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>> No. 3410 Anonymous
3rd August 2015
Monday 11:00 pm
3410 spacer
So I started working out recently, and I have a question re. sets/reps when bench pressing. I can usually either do 3 sets of 8/4/2 reps or 3 sets of 5/5/5 reps. Which of these is better for simply getting stronger? Is it advisable to do less reps in the first set so you can do more reps in the last sets?
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>> No. 3412 Anonymous
4th August 2015
Tuesday 1:30 am
3412 spacer

Roid rage claims yet another victim.
>> No. 3413 Anonymous
4th August 2015
Tuesday 1:55 am
3413 spacer

Let the mods doing the moderating, lad.
>> No. 3415 Anonymous
4th August 2015
Tuesday 3:56 am
3415 spacer
Apologies, sometimes I am just too trusting. Next time I shall report forthwith.
>> No. 3419 Anonymous
4th August 2015
Tuesday 10:42 am
3419 spacer
>> No. 3420 Anonymous
4th August 2015
Tuesday 11:20 am
3420 spacer

I've been waiting patiently for this.

>> No. 3384 Anonymous
21st July 2015
Tuesday 11:29 pm
3384 spacer
Anyone here been circumcised as an adult?

My foreskin and frenulum are a bit tight from a fungal infection I had and I've been thinking of getting rid of them both. Does it hurt? How much does it cost in the uk?
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>> No. 3403 Anonymous
23rd July 2015
Thursday 1:20 am
3403 spacer
Unless this is some deeply weird cosmetic thing you need it for: if it's due to tightness the NHS will sort that, don't spunk 700 quid on some private medicine bullshit.
>> No. 3404 Anonymous
23rd July 2015
Thursday 1:42 am
3404 spacer

It's not bad enough to get it done on the NHS.
>> No. 3407 Anonymous
26th July 2015
Sunday 6:38 pm
3407 spacer

You can get yourself a circumcision kit and some lidocaine off ebay for under £50.
>> No. 3408 Anonymous
26th July 2015
Sunday 6:38 pm
3408 spacer

snip kit.jpg

forgot pic.
>> No. 3409 Anonymous
26th July 2015
Sunday 6:50 pm
3409 spacer

>> No. 2386 Anonymous
20th June 2014
Friday 12:16 am
2386 Losing weight!
I've got a few questions about weight loss my friends.

I've switched from beer to whiskey will this help? (I'm an alcoholic and drink a LOT of beer, I'm not looking to stop drinking atm, I'm losing weight first then I'll tackle my alcohol addiction)

I've started doing push ups and literally running around the house when no ones in, as well as jogging on the spot and such like.

I'm eating less, I've gone from binge eating to one meal a day. With the occasional chocolate biscuit in between. I'm often hungry now, but I assume my body will get used to less eating?

Is this a good way to lose weight? Or am I being a retard?

Also worth mentioning that I'm quite muscular but I've got a massive beer belly, that's the only place that's fatty the rest of me isn't too bad if I'm honest.

Thanks guys, much love.

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>> No. 2826 Anonymous
15th December 2014
Monday 10:05 pm
2826 spacer
OP here, I'll try the bio oil and give feed back on how it's doing for me, also would i need to shave my hairy belly for it to work?
>> No. 2827 Anonymous
16th December 2014
Tuesday 9:51 am
2827 spacer
Much to my dismay the Mrs never shaves hers, maybe this is why it doesn't seem to work (she buys a copy; Re-Gen oil from somewhere)
>> No. 2828 Anonymous
16th December 2014
Tuesday 9:33 pm
2828 spacer
OP here, got it today, definitely a belly shave job.
>> No. 3405 Anonymous
24th July 2015
Friday 2:00 pm
3405 spacer
OP here, just thought I'd let you all know I'm doing very well. Stopped running recently due to a injury but I've taken up doing sets of bench presses, press ups, curls and planking as well.
>> No. 3406 Anonymous
24th July 2015
Friday 2:05 pm
3406 spacer
Have you considered swimming? It's a very good conditioning exercise if you can't run for whatever reason. I'd also recommend you check out /r/bodyweightfitness, if you fancy a more structured programme that doesn't require much equipment (same for Convict Conditioning). Either way, well done for keeping up with your goals, just make sure you keep an eye on your diet - it really is 80% of your results - and make sure you keep yourself interested in whatever you're doing by changing up your regime every now and then.

