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>> No. 5894 Anonymous
16th September 2021
Thursday 6:16 pm
5894 spacer
Can SSRI withdrawal (Citalopram 10mg) symptoms appear after even 2 months from stopping?

After a death in the family I went a bit loopy for a while, I was having constant panic attacks and intrusive thoughts about my own mortality.

I took Citalopram 10mg for 2 years, I stopped it 5 weeks ago after a quick ish taper (every other day for a few weeks, then every 3 days for a few weeks, then pretty quick).

Initially I felt a bit irritable, but otherwise great, I was feeling motivated and energised, and these intrusive and obsessional thoughts, as the doc put them, were no where to be seen.

Now 5-6 weeks later they are returning, and frankly I am scared. I'm also getting consistent headaches, like I feel very de-hydrated, even though I'm drinking a lot.
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>> No. 5933 Anonymous
20th October 2021
Wednesday 5:04 pm
5933 spacer
SSRIs were a double edged sword with regards to sex life. It took literally hours to cum. The ladies appreciated the stamina, but if I wanted to wank it might take 4 hours to reach climax. My current cocktail (fluoxetine, olanzapine, buproprion, lithium) has my sex life back to relatively normal. I know there's variation between people, but for me I haven't got the sexual numbness I had with drugs like sertraline/citalopram, and I can easily get it up which I couldn't on the other SSRIs.
>> No. 6091 Anonymous
24th March 2022
Thursday 12:57 pm
6091 spacer

Well, it's been another 6 months and he's still wrecked. Can't eat or sleep, has no energy and has pain all over his body. He now weighs 6 stone and only leaves his bed to go to the bathroom. The doctor agrees it's probably nervous system damage caused by taking olanzapine for 8 years.

The drug is absolute poison.
>> No. 6092 Anonymous
25th March 2022
Friday 10:31 am
6092 spacer
That sounds awful, my heart goes out to you and your pa.

Not great to hear because olanzapine is essentially the one drug that consistently and effectively stabilises one of my loved ones. Before that, everything up to and including lithium either didn't make any positive impact or actively made things worse.
>> No. 6094 Anonymous
30th March 2022
Wednesday 10:41 pm
6094 spacer

it will kill them in the long run
>> No. 6115 Anonymous
3rd August 2022
Wednesday 11:21 pm
6115 spacer

He's in hospital now and it's not looking good. He can't eat and says he wants to die because he's in constant pain especially in his chest. He's had scans and x-rays and they can't find anything physically wrong. They might try epilepsy drugs as they can be used to treat pain from nerve damage.

>> No. 5493 Anonymous
21st November 2020
Saturday 11:44 am
5493 spacer
Similar to /emo/, I think we need a minor ailments thread for queries and issues that don't really warrant one of their own.
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>> No. 6100 Anonymous
2nd April 2022
Saturday 9:20 am
6100 spacer
Think I might have the old peptic ulcer lads - had to leave work on Wednesday because I was burping furiously from the morning which developed into nausea in the afternoon, eventually managed to vomit properly in the evening, after which point my arse immediately decided it needed a piss and I felt a bit better, but it's been a baseline since then of getting gassy when I'm moving and having maybe 1 proper meal a day due to reduced appetite. Now the lass wants to go for a birthday pubcrawl and while I relish the idea of walking several miles and consuming half pints of water on the route, I'm not sure I should just stay in my wanking den.

But a few people have had a stomach bug at work recently so I'm unsure, should probably get a GP appointment right? Looks like ulcers are bacterial infection anyway so should be antibiotics either way. Chances of dying if I don't go to the hospital today?
>> No. 6101 Anonymous
2nd April 2022
Saturday 11:32 am
6101 spacer
I fucked up my toenail again. Had it treated a few years ago after it'd been ingrowing for a long time.. slowly got used to cutting it across and never below the edge but it had started becoming uncomfortable again recently. I got frustrated and cut deep into the groove, can't even pull out the nail section as it's still connected somewhere. It bled a bit and the pain is sharper than usual, but It's not pus-y(?) anymore, which is a plus .. but i'm gonna pay for it.
>> No. 6112 Anonymous
17th July 2022
Sunday 8:29 pm
6112 spacer
What's the rabies protocol for having a bat collide with your head?

