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>> No. 24845 Anonymous
27th April 2017
Thursday 5:32 pm
24845 spacer
My life has gone downhill ever since I met a Brazilian Ju Jitsu fighter at Westfield and saw him selling copies of big tissue. It's strange but the way I remember it was that I was set for everything but at December in 2011, things became worse. Nothing mattered and I couldn't eat much as well as wondering whether the nootropics I was taking would actually end up in me being hospitalised. It becomes extraordinarily strange when I realise a lot of it was recorded on this here website, on the IRC itself. I want to understand exactly what was happening in 2012. There's some more things that happened which include kidnapping, torture and brainwashing (as well as strong secret service intimidation) but I wanted to find out exactly why my life became strange.

I remember absolutely everything as well as absolutley nothing. If you get my gist.
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>> No. 24846 Anonymous
27th April 2017
Thursday 5:50 pm
24846 spacer
Is this the hook for your novel OP. Because it makes no sense to me otherwise.
>> No. 24847 Anonymous
27th April 2017
Thursday 8:02 pm
24847 spacer
I, too, sometimes wonder where it all went wrong.

I, too, keep coming to the observation that it all seemed alight up til around the time I made the decision to become more committed, shall we say, to the use of recreational substances.

I, too, wonder if there is any significance to this seemingly coincidental convergence of circumstances.
>> No. 24975 Anonymous
4th June 2017
Sunday 11:50 am
24975 spacer

No, I don't think it's completely the fault of recreational substances. There will have been shadowy figures in government who wanted this to have happened to me. I want to know exactly who that person on /A/ was who went by the name of rex or something starting with R anyway. Being encouraged to take a bag of powdered substances purporting to be choline and piracetam may have had a strange impact on what had happened to me which would definitely fall under the purview of the secret services whilst also being instigated by them.

It involved characters on this place right here and even falsehoods which would later on be twisted into the truth, whether the twatter imagery played a role in this, I do not know.

This will sound like a tall tale but I know for certain that there were multiple plots hatched by people on this very imageboard in order to get rid of me or to send me to a place that my father is in now, sordid men on this place would find this hilarious but they should be held accountable because the state should not involve itself in the lurid games that were played on me. It's treasonous behaviour that has to be investigated to the fullest extent.

These are dangerous times we live in, if only the world had ended in 2012, we may have all been happier.
>> No. 24976 Anonymous
4th June 2017
Sunday 12:02 pm
24976 spacer

Mate, you're suffering from the early stages of paranoid schizophrenia. Seek psychiatric help immediately.
>> No. 24977 Anonymous
4th June 2017
Sunday 12:05 pm
24977 spacer
No, I'm perfectly fine, I am just asking about what was going on in this website during the years of 2011/12. Particularly in the IRC.

My mental health is more or less fine, it may not have been during that period though. Which is why it's important to find out exactly what was happening.
>> No. 24978 Anonymous
4th June 2017
Sunday 12:22 pm
24978 spacer
Where is your father? Why do you think you're so important? What are you worth?
>> No. 24980 Anonymous
4th June 2017
Sunday 7:34 pm
24980 spacer
He's been like this for years now. Seems to have settled on the one theory now so maybe that counts as some sort of stable.
>> No. 24981 Anonymous
4th June 2017
Sunday 8:12 pm
24981 spacer
Sorry, but you do sound a bit Gydey, OP. If you don't think the NHS is in on it it might be a good idea to see a doctor.
>> No. 24990 Anonymous
7th June 2017
Wednesday 12:34 am
24990 spacer
But I don't think there is one single theory on this matter. It's not always been like this, there are memories of when everything seemed more or less normal. I just know that something magical happened on this website and my life was taken away from me. When I met a group of people from here, I was referred to them from this very board. It's not out of bounds to think that people from here end up like Emily Gyde, especially when they've been thrown in the deep end continously.

The NHS will pay it no mind and refuse to believe the words of a drug adled moron. If you are flagged up on the system as a little loopy, than the higher powers can twist it into whatever they wish. Perhaps it will have correlated with substance abuse but I'm sure they said the same for Gyde. Maybe she was coerced or tempted or seduced with drugs, it won't have always been that way for her either. I'm sure you don't end up in the dark world of intelligence when you're a completely jakey fuck.