>> No. 3372 Anonymous
18th July 2015
Saturday 6:29 pm
3372 spacer
I've come to think that if I want to remain healthy (both physically and mentally) at old age, I should probably start caring about my well-being right now. I've already witnessed how certain bad choices made by other people lead to worse outcomes over the course of years. And I have most certainly made some bad choices myself in the past. Perhaps I'll be able to mend those.

The problem is that I don't know much about the whole affair, apart from rather obvious basics, like avoiding unhealthy and excessive meals, saying no to cigs, performing exercises.

I could certainly use some advice, lads. Is there anything else I should take into consideration? Perhaps you have relatives who made it into the old age without becoming frail?
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>> No. 3393 Anonymous
22nd July 2015
Wednesday 12:45 am
3393 spacer
I use the sauna/steam room 4 or 5 times a week - its great for getting really really clean. I read that 30 minutes in a steam room removes as much from the body as a day of normal liver activity - can't vouch for the science, but it certainly adds to my overall wellbeing (and cures hangovers very quickly, so there might be something in that "fact").
>> No. 3397 Anonymous
22nd July 2015
Wednesday 1:41 am
3397 spacer
I was dreadfully hungover recently and ended up in the sauna at my uni with what can only be described as the scariest man in Salford.
>> No. 3398 Anonymous
22nd July 2015
Wednesday 2:16 am
3398 spacer
Go on.
>> No. 3399 Anonymous
22nd July 2015
Wednesday 2:48 pm
3399 spacer
That's about as much as there is to it. He was enormous in the beer-belly sort of way, covered head to toe in the sort of tattoos that look like they could have been done on the bar at his pub with a biro and a sewing needle and was whinging at me that he couldn't get a job as a hospital porter with all of his tattoos but I was allowed to have my job with mine.
>> No. 3400 Anonymous
22nd July 2015
Wednesday 3:12 pm
3400 spacer
Did he ask to squeeze your muscles?

>> No. 3364 Anonymous
17th July 2015
Friday 12:38 am
3364 spacer
Is it safe to do chin ups everyday? Say, one body weight set to momentary failure every morning.
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>> No. 3367 Anonymous
17th July 2015
Friday 6:30 am
3367 spacer
I think it's meant to be Mario.
>> No. 3368 Anonymous
17th July 2015
Friday 11:52 am
3368 spacer

It's my dad, you cunts.
>> No. 3369 Anonymous
17th July 2015
Friday 12:55 pm
3369 spacer
Hey I remember that funny face app. Wasn't it on Symbian?
>> No. 3370 Anonymous
17th July 2015
Friday 3:57 pm
3370 spacer
Is that Super Mario on his day off?
>> No. 3371 Anonymous
17th July 2015
Friday 5:03 pm
3371 spacer
Stewart Lee has let himself go!

>> No. 3244 Anonymous
27th May 2015
Wednesday 11:34 am
3244 spacer
I just tried Spartacus Routine with 10kg Dumbbells and I couldn't complete it, I got about halfway through before I was wiped.


Is it okay to just keep trying until I can do it all comfortably or should I lower the weight for next time? My aim is to get at least a little fit before I go to the gym so I won't be self-conscious in the weights room because I am so scrawny, I don't intend for this to get me ripped.
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>> No. 3245 Anonymous
27th May 2015
Wednesday 1:48 pm
3245 spacer
Fuck off, Targ loving bastard.

Sorry, please carry on with your thread now.
>> No. 3361 Anonymous
13th July 2015
Monday 4:15 am
3361 spacer
Yes, don't be too proud to do a routine with lower weights or with a few extra seconds between sets. Any effort with proper form is better than giving up or being too proud to keep trying just because you weren't perfect first time.
>> No. 3362 Anonymous
13th July 2015
Monday 12:58 pm
3362 spacer
Seconding this. As a general rule with any routine, if you can't complete it with proper form, always deload to focus on getting the movements correct before even thinking about increasing the weight. If you're not doing the exercise with proper form, you may as well not be doing it at all. How many times can I fit the phrase 'proper form' into this post to stress its importance? Proper form. Proper form.
>> No. 3363 Anonymous
13th July 2015
Monday 2:24 pm
3363 spacer

Thirded. Performing exercises with bad form has limited training value, and vastly increases your risk of injury.

