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>> No. 25884 Anonymous
25th April 2017
Tuesday 11:09 am
25884 spacer
I'm in the market for a laptop, but I'm not sure if I can get away with meeting all my criteria.

- It'll be purely for business, the most demanding thing it will be opening is numerous Chrome tabs.
- It needs to run Windows software, with MS Office.
- I want it to be lightweight and no bigger than an A4 pad.

Is there any chance of me getting this for around £200?

I've been seeing refurbished X series Thinkpads from as little as £100, but maybe this is dodgy?

Do you lads know of something better?
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>> No. 26761 Anonymous
5th October 2018
Friday 4:18 am
26761 spacer


I have seen the FHD mod, though I've heard some people say that you can get flickering issues and such. I'm happy enough with the size it is, personally. I had planned to get a nice big monitor for my desk for working on bigger stuff, but honestly I've not felt the need yet.

Here's mine. 2.5" hard drive for scale.
>> No. 26811 Anonymous
16th November 2018
Friday 2:33 pm
26811 spacer
Hello again lads. I still haven't bought a new bastard laptop and have been struggling along with the X100e. It's unusably slow.

At some point I intend to drop £300 - £400 on a decent one. The other ThinkPads looked great, but I've also been tempted away by the IdeaPad.

That aside, is there anything I can do to make the x100e perform better until I'm sure I can spunk the money? It's crippled with running a few tabs with Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 at the moment. Any recommendations?
>> No. 26812 Anonymous
16th November 2018
Friday 2:40 pm
26812 spacer
Install an SSD, if it doesn't already have one.
Install more RAM, if it's not already maxed out.
Install a lightweight Linux distribution if you swing that way, such as Xubuntu.

If you want to stick with Windows, try disabling all graphical effects and the like.
>> No. 26813 Anonymous
16th November 2018
Friday 3:04 pm
26813 spacer

As said, an SSD is a huge performance boost in older machines. You can also try to blast out any dust that might (definitely will) be caking the cooling fans and vents, as if it's running hot enough the CPU might be thermal throttling too, I've seen that happen a lot.
>> No. 26814 Anonymous
16th November 2018
Friday 4:59 pm
26814 spacer

It probably isn't worth upgrading. The x100e has a feeble single-core Athlon Neo processor with a PassMark score of 409. It was piss-poor in 2010 and it's utterly unusable today. By comparison, the slowest processor in Intel's current desktop lineup has a Passmark score of 3,269 and an i7-7700k scores over 12,000. No matter what you do, it's grossly bottlenecked by that dog of a processor.

You don't need to spend £300 to get something vastly quicker than your current machine. A Thinkpad X220 will set you back about £120; the default processor in that machine is an i5-2520M, which has a Passmark score of 3,588. The very cheapest Chromebook would be a significant upgrade, as would any old laptop with an Intel Core-series processor.

A lightweight Linux distribution might help a bit. If you're not using an adblocker, for the love of god install uBlock Origin - ads and ad trackers have a huge CPU load. Firefox Reader Mode is very useful on slow machines, because it strips out all of the CSS and Javascript.

>> No. 26421 Anonymous
30th March 2018
Friday 12:02 am
26421 Das Keyboard vs AUKEY
Okay I needed a new keyboard and decided to test these AUKEY things against the Das Keyboard, which I love with all my heart.

The Das Keyboard 4 I have is the ever so slightly softer key version - the AUKEY is the slightly clicky version of the mechanical keys.

I really like it, and for the massive difference in money will definitely buy some more.
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>> No. 26804 Anonymous
12th November 2018
Monday 12:14 am
26804 spacer
I love a desk thread for the same reason. Infinitely revealing, like music and book collections in the old, physical days.
>> No. 26805 Anonymous
12th November 2018
Monday 2:54 am
26805 spacer

>desk thread

Fuck, I had forgotten that was a thing back in the day.