Shall I tell the doctor I'm 99% sure I have rabies? Last night I was in the park and something hit me in the head, felt like a massive fly and I saw some bats about so I think it was one of them wot did me in, and I didn't see any marks but you know how the tiny fuckers are.
>> No. 6113 Anonymous
17th July 2022
Sunday 8:50 pm
6113 spacer
Call 101, I've heard on the grapevine that rabies needs to be dealt with extremely quickly.
>> No. 6114 Anonymous
17th July 2022
Sunday 10:02 pm
6114 spacer
It's highly, highly unlikely you'll have contracted rabies, but given how serious untreated rabies is there's nothing to lose acting as if you definitely have rabies. But again, the chances of you becoming another rabies statistic are beyong tiny, subatomically so, smaller than the smallest thing ever and then half of that, that's right even smaller than your cock.

dr squat.png
>> No. 6093 Anonymous
30th March 2022
Wednesday 10:31 pm
6093 https://qz.com/1055178/oliver-nutsack-warned-us
>What most people don’t know is that Oliver Sacks was also an obsessive weightlifter. So obsessive, in fact, that he broke the California State record in his twenties — squating an impressive 600 pounds.

>Decades later, an older and wiser Oliver Sacks, body broken and scarred, would reflect on his weightlifting days. He wrote in his autobiography: “What fools we were…”

>I had a visit from Dave Sheppard, mighty Dave, from Muscle Beach days. He hobbled into my room slowly and painfully; he had very severe arthritis in both hips and was awaiting total hip replacements. We looked at each other, our bodies half-destroyed by lifting. ‘What fools we were,’ Dave said. I nodded and agreed.”

don't lift too heavy ladm8s
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>> No. 6096 Anonymous
31st March 2022
Thursday 12:55 am
6096 spacer
Yeah, but think about all that pussy he was slaying at the time.
>> No. 6097 Anonymous
31st March 2022
Thursday 11:34 am
6097 spacer


err yeah, loads of minge, he loved that
>> No. 6098 Anonymous
31st March 2022
Thursday 11:39 am
6098 spacer
you can build muscle, just don't life too heavy

studies show that 30 rep sets builds muscle as well as 5 rep sets

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 6099 Anonymous
31st March 2022
Thursday 1:27 pm
6099 spacer

He could destroy my body IYKWIM.
>> No. 6111 Anonymous
18th May 2022
Wednesday 12:35 am
6111 spacer
I tried to get into lifting heavy, but eating all that food was way too much work. I'd rather be wiry like a jaguar than jacked like a gorilla.

>> No. 5175 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 11:00 pm
5175 spacer
I'm relatively new to weight training. How much would you need to lift to have a body similar to Mac's? I know the aim is to continually increase the amount you can lift but I've genuinely no idea when looking at various physiques how much they'd roughly be able to and it'd be nice to have a mental benchmark to be working towards.

Thanks, lads.
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>> No. 6068 Anonymous
22nd February 2022
Tuesday 5:07 pm
6068 spacer

The aim of this seems to be damaging gym equipment, than anything.
>> No. 6106 Anonymous
29th April 2022
Friday 12:24 pm
6106 spacer
Are there any sort of, well not couch to 5k but that sort of thing but about doing press-ups or other home exercises starting from zero and gradually progressing that you lads would recommend? If that makes sense?
>> No. 6107 Anonymous
29th April 2022
Friday 1:07 pm
6107 spacer
Whatever you do, do it every day. I don't have any specific details but that's the most important thing.
>> No. 6108 Anonymous
29th April 2022
Friday 1:12 pm
6108 spacer
Aren't you meant to have rest days?
>> No. 6109 Anonymous
29th April 2022
Friday 1:55 pm
6109 spacer

An app called Thenics is good, it's built mainly around learning skills (e.g. how to do a planche), but gives you video examples and structured workouts of progressive difficulty. This is probably the closest thing to what you're looking for.

