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>> No. 3769 Anonymous
24th March 2016
Thursday 6:32 pm
3769 Med lads?
So I've finally been given an appointment at a hospital to see about the lumpy cyst on my neck.

The more irksome problem; The appointment letter is asking me to bring a urine sample.
Does anyone here with more medical knowledge than me, have any idea why a urine sample would be needed? It's giving me a worrying feeling in the back of my head that I've been mixed up with someone else with a completely different problem.
And since they didn't put a sample pot in the envelope, I'm also going to have to find time to get there before work one day to pick one up.

And the other thing, the appointment is at the local hospitals general surgery, not the dermatology ward at a larger hospital that I was told I was being referred to. (Not really a problem I suppose, I guess the specialist saw the referral and decided it didn't really deserve his time. But on the other hand, it's also adding to the feeling that I'm the wrong patient.)
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>> No. 3770 Anonymous
24th March 2016
Thursday 8:44 pm
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Your urine can tell a lot about you, they probably just want to know some routine stuff before they admit you just in case you have any underlying conditions that would affect your treatment. They can test it for all sorts, sugar levels, proteins, signs of infection, that sort of thing.
>> No. 3771 Anonymous
26th March 2016
Saturday 5:56 am
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I end up going to hospital more than I'd like to admit I've had a lot of letters asking to bring a urine sample on them.

The thing is I've never brought one and when I got there I was never asked for one. Only times I've ever actually had to give a urine sample is when they handed me a pot to piss in themselves.

I would just forget about it and treat it as "worst case scenario I'll be asked to give a piss sample there"

Also that happens all the time "yeah we'll send you to x" then you end up at y with no explanation. The NHS is nice to have and all but it ain't beautiful
>> No. 3804 Anonymous
14th April 2016
Thursday 4:26 pm
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>>3769 Here again.

Against the excellent advice of >>3771, I took a urine sample with me. Needless to say, they didn't ask me for it.

Anyway, the doctor explained to me that as my lump wasn't serious enough to get NHS funding for surgery. If I still wanted it removed, or if it got worse in future, I'd have to go back to my GP again and plead my case (read:exaggerate the pain as much as possible) and he would apply for funding again.
So then I asked, can I get a referral for private treatment? His answer was "Yes, I can remove it for you next week, it'll take about 10 minutes."

I understand that (for the most part) a cyst is purely cosmetic and the NHS can't pay for everything. But if I stuck with the NHS and needed to go back in the future, it would start adding up to 4, 5, 6 appointments, more courses of antibiotics, etc. and by the time all that is over and done with, the cost to the NHS is surely far greater than the cost of just whipping out a scalpel at the first chance. Never mind the value of my own time.

I've just started trying fountain pens, so I might recycle the piss pot into an ink pot.
>> No. 3805 Anonymous
14th April 2016
Thursday 5:14 pm
3805 spacer

That's a problem with doctors, not the structure of the NHS. They throw amoxicillin at just about everything despite the fact that something like 98% of staph/streps are already resistant to it.

I sometimes suspect that most GPs simply can't be arsed, and instead of doing their jobs properly, they use "take these for a week and see how you are" as a sort of filtering system in order to weed out those patients who'll get better naturally from the ones who actually need attention.

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