I'd suggest doing one here again but I'm not sure how many responses we'd get.
>> No. 26806 Anonymous
12th November 2018
Monday 1:35 pm
26806 spacer
Does it matter? There is only 3 of us.
>> No. 26807 Anonymous
12th November 2018
Monday 6:09 pm
26807 spacer
I guess I'd post probably.
>> No. 26808 Anonymous
12th November 2018
Monday 10:55 pm
26808 spacer
I'm all for anything but chairs again.

>> No. 24774 Anonymous
3rd November 2015
Tuesday 10:49 am
24774 New phone
So my Three contract (24m One Plan at £33.50pm) is finally bloody ending and I'd rather not keep paying for this lacklustre Galaxy S4. It's caused me more bother than good.

Do any of you chaps have recommendations for a more modern handset, perhaps on contract at a lesser price? Stock Android is a bonus. Expandable memory is a must.
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>> No. 26799 Anonymous
11th November 2018
Sunday 7:20 pm
26799 spacer
Likely just a result of my tight as fuck upbringing. Ah well, I might turn it into a PMP or strip it down and sell all the good parts.

Lads who have ordered from Gearbest, what are the customs charges like?
>> No. 26800 Anonymous
11th November 2018
Sunday 7:59 pm
26800 spacer

>Lads who have ordered from Gearbest, what are the customs charges like?

The vast majority of the time, orders sent through standard mail will arrive with no charges. The sheer volume of low-value parcels coming in from China has totally overwhelmed HMRC and the big Chinese retailers are very adept at sneaking things through. Orders sent by courier will nearly always attract a customs charge, so I'd recommend using the default free shipping option unless you're in a desperate hurry.

If you do get stung, you'll pay an £8 handling fee plus 20% VAT (there's no duty on phones). Gearbest will under-state the value to a plausible degree, so expect to pay about £30 in total on a £150 phone.
>> No. 26801 Anonymous
11th November 2018
Sunday 8:35 pm
26801 spacer
I ordered a keyring a while ago.
The description got cut off, and what should have been "leather bracelet keyring" got shortened to "leather bra"
>> No. 26802 Anonymous
11th November 2018
Sunday 8:45 pm
26802 spacer
Alright. So £40 on a £230 phone? There are UK sellers on eBay selling Pocophones for £280-300, and without the one month shipping wait. Seems like there won't be much difference in price, I'll go for one from eBay and get it in a couple of days then.
>> No. 26803 Anonymous
11th November 2018
Sunday 9:05 pm
26803 spacer

Most of the eBay sellers are a bit sketchy. Some of them aren't actually in the UK; others are selling smuggled phones out of a storage unit and will do a runner as soon as the VAT man comes knocking. You get a 12 month warranty if you buy from Gearbest or Geekbuying, but you can forget about it if you buy from some fly-by-night on eBay.

You usually don't pay VAT on phones from China and shipping usually takes less than two weeks, but it is a bit of a gamble on both counts.

The Pocophone F1 is £329 on the official Xiaomi store, with a full UK warranty and all your statutory rights. That might be worth considering if you want fast delivery and a bit more peace of mind.


>> No. 26778 Anonymous
1st November 2018
Thursday 7:43 pm
26778 My Mum
Ladfriends, how do I teach my mum to computer?