If you just want a load of ready-to-go workouts, I really like the following YouTube channels.

This guy's videos are deceptively hard and are really well-designed follow-along workouts. He gives some indication of the time and intensity in the video titles:

If you like martial arts, there's a good few options for good follow-along workouts. Boxing burns loads of calories, and this one mixes in bodyweight movements. You can start out with the 3 - 6 round workouts just to get into it. As a warning, though, the ones where he throws in burpees at the end of the round are an absolute killer:


Sorry if this is a bit obvious, but how long you need to rest scales with how intense and damaging your workouts are. I'm familiar with powerlifting and bodybuilding programmes, and how many rest days are realistic for a certain level of volume is really well recorded there -- no idea about bodyweight stuff, though.

My guess is that bodyweight and calisthenics workouts generally require a bit less rest time unless you're doing something extreme.

>> No. 6102 Anonymous
11th April 2022
Monday 1:29 pm
6102 spacer
I found out today that I have high-blood pressure but didn't get any detail on how to reduce this, from google it looks like the important thing is to avoid living. Have either of you had any success at reducing your blood pressure?
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>> No. 6103 Anonymous
11th April 2022
Monday 1:56 pm
6103 spacer

I'd suggest stop going on fisherperson subreddits to deliberately wind yourself up.
>> No. 6104 Anonymous
11th April 2022
Monday 2:02 pm
6104 spacer
Get some exercise, lose some weight, stop smoking. If your blood pressure is higher than 140/90, see your GP and ask about medication.
>> No. 6105 Anonymous
11th April 2022
Monday 6:34 pm
6105 spacer
Avoid caffeine.
Cutting down on salt isn't as important as a lot of people want you to think as long as you're not eating tons of processed food or anything like that daily.
Do drink plenty of water, take some magnesium supplements and eat more bananas or potassium supplements.

>> No. 6077 Anonymous
12th March 2022
Saturday 2:10 pm
6077 Fear of Flying
How do I get over my fear of flying? It is costing me opportunities and experiences.

I wasn't always afraid of flying. As a kid I went to Spain every summer and I even looked forward to the flight, but something happened at some point and I started absolutely shitting myself about it. In particular I don't like takeoff/the ascent, and I don't like when the plane drops a bit and I feel it in my balls. Even when nothing is happening, I feel like something awful is about to happen any second, like the engine will blow up, or we'll start to drop suddenly.

I can't even link it to any particular traumatic experience. I know it isn't' a rational fear, and statistics say blah blah and so on, and Christ alive my own father was even an aircraft engineer who tested the engines, but I can't help but shit my pants during a takeoff. Being vertical like that and flying through the fucking air isn't right man.

(I've put this in health because I feel like it is a mental health sort of thing).
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>> No. 6081 Anonymous
12th March 2022
Saturday 3:28 pm
6081 spacer
I was afraid of flying for some time, not because I'd never flown before but because it had simply been a very long time. Then when I went on a lads holiday to Magaluf with some mates, I was absolutely terrified during takeoff because it was a very windy day, where even the pilot apologised after takeoff. And at the slightest turbulence mid-flight, I kept hearing a screaming voice in the back of my head like, "WE'RE CRASHING!!".

And then on the flight back over the Pyrenees it got shaky again, this time with no word from the pilot, until a while later when he told us that there were heavy thunderstorms over much of central and northern France that we had no way of flying around, and that things could "get a little bumpy from here on out". So I was like, we're fucked.

The plane was rattling like an empty spray can in that thunderstorm for over 45 minutes, at some point lifting one of the trolleys in the back of the plane where I was sitting a few centimetres off the ground. But we made it out, and the weather noticeably calmed down over the Channel.

After that, I was no longer afraid of flying, and I've flown many times since. It was extreme confrontational therapy, but it worked.