I was only 19 when use of class A substances started, it was very minor, do you think that would have been the primary cause for scizo behaviour?
>> No. 24991 Anonymous
7th June 2017
Wednesday 12:57 am
24991 spacer
There are completely insane stories that will be serious breaches of human rights that arose from the starting of this website. It will involve spy networks from the furthest corners of this land. None of it is normal and they have the ability to investigate further than you can. This also applies to cover ups too. I don't think the NHS will solve this problem, not at this point.
>> No. 24992 Anonymous
7th June 2017
Wednesday 2:16 am
24992 spacer
I was diagnosed as a little loopy a very long time ago, and I am probably one of the oldest regular users of this site, since 2010 or so - I turn 50 next year.

I was the person who introduced .gs to Emily. I first found her websites in 2006. She is obviously a very troubled lady, I've talked to and tried to engage with her directly as a fellow crazy but she is just so paranoid. I have found it amusing how she has become a part of our lore and a kind of shorthand for someone who goes too far into unhelpful levels of isolation.

The one slightly sinister thing I ever saw on .gs was when the guys from Metropolitan Police were oinking it up about their forthcoming court case regarding racist taunting of a black WPC about bananas and plantain a few weeks before it hit the news but hey, I wouldn't want their job, can imagine they need to blow off steam and we can all be wankers sometimes.

On the whole I have found this a rather wonderful place online to let off thoughts and write experimental texts which I perhaps wouldn't do on a social media site linked to my RL identity. There isn't any advertising, there isn't any real bullying beyond ridiculous and camp cunt-offs, the mods are clearly drunken and amiable idiots and even if purple is in the YMCA and this site is some blackops experiment I would salute him anyway - I mean it's like how the CIA gave LSD away or something.

OP, you do sound a touch schizophrenic but so are all the best people. If this place is bugging you just don't come here any more. 2012 was a weird year all round as I remember, we can agree on that.
>> No. 24994 Anonymous
7th June 2017
Wednesday 11:14 am
24994 spacer
Even minor use of drugs can trigger major episodes if you're predisposed to it. I wouldn't call boshing that whole bag of benzos 'minor', either.

There is nothing any of us can tell you at this point that you won't outright reject or twist to fit your narrative, so it puzzles me that you keep coming back to ask for answers.

I like >>24992 post. Interesting stuff.
>> No. 24995 Anonymous
7th June 2017
Wednesday 11:16 am
24995 spacer

Her hypergraphia definitely makes me think she's schizophrenic.
>> No. 24997 Anonymous
7th June 2017
Wednesday 8:06 pm
24997 spacer
>No, I'm perfectly fine, I am just asking about what was going on in this website during the years of 2011/12. Particularly in the IRC.

You are delusional, as this statement shows. Nothing was "going on" on this site during 2011/12 or on the IRC, that was anything to do with, directed at or involving you.
>> No. 24998 Anonymous
7th June 2017
Wednesday 9:21 pm
24998 spacer
*does YMCA dance*
>> No. 24999 Anonymous
7th June 2017
Wednesday 9:52 pm
24999 spacer
Fuck, don't make excuses for racism. Christ.
>> No. 25000 Anonymous
8th June 2017
Thursday 5:50 pm
25000 spacer
Let's cut to the chase. I have many years of experience dealing with such cases. Several posts on here are part of an elaborate game composed by a singularly deluded attention seeker with too much time on his hands and who thinks he is engaged in writing influential "experimental texts". Best not to feed such an obviously damaged ego with the attention it seeks. Only when these peoples' flights of fancy are no longer pandered to do they stand a chance of constructing a more meaningful identity which is capable of seeing the world undistorted by their own personal problems
>> No. 25013 Anonymous
12th June 2017
Monday 1:58 pm
25013 spacer

Loonykins, where is the hammer to down the ketskets? Is yer ma around to chase yer pa? Does the Blackadder bladder leak incessantly?

This isn't attention seeking, I'm just detailing how there was a botched terrorism case involving a group of psychotic smackhead users on here. They dragged me along to places in order to engage in psychological games that included torture. It's all good though, they'll get away with it because they're in the secret services and probably explained it as something else to their higher ups. Everyone will have the details and there may not be CCTV for one such event but that is probably the most damaging one.

