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>> No. 3155 Anonymous
7th May 2015
Thursday 1:36 am
3155 Dad bod
This is some sort of ironic joke that has been lost in translation right?

I can't in anyway comprehend the appeal, please someone explain it to me.
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>> No. 3156 Anonymous
7th May 2015
Thursday 1:58 am
3156 spacer
Nick Helm's hot and you're not, get used to it.
>> No. 3157 Anonymous
7th May 2015
Thursday 2:35 am
3157 spacer
The women had a head start with HAES, so the men need to catch up. Soon anyone with a BF% lower than 40 will be force fed because they are obviously anorexic.

Stop the orthorexia.
>> No. 3158 Anonymous
7th May 2015
Thursday 7:26 am
3158 spacer
Media has it both ways, now more than ever. It can be both sincere and ironic. The idea is to appeal to both crowds and just accumulate more views.

I wouldn't pay it much attention, even if others do. The idea will pass soon enough. It's worth noting that people's tastes are generally more varied than we account for. We've all been attracted to someone who did not fit any aesthetic ideal, and had no idea why.
>> No. 3162 Anonymous
7th May 2015
Thursday 10:32 am
3162 spacer


I never heard that word until yesterday then I heard it twice, that and your views it makes me wonder if you also visit r/fatlogic.
>> No. 3163 Anonymous
7th May 2015
Thursday 1:07 pm
3163 spacer

I'm not who you're replying to but I first came across it a fortnight ago on raw vegan youtube channels. It seems like a silly concept to me. It sounds like a PR exercise dreamed up by the dairy industry or something.
>> No. 3164 Anonymous
7th May 2015
Thursday 1:09 pm
3164 spacer
I have a dadbod. It's better than looking like a gym cunt IMO. I lift heavy and probably look like the Sun newspapers target demographic but it's fine because I still get fanny. Some girls are just insecure about having a properly fit partner and would prefer someone with a bit of flab because it puts the pressure off of them.
>> No. 3165 Anonymous
7th May 2015
Thursday 1:13 pm
3165 spacer

It's a more realistic looking build in my experience and I don't know why you'd want to date someone out of your league in terms of their fitness level. I think it's perfectly logical to get insecure about that.
>> No. 3166 Anonymous
7th May 2015
Thursday 1:15 pm
3166 spacer
Yep, that's what we want, more women feeling insecure.
>> No. 3167 Anonymous
7th May 2015
Thursday 1:45 pm
3167 spacer
It's just a toned down 'bearmode' isn't it?
>> No. 3168 Anonymous
7th May 2015
Thursday 2:12 pm
3168 spacer

I'd say it's more like the guys in this picture, so yeah, sort of bearmode but without the huge mass. You still need to lift to have a dadbod, just don't do any cardio or bother counting calories. Far more efficient to go on bulking/cutting cycles but that's effort for most people. You could get plenty strong without watching what you eat though.
>> No. 3169 Anonymous
7th May 2015
Thursday 4:53 pm
3169 spacer
No. I have heard it used in my office by a fat bint. Asked her what it meant, and she told me all kinds of fucked up shit that I wish I hadn't heard. I still feel dumber after hearing her reasons for being fat.
>> No. 3170 Anonymous
7th May 2015
Thursday 5:36 pm
3170 spacer

So the modern world is so apathetic about doing what it takes to not be a fat fuck that this is our new standard of beauty? One based on people not having to feel ashamed for being a fat fuck during self refection. I always assumed this was the logical progression of the obesity epidemic but it doesn't stop it distressing me. Next stop, doctors can no longer acknowledge the health risk of fat, and society starts treating bmi below 25 as emaciated.
>> No. 3171 Anonymous
7th May 2015
Thursday 5:39 pm
3171 spacer

