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>> No. 3131 Anonymous
2nd May 2015
Saturday 12:04 am
3131 spacer
Alright lads, Just under a month ago I fell over at work and hurt my foot pretty bad as well as my leg, when the bruising came up a few days later it was dark purple. That's gone now and the foot is fine, Had an X-ray and nothing was broken.

The problem is I have what I can only describe as a raised area on my shin, Or a flat lump maybe. It feels pretty hard compared to my other leg and there is a kind of numbness to it. If i apply slight pressure it hurts.

There isn't any bruising what so ever and it's been like this since the fall. As said Nothing was broken in my leg and there isn't a bruise.

Any idea as to what it might be? Pic semi related. It's what I fell over and onto to.
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>> No. 3132 Anonymous
2nd May 2015
Saturday 12:10 am
3132 spacer
It's probably just a little scar tissue, nothing to worry about. If it gets worse then see your GP, otherwise just give it time to heal.
>> No. 3133 Anonymous
2nd May 2015
Saturday 1:05 am
3133 spacer
Careful on those.

>> No. 3134 Anonymous
2nd May 2015
Saturday 6:29 am
3134 spacer

Was it a Euro pallet or an ISO pallet?

Anyway, it's nothing to worry about, another month or two and it should go down. It's fairly normal to get a lump like that when you bang your shin, but I'm not sure of the specifics of what causes it.

General advice for finding a lump on a bone is to just see a doctor if you have no know injury.
>> No. 3135 Anonymous
2nd May 2015
Saturday 12:13 pm
3135 spacer

ISO, It was 10 at night and I couldn't see my feet and someone left a pallet in the dark.

>> No. 3117 Anonymous
27th April 2015
Monday 6:22 pm
3117 spacer
Lads, I woke up with pain on the lower palm of my right hand (the red square, because I can't draw circles with my left hand). What could it be? What did I break? What should I do?
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>> No. 3125 Anonymous
27th April 2015
Monday 9:40 pm
3125 spacer
It's probably mild RSI. If you can feel a round lump in that blue area, then it might be a ganglion cyst.

Read the recommendations at the link below, give your hands a bit of a rest, maybe take a couple of ibuprofen. If you're still in pain after a week or so, or if the pain gets significantly worse, go and see your GP.

>> No. 3126 Anonymous
27th April 2015
Monday 11:25 pm
3126 spacer
Practice using your left hand for other things every so often, I've found it to be a useful skill.
>> No. 3127 Anonymous
27th April 2015
Monday 11:47 pm
3127 spacer
I bet you do, lad.
>> No. 3128 Anonymous
27th April 2015
Monday 11:47 pm
3128 spacer
The blue circle is another lad, not me. It does seem like the RSI thing you posted, but I don't know whether RSI means dull 24/7 pain that gets sharper if you move the hand around.

I'm getting better at using my left hand.
>> No. 3130 Anonymous
28th April 2015
Tuesday 12:26 am
3130 spacer

I've had carpal tunnel it is like having pins and needles in 2 1/2 fingers (it litterally only affects one side of your ring finger) that is constant and intense.


Sounds like an advance chronic case of Wankitus, you'll be dead within the week. RIP OP

>> No. 2831 Anonymous
3rd January 2015
Saturday 7:51 pm
2831 spacer
So I've gone and done it. I've joined a gym. Yes it's a NYR, but I am determined to keep at it.

I have an appointment with a PT on Tuesday and need two questions answered.

1) Clothing. When I went running, a T-Shirt and shorts were all I'd throw on. Nothing fancy. Should I get something better? (And if so, what?)

2) Setting goals. I want to lose weight from my tummy and legs and build up some upper body strength. How do I quantify that? I'm an engineer and want my goals to be measurable. I'd think actual body weight, but that won't work as I'll lose fat, but gain muscle instead.

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>> No. 3067 Anonymous
26th March 2015
Thursday 7:18 pm
3067 spacer

Heavy & regular cardio will increase your metabolism which will help you lose weight though.
>> No. 3073 Anonymous
26th March 2015
Thursday 7:29 pm
3073 spacer


If anyone actually cares.
>> No. 3114 Anonymous
19th April 2015
Sunday 5:19 pm
3114 spacer
Ok, I'll hijack this for a few posts.

