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>> No. 2669 Anonymous
26th August 2014
Tuesday 4:27 pm
2669 Voice "tuning"
Is it too late to do something with your voice if you are 22?

It is, well, "inconstant". That is, the speed, the loudness, the pitch tend to vary; sometimes up to the point being slightly uncontrollable (especially loudness; I may pronounce words loudly I intended to pronounce quietly and vice versa). The resulting sound is obviously not very nice, probably rasping and somewhat unclear.

I cannot provide any examples as I have neither the microphone, nor the working jack for it. For better or worse.
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>> No. 3934 Anonymous
20th October 2016
Thursday 7:14 pm
3934 spacer
>I found out that I sound somewhat like a pretentious cunt, apart from screeching. Not a pleasant discovery indeed but still better than ignorance.

When I speak quietly, my voice goes really deep. Also when I'm drunk enough, girls have told me it goes sexually deep, Barry White style. When I'm tense, however, or if I become animated, it can go high pitched. I've also realised that I mumble and mutter at least 50% of the time. It really is eye opening recording yourself and listening/watching back, I come across as a total gimp sometimes and then at others as Mega Mr Monty Confidanté the Sexy Baritone Sexagram Man. Your body language, posture, tone, choice of words, delivery, timing, and yes, pitch - all these things combine to create an emphasis and provide emotion (or lack of) to your topic or point, or offer an allusion to what else you've got going on behind the eyes. It might sound shallow, but I've noticed the different ways people react to me based on my uncontrollable shifts in all of those qualities I just listed.
>> No. 3984 Anonymous
28th October 2016
Friday 4:40 pm
3984 spacer

Margaret Thatcher famously subjected herself to speech training when she was running for Prime Minister the first time, and by that time, she was well into middle age. If you see early footage of her, her voice had a quite unpleasant, annoyingly shrieky tone and pitch to it. Like an endlessly lamenting housewife or a stern Victorian headmistress. But she was able to smooth all that out... and even if you hated her and her way of politics, you had to admit that her voice was not unpleasant to listen to.
>> No. 3985 Anonymous
28th October 2016
Friday 5:26 pm
3985 spacer
That first video is incredible.
>> No. 3986 Anonymous
28th October 2016
Friday 6:40 pm
3986 spacer

Huun Huur Tu. They're Tuva's second best export (after high-quality cobalt ore). Their song "Orphan's Lament" is one of the most moving things I've ever heard.

>> No. 4463 Anonymous
25th January 2018
Thursday 9:20 pm
4463 spacer
I'll look this up, thank you.
Can affirm about speaking quietly, to an extent. Should I raise it to normal levels, things go not so smoothly.

I still wonder why at times I mumble and mutter - just like you - and at times sound almost decent. I lost the access to the recordings db recently so no free listening.

>> No. 4461 Anonymous
20th January 2018
Saturday 2:49 am
4461 spacer
Hello. I've made my own fitness arms buildening regime. Thing.

Everynight I do:

40 x dumbbells curls,
40 x hammer lifts with dumbbells,
40 x dumbbell shoulder press,

I then do 30 of the above, the 20 then 10.

How is this regime? I've noticed my arms and shoulders have got a lot better. I've been doing 30 of each then descending in 10s for about 2 months now and I've just knocked it up to 40 then descending in 10s. I do a lot of cardio, running pretty much every free night.
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>> No. 4462 Anonymous
20th January 2018
Saturday 4:26 pm
4462 spacer
do you find it enlarges your clitoris?

feynman van.jpg
>> No. 4459 Anonymous
9th January 2018
Tuesday 12:10 am
4459 spacer
Anyone know a good uk website to buy dianabol from?
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>> No. 4460 Anonymous
9th January 2018
Tuesday 9:28 am
4460 spacer
It's a controlled substance, so no.

bum face.jpg
>> No. 4439 Anonymous
1st January 2018
Monday 10:31 pm
4439 spacer
5 min walking to warm up.

3x20, 1 min rest each: chin up, dip, squat.

3x20 alternating sides each: curl, press, calf raise.

Mon, wed, fri.

