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>> No. 3912 Anonymous
5th September 2016
Monday 7:38 pm
3912 Expired Aspirin
Lads what's the worst that can happen if I consume aspirin that's a year out of date?

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>> No. 3913 Anonymous
5th September 2016
Monday 7:55 pm
3913 spacer
I would assume it's simply inert, but you should properly do your own research.
>> No. 3914 Anonymous
5th September 2016
Monday 8:11 pm
3914 spacer
Not much, Aspirins okay. Also, its 2015, not exactly that old.

Also, Aspirin/Paracetamol are about 30p from the supermarket. Why do you need to consume an out of date aspirin?

>> No. 3906 Anonymous
28th August 2016
Sunday 1:48 pm
3906 Boxing
Been going to the gym for over a year now, wanna make some inroads into boxing as another way of keeping fit and looking for some advice on where/how to start.

Generally speaking, recommended diets and exercises to keep up, obtaining gear and working my way up. I mostly go for high carb foods, lean meats with veg, low fat yoghurts for desserts, stuff that I imagine is the norm for this and workouts include specific strength-building with cardio included. Been meaning to get a skipping rope for a while for this particularly.

Not got much interest in getting in the ring and sparring until I know some basic techniques and get in with someone my level.

pic unrelated
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>> No. 3907 Anonymous
28th August 2016
Sunday 4:01 pm
3907 spacer
>pic unrelated

On the contrary, it would seem a comic about not learning anything at school would have a lot to do with becoming a boxer.
>> No. 3908 Anonymous
28th August 2016
Sunday 5:43 pm
3908 spacer

The thicko lad made good as a prizefighter is a bit of a stereotype. Those stories exist, but a lot of Brit boxers come from the sports sciences scene of universities, particularly those that break past amateur levels or compete in the Olympics. Klitschko also comes to mind as a high profile example of the contrary, as he's a pretty skilled chess player, has worked for UNESCO, has received honourary degrees, etc.

Anyway, to the OP, it sounds like you're doing well on the diet. Boxing is a demanding mix of power and endurance, so you can't go wrong with plenty of carbs and protein. I think most people tend to underestimate how much cardiovascular work goes into getting good at the sport, so working on that beforehand is a great idea. The first time I tried, a single round would absolutely gas me.

For everything else, I'd say dive right in and join a gym, you'll pick up the basics of how to stand, throw and land a punch very quickly. Again, contrary to stereotypes, there's not as much ego as you'd expect knocking around boxing gyms in my experience. As people are matched by weight, it's skill and experience that become the biggest factors, and anyone who's been boxing long enough to become any good has been humbled a lot to get there. Not wanting to spar right away is fair and most gyms will respect that, just keep in mind that when you do, the hand speed of others will seem unreal and good boxers are trained to be slippery. You may get frustrated, but controlling that is a huge part of the sport. Any good coach or partner will match their level to yours and allow you to catch up.
>> No. 3909 Anonymous
28th August 2016
Sunday 11:01 pm
3909 spacer
I did some amateur boxing as a teenlad and the only equipment you'll need is a gum shield and some hand wraps. You won't need a gum shield right away, but don't skimp and get a fiver boil and bite. Hand wraps are important, not nly to protect your knuckles, but supporting your wrists. You can get these from any sports shop for a fiver.

From my experience you won't go into any sparring until you've been going for a decent length of time, because your coach will be concentrating on getting your stance and punches correct. So you'll do a lot of shadow boxing, bag work etc.
>> No. 3910 Anonymous
29th August 2016
Monday 6:43 pm
3910 spacer

> From my experience you won't go into any sparring until you've been going for a decent length of time, because your coach will be concentrating on getting your stance and punches correct. So you'll do a lot of shadow boxing, bag work etc.

This is not just ideal but imperative. Avoid places that throw you into full contact sparring on your first day. I learned that the hard way.
>> No. 3911 Anonymous
29th August 2016
Monday 10:31 pm
3911 spacer
Any coach who puts you in the ring
on your first time should definitely be avoided. Look on the ABAE for their club finder, any of these clubs are trustworthy.

