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>> No. 25991 Anonymous
2nd January 2018
Tuesday 12:12 am
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To cut a long story short, there's this girl I've been seeing for 8 months or so now. Far from my first rodeo, but my longest one to date. It's been really great so far for the most part - I always enjoy seeing her, and she always seems happy to see me.

The problem is that, whereas being with other girls always increased my confidence and general happiness, somehow being with her has just led to me becoming more insecure and filled with worries. She's by far the most attractive girl I've ever dated and I just never feel good enough for her.

Rather than getting better it seems to have gotten worse recently. I use any small thing to convince myself she's going to leave me, like most women do once they get to know me. I'm genuinely amazed she ever dated me in the first place. I want to get her out of my head so it will hurt me less, but I can't find anything to replace her.

Reading this back makes me sound a bit mad, but it's an honest account of the loops my mind goes in when not fulfilled by some distraction. Have many of you here felt similar before - is it just one of those things that sorts itself out? I'm not sure how much I should talk to her about it, in my head she'll just think I'm somewhere between overly clingy and mad if I tell the truth.
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>> No. 25992 Anonymous
2nd January 2018
Tuesday 12:33 am
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Go see the doctor about anxiety? Some CBT might help.
>> No. 25993 Anonymous
2nd January 2018
Tuesday 12:59 am
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You know that could be a good shout. I guess I was thinking this falls under general relationship advice but maybe there is something else there. Without any kind of medical diagnosis, I've had isolated periods of anxiety getting the better before. A couple of months ago I had a couple of what could be described as anxiety attacks for a completely unrelated reason (pain in my knee getting bad after an injury, managed to convince myself I'd never get better from it).

Funnily enough my girlfriend has talked about suffering from anxiety before, so I might ask her more about how she dealt with it.
>> No. 25994 Anonymous
2nd January 2018
Tuesday 1:32 am
25994 spacer
Sounds like a bit of the old imposter syndrome. My best advice is to talk to her about it and how she feels about you.
>> No. 25995 Anonymous
2nd January 2018
Tuesday 10:20 am
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That picture sums up January to me.
>> No. 25998 Anonymous
2nd January 2018
Tuesday 11:18 am
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We should respond to every /emo/ thread like that. That is our stock response now. They've just got anxiety.
>> No. 25999 Anonymous
2nd January 2018
Tuesday 11:19 am
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>> No. 26000 Anonymous
2nd January 2018
Tuesday 4:44 pm
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This post was hidden from /*/ before I opened up the thread but that's exactly what I thought when I read OPs post; it's almost a perfect description of the negative thought loops that I get into when my anxiety and depression are flaring up.
>> No. 26001 Anonymous
2nd January 2018
Tuesday 5:27 pm
26001 spacer
I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not, but OP is describing anxiety. Maybe they have heard it said before, but maybe they haven't.
>> No. 26005 Anonymous
2nd January 2018
Tuesday 8:18 pm
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This is bloody brilliant. Thank you.

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