/r/fatlogic, /r/fathate... I'm not fat, but those places give me the creeps. Unashamed organised hatred, with little opposition. It confuses me as to why people care so much... Nasty, toxic stuff.
>> No. 3172 Anonymous
7th May 2015
Thursday 5:39 pm
3172 spacer
>> No. 3173 Anonymous
7th May 2015
Thursday 5:51 pm
3173 spacer

>> No. 3174 Anonymous
7th May 2015
Thursday 6:00 pm
3174 spacer

And I assume you would say the samething about a drug addict? because obesity is worse for your health than being a smoker and a heavy drinker combined. It is harmful to them and costs me when their fat arse has health problems as a result, ones that were easily preventable by learning self control.
>> No. 3175 Anonymous
7th May 2015
Thursday 6:01 pm
3175 spacer
>> No. 3176 Anonymous
7th May 2015
Thursday 6:03 pm
3176 spacer

Fatlogic is about calling bullshit, they don't hate fat people, they just don't like the lies that get spread about how it is unpreventable and that it is somehow healthy.
>> No. 3177 Anonymous
7th May 2015
Thursday 6:05 pm
3177 spacer
Trends come and go, I don't think is anything to do with accepting fatties, it's just a Thing. Obesity was once attractive remember, since it indicated wealth and status.
>> No. 3178 Anonymous
7th May 2015
Thursday 6:07 pm
3178 spacer

The nhs does encourage them to stop.
>> No. 3179 Anonymous
7th May 2015
Thursday 6:10 pm
3179 spacer
>> No. 3180 Anonymous
7th May 2015
Thursday 6:32 pm
3180 spacer


I wasn't talking about fat fucks. I was talking about people with a BMI that's naturally medium or lower. They may get called skinnyfat in chan-terminology.

You never know when gym-rats are secret fatties who will balloon if they ever stop going.

I wouldn't call anyone from the first two pictures fat.
>> No. 3181 Anonymous
7th May 2015
Thursday 6:44 pm
3181 spacer
>You never know when gym-rats are secret fatties who will balloon if they ever stop going.
When you go to the gym you need to eat a lot to grow and maintain muscle. if you stop going to the gym you're unlikely to change your eating habits.

'Skinnyfat' people are people who don't have 'too much fat' per se but have zero muscle.
>> No. 3182 Anonymous
7th May 2015
Thursday 6:46 pm
3182 spacer

Isn't it slightly genetic too? I don't think I could get as fat as Tom Daley's family if I really tried to.
>> No. 3183 Anonymous
7th May 2015
Thursday 7:10 pm
3183 spacer
Each to their own, innit.

I'd argue that the rise of the internet is creating a culture of sexual exploration and openness that is slowly trickling out to wider society. We're going through a slightly weird phase of reaction and counter-reaction, as social opprobrium is challenged by the honesty of anonymity. Part of that process involves the creation of (arguably faddish) labels to describe latent desires that are starting to emerge from beneath the veil of stigma.

For example, the conventional narrative about pornography is that it promotes an unrealistic standard of body image, with blonde Barbie dolls being athletically pounded by mindless Action Men. If you actually look at what people are searching for, you get a completely different picture; While there is a mainstream of pornography that reflects orthodox ideals, there is also a huge diversity of body types and sexual expression. A whole lexicon has arisen to describe this diversity - bears and twinks, BBWs, MILFs and so on.

The media naturally tends towards hyperbole, so treats these labels as some kind of profound shift rather than simply the identification of something that already existed. The widespread myth of the "ideal of beauty" leads people to the erroneous belief that desire is somehow zero-sum, so recognising x as desirable must logically mean that y is less desirable. I think that the "dad bod" label has attracted a disproportionate amount of discourse simply because it is a description of female desire, and society remains deeply ambivalent about female sexuality.