As a tip - when there's turbulence, keep looking at the facial expressions of the flight attendants. If they're still calm, then whatever you're experiencing is everyday routine for them, so even if it feels very scary to you, you'll probably be just fine.
>> No. 6082 Anonymous
12th March 2022
Saturday 4:16 pm
6082 spacer
My dad was an engineer as well, and worked exclusively on wings. Every time we would get on a plane for our family holidays, he would look at the wing through the window and say something to the effect of "oo I don't know about that" quietly as if to himself, just to shit my mam up.
>> No. 6083 Anonymous
12th March 2022
Saturday 4:21 pm
6083 spacer
People look at Putin as a monster unreasonably inflicting suffering on innocents but then think nothing of hopping aboard a CO2 machine to go swimming in Spain. Hypocrites.
>> No. 6084 Anonymous
12th March 2022
Saturday 4:34 pm
6084 spacer

That's enough, Teslalad.

How do you think your South African organic peaches got here. In mid-winter.
>> No. 6085 Anonymous
12th March 2022
Saturday 4:43 pm
6085 spacer
I don't own a car or eat peaches.

>> No. 6022 Anonymous
4th February 2022
Friday 3:52 pm
6022 Healthy smoothies
I like smoothies because it's a meal that takes minimal prep and it's a way to get at least some vitamins in me.

What's the most sensible basis for one?
What little bits and pieces of herbs/spices are worth adding to be just a little more healthy?
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>> No. 6072 Anonymous
27th February 2022
Sunday 5:20 pm
6072 spacer

Could be a fun experiment.
>> No. 6073 Anonymous
27th February 2022
Sunday 5:28 pm
6073 spacer
I think it's a very valid point. See also: Huel.
>> No. 6074 Anonymous
27th February 2022
Sunday 5:53 pm
6074 spacer

Hoi, fuck off the pair of you. Projecting bastards. A) I'm doing all sorts of sensible healthy things and B) These supplements are primarily brain health related, at least that's what I prioritised. Immune system and general well-being were distinct second.
>> No. 6075 Anonymous
27th February 2022
Sunday 9:09 pm
6075 spacer

I promise I just found that particular idea funny, you could well be a health nut outside of your shake, and good on you if so.

I have wondered about all the fancy *etam drugs, but personally it wouldn't be necessary for me until I actually get to doing enough cardio per week.
>> No. 6076 Anonymous
28th February 2022
Monday 9:03 am
6076 spacer
The amount of dried stuff is too thick to blend properly so I added more energy drink as I was out of juice. It's still surprisingly palatable. The tribulus gives it a plasticy pollen flavour I'm not keen on but I'm far from gagging as I drink.

>> No. 5982 Anonymous
26th December 2021
Sunday 12:34 am
5982 spacer
Is anyone able to recommend a good beginner programme involving bodyweight exercises? I'd like to start from the couch and get into shape for my health over a period of about 6 week where once I've made some progress I feel confident to join a gym.

There's a few infographics being shown online but they all seem to hinge on doing the same exercises every day with no progression. That seems wrong to me.
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>> No. 5998 Anonymous
26th December 2021
Sunday 9:55 pm
5998 spacer

Fair enough. There are many ways to skin a cat, and calisthenics will certainly get you on your way. You might also consider buying some basic home equipment to get a feel for many of the exercises... if that's even possible, anymore. A great way to progress to a pullup is to buy a doorframe IronGym bar or one of the equally serviceable knockoffs, and combine it with a resistance band tied around the middle to keep your feet in. A strong band can take away a good amount of your bodyweight, 20kg or so, making the exercise easier.

Most gym exercises are similarly scaleable, and while it is a bit shit to have to start out with the empty barbell, everyone starts somewhere. It's can also be quite surprising how strength from bodyweight exercises doesn't necessarily carry over as well as you'd think. It's funny how many 100kg+ bench pressers get gassed out doing a set of 20 pushups.

But yeah, there's no harm in committing to a good bodyweight exercise programme until you're feeling a somewhat fitter and the gyms clear out a bit in March-April. The best way to get good at gym stuff, though, is to go to the gym. Finding one you like that's convenient to attend is half the battle.
>> No. 5999 Anonymous
26th December 2021
Sunday 10:00 pm
5999 spacer
>Finding one you like that's convenient to attend is half the battle.