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>> No. 4440 Anonymous
1st January 2018
Monday 10:39 pm
4440 spacer

What are your goals?
>> No. 4441 Anonymous
1st January 2018
Monday 10:42 pm
4441 spacer


Strip fat and build a bit of muscle. From chubby fat to athletic.

anal injection hitler large.png
>> No. 4421 Anonymous
29th December 2017
Friday 11:33 pm
4421 spacer
Is it ok to mix ostarine with cough syrup?

I've got 50ml of 25mg/ml ostarine. I was thinking of mixing it with 200ml of cough syrup and taking 5ml a day to get a 25mg/day dose. Will it store ok?
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>> No. 4425 Anonymous
30th December 2017
Saturday 4:01 am
4425 spacer

I hope you're not planning to take Ostarine unless you have a proper PCT planned out.

Given that you don't even specify what fucking active ingredients are in your cough syrup that might possibly interact with Ostarine (highly fucking unlikely in any case) I doubt that you even know what PCT is.

Mods, I know that the britfa is mostly a bunch of near-alcoholic tubby beardy white men with glasses but can we do something about this cunt who can't stop posting utter bullshit in /fat/ ? Or at least filter troll threads with fucking Hitler OP images.

>> No. 4426 Anonymous
30th December 2017
Saturday 4:56 am
4426 spacer
>a bunch of near-alcoholic tubby beardy white men with glasses
What do you mean "near"?
>> No. 4427 Anonymous
30th December 2017
Saturday 5:16 am
4427 spacer
>I hope you're not planning to take Ostarine unless you have a proper PCT planned out.

You don't need PCT with ostarine.

I've changed my mind and I'm going to mix it with orange squash instead.
>> No. 4428 Anonymous
30th December 2017
Saturday 5:18 am
4428 spacer

I just made a thread about cardio with a scene of a sweaty man from a well loved film. I take offense that you'd put it in the same league as a threas about exotic cycles with anal_injection_hitler_large.png.

And I'm working on being less tubby, arite?
>> No. 4431 Anonymous
30th December 2017
Saturday 4:52 pm
4431 spacer


Changed my mind again. I'm now going with golden syrup.

toilet wilderness.jpg
>> No. 4409 Anonymous
6th December 2017
Wednesday 3:43 am
4409 spacer
I did squats for 5x20, 1 min with an empty bar yesterday and my bum muscles are stinging.

Will my bum fall off?
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>> No. 4410 Anonymous
6th December 2017
Wednesday 6:19 am
4410 spacer
>> No. 4411 Anonymous
6th December 2017
Wednesday 11:50 am
4411 spacer

If you laugh then you’ll laugh your arse off.
>> No. 4413 Anonymous
6th December 2017
Wednesday 7:50 pm
4413 spacer
Definitely. Sleep facing down for a couple of days.

feminism fantasy reality.jpg
>> No. 4406 Anonymous
5th December 2017
Tuesday 10:44 pm
4406 spacer
Is £15 a month a good price for gym membership?
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>> No. 4407 Anonymous
5th December 2017
Tuesday 11:00 pm
4407 spacer
Obviously depends on what equipment they have available, but yes 15 quid is a lot cheaper than you'd usually expect to pay
>> No. 4408 Anonymous
5th December 2017
Tuesday 11:47 pm
4408 spacer
That's pretty decent, assuming it's a rolling monthly membership, and not a one where you're tied in to a whole year.

>> No. 4394 Anonymous
29th November 2017
Wednesday 3:00 am
4394 spacer
I want to try some 10 sets of 10 German volume training.

I'm 36 years old and a bit overweight. Will I die?
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>> No. 4401 Anonymous
29th November 2017
Wednesday 10:57 pm
4401 spacer
Thanks to this thread, I tried to do a push up. I couldn't do a push up, nor a pull up, not even a dip. I guess I have the upper body of a 5 year old. Maybe I should just take steroids and be done with it.
>> No. 4402 Anonymous
30th November 2017
Thursday 12:44 am
4402 spacer

