s and get picked up.

As we are all walking out of the club John and his GF tell us to walk on while they talk in private. At the time we all presumed this was so that they could kiss alone or something. We walk on for a bit and I bond with Mary and the others but after a while I and a friend walk back up to see if John and his GF are okay. We see them sitting cross-legged on the pavement talking and they see us and tell us to go away. Upon reflection it may be possible that John’s GF was discussing what had happened with me at the club, although this I am not sure of. Later, John and his GF join us again in the group and as we begin to walk to McDonald’s again they walk far ahead in front of us. Eventually I get picked up by a relative mid-journey and quickly say good-bye to who I was walking with.

Once I wake up the next morning, I am soykafting myself thinking that I have fuarrrked my chances in pulling Mary. I txt John and I talk to him about “maybe kissing some randomer yesterday”. He jokes about it and I express my regret about doing it because I like Mary and he is really cool about it saying that it was just in the heat of the moment. I txt for a bit more then he said he’ll txt me again if there are plans to go out again which he said would probably be soon since it is summer and there is no school. Throughout the week I briefly txt John and Mary about random funny stuff but the weekend passes and I got no word from John about going out.

Essentially I am worried that I made too much of a dick of myself that the only social group that I have made outside of school want nothing to do with me anymore. Only paranoia and worrying is left until the next weekend in which I will probably txt John to see what’s up.
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>> No. 25061 Anonymous
3rd July 2017
Monday 6:57 am
25061 spacer
This. Don't overanalyze it.
>> No. 25064 Anonymous
3rd July 2017
Monday 11:33 am
25064 spacer
It seems like everything worked out. You got a bit of slap and tickle on the dance-floor while at the same time knocking a potential case of oneitis on the head before it becomes an /emo/ issue.

As for the friendship problem you need to realise you are still a periphery friend (I believe the youth still call it a 'randomer') so lower your expectations. You are coming across as needy with all your texting and moping which isn't a good look. A thing by the way not helped by you doing blatantly insecure shit like pretending to be drunk and jumping into peoples arms like a massive wanker.

For next weekend drop a text on Friday asking if John fancies going for a pint. Be cool (but not too cool to stay in school) and if he doesn't reply or is busy then just accept that he has a girlfriend.

People who complain about ladder theory are worse than those who earnestly try to use it.
>> No. 25067 Anonymous
3rd July 2017
Monday 4:06 pm
25067 spacer
I doubt the lad knows what ladder theory is, he's just giving a girl a rating out of ten.
>> No. 25068 Anonymous
3rd July 2017
Monday 4:47 pm
25068 spacer

0/10 would not bang.
>> No. 25069 Anonymous
3rd July 2017
Monday 5:05 pm
25069 spacer
There is something I find wonderfully endearing about OPs post to me. I think it makes me nostalgic.

It's been a long time since I've been for a 'night out' in the overly loud pub, and the club after hoping for a snog.

Never again, the social politics of youth jar me now, and far too many terrible mornings after. But reading about it makes me reministic.

>> No. 25039 Anonymous
2nd July 2017
Sunday 7:35 pm
25039 spacer
I won't lie - I am a recluse, a loner, and anti-social. I am okay with that. I like my own company, I have my own hobbies like carving, making music, gaming, and consuming media. I am very okay with it all.

The minor issue is small talk with everyone in the fucking office every Monday about what I have been doing on the weekend, or after every leave I take. I normally answer honestly, such as "nothing" or "just relaxed." That isn't enough for cunts everywhere. The probing cunts always make me feel bad about being myself. Do I have to have friends and always get up to something every week? Is that how you lads spend your weekends? I'm very close to telling these work-bastards to leave me alone, but obviously you can't be a cunt. I'm in my twenties so all the older bastards assume that I must be like some sort of socialite like Paris Hilton.

"Oh, is that it?"