I have no idea what the future holds. It may be the case that we grow out of these labels, and develop into a culture where the diversity of desire is seen as blandly unremarkable; Conversely, we may end up with an increasingly fine taxonomy of desire, as tools like internet dating facilitate more specific couplings. A label like "chubby chaser" may come to be seen as irrelevant, or it may come to be seen as uselessly vague.
>> No. 3184 Anonymous
7th May 2015
Thursday 7:16 pm
3184 spacer

Have you seen this debate?

I thought it was interesting as Germaine Greer puts the Barbie Doll/Action Ken thing forward as a reason why porn is bad and is quite nicely shown to be wrong. The whole debate is fairly interesting.
>> No. 3185 Anonymous
7th May 2015
Thursday 7:38 pm
3185 spacer

I've noticed that 4chan's /b/ board over the past decade has drastically increased its diversity of tastes... I doubt its representative of society, but there are a LOT of bbw, ts/sissy, etc. these days. Seeing as it is mainly 15-25 year old anonymous individuals, I thought it was pretty interesting. Perhaps the younger posters are more accepting of alternative/'taboo' type things now... It would be cool if we were going through some sort of second sexual revolution, as a result of the internet. I will say though that is is definitely not without it's opposition.
>> No. 3186 Anonymous
7th May 2015
Thursday 7:49 pm
3186 spacer

The traps can stay, but the tubbos just aren't on. I like imagining going for a bike ride with whomever I just masturbated over.
>> No. 3187 Anonymous
7th May 2015
Thursday 7:59 pm
3187 spacer


There are a few corner cases of obesity being genetic but on the whole it is nothing of the sort, there would be no genetic reason why the numbers have suddenly balloned in the last 50 years, on it's own.

Conversely the fact that the number of overweight individuals has remained constant is a very intreaging trend, you would expect the numbers to go up in correlation with obesity but they have remained constant, which on the the surface suggests that is genetic. it's like half of the people became obese because of a change in enviroment but none of the overweight people were affected.

It is posible that it is a combination of factors between a new enviromental and an underlying genetic condition that compounds with that, but no one seems to have found them yet or why it would only affect people who would have been thin up until 50 years ago.
>> No. 3188 Anonymous
7th May 2015
Thursday 8:07 pm
3188 spacer

I think it's just the teenlad porn addicts growing up and moving on to weirder porn because the vanilla stuff just doesn't cut it anymore.
>> No. 3189 Anonymous
7th May 2015
Thursday 8:16 pm
3189 spacer

The tubbos are the best part m8.
>> No. 3190 Anonymous
7th May 2015
Thursday 9:38 pm
3190 spacer

I think 4chan is just the vanguard of a broader trend. If you look at the "highest rated" or "most viewed" section of most mainstream porn tube websites, you'll see a remarkable amount of diversity. For example, xHamster is ranked by alexa as the 66th most popular website in the world and the second most popular porn site, but only a small fraction of their most popular videos match the stereotype. Pornhub is a very mainstream sort of site, but their user statistics turn up all sorts of interesting things, including the fact that 23% of their global user base is female.


I think that the backlash is almost as interesting as the trend itself. Some people are clearly getting extremely worked up about what other people are attracted to, which suggests to me that we are indeed in the midst of a second sexual revolution. The old adage "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win" seems relevant. The very fact that people are getting so irate suggests that there's much more going on than just a few weirdos on the internet.
>> No. 3191 Anonymous
7th May 2015
Thursday 9:41 pm
3191 spacer

Looks interesting, I'll give it a watch as soon as I get the chance. Greer tends to get on my pip, but Anna Arrowsmith should make it a good debate.
>> No. 3192 Anonymous
7th May 2015
Thursday 9:48 pm
3192 spacer
I wrote a very long post about genetics, nutrition and exercise but then got bored and deleted it all.

tl;dr genetics are an influence but nothing imperative outside of the odd disorder. 99% of people will not be able to say 'its muh genes'.