How do you detraumatise yourself for this? There won't ever be justice, I understand that.

This place has always been crawling with spooks, I had an idea that it'd be watched because of it's subversive nature and somehow in 2012, I lost all senses and talked in a way I should not have, nor would I have ever imagined myself doing so in the years previously. It cannot be taken away but I am sure that dosings, noises and a dark sort of coercion was used. Using this, purple built up a terrorism case around me and now I'm followed because of this and it's an example of how the secret services inflate threats. How many people were involved in this? I want a detailed explanation because I get the feeling they would have been important.

What on earth do you expect from this, I know that groups of murderers were prepared in this way, I refuse to take part in any of your shenanigans but it's absolutely heinous that state resources were used to fund a group of rapists who have the ability to disappear.

I suppose I'd end up in the London Cages one day or a mental health ward screaming about the Time Cube, but we all know that there is a clear set of operation records that describe how all of this happened.
>> No. 25014 Anonymous
12th June 2017
Monday 2:27 pm
25014 spacer

Mate, this is a shitty little imageboard where lonely men go to chat about DIY and tits and whatever's in the papers. We're the digital equivalent of a crap pub on the edge of a council estate. We are not on anyone's radar, let alone the intelligence services. Either you're a bad troll or you have serious mental health problems.
>> No. 25015 Anonymous
12th June 2017
Monday 2:39 pm
25015 spacer
There are always a handful of nutters who come into those pubs to preach about the coming apocalypse and how their bomb shelter's coming on.
>> No. 25016 Anonymous
12th June 2017
Monday 2:45 pm
25016 spacer

Fair enough. I do wish that the landlord would bar this one.
>> No. 25017 Anonymous
12th June 2017
Monday 5:50 pm
25017 spacer
This. Interesting thread but more suited to /boo/.
>> No. 25023 Anonymous
14th June 2017
Wednesday 2:22 pm
25023 spacer
OK. I'll share a few things with you, not to encourage you to persist in ideas that sound delusional, but to reassure you that you are not alone in having obsessional thoughts and over-thinking it all.

I found Richard Tomlinson's blog where he was revealing all sorts of things he shouldn't have in his efforts to make some sort of peace with SIS back in 2006. Some commenters there were most interesting to me as they talked about Intelligence agency linked mind control - I'd been interested in this stuff for years and had read all about MK Ultra in reputable books like 'Journey Into Madness' and checked out the crazy fringe literature of people like Cathy O'Brien too. It took quite a bit of detective work but eventually I figured out that all of the comments talking about this stuff were in fact Emily under many different handles. As her graphomania has progressed so has her clarity and intellect declined: she could give you the chills back then, now she's just silly and a bit of a worry.

When I was reading Richard Tomlinson's blog everyday and sometimes commenting myself, a van was parked outside all day with two guys sitting there observing the flats and making it clear that this was the sort of surveillance I was supposed to notice. I guess it is a possibility they were watching someone else? I still wonder about what exactly was the great national threat I may have been posing by getting involved in this, and maybe they were just checking out a drug dealer next door.

Tomlinson made his peace with the security services, removed his blog, and gave evidence at the Diana inquest.

In 2010 I experienced a kind of nervous breakdown after a series of bereavements - I was exhausted and suicidal to some degree and ended up in an NHS nuthouse for ten days. While there I was so spaced out I wasn't making sense and became fixated on the idea that a fellow patient was in fact purple of .gs fame. I asked 'are you purple?' and he answered 'well I had to meet you after you wrote that'. We were both in a madhouse and these sort of preposterous cross purpose conversations do happen there. A very bonkers old eskimo guy in there told me 'since you mention Richard Tomlinson, now they will never let you go - this a den of iniquity my friend'. WTF?

I have never been on the irc, didn't go to that meetup, all I know about the mods of this site is that they have done a fine job keeping the site amusing and fairly unique (if underused) and free of the likes of Are Simon or carpet-baggery types. Getting rid of the /i/ board early on was a great move towards making here a place for adults I think.

