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>> No. 54902 R4GE
25th November 2015
Wednesday 12:31 am
54902 spacer

Is the most shocking thing here the fact there are white people in Wembley? I guess they're just Irish.
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>> No. 54906 Ambulancelad
25th November 2015
Wednesday 7:44 am
54906 spacer
It'll be interesting to see if both the police and Subway stand by that employee.
>> No. 54907 Moralfag
25th November 2015
Wednesday 8:29 am
54907 spacer

They won't.
>> No. 54908 Searchfag
25th November 2015
Wednesday 9:55 am
54908 spacer
Doesn't matter. Neither of those is white.
>> No. 54911 YubYub
25th November 2015
Wednesday 10:30 pm
54911 spacer
These lads deserve a medal for the lengths they were willing to go to save their mate.
>> No. 54912 Billbob
26th November 2015
Thursday 12:12 am
54912 spacer
Never leave a mate behind

>> No. 54897 Anonymous
24th November 2015
Tuesday 4:06 pm
54897 spacer

I think this speaks for itself.
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>> No. 54899 R4GE
24th November 2015
Tuesday 4:56 pm
54899 spacer

>> No. 54900 Ambulancelad
24th November 2015
Tuesday 10:30 pm
54900 spacer
They want to spread their bread making skills.
>> No. 54901 Anonymous
24th November 2015
Tuesday 10:49 pm
54901 spacer

I've seen these guy during my many crawls around London's gutters. I think this documentary really captures the naive bullshit and cult like cliques that form in the fetish scene, when people assign more meaning to it all then dancing and fucking. Of course I suffer from smug-cunt-high-horse-itus so I would naturally think that.
>> No. 54909 Anonymous
25th November 2015
Wednesday 11:59 am
54909 spacer
the fetish scene is awful and too insular, and i'm not saying that because i was exiled from the local one
>> No. 54910 R4GE
25th November 2015
Wednesday 5:06 pm
54910 spacer
Listen mate it is cosmic and socially transformative when i spaff onto one's face after the other bug riddled hag has sucked me off, nothing to do with sordid hedonism, everything to do with challenging social constructs

>> No. 54893 Crabkiller
23rd November 2015
Monday 1:52 pm
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>> No. 54894 Searchfag
23rd November 2015
Monday 6:30 pm
54894 spacer

>> No. 54895 Moralfag
23rd November 2015
Monday 6:47 pm
54895 spacer
Can't believe I haven't heard of these guys. I need to read better blogs. Heavy, heavy, heavy tunes.

>> No. 54896 Billbob
23rd November 2015
Monday 8:30 pm
54896 spacer
you tell 'em, Steve-Dave back to /mu/.

coat of arms.png
>> No. 54890 Moralfag
22nd November 2015
Sunday 10:51 am
54890 I'll get my cloak!

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>> No. 54891 Ambulancelad
22nd November 2015
Sunday 11:35 am
54891 spacer
Maybe homeless people should all just get cloaks, as they are pretty damn practical when you're sleeping outside and wandering around in the cold.
>> No. 54892 Anonymous
22nd November 2015
Sunday 1:30 pm
54892 spacer


>> No. 54800 YubYub
12th November 2015
Thursday 9:12 pm
54800 spacer
>Fake penis sex attack woman Gayle Newland jailed for eight years


Eight years. You don't even get that for killing someone.
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>> No. 54885 Billbob
21st November 2015
Saturday 10:58 pm
54885 spacer
All Abrahamic religions allow that. Since laplanders wot done it, why aren't they called laplander paedos?

Maybe it's an irrational hatred thing because in Egypt, when some guys were discussing some political subject, they would always brand all of the west as "the Christians" or "kaffirs." Never "the stinking British bombed xyz."

I guess people are the same anywhere you go.
>> No. 54886 YubYub
21st November 2015
Saturday 11:00 pm
54886 spacer
You can't call them whores until they are 18 mate.
>> No. 54887 Moralfag
21st November 2015
Saturday 11:15 pm
54887 spacer
Did you read the recent condemnation of Russia by a group of Saudi clerics? It went something like 'o extremists of the cross' and it used words like 'Tsars and Caesars who have backed the Christian regime and its Alawi partners in Damascus'
>> No. 54888 R4GE
21st November 2015
Saturday 11:28 pm
54888 spacer
I used to always chuckle at those weird phrasings they use. I used to think that they didn't know English, so they just plucked words out of the dictionary. An old dictionary.

But then I looked around and saw that we call them those things too. 7th century death cult, eskimoc paedos who want to rape nine year olds, stone-age barbarians,etc. Things the Byzantine and Persian empires used to call the Arab invaders in the early days of their conquest. The whole thing is like a feedback loop with nothing ever changing.

