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>> No. 3801 Anonymous
11th April 2016
Monday 3:38 pm
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I'm a 23 year old male.

Since I was 18 I've had a tight sternum / upper chest area, with minor pain. I've also had acid problems since around the same time, and have been taking omeprazole (mostly) regularly since then. My dad has a hiatius hernia and acid problems also.

Anyway, the past 2 weeks I've been having heart palpitations, or something I have mistaken for palpitations. It is like a short sharp exhalation of air, from my nose after a spasm from my chest- area... (the "core" of me). It is very hard to pin down. It's like someone very quickly squeezes the air out of me. Completely involuntary. It's quite concerning. Sometimes I feel my heart beat, I think. This can happen 40 or so times a day. It gets worse throughout the day, it doesn't really happen in the morning, or if it does, it feels 'lighter'.

The doctor gave me an ECG in January - all clear. Blood tests last week - all clear. I mentioned my acid, and that I missed my tablets for a week or so, and he said it might be related, and re-prescribed them and told me to come back in a month of taking them again. He doesn't seem worried but I feel he's just pawning it off as Anxiety. I've been back on the omeprazole for 4 days now and its no different.

I was worried about a heart issue, but he said not to due to clear tests. However the ECG was in january, long before these palps... or whatever they are.

Anyone got a clue?
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>> No. 3802 Anonymous
11th April 2016
Monday 3:51 pm
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Google tells me this could be esophagus spasms? Lots of hits relating to Acid problems. Although my acid has not felt bad during this whole time...
>> No. 3803 Anonymous
11th April 2016
Monday 3:58 pm
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Then again, the palp/spasm thing has started today almost immediately after eating breakfast...

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