That just makes me angry and sad.
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>> No. 25055 Anonymous
3rd July 2017
Monday 12:43 am
25055 spacer
Hmm. I agree. But what if one does not want to share? How can an invitation to share the happenings in one's life be turned down politely so as not to change the professional relationship?
>> No. 25056 Anonymous
3rd July 2017
Monday 1:47 am
25056 spacer
The first two are pretty interesting hobbies if I'm honest, same with >>25046 and his hipster lifestyle. Let me assure you that the pond-life don't get up to anything more interesting than maybe a bungee jump which is pretty much just falling from a height and maybe getting your hair wet.

Change the subject "Oh nothing much really, you' know me I'm a bit of a couch potato. Did you get up to anything?" Then you feign interest by asking all sorts of questions about their tedious life so they feel special.
>> No. 25058 Anonymous
3rd July 2017
Monday 4:35 am
25058 spacer
I think it depends. Between midnight to 5am seems to be a sweet spot. The world is quiet and no one expects anything from me. I could stare at the wall for 4 hours and there would be no consequences. It's silent and calm. Who are you to judge how I find my peace?
>> No. 25063 Anonymous
3rd July 2017
Monday 11:21 am
25063 spacer

What are you trying to pull?
>> No. 25070 Anonymous
3rd July 2017
Monday 6:22 pm
25070 spacer
Better a recluse than the wankers in your office. Don't let it bother you.

>> No. 25034 Anonymous
2nd July 2017
Sunday 12:53 am
25034 spacer
What's a kind way to say 'I don't love you anymore'?

Two years relationship, she waited for me whilst I was at uni, but I don't want to stay with her just because I'm home for the summer.
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>> No. 25035 Anonymous
2nd July 2017
Sunday 1:01 am
25035 spacer
"I don't feel like I used to any more."
"It's not you, it's me."
>> No. 25036 Anonymous
2nd July 2017
Sunday 3:48 am
25036 spacer
There's no kind way to say 'I don't love you anymore'. No matter what you tell yourself, ultimately you have to 'break her heart' and allow both of yourselves to move on.

I think many a lad has waited to find that magical combination of words that permit him to leave the relationship without tears being shed, I too have been subject to that folly. I think the problem lies in feeling responsible for other people's feelings.

You don't love her any more and you owe it to the both of you to accept that, make it clear, and move on. You're not a bastard for doing so, you're just a human. She'll get over it.
>> No. 25037 Anonymous
2nd July 2017
Sunday 11:53 am
25037 spacer
>>25036 Thanks man.

>> No. 24982 Anonymous
6th June 2017
Tuesday 1:14 pm
24982 Breaking up with your significant other
Hey. My relationship of nearly 2 years has come to a head. My SO moved in with me at the beginning of the year and it's taken me this long to understand that we're not compatible. Without going into too much detail, I'd like to break it off with her.

Potential issues lie in her having moved an hour up the road for me, being emotionally immature, and having several heavy boxes and cases of absolute fucking shite in my flat.

Please help, gs.
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>> No. 24985 Anonymous
6th June 2017
Tuesday 2:17 pm
24985 spacer
You're going to have a shit few weeks, there's no getting around that. Ultimately, you've got no choice but to tell her to sling her hook. The fallout will be absolutely horrible, but it'll also be fairly brief.

"This isn't working, we're making each other miserable, I think it'd be best if you moved back in with your mum". Be compassionate, make sure that she knows you feel shit about it, but be firm. Make sure that it's a clean break with no lingering ties, otherwise this could drag on for months. Don't be cowed into changing your mind if there's crying or screaming or plate throwing, that just leads to more misery.

Good luck.
>> No. 24993 Anonymous
7th June 2017
Wednesday 10:51 am
24993 spacer

Well fuck, I don't know what I was expecting. Thanks for the solid advice, best beloved.
>> No. 25027 Anonymous
26th June 2017
Monday 12:25 am
25027 spacer
> My SO moved in with me at the beginning of the year and it's taken me this long to understand that we're not compatible.

I remember talking to a friend's dad once about one of my breakups. I told him that the few months I was together with my ex were just about enough to make us realise we were incompatible with each other. And then he looked at me and said, "Lucky sod. Took me and my ex wife twenty-seven years to figure that out".

