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Subject   (new thread)
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>> No. 49702 Paedofag
24th July 2014
Thursday 4:17 pm
49702 spacer
Hey lads. Fancy a ladconvention?

Thanks http://britfa.gs/news/res/3307.html for the inspiration.
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>> No. 49720 Ambulancelad
25th July 2014
Friday 12:00 pm
49720 spacer
It was a joke ban lads, I'm still here. My lawyer has advised me not to comment any further.
>> No. 49721 Anonymous
25th July 2014
Friday 2:33 pm
49721 spacer
I hereby declare your christening shit, and re-dub him "Ladlad".
>> No. 49722 Paedofag
25th July 2014
Friday 6:07 pm
49722 spacer

The important thing is, did you learn your lesson?
>> No. 49723 Samefag
25th July 2014
Friday 6:10 pm
49723 spacer


There is a whole website tailor made for ladlad and other ladslads, lads.

>> No. 49727 Anonymous
25th July 2014
Friday 9:50 pm
49727 spacer

Is this the real life /iq/?

outlaw kitty.gif
>> No. 49724 Ambulancelad
25th July 2014
Friday 9:13 pm
49724 spacer
Why is this so funny?
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>> No. 49726 Samefag
25th July 2014
Friday 9:22 pm
49726 spacer
Why is anything?

d e v v o a s o w t.jpg
>> No. 49714 Anonymous
24th July 2014
Thursday 8:55 pm
49714 spacer
This is fuckin sick

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>> No. 49716 YubYub
24th July 2014
Thursday 10:13 pm
49716 spacer
Uncle Fuzzy is a mad genius.



>> No. 49700 Searchfag
24th July 2014
Thursday 4:38 am
49700 spacer
I'm home alone so I just had a bath at 4am with all the lights out and the window open, would do it again if the missus wouldn't judge me
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>> No. 49701 Anonymous
24th July 2014
Thursday 6:59 am
49701 spacer
Unless you stuck something funny up your bum then that's really more /b/ than /iq/.
>> No. 49706 Samefag
24th July 2014
Thursday 5:51 pm
49706 spacer

<-- GIF
>> No. 49713 Crabkiller
24th July 2014
Thursday 8:41 pm
49713 spacer

What else did you think I meant by bath?

>> No. 49678 YubYub
22nd July 2014
Tuesday 8:42 pm
49678 spacer
I'm pretty sure (I may have even seen) that my neighbours got robbed yesterday night. I didn't call the police because my neighbours are cunts.
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>> No. 49695 Samefag
23rd July 2014
Wednesday 10:14 am
49695 spacer
I think it's more that he's using a crowbar to force open an unlocked door.
>> No. 49696 Crabkiller
23rd July 2014
Wednesday 10:23 am
49696 spacer
Lets hope they didn't put run down batteries in the fire alarm to drive you crazy.

What is that crowbar even made of? The colour of it is distressing me.
>> No. 49697 Searchfag
23rd July 2014
Wednesday 11:02 am
49697 spacer
OP pic looks like a profile pic from a gay bdsm site.
>> No. 49698 Anonymous
23rd July 2014
Wednesday 6:04 pm
49698 spacer
Well, you'd know.
>> No. 49699 Auntiefucker
23rd July 2014
Wednesday 7:29 pm
49699 spacer


>> No. 49474 Searchfag
15th July 2014
Tuesday 7:49 pm
49474 spacer
>A male nurse bought an axe hours before travelling to meet a 14-year-old girl who he planned to have sex with, kill and eat, a court was told. Dale Bolinger, 57, went to his local Homebase and bought the axe hours before he was due to meet the teen in September 2012.

>Bolinger’s disturbing plan was uncovered by the FBI who found him chatting about rape, murder and cannibalism on the internet calling himself meatmarketman.

>His online conversations on a website called Dark Fetish Network included boasts he had already eaten a 39-year-old woman and a five- year-old child, a court heard. Bolinger also wrote about how meat from a child was more tender - and how he got sexual gratification from his fantasies about cannibalism, jurors were told.


>He told the jury that the defendant had pleaded guilty in February to administering poison or a noxious substance to a woman after he put a cloth soaked in dry cleaning fluid over a female friend's mouth in July 2010. Yale added that Bolinger had also sent pictures he had taken of himself with the axe to another user called "Hannah Hotwife" and told her he was going to behead someone, it is alleged.

>Police seized Bolinger's phones and searched his home. They found computer discs containing indecent images of children. Bolinger made several statements to the police admitting that the images were his but said that he had only gone to Ashford station because he feared for the girl's personal safety following the conversations they had, the court heard. He claimed that if she had arrived he would have gone straight to the police.


Sounds like this Bolinger has corked.
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>> No. 49669 Moralfag
21st July 2014
Monday 10:28 pm
49669 spacer
>The idea of us making love and then eating you is a VERY great turn on! I have been called a very generous lover and I would be very generous to you before I prepped you for the table.