I guess you can't allow the enemies to have modernity and sophistication. Not good for morale.
>> No. 54889 YubYub
21st November 2015
Saturday 11:30 pm
54889 spacer
What a bunch of daft twats. Don't they know that Tsars were deposed like a hundred years ago or summat?

mr blobby.jpg
>> No. 54855 Samefag
16th November 2015
Monday 8:06 pm
54855 What the fuck were they thinking?

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>> No. 54858 Are Moaty
16th November 2015
Monday 11:43 pm
54858 spacer
>> No. 54859 Anonymous
17th November 2015
Tuesday 12:37 am
54859 spacer

I don't get why that video randomly has parodies of Stay, Addicted to love, and I can't dance. Are those really that memorable of music videos, I mean sure I recognize them, but I'm weird. Addicted to love came out like 8 years before hand.
>> No. 54860 Samefag
17th November 2015
Tuesday 1:01 am
54860 spacer
I really fucking hate this
>> No. 54861 YubYub
17th November 2015
Tuesday 1:06 am
54861 spacer
When I was young, a girl I fancied had a real fear of Barney and Mr Blobby and anyone in a big suit. This included the tweenies and the teletubbies and stuff. I showed her the world of furries and she never talked to me afterwards. She must have thought I was one.
>> No. 54863 Auntiefucker
18th November 2015
Wednesday 12:11 pm
54863 spacer
She had a fear of anyone in a big suit and you showed her a culture of people who wear big suits. You don't need to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out why she was upset with you, lad.

>> No. 54848 Anonymous
16th November 2015
Monday 5:42 am
54848 spacer
I think when it's almost 6am and you're still trying to subtly bait American girls from the shitter parts of the internet into mucky messaging with you so that you can get your nut off and go to sleep, it's time to admit you have a problem.
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>> No. 54850 Searchfag
16th November 2015
Monday 6:19 am
54850 spacer
Why can't you just watch porn like the normal people?

Me on the other hand. I tried playing a few video games. I lost very badly and got angry. I then realised that not only am I failing in the game, I have also failed very badly in life.

Someone give me a job please.
>> No. 54853 Paedofag
16th November 2015
Monday 7:13 am
54853 spacer
will a hand job do?
>> No. 54854 Paedofag
16th November 2015
Monday 8:10 am
54854 spacer

nah that's just normal behaviour mate, you'd know when it becomes a problem

>> No. 54811 Billbob
13th November 2015
Friday 9:38 am
54811 spacer
You buy one nonce you get one free.

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>> No. 54812 R4GE
13th November 2015
Friday 9:53 am
54812 spacer

Do we have to keep having nonce threads in /IQ/?
>> No. 54814 Auntiefucker
13th November 2015
Friday 10:41 am
54814 spacer
How else are we gonna out the nonces? It's a serious topic that needs a serious board like /iq/.
>> No. 54842 Searchfag
14th November 2015
Saturday 11:30 pm
54842 spacer

Sounds like something a nonce would ask.
>> No. 54843 YubYub
14th November 2015
Saturday 11:47 pm
54843 spacer
Little did you know, Jonny. Little did you know.
>> No. 54844 Crabkiller
15th November 2015
Sunday 12:22 am
54844 spacer


>> No. 54759 Auntiefucker
9th November 2015
Monday 6:04 pm
54759 spacer
Fuck your Subaru I've got a horse outside.
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>> No. 54785 Ambulancelad
11th November 2015
Wednesday 2:35 am
54785 spacer
>> No. 54792 Anonymous
11th November 2015
Wednesday 3:32 pm
54792 spacer

>FAO: People Who Defend Death In June - It would be fuckin sweet if you died.
Trolled to tears.
>> No. 54793 Auntiefucker
11th November 2015
Wednesday 4:04 pm
54793 spacer
I prefer this story.

>> No. 54794 Moralfag
11th November 2015
Wednesday 4:59 pm
54794 spacer

The photos in that article have given me the horn.
>> No. 54798 Ambulancelad
11th November 2015
Wednesday 6:16 pm
54798 spacer
Come and tour England Douglas.

>> No. 54788 YubYub
11th November 2015
Wednesday 1:53 pm
54788 spacer
Remembrance day, yo. This is for all the fallen veterans.
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>> No. 54791 YubYub
11th November 2015
Wednesday 3:30 pm
54791 spacer
This is POTY material as it potentially offends the ARE BOYZ types and the Captain Ahab/Guardian dildos all in one genius thread.
>> No. 54795 R4GE
11th November 2015
Wednesday 5:08 pm
54795 spacer

Genuinely heartbreaking.
>> No. 54796 Samefag
11th November 2015
Wednesday 5:27 pm
54796 spacer
That's actually a highly underrated Tupac album. All of the tracks apart from maybe the one with Nate Dogg were straight up bangers. People often think Brother Pac is overrated but his work rate and quality of music was tremendous. It's a shame they shaved off songs from that album because of the political sentiment at the time.