>> No. 3893 Anonymous
31st July 2016
Sunday 3:34 am
3893 Weights
I do 5 minutes of dumbells everynight before bed will this surely but slowly build up some decent muscle, or is it too little to even make a differance?

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>> No. 3894 Anonymous
31st July 2016
Sunday 3:49 am
3894 spacer
Too little I'd say, but something is better than nothing.

Also, lads, is it worth doing dumbbell presses on the floor? Or do I have to go out and buy a bench? See video for an example.

>> No. 3895 Anonymous
31st July 2016
Sunday 8:16 am
3895 spacer

If you want to build muscle, it's more useful to think in terms of reps and weight than time spent per session.

The idea of strengthening or building a muscle is based on progressive overload, i.e. increasing the weight or number of reps performed over time.

People bang on about good form because it's the only way to regularly perform these movements long enough to see changes without doing yourself an injury.

Similarly, while dumbbells are a good place to start, you'll probably find them too easy very quickly and will eventually have to pick up a barbell, so that you can load it with enough weight to keep progressing.


Floor presses are a fine exercise.

>> No. 3905 Anonymous
26th August 2016
Friday 9:19 pm
3905 spacer
It depends what you want to achieve, but for general health and fitness there's nothing wrong with calisthenics and 30 minutes of cardio a day. You can do a calisthenic routine of stretches, press-ups, crunches, squats, etc, without paying for any equipment, you get a whole body work out, and rather than increase the weight you can just do more reps per set, or more sets over a longer period of time. It's good for endurance and stamina, but no so much for building huge muscle mass - but whenever you start any exercise, if you're eating well you'll get good 'beginners gains' and reach a noticeable improvement fairly quickly.

>> No. 3755 Anonymous
28th February 2016
Sunday 7:19 pm
3755 spacer
Hello /nhs/,

My gums are fucked, lads. Woke up one day and they're just not there any more. In typical fashion, I've scared myself shitless by reading up about it on the internet and apparently the actual bones that support the tissue that holds my teeth in are disappearing. I've got a dentist appointment in April and I'm really hoping that the issue can be fixed with a deep clean and some tablets because I move to the US shortly, where I'll probably get my teeth deep cleaned and gold-plated at a drive-through dentist once a month or something.

The internet also informs me that receding gums are very common, so have any of you lot had any issues with yours in the past?

General teeth thread, I suppose.
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>> No. 3902 Anonymous
26th August 2016
Friday 1:41 pm
3902 spacer
Two questions.

First one. I have a number of fillings in my teeth. I know that their (the fillings') lifespan is sort of limited and that I will have to replace them after some time. But does this mean that eventually I am condemned to crowns and whatever worse things there are?

Second. I've heard that sugar is harmful for teeth. But how much is too much? I have a guilty pleasure of downing a cuppa of that wonky 3-in-1 Nescafe instant coffee twice or thrice a week. Each time I do so or eat a lolly, I have this anxiety about caries.

>> No. 3903 Anonymous
26th August 2016
Friday 8:52 pm
3903 spacer
I have an implanted bridge, three teeth at the front. I managed to get it free at the local university dental hospital, although I had to wait a lot. If you guys ever lose a tooth and you want a free implant, wait until the start of the financial year and apply at a university dental hospital, the students are supervised by consultants and any surgery you need is done by professionals. As of a couple of years ago, policy changed that if they thought you were smoking, no matter how far into the treatment you were they would cancel the whole thing. They implemented this on my 4th treatment out of 5, when the consultant noticed tobacco stains on my fingers and sent me home. But I was then told that because they'd introduced that policy after I started, it was okay for me to carry on. Of course, I told them on the application that I didn't smoke, because then they won't even consider you. You have to have your implants replaced every 15 years or so, but if you smoke they'll probably fail after 3-5 years. And smoking will cause your gums to recede more than anything, especially if you've had trauma to the gum.

I had those teeth knocked out, and I stopped smoking for a week but then started again, and my gums receded, like, a lot. To the point that when I went to a private dentist for a quote, and he was examining me and saying dentist-speak to the nurse, the measurement he used for the recession of my gums actually made her gasp. And they told me that when I'd get my implants there'd be a pink section at the top, to match the line of my gum. There wasn't though, and if I lift my lip I have huge beaver teeth. Thankfully though when I smile you can't see my gums anyway so you can't tell unless I lift my lip up.