Nutrition is vital, as is general exercise. Not gym membership, but just the effort you put into your day to day life and how much muscle, etc. you acquire as a result of that.
>> No. 3193 Anonymous
7th May 2015
Thursday 9:48 pm
3193 spacer
> The old adage "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win" seems relevant.
Are Nige bought this one out today.
>> No. 3194 Anonymous
7th May 2015
Thursday 9:53 pm
3194 spacer
The thing that confuses me is why anyone would care at all about what someone else enjoys... Seriously the amount of malice I've seen directed to people who like bbw and so on is staggering. I find it quite unsettling to be honest. The whole internet is quite badvibes these days... All of this social justice warrior and the retaliation movement... I saw a theory once, it was something like coathanger theory. The crux of it was that two opposing ideas, after time, become to represent the same ideals they both initially opposed. That was incredibly poorly worded but I'm tired and lazy.
>> No. 3195 Anonymous
8th May 2015
Friday 6:20 pm
3195 spacer
>coathanger theory
You probably mean horseshoe theory.
>> No. 3196 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 6:42 pm
3196 spacer

Why do people in general know fuck all about food, diets, calories, nutrients, etc? Those are very basic things. I feel that we should start teaching it at primary and secondary schools. It is getting ridiculous. Something as basic as this shouldn't be treated like black magic.
>> No. 3197 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 7:15 pm
3197 spacer

I think primary and secondary education should remain around building a base knowledge of core academic subjects, not become a training course on how to not die as an adult.
>> No. 3198 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 7:22 pm
3198 spacer
I think at least a third of secondary education should concern things like personal finance (budgeting, banking, investing with ISA, tax, borrowing). Being ignorant of these things, especially among the worst off, are real millstones in terms of going anywhere in life.
>> No. 3199 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 7:25 pm
3199 spacer
But what's stopping anyone from looking all that stuff up now? Yes it probably would be good to teach in schools, but I learnt from my parents and from reading, because I wanted to know.
>> No. 3200 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 7:32 pm
3200 spacer
Learning how to all that stuff, while being in full time work, is hard and time consuming. School should equip young people for the challenges of life.
>> No. 3201 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 7:35 pm
3201 spacer
Fuck where you learnt it, and your boring anecdotal stories, you fucking twat. Go fuck your mother.

Basic and fundamental things should be taught at school.
>> No. 3202 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 7:41 pm
3202 spacer

I agree that we need a lot more financial literacy in education, although a third of the curriculum is a bit excessive.

Not teaching financial literacy and similar life skills in schools just perpetuates social inequality. There's a pretence that there isn't time in the day to teach these things, or that school should be about academic learning, but I think that's transparently false. We find time to teach kids about sex and drugs in PSHE, because those are conversations that a lot of middle-class parents don't want to have with their children. Middle class parents know that their kids will learn how to read a bank statement or write a CV at the kitchen table, and subconsciously defend the advantages that their kids gain over those from poorer backgrounds.

Since last year, personal finance has been on the PSHE curriculum (thanks in large part to a brilliant campaign by Martin Lewis), but it's crammed in with myriad other topics. Schools don't give it enough time, the curriculum requirements aren't specific enough, and teachers lack adequate training and resources.
>> No. 3203 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 7:49 pm
3203 spacer
I didn't mean to stop at personal finance. I thought this would also include things like:

