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>> No. 3464 Anonymous
19th August 2015
Wednesday 11:27 pm
3464 spacer
How do I build sexual stamina?

(A good day to you Sir!)
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>> No. 3467 Anonymous
20th August 2015
Thursday 1:11 pm
3467 spacer
Are you talking about premature ejaculation? Lots of men experience this in their youth. It tends to go away on its own once we have had more sexual experience. If you are talking about feeling out of puff while banging away doggystyle, then you maybe need to do a bit more general exercise if you want to do that sudden and strenuous stuff properly. If you are talking about wanting to do it twelve times in a night like this rubbish you read about from celebrities, being on white powdery drugs will help you do that, and also help fuck up your body and mind.

If this is a lassm8, as long as you don't just lie there we will appreciate any bits of movement you do and you bothering to get on top etc.

There are no rules whatsoever for sex as long as you both enjoy it.
>> No. 3468 Anonymous
20th August 2015
Thursday 1:20 pm
3468 spacer
Flashlight do a "stamina trainer" model. It's almost certainly bullwhip in terms of actually making you last longer in bed, but it looks like fun to put your willy in.
>> No. 3469 Anonymous
20th August 2015
Thursday 1:21 pm
3469 spacer

>There are no rules whatsoever for sex as long as you both enjoy it.
>> No. 3470 Anonymous
20th August 2015
Thursday 1:30 pm
3470 spacer

>There are no rules whatsoever for sex as long as you both enjoy it.

You can't be giving this lad healthy sexual advice like that without telling him that they recently made some rules.

Sex Rules 2015: No means no, unless it means more. Yes can mean yes, but also mean I feel pressured. All forms of penetrative sex are literally rape, even if you both enjoyed it, if the women regrets it the next day.

I'm joking, obviously, but these people exist and we need to make an effort to stop having sex with them, just like people who don't read books.
>> No. 3471 Anonymous
20th August 2015
Thursday 2:23 pm
3471 spacer
Hello MRAlad. I don't actually know any unreasonable women like that although many girls I've had sex with would self-describe as feminist.

I don't read those rad fem tumblr sites written by IRL troll shut-in student activists waiting to find something that offends me, and actually find casual male chauvinism and top banter much more annoying.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 3472 Anonymous
20th August 2015
Thursday 2:29 pm
3472 spacer
If you hover over the black box at the bottom, it reveals super-secret hidden text.
>> No. 3473 Anonymous
20th August 2015
Thursday 3:23 pm
3473 spacer

How can you be a "shut-in student activist"? I'm really asking, as I can't stand leaving the house but would enjoy perusing a tertiary education, which would no doubt ultimately evade me and force me to retire at 24 to be an alcoholic Cornish cave dweller.

Gotta' make long term plans, my therapist says.
>> No. 3474 Anonymous
20th August 2015
Thursday 3:28 pm
3474 spacer
A lot of great American universities like MIT offer full courses online these days, and I think they even give you a certificate upon completion which probably packs as much clout as an actual degree from most English unis these days.
>> No. 3475 Anonymous
20th August 2015
Thursday 4:08 pm
3475 spacer

>> No. 3476 Anonymous
20th August 2015
Thursday 7:27 pm
3476 spacer
Google "edX".
>> No. 3477 Anonymous
23rd August 2015
Sunday 12:34 am
3477 spacer
I'm talking about premature ejaculation. Last time I had sex was when I was 16. I'm now 22 and back in the game. I came so quickly I pretended that I didn't. I'm tempted to just get shit faced drunk since that usually delays my orgasm a lot.
>> No. 3478 Anonymous
23rd August 2015
Sunday 2:12 am
3478 spacer
Pre-wank and you'll be fine, lad. Wear a jonny as well.
>> No. 3479 Anonymous
23rd August 2015
Sunday 9:58 am
3479 spacer

My ex was terrible for this, on the day we first hooked up she told me 'no' half way through intercourse, to which I reponded 'yes', and she loved my assertiveness swooned and we carried on going.

she would frequently say 'don't do that' during sex when what she meant was 'that is exactly what you should do if you want me to orgasum and be in intense pleasure, but I'm self conscious about the noise I'll make'.