No snarky comments from all you sane people please - my story is directed at OP only. Polite self-sage.
>> No. 25024 Anonymous
14th June 2017
Wednesday 2:28 pm
25024 spacer
Who the fuck is Richard Tomlinson? Honestly I knew Emily kept mentioning him but assumed she'd misinterpreted something like with 'Armstrong and Miller'. So he is/was a real spook?
>> No. 25025 Anonymous
14th June 2017
Wednesday 2:31 pm
25025 spacer
>> No. 25097 Anonymous
9th July 2017
Sunday 1:04 am
25097 spacer

I don't think it's too wise to delve into how these things happened to other people.

>Getting rid of the /i/ board early on was a great move towards making here a place for adults I think.

Yes but this place has always been crawling with hackers on toast. I believe I walked into the IRC and had all of my files stolen, some pictures probably would have made me seem very criminal. I was just an undiagnosed autist, I don't think the government would allow such hijinks to happen so I assume it was Dani doing something illegal, there was probably a silly trojan in something posted in there. Further investigations would have opened up my e-mail account and Facebook which would have me attending a summer school that focused on riots and then being invited to a particularly big one that happened a little while after. I don't think it's out of the question that someone has been playing sordid games with me for most of my life.

I literally think there are people on here that made millions of pounds out of this, spread this story far and wide and it's mostly just the result of torture trauma. Lots of bullshit things began popping into my mind after that IRC and I just faded further into whatever it was purple wanted me in. It's strange, I always assumed that I'd be under the watch of the ever loving state but that there were systems put in place to correctly manage things.

It's not though is it, there are treasonous people who have done this to me and I know I'd get ripped apart in anything because of how twisted you people are, but just to explain it to anyone, it was always just money and women. You'd play all the games you want to complicate it further to make it into a more ingenious scam but I just understand that Britain is broken because of these things and it'd happen again in such a way that it'd be uncontrolled when you do find another funny fucking victim.
>> No. 25098 Anonymous
9th July 2017
Sunday 3:09 am
25098 spacer
Who is Dani?
>> No. 25099 Anonymous
9th July 2017
Sunday 5:05 am
25099 spacer


A legend m8.
>> No. 25113 Anonymous
9th July 2017
Sunday 11:27 pm
25113 spacer
Why isn't it too wise? I shared my story and I get that? Is your entitled sense of victimhood somehow more piquant in its sheer horror?

>I literally think there are people on here that made millions of pounds out of this
I had a friend who died in his early sixties a few years ago - an artist and musician who received press obituaries still to be found online. He'd lived through all sorts of scenes in his life, mods and rockers, psychedelic revolution, punk, acid house, the birth of the internet. In the early seventies he spent a stint in a madhouse and while there he had a kind of vision that the mainstream people who are successful in life - he used the examples of Cliff Richard and the cast and makers of Coronation Street - were somehow psychically vampirising the people who feel ill and left out at the bottom, like he was in the mental ward back then. He was one of the sanest men I've ever met but kept coming back to that realisation/revelation. So, while your posts may not make 100% sense, that part struck a chord. And it feels like there is some almost unpeakable truth there, something about prisons and gulags being the engine-rooms of civilisation.

I am trying to be reasonable and helpful here and if you start off with the 'how twisted you people are' in return this approach will stop.
>> No. 25114 Anonymous
9th July 2017
Sunday 11:29 pm
25114 spacer

>one of the sanest men I've ever met

>spent a stint in a madhouse
>> No. 25115 Anonymous
9th July 2017
Sunday 11:51 pm
25115 spacer
To be fair, >>25113 sounds mental too.
>> No. 25116 Anonymous
10th July 2017
Monday 12:05 am
25116 spacer
I am, what's it to you? I am trying to help OP.

More life experience needed.
>> No. 25118 Anonymous
10th July 2017
Monday 1:11 pm
25118 spacer
Don't go mental on me now mate. We are all friends here.
>> No. 25165 Anonymous
24th July 2017
Monday 11:18 am
25165 spacer
>I am trying to be reasonable and helpful here and if you start off with the 'how twisted you people are' in return this approach will stop.