I think this is the absolute key point when choosing a gym - it needs to be near your home, or in the old days, your work - ideally a place you pass-by every day. If it's difficult to get to, or in a weird place, you're just going to waste your money.
>> No. 6000 Anonymous
27th December 2021
Monday 2:25 am
6000 spacer
>I see it as a bit of a waste to have a gym membership when I can get the same impact from home workouts

I would say fair enough, were it true in all practicality.
>> No. 6001 Anonymous
27th December 2021
Monday 10:34 am
6001 spacer

So I started this year obese with all the gyms shut, am now in the best shape of my life- started calisthenics in March and then got into the gym when it reopened. My advice is that calisthenics can be really good, but you need to know exactly what you're doing for it to be worthwhile, so I would recommend a PT, that's what I did. Not cheap of course but very worth it to set your foundation in the first few months. If you're starting from fatmode it can be quite difficult to push yourself hard enough to make progress with calisthenics.

Also, it is not a substitute for lifting weights. Calisthenics are very useful and still a core part of my routine for some things but they cannot do for your body what big fuckoff heavy metal can.
>> No. 6002 Anonymous
27th December 2021
Monday 10:36 am
6002 spacer
I probably missed the most useful thing I wanted to say whoops.

Get a TRX/suspension trainer and some resistance bands, these are the key to progression. For stuff like press-ups, pull-ups etc, it's about starting with support (eg a band under your feet, starting at a more forgiving angle than the floor for pressups) and gradually removing that support as you get stronger. For example I started with pressups at around a 80 degree angle against a wall or but of furniture and now do them on the floor.

>> No. 4996 Anonymous
29th January 2020
Wednesday 10:42 pm
4996 Quitting Smoking
I'm going to attempt to quit smoking and was wondering if any of you had tips or experiences to share? We did have a thread a few years back but it seems to have disappeared from the catalogue, though from what I remember Allen Carr's book was highly recommended.

My stats if they help put things into context:
7 a day on weekdays, 4 on weekends. 9 years of smoking.

The discrepancy on the weekdays is that I have a work routine of smoking during my breaks. There's a question there of what I'm supposed to do if I'm not smoking.
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>> No. 5979 Anonymous
24th December 2021
Friday 10:59 pm
5979 spacer
> Anyway.

I agree with you and am much of the same person. I'm gonna die from something, I'm pretty healthy in most other ways, and like you said, I fucking ENJOY nictoine. An early morning fag, with a strong coffee, the whores breakfast, is one of the best things in the world.
>> No. 5980 Anonymous
24th December 2021
Friday 11:31 pm
5980 spacer

Maybe my mouth or brain is broken, but I've never habitually smoked cigarettes, yet I smoke cigars relatively often but also infrequently, and I enjoy the taste very much.
>> No. 5981 Anonymous
25th December 2021
Saturday 12:35 am
5981 spacer
I had 2 more cigars and they weren't bad. I have 2 left and and I'm starting to regret this whole thing as the monster in my head comes out.

Still, I'm far too tight to ever start up again. I know how much I save now and how much better my life is with that £200-odd a month in my pocket. If I don't then Purps can find me and you can all come kick the shit out of me.

Its great that you can hop in and out but I used to tell myself stuff like this and you know it's bollocks. Learn new coping mechanisms like wanking or drawing.
>> No. 5996 Anonymous
26th December 2021
Sunday 7:35 pm
5996 spacer
You hear of people getting lung cancer having never smoked at all though - that must be fucking heartbreaking.
>> No. 5997 Anonymous
26th December 2021
Sunday 8:04 pm
5997 spacer
i quit years ago using nicotine gum, i just chewed it all day long for about a month until all the nicotine was out my system and the cravings were gone, it was pretty easy

>> No. 5721 Anonymous
26th April 2021
Monday 7:20 pm
5721 The No Sugar Thread
I think I might try cutting processed sugar from my diet. How hard can it be. Do you two have any tips on this and have you tried it before?