So yeah, /fat/lad. Cut sugar out, lost weight, bit flabby. The reason I cut sugar out in the first place was to be healthier and lose a bit of weight, but exercise is difficult for me. I was diagnosed with a neurological condition which causes my CNS to exaggerate pain stimulus. I haven't joined a gym yet, instead I've been doing stretches and that is pretty much it. Just trying to stay limber, but I feel better than I have for a while. To warm up I've been walking up and down the stairs in my flat.

I'm not a cripple, but I'm a bit nervous around exercise for obvious reasons.
>> No. 3115 Anonymous
19th April 2015
Sunday 6:33 pm
3115 spacer
>I was diagnosed with a neurological condition which causes my CNS to exaggerate pain stimulus.

Can you tell me more about this? I'm not a doctor or physio, but it would help to know what (if any) kinds of exercise you'd be most comfortable with. In my experience light to moderate resistance training brings about a lesser sensation of pain than, say, prolonged cardio or very intense interval training.

Walking and stretches are good choices over the long term as they fit around most schedules and the risk of injury is virtually nil. Swimming and cycling are also good choices for the same reasons. You might consider taking up yoga, something involving holding challenging poses, and advancing to tougher forms of calisthenics over time. Whatever you choose, someone earlier in the thread made a sound observation in saying that the best exercise to go with is what you enjoy. That will keep you coming back, and consistency is everything.

My personal experience is in strength training with barbells, though I have got into conditioning work over the past few years. What I know about fitness stems mainly from that. Even if you're not into the idea of lifting weights, I will say that more intense exercise will bring about a greater effect on the metabolism (i.e. more efficient muscle building and fat loss), and strength is a significant component of almost all physical pursuits, often including recovery from illness and injury. It may well be worth checking out if anyone with a similar neurological condition to yours has asked the same questions. There are lots of general resources out there, one of the best being exrx:


You sound like you're on the right track with your diet, small permanent changes are the best way to handle food in my opinion. As I mentioned in the other thread, you can't go far wrong with scaling your carbohydrates to your level of activity (you can figure this out depending on what kinds of exercise you're doing), getting in plenty of protein, and eating as much (non-starchy) veg as you can stand throughout the day.
>> No. 3116 Anonymous
19th April 2015
Sunday 7:54 pm
3116 spacer

> Can you tell me more about this?

I'm not him but I'm guessing that he might be this lad here:

> you can't go far wrong with scaling your carbohydrates to your level of activity (you can figure this out depending on what kinds of exercise you're doing), getting in plenty of protein, and eating as much (non-starchy) veg as you can stand throughout the day.

The simplest and best diet advice in the world. And yet no one ever manages to stick to it. Some inate human desire for shortcuts and magic bullets?

>> No. 3100 Anonymous
7th April 2015
Tuesday 10:59 am
3100 spacer
OK be honest lads, this doesn't look normal does it? That red bit looks inflamed. It can feel painful when I contort my tongue or touch it and the like. I'm worried it's a tumour or something.
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>> No. 3109 Anonymous
7th April 2015
Tuesday 1:24 pm
3109 spacer

While we're on home remedies baking soda solution is great for treating mouth ulcers.
>> No. 3110 Anonymous
7th April 2015
Tuesday 1:36 pm
3110 spacer
I find the most effective method is to put a cigarette out on it.
>> No. 3111 Anonymous
7th April 2015
Tuesday 1:54 pm
3111 spacer

You're mixing mouth ulcers up with prostitutes again.
>> No. 3112 Anonymous
7th April 2015
Tuesday 2:05 pm
3112 spacer

Easy mistake to make.
>> No. 3113 Anonymous
11th April 2015
Saturday 7:05 pm
3113 spacer
OP here, it seems to have all cleared up now. Sorry for panicking!

>> No. 3078 Anonymous
1st April 2015
Wednesday 2:40 pm
3078 Sleep
I think I might be sleeping too much. In the past week I've been going to bed around 2am, falling asleep within 20 minutes, and then easily sleeping until 12-2pm. Often I'll wake up around 9 or 10am, realise it's far too early to even need to get up, and close my eyes again for another 1-2 hour snooze. I work evenings and don't have any other demands on my time, and while I am rested when I finally wake up I do find it incredibly difficult to resist the urge to just sleep as much as I want. Waking up in the mornings has always been hard for me; it's always a struggle to free myself from the warmth of bed. I don't have any other symptoms of depression, and having been through a serious depressive episode in my youth know the signs, so I don't think it's that.

