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>> No. 25719 Anonymous
4th October 2017
Wednesday 11:40 pm
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I worry how much I love my girlfriend. I could just about take care of worrying about myself. The pain I'm set up for is immense. 5 years or 50 years down the line. My mind seems cruelly inclined to remind me of this in the sweetest most loving moments. That one day she'll fucking die, or be in pain, and I have to watch as the person I spent a lifetime bringing into myself is wrenched away. I have this for all my family members. My mother, my sister, father. I can't enjoy things. I looked into her eyes earlier on and I told her I loved her, she looked back with nothing but honesty and it made me cry, not because it was tender but because it scared me. I think I need help, what do you think?
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>> No. 25720 Anonymous
5th October 2017
Thursday 1:21 am
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So you have issues with grief. There's really nothing you can do to avoid grief, beyond the impractical solution of living a life without loved ones, joyless and empty.

I agree you can't live your life worrying about the inevitable loss. Perhaps seek counselling or therapy or whatever to work through your fear.
>> No. 25721 Anonymous
5th October 2017
Thursday 1:13 pm
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She'll probably cheat on you with some 6'4" black guy long before you have to worry about her death, lad. Chin up.

All things must come to an end. There really isn't a lot that can be done to shield oneself from it. Death is just the way of life. Then again, I've been exposed to death from quite a young age, I think all but one of my grandparents were dead by the time I was 22. You simply have to learn to accept it in the way we all do, I'm afraid.
>> No. 25722 Anonymous
5th October 2017
Thursday 6:33 pm
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>She'll probably cheat on you with some 6'4" black guy

Kindly fuck off back to 4chan, there's a good chap.
>> No. 25723 Anonymous
5th October 2017
Thursday 9:06 pm
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Isn't this one of the reasons to have pets? So you can get some practice at the crushing sadness of loss before it's your family, rather than diving in at the deep end.
Damned if I know, lost best mate at 16. Still affects me, 30 years on. All grandparents gone before I was 20 - meh, old people die (with some sadness, but not as awful, by any stretch).
A good life, and an OK death, that would do me.
>> No. 25726 Anonymous
8th October 2017
Sunday 3:53 pm
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Cupid and Psyche by Edvard Munch.jpg
Make the most of the time you will have with them. If you outlive your girlfriend at an old age you will probably, like my grandfather did, take some solace in both saving her the pain and grief that will be put on you if she was in your position, and also that you made her life full, along with your family's when they go before her. Don't try to build up on the fact that grief is inevitable. Just focus on making the most of life and remembering the good memories that you shared with them.
>> No. 25727 Anonymous
8th October 2017
Sunday 3:56 pm
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Eye in Eye by Edvard Munch.jpg
Also, there's a reason why it'll be the hardest thing to do in life if you try and only focus on the joy of life because, unfortunately, it's the only thing we can do. It's either that or we give up, which is th easiest thing to do, to not live life, and then ultimately kill ourselves. It's not all grave.

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