Watching her two finger typing, getting bamboozled at sound levels and forgetting keyboard shortcuts so often I start to doubt they exist at all is painful. Normally this wouldn't matter, she'd just be that woman in your office who fills you with despair, but she's starting an OU course, which she's perfectly ready for, barring her technological illiteracy. It means a great deal to her, but there are a lot of things she can't do on a computer that could hold her back, at least in terms of confidence if nothing else. Have any of you got experience teaching relatives this sort of thing? Fiddling about on a computer is so innate to me it's difficult to know where to begin with someone who can't find the "downloads" folder. She's not even that old, she just spends most of her free time in a field.
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>> No. 26779 Anonymous
1st November 2018
Thursday 9:41 pm
26779 spacer
My advice is to give up and get her a Chromebook or an iPad. Being "good with computers" is 20% knowledge and 80% attitude, IMO; you can figure out most things on your own, but some people just aren't interested in learning.
>> No. 26780 Anonymous
1st November 2018
Thursday 10:11 pm
26780 spacer
Definitely agree about the attitude. As the 'computer expert' in my family I get asked to do things all the time and nobody appreciates that I just google the answers if I don't know them. No matter how many times I recommend that they do the same they won't, because the inbuilt presumption that anything they read will be beyond their comprehension is so strong they won't even try. It's an insurmountable mental roadblock. Additionally the older ones are so scared that a single slip-up will delete their entire hard drive/somehow let hackers in that they will never do anything they're not entirely comfortable with in the first place. It's frustrating but hey, what can you do. If she really is interested though I'd recommend just showing her how google and youtube can collectively be used to find the answer to anything computer-related you want to do, no matter how simple.

Maybe find her a touch-type tutorial program too, it's the sort of thing that getting good at builds confidence since it looks so professional. I should really get back to those, I have to glance at the keyboard half the time and my backspace is worn down to a nub...

>> No. 26742 Anonymous
17th September 2018
Monday 11:50 am
26742 Dashcams
Can anyone recommend a good dashcam?

I want something that I don't have to remove after I stop driving to deter thieves. So something inconspicuous would be ideal. I've seen ones that clip onto the frontside of the rearview mirror but they also seem to augment the rearview itself, putting a control menu there which I don't like.
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>> No. 26743 Anonymous
17th September 2018
Monday 6:34 pm
26743 spacer
Techmoan has a lot of good reviews, though he does a lot less now that he's focusing more on Hi-Fi stuff.


Anything made by vico vation are very good choices, but they tend to be on the higher-priced side.
>> No. 26775 Anonymous
16th October 2018
Tuesday 3:49 pm
26775 spacer
Thanks. Unfortunately the one he recommends, that I'm interested in, doesn't seem to be around anymore and has a ridiculously inflated price when I can find it.

>> No. 26764 Anonymous
13th October 2018
Saturday 8:35 pm
26764 spacer
I and a dozen others have recently begun tenancies in an old, previously empty building. We (understandably) have no active landline connection. I believe the landline is still in place, but BT require an engineer visit before we can start paying for the leased line. I'd like to know if any of the work the phone engineer might do is DIY-able.
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>> No. 26765 Anonymous
13th October 2018
Saturday 8:42 pm
26765 spacer
As far as I know (and I don't know much to be honest), for a situation like yours they would send an engineer out and charge the same regardless of the state of the wiring at your premises.
Plus everything up to the socket in your house remains the property of Openreach, if they suspect anything has been tampered with, I think they are able to impose extra charges.
>> No. 26766 Anonymous
14th October 2018
Sunday 11:36 pm
26766 spacer
Tech guy here.

You should not fit one yourself. This is definitely engineer work.

As it is, don't try and do it with BT, they will charge you for this. You will not be their customer, strictly speaking, until you have a live service. So break out now.

Certain companies will cover the costs of the Openreach engineer to fit this for you. I know, for example, that the Post Office Homephone and Broadband is currently waiving engineer fees. If you sign up as a customer with them, they will fit the master-socket at no cost to yourself.

This could be done within three working days.

Quick correction on another poster. The internal socket also belongs to Openreach, just not the front cover of the socket, which belongs to the customer. So, you cannot fit it yourself, as it is not your property.

>> No. 26744 Anonymous
28th September 2018
Friday 3:02 pm
26744 Fuck you, Radioddity
The mains charger for my new radio has a USB A socket on it.
Out of that USB socket, comes 12V.

What the actual fuck?
Big Clive doesn't even need to bother, this is evil by design.