>> No. 3246 Anonymous
12th June 2015
Friday 4:01 am
3246 spacer
I'm trying to lose a bit of weight, and I've started eating very healthily (I've been eating shit recently) but I just dont have time to exercise (going to gym, swimming, jogging, etc)

I walk to work and back 5 days a week, which is about 40-60 minutes of walking each work day depending on how fast I walk.
I work at maccys d's (lol) and on my feet all fucking day. I have a 45 min break but the rest of the time (anywhere from 6 to 11 hours, usually 7-9 hours) I am moving around constantly.

In my free time (not work, cleaning, socializing or tending to other responsibilities) I just plant my arse in bed, have a joint and savour my rest.

Will I lose weight this way or do I have to actually do cardio and all that? Are there any other things I can do to help my weightloss other than cutting calories?
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>> No. 3345 Anonymous
8th July 2015
Wednesday 5:53 pm
3345 spacer

But a model train set or whatever doesn't improve your physical wellbeing like exercise does.

You sound weird.
>> No. 3347 Anonymous
8th July 2015
Wednesday 6:03 pm
3347 spacer
So does reducing alcohol intake and other drug taking. Yet you won't find much advice on these pages from teetotallers. Also, my physical wellbeing is none of your damn business.
>> No. 3351 Anonymous
8th July 2015
Wednesday 6:51 pm
3351 spacer
You should hit the gym Fatlad, it'd sort out your physical insecurities in time.
>> No. 3352 Anonymous
8th July 2015
Wednesday 7:33 pm
3352 spacer
We'd have all been spared this tedious explanation if the dude who misunderstood my initial question hadn't called me an idiot.
>> No. 3360 Anonymous
11th July 2015
Saturday 12:55 pm
3360 spacer
Doing what you do will lose you the body fat as long as you eat less calories than you burn off, but if you want muscle you have to lift weights.

Go into the 4chan /fit/ board and read the link in the sticky, it was really brilliant at explaining everything and I consider it required reading for people wanting to get fit.

>> No. 3356 Anonymous
9th July 2015
Thursday 7:54 pm
3356 spacer
Gym rats

Should I but all these or should I just take the Whey and leave the other two?
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>> No. 3357 Anonymous
9th July 2015
Thursday 8:22 pm
3357 spacer

Whey and creatine is all you'll need for most regimes and some people will argue you don't even need the whey if you have an appropriate diet.

Creatine aids exercise and recovery, so you can exercise more often.

To be honest, I don't even know what the other two do and I've never taken them myself.
>> No. 3358 Anonymous
9th July 2015
Thursday 8:37 pm
3358 spacer
I take l-carnitine tablets when I'm really committing myself to eating well and exercising, and I've found it really does help be shift excess fat. A large part of that is likely placebo or mental coaching, though, as when I know I've had a tablet so my fat metabolism is enhanced as per the function of the molecule, I am much more likely to stick to my diet. A few tablets a day for a few weeks and I've dropped enough weight in the past that I've actually worried.

For a standard recovery shake, you want 2:1 carb:protein so that your body had the easy access energy to recover muscles and the protein to use to rebuild. You can generally buy ground up oats for making shakes. Some BCAAs wouldn't hurt either.
>> No. 3359 Anonymous
9th July 2015
Thursday 8:46 pm
3359 spacer

> For a standard recovery shake, you want 2:1 carb:protein so that your body had the easy access energy to recover muscles and the protein to use to rebuild. You can generally buy ground up oats for making shakes. Some BCAAs wouldn't hurt either.

Just to point out that peri-workout you want fast acting carbs, a dextrose / maltodextrin combo is ideal but either on their own is good enough. The idea is for you to spike your insulin up before and during your workout so that protein + carbs can be carried to the muscle cells to replenish amino acids and glycogen as soon as possible. I'm currently playing with a regime that has me taking 40g of BCAAs during my workout and a whey isolate/maltodextrin drink when I'm done; aside from feeling giddy from all the food colouring in the instantized BCAAs I have to say it's working out pretty well.

>> No. 3252 Anonymous
26th June 2015
Friday 4:52 am
3252 spacer
Let's say that I wanted to give blood but I'm not allowed to because I was love and cherished I slept with another man over 10 years ago. If I lied and donated my tainted blood would I get into trouble for it? I'm clean and definitely don't have bad aids, plus there's almost no way they'd find out, but I'm still worried.
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>> No. 3284 Anonymous
27th June 2015
Saturday 9:41 pm
3284 spacer

