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Understand your audience, we are fucking bored of the internet, we have seen all of it before. If you further bore us, repeat yourself, create meaningless, tedious or incomprehensible threads you will be at least deleted and probably banned. Forever. This sucks when you think about it. To be so shit at posting that your drivel isn't worthy of an anonymous imageboard which doesn't have that many rules at all is a pretty desperate place to be in life. Lurk. More.

We are for the most part British. We prefer you to speak in English. We accept all nationalities, but don't expect us to cut you any slack. We are grammar nazis to a person and if we can belittle you with cheap points about your poor spelling or use of language, we will.

How do I do the funky gibbon?

Read the fucking features page.

Attention: Persons of International Origin

Please take note of our manifesto.

Propaganda, lies, exaggeration and boasting?

All your webs masquerade the truth and are, in fact, utter shite. Compromised by the unholy desire to namefag or sell shit, they pervert the internets with their sordid and yet still tedious techniques. We are the truth masquerading as perversion. We are going to lie to you, make up incredible stories of prowess and power, and you will join in and love it. Taking the internet too seriously is entirely your problem. It isn't serious business unless we say. If it is, then expect us.

Nothing you see is the truth.

What is the point of this site?

There is no point other than to allow people to hold intelligent conversations, Anonymously. During those conversations, you can post images, videos and links to other sites easily. Sometimes the conversations are useful, deep and meaningful, often they are offensive, tasteless and puerile.

What are your rules?

We are not your personal army. Don't bring us your petty vendetta. Don't try and out or identify people. Don't namefag. Don't tell us how shit some other chan or how great we are, both are equally annoying. If you want to abuse the moderators or generally suck cock, or suggest any changes or improvements to the site, do so in /shed/

If you do or suggest anything illegal in our country we will delete and ban you.
We don't care what you think of this or our country or its laws. Read the legal shit. You can't post anything deemed illegal in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. You probably don't understand the law so shut up now. If in doubt post nothing. Don't bring us things we've seen before. We don't care what you say as long as you say it well.

Why do you people do this?

For the amusement of ourselves and others.

Why is it big and why is there grass and what is all this I don't even?!

That is why.