>> No. 54797 R4GE
11th November 2015
Wednesday 6:15 pm
54797 spacer
Makevelli is his best work.

>> No. 54799 Searchfag
11th November 2015
Wednesday 7:01 pm
54799 spacer
Out of the albums he's made whilst alive, that was my least favourite actually. 2pacalypse Now was his best album for me. When I was young I had two folders of music, Tupac and everything else. This carried on until I was at least 12. Apparently I used to dance to Holla If Ya Hear me as a toddler.

>> No. 54718 Anonymous
8th November 2015
Sunday 10:46 pm
54718 They're dead,
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>> No. 54776 Paedofag
10th November 2015
Tuesday 6:12 pm
54776 spacer
Were the specials made for Dave any good?
>> No. 54777 Samefag
10th November 2015
Tuesday 6:14 pm
54777 spacer
Typo or not, your hyperbole has more to do with civil discussion being impossible than your clumsy fingers do.
>> No. 54778 R4GE
10th November 2015
Tuesday 6:24 pm
54778 spacer

Series 10 was alright, but the stand alone special was shite, honestly. The entire thing was just references to Blade Runner and community in-jokes.

If you think remembering Blade Runner is a side splitting time, then you might like it.
>> No. 54779 Anonymous
10th November 2015
Tuesday 9:05 pm
54779 spacer
Back To Earth was decent enough if you take it for what it is, rather than attributing any serious series value to it. Think of it like Mark Gatiss inserting himself into everything he writes ever.
>> No. 54787 Anonymous
11th November 2015
Wednesday 12:44 pm
54787 spacer

Do you reckon going up to mark gatiss and asking him for some of "the special stuff" has the same triggering effect as asking a chuckle brother "to me?"

>> No. 54766 Moralfag
9th November 2015
Monday 10:31 pm
54766 ba
time doesn't exist?

>> No. 54678 R4GE
6th November 2015
Friday 2:14 pm
54678 spacer
I was watching the news about that plane that crashed in Egypt and they kept talking about the Sinai region where it went down. I kept thinking to myself "why does that name sound so familiar? Where have I heard it before?" Then I remembered. One of the chasers on the television programme 'the chase' is called the Sinaiman which, from what I can gather, is because he is the local warlord and kingpin of the area. I will be presenting my findings to the authorities, because they don't seem to realise this man is clearly behind this and must be stopped before he strikes again. Clearly being a quizmaster on a television gameshow wasn't enough to quench his thirst for power and now he has a taste for bloodshed.
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>> No. 54752 Billbob
9th November 2015
Monday 8:42 am
54752 spacer

No, it was something along the lines of Danny Dyer recreating scenes from British history along with various famous people, Brian Blessed and Dizzie Rascal were somehow involved. Revenge lad screengrabbed it as it has been posted since. I think the op was over two years ago, maybe even longer.
>> No. 54753 Auntiefucker
9th November 2015
Monday 1:07 pm
54753 spacer

Not sure that was revengelad thb.
>> No. 54754 Paedofag
9th November 2015
Monday 1:08 pm
54754 spacer
Disagree, needed more assassination of royals.
>> No. 54755 Moralfag
9th November 2015
Monday 2:32 pm
54755 spacer

a condensed history of england.png
I want my hookers.
>> No. 54756 YubYub
9th November 2015
Monday 3:34 pm
54756 spacer

That's the one, although I remember it being better that that. Also some of the typos and such should have warranted a ban. I think it would have worked better as a visual image, but we are not known for producing those.

>> No. 54722 YubYub
8th November 2015
Sunday 11:57 pm
54722 spacer
Is anyone else a little bit miffed about the cultural appropriation and memification of British working class men?

It's been going on for years now, it started off with the whole swear on me mams life im gonna reck u and then onto the will be a laff and now the smh tbh fam thing. There's a large number of foreigners who are laughing at our peasants when they're not really that bad and can be quite charming. How do you think they would react if they knew that boys from a Mongolian goat cheese forum were taking the piss out of them?

They're not only doing that, but they're also crimping our style. Whenever one trend becomes a joke, they then move onto another one. Not bloody nice at all.

Someone should do something.
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>> No. 54742 Searchfag
9th November 2015
Monday 2:30 am
54742 spacer
I don't know mate. I don't think it warrants any call to arms or whatever, but I have seen comments go missing.
>> No. 54743 Anonymous
9th November 2015
Monday 3:39 am
54743 spacer

Oh, here it is.

>> No. 54744 Ambulancelad
9th November 2015
Monday 4:07 am
54744 spacer
no that's not it
>> No. 54745 Searchfag
9th November 2015
Monday 4:10 am
54745 spacer
it was more windly and was in the econ board i think
>> No. 54748 Anonymous
9th November 2015
Monday 4:15 am
54748 spacer
it was this actually


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