No you are not, I have gone to various services asking for help but the fact is that I moved out to university in 2013 and found myself surrounded by intelligence officers who had guns and knives in the very flat I lived in. I was talking to a group of people on here at the time and someone tried to force a bomb plot onto me. This was a very traumatising experience and I was tortured during this year because the security services didn't want to acknowledge that I had existed within their work since 14.

Where can I go for help if I have gone to the mental health services and everyone else will just refuse to believe me or claim that I am insane. The people who are involved in trying to send me away have created a spiralling cost for the state and I can't exactly understand why this would even happen. It looks like a series of serious bunglings and I'm just stuck in the middle of it. I've always opposed terrorism and the problematic thing is that a large number of people have been involved in hiding this way.

I was kept struggling and unable to do much so you lot could continue making up shit around me to justify what you have done but it's always happened in a mismatched way IE, you lot claiming money from whichever source and then applying pressure to make things happen.

I want recourse because I know this has gone to the highest tier of MI5 fuckups, you're not going to be able to hide this away. You're trying to avoid making contact with me because if I look at the number of things you have tried to involve me in, it'd be disgusting.

This is not a cultural twist with anonymous being all cool and British about the way they deal with people they've tortured, it's a heinous thing that has happened here and absolutely no one wants to acknowledge this. It was hilarious a while ago when I wasn't talking about how the Tavistock Institute actually kidnapped me into this mess but before that, absolutely everything was fine.
>> No. 25166 Anonymous
24th July 2017
Monday 12:26 pm
25166 spacer

Mate, you've got paranoid schizophrenia. You clearly, obviously have paranoid schizophrenia. A bad first-year psychology student could diagnose you with paranoid schizophrenia. I'd say that you're a textbook example of paranoid schizophrenia, but textbook examples are rarely this blatant.

The mental health services tried to treat you for paranoid schizophrenia, which you have, rather than trying to break up a non-existent MI5 conspiracy. You need to be in treatment. You need to take the medication you're prescribed. You need to keep taking it, regardless of whether you feel well or not.
>> No. 25167 Anonymous
24th July 2017
Monday 12:46 pm
25167 spacer
No, I am just being followed around by the security services. It's not hard to believe seeing as how a lot of my online friends are connected to them and they managed to make a terrorism case out of me when I was 18. I feel perfectly fine otherwise, it's just that I'm a little worried about how much torture I face in a post brexit Britain. Perhaps I shouldn't have spoke about how I was forced into terrorism when I had spent much of my life opposing it but these things happen I guess.

How many lives get ruined out of this sort of thing? How do you fix yourself in order to keep away from the security services when you have serious traumas.
>> No. 25168 Anonymous
24th July 2017
Monday 1:35 pm
25168 spacer
If you think .gs is part of the MI5 conspiracy against you, why are you posting here looking for help?
>> No. 25169 Anonymous
24th July 2017
Monday 2:01 pm
25169 spacer
It's his way of letting them know he's onto them.
>> No. 25170 Anonymous
24th July 2017
Monday 2:55 pm
25170 spacer
Genuinely one of the weirdest and most interesting /emo/ threads in this site's history.

Paranoid schizolad, why do you think you're being followed?
>> No. 25171 Anonymous
24th July 2017
Monday 8:32 pm
25171 spacer
Well if they are powerful enough to infiltrate his life to the extent described they probably don't give a toss whether he is onto them or not.

I'm aware I'm probably not helping but at this point OP has made it clear he doesn't want help.
>> No. 25172 Anonymous
24th July 2017
Monday 8:40 pm
25172 spacer
Where did you get the idea that the Tavistock Institute are behind this? Is it just the most obscure conspiracy theory reference that you could come up with? OP, are you merely an entertaining troll?

Why do you assume he isn't being followed?
>> No. 25173 Anonymous
24th July 2017
Monday 9:58 pm
25173 spacer
At the risk of giving OP ideas, does anyone else remember the chap who thought MI5 were sending books to wank outside his window? I'm not lining the video in /emo/.
>> No. 25174 Anonymous
24th July 2017
Monday 11:31 pm
25174 spacer
The Mi5 horrorfags, that guy was a usenet legend. Forgot all about him.
>> No. 25175 Anonymous
25th July 2017
Tuesday 6:01 pm
25175 spacer
It must be really awful if you have an MI5 conspiracy ruining your life, and it's genuinely true, but nobody believes you because it sounds too much like you're a schizo loony. Like when that time Russel Crowe was under-cover in the cold war, but everyone thought he really was just a maths teacher.