Be glad that you have come to this realisation this soon, OP. At your stage of the relationship, it's really quite easy to just walk away from it, learn your lesson and move on.
>> No. 25028 Anonymous
26th June 2017
Monday 12:38 am
25028 spacer


>She can, technically, but is "too scared of driving" to have driven since she passed her test 5 years ago.

Tut, tut, tut. What on Earth possessed you pursue a relationship with this woman? She must be a lot of "fun", lad.
>> No. 25029 Anonymous
27th June 2017
Tuesday 2:58 pm
25029 spacer
Thanks, chaps. I banged the proverbial gavel on this a few weeks ago and it's been relatively plain sailing since. My flat's looking a lot tidier now to say the least!

>> No. 24897 Anonymous
6th May 2017
Saturday 8:26 am
24897 About to get evicted from my flat, any way to hold on longer?
Had a load of job shit, fell 2 months behind on rent, looking for places at the moment but won't get any confirmation for a week.

I've lived here 18 months. The contract lasted 12 months, my landlady 'really liked me' because I'm quiet and clean and polite, so when it ran out she let me stay without signing anything else. Despite 'all inclusive rent' I agreed to a £50pcm hike to help out with bills, helped her paint the flat, sort out a new tenant. Basically, I haven't been acting like a shit until just recently. After being asked to buy a contract and a key for the new tenant, it became clear that my landlady was incredibly unreliable. When I originally lost my job I just stopped paying rent and waited for her to notice. It was 2 months before she contacted me, she wants either £500 or £1000, I'm not quite sure, because I don't think I have to pay it (it can come out of my deposit and the ~£750 I happily paid her in extra for bills over the months), and really I have no intention of paying it unless legally bound.

Since I'm not contractually bound by anything, that's all run out and I have the only copy of the original contract, and my 'landlady' is renting this property from assisted living, so what's the deal here? Can she just kick me out as soon as she gets back in the country? Any kind of squatters rights I can invoke to get a few weeks of space? Not sure how long it'll take me to find a house, but I intend to be gone within the fortnight, and would be using the money that I've managed to gather since getting a new job to pay the deposit on that rather than pay one/two months rent.
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>> No. 24899 Anonymous
7th May 2017
Sunday 2:52 am
24899 spacer

Cheers, good to know. There isn't actually a copy of the original contract around, I think my landlady lost it, so would that affect anything?
>> No. 25019 Anonymous
14th June 2017
Wednesday 8:38 am
25019 spacer

It's illegal for her to change the locks. That doesn't mean she won't do it and if she does there is in practice very little you can do. Act with haste.
>> No. 25020 Anonymous
14th June 2017
Wednesday 10:19 am
25020 spacer
>Act with haste.
He says, in response to a month-old post.
>> No. 25021 Anonymous
14th June 2017
Wednesday 1:08 pm
25021 spacer
That's pretty quick for this site.
>> No. 25022 Anonymous
14th June 2017
Wednesday 1:10 pm
25022 spacer
But probably not quick enough for a vengeful landlord.

>> No. 25001 Anonymous
9th June 2017
Friday 3:36 pm
25001 Being a dickhead
So earlier this afternoon I intimidated some women at a train station.

Now, that sounds bad, reprehensible even, but fifteen minutes earlier they had loudly mocked a disabled person getting onto the train, and a mixture of wanting to control resent overreactions I've had to certain events and not wanting to cause embarrassment to the disabled individual made me not say anything. However, as they sat there, giggling and laughing and talking about utterly vapid bullshit my shame and rage built and built and by the time we got off at the station I was fuming, disgusted as much with myself as with them by this point. As we went through the ticket gates I slunk behind the crowd and waited for them, so what I did next was with full intent, I confess.

Beyond the gates I almost drifted in amongst them as one exclaimed "I don't even know what to do now we're here", and I let out a fairly incoherent stream of frustrated curses. From what I recall (these things always happen "so fast", don't they?) I told them "you horrible obnoxious cunts, why don't you save this town the bother and fuck off home, you cruel bitches". I'm fairly certain I threw a twat into the mix, but heaven knows where.