Is this bad for my health and should I be trying to sleep closer to 8 hours rather than 10-12? The only thing I'm really losing out on is time to do stuff in the day before work, but I have heard that oversleeping can make you feel overtired in the long run. If I should be making efforts to sleep less, how can I improve my chances of actually waking up/getting out of bed when I should?
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>> No. 3094 Anonymous
2nd April 2015
Thursday 5:41 pm
3094 spacer
You make the most when you first wake up, which gets you out of bed and ready to start the day, levels then fall gradually through the day and are lowest at 11pm. At the moment I can't actually find any good information about what happens after 11pm though.

My assumption is that the body assumes that if you are still awake after 11, then there must be a good reason that you are awake and it tries to keep you that way. It does make sense, in nature a diurnal animal is only going to be awake that long after sunset if it is in danger for some reason.

Anyone who has pulled all-nighters to get some work done has probably experienced this, you hit a lull before midnight, and then become most productive in the hours between 12-3 ish.
>> No. 3095 Anonymous
2nd April 2015
Thursday 5:58 pm
3095 spacer
I'm always most productive between 12-3, it's the only time I can get work done sometimes...
>> No. 3096 Anonymous
2nd April 2015
Thursday 8:59 pm
3096 spacer

>> No. 3097 Anonymous
3rd April 2015
Friday 3:35 pm
3097 spacer
Made an extra effort to get out of bed at 10am today... my head feels like it's stuffed with cotton wool and I have this constant shortness of breath. Fairly sure mornings are my kryptonite.
>> No. 3098 Anonymous
3rd April 2015
Friday 4:15 pm
3098 spacer

Nah, bruv. Just requires a bit of forward planning and tolerance for maybe a day of two feeling a bit rough. Getting into the habit of light exercise and eating a big breakfast at the time you want to be awake will have you up and alert better than any alarm clock.

I've been slipping and getting up (and therefore eating later and skipping exercise) at around 8am, rather than 6am. The effects are profound, the more I sleep in the more I feel shitty and foggy-headed. I intend to correct this over the weekend using the above techniques.

As others have mentioned in this thread, I also swear by flux and similar programs to ensure I feel tired at the correct times.

>> No. 2563 Anonymous
10th August 2014
Sunday 11:43 pm
2563 spacer
I have fixed my diet and have lost some 7 pounds since the 25th July. Went from 223 to 216/217 lbs. I try to aim for a 500 Cal deficit, but I fuck up and sometimes go way lower (over a 1000 Cal deficit). Pic related has been this week. My Q is should I pig out and try to eat the remaining 2400 Cals? Some people keep saying I'm going to get myself ill. So far I have no problems, health-wise. Is this wise? Should I keep going?

Also, lifting, am I going to make it while cutting? Can I look half way decent? Am I going to become flabby with loose skin? Loose skin scares me a lot.
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>> No. 2567 Anonymous
11th August 2014
Monday 12:47 am
2567 spacer

Ok so you're about 5'6", if you're male that isn't very tall, and 223lbs is a fair amount of weight to carry on that frame. To put it in perspective I'm 6 foot and wide-framed (shoulders and hips) and I look like a fat cunt at 230 (105-ish kilos).

I don't think you're bad enough to warrant too much worry about loose skin, you're young and if you get your exercise in and lose the weight properly you'll be fine.
>> No. 2568 Anonymous
11th August 2014
Monday 6:54 am
2568 spacer
The main things to do to avoid loose skin are:
a) Make sure you don't lose the weight too fast (that's good general advice too; it leads to all sorts of problems).
b) Exercise. If you don't exercise then you'll end up as a 'skinnyfat' -- light but no muscle, definition or strength.

