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>> No. 3806 Anonymous
20th April 2016
Wednesday 4:10 pm
3806 Real eyes, realise, real lies
I'm mildly anxious about my eyesight. Here is the story.

Years ago I used to spend an awful amount in front of my PC. At some point I noticed that my vision had become blurry yet not bad enough to wear glasses. I did the only things I could have done - threw out my CRT display (it was rather shitty anyway) and started to reduce the time spent in front of the screen. Interestingly enough, upgrading to an LCD did help: over the two years that followed my vision improved noticeably. My eyesight is only barely lacking, otherwise being very ok.

I still spend a lot of time in front of a screen. Sometimes up to 10 hours, but usually up to 4 - 6 hours.

Recently an acquaintance of mine offered me a job. Most probably I will be spending a lot of time staring into the screen there too. I'm worried about my eyesight as I know that having shitty eyes is, well, shitty. But the job seems to be all right (there aren't much around here anyway, besides the sales positions). Is there a way to prevent my vision's decline? Or am I better to seek employment in some other area?
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>> No. 3807 Anonymous
20th April 2016
Wednesday 7:01 pm
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There is no evidence that computer screens cause lasting eyesight damage. VDU users have been studied extensively since the invention of radar and sonar in the 1940s. No lasting damage has ever been found.

Extended use of a computer screen without adequate breaks can cause short-term eye strain. This strain will resolve itself with proper rest.

If you're concerned about eye strain, there are a few practical steps you can take. Raising the top of the monitor to eye level and sitting in a chair with adequate back support reduces muscular fatigue. Get your eyes tested every year, because uncorrected vision problems can contribute to eye strain. Use timer software to remind you to take regular breaks. Wherever possible, take time to look into the distance to relax your eye muscles.

>> No. 3808 Anonymous
20th April 2016
Wednesday 8:13 pm
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There's also the 20/20/20 rule.

Every 20 minutes look at something 20 metres away fro 20 seconds. Or you can just close your eyes.

If you're worried about myopia there is some (but not much) evidence to suggest that exercise can stifle it. Some sort of dopamine mechanism.
>> No. 3809 Anonymous
20th April 2016
Wednesday 10:22 pm
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Most new studies are honing in on the most likely cause of myopia being lack of exposure to natural light.
Simply the amount of time spent outdoors during childhood is a far better predictor or myopia later in life, than any other factor such as time spent doing close work or amount of exercise.
>> No. 3810 Anonymous
21st April 2016
Thursday 7:16 pm
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That's quite interesting. Do you happen to have any links to any of those studies?
>> No. 3811 Anonymous
21st April 2016
Thursday 8:07 pm
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>> No. 3812 Anonymous
21st April 2016
Thursday 8:59 pm
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This is a fairly good summary:

>> No. 3813 Anonymous
21st April 2016
Thursday 9:16 pm
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Thanks lad.

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