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>> No. 26051 Anonymous
10th January 2018
Wednesday 3:42 pm
26051 schizophlegm
Creepy situation, but I am compos mentis and sound of mind, I assure you.

I recently changed my address, I'm now living with some acquaintances a ways away north, and I suspect that someone, resident or otherwise, has bugged my bedroom, and possibly the bathroom. Don't ask me why because it would take more time to explain than it's worth at this moment - but being a juicy story, if you guys give good advice and help me locate these mics or whatever, or eradicate them from my every day worries and anxieties, then I will tell all.

Lets not bring up paranoia though please best beloveds we are Proud British MansTM and just like Mr Farages Faragé egg of concerns about muck and scum washing up on our shores, I am concerned that the people with all their rights and privileges are trying to fuck with me. It's not quite a gaslight because I havent directly mentioned it yet, over a lengthy period of time I have circumstantial evidence and things said during private interactions with people, but that's not proof that this is happening. I don't want to involve any authorities at this moment in time, I need to either sniff it out or clear it out of my head.

So guide me, .gs. netstat? some software that 13 year olds use to crack games? One of those plastic guns that do nothing those guys use, the alien hunters that Louis Theroux put on weird weekends? A ouija board interaction with my deceased nana (she was lovely so she wouldnt stand for this sort of thing and put a stop to it)? Or do I learn wicca and curse them to have haunted dreams of Saville tainted corpse snatching?

Some advice, please.
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>> No. 26052 Anonymous
10th January 2018
Wednesday 4:08 pm
26052 spacer
Your insistence that it's definitely not paranoia is having the opposite effect from intended. Anyway.

You can buy a variety of camera and bug sniffing devices, or make your own quite cheaply using instructions you could find on google. You could also check your wireless network map to see if there are any suspicious connected devices there, or run something like wireshark to examine the wireless traffic.
Which brings me to the point that why would anyone bother with an actual bug or hidden camera when it would be so much easier to install something on your phone and/or computer? Unless you habitually discuss secret plans with people or to yourself in your bedroom, that's going to get them far more information. If they're technically minded they could put keyloggers into your keyboard or even the USB cables or the software or any number of different things. Much the same goes for audio or video hijacking equipment if you have any built in to your devices.

Wouldn't an easier explanation just be that you have thinner walls than you think? It would be nice if you explained your reasoning better.
>> No. 26053 Anonymous
10th January 2018
Wednesday 4:11 pm
26053 spacer
At a minimum, you need a frequency counter OR a communications receiver OR a software-defined receiver AND one or more wideband log-periodic antenna(s) covering the range from 70MHz to 2.6GHz. A specialist radio dealer like Martin Lynch or Waters & Stanton should be able to you out. The cheapest rig I'd trust is an RF Explorer with the near field antenna kit.


Of course, you really need psychiatric help.
>> No. 26054 Anonymous
10th January 2018
Wednesday 6:43 pm
26054 spacer
Why a "wideband log-periodic antenna"?
>> No. 26055 Anonymous
10th January 2018
Wednesday 7:02 pm
26055 spacer

A) It's directional, so it will only pickup what you point it at.
B) It's has a very flat frequency response across the whole working range.
>> No. 26056 Anonymous
10th January 2018
Wednesday 7:19 pm
26056 spacer
wideband because you have no idea what frequency things are transmitting on It's not as if nefarious people will limit themselves to the legit ISM bands, especially as it's so easy to build synthesised transmitters. Problem is, if they're really trying to be sneaky, they'll be hopping frequency, or storing data and only transmitting occasionally.
Log Periodic because that's the only real way to make a wideband antenna with tolerable gain performance. (and that's just because it's essentially a stack of smaller antennas, each of which is tuned for a small frequency range).
They're not cheap or small, though. Mine's much like this
and is most of 2m long and 10kg. A decent RF receiver shouldn't cost much more than £3K. If your housemates don't already think you're a loon, this should seal the deal.
If you don't find anything, you'll still not be convinced you haven't just missed them. Are you sure this is worth the vast amount of time and money? Just download a bollocks Android bugfinder app for your phone. It'll not find any bugs either, but won't take much effort or cost you the price of a middling car.
>> No. 26057 Anonymous
10th January 2018
Wednesday 7:33 pm
26057 spacer
I'm not him. I was just interested in why you recommended that specific antenna as SDR has piqued my interest in RF. You're a HAM and/or an electronics engineer?
>> No. 26058 Anonymous
10th January 2018
Wednesday 8:21 pm
26058 spacer
I just picked it as it's just a suitably wideband antenna if he wants to do a non-joke bug scan. It's also (rather like) the one I use for EMC testing. You don't really get an idea of the size of these things from the photo, though. Low frequency antennas just have to be big if you want them to have useful performance. (You may not need that much gain if the 'bug' is near and transmitting hard, but for the properly paranoid, antenna gain is your friend).
>> No. 26059 Anonymous
10th January 2018
Wednesday 8:52 pm
26059 spacer