I wish I could lift but joint problems consign me to cardio. Though night work at ASDA is very intense and I reckon a 1500+ cal workout over 8 hours.
>> No. 3049 Anonymous
23rd March 2015
Monday 10:42 pm
3049 spacer
After a bout of depression, it seems like I lost more weight than I thought. I bought a set of scales (the old one broke back in August). I was about 17 stones when I posted this, but now I am 12 stones. I don't know what to do next.
>> No. 3053 Anonymous
23rd March 2015
Monday 10:58 pm
3053 spacer
Great progress,
keep going you aren't quite optimum weight, the last couple of stone are the hardest to lose in that you can't have as large of deficits.
>> No. 3059 Anonymous
24th March 2015
Tuesday 1:46 am
3059 spacer

> I don't know what to do next.

It really depends on how you feel, what you look like now, and what you'd eventually like to look like. If your body generally looks flat, and you'd like it to look stronger and more defined a lot of people would recommend you maintain your current weight for a couple of months and do some resistance exercise (or increase the volume if you're already doing some). If, on the other hand, you still feel like you're overweight then you could probably keep on losing weight (slowly) until you drop probably another stone or two (max) which would put you in the healthy range for your height (according to BMI in any case).

>> No. 2987 Anonymous
18th March 2015
Wednesday 1:05 am
2987 Rough Sleeper
There's a lad passed out in a doorway on my street who I went past as I was walking home. He doesn't look homeless and looks more like he just got locked out - it's a very quiet area around here and I didn't want to wake him up. I went and put an old blanket over him but it is quite chilly and I wondered what the risk of him getting hypothermia was. He's in a nice big puffy jacket and gloves so he seems nicely wrapped up, but it can't be warm on the concrete.

Should I do more?
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>> No. 3041 Anonymous
20th March 2015
Friday 1:32 am
3041 spacer

Believe it or not, I proffered the correction not to be a dick or to feel superior, but because it's something I think a lot of people might not know.

I learnt something too, though now I'm left with more questions. See picture.
>> No. 3042 Anonymous
20th March 2015
Friday 1:38 am
3042 spacer
Is this where we make some joke involving calling you a bastard?
>> No. 3043 Anonymous
20th March 2015
Friday 9:27 am
3043 spacer

Referring to your image, it's almost a trick question because it's only asking if at least one of your parents was residing in the UK. British citizenship is more complex than it really has the right to be but if at least one of your parents was British and you were born in Britain then you most likely are British too.

I do remember some mess about some children of British couples born abroad not meeting the criteria for citizenship, and a big furore over the fact that some of these children had been born abroad because the couples had been abroad on military service.
>> No. 3044 Anonymous
20th March 2015
Friday 10:03 am
3044 spacer
On the ONS maps of 'foreign born residents' there's a big splurge of German borns somewhere in west Yorkshire. I'm assuming that's military kids but quite why they're all in that one place I haven't worked out.
>> No. 3045 Anonymous
20th March 2015
Friday 6:19 pm
3045 spacer

That big RAF place with all the golf balls, I'm going to make a complete guess and say some of the chaps who were based there may have been based in West Germany back when, or something like that.

>> No. 2999 Anonymous
18th March 2015
Wednesday 5:31 pm
2999 Cum query.
How do I make my cum thicker, and whiter? My girlfriend likes facials but I can't seem to get it like they do in porn.
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>> No. 3020 Anonymous
18th March 2015
Wednesday 11:59 pm
3020 spacer

There is a really good image floating about the chans of a post from /fit/ which nails all the things down you need to do.

It's on my other computer, so I'll post it for you tomorrow if someone doesn't beat me to it.
>> No. 3021 Anonymous
19th March 2015
Thursday 12:30 am
3021 spacer

I found this the other day, yet to try (or do any research for that matter)
>> No. 3022 Anonymous
19th March 2015
Thursday 12:33 am
3022 spacer
The "really good image" is basically >>3000 plus >>3021, I just didn't know what search terms would bring it up and didn't care to spend that much time looking for it.
>> No. 3026 Anonymous
19th March 2015
Thursday 4:38 am
3026 spacer
'Beefy loads'
>> No. 3028 Anonymous
19th March 2015
Thursday 9:38 am
3028 spacer
> How do I make my loads more beefy? My poz bf likes facials but I can't seem to get it like they do in Brighton.


>> No. 2963 Anonymous
14th March 2015
Saturday 12:53 pm
2963 spacer
I have recently quite smoking, and I've only just begun to notice I have a really wheezy, mucus filled chest/lungs.