>In police interviews, Bolinger said he started having fantasies about cannibalism at about the age of six, and blamed his "very domineering" mother for his "weird" behaviour. He told officers: "By the time I got to 14, I turned into the villain of the piece and I wondered what it would be like to eat a girl."

>> No. 49671 Billbob
21st July 2014
Monday 11:53 pm
49671 spacer
Who doesn't want to eat out a 14 year old?
>> No. 49673 Auntiefucker
22nd July 2014
Tuesday 12:28 am
49673 spacer

Have you ever been involved in 80s comedy television?
>> No. 49674 YubYub
22nd July 2014
Tuesday 12:31 am
49674 spacer

Are you suggesting Ben Elton is a nonce?

If you're not then I am.
>> No. 49675 Ambulancelad
22nd July 2014
Tuesday 12:36 am
49675 spacer

I can't comment on Ben Elton other than to say I used to think he was funny and I can't for the life of me remember why. If he is on the noncey side I don't think he falls in to the "but he's good isn't he" category.


>> No. 49658 Anonymous
21st July 2014
Monday 7:52 pm
49658 spacer
How do I make a German girl laugh?
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>> No. 49663 Ambulancelad
21st July 2014
Monday 8:41 pm
49663 spacer

Whatever you do it has to involve shit
>> No. 49664 Ambulancelad
21st July 2014
Monday 8:42 pm
49664 spacer
don't mention the war
>> No. 49665 YubYub
21st July 2014
Monday 8:46 pm
49665 spacer
Perhaps he should have thrown the ball underhand so the little girl could catch it.
>> No. 49667 Paedofag
21st July 2014
Monday 9:31 pm
49667 spacer
Show her your penis
>> No. 49668 YubYub
21st July 2014
Monday 9:38 pm
49668 spacer
>> How do I make a German girl laugh?

Try to speak her language.

>> No. 49645 Are Moaty
20th July 2014
Sunday 10:36 pm
49645 spacer
Predictions from 30 years ago:
Seems to have been right on most counts.
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>> No. 49646 Paedofag
20th July 2014
Sunday 10:47 pm
49646 spacer
This used to pass for entertainment? Vive l' Internet.
>> No. 49647 Anonymous
20th July 2014
Sunday 10:51 pm
49647 spacer
How dare you slate Ronnie Barker!
>> No. 49648 Anonymous
21st July 2014
Monday 1:33 pm
49648 spacer
I was born in 1984 and don't get most of these jokes.
>> No. 49661 Crabkiller
21st July 2014
Monday 8:09 pm
49661 spacer
Tom O'Connor pretended to be a comedian. John Inman played the camp one in Are You Bring Served. Oliver Reed was a pisshead who did some acting in his spare time. Licences were soon to be awarded for direct-to-home satellite and cable services. Russell Harty was a knock-off Parkinson. England had just been whitewashed by the Windies 5-0, including two innings victories. Andrews Liver Salts is something you take for an upset digestive system.
>> No. 49666 YubYub
21st July 2014
Monday 8:58 pm
49666 spacer

Well done you, have another O-level.

>> No. 49649 Ambulancelad
21st July 2014
Monday 6:52 pm
49649 spacer
Husbands makes a spreadsheet of all the times his wife rejected him.

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>> No. 49654 Ambulancelad
21st July 2014
Monday 7:25 pm
49654 spacer
He didn't post it on the internet, and after reading the link (which you haven't of-course), it is apparent that he brought it up and she brushed it off. These are the actions of a desperate man.
>> No. 49655 Anonymous
21st July 2014
Monday 7:25 pm
49655 spacer
To be fair it was his wife who posted it on the Internet.
>> No. 49657 Are Moaty
21st July 2014
Monday 7:43 pm
49657 spacer
They are the actions of someone who feels they're not getting through. Can't interrupt or shout down a spreadsheet.

That, or maybe he's autistic.
>> No. 49670 Anonymous
21st July 2014
Monday 10:32 pm
49670 spacer
Her arse needs a good pissing. That will rev her engine.
>> No. 49672 Searchfag
22nd July 2014
Tuesday 12:11 am
49672 spacer
Not getting enough and with a complete lack of social skills when it comes to mature conflict resolution. Children marrying children, christ alive.

>> No. 49618 Are Moaty
20th July 2014
Sunday 4:18 am
49618 spacer
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>> No. 49640 Searchfag
20th July 2014
Sunday 6:24 pm
49640 spacer

I mentioned the Council of Europe somewhere before on this board, in that signatories have to agree to protect indigenous languages and the like by at least broadcasting something in one of the languages for a specified small amount per week.