The 'no means no' camp really has got a lot to learn about the subtleties of human interaction.
>> No. 3483 Anonymous
23rd August 2015
Sunday 1:25 pm
3483 spacer
You've done it now, mate. Preemptively hiding the thread.
>> No. 3503 Anonymous
25th August 2015
Tuesday 9:16 am
3503 spacer
Related question: does anyone else cum quickly when they have a wank? If I'm properly going for it I only last 30 secs - 1 min
>> No. 3504 Anonymous
25th August 2015
Tuesday 9:50 am
3504 spacer
I've long since stopped having any interest in wanking without a strange girl on the internet some thousands of miles away having some involvement, which means that the time between the decision to have a wank and the flourish is often in the region of hours. There's really no wonder I hate myself so much immediately after I finish every single time.
>> No. 3505 Anonymous
25th August 2015
Tuesday 10:27 am
3505 spacer

I feel your pain mate, those are the best ones. Sadly I find it woefully difficult to find those birds anymore, it's a far cry from the halcyon days of youth where I'd have dozens of birds frothing at the gash over MSN. where does one even find that kind of action these days? I fear I am lost while all the fit young birds are having a unspeakably filthy fun on things like Snapchat that my aging mind simply can't understand.
>> No. 3506 Anonymous
25th August 2015
Tuesday 10:44 am
3506 spacer
I do this too, but I have no idea how this compares to the real thing as I'm an autistic permavirgin.
>> No. 3507 Anonymous
25th August 2015
Tuesday 10:56 am
3507 spacer

Don't watch porn and you'll find this difficult.

If you use your imagination, the orgasm is better and you'll last longer.
>> No. 3508 Anonymous
25th August 2015
Tuesday 11:13 am
3508 spacer

For me the 'extra safe' condoms you can buy are a godsend.

Those things are so thick you can't feel a thing and consequently last a lot longer. There's all kinds of desensitizing sprays and creams you can get too, although I've never worked out when exactly you would apply those without killing the mood or looking like a tool.
>> No. 3509 Anonymous
25th August 2015
Tuesday 11:18 am
3509 spacer
I can't see why "Hang on while I numb up" is any more likely to kill the mood than "Hang on while I put a condom on", personally. You could even have your ladyfriend rub the cream in for you, unless that risks you spunking and then just having a numb and spent cock.
>> No. 3510 Anonymous
25th August 2015
Tuesday 11:57 am
3510 spacer
I find lasting long enough pretty easy to be honest. If I can feel orgasm building, I pause a moment to change position. Or I get into a position which gives me little stimulation but her lots. I've read it takes a lass twenty minutes to orgasm where it takes chaps five. That seems to correlate with my experience - just keep taking breathers, and once she comes or is near to coming, you can wail away as you like. They don't seem to mind.

By the way, look, I understand if the mods just want to stop discussion about feminist issues which they find tedious, but when >>3471 is banned while >>3470 and >>3479 aren't things start to look dodgy. These lads are actually calling the idea of consent into question (even with that spoiler text). >>3471 was merely a bit obnoxious.
>> No. 3511 Anonymous
25th August 2015
Tuesday 1:24 pm
3511 spacer
>>3471 was me and I felt a bit miffed at the ban although it was so short-lived it was more of a finger-wag, I guess my post was quite grumpy and bad tempered.

People do roleplay and take positions that aren't really their beliefs on here don't they, and some of the more misogynist sounding things may well be simply made as provocations. I don't know what sort of people the other two of you are at all really or whether I would want a cup of tea or a 36 hour drink binge with you in real life or not.
>> No. 3512 Anonymous
25th August 2015
Tuesday 1:25 pm
3512 spacer

>These lads are actually calling the idea of consent into question

They're really not, they are just pointing out that it's a deeply complex, context sesetive issue. If you really live in a world where one "no" means you get up and put your trousers back on straight away then you have a really pitifully dull vanilla sex life, or none at all.

It also works both ways, before you get your knickers in a twist- Hands up if you ever had one of those blowjobs where you were like "No, love, I'm already late for work- I said stop... Oh..." Bad news if so. You were raped.
>> No. 3513 Anonymous
25th August 2015
Tuesday 1:33 pm
3513 spacer
I've had a blowjob that felt like the girl had been sneaking bits of gravel in her mouth on our way back to hers, I did not enjoy it one bit, was I raped? I hope not.
>> No. 3514 Anonymous
25th August 2015
Tuesday 1:38 pm
3514 spacer
I agree that consent is nuanced, but who is saying that it isn't? Who amonst those campaigning against rape is saying that the content of someone's words is completely divorced from someone's tone and behaviour? That concept is fundamental to 'enthusiastic consent'.

This is like the right-wing press technique of fashioning an enemy where none exists. And why would you do that unless you had beef with the people that straw man really represents? Like that bit from another thread - 'fems don't care about men's issues' - except they do and you're just ignorant.
>> No. 3515 Anonymous
25th August 2015
Tuesday 2:01 pm
3515 spacer

Have you ever been on a site called Jezebel?

I know it's picking on the low hanging fruit, and I would love for it to be a strawman, but it's not.

