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Subject   (new thread)
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>> No. 50993 Crabkiller
29th September 2014
Monday 8:47 pm
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>> No. 50999 Crabkiller
29th September 2014
Monday 10:11 pm
50999 spacer
Surely the UK's version of Viz would be, er, Viz.
>> No. 51000 Searchfag
29th September 2014
Monday 10:56 pm
51000 spacer
It's just that the articles in the Sport remind me so strongly of the articles in Viz that, given any two random articles, one from Viz and one from the Sport, I would be hard-pushed to say correctly which was which.
>> No. 51001 Paedofag
29th September 2014
Monday 11:02 pm
51001 spacer
Dad, what's a "Viz"?
>> No. 51002 Are Moaty
30th September 2014
Tuesday 12:19 am
51002 spacer
Son, it is when you let me put my pinky up your urethrae.
>> No. 51003 Are Moaty
30th September 2014
Tuesday 12:25 am
51003 spacer
I remember stealing my Dad's copies of Viz from the late eighties, there was even a video of the Fat Slags. They were on the bookshelf and I was curious. I was about four.

>> No. 50990 Samefag
29th September 2014
Monday 10:48 am
50990 spacer

WTF is this?
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>> No. 50991 R4GE
29th September 2014
Monday 11:25 am
50991 spacer
Looks like a music video.

It's not a bad song either. I heard it from that game that Robert Yang did.
>> No. 50992 R4GE
29th September 2014
Monday 12:16 pm
50992 spacer
Autotuned garbage.

>> No. 50988 Paedofag
28th September 2014
Sunday 4:32 am
50988 spacer
Hello everyone, YubYub here again.
As expected my last thread was full of reconstituted pork product in gravyry and quickly mimicked leaving people confused as to what the original message was. I am here to clear all that up and to shed some light on the future of Britchan.
As you have all probably guessed Russians Ddos’d Britchan and the bandwidth for the month has been used. It will take until March for Britchan to go up once again but even that is uncertain. I have spoken to R4GE about ownership and he has refused to take back the chan and as I have stated I no longer have time for this chan, that is now even more the case as my girlfriend is now pregnant (no falcon punch, we are both extremely happy about it). Myself and R4GE are both reluctant to hand over the chan to some one we don’t know IRL so we have both agreed that Britchan will never be back.
There were good times on Britchan that shall never be forgotten, but like all good things they must come to an end. It seems like you have settled in here and I hope that the future of this chan blossoms even further.
Yours sincerely
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>> No. 50989 R4GE
28th September 2014
Sunday 9:10 am
50989 spacer

But yubyub, that money was just resting in my account.

>> No. 50987 YubYub
28th September 2014
Sunday 12:04 am
50987 spacer
Halifax junkie - Got 80p so I can get home


>> No. 50968 Are Moaty
22nd September 2014
Monday 8:17 pm
50968 spacer
>An American woman has claimed to have had a third breast surgically added to her chest. The 21-year-old, who calls herself Jasmine Tridevil, wants to be a reality star. She posts videos of her daily life in Tampa, Florida, on Facebook to “show the struggles she faces because of her surgery.”

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>> No. 50982 Crabkiller
22nd September 2014
Monday 10:55 pm
50982 spacer
The more I look at this the more I'm convinced it's Sunita from Corrie.
>> No. 50983 Searchfag
22nd September 2014
Monday 11:50 pm
50983 spacer
Should've gone to Specsavers, pal.
>> No. 50984 Crabkiller
23rd September 2014
Tuesday 4:01 am
50984 spacer
It's the triple breasted whore of Eroticon Six!

>> No. 50985 Moralfag
23rd September 2014
Tuesday 9:31 am
50985 spacer

I think the fact she's moving so slowly is probably proof it's not legit (if you ever needed it). Not to mention the complete lack of scaring on an area that was presumably torn to ever loving shit by the supposed surgery.

Hopefully she's some kind of ingenious alt-artist, or trans-dimensional soft drink salesperson, rather than a real life goof ball with an eye on actually fooling people.
>> No. 50986 R4GE
24th September 2014
Wednesday 12:00 am
50986 spacer
I remember being about seven and when I was in WH Smiths I glances a top-shelf mag with a three-breasted woman on the front cover and it weirded me the fuck out, I think it may have been responsible for a lot of sexual uneasiness in later life.