But yeah, it's common, but if you use mouthwash you'll be fine. Something I noticed is that if you do have any pain or bleeding gums, using interdents or floss with a knot tied in it works a treat, but a warm saltwater mouthwash twice a day for a week seems to work far better than corsodyl or any store bought mouthwashes.

Just take care of your teeth, if you have a single tooth with a lot of recession, a dentist can perform a cosmetic procedure to correct it. Once your whole gum line starts going, you'll eventually get loose teeth, and you want to delay that as long as possible. It starts with gingivitis, and develops into periodontitis. It's just hassle that can be avoiding by using e-cigs if you smoke, and following regular oral hygiene.

>> No. 3859 Anonymous
28th June 2016
Tuesday 2:48 pm
3859 spacer
Lads, my belly looks worse than this. About two weeks ago I started to swell and it just gets worse. I am now in severe physical discomfort. I cannot go through medical diagnosis in person due to work commitments, so am really asking for any advice on how to reduce bloating.

It is highly unlikely I have cancer - really unlikely, but my diet changed a couple of weeks ago to a more traditional Western meat/dairy/flour one than I have been used to for the last few years.

I would appreciate any advice on how to deal with this, it fucking sucks.
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>> No. 3885 Anonymous
27th July 2016
Wednesday 3:31 am
3885 spacer
Paracetamol stresses your liver (when used properly, this is not much of an issue in an otherwise healthy person), so if you drop it on a hangover you're stressing and already stressed liver. It's an incredibly forgiving organ, but it's still not a great idea.
>> No. 3886 Anonymous
27th July 2016
Wednesday 3:40 am
3886 spacer
Do all drugs not stress your liver to an extent though? Why would aspirin be any better?
>> No. 3887 Anonymous
27th July 2016
Wednesday 12:45 pm
3887 spacer
The swelling in your head, caused largely by dehydration, is part of what makes hangovers so bad. Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory and reduces that swelling.

At least, that's my understanding (I'm no chemist, just repeating what I've read elsewhere); it's certainly helped me out on a good few hangovers though.
>> No. 3888 Anonymous
27th July 2016
Wednesday 12:50 pm
3888 spacer
Am I the only one thinking that after the sorts of night out I have, a couple of painkillers is the least of my worries?


For some reason my parents both call it "brufen". My mum should know better, she's a fucking nurse.
>> No. 3891 Anonymous
27th July 2016
Wednesday 1:35 pm
3891 spacer


Brufen was the first trade name for ibuprofen. It was under patent until the mid-80s, so all ibuprofen was branded as brufen until then. A lot of older medical professionals never got out of the habit of using the proprietary name.

Younger medical professionals are trained to always use the generic name, mainly for cost reasons - if the generic name is used on a prescription, the pharmacist can dispense whatever is cheapest.

>> No. 3854 Anonymous
20th June 2016
Monday 1:12 pm
3854 spacer
My faithful sonicare has stopped holding charge after three or more years of use.

Is it worth trying to fix somehow or should I buy a new toothbrush?
Has toothbrush technology improved recently? I remember hearing something about water-picks. Should I just go back to normal toothbrushes?

I drink a lot of stuff with tannins in so I try to err on the side of "spend more on better brushing".
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>> No. 3866 Anonymous
25th July 2016
Monday 3:31 pm
3866 spacer
Do we have those here?
>> No. 3868 Anonymous
25th July 2016
Monday 3:38 pm
3868 spacer

>> No. 3869 Anonymous
25th July 2016
Monday 3:39 pm
3869 spacer
Outside of London?
>> No. 3870 Anonymous
25th July 2016
Monday 3:50 pm
3870 spacer
Yes. Where are you?
Dunno if there' a register of them.
>> No. 3871 Anonymous
25th July 2016
Monday 3:51 pm
3871 spacer



>> No. 197 Anonymous
5th January 2012
Thursday 10:21 am
197 spacer
Any runners on /fat/? Started sometime October last year and I've been steadily cutting the time it takes to run a certain route.

