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>> No. 3544 Anonymous
17th September 2015
Thursday 3:54 pm
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For the past week or so I have been worrying a great deal about a hard ridge type protrusion on the top of the skull. (It is longer than it is wide). It has a sort of bony circle at the base (near the back of my head). It is painless to touch and feels very very firm. I am a 23 year old male and I can't say I've ever noticed it before. I have had severe anxiety since noticing it and a series of panic attacks, as well as pretty bad migraines and nausea. I have seen 3 doctors and they have all said it was something like a sagittal suture, and not to worry about it. But I am terrified it is skull cancer, especially with my headaches and the fact I didn't notice it before. I'm really looking for some re-assurance here as like I said, this is driving me into a sort of depression.
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>> No. 3546 Anonymous
17th September 2015
Thursday 4:04 pm
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I'll add on the third visit I asked for a referral for an x-ray but was refused, as she said there were no medical grounds. My worry is that it is something malicious disguised as a bony protrusion. She said it was in the exact place you would expect a suture line to be, which worried me as my anxiety has made me worry that this is a horrible coincidence, and the real issue is hidden by this.
>> No. 3547 Anonymous
17th September 2015
Thursday 4:13 pm
3547 spacer
Imagine the odds of a 23 year old getting a cancer that so completely imitates another, entirely harmless, condition that three doctors give it the all clear. What do you think they are? They're bewilderingly small, no doubt. The reason for 9/10 headaches is not getting enough water. I would wager your seemingly quite massive anxiety over this (non) issue is causing you stress and distracting you from taking proper care of yourself, rather than you've got an incredibly rare form of cancer that happens to be in such a specific area.

From one hypochondriac to another; it's probably naff all, mate.
>> No. 3548 Anonymous
17th September 2015
Thursday 5:31 pm
3548 spacer
Maybe you're evolving into a unicorn.
>> No. 3549 Anonymous
17th September 2015
Thursday 5:34 pm
3549 spacer
You realise that our underfunded NHS will always diagnose like a technician would fix a PC. Whatever is the most simple explanation, is probably most likely it and you should leave it at that. Go private and see if they agree. There are so many horror stories about people having premature deaths due to NHS fuckwittery.
>> No. 3550 Anonymous
18th September 2015
Friday 12:04 pm
3550 spacer

I suffer occasionally from sebaceous cysts.


It's basically a rock hard lump (IYKWIM) under the surface of your skin. They are fairly easily removed, but sometimes considered an "elective procedure" as they aren't directly damaging to your health.

they are relatively common apparently. Go back to your GP and ask again - say the worry is affecting your sleep/concentration/ability to work etc. and they shoudl get you a scan.
>> No. 3551 Anonymous
18th September 2015
Friday 1:08 pm
3551 spacer

For its many faults, the NHS is ruthlessly efficient at keeping people alive cheaply. An early cancer diagnosis in a young person has a tremendous return on investment. >>3547 is right - the odds of this particular lump being malignant are absolutely astronomical. The most likely cancer would be chordoma, which is literally a one-in-a-million occurrence.
>> No. 3552 Anonymous
18th September 2015
Friday 4:32 pm
3552 spacer
I've booked to go see a therapist on monday. Thanks all for the replies.

I was finally re-assured this wasn't cancer, then a throbbing/tingly feeling in my throat that has been persistent for days caused me to google... now I have non-hodgkins lymphoma because of this, and the fact that a few months ago I had a virus that I almost certainly caught from kissing a girl - and one of the known triggers for this cancer is this herpes virus. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epstein%E2%80%93Barr_virus

So of course I think I am going to die of cancer, and thus I have another breakdown. What I did to comfort myself was this:

Using an article on symptoms I have done this for peace of mind. I know this is weird:
Localised symptoms (to an area)
MOST COMMON: Enlarged LymphNodes (glands) - non painful. [ NO ]
Cough. [Slightly]
Breathlessness. [NO]
Abdominal symptoms - lumps, pain, ingiestion, diarreao [NO]
Pain in bones [NO]
Pain in abdomen [NO]
Ache in nodes [NO]
Dizziness [RARE] [NO]
Numbness [RARE] [Yes, in neck]
Tinglting [RARE] [Yes, in neck]
Weakness in limb [NO]
VIsual problems [NO]
Memory Problems [NO]
Skin lumps, redness, itching [NO]
Lumps in usual places (eg breast, testicle, upper chest, jaw, nose) [NO]
Systemic Symptoms [NO]
Fevers [NO]
Weight Loss [Explained loss - bad diet]
Itching [NO]
Fatigue [NO]
Difficulty Fighting Infection [NO]
Tendency to Bruise/BLeed easy [NO]
"People with non-Hodgkin lymphoma will almost always have enlarged lymph nodes somewhere in the body." [A self-check of all lymph nodes finds no enlargment)

I am going to ask the doctor what I can do to live a life free of this concern, I need to see a therapist about this anxiety. It is scaring me.
>> No. 3553 Anonymous
18th September 2015
Friday 4:37 pm
3553 spacer
I meant to say booked to see the Dr on Monday.
>> No. 3554 Anonymous
18th September 2015
Friday 4:47 pm
3554 spacer
Also if anyone knew of anywhere on the net where I could talk to someone about all of this, in a more real-time manner, that would be really appreciated. Sometimes just talking about it with someone who wants to lisen really helps.
>> No. 3555 Anonymous
18th September 2015
Friday 5:38 pm
3555 spacer

CALM have a web chat thing, if you'd like to talk to a trained listener.

>> No. 3556 Anonymous
18th September 2015
Friday 6:26 pm
3556 spacer

You're happy to make this argument about the NHS, but if I was to make the counter-proposition that a private healthcare provider will diagnose like a car salesman pushing the optional extras, I bet you would soon see the flaw in the premise.
>> No. 3557 Anonymous
18th September 2015
Friday 6:41 pm
3557 spacer
>>3555ye s, Thank you very much.
>> No. 3558 Anonymous
18th September 2015
Friday 6:55 pm
3558 spacer
There's also 7cupsoftea and ... another site doing a similar thing whose name escapes me right now.
>> No. 3559 Anonymous
18th September 2015
Friday 8:53 pm
3559 spacer
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