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>> No. 28152 Anonymous
16th August 2022
Tuesday 2:34 pm
28152 "Virtual" Multiple Monitors
Right so this is one of those things I would have thought is absurdly simple and easy to do, but doesn't really seem to exist without paying about £80 for some professional software; and it's that infuriating thing where every time somebody has asked the question on Google, people just respond with "But why don't you just do X or Y instead" or "But that's what [similar but crucially different thing] is for!"

So what I want to do is split my 21:9 monitor into two virtual monitors. You know, so it's sort of like I've got two 4:3 monitors next to each other, or a 16:9 next to a little rectangle, that kind of thing, except they're on this one panel. No, using FancyZones doesn't do what I want, that just snaps windows. I want to have it be virtual discrete monitors, because I have some programs and a fair few games that I don't like running windowed, I'd prefer to have them "fullscreen" so there's no title bar/taskbar wasting space. Thus in order to run them visibly side by side with other programs I need the computer to see the screen space as two distinct monitors, like when you physically have two monitors plugged in, just in this case, on the same physical screen.

Is this some kind of weird voodoo black magic I'm asking for? I previously thought this is what "borderless window" mode is meant to be for, but for some reason on my computer, that acts for all intents and purposes as the exact same thing as fullscreen. So it's no use to me, because it doesn't enable multi-tasking at all.

Surely I can't be the first person in history who wants to do this in this manner? There has to be some kind of open source app to do it, I feel like I'm just googling the wrong thing and it's driving me mad.
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>> No. 28153 Anonymous
16th August 2022
Tuesday 4:37 pm
28153 spacer
Most ultrawide monitors support picture-by-picture mode, which allows you to split the panel to display two different video inputs. Both of those inputs can come from the same computer via two cables.

If that isn't an option, you could always try virtual machines.

>> No. 28140 Anonymous
10th August 2022
Wednesday 8:33 am
28140 spacer
Lads who have smart meters, are they worth it? I'm talking about the 2nd generation ones.
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>> No. 28147 Anonymous
11th August 2022
Thursday 4:26 pm
28147 spacer
As well as the remote disconnection/pre-payment issue the other thing a lot of people aren't aware of is that a lot of smart meters are capable of logging your power usage and power factor with enough temporal resolution to be a massive privacy issue.

There's some research on this which demonstrated a proof of concept algorithm which was able to determine which individual appliances were being used in real time based on the kind of data smart meters can collect. I'd link the paper but I'm at work right now.

I think you can request that the power company only takes a reading once a week or whatever at the moment but I wouldn't be surprised if that option goes away once most of the country has been switched over and they no longer need to make concessions to convince people to let them install one.

This. Once they have the capability all it takes is the government changing the rules. It actually sounds like exactly the sort of thing the Tories would do if that "don't pay" protest ever gets big enough to seriously inconvenience the energy companies.

The main problem with smart meters is that they have great potential for abuse and only provide minimal benefit to the customer.
If you want real-time power monitoring whole house power monitors aren't too expensive these days and give you much more control over where the data goes.
>> No. 28148 Anonymous
11th August 2022
Thursday 5:59 pm
28148 spacer

This whole argument seems a bit silly to me.

Your supplier has the right to install their choice of approved metering equipment under Schedule 7 of the Electricity Act 1989. If they were so inclined, they could give you the choice between a smart meter and disconnection. They're not particularly inclined to do so, because it's just a faff.

Practically everyone will have a smart meter by 2030 at the latest, because we need dynamic load management to keep the lights on. We need the ability to change prices in real-time (for both consumption and supply) to manage the volatile nature of renewable generation. Most of that grid management is currently provided by gas-fired power stations, which we're keen to phase out as quickly as possible for very obvious reasons.

Smart meters aren't a convenience for the customer or some kind of weird power grab, they're a basic technological necessity for managing an increasingly complex and unstable grid. If you've got a problem with that, I'd suggest investing in solar panels and a Powerwall.
>> No. 28149 Anonymous
11th August 2022
Thursday 8:36 pm
28149 spacer
>Smart meters aren't a convenience for the customer
So what you're saying is....they WERE lying to us?
>> No. 28150 Anonymous
11th August 2022
Thursday 9:58 pm
28150 spacer

>Smart meters aren't a convenience for the customer or some kind of weird power grab, they're a basic technological necessity for managing an increasingly complex and unstable grid. If you've got a problem with that, I'd suggest investing in solar panels and a Powerwall.