In fact I was just about to head out in twenty minutes, I'll come and check replies afterwards.
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>> No. 3730 Anonymous
26th January 2016
Tuesday 2:14 pm
3730 spacer
Yeah totally crazy, perfect refuation there chum
>> No. 3850 Anonymous
12th June 2016
Sunday 7:23 pm
3850 spacer
I've hurt my Achilles tendon. I've laid off running for about two or three weeks now in favour of swimming, but it is a ballache not just being able to lace up my shoes and go whenever I feel like it.

Sage for nothing interesting.
>> No. 3851 Anonymous
12th June 2016
Sunday 7:28 pm
3851 spacer

Cos you had shit shoes!
>> No. 3852 Anonymous
13th June 2016
Monday 7:20 pm
3852 spacer
Cycling's better.
>> No. 3853 Anonymous
13th June 2016
Monday 8:05 pm
3853 spacer
I thought the exact same thing on seeing this thread, but didn't see the point in de-railing the thread for an apples-and-oranges comparison.

But still, the main things I like about cycling is how much further you can go. Running might be alright if you want a quick half-hour session during your lunch break but with a bike you can go for miles out of town and see all sorts. I find cycle maintenance strangely satisfying in all its oily glory too. Plus, if you go offroad on trails there's a good element of skill/balance instead of just being tedious exercise.

>> No. 3833 Anonymous
6th May 2016
Friday 2:55 am
3833 spacer
Right lads,

I've noticed I have lost a of of muscle mass over the last year. My core strength is cracking, but even I can see my arms now look like a smackhead's.

I am using barbells at home, but I just don't understand what a rep is. Or what 5x5 means.

Could anyone give me a bit of basic advice, or drop me a link that doesn't already assume you have wasted 500 hours learning acronyms and terminology?

Compete beginner level muscle build (and I laugh as I write this, as it is muscle density that I am after - I still easily lift more than guys with 5 times the diameter of my arms and thighs...). My core had never left me, but the limbs and stomach are beginning to drop after a more sedentary lifestyle kicked in.

Right: barbells, cardio, calisthenics, in one wrap, please. With all terminology at the base level explained.
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>> No. 3844 Anonymous
6th May 2016
Friday 7:00 pm
3844 spacer
But some absolute maniac did delete the thread and repost every reply individually - comically including yours. How very ungrateful.
>> No. 3845 Anonymous
6th May 2016
Friday 7:07 pm
3845 spacer
Yes. This is confusing me. I wanted to delete this post>>3836 because the squat one is wrong and I wasn't aware.

Delete this please because I can no longer unfortunately.
>> No. 3846 Anonymous
6th May 2016
Friday 8:45 pm
3846 spacer

Oh mercy, I just noticed this. That someone would really bother to do so is part of the reason why I love .gs.
>> No. 3847 Anonymous
7th May 2016
Saturday 8:48 am
3847 spacer
It's rather unfair that I can no longer delete those posts that I made. They were mine and not his to nick so I want my delete power back because I've changed my mind now. It's typical of this place to have your posts deleted but it's the first time they've been stolen from me.
>> No. 3848 Anonymous
7th May 2016
Saturday 1:41 pm
3848 spacer
Have you filed a DMCA?

>> No. 3772 Anonymous
28th March 2016
Monday 6:41 am
3772 IIFYM
I'm going to be trying IIFYM until the end of the year, using the calculators up on iifym.com and a simple macro tracker.

I'm about 77kg at 180cm, lifting three days a week with a bit of occasional cardio, and while my diet is made up of good stuff in roughly the right proportions, I have been lazy about actually paying attention to it.

If I had to estimate my body fat, I look around 12% on a good day, but at bloatier times this looks like 14%, complete with mini-paunch. The problem with lifting is you can often get stronger and still look soft.

Here goes my experiment, anyway. My plan is to check in once or twice a month and tell you lads if I'm noticeably leaner or not. I imagine the first few weeks are going to be a pain, measuring portions, but my diet is more or less a stable factor I can modify easily.