I might go slow and start with lowering my intake because I don't much fancy having flu-like symptoms at the moment. It seems like I'll also need to be really careful on what I buy because the devil's flour gets in everything.
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>> No. 5800 Anonymous
2nd June 2021
Wednesday 6:37 pm
5800 spacer
Cauliflower rice is fantastic. It feels similar enough to real rice and does just as good of a job at being a neutral sauce absorber for the stir-fries and curry-esque dishes I always make.

Worth the cost of getting a cheap food processor (I tried using a cheese grater but the little cauliflower bits fly around everywhere).
>> No. 5970 Anonymous
23rd December 2021
Thursday 1:11 am
5970 spacer
Is there a way to work out in advance how much weight I would lose if I did this? I have never even considered such a thing for a variety of reasons, but as I sit here with the Wuhan wheeze, I've noticed I have not eaten between meals for three full days now. I don't do any exercise either, and I basically just nap off and on, but if snack foods are so bad for me, I would expect the weight to start dropping off me soon, even though my actual meals are unchanged.

Based on guesses made by someone who doesn't give a shit and has always refused to care about these things out of principle, I would estimate my intake has gone from 3000 calories/day down to 2500 calories/day by leaving the Kit Kats in the cupboard. It's like the habit has just vanished, although I guess it will return. In terms of my size, I'm 5'8" and I weigh approximately 96kg. I can't say how many calories it burns to just live my normal life, but I usually cycle 50 miles a week to and from work, and then sit moderately still while I'm at work.

Let's say I kept this up for two weeks. Would I lose a visible amount of weight? How can I calculate such a thing?
>> No. 5971 Anonymous
23rd December 2021
Thursday 1:15 am
5971 spacer

>> No. 5972 Anonymous
23rd December 2021
Thursday 1:50 am
5972 spacer
Hey, I'll lose a pound a week! So if I do this all Christmas, that's 1.5kg. Thank you for the helpful website, although I can't imagine I will actually do that.
>> No. 5973 Anonymous
23rd December 2021
Thursday 1:26 pm
5973 spacer


You need to calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). Your BMR is how many calories you burn per day just living. Eat fewer than that many calories per day, you lose weight. Add some exercise calories, you lose weight.

Most people can cope with a 500 - 800 calorie deficit per day, and lose weight quickly, they just don't know how. You can then easily turn that into 2kg per month loss. Picture related, I lost almost 14kg this year.

>> No. 5946 Anonymous
15th November 2021
Monday 2:01 pm
5946 spacer
How normal is it for your hair to fall out if you run your hands through your scalp/head?

I'm just noticing now little hairs on my keyboard, on my desk, shoulder etc. and I'm getting a bit paranoid.

I'm 29, and my mothers paternal side all had serious MBP way younger than me. But I have had multiple barbers tell me I have the thickest hair they've ever seen. Up until recently then this wasn't a concern of mine.

But now I'm freaking out a bit, I keep rubbing my hands through my hair and finding them in my hand. I swear I didn't notice this before. I'm not showing any actual signs of balding beyond that, but I'm a tad terrified.
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>> No. 5957 Anonymous
15th November 2021
Monday 7:55 pm
5957 spacer
>she has a baggy vagina and it'll shut her little comedy club right down.
I did that and she wouldn't talk to me for 4 or 5 days.
>> No. 5958 Anonymous
15th November 2021
Monday 8:02 pm
5958 spacer


I quite like a slack fanny.
>> No. 5959 Anonymous
16th November 2021
Tuesday 10:15 am
5959 spacer


Chipping in my two pence on the big knob stuff: I'm a healthy enough size and if the statistics online are anywhere near true then something something bell curve something something (make your own joke). I've been with enough women for it to have come up in conversation, but actually only two of them ever made direct comments about my size.

Both were flattering, but I didn't like it that much. It struck me as clumsy, blunt, and a bit porn-y, if I'm honest. In retrospect, it makes sense that it was the girls who seemed more sexually inexperienced that mentioned it. It was said in a "this is what they want to hear" kind of way.