*Basic principles of health and fitness (to counteract the food industry narrative of 'you can eat what you like if you exercise!')
*How to use the NHS
And other important life skills most people know nothing about until they have to use them.
>> No. 3204 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 7:51 pm
3204 spacer
Like not being a cunt.
>> No. 3205 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 8:02 pm
3205 spacer
Mate, you are the cunt. I understand you like being selfish and protecting the advantages a middle-class cunt like you gains over everyone under him by defending kids not being taught anything of value in schools is understandable, but you are still a massive twat, and you are what's wrong with this country. You are everything wrong with this country.
>> No. 3206 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 8:09 pm
3206 spacer
Hey that's me to a T. Wait, no, no it isn't. I think I even said it would probably be a good idea for it to be taught in schools. Yes, I did say that. My point was if you're clueless about it now, there is a wealth of information available for free that is very easily understood. If you're aware you lack the knowledge of it now, you should also be able to make the choice to just look it up. But please continue with your misguided rage, I don't mind.
>> No. 3207 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 8:15 pm
3207 spacer
There's a "wealth of information" out there for everything, so schools should all be shut down.
>> No. 3208 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 8:16 pm
3208 spacer
Yes they should.
>> No. 3209 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 8:36 pm
3209 spacer
Thank you, stupidlad. Now please fuck off.
>> No. 3210 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 8:40 pm
3210 spacer
Good grief.
>> No. 3211 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 8:44 pm
3211 spacer
Might be time for a quick break and a calm down, mate.
>> No. 3212 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 8:48 pm
3212 spacer
I am the cunt that originally brought this up deliberately to be a cunt in >>3197 and I very much did not do so out of any desire to preserve the middle class. I did so because I don't consider "how to pay taxes and bills" to be something of enough value to warrant teaching in a school, it's fucking paperwork.

On top of that, I could argue that as the middle class bains are going to learn all about how to pay taxes and write CVs from their middle class parents (as pointed out in >>3202) then the chances are that posho schools wouldn't bother putting these vocational bullshit classes into their curriculums and those already-privileged kids would end up having more school time than other kids spent doing conventional schoolwork and core academic subjects, furthering their advantage later in life compared with less privileged kids that decide they want to pursue higher education.

I maintain that you learn to be functioning adult by trial and error. The idea of a classroom telling kids how to use the NHS properly is just laughable. I went to the shittest school in the Ofsted's shittest-rated region at the time and I'm doing alright for myself without having ever had a workshop at 15 on how to write my CV, and I'm still using the things I learnt at secondary school in everyday life to this day.
>> No. 3213 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 9:27 pm
3213 spacer
>I am the cunt

The only sensible part of your post. Learning how to manage your finances or look after your health is 'laughable' and should instead be learned through 'trial and error', but quadratic equations and how to use an apostrophe are far too important to be learned independently.

Do you ever subject anything you post to some kind of scrutiny?
>> No. 3214 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 9:42 pm
3214 spacer
My mistake. I raged so hard, and realised that you were a troll. Fuck off elsewhere. It was my mistake to even engage you.
>> No. 3215 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 10:00 pm
3215 spacer
Are we really ignoring the fact that the school curriculum is meant to prepare you for life OUTSIDE of school? It is not feasible to teach everything you need to/should know in life in 16 years, the point is to equip you with the skills and wherewithal to tackle things in life. What good is it going to do, spoon feeding everything to everyone? How do you think our parents, their parents, etc, coped?
>> No. 3216 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 10:02 pm
3216 spacer
Oh hey I want to join in. You're a cunt, no, I'm a cunt, no, we're all cunts, no, everyone's a cunt but me. Good points lads, great talk.
>> No. 3217 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 10:05 pm
3217 spacer
Waffle straight from a comments section.
>> No. 3218 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 10:09 pm
3218 spacer
This is like reading the DM comments section.
>> No. 3219 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 10:10 pm
3219 spacer
A fine contribution to the thread.
>> No. 3220 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 10:13 pm
3220 spacer
Where do you propose schools find the time and resources to do this successfully?
>> No. 3221 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 10:18 pm
3221 spacer
I haven't been in school for over 5 years but from my own school getting rid of the weekly church services and 20 mins/day allocated to prayers would easily allow for a weekly life skills class.
>> No. 3222 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 10:20 pm
3222 spacer
Yes, a weekly life-skills lessons is asking for the moon and heaven.
>> No. 3223 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 10:20 pm
3223 spacer
What interests are you protecting?
>> No. 3224 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 10:24 pm
3224 spacer
Tax is often thought of as being incredibly complicated and I think that alone puts people off. It's very easy to understand and there's a plethora of websites nowadays such as iknowtax.com that explain it easily enough, on top of simplified guides for what to do when you're self-employed. Forums/communities such as Reddit can also be very helpful in explaining to you what you need to do and how things work. The other people in this thread must be trolling, because this stuff is just babytown frolics.