They're definitely marketed to the customer as a convenience. While they were probably never intended as a "weird power grab" as you put it it's yet another case of new technology being introduced without taking into account how bad actors will abuse it.

The smart meter specification could have included safeguards from the outset to prevent any of these issues form coming up. No remote disconnect capability and limiting the maximum frequency of remote readings in the meter's firmware to something like one data point per tariff per week would have addressed most people's concerns.

Presumably someone on the design committee thought it would be great for grid management to be able to monitor household level power usage with sub-hourly resolution and either didn't think about or didn't care about the consequences of potentially creating what is effectively a national log of every household's comings and goings.
>> No. 28151 Anonymous
11th August 2022
Thursday 10:33 pm
28151 spacer

>didn't think about or didn't care about the consequences of potentially creating what is effectively a national log of every household's comings and goings.

We already have access to that data in half a dozen different forms. Mobile phone operators can locate your phone down to a few metres in real-time. Maxar's satellite constellation provides multiple daily updates at 50cm resolution. An off-the-shelf Software Defined Radio receiver array can triangulate the arc emissions from a light switch from several miles away. You know those airport scanners that can see through your clothes? Several companies now make handheld versions.

A "smart meter" that can't actually do anything smart is pointless. The entire point of the exercise is to provide highly granular data on consumption and open up opportunities for bidirectional communication between appliances and the grid. Real-time power consumption data is only meaningfully useful to power companies in order to run dynamic pricing, dynamic load management and vehicle-to-grid. If you don't trust them with that data and don't trust the ICO to regulate the people that hold it, then you've got much bigger issues than someone at SSE knowing when you put the kettle on.

>> No. 27993 Anonymous
8th November 2021
Monday 8:37 pm
27993 spacer
I'm quite a fan of the Moto G series of phones. My G5S has served me well for about 4 years now, but the screen is now smashed up. Would a G9 be a good replacement phone, or are there better budget handsets about now?

Dual SIM and a lot of storage is a plus.
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>> No. 28107 Anonymous
17th May 2022
Tuesday 12:05 pm
28107 spacer
I think memory capacity is the priority. Currently looking at the iPhone 7 and the Galaxy A20.
>> No. 28108 Anonymous
17th May 2022
Tuesday 6:52 pm
28108 spacer

If you like iOS and want a particularly small phone, the iPhone 7 is a perfectly decent choice. The screen-to-body ratio is pretty poor by modern standards though.

If you're willing to go up to £109 and don't mind a big phone, I'd be inclined towards the Redmi 10. Excellent specs for the price (albeit with a somewhat mediocre camera) and if you buy this week you'll get a free pair of true wireless earbuds.

>> No. 28137 Anonymous
5th August 2022
Friday 7:58 pm
28137 spacer
Just ordered a Pixel 6a. First time I've got an actually "new" new phone in a decade, I usually end up upgrading to 1 year old mid range handsets. My last phone was a Moto G7, which had amazing battery, but it's been very sluggish of late, lots of crashing when opening even low intensity apps. Hoping with my new phone I can actually watch YouTube without it shitting itself.
>> No. 28138 Anonymous
5th August 2022
Friday 8:09 pm
28138 spacer
What's the camera like?
>> No. 28139 Anonymous
6th August 2022
Saturday 3:47 pm
28139 spacer
Seems alright, though I've only really had phones with shit to mediocre cameras so maybe it's not so good compared to its rivals. I like the magic eraser, very gimmicky, doesn't quite work as it should, but it's a real novelty erasing my cats whiskers or the lampost on the street and it look kind of legit.

>> No. 28133 Anonymous
30th July 2022
Saturday 10:16 pm
28133 Online storage
What online storage do you lot use and recommend? Dropbox seems to be the most widely recommended, and it has an amazing feature where you can manage other people's shared folders into your own tree without affecting their end - so when someone inevitably sends me a folder just called "photo", I can organise it to be less infuriating.

Any strong opinions from the .gs gallery?
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>> No. 28134 Anonymous
31st July 2022
Sunday 1:41 pm
28134 spacer
I append all my files to images and upload them to britfags for safekeeping.
>> No. 28135 Anonymous
31st July 2022
Sunday 1:43 pm
28135 spacer
That would certainly explain the heffer thread.

