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>> No. 3633 Anonymous
8th November 2015
Sunday 11:45 am
3633 spacer
Any of you lads use preworkout? Last night I necked cold nescafe before my session and it certainly made a difference. Unfortunately it also kept me up until 2am.

As I usually work out in the morning, though, I'm thinking of making my own preworkout sludge, probably some combination of juice and caffeine.
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>> No. 3634 Anonymous
8th November 2015
Sunday 3:48 pm
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No, but I have snorted coke and speed in the gym toilets. Helps with concentration and does give you a bit of an oommph, I'd say my lifts went up by 10% give or take. You're probably going to do more damage to yourself and risk cardiac arrest if you aren't careful.

Creatine and caffiene are good, dunno about the effectiveness of the rest of them. They seem like overpriced gimmicks more than anything.
>> No. 3635 Anonymous
8th November 2015
Sunday 4:08 pm
3635 spacer
>>3633 >>3634
>> No. 3636 Anonymous
8th November 2015
Sunday 4:34 pm
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Clerisy On Pre Workout.jpg
This is about lifting and has nothing to do with /A/.

Found this OP, it might be useful to you.
>> No. 3637 Anonymous
8th November 2015
Sunday 4:44 pm
3637 spacer
Lifting on coke is not within the purview of a board called 'Healthy', mate.
>> No. 3638 Anonymous
8th November 2015
Sunday 4:55 pm
3638 spacer
He was asking about a preworkout. A stimulant like coke and amphetamines does definitely count as a preworkout, they're not healthy and are in fact very dangerous because it raises your blood pressure and is a vasoconstrictor.
>> No. 3639 Anonymous
8th November 2015
Sunday 5:00 pm
3639 spacer

The OP didn't make that post or imply lifting on coke was healthy.

I could make a post about scat fetishism in a lasagne thread in /nom/, but that doesn't mean the OP of the thread I'm posting in thinks scat is an essential ingredient.

Jog on, you prat.
>> No. 3640 Anonymous
8th November 2015
Sunday 5:18 pm
3640 spacer
I didn't say the OP did make that post, pal, but some fucking idiot did and it's indicative of the kind of shite that these sorts of threads degenerate into.

The best "preworkout" you can have is sleep.
>> No. 3641 Anonymous
8th November 2015
Sunday 5:27 pm
3641 spacer
It wasn't an idiotic post. OP asked about experiences with preworkouts and I gave them to him. I outlined the dangers and possible benefits and came to the conclusion it isn't worth the risk. This thread is degenerating into shit because you're a massive arsehole.
>> No. 3642 Anonymous
8th November 2015
Sunday 5:31 pm
3642 spacer
>The best "preworkout" you can have is sleep.

I see what you're getting at, and I agree to a point. A bit of caffeine consumed before exercising has been shown to increase performance, though.

It does raise some interesting questions about long-term use, though. If it interferes with sleep then obviously the answer is no, but if it helps you get the most out of your gym sessions over a specified period, I could see it being a useful tool.


Thanks for this. I may mix together something simple and cheap in the future. If I do, I'll report back.
>> No. 3643 Anonymous
8th November 2015
Sunday 5:36 pm
3643 spacer
Never lifted anything other than a few skirts in my life, probably healthier and in better shape than you, the OP and the clown who snorts poisons.

/A/ along with the crusties and wasters you imagine to be above, lifterlad.
>> No. 3644 Anonymous
8th November 2015
Sunday 5:44 pm
3644 spacer

Has someone shit in your lasagne?
>> No. 3645 Anonymous
8th November 2015
Sunday 5:53 pm
3645 spacer
You're right, I've a bunch of injuries and am headed towards an early grave because of all the meat I eat. I don't lift because it's healthy, I do it because it's fun. So are drugs. And sometimes I bumfuck vegan twinks and then violently assault them afterwards and you my friend, sound like one of them.
>> No. 3646 Anonymous
8th November 2015
Sunday 5:59 pm
3646 spacer
>sometimes I bumfuck vegan twinks
Stop forcing your animal protein up their vegan arses, you rapist.
>> No. 3647 Anonymous
8th November 2015
Sunday 7:49 pm
3647 spacer
Eaten more steaks and buried more prematurely deceased mates than you could dream of, dear lifter who smells of bacon.