The cost of that with regards to radio is pretty minimal, but is it really justified to spend so much extra money on television broadcasts for an audience that is provably often so small? I mean, if the Cornish, Welsh et. al. had pumped out critically acclaimed novels, films and the like that explained the human condition in a specific approach only linguistically and so colourfully expressible (just think about the German word "Eigengrau", for instance) in their respective languages, then there would be a case for it being a flourishing and expressive culture.

If there is a trade board for the devolved governments of our islandic co-habitants, do they deal regularly in those languages you'd expect, or just English?

Fellow poster above is correct in saying it ignores ~1000 years of homogenisation if that really isn't the case. IIRC, Cornish was declared a dead language about 100 years ago after some woman died ages before that.

Sage for this being /iq/ and not /lit/ or /pol/
>> No. 49641 Auntiefucker
20th July 2014
Sunday 6:35 pm
49641 spacer
There are more Asian-Brits than Welsh people.
>> No. 49642 Billbob
20th July 2014
Sunday 6:39 pm
49642 spacer

Not in Wales.
>> No. 49643 YubYub
20th July 2014
Sunday 7:33 pm
49643 spacer
What is Wales?
>> No. 49644 Anonymous
20th July 2014
Sunday 8:13 pm
49644 spacer
That sticky-out bit west of England. Not Cornwall, the other one.

>> No. 49616 Moralfag
20th July 2014
Sunday 3:13 am
49616 spacer
cumshitting in a fartgina
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>> No. 49617 Crabkiller
20th July 2014
Sunday 3:53 am
49617 spacer

>> No. 49596 R4GE
18th July 2014
Friday 2:48 am
49596 spacer
Ever had one of these?
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>> No. 49598 Auntiefucker
18th July 2014
Friday 4:09 am
49598 spacer

I prefer one of these.
>> No. 49599 Crabkiller
18th July 2014
Friday 4:12 am
49599 spacer
mate who are you calling a fucking nugger i will bang you owt i SWEAR DOWN MATE
>> No. 49603 YubYub
18th July 2014
Friday 1:14 pm
49603 spacer
I'll nibble your nogger IYKWIM
>> No. 49605 Moralfag
18th July 2014
Friday 5:31 pm
49605 spacer
Had one in the Czech Republic. I enjoyed the name immensely, better than a feast.

>> No. 49536 YubYub
17th July 2014
Thursday 9:29 am
49536 spacer
Although I hate the song Weird Al has parodied here, I like the subject matter he has chosen.

It's a good guide to not getting banned here.

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>> No. 49593 Anonymous
18th July 2014
Friday 1:05 am
49593 spacer

>someone listening will be offended by the word

That's why Weird Al and Sandra Bullock were unwise to use that word with a potential audience of millions. It's different to saying it in a room where nobody is disabled.
>> No. 49594 Anonymous
18th July 2014
Friday 1:07 am
49594 spacer
There you go dictating what disabled people should be offended by again.
>> No. 49595 Crabkiller
18th July 2014
Friday 1:18 am
49595 spacer

I doubt I'd be offended by that word if I had CP.

I think gay people get a pass to say reconstituted pork product in gravy and black people get a pass to say nigga because the intent obviously isn't malicious. When straight/white people say it there's a grey area where it may or may not be malicious so the inappropriateness of the word is more complicated.

I didn't say anyone should be offended but out of millions of viewers, some people inevitably will be.
>> No. 49597 Crabkiller
18th July 2014
Friday 2:58 am
49597 spacer
>I didn't say anyone should be offended but out of millions of viewers, some people inevitably will be.
That's their prerogative. Nobody has the right to not be offended.
>> No. 49600 Moralfag
18th July 2014
Friday 6:03 am
49600 spacer
> All the song did for me was remind me that he will never be at the level of Hardware Store ever again.
Just so you know, he's releasing 8 music videos in 8 days. Maybe you will like one of them. This one gave me a chuckle, definitely one for the /boo/ lads.


saucy slag.png
>> No. 49443 Samefag
13th July 2014
Sunday 7:56 pm
Check out the tasty minge in this joint

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>> No. 49539 Are Moaty
17th July 2014
Thursday 12:53 pm
49539 spacer
Is this a .gs lad?
>> No. 49554 Anonymous
17th July 2014
Thursday 2:02 pm
49554 spacer

I came across that months ago wondering what a safe search for beefy poz loads would be like. It would be weird if he'd just come up with that combination of words if he's not from here, but I don't know.
>> No. 49557 Anonymous
17th July 2014
Thursday 2:39 pm
49557 spacer
I recognise one of the commenters as someone who has visited here in the past, so it must be.
>> No. 49559 YubYub
17th July 2014
Thursday 3:02 pm
49559 spacer

Yes. The bloke with the chin giving the thumbs up made a thread here many moons ago and got put in the Video to cheer him up or something.

The whole thing is a love letter to .gs.
>> No. 49615 Auntiefucker
19th July 2014
Saturday 10:59 am
49615 spacer

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