It was also objectifying, like my cock is some sort of tool to get a job done, rather than sensitive sexual organ whose shape and feeling changes depending on the mood of the idiot attached to it. The key to enjoyable sex for me has always been about really wanting the person, to the point where squeamishness or judgement about their body doesn't really cross my mind. I tend to compliment the girls I'm with a lot because I'm genuinely attracted to them, and it wouldn't matter if they revealed a paunch or stretch/birth marks or whatever else. It doesn't erase the stuff that got me into bed with them in the first place. If anything, it's exciting to see the variation and experience something (someone) new.

I also do my best to be free of insecurity about stuff I have less control over. It's a bit like getting upset about face shape or height or baldness or whatever. I'm a bit indifferent to comments about these things positive or negative. The times I do distinctly remember enjoying being complimented, though, it's on things I do have some control over. I love being complimented on my general fitness and body shape, grooming, sometimes even clothes, because these are things I put a load of effort and thought into.
>> No. 5960 Anonymous
16th November 2021
Tuesday 1:04 pm
5960 spacer
I'm not sure. I like a slack fanny that's packed out with a big BG dildo, but of itself? They're sort of ugly.
>> No. 5961 Anonymous
16th November 2021
Tuesday 1:26 pm
5961 spacer
I've tried to have an opinion on this but honestly I'm happy with any kind of fanny as long as I'm getting some.

With that proviso out the way I will say that they're usually representative of different styles, a nice tight fanny is a beautiful thing to be cherished but a looser fanny can just as easily let you go at it like a bull in a china shop all night long. But every fanny has been different so far for me, I'm just doing a broad generalisation that some women prefer a more gentle clit stimulation and some are all about the penetration aspect and as a lad with a lot of stamina that has a noticeable impact even if ultimately I prefer the feel of that first contact stretching her out.

Before you judge me about the above I have several close friends who are lesbians and when I asked them for tips it didn't sound like they really knew either.

>> No. 5936 Anonymous
9th November 2021
Tuesday 8:42 pm
5936 spacer
How often do you think a man should shower, not after you get sweaty but in general? I think I might have one every 2-3 days.
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>> No. 5941 Anonymous
9th November 2021
Tuesday 11:04 pm
5941 spacer
I do once a day, regardless of exercise. More than once a day is idiotic. And I don't wash my hair in the shower every day, but I do use shower gel and shave in there every day.
>> No. 5942 Anonymous
9th November 2021
Tuesday 11:45 pm
5942 spacer
I do every other day, sometimes three.

I'll say this though, I've gone weeks in the past and it's never as bad as you think it would be, assuming you're not being hugely active and/or ay least wipe your knob every now and then.

I know what you're thinking "you stank and people were too nice to tell you" no, I work with cunts, I'd have been told immediately.
>> No. 5943 Anonymous
9th November 2021
Tuesday 11:50 pm
5943 spacer

You can get away with it as long as you give your bollocks and your pits a whore's wash, and perhaps have a good Polish bath. But you definitely looked like shit, that I can assure you. People just don't tend to say anything because it's easier to ignore than if you stink of BO.

I know because I did the same when I was really depressed in a job I didn't care about, and I turned up looking like I'd just rolled in from a night sleeping rough most days. I think some people actually may have suspected that. I just didn't care.

Looking back though it's quite shameful, because these days I realise I can actually be quite handsome when I look after myself.
>> No. 5944 Anonymous
9th November 2021
Tuesday 11:56 pm
5944 spacer

I dunno, I shave my head and my skin has always been shit, so there's not much else a shower improves.

I love a nice long shower now, even when I'm depressed. I think the fancy rain head shower thingy helps.
>> No. 5945 Anonymous
9th November 2021
Tuesday 11:56 pm
5945 spacer

Oil production in animals gives them a glossy coat, for us it festers. I seem to remember reading a theory that we actually get acne because the excess oil helps lube up a babies head for birth.

Then there are Koreans who have that gene that stops them smelling so they just walk around without any deodorant on.

>My ex and current missus always said I smell good

Maybe they just like a stinky-man though?

I don't fall for the shower-gel scam either but use a bar of soap and a proper sponge to get the grease. And stick the imperial leather stickers all over the place.