You can't escape from any criticism with the shield of "Oh but come on, we're not all crazies like that, broadchurch etc". Eventually you have to own up and say "Okay yeah the ideology isn't flawless, you're right, let's engage in dialogue", which is a big part of the frustration many people seem to feel towards the fisher-movement.

Like, seriously, don't you get tired of the number of times you end up going "Yeah you're right but blah blah blah you're actually wrong" or some variation thereof?

It wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't for the fact that there are, literally, people pushing the idea that all sex is rape or whatever nonsense. I can compromise and understand that a lot of fishmongery has valid ideas and genuine social ills to address, I'm just waiting for the other side to meet me in the middle instead of dismissing it all the time.
>> No. 3516 Anonymous
25th August 2015
Tuesday 2:20 pm
3516 spacer
Most people who apply the word rape every time "enthusiastic" consent is lacking are denying the nuance. If a person is cajoled, manipulated, charmed, negotiated, or persuaded into consenting, they still consented. As has the person that sits by passively failing to offer an unambiguous "no" (verbal or otherwise). A person who does these things might be an asshole and we might well need this dialogue to improve gender relations, but when you start throwing around the word rape to describe the actions of vast swathes of men, you've taken an idealogical wrong turning.

Lots of people in the public eye self-censor massively because they're afraid of appearing racist. I'm glad to live in a more egalitarian society and perhaps I have ideologues to thank for effecting the recent positive cultural shifts, but ideologues are just that: wedded to an idea rather than reality. Us privileged Western apes can be trained to forgo tribal (racist) thinking. Can we be trained to have sex the way academics want us to? Eh, not so much.
>> No. 3517 Anonymous
25th August 2015
Tuesday 2:38 pm
3517 spacer
I have often wondered whether the majority of clicks on the more egregiously unreasonable Jezebel pieces aren't from people looking for something to be outraged and offended by. It is a commercial site, it is full of clickbait, and yes it is largely silly at best and verging on hateful at worst.

I have a female friend - we are probably never gonna fuck, we are mates and I'm happy with that, and hopefully she is too - who sometimes does espouse the more unreasonable end of feminism and anti-racism. Thing is, she is a woman, she is not white, and I don't know what she has been through in her life that I haven't - I imagine casual and subtle forms of bigotry are invisible to those of us who thankfully don't have to deal with it. I pulled her up on something she put on facebook that seemed to be in favour of censorship (can't remember now, may have been one of these arsehole pick up artists) and I think we both sensed, if we talk about this too much or if I push it, we are gonna fall out, and neither of us want that. She said 'it sure is a difficult area' and we left it there.
>> No. 3518 Anonymous
25th August 2015
Tuesday 3:08 pm
3518 spacer
Alright, you've brought up Jezebel and all sex is rape in the same train of thought. Find me an article on there that says that.
>> No. 3519 Anonymous
25th August 2015
Tuesday 3:34 pm
3519 spacer
The topic of sexual stamina is raised on an imageboard and ~30 posts later somehow we're talking about feminism and the nuance of consent.

It makes you wonder if some of you are a bit sensitive about the subject of premature ejaculation. If this thread carries on the way it's going and gets locked, you only have yourselves to blame.
>> No. 3520 Anonymous
25th August 2015
Tuesday 4:58 pm
3520 spacer

It's always them lot what start it, though, yer honour. They just can't let it lie, can they.
>> No. 3521 Anonymous
25th August 2015
Tuesday 5:39 pm
3521 spacer

I would just add to that: it seems to me that differences in gender aren't really brought into the discussion properly and fairly.

Sexuality from a female perspective is completely different to the male. The line between confident and coercive behaviour is very different based upon your own personal context.

As an example of what seems - on the face of it - ludicrous hysterical feminist paranoia: I can almost see how (for some girls) the experience of constantly having men double-take, check you out and just generally give you the eye is more than just 'creepy' but moves into the area of 'stare rape'. No man can experience or understand what it's like to be feeling tired/depressed and yet have sexualised experiences thrust upon you. Hence all those videos of girls walking around New York with hidden cameras.

I don't pretend to understand the female psychology but at least I'm aware of that fact.
>> No. 3522 Anonymous
25th August 2015
Tuesday 5:46 pm
3522 spacer
But this is precisely what is meant by privilege. Society treats people differently depending on their characteristics, and because men aren't treated in the way you describe, they have privilege.
>> No. 3523 Anonymous
25th August 2015
Tuesday 6:03 pm
3523 spacer

"Men" are a broad church and men are treated this way too, as any gaylad will tell you.

Also, most men aren't overtly sexually forward. A minority are, in the same way it is a minority of women who take issue with men outside of the small minority of overt sexually forward males on the grounds "all men are the same."