I went on a run and I'm wheezing and gremying all over the place.

I've seen this product, and I'm wondering if it would be safe to use long-term, or if anyone has any experiences with it?
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>> No. 2982 Anonymous
17th March 2015
Tuesday 3:57 pm
2982 spacer

There's a fair amount of anecdotal evidence that supplementing zing and magnesium improve the quality of sleep, possibly because a lot of us are (allegedly) somewhat deficient in both of them. I say anecdotal because I'm fairly sure there were studies done somewhere but I'm buggered if I can remember where. Maybe google about for "zma sleep study" or something (if anyone even cares).


To be fair, even if the "dose up on vit C and it'll nip your cold in the bud" thing is mainly untrue there's a lot to be said on eating well to keep your immune system up and get you feeling better and healthier generally, and especially when you're sick.
>> No. 2983 Anonymous
17th March 2015
Tuesday 6:06 pm
2983 spacer


My newly-discovered favourite meal when I get a cold is a spicy Chana dhal.

Garlic, ginger and tumeric are all claimed to be some of the best foods there are for the immune system. Chilli really helps clear your sinuses too if they're blocked up, for a while at least.

A lentil dhal is just generally more nutritious than the traditional comfort food soup. Especially if you add extra vegetables like spinach.
>> No. 2984 Anonymous
17th March 2015
Tuesday 6:12 pm
2984 OP
Alright, thanks all, sounds like it's something to avoid.

What then, is the best way for me to clear myself? I'm keeping up the running. I've started drinking ginger tea, long showers. I suppose just time.
>> No. 2985 Anonymous
17th March 2015
Tuesday 9:52 pm
2985 spacer

You might want to get one of those apps on your phone that tell you how long it's been and what is changing in your body. There's not a lot for you to do really; just wait while your body adjusts.

You should find that running gets easier and that your sense of taste and smell 'sharpen' after about 3 weeks. There's not a lot you can do to hurry this, but it is a lot nicer to wake up feeling more energetic and to have better semen.
>> No. 2986 Anonymous
17th March 2015
Tuesday 10:06 pm
2986 spacer
Neti pots are great for flushing out sinuses. I think I got mine for about £4 inc P+P off Amazon.

>> No. 2931 Anonymous
26th February 2015
Thursday 1:58 pm
2931 May be inappropriate for /fat/ but it's a health issue
I've had some episodes of quite severe abdominal pain, like a burning in my stomach that lasts for up to an hour. Throwing up and drinking lukewarm water seems to help but the pain's bad enough that it's quite difficult to get to the tap or the toilet. I thought it was the result of drinking too much coffee before but I'd only been drinking beer the last time it happened. Does this sound like something pepto-bismol or the like could combat or do I have to go and bother the GP?
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>> No. 2955 Anonymous
1st March 2015
Sunday 12:32 pm
2955 spacer
The nurse on 111 wanted me to speak to one of the out of hours doctors but about my mental health rather than anything else. I'm not going to do that but I've not drank coffee since and the pain hasn't reoccurred yet.
>> No. 2956 Anonymous
1st March 2015
Sunday 2:35 pm
2956 spacer
You should have gone anyway. The GP would have happily addressed your other symptoms, and given how much of a daft twat you've been over this maybe the nurse had a point.
>> No. 2957 Anonymous
1st March 2015
Sunday 2:52 pm
2957 spacer
I'll go to the appointment on the 17th and avoid drinking coffee.
>> No. 2958 Anonymous
1st March 2015
Sunday 4:06 pm
2958 spacer
And alcohol, I hope. I hate to agree with that other lad but you do sound like a bit of a belligerent twat about this; you'd think for the amount of pain you were in you'd try to take better care of yourself.

Maybe you should be talking to someone about your head, mate. It's not a sign of strength or masculinity to be this blasé about self-care. Get it together.
>> No. 2959 Anonymous
2nd March 2015
Monday 2:18 am
2959 spacer
When /fat/ was made it was suggested the board's tagline be "Go see a doctor." rather than the current "healthy".

Might be worth reconsidering. There are only so many ways we can tell someone to seek assistance from a medical professional and they all boil down to "Go see a doctor."

