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>> No. 3480 Anonymous
23rd August 2015
Sunday 11:46 am
3480 Soylent
Anyone here substituted eating for Soylent? Really curious to try it.

>Soylent is a powdered meal replacement product, advertised as a "staple meal". Its creators state that Soylent meets all nutritional requirements for an average adult.
>Rosa Labs states that the current formulation is based on recommendations of the Institute of Medicine and Soylent includes all of the elements of a healthy diet, without excess amounts of sugars, saturated fats, or cholesterol.


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>> No. 3481 Anonymous
23rd August 2015
Sunday 12:16 pm
3481 spacer
This is the stupidest idea ever. How many people are bored of eating? If anything, I'd like a food with no calorie content that will sate my hunger and urge to eat out of boredom, without causing me to put weight on.
>> No. 3482 Anonymous
23rd August 2015
Sunday 12:43 pm
3482 spacer
Tell me fatso, how many ideas have you turned into an international brand? It's not even an idea; it's a cleverly marketed rip-off of products that have existed for decades, many of them in the medical space. It's not aimed at people "bored of eating".
>> No. 3484 Anonymous
23rd August 2015
Sunday 1:28 pm
3484 spacer

There are a lot of problems with it.

There is one thing about this that would make it potentially dangerous for certain people. Your RDA of folate is being provided by soylent as 100% folic acid. In nature, you get very little folic acid, most is supplied directly as folate.
Your body has to convert folic acid into other forms of folate so that it can make use to it, a healthy human has only a limited capacity to make this conversion, and the chemical pathway it has to use is also needed for other important processes in your body. Folic acid simply isn't an ideal form of the nutrient, especially if you are not getting any at all in the natural form.
Secondly, your bodies ability to convert folic acid into folate declines significantly as you age, and about 5-10% of the population has a genetic defect which considerably lowers their capacity to make the conversion.

There are also some similar issues with other vitamins being in multiple forms, vitamin E for instance works best when present in a blend of all forms, Soylent just contains the alpha form. Another is Vitamin K which almost all supplements provide as K1, this is abundant in vegetables and is used by your liver to make blood clotting factors. But it is also important to have vitamin K2 which is essentially for your body to properly utilise calcium. (K2 is actually pretty scarce, the only reliable sources are eggs, meat and a weird Japanese food called natto. This explains the high rates of osteoporosis in vegans, the mainstream medical community has been trying in vain to blame vitamin D and calcium deficiency).

Another worry I have about this, is that a natural diet exposes you to a far far wider range of different chemicals than this meal replacement contains. There are thousands of chemicals you eat everyday, you wont die if you stop eating them, but they do have apparent health benefits. The problem with studying them is that the effects are minor but probably cumulative between all of them.Think of how many foods you see in headlines like "CHOCOLATE CURES CANCER".
There are so many different chemicals in so many different foods which may have benefits that scientists haven't really even began to properly understand them. If you want to be healthy rather than following a specific regime the only real answer is to regularly eat as wide a range of different foods as possible.

There are also issues with getting all your nutrients at the same time, certain vitamins and minerals aren't absorbed easily by your body when they're present in the same meal, for example calcium and iron aren't fully absorbed if you take them together. This is another reason why variety is important, you ideally need a lot of certain nutrients in one meal and a lot of others in a different one, rather than having your RDA divided up equally through the day.

I also have reservations about the balance of nutrients he's chosen:
More fibre is always better.
Some people are probably better off with more fat and less carbs.
There's too little saturated fat for my liking, saturated fat is quite metabolically important to your body, especially the brain.
I can't find detailed information on the oil composition, it looks like there are no medium-chain saturated fats, and no conjugated-linoleic-acid, which are both fairly good for your health.
It looks like there are no resistant starches, these are pretty important for maintaining the health of your gut bacteria.

I am actually thinking about trying this as a replacement for a normal breakfast, but I definitely wouldn't consider it to provide 100% of my diet.
>> No. 3485 Anonymous
23rd August 2015
Sunday 2:27 pm
3485 spacer

Well that's all just great, but what the heck is that picture supposed to be?
>> No. 3486 Anonymous
23rd August 2015
Sunday 2:35 pm
3486 spacer

>K2 is actually pretty scarce, the only reliable sources are eggs, meat and a weird Japanese food called natto

>> No. 3487 Anonymous
23rd August 2015
Sunday 2:56 pm
3487 spacer
That doesn't explain what it is, other than weird and Japanese.
>> No. 3488 Anonymous
23rd August 2015
Sunday 3:03 pm
3488 spacer
I know what it is after reading the Wikipedia article.
>> No. 3489 Anonymous
23rd August 2015
Sunday 5:48 pm
3489 spacer
Natto tastes a bit like beans in a mild Marmite sauce, if that helps? It's hard to describe, really. The weird thing about it is the stringy stickiness, which you can see in the picture, and which some people find very off-putting.