Wish me luck.
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>> No. 3817 Anonymous
29th April 2016
Friday 5:22 pm
3817 spacer

77kg at 174cm doesn't sound particularly chubby, but I suppose it all comes down to body composition. 'Meal timing' is mostly dismissed as irrelevant now, but on a practical level I find it easier to take an interest in what you're eating by preparing several for the day.

If anything it sounds like you may be eating too little, and too little of the right stuff. Work out your basal metabolic rate, factoring in exercise, and try measuring out three meals a day with more veg and a decent balance of macros. I imagine you'll drop weight doing so.

What kind of work are you doing at the gym, by the way? Heavy compound lifts with free weights will be more effective than 90 minutes on the machines.
>> No. 3818 Anonymous
29th April 2016
Friday 5:50 pm
3818 spacer
I doubt I eat too little, I guess I get around 2000 calories a day? Maybe 1.5 meals a day, one large one and a sandwich or bruschetta or a salady thing or something.

I definitely need to eat more vegetables and pad out my meals with stuff like that, maybe more fish.

Generally I do freewight exercises (no barbells stuff, I'm kind of limited because I have something which ticks a lot of the boxes of a hernia except I only notice it doing heavy bar stuff and kettlebell swings.) My usual routine is justall body stuff. Dumbell press, flys, rows, dumbell shoulder press, twist things with the weight rack, planks, leg raises and leg press and maybe pullups and dips. I should probably build myself a better routine to be honest.
>> No. 3819 Anonymous
29th April 2016
Friday 5:51 pm
3819 spacer
Though I know 2000 IS too little but I don't see how eating any more would cause me to lose any fat.
>> No. 3820 Anonymous
29th April 2016
Friday 6:20 pm
3820 spacer
>I doubt I eat too little, I guess I get around 2000 calories a day? Maybe 1.5 meals a day, one large one and a sandwich or bruschetta or a salady thing or something.

Have you ever measured it out? This would be worth doing. Assuming your typical shop-bought sandwich is about 500 calories, a 1500 calorie meal is very large.

I wasn't suggesting you should just eat more. As I said, work out your basal metabolic rate, track how much you're really eating, and make sure you pack in the protein and veg while staying in an overall deficit. That should put you on the right track.

Having a structured routine would help a lot, there's no lack of choice out there. See a GP about the hernia if you've not already.
>> No. 3821 Anonymous
29th April 2016
Friday 8:28 pm
3821 spacer

I don't want to sound like I am taking the piss, but:

>make sure you pack in the protein and veg while staying in an overall deficit.

Well, hammer protein (preferably beans and the like), hammer the veg, specifically leafy greens, and generally do more exercise, mainly cardio, with a few weight sessions and you will be doing what any ever who is qualified in this stuff has ever told me.

>> No. 3806 Anonymous
20th April 2016
Wednesday 4:10 pm
3806 Real eyes, realise, real lies
I'm mildly anxious about my eyesight. Here is the story.

Years ago I used to spend an awful amount in front of my PC. At some point I noticed that my vision had become blurry yet not bad enough to wear glasses. I did the only things I could have done - threw out my CRT display (it was rather shitty anyway) and started to reduce the time spent in front of the screen. Interestingly enough, upgrading to an LCD did help: over the two years that followed my vision improved noticeably. My eyesight is only barely lacking, otherwise being very ok.

I still spend a lot of time in front of a screen. Sometimes up to 10 hours, but usually up to 4 - 6 hours.

Recently an acquaintance of mine offered me a job. Most probably I will be spending a lot of time staring into the screen there too. I'm worried about my eyesight as I know that having shitty eyes is, well, shitty. But the job seems to be all right (there aren't much around here anyway, besides the sales positions). Is there a way to prevent my vision's decline? Or am I better to seek employment in some other area?
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>> No. 3809 Anonymous
20th April 2016
Wednesday 10:22 pm
3809 spacer
Most new studies are honing in on the most likely cause of myopia being lack of exposure to natural light.
Simply the amount of time spent outdoors during childhood is a far better predictor or myopia later in life, than any other factor such as time spent doing close work or amount of exercise.
>> No. 3810 Anonymous
21st April 2016
Thursday 7:16 pm
3810 spacer
That's quite interesting. Do you happen to have any links to any of those studies?
>> No. 3811 Anonymous
21st April 2016
Thursday 8:07 pm
3811 spacer
>> No. 3812 Anonymous
21st April 2016
Thursday 8:59 pm
3812 spacer

This is a fairly good summary:

>> No. 3813 Anonymous
21st April 2016
Thursday 9:16 pm
3813 spacer
Thanks lad.