>> No. 2922 Anonymous
23rd January 2015
Friday 6:11 pm
2922 spacer
I've been picking and or blowing out quite a few crispy and bloody bogies lately. I've not got a cold but I have been coughing quite a lot. I had assumed the cough was down to working in dusty conditions over the last week or so.

Am I dying?
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>> No. 2923 Anonymous
23rd January 2015
Friday 6:23 pm
2923 spacer
Go the doctor m8.
Only an idiot would take medical advice from strangers. Strangers on the internet no less.
>> No. 2924 Anonymous
23rd January 2015
Friday 6:23 pm
2924 spacer

It it probably because you're picking it, but go see a doctor.
>> No. 2925 Anonymous
23rd January 2015
Friday 7:05 pm
2925 spacer
Bloody bogies are often a sign of dry mucus membranes in the nose, working in dusty conditions fits with that. The nose isn't worth seeing a doctor about but the persistent cough is - a cough that sticks around for more than a couple of weeks is a potential major symptom so go and get yourself checked out lad, asap.

>> No. 2867 Anonymous
16th January 2015
Friday 3:49 pm
2867 spacer
Not quite sure where to post this, or if there's a thread buried somewhere, though I did look. Anyone else suffer from mind fog? Just not being able to focus on things. I've had a good few days of reading lots and getting quite a few things accomplished in my day, but for the past two days now I've just been unable to focus. I have to read things several times for them to even set in, so reading a book just takes an incredible amount of effort right now and chances are I won't retain much from it.

I've always just accepted this as something that happens time to time as other people have told me they get it too, but is there anything that can be done, or perhaps a particular reason as to why it's happening? I thought I might be burning myself out a bit, but I wrote yesterday off and just had a day of rest, but today I'm the same. It's getting annoying since I have quite a few things I need to be doing that need focus, so I figured I wouldn't lose anything by posting here.
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>> No. 2916 Anonymous
18th January 2015
Sunday 3:23 pm
2916 spacer

Soya protein is also high in allergens and has a very low net protein utilization ratio.

Anyone suggesting that all ingesting oestrogen will do is increase endogenous testosterone production has to ask themselves why hormone therapy works for M2F trans patients. The HPTA is a terribly delicately balanced system and can be thrown out of whack very easily.
>> No. 2917 Anonymous
18th January 2015
Sunday 10:16 pm
2917 spacer

Do you even know how hormone therapy works in M2F transitioners?

Their testosterone production is suppressed using anti-androgens and they take extra oestrogen so it is the only sex hormone present. They get blood tests regularly to ensure their hormone levels are within the normal female range.

If you just take oestrogen, then the transition doesn't work properly and you have to take a far higher dose than you normally would to see any results at all which is very risky because oestrogen thickens your blood. Doctors haven't done this for a long, long time. It's crude and dangerous.
>> No. 2918 Anonymous
19th January 2015
Monday 1:16 am
2918 spacer

Yes I do and you're ignoring the role aromatase inhibitors in such transformations.

>If you just take oestrogen, then the transition doesn't work properly and you have to take a far higher dose than you normally would to see any results at all which is very risky because oestrogen thickens your blood.

As you say, if you only add additional oestrogen you'll still overpower the HPTA but obviously with massive sides.

Ok. Now scale that down a wee bit. You're introducing exogenous oestrogen via soya but not balancing that out through anti anti-aromoatese. Exactly as you'd expect the HPTA will be thrown out of whack and you'll end up with all kinds of tertiary side effects.

Leave soy alone lads.
>> No. 2920 Anonymous
19th January 2015
Monday 11:22 am
2920 spacer

Is it OK for females to have?
>> No. 2921 Anonymous
19th January 2015
Monday 4:54 pm
2921 spacer
What side effects would one need to look out for ? Are hops as bad as soy ? I consume more hops than the average person :D does this explain my need for a 'girly' glass conduit for my liquid gold?

>> No. 2880 Anonymous
17th January 2015
Saturday 10:27 am
2880 spacer
How many of you are tan or dark skinned?

My family is dark haired/skinned and it seems like no matter how long I stay in the sun, I can never catch a bit of colour. I eat a lot of eggs, oily fish and take supplements, so hopefully I'm getting enough vitamin D. That being said I'm still sick of looking washed out all the time.