>> No. 28125 Anonymous
29th July 2022
Friday 1:31 am
28125 Keyboard thread
I'm in the market for a backlit keyboard.
Are there any cheap/mid-range ones that are actually decent? Everything I've looked at seems to be either dodgy looking unbranded Chinese Amazon/Ebay junk, overpriced "ULTIMATE XTREEME GAMER" stuff or high end £100+ mechanical keyboards. I just want something basic and reliable I can use at night with the lights off which won't fail after a couple of years. My only requirements are:

- Wired (usb)
- Adjustable brightness (preferably without needing configuration software on the PC)
- Backlight which isn't blue or white.
- Reasonable key travel distance (not flat/laptop style keys)

I'm not too bothered about premium mechanical switches and whatnot, I've never broken a keyboard by using it and I'm happily typing this on an ancient "free with every dell optiplex" PS/2 keyboard my Dad grabbed out of the office e-waste bin when I was a teenlad.
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>> No. 28128 Anonymous
29th July 2022
Friday 10:02 am
28128 spacer

It's time I finally learn the lesson and ditch Logitech. Their stuff simply never lasts.

The microswitches their meece use always, ALWAYS start developing the double-click issue, and it's a fucking faff to sort out. I thought their keyboards would be fine but no- It had one of the LEDs go almost immediately, so the RGB became RG or else I'd always have the Q key looking different and wrong and my OCD cannot tolerate it. Then it recently developed double keystrokes. It's really fucking annoying because you'll try to sprint in a game, for instance, but you stop as soon as you start because it registers as a double press. Or when you're trying to type out long .gs posts and you have to keep going back to delete duplicate letters.

It's just annoying because they genuinely have features no other company has- The Logitech mouse I've been using is the only one with an adequate number and correctly placed buttons for me to comfortably play PVP in Elder Scrolls Online. Like, those buttons genuinely give me an edge, and I feel bad for my opponents because I can activate my abilities so seamlessly and I know they're doing some claw bullshit pressing WASD and the number keys.

So. What brand is the absolute most reliable, lads? For a keyboard I think I'd prefer to just go with plain white backlighting because the RGB shit is just too much hassle, and it matches the LEDs on my speakers/monitor that way. For a mouse my primary concern is having at minimum 5 extra buttons, but ideally located in a sort of ambidextrous layout like pic related, not the ones where it's got 20 extra buttons but they're all crammed on one side near your thumb.

Any thoughts?
>> No. 28129 Anonymous
29th July 2022
Friday 1:54 pm
28129 spacer

>So. What brand is the absolute most reliable, lads?

Any mechanical keyboard is going to be extremely reliable due to the design of the switches - even cheap generic mechanical switches have a realistic lifespan of 50 million keystrokes.

As regards mice, your best option is to install Kailh GM switches in your Logitech mouse of choice; if you can't solder, I'd probably go with a Zowie ZA version A.

>> No. 28130 Anonymous
29th July 2022
Friday 7:07 pm
28130 spacer
This is my main concern with "gaming" keyboards, it's hard to tell if they're actually worth the money or if you're just paying gamer tax on cheap junk even with supposedly legit brands.

Where I work we use copious amounts of cheap office keyboards and mice from Dell etc. which see more use and abuse than the average home setup and I've never seen one fail from mechanical wear. Yet when I look at reviews for gaming stuff even from supposedly reputable brands like Logitech people are always complaining about the switches being unreliable or breaking too easily.
>> No. 28131 Anonymous
29th July 2022
Friday 9:48 pm
28131 spacer


Gaming mice have a very specific failure mode. When you click your mouse button, the electrical connection is rarely a clean on/off - the electrical contacts physically bounce around at the precise moment the contacts open or close, which causes a very brief on-off-on-off-on-off oscillation.

On a standard mouse, a simple circuit smooths out that oscillation ("debouncing"), but that causes a few milliseconds of delay between pressing the button and your computer registering the click. For a competitive gamer, that slight delay is genuinely noticeable and has a meaningful impact on performance, so gaming mice use just barely enough debouncing to minimise the delay. That's fine when the mouse is brand new, but over time the switch contacts start to corrode and deform, the bouncing gets worse and you start getting double clicks when you only clicked once. The problem is compounded by the fact that gamers wear out switches much faster, because many games require very rapid clicking.

Logitech are notorious for making excellent mice with shitty switches, but the double-click issue is far from unique to them.