>> No. 3769 Anonymous
24th March 2016
Thursday 6:32 pm
3769 Med lads?
So I've finally been given an appointment at a hospital to see about the lumpy cyst on my neck.

The more irksome problem; The appointment letter is asking me to bring a urine sample.
Does anyone here with more medical knowledge than me, have any idea why a urine sample would be needed? It's giving me a worrying feeling in the back of my head that I've been mixed up with someone else with a completely different problem.
And since they didn't put a sample pot in the envelope, I'm also going to have to find time to get there before work one day to pick one up.

And the other thing, the appointment is at the local hospitals general surgery, not the dermatology ward at a larger hospital that I was told I was being referred to. (Not really a problem I suppose, I guess the specialist saw the referral and decided it didn't really deserve his time. But on the other hand, it's also adding to the feeling that I'm the wrong patient.)
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>> No. 3770 Anonymous
24th March 2016
Thursday 8:44 pm
3770 spacer
Your urine can tell a lot about you, they probably just want to know some routine stuff before they admit you just in case you have any underlying conditions that would affect your treatment. They can test it for all sorts, sugar levels, proteins, signs of infection, that sort of thing.
>> No. 3771 Anonymous
26th March 2016
Saturday 5:56 am
3771 spacer
I end up going to hospital more than I'd like to admit I've had a lot of letters asking to bring a urine sample on them.

The thing is I've never brought one and when I got there I was never asked for one. Only times I've ever actually had to give a urine sample is when they handed me a pot to piss in themselves.

I would just forget about it and treat it as "worst case scenario I'll be asked to give a piss sample there"

Also that happens all the time "yeah we'll send you to x" then you end up at y with no explanation. The NHS is nice to have and all but it ain't beautiful
>> No. 3804 Anonymous
14th April 2016
Thursday 4:26 pm
3804 spacer

maxresdefault (1).jpg
>>3769 Here again.

Against the excellent advice of >>3771, I took a urine sample with me. Needless to say, they didn't ask me for it.

Anyway, the doctor explained to me that as my lump wasn't serious enough to get NHS funding for surgery. If I still wanted it removed, or if it got worse in future, I'd have to go back to my GP again and plead my case (read:exaggerate the pain as much as possible) and he would apply for funding again.
So then I asked, can I get a referral for private treatment? His answer was "Yes, I can remove it for you next week, it'll take about 10 minutes."

I understand that (for the most part) a cyst is purely cosmetic and the NHS can't pay for everything. But if I stuck with the NHS and needed to go back in the future, it would start adding up to 4, 5, 6 appointments, more courses of antibiotics, etc. and by the time all that is over and done with, the cost to the NHS is surely far greater than the cost of just whipping out a scalpel at the first chance. Never mind the value of my own time.

I've just started trying fountain pens, so I might recycle the piss pot into an ink pot.
>> No. 3805 Anonymous
14th April 2016
Thursday 5:14 pm
3805 spacer

That's a problem with doctors, not the structure of the NHS. They throw amoxicillin at just about everything despite the fact that something like 98% of staph/streps are already resistant to it.

I sometimes suspect that most GPs simply can't be arsed, and instead of doing their jobs properly, they use "take these for a week and see how you are" as a sort of filtering system in order to weed out those patients who'll get better naturally from the ones who actually need attention.

Gary Bartz Music Is My Sanctuary 544918.jpg
>> No. 3801 Anonymous
11th April 2016
Monday 3:38 pm
3801 spacer
I'm a 23 year old male.