Also, I just wanted a pair of radios that did digital PMR446 to each other. I'm in a world of programming, codeplugs and people setting up for repeaters, none of which I want. I feel confused.
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>> No. 26745 Anonymous
28th September 2018
Friday 3:42 pm
26745 spacer
Which radios did you buy? The mention of repeaters suggests that you might have inadvertently bought an amateur radio transceiver instead of PMR446.
>> No. 26746 Anonymous
28th September 2018
Friday 3:50 pm
26746 spacer
Radioddity GD-77 , so yes, I've been criminal scum in that they'll operate outside the unlicensed bands and at unlicensed powers.
hence me wanting to find a codeplug that'll kick them back down to legal DPMR (although I know that won't make them legal, but I'm OK with that).
It's just that my analogue PMRs are really knackered and I lost the good ones in a house move, so fancied something a bit less crackly now that I'm using them more. 'Real' DPMR sets are ball-achingly expensive still, as there aren't that many.

>> No. 26733 Anonymous
8th September 2018
Saturday 4:36 pm
26733 spacer
Average CS graduate.
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>> No. 26737 Anonymous
8th September 2018
Saturday 5:39 pm
26737 spacer


>> No. 26738 Anonymous
8th September 2018
Saturday 5:45 pm
26738 spacer

Last one.

I hope someone appreciated these as much as I did!
>> No. 26739 Anonymous
8th September 2018
Saturday 7:05 pm
26739 spacer
You're not alone lad - I also appreciated very much.
>> No. 26740 Anonymous
8th September 2018
Saturday 8:46 pm
26740 spacer
Is this why all the games I play these days are so poorly optimised?
>> No. 26741 Anonymous
8th September 2018
Saturday 9:03 pm
26741 spacer
No. As often as not that is user error.

>> No. 26727 Anonymous
2nd September 2018
Sunday 9:26 pm
26727 Sibilant in-ear headphones.
I've been religiously buying a new set of SoundMAGIC E-10s every 8 -9 months for the past 5 or so years, and so when my latest set gave up, I decided to try something different.

Reading the rave reviews online, I bought a set of RockJAW Alfa Genus V2s. While they are definitely great sounding in the low and mid range, the trebles are absolutely atrocious. Cymbals and 's' sounds are piercing to the point of painfulness unless I listen to them very quietly.

Should I return them while I still can or will this disappear as they get burned in?
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>> No. 26728 Anonymous
2nd September 2018
Sunday 10:33 pm
26728 spacer
Have you tried changing the tuning filters?
>> No. 26729 Anonymous
3rd September 2018
Monday 6:40 am
26729 spacer
Yeah, all sound the same. I've made sure they aren't dirty or anything.
>> No. 26730 Anonymous
3rd September 2018
Monday 6:40 am
26730 spacer
I mean that they all have the issue, not that they all sound the same.
>> No. 26731 Anonymous
3rd September 2018
Monday 11:29 am
26731 spacer

You could try leaving the headphones playing something on a loop at reasonably high volume for 24 hours; if they still sound fizzy after that, return them.
>> No. 26732 Anonymous
4th September 2018
Tuesday 8:45 am
26732 spacer
Turns out the filters have no foam in them. Might be an issue. Possibly.

>> No. 26694 Anonymous
16th August 2018
Thursday 4:46 pm
26694 Read all of this in a techmoan accent
Lads, are any of you au fait with cassette tapes?

Me and a few mates have been making music for a couple of years, and due to life it's probably coming to an end pretty soon. As an interesting keepsake (for practical terms, we have everything online), I'd like to make us all a cassette of all the music we've made.

I don't have any blank cassettes in the house so I am hunting around eBay.

What should I look out for when buying new old stock cassettes? Are Type II Chrome tapes worth the extra cash?
I've seen a small smattering of Type IV metal tapes - do they require any special equipment or will the Type II setting on my deck suffice?

Which is better for noise reduction? My deck has B and C but if a deck doesn't have it, will it interfere?