Still, it would probably be better to teach kids WHY this is important stuff, not simply telling them how it works then sending them on their way. The issue is (I believe) that they need to care about these things to begin with.
>> No. 3225 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 10:27 pm
3225 spacer
Close down schools and let kids learn about maths and sciences from reddit and the "plethora of websites" out there.
>> No. 3226 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 10:27 pm
3226 spacer
Talk to teachers, go to your local schools and engage them about this, find out why a lot of schools resources are already strained. If you really want to do something about it, why not start a petition or something? Get involved, if it's that easy to do.
>> No. 3227 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 10:29 pm
3227 spacer
Reductio ad absurdum.
>> No. 3228 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 10:31 pm
3228 spacer
Really, lad? School resources are "strained" so let's not teach children fundamental life skills? Really?
>> No. 3229 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 10:34 pm
3229 spacer
It's the same thing you cunt. Food, nutrients, diets, finances, civic issues, etc are infinitely more important than what Shakespeare said half a dozen years ago or so. To tell kids to look up reddit for important, fundamental life skills... You are a fucking troll. Just fuck off.
>> No. 3230 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 10:34 pm
3230 spacer
Yeah that's what I said. But really, how do you plan to work this into the curriculum?
>> No. 3231 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 10:34 pm
3231 spacer
State resources are strained because of poor mass understanding of life skills. Your pretense that remedying this will break the bank and collapse the treasury is laughable.
>> No. 3232 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 10:41 pm
3232 spacer
ITT: Middle class (fuck the poor bastards) vs Poor bastards (please milord, letus learn to read and cunt).
>> No. 3233 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 11:03 pm
3233 spacer
Oik, haven't you heard of reddit?
>> No. 3234 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 11:06 pm
3234 spacer
Just after the election, I was told that if you don't vote, your vote is counted in favour of the candidate from the party in government.

The person telling me this apparently also had no idea of the concept of a parliamentary democracy, and did not understand how voting for a candidate is not the same thing as directly voting for the party that candidate is standing for.

People in general know fuck all about a surprising range of things. It's not because they're stupid, it's just that for a lot of people, the idea of properly researching something for their personal knowledge is alien to them.
>> No. 3235 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 11:18 pm
3235 spacer
Guys, you're all idiots. The best solution is programs like this: http://themoneycharity.org.uk/workshops-training/schools-colleges/

Oh and by the way there are already some GCSE finance questions and they're generally maths related. This fuckin' site...
>> No. 3236 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 11:21 pm
3236 spacer
Yes, but something as basic as food, which can impact your health in so many different ways, should not be taken so lightly. How many pounds could have been saved if everyone was taught about basic dietary needs in school? Would we still have an obesity epidemic?

Schools are where students are supposed to learn practical skills which they can apply to their lives when they are adults. To say that they shouldn't be taught anything useful, and that they should visit reddit or google for those skills is very silly.

Time to hide this thread.
>> No. 3237 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 11:21 pm
3237 spacer
But it isn't just 'finance'. Major life skills include knowing how to use the health service.


Have a fucking word with yourself, pseudoseptic.
>> No. 3238 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 11:27 pm
3238 spacer
I am now convinced that no matter what solution is presented, .gs will find a way to moan about it so I'm siding with the other guys. Fuck you, poorlads.
>> No. 3239 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 11:48 pm
3239 spacer
Picking one side because you hate the other is stupid.
>> No. 3240 Anonymous
23rd May 2015
Saturday 11:50 pm
3240 spacer
m8 this whole thread has been stupid. Also you're stupid.

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