>Where I work we use copious amounts of cheap office keyboards and mice from Dell etc. which see more use and abuse than the average home setup and I've never seen one fail from mechanical wear.

Gaming puts some really weird and extreme demands on your equipment. You know the little slippery plastic feet on the underside of your mouse? Mine are glass, because I wear through the standard teflon ones in about six months. The keycaps on my keyboard are made of a high-hardness plastic called PBT, because I will wear deep dents in standard ABS keycaps in a matter of months. Office keyboards might get bashed about, but they're barely used by our standards.

>> No. 28132 Anonymous
29th July 2022
Friday 10:43 pm
28132 spacer
I'm not sure hat happened to Logitech but they used to be great. I stopped using my MX518 when after a decade of use the rubber started turning into a sticky mess (currently I use an MM711 which works but I hate the feel), and for normal use I swear by my K310 which is several years old. Sure, it's a rubber dome keyboard, but the feel is honestly not that bad and being able to stick it under the tap to rinse it off is a killer feature. I have a Filco Majestouch which I adore, a couple of Cherry based keyboards (brown and blue), but I keep coming back to the K310. They used to cost under £30 and I have a couple of spares, I wouldn't spend the near £70 that's being asked for them now, but I have no expectation that this thing is going to die before me so fingers crossed...

Instead of a backlit keyboard, I'd get a keyboard that suits you and a decent USB LED light. Most of the RGB backlit blah blah is expensive garbage, get the keyboard you want and just ensure you have the sufficiently minmal lighting needed to use it.

>> No. 28109 Anonymous
16th June 2022
Thursday 8:41 pm
28109 spacer
I'm trying to get an appointment through an online booking system that only updates with new slots at 23.00 on Mondays and Wednesdays. When I've tried booking, the site doesn't load due to increased traffic at those times, and by the time it does load all slots are gone. Phonecalls and emails just refer back to the booking system.

Is there a way of automating this booking somehow, something I can run so I don't have to stay up two nights a week trying to refresh the page? If not, can I pay someone to make one?
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>> No. 28112 Anonymous
9th July 2022
Saturday 7:58 am
28112 spacer

OP here. I haven't had the time to work on this but it's an urgent appointment, so I've had a guy on Fiverr working on this for me for a few days.

He's been "testing" the code and sending me videos of it working so far. I'm pretty pleased with the result. He seems flexible about pricing.

This is a fairly unusual web automation task, as I understand it, and he's had to work around several quirks of the website and my requirements (e.g. scheduling Mon and Weds).

What's a fair price to pay him? I have no idea of a reference range here.

I was thinking of 200 - 300 GBP as this seems fine for a weeks worth of tinkering. Too much? Too little? A bonus if the code actually gets me an appointment
>> No. 28113 Anonymous
9th July 2022
Saturday 8:49 am
28113 spacer

He has already started, without any money upfront?

Wait for him to finish, then offer £10.
>> No. 28114 Anonymous
9th July 2022
Saturday 10:50 am
28114 spacer

Guy's a postgrad student and I also worked odd jobs like this after finishing my degree. I shan't put myself in bad karma like that.
>> No. 28115 Anonymous
10th July 2022
Sunday 10:31 am
28115 spacer
Your original offer sounds very fair.
Out of interest, who gets the source code/ownership?
I've never seen Fiverr used for anything other than commissioning artwork so I'm curious.
>> No. 28124 Anonymous
22nd July 2022
Friday 2:54 pm
28124 spacer


Not a clue, and have no idea whether it's in Fiverr's T&Cs. I'm more interested in the code working, really, and the guy I've commissioned doesn't seem all that bothered, either.

I've now been able to run the automated browser actions, and impressively, it works.

Unfortunately, the website doesn't let me log in using the automated window, despite using the exact same credentials in the same browser. The programmer obviously tested this before sending it to me, and it appeared to work fine in videos.

Has the website detected my automated jiggery pokery, or has something more obvious gone wrong here? The message is infuriatingly vague.

microsoft hackers.png
>> No. 28116 Anonymous
15th July 2022
Friday 12:52 am
28116 Hack attack
Is it normal to have almost constant attempts to break into your Microsoft account? And if not how do I make it stop?
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>> No. 28119 Anonymous
15th July 2022
Friday 12:03 pm
28119 spacer
I sort of solved the issue by making an alternative email address not linked to anything, and linking it to my Microsoft account. You can then choose which aliases are able to log into your account. So if you're getting all this shit on your JohnSmith@gmail.com Microsoft account, you can make a RickWaller@gmail.com account, and make it the only way of accessing the Microsoft account. Then if they try and log in the JohnSmith account it will say there is no account in that name. But you will still receive updates to the JohnSmith account, it just needs RickWaller to get in.