I've also read that there isn't enough UVB in winter sunlight in the UK to produce much vitamin D. I'm not sure I really want to try a tanning bed, either, but I'd give it a go if there's no better option.
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>> No. 2882 Anonymous
17th January 2015
Saturday 10:58 am
2882 spacer
Nope. I have an Irish complexion and can only "tan" pink. I get my vitamin D from a multivitamin.
>> No. 2883 Anonymous
17th January 2015
Saturday 11:02 am
2883 spacer

My cousins on my dad's side were subject to a lot of racism at school, despite the fact their family is traceably Yorkshire for generations. I am not biologically related to my dad (donor conception).
I don't really tan but then again I haven't been on a 'holiday' since 2012 and that was to Berlin, and picture attached was the weather.
>> No. 2884 Anonymous
17th January 2015
Saturday 11:22 am
2884 spacer

Tannedlad here, I'm full Yorkshire for many generations and have been referred to as Paki and halfchap a on a few occasions.
>> No. 2885 Anonymous
17th January 2015
Saturday 11:28 am
2885 spacer
If either of those cousins browsed the .gs I'd sew my arse shut. The racism they received at school was bad enough that my aunt had to go in and have a few words. I don't really understand it, but they did go to the worst secondary in the area. I went to the best (scholarship into a private school) and about 20% of the people there were asian/black and while there were a small group of racists there was no racism from the majority of people. I guess it's to do with upbringing and social status.

I do remember a load of us chipped in for a KFC bucket for one of the black lads' 18th, though....
>> No. 2886 Anonymous
17th January 2015
Saturday 12:00 pm
2886 spacer
odd, I was kicked out of a decent grammar school to be sent to one of the shittiest in the county. I don't have a brother and my experience was a few one off jibes probably meant to insult a white guy than of genuine hatred for people of foreign persuasion. Who knows ? alot of 'stuff' passes over my head

>> No. 2864 Anonymous
14th January 2015
Wednesday 11:23 am
2864 Boxing
I want to take up boxing for fitness, where do I start? What should my diet be if I want to do this consistently and what will get me prepared? Other essential info is appreciated.
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>> No. 2865 Anonymous
14th January 2015
Wednesday 2:52 pm
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Find a decent boxing club or gym, preferably somewhere oldschool that'll have you practising head movement, footwork, form, shadowboxing and bag work for months before throwing you into sparring and even then with headgear on. Try to avoid "tough as nails" mma/kickboxing gyms because I've been to one too many of these places that throw guys into full contact sparring on day one without even a crash course on how to keep your guard up; and however much you learn about yourself at the moment it happens, being cracked full on the button of an exposed chin with a right cross by someone who knows what they're doing is probably in my top 1-3 least favourite things that's ever happened to me. And that's saying a lot. Obviously you can't tar all gyms of a certain type with the same brush so your best bet is to try as many gyms out as possible and stick with the one that seems to be gentlest with newbies. If you're getting lit up like a christmas tree during sparring three times plus a week you probably won't hack it for long (and who could blame you?)

As far as diet I just generally pre-load carbs before any MA class and if it's a two-hour class I'll make sure I have something to refuel with at the halfway point (think sports drinks, not caffeinated ones mind). Everything else dietwise is just par for the course; make sure you're getting enough calories to recover as intense fighting takes a lot out of you no matter what.

A last bit of advice that I wish someone had given me is that if you ever are thrown into sparring and don't want to lose face by backing down is to tuck your chin and look up almost "through" your eyebrows. Keep your hands up all the time. When you throw a punch throw it and bring your guard right back up. You can practice shuffling around in the mirror with your guard up and chin down throwing quick punches to get the hang of it. Whatever you do don't waltz out there with your chin in the air swinging for the trees. Ahem.

Here are you some videos that might help:

Basic stance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrCgR4xwg0A

How to tuck your chin correctly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpPXdGr69IA

Good luck lad.
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14th January 2015
Wednesday 2:54 pm
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Oh and get a mouthguard, that should almost go without saying. You can get a Shock Doctor "boil and bite" one cheap as chips in places like sports direct and that'll do you unless you really get into it and decide you want to do a fight or something in which case a properly dentist-fitted one is the way to go.

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