Actually /iq/ might be more appropriate for this thread on second thoughts.
>> No. 3648 Anonymous
8th November 2015
Sunday 8:02 pm
3648 spacer
Are those your qualifiers for masculinity now? I thought you were better than me because you look good, eat healthy and have sex with women. Now it's just having dead mates and eating steaks.

I wish I could fuck my dead female friends and then eat their corpses. Would that make me one of the Übermensch in your eyes?
>> No. 3649 Anonymous
8th November 2015
Sunday 8:10 pm
3649 spacer
That would make you a notorious criminal and have mentally ill hybristophile girls frothing at the gash on their tumblrs over you.

What actually are qualifiers for this social construct of supposed value masculinity? I'd say a degree of life experience, which includes sexual experience as well as perhaps travel. The ability to hold conversation with people from different backgrounds without fear. The simple things like being able to unblock a sink or change a plug. Or is it just having muscles?
>> No. 3650 Anonymous
8th November 2015
Sunday 8:22 pm
3650 spacer
I'm so manly I have sex with raw steaks.

The japs-eye rib-eye
>> No. 3651 Anonymous
8th November 2015
Sunday 8:33 pm
3651 spacer

the people you're thinking of.png
Those things are important but as you said, it's a construct and would therefore be subjective. Blah blah paradigm shift post industrial tunacray Micheal Cera metrosexual shops at Topman big hooped earring listens to EDM blah blah.

Now to completely dismiss physical strength in that would be silly as well. Although most of the brash and vociferous lifting culture is all you'd really hear about, a lot of lads are in it because they like to see their lifts going up, it's fun and helps you go to sleep. So yes, in my subjective understanding of masculinty, I'd say your ability to lift heavy things up and down would form a part of that because it leaks into so many other aspects of life.

You should distinguish the difference between training for hypertrophy and strength.
>> No. 3652 Anonymous
8th November 2015
Sunday 9:16 pm
3652 spacer
I'll try to get this thread back on track, then?

If by "pre-workout" you mean a stimulant then stick to caffeine, if you feel you need it. Stimulants tend to reduce my cardio rather than increase it, and lifting on them feels awful.

However, if you mean anything you take before your weight lifting workout then look at the following: BCAAs, leucine (specifically), and casein hydrolysate. Just googling those and "pre workout" should give you some ideas. You might also want to look into consuming your workout drink throughout your lifting as opposed to simply before (or, worse, after).
>> No. 3710 Anonymous
21st January 2016
Thursday 2:39 pm
3710 spacer
>You might also want to look into consuming your workout drink throughout your lifting as opposed to simply before (or, worse, after).

I occasionally read T-Nation. I know this isn't always the most reliable source of information, but it's easy reading and occasionally there's an inspiring idea in the writing. An article over there suggested that a pre-workout source of protein and carbs is actually far more effective for building muscle and getting stronger than anything consumed post-workout.

Are there any studies behind this from a better source?
>> No. 3711 Anonymous
21st January 2016
Thursday 5:00 pm
3711 spacer

T-Nation used to be pretty damn good before they turned into a full-fledged hype machine for their own products, and they still turn out a fairly decent quantity of scientifically backed articles.

Anyway to save you the 10 seconds of googling: http://www.jissn.com/content/pdf/1550-2783-10-5.pdf
>> No. 3712 Anonymous
21st January 2016
Thursday 5:10 pm
3712 spacer
Not meaning to derail the thread again but
>Clerisy's Homemade Pre-workout
Clerisy is a notorious troll on the other place and is in terrible physical shape, like a molten potato.
>> No. 3713 Anonymous
21st January 2016
Thursday 5:31 pm
3713 spacer

Cheers lad. Don't be offended but I did skim down to the 'Practical applications' heading because I'm a lazy bastard, but it is extremely useful to have nonetheless. It would seem to suggest 20-45g of protein, preferably pre and post-workout, is a sensible measure. Carbs post-workout don't seem to be of much use by these findings.
>> No. 3714 Anonymous
21st January 2016
Thursday 6:36 pm
3714 spacer

Yep, I'd personally go for ~50g protein both pre and post workout with 50g carbs in the preworkout drink. If you can handle being looked at like a bit of spacco (depending on your gym) then you can have half your preworkout drink before you train and sip the other half during training between sets. Then once you get home mix up another serving of protein and try to eat a proper meal an hour or two after that.

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