I feel like I explained this incredibly badly.
>> No. 28120 Anonymous
15th July 2022
Friday 2:07 pm
28120 spacer
There was no issue to solve.
>> No. 28121 Anonymous
15th July 2022
Friday 4:38 pm
28121 spacer
Sort of not really related but also not unrelated, a few years ago I looked at the logs on my wi-fi router, and I noticed that somebody had tried to connect to it almost 50 times over one evening. The date sort of matched the week when a couple moved into the flat downstairs, so my guess was that they had no Internet connection yet and just randomly tried to hack into whatever wi-fi networks were available. The computer name with which they tried to connect to my wi-fi was nondescript enough to not give me any kind of leads. Whoever did it then gave up after that evening and apparently never tried again.

Is there a way you can give somebody a crippling computer virus if they successfully break into your wi-fi network?
>> No. 28122 Anonymous
15th July 2022
Friday 7:24 pm
28122 spacer
You'd need to know if they were connecting illegitimately or if it was just you with your phone or whatever. You can have access control lists, and MAC address filtering, and tricks like that, but then you might as well just not let whoever's not on the list connect in the first place. There are honeytrap servers, where some networks have a server that's really easy to connect to but doesn't actually have what the hackers are looking for, but it'll probably be quite a ballache to set up a server to run 24/7, even virtualised, just in case someone hacks into your network.
>> No. 28123 Anonymous
15th July 2022
Friday 8:00 pm
28123 spacer
Turns out it's been "pwned" since 2009, and numerous times since. Even, seemingly, to things I don't recall ever hanging over an email address too.

I've got the same thing going on so I should be fine.

trent daria headphones.gif
>> No. 28060 Anonymous
28th December 2021
Tuesday 8:58 am
28060 MP3 player + headphones
It's been a long, long time since I last did cardio and in the interim I lost my iPod Nano. I know phones seem to do everything these days but I'm a stubborn dinosaur who likes owning his data and I'm looking for a good MP3 player to use. Amazon is predictable full of dodgy-looking Chinese garbage but perhaps one of you good fellows has a recommendation.

I also need some decent noise-cancelling headphones, both for gym use and general commuting. I'm not a trenchant audiophile but they should have a good bass, and if possible I'd rather not shell out more than I have to for Bose or Beats (though I hear rumours the latter are crap anyway). Anyone else in my boat or similar?
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>> No. 28100 Anonymous
26th April 2022
Tuesday 7:43 am
28100 spacer
Some wireless headphones come with a headphone jack e.g. Sony ones.
>> No. 28101 Anonymous
26th April 2022
Tuesday 8:26 am
28101 spacer
I've no idea, I doubt it.

Thanks, lad. Any recommendations for wireless headphones with a jack?
>> No. 28102 Anonymous
26th April 2022
Tuesday 3:14 pm
28102 spacer

>> No. 28103 Anonymous
26th April 2022
Tuesday 3:35 pm
28103 spacer


But don't get from Curry's they're shit.
>> No. 28104 Anonymous
26th April 2022
Tuesday 9:06 pm
28104 spacer
I have MPOW H10 noise cancelling, for work, which are pretty adequate and have both BT and a jack that I've never used. They don't seem to exist any more, but Amazon offered me this, which claims 2 BT connections and a jack. If you don't want to support the evil rootkit empire, then why not support our data harvesting Chinese overlords?

>> No. 28087 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 10:26 am
28087 spacer
Does anyone here have a heat pump?
Do they actually make your heating bills cheaper?
The initial typical outlay seems to be ~£6k so might be more bother than it's worth but with gas prices rising so much that may be changing.
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>> No. 28091 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 2:51 pm
28091 spacer
Simple heat pump check list:

-Can you afford it
-can you afford it after you factor in the installation cost
-can you afford it if it turns out you also need to get your main fusebox replaced at the same time
-would that money be better spent on solar water heating or solar pv if you have a suitable south-facing roof
-do you have space for it
-do you have space for it, including room to run all the extra pipework, suitably sized storage cylinder and associated gubbins.
-do you have space to replace your existing radiators with larger ones, or possibly considered underfloor heating.
-Have you already insulated your house as well as possible, including good cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, high-rated double or triple glazing, completely and utterly draught-proofing every last gap or crack.
-can you also afford and have space for fitting a heat-exchanger so you can ventilate the house without opening any windows and losing heat

Heat pumps are amazing technology but so many other things need to be in place before they make sense, using them as a magic bullet like-for-like replacement for gas is demented.
>> No. 28092 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 3:15 pm
28092 spacer
Also this video is a good watch, and is a good indication of the current state of the heat pump installation market in this country.

