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>> No. 3756 Anonymous
14th March 2016
Monday 4:42 pm
3756 Water bottles
The stainless steel water bottle that I use for the gym, running, walking, etc. has begun to accumulate calcium deposits. I'm aware I can clean them off, but it's still a bit of a nuisance for something I use regularly.

Plastic bottles I've used have tended to bleed the taste of plastic into the water, especially on hot days.

Is there a type of water bottle that doesn't have these problems? I've been recommended the following: Camelbak Podium, Clean Canteen (sp?), and the Bobble Bottle.

I know there are a few cyclists and runners on .gs, so I imagine you've all given this some thought a few times as well.
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>> No. 3757 Anonymous
14th March 2016
Monday 4:53 pm
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I'm also quite interested in this Consol Grip and Go, a glass bottle that would definitely fit the tasteless criteria, but may not stand up to being knocked about in a gym bag without breaking.
>> No. 3758 Anonymous
14th March 2016
Monday 5:34 pm
3758 spacer
I have a thermos water bottle and it's been brilliant.

I've been really impressed with how durable/ non plasticy and goo they are.

>> No. 3759 Anonymous
14th March 2016
Monday 8:10 pm
3759 spacer
I use a Voss bottle. It's glass, so I have to keep my eye on it. And it's heavy, but y'know, that's why I'm going to the gym, innit.
>> No. 3760 Anonymous
14th March 2016
Monday 8:43 pm
3760 spacer
I use Camelbak Podiums on my bike. They're great. They're plastic, but the insides of them are coated in some special bollocks that's supposed to stop the bad taste. As far as I can tell, it works. They're only about eight quid, so it's worth you trying.

I've also heard that any rigid plastic bottle won't impart any flavour into the water, but I'm personally not a fan of non-squeezable bottles.
>> No. 3761 Anonymous
14th March 2016
Monday 10:47 pm
3761 spacer
I have two Thermos bottles from this page; bought them in a multipack so I can rotate between the two and make sure one is always clean. They feel quite sturdy, and as long as I wash them regularly (I don't even have a dishwasher, but they are dishwasher-proof plastic) I don't get any nasty taste or whiff off them. They've been dropped whilst full a few times and held up so far in the ~3 months I've had them.
>> No. 3762 Anonymous
15th March 2016
Tuesday 12:00 am
3762 spacer
I have one of those thermos intak ones. It's sturdy, doesn't leak and doesn't taste bad.
>> No. 3763 Anonymous
18th March 2016
Friday 5:56 pm
3763 spacer
I'm unsure if anyone gives a shite, but I might as well follow up as OP.

I went for the Consol Grip and Go in the end, and at the risk of sounding like a covert marketer it is properly good quality (which is a relief, as they are fairly expensive at £9 - £13). The glass is thick, and the clear cap has a rubber plug/seal to keep things air tight. The top twists off easily and the neck is just the right width for me to glug.

The 1L is definitely too large to cycle or run with, but for hiking, camping, or if you're one of those big bastards that spends three or four hours lifting weights, then it's perfect. I've ordered a 500ml bottle as well and will probably use this for running and gymming.

Thank you for the suggestions, I will keep them on hand in case I smash the ones I bought like a pillock am in need of something in the future.

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