I mean, what would you do? You'd have nowhere to turn. You'd probably start thinking you actually were crazy, but then in the end it turns out you really were Bruce Willis from the future.

But I think in this case it's more like that time Johnny Depp got mashed out of his brain on mescaline and thought he was a sports journalist.
>> No. 25176 Anonymous
25th July 2017
Tuesday 7:01 pm
25176 spacer
I'm trying to understand what makes you so special as to have the state after you? You aren't the Beatles. You aren't anybody famous. There isn't much you are capable of even if you were mind controlled by the MI5. Explain that to me.
>> No. 25178 Anonymous
25th July 2017
Tuesday 8:18 pm
25178 spacer
What made a bunch of detained mental patients so special that the state used them as laboratory animals for mind control experiments? The very plausible deniability. They never thought this stuff would come out but it did. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_MKUltra

Not saying OP isn't a whackjob but strange things do happen.
>> No. 25610 Anonymous
13th September 2017
Wednesday 5:39 pm
25610 spacer
>recruited into an intelligence ring

What did they make you do?
>> No. 25611 Anonymous
13th September 2017
Wednesday 5:41 pm
25611 spacer
Well I met a group of people off this website about 10 years ago and purple was there for a few minutes. I was 14 at the time and I think I was recruited into an intelligence ring that ended up making a very large amount of money out of my life. What happened was serious fraud as it involved coercion, torture and brainwashing. I know you're all trying to act like nothing happened but there are major things that happened through my life which cannot be covered up unless I'm killed off. I know what purple was like and how all of you lot do strange things but I want to get in contact with the people I had originally met.
>> No. 25612 Anonymous
13th September 2017
Wednesday 5:42 pm
25612 spacer
Serious intelligence work. It's a secret. Maybe you should ask purple.
>> No. 25614 Anonymous
13th September 2017
Wednesday 5:51 pm
25614 spacer
Why is it a secret? Why would he know?
>> No. 25615 Anonymous
13th September 2017
Wednesday 5:58 pm
25615 spacer
Well it's a secret because purple doesn't want to look like he had a role in the London 2011 riots (sorry for spilling the beans on the secret). I think after that, you all used my life to make yourselves look a certain way. A number of people got involved in my life and it just fell apart because you surrounded me with armed intelligence officers that I had to live with. I think that I had a normal life at 18 and then purple just felt like destroying it to convince everyone I was something I am not.
>> No. 25617 Anonymous
13th September 2017
Wednesday 6:05 pm
25617 spacer
What was his role in the London 2011 riots?
>> No. 25618 Anonymous
13th September 2017
Wednesday 6:11 pm
25618 spacer
Telling people to pack their rice.
>> No. 25619 Anonymous
13th September 2017
Wednesday 6:16 pm
25619 spacer
>> No. 25620 Anonymous
13th September 2017
Wednesday 6:16 pm
25620 spacer
This is hilarious.
>> No. 25621 Anonymous
13th September 2017
Wednesday 6:33 pm
25621 spacer
If you're talking about the same meetup I attended, I refuse to believe any MI5 recruitment front would involve the playing of 2 girls 1 cup on a widescreen projector.
>> No. 25622 Anonymous
13th September 2017
Wednesday 7:04 pm
25622 spacer
Ah but thats what we they want you to think!
>> No. 25789 Anonymous
11th November 2017
Saturday 10:05 pm
25789 spacer
What's more hilarious is how the idea of Shariah Patrols were popularised. On the night of the 2011 riots, I made a post in the huge thread we had on .gs about the activities of the YMO. purple decided to take this to parliament and they ended up having a discussion about it. Soon after, purple decided to engineer a series of youtube videos about it and then the idea took hold within the imaginations of a few billion. This only happened because of that imageboard post as purple would have otherwise left such propaganda alone.

When I really think about it, I probably would have never lived a normal life but I'm sort of satisfied when I was successfully able to promote the idea of semi autonomous regions existing within London. That in itself is some sort of recompense I suppose.