Major well known heat pump sellers quote a customer for a job, they place the order, then said company takes on a local contractor to do the installation. The subby turns up looks over the plans and can see that the surveyor did a slap-dash job, hasn't measured things right and has designed a system that was impossible, forcing the subby to change the plans to fit some of the equipment in the loft which means much more materials and time is needed.
Once everything is ready the sellers technician comes to set up the system. The subby does his own research and realises that the seller is intentionally instructing all their installers to disable weather compensation so it just runs on max power all the time, this means it costs the household much more to run, but the company has this as a policy because weather compensation is very difficult to set up right and they don't want call backs from customers if its done wrong.

Also just skimming through the video should give you an idea of the massive amount of work, piping and wiring involved in a heat pump install.

>> No. 28093 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 5:30 pm
28093 spacer
I think shutters is a really good shout.

Personally wouldn't buy a heat pump - not convinced of the benefits. Full insulation seems a better investment.
>> No. 28094 Anonymous
3rd April 2022
Sunday 7:32 pm
28094 spacer
>Reckon there's a market for shutters with solar panels on?

There was something on the BBC website earlier about solar blinds.

>> No. 28095 Anonymous
21st April 2022
Thursday 8:49 am
28095 spacer
This seems interesting


>> No. 28076 Anonymous
15th January 2022
Saturday 2:34 pm
28076 spacer
Which memory sticks/flash drives, if any, would be able to handle playing games off if I copied the files over to them?

Specific games I'm thinking of are Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and Skyrim.
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>> No. 28077 Anonymous
15th January 2022
Saturday 3:35 pm
28077 spacer
It's a good question.

Personally I would think about buying a little M.2 drive and putting it in a USB case - that would rock.
>> No. 28078 Anonymous
15th January 2022
Saturday 7:55 pm
28078 spacer
Most decent-quality USB 3 flash drives will approach hard drive levels of performance, which may or may not be acceptable to you. Do be careful about where you buy from, because Amazon and eBay are full of counterfeits.

The better (but more expensive) option is to go with an external SSD. The Samsung T5 500GB is available for under £70 and has all the performance and durability you'd expect from a Samsung SSD.

If you've got an older laptop with limited storage, I'd recommend just installing a decent-sized SSD. It's not all that difficult, SATA SSDs are cheap as chips these days and you'll see a huge increase in responsiveness if you're still booting from a hard drive.

>> No. 25884 Anonymous
25th April 2017
Tuesday 11:09 am
25884 spacer
I'm in the market for a laptop, but I'm not sure if I can get away with meeting all my criteria.

- It'll be purely for business, the most demanding thing it will be opening is numerous Chrome tabs.
- It needs to run Windows software, with MS Office.
- I want it to be lightweight and no bigger than an A4 pad.

Is there any chance of me getting this for around £200?

I've been seeing refurbished X series Thinkpads from as little as £100, but maybe this is dodgy?

Do you lads know of something better?
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>> No. 28055 Anonymous
24th December 2021
Friday 4:37 pm
28055 spacer
What about the parts? I've been planning to build my own PC out of fancy new pieces for several years now; my current one is 11 1/2 years old but it runs just fine. If this is a time when I can be confident I'll be at home to receive a fat new case and motherboard and other bits that won't fit through the letterbox, perhaps I might finally take the plunge.
>> No. 28056 Anonymous
24th December 2021
Friday 5:58 pm
28056 spacer
Everything I've heard about PC parts at the moment is that crypto and chip shortages have rendered a lot of things way more expensive than they should be.
>> No. 28057 Anonymous
24th December 2021
Friday 6:44 pm
28057 spacer
A lot of PC parts are cheap at the moment - I bought one of my kids an i5 processor for hardly any money compared to the RRP. But graphics cards are absolutely fucking mental. You'll pay 400 quid for a card that would have cost 100 pounds a year back - I don't know what to do about that other than wait. 3090 cards are over two grand now, which is just a mental amount of money to pay.
>> No. 28058 Anonymous
24th December 2021
Friday 11:01 pm
28058 spacer
That's wonderful; that's exactly what I wanted to hear. Thank you very much. Now I just need to wait till Monday for those parts to drop even further in price, and soon I'll be tearing around with my brand new 64GB RAM, 12-core CPU, and 3dfx Voodoo 2 graphics card.
>> No. 28059 Anonymous
25th December 2021
Saturday 1:06 am
28059 spacer
Those fuckers are expensive nowadays m8