I quite like it, if supermarket deli counters had it I'd eat it regularly.
>> No. 3491 Anonymous
24th August 2015
Monday 8:57 am
3491 spacer
>> No. 3492 Anonymous
24th August 2015
Monday 11:52 am
3492 spacer

It was invented by a man because he was bored of eating.
>> No. 3493 Anonymous
24th August 2015
Monday 12:04 pm
3493 spacer
Yeah, whatever.

>> No. 3495 Anonymous
24th August 2015
Monday 12:54 pm
3495 spacer
Is folate not just a shorthand for the folic acid functional group? i.e. the entire folic acid molecule sans the H+ on the end. You know, as per the convention for every other acid? Because, in that case, folic acid absolutely is the most ideal form of folate, as it would just dissociate into folate and H+ with a bit of water. If not, then what exactly IS folate?
>> No. 3496 Anonymous
24th August 2015
Monday 2:03 pm
3496 spacer
Why is no one responding to this?
Made me give up any thought of ever using the stuff.
>> No. 3497 Anonymous
24th August 2015
Monday 2:06 pm
3497 spacer
Honestly, you are an idiot to even consider using it anyway.
>> No. 3498 Anonymous
24th August 2015
Monday 2:49 pm
3498 spacer
You were actually thinking of ingesting a product named after a movie in which food was secretly manufactured out of human slaves? Bloody hell, mate.

The first person to mention Harry Harrison goes straight to the meat grinder.
>> No. 3499 Anonymous
24th August 2015
Monday 6:07 pm
3499 spacer
Yes folate loosely refers to an entire group of chemicals, that's the problem. If the acid disassociates in water, you get the "ate" and the H+ ion. For the "ate" to be useful though you have to get rid of the H+ entirely and attach the "ate" to something else.

I don't understand this in any deep level of detail myself, but:
Folic acid is converted in the liver to tetrahydrofolate, this is then further converted into 5,10-methylenetetrahydrofolate.

It's not particularly bad. The problem is most rice is high in cadmium, and rice is the base staple in soylent. How much of a problem it is depends on who you listen to, if you eat rice daily you might already be getting more cadmium in your diet than soylent has anyway.
>> No. 3500 Anonymous
24th August 2015
Monday 6:18 pm
3500 spacer
No, folate refers to the folate group, which can be found in an entire group of chemicals. Also, if it properly dissociates then you *do* get the folate group and the (two, in the case of folic acid) H+ separately, surely? Hence dissociate. Having a quick look at the structure of tetrahydrofolate, it doesn't even have a folate group, per se, in that the chemical changes are on the folate group itself rather than just deprotonating it and replacing the H+s with something else.

A quick Wikipediaing has revealed to me that the term "folic acid" can refer to a whole hose of chemicals that are derivatives of the proper folic acid, not the term "folate".

Anyway, semantics.
>> No. 3502 Anonymous
25th August 2015
Tuesday 5:40 am
3502 spacer
Illuminating thanks. Though I find it curious why the osteoporosis article on Wikipedia does not mention veganism as aetiology.

The levels of cadmium et al are safe and within FDA approved limits. Supposedly if your product contains cadmium you must put an extra warning label on your product. They have the extra warning on the site but not the product it self. That's what the law suit is about.

Not him but I'm a bit bored of eating. I need to learn more dishes.
>> No. 3631 Anonymous
1st November 2015
Sunday 4:12 pm
3631 spacer

Reading back over this thread, I'm very pleased I came across this post. I know it's a copout and not the intended purpose of the product, but it looks like it may be an excellent supplement. I do wonder if the bodybuilders will catch on and throw it in with their whey and bulking powders.

I'd certainly stick it in with my morning porridge, anyway.
>> No. 3632 Anonymous
1st November 2015
Sunday 4:26 pm
3632 spacer
I've been looking at these sorts of powders as a way to replace the meals I'd end up missing otherwise - I very rarely eat breakfast or lunch, and end up wolfing a 1500 calorie dinner at 10pm. It would be much smarter for me to drink two meals and have a regular dinner.

Sage for useless post

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