They're cheating. It's easy to catch notorious bum drillers. They're notorious, and the drilling noise gives the game away.
>> No. 3349 Anonymous
8th July 2015
Wednesday 6:17 pm
3349 spacer
>In them days you could just walk in
Yeah, you still can. I did last time and it even says on appointment letters that you can, but doing so might incur an extra wait.
>> No. 3350 Anonymous
8th July 2015
Wednesday 6:22 pm
3350 spacer
I think it's been three times this past year I've walked into my local permanent blood donation centre and just been refused to be seen at all without an appointment. Down there it seems they only accept walk-ins nominally.
>> No. 3353 Anonymous
8th July 2015
Wednesday 7:37 pm
3353 spacer
With that sort of attitude you'd swear they weren't desperately short of donated blood.
>> No. 3355 Anonymous
8th July 2015
Wednesday 7:43 pm
3355 spacer
No I wouldn't, because that would be a silly, facile, spiteful thing to think. I can conceive that there are probably one or more other reasons for them being unable to see me than them not actually being short of blood.

>> No. 3295 Anonymous
4th July 2015
Saturday 5:46 pm
3295 spacer
Hi all, I was hoping for a few pointers. I'm looking to get into some sort of shape that isn't a pear, however it's not as simple as 'dont eat' (or maybe it is?) A list of requirements through one thing or another would be:
-diabetic friendly
-arthritis friendly
-vegan friendly
It's a lot to ask but I imagine I'm not a lost cause. Currently weighing in at 17st2lbs, and I'd be aiming for about 14.
Anything is appreciated, be it exercise advise or recipes.
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>> No. 3335 Anonymous
5th July 2015
Sunday 1:52 pm
3335 spacer
The premise is that eating the wrong foods will lead to overeating.
>> No. 3336 Anonymous
5th July 2015
Sunday 1:56 pm
3336 spacer

so you can't over eat the 'right foods' or is it just less likely?
>> No. 3337 Anonymous
5th July 2015
Sunday 1:58 pm
3337 spacer
Far less likely. Go steam yourself a full plate of veg and see how full you feel after it compared to a full plate of chips.
>> No. 3338 Anonymous
5th July 2015
Sunday 3:52 pm
3338 spacer

Correct. However, a human body is not a combustion engine. The way in which we measure calories in food does not account for biological variance in the way the body processes said foods.
>> No. 3339 Anonymous
5th July 2015
Sunday 4:08 pm
3339 spacer
But chips are veg.

>> No. 3285 Anonymous
3rd July 2015
Friday 2:42 pm
3285 spacer
Does anyone else get headaches from spending time in the sun?

Despite keeping hydrated and wearing sunglasses it still happens. Wonder if anyone has any strategies for prevention.
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>> No. 3289 Anonymous
3rd July 2015
Friday 4:59 pm
3289 spacer
There is a line of reasoning that suggests that headaches caused by spending time in the sun are in fact a result of magnesium deficiency.

Exposure to sun produces vitamin D as most people know, but the production of vitamin D also consumes some of the magnesium in your body. When you combine that with the extra magnesium you lose through sweat while you're in the sun, the levels of magnesium in your blood can drop quite a bit, this then interferes with the flow of blood to your brain and this causes the headache.
>> No. 3290 Anonymous
3rd July 2015
Friday 8:16 pm
3290 spacer


I was planning on buying some magnesium supplements from Tesco tomorrow morning, but I can't because they're for WOMEN and I'll feel like a girl picking a pack of these up and handing it to the cashier to scan. Then I'll walk out in a hurry and blushing knowing that the cashier is thinking "Is he a tranny or summat? He just bought lady tablets!"

But yeah, I'll give them a go tomorrow. Cheers lad.
>> No. 3292 Anonymous
3rd July 2015
Friday 8:28 pm
3292 spacer
I know, I had the same problem.

It doubly pisses me off because not only is it something that both women and men need equally, the marketing towards women is based solely on a stereotype of women suffering from anxiety and needed to be calmed down.

It's also pretty expensive in Tesco, even Holland and Barretts will sell you a bigger pack for the same price.
>> No. 3293 Anonymous
3rd July 2015
Friday 8:30 pm
3293 spacer
Mate, if you can't buy women's health products you'll never progress onto buying women's clothing from Primark. For the girlfriend, like.
>> No. 3294 Anonymous
3rd July 2015
Friday 8:38 pm
3294 spacer
I'm pretty sure it's based on the stereotype that they have periods. That's what my ex took them for anyway.

Also, >>3290 no cashier gives a fuck if you buy womens' products, and even if they did I can't remotely comprehend why you'd care. Buy some XXXL condoms at the same time if you're that concerned about maintaining your masculine image.