Does any moderator have the capability to show me the riots thread?

I think it's a fairly serious matter at this point.
>> No. 25945 Anonymous
12th December 2017
Tuesday 10:19 pm
25945 spacer

Well I feel a lot better now. I was just wondering about what marple's plans were for me in 2012 and why this board was militarised to a certain degree?

As I understand it, GCHQ were trying to recruit me and there were people in this place who were meant to oversee this. Instead, I think some treason has occured here. It's been some years but who do I go see to find out everything?

Apparently, I was meant to have learnt how to become a white gloves from mr white who had just come back from Hong Kong. The same one who was complaining about /iq/ being empty. From what I can see however, it seems that my posts in the Donald Trump election thread got a large number of other .gs users in a bit of trouble.

It's kind of funny to see a sequence of events unfold from one person not being recruited in.
>> No. 25946 Anonymous
12th December 2017
Tuesday 10:36 pm
25946 spacer

I'm going to be upfront and say that you seem quite delusional but obviously you will dismiss that.

So, why do you think GCHQ were trying to recruit you? What actually leads you to believe that?
>> No. 25948 Anonymous
12th December 2017
Tuesday 11:41 pm
25948 spacer
You're boring now. We've told you to seek treatment - we have nothing more to say to you, so stop posting your nuttiness.
>> No. 25949 Anonymous
12th December 2017
Tuesday 11:44 pm
25949 spacer
Why did you make it so difficult? All of this could have been avoided. Good luck finding people who believe you here.
>> No. 25950 Anonymous
13th December 2017
Wednesday 5:11 am
25950 spacer

GHCQ (or was the ESRG?) used to have a test up on their public website, that if you passed and emailed them the clue you got an actual real job interview.

In any way, if the doughnut boys wanted you on board they'd be asking you to come work for them under threat of your undocumented parents being deported out of east London and back to east Bangladesh. Either that or you'd be tapped on the shoulder while working at a telco or IX that specifically interested them.

Good luck with the paranoid skitz anyway.
>> No. 25960 Anonymous
14th December 2017
Thursday 1:25 pm
25960 spacer
Get some mental help lad.
>> No. 25966 Anonymous
18th December 2017
Monday 4:34 am
25966 spacer
A lot of users on here have made their fortunes from me though. I must admit, now that there are 10,000 dead people, you might wish you had second thoughts before doing something like this. I started a war between America and Britain and was included in a list of reasons as to why Donald Trump entered Parliament. This happened because no one has been helping me and it led to .gs losing a large number of users.

-white gloves/mr whites from China were all got rid of
-marple and some other IRC users
-Multiple networks in Eastern Europe
-An entire region of the world was destabilised
-A large number of Americans on both sides of the political spectrum

It's strange, I am one of the first people to have clicked on the britfa.gs link when marple put it up on Britchan, who would have thought all this would happen?

I just liked imageboards.
>> No. 25967 Anonymous
18th December 2017
Monday 5:01 am
25967 spacer

Mate, you've got paranoid schizophrenia. You need psychiatric help. There's literally nothing else to say.
>> No. 25969 Anonymous
18th December 2017
Monday 12:52 pm
25969 spacer
I'm confused, is marple marple or are they separate entities, one of which has been gotten rid of?
>> No. 25970 Anonymous
18th December 2017
Monday 12:53 pm
25970 spacer
Oh right. A filter. Pardon me.
>> No. 25971 Anonymous
18th December 2017
Monday 1:25 pm
25971 spacer
Oh and you helped get Donald Trump elected too?

You acknowledge in that post you need help - a random image board is not the place to find it.
>> No. 25972 Anonymous
18th December 2017
Monday 1:28 pm
25972 spacer
>A lot of users on here have made their fortunes from me though.

I missed out on this - are all you lads getting rich off this shit?
>> No. 25973 Anonymous
18th December 2017
Monday 1:35 pm
25973 spacer
The parallels to Emily Gyde are uncanny - remember she thinks she wrote the Harry Potter novels.
>> No. 25974 Anonymous
18th December 2017
Monday 8:45 pm
25974 spacer

That would actually explain a lot.

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