Since I was 18 I've had a tight sternum / upper chest area, with minor pain. I've also had acid problems since around the same time, and have been taking omeprazole (mostly) regularly since then. My dad has a hiatius hernia and acid problems also.

Anyway, the past 2 weeks I've been having heart palpitations, or something I have mistaken for palpitations. It is like a short sharp exhalation of air, from my nose after a spasm from my chest- area... (the "core" of me). It is very hard to pin down. It's like someone very quickly squeezes the air out of me. Completely involuntary. It's quite concerning. Sometimes I feel my heart beat, I think. This can happen 40 or so times a day. It gets worse throughout the day, it doesn't really happen in the morning, or if it does, it feels 'lighter'.

The doctor gave me an ECG in January - all clear. Blood tests last week - all clear. I mentioned my acid, and that I missed my tablets for a week or so, and he said it might be related, and re-prescribed them and told me to come back in a month of taking them again. He doesn't seem worried but I feel he's just pawning it off as Anxiety. I've been back on the omeprazole for 4 days now and its no different.

I was worried about a heart issue, but he said not to due to clear tests. However the ECG was in january, long before these palps... or whatever they are.

Anyone got a clue?
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>> No. 3802 Anonymous
11th April 2016
Monday 3:51 pm
3802 spacer
Google tells me this could be esophagus spasms? Lots of hits relating to Acid problems. Although my acid has not felt bad during this whole time...
>> No. 3803 Anonymous
11th April 2016
Monday 3:58 pm
3803 spacer
Then again, the palp/spasm thing has started today almost immediately after eating breakfast...

>> No. 3786 Anonymous
10th April 2016
Sunday 10:12 pm
3786 spacer
I'm looking for a 'recipe' for a chicken and rice based meal that I can cook in bulk, and eat all week. Something healthy, low-fat. Something I can keep in the fridge and just microwave all week. I'm fed up of cooking, I don't care about eating the same thing everyday either.
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>> No. 3797 Anonymous
11th April 2016
Monday 1:33 am
3797 spacer
Chicken adobo.
>> No. 3798 Anonymous
11th April 2016
Monday 11:04 am
3798 spacer
I think you lot are being too fussy about reheating frozen chicken. I've had it from time to time and never had a problem. Had frozen coq au vin last night, in fact.
>> No. 3799 Anonymous
11th April 2016
Monday 11:36 am
3799 spacer
Most of the time I don't wash my hands after having a shit unless there's visible staining. Sometimes you can still smell it, but I've never had a problem.
>> No. 3800 Anonymous
11th April 2016
Monday 11:41 am
3800 spacer
There's something desperately wrong with your analogy.
>> No. 3849 Anonymous
11th May 2016
Wednesday 9:44 pm
3849 spacer
This is such an overrated album, the first song and the last were decent but it's somehow become the face of emo revival. They even made a new video for it and performed it in Reading. Ridiculous.

>> No. 3764 Anonymous
21st March 2016
Monday 4:01 pm
3764 spacer
Does anyone want to do couch to 10k with me?
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>> No. 3765 Anonymous
21st March 2016
Monday 4:08 pm
3765 spacer
I got halfway through couch to 5k and then suddenly there seemed to be no shortage of reasons not to go for a run - I'm too tired, it's too cold, it's too late at night, I've just eaten, I haven't eaten...
>> No. 3766 Anonymous
21st March 2016
Monday 4:27 pm
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Couch 4 life.
>> No. 3767 Anonymous
23rd March 2016
Wednesday 4:15 pm
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I did my first run two days ago but I only decided to do this after that, so today I took my first day.

I'm so unfit and I need to stop smoking. Pah!
>> No. 3768 Anonymous
23rd March 2016
Wednesday 8:08 pm
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Running's fuckhorrible, but I've been pounding out 15-20 miles a day on my bike this week. I'm annoyingly fat, and it must change.
Bring it on.
>> No. 3785 Anonymous
31st March 2016
Thursday 8:46 pm
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I'm on Week 2 now and I can see myself improving considerably already, it feels good but I still hate it. It's a great motivator knowing you could barely run for 1 minute last week and realising you can now do 2m30s.

Onwards and upwards.

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