I'm also not the other guy, but on a tangent log-periodic aerials are the very best you can get for TV reception if you live in a medium to strong signal area.
You see very few of them in the wild though because most people (and "professionals") just opt for the massively oversized aerials with fancy X shaped elements.
>> No. 26060 Anonymous
10th January 2018
Wednesday 9:37 pm
26060 spacer
>>26057 Yeah, SDR is fun. I've got an Ettus E310 and and SDRPlay here, each nice in their own way (The Ettus lets you run a GSM base station which is cute).

We do seem to be getting away from OP's question - although a USB SDR widget and a straightened paperclip as an antenna would probably be a fun way of bug-hunting. Not particularly sensitive, but pretty waterfall spectrum patterns and stuff...
>> No. 26061 Anonymous
10th January 2018
Wednesday 9:40 pm
26061 spacer
You need a software-defined radio (you can buy them on Amazon for about £20) and Salamandra to find them.

>> No. 26062 Anonymous
10th January 2018
Wednesday 10:25 pm
26062 spacer
I have an RTLSDR and (for Christmas) a HackRF One. I got the HackRF because of the associated course with GnuRadio, but during the first tutorial video (FM Receiver) I thought I should cover some DSP basics. Obviously this has led to a multi-layer stack of "do this before" tasks, most involving maths that I haven't seen in a long time.
>> No. 26063 Anonymous
10th January 2018
Wednesday 10:58 pm
26063 spacer
>Faragé egg

Have Gnomemart done that one yet?
>> No. 26064 Anonymous
11th January 2018
Thursday 1:37 am
26064 spacer
I have that exact combination of SDRs too - we should like, start a thread somewhere and compare notes. The HackRF One is a really nice bit of kit.
>> No. 26065 Anonymous
11th January 2018
Thursday 3:24 am
26065 spacer

Get yourselves down to your local amateur radio club. You can learn more about radio, get licensed to transmit and play with someone else's £5000 Icom base station rig.

>> No. 26066 Anonymous
11th January 2018
Thursday 8:22 pm
26066 spacer
Can you still buy those radios that broadcast on the Military's secure channel? I remember years back a lad on here mentioning a phrase you could use to troll them into triangulating you PoO and then 5 mins later a Navy Seaking would land on your head.
>> No. 26067 Anonymous
11th January 2018
Thursday 8:47 pm
26067 spacer
The phrase is "bongo bongo charlie skidmark."
>> No. 26068 Anonymous
11th January 2018
Thursday 9:17 pm
26068 spacer

The military were still using the Clansman system up until about 2010, so in theory anyone could have listened to and broadcast on their frequencies, even though it's illegal to do so (good luck catching someone merely listening in though) Indeed a lot of Ex-MOD vehicles got sold with the Clansman still installed when they were transitioning to the secure Bowman radios - though that took about six years to switch to. The mind boggles.

Police and other emergency services largely use a weird, shit, unreliable network provided by Airwave, which is basically just a crap mobile network where all the handsets cost a grand. It's basically impossible to listen in on, though, which is good. I never quite understood why in America you can listen to police chatter, even stream it online. Perfect for criminals.

Interestingly, I've heard that police helicopters broadcast their air to ground communications on microwave frequencies, meaning it should be technically possible, with the right equipment, to view a feed from their cameras.
>> No. 26069 Anonymous
19th January 2018
Friday 2:21 am
26069 spacer
Did you find anything my friend?
>> No. 26079 Anonymous
24th January 2018
Wednesday 6:08 pm
26079 spacer
OP here, despite this being an anonymous imageboard, even typing out the background to this would be mortifying. I'm just mentally ill, don't mind me.

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