>> No. 28036 Anonymous
15th December 2021
Wednesday 8:23 am
28036 spacer
I heard that these things are dangerous and cause fires, according to London Fire Brigade. They said they should be avoided in all circumstances.

I think it's a bit extreme, what about you?
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>> No. 28043 Anonymous
15th December 2021
Wednesday 4:25 pm
28043 spacer


Am I misreading you or are you saying an extension like the one pictured would be preferable?
>> No. 28044 Anonymous
15th December 2021
Wednesday 4:32 pm
28044 spacer
Yes, that's far preferable.
>> No. 28045 Anonymous
15th December 2021
Wednesday 4:43 pm
28045 spacer
Not him, but they're definitely preferable. Just make sure the lead is unwound, or at the very least not forming loops. Self-inductance isn't anywhere as near as dangerous as one of those old blocks potentially blowing, but it can potentially reduce the amount you're able to usefully draw.
>> No. 28046 Anonymous
15th December 2021
Wednesday 6:02 pm
28046 spacer
I wouldn't use one of those old blocks because most plugs have some kind of USB charger attached to them now and their irregular shapes mean you can only plug one thing into them at a time.
>> No. 28047 Anonymous
15th December 2021
Wednesday 9:41 pm
28047 spacer
It's not an inductance thing, it's just resistive heating. If it's all coiled up, there's nowhere for the heat to go. As I have failed to explain to my beloved when she tells me yet again that the pressure washer is broken, having been using it on the 100m extension lead still on its spool, smelling of hot pvc. Fuck's sake. /101/ worthy.

>> No. 28019 Anonymous
2nd December 2021
Thursday 4:19 pm
28019 Fan heaters that don't suck.
This is pushing it a bit for /g/ , but -
can you get fan heaters with continuously variable output? I've got a heater in my little office, but it clicks from 1KW to zero, while still running the fan, so I get a blast of cold air.
I'd rather it was more subtle, and backed the airflow down a bit, backed the heat off a bit based on the incoming air temperature. Obviously tune it so it's not hunting wildly.
Is this something one can buy, or do I have to build my own?
6 posts and 1 image omitted. Expand all images.
>> No. 28026 Anonymous
2nd December 2021
Thursday 8:37 pm
28026 spacer
I mean the air movement relies on wind alone. The fan is simply a mechanism to turn the generator.
>> No. 28027 Anonymous
2nd December 2021
Thursday 8:41 pm
28027 spacer
Perpetual motion.
>> No. 28028 Anonymous
2nd December 2021
Thursday 8:44 pm
28028 spacer
A kW PFC stage isn't terribly expensive, as it's the front end of a moderate PC power supply. I could then PWM the output of that (which is basically 450V DC) into a series pair of regular elements.
Probably have horrible flicker & harmonics, but fuck it. Hm, I could just use the whole PC PSU, and switch in and out power resistors mounted to a massive blown heatsink, fed from 12V. That would be relatively sanely priced, not too offensive to the mains supply, quiet and reliable.

You're all right (except jumper lad), I should ditch blown air and get a panel or a convector. If I can rest my feet on it, so much the better.
>> No. 28029 Anonymous
2nd December 2021
Thursday 10:28 pm
28029 spacer

It would, but the need for it to be windy to stay warm seems impractical.
>> No. 28030 Anonymous
3rd December 2021
Friday 4:14 am
28030 spacer

IIRC the Dyson Hot + Cool fan heater does have continuously variable output, but it's also £400.

>> No. 27992 Anonymous
2nd November 2021
Tuesday 12:18 am
27992 Cypherpunks
Just watched a really interesting video about the history of cypherpunks and cryptography. Thought I'd share it with you lads.


What do you think about governments banning cryptography?

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