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>> No. 3117 Anonymous
27th April 2015
Monday 6:22 pm
3117 spacer
Lads, I woke up with pain on the lower palm of my right hand (the red square, because I can't draw circles with my left hand). What could it be? What did I break? What should I do?
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>> No. 3118 Anonymous
27th April 2015
Monday 6:29 pm
3118 spacer
It's easy. Just click on the circle icon, put the cursor where you want a circle, and drag it to size as you hold down the mouse button.
>> No. 3119 Anonymous
27th April 2015
Monday 7:06 pm
3119 spacer
I haven't lost my shit so much with mirth on britfa since the /art/ thread. Thank you, lad.
>> No. 3120 Anonymous
27th April 2015
Monday 7:38 pm
3120 spacer

My hand muscle where I've drawn in blue used to get crampy and bunched up. It might be something similar but I don't know what it would be reasonable to do about it. I used to be able to press down on it and it would flatten out for a while.
>> No. 3121 Anonymous
27th April 2015
Monday 7:50 pm
3121 spacer
Could this be computer use related?
>> No. 3122 Anonymous
27th April 2015
Monday 7:53 pm
3122 spacer


If it was, that would probably be carpal tunnel syndrome and the symptoms sound different.
>> No. 3123 Anonymous
27th April 2015
Monday 8:38 pm
3123 spacer
No it isn't it. It's a dull pain that's there all the time. It gets sharp when I try to make a fist or flatten out my hand. I'm not exactly sure how this even happened, I just woke up with it. If I think back to yesterday, the worst I probably did with my hand would be trying to break about extremely frozen ice cream with a thick spoon.

I stole Naproxen from someone and took one about 30 minutes ago. I will see how it plays out.

I get that too. This isn't it.

Going for a drive might have aggravated it. Sigh.
>> No. 3124 Anonymous
27th April 2015
Monday 9:13 pm
3124 spacer
Also, I realised how much I take my right hand for granted. Using my left hand for eating, using the mouse, etc, is really difficult.
>> No. 3125 Anonymous
27th April 2015
Monday 9:40 pm
3125 spacer
It's probably mild RSI. If you can feel a round lump in that blue area, then it might be a ganglion cyst.

Read the recommendations at the link below, give your hands a bit of a rest, maybe take a couple of ibuprofen. If you're still in pain after a week or so, or if the pain gets significantly worse, go and see your GP.

>> No. 3126 Anonymous
27th April 2015
Monday 11:25 pm
3126 spacer
Practice using your left hand for other things every so often, I've found it to be a useful skill.
>> No. 3127 Anonymous
27th April 2015
Monday 11:47 pm
3127 spacer
I bet you do, lad.
>> No. 3128 Anonymous
27th April 2015
Monday 11:47 pm
3128 spacer
The blue circle is another lad, not me. It does seem like the RSI thing you posted, but I don't know whether RSI means dull 24/7 pain that gets sharper if you move the hand around.

I'm getting better at using my left hand.
>> No. 3130 Anonymous
28th April 2015
Tuesday 12:26 am
3130 spacer

I've had carpal tunnel it is like having pins and needles in 2 1/2 fingers (it litterally only affects one side of your ring finger) that is constant and intense.


Sounds like an advance chronic case of Wankitus, you'll be dead within the week. RIP OP

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