Unless you're a proper chubby fucker then you, unlike 90% of people it gets pushed on, are actually a perfect candidate for "do Starting Strength and eat a lot". Not being able to do a single pushup is not healthy even for the most twiglike of people.
>> No. 4403 Anonymous
30th November 2017
Thursday 1:46 am
4403 spacer
I am VERY chubby with arms like a baby. Maybe I'd need to be half my weight to do a proper push up. I'm too far gone mate.
>> No. 4404 Anonymous
2nd December 2017
Saturday 10:14 pm
4404 spacer
Be careful to stay hydrated, you might want to drink three cups of three afterwards.
>> No. 4405 Anonymous
3rd December 2017
Sunday 10:42 am
4405 spacer
Well as a chubby fucker you should lose weight until you get to the point that you can do a push-up. I assume you're at least able to run, right? Even if not very far? Start doing that every day. It'll do wonders for your heart and lungs. And more importantly combine that with watching what you eat. Cut out any easy sources of sugar like soft drinks and alcohol and sweets and excessive amounts of bread. Standard stuff ladm8.

aint even mad exp.jpg
>> No. 4378 Anonymous
21st November 2017
Tuesday 9:25 pm
4378 spacer
R8 my rep scheme.

5, 10, 15, 20, 1 min rest between sets.

Same weight for all sets. The first 3 sets serve as a pre-exhaustion for the final set.

You can create other schemes with a different base number. E.g. 3, 6, 9, 12 or 2, 4, 6, 8.
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>> No. 4389 Anonymous
22nd November 2017
Wednesday 12:52 pm
4389 spacer

It's a type of cumulative fatigue training.
>> No. 4390 Anonymous
22nd November 2017
Wednesday 2:26 pm
4390 spacer

That is just a series of unrelated words with no real meaning. All fatigue is cumulative. In any case, why would you possibly think that inducing fatigue , per se, is particularly beneficial during any exercise other than cardio/calisthenics?
>> No. 4391 Anonymous
22nd November 2017
Wednesday 4:12 pm
4391 spacer

>> No. 4392 Anonymous
22nd November 2017
Wednesday 4:33 pm
4392 spacer

n1 m8 dunno wot 'it me
>> No. 4393 Anonymous
22nd November 2017
Wednesday 4:45 pm
4393 spacer

>> No. 4365 Anonymous
13th October 2017
Friday 5:48 pm
4365 spacer
What does gs think of Yoga?

Thinking of taking it up but I don't know of the health benefits.
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>> No. 4373 Anonymous
14th October 2017
Saturday 1:17 pm
4373 spacer
Strongly recommend it OP, seriously helped my back issues, plus it's great for flexibility and balance so I'm hoping that'll save me in old age.

I've done it at several places in a couple different countries and I've never encountered anyone saying things like 'drawing positive energy in and expelling the negative'. Maybe try elsewhere or do it at home? That seems like a very small thing to stop you from doing it though.
>> No. 4374 Anonymous
14th October 2017
Saturday 2:23 pm
4374 spacer
You don't do it at posh places >>4372 does it at.
>> No. 4375 Anonymous
14th October 2017
Saturday 2:34 pm
4375 spacer
>>4373 Lad, back issues? like falling off a ladder? I did a year ago, it was only 4ft. and Christ, I'm glad the site had a hardhat enforcement policy otherwise it would have been a lot worse, but I landed on the ladder and royally fucked it. If it really worked ill probably give it a shot.
>> No. 4376 Anonymous
14th October 2017
Saturday 5:40 pm
4376 spacer
Here's a really good starter for anyone interested:
>> No. 4377 Anonymous
14th October 2017
Saturday 5:49 pm
4377 spacer
I used to do weights as part of the man thing and became a tank, as I've got older I find yoga and calisthenics far superior to the crossfit shit. Lifting tears muscles and is bad for the joints, yoga is much better. I'm just as strong but half the size I was doing weights and feel much better.

>> No. 4320 Anonymous
27th September 2017
Wednesday 9:23 pm
4320 Awfully sorry to bother you.
To be blunt, I've had some unpleasant shits and stomach aches for the last two weeks now. I was wondering if you gents could critasize my diet. It's slowly changed over the years, and I've grown quite fond of it, rarely making alterations here and there. I've maintained this current diet for over 4 months now, the prior diet was very similar. Around 28,000 calories. The picture is one week.