>> No. 3074 Anonymous
26th March 2015
Thursday 9:05 pm
3074 spacer
How dip strength compare to bench press strength?

I've just reached 100 pounds in the dip for 5 reps. I weight about 210 pounds so that's 310 altogether and the 1 rep max is about 360.

Does this mean I could bench 300+ pounds now?
1 post omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 3076 Anonymous
27th March 2015
Friday 12:48 am
3076 spacer


Do you mean that you're doing dips with 100 added pounds in the form of a weigh vest or that you're using some kind of dip machine? Your post isn't quite clear.
>> No. 3077 Anonymous
27th March 2015
Friday 10:33 am
3077 spacer

41W9pdY sBL._SY300_.jpg

I'm doing classic dips on two bars and I'm using a belt to add weight.
>> No. 3241 Anonymous
24th May 2015
Sunday 2:42 pm
3241 spacer
lol weighted dips

enjoy ur shoulders whilst they're rhere.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 3242 Anonymous
24th May 2015
Sunday 3:23 pm
3242 spacer


In English, please?
>> No. 3243 Anonymous
24th May 2015
Sunday 3:59 pm
3243 spacer
210 quid.

>> No. 3155 Anonymous
7th May 2015
Thursday 1:36 am
3155 Dad bod
This is some sort of ironic joke that has been lost in translation right?

I can't in anyway comprehend the appeal, please someone explain it to me.
77 posts and 5 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 3236 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 11:21 pm
3236 spacer
Yes, but something as basic as food, which can impact your health in so many different ways, should not be taken so lightly. How many pounds could have been saved if everyone was taught about basic dietary needs in school? Would we still have an obesity epidemic?

Schools are where students are supposed to learn practical skills which they can apply to their lives when they are adults. To say that they shouldn't be taught anything useful, and that they should visit reddit or google for those skills is very silly.

Time to hide this thread.
>> No. 3237 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 11:21 pm
3237 spacer
But it isn't just 'finance'. Major life skills include knowing how to use the health service.


Have a fucking word with yourself, pseudoseptic.
>> No. 3238 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 11:27 pm
3238 spacer
I am now convinced that no matter what solution is presented, .gs will find a way to moan about it so I'm siding with the other guys. Fuck you, poorlads.
>> No. 3239 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 11:48 pm
3239 spacer
Picking one side because you hate the other is stupid.
>> No. 3240 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 11:50 pm
3240 spacer
m8 this whole thread has been stupid. Also you're stupid.

>> No. 3136 Anonymous
2nd May 2015
Saturday 5:56 pm
3136 spacer
Been a gym member for about 3 years but have only gone about 50 times in that period. Started going regularly last week, I've got spare flab but I weight less than 80kg, reasonably short, quite a large chest for some reason, next to no muscle.

Anyway I'm weak as fuck and it's really getting me down. That's why I'm going to the gym, I know, but it's a real downer.

Anyway, do you guys think this is reasonable as a 3x a week full body workout?

3x12 freeweight dumbell press
3x12 freeweight rows
3x12 freeweight flys
3x12 seated dumbell press
3x8 tricep dips and 3x8 pullups (superset)
3x8 dumbell squat
3x12 leg press
1 minute front plank, left and right plank and as many leg raises as I can do.
13 posts omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 3150 Anonymous
2nd May 2015
Saturday 8:38 pm
3150 spacer
No there isn't.
>> No. 3151 Anonymous
2nd May 2015
Saturday 8:38 pm
3151 spacer

Interesting, and apologies in that case. I'd assumed that the "bending over"/compressing motion of the squats and swings was what was aggravating the pain as it was the only thing I could think of that the exercises have in common (beyond activating the core for stability), and that would have ruled out a whole bunch of stuff.

If you can do all the exercises you listed then you'll probably be OK, although I'd ditch the dumbbell squats as they'll be useless in very little time at all.
>> No. 3152 Anonymous
2nd May 2015
Saturday 8:54 pm
3152 spacer
If you don't think you'll be able to do some of those things already and want to build/get to a decent state of fitness beforehand, why not save the money and stay at home, get into a good bodyweight routine.
>> No. 3153 Anonymous
2nd May 2015
Saturday 9:03 pm
3153 spacer
The OP image makes me wonder if there's ever been an MP who lifted. I'd vote for someone with a 2x bw snatch.
>> No. 3154 Anonymous
3rd May 2015
Sunday 1:07 am
3154 spacer


My snatch is *this big*.

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