>> No. 50947 Ambulancelad
20th September 2014
Saturday 7:47 pm
50947 spacer

Women police are great.
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>> No. 50961 R4GE
21st September 2014
Sunday 2:13 am
50961 spacer
>> No. 50962 Anonymous
21st September 2014
Sunday 2:20 am
50962 spacer

The start time option does work, but you need to use the old format of "&start=" followed by the time in seconds, rather than the newer "&t=" followed by the time in minutes and seconds.
>> No. 50963 Anonymous
21st September 2014
Sunday 7:42 am
50963 spacer

David Starky.jpg
Why did that lad have to get involved with his highly dangerous rugby tackle to the guys neck? This is wots wrong with modern Britain, brown men do not share the British love of surrealism.
>> No. 50964 Are Moaty
21st September 2014
Sunday 9:02 am
50964 spacer
M8, no. They're known as WPC, it's what it says in my Topsy and Tim book.
>> No. 50967 Anonymous
21st September 2014
Sunday 1:44 pm
50967 spacer


Brill, cheers.

>> No. 50939 Are Moaty
19th September 2014
Friday 11:46 am
50939 spacer
What do you guys think of this new wave technology?
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>> No. 50941 Crabkiller
19th September 2014
Friday 4:26 pm
50941 spacer
iOS 7 made your phone waterproof and added drop protection.
>> No. 50942 YubYub
19th September 2014
Friday 4:49 pm
50942 spacer
It's a nice idea but it's horrendously inefficient.

My Blackberry can be charged from my own body heat, which is a wonderful and much more environmentally friendly solution than using microwaves. Unfortunately the only way to get it hot enough to charge it is to wedge it between my arsecheeks.
>> No. 50943 R4GE
19th September 2014
Friday 4:55 pm
50943 spacer

Tomorrow's World lied to me.
>> No. 50945 Moralfag
19th September 2014
Friday 8:24 pm
50945 spacer
Pointless. I use an old blackberry curve, it makes calls, send texts, plays music off of an SD card and has a physical qwerty keyboard, which is what I like the most about it.
>> No. 50946 Billbob
19th September 2014
Friday 8:37 pm
50946 spacer

Blackberry phones have had this as standard for years, lad. You should try it at least once. Yes, it is pointless, but also pretty cool the first time you do it though the novelty does wear off pretty fast.

>> No. 50852 Anonymous
13th September 2014
Saturday 11:05 pm
50852 ITZ already started lads
Pack your women, lock up your rice, accumulate your utensils. The man with the pointy hat has given us our final warning.

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>> No. 50853 R4GE
13th September 2014
Saturday 11:16 pm
50853 spacer
Good thing we don't have conscription.
>> No. 50860 Anonymous
14th September 2014
Sunday 7:37 am
50860 spacer
It's only a matter of time.
>> No. 50937 YubYub
19th September 2014
Friday 10:11 am
50937 spacer
I know how its used and what it refers to but what is ITZ an acronym for?
>> No. 50938 Ambulancelad
19th September 2014
Friday 10:13 am
50938 spacer
In the Zone
Interfacial Transition Zone
Internationale Transport Zeitschrift (German: International Transport Journal; Switzerland)
Information Technology Zone
Indonesian Trading Zone
Inter-Tidal Zone

>> No. 50932 Anonymous
19th September 2014
Friday 8:38 am
50932 spacer
TV is the most un-kinking, un-happening, un-sussed piece o' sheet in the hood right now. You gotta get it. Totally dis-counture. More in the area. See, I'm talking more ragga, more boogle, more death metal and belgian house. You hear me? Let's get TV banging... mud the far cuss.
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>> No. 50933 Moralfag
19th September 2014
Friday 8:49 am
50933 spacer
... Nathan Barley?
>> No. 50934 Ambulancelad
19th September 2014
Friday 9:23 am
50934 spacer

That comment will get you at least 50 recommends on the Guardian, you know.
>> No. 50935 Are Moaty
19th September 2014
Friday 9:25 am
50935 spacer
Mostly for Will Self.
>> No. 50936 Crabkiller
19th September 2014
Friday 9:42 am
50936 spacer

I don't know what that means.
>> No. 50944 Searchfag
19th September 2014
Friday 7:23 pm
50944 spacer

I'll raise you this.