I run 10km 3 days a week and I lift weights 3 days a week. I have a physical job, warehouse managment, stacking stuff on wooden pallets and moving them around into trucks. I do that 4 days a week. I'm 6ft and 14 stone.
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>> No. 4335 Anonymous
30th September 2017
Saturday 3:50 pm
4335 spacer

They could just have diabetes and not realise it. That makes piss taste sweet. So I've heard.
>> No. 4336 Anonymous
30th September 2017
Saturday 10:20 pm
4336 spacer
Diabetes makes you piss out sugar only because the condition is a failure to metabolise sugar. In an otherwise healthy person all your sugar intake is assimilated.
>> No. 4338 Anonymous
30th September 2017
Saturday 11:13 pm
4338 spacer

Thank you for your correction that in no way was needed nor a correction.
>> No. 4339 Anonymous
1st October 2017
Sunday 12:47 am
4339 spacer
Someone piss sugar in your cornflakes, lad?
>> No. 4340 Anonymous
1st October 2017
Sunday 1:57 am
4340 spacer

That's fine by me, diabetic piss tastes like birthday cake mix.so I've heard

bernd life.jpg
>> No. 4316 Anonymous
19th August 2017
Saturday 8:49 pm
4316 spacer
R8 my exercise schedule.

Tue: 30 mins calisthenics
Thu: 30 mins calisthenics
Sat: 1 hour full body workout with heavy weights
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>> No. 4317 Anonymous
19th August 2017
Saturday 9:18 pm
4317 spacer
Need a bit more than that.
>> No. 4318 Anonymous
20th August 2017
Sunday 11:48 am
4318 spacer

If you're a neet (Judging you a bit by your image) that won't do mate. If you have any nearby places for it, try practicing farmer's walks with heavy weights, they'll sort you out!

>> No. 4303 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 6:57 pm
4303 Cupping
I've had excellent experiences with aryuvedic and similar alternative drugss, but cupping is just bullshit. That's all.
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>> No. 4304 Anonymous
11th July 2017
Tuesday 7:53 pm
4304 spacer
>> No. 4305 Anonymous
12th July 2017
Wednesday 8:17 pm
4305 spacer
What do they actually do when cupping? I've never quite understood the procedure.
>> No. 4306 Anonymous
12th July 2017
Wednesday 8:25 pm
4306 spacer

They heat up the air inside the cup, then stick it on your back. When the air cools, it creates suction inside the cup. It's supposed to draw out toxins or bad qi or some such bullshit.

>> No. 4296 Anonymous
3rd May 2017
Wednesday 2:43 pm
4296 spacer
So recently joined a gym on my physio's recommendation due to a problem with my rotator cuff.

This is my routine, should I change the order?

db shoulder press 3 x 10-12
db bench press 3 x 10-12
db single arm Row 3 x 10-12
Tricep press 3 x 10-12
Lat pulldown 3 x 10-12 or passive hangs or assisted pull ups
Chest fly
Plank one arm raise 3 x 5

Also I sometimes do squats and deadlifts for shits and giggles. Might start doing skull crushers or dips.
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>> No. 4298 Anonymous
4th May 2017
Thursday 11:49 am
4298 spacer
Use this order:

Bench press
Lat pulldown
Shoulder press

Don't do tricep presses or chest flyes. They're known to cause shoulder and elbow problems. It would be a good idea to finish off with the L-fly for 2x8. Start with a 5 pound plate and work up to no more than 10 pounds. There's no need for heavy weights with this exercise, it's for shoulder care not building strength.

>> No. 4299 Anonymous
4th May 2017
Thursday 4:16 pm
4299 spacer

Gays and pedos hang out at the Smith machine.
>> No. 4300 Anonymous
4th May 2017
Thursday 4:47 pm
4300 spacer

>> No. 4301 Anonymous
7th May 2017
Sunday 6:31 pm
4301 spacer
Thanks. How do you know what order to do exercises?

Man that L fly is killer, I could only do 6 reps without pain on a low weight.
>> No. 4302 Anonymous
8th May 2017
Monday 2:09 am
4302 spacer

Basically big exercises first and alternate pushing and pulling.

Yeah the L-fly is an awkward exercise to do, don't push it too hard. If 5 pound is too much then maybe try a smaller weight.

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