Cheers, lads.
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>> No. 26722 Anonymous
19th August 2018
Sunday 12:52 am
26722 spacer

I remember mine had 12 seconds of buffer, so you'd really have to shake it continuously for near to that amount of time to hear any skipping.

It rinsed the battery, though, and the frustration of having a machine that was portable yet almost exactly *just* too big to fit in a normal pocket was a bit of a disappointment.
>> No. 26723 Anonymous
19th August 2018
Sunday 1:54 am
26723 spacer

>> No. 26724 Anonymous
19th August 2018
Sunday 7:14 am
26724 spacer
I'm going to record without Dolby anyway - the music we make was recorded on cheap gear and so hiss will fit right in, and it will be playable everywhere.

I'm even younger than this lad, and I still made mixtapes as a kid in the early 2000s - I did have some CDs but often borrowed from m8s and taped the music I wanted. My parents' car only had a tape player, so I often taped CDs for them, too.
>> No. 26725 Anonymous
19th August 2018
Sunday 9:01 am
26725 spacer
But it will sound better in Dubly.
>> No. 26726 Anonymous
19th August 2018
Sunday 9:47 am
26726 spacer
Too much perspective.

>> No. 26461 Anonymous
8th April 2018
Sunday 4:45 pm
26461 spacer
I just shit myself. AI could be about to change the world in a very big way and it might go wrong.

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>> No. 26518 Anonymous
19th April 2018
Thursday 11:47 am
26518 spacer

Petroleum geologists are remarkably optimistic about climate change.
>> No. 26519 Anonymous
20th April 2018
Friday 6:34 pm
26519 spacer

Whore King.gif

Oil companies are the ones spreading the climate change apocalypse hoax so that they can have even more control over the energy supply.
>> No. 26520 Anonymous
20th April 2018
Friday 10:30 pm
26520 spacer

>> No. 26526 Anonymous
22nd April 2018
Sunday 5:38 pm
26526 spacer
That's not me. The talk was 2 months ago, from what I remember he may have mentioned kill switches and robots just following code, though I'm not sure. You might be better off emailing him yourself: nickh[at]robots.ox.ac.uk
>> No. 26692 Anonymous
15th August 2018
Wednesday 2:55 pm
26692 spacer
ai mixed with invisible to digital eye human violence has already ruined my health, wealth, happiness and another lively hopes and opportunities

(A good day to you Sir!)

>> No. 26680 Anonymous
28th July 2018
Saturday 4:26 pm
26680 Ancient Pottery Used To Play Back Recorded Voices From The Distant Past
Archaeologist believe they have discovered sound recordings encoded in ancient artifacts.


(A good day to you Sir!)
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>> No. 26687 Anonymous
28th July 2018
Saturday 7:28 pm
26687 spacer
addendum: For those unaware, this site contains a javascript-based cryptcoin miner that uses your CPU power to mine buttcoins for as long as you have the tab open.
>> No. 26688 Anonymous
28th July 2018
Saturday 7:46 pm
26688 spacer
I'd have thought someone would put a bit more effort in if you wanted to make some money out of this whole charade, surely? That's worse than the website I made for my Year 10 ICT course work and I hated that subject.
>> No. 26689 Anonymous
28th July 2018
Saturday 8:06 pm
26689 spacer
The content itsself matters little, I imagine.

If you spam this on an imageboard with thousands of visitors (rather than the three we have here), and a few hundred click through and spend 30 seconds to 1 minute reading that poorly researched shite, and 90-95% of them aren't using some form of scriptblocker, I imagine you'll make more than you would with banner ads.

It would depend on what currency is being mined and how intense the script is (and I'm not interested in finding out). Someone who knows more about crypto than I may be able to throw out some figures.
>> No. 26690 Anonymous
28th July 2018
Saturday 8:57 pm
26690 spacer
With your proposed numbers you're looking at a payout of exactly 0 XMR. Multiply them by ten and you're approaching 0.000051 XMR or most of the way to 1¢.
>> No. 26691 Anonymous
28th July 2018
Saturday 8:58 pm
26691 spacer

WHOIS reveals nothing - it's been registered through a Domains By Proxy company.