>> No. 50929 Anonymous
17th September 2014
Wednesday 1:38 pm
50929 Limmy's Show series 4 announcement.
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>> No. 50931 R4GE
17th September 2014
Wednesday 2:01 pm
50931 spacer

>> No. 50913 Auntiefucker
16th September 2014
Tuesday 9:48 pm
50913 spacer
http://www.returnofkings.com/32053/this-accidental-experiment-shows-the-superiority-of-Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
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>> No. 50921 Auntiefucker
17th September 2014
Wednesday 12:05 am
50921 spacer
>the producers will have certainly gone out of their way to find attractive yet utterly useless women
But why would they have picked men who happened to be wholly competent and civilised? Unless of course they wanted this specific outcome.
>> No. 50922 Moralfag
17th September 2014
Wednesday 12:08 am
50922 spacer

>> No. 50923 Moralfag
17th September 2014
Wednesday 8:54 am
50923 spacer
Who honestly believes the part where he sat down with his feminist housemate to watch a (much hyped) Dutch reality tv show? The shows outcome has been circling the internet for years and yet he only posted this in April. What else is he lying about?

What I really want to get mad about though is the website this was posted to and the comments. Its almost like their exists a conspiracy whereby SJW's pretend to be 'MRA Activists' in order to discredit any opposition to their ideology.

>Although it's worth bearing mind that this was a TV program, so the producers will have certainly gone out of their way to find attractive yet utterly useless women.

Are you saying attractive people can't be competent?
>> No. 50924 YubYub
17th September 2014
Wednesday 8:55 am
50924 spacer

Doesn't that already happen under 'Sea Shepherd Conservation Society'?
>> No. 50930 YubYub
17th September 2014
Wednesday 1:44 pm
50930 spacer
Yeah, it means it's irrelevant to the issue.

>> No. 50909 Searchfag
16th September 2014
Tuesday 8:08 pm
50909 spacer
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>> No. 50910 Searchfag
16th September 2014
Tuesday 8:19 pm
50910 spacer
Is it the 90s again already?
>> No. 50911 Are Moaty
16th September 2014
Tuesday 9:24 pm
50911 spacer
Are the Japanese perverts or just honest about what turns them on?
>> No. 50925 Moralfag
17th September 2014
Wednesday 10:30 am
50925 spacer

Aw m8 imagine if u cud get away with dis in da uk

just go down 2 primark, get a 10 pack of knickers for £5, take em down 2 da fish markt, ask the fish monger bloke if u can dip em in the fish juice 2 make em seem more orthentic

thewn sell em on for £5 a pop and whop ur wad on da counta!!!
>> No. 50927 Billbob
17th September 2014
Wednesday 10:32 am
50927 spacer

There are two types of men in this world: open perverts who admit it, and closet perverts who won’t
>> No. 50928 Billbob
17th September 2014
Wednesday 12:54 pm
50928 spacer

I prefer big vs vanilla sex and big natural tits. Is that perverted?

I actually think that is considered perverted in Japan.

>> No. 50864 Anonymous
14th September 2014
Sunday 3:13 pm
50864 spacer
I don't even.

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>> No. 50906 Paedofag
16th September 2014
Tuesday 1:23 pm
50906 spacer
Where is this?
>> No. 50907 Crabkiller
16th September 2014
Tuesday 1:30 pm
50907 spacer
>Yes, God has cast his vote
>No, it's just a cloud
I really hate being alive, you know.
>> No. 50908 Crabkiller
16th September 2014
Tuesday 4:04 pm
50908 spacer

Do you think it's ridiculous that they're suggesting it was God, or are you saying that it's ridiculous that they're saying it might not be?
>> No. 50912 Searchfag
16th September 2014
Tuesday 9:33 pm
50912 spacer
I think it's ridiculous that there's a poll whereby people can vote whether they think it was or wasn't.
>> No. 50926 Auntiefucker
17th September 2014
Wednesday 10:32 am
50926 spacer
LOL guarantee that somebody will walk up to it drunk, assume it's a prozzi and then probably take a piss up it when they realize its a statue

I know I would

(A good day to you Sir!)

>> No. 50875 Ambulancelad
14th September 2014
Sunday 6:57 pm
50875 spacer
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>> No. 50876 R4GE
14th September 2014
Sunday 7:04 pm
50876 spacer
Bloody London based media.
>> No. 50881 Billbob
14th September 2014
Sunday 8:05 pm
50881 spacer
Back to the independence thread, Sweatylad
>> No. 50893 Paedofag
14th September 2014
Sunday 10:36 pm
50893 spacer
The police lady is standing on the wrong side of the yellow line.
>> No. 50894 Billbob
14th September 2014
Sunday 10:52 pm
50894 spacer
I'd stand on the wrong side of her line, IYKWIM.
>> No. 50904 Moralfag
15th September 2014
Monday 7:23 pm
50904 spacer

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