They looked, understandably alarmed, and they fell quiet, and as I went away to collect myself I realised I hadn't mentioned the train incident at all and they, in their uncaring way, had possibly already forgotten it. On some level, however, I was perfectly glad to leave them confused and anxious about the whole situation, not giving them a chance to defend their utterly indefensible actions.

I feel unpleasant about the whole thing, but also that I was right, which is difficult to reconcile, and probably why I'm writing this. Am I mental bastard, looking for an excuse to berate strangers, or a sweary DI Frost, doing the filthy, honest, work no one else cares to?
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>> No. 25009 Anonymous
11th June 2017
Sunday 12:09 am
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I predict that our generation is the last in history that will bemoan the youth of today. When all your youthful indiscretions are archived online for all eternity, the rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia fall off. You can see exactly how much of a tit you were as a teenager in glorious HD.
>> No. 25010 Anonymous
11th June 2017
Sunday 11:05 am
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Not really, he's complaining about young people being a bit loud. The thirty-something year old women I'm talking about were aggressively chastising a stranger ased on how they looked, and I'm 22 myself, not middle aged as people have assumed.
>> No. 25011 Anonymous
11th June 2017
Sunday 11:16 am
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You were complaining about him being mean spirited. I don't think anyone's saying you were in the wrong initially.
>> No. 25012 Anonymous
11th June 2017
Sunday 5:27 pm
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I tend to think negative of people regardless of their age. Their hypocrisy and smug self-absorbed holier than thou emotional thinking seeps through in a way that I find immediately transparent.

I don't hate all people, but I don’t think this kind of mean girls’ bullshit goes away with age. It is just you aren't exposed to it, because adults tend not to hold court with a hoard of their bitchy friends on public transport during rush hour, and as you grow older you self sellect to avoid the sections of society you despise.
>> No. 25018 Anonymous
13th June 2017
Tuesday 12:49 pm
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You weren't a dick head for getting angry at them for mocking a disabled person, but as you note, you forgot to mention it. So now they'll have filed the incident away as a funny story about that time a bloke on the train just abused us for no reason. Hey ho.

>> No. 24935 Anonymous
31st May 2017
Wednesday 2:44 pm
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Is it strange that I cannot even imagine myself in a relationship? Not that I don't want one, or that I am asexual, it's just like that part of what to me seems is an innate part of our nature is missing. I've never had a girlfriend , or done anything close in that regard.

I mean it seems to come so naturally to others, and I'm left feeling awfully left out and lonely. It isn't like I have had ample opportunity to meet women, I'm in my fourth year at university -- I just do not know how and feel like I have missed out on a lot of life experiences that 'we' are expected to have had. There is also of course the biological drive which is present and with over a decade of me not being able to fulfill that, I am left somewhat frustrated. I know that in another life I am once of the fedora tipping 'incels' on Reddit, but I know is this is entirely the fault of my own fucked head.

I feel like university is "easy" for meeting people in this context, and I feel like if I'm completely unable to do it here, I'm never going to be able to.

I've tried talking to a counsellor about it, but he was useless and cancelled the sessions.

Where do I even begin to sort myself out?
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>> No. 24986 Anonymous
6th June 2017
Tuesday 9:43 pm
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At least there is someone else on my Facebook in a similar boat to me.
>> No. 24987 Anonymous
6th June 2017
Tuesday 9:48 pm
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Why would you post this publicly?
>> No. 24988 Anonymous
6th June 2017
Tuesday 10:31 pm
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A cry for help, I suppose.
>> No. 24989 Anonymous
6th June 2017
Tuesday 11:01 pm
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please help
>> No. 24996 Anonymous
7th June 2017
Wednesday 11:24 am
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You might try some self-help books like How to make friends and influence people or the seven pillars of wotsit.
I don't know. You just need to find a way to be happy in yourself without actively looking. It sounds counter-productive but I've always found the best things have happened when I've genuinely given up hope of finding anyone and have just been getting on with improving my own lot. A combination of seeming less desperate and the watched pot not boiling.

Millenials are taking much longer to find someone and settle down, don't compare yourself to your parent's generation or the outliers around you.

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