Looks like OP is taking analytics of all his visitors too.

The throttle(0.0) means he has the miner running at full whack; while coinhive does have a balance check tool OP has set his to anonymous so I don't think we can check it.

>> No. 26036 Anonymous
4th August 2017
Friday 3:15 am
26036 PAYG Sim
Looking for a PAYG micro-sim card with the most amount of data for your money.
11 posts omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 26674 Anonymous
18th July 2018
Wednesday 2:19 pm
26674 spacer

Three offer unlimited data on many of their plans, and it seems legitimately unlimited as far as I have found. I pay 20 quid a month for mine. That's a rolling SIM only contract so you're not locked in, that might be decent for you? Otherwise their pay as you go SIM plan charges 1p per MB.
>> No. 26675 Anonymous
18th July 2018
Wednesday 2:32 pm
26675 spacer

I'd suggest an O2 or Three pay-as-you-go SIM. The standard tariff on both is 1p/MB data, 2p texts and 3p/min calls. Your credit doesn't expire. If your broadband keels over or you go into hospital, you can buy a monthly add-on for more data and tether your laptop to your phone via Wifi. Three offer slightly better deals on the larger data add-ons. These tariffs are your best bet if you're normally a light user, but occasionally need to use loads of data.

The NHS is committed to providing free WiFi for hospital patients by the end of this year, although there's no guarantees on quality.


>> No. 26676 Anonymous
18th July 2018
Wednesday 2:33 pm
26676 spacer

It's genuinely unlimited on your phone, but it's capped at 30GB/mo if you're tethering to your laptop.
>> No. 26678 Anonymous
18th July 2018
Wednesday 5:04 pm
26678 spacer
I thought they'd killed their unlimited plans. Or at least closed them to new subscribers.
>> No. 26679 Anonymous
18th July 2018
Wednesday 5:17 pm
26679 spacer

They still exist, they're just not as cheap as they used to be.

>> No. 26527 Anonymous
23rd April 2018
Monday 4:54 pm
26527 spacer

I really want an old rotary telephone. I remember using one at my nan's as a kid and the tactility is so satisfying.

Does anyone knows if BT/Virgin still support pulse dialling? My plan is to buy one anyway and convert it to USB using a PIC/Arduino/Pi/Whatever to use it as a VoIP dialler, but it would be nice if I could also connect it to the real phone network.
30 posts and 2 images omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 26651 Anonymous
26th June 2018
Tuesday 7:27 pm
26651 spacer
I've fully restored it now, I think. Replaced the failing carbon granule microphone and added a rectifier.

Only one thing - should you be able your own voice through the receiver?

Turns out a commercial solution for my bluetooth idea does exist, but it does look a bit pricey, especially considering I'll have to modify the RJx jack to the standard BT one: https://www.amazon.co.uk/liGo-Bluewave-Link-Mobile-Hub/dp/B008D2Y1N4/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_121_t_0?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=XY82HWSCAM4V9759Q9VN
>> No. 26669 Anonymous
6th July 2018
Friday 9:58 am
26669 spacer
>Only one thing - should you be able your own voice through the receiver?

That was normal from what I remember.
>> No. 26670 Anonymous
10th July 2018
Tuesday 2:38 pm
26670 spacer
Got another one with the intention of selling, ended up lubricating the dial of both of them. Christ, now it's even more satisfying to dial on.

sage for blogging
>> No. 26671 Anonymous
10th July 2018
Tuesday 7:23 pm
26671 spacer
>ended up lubricating the dial of both of them.

>> No. 26672 Anonymous
10th July 2018
Tuesday 9:42 pm
26672 spacer
I mean, this is the closest I will ever get to physical intimacy with another human so yes.

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