You're dealing in statistical outliers and pretending they are representative of society as a whole.
>> No. 3524 Anonymous
25th August 2015
Tuesday 6:04 pm
3524 spacer
>Not all men
>> No. 3525 Anonymous
25th August 2015
Tuesday 6:06 pm
3525 spacer

>No man can experience or understand what it's like to be feeling tired/depressed and yet have sexualised experiences thrust upon you.

Citation very much needed lad. I'd argue much more mentally and emotionally destabilising when a man feels unable to respond to sexual provocation, and I'd say more of us have been in that position than you would at first anticipate. Thing is, one side will tell you that it's another aspect of the evil patriarky, the other will tell you it's just another typical double standard.

Not that I disagree with the thrust (ha) of your post, but it's stuff like that that trips the discussion up. I think it would be fair to say they are both right- If less people on both sides were concerned about winning some eternal ideological battle, and more concerned with addressing that real, human pain and suffering involved, it wouldn't cause nearly so much aggro.
>> No. 3526 Anonymous
25th August 2015
Tuesday 6:08 pm
3526 spacer
In the case of the women with hidden cameras, though, it's not a case of that small minority of sexually forward men shouting and whistling at women on the street, but the far broader group of men having a cheeky gawp.
>> No. 3527 Anonymous
25th August 2015
Tuesday 6:24 pm
3527 spacer

>Also, most men aren't overtly sexually forward.

Not so sure about it being a minority. It doesn't have to be leery groping and whistles to be sexualising behaviour.

But that's really my point: I have no idea if an attractive woman feels sexualised when the vast majority of men who clock her have a cheeky glance at her tits and arse. But I can't just dismiss it offhand as silly hypersensitive overreaction to nothing if someone having that experiences tells me it's aggressive and discomforting, because I have no personal reference to counter it.
>> No. 3528 Anonymous
25th August 2015
Tuesday 6:26 pm
3528 spacer
There there, uglylass.
>> No. 3529 Anonymous
25th August 2015
Tuesday 6:37 pm
3529 spacer
>Citation very much needed lad
Not him, but since he's asserting non-existence it'll be for you to provide the counterexample.
>> No. 3531 Anonymous
27th August 2015
Thursday 9:34 am
3531 spacer
While we're, um, on the topic of sexual stamina, I'm now in my late twenties, and I'm finding myself getting 'the urge' just as often, but that it's more difficult to get an erection on my own. I used to be able to just touch myself and the balloon would inflate. Or get erections on the bus. Now if I'm not careful I lose hardness halfway through having a wank. Is this a normal part of aging?
>> No. 3532 Anonymous
27th August 2015
Thursday 11:31 am
3532 spacer
Sadly, yes. Testosterone production starts to decrease by about 1% a year after age 30 or 40; the relentless decline also affects body fat, muscle tone and strength which you might've noticed compared to when you were an adolescent (and could put away that doner and chips with no ill effects). How's your exercise? Regular cardio and lifting especially can help as you approach your 30s.
>> No. 3533 Anonymous
27th August 2015
Thursday 10:15 pm
3533 spacer
Started proper gym visits a few weeks ago, actually. But as far as I can tell I'm an ectomorph so I can still put away doner and chips (not that I'd want to) and I honestly haven't seen any dramatic changes in my strength or weight as I have with my Johnson. Then again I tend to pay more attention day-to-day to my willy than to how much I can bench.

This is pretty crap, I assumed as long as you had no problems with your blood flow, dysfunction couldn't possibly occur this early in life. I thought it would be my sex drive to go first.
>> No. 3534 Anonymous
28th August 2015
Friday 1:24 am
3534 spacer

Ectomorph-Endomorph is pseudoscience
>> No. 3535 Anonymous
28th August 2015
Friday 7:16 am
3535 spacer
There's no such thing as the speed of one's metabolism, is there?
>> No. 3536 Anonymous
28th August 2015
Friday 8:50 am
3536 spacer
The valid science of metabolism is nothing to do with the pseudoscience of somatotypes.
>> No. 3537 Anonymous
28th August 2015
Friday 1:53 pm
3537 spacer
Wow you take this subject deadly seriously. Did you have a traumatic childhood experience involving somatotypes?

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 3538 Anonymous
29th August 2015
Saturday 2:23 am
3538 spacer

>> No. 3539 Anonymous
29th August 2015
Saturday 3:34 am
3539 spacer

There you have it, OP, excessive alcohol consumption and lots of cycling.
>> No. 3540 Anonymous
29th August 2015
Saturday 3:41 pm
3540 spacer

Don't disrespect the Magnum Tonic Wine. It's carnival time, we all need the energy.

>> No. 3543 Anonymous
29th August 2015
Saturday 3:58 pm
3543 spacer
Are we helping OP here? I don't think we're helping.


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