>> No. 5828 Anonymous
24th July 2021
Saturday 12:16 pm
5828 Tapering off SSRIS (Citalopram)
I have been taking 10mg Citalopram for around a year now and would like to come off safely. I've been pretty stupid about my intake of the drug, I regularly go 2-3 days without it (purposefully, I can't stand the side effects), but now I want to come off sensibly.

I was thinking of just doing 10mg every 3 days for 2 weeks then every 4 days for 2 weeks then stopping?
Expand all images.
>> No. 5829 Anonymous
24th July 2021
Saturday 12:24 pm
5829 spacer
Have you considered discussing this with the health professional who approves your prescriptions?
>> No. 5830 Anonymous
24th July 2021
Saturday 12:43 pm
5830 spacer
She told me to go cold turkey and no I'm not joking.
>> No. 5831 Anonymous
24th July 2021
Saturday 1:07 pm
5831 spacer
The half life of citalopram is meant to be about 35hours, this means that even though you go 2-3 days without a dose, there's probably a bit left in your body that's enough to prevent withdrawal symptoms starting (I discovered with sertraline -half life of about 26 hours- that the withdrawal symptoms only started after about 2-3 days after going cold turkey and were bad enough that I had to start taking it again). So I think it would be a good idea for you to try and just take a tablet every 3 days and see how you feel after a couple of weeks. Then if possible try and split the dose by half and keep on taking it every 3 days for a while.

Ultimately you can try and taper the dose down so slowly that you don't notice, or you can try and cut down until you notice withdrawal effects and just take a small enough dose to stave them off for a little longer.

The doctor has told you to go cold turkey, and she's probably right to say that the withdrawal effects aren't dangerous, but whilst not dangerous they can be incredibly unpleasant and last for weeks after you stop taking it so tapering off is better.
>> No. 5832 Anonymous
25th July 2021
Sunday 2:36 pm
5832 spacer
I tried to kill myself then threw them all in the bin.
>> No. 5833 Anonymous
25th July 2021
Sunday 5:29 pm
5833 spacer
Glad you're still with us.
Remember to check back in over the next few days and let us know how you're doing.

>> No. 5758 Anonymous
12th May 2021
Wednesday 1:09 am
5758 Anger Management
Anyone know of any decent yoga videos or things of that nature to deal with stress/anger?

I need to cut down on anger because I've been grinding my teeth. My dentist recommended yoga as a solution but all the instructed courses I see are a bit fruity which makes it hard to take seriously (I'm a bit of a prick you see). It's odd because most people think I'm incredibly chill but my calm has always been maintained by short sharp bursts of explosive anger at minor annoyances.
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>> No. 5807 Anonymous
30th June 2021
Wednesday 12:57 am
5807 spacer
>You're just choking it down and forcing yourself to remain composed, instead of conclusively addressing anything.

To an extent, you're right, but what you're actually doing with the breathing exercises is making sure the sick never reaches your mouth. You might feel sick, but the exercises help you see that it's coming and deal with it, rather than just vomit randomly over the nearest person.
>> No. 5808 Anonymous
30th June 2021
Wednesday 1:21 am
5808 spacer
Well, I recall watching this many years ago.

Iirc, the gist was about anger being at least partly due to incorrect expectations.

For example, you may have an expectation that your colleagues will have a basic level of competence. But as many people have found out, that's not always the case. And if you can't change that, then one has to learn to accept it to some extent.

So I think my point was that anger isn't necessarily some infallible righteous force, with external causes that must be rectified in order to quell the anger - but something that can be lessened by internal things. And maybe yoga etc could help.
>> No. 5809 Anonymous
30th June 2021
Wednesday 1:43 am
5809 spacer
What you're describing there is really the backbone of cognitive behavioural therapy. Which works as long as you actually subscribe to it.
>> No. 5810 Anonymous
30th June 2021
Wednesday 1:00 pm
5810 spacer
And as everybody knows, the only devices it's possible to watch YouTube on in 2021 are a phone and a personal computer.
>> No. 5811 Anonymous
30th June 2021
Wednesday 2:10 pm
5811 spacer
Well the weight of a smart TV mounted to your head might be uncomfortable.

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